Korean Even Though He’s A Wolf He Doesn’t Hurt

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    Our cute protagonist is the sheep, Lucy and the male lead is the wolf known as ‘dog’, Roman.
    Novel’s Cover:
    Manhwa’s Cover:

    Titles: 늑대지만 해치지 않아요 , Even Though He’s A Wolf He Doesn’t Hurt (MTLd Title which is most likely incorrect)
    The Novel: No translation available yet.
    Novel Raws: https://ridibooks.com/books/372006566 , https://series.naver.com/novel/detail.nhn?productNo=5370366 , https://series.naver.com/novel/detail.nhn?productNo=5375171 , https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=54473842 , https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=55652093
    Adaptation Manhwa: Currently no translation available.
    Manhwa Raws: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=57375032 , https://m.series.naver.com/comic/detail.nhn?productNo=6335121&isWebtoonAgreePopUp=true , https://ridibooks.com/books/372007073?_s=search&_q=늑대지만&_rdt_sid=search&_rdt_idx=1 , https://www.comico.kr/content/home/46pe1whf8208
    Author: 우유양 (Milk)
    Artist of the novel’s illustration: ㅁ감몬 (Gammon)
    Artist of the adaptation manhwa: 옆집언니 (Next Door Sister)
    Serialization and Publisher: Kakaopage and RidiBooks and Naver and Blossom and Dasan Comics.
    Spoiler Thread: https://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/i-dont-hurt-a-wolf.130508/
    Language: Korean
    Year: 2020 (Novel) , 2021 (Manhwa)
    Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, R-15, Cute Story, Shapeshifters, Animal Characteristics, First Love, Friend Becoming Lovers, Loner Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Obsessive Love
    (Novel)Status: 3 Volumes + 1 Extra Side Volume: 127 Chapters (Completed)
    (Manhwa)Status: OnGoing
    MTLd Contents of volumes:
    [Vol. 1]

    [Vol. 2]

    [Vol. 3]

    1. Khalid and Emma
    2. Marcel Dia
    3. Rohannes Sheila
    4. Damian Leopon and Eve
    5. Emma and Khalid
    6. Sophie and Caiman
    MTLd Background Guide:
    * Background/Field of Study: Contemporary
    * Work Keywords: Virtual Period , Fantasy, Western Style , Teen Romance, Misunderstanding, First Love, Friends > Lovers, Secret Love, Possessiveness/Exclusivity/Jealousy, Destiny Love, Cho Shin-nam, Chaebol Man, Straight Man, Game Male, affectionate man, amiable man, invincible man, obsessive man, regret man, wounded man, unrequited love man, pure man, virgin man, large dog man, sexy brain woman, affectionate woman, regret woman, wounded woman, unrequited love woman, innocent woman , sweet, growing up
    * Male protagonist: Roman Baskerville (10s → 20s) - The youngest son of the Baskerville family, a multinational corporation based in the military industry, he falls in love with Lucy, the 'sheep', at a social gathering he happened to attend.
    * Female protagonist: Lucy Leopardi (10s → 20s) - The eldest daughter of the Leopardi family, who was a royal family in the past. Although of a lion family, she appeared alone as a sheep. Due to this, he becomes friends with Roman of the 'dog' family for the first time while living with a closed heart.
    * Look at this: When you want to read a solid storyline romance
    * Sympathetic text: 'Don't do things like the love of the century.'
    MTLd Novel’s Description:
    Golden hair with half-moon ears, tail wagging behind their back.
    The political master Leopardi was a family of elegant lions.
    But Lucy Leopardi, the eldest daughter of this family...….

    "My grandmother was a sheep."

    She was a sheep with horny horns on her head.

    'I'm a stranger. There's no one who can sympathize with my loneliness.’

    As a result, Lucy was always alone.
    And it should have been like usual that day.….



    A boy with his ears sticking out of his silver hair suddenly came in.

    "Hi, I'm Roman."

    That day Lucy makes her first friend, Roman.

    But, then one day.
    Roman's secret gives Lucy a great sense of betrayal!

    "Hey, you bastard! I thought you were a dog. Huh?"

    A lonely sheep with a lion's heart and a wolf who deceived himself into a dog.
    Is the relationship between the two really friendship? … ?
    A sheep was born to the Leopardi family, who is a lion bloodline and famous for politics?!

    “Lucy, your 8th great-grandmother was a sheep… .”

    Lucy lived a lonely life among her carnivorous blood relatives.
    As usual, she was playing alone at her party, but Roman with her ears pricked through her shiny silver hair approaches.

    Then one day, Roman's secret gives Lucy a great sense of betrayal!

    "Hey, I thought you were a dog! You said you were a dog!"
    Can two fates that cannot be achieved be formed?
    My one word speech but absolute reason on why this novel (and the new manhwa adaptation) deserves to be picked up and translated by someone worthy: