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    Actually you guys better make a new thread for that kind of thing. If you post them here, they will make it... rather confusing to read.
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    Should probably be fine, most of mine are cross-over fan-fics. The one I'm currently working on is a Death Mage / Overlord crossover where Van shows up in Erantel and makes all the denizens of Nazarick freak out. Once again though, it contains some material that's not introduced yet in the translation.
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    Where can I read the the fanfics ??
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    I'm posting them in the RAW discussion thread.

    Fussy Badger said something about copying them and posting them to the OP, but last I checked he has yet to make good on that. I will likely re-post them in their entirety up until now at either the point where Fussy Badger asks for it individually, or if there are a number of people from here asking for it when they go over there.
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    Not gonna lie, that idea sounds epic beyond any known descriptives yet created.
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    Actually, now come to think of it, the actual spoilery material in my fan fic is isolated to 1 paragraph in 1 chapter so far. I could easily just edit that part out for a version to be posted here. Ok, I think I'll do that then.

    Van and Ainz.

    Setting: We are out a few years after Alda has been defeated, and Sam has evolved even further into a carriage that has the ability to cross dimensions. Van has decided to start exploring interdimensionally by world hopping just for the fun of it as a pass time whenever he decides to have a vacation. He has left his mother in charge of Talosheim as he goes out with only Sam, the sisters, Gufadgarn, and the ghosts.

    After arriving in this world, Van has heard rumors of a city of undead ruled by an undead king and wants to check it out. Time setting is a little bit after the most recent episode of the anime without much progress toward what starts happening after this in the light novels. (however, I will be borrowing from volume 12 of the LN in order to establish what daily life is like in Erantel now.)

    Start: Van has just arrived at the gates of Erantel aboard Sam.

    Vandaleu was rather interested to see this city of undead he had heard rumored so much about. There were several people in the surrounding kingdoms talking about people being used as slaves and oppressed daily by the undead that lived there under the rule of the undead king. However, there were also rumors that the people happily lived along side the undead under the rule of a wise and benificent king. He did not know which to believe, he would reserve judgement until he saw it for himself.

    Rita: So, what do you think it’s going to be like in this city of Erantel? Which of the rumors do you think will be true?

    Saria: I don’t know, but of course if the one about the people being enslaved is true we are going to help them right?

    Rita: It’s really not nice to think about undead enslaving humans after living with Bochan for so long, but I bet it’s going to be fine. If they have a king, I bet he’s going to be a king just like Bochan.

    Saria: Bochan is an Emperor though.

    Rita: Oh yes, there is that.

    Gufadgar: Personally, I can’t wait to have this king meet the great Vandaleu sama. I’m certain the king of this country won’t be able to help but immediately see the incredible greatness of Vandaleu sama and will immediately bow to him and pledge his allegance to the Vidal empire.

    Van: I hope such a thing does not happen. That would create several complications. However, if he is actually an undead then that possibility cannot be discounted. I will have to think about what to do when the time comes.

    Rita: Well, I’m sure it will work out.

    Van: Hmmm… yes. Well, at any rate, it sounds as though the rumor about the living being oppressed by the dead in this city is all nothing but a rumor after all. In fact, it sounds as though the towns folk are treated quite nice in this city.

    Rita: Oh? Are we close enough now for the spirits to come out and meet you?

    Van: Yes, we should be seeing the city soon.

    Sam: Bochan! Everyone! Come up to the front, this is quite a sight!

    Everyone comes to the front of Sam’s carriage and looks out the front. Since they are going to a city of undead, they did not see a reason to bring along any normal horses, so instead it is pulled by 3 ghostly white horses that are actually an extension of Sam’s body. From a distance, nobody would be able to tell the difference between these horses and a normal white horse. However, on closer inspection it would become clear that the horses are not breathing and this would likely give it away.

    This was something Van and the rest were quite used to by this point. What was captivating their attention was the sight in front of them. The road had recently turned from dirt to cobble stone as they approached the city, and the sight of the city gate was quite incredible. The entire city was surrounded by tall walls as tall as a true giant, and they were decorated with sculptures and archetecture that spoke to the long history of this place.

    Van: Hmm…

    Rita: Bochan, what are you thinking about?

    Van: I was just wondering about the walls of Talosheim. Perhapse if I were to add more sculptures like that the golem defense of the walls would be stronger. No, actually I’m not certain it would make that much of a difference.

    Rita: Well, it is a nice idea though. If it doesn’t make a difference then at least it would make the walls look nice.

    Van: Yes, I will have to study the architectural techniques.

    Gufadgarn: I’m certain anything Vandaleu sama makes will be at least as good if not better than what we see before us, and I’m certain the beautiful archetecture will make the people of Talosheim happy.

    Saria: Yeah, it will be nice to look at sculptures like that whenever we pass through the walls.

    Sam: Uhh… uh-oh.

    Rita: Father, what’s wrong? Oh!

    Van: It looks like someone is coming out.

    What everyone was reacting to was that a large number of black armored skeleton figures wielding gigantic swords and tower shields were marching from the city in formation at that moment.

    Van: Perhaps they are leaving at the same time as we are coming in. It is likely nothing to be concerned about.

    Sam: Maybe we should get off the road?

    Before Sam could begin doing as he suggested though, the ranks split among the black armored skeletons and they were filing onto either side of the road. They were not readying themselves for combat though. The large black-armored skeletons formed ranks on either side of the road and then turned and with an impressive sound they all took up honor-guard positions on either side of the road in perfect synchronization.

    Van: Well, they are certainly well disciplined. Is the king coming out at this time perhaps? We probably should get off the road after all.

    Saria: But Bochan, don’t you think it’s also possible they may be coming out to welcome you?

    Rita: Yeah, if they were charmed like the spirits, that’s very possible it might be what they are doing.

    Vandaleu suddenly had a flash back to a time when he was only a year old in this life and had gone into a dungeon full of undead. Indeed, at that time the undead of the dungeon were lining up in a manner very similar to this.

    Van: Oh. This is quite a problem if that is the case.

    Sam: Should we wait to see if someone else really does come out?

    They all looked curiously down the road and through the great gates to the city looking for some sign that someone might be coming out. Instead, the only thing that they saw were more of these large black skeletons gathering and lining up along the sides of the road as they seem to be gathering from every side street in order to meet them.

    Van: No, they seem to be gathering together from inside the city. If it was in order to escort their king I am certain they would have gathered together at the castle and would have already been in formation as they escorted him. I don’t think we can look at this any other way than that they have come to meet us. Let’s go on through.

    As such, they proceeded through the gate to the sight of a very stunned gate keeper watching them from the side. It seemed as though the gate keeper was a perfectly normal human. The poor guy must not know what was going on at all, so they decided to stop and talk to him.

    Van: Umm… hello.

    Gatekeeper: What!? Umm… yes! Yes! Are you, uhh… associates of the Sorcerer King?

    The man was clearly very shaken and visibly sweating.

    Saria: Bochan, I don’t think he was expecting us to talk to him given the circumstances here.

    Van: Well, we are just normal visitors to the city, so it’s proper to go through the proper procedures. Anyway, (van addresses the gate guard) we do not know the Sorcerer King. However, we have come hoping to meet him.

    Gatekeeper: Ah! Yes! Well, he has made the govorner’s mansion into his castle here! It, uhh… it is down this main road at the center of the city.

    After this exchange, Vandaleu and the gate keeper continue to stare at each other for a while, the gate keeper with uncomfortable and skittish eyes and Vandaleu with his usual empty expressionless eyes. In the mean time, a lot of attention was being gathered from the towns people who had clearly taken notice of the large size black armored skeleton knights lining up in honor formation lines across the street.

    Gatekeeper: Uhh… was there something else?

    Van: Don’t you need to inspect our carriage or something? I just told you, I am not a guest of your king. You will get in trouble if you don’t do your job properly right?

    Gatekeeper: Ah! Uhh… I…! Yes! Then I’ll be… Whaa!?

    The gate keeper runs around Sam’s carriage with a flustered demeanor, and then when he sticks his head inside he makes a surprised scream.

    Gatekeeper: Why is it so big inside here!?

    The inside of Sam’s carriage was truly spacious. Since there was so much room inside now, a 2 story house had been built in the middle of the bed of the carriage. There was easily plenty of room to allow for it and there was even still plenty of space to store things, and it was by no means a small house. It was certainly built for luxury and comfort, like a villa, and it was complete with all the appliances that Van had invented and even had an alchemy work space in one of the rooms as well as sleeping quarters for as many as 12 people to live inside it comfortably.

    It was really no wonder the gatekeeper was flustered. Because of this, the inspection took some time. It was really not too long though. Given the scale of all this, it seemed he decided that all he would have to check for is to make sure they were not exploiting this space magic to drive in with an army. Confirming Van, the 2 sisters, and Sam were the only ones in here, Gufadgarn remaining hidden in the subspace behind Van, the gatekeeper decided that was good enough and they were declared as acceptable to enter the city.

    Gatekeeper: Umm… uhh… by the way, ummm…

    The gatekeeper seemed to have something else he wanted to say and was repeatedly looking up to the large skeleton knights and then back to them.

    Van: Yes? Was there something else you wanted to say?

    Gatekeeper: Yes! Uhh… Well, you see… It’s uhh… about these uhhh… death knights. I…

    Van: Yes, I am sorry about causing a spectical. Unfortunately, I have an ability that causes undead to just act like this sometimes. I really have no control over it.

    Gatekeeper: Right! Umm… well, they sorta act like our enforcers in the town. They will normally attack and kill anyone who does violence to anyone else in town, so…

    Van: Ah, yes. I understand.

    With this, Van jumps down off the carriage and looks in both directions and raises his voice

    Van: You should return to your usual duties and do as you normally do.

    At Vandaleu’s word, all the knights turn toward the inside of the city at once and begin marching back in, dispersing and walking down the streets careful not to knock into any of the curiously onlooking townspeople.

    Sam: Well then, does that settle the problems? I apologize for any inconvenience our Bochan’s ability may have caused.

    Gatekeeper: Ah! No! Well, I hope you have a pleasant stay.

    The man was clearly shaken by the encounter.

    Van: Umm… are you alright?

    Gatekeeper: YES! I mean… Well, I have to admit I really don’t know what is going on anymore.

    Van: It’s ok, just think of us as normal guests passing through like anyone else. Well, thank you very much for your help.
    NOTE: Everything in the quote box is actually a direct unmodified rip from a portion of the first chapter of book 10 of Overlord. I felt it's an easy assumption everyone here has read Death Mage, but not so easy to assume everyone has read the LN for Overlord, and I felt the LN in this part in particular does a FAR better job of introducing Ainz than anything I could possibly write.

    (also, the material outside the quote box is also from book 10, chapter 1, except that it's been modified to fit into the fan fiction instead of saying what actually happened in the source material. The quote box drops off at exactly the place where I start to diverge from the source material.)

    At that precise moment, a hurried knock came from the door. Fifth ― who was standing at attention by the door ― moved to verify the identity of the caller. However, before she could even reach the door it burst open to admit the familiar face of Albedo with a very unfamiliarlly panicked look on her face.

    “Ainz sama!” She yelled as though relieved to see him as she dashed up to his desk and looked around furtively.

    “Albedo! What is the meaning of this!?” Ainz shouted out in surprise. Actually, he would have liked to ask something more along the lines of ‘What’s wrong?’ but in order to keep his image he was forced to choose words that were considerably more forceful.

    “Ainz sama? You? You cannot feel that presence? No, of course! It’s because!”

    “Albedo! Calm down and try to explain it in a way I can understand!” He was at the ready now. Something that could get Albedo to actually become panicked, it had to be something serious. In fact, he had never seen her like this before.

    “It’s the lord of demons! I don’t know why, but the lord of demons has come to this town!”

    Deep in the underground tomb of Nazarick, in the grand throne room chamber, the grand king of this tomb Ainz Ooal Gown was in a true state of concern. If it was possible for a skeleton to sweat, he would certainly be sweating right now.

    After Albedo had run in to deliver her panicked report, he had attempted to ask for a report from the elder liches he had created and assigned in the town. However, he did not get a response from a single one of them. Perhaps what was even more concerning is that he did not even feel a response from any of the death knights he had assigned throughout the city. No, most concerning of all was that despite his complete lack of contact with the elder liches or the death knights, the towns people were still going about their business as normal without concern. And then, when Ainz looked out the window he could see the death knights still marching through the streets, except he could not make contact with any of them through the magical bond he should have with them as the one who created them.

    Upon realizing this, Ainz had immediately ordered a retreat to the underground tomb. “Hmm… but how could I have lost control of them?” He mused. In the space of the past 30 minutes, Ainz had had his emotions canceled at least once per minute in that time as he repeatedly went into various extreme emotions from panic to anger to fear. If he had any organs at all, his worry would be causing him to nearly vomit by this point. How could anyone take control of his undead from him?

    Ainz couldn’t help but think of those people who had taken control of Shalltear with a world item before, but an item that powerful should not be able to be used across a wide area or have rapid repeat use abilities. And yet, several hundred undead had quite clearly been subject to either charm or brainwashing effects. This was certainly not a normal mind control magic, undead are supposed to be immune to all forms of mind altering attacks. Effects such as charm, sleep, confusion, and certainly brainwashing should be totally useless against undead.

    The larger concern was just how many of the other servants of Nazarick were also under this demon lord’s control. Indeed, it was already quite clear the forces of Nazarick had never faced an opponent as devilish or as fearsome as this demon lord. Albedo had told him that demon types such as herself and Demiurge were uniquely sensitive to the aura let off by the demon lord and they could sense him any time he was near. If it were not for Albedo’s warning there is no telling how much danger he would have been in. It seemed merely by approaching the city, nearly all the denizens may have been already placed under the demon lord’s control. This instant brainwashing magic or ability that could even effect undead was certainly like nothing that had ever existed in Ygrassil.

    “If he existed there, he would likely have a title such as ‘ruler of the demon world,’ a world creature for certain.” Perhaps he was some kind of hidden boss of the game nobody had triggered, but then even if that was the case, how did he wind up here?

    For now, as a precaution, Ainz had called everyone back to Nazarick. Every single one of the servants without exception were to return.

    “To.. to thin, the lord of demons.” Demiurge said in a shaky tone that even seemed to have a hint of admiration behind it. “To have even outsmarted the great Ainz sama and driven us into such a predicament. This is a truly fiendishly clever adversary.”

    Normally at this time Albedo would have chastised Demiurge heavily for such a comment that sounded like it could in any way disparage the might of their leader. However, in this instance, she could do nothing but just direct a sour glare at him as she let off a grimace of shame.

    “No, this is all my fault. If only I had sensed the demon lord’s approach sooner and warned Ainz sama immediately.”

    “That’s enough Albedo.” Ainz cut her off. “You brought news of this as soon as you were able, and while we may have lost the city of Erantel, all that was there were a few Death Knights and Elder Liches. I can easily create more servants like that. All of my irreplacable children such as you are still safe and so long as that is the case we will be able to deal with this somehow.”

    “Not. All. Of. Us. Have. Arrived. As. Of. Yet. However.” Cocutus announced.

    “Yes, that idiot Shalltear is still missing!” Aura, the dark elf tamer said to confirm. Although she spoke harshly, and she was known to fight a lot with Shalltear, it was clear from her expression that she was actually quite worried.

    “I hope nothing happened to her.” Aura’s twin Mare said in concern. Mare, although being Aura’s twin brother, had a far more reserved demeanor and wore a short skirt as he was made by his creator to be a “trap.”

    “Well, she was not stationed near the city, so I imagine she should be fine, but…” Albedo said and then had her eyes dart around a little. At this time, everyone still sorely remembered the incident where Shalltear had been brainwashed by a world item once before.

    “It should be alright. Unlike last time, she has a world item. Even if she does meet up with this demon lord, she ought to still be protected from the brain washing effects.” Ainz says to calm everyone’s concerns, but mostly his own.

    “Oh my! You all have such depressing faces! Why don’t you try to put on a more positive face in front of our majestic leader!” A voice comes from a deep red portal that just opened up in the middle of the room as the subject of everyone’s conversation appears from that hole in space. At once, everyone’s heads lift up and are glaring straight at the source of that voice. The owner of that voice was indeed the vampire Shalltear dressed in her usual gothic lolita style. She wore a red dress dyed in various shades of deep crimson and it was lined in violet frills. Something outside of the norm for her though is that today instead of her usual parasol, she appeared to have picked up something new. A large white-haired doll. The skin was a porciline white and it was dressed in a manner that seemed a little sparse for the normal porciline doll, but something about it seemed to really complete her image. The one truly odd thing about this doll though, aside from it’s somewhat large size, was that it had different colored eyes, one red and one purple, almost as though to match her dress. If it was just wearing the same cloths as the one who was holding it, the look would most certainly be complete.

    “Shalltear! Do you have any idea how concerned everyone was about you!?” Aura immediately jumped up to shout at her. “And what is with that strange doll? Have you finally realized that your never going to grow any bigger in that undead body of yours and so you’re finally deciding to regress into a little kid now?

    “I’m not a doll, my name is Vandaleu.” The person Shalltear was holding in her arms suddenly spoke in a blank monotone while turning to look at Aura.

    During this whole exchange, and outside of the attention of everyone else, Albedo and Demiurge had stiffened as a pained expression spread over both of their faces in unison as though they had both been stung by a bee the very moment Shalltear had walked through her gate spell, and while Aura was arguing with Shalltear they were moving, albeit somewhat stiffly, to take defensive positions in front of their leader Ainz. Although they both looked like they wanted to do nothing more than to run away or to immediately throw themselves down on the floor and beg for their lives, they both showed a great sense of resolve to remain standing and stay guarding their beloved leader Ainz Ooal Gown.

    -Earlier that day.

    After getting past the check point at the gate, Vandaleu and their party decided to go straight to the govorner’s mansion that the gate keeper had mentioned. However, when they arrived, they were informed that the Sorcerer king had just left in a hurry a little earlier.

    “I am sorry I cannot be of more help. He just suddenly left and took all of his servants with him declaring a state of emergency. I am not certain what the issue was, but I was left behind. I have been given administrative duties over this city, so I am doing my best to continue serving in that role while the master attends to other urgent matters.”

    The one talking to them, they were informed, was an elder lich. And in addition to that, he mentioned he was created by the sorcerer king himself. Vandaleu was suddenly thankful he had not decided to bring Luciliano along on this trip, he could imagine how interested he would be by this individual and the fact he was created by another undead. Not only that, the fact that it seemed he was sane before he was exposed to Vandaleu’s guidance was another thing that was quite significant.

    At any rate, they were left wondering what they should be doing at this point. If they had left because of some emergency, perhaps the best course of action would be to find an Inn in town or something and wait for the Sorcerer King to return after he had finished attending to whatever crisis situation he was dealing with? Just as they were about to leave though, there was another voice deeper in the building.

    “AINZ SAMAAAAA!!!” A clear voice of a young girl rang out from deeper inside the building.

    “Who is that?” Vandaleu asked the elder lich who was still in front of them.

    “Ah, that would be Shalltear sama. She is one of the floor guardians of Nazarick, one of the highest rank servants of our lord the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. It seems as though she has gotten the destination wrong and came here by mistake. I should go inform her that the order to rally was to go to the throne room in the underground tomb and not here.” The elder lich helpfully informed them.

    “Ah, I will leave you to that then.” Van said. Just as he was about to turn and leave however the voice of that girl, Shalltear, grew much closer.

    “Ainz Sama! Where are you?” Her voice was heard from right out in the hall, and in that moment they came face to face. “Oooooh! Who are youuuu!?” What they saw was a lovely young girl who looked to be around 14 years of age dressed in a deep red dress in the Victorian style. The most striking characteristic about her however was her platinum blond hair and the deep crimson eyes. In their own world, those crimson eyes signified a vampire. Was it the same in this world?

    The willful girl ran right passed the elder lich and immediately took Vandaleu into a possessive embrace. “Ohhh! What a sweet tender looking child, and you have such a powerful scent surrounding you! Huh?” She was now holding Vandaleu by the shoulders a good foot off the ground, she had lifted him up and was holding him at arm’s length as she suddenly began to scrutinize his face very carefully. “Different colored eyes? This is not my first time seeing that, but, isn’t one eye the crimson of vampires? What is the meaning of this?”

    “Ah, so I take it then this is your first time seeing a damphir? I am the biologically born child of a vampire and a dark elf.” Vandaleu informs her.

    “Ooohhh??? How interesting.” She says, calmly placing him on the ground and getting a huge caniving looking smile on her face. “So, that means you are not attached to a vampire parent then. So then, would you like to become mine?”

    “I think I have heard enough of that!” An elf girl who looks to be almost exactly the same age as the vampire girl in front of him steps out from the sub-space and appears directly between the two, directing a very harsh glare at this boisterous newcomer. This elf girl was Gufadgarn, the evil god of labyrinths who always followed directly behind Van. She had taken the form of a young elf girl due to a misunderstanding, and now followed him around with that appearance everywhere, although most of the time she was invisible and hid in the subspace behind him due to her mastery over space magic. “To think! Talking about making the great Vandaleu Sama your own possession! I can think of no greater insult! You have clearly gone too far.”

    “Ooohhh? I only recognize one existence as the greatest. Everything else is mine to do with as I please so long as it does not displease Ainz Sama!”

    “That’s enough!” Vandaleu inturrupts the two of them. “If you would like to fight, we have a rule for that in our group. You may have it out for five minutes. You may not use any special abilities or magic. If you can agree to those rules, we will continue to listen to what you have to say.” These were actually rules for fighting among friends in the Vidal empire, but since he had heard this girl was an important servant to the Sorcerer King who he presently did not consider his enemy and wanted to have a good relationship with he was regarding her with the same rules as a friend.

    “Hmm… Interesting! That’s fine, I will agree to these rules. I do not need magic or abilities to stomp a little elf girl like you flat!”

    “Gufadgarn is a god of laberynths though you know? You really shouldn’t underestimate her.” Vandaleu informed her.

    “WHAT!? This little girl!?”

    “Oh-hooo! Are you becoming scared now? I cannot quite bring out my full strength in this vessel, but it is still large enough that I can access quite a bit of power even like this.”

    “Wow! I don’t think I have ever seen Gufadgarn like this!” Saria comments in astonishment.

    “Of course! This child is not one of the great Vandaleu Sama’s friends or associates, and she even had the nerve to talk about taking him like a possession! She is not deserving of the normal courtesy I direct to everyone else. Don’t worry, I will not permanently maim her since she does seem to be the associate of someone Vandaleu wishes for a positive relationship with, but I will make sure she knows her place before we are through today!”

    “Well then, I suggest we take this outside of town. It is likely for the surroundings to be damaged by such a battle.” Vandaleu makes this suggestion while looking to both of the girls.

    “Hmph! Well then, shall I take you all outside of town then?” Shalltear offers. With a wave of her hand, a deep red portal opens in the middle of the hallway. “This portal leads to a field where we should be able to go all out against each other.”

    “That will not be needed. I will take Vandaleu Sama to our destination. I have already grasped the coordinates of where that portal leads. Well then, Vandaleu Sama, shall we?” At these words, Gufadgarn bows to Vandaleu and gestures toward a door. It is not the front door, but one of the doors leading to a room off of the hall way where they currently are.

    “I’ll go tell daddy what’s going on.” Rita offers and then leaves for the front door.

    “Well then,” Saria says, moving for the door Gufadgarn just gestured to and opening it, taking up position on the opposite side from Gufadgarn. With a shrug of the shoulders, Van looks at Shalltear and raises his hands in a gesture to say “it can’t be helped.” Indeed, it may have been better to accept the hospitality of their host and use Shalltear’s space magic to get to their destination, but given the situation he had almost no choice but to use Gufadgarn’s. Oh well, they should calm down after they fight.

    Vandaleu walked through the door which had him come out in a field some distance from any civilization. Not only would nothing be damaged, but it’s unlikely anyone would even be able to see the battle going on here. Saria was quick to follow him, and then the portal closed and then Gufadgarn teleported by a different means on her own. At that moment, they were looking to a similar blood-red ovoid portal a short distance from them and Shalltear was quick to appear from it with a regal and confident look on her face.

    Vandaleu quickly used golem creation to create a 5 minute hour glass which he passed to Saria.

    “Well then, to repeat the rules from earlier, you will not be allowed to use any magic or special abilities. You will have five minutes. After five minutes, if no victor is decided, the fight will end regardless. Begin!” And, at those words, Saria flipped the hour glass and Gufadgarn and Shalltear launched themselves at each other.

    Vandaleu immediately began preparing a picnic blanket as soon as the fighting began, and Sam arrived quite quickly with Rita aboard. Rita was already prepared with snacks she had taken from the back of the carriage and got out to join in the preparations. Once everything was prepared, Sam who had gained some skill with long distance control managed to get his human projection to get down off the carriage and join them on the picnic blanket and they enjoyed the finger sandwiches prepared as they watched the fight.

    “Well, this is certainly developing in an unexpected direction isn’t it Bochan?” Rita says as she places tea bags inside of a small tea pot that has already had the water heated up with her fire magic.

    “Indeed, however I am actually somewhat concerned. This Shalltear seemed to be carefree enough to start all this, but is it really alright?” Vandaleu voiced his concerns.

    “That’s right, didn’t that nice elder lich say that there was some kind of emergency they were supposed to be dealing with? We are holding up an important servant of the Sorcerer King right now with all of this nonsense.” Saria responds.

    “Well,” Sam says, joining in on the conversation, “if she is the type to suddenly pick a fight out of nowhere, the Sorcerer King is probably used to this sort of delay. We will just explain the situation if they ask about it.”

    “Hmm… perhaps I should offer to somehow make up for the situation of holding her up.” Vandaleu considers. At about this time, the form of a rapidly flying Gufadgarn approaches the hill where they are sitting. However, when she is just about to run into them, a dark mist immediately cancels her momentum and then vanishes, allowing her to fall safely to the ground.

    “Hey! That’s cheating isn’t it!?” Shalltear angrily yells at her.

    “That was Vandaleu Sama’s inertia barrier. I did not cast the spell. If you don’t like it, simply do not hit me in this direction! Sorry about that Vandaleu Sama.” With those words, she launches herself back toward Shalltear and the fight continues. The combat is actually quite evenly matched.

    “Urr! You are a lot better than I thought!” Shalltear barks out.

    “You as well, I believe you may even be more powerful than the pure breed vampires who serve Vida.”

    “Of course! That’s because I am a true ancestor!”

    “Oh! A true ancestor huh? Well then, I will have to be more considerate not to damage you too much so as not to make your vampiric children sad. Once you have properly learned your lesson we will call that good enough.”

    “Vampiric children? I don’t have any actually.”

    “Oh? You have yet to create any pure breed vampires? Well, I must admit you are a rather strange case. I do not know about the circumstances, but wouldn’t the one responsible for your birth have wanted you to start your own vampiric line?”

    “Peroroncino Sama!? But, the only duty she ever assigned to me was to guard the top three floors of Nazarick! No! I don’t! She would have said something if she wanted that!”

    “I have been told that there is no parent who does not want to see their own grandchildren born. I do not know this Peroroncino who is your parent, but perhapse if you were to ask her.”

    At these words, Shalltear turns a face full of tears toward Gufadgarn. “I can’t ask her anymore!” She cries and throws a punch full of frustration and emotion, but not much power toward Gufadgarn. Gufadgarn receives that punch with one hand and then places her other gently on Shalltear’s shoulder.

    “I see… So that’s how it is, is it? I cannot say anything except I’m sorry.”

    Somehow, the fight had turned into a counseling session. Gufadgarn seemed very uncomfortable with this role, but somehow she had gained Shalltear’s trust. They awkwardly began to explain their situations to one another. Shalltear explained how they were created by 41 creator gods, but 40 of them had gone missing and now they all despirately served the one who remained behind who was also the same one they called the Sorcerer King. Gufadgarn in turn explained how Vida, the goddess of love, had given birth to several new races, but the children who were the ancestors of every race, including the true ancestor of the vampires, were killed by Bellwood and Alda’s forces, and how for 100,000 years until Vandaleu had shown up and lead a counter-offensive against Alda’s forces, the children of Vida were persecuted and genocided by Alda and his followers.

    “Vandaleu is the reincarnation of Zakkart sama, the one who was the greatest champion chosen by Vida herself. Zakkart was also the father of the Vampire race, but his child also was slain by Alda’s and Bellwood’s forces. Because of this, I consider the Vampire race to be very precious. You have the power to be the ancestor to an entire new race of Vampires in this world. I am certain this would make your mother proud.”

    “Yes.. Yes! You are right!” Shalltear agrees with new life in her eyes.

    “I will warn you though, you cannot have Vandaleu Sama as your child. I am not certain it would work anyway, he has drank the blood of several pure blood vampires and given his blood to them as well. None of them caused any transformation in him. Rather, even the pure bloods had their race change into abyssal vampires. Although he is a Dampir, his blood is actually superior to that of a true ancestor. If anything, it is you who should become Vandaleu Sama’s child.”

    “What!? I could never!”

    “Indeed,” Vandaleu agrees, having come down from the hill to join them. “That might be considered rude to the Sorcerer King if I were to suddenly take one of his subordinates like that.” The time had gone well past 5 minutes by this point, but he had been giving them some space since it seemed this conversation was important.

    “Yes! I could never do something like that! I would never abandon Ainz Sama!”

    “Anyway,” Vandaleu continues. “We were just going to meet the Sorcerer King, but we were told he had left to deal with some kind of emergency.”

    “Oh! I will take you to him then! You cannot enter Nazarick without a special ring to disable the teleportation dampening effect, but my gate spell is the one exception.” Shaltear had regained herself in a big way after this long emotional conversation, and now she seemed quite energetic. She quickly scooped up Vandaleu in her arms and opened another one of her portals. In short order, she then walked straight through it and seemed to have forgotten to leave enough time for the rest to follow behind.
    In the throne room of the great underground tomb of Nazarick, a rather chaotic situation was unfolding. At this moment, when the Demon King Vandaleu was brought into the throne room so nonchalantly by Shaltear, there was nobody who really knew exactly what they should be doing.

    In the case of Albedo, as a demon herself, she could instinctively sense the frightening and overwhelming power of the demon lord. She had often basked in the overpowering aura of her master, the great Momonga. He insisted on going by the name Ainz Ooal Gown after the name of the guild since the rest of the creators abandoned them, but he was always only Momonga sama to her. He was the one she loved dearly, and until this moment she had felt his presence was truly supreme and nothing could possibly ever be more powerful and overwhelming than him.

    Although, though she hated herself for admitting it, the overwhelming aura of her lord was absolutely nothing before the frightening and oppressive air of the lord of demons who allowed himself to be carried limply like a doll in Shaltear’s arms. She was surprised though, the demon lord looked like nothing more than a little girl, and the clothing she wore was nothing impressive either. Certainly nothing that would be befitting of the term “demon lord.” And before she started to move in response to Aura’s words, she could have easily been taken for a large doll. However, there was no mistaking that frightening aura that was like the very physical incarnation of death itself. A force that could bring certain death to even immortal beings such as demons.

    ‘Damn that Shaltear! How could she be so careless as to fall to the Demon Lord’s control?’ She cursed in her mind for the harsh betrayal of Shaltear bringing the enemy straight to the heart of the tomb of Nazarack right as everyone had gathered together. She had to do something. She did not have her full combat gear at this moment, she was not expecting to suddenly be thrust into a battle situation at a time like this. However, if she were to leave to go get her equipment at a time like this it would be leaving her lord in danger. This was bad. This was very very bad.

    Demiurge too was in a similar situation of unrest to Albedo. In his case though, he couldn’t help but bitterly admire how quickly and expertly this demon lord had played them all for fools. Simply by entering the city the demon lord had let their presence be known to Albedo who immediately alerted Ainz. Meanwhile, they had demonstrated their power by even charming the undead. An impossible move that could only easily be detected and understood by the likes of their lord Ainz, who appropriately acted quickly and retreated from the scene.

    Demiurge did not know how the demon lord had gotten their hands on Shaltear and placed her under their control, maybe Shaltear was charmed before this attack even began. Then, an appropriate amount of time was given for all the power figures in Nazarack to be gathered in one place, at which time the demon lord had Shaltear, a trusted face, bring the enemy in like a Trojan horse strategy. It was brilliant, and this checkmate was achieved in just barely over an hour. They were truly defeated by the demon lord’s fiendish cunning and intelligence, such an expertly performed plan, and such an aggressive yet subtle strategy. If Demiurge were not on the receiving end of it and it were not a plan directed at his lord, he would likely break down in tears over such beauty. However, he could not afford to get lost in such a thing in this dire time.

    “Umm… excuse me.” This voice came from Mare, Aura’s twin brother who was nervously approaching the demon lord Vandaleu still being held by Shaltear. “Umm, you’re a boy, right?”

    “Yes, why do you ask? Actually, now come to think of it, people often tend to think I’m a girl if they mention my gender at all.” The demon lord responded as such while jumping down out of Shaltear’s arms.

    “Ah, well… I… I mean, I am too…” Mare responds, becoming incredibly bashful as he furiously blushes.

    “Ah, I see. By the way, are you two dark elves?”

    “Ah! Yes!” Mare responds nervously.

    “Haha! Yeah!” Aura follows up sounding rather proud.

    “Ah, I have never really gotten to meet any other dark elves even close to my age, how old are you anyway.”

    “Wait! You’re a dark elf!?” Aura responds, getting into the demon lord’s face without a care or even seeming to realize who it was that was standing in front of her.

    “Yes, although I understand the confusion. You see, I am a damphir. My father was a vampire but my mother was a dark elf. It seems my father had a strong influence on the color of my skin which is pale like this.”

    ‘Heh, what is this now?’ Demiurge begrudgingly thought. ‘Is he trying to charm the kids now?’ It looks like he’s got us again. We are forced into a state of paralysis because if we make any hostile moves he will fight back against us with force. Demiurge did not fancy their chances in a battle of force on force as it was. This demon lord, or rather demon king now as Mare had established the demon lord is a male despite the appearances, had the confidence to infiltrate their stronghold on his own. There is no way he doesn’t have the strength to back up that confidence. And if that wasn’t enough, Demiurge could also feel from the Demon King’s aura that these tactics were no mere bluff. However, the Demon King had already proven that some form of charm magic was his strong suit, and the longer they waited without taking action the more time he had to work that magic on them. If they did not do something quickly, Aura and Mare would be lost to them the same as Shaltear.

    “Oh my, what an adorable sight. It seems Shaltear has brought a wonderful friend for the twins to get along with.” Demiurge felt as though every drop of blood in his veins had frozen solid when he heard those words spoken. The reason for that is that those words were spoken by his master from behind him. No, it couldn’t be. The target of the Demon King’s charm attack was not the twins, he had already worked it on their lord himself. Lord Ainz had already fallen under the Demon King’s control.

    Demiurge caught the eyes of Cocutus and Sebas who were standing a short distance away to either side. It looked as though they could understand the situation. They needed some kind of plan to minimize the damage from here. First step, they needed to find some kind of distraction that would allow them to get their master out of this. Also, if at all possible, they had to rescue the twins. If the primary target was their lord Ainz, maybe the twins had not felt the full effects of the charm just yet.

    Cocutus and Sebas both nodded to him and Albedo, and then they began walking forward. Honestly, he was grateful, and this was also likely the best course of action too. Cocutus was an insectoid ice elemental warrior, and Sebas was a dragon transformed into human form. Since neither one of them were demons, they were not under the direct influence of the Demon King’s commanding aura. This would mean it would be his and Albedo’s role to take advantage of the opening they would create in order to get Ainz sama out of here.

    Cocutus stepped up between Mare and the Demon King as he pushed Mare back with one hand. “Please. Step. Back.” He says.

    “Huh? Wh… what’s going on?”

    “Ah..hem!” Sebas loudly clears his throat and steps forward down the middle of the room toward the Demon King, his foot steps audibly echoing off the walls of the great throne room with every step. In this manner, he successfully manages to attract the Demon King’s attention. Once he is a few steps behind Aura, just enough distance to act in her defense if the need arises but not so close as to be taken as a threatening stance, he stops and gives a deep courtly bow as a proper butler greeting an important guest. “Greetings great demon lord, you said your name was Vandaleu correct? I would like to welcome you to the great underground tomb of Nazarack. I would like to ask to what we owe the honor of your visit here.”

    “What!? This kid’s the Demon Lord everyone was afraid of?” The dark elf twins were obviously quite surprised about this revelation. Aura gave a rather pronounced reaction. Mare also seemed somewhat surprised, but he seemed to adapt a lot quicker and seemed to get properly on his guard behind Cocutus and ready to take up a support role should the need arise. However, they were not the only ones to express surprise over this.

    ‘Eh? He’s the demon lord? No, there’s got to be some mistake.’ the poor mind of Suzuki Saturo, the mere middle aged gamer who was stuck in the body of the Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown thought to himself. He felt he should probably say something to clear up what obviously had to be a mistake of some sort, but what would happen if they were actually right? His subordinates were often a lot smarter than he was. Maybe in this situation he should just let them handle it, but no matter how he looked at it it looked like some innocent little kid was just dragged into Nazarick and suddenly started getting accused of being the demon lord without basis. If things did go wrong, the poor kid might even get killed for no reason. He didn’t really want to see that happen. He looked like he would be a very good play mate for the twins. Oh well, maybe he would see how it goes and he would intervene if it looked like things were starting to go in a bad direction.

    “What!? Demon Lord!? Now what’s all this about!?” Shaltear also seemed to have a rather strong reaction to this information. Cocutus, Sebas, Demiurge, and Albedo all had complicated expressions in response to this. They were expecting her to be completely brainwashed and under the Demon Lord’s control. For her to react like this, this added a whole slew of complications and possible considerations into the mix. Was she really not under his control? He was clearly quite cunning, it was entirely possible he had left her without fully brainwashing her just to force them to attempt to save her, thus endangering themselves in the process. However, it was also possible she was fully under his control and he had ordered her to act in this way. There was no way of knowing, and nobody knew quite how to act.

    ‘Oh! Yes! Way to go Shaltear!’ Suzuki Saturo silently cheered in his mind. Maybe now this would be properly cleared up.

    “Yes, I suppose that title fits me, although I am not particularly fond of it. Some oppressive gods in the world I came from placed that title on me at one point, and I have been troubled by it ever since. I am not particularly fond of it, and frankly it gives me nothing but trouble, but I have come to accept it.” Vandaleu gave his thoughts openly on his status as the demon lord.

    ‘Eeh? So he really is the demon lord?’
    Vandaleu was quite happy when he was brought by Shaltear to see the Sorcerer King. He had already concluded that the Sorcerer King was a good guy based on what he had seen in the town, and when he got to the king’s throne room the first thing he saw were two dark elf children coming up to meet Shaltear. They both appeared to be a little older than him, around 13 in human years. He had just recently turned 30 in this body, but due to his being a dark elf damphir he still looked like a 10 year old human. Although, he would look 11 by now if he were a normal dark elf. Going by his understanding, these dark elf children ought to be around 60 or 70. That may not be considered close to his age by human standards, but according to the dark elf way of thinking that would actually place them very close to his own age.

    However, when he was trying to talk to them since they seemed rather friendly and the way they were getting along with Shaltear reminded him of his friends, one of them were told by a giant ice-insect type humanoid to step back and got between the two of them. Another one, a strong butler-like old man, came up behind the other dark elf and gave a bow toward him.

    “Ah..hem! Greetings great demon lord, you said your name was Vandaleu correct? I would like to welcome you to the great underground tomb of Nazarack. I would like to ask to what we owe the honor of your visit here.” The butler asks him.

    “What!? This kid’s the Demon Lord everyone was afraid of?” One of the two dark elves, Aura he remembered their name was, said. He knew the other one whos name he didn’t hear was a boy, but he was not going to make any assumptions in regards to Aura.

    “What!? Demon Lord!? Now what’s all this about!?” Shaltear shouted. Well, it seemed like some of them somehow know about his demon king title somehow. He looked to the back of the room where two people who looked like they might be demons were trembling and standing between him and the Sorcerer King.

    ‘I see.’ He muttered under his breath, likely too quiet for most of them to pick up. Well, the best way through this would likely be to just explain things straightforward. “Yes, I suppose that title fits me, although I am not particularly fond of it. Some oppressive gods in the world I came from placed that title on me at one point, and I have been troubled by it ever since. I am not particularly fond of it, and frankly it gives me nothing but trouble, but I have come to accept it.”

    Well, that should at least clear it up enough for the people who are confused.

    “Well then, I ask you again great demon lord, what business do you have here in our Nazarick.” The butler-like man continued to push on this subject.

    “I heard some disturbing rumors about the local city of Erantel being taken over by undead who oppressed the living. I had to see for myself if they were true. I was quite happy to see from the town that they were not true, and so now my purpose is merely to meet and talk with the Sorcerer King.”

    “Hmm… well then,” the butler-like man said. “That sounds reasonable, however, before you can talk to my lord I would like for you to release him and Shaltear from the effects of your charm.”

    “What!? Charm! You must be going senile Sebas! I mean, yeah, this kid is absolutely adorable and I wanted to ask Ainz if I could keep him and all that, but I am certainly not charmed by this wonderful little guy! Well, maybe a little… I mean.. there is just something so wonderful about him! I just want to eat him all up!” Shaltear had a euphoric expression on her face that somewhat reminded him of Islay. He was used to this kind of reaction from female vampires, so he concluded it was normal.

    “What are you talking about you bimbo vampire! That’s totally being charmed!” The dark elf, Aura, yelled at Shaltear.

    “Well, even if I am Charmed, I am still 100% loyal to Ainz sama, so what’s the difference?”

    “Really? If Ainz sama told you to attack this kid right now, would you do it?”

    “Oh, there’s no way Ainz sama would ever order such a horrible thing! This kid is just too wonderful! Ainz sama will completely agree!”

    Aura bit back her words with a painful look, and then she started glaring over at Vandaleu. It looked like this might be a problem. “I am afraid I do not know how to release the undead who fall under my charm from its effects. I have never had a situation where I have had to before.”

    “I see… well then, I am quite afraid I can think of only one other method that may release them from the effects.” The butler-guy says and then holds up his fists in a fighting stance. After this, Aura gets down into a crouched stance and pulls out a whip from her belt, and Aura’s brother whimpers a bit but he readies a staff. The ice insect humanoid in front of him then readies a battle axe he had been carrying in 2 of his 4 arms since the beginning.

    “Ainz Samaaaaa!” Shaltear immediately yells and goes flying toward the Sorcerer King and the two demons. As she goes charging forward, the female demon steps up in the way and, with a furious smack with her hand, drives Shaltear’s head into the floor.

    “Hehe! I’m sorry Shaltear, but I can’t let you get near Ainz sama in your current state!” She says.

    “Get off you fat cow!” Shaltear bites back and throws off the female demon. “Ainz sama! Make them stop this!”

    “Shaltear….” The Sorcerer King says in a pained sounding voice. “I want to stop them, but…”

    “Well,” the male demon says. “It looks like Ainz sama is resisting the charm’s effects somewhat. I’m glad for that at least. Shaltear, you should try to snap out of it as well!”

    “Ahh… I…”

    Well, it appears as though the chance at a peaceful resolution is out in this case. The 4 up front had cast half an eye over to what was going on behind them, but their eyes returned to him after this exchange. “Well then,” the buttler-guy says. “Unfortunately in this instance, for the sake of our master I am going to have to ask you to please die.” As soon as those words are spoken, the entire floor of the great throne room vanishes, causing everyone in there to be caught off guard and fall into a pit that had suddenly opened up. Everyone except for Vandaleu that is, who had cast the non-attribute spell flight immediately before the floor disappeared. He had noticed as he was searching for options to combat these opponents that this throne room was inside of a dungeon. He also noticed that his dungeon master skill gave him more than the normal amount of control over this dungeon than a normal dungeon in Lamba. Included in this was the ability to remove the floor as he just had, something he could not have done with a dungeon in Lamba.

    Just a couple of seconds after the floor had vanished, Vandaleu restored it to the exact state it was in before. Meanwhile, he also created a large cave as the new ceiling of the space everyone else had fallen into. He felt a little bad about dumping Shaltear and the Sorcerer King down there as well, but he reasoned that the rest of them would be angry if he kept those two close to him while separating them from the rest and it would just lead to more misunderstandings, so he decided to send them down there with the rest.

    “Hmm… I didn’t expect my dungeon creator skill to have such a profound effect in this world. I thought about making a pitfall trap, but instead it wound up creating an entire extra floor of the dungeon below this one.” Vandaleu mused aloud to no-one in particular. He had grown used to having his friends at his side at all times, so it was unusual for him to be by himself like this.

    Almost as soon as Van had finished his words, the sound of rocks breaking could be heard and the floor beneath their feet shook violently and then completely shattered. All of them were either non-corporial or had some easy method of flight, so it didn’t really affect them, but as the ground broke apart 4 figures of an ice-insect humanoid, a dragon-humanoid wearing fancy looking pants, and 2 dark elf children all jumped up out of the cracks.

    “Oh no! I destroyed the throne room!” The skirt-wearing male dark elf twin said.

    “That’s quite alright! Simply focus on the foe in front of you!” The dragon-humanoid responds in the same smooth voice Van recognized from when he was an old man.

    “That. Is. Right. You. Can. Worry. About. Such. Things. Later.” Despite the cautions of both the dragon-man and the insect-man, the dark-elf boy still raises his staff and restores the floor to its previous state. Unlike Van’s fix though, the large red carpet that had run through the center came up horribly mangled. The dark elf boy seemed to look fairly uneasy about this. Cocutus shook his head at this, a move rather uncharacteristic of a warrior of his standing facing down a powerful enemy over a move such as this, and he let out a groan looking a little uneasy.

    “What is it Cocutus?” Sebas asked him, now fully on guard.

    “Something. Smells. Incredibly. Good.” He responds. “This. Smell. Is. Incredibly. Distracting.”

    Sebas’ furrows his eyebrows, or rather his scaled eye-ridges, at this response. “Well, I suppose there has been something of a different smell since we got up here, but I wouldn’t quite describe it as incredibly pleasant as you are saying.”

    “No, I think I know what’s going on.” Aura cuts in. “This is probably some kind of insect pheromone.”

    “That is correct.” Vandaleu responds. “I should also inform you, I have an ability called insect binding. It gives me a similar attraction effect toward insects as I get toward undead, although it is slightly different and this is the first time I have ever used it on an intelligent insect. At any rate, I can also bind insects inside of my body. Pheromones such as this can be used to enhance the charm effect.”

    “What!? Insects too!?” Aura cried out with a cringe on her face. This was quite understandable. Just by being in the room and not having taken any combat action yet, Van had already disabled 5 of their 8 members. Well, actually it was 6 at this point, but he would allow them to figure that one out in the heat of combat if they were still insistent upon coming at him under these conditions.

    “Cocutus…” Sebas directed a serious look toward his companion.

    Cocutus shook his head again, attempting to shake off the effects of the combined effects of the pheromone and the insect binding abilities on him. “I. Know. I. Shall. Be. Cautious.”

    “M.. maybe you should hold back this time.” Mare suggested.

    “You should just hold the line for Mare while he supports us with his spells.” Sebas declares. “Aura and I shall take the front line in this fight!”

    “Very. Well. In. This. Case. That. Might. Be. A. Wise. Decision.”

    “Just to be sure,” Sebas says, directing a sharp glare toward Van, “I am feeling a certain intense charisma from you as well. You wouldn’t happen to also have some ability specific to dragons, would you?”

    “I possess the ‘Dragon Emperor’ and ‘Scale Emperor’ titles, which give me the authority to rule all scaled creatures, dragons in particular. However, the effect is not quite as strong as it is with undead and insects.” Vandaleu says in answer to his question.

    “However, there is nothing like that absurd ability you just described to absorb an insect such as Cocutus inside of your body?”

    “I could still do so to anyone who has a parasitic insect that has burrowed under their skin. However, no, I do not have such an ability specific to reptiles or dragons.” Vandaleu did not correct the misconception the other side seemed to have about him absorbing insects. He had properly used the term ‘binding,’ but they seem to have misinterpreted it as some form of absorption. So long as it kept that ice guy with the giant halberd on guard and at a distance, he would have more leeway to subdue them without killing, so this kind of misconception worked out for him.

    “Well then, I would like to thank you for being so frank and informing us of your abilities and their nature before our battle. I apologize, but for the sake of my master I will have to destroy you now.” Sebas announced and brought up the scaly fists of his half-dragon form just as he would in his human butler form. Despite his now bulky and lizard-like form, all of his movements still held a perfect elegance and grace of a trained butler of Nazarack.

    “Alright Mare! I’m counting on you to support me and Sebas!” Aura yelled to her brother behind her while never taking her eye off of the threat in front of her.

    “R.. Right!” Mare yelled back and then raised his staff. “Protection! A… huh..?” Mare had a thorough look of confusion when he cast his spell but it didn’t go off.

    “Tsk!” Sebas clicked his tongue.

    “Yes, I also have the ability to nullify all magic cast by a select target, or all harmful magic directed toward me.” Vandaleu informed them of what was going on.

    “I suppose it doesn’t matter. We shall do our duty regardless.” Sebas responded. Aura on the other hand looked as though she was rather shaken. She was even hyperventilating a little.

    “M.. Mare?” She said in a voice that was rather uncharacteristic of her. While she was shaken, it wasn’t actually to such an extent. The hyperventilating was a cover as she prepared her special status-affliction breath-attack. This change in demeanor was also part of the same cover. She let out a deep breath at the end of her performance directing a puff of purple mist toward Vandaleu possessing the effect of paralyzing poison. Immediately after this, she jumped high in the air and lashed out at the demon lord with her whip at the same time as Sebas went out toward him at a dash.

    Vandaleu noticed the odd colored cloud that had come from Aura’s mouth and was coming toward him, but his danger-sense death showed no reaction at all toward it, not even an incredibly weak one that would indicate it could lower his chances or even create an opening in this battle, so he decided to ignore it. Meanwhile, the whip flying at him was stopped unnaturally in mid air and froze next to his head, causing such a great deal of confusion for Aura as she saw this happen that it made her stop her assault and simply land as she looked on with confusion as the end of her whip was still hovering in mid-air next to Vandaleu’s head. The body of the whip still seemed to obey the laws of physics and had fallen to the floor, but the end of it was still doing nothing but hovering there.

    “Huh? My whip!” Aura’s voice broke in her confusion. In the time it took her mind to catch up to this turn of events, Sebas had already closed the distance on the unmoving Vandaleu and threw a powerful punch, but this only resulted in his hand meeting a very strange resistance. No, it can’t even really be described as a resistance. It was as though all the force he threw behind his fist was suddenly gone. His arm strained as he tried to push it forward, and then he found that he was also unable to pull his arm back.

    “That is my inertia barrier,” Vandaleu announced. “It absorbs momentum, and it is actually a lot more effective against strong opponents such as yourselves. A weak person would only graze the surface of the barrier, and then they would be able to pull their sword back out. However, an exceptionally strong person can easily bury their weapon so deep inside the barrier that they are also unable to pull their weapon back out.”

    Sebas had a real look of horror on his face at these words as he realized his situation. As an un-armed fighter, this made him the absolute worst person to go up against an absurd skill like this. His weapons were his fist. If it were Cocutus and he had buried a weapon into this barrier, all he would have to do is let go of his weapon and he would at least be free. However, in his case, his fist was now stuck. With a serious look of resolve on his face, Sebas straightened his free hand into a knife-hand, and then with a furious blow he struck his own shoulder, severing his trapped arm and then leaping back away as he clutched the bloody socket.

    Aura was still trying to pull her whip back from Vandaleu’s barrier at this point. However, when Van reached up and grabbed the end of the whip and pulled with such force that it began dragging her toward him, she immediately let go.

    “This is not good. He has not even launched any actual attacks yet and it already feels as though we have been met with a crushing defeat.” Sebas stated as he tightly gripped the socket that once held his now missing shoulder.

    “He’s really strong! He didn’t even look like he was trying to pull all that hard, but it felt like I would go flying if I hadn’t let go of my whip!”

    As Sebas and Aura were rattled, Cocutus stepped forward and stood between the two of them and Vandaleu. “Cocutus?” Sebas responds to the large warrior’s actions.

    “I. Must. Say. I. Can. See. No. Road. To. Victory. At. This. Point.”

    “Vandaleu Sama!” At that moment, Gifandgarn managed to appear right behind him, and soon after that Sam was able to come in as well, and from his carriage Rita and Saria jumped out.

    “Is there an enemy!?” Rita shouted. Soon after this, Levia, Orbia, and Kimberly, all materialized as well.

    “Van, what’s going on?” Levia asked.

    “Please calm down, there was something of a misunderstanding and they thought they had to protect themselves from me. I would prefer not to kill them if at all possible.” Vandaleu told them.

    The four who had come up, upon seeing the already hopeless battle had turned even more against them hung their heads in defeat.

    “Well, if that’s the way it is, I suppose we may have no other choice but to surrender.” Sebas decides and straightens himself up as he transforms back into his human butler form, righting himself and presenting himself with dignity despite the fact that he was still missing an arm and his injury was still open and bloody.

    “Well, that’s good to hear.” Van announces as he picks up Sebas’ torn off arm and immediately casts preservation on it. He then begins carrying the severed arm over to its owner. “Here, allow me to reattach this for you.”

    “Uhh? Ahh…!” Sebas consents and then kneels down on the floor to be at the appropriate level for Van to do as he said. Van places the severed arm back against its socket and uses his spirit form transformation to extend his spirit into Sebas and share his ultra-speed regeneration. The muscles and tendons begin knitting back together and the arm is fully reattached within mere seconds. Almost the instant the skin finishes mending, Van pulls out a needle and produces thread from the Demon King’s thread gland, died black with the demon king’s ink sack, and he begins sewing up the torn edges of the butler uniform at high speeds. In almost no time at all, Sebas’ suit is fully mended as though the fact his arm was torn off a moment ago was a lie.

    Sebas begins to test his hand out and moves his arm and he quickly seems satisfied. “Healing magic as well, and every single spell you cast was without a chant as well. I do not believe I have ever felt so completely outmatched. In fact, you defeated the majority of us before the battle even began.” Sebas had a dark look on his face as he assessed Vandaleu’s strength.

    “Indeed. Had. He. Wanted. To. Combat. Us. Seriously. I. Believe. He. Would. Easily. Have. Been. Able. To. Cut. Us. All. Down. Completely. On. His. Own.” Cocutus declared. “He. Possesses. Abilities. Which. In. One. Way. Or. Another. Are. A. Weakness. To. All. The. Floor. Guardians. And. Even. Our. Lord. Ainz Ooal Gown. Himself. It. Seemed. As. Though. You. And. Aura. Were. An. Exception. But. It. Was. Only. That. The. Weaknesses. Of. Yours. That. He. Was. Able. To. Exploit. Were. Not. Of. The. Sort. That. Would. Render. You. Incapable. Of. Combat. Before. The. Fight. Started.”

    “But what about Ainz Sama!?” Aura yells.

    “Yes, indeed. Our combat was to attempt to eliminate the one controlling our lord. With our complete defeat, perhaps this means all of Nazarack has now fallen under the Demon Lord’s control.” Sebas concludes.

    “So, are you saying we’re all his servants now!?” Aura says with an objecting tone.

    “I will say it again, all I came here to do was to meet and talk with the Sorcerer king in order to figure out whether or not the rumors of Erantel being ruled by fear were true. Since they do not seem to be true, I have no further intention of interfering with you or controlling you. It is true that the Sorcerer King might have fallen under the effects of my death attribute charm, but this should not significantly affect his personality or cause him to become enslaved to me. In the case of superior intelligent undead, it only means they will take a liking to me and think of me in a positive light. He still possesses his own mind and is fully capable of objecting to things I say, and I will make no attempt to control you or the Sorcerer King.”

    Since it seemed related to the confusion that lead to this battle, Vandaleu felt he had to clearly and precisely state his intentions and how his death attribute charm worked.

    “Hmm… well, if things are as you say that they are, then I deeply thank your lordship for your magnanimance.” Sebas says, giving the same proper bow as he did when he first approached him. However, unlike the first time where he was approaching with the air of being on guard, this time his shoulders were more relaxed as though he was relieved.

    As all of this was going on, Aura was eyeing her whip which is laying on the floor currently below the cluster of attribute ghosts that came in to Van’s aid as they hover in the air behind where Van had stood stationary for the entire duration of the battle. Although she wants to retrieve it, she has decided not to as she is nervous about what the Demon Lord’s reinforcements will do. She is not certain of their strength, but since the Demon Lord in front of her seems to be stronger than her lord Ainz, she feels she has to assume his servants are each stronger than her.

    “Umm…” Mare, who was standing quietly in the back during this entire exchange spoke up. “So, does this mean you are friendly then?”

    “I do not wish to harm any of you, so long as you do not attack or do harm to any of my friends I believe it would be possible for us to be friends as well.” Vandaleu says, turning to respond to Mare who gives a shy smile and steps forward uneasily.

    “So, umm… is what you said before true? Are you really a dark elf?” Mare casts suspicious eyes up and down Van’s body, taking in his deathly-pale white skin.

    “Indeed. I am a Damphir who had a vampire father and a dark elf mother. In this case, my skin took after that of my father. However, in my world, it can be told rather plainly that I am descended from a dark elf parent still sue to my purple eye. A damphir always has one red eye, and one eye that is the color of their parents. In the world I am from, dark elves all have purple eyes, a trait unique to their race. So, indeed I am a dark elf, but it may be slightly different from the dark elf species of this world.”

    And, like that, these 4 guardians of Nazarack’s confrontation with the demon king Vandaleu came to an end.
    Demiurge was quite shocked to feel himself suddenly falling as the floor vanished. It all happened so fast and so suddenly he did not even have time to right himself. Just as Sebas spoke his challenge to the terrifying Demon King, he found himself along with all the other Nazarack guardians falling.

    Of course, this wasn’t enough to really bother a single one of them between their high dexterity stats and tough durrability. While they may not have had the time or chance to prepare with any flight methods, every single last one of them were able to land on their feet at the bottom of the bit including Albedo and Shaltear who were wrestling with one another on the ground before the floor vanished.

    After this, they all found themselves looking up at a scene of the already high ceiling of Nazarack’s great throne room having grown much higher still than it was before, and below the area where the floor used to be there was now a rough transition from the polished marble pillars and fine-cut smooth walls to suddenly having the rough stone walls of a cave. And, right in the precise spot in space where he was standing before, the Demon King was hovering there in the air making it quite obvious he was the one who had somehow caused this.

    Demiurge had no idea what kind of methods he used, but the mere fact he was the only one who didn’t fall made it quite obvious. Of course, who else would even have the ability to make such a thing happen in an instant without obvious cause? Mare could likely make the same thing happen with earthquake magic, but there was nothing like that kind of shaking or any other form of warning when this happened. It just… happened. The floor was there, and then not even a millisecond later it was gone. It simply vanished in an instant without a single bit of forewarning, or a single sign of the Demon King preparing a spell.

    After this, almost as suddenly as the floor had disappeared, the rough roof of a large cavernous cave appeared above all of them.

    “Is everyone alright?” Sebas turned to ask.

    “Of course I’m fine now that I have this fat cow off of me!” Shaltear barked. Demiurge found this kind of attitude disgraceful, more because she was taking this kind of attitude when she had fallen to the Demon King’s charm than anything to do with how she was behaving. Of course, her behavior was about the same as it always was, and that was how her creator set it to be. It was not his place to question the supreme beings who created the guardians of Nazarick. However, for her to still be taking this attitude when she is under the effects of charm…

    “You go on Sebas, Albedo and I shall protect our master and Shaltear.” Demiurge declared.

    Sebas gives a nod and then looks over to Mare. That look is all it takes to relay the message, and Mare raises his staff and the ceiling breaks apart. Rocks and debris come falling down onto them, but the guardians of Nazarick are easily able to defend against just this much. Demiurge transforms into his full demon form and uses his body to shield his master. Due to just how large his full demon form is, he also happens to incidentally protect Albedo and Shaltear as well. It is not really that he thinks any of them need protection against mere rocks, but it would be a shame for their lord Ainz to get too much extra dust from those rocks on his fine robes.

    “Mare! Watch what you’re doing! You’re getting dust all over Ainz Sama!” Albedo yells out, apparently having a similar thought process to him but taking it to unreasonable levels. They do not have the leeway to worry about methods against this foe, she ought to realize that. Truthfully, even if it is 4 on 1, Demiurge is still not certain they can win. At any other time, he would consider such thoughts to be rude to their creators, the 41 supreme beings. However, this was the Demon King they were talking about. A supreme existence to all demon kind that he was made to acknowledge to the core of his being. While demons do not truly owe their allegiance to anyone, except in cases like this where he and Albedo have their loyalty pledged to Nazarack, all demons instinctively understand the supremacist of the Demon King and tremble in fear and awe at his mere presence.

    “Oh no! I destroyed the throne room!”

    “That’s quite alright! Simply focus on the foe in front of you!”

    “That. Is. Right. You. Can. Worry. About. Such. Things. Later.”

    Upon destroying the roof of the cave they were in and then jumping up, Mare was fretting about the damage he had caused above. Meanwhile, Sebas and Cocutus were telling him to focus on the enemy. However, it ultimately turned out that, as a guardian of Nazarick, he was unable to ignore such a thing as the damage his earthquake had caused to the throne room and he used his magic to restore the floor exactly as it was, leaving Demiurge once again in a cave with Albedo, Shaltear, and most importantly his master Ainz.

    “Heh, well, that may have actually been the best choice in the end.” Demiurge muttered as he reverted to his humanoid form. Indeed, if their objective was to defeat the demon king, splitting their group like this is the worst possible decision. However, if their objective is to protect their lord Ainz… oh no…

    “What is wrong Demiurge, you look pale.” His lord Ainz said.

    “What!? Ugh! We have to get out of here at once my lord! I just realized, we have already fallen right into the demon lord’s hands. We must get you to a more secure location and fast.”

    “What are you getting so uptight about!? That kid said he was just here to follow up on a rumor he heard.” Shaltear objected. “Besides, what devious plan are you supposing we have fallen into anyway!?”

    “Shaltear! You are still under the effects of charm! Your opinion on this matter doesn’t count.” Albedo bites back at her.

    “Hmm… well, I feel like I want to agree with Shaltear, but that is likely the effect of the charm as well. At any rate, I agree we should move fast. Everyone, please wear these.” With these words, his lord pulled out five rings from an dimensional space. He handed one ring to Albedo, and two to each of himself and Shaltear. Demiurge immediately recognized one of those rings was the ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. A ring to allow free teleportation throughout the tomb which normally inhibited teleportation below the level of Shaltear’s gate spell. The second seemed to have some form of protection effect on it. That was the one that was passed to Albedo, since she already had her own ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.

    “Ainz Sama, are we going to the treasury!?” Albedo asks after seeing the ring she was handed and slipping it on her finger. It was a ring of poison protection. It was necessary to protect against the poisonous gas released in the first room of the treasury. Furthermore, the treasury was a location within Nazarick that could only be reached by teleportation. In other words, without the ring, the treasury was unreachable.

    “I see…” Demiurge mutters. “Yes, that IS the most secure location in the entirety of Nazarick. If there is anyplace that would be secure…”

    “We are not going there to hide.” His master announces. “We will recruit the aid of Pandora’s Actor, and we will acquire the most powerful gear in the treasury we can on short notice. We are going to fight!”

    “What!?” Demiurge’s blood ran cold at this announcement. “Well, yes of course!” Of course, of course! What was he thinking!? The Demon Lord was an obvious threat to Nazarick, and this was a very fast moving crisis. Nazarick was at war!


    There were few times when Suzuki Saturou felt he had disappeared, and that the one in control was 100% the true lord of the great underground tomb of Nazarick. Those times were always situations of crisis such as this one. This was not one of those little schemes of dealing with the humans and Demiurge’s world domination plot, this was a raid. This was PVP. This was the stuff that Suzuki Saturo had specialized in. These were the times he could shine as the true Ainz Ooal Gown.

    He still had some doubts about this whole thing, but he dismissed them off as the effects of the demon lord’s charm spell. He had never been charmed before, so he wouldn’t really know the difference between this and a normal charm. All he knew was that he was grateful he seemed to still have control over himself. On the other hand, he might need to take special considerations into account. It would not be funny at all if he did all his battle preparations in order to save his friends’ children, the guardians of Nazarick, only to wind up falling under the full effects of charm upon returning and wind up attacking them instead.

    Well, he would just have to take it into consideration. This was definitely a very bad spot they were in. More and more he was starting to feel they were in a situation beyond the worst case scenario. He was convinced by this point. This had to be some kind of secret raid boss the game makers had placed into the game but was never implemented. As for why it was not implemented, well, judging by what little they had seen of his abilities so far it was quite likely that this raid boss was horribly unbalanced against demihuman players like those in this guild and could likely only be defeated by human players. With the top guild on the server being an all demihuman guild, this would likely have made them think twice about implementing it. However, not only did this unimplemented raid boss somehow come to this world, it was also sentient like one of the Nazarick NPCs and had somehow found its way here!

    Before this, Ainz’s worst fear, the thing he had thought would be the greatest possible threat to him, was another player like him who had wound up in this world as well. Never in his wildest imaginings could he have pictured a situation like this.

    “Pandora’s Actor!” Ainz called out upon entering the treasury without slowing down.

    “Mine Father!” the dopple ganger, Pandora’s Actor, responded as he stood up in his usual manner full of exaggerated movements. Normally Ainz would have been annoyed at this. All of the NPCs in Nazarick had their excesses and their quirky behaviors, but none of them irritated Ainz the same way as the excessive behaviors of Pandora’s Actor. The reason for this is simple. All the other NPCs were created by his friends in the guild. However, Pandora’s Actor was created by Suzuki Saturo himself. Those hammy voices and over-exaggerated gestures, every last thing about him was a testament to his younger days when he thought those things were cool, and he felt ashamed of it. This was why he did not utilize Pandora’s Actor to his full potential and he was stuck here as the guardian of the treasury. Right now, however, this was no time to be held back by a silly thing like shame.

    “No time right now. We have an emergency situation. Demiurge, explain the situation to Pandora’s Actor. Also, remove your ring of Ainz Ooal Gown and give it to Albedo. Shaltear, you do the same.” Ainz ordered quickly.

    “What!?” Albedo protested. “Ahh… Ainz sama! Are you saying I have to stay here!?” Indeed, the room they were about to go into had a security measure. If anyone were to enter with a ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, they would immediately be attacked by the golems in there. The rooms up until now only contained the common trash loot, it was the rooms back beyond this that held the real top-tier equipment.

    As for Albedo’s reaction, he really did not have the time for this. “Albedo, there is a reason I need you to stay behind. It is because we have to move quickly, and we will be discussing strategy on the move. You are the only person I trust to be able to catch up quickly even if you do not hear everything we are going to say while we are gathering equipment. I am having you stay behind because you are the only one I can trust with this role.”

    “Ahhh! Ainz Sama! You trust me!? You trust me that much!? I… I understand. It is painful to be trusted and counted on so much, but I shall do my best for you Ainz Sama! I am the woman you can always depend on to be waiting for you guarding your back! And then, when it’s all over…” Albedo’s face was turning red and beginning to look quite lewd as she began to hyperventalate and rub her thighs together.

    “Ahh… A… Albedo! This is no time for that! Time is of the essence!” Ainz says, shoving his ring into Albedo’s hand.

    “Y…Yes! Of course Ainz Sama! Ohhhh…. hooo… hooo!” Albedo responds, for some reason looking even more fired up after this scolding. Seeing this, Ainz decides it is probably best to simply turn around and pretend he didn’t see that reaction.

    After this, Demiurge quickly fills Pandora’s Actor in on the situation.

    “Ahh… I see! So, you are saying that you need me to add to your ranks in glorious battle against the king of demons! Very well! Fighting by mine Father’s side, we shall blitkreig this foe and drive him back from our lands! The time has finally come for me to take the stage beside mine Father! I shall not let a single one of you down!”

    “Be serious Pandora’s Actor! This is not a foe to be taken lightly. In fact, we should likely act under the assumption this opponent was tailor made specifically to defeat us!” Ainz snapped at Pandora’s Actor for becoming too overly dramatic.

    “Ah! I understand mine Father! I can see it all in how hurried your actions have become. This is no ordinary foe. And thus, this is the reason you have come to call on me! I understand. We do not know yet what this enemy can do, and therefore you need someone who can adapt to any situation.”

    “Yes, that is correct. I leave it to your discretion to choose any equipment for yourself that you think will benefit you given this situation. That includes the equipment here.”

    “Yes mine Father!”

    “Now then, Demiurge! I want you to explain for Shaltear and Pandora’s actor what you think the Demon Lord’s plan may be to the best of your ability and what his likely next moves are.” This was the real reason Ainz had wanted this particular group to be here and why he wanted Albedo to stay behind. Really, he actually wanted it explained to him what Demiurge had said he had realized before. For that, he needed Shaltear to be present. He also needed Demiurge to do the explaining, and there was no way he could justify leaving Pandora’s Actor behind given he had to be quickly caught up on the situation and explaining after they got out would take up too much time.

    “Hmm… his plan. I honestly cannot fathom what his plan might be, but considering he seems to have a truly exceptional talent with charm and domination abilities, it very well may be his modus opperandi to simply find powerful individuals and simply make them his minions. It is truly a skill that speaks to the power of one who has the title of demon lord, one who rules over demons. In fact, it was likely good that the four of us retreated at the beginning of this battle. If we had stayed in the throne room to do battle, it is entirely likely Shaltear, Albedo, Myself, and even you Ainz Sama may have been taken completely under his control and made to fight Sebas, Cocutus and the twins.”

    “Hmm… I cannot deny your assessment Demiurge. Although, he did declare that his charm effect did not have as large an effect on high level undead, and that it was merely a passive ability that was always active. Whether that is a ruse or not, I do not know. What I do know is that, even now, I am filled with nothing but a positive assessment of that young lad, and I feel that in any other circumstances I would like to invite him to stay here in Nazarick for as long as he would like. The only reason I did not stop you all in your actions is because I am still able to tell myself that the only reason I feel that way is because of the effects of his charm ability.”

    “Heh… What a truly fearsome foe this demon lord is to even have such a powerful influence on our great lord.” Demiurge had a large pained grimace on his face as he thought about this. “However, it gets even worse from here. I would normally be certain my lord would have caught onto this immediately, but right now I might actually have to point it out to you that we are truly in a great deal of trouble. It seems the demon lord’s ability to control and dominate extends even to the hall of Nazarick itself!”

    “What do you mean by… Oh!” Ainz responds and then freezes in place as he realizes what Demiurge was referring to.

    “Yes, indeed. The manner in which he removed the floor of the great hall while the fight was beginning. I am aware that my lord has some supper tier magic that would be capable of producing a similar effect, but in this case there was no light or time activation to the effect. It just… happened, exactly when he wanted it to.”

    “Shit!” Ainz throws a powerful punch at the wall of the treasure room. “He has somehow managed to gain administrative control over the tomb!”

    “What!? What does that mean!?” Shaltear asks, looking up at Demiurge for the first time. Up until now, she had had a stricken look on her face as she was horrified by how she could be charmed yet again, and at this point she did not trust herself enough as she could similarly feel a very strong draw toward and longing for the kid she had so foolishly brought into the throne room, but it sounded like something important was being talked about now and she had to know what Demiurge and her lord were so upset about.

    “It means… at this point, we have to assume the entire tomb of Nazarick, the structure of the tomb itself and all of its defenses that are not sentient beings created by the 41 supreme beings, have become our enemy. All of the golems, all of the traps, all of the environmental damage effects. They are all under the Demon lord’s control now.”
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    I can imagine Cocutus meeting Quinn, Love at first sight. To bad it would probably be one sided.
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    Btw, is there will be another chapter this month?

    And Anyone can guess what kind of Building are they?
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    They appear to be various temples and places of worship
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    Beep Beep* it's not a Temple, but a Mosque:blob_sunglasses: and yes it's places of worship.

    are you confused why they are so different with the usually Mosque? it's because they combined with the culture of their own country.
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    Got an update from Yoshi. He's been working on the next chapter and is around 80% done. He's said the chapter will be out this week and should hopefully be out before the weekend.
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    Well, while it's kinda true that English speaking Jews call their place of worship a "Temple," temple is also kinda the generic term for all places of worship. Kinda a weird indiocincricy of the English language.

    Yay! I get to tick down my count down again!
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    From what i know~
    Temple mostly for Hindu, Buddha,Confucius and Shinto, Church for Protestant and Catholic and Mosque for Islam.
    You can find Statue of some gods inside the Temple, Then you can find Cross or even Big Cross with Jesus figure shackled by Cross inside the Church and for Mosque you will never find those Statue, because the Religion Mengharamkan / Forbid to Worship any Statue/Idols, be it made from Wood, Soil, Stone, Metal or even a very Expensive Jewels.
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    Temple for anything that isn't monotheistic. Mosque for islam, church for christianity. Also all monotheistic religions forbid idols.
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    christianity have their idol figure even if some of them believe 1 god beside the one that believe 3 gods. so i think only Islam that forbid Idols.
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    All variations of the abrehemic religions forbid idols. It's in the 10 commandments, which are held a little more tightly by the Jewish faith than Christianity, however it's a pretty big matter in Christianity as well. The exact English translated text actually does not just stop at idols. The exact text is "Thou shalt not make any graven image." (It is implied that "graven image" only refers to things religious in nature, but an extreme interpretation could go to the point of making no artwork period.)

    I can see where it can become confusing beings Catholicism blatantly violates this commandment at just about every given opportunity. This was actually a big matter that came up in the Protestant reformation. In Ireland in particular, where the fighting during the Protestant reformation became the bloodiest, Protestants would regularly go into Catholic churches and destroy the crucifixes and all the stained glass windows. Most of the more mild Protestant interpretations do allow for crosses though since there is no image placed onto the cross. It's basically justified by the same logic that Jews use for wearing the star of david. However, Protestants are very against crucifixes due to there being absolutely no way out of interpreting that as a "graven image."

    Also, shrines are a place where you "enshrine" something, and are also a term impartial to what religion is in question. I can certainly believe that with the extent Islam takes things that there is likely nothing enshrined in the Mosque, but Christianity (again, Catholicism in particular,) has a few holy artifacts in Europe that are enshrined in various places.

    And, again, a Temple really is the standard term for the holy place in almost every religion that constructs buildings. Christianity and Islam are the ones that are kinda odd for calling their temples "Churches" and "Mosques" respectively, but when those are the only two exceptions the rule stands that temple is the generic term. The only reason we call them churches and mosques and rarely ever temples is because Christianity and Islam happen to have such a dominant presence in the world to the point that they are capable of changing the language on the subject.

    EDIT: Also, the concept that any branch of Christianity believes in 3 gods is a misconception. All branches of Christianity believe in only 1 god, but this god is a 3 in 1 being. Fortunately, since we are reading Death Mage here, it's very very easy to find an example to help explain this. Just think Ricklent. The Christian view of God on this subject is almost exactly the same as Ricklent is presented in Death Mage.
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    In the end you can't call mosque and Church a Temple, when you ask where is the Mosque, that person will give you the direction to the Mosque and not to a Temple. and Temple and Mosque will have different name when translated to another language, like to Bahasa Indonesia Mosque= Masjid, Church=Gereja, Temple=Kuil. Also there is no way the Muslim Prayer/Sholat in a Temple, except some Temple that has been destroyed in India and rebuild it as a Mosque. and what will happen if you Write "a Habib Just Prayer/Sholat Inside a Temple" it will become a hoax, and if you create a youtube with that kind of title it's be powerful Click bait and haters will be upon your door, or even more terrible things will happen:blobfearful:.