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    I know my english Is not good, but i want to tried make summary, hope you can understand it.

    • they continue to seduce each other, (Alois drinking in the same glass as her)
    • She having fun observed him, In the same time the crown prince come to the hall.
    • She tried to hide from crown prince and Alois noticed that so he suggested to go to the terrace.
    • they tried to head there but the crown prince stop them
    • Since She had lost any trust in the Crown Prince, She thought that there was no need to greet him in a formal way.
    • The crown prince asked her about Marquis of Chebolhi ( the one who harrased Alois) say did she have to do that and It's not fair to punish the nobles for 'just such a thing'. Although he was rude in front of her, he want her to return the title of marquis, which is now confiscated.
    • Of course she said she doesn't want and said if she left this country, would he still be able to talk to her like that.
    • The Crown Prince's face distorted. He said that there is no such thing in history (the saint moving to the other country)
    • she said then she would be the first one doing it and purposely pushed Alois behind her like she try to hide him.
    • the crown prince get mad thinking that because of Alois, she want to go.
    • she stop the crown prince and said he wanted too much from a temple that was not tied to anything in the first place
    • and then suddenly monster appear, everyone screaming and the windowpane break.
    • there was two monster with red fur and red eyes and crawling around the window.
    • strangely, she fell the monster just after her. She borrow sword from some one but Alois holding her back, he want to help her so she handed over the sword to him and grab a dagger.
    • If you asking where the crown prince?, He hide with the other nobles. LOL
    • she tried to make the other go out of the hall, but they don't want, they believe if there is a saint in there they would safe.
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    Bro I love you so much,thank you for all these summaries❤️
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    Thank you so much for real
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    I read in some of the spoilers that the Duke who is a potential ML have PINK HAIR and purple// RED EYES

    Isn't it just a misunderstanding??

    MC have those colors, and MAYBE her BROTHER
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    "I'll protect you."
    "I will protect you."

    Tears welled up in the child's eyes. Innocent eyes that still don't know what happened have completely captured me. I gave a small bird kiss on the exposed forehead and smiled.

    "If i can't even do that, i don't deserve to be called a saint."

    I don't have the authority to whine because I'm a saint. I'm sorry, I borrowed it (dress) from Princess Ronella, but I wiped the child's tears and runny nose with my sleeve. The child nodded his head, raising his head high, ready to suck his tears away at my words. He has a unique look... As i thought about it, i immediately thought that i had to deal with that monster, so i got up and shook my head at Prince Alois.

    "Then I look forward to your kind cooperation from now on."

    He was looking at me with a puzzled look on his face.


    “If you leave this castle, you will be eaten.”

    A bird flew away. It wasn't even a frog, but the monster jumped. He jumped up, caught a bird that was flying in the air, ate it, and lost his appetite.

    They'll probably be eaten the moment that monster land on the ground. That's why i didn't even ask for support using magic spheres. Instead of support, I sent a message to keep people from coming around the Dutchy of Nestro. It was quite dangerous to eat it the moment it came near. damn! Now the windows were almost cracked and on the verge of breaking. Reneven looked at me.

    "How are you going to get rid of it?"
    "Sorry, I was joking."

    I was joking to lighten the mood, but Reneben made an awkward face to be too serious. But it was true that there was no solution. Even if there are similar measures. Even at this moment, there was a creaking sound and the glass window cracking. It looked like a monkey, but it was attached to the window like a lizard, and jumped around like a frog and prayed.

    "Reneben, can you wear the Holy Power on your body?"

    That was humility. Because Reneben's divine power, who prayed hard to God, couldn't have been less. Reneben hesitated and replied that it could be a little bit possible.

    "I can do it too. Maybe they won't do any damage if you wear the Holy Power on your body."

    It was something I had never experienced before. Human-eating monsters heal slowly, no matter how much damage they inflict or cut off parts of their bodies. It neither burns nor perishes. If they get close, they will be eaten, but if they split their body, they will regenerate in two, so the danger was understandable. But even if they get too close, they might be eaten up, and on the contrary, I thought carefully about the moment when they would escape. I surrounded my body with divine power.

    "But you can't give your divine power to someone else." It was like a hard shield. Only applicable to demons.

    "······· Although it is useful information, it is a method that only me and Emilone-sama can use."
    "That's right."

    I made eye contact with Prince Alois. what? As I watched, there is a creaking sounded again, and with a thump, one of the monster hit his head in the window.

    The prince held the sword properly. All of a sudden, he had three fingers folded. By the time he found out what it was, it was already broken.


    A low sigh broke out and they began to walk slowly through the broken windows. Just like a human Since they were twice the size of a human, it was impossible to describe their intimidation. Red fur and red eyes, a disgusting cry. Those who harm people are...

    “As expected, I couldn’t like monsters if I wanted to like them.” (i don't thing It's right , the writer often make typo, even people on comment section in kakaopage complain about the writer typo)

    I made eye contact with the monster who looked around and shook their heads. Then, bizarrely, his neck began to break. He leaned his head sideways, almost at a right angle, and then slowly approached me. Since i was wearing divine power, it didn't matter if it wasn't primal fear. Monsters were things that acted according to their instincts. It wasn't something I could do with a plan. That is a monster created in the name of greed.

    "Come here?"

    The name Saint wasn't just there for nothing. The divine power continued to fall out of the room indefinitely, and I thought this was the few gift God could give me. It's my first time doing it, but………. Divine power was laid thickly in the room. As the room was filled with high concentration of energy, the movement of the fast ones slowed down.

    It didn't seem like it could do that much damage unless it was directly spitting out divine power. Still, I was happy. The monster that was approaching stopped stopped. This time, the neck was half more bent and tilted almost 180 degrees.

    Still, the moster instincts seemed to be solid. He fluttered around me while he was squealing. The monsters took various forms. And it was the same this time as well.

    "Prince, back off."

    There was a dent in the spot where one of them drooled, he couldn't come around me right away and slowed down. I thought it would be easier than the tentacle snail that attacked the temple last time, but I sent Prince Alois, who was holding the sword, to the back.

    "Why are you both focusing on me?"

    Somehow, neither of them seemed interested in Reneben nor Prince Alois.

    "Your highness will be pleased to see it."

    It's impossible to be like the moster who tilted his head 180 degrees, but he slightly bent his neck, huh? Prince Alois had a well-forged sword, but I had a dagger. My pink hair fluttered with every movement, and a voluminous skirt tightened my body. Without hesitation, i ripped the garment engraved with gold embroidery.

    It was the moment when noble clothes were transformed into cloth pieces in an instant. I also chose to unbutton the tight tops. In an instant, my body felt lighter.

    A white dress that covers the ankle narrowly wraps around the body.


    Reneven called me for my bold choice, but it wasn't the time to worry about it. It just matters that my body feel light.

    I grabbed Prince Alois by the shoulder and pushed him back slightly.

    "Please be careful not to touch that skin and just injure him."

    The monster wasn't that great. After inflicting a wound, the game is over if the divine power is blown. Of course, it was difficult to inflict that wound, and without the priests with the holy power of the temple, it was almost invincible. The dagger that tore my clothes in my hand swung back and forth. As I took one step closer, he took a step back.


    Unfortunately, there are two opponents. I couldn't care less about one thing. As I turned my head quickly with the sound of something collapsing, I could see one of them knocking down the wall. This was one thing I didn't expect.

    They were so instinctive that they couldn't even think of breaking something. That's why I was even more surprised. But Prince Alois put the sword deep in the monster back. Just as i thought he was lucky, he already broke down the wall and i approached the crowd. The screams seemed to pierce their ears, so they wanted to run away, but they could not get away from the saint. As for why they was hiding so close, I sighed at the people who didn't listen to me even though I told them to run away.

    I turned towards the demon wounded by Prince Alois. The one closest to the collapsed wall was Princess Ronella, who had dark hair. She stood in front of the red monster. While the demon was still, i reached out my hand and grabbed Princess Ronella's arm. I entrusted the tumultuous nobles to Reneben , who approached, as she fell helplessly among her nobles.

    "I'm in trouble ······."

    The monster right in front of me was bleeding and struggling in pain. It was my responsibility to get rid of the monster until that wound was healed. I stretched out my hands and touched the monster who was running away. My body, which was fast with divine power, slowed down. It seemed that the terrifying monster could easily be captured. That was to say that the only ability of a monster was a quick physical ability.

    It was as if the monster that attacked the temple last time had no other powers other than melting everything and passing through it. The blood of the monster soaked my clothes. I've never seen them run away, get sick, and writhe in agony. But it broke my heart to see it struggle to escape.

    "There's nothing I can do about it. This is my job."

    I moved it a little and erased some remorse. As i looked at the wounds inflicted by Prince Alois and breathed in divine power, the effect was immediate.

    The monster body was so weak that it was funny that he was so determined. A sharp nail grazed over my body, but I didn't think it hurt that much. The body that i was holding on gradually became weak and somehow limp and began to lose shape. The moment I let go of it, I was overwhelmed with indescribable embarrassment.

    "Argh! It's alive!"
    "Saints! Saints!"

    It was a time when I thought that if I practiced a little more swordsmanship, I would be able to solve it on my own without the help of Prince Alois or Reneben. As usual, I thought that there would be no traces of a monster, but the funny thing is that I instinctively shook my hand at the figure held in my hand, and something fell to the floor, making a strange noise.

    Red, red lump·····.

    "It's a monster!!"
    "He is alive. Argg!"

    I fell to the floor by myself and watched with my big eyes as I jumped, everyone screamed, saying it was a monster or something.
    Yes, the monster... It's a monster... The size of a monkey.... As small as two palms of an adult man put together.

    "Saint, One more over there."

    I couldn't seem to pull myself together and reached out to the floor, and I heard a sound of awakening my mind in this uproar.

    A shadow fell over my head. Instinctively, I reached out and grabbed the moster who moved to attack the people behind me.

    Without even having time to check the remaining monsters, i instilled divine power as it was. When I looked up to the texture of the texture felt from where I was holding it, I saw a monster, which was covered in blue and green, which was not even red.

    A monster full of wounds. I don't know what the hell Prince Alois did with the remaining monsters while I was here, but it was tattered and almost like a rag.

    As expected, the rest of moster became smaller and fell to the ground.

    "......it's a monkey,"

    I murmured embarrassedly as i saw the two smaller mamas. It was a monkey that wiggled and squished alive.


    As it got smaller, the wounds seemed to have healed. Two red-eyed monkeys trembled from the floor and got up. It was a pity to jump up crying, so when I lifted the two animals, it quickly became quiet.

    "Emilone-sama, that's..."
    "It's not a monster."

    It turned into a little monkey just as it was before. Even though it looked like this, i was a saint, but i could tell if the opponent was a monster or not. Maybe it's because of their animal-friendly constitution, but the young monkeys gently twisted their bodies.

    "Its Surprised. Calm down people."
    "Saint, first of all, Saint."
    "...it's okay, first of all."

    Reneben wrapped his robe over my body. The clothes had melted and the monster's claws had been sharpened, so there was definitely a need to cover it up.

    "Emilone-sama, you're hurt...."
    "It doesn't hurt. So,.."

    I can't really explain how to describe having two very small animals in my arms right now.


    Reneben calmed down the nobles. Princess Ronella calling for me also flowed in my ears, but Prince Alois was fast.

    He approached with a sword. The blood of a monster was smeared on his soft face. As I was looking at him soaking wet, the monkey on the left scratched my body with his hand and tried to run away.

    "Its little monkey."

    The monsters that were still in the form of beasts came to mind. There was never a time when it was not a living, breathing form of life.

    "It's like the main body of a beast."

    The monkey rode on top of my body and dangled from my shoulders. The image of monster threatening people with his eyes wide open before was nowhere to be seen. Somehow, my face was as tattered as anyone else's, and I burst out laughing.

    "Come here."

    I repeated the same thing I had said to the monster before. The monkey hanging behind my back drooped, holding on to the robe that Reneven had give me.

    "Good boy."

    Anyone could tell that the monkey was afraid of Alois. Is this really the main body of the beast?. but it was hard to deny it as I saw the guy who had been brutally beaten by Prince Alois trembled. Alois wiped the blood running through my eyes. At that time, I felt like I was too focused on animals, so I opened my mouth belatedly.

    "Are you hurt anywhere?"
    "Don't worry. Rather than that, the saint is...."

    He narrowed his brows small. He closed his mouth as he saw the blood rising above Renneven's white priest's robe.

    Reneben also pecked at me as to where he had left the people and held the monkey hanging over the wound on my back. I don't know if it was because it was Reneben, the only one who didn't do anything to it, or maybe it was just because i was a person with the divine power that animals obeyed, but the monkey meekly released them self from his hand. Although he quickly shook off Reneben's hand and ran back to me.

    "Emilone-sama, unknown things are dangerous. To cut off a bud, you must first kill it..."
    “It used to be a monster, not now.”
    "But ·····!"
    "I thought I wouldn't be able to tell it apart."

    The monkey who kept hanging on to me was so uncomfortable that he rubbed his face against my forehead. He had red eyes and red fur, but i could no longer feel the energy of the monster.

    "Let's go back to the temple first."

    Still, they were monkey who were monsters, so i continued pouring out their divine power. They was in a good mood, so they fell asleep right away. In the end, Reneben, unable to see, held out his hands.

    "I'm not incompetent enough to not be able to send even divine power to a small animal. I'll hold them."
    "Would you like to?"

    As if confident in my question, Reneben easily held the two monkeys. They was still drowsy in sleep. Only then did a sigh burst out. The wound on my back started to hurt. It wasn't hard to get rid of the monster, but I was always dissatisfied with the traces left on my body. Reneben was restless as i exhaled deeply.

    "Are..are you okay?"

    It was not difficult to walk, so I had no intention of asking for help from others. I was about to shake my head, but Prince Alous, not Reneben, caught me.

    "You have a big wound."
    "It's okay..."
    "I'll pretend I didn't hear you say it's okay."

    I really fine, but I thought it might not be the case for others. To me, it was a common one-piece outfit, but to the nobles, it was underwear.

    "I'd love to take care of you, but ······ Then i can't handle the animals...."

    Reneben alternated between me and the monkey. He was breathing heavily, looking exhausted.

    "I'll take care of you."

    In the end, i raised a white flag in his deep eyes that said not to refuse.


    At best, I thought he was supporting my body, but suddenly my body floated. I was startled and messed up my displaced hand and placed it on his shoulder. He held my thigh easily with one hand and held my waist to avoid the wound. It was a dangerous position, but he maintained a stable position as if it was not difficult to lift me.

    ".....hold me tight, so you don't fall."
    "Of course."

    Seeing Prince Alois holding me easily with one hand, Reneben pursed his lips and turned to walk forward first. I put my hand on his shoulder and rolled his eyes.

    He was looking down at me. Unlike the face stained with the blood of the beast, the maintenance part was still intact. The posture was so embarrassing that I lowered my head slightly, and the hair tie that was tied was loosened. Pink hair streamed down.

    "Are you all right?"

    Timing is also luck. As my hair swept over his face, the nobles that Reneben had been pushing back and forth burst out like water. It was an envoy to confront them while being held by men. Prince Alois eyes are hardened while making eye contact with me. Prince Alois, who looked at me like that, made me lean a little bit closer to his body and turned his head slightly and spoke lowly.

    "Thanks to all of you, the saint has overworked herself, so she is going back to the temple today."

    Hearing the words, it seems very kind and gentle, but if you put it in writing, it is strangely twisted and sniping the nobles.

    Whether it was because the opponent was Alois, a member of the royal family, or whether it was because of his characteristic soft tone, the nobles simply paved the way. Thanks to that, it was easy to get to the temple.

    First of all, I wanted to see those who were monsters, but I had no choice but to give up after the priests who had been quietly spending the last day of the Goddess Festival in the temple stopped me.

    They pushed me into the room, telling me to rest first as they would continue to infuse the divine power. The maids who saw me rolled around in a hurry and make fuss of their hands all over the place. It happened so quickly that when I lay in bed, my wounds were already covered with bandages and I was wearing a light linen nightgown. The maids, turned off the lights in the room. They left the teacup next to my bed as it was said to relieve pain and shoothes the inside of the body.

    It was when I closed my eyes because I felt like I needed to sleep.

    "Oh, wait a minute."
    "Yes? Did you call?"
    "Prince, Prince Alois, if he stay at the temple, will you give him a room?"

    As if wondering what I said, the maid questioned, but eventually closed the door with an answer that she would. The thick curtains caused me to lie alone in the room where darkness. It was easy to fall asleep as it is.


    When I woke up again, I was surprised to see the wound almost healed.

    "It's fast to recover, but ····."

    Was it this much? I tilted my head and once again reflected the wound in the mirror, but the wounds was already all gone. I put on my clothes and swept my hair away, leaving questions behind. No matter what the maids put on my hair yesterday, it smelled sweet. I had to show my face to the people of the temple who were worried by now and go see the monkey.

    I was quite worried about the monkey because I didn't bring it with me just like that. I was going to prepare myself for an emergency, but I slept soundly because of the Priest who kept saying that i shouldn't do it. When I thought of a monkey, I got impatient, put on a thick coat, and quickly opened the door and went out. The refreshing scent of the temple surrounds the body.


    And the moment I opened the door, I gently lifted my head to the chest of the man hanging right in front of me. Even in the early morning, i had already been accustomed to seeing him a few times.
    He glanced at me once and raised the corners of his lips as if relieved.

    "I was worried."
    "...that's what this is."

    When i said that the wound had already healed, he exclaimed in surprise. I couldn't show it in person, so i just nodded at Alois's question if it was really okay.

    However, in the absence of the paladins and maids who would have been guarding the door, I looked around to find them, and Al Royce's voice was heard.

    "When the priest found out that the saint had risen, the high priest take people."
    "Reneben-sama called the attendant for a while and was away, but it was just a while ago."

    Leaving only Prince Alois behind, Reneben, who doesn't trust people too much. I looked up at him at the unexpected words and asked.

    "Did something happen?"
    "I don't know what Saint is worried about, but I don't think you should be too concerned." "Really?"

    Fortunately, I just wake up and there seemed to be nothing to worry about. In fact, it was like looking at the inside of the quiet temple. However, Alois's words were a little annoying. It was as if I wasn't worried about it, but it sounded like something was going to bother me. I stopped and looked up at him.

    He blinked a couple of times as i looked at him, and spoke a step later with his characteristic gentle voice. It was as if he was worried.

    "Actually, by my negligence..."
    "Rumors have spread to the saint."

    It was expected to some extent, but even though it was still early in the morning, I applauded for the nobles who quickly spread what had happened in the afternoon of the previous day.

    “What kind of… rumors?”

    But i pretended not to know and showed a slightly worried face.

    "...I'm so sorry,"

    Alois apologized once again. I stamped my feet on him. It was not until about this much that I could hear the full story from him.

    "Maybe because of yesterday's work, everyone seems to misunderstand the relationship between me and the saint."

    The end of his voice trembled a little. His face turned red. It was gradually dyed up to his nape, and the way he handled himself freely and skillfully was applauded.


    Probably the first day we met, if he hadn't shown a feverishly relaxed smile. I probably wouldn't have noticed his acting.

    "What misunderstanding are you talking about?"

    If I hadn't been suspicious and interested in seeing him then, I would have thought that the innocent look was real. When I didn't say anything, he covered his mouth with his hand and looked at me.

    "...if the saint is offended."

    What should I answer here? I was thinking for a moment.

    "No... No,... No."

    As if i had understood Prince Alois words too late, i raised my voice and acted like a surprised person. Heat slowly crept across my face. Perhaps it would have looked like i was embarrassed. If this is his purpose, he could play with me to a certain extent. Still, he gathered the brush that was wrapped around his body and trembled to open his shoulders.

    I'm falling for him just because I met him a few times. However, ordinary noble girls seem to be captivated by his smile no matter how many times, so my behavior would not be so strange.

    "It's my fault. I didn't expect this rumor to spread."
    "I don't think it's anyone fault. There are some things I didn't behave well, but if the degradation doesn't feel bad,"

    Slowly straightened my face and coughed a couple of times. I take a step.

    There was only one place for young monkeys to play in the temple, so there was no hesitation in my steps. Walking ahead, I straightened my face so that I wouldn't make the same mistake as Princess Ronella, young duke Nestro or Prince Alois. Once you have begun to deceive others, you must not let your guard down until the end. It's not that easy to show someone a lie. So I was careful until the end.

    "There's nothing wrong with feeling..."

    At the same time, he answered appropriately. Is this the start ? His words were just right to instill delusions in many girls. Unfortunately, I was not one of them, so I was blunt, but the recalled face and trembling voice seemed to make a confession. After that, there was no conversation. I started to walk a little awkwardly, stealing from anyone looking at it. And if i ever had to bump into the prince, he hardens his body and shows off as if he cares about me.

    That way, you'll have to think hard. I just arrived at the glass greenhouse. As expected, I felt a lot of movement here. When I opened the door, I could see the Priest, including Renneven, intertwined together. Since the goddess festival was over, I thought everyone would be busy cleaning up afterwards, but I couldn't choose what to say when more than half of the priests were gathered.


    When they heard the sound of me opening the door, some bright-eared priests called in anxious voices. I thought it was a lie when he said nothing happened, so I tried to look around Alois, but someone grabbed my hand.

    "Catch it, please!"

    it wasn't someone, its small beasts with fluffy red fur.

    "Oh my gosh..." The guy who grabbed my hand was light and could be lifted easily. While i was distracted, warm arms wrapped around my neck.


    Reneben pushed through the priests. Among these, the worst was not a word. I lost my eyes for a moment and looked away, pretending not to know, when I saw Reneben, who was almost half-naked, his clothes almost completely untied and torn, exposing his bare body.

    "They... ha."

    Come to think of it, not only Reneben, but also the inside of the greenhouse was a mess, and the priests were in a mess as if someone had their hair ripped apart. The flowerpots rolled over the floor, and the flowers were spread out, showing their roots.

    Some plants had teeth marks and traces of someone eating them.

    "That's what they did!"

    Reneben said as if to vent his anger. Reneben's half-torn shirt made sense. I looked down at the monkeys digging into my arms to see if they were real. The monkeys whimpered as if they were saying no.

    "Personality ············."

    He wiped the sweat off his face. I looked down at the monkey in my arms for it. They was looking at myself lovingly with my red eyes rolling, but I can't believe you're devastating the greenhouse garden with your innocent face. They was short of a rascal.

    "I'm sorry, Reneben. Because I asked you to look at it."

    I stroked the fur of the guys clinging back and forth and eventually apologized instead. It was me who said that I would bring it, so it was right for me to apologize. Reneben paused at my apology, then swept his hair and shook his head.

    "No... i did it because I wanted to take care of them..."

    It must have been hard, his body was soaked with sweat. Seeing that the white priest's uniform was stained with sweat, i sighed, but Reneben cautiously ran out of luck.

    “Ha… there was nothing else, but they was a monster, so please be careful, Saint-sama.”
    "do not worry."

    I pushed Reneben's back to tell him to hurry up and rest. From the moment I came in, I stopped the priests cleaning up the ruined greenhouse garden and called the servants and maids.

    "What should I do now?"

    I saw the two red monkeys in my arms and sighed. A new plan has been added to the crowded schedule. Soon it was time to learn swordsmanship from paladins. But it happened just yesterday and the wound on my back hasn't healed yet, and I had to take responsibility for the life I brought, so I was forced to take a break for a while.

    "I won't do it."

    I was stroking the monkeys who were rubbing their faces as if they knew nothing with a troubled expression, while Alois grabbed the monkey hanging from my back. At the same time, a loud scream rang out. It wasn't the cry of a monster, but the cry of a simple monkey. Alois was startled and let go of his hand, and at a speed that couldn't be faster than this, the guy hanging on my back moved forward. I looked back at Alloys as I looked down at him pushing his way in.


    I took a deep breath as I looked down at monkey who trembling in fear because he remembered what happened to Prince Alois yesterday.

    "You haven't healed any wounds yet, but it's dangerous to hold an animal carelessly..."

    Alois said as if advising as he looked at the beasts that kept climbing on my body and coming down. But as he was speak, the monkey, who was not afraid of him, grabbed the prince's fiery brown hair.

    Suddenly feeling a pain in his scalp, he wrinkled his brow slightly. As his handsome face wrinkled, i patted the monkey's ass and told him to let it go. Fortunately, he listened to what I was saying.

    "...Ha, in the eyes of the saint, they judged it not dangerous, but they were 'monstrous' animals. You thought about putting them by your side, but it's not right."
    "Did your prince judge that way? So do I."
    "Then, ·····."
    "But it's just a conclusion from me and my degradation."

    Prince Alois covered his face halfway with his hands. I couldn't be dragged away as he wanted. He seemed to want to kill the monkeys in my arms, but I wasn't.

    "It's dangerous, aggressive, and can't harm humans at any time. So I think it needs more help."
    "...It must be very difficult. You don't know when they will turn into a monster again, and they may take a lot of the saint's time."

    I tilted my head with a tenacious smile at the prince, who did not know whether he was acting worryingly or if he was sincere.

    “It’s not a big deal for a saint who has the duty to get rid of monsters, take care of the lowest, and love animals and plants.”
    "That monster doesn't include 'things' that they been a monster."
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    Anyone know the password to read the translation?
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