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    Now............I have so many things to say but my English is poor,so I will try to make it as short as possible (unwillingly). I have finished desolated Era 8 months ago.After finishing DL,I was feeling very to fill that emptiness,I tried to read some more novels like DL.I was searching for a novel similar to DL,I wanted a MC who have same maturity as our super badass Sword cultivator. So I tried to ask questions in Novelupdates and some of you very kind hearted people have recommended me some great novels which I finished:
    #Nano machine(loved it)
    #Soul land whole series(liked first 2 but author keeps making tang San very "great" so after reading 4.5 I dropped it)
    #heavenly Juwel change(Liked it very much)
    #Solo Leveling(liked it very much)
    #The Legendary Mechanic(liked it very much)
    #Worlds Apocalypse Online(Liked it very very very much)
    # A will eternel (Liked it very very very much)
    #Nightfall (a masterpiece)
    #Divine Brilliance ( hidden gem)
    #primordial blood throne( a masterpiece with mixed emtions)
    #throne of magical arechena( hidden gem)
    #worlds beast martial artist( a really really really good novel)
    # Trash of the Counts Family ( Badass!)
    #Second Life Ranker ( Cool and calm and ruthless with cold blooded personality.One of my favourite )
    # past life regressor( hidden gem)
    # SSS-class suicide hunter ( masterpiece)
    #Second Coming of Gluttony ( my favourite)
    #M E M O R I Z E ( same universe)
    # Battle Through the Heavens ( good)
    #Tales of Demons and Gods ( A true Masterpiece)
    #superstar of tomorrow ( all I can see its not a novel,its a journey of a legend and a life story of a Hero.A gem which deserve recognition and author needs award)

    Now after reading these I am very happy.But I still think DL is way better then these novel.In my opinion DL is like a pill which have been Refined to it's very peak,where it can be called a godly pill of its genre.So even after reading those novels I still remember about The Diamond quality Masterpiece which is called Desolated Era.Then I thought I should read some more IET works "maybe I can find a novel of similar level," but reality is cruel.After reading Swallowed Star and seeking the flying sword path( which I dropped on chapter 100+)I found that I still love Desolated Era more.I regretted for reading that novel so early,I should have saved for later time(like now).Then I searched on internet(Reddit)" novel which is on simier level as desolated Era" Then I got three answers:
    1/ I Shall steal all the herita- I shall seall the heavens.(loved it)
    2/lord of mystery ( this true masterpice is not for everyone)
    3/revered insanity (A gem? a masterpiece? A work of art? Maybe all of them)

    Sigh.....I just finished reading I Shall Seal the Heavens and have finished reading other two quite some time ago.Its been 8 months since I have finished Desolated Era but even after reading these novels the only novel which came close to being in same level as DL is Nano Mashin(in its own way). So now I am writing this post so that someone can recommend me a novel similar to Nano machine and Desolated Era. I don't know how many people is gonna reply but I will be waiting patiently so Thank You!
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    Ah, I understand your plight. I loved Desolate Era too (at least until he steps out of the three realms). Did you read Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformations? First is quite good and the second is good. At least the first half.

    Check out Star Odyssey, City of Sin, Renegade Immortal, A Will Eternal, Overgeared, Moon’s Labyrinth, Necropolis Immortal, Level up through eating, Emperor’s Domination, The hero returns, The Death Mage who doesn’t want a fourth time. These are all good IMO. . Have fun reading!
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