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    This story was a collaboration with a online friend of mine. I haven’t seen much these days. I guess she’s busy with IRL stuff. I wanted to continue this, it was supposed her turn to add on to the story. The two would always send this back and forth to each other.
    Comedy, teen fic, uhhh horror??
    October, the month of Halloween and all things spooky. That and all the candy you can get from trick-or-treating. Because of this, it’s my favorite time of the year. Although I don’t believe in any superstitions, ghosts, and other stuff. My friends certainly think otherwise. They always love this kind of things. I don’t know if some of them just get thrilled, or excited off it. That, or they are curious. I think they are certainly curious.

    Because here I stand, in front of the old, abandoned, broken down house. It was so old that it had vines growing everywhere. They, well some of them wanted to come to see if there are actually ghosts. Others, come for the thrill of it, and me, I just got dragged along. Who knows this might actually be an interesting night.

    The cool breeze caresses my skin as I look up at the night sky. The full moon was illuminating our surroundings. Which was a blessing, because I don’t think I would have gathered enough courage to enter the creepy looking house if it had been dark. Taking in a deep breath I follow behind Samantha, my best friend, as she begins to walk towards the house.

    “You really think this is a good idea?” I asked, feeling a bit nervous yet excited at the same time.

    “C’mon dude don’t be a scaredy-cat. It’s Halloween, your favorite holiday liven up,” replied Mayvous, the supernatural enthusiast of our group.

    “That’s right, it’s Halloween! ‘Sides what could there be in an old house that no one uses anymore? Like old antique stuff. Just think about how much we could earn if we sell them? Well, that’s if we find anything anyways.” Samantha’s enthusiasm spreads to the others when money is mentioned.

    Samantha always had an eye for money. I don’t know how, but she just knows how much something is worth. It’s like she has magic eyes or something.

    I look over to the back. Looking at Dan and Emily, the two pranksters, who are also thrill seekers walking in the back of the group.

    “Yeah can’t chicken out on us now,” Dan smirks and Emily nods along.

    “Especially since we came out all this way. It’s was my car that got us here.”

    Thinking about that, indeed it was Emily who drove us out here. I couldn’t refute her words so I had to reply, “okay you win. Now, how about we get this over and done with?”

    “I agree with Autumn. He’s right, and I do wanna get this done and over with.” Koita, the only person who hasn’t spoken ‘till now, agreed with me. Looks like he’s eager to finish this.

    As we walk along the dirt road that led to the house, Samantha comes to a sudden stop. She mutters something under her breath and we all look ahead and realize why.

    “Crap there is a fence surrounding this house,” she sighs.

    Dan walks past us and grips the fence, shaking it a bit, “looks like we are going to have to jump it.” A wicked grin appears on his face, “hope you guys know how to,” without hesitating he holds the fence firm and begins to climb up. Emily follows behind him.

    Both of them hop down the other side and land with a light thud. They high five each other and look at us.

    “C’mon guys unleash that inner spiderman,” Emily teases.

    Mayvous provoked by Emily’s teasing encourages the others, “c’mon guys it can’t be that hard.” He grins and copies Dan and Emily’s movements. All in attempt to prove that he’s just good as them. His movements were just as swift, and his landing was just as graceful as Dan and Emily’s.

    “Well, you guys might be able to climb I got a tool in my car that can cut the fence.” Samantha goes back to her car and grabs the tool. She then triumphantly came back to us holding the said tool.

    “Well Sam you’re just no fun,” Emily’s totally bummed out that she can’t get to see everyone’s skill.

    Dan adds on, “not adventurous enough,” he looks over at the tool in Samantha’s hand as she walks over to the fence. She cuts it and once it’s done she contemplates on whether she wants to bring it or not.

    “Well I’m thankful that Sam can cut the fence because I’m not as fit as the rest of you are,” Koita sighs, “besides the fact the I’m the shortest here. I never had my body carry anything heavy, or do anything that involves me doing any heavy physical st—.”

    I interrupt Koita before begins his rant, “okay we get it. We know how weak you are.” I look at him before moving on. I go through the fence and meet with Dan, Emily, Mayvous. Koita stands there obviously disgruntled, “well don’t just stand there. Are you coming or not?”

    He nods before coming over, “Hey Sam is bringing that?”

    “Yeah,” she nods, “I don't see why not. You never know. We might need this.” Koita hums at her answer as she crossed the fence to meet us on the other side.

    We all make our way toward the front porch. Dan and Emily lead the group up the small staircase, each of our steps making a creaking sound. The creaking sounds across the quiet courtyard making the silent night feel eerie.

    “Well that’s not creepy at all,” Koita said, as we all scatter to inspect the outside of the house. I noticed that the wooden veranda continues along the perimeter of the house. It leads to the backyard and a patio that has stairs to the upper floors. I then walk back to the front going back the same way I came here.

    “This place is a mess,” I say, “look at all these thick vines. Although, the white flowers on it are beautiful.” The flowers did look beautiful, especially in the blue moonlight.

    “Looks like the door is locked,” Mayvous observes as he tugs at the doorknob.

    “And the windows are covered in the vines,” Koita informed us.

    I look around at our small group and realize Dan and Emily are gone.

    “Emily?Dan?” I asked, feeling worried.

    The door of the front door suddenly starts to shake. Mayvous backs away immediately.

    “Boo!” Screams Emily.

    Mayvous shivers, Koita runs and hides behinds me.

    Dan and Emily start laughing at us, “we got ya!” Their faces so smug, they look at us like they want us to ask them something.

    “Well I’m not spoked by you guys,” Samantha rolls her eyes, “buy the way how did you guys get in?”

    “Finally someone asked,” Dan complains.

    “There was another door. It leads to the kitchen.”

    “Yeah, we walked to the left of the porch, then saw a door. We figured why not go in? The inside was dark so we had to use Emily’s phone’s flashlight.”

    “That’s right what Dan said. Plus, we ain’t daredevils for nothing.”

    I tell everyone what I had found, “well that explains it, I only went on the right side of the house to back. There was no door on the right side, but there’s a huge patio in the back that has staircases.”

    “Come to think of it...this house has three stories, right?” Koita asks with a sour face.

    “That’s right! The more spaces, the more for us to explore!” Said Dan and Emily with excitement on their faces.

    “That also means the more stuff that can be sold.” Samantha drools at the thought of money.
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    I might change this title....
    Tags: slice of life, mystery??, idk what other.

    What should I eat today? A muffin? Some ice cream? As I continue to think about what I should eat, I see a man who looks shocked. I thought that I should mind my own business and not pry. However, I look at the man and realized that he was Itfa’s brother. At first, I didn’t notice him because he was a bit far away. Since it was Deon I began to walk to him, only out of concern. I talked to Deon when I finally approached him. “Hey man, what got you so shocked?” I couldn’t imagine what could have made him like this. Usually, he is a very chill guy, so it’s hard for him to be emotionally erratic.

    “I was having an existential crisis.”

    “What?! Tell me what in the world could have given you existential crisis, man?”

    “I saw me, but it wasn't me, it was something else…”

    “Soooo you’re saying that you saw your doppelganger?”

    “Yeah, he said ‘fire’ that’s all..” Deon then pauses and gives me confused look mixed with fear.

    “Weird, all he said was was fire? That doesn’t say much, but of all things, he could say… at least he should have said a sentence.”

    “I guess...but I still don't feel right about this. Maybe I’m just hallucinating from being bored all the sudden.”

    “Hey man, let’s stop thinking about this. And since we're here together how ‘bout we hang out? It’s been a while since we meet up! Oh, can you help me with some stuff?”

    “Sure, it’s noon. I got time to kill. It’s not like I have anything better to do anyway.”
    “Thanks, man, you are the best.”

    The two of began to walk over to my place. Once we arrived at the apartment full of boxes untouched and unorganized, that is my place. I take off my shows at the front and navigate through this mountain of boxes. Deon follows and is amazed by the number of boxes in the apartment. It’s only been a few weeks since I moved into here. After a few minutes lost from walking in the masses of boxes, we arrive in what you can barely call a living room. “Have a seat”

    “Is it okay? There’s only one chair in this room.”

    “Yeah I know there’s not many furnitures, I only just moved here.”

    “I guess this is what you wanted my help with.”

    “Yes, since you’re stronger than I am. Also because it’s faster to finish if there are two people working, rather than one.”

    “Hey, Naraa since when did you move in? Do your parents know this?”

    “Of course they do. Why else would I move if they didn’t let me?”

    “But wouldn't you rather continue to live with parents, and not have to worry about rent, and bills?”

    “I would. Okay, can actually help me out and not sit in that chair?”

    “Yes, mam.”

    “Good.” I glare at him until he gets up and grabs a box.

    “What do you have in these boxes? Because some of them are considerably heavier than others.”

    “That’s why I wanted your help. I couldn’t carry ‘em. I also didn’t want to possibly break my back. That would have been a disaster, and a nightmare.”

    “Okay, but tell me what’s in them.”

    “I don’t really remember. But we’ll unbox ‘em. That’s only after we separated the boxes. The boxes that I can’t carry can go over on the back side of the living room. While the other boxes can go over to my room.”

    The two of us finally separated the boxes. We opened the box in the back side of the living room first. The ones in my room I can handle all by myself later. We open the first box which was full of books. One of them which were photos of my of my childhood. Some of them had Deon, and Itfa in them.

    “I never knew you had these.”

    “You didn’t?! I thought you guys had these photos as well.” I pause my arms that were unboxing and stare at him in disbelief.

    “Maybe Ifta has some.” Well, that’s a relief, and so I continue to unbox more stuff.

    “How ‘bout letting Ifta move in with me? Since you’re already married and have a daughter.”

    “I guess, she can move in with you.”

    “Well the two of us go to the same college! And she would be my perfect roommate!”

    “Oh no. Imma leaves before you begin to ramble about you and ifta’s fun time together.”

    “No don’t leave we’re still not done here. So why does she live with you guys?”

    “Because our parent's house is too far from the college. She moved in with us.”

    “Well if she moved in with me, that will be solved. What else?”

    Deon then pauses to think, “Well she’s a great babysitter for my daughter. Our daughter, Sophia, she loves her.”

    “Ifta can always visit her, so it’s no big problem.”

    “Yeah, but it’s nice having her around.”

    “Having her as my roommate would be nice because then I won’t be so lonely. “

    “She might like that. Okay, I think we’re done here. Do you need help with the ones in your room?”

    I looked around in the living room, with all boxes unboxed and organized.“Nah, I’m fine.”

    “You sure? I’m pretty sure this place still needs some reorganizing. It may look organized to you but, I don’t how she’ll react if she sees this.” Deon looks around with a face that says, how-do-you-call-this-organized?

    “Okay, are you done teasing me? Because I don’t care what you think of my organization. It’s supposed to be like this. Only I need to know where things are.”

    “I’m just saying if she’s going to be your roommate she would not approve of this.”

    “Okay but that’s for the US to work out, not you. I don’t need your opinion. I got the help I wanted. So you can leave now, isn’t 5:30 PM? I think you should leave and go home.”

    “No way it’s 5:30?? We spent five hours. It would have probably taken you like weeks to finish all this on your own.”

    I watch Deon walk to the door, and put on his shoes. “See ya later Deon, and may peace be with you.” I wave to him as he leaves.

    “See you soon, and may peace be with you as well.” I locked the door and head back.

    Because of how exhausted I am, I go back to my room. I walk through some of the boxes and collapse on my bed. I close my eyes thinking of all the things I and Ifta could do.

    Deon leaves Naraa’s apartment and calls Nasiib as he goes back home. “How’s Sophia?”

    “She with me. Did you forget that it’s parent-teacher conference today?”

    “It was today? I guess I did. I happen to meet Naraa on the way, and helped her with moving boxes in her apartment.”

    “She moved? And she didn’t tell us? Well, what else did she say?”

    “She said she wanted ifta to move in with her. Itfa has been living with for a while now. Is she at home?”

    “Yeah, she at home. I think those two would have fun being roommates. But I think Sophia will be sad if she moves out.”

    “It’s okay she can always come and visit us. She just might not have enough time seeing how she’ll be busy with college.”

    “Aren’t those to going to the same college?”

    “Yeah, so I guess they’ll both be busy.”

    Deon soon finally arrives at his house. “Uh, you did say that Ifta was home right?”

    “Yeah, why? What’s wrong?”

    He took a breath and answered. “Our house is on fire.”

    “WHAT! Is she okay, what are you doing call the fire department!”

    With tears streaming down, he hanged up and frantically dialed 911.
    “Hello, this is 911 what’s your emergency?”

    “My h-h-house is on fire and I think m-m-my SISTER is in there!”

    “Hold on, what your name and address?”

    “Deon Misuba” He couldn’t take it anymore. She was somewhere in the house, trapped. Panicked, he accidentally hung up the phone on the operators. The firemen came and put the fire out. They found her body in the basement. Nasiib dropped off Sophia at sister’s place and came to the scene.

    “Where is she? Is she okay? Please tell me she’s okay.” Deon then looks at her with tears streaming down.

    “They found her body...It was in the basement.” she was shocked as soon she heard those words. She then cried along with him.

    I woke up and looked at the boxes. “Ughhh, I still have to these ones” I look at the time and get myself ready to head out. I walk over to the bus station and wait for it. As I am waiting I look at what I what I should eat today. Those muffins weren’t enough yesterday. The bus finally comes, and I get off at my stop to the college. When I walk into campus someone comes up tells me some bad news.

    “I heard you and ifta where close friends”

    “Yeah we are, who are you?”

    “Nevermind that. Your friend died.”

    “What! I don’t believe you.”

    “Well, you can go and ask Deon what happened.”

    “Wait how do you know Deon?” but before I can say that the crowd comes rushing in, and he blends into the crowd. I didn’t know what just happened, but all I knew was that something happened. But I don’t know if can trust this guy’s words, so I leave campus and go to Deon.

    The moment I come back to his house, I found it burned. Then I give him a call. He doesn't pick up. I don’t know what has happened, but I don’t want to believe that she had died. And just when I wanted her to move in with me. I become mad at first for Deon not calling me, then I start to cry at the thought of Ifta being dead. I couldn’t accept it. I kept crying thinking pessimistically about her death. It just wasn’t real to me.
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    I think this one is my favorite. I definitely might continue this one. It’s not as long as the 1st two but it’s alright.
    Tags: Ten fic, comedy, fastasy.
    My friends dragged me to a party. That party changed me in a way I don’t not like. Right now, it’s been a week since the party and I can’t do anything about this. It was also a not-so-sudden change, more like a gradual change. To explain, let’s go revisit that party and everything up until now.

    It was dark out that night. It was also very loud where I was at. I was at a party, but not just any party. A party hosted by Michelle Gregs Miller. He’s a widely known matchmaker and popular DJ around the neighborhood. I had nothing to do at the moment and my friends dragged me to this party. Let me just say outright that partying is not my thing, so is mingling with other people. Especially with people who I know nothing about. I get really uncomfortable around strangers, I guess that’s jus’ me being an introvert. But like any party, there’s always alcohol, drama, and last of all, the crazy hook up that happens. There’s also some other weird stories that come from these parties. Because of this, I try to avoid parties and not get into something big. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    I look over to my two best friends who dragged me here.

    “Guys, why did you bring me here? And isn’t this Michelle’s house? Damn. It’s huge and beautiful.”

    “I know right?!” exclaimed Maxwell.

    “Apparently Michelle told Max he can come to the party if he wants. I guess this is her saying thanks to our buddy Max,” explained Gabby.

    Max, on my right, lives diagonally from my house. The two of us are childhood friends. He’s a geek, a walking encyclopedia, and pretty goofy. It’s weird that he knows about a lot of strange things. Over on my left is Gabby, my witch friend, my only witch friend. She’s also my adoptive sister and has only told Max and I that she’s a witch. Only we know this secret.

    “Guys I have a bad feeling about this party.”

    “C’mon, you don’t really know that, Kota,” Max says with a teasing tone.

    “Kota, just relax. You never go to parties so just have some fun! It's gonna be great.” She tried to reassure me that things would be alright.

    “Okay. If it doesn’t feel right I’m leaving right away.” I gave them this answer but I still took everything with a grain of salt. I was nervous and still suspicious of things.

    The place was huge and you could easily get lost in there. We entered the scene. We were greeted by some music in one room. In another room, there were people eating food and getting drinks. There were a variety of foods there. Gabby became excited by the sight of food. She dragged the two of us over to the food table.

    “See, look at all this yummy goodness.” Gabby drooled as she looked at the food. She paced around thinking of what to try first.

    “Gabby only comes to parties for the food. I come for the gossip I can get, and news.” Well, now I know why Max knows so much gossip. Just makes me wonder how many people he actually knows. He started to walk away and left me with Gabby. She just chowed down on food, not minding me.

    “Hey man, where ya going? You’re not gonna leave us are ya?” I asked with a sour look.

    “Its okay I’m just going to get some info from people. Ya got Gabby with ya so you’re fine. Just try not to talk to people who seem difficult, or annoying. They give can you headaches.”

    “Okay man, do what ya wanna do.” I’ll jus’ be relaxed, and not freak out because I’m in a place like this! But of course he didn’t hear that last part, because that was in my head. He left and I walked around. I was becoming a bit thirsty and wanted something sweet to drink. I found where the drinks were, and poured myself some sweet pop. I then notice something in my peripheral. I think it was a person looking at my direction? I looked around to see if that person was looking at anyone else.

    This was the moment in which things started going in the wrong direction for me. Because the moment I separated from Gabby was the moment when my luck went bad. I meet a person who became the cause of all my problems.
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    For this one...I dreamt it. As for the came after this little sip bit. I was too lazy to continue this one.

    There’s actually a lot of stories I have, but I have not written it down after I dreamt it.
    My name is Willow. I am an orphan with seven siblings. I just arrived from a theme park, that my friend invited me to. I slowly opened the door, but when I did there was complete silence. I creeped around for a while, called out my siblings, but no one responded. The stench reeked very badly the moment I walked in.

    I turned around and saw a mysterious black shadow creeping towards me, splashing in the blood. First, I saw my big brother Alex on the floor of the entrance. He was always a reliable brother. Next, I saw Mira who was a year younger than Alex. She was lying one the living room. I'll absolutely miss her and her cooking. I can see her protecting a little body. It belonged to Dan who loved helping Mira around the orphanage. I turn around to the stairs and Catherine and Ben’s bodies were on the staircase. Sure she was an annoying little girl who thinks she is diva, and Ben was not all bad either, but was still an annoying little brat. Next, I see the twins Mari and May. The twins lay on the couch with their video games controllers in hand. I still can't tell who was who. Then I stumbled into the kitchen, trying not to make much noise. I trip and fall on Aki. I hate him so much, but he is still my brother.

    The sound of creaking wood made me think just how old this place was. The creaking was getting louder, and louder. I just lay there traumatized. It was hard processing what was going on. Every time the water drops from the kitchen faucet. She was getting closer. It was that woman who was friends with mother Fern. Mother gave us shelter in this orphanage. The woman's footsteps kept coming closer, with each creeks she makes as she steps on the old Wooden floor. I close my eyes and lay dead. I really don’t want her to come here. I've always had a inkling suspicion about her. It was weird. I knew that she was pretending to be mother Fern's friend. It was clear now that she had ill intentions.

    “I didn't want all this to be real. I want my family back." I thought to myself as the woman came close. Her foot was right behind me. My body started to heat up, getting stressed and anxious. It was only a minute before she moved her foot and proceed to leave. However that one minute was like dread, and was really agonizing, and like an eternity. It felt like I was spending a long time in a very short time. All of this doesn't make sense. Why would she kill them? What benefit would there be for her?? This is a freaking orphanage, there's nothing here. Well there used to be, until you killed them all.

    As all these thoughts were going through my head the lady finally left. I proceeded by going to the shower and cool off. As well as cleaning myself, and my thoughts. After I did that I headed to the one place that was left untouched. It was my hiding place. It’s where I went every time something happened. Then Aki would always come find me, and tell me that everyone is worried especially mother Fern. I call this place a my safe box. I go here every time to get rid of the boo boos I get in life, and from life.

    I cuddle up in my warm clean blankets in my Safe Box. I just lay there for hours. I go over every detail of my life thinking why did it have to come to this. I go over all my shared memories of everyone.

    "I Miss them all deeply." Tears ran down my face as I whispered this.

    "It's not like anyone would hear this.. sniff..."

    "Someone..sniff....p-please help me." I cried, but of course no one could hear me. As time passed by I cried myself to sleep. I then had a dream of being back in my normal life.
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    This was a short story I submitted to wattpad. There was a limit of 500 words. This one is the longer version that ended up being more than 500 words. I also have this submitted in the (monthly) short story writing prompts thread. It’s fun read the stories on there.
    Tags: Romance.
    Walking down angry to the car along with the rhythm of keys. Aisha is frustrated at herself for trusting him. With tears streaming down she quickens her pace, making the keys Jiggle more. Jamming the key in to unlock the doors, she makes an angry face.

    “Why did I ever trust you!” She yells angrily as she starts the car.

    Holding the steering wheel tight, she slams her head on the wheel, causing the car horn to go off. Venting her frustration on the car horn, she looks up at her phone. Looking at the wallpaper she cries even more. The wallpaper of her and her only love.

    “Why? What did I do to deserve this?? TWO YEARS! AND I KNEW NOTHING! I TRUSTED YOU.” More tears run down along with her nose becoming runny.

    Angrily she starts going through all the photos of them. In the photos she looked so happy, and innocent. Her being the girl with curly light brown hair, and dark brown eyes, and big smile.

    The boy next to her smiling alongside her. Him and his silky dark brown hair, and hazel eyes, and sweet smile. You wouldn’t really think bad of him, or see him as someone really twisted. Those were the times before she even know what she had gotten herself into. This all began during the fall of two years ago.


    I look at the time and class is almost over. The bells ring and I began to leave campus. The hallways flow with incoming students. I move along and see my best friends Lam and Cam. I’ve known those two since we were in diapers.

    “Hey Aisha so how how’s finals coming along?”

    “Cam, why are you asking this? Isn’t obvious? It’s going great, right?” Lam turns to for my confirmation, but I look away. Lam gasps at my response.

    “No, it’s not. I… been distracted lately.” Lam now astonished, turns to Cam.

    “See I told you. Now you owe me, cuz I won this bet.” He grins at Lam, and began thinking of what to make her do.

    “Can you guys not use me betting materiel?”

    “No.” Said Cam who’s still has that big grin.

    “I wouldn’t have lost! Tell me Ashia what got you so distracted?”

    “Uh..” I look away from the four eye that stare at me.

    “C’mon tell me. It’s okay I won’t laugh at you.”

    “Lam, this isn’t something that would be funny.”

    “Huh, why do you say that. Do you know something!?”

    “Possibly, but I wouldn’t tell you anyways. Why don’t you ask her, and not me?” Lam pouts and she turns to me.

    “I have..uh..”

    “It’s okay just say we won’t judge you.”

    Thanks to Cam’s reassuring words I confessed to why I wasn’t doing so well.

    “I fell in love with someone..” I blushed and turned away in embarrassment. Lam eye’s flashed and she gave me a hug.

    “Congrats on falling in love. I thought it was always weird that you didn’t have a single crush”

    “Lam calm down, stop hugging her so tight. How is she supposed to open the door?” Lam stopped hugging, and I open the door to the backlots. As soon we arrive to my car Lam asks me who was the lucky guy. I told them it was haz of the literature department.

    Haz and I meet each other by bumping into each other. At first we just pass by each other in the hallways. We sometimes see each other in some classes, but didn’t really interact much. It was then that we were put into a group project together. My somewhat small love for him grew as I saw him. Thanks to the project my love, and interactions with him grew. Slowly I got know him, I found out that we were more alike than I thought. The two of us had the same tastes and opinions. But of course we had some dislikes as well.

    Soon finals rolled around it was really unlike me to fail. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I was really hesitant on confessing. My best friends found out I failed, and I ended up telling them why. After I told them they said they would have my back. Because of them I found some courage to confess. I call Haz down to confess.

    “Hey, Aisha perfect timing! Can you grab me the paperwork? I left them with you, so you should have them.”

    “Sure, I got them. So where do you wanna meet?”

    “Come to Pine Lane Park’s lot.”

    “Gotcha” I walk down with the paperwork in a bag. My hearts begins race. This is the moment, I say to myself. While cheering to myself I see haz not too far. I quicken my pace, as my heart beats faster.

    “Here’s the paperwork you asked for.” Handing over the bag I look at haz’s face. His brown hair, and hazel eyes, and that are so up close.

    “Thanks, you know you’re the right person.” He gives me that sweet smile of his.

    “What? For what?”

    “I mean your the right person I’ve been looking for.”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” I laugh. “Well, you flirt I think you’re the right person I’ve been looking for as well.”

    Haz raise his brows, “Oh really can you tell me why?” I pause then look over at him, preparing myself. For what was the biggest mistake in my life, that made me trapped in his hands.

    “I love you.” I shouldn’t have said this. I walked into a hell for this.

    “Goodbye Haz.” Aisha then deletes all photos of him, and drives home.
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    Edit: this one was a dream but it got *caugh* erotic *cough*. This one tho doesn’t have the NSFW parts in it.... I guess I can continue this later.
    I got to marry the woman of my dreams. She's the most beautiful woman I've seen and meet, to me that is. However, we somehow got ourselves in debt. We didn't want to burden our children with debt, so we tried to clear it. That lead us to places that were not good. My lovely wife's name is Maya. I want her, and the children to have a good life.

    "Honey, it's okay you don't have to do this alone. I'll go with you so I can carry half your burden." I said to maya with a tone of grievance.

    In response she cried, "I hope we can get through this, Michel." Maya's body has always been week after she gave birth. She no longer can continue any serious stuff in the entertainment industry, because of this got less work, but the contracts weren't really that good. There weren't any good jobs, but Brain our contractor has been really good too us. He tried to up her get something good.

    She gave me a tight hug before we began to leave. It was a Monday, the kids are at school while it's just us at home. She turns off all the lights and I proceeded to drive way and start the car. Once the car is started and the all the lights are off Maya locks the house. "I hope we are doing the right thing," She spoke with nervousness as she closed her door, and buckled her seatbelt.

    "I'm nervous as well, but I do know that I don't know what I'd do without you." With a click I have my seatbelt buckled, and I nervously drum the steering wheel. I take a glance at Maya before driving away from our house.

    We soon arrive at our contractor's place. The both of us get out the car and walk in the parking lot. With each step I felt more pressure of what's to come. Along with the harsh wind, my mood didn't relax at all. We soon stand at the entrance of this lone high rise building surrounded by a small park near. We both take a deep breath and walk in. The two of us hold each each other's hands as we stroll into the elevator. Once we are in the elevator we press the button to our designated floor.

    We soon began to clutch our hands very tightly together as we approach the contractor's door. We knock three times, pause, and knock again. The door is opened up by a young woman in a black suit. She guides us into the place. We down a long hallway then meet with bright open space. It had some nice furniture, and a black coffee table. The woman stood behind the contractor who on the couch. We took our sat down on our seats that were across from the contractor. But when we saw they guy we were confused.

    "Greetings Mr and Mrs. Zyniak. My name is Max. I'll be replacing Brian and there will some changes. We also have a guest coming soon to join us." Has he said that last sentence he smiled. However that smile gave a very dark, and chilling intent. I got goosebumps from that smile and my palms start to sweat. But that smile only last for a few seconds before returned to his stone expression.

    We were both shocked. Brian has been really good to us, and has been our contractor. "Is Brian okay? And why does he have to be replaced, what about our contracts?" I asked confused and concerned.

    "Brian is okay. He's just removed because of health concerns. Due to that he won't be coming back anytime soon."

    "What kind of health concerns?? He seemed healthy to me." Maya asked with a sadden face. I felt that there were something's amiss, and that is this situation was not what I expected today.
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