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    thanks to this i was able to google translate manga coz i can type the words ahahaha

    mc: am I doing it right?

    maid: yes my lady, you are doing well.
    Now give a little pat on the back

    butler: my lady, it's donovan

    mc: something happened?

    butler: the count of rompagne is here ilo will he receive?

    thought of mc: I wonder what made him come here this time
    The count offered us help in the fire of your tustra, but,

    butler: he said there is something important that he wants to meet with you

    mc: well, let it pass.

    count: my lady, it's been a while since I last saw you

    mc: I don't think it was a long time, we met the day before yesterday.
    And once again, thank you for your hard work.

    count: hohoho, thanks for your acknowledgment.

    thought of mc: he has been coming and going almost every day

    MC: please have a seat.

    count: thank you for your careful attention.
    Today, I would like someone. my lady should already know him.
    Come, come closer quickly.
    Come on, say hi to the Duchess of Heathville.

    mc thought: oh sure, that guy.

    it's been a while since I saw you, come, get closer.

    boy saved by mc: thank you very much for saving my life.

    mc: there is no reason, I just did what I had to do.

    count: not long ago, it was discovered that he had a talent for magic, so he will be trained.
    In addition, he himself said that he wanted to come and give him his regards.

    mc: with what was it like that.

    thought / narration: well it seems that she was attracted to his magic

    mc: I'm very happy for you, congratulations.

    boy: my ... my name is shion.
    All I can do is control the sound magic a bit
    b-but ... but, I want to dedicate my life to you, my lady, since you were the one who saved me. please allow me to serve you!

    mc: shion

    boy: yes my lady.

    MC: I really appreciate your will. but I really would like you to be loyal to someone else. Could you dedicate all your heart to my son? to elld rushianad heathville.

    When this little one grows up, he will guide you through new horizons.

    boy: elle, rushianad, heatville ....

    mc father: so that woman had a child.
    as he is my first grandson, I would like to prepare a special gift.
    It must also be something special for that woman, oh, the Duguese ...
    What could it be? maybe ...

    mc brother: please stop it! What kind of conspiracy do you want to do using the excuse of the gift?
    Until when else will you keep repeating that she is cursed and blame her for everything
    my sister was only seven years old, nothing was her fault!

    mc father: rinthes, I'll teach you one thing.
    when a stranger hurts someone in the family,
    punishment must be applied to the stranger to make him regret his actions.

    mc brother: my sister is part of the family! father you are making a mistake

    mc father: tch, tch, tch of so many times you've seen her, that girl must have cast a spell on you or something.
    anyway, she is no longer a vinocht, now she is a heathville.
    you shouldn't worry about a stranger anymore.

    coachman: where should I take it?

    mc brother: just go ahead.

    thought: now ... I have no choice but to trust the owner of this necklace

    water spirit: holy heaven queen why are you so bad?

    mc: after having the baby, my strength is not the same as before.

    WS: Ugh, so we can't continue. if you want to control the water at will. First, you must control your own body. from today, you will exercise! exercise!
    don't tell me that ... elle, won't it be as bad as her? truth?

    mc: I don't think she's bad

    WS: it's true. It's true. my elle will be awesome. truth? Yes? beep bo. owwoww!
    oh so pretty! oh so sweet!
    Elle, Undine is the best, right? truth? You have to play with me later, okay?

    elle: abu? owwww!

    WS: huh? what? do you like me? of course because I am ... ow! Oh! it hurts!

    elle: drool!

    WS: queen! stop her!

    mc: huh ... undine? How is it that she can touch you?

    WS: huh?
    what? This is ridiculous.

    mc: undine, is there a problem with her?

    WS: I don't know either, aahh.
    This is the first time this has happened to me.
    my grandfather is the one who has lived the longest of all of us.
    I think I should go ask him. Queen, could you try calling Grandpa Wind? YOU SHOULD SAY CLEAR AND STRONG "SYLPIDE" WITH A GREAT DESIRE FOR WIND.

    mc: please show yourself to me. SYLPIDE.

    wolf (grandpa of WS): you are the human that my name is?

    mc: yes. are you sylphide?

    wolf: yes, you called me because you want to make a contract with me?

    mc: the contract would be fine, but there is something I would like to ask first.

    WS: grandpa! that baby touched me! to me, nature! look at this, look! Oh!

    wolf: that's fascinating. a human touching a spirit had never experienced such a thing. but there is nothing to worry about.
    This child is full of natural energy. haven't you often said that it's sweet?

    mc: that's right.

    wolf: that means that the force of nature in it is enormous.
    It would not be strange that nature obediently seeks her out.
    is blessed by nature. He even has the ability to call my mother.

    mc thought:
    I was expecting this, but, I didn't think it was going to be that difficult. the real problem is that he can't control his abilities yet.
    I have to hide her abilities at all costs.

    finally i understood what and who the wolf was.
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    I love this! Elle confining him is the best! So Elle didnt know Reina was his mom? Wow.
    Also, I don't get why the husband didnt tell FL about her father being a bitch and threatening him. Like at least try to communicate
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    narration: naming ceremony

    In the Solsier empire, after fifty days of the birth of a baby, a naming ceremony is held, since it is said that the child managed to escape death. and soon, her naming ceremony will be held.
    In my past life, I was afraid that my reputation would negatively affect my son, so I did not attend the ceremony. but, in this life, I will be with you at all times.

    mc thoughts: please, elle, stay calm. it's too early to reveal your ability,

    MC husband Duke: he looks a lot like you.

    MC thoughts:
    why do you say that all of a sudden?
    If it weren't because the child is here, I wouldn't be sitting next to you in the first place. But there are too many eyes watching

    Mc: she looks like you.

    duke: not at all, looks like you.
    He has the same hair and eye color as me, but his forehead ... and his eyebrows are just like yours.

    mc: I see ...

    duke: also, soon there will be a ruckus. of course, you and her will be safe. So stay in your place, no matter what happens ...

    mc: what ...

    duke: let a new life begin for the son of the heathville family

    priest: what is the child's name?

    duke: elle rushianad heatville.

    Priest: We wish for the birth of a new life that will never dry up for the son of the Heathville family, Elle Rushianad Heathville.
    that death only comes after a long life.
    May the light accompany this child as his name means.
    may he be wise so that he understands the preciousness of the moment in unstoppable time.
    We entrust him to lumiere, god of life.

    one of the priest: Do you recognize the beginning of this new life?

    mc thought: how was the previous ceremony without me?
    back then I was scared of being ignored and rejected.

    duke: I recognize him.

    mc thought:
    ...Yes. do not forget.

    mc: ... I recognize it.

    priest: I declare that this child begins a new life now.

    mc thought: my motive is elle.

    guests dialogues:

    what a surprise! that the cursed woman has come!

    I have no idea what your Excellency is thinking.

    mc: thank you. (said towards the duke)

    duke no comment just look at mc.

    mc thought:
    for attending the naming ceremony. you don't know much about her though. well, it's natural that he doesn't know, we live apart after all ...

    (duke's ex-fiance screams)

    duke: it has started.

    guests dialogues:
    what ... what's going on!

    I think a young lady just screamed.

    What a scandal on a day like this

    mc thought after seeing who screamed: monica esboth!
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    Awesome. Thanks for the spoilers. I was wondering where that fluffy wolf came from.
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    well, he was away for a long time not long after El’s birth and the kid was already close to the b*tch the time he arrived home and and the very same day as Leina’s death.

    he didn’t bring the b*tch in, FL’s father was the one who did that

    btw I just figured out the original spell of their names are Leina and El, not Reina and Elle :ROFLMAO:
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    mc thought: monica esboth!
    no, not this time, she couldn't take Elle from me.
    I am no longer that woman who was drowning in her fears. You are not the same anymore, Reina.
    Now you are different.

    mc mumbled: If I avoid it now, I will definitely continue to avoid it in the future, I can't do that.

    duke: are you okay?

    mc thought: now you pretend to be worried about me? when you were one of those who hurt me

    mc: do not care, it is better to continue without knowing anything.

    duke: yes, I don't know anything. just like you don't know anything about me.

    mc thought: it's a waste to even answer.
    elle ...
    I just have to focus on protecting Elle.

    guests dialogues:

    Who could do it?

    Don't you think that the shape of it looks like the heathville and vinocht emblems?

    duke: I didn't think anyone would dare to play these little tricks at my son's naming ceremony. I wonder who was the brave.

    someone: my lord! Please find the criminal and impose severe punishment on him.

    another guy: that's right, if this is just the beginning I'm afraid he'll do more heinous things later!

    duke: Daughter of the maques esboth.

    Monica: yes Edhart, oops my apologies.
    He is now His Excellency, the Duke.

    guests dialogues:
    Now that I think about it, were they not engaged?

    Well then it's normal that I made that mistake ...

    narration or mc thoughts: It doesn't seem too obvious, but edhart should have been moved by those sweet words

    duke: monica esboth.

    Monica: yes, my lord.

    duke: how dare you call me by my name? Only His Majesty, the Emperor, and my wife are qualified to call me that.
    Are you trying to disrespect me as a duke?

    Monica: It was just a little slip on my part, today is a day to celebrate, so please have mercy on me.

    Duke: I will forgive your offense only out of consideration to Marques Esboth. don't ever make such a slip again.

    Monica: yes, my lord.

    Duke: Now, daughter of the Marquis Esboth, report everything you saw.

    Monica: ... I felt a little dizzy, so I decided to go out to the balcony, and that was already there.

    Duke: Did you see any suspicious?

    Monica: yes, it was like this build ...

    duke: hmmm .. wife.

    mc: yes?

    Duke: While I was in the capital, I heard that you formed a contract with a spirit.

    mc: ... that's correct.

    narration / mc thoughts:
    what kind of surreal dream is this?

    duke: that being the case, then you can help us uncover the truth behind this incident.

    someone: oh sure! the spirit can reproduce the events that happened here.

    It is a method widely used by Marques Meltio, the head of the Justice Department.

    my lady, we need your cooperation, could you help us?

    mc thought:
    this is ... the perfect opportunity to establish my position in the nobility
    Edhart, I don't know why you're helping me, but I'm not wasting this opportunity.

    mc: sure, I don't have to refuse.
    I'll help as much as I can with my few skills. appears, undine.
    undine, could you show me what happened here?

    undine: of course that's very simple.

    someone: that image! it is the servant who carried the wine!

    i'll continue translating later when im free :blobjoy::blobsweat_2: and coz mc name in spanish manga is Reina google translated it to queen and the pronoun use for Elle was also mistranslated by google. sorry too lazy to edit :blobjoy::blobcheeky:
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    It is translated up to chapter 20 in Spanish
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    he didn't give his child to the ex. If you read an earlier spoiler he wanted to take the child temporarily away, until she became more stable, was then called off to war. Her father arranged for the ex to be the nanny. When he came back (probs a few years later), the ex was already the nanny. And taking the child away from his nanny would have been very damaging.
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    Thank you very much :blobsmilehappyeyes::blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Me when see that monica doing something weird : :blobpopcorn_two: :hmm: What a weird girl.
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    I was under the impression, the FL's father brought the ex only in second TL, in the first TL the ML was the one who bring the Ex and trusted his son to her, though he was manipulated or something.
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    guests dialogues:
    the servant who carried the wine?

    I remember it clearly.

    duke: so shouldn't we catch him before he escapes?

    Do you have it?

    guard: yes, he hadn't left the mansion yet, so we captured him and imprisoned him immediately.

    that's great.

    good job, ma'am. it will be a good example for Elle in the future.

    mc: I'm glad I was helpful.

    vicount: Your Excellency, can I believe what your wife has shown?

    duke: what do you mean? Viscount Horsche.

    MC thought:
    Edhart has such an expression ...
    Do you have a bad relationship with Viscount Horsche?

    Monica: Your Excellency.
    What you just said is blasphemy against your wife.

    Viscount: I am ignorant of this kind of thing. can you answer my questions?

    As the Count of Rampagne said, the "Recreation of Spirits" is the favorite method of the Marquis de Meltio.

    someone (maybe monica):
    The Marques has been busy with many cases for many years, has anyone ever questioned him?

    viscount: Well that's true.

    Monica: And the marquis resolved all those suspicions with the help of God.
    Isn't that so, Earl of Rampagne?

    mc thought: help from god?

    duke: monica esboth.

    someone: lost fear after being forgiven?

    Monica: Your Excellency, it's a misunderstanding ...

    duke: the Marques de Meltio is a "judge of the truth."
    Are you suggesting that Mrs. Heathville should take an oath of truth?

    Monica: Your Excellency, I just wanted to show you how to clear up the misunderstanding.
    Remember that Marques Meltio suffered from many suspicions ...

    mc thought: oath of truth!
    The oath of truth in the temple of sarsa, the god of death, means swearing to tell the truth for the rest of your life, and if you break it, you immediately receive death. We can determine to what extent lies are subject to the restriction of the oath.
    However, the fear of death cannot be easily overcome.

    The Marquis of Meltio Morira. He must have taken the oath of truth for the credibility of the evidence.It seems that his purpose is to induce insults and curse slightly-

    Mc: Your Excellency, can I say a word?

    Duke: ... If my wife wishes.

    mc: I see that you care about me. it is obviously unpleasant to be questioned about the truth as a duchess.

    Monica: I appreciate that you understand my feelings ma'am.

    Mc: But, Miss Esboth. Do I need to clear up all suspicions?

    Monica: what?

    Mc: if I tell a lie.
    Is there someone here who can punish me?
    The Duke, who has a higher position than mine, didn't say anything either.
    What does it matter if I tell the truth or lie?

    Mc thought:
    Proud and arrogant however ... if you are a noble of high status, you must be! Yes, I don't have to prove anything to anyone. And much less you.

    MC: I know how you feel, but you don't have to do this next time.

    Monica: ... yes.

    mc thought:
    This time, even if you step back, I know it won't be the end. I will not let you give as before ... by the way ... (mc looked towards the duke) What is this feeling of incongruity with you? casually...

    Elle: abubu?

    Undine: I am not your father or mother, I am undine.

    U N D I N E!

    Elle: abubu!

    Undine: My God, isn't it! Queen, teach him to talk to me! Hey?! Queen!

    Mc: Oh sorry. I couldn't hear you because I was thinking.

    Undine: What, you've been quiet for a long time!

    "Come on, Nowum!"



    Elle: If!

    undine: !!!! uh, what are you doing? get out of the way! Outside!

    Ifrit: did you hear that? you listened? He said my name first!

    undine: no. what kind of nonsense do you say? he said, if! if!

    Nowum: yes! don't accidentally show up, will you?

    mc thought:
    it's nice to have a contract with all these spirits, but they really are like my children.

    mc: stop arguing.

    duke: you'd better put on a hat since the sun is strong.

    mc: how did you get in here?

    Mc thought:
    when someone tries to enter, the sound of the alarms go off all day ...

    duke: Who do you think created this greenhouse?

    mc: ... I see.

    mc thought: something ... really ... is different.

    Mc: ... then, what business do you have with me?

    Duke: ...

    Mc thought:
    Why is he looking at me like that ...?
    (mc realized the duke is looking at elle.) Oh ...!

    Mc: Try calling him by his name. When I do, he stares at me, it's like he can understand me. Get closer and try.

    Duke: .... (I came closer) "Elle."

    Elle: Agu, agu?

    Duke: Elle.

    (elle smiled at the duke and the duke became excitedly happy he looked at MC then became embarassed and look the other way.)

    Mc: .... (looking at the duke)

    mc thought:
    It is possible that-
    Maybe he wants to take Elle from me. If that's really the case, what should I do?

    Mc: you can ... you can touch it if you want. He is also your son.

    Mc thought:
    In the first place, you are the one who created this situation ... I don't understand why I am being so considerate.
    (duke smiled at mc)

    Mc thought: why sometimes when looking at your expression I think you feel guilty ...

    (Elle held on dukes finger)

    undine: hey! Who do you think you are to touch Elle? are you asking for a water pump?

    Ifrit: that's right! stay away from Elle! Elle is mine!

    Nowum: why would Elle be yours ?! come on, fight for it! But first, let that human walk away!

    mc thought: as you do not hear the voices of the spirits is fine, but it would be a very embarrassing scene

    mc: it should be fine here.
    What do you want to tell me?

    duke: ... the mine you gave me became a problem.

    mc: the mine north of altenberg?

    duke: that's right, do you know what is being exploited there?

    mc: no. do not know.

    duke: What is exploited is a large amount of high purity spirit stones.

    So the money collected is equivalent to more or less three years of the empire's budget.

    after hearing this, do you regret giving it to me?

    mc: I hope you remember that it is still under my name, so it is still mine.

    duke: Of course I know, legally it's still yours. What I wanted to tell you is that when you gave it to me the princes caused some riots.

    As you well know, heathville supports the second prince; while Vinoscht, To the first prince.

    mc: ...

    duke: The first prince has been running around like a headless chicken, fearing that the mine will be a great support to the second prince.

    And of course, Duke Vinoscht still does not give an answer in this regard, so if I am in the capital, all attacks will be directed at me.
    So I've decided to stay here while things calm down, I'm sorry I didn't tell you beforehand.

    mc: I understand, well, I hope we do not meet again while you are here.

    duke: ... I think that will be a bit difficult.
    You see, the second prince is coming here, to Heathville Castle.

    mc thought:
    then I will have to prepare to receive the prince ...

    duke: He said he's coming here because he wasn't there, he's probably too busy,

    that is why...

    Even if you don't like it ... I hope you can take it.

    I'll do my best not to be here for long.


    Mc: that the decorations are with red fabrics and roses, but nothing exaggerated, everything must be according to the label.

    maid: yes, my lady.

    mc: so ... now I just have to choose a dress

    maid: my lady.
    Most of the dresses she wears are quite sober and will not be suitable for this occasion. The prince might misinterpret your intentions and think that you are not taking it seriously, so it would be better to choose a different dress.

    MC: If we also add jewelry, wouldn't it be too much ...?

    maid: You don't have to have a new one made by any means.

    tailor: my lady, raise your arms a little.

    fashion designer, Servon (name of the tailor i think)

    tailor: Any dress would look good on you, since you have a nice figure, is there a specific design that catches your attention?

    mc: well, is there one that you can recommend?

    tailor: What do you think of a design with a voluminous skirt ... or maybe one with a mermaid cut?

    mc: mermaid? is it a new design not so conventional?

    tailor: no, of course not! It is very popular in the capital, many noble ladies wear it.

    Mc: Really? This is the first time I hear from him.

    Tailor: If so, you'd better see the designs next to the samples.

    mc: can you show me this?

    (mc tried the clothing)

    tailor: It's perfect for you, my lady!

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    No, it was in the first TL when her father brought the b*tch to the mansion. Try read the spoilers I gave for more details
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    mc: go ahead.
    what's up, donovan?

    butler: Ma'am. the knights of the territory will return today.
    I am informing you since I cannot find your excellence.

    mc: I see. we must prepare to receive them. By the way, you don't know where his excellence is?

    butler: excuse me, I'm not sure.

    mc: I understand. you must be busy, you can retire.

    butler: yes, ma'am.

    undine: I know where it is! do you want me to tell you?

    mc: ... yes. I wonder. where could it be

    undine: is with Elle.

    mc: with elle?

    Undine: even if we tell her to leave. He will not go! so I kept it from Reina. He has already done it countless times, what can I say!

    mc: what do you do with Elle?

    undine: what do you think?
    He keeps touching Elle, he's annoyed him!
    Elle, you should just play with us!

    mc: ... mmm. I'm sorry, undine, please don't go play with Elle for a while.

    Undine: what? You should run to him, not me. not! I hate it...

    mc: ....

    mc thought: this is the best for Elle ...


    "It seems that the opinion of the local residents has improved since his wife took over internal affairs. Besides, too, their spirits have been elevated. (Second prince. DELPHITTE LANCELOT ALTUM ROCHES SOLSIER.)

    prince: the marquis of meltio is also very curious about you.

    mc: it's too early to be compared to the marquis.

    prince: hahaha, it's not an exaggeration. Can't we count on the fingers of the hand the spirits on the continent?

    I can't believe I'm your wife. The duke is very lucky.

    duke: enough. the welcoming ceremony is about to begin. why don't we leave this talk for later.

    prince: .... ah. it's time?

    PRINCE THOUGHT: Probably because she is the spitting image of her mother. In terms of character and manners he is a man who is more subtle than any other nobleman. But do you dare to interrupt me, the prince?

    prince: then let's go duke.

    when we return, I await your reply.

    duke: that's enough, I've told you so many times. the heathville family will not be involved in this.

    prince: "I also think I have told you said it too many times / but, are you going to keep the same answer?

    Please accept it.


    I'll leave first. "

    mc thought: his attitude makes me very uncomfortable. the last thing he was going to say was about our family.

    duke: it is better to be careful of him, since he only has the appearance of being gentle.
    let's go prepare.

    maid: lady we only have two hours, we must hurry.

    mc: yes, we must hurry.

    maid: you also need to prepare (said towards Elle)
    the two look great together.

    mc: Come on, Elle.

    mc thought: the same color as my dress. because?

    mc: did you choose that suit yourself?

    duke: it must have been a coincidence.

    dunno whose thought this part is:
    I don't think you don't know the meaning of this ...

    duke (took Elle from MC and extends his hand): wife.
    It's time for the Duchess to make her appearance.

    mc: if your Excellency so wishes.

    announcer: the duke and duchess heathville are entering.

    guest dialogue:
    My God. I had heard the rumors, but, I didn't think they were true!

    They seem to have a very good relationship, they even wear the same color.

    knows it must be to pretend ...

    duke and mc conversation:

    you're bored?

    Not at all.

    mc thought: ... is his usual expression. what's up with him these days?

    duke: have you ever danced in a bangquete?

    mc: .... no, I never had the opportunity.

    mc thought:
    when I was a child I avoided my seat. And then everyone avoided me when I was older.

    duke: can you dance?

    mc: I learned.

    mc thought:
    because he keeps talking about it. If you continue like this, I ... I ...

    mc: ... if you want to ask me to dance, I will refuse beforehand.

    does bolding the name of who is speaking and their inner thoughts looks better? :blobsweat_2::sweating_profusely:
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    Yes it does. Thank you for your hard working. You did a good job :blobxd:
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    thanks hehehe :D
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    Glad I found this forum.


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    A summary of all the spoilers: The MC's father is a cunt that caused all the harm and problems in their lives
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    Duke: why? I ... I'm not going to make you do anything. I'm not going to do anything you don't want to. I swear.

    Mc thought:… It's different. I remember well that he was an indifferent man with a cold heart. When do I change? The way he looks at me and expresses himself ... now he looks like ...

    Mc:… Did you like me? …When did it start? No, it is better that you do not answer me.

    Mc thought: Before I longed for it so much ... but now, that you pay attention to me or that you like me, it does not make me happy. Now none of that matters to me anymore.

    Mc: I will do my best to be a Good Duchess, so I will dance with you, but it is only a formality due to our status. Do not ask anything more of me.

    Duke: .... okay I promise.

    MC thought: calm down, everything is fine, it's just our duty. Yours as duke and mine as duchess, we just have to be true to our roles. I can't get emotionally involved, doing that would only ruin the opportunity to come back that was given to me.

    * duke kisses mc’s hand after the dance *

    Duke: it was an honor that your first dance was with me

    Someone: the duke and his wife look great together. Don't you think you are a very loving couple?

    Count Carlot Faction of Heathville: I now understand why Count Rampagne has been wanting to win the favor of the Duchess.

    Mc thought: I think I'm good at doing my job, so it's time to show how much more I can do.


    * 2nd Prince carriage *
    Prince servant:
    did you get what you wanted, Your Excellency?

    Prince: no, but- I found something very unexpected.
    * mc’s office *

    Mc: those are all the documents that I need to review?

    Servant: yes, my Lady. Oh, there is a matter that worries me.

    Mc: what is it?

    Servant: I know it is winter, but the cereals on the market have decreased too much, so the prices increased significantly.

    Mc: hmmmm… There are five main suppliers of cereals, even with them it is difficult to satisfy the demand?

    Servant: that's right, even with the five is not enough.

    Mc: please report this matter to His Excellency immediately.
    There was no bad harvest, but the cereals are too scarce, I suspect that there is someone acting behind the scenes.

    Servant: yes, I'll report it right now.


    Undine: hump! I'm not going to talk to queen.

    MC: then I'll have to call sylphide, it's been a while since I've seen him.

    Undine: how can you be like this? Queen, you hurt my feelings! You're very bad! Waaa, waa!

    Mc: I'm very sorry, I offer you a thousand apologies.

    Undine: Will you really apologize to me?

    Mc: Sure, I'll apologize until you can't stand it anymore and you stop me yourself so we better make it easy.
    Undine: Are you serious? I forgive you! You forgive me?

    Mc: of course, now everything is fine.

    won't you call the others? They really wanted to come!

    Mc: I'll call everyone when we're in the greenhouse with Elle, so wait a bit.

    Undine: yuhoo! It's been a long time since I saw it! I'll see Elle, I'll see Elle! Come on, let's go see Elle!
    * greenhouse * duke holding Elle on his lap

    Undine: Come on, step aside! To the human side! I want to see Elle!

    Earthspirit: no, no! It's unfair, you're the one who spends time with Elle the most! I also want to be with him!

    Ifrit: Me too, me too! Oh, take away the human!

    Duke: what are the spirits saying?

    Mc: it could be something you don't like to hear, are you curious to know?

    Duke: They must be cursing me. Well, it doesn't matter, it's not that I care about the opinion of some spirits.
    Anyway, when Elle grows a little older she will also be able to understand them, since she is also like you.

    Mc: speaking of serious matters, the secretary went to see you?

    Duke: yes, I already found out about that matter. It seems that there really is someone playing dirty. Order the Knights to investigate, so we should have an answer soon.

    * night mc’s room, Elle cries Mc woke up *

    Mc: Is there someone there? Call a doctor! Right now!

    * mc's room *

    maid: ma'am, we need to try to lower her temperature until the doctor arrives.

    mc: ... ah, yeah. hot...

    mc thought: in this situation ... I don't know what I should do ...

    mc: oh, undine.

    undine: Queen! the little baby!

    Mc: huh Elle, Elle, it's very hot I feel like a ball of fire. Elle is crying. I'm crying. to Elle, take care of Elle. Elle, Elle.

    * Undine splashes water on Reina.

    maid: my lady!

    undine: first you have to react! What if you get separated from Elle?

    Mc: Elle ... has a high fever, he ... if you could cool him down a bit ... help me.

    Undine: I'm going to lower your room temperature.

    maid: lady, allow me ... (puts cloth / towel to mc)

    mc: I'm fine, more importantly, where is the doctor?

    * duke rushes inside the room, feels Elle's forehead

    duke: ... it's burning.
    Why hasn't the doctor arrived yet?

    butler: His Excellency the doctor has just arrived ...

    mc: how is Elle?

    doctor: I'm checking it, but I don't know the exact cause.

    mc: Is that what you call an answer ?!

    doc: I'm sorry, I only know that the baby has a fever, but there is no other symptom of some disease. the closest thing would be a cold, it's difficult to prescribe a medicine if I'm not sure.

    duke: so what is the best we can do now?

    doc: First we will focus on lowering your fever, it would be best to wait until tomorrow.

    duke: ... they can all be withdrawn.
    * Servants leaves Mc took Elle from the crib placed him on mc's bed.

    mc thought: maybe the fever goes down, he must be in pain. I hope it's nothing serious. please smile at me again in the morning ...

    after three days.:blobfearful::blobscream:

    Elle: baba (smiling pulling undine hair again)

    narration: The fever was completely gone. although he has cried many times in the day.

    undine: oh let me go

    mc thought: I couldn't do anything for you, I ... I'm so happy.

    undine: hey Queen!

    maid: ma'am, it's time to .... MADAM !!!!

    * mc collapsed *
    mc is already in bed while the duke is feeding her.

    duke: you should eat a little more.

    mc: I can't eat anymore.

    duke: how can you stay so stubborn? you no longer have strength, you must recover.
    ... you shouldn't blame yourself.
    I was the fool who was watching, but I didn't see anything. You cannot summon a spirit for three days without fainting.

    duke thought: I was watching you all this time. I have slept on the edge of the bed during these days.:blobjoy:

    mc: there is no problem, Elle must be hungry too, have you already slept?

    duke: you don't have to worry, the babysitter is taking care of it.

    mc: you're not taking care of yourself either, you haven't eaten.

    duke: it's only noon.
    You should take care of yourself first, are you going to pass out every time Elle gets sick?

    mc thought: how long has it been since he's been so worried?

    mc: give it to me

    mc thought: tastes just as bad as when I was pregnant.

    mc: ah, have you made any progress on the cereal issue?

    Duke: I found who I bought most of them, but it's hard to know if he's the real culprit.

    mc: well .... if you are in the first five you are not a normal person either. So do you think that with that you can balance the demand?

    duke: I'm not sure about it either. I am afraid I must see his majesty personally. speaking of that. do you want to come to the capital? with Elle.

    mc: why do you want us to go together? the capital your territory.

    mc thought / narration: ... Capital the most beautiful city on the continent, where business is carried out. born as the daughter of a duke. he has never been to the capital. I'd be lying if I said I don't want to go see it for myself and experience many things. I want to be with her while she grows up and show her the world.

    mc: why don't you just take Elle with you?

    duke: I'm thinking of taking Elle to the temple.
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    "Is that the temple?"

    Did Elle do anything wrong, Raina's heart sank.

    I wanted to urge Edhar to answer, but what should he say?

    He started his luck slowly and carefully as if he were choosing a word.

    "The doctor recommended visiting the Temple of Life to see if there was any health problem with Elle.

    He looks healthy now, but he said he might have a disease that he couldn't diagnose."

    He took a break and continued in a more cautious tone.

    So I`m going to stop by the temple as I`m about to go up to the system this time."

    'If it's definitely a temple--'

    Reina recalled that Lyntes was being treated while traveling around the temple and the estate.

    The High Priest of Thumier, the god of life, had the ability to heal.

    It takes a huge donation to get direct treatment from the high priest.

    The Heathbillian was well-affordable.

    "The high priest may know the cause of Elle's illness.

    Elle's not a normal kid, she's... thought it's better to think about all of it ."

    Edhar added that he had some knowledge of Elle's abilities going in and out of the greenhouse.

    "The reason Elle was sick may have something to do with being able to touch a spirit.

    Because it's rare."

    Raina, who had been thinking for a while, called Sylphide.(the white wolf spirit)

    How long have you been feeling better?

    Edhar's expression hardened at a glance.


    After the cool breeze stayed by her side, there was a look on her face that seemed to be relieved .

    The wolf appeared.

    "It's been a while since I've seen you, Sylphid. "

    Yeah, I heard Elle was sick.

    You were down, weren't you? I don't want you to whine, I don't want to know what's going on.

    I did, but it looks better than I thought.

    "I'm fine now. Rather, Sylphid could, Elle's illness have anything to do with touching the spirit?"

    Sylphid's expression became strange.

    I didn't think about the relationship between the two.

    Reina took this opportunity to have a clear answer.

    I wanted to hear it.

    "I said it was okay before, but--------------

    Just as she summoned (her water spirit)beyond her limits and collapsed, I wonder if Elle would have done the same thing.

    Reina thought Edhar's guess was reasonable.

    Elle, who unconsciously exaggerates his abilities, she was worried as she was sick for a similar reason.

    Sylphide, who couldn't answer easily,

    The answer came out after a long time.

    Hm... we use your energy, Reina, when summoned.

    But Elle's touching the summoned us.

    He isn't giving us energy.

    "Oh, then----

    When Reina tried to be relieved, Sylphid shook his head slightly.

    We don't use up Elle's energy.

    Elle is a child who deals with nature only with will. I'm not sure, but if Elle's body, which hasn't grown yet, can't handle the forces of nature--...

    I can't say it doesn't matter at all.

    Reina's facial expression is darkened.
    note this should have happened btw ch 20& 21 in the manhua but she fast farward with the trip & the talk w the wolf isn't there

    I asked more questions, but Sylphid also failed to give a clear answer.

    It was because there had never been a case like Elle.

    Sylphid assured us that nature would not harm Elle, but that Elle's...

    He expressed concern about the young body.

    "Then Sylphid. Can I take Elle to Quimier's temple?"

    Lumiera...... maybe they know something in the back.

    God cannot be involved in nature, but only in the flesh.

    You'll get an answer when it comes to conditions.

    "I see. I didn't mean to bother you. Thank you for thinking about it with me."

    -You don't have to thank us because Elle 's a human being we watch with interest.

    Oh, if you're thinking about going to the temple of Quimier,

    I'd like you to call me when you arrive.

    "I will.

    Sylphid heard Reina's answer, turned around and started walking in the air.

    The wolf's appearance disappeared.

    Reina briefly summarized the conversation to Edhar, who was watching Sylphid and her

    Reina finished her explanation, and she made up her mind.

    sHe added.

    "So I'm going up to the system."

    Edhar did not show any emotion, but instead answered by just nodding his head calmly.
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    duke: luckily, he's better now, but the doctor didn't know about Elle's high fever either.
    I recommend going through the temple of life just in case.

    mc thought: it is definitely a temple ....
    maybe Elle's body reacted that way because she was exposed to the power of the spirit.

    mc: okay. let's do that.

    duke: then finish eating and rest well.

    mc thought: At last-we will leave for the capital. We solved the problem of grain in the territory before leaving for the capital after working day and night with Edhart, we finished early and were able to set sail.

    However, it was more difficult to persuade Donovan.

    undine: wuaa-it feels good. but are you okay? I have heard that it is faster to use the portal.

    mc: that's fine. I especially can't force Elle.

    undine: Elle will be fine.

    Mc: look carefully, Elle. This is the ocean. we are on a ship that crosses the sea and goes to the capital.

    Elle: baa?

    mc: there are many living things in the sea. there are fish and mammals like whales. Right now we can't see them, but sometimes they appear over the water.

    undine: Queen! Do you want me to show you what is under the sea?

    mc: what do you mean?

    undine: up!
    up the whole ocean!

    mc: hm ... wouldn't it be dangerous if the boat rocked?

    undine: that's no problem!

    mc: then, go ahead.

    undine: yes!

    someone: t-The waves have risen ... !!!

    duke: there is a lot of noise out here. what is this? the spirit did it?

    mc: undine wanted to show me the bottom of the ocean. I'm sure everything will be fine. I did not know it would be so big.

    duke: are you okay? not much has passed since your downfall.

    mc: I'm fine. check it out.

    duke: even in a lifetime, it's a difficult scene to watch. Too bad, Elle couldn't remember this.

    Mc: then, we will have to show it to you again.

    that's how it is. you will grow up as a person capable of creating landscapes like these at any time.

    I will help you grow that way.

    * dawn at ship deck *

    mc thought: I will help you grow that way. I said it for sure, but ... it is also true that I have a mind. can I really be a good mother ...?

    duke: I'm glad Elle didn't get dizzy.
    ... we will go to the palace as soon as we arrive in the capital tomorrow. when we meet his majesty. don't listen to anything he says. he likes to control people's minds.

    mc: should I take Elle to the palace?

    Duke: no, there is nothing good about showing Elle.

    When you are there...

    ... you may face the nobles. you'll be fine?

    mc thought: ... no. now I...

    mc: I'll be fine.

    I am very different from back then.

    duke thought:
    his eyes look like those black corals in the sea.
    it had always had a gloomy light of melancholy.
    a coral in the dawn light. it is so majestic.