Picked Up Duke, Can I Bite You? - 공작님, 깨물어도 될까요

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    Name: Duke Can I Bite You (공작님, 깨물어도 될까요)
    Raw Link: kakaopagehttps://page.kakao.com/home/공작님,-깨물어도-될까요/58237799
    Naver series: https://m.series.naver.com/novel/detail.series?productNo=6650105
    NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/duke-can-i-bite-you/
    Why It Should Get Picked Up: It has good stories and plot, the characters is also very cute
    Description: <Twisting your neck to take you> I was possessed by a devastating novel.
    Also, as a fox beast who loves her husband, Geoffrey.

    “Even if it means destroying all four empires, I will surely make you fall in love with me.”

    I just wanted to seduce Geoffrey, the black screen, to hang him.
    Because I didn't want to die like the original.
    I did, but things keep getting twisted up?

    Obviously, a man who should ignore her keeps giving her a soft gaze.

    “Did I tell you not to run away from me?”
    “My, if I say I run away… … ?”

    Geoffrey looked at Mio, who was trembling in fear, with red eyes, and whispered.

    “Don’t make me lock you in a cage. Mio.”

    What… ?
    Maybe this guy is more crazy than the original?
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    This is a funny story at first (I only read a couple of chapters).
    FL was a fox but ML kept calling her stray dog XD. FL followed him to the banquet and kissed him and she turned into a human! So I guess she will stick to ML's side^^
    I'm interested too~
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    MTL version
    Chapter 1: Possessed for Waste

    Mio, who blinked slowly, gasped for breath. The feeling of the spilled blood filling my body again was disgusting, as always. I struggled to breathe in through my nose and mouth, saliva dripping down the edge of my mouth. As I was lying on my back, my eyes twitched, and I saw feet that looked like cotton bats.
    'Are you a fox again?'
    I wanted to express the terrible feeling of waking up in the body of a beast again, but only the howling of the beast came out of my mouth.
    ―Ow. (Damn!)
    I can't remember how many times this was a regression.
    To die by fire, to be stabbed to death, to be stoned to death... … .
    It was a terrible memory that I didn't want to recall.
    'Did I even sell my country in my past life?'
    How the heck did he commit such a vicious sin that he died and died because he didn't have enough possession of a book? I couldn't express all of these feelings with words.
    'I just read a book.'
    The place where Mio is located was in a devastating novel called "Twist your neck to take you". In the novel, the male protagonist, Geoffrey, is possessed by madness for some reason. Every path he passed was stained with blood, and there were only terrible screams. There, a fox Su-in, who loves the male protagonist, appeared.
    'Do you have the same name as me?'
    The fox, which was obviously adorable just by looking at her white fur, appeared very briefly. The poor fox was in an unrequited love. Mio kept getting worried about the fox with the same name.
    'Why are you sacrificing everything like that without being a female protagonist?'
    The fox hovered all around Geoffrey, who didn't even look at her. And in the end, he gave his life for his beloved Geoffrey. To make him a true monarch recognized by all of the Caspian Empire.
    '…Geoffrey only thought of the fox as a tool!'
    I don't know how many times I cried at that point. She could not comprehend the foolishly dead fox.
    And I didn't know at the time.
    'I'm going to be that fox.'
    It was hard to believe all this at first.
    No, I didn't want to accept it.
    It's obvious what the fox's fate will be.
    'But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a way to wake up from the nightmare.'
    Mio had no choice but to accept this situation and repeat the original ending. At first, I thought that I could overcome the crisis well with the knowledge I had and the common sense of reading the original.
    'Overcoming is a bitch....'
    For her, who had become a small furry beast, knowledge or original work was of no use.
    'Is this about a week before I met Geoffrey?'
    There were some twists and turns, but she was always drawn to Geoffrey. No matter how hard I tried to keep him away, the engraving effect engraved deep into my bones was amazing.
    'I don't know what the fox was like, but that guy is not my taste at all.'
    Breathing became easier, but I was exhausted and didn't have the courage to do anything.
    Mio just dropped her snout down.
    'Let's get some sleep and think again.'
    But it wasn't that easy either.
    I was crouching down, but it was so cold that I woke up every three minutes.
    'I'm an arctic fox, does it make sense to get cold?'
    Mio clicked his tongue as he looked at his sparse hair and small body. Something like a fur that can withstand minus 70 degrees Celsius was something that only existed in documentaries.
    'I'll have to dig a hole to hide...'
    The little head was dizzy.
    'What should I eat safely?.'
    I picked up only a few fallen fruits and ate them, but my stomach was empty.
    'If it stays like this, it may be discovered as a mummified in about a hundred years.'
    It's amazing that this happened, but I hated dying even more. Mio stood up with all her might.
    'You should drink water first.'
    As she staggered and drank her snout in a small puddle, her figure was reflected in the water. A little fox with long white hair had a pitiful expression on her face. Besides, the eyes were on the borderline between yellow and orange.
    'No matter how you look at it, it's a look that doesn't suit you.'
    After drinking the water, my head cleared a little. She staggered near the base of the tree and dug into the thick leaves. I didn't know it, but it was quite warm when I slept like this.
    'Calm down.'
    Now was not the time to question such warmth.
    'If you don't become a human, you'll die the day after tomorrow, let alone a year.'
    Although there is a slightly more complicated reason, humanization was the first priority.
    'I can't do it even if I don't like it.'
    ―Cruer. (I have no choice but to find him...)
    Mio, who had grown up and exposed her fangs, growled and growled low. But the anger was too hungry for a moment, so he fell asleep.

    * * *

    The Caspian Empire was cold all year round. When the light snow began to blow, men on horseback came to the sparsely populated forest.
    “Duke of Caspian. This is not the time to be leisurely. Let's go back to the castle."
    The Duke's servant looked around, chewing his nails from the side. In winter, the forest was barren.
    “Shut up because it’s noisy.”
    The sunlight hitting the armor added sparkle to his graceful face. The man with deep dark eyes and moist, red lips looked like a god who ruled the forest.
    “Are you sure you won’t attend Prince Ben’s birthday?”
    “Who will wait for me?”
    A white energy flowed down his lips.
    “But if you don’t attend, it’s going to spread rumors.”
    While we were having a secret conversation, something was wriggling in the grass. Geoffrey drew his sword in an instant with an animal sense. At the tip of the shiny sword, a squirrel biting an acorn was trembling. Geoffrey, who immediately drew his sword, made a gloomy voice.
    “For example, if I commit a treason that kills both the emperor and the prince… … ?”
    The servant shuddered at the sight of Geoffrey looking at his face on the blade.
    “Even though there are no ears to hear here, please don’t say that.”
    Samuel, who was already weak, began to wrinkle his lips with concern.
    'I really can't live up to my name.'
    Rumors that his owner was already bad news had been circulating. The emperor sent the Duke of Caspian to the outskirts a few years ago. A war broke out while protecting it, and it lasted for three years. The emperor had never once called or praised him, the eldest son.
    'While the master is bleeding all the time.'
    Under the leadership of the Duke of Caspian, all barbarians who invaded the frontier were defeated, and the border was strengthened. Peace came to the Caspian Empire, but the duke's life became more miserable than before.

    'The Duke says he enjoys bathing in blood.'
    'I heard that there are corpses buried in every corner of the garden, so you can see ghosts in the Caspian area at night.'

    The countless murders his master committed on the battlefield were all to protect the Caspian Empire.
    'You don't know who sleeps with your legs stretched out at night!'
    When he thought about it, Samuel felt like he was going to cry with anger. The more I think about it, the more I feel sorry for the owner, who has made all his sacrifices. But these thoughts had to be in my mind.
    'If the master knows, it will be a disgraceful order.'
    He wiped the tears with his sleeve and opened his mouth.
    “I think I need to feed the horse a little bit of grass.”
    It had been running non-stop for half a day, and the horse kept stopping because it was a little tired.
    “I do.”
    Geoffrey jumped off the horse and held out the reins to Samuel. He straightened his back and looked straight up at the sky. The high sky is still the same, but why has his daily life changed so much?
    “… … under."
    As he brushed his sweat-drenched bangs, a pile of leaves squirmed in front of him. Geoffrey's eyes narrowed at the glimpse of the white fur.
    “Is it a rabbit?”
    If that's the case, you could catch it and give it to Ben as a birthday present.
    'It's perfect for decorating that timid guy's hat.'
    Stepping closer, he immediately shoved his hand into the fallen leaves.
    “… … dingo?"
    What he held in his hand was a white dog larger than a squirrel or rabbit, but still a young dog. As if she had not received any care from her mother, it seemed that the wretched thing would soon die. The moment he met the dog's amber eyes, Geoffrey frowned.
    ―.(Why are you suddenly like this?)
    Meanwhile, Mio's heart was about to explode after being struck by lightning while sleeping. When I saw him for the first time, I thought he was in vain.
    'But there can't be two faces like that.'
    Black eyes that make you cringe just by looking at it.
    However, Mio soon regained her composure and smiled with a smile of conversion.
    'By the way, this is the first time I've met Geoffrey like this.'
    It seemed that the god of fate was now raising her hand. Mio straightened out his long snout. You have to kiss Geoffrey to get out of this damn hairy beast.
    ―Cruer. (Hurry up your lips. Human.)
    “He’s a completely useless guy.”
    Disappointed that it wasn't a rabbit, Geoffrey mercilessly beat the beast as it was.
    ―Kaegaeng, kekeeng.
    Mio rolled around the pile of soft leaves as it was. It was so stupid that I didn't even get angry.
    To throw away such a cute little beast... … .
    It felt like my hind legs were being ripped off as I rolled.
    'Where the hell did the original fox fall in love with that human... … .'
    With her body straight, Mio stopped trying to lick the injured area with her tongue.
    'This is not the time to do good grooming.'
    Besides, did that guy call her a wild dog now? I'm a little undernourished right now, so I'm small though.
    ―Kurre. (Hey, man! I'm a fox. I'm a fox.)
    In the Caspian Forest, it was the second most vicious beast after bears and wolves. However, compared to a wild dog, I was very proud of myself. However, Mio quickly regained her sanity. Now is not the time to show such pride. Now she desperately needed that hard-working man.
    'Because I'm just trying to use you.'
    Barely calming her bristles in anger, she turned her back and approached Geoffrey, who was turning around.
    -Girl. (Look at me.)
    He didn't even move.
    'I can't stand this cuteness, I'm cold-blooded.'
    Reluctantly, Mio rubbed the top of Geoffrey's leather boots. This was the best aegyo that a fox could perform.
    'It's a humiliation, a humiliation.'
    How many times do I have to show affection to the guy who might have killed her... … .
    At that moment, the man's eyes widened as he looked down at Mio.
    '… … Whoops.'
    Seeing that made her a little embarrassed. Even though it was a bit stale, it would be difficult for a human being to withstand the aegyo of a fox with beautiful white fur. Then I heard Geoffrey's deep bass.
    “… … Do you have rabies?”
    At the completely unexpected words, Mio's eyes widened like bells.
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    Can anyone please explain the situation of MC reincarnation? Like I am getting confused that is she in a time loop or 2nd life. From what I have understand this is the possibilities of the situation -

    Situation 1 -
    • In the original story Mio seeks the love of the villain Duke but gets killed
    • Our MC possessed Mio and as wanting to become a human again she acts as Original Mio and gets killed again and again ( this sounds stupid but this is what I understood )
    • In this life she tries to seduce the Duke to become human ( but wont she get killed again if she sticks with the Duke.....? Like the effect which makes her a human lasts for a short time only and this goes like original story. I am in confusion )
    Or , this is the 2nd situation-
    • Our FL was a human in her past life and this is her 2nd life. To become a Human she seduces the Duke ( then why the heck is she acting like a fox? Like even in her human form tries to catch duck from a pond )
    I am losing my two braincells someone help
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