Japanese Everyone was taken down by the Hero, but let's fight without giving up. I'm sure I will win.

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    Publisher: Syosetsu

    Raws: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7879eo/

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    My childhood friend sisters, my stepsister and the neighbour who I saw as an older sister figure. Surrounded by these attractive girls, I even promised to get married to one of them when we were little. Ark is a commoner who grew up in such an environment.

    However, even in such a blessed environment, despair comes.

    With the "Skill Advent Ritual" that finally came around, I received a poor skill called "Shining Shield" that can only create a weak shield. However, my childhood friends and stepsister all awaken the skills used by members of the legendary "Hero Party".

    Soon after appeared a handsome hero named "Yuya the Brave" who came from another world.

    Gradually, my childhood friends and stepsister who had been close for a long time went over to the hero. Furthermore, at the hero's command I became a 'shield' of his party and was relegated to the role of a baggage carrier and caretaker. My childhood friends and stepsister started treating me as a convenient tool.

    Finally, I witnessed the one who had promised to marry me having an affair with the hero at an inn. Then all the girls professed to be the hero's mistresses and I was left alone.

    However, one day I met the slave girl Yuno, and my destiny changed.

    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    This is from the same author who wrote Life of the Super Remote Frontier Lord Arrow. It seems he specialises in taking commonly used fantasy-adventure story templates and writing them in a darker, more realistic way.

    Normally such stories follow a very predictable plot. First the MC gets kicked out of the hero party, and soon after the party fails without him and maybe become villains. Often there are a few female members of the party, like a childhood friend of the MC, who show regret and return to his side as companions or even harem members and we get a happy ending.

    This series experiments with this and tries to realistically explore how the relationship between the MC and his former companions can evolve in such a situation. The author writes four different alternate 'Routes' which show different ways to conclude the story and relationship with the former companions, with very different endings. And one theme he is clear on is that betrayal and bad deeds have consequences and even if there is reconciliation the relationship may not be the same as before.

    For example in one route
    the MC's former companions, along with the hero, were complicit in the death of someone close to him. So even when he learns they were not really responsible for what happened, her death casts a shadow over their relationship. Instead of forgiving them, he just agrees to start over. They become friends again, but don't get any closer and he and his former fiancee end up marrying different people.
    In another route
    this person survives so this time MC is willing to forgive them and they become close again, but again it can't be 100% back to normal because he's fallen in love with this person and she takes the place of his former fiancee.

    Also, it's a fairly concise series. The story is complete and all the routes together are only 44 chapters.
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    So, basically the author likes making dark semi-cuck stories? Looking at this one and the other you linked, that's what it sounds like to me.

    Smells of cuck so that's a -100,000,000 from me.