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    I'll be giving a short(?) spoiler and summary on what happened to the festival. But I'm not really sure on the small details since it's been a while since I last read about it.

    The festival where the saintess is treated as the reincarnation of the God is held. During this time, a prince which is from a neighboring kingdom an if my memory serves right,he is also the cousin of the royal family was harassed by a marquis(?not sure totally forgot). The saintess helped this prince and I think this prince is the ML.

    After that,the saintess,using her authority in the festival which is higher than the royal family (the royal family bows down to her) gave a punishment to the aristocrat who harassed the prince. This became a big move since harassment,slaves and all the likes are treated as a normal thing in that kingdom so long as it is an aristocrat. The saintess also left the party because of bad mood with it.

    The next day,the prince (who was harassed) visited the saintess in the temple to give thanks and they talked for a bit which includes the prince lowkey seducing the saintess:blobmelt: and this was found amusing by the saintess. The prince mentioned something about helping him abolish slavery and let him be the next emperor in their kingdom and in turn he will also help the saintess since they have the same goals somehow. The saintess agreed since it will also give power to the temple and help the oppressed and again she finds the lowkey seducement fun lol.

    Moving on,the princess sent a letter to the saintess inviting her to a party in the Duke's mansion (I think it was. Sorry really forgot the minor details) then the saintess agreed since she find it as a way to relax and she again find it amusing to observe the princess and her acting.

    In the party,the princess,duke, prince of the other country and other people were present. Also, Reneben stated that he is no longer interested with the princess. I think he likes the saintess now :aww::blobnosebleed:.Then the crown prince of the kingdom (like the kingdom where the saintess currently resides) talked to the saintess in front of other people that what she did with the punishment is too much since again it was considered as 'normal' but the saintess said that it was not and she said that it wouldn't be a problem if she will move to another kingdom since saintess afterall are not bound to one kingdom only. So they can move from one kingdom to another.

    This shocked the people of course who had heard about it but the conversation was cut off since demons arrived at the party. This is actually fishy for the saintess as well since demon's are not supposed to move in a group and it seems to go to where the saintess is. People in the party are obviously in panic and demanding the saintess to save them. The crown prince also offered his help.

    It was also mentioned that the saintess started sword training which is different for the other people since why would the saintess needs to learn the sword?:hmm: But the saintess views it as an opportunity and an advantage given that the saintess are strong so she actually became the first saintess to held a sword.

    Why do I get the feeling that the princess is involved in the demons and like maybe the demons are man-made or something?:notlikeblob::hmm:

    *Edit: I think the prince from the neighboring kingdom was the ML since he matched the characteristics of the man in the cover but again not entirely sure.
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    cousin? as far as i know it was never mentioned the princess cousin. only her older brother who has a silver hair and pair of blue eyes.

    yes. it was hinted in the novel that the princess might be connected to the demon. even her brother whose supposedly one of her fishes wants to protect the saintess in return she shouldn't contact the princess.

    in the party whereas it was for the saintess I've had a hunched that it was the princess who made the chandelier break and even went as far as putting poisoned on the chandelier.

    in chapter 16?17? there was a scene where the saintess discovered that the princess can use magic when she saw the vase that has been broken, repaired again. she thought, 'is the princess a wizard?'

    honestly, i seem to feel that the 4 interest were bewitched by her. she has a power, right? there was also a time when the saintess thought, 'this is bad. im being charmed by her' or something like that.
    i feel bad for the 4 love interest, especially, Reneben. he's such a cutie.

    yes. it was something like divine punishment. she was irritated by the fact the wizard throw a child into the demon. if she didn't protect the child it would have been eaten by the demon.
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    Yep that's why I've stated beforehand that I'm not sure with the details as much since I've read it weeks ago.

    Agreed. Honestly,the princess is really fishy but she seems to have a lot to do with the current happenings related to the saintess. But on why she does that,as of now we just have to wait for further updates and just make our own theories :cry::cry:
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    To answer your question. Princess's [mother] was [a sister of ML's father] which mean there cousin. I mean the guy on the cover with red eyes and brown hair is her cousin. Not her brother hehe

    That's the only thing I remember.
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    I do not want any ML from Princess 'fishes'. Hope the MC find someone more suitable for her.

    Needing for more spoilers:blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
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    I can smell second lead syndrome.
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    I hate Veron, idk why, maybe bc he's princess brother? I just hate him the moment he first appeared.
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    i need spoilerrrrr
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    I got bored in the middle so I stopped round the beginning of book 2 and just jumped to a bit of the epilogue. This book is hard to MTL tbh.

    Anyway, I might be wrong about this but:

    Ronella and ML are cousins. Their mother is from the kingdom he is from or something like this. In the epilogue, the Saint has them both of them on either side in the banquet and they are lightheartedly fighting for MC's favour. FL shows her true scheming face and the Saint seems to enjoy it. ML manipulated things to kick out the CP, and also somehow Ronella's brother was exiled for some reason so Ronella is now the Crown Princess.

    Also, apparently the imperial family was experimenting on humans. The emperor had a child with an elf and was using and experimenting on the half blood for his healing powers. MC finds out about this and with ML's help goes to flip over the imperial palace and save the prince. That half-elf prince becomes king later on.

    MC also goes to the country of ML to help him get the throne of the king (ML is the fourth prince). I think they get something married or something similar to that (maybe MC can't get married because shes's a saint? Sorry didn't read the middle). MC is known as the one who cleaned up the previous empire (where she transmigrated first) and turned ML's kingdom into the current empire.

    MC and ML are on good terms with the high priest Rene. Jessie also becomes the right hand of MC in the temple because she's good at admin and organizing things.

    Idk fully but ML is very manipulative which is fun for MC. In the first meeting, he acts passively when a corrupt noble tries to sexually assault him during the Goddess Festival (celebrating the Saint) to get MC to save him and notice him. Even though he is extremely strong and quite a good warrior, he's extremely good at acting weak and innocent. (I don't mean to say this in a victim blaming way - just describing the circumstances).

    Afterwards, he says that his country is trying to revive back the banned slavery, knowing the Saint is trying to bring back commoners rights, and asks her to come to his country and help her. She knows that he's greedy for her power and probably has another purpose but is amused by him and agrees to come and help.

    She also uses this incident to shake the empire's imperial power as they were upset with how she was shaking things up. It's said that wherever the Saint is, the country and imperial power is blessed.

    As for the rest, hopefully someone else will spoil! Cause I stopped before
    goes to ML's country. Tbh, the pace is too slow for the amount of things happening and the shift kinda focuses away from Ronella and her fishery. Also the dialogue is totally incomprehensible at some points to me.
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    desperately thirsting for more spoilers and raws if available i'll MTL if i need to llol
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    Thank you ❤️
    Can you please tell what exactly is og fl(princess) is she a demon?? What is the smell they talk about whenever near MC?
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    Out of curiousity, did any of the Princess' fishes (Crown Prince, Duke, and Reneben specifically) fall in love with MC? Or are they just have high respect for her?

    I don't if she is a demon or a dark wizard or whatever. But to the question about the smell that coming from MC, it's probably had something to do with what she eats, like the candies and the herbal tea.

    See that whenever people eat it, they wanted to throw it up? It probably has to do with divine power mixing with whatever spell or power the Princess puts on them.

    And it's probably the reason why the Princess wants to get rid of MC. Because she (MC) is a danger for her (The Princess) and might ruin her (The Princess) plans.

    1. The chandelier falling off to injured Reneben but MC's the one who got hurt (Planned Murder?).
    2. The candy jar filled with herbal (?) candies that MC gifted for the Crown Prince is dropped by a servant (Because the Princess doesn't want her spell being destroyed by the divine power in the candies).
    3. The demons that attacked the temple in the day where MC had a meeting with the nobles (2nd Planned Murder?)
    I think from this alone, even if the Princess is not a demon, she's still an evil person.
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    I was thinking about the first question as well
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    The amount of paperwork was very small, and it was also surprising that yesterday everyone quietly followed Reneben's words without objection from the nobles.

    As he crumpled up the paper he didn't need, Rennven explained with a bright face.

    "You shone more than anyone yesterday...." "Hm?"

    The bloodstained figure?

    "Maybe they'll never forget what happened then."

    I couldn't really understand what he was saying, so I kept silent for a while and answered belatedly.

    "Yeah ······."
    "And I think the aristocrats have changed not only how they treat the saint but also how they treat the temple."

    That was also a considerable problem if the way they treated us did not change. As I watched Reneven talking excitedly, I smiled. I hand over a bunch of documents with my signature on them to Reneven. He accepted it and stared at me and i had to smile at it and agonize for a while.

    "I thought you would beg me not to give you too much power to the temple..."
    "Because I've seen the saint use divine punishment. Wouldn't it be strange to overdo it when you know you're dealing with human life?"

    At that, she nodded and looked the same as a full lion. If things go like this, the next things we planned might go smoothly, too.

    "In fact, I thought the nobles wouldn't listen, so I was going to get help from the Duke of Casan."

    I didn't know things would work out so easily because of the nepotism triggered without even realizing it. Good things is good I thought it was fortunate that the task that had been my priority was finished with ease. As soon as I opened the door and went outside, I was startled by the blue hair that came out and hug my body.


    I looked down at the girl who wrapped my waist in a state of bewilderment at the high-pitched voice that followed two times.

    My back hurt a little, but it wasn't unbearable. Reneven, who normally would have asked for my safety first, was also hardened. It seemed that he had no idea how to deal with the child hanging on me. Just then, Jessie ran with her yellow hair fluttering and grabbed the child.

    "Jessie... that kid?" Jessie supported the struggling child's butt and spoke in a small voice.
    "The child is the one saved by the saint."

    At Jesse's words, I looked at the child with blue hair once again.

    "At that time, I couldn't see your face very closely. Can you show me your face?"

    I forgot about it for a while. I stroked her hair as gently as I could. It was hard to see the child's face properly back then. But I thought she would be back to her parents already. My question and Reneven's question coincided.

    Reneven also asked Jessie what had happened, and Jessie gestured and explained, almost half-crying.

    "I couldn't find the child's parents..... There were no victims during the Monster incident, so they probably abandoned the child..."
    "Jessie, stop."

    She reached out to the child who was held in her arms, blocking Jesse's broken mouth. The sky blue hair wrapped around my hand once again. I regretted not asking about the child properly because I was busy with my work.

    "How old are you?"
    "......6 years old."

    Where did the lively voice that called me before go away, and this time, it's cute talk, and my smile leaked out. Still, for a 6-year-old, I looked down at her bare arms, wondering if she was too small.

    "There are many small children who can't eat properly. Besides, it could be small because it's a girl." Through Reneven's words, the child rebutted.
    "Zen isn't a girl..."

    Reneven coughed and saw the child calling himself Zen, and I looked at the child's face again. Jessie patted the child's back as if understanding, and explained eagerly.

    "The age is six years old, Name is Cheon Ena/Zenen. The gender is a boy...."

    Jessie, who said she washed him herself, made her voice a little smaller when she talked about gender. She also glanced down at the child. No matter how difficult it is to tell the gender of young children, she has a face to the point of being sorry to say that he is a boy...

    "········ I see."

    At the same time, Reneven and I looked stunned. It said that the face changes as someone gets older, but she was very curious about his future when he grows up. Jessie sent the child to the hands of the ladies who chased him.

    "You didn't find the child's parents? What about Zen?
    "He...cried...so much that he wanted to see the saint...."

    Suddenly, the image of him running passionately towards me came to mind, calming the complicated emotions like a tangled thread.


    I don't know if it's the child I saved and if there is a facility like an orphanage, but it's not right now, so he won't be okay for a while. There was no place to go, but I couldn't give it up cold-heartedly.

    "Do you take good care of the child?"
    "Yes?, Yes!"

    Just as I was passing by the window, I saw a child being held by the priests and touching a flower hanging from a tree.

    She grinned softly as she hooked his hands and knocked on the window with her joints.

    "Until there is a place to go, can you protect that little life that entered the temple?"
    "...Of course."

    Jessie had a strong love for family, which may be why she liked children. There was a reason why I couldn't see Jessie hanging around in the room even if I had nothing to do while I was working with Renneven in the room. From that day on, there was the youngest occupant in the temple.


    There was still a lot of time before the Goddess Festival. Since the only urgent task right now was to investigate the monsters that attacked the temple, there was no need to carry out the schedule.

    The preparations for the Goddess Festival were being carried out by the people of the temple as usual, and I jumped up when I heard a loud noise as I searched the library of the previous saints as usual. It was so loud that the whole temple resounded, so I threw away the material I was reading and went out of the library.

    "Im.. i'm sorry."

    ······· And it was easy to see what made the whole temple rang. As soon as I opened the door, I took a step back unknowingly because a large bunch of ivory fur. Zen's loud voice relieved the tension. A big ball of fur was not something dangerous, fortunately. When I looked at it calmly, it was just a big dog.

    Almost weeks after he entered the temple, i found out, the child was very active. He surprised Jessie by coming in with dirt all over the place, but later, he came to apologize because be was so excited because he had never played like this. I got emotional and told him to play as much as he wanted, and I didn't know he'd cause such a big accident.

    "It looks like it's not dirty and it's well maintained. Zen, where did you get it from?"
    "I brought him here.....because he was walking around alone like me outside. Are you... mad that I brought him with me?"

    ······ Yes, a child doesn't know. Zen often said things that made me emotional. When I looked up at him, I couldn't scold him for not doing this next time. Actually, I also like animals, and I wasn't afraid of this big dog. It seems gentle, though.

    Still, I asked the child about the whereabouts of Jessie and the maids, who would not have allowed the dog to come in case there was any danger of being bitten.

    "Zen. What about the others?"
    "The employees! They said they were decorating the garden! Also, the priests went out!"

    These days, the servants were busy restoring the damaged garden, and the priests and paladins probably didn't have time to care about such a child because of the upcoming goddess festival.

    "I was taking a nap, and there was a dog, and i played with it... and.."
    "Okay, can we talk slowly while having a snack? First, we should get the dog out of this place in front of the library,"

    I took the child's hand and stroking the dog's head. As soon as I touched it, the saliva fell on its own. I gently stroked the dog's head with a touch that I could only feel from animals. As a result, i was stroking dog body all over without realizing it.

    "......who raised it?"

    She sat down for the dog, who turned his stomach upside down, acting cute, not matching his big size, and swept his soft belly. The child also crouched and shook his head while holding my hand, and while the two of them were losing their minds and enjoying handling with the dog, Jesse came and took a sieve. I spent my time alone with a dog who was eagerly rolling back in my hands. Eventually, I couldn't resist the temptation and decided to spend my day with this dog.

    As if waiting, I seduced the dog following me and came out to the temple garden.

    "Who is the owner?"

    I can't answer that. I had to tell her to look for the owner in a little while, and I let the dog out in the garden. Whether he liked the grass everywhere, the dog running around ran back and attacked me.

    "Hahaha! Stop it, please! It tickles."

    I had to be baptized by a large dog drooling on the floor, whether it was a saint's body or whatever. I lay on the lawn and stroked the dog on top of me to my heart's content. When I stood up and ran away, a fluffy and cozy lump chased me and acted cute. It's been a long time since I've had such a relaxing time, and I was laughing so hard that I didn't even know who was coming.

    After an intense workout, she turned her head slightly while lying on the lawn to catch her breath. She looked up and was surprised by the black shoes caught in her sight.

    " ……"

    I hardened my smiling face and raised my head. An unspeakable silence fell between me and the crown prince who was looking down on me.
    The petals and blue leaves swayed with the breeze under the bright sun. There was no time to think about how beautiful it was looking at the things that crossed the sky in front of me. It was my side that became impatient with the appearance of Crown Prince looking at me with a bewildered expression.

    At least in a world where reputation is dominated by manners, it was an absolute no-no for rumors that I was rolling on the floor and laughing through the prince's mouth. I pushed the body of the guy on top of me hard, but I didn't even think about whether it was because i already having fun with his pranks.

    "......what are you doing?"
    "......hello, Prince."

    I had to greet the Crown Prince awkwardly, lying on her back, looking up at him without a chance to change my pale complexion. In fact, I was dumbfounded because I had no words to answer his question.

    "Long time no see."

    It's a bit difficult to explain, but when I greeted him appropriately, the Crown Prince replied with a strange expression on his face.

    "I wish you all peace under God's love."

    At times like this, I seriously thought about whether he was trying to make fun of me when he greeted me properly. I can count on my ten fingers that I started working as a saint and received a proper greeting from the Crown Prince. he said such a grand greeting, Of course, his face was a bit of a chewy expression, but he was surprised to hear such a greeting even though it wasn't an official one, so he narrowed his eyes.

    But he looked at the dog that was sitting on top of me, not me, and he exhaled, then raised his hand. His wildly outstretched hand turned to the animal that climbed on top of me. In the moment, the prince grabbed the dog by the back and threw him away.

    I was startled and jumped to my feet.

    "What are you doing now?"

    In the sudden situation, i jumped up and shot at the Crown Prince. I was so embarrassed that my fisheye was on the verge of being sick. No matter how you look at it, the current situation could only be seen as the Crown Prince harassing the helpless animal in front of him. I got up and unknowingly stumbled on my foot. Previously, my wounds were throbbing and complaining of pain. The healing is quick, but it hurts, so I fell down and looked up with a disgusted look on my face as the Crown Prince was approaching. What he did was never forgiven. It was obvious that anyone would think so. Throwing dog on this cold floor... The sharp words lingered in my mouth and burst out.

    “I never thought that you was a person who used violence against life.”

    In any situation, first of all, I am confident that I have the time to calmly grasp the situation. But on the other hand, if there are only two things i can't forgive, it's...

    "I'm very disappointed in you for treating an unspeakable life recklessly."

    It was an act of disrespectful treatment of children and animals. It was not something that a human being with a well-established ego could easily do. To examine the wounds of the fallen guy, i came closer and ruffled his fluffy fur. Then i breathed my divine power into my hands and put my hand to it. I could feel the sound of breathing.


    I thought there would have been wounds or internal injuries if a dog the size of my body had been thrown on the floor, but I was surprised to see him in better shape than I expected and swept off his fur. The crown prince, who was closely attached to the back, also gave a voice that was chillingly cold. His voice tone was not originally high, but she narrowed her forehead by listening to a voice that sank lower than usual.

    "Stop getting up."

    I mistook it for me, and as I turned my head, I felt a wriggling movement in my hand that was ripping. He was just breathing as if he was dead, and then suddenly moved, so i couldn't help but be surprised.

    "It's a felony to come into the temple and fooling a saint."

    Not knowing what the prince was talking about, i looked at the soft beast and the prince alternately. And soon, surprised by the unexpected situation, i had no choice but to take my hand back.

    The wind blew hard and my hair kept flying. Pink hair interrupted the view and blinked slowly. What caught my eye was the sight of the animal, which jumped actively, shining white. No matter how magical and ridiculous things happen in this world, I breathed in to see if this was possible.


    I moved slightly and straightened my bent waist. I jumped up from my seat at the shadow cast before my eyes and stepped back and slammed my head against the Crown Prince's chest. I didn't mind the prince I bumped into and saw what was the imprint in front of my eyes.

    "...Ha, man?"

    It was a person. Wherever the beast, whose ivory-colored fur was attractive, stood a man of the same size as the Crown Prince. I put my forehead on the situation I wanted to deny even though I had clearly confirmed it with my own eyes.


    "Forgive me your rudeness,"

    A man with blue hair caught my eye just a few steps ahead. I touched my temple because I remembered the dog that was playing hard with me earlier.

    Ah····· I mean·····. The abandoned dog followed me well, so I forgot about my dignity and played with it. But the Crown Prince came and the situation became embarrassed, and soon the dog he threw became a person.

    The well-forged eyes were contained in the eyes with the straight nose. The man with thin hair, who looked dull, looked down as if he was really sorry, and bowed his back to meet my gaze. Soon after, he offered me a formal greeting.

    "It's an honor to meet God's blessing. My name is Tereben." Disappointment rained inside.

    A beautiful voice resonated enough to lift and release a person's heart. However, it was hard just to keep a calm face, so i retorted a few seconds later to the man who introduced himself as 'Tereben.'

    "My name is Emilone, the owner of the temple. It's nice to meet you. Tereben Youngsik."

    Tereben was a Count who was one of follow the Crown Prince. He did not use the imperial name because the Count came from a small country famous for being peaceful.

    "......I never heard of Count Tereven's man turning into a beast."


    Before I knew it, the servant served a teacup and a premature snack. Snacks that stimulate appetite would have stimulated one's appetite, but in this situation, it was just dry saliva. I've never heard of any human being turning into a beast.

    I tried to look at the two of them indifferently while holding a tea with a faint scent. Trying to imitate the old nobles, i stared at them with an expression that seemed to peer into people's hearts. It wasn't very difficult to make a calm face, but it wasn't easy to follow either. The cold teacup touched my lips, and the hot tea immediately flowed into my mouth. I was drinking tea alone in a cold atmosphere that I made forcibly, as if this atmosphere was not a big deal, but Tereben Youngsik spit out unexpected words. I almost dropped a teacup from my hand because of an rude word.

    "It's very different from the image of the saint I imagined. It's like seeing a beautiful dancer."

    Those who dance in front of the nobles...?

    I almost laughed for a second. It was obvious that he was mocking me. Their beauty was unquestionable, but to compare those for pleasure to me as a saint.

    "Youngsik, are you talking to me?"

    I groped over the clothes I was wearing with my hands on my lap and looked at him. Blue hair looked no different from when it was dog.

    "If the beauty is better, we can leave it as it is. The lady's smile is beautiful, but it's a pity that she has such a face in front of 'people'. She's as beautiful as Princess Nestro."

    In a sarcastic tone, the man bit a cookie and cracked it in half with a loud sound. He stared with a warm smile.

    Is it a provocation to find out something about me... or he just playing joke with me? The conclusion was reached quickly. I could feel him stealing me in detail through his playful eyes. It was time for my lips to curl with a chilling gaze. At that time, the Crown Prince stepped out as if to mediate between us.

    "I'm sorry I didn't tell the saint in advance. Tereben is of mixed human race and can also be seen as a animal."

    I looked back on the prince for the fact that I had no idea. I've heard of mixed blood. If you're a mixed-race, you're a child of a human being and a sign of co-existence with an elf. As I felt my head clear, I forgot what I had been sarcastic about and stared at the man. Half of the mixed race meant that the blood of the sign was flowing.

    "It's a secret story in the social world, but I can trust you and tell you."

    Thereben Youngsik made a meaningful expression at the prince's strange words. I looked away from him.

    "...Is that so. I understand why the Terreben Spirit turns into a beast, but I have not yet heard the reason why one or two people suddenly visited the temple. What is your purpose?"

    I didn't mention the rudeness of Tereben. As expected, he smacked his lips as if he were a little disappointed. I glanced at the Tereven. After finishing his snack, he put a cup of tea in his mouth and held the tea in his mouth.

    "Your Highness is only here to find me. And I ·····."

    Tereven caught a glimpse of the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince exhaled. The two seemed to know each other well. I could see the bond between the two by the small appearance. Of course, from the outside. There was an unknown day for both.
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    "I came here to see the saint. I'm sorry that the first meeting was in the form of an animal, but it was nice to see the saint in an unexpected way."

    He slowly closed his eyes and opened his eyes at strangely scratching nerves. It seemed like he was trying to get away with it, but he moved on to a fact he didn't want to point out.

    "Tereben Young-sik, none of the etiquettes I've learned, I've never heard visiting without telling the other person. Am I wrong?"
    "It's my fault, so if you want to punish me, you can do it."

    I was a little surprised by that. I put down the teacup softly and pondered what he had said to me. He said once again that if it was the punishment, he would accept it.

    'You speak too easily.'

    As if I wasn't going to do it, you gave me a certain look that you wouldn't relate to yourself with this. Of course, it could have been for a benevolent saint. But it was like drilling into my side. Tensions swirled all over my body. Tereven Young-sik laughed as if he should not think complicatedly anymore.

    "I didn't mean it. Just after arriving at the temple, a little boy took me and followed me, and I found a saint. I think you liked me, so we had a great time together."

    He seemed to say, 'You liked me, didn't you?'

    It wasn't exactly wrong. I loved animals and children, so I liked the gentle puppy that I brought with me.

    "I forgive your rudeness."

    At the same time, i licked my lips like a person contemplating what to say. I lifted the teacup again. I warmed up my insides with a warm tea and clearly expressed my intention not to let it go next time.

    "This is the only time. Please be careful not to let this happen again."

    Not just came into the temple, but considering the embarrassment suffered by the Crown Prince today, I hoped this would never happen again. Both seemed to have nothing more to say. There was a strange silence and the Crown Prince slowly rose from his seat.

    "Then I'll leave you alone."

    Tereben also stood up.

    "Excuse me. Then I hope to see you again next time."

    As a result, the two stood up wondering why they had come to the two raised themselves from their seats. The crown prince showed his back, followed by Tereben, smiling with his eyes narrowed. Unlike the crown prince, who had already turned his back, he bent down and whispered in his ear, making eye contact with me, without making any distance difference.

    "And I'd like to say this."
    "I liked the saint under me, too."

    The atmosphere changed at the moment. Otherwise, I erased my emotions from my hardened face and looked at him dry eyes. Perhaps if I hadn't seen him waiting for my response as if were looking at something, I would have given him a corresponding answer right away. Tereben checked my cold face and blinked as if satisfied.

    "See you next time."

    Next time... not a good word. I was being so quiet because I knew i didn't mean to "do it" even though I just heard insulting words. He've gone too far here. I wouldn't have put up with it. Of course I didn't let it slide.

    "The next time i see you, you better be prepared, because I can distort your beautiful face."

    I took a step forward toward the Tereben, who is facing me. Then i spoke provocatively at a breathtaking distance. He opened his eyes wide in surprise at my words. But it was an instant and for a moment he looked at me with a troubled look and reversed his greeting.

    "Then, good bye. I'll back off."


    A loud and noisy sound tapped my ear. The sound of joy as if it were excited. Unexpectedly, time flew by so fast that the day of the Goddess Day came. Today was the day. Sitting in a chair, i raised my slightly throbbing body and agonized over whether to go out the door or not. Because ·····

    "Saints, please come out!"
    "The Goddess Festival doesn't come often, so please! Saint!"

    I'm sure this is the first time I've ever been so scared of a priest. And at the same time, I've never seen them beg like this.

    Rest your throat, it was me who finally raised the white flag, thinking of the priests who didn't want to leave in front of the door. If i delay any longer, they can't help it because their throats are going to break. And since they are the ones who always lost to me in the first place, today I have no choice but to lose to them. When I opened the door with a step that didn't really fall off, I could see a white dress that made my eyes ache.
    I furrowed my eyelashes.


    God is fair to all. It was me who knew it better than anyone. It was me who was struggling for that. I was God's agent and God's blessing, and since God is fair to all, so should I.

    The Goddess Festival is held once every five years for a week, and at least for this time, the warring countries had to stop fighting and maintain peace.

    At least that day, I was treated only as a wise woman of God, not a "human" saint. And I heard that not only the emperor but also high-ranking officials from all over the world should bow at my feet. I swept down my skirt because I was concerned about clothes that dragged down every time I moved. For today, the most spectacular Imperial capital in the world opened its doors wide and embraced people, and the streets were full of festivals.

    Even the slums were prosperous. It was also the only day that countries around the world supported the poor. Even though it was early in the morning, seeing the people gathered in front of the temple, I stepped forward towards the carriage. As I sat in the wagon without a roof and thought of going all the way to the Hwangseong(imperial capital/imperial palace), my heart rang. It was so wide that the carriage had a lot of space left even after I was on it. I didn't want to get on it, but I had no choice but to ride it because of the weight of the clothes that weighed on my body.

    "Reneben, come here ····."

    It was clear that walking on this dirt road with pure white clothes would soon get dirty. It was really difficult for me to wear a dress that was so white that I thought I would wear all of these clothes in my life.

    "Did you call?"
    "Yeah, come over here for a second."

    Fortunately, after my refusal, the number of accessories that should have been worn on the head and neck was reduced to a minimum.

    Glass-like white jewels shimmered and tangled in the strands of her hair. The green necklace around her neck and the small earrings on her ears weren't flashy, but they were beautiful enough.

    "Walk close to me."
    "I'll take your order."

    I did not have the heart to waste the goddess festival, which is only once in five years, so I smiled as much as possible and got on her carriage. I enlisted the help of Reneben to climb onto a carriage adorned with fragrant fresh flowers. I grabbed Reneben's hand and climbed on it. It was only then that i sat on a soft, cushioned chair that i could breathe.

    The people could be seen through the veil coming down from the veil of sunlight. It was no wonder, if I may say so myself, that they came out like this to see the saint, who is the object of envy, the supreme power of the object of envy.

    "Everyone looks happy."

    In fact, I didn't come out of the temple very well, so even the nobles had a hard time seeing my faces. For the people at such an age, it was clear that such an event itself would be quite interesting. The streets were gorgeous.

    The Goddess Festival was full of life and beautiful, and everyone looked happy. The paladins stood in front of the carriage where I was sitting, and servants from the imperial castle, escorts, and knights sent by various nobles followed me. For some reason, it became a procession-like group, but it wasn't too bad.

    "It's nice to look happy."

    Seeing such an excited face, I did not feel that such an event bothered me.

    Although it was a pure white dress, the fine fabrics characteristic of the temple and the clothes decorated with golden borders were spread evenly.

    "Reneben, come this way a little bit more."

    Reneven, who was moving a little away from the carriage on horseback, led this way. Reneben walked over to me obediently and stood near me. He was about to move that little. The sound of several people rode on the pinna and pounded in my ear.

    I didn't have the energy to do anything because of the heavy clothes surrounding my body, but when I saw the child making eye contact through the veil, I burst into laughter. It wasn't too bad, at least as an opportunity to laugh in the name of a festival after overlapping with annoying things. With that in mind, i took the veil with the back of my hand. There were only white horses in the temple, and Reneben, who was riding the most well-maintained horse, opened his eyes when the curtain was opened.

    It wasn't just Reneben. The people, too, seemed surprised to see me exposed outside the veil.

    "It's okay, Reneben."

    I spoke softly as if to appease him at the worried Reneben's voice. Nobles hide their faces when there is a procession like this and do not want to see the people. I will not be able to show them my noble face. I don't know how good they are, but they didn't look very good to me.

    "Today is a day for me,"
    "So I'll do whatever I want." Reneben was surprised at my actions.
    "So Reneben, can you do whatever I want today?"

    I lifted my head with a smile. Originally, when there is a procession like this, people can't raise their faces until the procession passes with their knees bent.

    However, on the eve of the Goddess Festival, I made a reservation in advance so that I would not kneel down even if I saw the procession. Thanks to it, I was able to see everyone's faces.
    "I obey the will of the saint."
    "Yes, Reneben. Good boy."

    Reaching out, I could touch Reneben's hair. I twisted the tip of Reneben's gray hair with my fingers as he was riding on a horse nearby. A bewildered Reneben looked up at me and gave me a smile, and just then there was a little commotion.

    Therefore, i managed to turn my heavy neck and had to crumple my forehead in the situation i was caught in. Laughter erupted as the knights in red armor grabbed the child's forearm and dragged it roughly. A disturbance in the presence of a saint. That's also against a child.

    "Renneven, do me a favor." It was easy to guess what the situation was.
    "Bring the child over there."

    The index finger pointed to a scene in which the knights at the back roughly pushed the child out.

    "I'm asking you to bring that child to me."
    "What's that?"

    It was probably natural that Reneben's forehead was distorted like me. He looked at me for a moment and soon bit his lower lip.

    "......I'll be back."
    "Yes, the knights don't seem to have been trained. Find out what kind of family knights he is."
    "Of course,"

    Reneben spun back like a fish suddenly flowing back. Perhaps because it was well managed, I put my chin up as I watched the glossy horse move at a fast pace. Such a fuss in the presence of a saint. No, even if it's not me, I'm afraid I can't handle it flexibly. Reneben, who seemed to understand how I felt, also moved without hesitation with an unpleasant face.

    Everyone seemed to be surprised by Reneben's actions like that. Everyone raised their hands and stopped everyone's actions as they were contemplating whether to continue or stop at the actions of High Priest Reneben. The procession stopped for an instant. My pink hair fluttered in the cool breeze as i tilted my head while holding my chin. I watched as Reneben restrained the knights and brought the young child this way.

    The child's milky cheeks were red with traces of tears intact. Reneben took the child, who looked a little filthy without saying a word, and smiled lightly.

    "What's your name?"

    5 years old? That's how much that young child looked. Too young and too light. When I wiped the crying mark with my hands wearing white gloves, black dirt came out.

    This is why the slums need to be eliminated quickly By building a living space, I thought that people's basic lives should be guaranteed first, and my eyes sank slightly.

    "Sa... saintess."
    "Please say hello."

    Renneven ordered the child near the carriage to post an example, and it was only then that he urgently say God's blessing with a dull pronunciation.

    "Oh, my God, you don't have to do that. Reneben, you know I didn't bring him here to say hello like this."
    "But ········· Courtesy is courtesy."

    Reneben murmured, his earlobes blushed and his head bowed. It was cute that h face was blushing at the rebuke, so i clenched my fists and laughed softly, then stared and spoke to the child in front of me again.

    "Can you tell me what your name is?"
    I repeated the question I asked earlier.

    "De······! Debel, it's Debel. ·······," said the child, who raised his head as if nervous and called himself Debel.

    In the process, his hair wobbled in a cumbersome process, and i tugged the child's hair behind his ear with my hand. I changed the name of the child on my lap, but I spoke softly to the unexpected fact.

    "It means holy bell." I wiggled my hand as if the child didn't understand. Debel means sacred bell in the ancient language, but perhaps a child still did not understand the meaning.
    "Sacred...a bell?"

    When I rubbed the dirty child's face like before, black things got on my hands. Renneven picks up the gloves I took off with his handkerchief and hands me another new one. He wiped the child's cheeks with the white handkerchief.

    "Yeah, that's a pretty name, isn't it?"

    The child opened his mouth while i taking out yellow candy grains from the bag that Jessie told me to eat whenever i was tired. I said, putting candy in his reflexively open mouth.

    "That's a name that even the temple will love."
    "But····· , I was often...... teased by this name."

    Apparently, all the names were derived from ancient languages, so the pronunciation was very strange, unlike the imperial language. Even more so, considering that the child's eyes are brighter than the Imperials, it was understandable why he was teased. I felt sorry for having such a pretty name, so I handed him a candy bag and whispered.

    "Did you like your pretty name?"

    The child loosened his nervous face, took the candy bag and looked up at me with his big eyes.

    "The name of the holy bell. Isn't it pretty?" "·····!" Debel's eyes widened even more. Reneben, who was closest to me, murmured.
    "The saint's name like that has the meaning of a bird flying toward the sky."
    "Yes, the name Emilone has a good meaning."

    I lifted my head upward, which turned to Debel. Many people's eyes were still on me, and I felt awkward at those gazes.

    "If you have any difficulties later, come and tell me. I'll tell you. A child with the name of the holy bell might knock on the temple's door."

    If you have a name related to God... most of them will have divine powers as well. It was rare.

    "Don't get caught in the procession like before."

    I feel like I've become a bad person whispering evil words, so I stopped whispering and smiled awkwardly. The child hesitated for a moment and looked up at me, nodding up and down. It was only a moment to wonder at the gaze of determination.

    "Fo······ for protecting me!"
    "Thank you for always protecting me..."

    Contrary to the first time he spoke loudly, the volume gradually decreased, and at the end it was only a murmur, but i could hear it clearly. I smiled for a while, covering my mouth with my hand at the lovely greeting. I released the child's hand, which i was holding tightly, and lifted my body up. When I woke up suddenly, the people looked surprised. I got up because I wanted to see their surprised faces. I decided not to worry about getting my white clothes dirty.

    I wasn't considerate enough to care about clothes that would only be worn once a year and thrown away. The cumbersome clothes hung down without bothering me, completely removed the insignia and revealed me. Reneben reached out to me as if he couldn't help it. I didn't forget to say sorry for the trouble and came down with his help. I put my foot on the floor and gave the best smile I could make.

    It's been a long time since I've smiled like this, so I had the illusion that my mouth muscles were over tightening. And soon left a simple blessing for those who are expecting.

    "May you all be happy."

    Words had power. Hoping that my sincerity had been reached, I started walking the short distance to the imperial capital/palace.

    The choice to walk didn't seem so bad. Thanks to this, I was able to meet many people. I liked it and no one stopped me, so it was a satisfying time. After a long time, I filled the happiness index and entered Hwangseong on two feet. It's been a long time since I've felt this good.

    When I entered the imperial castle, Reneben shook his head, saying no more, and I had to get back on the wagon.

    Even though I wondered why I was riding a wagon after arriving all the way to Hwangseong, it was not too much for Reneben to dissuade me from saying that he would walk here. The wagon stopped where the Crown Prince and the Emperor came to meet. Escort was needed to get off the high wagon, and the opponent was Reneben, not the Crown Prince who was waiting.

    Maybe he already used to it, so he lowered me to the ground easily and without difficulty. The moment I landed, the emperor alone knelt down on one of his knees and lowered his head so that the crown of his head was visible. After that, the Crown Prince and those standing behind him bowed their heads lower than the Emperor. It was embarrassing to be standing alone like before. And I'm sorry to say these words... but -

    It felt good to see the Crown Prince kneeling.

    'I guess I've had a lot of accumulation with you.'

    With this win, I was so excited that I would make fun of them today, but I barely woke up at the glance of Renebenven's request to accept their greetings. I didn't want to be escorted by the Crown Prince, so i didn't let go of Reneben's hand. Thanks to this, i had to face Reneben's bewildered gaze until i moved. I secretly twisted my stiff shoulders and looked down at the brightly decorated stage below.

    The saint on the day of the Goddess Festival is no longer human. In ancient times, it is said that it was a day when a god descended on a saint. In short, during this period they had to bow their heads and crouch.

    "It's not bad... it's fine."

    It was fortunate that so far the saints were still good. If someone with great ambition had sat here, it would have already changed the world map several times. I twirled the wine glass and slightly twisted my legs hidden between the width of my fluffy skirt.

    I was throbbing for a while because I walked for a long time, but with excellent healing power, it was just a small pain that would go away quickly.
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    At that, Reneben stopped walking slowly and met my eyes.

    "What I just did is against my behavior as a 'saint'."

    The act of being a saint, as he taught me, is living in harmony with the empire, the most powerful country on the continent.

    Advice is always kind. Advice is sharp, and warnings are tender as if they would embrace everything. The blessing of a polite God who does not make loud noises lightly, does not threaten others lightly, and is at the highest level but knows how to humble himself. When I had just come to this world, Reneben taught me a lot. He said that the previous saints behaved like this and taught me that I should also act like this.

    "I think I'm going to become hostile to the emperor, the sun of the empire, because I'm angry, harassing, and unable to control my emotions. Is this my fault?"

    I still kept my goodness line and acted. To the nobles, don't do this in a low voice, don't do that, that's not right, you have to do this, I gave them many opportunities. But never once have I crossed the line like today. And this was the first time that the nobles who were watching did not refute my words even once.

    Because the reason why the temple, which was still quiet, began to move was to take the current emperor down from the throne and control the temple, and it was a statement that could be considered to be a new emperor.

    "I don't think I dare argue about right or wrong."
    "Reneben, I don't have the talent to attract people with just a few words like the saints before me. I don't have the power to save children from the slums with just a few gestures."
    But ······
    "But I can make it rain in the continual drought, and I can bring abundance and blessings."

    I grabbed Leneven's shoulder. It was just because a monster. This was also the reason the nobles tried to hold onto me somehow.

    "So I'm doing it my way."

    The previous saints were born and raised in the Empire, laying many foundations and preparing for them. However, I, who had only recently come to this world, could not imitate what they did.

    "I can't take it anymore. I won't stay down there any longer."

    In the strange silence, I moistened my lips and spoke of my will with the most serious eyes.

    "If you can't stay down and hold hands and climb together, I'll pull you from above."

    The emperor was the one at the pinnacle of his status, who trembled because of fear and could kill dozens of lives depending on his mood. How many people can say no to such an emperor? I could assert that there were few. And one of the few was me. Then I'll speak for the others.

    “Is it natural for me to carry the heavy burden of the world?”

    Each of these small and big things was the weight I had to rejuvenate.

    "I can't be as good as myself with these words."

    Reneben raised his head, which he had struggled to shake, and showed a bright smile that could not be hidden even in the moonlight.

    "......that's why I like the saint."
    "Reneben, it will be harder to find someone who hates me."

    I smiled as i lightened up the atmosphere.


    I returned to the temple and fell asleep without thinking. It wasn't until noon that I moved my invincible body. As I approached the window and drew the curtains, bright sunlight poured into the room. Unlike the first day of the Goddess Festival, it was quite around the temple today. Yesterday was the first day, so it was just noisy. Usually, temples are held sacred on such days, so everyone tried to create a quiet atmosphere.

    On the other hand, if you get out of the vicinity of the temple just a little bit, it's full of festivals, but that's it.

    "I'm free to the urgent things."

    During the Goddess Festival, most of my schedule was to stay inside the Imperial Castle, but yesterday something like that happened, and I can't be bothered to leave. Putting on a green brush in a pure white pajamas, I went out of the bedroom and shook my head to see the quiet hallway of the temple.

    Yesterday evening, on the way back to the temple, I told Reneven to do the same thing as usual for the period of the Goddess Festival except that I was not there, but he seemed to have kept his word. I went to the library, defeating the attendants I see occasionally trying to chase after me in bewilderment.

    "Ah, sleepy ····."

    Even though I slept for so long, I rubbed my slightly closed eyes and opened the library door. I dragged the slippers I was wearing from inside the bedroom and approached the bookcase where the book I was looking for was placed.

    There was a pile of romance books right next to it. I wanted to finish my work quickly and read those books carefully.

    "Imperial law······. Where is the book related to Imperial Law..."

    What I'm looking for now was none other than a book on the laws of the Empire. It was to study because I was so busy adjusting to this place. I found the book I wanted and held it in my hand. I stared blankly at the book, which was so heavy that I could lift it with both hands.

    I laughed because I thought it would take a long time to find what I wanted in here.

    "When will all scatter"

    I muttered low and walked out of the library. I closed the door and leaned back against the closed door, flipping through a few books. I breathed a sigh of relief as I checked the detailed explanations for the unfamiliar terms.

    "Let's go to the room and read it."

    I began to slowly turn back the way I had come, thinking that I would lay down on the bed, roll my eyes and read the book diligently. I went up the stairs through the soft carpeted hallway and the marble covered hallway. With the book in my hand, i turned over a few more thin sheets of paper and read the letters.

    "Just because you are a noble, you don't have the right to touched a commoners..."

    It wasn't difficult to figure out how to solve this problem.

    "In order to do that, the Imperial Law needs to be changed in the first place."


    As I turned a few more pages, the basic laws of the empire and other laws were written in small letters the size of an ant. Again, there was no mention of a nobleman being punished even if he touched commoner. I pressed my stinging temple. I went up the stairs, pointing out where to start and carefully dispersing the book.

    At that moment, the tips of my feet were tightly interlocked on the stairs and my body tilted back as I lost my balance.


    Normally, I wouldn't have fallen but it was different if the heavy book in my hand. It was a moment when I closed my eyes instinctively and seriously thought about how many days it would take to heal the wound that fell from here.

    "Be careful."

    I opened my eyes wide when someone hugged my waist. At the same time, a low and deep voice tickled right next to the ear.

    "It was dangerous."

    Dark and deep eyes and soft brown hair ····· As soon as I turned my head, I was more surprised at the cheek that touched me. I frowned in embarrassment. The book, which boasts heavy weight, lost its balance like my body and fell down. The book, which fell to the marble floor with a loud noise, fell to the bottom without stopping in the middle.

    I was looking down at the horribly fallen book, and a low, dark, and thin voice rang out.

    "Are you all right?"

    Thanks to that, I straightened my dazed mind and dropped the body that was leaning on the man. I grabbed handrail and pulled my upper body forward. Unfortunately, the slippers he had been trying to put on my toes came off and fell down the stairs.

    "Oh, my."

    I looked back at the man who sighed faster than I did. Brown hair and red eyes. At the moment, my shoulders stiffened when I encountered burning red eyes that were the same color as my eyes.

    "......Thank you for your help ·····. Alois degradation."

    It was the prince at the party yesterday, no one else. I couldn't take my eyes off his bright red eyes until he smiled softly. I was well aware of this enchanting feeling.

    It was feeling the same emotions i felt when i saw Princess Ronella.

    "See you again. Perhaps because of the promise I made with the saint yesterday, the guard in front of the temple let me in easily."
    "...I've told them in advance, but it's embarrassing because I didn't expect it to come like this."

    I did inform the Paladin knights in advance.

    "Isn't there a servant who followed you?"

    I was embarrassed, but he smiled a little bitterly and wiped the nape of his neck with his other hand

    "I don't know if you know my servant, but I'm a little unwelcome in the kingdom."

    It was too soon that I was reunited with the prince again. In other words, there was not enough time to investigate this prince. Thanks to this, I don't know what country he is from and what kind of unwelcome he is.

    "If i say i come to the temple, it will surely fall into my mother's ears, ....so it's rude to come without telling the saint. I apologize."

    I carefully looked at the face that suits his beautiful appearance and that he is prettier than any other flower, and then slightly wrinkled of his nose to the point of not showing it. It's a lie. If you thought small lies would be acceptable to me, you were wrong. It was a subtle difference, but I could tell the prince was lying. I gently lowered my eyes and decided to give it to play with It for a moment.
    I still don't know why you're lying like that.

    "You shouldn't have told me this."

    With a slightly startled face, he covered his mouth with his hand and drooped down the corners of his eyebrows. It's like a butterfly fluttering its eyelashes, as if thinking about something.

    "No, its fine. I believe you because you're a saint, not anyone else."

    But...., I just woke up and came out wearing only a pajama... And I was rescued because i almost fell, and i also dropped the book and my slippers. It was too shabby to show to the person I saw for the first time yesterday. I've never shown Reneben such a shabby figures before.

    "Didn't our servant take care of the prince?"
    "No, it's not. But as I looked inside the temple, I became farther away from the servant.”

    Once in doubt there was no end. When I heard that he was far away, I just said, Is that so. It was unclear whether he would have naturally become distant from the servant. The wind brushed my barefoot. I wiggled my toes and naturally put my face on my sleeve.

    Reneben and so did the men here, somehow, have a superior appearance than most people. The moment I made eye contact with the prince, I felt a sense of shame. I knew so well that I would only kick the blanket at night no matter how sentimental I am now.

    Eventually, I lowered the hand that was half covering my face and moved my head around looking for my shoes. Unlike a prince who was too neat, i couldn't help but be embarrassed because i was sloppy alone.

    "Ah·····. Please wait a moment."

    Alois followed my gaze and checked something and nodded. And he went down the stairs without hesitation.

    I quickly wiped my eyes, looking carefully at the back that was going down to the bottom of the stairs.

    Just in case, i wiped my entire face with sleeves. After vigorously combing my hair with fingers, i coughed a couple of times, covering my body in pajamas with a brush. Then the voice that had subsided to some extent returned to its original state.

    Before i knew it, he went up after picked up a book covered in black leather and slippers that had lost its owner. If it were another noble, they would have ordered a servant.

    I looked down at him with a strange gaze and expressed my gratitude to the prince who had gone all the way to the bottom due to my negligence. Suddenly he took a step on one knee, i startled and reflexively backed away. Seeing him looking up with his knees bent, i widened my eyes, trying to pretend it was nothing.

    "Excuse me."

    He grabbed my bare feet and slowly put on my slippers. It was not Cinderella's glass shoes, but the scene of wearing these shoes was so pious that I felt so honored.

    I couldn't get my mind right and didn't say anything until I put on my slippers. Then i rolled my eyes as if i had just regained consciousness. He looked at my calmed face and held out his hand.

    "I don't know where you're going, but I'll take you there."
    "...then please."

    I asked him to escort me near the bedroom, looking away at the book still in his hand. He refused to return it as if he would listen.

    "...but may I ask what brings you here?"

    I talked to him to continue the conversation in an awkward mood. In fact, it was something I was curious about.

    "I wanted to visit you because I have something to say to the saint, who is God's blessing and not anyone else."
    "I never thought I'd be able to see the busy Saint while I was in the Empire, but yesterday something like that happened, and I've got this connection."

    It even answers questions that are not asked. I constantly observed the prince with indisputable delicacy. He had an atmosphere that is difficult to describe in words. I could tell that he was telling me the right mix of lies and truth, more skillfully than the princess.


    I quickly entered the bedroom and got ready as quickly as possible. My hands had to be faster because i had sent the prince back to the drawing room. After getting ready, I went to the drawing room wearing proper shoes, not slippers. The prince was smiling in a friendly atmosphere as if he had become close to the maid who had been pouring the tea.

    "Did I keep you waiting long?"
    "There's no way. Even that time is precious if it's related to the saint."

    The words he said with an pure and innocent face seemed to have built up trust. If you say something like that with an appearance that ordinary people would fall for, wouldn't someone give you a heart? He got up and pulled out a chair for me to sit in, and he smiled softly. I can assure it, that prince would never be naive. Rather, I'm going to roll that head hard.

    I wondered if I was making a plan by giving meaning to each of my hand gestures. So, in order not to find any flaws, I also drank the tea that the maid poured freshly and smiled at each other. The brief glances, actions and gestures that are sent strangely. A soft yet sweet tone and a common topic of conversation. Unlike going up the hallway, the conversation continued without end.

    Then I realized... If his purpose is to seduce me... Are you thinking I'm mistaken? I rolled my eyes as i put the cool tea in my mouth.

    Every time I tilted my head slightly, my hair swayed in front of me. Unlike before, my hair, which had just woken up and had brittle hair, was washed and applied with perfume oil, so it smelled good and even gave off a lustrous shine. I swore, thinking that the smooth, smooth skin without a single problem was not something I was born with, but rather the result of great care, I swept my cheeks down with my fingers. Then, as Alois gently smiled at me, i lowered my hand gracefully onto the table.

    When I met the red eyes, it was awkward and I avoided them without realizing it. Anyone who looked at it was conscious of the opponent. In the end, I brought up the main topic first to avoid awkwardness.

    "Come to think of it, can I ask you what you want to say to me?"

    I was choosing a words and asked. When I questioned him, he gave me a stiff look as if it had come. Such a well-knit, elaborate face seemed to be easily deceived by the tension.

    '...more than the sons of Duke Nestro-.'

    It was familiar and proficient. Confucius and Princess Nestro look down on the people around them. So while I sometimes let go of their guard, I didn't think I'd notice their performance, this prince was so perfect. He makes no small mistakes, as well as delicate actions and speech.

    "I'd like to say again that I'm sorry I came alone first."

    While saying that, he added an explanation as if he had thought of something.

    "In addition, I came here empty-handed. Still, I wanted to cherish the time I spent with the saint alone."

    He knew me to some extent. It seemed that he knew exactly where I was angry at and which part I was soft on. That's why he was able to look at my reaction and proceed with the work in a relaxed manner by saying that.

    "...you are speaking shameful words."

    Then, I twisted my hair slightly with my fingers. Like I'm really ashamed.

    "Then what are you looking for me for, if I may ask?"
    "......of course, you can."

    The prince shook his eyelashes and gently lowered his head, then clenched his empty fists, giving strength enough to spur blood, and met my eyes. If it wasn't for me, I wouldn't have noticed his casual acting.

    He raised his head slowly, which he had bent down. And the moment I made eye contact with him, I was sure.

    'honey trap.'

    He was seducing me.

    "I came to this empire because I wanted to tell you something else."
    "I see. I'm curious about that."

    I was interested and properly responding. I was once an actor. That's a bit of a name, too.

    The prince licked his lips at my naive reaction, as if to reveal his plan. It was as if he expected me to listen if he spoke now.

    "I'm sorry to say this to the saint I met for the first time yesterday."
    "Speak comfortably."

    He smiled with his eyes down and a bitter smile on his face. Wow······, Just hours and minutes. In the meantime, he seems to believe I've fallen for him.

    The prince was more meticulous and thoughtful than any noble family I had ever seen. The unfortunate accident that happened with the Marquis yesterday was so much that I wondered if it was a commotion that was induced there. Yes. If he had such a personality, his work with the Marquis would have been intentional rather than accidental or unlucky. His hand rubbed as if it had been a mistake as he reached for the cookie in front of him. If his appearance was a weapon, I thought he probably had such a weapon that he could crush the Crown Prince, the Duke, and Confucius Nestro at once.

    I've never thought deeply about other people's looks, but if I had to judge it, it was. Then it wouldn't be bad to give a reaction corresponding to his appearance.
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    And I wriggled my fingertips a little, turning my ears red. Ah······ and made a small sound. What will he say to me? What should he bring up?

    "I really need your help."

    Help. I hope that his request will advantage for me and that it will not harm other people. And it would be even better if it could inspire me. This time the prince gave a wretched smile.

    “As you know, our country is currently in favor of slavery.”

    I could barely bear to frown at the word slave.

    "··········If it is a slave system, I remember that the previous saint abolished it-"

    He covered his face that was about to be distorted right away and opened his eyes wide as i was saying that. And he not forget to lower his voice a bit.

    "I know, but now that he is not there,...my father is trying to revive slavery, which had been abolished."
    "...I can't believe it."

    I didn't know this was happening in other countries while I was only concerned about the Empire. A saint does not belong to any country. It meant that I should pay attention not only to this empire, which I trust, but also to other countries.

    In other words, it is said that all of this wide continent should be viewed with an equal point of view. I knew that a growing number of supporters of the abolished slavery were emerging. But it must have been that a royal family was directly supporting it.

    "You may have already expected it, but ····. I'm against the slavery."

    Is that truth? or lie?

    “But I am only the fourth prince of a kingdom, and my first brother who is the crown prince has the same will as my father.”

    That's really difficult... Biting the tender flesh in his mouth, he lowered his anxious eyes.

    "I am telling you this, considering that the saint will be in the same position as mine."

    Alois gave strength to the soft-looking eyes.

    "...help me."
    "I heard that the previous saint also abolished slavery with great difficulty amidst a lot of backlash. If our royal family revives slavery, many countries will move around it."
    "As a prince of a country, I am too ashamed that im not able to solve it on my own."

    You saying that because you can't solve it on your own? However, he who skillfully deceives his emotions and draws out the inner feelings of others to induce others will never be ordinary.

    So, even if you object, you can solve it yourself, but if you dare to ask me, it means you are trying to get something out of it. I raised the evaluation of Prince Alois by four or five notches.

    "I understood what you wanted to say."
    ".... saint."

    Will it be good or bad for me? It is difficult to judge whether this will be a good or a bad thing right now, but it was clear that it would be dangerous to stay away from such opponents.

    "I'll help you."
    "......are you serious?!"
    "Why would I lie to you? I'm on the same page as you are."
    "Thank you very much...very much."

    And, rather than staying away from such a dangerous opponent, i had to watch closely and tear the insides out.


    I sent a separate letter to the prince and returned it.

    “I have to meet the priest over there, and I need to do a preliminary investigation…”

    As i walked down the quiet hallway, i tied my hair, which i had been twisting hard before, into a bundle.

    “I think the slave system and imperial law also need to be overturned a bit, and the hostile relationship with the emperor—”

    I thought carefully about what to do and how to start, clearing my dizzy mind.

    "It would be right to stop the resurrection of slavery first and start other work with that work."

    In order to do so, i must first determine from where to where what Prince Alois has said is true.

    "·········· Ha."

    And there was someone I had to meet now to figure it out. No matter how much i learn and know about this world, Just as learning the history of a faraway country from the beginning does not mean that I understand and learn everything, there were times when I was faced with limitations.

    I stopped walking, tilted my head and looked back. The hallway was empty. Thinking of the room that would be at the end of the hallway, i shook my head gently.

    “Who should apologize?”

    In the end i didn't hesitate any longer and turned my body completely. My soft fabric touched my body once and fell off. I arrived at the door that was intended. And i knocked on the door with the back of my hand.

    Knock knock knock

    "......Jessie, answer."

    The answer was not heard even though I could clearly feel a person's presence. I opened the door with a cold face and went in. I care about Jessie. Enough to think she is my person. I was wary of the idea of she involved in someone who was suspicious and trying to harm me in the beginning, but not anymore. I was not foolish enough to distinguish between a man's entreaty and his self-interest in the guise of entreaty. I was not heartless enough to shake off the hand of a desperate child.

    Jessie has clung to me with all her heart. Asking for help. And I just accepted the child. When I opened the door and entered, I found a room with gray curtains. The darkened room seemed to speak for someone's feelings.

    "Jessie, come here."
    "just because you're crying doesn't make anyone aware."

    Jessie moves up and down under the covers. Slowly stood up. On such a bright and sunny day, dark curtains blocked the light from entering the room. Because of that, everything in the room looked blurry and dark. I couldn't get any angrier when I saw Jessie's squishy face approaching. Jessie looked like a chick.

    The yellow hair reminded me of a chick, but I was often called that because it was cute that she followed me like a mother chicken. And she did the same with her fragile inner side. Jesse has soft heart. I also think a lot inside myself, but there were many times when I pretended to be strong so as not to show my weak side. Thanks to it, I was able to understand that feeling to some extent.

    "Cry for what you did well."

    i grabbed Jessie's shoulder as she approached me, just as my teacher would do to a crying children, and rubbed her gently.

    "Because....I was talking nonsense like that..." A sob was heard. Jesse was one of the few 'my people' after Reneben. Jessie was the one who after my life and hurt me. It was her first meeting, which i could never say was good, but the fact that she is now my people hasn't changed.

    "Jesse, did I do anything wrong to be mad at?"
    "...that can't be true."
    “The reason the temple exists is for the people, and the thought of using the people in order not to lower the authority of the temple.”

    My mouth closed for a moment. It was more accurate that I was speechless.

    "It's my fault."

    The biggest reason I think Jessie is my person. She knows her mistake and tries to fix it, and doesn't take pride in apologizing. She is a person who knows how to protect herself while sacrificing herself for others. Several words roamed around in my mouth. Not knowing what to say, I lowered my eyes slightly and asked a question instead of an answer.

    "Jessie, if I were to go the wrong way, what would you do?"
    "...I have no power, and I tried to do God's blessing, but the reason I can help Emilone-sama and stay in the temple is all because the saint accepted me... ."

    I like to be recognized. I like to be looked at with admiration and gratitude.

    "The way you're going is the right way for me."

    And my face, which had been hardened by an indescribable look of trust, relaxed. I patted Jessie on the head and asked for a favor.

    "You're wrong. If my way isn't right, try your best to block it."

    Tears welled up on her innocent face like a chick, and she quickly pulled a handkerchief from her sleeve and held it. After hearing a confession that wasn't an honest confession, it felt like a piece of your heart was lifted.


    As I was taking Jesse to my room, Reneven came to see me. The goddess festival must have been going on for a while, but when he came to visit, he shook his head.

    Reneben swept the nape of his neck. It also seemed like a shy act.

    "Emilone-nim is alone in the temple, and I don't think I'm continuing to enjoy the Goddess Festival."

    He had such a face that he couldn't lose to Jesse. Reneben seemed a little surprised to find Jessie with a swollen face behind me, but he thoughtfully pretended not to know.

    "Why? It's a good time, so I'd appreciate it if you enjoyed it."

    I wondered what he was worried about, so I stretched out my arms and grabbed Reneben.

    "Im on the way to my room. If it's okay, would you like to go with me? Jessie, are you okay?" Reneben licked his lips and rolled his eyes.
    "·······I am good."
    "I'm fine too."

    They both said almost the same thing. And naturally, the three of us headed to my room.

    Arriving in the room, Reneven took off the his robes. Jesse naturally wanted to get into the tea, so i stopped her and sat them down.

    "Give me that. I'll serve tea today."

    I gave a stinging warning and took the glass from Jessie's hand and refuted it. They both sat anxiously, sipping tea and looking at me pouring the tea. I'm not even a child

    I handed Reneben a tea that was good for fatigue recovery and Jesse a tea that helped calm her mind and body.
    Reneben's tea was red, Jesse's tea was purple, and my tea was green. Place tea cups of different colors on a tray and hand them over to each other.

    "It's bitter, but it's good for the body. Drink it. If the scent is too strong, would you put a flowerpot close by?"

    I have never felt that my taste is unique, but I liked herb tea, which most people hate. I asked in advance if I didn't like the strong scent, but the two people who turned around with the tea cup I handed them shook their heads violently.

    "No, it's fine."
    "I'm fine, too!"
    "It's been a long time since the three of us have been sitting together since we're been busy." At that, Jesse pursed her lips in agreement, and Reneben said succinctly.

    "Reneben, won't you tell us what happened in the goddess festival without me?"

    I wondered what had happened. Fortunately, the story Reneben brought out wasn't too bad. In spite of the party that should normally be fun, everyone seemed rigid, or the people who did not know what had happened are the same as usual.

    "Oh, come to think of it, Emilone-sama. Princess Ronella Nestro told me to deliver this to you."

    Reneben, who was speaking in a calm tone, paused as if he had suddenly remembered something, then narrowed his brows and spoke. Reneben pulled out a letter from the sleeve of the Duke of Nestro, engraved on it. Accepting it, he simply opened the letter with a knife nearby. Somehow, it didn't seem like Reneben, who was restless because he liked the appearance of a princess. I was staring at the letter with a blank expression on my face. The letter was formal, but it also contained a lot of personal content. At the end, there was an invitation to the duke on the last day of the Goddess Festival.

    "Hmm······. Princess ·····."

    I twisted my mouth while rolling a luxurious letter paper in my hand. It was a little ridiculous. I crumpled my forehead slightly as if it was when I was smiling open just now. I smiled in a way that might seem suspicious to others.

    'There must be something you want from me.'

    Prince Alois and Princess Nestro. I smiled with my eyes thinking that it would be worth it as much as I was wasting my time even though I was busy. I thought about whether to go or not, but the worry was not long.


    The choice was one. I was still interested in Princess Ronella Nestro and I bet she'll pay me as much as she takes away my time. Whether it's physical or emotional, it's my little pleasure.

    The last day of the Goddess Festival and the time to meet Prince Alois has come.

    "He is the fourth prince Alois Ethea. His birth mother is of the Istia tribe, the barbarians of the northwest, so he must have been definitely pushed out of the throne."
    "A loot tribe wandering without a state."

    When I think about the appearance of Alois, I was convinced by Jesse's explanation. Rather than the robustness of a man with a deep line, a soft deer came to mind. He was beyond the beauty of most aristocratic children.

    "Oh! Come to think of it, it was hard to know, but I found something interesting."

    Jessie, who had just regained her vitality, chatted about things she knew. Reneben sanctioned me and told me instead whether I thought Jessie was talking too much.

    "Prince Alois was actually related to the Duke of Nestro."

    You're related to Veron Nestro and Ronella Nestro? I looked back at Reneben. He read what Jessie had organized.

    "Duchess Nestro is the only sister of the king of the kingdom of Ethea."

    Blood ties ······. I picked up the words that Reneben and Jessie said in my head and pushed my foot into the shoes that the maid had brought me. The golden patterns carved dancefully on the white priest's robe seemed to shine more than usual. I suddenly thought that it would have been better if I had enjoyed the party in this kind of priest's uniform rather than the gorgeous white dress I wore on the first day of the Goddess Festival. It was more comfortable and light, and it was a soft image that reminds me of a temple just by looking at it.


    "Welcome, Prince Alois."
    "Thank you for the welcome."

    Sitting in the parlor, looking at Alois coming in, he reached out his hand and kissed the back of my hand.

    Unlike the time when we met without formalities, it was a meeting between a saint and a prince who made an appointment. The prince gave a distinctive soft smile with his eyes. He was dressed today in a polite, black uniform from the Kingdom of Ethea. It looked darker in contrast to his white skin. Brown hair, which was barely blindfolded, was well-organized and showed a neat forehead. He pretended not to be, but hid his muscular body with uniform outerwear.

    The red eyes nestled between the long eyelashes stared at me. It was almost impossible to know for a moment, but I could tell he was observed me. After all, I also stared him in detail, so I didn't think much of it. His lips tumbled down over his hand. Whether he was intentional or not, he bit his tongue and pressed and dropped it softly. He was startled by the soft touch, but he finally came to his senses and pulled out his hand. I looked at Alios and knew it was intentional.

    It may have been an unpleasant action, but at a strange point, he restrained himself from acting, hung a bait, and slowly started fishing. He had to stick his tongue out at his proficiency as he sat down and conversed. It was said that he was related by blood to the children of the Duke of Nestro, and that kind of performance ran in the family.

    "Did you call?"

    I kept smiling at him with a calm face.

    "I know you'll find my request difficult."

    I realized it was a story about slaves. I didn't show it because I didn't answer much, but I guess her was anxious.

    “I also know that I am infinitely inexperienced. It is not that I am asking for nothing in return for anything I ask of the saint and no one else.”
    "The price? Are you saying you're paying me?"

    Money? Luxury? Beautiful jewelry and dresses? Recalling the 'reward' that has been received so far, I implied that you would give me such material compensation. The prince blew his luck as if he had read my gaze. It was as if he had only thought of that.

    "Help me become king."
    “Then I will give you the country.”

    He knows it well. That I am the right person to not threaten his position, I will not cross the invisible line, and I will be able to get what he wants. When Prince Alois's kingdom came into my hands, it was said that a state with temples would be established and the highest authority in the country would become a saint.

    "Your choice will come first. I will make it a little easier for you to build the country you want."

    In other words, it means that no one can touch a country that has become a sacred nation. Every word he said was tempting. He seemed to know that I would react if he said this. Like a deep look that knows everything. I thought while looking at those eyes. It's not bad to know but get covered-

    "That's funny."

    Which side took the bait and which side made you regret it.

    "Will you give me a chance to serve the saint?"

    Or they both can get the benefit.


    I'll have to experience it myself.

    After sending the prince, I got ready to go to the duke.

    "How about the temple rules the country in exchange for the prince being king, Reneben?"

    The ornaments jessie started putting on my head were more than usual. I don't know if it was because she was worried that I would have to face the princess of the Duke of Nestro, who is famous for her beauty, but more and more ornaments were placed on my head.

    "It's dangerous. I don't know if the throne is really the only thing they're aiming for."
    “It may be that you need the position of the throne and the profit you will get from leaving the temple behind. We are not going to engage in political activities in an all-out war, so there must be a lot of things that fall into our hands.”
    "If a prince with a low right of succession to the throne is making such a proposal, I think he have a high level of courage."

    Reneben clicked his tongue as if he didn't like it. But I had a different idea, so I hummed and grabbed his arm.

    "How is it, Reneven? If I accept this offer, there will be a lot of things ahead."
    "...is that's what the saint wants."

    Reneben, who had already grasped me as he understood me, slowly turned away and moved to a small voice.

    "This world has its own rules. No matter how saintly she is, she can't use that power to take the emperor out of his seat or deal with the nobles without payment."
    "If that happens, the system that has been built up for a long time will collapse. If we break what has been built for hundreds or thousands of years, it will probably take a long time to get it back."

    So I'm trying not to break it now.

    "But I do not understand what the prince is really thinking."
    "The prince's life would be at risk if this story were to be known. It would be a treason, and it would be viewed badly by the pro-slavery proponents."

    I tilted my head instead at Renneven's words. Jessie was struggling until she told me to stop, because the jewelry was not fixed.

    "Well, ·····. There's no way the prince didn't think of it."

    Frowning, Reneven narrowed his brow and muttered why i like the prince so much, but i couldn't hear him because i was already in agony. The conclusion was no. Either I'm confident that I'm not going to divulge my story, or I'm assuming that there's no way my life will be in danger. one of the two
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    And I thought it was the latter rather than the former. He was not a great man to act while contemplating his one and only life.

    "But handing over the kingdom to me is a little dangerous."

    If the goal was to become a king, it was clear that he wanted what he could do as a king. But even though he can have the strongest power as a leader of a country, if he just handing it over to me is... It doesn't matter whether it's a kingdom or something... The kingdom is just a seemingly decoy...


    What if he is aiming for something bigger? Thinking back on the image of a prince who was still young, capable, and ambitious, it was more credible than the status of a single king.

    "That's great."

    I've only met him three times, but it was enough to get me to know him just as he understood me. It's fun, it's fun.

    "Emilone-sama, you're ready, Shall i prepare the carriage?"
    "The carriage has already been prepared in front of the temple. Shall I accompany you?"

    I opened up a huge wing of my imagination. It would be really interesting if the prince wasn't aiming for the king's seat.

    "Jessie stays in the temple today, Reneben, come with me."

    I almost stumbled over the weight of the ornaments on my head as I rose. But I couldn't tell her to remove the jewelry because it was so beautifully decorated. Jessie seemed unhappy about leaving behind, but all i needed today was Reneben to escort me. The Duke of Nestro. It seemed to have a lot to do with the Duke family. At first, I was interested in Princess Nestro, but...

    Surprisingly, Princess Nestor and Prince Alois, who is related by blood, are also the same. Is this why blood can't lie?

    As she got into the carriage and took a deep breath, Reneben looked at her curiously, but she didn't even notice it.

    "How are you, Reneben? What do you think I'll get today?"

    I looked out the window, twisted the ends of my flowing hair, and asked Reneben. I didn't want to move more on the day of Goddess's Day, but I'm willing to take the trouble of visiting the Duke of Nestro.

    "......I don't understand what you mean."
    "It's okay if you don't know. I'm going to do something very interesting today."

    Reneben's eyes grew to the size of a ball. I smiled brightly at him, removed my hands from my twisted hair, and pressed my index finger in the middle of my chest.

    "Because I have something to gain from the criminal who used Jessie to target me."

    Using the surprised Reneven's expression as an eye candy, he did not erase the smile on his face.

    "If it were aiming for Emilone-sama... then chandelier...?"
    "You remember."
    "How could I forget that...!! Did you know the culprit...?"

    Reneben asked, shaking his body if he thought of something while trying to talk.

    "Somewhat expected."
    "Dare that...!! What kind of person they are!"

    On the contrary, Reneben jumped to his feet with a reaction that surprised me. It's the first time I've seen him cheering, so I also stared at Reneben. The commotion quickly subsided, except when the carriage suddenly stopped when a loud noise was heard inside. Reneben clenched his teeth and gave me a resentful look.I smiled while stroking Reneben's fine hair.

    “At that time, it wasn’t a situation where I could easily catch it just because I wanted to.”
    "There was no evidence, and at that time, I was thinking about the image of a temple."

    My words deepened the goal on Renneven's forehead. At first glance, he looked full of dissatisfaction, but he couldn't argue because i was right.

    "How can a saint not value her own body?"

    Anguish hung in his dark eyes. His face was so cute, i rolled up my fists and brought it to my lips, smiling softly.

    "Why do you think so?"
    “You always jump into other people’s affairs without covering your eyes, and you are infinitely generous in your own affairs.... I can't help but say this."

    Reneben, who worried as seriously as a parents with a troublemaker child. The pure white priest's robe and white hair, which were matched him strangely well. Reneben's expression, looking at me with a worried look was discouraged.

    "It's nothing to worry about, because I know better than anyone that I'm not going to die, so I can act like this."
    "Of course, since you're a saint, but..."

    Reneben's face is distorted. The wagon stopped just as Reneben, who kept nagging me not to say that, calmed down.

    The door opened wide as if to get off. Contrary to what I expected to be noisy the moment the door opened, it was quiet outside. And the reason could be understood as i got off with Reneben's escort. There was no Princess Nestro. Originally, people don't talk to me in a friendly way, but the atmosphere was strange because there was no princess who would make the atmosphere better. Then Reneben leaned down and whispered to me as if his chin was about to touch my shoulder.

    "I'm just reading the room. It is good to make connections with the saint, but on the first day of Goddess's reign, you was recognized as equal to the emperor, so I think they also thinks of a contingency in which they will be hated."

    I mixed nasal sounds with the words that told us about our situation. Then, i stretched my shoulders, straightened my back, and carefully laid down my hands overlapped under a wide-form priest's uniform.


    I didn't forget to fold my eyes and twist my mouth to say hello. There was a cold silence. No one answered back. Standing alone in the situation, I heard answers a step later. It felt like I was holding my breath somewhere and I felt like I was crouching in a passive manner. I walked forward with Renneven, listening to a greeting with various modifiers added to the basic greeting of hello.

    As i muttered to myself the name of the princess who invited me and did not show up. If i had known that could read my heart, i swallowed the name of the princess so hard. That was then. As I entered the castle, the princess came running to me with an exclamation .

    "I didn't know you were coming! I didn't know when you would come, so I left someone outside..."

    It's been a while since I heard this voice. It was a sweet voice. Just a gentle voice for Princess Ronella Nest, with a slight tremor at the end.

    "It's been a long time, Princess," i says, and I'm sure she'll continue to talk, so I'll cut her with the most casual greeting.

    It must have been embarrassing that her words were cut off, but she blinked for a moment and answered my greeting with a big smile.

    "It's been a long time, but the beauty of the saint never loses its light. I didn't think you'd come to a prepared party on the duke, but I was so happy when I got your reply." I don't think you were ever premature. With that long bow to me, this time the princess looked at Renneven. Even though she looked up with big eyes, Reneben only said,

    "I haven't seen you in a long time, Princess." Until recently, Reneben was incredibly cold and determined that Princess Nestro had died and could not live.

    "There is not enough to serve a saint, but ·····."

    The princess clung to us as if to introduce from now on. Her behavior could have seemed rude, but it didn't bother me that much because she was Princess Nestro, not anyone else.

    "I hope there will be no such mistake next time as you invited Emilone-nim to a difficult place, Princess."

    Huh? Reneben is that what you want to say to Ronella?

    It was pretty rough for Reneben to say Princess Nestro. When Ronella was nearby, it was Reneben who forgot his position as high priest and wags his tail softly. He could not keep his fingers still, as the princess was also bewildered, and rolled her eyes.

    "Nowhere can be worthy of God's blessings..."

    It's an exemplary answer. Though it seemed like he had barely spoken. I calmed down Reneben and dealt with the princess instead.

    "Ronella, I and Reneben haven't eaten yet. I wish I could just satisfy my hunger."
    "Oh my! I have to prepare it right away. What kind of food do you prefer?"

    As I spoke, she guided us, clapping like a fish that bit her food. Originally, I was going to fill my hungry stomach with simple snacks at the party, but it didn't seem necessary. The Duke of Nestro was exactly what I imagined it to be.

    The duke's castle size was comparable to that of the imperial castle, and the interior was more difficult than expected from the splendid exterior walls. Since I had seen so many good items in the temple, I could see how valuable the framed vases, jewelry boxes, and scabbard displayed around me every time I walked.

    "I thought you wouldn't have time because you were so busy. I'm so glad you're here!"
    "It's a request of a princess, no one else, and I won't say no."

    The smile on her mouth turned interesting. I, too, answered her with a gentle eye contact.

    "I don't know what to do with the saint's words," she said, blushing with a shy accent.

    Renebe, who would normally have been like a puppy, was quiet, and it was up to me to think about how to respond to this reaction. Fortunately, the conversation with Princess Ronella was not that difficult.

    It was easier to have a conversation with someone who had a purpose like a princess than with someone with a really clear brain like Jessie. It's such an elaborate conversation where not even a single word of greeting is wasted.
    The process of getting information from the other person's words and thinking about how to naturally lead the conversation was interesting to me. It stimulated my interest to dig deep into that emotion for what purpose it was for. It could be a bit of a bad hobby.


    Ronella called my name again. I tried to wriggle my cheeks with the sweet scent that touched the tip of my nose at the moment, but I made eye contact with the princess in order not to show it.

    "Did you call me?"

    I just felt a familiar scent. I'm not exactly used to it, but I smell it somewhere and it's penetrated deep into me. It wasn't the artificial scent of perfume from Princess Nestro, but a faint scent that bees mistook for the scent of flowers and followed it.

    "It says that my cousin is at the place where you are supposed to eat now."
    "If you're uncomfortable, I'll let him go, but..."

    The princess rubbed her thumb and index finger with her fingers. Is it a habit or something else? Is this a meaningless action?

    "There's no need to let him go. On the contrary, I hope they don't think of us as difficult."

    She said It is her cousin, so the first thing that came to mind was Prince Alois Athea. Who i saw this morning. And, as always, there were no cases where the predictions went wrong. He must have come this way after part away with me, and he hadn't even changed his clothes.

    He was just getting up from his seat, apparently hearing us coming. I called him like that.

    "Hm? Saint ····."

    He smiled almost reflexively when he made eye contact with me. I had Princess Nestro and Prince Alois on either side, so i couldn't release the tension any more and tightened my mental cords. Even if it was Alois, i would have to pay more attention to dealing with the princess.

    "It's like we parted a while ago and we see each other again."

    "Oh my! Isn't this your first time seeing each other?"

    I thought it would be really worth seeing, but the princess asked. Rumors abounded about the Marquis making a fuss on Goddess Day a few days ago. There were stories that the marquis disappeared after receiving divine punishment, and there were stories that the person he was trying to harassed was a high-ranking person, so he received great retaliation. Fortunately, no one knew that the victim was Prince Alois.

    Do you want to hear the answer that it's not my first time seeing him?

    "It's not our first time, we've already met several times. Isnt that right , Saint?" The prince stole my words.
    "We're seen each other many times."

    Reneben didn't say much, and the princess had a nasal voice and a mysterious face.

    "How did you get to see him?."

    You want me to tell you a story about the marquis? It was a very sensitive subject. It was a story that others did not know...

    "She saved me from being harrased by the Marquis." Alois pulled out a sensitive subject as if he didn't care.
    "That's something to be thankful for. I also received a lot of help from the saint. But what is the incident that brother almost suffered from the marquis? To harm you and not anyone else."

    It was a natural and soft conversation that seemed as friendly as water, but it was strangely scratching the nerves.

    "I'm sorry, but that's a secret between me and the saint."
    "It's too much! It's been a while since we've seen each other to make secrets."
    “Ronella, by the way, it seems that we only talked about Saint."
    "...I'm sorry, what should I do?"

    I had fun, but Reneben seemed dissatisfied with the two of us talking about me. Alois said as if looking at Reneben's eyes that were getting harder and harder. They only exchange a few words, but they don't say anything about it. So the four of us had meal. Contrary to what I had planned for a light lunch, when the food arrived, it went smoothly. As if they knew my taste, a moderately grilled steak, a salad dipped in a moderate amount of sauce, and a sweet and sour sauce drizzled over the scallops spread in my mouth.

    Unlike the plain temple, the taste was stimulating. I was going to grab a few desserts.

    "Does it suit your taste?"
    "Of course. I heard that the Emperor was impressed by the Duke of Nestro's cooking skills, and as I heard, it's amazing."
    "I'm glad you like it. How is it brother and Reneben-nim?"
    "I like it as usual." The prince answered lightly. Reneben seemed to be thinking, but somehow answered in a sharp voice.
    "The flavor is too pungent and the meat is tough."

    Although the scent was irritating, it was enough to enhance the taste of the mouth appropriately. I don't know if the meat is tough or not. If the meat was delicious, that was enough.

    "...is that so? If you don't like it, I'll tell then to get other meal."

    As if she was shocked by those words, the princess shook her eyelashes and spoke with a weak breath. And she did the face of a forsaken woman. As she spoke to her with that seductive face, I gave Reneben a puzzled glance. If it was Reneben, he used to put on his piercing face, saying, It's my happiness to be with the one she loves. but then he didn't have any of that left. And the emotions that fell on Reneben's face were chaos, confusion, pain and anger. There was nothing to come out of those pieces of emotion.

    "It's all right. It's not something I'm going to do when the saint is eating."

    That's how Reneben calmed down his anger. When I raised an empty glass, the maid approached me and poured water for me. I could hear the empty glass filling with water. I laid my eyes languidly with my glass to my mouth. It was a comedy, a delightful.

    That's why a lot of fun things happen when you're with a princess. Reneben's clumsy reaction, like a difficult problem I have to solve. Prince Alois, who wears his red upper lip like a gentle deer over there and makes eye contact as if unintentionally. Princess Ronela, stroking her knee with her finger under table while she was crying while eating. When I made eye contact with Prince Alois, I colored my earlobes and folded my eyes and smiled. It doesn't seem like it, but it was quite enjoyable. A third party would watch the situation with interest.

    "Reneben, I'm fine, so stop."

    In the end, Reneben bit his mouth like a clam at my words. Prince Alois lowered his head and picked up his knife. And I emptied the glass of water, took a glass of red wine, and took a sip of sweet wine in my mouth. When i thought that the meal would proceed so quietly, the prince looked at Princess Ronella and smiled lowly. No one knew, but I noticed.

    'There's nothing good about being associated with the Duke of Nestro.'

    Even though I'm playing as far as I can manage, if I get deeper with the Duke of Nestro than that, it probably means that something has happened that even I can't help it.

    '········ let's see.' But I decide the depth of the relationship.

    I turned my wrist round and round and let the wine play in the glass. The blood-red liquid slowly spun around in the glass. I needed information about Prince Alois, which I personally saw and grasped, not information I heard from anyone. And if the prince kept his promise, I wouldn't lose any money in the deal.

    "...Oh, it's cold."

    So i have to bear with this. As I turned my wrist, the glass tilted, and red liquid poured over my body. Red water slowly began to seep down from the left shoulder. The cold feeling made me complained. The mouth was pulled down and the sharp eyes that were rising softened up. I looked down at the red liquid that soaked my body. The white priest's clothes with gold patterns on them looked expensive at a glance. I wish I had an income to live up to this level of sacrifice ······.

    "Are you all right!"

    The prince was quick. Princess Ronella jumped up from her seat, shouting in surprise as if she had understood the situation late. But i had already been buried by the two men who fuss over me. It was only natural that Prince Alois's hand was faster than Princess Ronella's startled voice, which stopped Reneben.

    "Cover it." What was faster was the speed at which he took off hid coat. Prince Alois took off his black uniform and draped it over my shoulder.

    The uniform with various accessories was quite heavy. To be honest, as soon as it was placed on my shoulder, I thought that if I wore this every time, it would be too much for my shoulders. I didn't do anything, but i stood my shoulders straight and did not hide my embarrassment.

    "It could be a little heavy for a saint."

    I think Reneben was upset about losing his his turn and said, pulling out the chair. The weight was no joke because they were all real, such as gold chains, transparently shining jewels, and everything else. It was surprising to think that even the ladies carrying jewelry underneath the dress could bear this much weight.

    "I'll tell maid to prepare your clothes separately,"

    Ronella gave a blatant worried look at the unsavory situation. Prince Alois gazed at me, called a maid. It was just that.

    After three seconds or just that much eye contact, he turned his head. It was not a skill I had done once or twice to send a gentle gaze with that appearance. If it was an ordinary aristocratic young girl, she would have been able to imagine it like a romance novel. that was it I spilled the wine glass and wanted to double check whether Prince Alois wanted to look good sexually to me or to look good from person to person. I already knew it, but I checked it again with my own eyes.

    I moved out and laughed as the maid guided me. It's not fun if you want to look good to me person to person.
    "Did you call me?"

    I looked at Reneben, who had stopped eating and followed me to pick up my hands. The scent of wine continued to rise.

    "Prince Alois's suggestion."
    "..... "
    "I'll accept it."

    Reneben shut his mouth. I only smiled because it was an expected reaction.

    "Why all of a sudden?"

    As a person to person, if it was to look good only for political purposes, I might have hesitated a little more. But i liked the idea of seducing me and taking all of me. It was different from those who wanted me and wanted strength as a saint, but only wished for me insignificantly.

    I guess that fact gave me a little bit of pleasure... So, I decided to skip over the odd act of getting me. Reneben's expression grew serious. I knew it was not because of the thought of leaving the Empire, but because of the thought of Prince Alois. Perhaps his mind was filled with thoughts of him. I leaned in to change clothes and gave Reneben a soft smile. It was not difficult to give a genuine smile to Reneben, who was worried and looked at me as me, not as a saint who was not pretentious.

    "Don't worry. Reneven, trust me."
    "...If I don't trust Emilone-sama, who will I trust?" At Reneben's words, i shrugged my shoulders and went inside to change my clothes.

    My new clothes were also all gold. Gold was the color favored by upper-class aristocrats. Ronella looked at me, and she liked it so she clapped.

    "It's a dress I've never worn before! I'm glad it fits you well."
    "I am so grateful that you were willing to lend me. I will pay you back for this favor later."

    It was a little burdensome to see the golden twinkle every time I moved, but I did it myself, so I just accepted it and moved my body. The dress with split hem swayed with every movement.

    Seeing me like that, Prince Alois blushed. Really, anyone looking at him would think that he was such a innocent deer-like man that was not found in aristocratic society.

    "You are beautiful."

    If other people see him, he'll be an innocent person. As long as I decided to be fooled and ride the same boat, it was not difficult for me to be a part of this comedy.

    "That's compliment."
    "I’m glad to hear that.”

    As i tilted my head, my lustrous pink hair slid out of the jewelry and poured down behind my back. Reneben saw it and pulled the jewelry out of my hair. A butterfly-shaped ornament flew over Reneben's hand. It didn't look bad at first glance in the mirror, so it just stayed there. I was just thinking that I might have to go back to the party so slowly. Prince Alois had an interesting remark.

    "Wouldn't you give me the honor of escorting the saint today?"

    Reneben, who was originally planning to escort me, was moved up and down, but just bit his lips because he was my opponent. It wasn't too long to worry about what to do with this situation. Princess Ronella snapped at Reneben as if it was an opportunity.

    "Then why don't you dance with me?"

    When the noble Young lady invited the man to dance with her, it was an implicit invitation that you would like to be my partner today. An unknown anger appeared on Reneben's face, and then it turned into a troubled expression. Still, it was not obvious to others that I had dealt with many aristocrats at High Priesthood , but I could not deceive my eyes. But it wasn't just me who noticed. Two people as sensitive as I must have noticed. Princess Ronella opened her mouth in earnest as Reneben reacted. Words poured out as if she had already made a story for it without any hesitation.

    "I don't know if you remember,.... Do you remember applying for an escort to me before?"

    Reneben once said something like a common line from a sub-male who said, If you're happy, I'm happy, at a temple back yard just after I became a saint. i covered my mouth with the fan i received while changing my clothes, wondering when Reneben was so active.

    "At that time, I had no choice but to say no because I had a prior agreement with the Crown Prince. Today, I want to apologize for that incident."

    The word 'apology' doesn't seem appropriate there, but it seems that she meant to nail her down. But Reneben, who had changed from before, politely took a step back and bowed his head.

    "I'm sorry.... I don't think I can do it this time."

    There was absolutely no personal emotion in it. Ronela asked, but he refused. It seemed that Reneben's unrequited love had ended. Originally, there was nothing strange about a heart without promise.

    "I don't know what the High Priest will think, but I would appreciate it if you could escort Ronella."

    As this battle was about to end, Prince Alois did not have a spoon. And, following on from the previous time, Princess Ronella did not give up on my claim.

    "Reneben-sama! Why can't you say... Even if it's not okay, please do it..."

    Ronella's pathetic voice trembled. I feel sorry for her fidgety look and need help. I don't think it's a bad idea to have a party with Prince Alois today, but Reneben, like my family, was in trouble and i wasn't heartless enough to ignore.

    However, as to how he got the sign that he would help me, Reneben shook his eyebrows, then bowed his head slightly and accepted the princess's request.

    "If Princess Nestro dances with me, what could be more honorable than this?"

    Alas, the Reneven rescue operation failed. Still, I was wondering why he hated it so much when she was once his crush, Ronella approached Reneben with a big smile.
    Then all I have left is ····.

    "Saint, will you give me the honor to escort you?"

    It wasn't a bad choice.


    "Saint Emilone and Prince Alois Ethea will enter the hall!!"

    As soon as they entered the hall, everyone became quiet. Similarly, when the emperor entered, i smiled.


    With a dignified but loud voice, a laughter spread among those who kept the silence. No other person would ever be able to, but because I am a saint, I spoke like a fish in water as far as possible.

    "I'm so glad that you came here. I hope you have a good day today."

    Prince Alois, who was standing next to me, looked down at me and held out my hand. Unlike Reneben, who held Princess Ronella's hand from the outside, he graciously handed over to the cheeky request for my hand as if asking for an escort in front of a lot of people.

    "I look forward to your kind cooperation."

    And the lips that I thought were red enough to be attractive continuously touched the back of my hand and fell. I thought carefully about why he was acting while attracting so many people's attention. Maybe you can help me because I fall into the category of 'friends'.

    The party hall suddenly became noisy like a wave at the kiss the back of my hand. Everyone stood up and began to spread the word over their fan. After seeing it, I had to reconsider. You might be aiming for this. There would be no one who knew how fast the aristocratic society was rumored. Even with the kiss on the back of my hand, it seemed that the problem was that i made eye contact with Prince Alois, who looked at me with a beautiful appearance.

    Prince Alois, who had stayed in the aristocratic society for a long time, couldn't be unaware of how this rumor would spread. Prince Alois's smile as he lifted his lips from the back of my hand put an end to this strange mood. ······· As his actions unraveled the hard atmosphere so easily, i tried to burst out laughing out of absurdity. Of course, I'm not stupid enough to let that laugh out.

    “I didn’t know that I would be standing here holding hands with Emilone-nim at a party like this.”


    I looked up at him at an angle, wondering why? He pulled me to a wine display with a soft grip on his hand. He grabbed some red wine and twirled his wrist a few times as I had done before.

    "After helping me then..." Alois' expression deepened. Deep, mellow, secretive and decadent. He slowly sipped the wine.

    He looked at me with his hands on the edge, as if it was about to pour on his body. Wherever the gentle young deer went, there was a wild beast.

    "I thought you wouldn't be at a party like this anymore."

    The wine was about to overflow out of the glass. I looked at the precarious scene and thought.

    "Loud music, pretentious smiles, unpleasant conversations. I still regret coming here."

    I grabbed Prince Alois' wrist with my opposite, unbound hand.

    I brought the wine glass in his hand to my lips and tilted it so that I could see the man's face with embarrassment. Only after emptying half the wine glass did i let go of his wrist. I wiped the wine from my lips with my tongue. If the other person is seducing me...

    "But I don't think it's that bad since I've seen the prince."

    What am I not able to do? His eyes widened in surprise. Red eyes, which may be frightening to others, began to show heat.

    "Of you say so..." I wondered if he noticed me the way I noticed his acting as I tilted the wine glass, but it wasn't.
    "I'm glad."
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