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    Official Novel Raws: One-Shot Link: Author: Chena, ED
    Artist: Content Lab Blue
    Year: 2019
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Revenge
    Status: 302 Chapters (Complete)


    Summoned into another world, Han Sung worked his entire life as the empire’s SSS-class monster hunter. After countless struggles, he lost his life and came back as the first-born son of the Jackson Duchy, ‘Dale’. He was the continent’s greatest dark magician and the leader of the dark tower, The Black Duke’s son. ‘I will destroy the empire with my own hands.’ Swords, magic, and the art of strategy. With his previous life’s knowledge and intelligence as his background, Dale is reborn as the genius of the duchy. Just how far will his abilities go? His adventure starts now without an inkling of hesitation!

    I read the novel promo (promo one-shot) on the site and it's announced that this work has a webtoon adaptation but the release has been delayed because of the studio.

    Han Sung was summoned into another world and worked his entire life for the empire until he got stabbed by Count Brandenburg after he defeated the demon lord. Han Sung then vowed to take revenge and bring down the empire before dying from his wounds.

    He got reincarnated because of the reincarnation stone that he had before his death. Even though he has this particular artifact, he doesn't have any control over where he would be reincarnated to. Eventually, he reincarnated into the body of Dale while he was able to retain his memories and consciousness. Dale belongs to a duke family. His current family is known for having the greatest necromancer and black magician in the continent as well as the master of the black tower called the, "Black Duke".

    He plans to learn black magic from the black duke (his father) and create an undying army to fulfill his revenge. Dale shows immense talent in magic and was soon taught necromancy. His father is very impressed by his talent that he thought that he would be able to bring big changes into the world.

    Years passed and he grew up, he's helping out a young man stuck in a cave full of monsters (they look like ogres) and he also confronts a young lady who points out her sword to Dale and challenges him to a fight so she could defeat him and prove to Count Brandenburg that she is worthy of protecting the Orhart family.

    He grins as he finally realizes that his plan is now falling into place.

    I'm looking forward when this gets released since it deals with revenge and the MC specializes in Necromancy. Any more spoilers for this?
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    Seems interesting ~
    Looking forward to spoilers!!
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