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    I found this one recently and can't help myself but MTL all the way!!

    Novelupdates link here: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/dating-the-strongest-boss/
    【The entire world bullies you, hates you, and isolates you, but your world has light because of him. I hate this world! But I love you!】

    Xiao Chen is an ordinary person, but the world he lives in is never ordinary.

    Various bizarre deaths and spiritual events happen around him. One after another, countless passerby look at him with pity, as if they’re looking at a dead person.

    Early passerby: I remember that this Xiao Chen died really tragically, and when he died… blablablabla, and… blablablabla.

    Passerby in the middle: ? Why is Xiao Chen still not dead???

    Late passerby: WHAT? Why is the Boss in a relationship with Xiao Chen???

    Xiao Chen: ????

    #Why do people next to me look at me like they’re looking at a dead person?#

    #Why is my back and waist sore when I wake up in the morning? Furthermore, why are there red marks on my neck?#

    #What do I do if I’m trapped by a ghost? Seeking help online, urgent!#


    It got me hooked as it's my first time reading BL+Horror genre, and it is bloody! Haha like descriptions are bloody gore especially the Cannibal Arc *:censored::censored:*
    As the story progresses, ML would remember their previous worlds together every time after getting together with MC (or before?). All the wolds they experience are movie worlds, and MC is just a set of data of these worlds, an NPC that is used in different plots and is a cannon fodder data. ML on the other hand is like a virus (what MTL gives), that it accidentally came across the NPC MC and fell in love with him. He is striving to be the strongest every time as he wants to be strong enough to be able to take MC away from the infinite loop of being used as just a data of the world's plots. He then discovered that as long as the plot progresses to the end and the plot of the movie ends in what should it be they can break away from that world.

    Happy reading!
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    As their is an on-going translation I'll just give brief spoilers (if it can be considered brief :ROFLMAO:) for the untranslated arcs:

    • It was a Final Destinationish arc as it was about a group of students who were supposed to go somewhere but one of them has a vision-like dream of the bus getting in an accident and finally their group was saved because they got off. But later, god of death came looking for them as no one can hide from death.
    • This is actually a bit about 5 people interconnected and are sinners to be punished by the grim reaper.
    • The one eaten by shark, said to harassed his cousin and that cousin committed suicide. Other one has a friend (girl) who he abandons when in trouble and died. The other two, a pair of lovers who ran over some girl one night and left it to die. And the last one a girl who aborted her unborn baby. I think the girl cousin, the abandon girl friend and the ran over girl points to the same person (?). Not sure, but they are connected somehow.
    • MC, on the other hand, is supposed to be a still born baby. He died when born but god of death favored him, maybe bcoz their is some connection or the MLs system has embedded MC on his very core that despite not remembering MC he is bound to be attracted to him.
    • Some events, killings of the grim reaper are done to protect his lovely MC. When MC is in danger he warns someone with MC (dream like visions, a sign of accidents) so he will be saved but then he has to come after those who survived with MC.
    • He is a death god and is bound to follow the rules of heaven but he is willing to break all rules for our MC. "Angels can sacrifice their most beloved to save the many, but demons, such as himself, can destroy the world just for their one love". That is ML's love :love:
    • This is the world where ML gave MC a necklace in a shape of a sickle. This actually will follow MC throughout the world. And their symbol of love to each other a snake slithering a vibrant rose, not minding all he thorns that pierced it. Lovely!
    • This is the title in the mtl version:) and from this we can infer how this will go;)
    • MC was called back in his hometown by the village chief together with other 6. They are actually the only youth left from the village as everyone in it are all old bags of bones already.
    • MC has anorexia (you why!) and if not for his purpose he wouldn't want to come back. His purpose is to find the bones of his childhood friend (sweetheart):cry:.
    • MC actually came to the village when he was young together with his remarried aunt, he was orphaned and ML took care of him.
    • There was a famine 16 years ago and cannibalism became rampant, villagers first targeted those with no family, beggars and the like. MC was one of these victims but ML kinda like took his place (not really sure). MC has seen how a man stabbed and slaughtered ML like a cattle and from that day on he become anorexic.
    • Two of the called one are brothers and the elder of the two was the one who suggested from that time on to kill MC as he was supposed to be killed by the man. So upon learning the ghost who led them back is the lunatic ML who took care of MC he was scared.
    • A boy called with them, 16yrs old, was actually the baby born by the wife of the man who killed ML. As he reasoned out before that if he did not find something to eat his pregnant wife will die. So that boy has memories of MC and ML and he kinda like MC, in which ghost ML repeatedly warns him that those where not his memories so don't even think about it.
    • ML's goal of keeping that child alive is for him to find MC and bring him back and a bigger plan.
    • All called people with MC are actually chosen by ML to protect MC. A detective, a doctor and the like. Detective deduced that villagers were werewolves (?), what happens when people are cursed (because of cannibalism) that they turned into monsters.
    • ML's plan is to wipe out the entire village as a revenge and chooses the full moon day in order to sacrifice the 16 yr old boy, so he can have a body!!! He burned everything down while protecting MC and others in a barrier. 16yr old boy was supposedly dead, a still born baby but ML made him live to find MC and to make use of his body to come back.
    • MC cried when the boy burned the village with himself, the ML took over the boy's body and said to MC to wait for him (ML communicates with MC thru the necklace he wears-MC in this world carved it from ML's bones:LOL:). MC has a flower shop but always staring blankly as how could the ML comes back? Then one day the door opens and voila, ML with that boy's body!! Happy Ending.
    • Again, this is the title in the mtl hahaha This arc is about making deals with the devil in exchange for something precious to you.
    • MC is a student, and in their school there is a tree-a wish tree that stories said it can grant your wishes.
    • In this arc, there is a transmigrator with a system whose mission is to find the devil's bride. He actually has advantage as he has seen the movie before transmigrating. But he didn't know that the devil has a supposed wife. He knows the key characters of the movie thus he assumes that out of these characters he only needs to kill the 2 girls and he will succeed (poor you, who told you that bride is supposed to be a girl?:ROFLMAO:)
    • MC's friend and roomate is supposed to be the favored one in this world, so at first the transmigrator wanted to befriend MC but got chills all over after putting a hand on MC's shoulder :)pvinegar jar ML)
    • MC has no memory before 10yrs old as he can't remember where he got the necklace, how the surroundings seem familiar to him when they only moved in the town and always feeling someone is watching him.
    • The story is in his younger days, ML was a patient in the hospital (the school now stands in the burned hospital) with the worst bipolar disorder there is (idk if its vice versa lol). He was always confined in a room as he always turns violent. He also hears a voice from a tree outside his room but no one believe him. MC is another patient, they meet and apparently MC can calm the ML. It started when MC died is his surgery and ML was turning all violent and the voice telling him his baby is dead!!
    • So he made a deal with the devil, in exchange for his soul-he became the devil himself and the hospital was burned to the ground. Except the tree standing still, all info was erased and MC lives with no memory of everything before that time.
    • MC is then caught up with the thought that his most important person is with him and uttered a name he does not know how he knows it. So the devil was happy and answered him.
    • At the end, everyone who comes to harm MC meets a dreadful end. There was also a police officer who suspects MC as he was a mental patient, with history of sleepwalking, self harm and all! But the new police officer doesn't thinks so (ML is back!!!)
    • ML said to MC he will come for him soon and the transferred police officer is him!! In flesh and blood and push all the blame to the transmigrator as his system was nowhere to be found.
    • ML caught the system, saying a gadget from the upper world? Do you really think you can run away. And so it was also hinted that the sickle necklace is a gadget from the upper world, collects energy and can be used by ML to breakaway from worlds but MC cannot. So they have to wait until the plot progresses to the end. Necklace also serves as protection for mC so he is not caught up in the world's plot (as sometimes his role is that of cannon fodder who will die).
    There are still 4 arcs lefft! And will get back to it. . .supposed to be working but here I am (y)(y)(y)
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    Another one as I really don't feel like working now :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    · This is the title in mtl! This arc is as the name suggest killing game.

    · People are transported in a place where they are pushed to venture in rooms, circumstances and the only way to survive is to kill or be killed.

    · MC woke up in a dark room not knowing how he got there. The design of the place is somewhat like in medieval times (?) and he heard someone knocking the door. He was actually a student and fell asleep in the library and woke up part of the game.

    · Two persons are outside and from their aura they could not be trusted. As it turns out, all people called in the game were criminals so it is like a punishment game and is broadcasted in a group of people subscribe in that channel. Well, it is a movie world afterall.

    · MC was scared, as he was innocent and meek and weak and clearly doesn’t fit in the category of these people. He feel someone watching him from the moment he woke up.

    · He asked to go to the bathroom to calm himself and as he was going on the direction the other pointed he came across a man (of course it is ML) who startled him (MC is really scaredy cat here) but the man bent down and put slippers on him like holding the most precious treasure he has. And actually princess carried him, MC protesting but was sealed with a kiss.

    · While carrying MC, ML was enjoying kissing his baby (like French kiss while walking) and led him into the bathroom. MC was terrified but wonder how he does not feel weird or disgusted like it was just normal for both of them to do that.

    · Other people then came out and ML disappeared in the darkness, one person noticed that MC is not a criminal nor someone twisted so why is he there? Also, he was clearly not wearing any footwear so what is that slipper? But due to being nowhere disregards those.

    · MC on the other hand starts seeing screen in front of him, only he can see it. A live comments of people watching live broadcast of what is happening with them. And he knows this is a game, ML coaxed him that nothing will happen to him so he must not be scared (whispers thru the darkness).

    · Turns out in this world, MC has been in this place. A town in which ML was sacrificed in a ritual (like a cult ritual), wherein his heart was dug out from him while being alive. He was then left to be fed to wild animals and as he lay there a boy approached him and saw his situation. The boy cried seeing the blood and saying he will look for help but ML said it is of no use. Wild wolves then came and was ready to eat him, the lil boy running away. ML then said, well who in the world will stay with a half dead person like him with no heart just waiting for the wolves to eat him. But lil MC came back with a torch and stand guard in front of ML (waving his torch so wolves can’t touch ML).

    · So basically why ML lovesss MC again to death. ML is actually the one who created the torture game and he throw all the villagers in the game and he just brought MC in it for him to see him.

    · The game has actually an undercover sanctioner mixing with the players and his job is to led them to death and the game was fun, just they have to kill or be killed except they should not harm a single hair of MC.

    · It’s the first arc in which MC and ML’s doing the deed was actually mentioned. Like ML took mc away from the group, them thinking he was dead but actually with ML doing lovey-dovey.

    · And there is another ML, Mc was fooled at first but when ML came he noticed the difference. Still ML but a copy of himself because of having his heart dug out.

    · In the end the plot progresses, favored person (protagonist) lives and MC woke up again in the library. He touched his neck (ML gave him the necklace in that place) and was sure it was not a dream as the necklace is with himself. He was about to cry when he heard ML’s voice telling him to wait for him and him answering he should hurry or he won’t wait form him.

    · MC then is inside the classroom, eating sweets when he was about to choke someone handed him water bottle without knowing who it was. After he looked up it was the substitute teacher and MC asked his deskmate what happened to the bald substitute teacher and his classmate saying, isn’t him all this time (ML) the substitute teacher? Teacher saw this whispering, head close to MC and narrowly squinted his eyes.

    · MC was confused and looked up at the man, the teacher did not scold him eating sweets and continued the lesson. MC was sneakily eating sweets while teacher’s expression nearly cracked at how cute MC eats. After class he hinted MC to follow him and saying he was really a disobedient child. MC saying he only eats 4 small cakes ah!

    · ML was amused and told him, so as you are disobedient there must be a punishment. How about teacher-student play? So we can already guess how their night will go lol
    · This is the title again in mtl. The arc is about a school haunted by ghost qi (something like that—full of ghosts) hahaha

    · MC is staring outside the window when a girl asked him out to eat with her but MC blatantly refused her but she persisted. MC then showed his hands and said he was already married, so no thanks!

    · His friend was confused as MC often says he is married to every girl confessing to her but did not see anyone calling him or any girl near him so is it only a reason used by him to turn them away?

    · The truth is that MC is living with ML, a ghost. MC’s constitution is actually a yin (not sure), a body that spells treat to every other ghosts and that is why he can see them and is bothered by them on a daily basis since he can remember.

    · He was abandoned by his biological parents for this and though he is very goodlooking and got always adopted every time they sent him back because of weird things happening to him.

    · He met ML when he was attacked by a ghost and was nearly devoured then someone in red robes, like a king’s robe, came and disintegrated said ghost. MC asked who he is and ML just answered ‘Your future husband!’

    · So they practically lived together as husbands ah.

    · The weird thing happening in the school is a girl-ghost, 13-14yr old who was raped by her teacher but no one believed her. She went in the roof of her school to commit suicide but instead of helping her, people below recorded her and urged her to jump off. As if everything was her fault, like she was the one flirty, she was fabricating and all.

    · That teacher was in that school and she let her commit suicide in front of all and the ghost qi (energy) in the school is getting stronger.

    · There is actually 2 side cps in this arc. (1)A school mate who saved the girl ghost in the street (not knowing she was a ghost and was nearly run over by a car) and his friend (a witness in the harassment of the girl by teacher, she believed he did not witness so she intends to kill him, in the end he said he confessed about it but he was not admitted as a witness as he was minor and some stuffs). (2) is the Taoist practioner who was tasked to investigate the opening of the ghost domain (gate) in that school and the ghost he was keeping with. Instead of exorcising said ghosts he keep it with him.

    · MC and ML story is actually dreamt by MC, that is ML was an emperor (king) and in his time instead of focusing his time building the country he was adamant in finding his baby, a man with a tattoo of a rose and a snake. MC was like a passerby in the dream, a watcher and sees how ML searched everywhere for him but to no avail. And when the palace was invaded MC saw how ML was stabbed, as enemy was saying instead of ruling he is searching for his man, a cut sleeve king?

    · ML’s soul floated and then sees MC (as a passerby), MC was then sucked out by a force and ML shouting at him. He woke up from the dream and embraces ML saying he won’t be gone any more. As it turns out, ML became the ghost king searching for his beloved and finally found him in this era.

    · When the ghost domain gate opened in the school and everyone’s dark desires surfaces and became violent only MC was sitting quietly in the library and the man (saved ghost girl) saw him and said you are also not affected. What is happening? MC quietly said it will be back to normal and after saying that everything did turn back to normal, the man being surprised.

    · That is the reason why Taoist world sent someone to investigate, only the ghost king is strong enough to close that big gate that’s about to open just like that.

    · The Taoist man’s mission is to find the man (the witnessed of ghost girl) as they know he was to be targeted next and so went as substitute teacher. His half-brother is with him but working separately.

    · Upon entering the school he saw how dense the ghosts were and was stunned when he saw a boy so rich in Yin energy yet all the ghosts are staying atleast 3 meters away from him. Glancing at the boy he felt cold all over and was like plunged in the deepest of hell and a voice warning to not too look closely.

    · He then wondered who was that and then realized isn’t that boy’s face exactly similar to the paintings in the book about the ghost king searching for his love? So the one who warned him is the ghost king himself? So he found his sweetheart afterall.

    · Upon returning he turned to his ghost and realized that when you love someone you really don’t want others to look at them, just like the ghost king and him, keeping the ghost for himself.

    · And this is the arc where MC remembers all the world as ML collected enough energy for him to free up MC. MC remembers!!

    2 more to go and Finish!! Til next time ciao~:p:p
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    Thank you sooooo much for the spoilers. :love::blob_pompom:
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    spoiler for arc 1??
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    Spoilers for last 2 arcs?by the way I love how you do your spoilers