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    Title: Fairy Trap
    Associated Names: 페어리 트랩
    NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/fairy-trap/
    Raws: https://ridibooks.com/search?q=페어리+트랩&adult_exclude=n

    Joo Yi-Gyeol, who sleeps 22 hours a day has Rostov Syndrome.

    Learning to escape from the body while asleep, he follows a golden butterfly he encountered one day and crossed to another dimension.

    And there, he met the 4th prince Seth and saved him multiple times…

    * * *

    “Who said you could die as you please?”

    Seth’s hands wrapped around Yi-Gyeol’s face. His cheeks, wrapped in those big hands, felt excessively hot.

    “Now you can’t die even if you want to.”

    Seth’s face came close. His and Yi-Gyeol’s foreheads lightly touched.

    “I am the owner of your body. You can’t die without my permission.”

    Yi-Gyeol could just inwardly shed tears at Seth’s mysterious remarks.
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    Patiently waiting huhuhu. I already finished chapter 15 i want to know what happens next. Can someone give spoilers of what will happen and so on. I heard that he suddenly took interest on the throne so that he could have Yi-Gyeol. When is their first steamy night? Will Yi-Gyeol’s family regret it?
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    Oh, no. This sounds promising but dont have a lot of updates so im hesitant to continue this. Stumbled upon with after reading TP
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    I already checked at boomtoon, the novel is complete now. It has 81 chapters. But I am dying to know how Seth will trap Yi Gyeol later.
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    Well, I read this some time ago so my memory is hazy but from what I remember, Mc has a disease where he can only be awake for two hours a day, he follows the butterfly in his spirit form to the world of Seth where they communicate. Seth traps him by creating a body for him and then trapping his soul in a jar? and putting his soul in the body. Mc can't go back. He needs to rely on Seth's bodily fluids for his body to get energy and survive, He is tied to Seth's life so if Seth dies, he dies too. Seth's life will also be cut because of this gold magic he uses for the mc. Seth wants to become Emperor because only the emperor alone is able to access the information on gold magic, btw, mc is a golden butterfly, which is a special kind of soul. The villain so far is Seth's half brother
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    Woaahh, seth is really crazy and yandere huh? I think the MC will be sad. And i get it now why they say its r18 bcoz he could only rely on seth’s bodily fluid.

    moooaaarrr plssssz
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    Got a MTL side story
    they had an
    date brrr

    Fairy Trap Gaiden Episodes 1-2
    Gaiden 1. The strong and the weak

    Episode 2.

    bum bum-

    A man walking while holding someone while making heavy footsteps came to a halt. The man who was looking carefully at the forests on the left and right of the road under the hooded black hood, held the young man who was sleeping in the same black robe in his arms and refused to move at all.

    About three minutes have passed since I stopped in the middle of a rare road.

    A rustling sound was heard from the left and right forests at the same time. The sound of stepping on dry leaves gradually gets closer, and soon several men, mainly men, gather at a certain distance.

    They surrounded the man in a circle, each with their ferocious weapons. The number of men who looked like they were going to wield a weapon at any moment while wearing a lowly ridicule was ten in total.

    One of the heaviest of his men stepped forward and raised his crude hatchet.

    “Brother, give everything you have and go. Then I'll let you live."

    “I have nothing to give to you.”

    The man with the hatchet wiggled his eyebrows when he heard the words ‘like you’, but he tilted his face crookedly, thinking that it was the humble ambition of an aristocrat who didn’t know the cruelty of the world.

    “Hey, he was wearing a nice sword in his robe, but he would put it out and his pockets would be thick like a nobleman. And above all… … .”

    The man's eyes gleamed disgustingly.

    “Leave that slave, too.”

    The man wiggled his ax and pointed to the young man in the robe holding his arms. When I saw him in the village, he was obviously doing well, but somehow now he is asleep as if he had fainted. Just by glancing at it from afar, the foreigner's striking appearance was very impressive, but perhaps dragging it and selling it to a slave trader would result in a huge sum of money.

    A year ago, when rumors spread that the person sitting next to the emperor was a foreigner who was hard to see even as a slave, slave traders began to scramble to find foreign slaves.

    Unlike slaves on the continent, they were very rare because they could not catch them at all, except for occasional smugglers from abroad. On the other hand, as soon as the rumor about the foreign empress spread, a strange foreign slave fever broke out among the aristocrats, and people who wanted to get them even if they paid several times the price were lined up.

    For this reason, I couldn't leave the foreign slave I happened to see. Since it is so rare, even if you steal it, you may find it back soon, but by then, you must have already sold that slave to a slave trader. This is all you need to do is take a lot of money, so it was not for me to know whether a noble man would pay a huge amount to get it back or if it was taken away by another nobleman.

    “Let’s do it quickly. As long as you give it all away, it will be sent safely.”

    “… … .”

    Rob's man was speechless. The man with the hatchet, who was frustrated, beckoned to the long sword-bearer standing next to her. He nodded his head as if he knew it and stepped forward, and the other tall man next to him moved along.

    First, the slaves had to be set aside. If there was even a slight wound, the merchantability would be compromised, so I was planning to take the slaves first and then run and kneel together after that. Anyway, looking at the fact that he hadn't pulled out his sword so far, there was a high probability that he was half resigned or it was a decorative sword, so it didn't seem too dangerous.

    The man with the long sword pointed the sword at the man's neck, and the sullen man stretched out his arms to take the sleeping young man in his arms. Then it seemed as if some kind of eye light was shining through the hood.

    The man who had been standing quietly raised his knee and slammed one of the elbows of the handsome man strongly. The man let out a short scream at the breaking pain. In the moment he stumbled, the young man who was being held by the man in the black robe suddenly stretched out his arm and quickly struck the wrist of the man with the long sword. The wind completely shifted the direction of the sword that was aimed at the man in the robe, and the young man who jumped out of his arms swung his legs and struck him painfully in the back.


    The young man who quickly picked up the sword of the man who stumbled upon the unexpected attack and fell, pointed it in front. Meanwhile, the man in the black robe slashed the man's chin with the scabbard with the sword and walked over his leg, knocking him down with a thud.

    The young man, standing back to back with the man in the black robe, fixed his sword in a non-slave angled posture.

    Even if he was a nobleman who could use some swords, he thought that he would be able to catch him with this size without difficulty. Moreover, he had a weapon that could attack from a distance, and he had the memorization of how to attack by hiding it out of sight. But for some reason, the opponent is talented, but he was vigilant at the right time, as if he was looking through all the weapons on this side, and he had to collapse without being able to do anything properly.

    The man in the black robe was holding a sword, but he was wielding it while keeping it in his scabbard. If he swung it raw without a scabbard, this area would probably be a sea of blood, but for some reason he didn't seem to want to show the blade.

    On the other hand, the young man who stole his weapon wields it as it is, but he seems to be using it as a check to the end. The final blow to knock him down was either a kick, or he worked with the black man.

    One way or another, they were utterly 'beating' themselves down. As if I had no intention of killing or belling at all.

    The man with the hatchet, who was looking at the people who fell to the floor and moaned, swallowed dry saliva. The hand ax he is holding trembles at will, and it looks like it will fall off.

    She already knew she had no chance. In a matter of minutes he saw right before his eyes nine rough men groaning and moaning on the floor, and all he could do was surrender quickly.

    “Sir, save me.”

    The man, who raised both his hands as if hurrahing with the ax down, stepped back with a nervous face. Even so, the man in the black robe seemed to have no intention of letting go, and took a step forward, holding the sword in his scabbard as if he was about to wield it at any moment. Then the young man stopped him and pointed towards the forest.

    “Don’t chase us anymore. There is nothing next.”

    “Yes, yes, yes. Yes."

    Her man nodded her head, and then she hurriedly ran into the woods. Even as his companions were rolling on the floor and some of them shouting to go with him, he mercilessly ran away alone.

    The young man, who looked at those who had fallen, picked up their weapons one by one and tried to throw them far into the forest. He thought that he might be able to throw them at their backs.

    Just before the young man's hand touches the rough weapon, the man in the black robe grabs his white hand and throws his weapons away instead of him.

    “I don’t touch dirty things.”

    Having said that, he took the sword from the young man's hand and threw it away, and wiped the palm of his hand thoroughly with a handkerchief. The young man who had been smiling a little because it tickled him suddenly put on a prickly expression on his face.

    “I told them what weapons they had and knew a way out, but did they have to fight?”

    “If you don’t drop it like this, they will come after you somehow.”

    After wiping it to a slightly reddish color, I rubbed the bottom of his left hand with his handkerchief this time. The golden ring on the ring finger of her left hand caught her eye while she was wiping.

    He looked down at the ring for a while, then lifted his head to see the red lips seen under the black hood drooping. She thought it was a valid answer, but she still seemed dissatisfied. It was natural as he was so passive in attacking others.

    He stared intently at her red lips, then wrapped his arms around the young man's waist and kissed him.


    Startled by the unexpected, he patted his chest. On the floor over there, the men were still moaning, but when we kissed them at first, he seemed a bit embarrassed.

    “Oh, wait a minute! here… … !”

    “Is this a problem here?”

    He asked confidently and licked his lips once with the tip of his tongue.

    “The place where we are standing is mine, and you are mine, so what should I look out for?”

    “But… … !”

    “Don’t forget, Joo Yi-gyeol.”

    Since I left the castle, I've been paying attention to other perspectives, so it's better to say it clearly at this point.

    “We’re here to do something called ‘date’.”

    Lee Gyul's shoulders shuddered.

    “Didn’t I say that dating between lovers is basic? Now that I have to do such a basic thing, why do I have to worry about everything else?”

    Perhaps the unfamiliar word “date” was so important, Lee Gyeol was blushing with a blushed face. It looked cute again, so he put his lips together.

    “Focus on the date, Joo Yi-gyeol. Don't even look at the others."

    For some reason, seeing the red face that looked more shy than when we had sex made me want to drag him down right away.

    But even today, the third day after starting dating, I couldn't do anything weird except kissing.
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    As he struggled to open his mouth and speak, Sestiya, who was looking at him, sat down on the bed. He supported Lee Gyeol's head with one hand and brought the glass of water he was holding to his lips.


    There was confusion as to why Sestiya could touch him, but the water that was approaching in front of his lips took priority. With Sestiya’s help, Lee Gyeol slowly drank the water. It was only after the water got into his sharp throat that he realized he was thirsty.

    Having drunk the entire cup of water, Lee Gyeol blinked slowly as he felt Sestiya's hand wiping the water around his lips.

    "Now, is this a dream...?"


    Sestiya, who placed the empty water cup on the side table, covered the slightly disheveled quilt up to Lee Gyeol's neck.

    “This doesn’t make sense.”

    Lee Gyeol muttered like someone who was confused.

    “We met in the bathroom and I came back…dad went to the hospital... no, while talking to my mom…what they were talking about, urn...”

    Something was messing around in my mind. I tried to revive the memories by organizing them step by step as they have come to mind. And one by one, the memories came back.

    “Don’t move, stay still! Do you want to fall down again and go to the hospital?!”

    It's been a long time since my father shouted loudly. It always seemed like he was putting up with something, but that day it seems that he couldn't do it anymore.

    “I ruined the entrance exam because of my brother. The day before the test, my brother broke the flow, and when I came back from the hospital, it was past midnight. And then, I didn’t sleep enough and took the test in the worst condition.”

    “It’s okay if you may not be helpful, but you shouldn’t be a hindrance. Are you trying to keep me from going to college? Was it that funny? Huh? Are you trying to make me not go too because you couldn’t go to a good college?”

    “My brother’s life is ruined, so why are you trying to ruin my life too?!”

    “You want me to do well? Yes, I would be fine, if it weren't for you."

    I was going to give her some encouragement, but that ended up ruining my sister.

    “Why are you ruining your sister’s exam by doing something you’ve never done before? Do you know how angry dad was?”

    “Even though you can’t encourage your sister to do well in the exam, you shouldn't interfere. You didn't do it on purpose to your sister in jealousy because you didn't go to college, did you? Or was it because you wanted to get attention because mom and dad didn't pay attention to you these days?”

    “Right now, everyone is having a hard time because of you. If you're not healthy, please be quiet, Lee Gyeol-ah."

    Everyone says it's hard because of him. It's hard because he is sick. Cause it's a bunch of crap. Because he's not a helpful person who only eats the family’s money and rice.

    That was the problem.

    To his family, he was nothing more than a pest.

    My vision was blurry and tears welled up in my eyes. When he remembered how he closed his eyes at the end of reality, he was feeling so unfair and sad that he couldn't bear it.

    My heart was pounding and my head too was pounding. My breathing became so heavy that I couldn't handle it. I felt blood rushing to my head.

    “Huh, uh...”


    I could hear Sestiya calling next to me, but the only thing in my head was the resentful voices of the family and their faces mixed with criticism.

    I wanted to die.

    I was so afraid of dying, but I still wanted to die.

    Why am I alive? If I had died, I wouldn't have had to think about it again. I wished that all memories of being despised by my family would disappear.

    Tears completely covered my vision. Uncontrollable tears flowed down like crazy.

    Someone's face entered the blurry vision. It was blurry and he couldn't see well, but he seemed to know who it was.

    “Seth... Ugh...”

    "It’s okay."

    Sestiya wiped the corners of Lee Gyeol's eyes with his thumb. Tears filled with warmth flowed continuously. Each time, Sestiya wiped away his tears that were flowing endlessly.

    "I...tried to die...”

    At Lee Gyeol’s words, Sestiya’s hand stopped in his movements.

    “I don’t think I can stand it any longer , so I tried to kill myself…”

    “Before I died, I wanted to say goodbye to you, I closed my eyes hoping for that… and I really met you.”

    “Who wants to die?”

    Sestiya's hands wrapped around Lee Gyeol's face. Lee Gyeol's cheeks wrapped in two large hands were too hot.

    “Now, even if you want to die, you can’t.”

    Sestiya's face came closer. His forehead and Lee Gyeol's forehead touched lightly.

    “I am the master of your body. You cannot die without my permission.”

    Lee Gyeol was just crying despite Sestiya's incomprehensive words.

    Sestiya was looking at Lee Gyeol, who had been crying for a long time and then fell asleep again.

    “I don’t think I can stand it any longer , so I tried to kill myself…”

    As he recalled what Lee Gyul had said, his stomach became stuffy and his anger rose a little. ‘What kind of treatment was he receiving that he cried so much and even wanted to commit suicide?’

    'The guy who was so afraid of death.'

    He was only guessing that Lee Gyul was contemplating suicide. But he really didn't know that he would actually do it.

    If Lee Gyeol hadn't come to visit him at that moment, he might have really died. Even now, when thinking of the faint signs of Lee Gyeol gradually breaking, he gets a creepy feeling. It didn't feel good to think that Lee Gyeol's soul would die.

    It wasn't really surprising to Sestiya that Lee Gyul’s family drove him to death. He too had been threatened with assassination by his brothers from an early age until now, and his father, the emperor, neglected it even though he knew it. He said he had to go through it on his own and didn’t pay any attention to it.

    Family was like no other. On the contrary, they are even more vicious than others.

    It would be better to forget about such people.

    Sestiya looked down at Lee Gyeol's sleeping face for a long time.

    It was only in the next morning that Lee Gyeol woke up again.

    “Is this some kind of magic?”

    In the meantime, Sestiya, who ordered Lennock to bring a bowl of porridge, was quietly admiring Lee Gyeol, who was looking around carefully.


    He frowned slightly and called out his name. Sestiya sat down on the bed and gave him the answer he was looking for.

    "Yes. Based on your soul, a body identical to the original body was created. Don't worry, I didn't bring together to the new body the disease you were suffering from."

    He pulled the blanket over Lee Gyeol's shoulder carefully. Because the body was so boneless, it looked too dangerous if it protruded even a little out of the blanket. Meanwhile, he saw Lee Gyeol biting his lower lip with a droopy face.

    "Because of me…”

    His face darkened even more.

    “Is it a habit?”

    Sestiya's words penetrated Lee Gyeol's ears.

    “They say it’s all because of you.”

    He couldn't say it wasn't a habit to blame himself. Sestiya expected that Lee Gyeol's habit of talking like that was due to the experiences he had while he was ill and the environment around him.

    “It’s not because of you. I did it because I wanted to.”

    Lee Gyeol's swaying eyes looked at Sestiya.

    "Why? You said that magic requires a price. Isn't it great magic to create a body?"

    The reason I kept blaming myself was because of the 'cost' required for magic.

    The cost of composing Lee Gyeol's body was actually one of the largest of the 'magic masters'.

    Vitality, that is, life.

    Magic that pays for vitality is by no means uncommon. So, there were places where such magic was designated as 'Golden Magic'.

    The fortunate thing is that humans in this world have a lifespan three or four times longer than those in the other world, and giving life to them once is actually only a few hours worth of lifespan.

    But if he told this to Lee Gyeol, he would be disappointed again. He’ll say something like he is a burden or a nuisance. So, he decided to just say 'vigor' and not 'life'.

    “All you need to maintain your body is my vigor. It’s not a huge price.”


    “More than that, why do you think I saved you by creating a body like this?”

    Lee Gyeol kept his mouth shut and looked up at Sestiya. Looking into his sharp eyes, it didn't seem like the reason was something comfortable like 'because we're friends'.

    As if to represent his thoughts, Sestiya gave the answer first.

    “I saved it to take advantage of you.”
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    Thank you :blobcozy:
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    Throwing this random chapter again

    Everything went smoothly.

    He also blocked Canael's assassin, secured the magic stone brooch he received at the same time as the Crown Prince was sworn in, and was already prepared to implement magic at any time in the basement of the tower.

    All that's left is to meet Lee Gyul and take him to the tower.

    Sitting alone on the sofa in the living room, Sestyya was waiting for Lee Gyeol to come, touching the golden brooch in his hand.

    If we meet this time, there will be no need to wait so recklessly in the future. The neck of Lee Gyeol, who was free, will be tied with the collar he has made and will not be able to escape, and he does not need to be trembling because of the incurable disease he is suffering from.

    But he was still anxious. One way or another, he had an idea if he didn't come. He asked me to come back, but if I think about the state of the last time I saw him, would he really come?

    ‘I will come.’

    If it were him, the person he made friends with turned around like that, and there is no reason not to come to see him again. With a soft heart, he will at least come to greet him properly.

    Sestiya's thoughts were right.

    As he looked down at the brooch, he suddenly felt a strange presence and lifted his head. Although it is not visible, there was the soul of Lee Gyeol in the place that I was particularly concerned about.


    It was a light but never light greeting.

    Anxiety was creeping in. Setilla rose from her seat and approached his presence at the doorway.

    - I'm sorry about last time. Have I been so depressed?

    It was a voice that pretended to be bright. In the short time between waking up and falling asleep again, Sestiya had a gut feeling that something else had happened to Lee Gyeol.

    “What happened?”

    -Is nothing special?

    The calmly accepting voice was somehow dangerous. Still, he was frustrated because he couldn't pinpoint exactly what the problem was. Also, since they are not face-to-face, there is a limit to recognizing them only with their voice.

    Sestyja stretched out his hand toward the faint sign. As if he was touching him to be eye to eye with himself.

    Nothing is felt on his fingertips, nothing reflected in his eyes.

    As Lee Gyul looked at the hand in front of me, he couldn't shake his frustration. In his spirit state, he couldn't even hold his hand that stretched out to me gently. He thought that the soul was still free, unlike the body, which could not move properly, but he was not at all.

    Lee Gyeol swallowed bitterness inwardly as he looked into the pale green eyes that did not reflect anything.

    “What if I said I wanted to see you in person?”

    He didn't know how to answer Sesty's question. He thought he deserved it, but he didn't want to show his ugliness anyway.

    - It's impossible.

    I thought it was fortunate that there were only souls here. If he sees his original form, he will surely be disappointed.

    "if it is possible?"

    -Even if it's possible... no.

    Lee Gyeol's voice shook without confidence. Sestyja looks great for a man like him, but he's skinny and he looks like a man who never knows when he's going to die.

    -me… I'm not very good looking. As dry as a skeleton and pale as a corpse. not like a person

    Even as he said it himself, he felt strange. I'm worried that Sestiya will be disappointed just by saying these words.

    But he didn't show the slightest bit of agitation.

    “Is that a reason why I shouldn’t see you?”

    I was rather speechless at the too ambitious question. I even thanked him for thinking that there was no reason for that.

    ‘I am truly blessed.’

    to meet such a person.

    To be able to spend the last time with a person like this.

    Lee Gyeol felt his vision blurred and returning more and more frequently. He wondered if he would have waited one more day and then took the medicine. I was worried that I might not be able to say goodbye properly.

    If his eyes suddenly go black like this, he must be dead.

    I'll never open my eyes again, I'll never walk around like this again, I'll never see Sestilla again.

    Thinking about it like that made me cry. If he had been in the body, he would have been crying sooner. I thought it was a good thing that there were no tears because I was in a state of mind, but I also wanted to cry profusely. When was the last time you cried out loud in sorrow? After getting ill, he had become a habit of crying secretly in fear of disturbing his family.

    My eyes were blurry as if crying. This time it blurs for about 3 seconds and then comes back. Then repeat the blurring of vision for a few more seconds.

    -… Why do you want to see me?

    He didn't have time to say hello, but he dared to ask. Sestyja wonders why he wants to see himself. Just curious what the body of the soul looks like?

    Sestiya's answer was more specific than I thought.

    “I want to see you, touch you, and make eye contact with you.”

    Without a body, one side of his chest seemed to ache.

    “That is why. It doesn't matter what you look like."

    Thank you. 'Cause I don't care what you look like For watching Joo Yi Gyeol itself.

    My vision was blurry. My head also feels like something is slowing down.

    -yes… . I wish I could see... … . I wish I could.

    Even if I let my mind go a little bit, it seemed that the words would mix up randomly. Seems like an idiot in an instant.

    "yes… ?”

    For a brief moment, my eyesight returned. At that time, Sestiya's face was expressionless, but somehow seemed to be happy. He was glad that his words made him feel good.

    Soon, my eyes clouded again. The only thing that could be distinguished was his black uniform and faint purple hair.

    Feeling that there was no time, Lee Gyul organized his mind as much as possible to make up his words.

    -Thank you for that time. … Thank you so much… .

    As he spoke slowly, he felt the atmosphere of Sestiya changed once again. He couldn't tell what kind of face he was making because he was blurry, but at least he didn't seem to be smiling.

    - Thanks to you... everyday… … .

    I couldn't speak for a moment. It felt like the words were jumbled up. Words groaned in my head like buffered music. I don't know what I'm thinking, and I don't know if what I'm thinking is a word or just a sound.

    My vision, which had been completely blurred, was gradually blurred. Then it quickly gets dark.

    She hadn't finished speaking yet, but the world had gone awry. The figure of Sestiya, who had been glimmering in front of his eyes, was now dyed black and could not be discerned.

    All that was left of him was a speck of regret that he could not completely say his final goodbye.

    And the fear that looms.

    It was good though. Finally being able to see Sestilla... … .

    Sestiya, who was looking into the air, realized something was wrong. The faint sign of Lee Gyeol shook like a trembling, and then it started to scatter like it was broken.

    “Joo Yi-gyeol?”

    It seemed that Lee Gyeol's words were running out, but nothing was heard afterward. If it hadn't been for the faint sign in front of him, I would have thought that Lee Gyul had returned to his body again.

    Sestiya, watching the signs of Lee Gyeol breaking down, hurriedly took out the glass bottle she had received from Loa. At its palm-sized entrance, a blue magic stone was inserted like a lid, and a circular magic circle was drawn on the bottom of the glass bottle.

    'This is an artifact that attracts and traps nearby souls. If that soul doesn't want to follow you to the tower, bring it inside.'

    I don't know what's going on, but it was clear that there was something wrong with Lee Gyeol's soul. I couldn't stay still any longer.

    As soon as the magic stone was pulled out, the magic circle inside the glass bottle started to emit blue light on its own. Soon it felt as if a few faint things left in the air were being sucked into it.

    After a while, I felt all the signs of Lee Gyeol in the glass bottle. But even as he put together the crumbling things, he didn't speak again.

    Sestiya twisted her forehead and blocked the entrance with a magic stone. Without thinking any further, he immediately left the castle and headed for the tower.

    There were already two old wizards waiting for him at the entrance. They bowed, bowed, and led them downstairs. As I went down the long stairs, I checked several times to make sure the vial had his presence.

    Upon reaching the basement, I saw some purple flowers blooming all over the floor. Loa with a smile is standing in the middle of a deep purple flower field with a soft blue light.

    "Welcome to. Let’s get started right away.”
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    My chapter 52 expired so welp can’t get it anymore


    The first thing that Lee Gyul felt was the heat and itchiness that was close to pain. I don't think Sestiya's lips have ever been as sensitive as this before.

    The nipples, which were sucked into Setilla's mouth, were constantly swung by the tip of the hot tongue inside them, wrapped around them, and repeatedly bitten. Every time that happened, my back trembled unintentionally, my chest floated up, and I was out of breath. Excessive stimulation experienced for the first time brought a strange pleasure as if touching all the cells of the body beyond the itchiness.

    "sleep… Wait, this... … . !”

    Defensively exposed to the stimuli that had been approaching her, Lee Gyeol twisted her body and crumpled the bed sheet with both her hands. His chest, which had floated a little, was almost immobilized by Sestyja's hand supporting his back, and he could not escape.

    Even as she rolled with a nipple in his mouth, Sestyya's sharp eyes did not tenaciously fall from Lee Gyeol's face. It was as if he was trying to capture every single reaction of his.

    When he realized that Sestyja was watching him without taking his eyes off him, it felt like the stimulation from his chest somehow doubled. The corners of his eyes that were crooked like he was crying over his stimulation and the lips that let out a faint moan were fully captured in his pupils.

    “… … !”

    Suddenly, another stimulation was felt in the other chest. His eyes fluttered open and his body trembled. Sestiya's fingertips reached the opposite nipple before they knew it, pressing it firmly and turning it round and round. He bit his lower lip tightly and somehow managed to hold back the sound, but when he pinched his fingertips without pain, he let out an unbearable moan.

    It was then that he felt something strange. It was quite different from the way he buried his lips and sucked in his flesh to leave a mark.

    “Seth, what… doing… … , t.”

    He sent a bewildered gaze, but Sestiya's eyes did not move at all. Rather, he began to touch the nipples, which had become erect due to his stimulation, more blatantly. He was pinched and bitten without pain, and when he was tapped, the turbid flow of stimulation that had been circling around his chest strongly spread throughout his body and then came back repeatedly. He was distracted by only one side, but from both sides, his eyes became dizzy and his limbs lost strength.

    With his mouth open from his chest, Sestyja came down with the tip of his tongue, making a long path of saliva. He went past his slightly protruding ribs, past his dimpled belly, and with his two fingertips he swept down his sides at speed. He trembled here and there one after another at the stimulation of touching his body.

    His hand, which went down to his waist, immediately touched the center of the lower part of Lee Gyeol. It happened occasionally when we kissed for a long time, but this time too, as Sestiya expected, it's a little bloated.

    His large hand went into Lee Gyeol's pants and grabbed what was inside without hesitation.


    A different high-pitched sound came out of Lee Gyeol's mouth. Lee Gyeol, who raised his upper body to the extent that his droopy appearance was colorless, pushed Sestyya's shoulder with a reddened face.

    "no! This… , This… … !”

    I was so flustered that I couldn't speak at all, and I just kept my mouth shut.

    He knew that his penis had been erected in his pants due to the accumulated stimulation. At the end of it, the liquid was dripping down, and his underwear was slightly wet.

    Because of that, I had to dry Sestiya even more.

    “More, it’s not that dirty. So give me your hand... Take it out.”

    Not knowing where to put his eyes, he rolled around. Even though the voices coming out of his mouth were gradually getting smaller, he had an embarrassed expression on his face saying that it would have been enough for Sestyya who was nearby. As he thought of the liquid that must have been on his hands, he naturally lowered his head.

    Hearing those words, Sestiya didn't seem to mind. Rather, he moves slowly while holding Lee Gyeol's thing in his hand.

    “Ugh, three… S!”

    “Don’t get me wrong, Joo Yi-gyeol. It's up to me to decide if it's dirty or not."

    Contrary to the cold content, his voice was hot and soft. Lee Gyeol trembled at the contradictory voice and looked at Sestiya. The sound of his breathing approaching in front of him is getting a little rough.

    “As you wish, I’m just using it to nourish each and every reaction of yours, so I just feel it.”

    He felt a chilling energy that seemed to be about to pierce the nape of his neck and bite him off at any moment.

    It was an infinitely dull decision, but it wasn't to the extent that he didn't know what Sestiya meant. His face, which was still red, rose as if it was about to explode. A hesitant voice flowed from between Lee Gyeol's trembling lips.

    "I… It helps... ?”

    Sestiya's hand, which was moving slowly, stopped, and the corners of his eyes lifted up a little.

    "I… A man who still has nothing to see... , i can help... Huh?"

    By the time the words were finished, deep darkness was spreading in his anxiously trembling eyes.

    Rather, I started worrying about what to do if Sestyya got tired of the way she was feeling, and if she distanced herself from it because it was dirty and disgusting.

    He already knew enough that in this world, same-sex relationships and sexual exchanges were as active as the opposite sex. The act of leaving a mark on my body was also suspicious at first, but I thought that it was intentionally engraved to cover the ambiguity of my identity. He didn't care what he looked like to others, as long as it didn't bother Sestiya.

    But this was different. This is only what Sestilla sees and feels, and as he said, it has to be enough to make her body heat up. If it's not for this, I'd rather be lucky, but if I make him tired... … .

    Darkness fell on Lee Gyeol's red face.

    “I think you… This is what makes you hate me... , I can’t stand it.”

    “Don’t make your own decisions.”

    The corners of Sestiya's eyebrows rose even higher. This makes his eyes as fierce as his pupils.

    “I will never hate you.”

    "However… … ! Whoa-!”

    Sestiya's stopped hand moved up and down vigorously. Caught in his cool hands, his strongly swept genitals flinched. Because of that, his thighs shriveled up on their own. It felt as if the pleasure doubled from the stimulation he felt in his chest rushed downward and swirled in an instant.

    Sestiya, who held her stiff body with her other arm and supported it, tenaciously faced Lee Gyeol's face mixed with embarrassment and heat. His frightened hands try to push Sestiya down over and over again.

    "count… S, sh… !”

    “You’re the only one who can make me react.”

    Joo Yi-gyeol is the only human being who brings the greatest joy to himself with one word, one expression, and one emotion. He is so addicted that he can do anything to get more reactions. If you can, you want to dissect everything that makes up the main body, whether it be the body or the soul, see through the details, put it in your mouth, and chew it.

    "Don't hide anything, I'll only use you for my sake."

    The desire to see everything that reacts to my hand grew stronger. He didn't want to miss a single little thing he saw.

    Sestiya's words wrapped around Lee Gyul's chest. It was warm and soft, but it was threatening and coercive, as if you could grab it and destroy it brutally if you wanted to. Even knowing that, I felt something rushing inside Lee Gyul-eun.

    Am I crazy? It was really clear what was going on. Without it, Sestiya's words could not have been such a sweet and pleasant stimulus.

    “Ah, heh-!”

    Maybe it was because of Sestiya's words, I felt the stimulation from below swell as if I didn't know when it would explode. He bit his lower lip, desperately biting his mouth, thinking that if he calmed down even a little, he would make a noise I've never heard before.

    Sestiya's tongue touched Lee Gyeol's bitten lips and licked him as if to soothe him.

    “Don’t be patient. nice to hear.”

    As if Sestiya's voice, which was even hotter, was a command, Lee Gyeol's lips opened. A voice mixed with panting and moaning endlessly flowed out of her mouth, and Sestiya licked her lips and cheeks as if to encourage her.

    "ah… , ha… .”

    A squeaking sound was heard between the moans. The liquid from the penis wet Sestiya's hands, and it soon became a lubricant, making a more obscene sound.

    "OMG… oh-!"

    Lee Gyeol's body became stiffer, and her gathered legs gave her strength. The penis, which had been full of erections in his pants and underwear, flinched and vomited semen. A higher temperature thick liquid was smeared on Sestiya's hands, which had just become hot with Lee Gyeol's body temperature.

    Perhaps because of the circumstances, Lee Gyeol's body staggered as if it were about to collapse. Sestyja, who held him in one arm and made him lean on me, pulled his hand out of his pants and looked at him silently.

    Thick milky semen is dripping all over his hands. A fishy scent emanated from it, but Sestyja without hesitation brought it to my mouth and touched his tongue. Seeing this, Lee Gyeol raised his head and made a surprised expression.

    She licked his semen-soaked finger with the tip of her tongue, and Sestiya's eyes in his mouth harbored an incomparable heat.
    Fairy Trap Episode 51

    A fishy taste that I had never tasted before spread in my mouth, but it did not feel strangely objectionable or dirty. Rather, now that the desire to chew on everything in Lee Gyeol is simmering, if there is even one of his, I wish he would swallow it all.

    Lee Gyeol, who was leaning against Setilla's arms, grabbed his wrists with both hands to dry them.

    “It’s not, you’re not eating it!”

    Lee Gyeol looked around with a bewildered face, then took off my shirt with the front of the front open and wiped Sestiya's hands. His slightly wet eyes were distorted as if to collect tears.

    "Sorry. sorry. I'm sorry… .”

    The words of unstoppable apology flowed endlessly from Lee Gyeol's mouth, thoroughly wiping up to the crevices of his fingers.

    Sestiya said that she had nothing to dislike, but no matter how much it was, it was someone else's body fluid and she smelled fishy. Even if he didn't taste it, he knew how tasteless and fishy it would be.

    'You may not like it. No, you will hate it.’

    He received it in his hands, smelled it, and tasted it. There's nothing sweet about it, but there's no way I'd like it.

    Thinking like that, my spine became cold as if ice water had been sprinkled on it, and the nape of my neck became sore. The huge anxiety that I had been suppressing alone for 5 years, and the melancholy feeling of falling to the endless floor came at the same time and embraced Lee Gyeol.

    Her face, which had been red, turned white, layer by layer, every time she wiped away the fluid on Sestiya's hands. His eyes and lips trembled uncontrollably, and his skeletal shoulders were shrunk, as if exposing terrifying fear.

    After wiping and wiping several times, Sestiya's palms became as red as the traces engraved all over Lee Gyeol's body. Until then, he quietly held out his hand and didn't say anything, so I was afraid of what he would be angry about.

    Sestiya's arm wrapped around Lee Gyeol's shoulder. His shoulders, which had been chilled by his tension, were quickly covered with a pleasant body temperature. Then, Sestiya's lips touched my cheek.

    It was a kiss that was clearly different from when he left a clear mark. It was the same as soothing and subconsciously doing it. An instinctive bird kiss passed through the cheeks and ears, down to the neck.

    Setilla didn't say anything, but the tension in his frightened body slowly loosened. With just a few short kisses, the head that had been encroached on by the thick dark clouds cleared, and the fear that had engulfed his whole body disappeared.

    “Do you think you hate it?”

    It was a low voice that seemed to smell good instead of the threatening heat of the past. The movement that had been wiping Sestiya's hand as if gnawing at me slowly stopped.

    “I told you, there is nothing to hate.”

    It's strange. As soon as he is convinced, his heartbeat, complexion, trembling, and even the sound of his breath change. The warmth that embraced his body brought supreme comfort.

    “Whatever you do, I don’t hate it. do whatever you want There is nothing to cringe and be afraid.”

    Sestilla's words are always like a spell. His words seem to control not only my actions but also my emotions. It may be strange, but the sense of stability that it brings was very good.

    * * *

    Sestyya, who was about to sit next to him, went into the bath to wash off the semen that had accumulated in his pants and hugged him inside his legs. As Lee Gyeol's dry back touched my chest, I could feel his slightly faster heartbeat.

    As Sestiya fell the snow, traces were found all over Lee Gyeol's neck. It is red and vivid as if his own desires were engraved as they were. He couldn't take his eyes off the satisfactory mark, but suddenly he remembered what had happened in the bedroom earlier.

    His shoulders, shrunken by the self-esteem that hit the floor, looked so dwarfed. He thought he had improved a lot, but as soon as he saw it, he felt so slender. It's like if you make a mistake in any one place, it's going to be shattered and scattered in an instant.

    So he acted not like himself. With such a tickling kiss, his laughter will flow out.

    At that moment, Lee Gyeol turned his head and looked up at Sestiya.

    “Hey, it’s okay if you don’t… ?”

    Disappointment followed at the end. Raising his eyes to see what he meant, Lee Gyeol hesitated and added.

    “I nurtured my reaction earlier… to take... … . Ummm, so... … .”

    Still, the cheeks that had been red due to the heat of the bath ripened more lusciously. His eyes glance down over his shoulder.

    “… No, nothing.”

    “It’s being patient.”

    Sestiya's arm grabbed Lee Gyeol's waist and pulled him even tighter. Even just touching it like this now seems to draw blood to the bottom, but Sestiya was putting up with it without knowing it.

    Until I ejaculated Lee Gyeol and tasted his liquid, I wanted to lay him down and put mine in it. I wish I could forcefully open a hole that was obviously small even without looking at it and vomit it several times while filling the hot inside. If I could do that, the tickling and numbness inside me could be relieved a little bit.

    But the moment he saw Lee Gyeol trembling in fear, that feeling quickly faded away. He gained a decent amount of flesh, used his hair quite a bit, and learned to act daringly, but he was still weak, hardy, and weak.

    He becomes a human being infinitely weak to his one action and one reaction. Even though he liked to look at only himself, he was seldom reluctant to press and harass him like a glass ornament.

    'That's funny.'

    Since when did you care so much about others? No matter what, the other person is a person who will accept everything as long as you don't throw it away. Whether your body breaks down or you can't get up because it's hard.

    “Even if you are patient… okay?”

    In spite of being shy, I ask naively. What he thinks and what he wants are obviously different, but he doesn't know that either.

    Sestiya stroked Lee Gyeol's hair and made her lean on me. One arm wrapped around his waist and his chest, where he could feel the skeleton, with a little more pressure. I thought that if I applied strong force like this, my bones would break with the familiar squeaking sound.

    “It’s frustrating.”

    At Lee Gyeol's words, who couldn't overcome the pressure, his strength was released at will. Even though he knew he was weird, he liked the sound of Lee Gyeol's comfortable breathing, so he just hugged him softly.

    Each other's heartbeats rumbled quite loudly, as if drunk from the heat of the bath.

    Returning to the bedroom from the bathroom, Kirsty, who was standing on the guard at the door, and Loa with a slightly tense face were standing in front of the door. It was only then that Setilla recalled that she had called him to check on Lee Gyeol's status.

    “My Majesty the Crown Prince, what are you doing?!”

    It was clear that he was bewildered by the sudden call. As much as Sestiya told him to come to check Lee Gyeol's condition when he called him, he seemed to rush to the thought that something was wrong with his body.

    Roa could not relieve her nervous face even as she glanced over at Lee Gyeol, who was standing still more than expected. Contrary to what it looks like on the outside, if there is a problem on the inside, you can't detect it with the naked eye unless you check the flow of mana right away.

    Roa, who went into the bedroom following Sestiya and Lee Gyeol, was furious, asking to check the condition immediately.

    “There is nothing wrong with your body, so calm down.”

    “But the fact that His Majesty called me… … !”

    “I’m sorry, it’s me.”

    Lee Gyeol apologized to Roa and made a playful expression.

    “You made me worry about Seth… … .”

    “You have nothing to apologize for.”

    Lee Gyul was displeased with his apology to Roa for something that was not intentionally intentional. The aftermath turned into a sharp gaze towards the bewildered Loa.

    A little bit of relief was contained on Roa's nervous face. If Lee Gyeol's condition had become really strange, he might be subjected to indescribable cruelty from Sestiya, but more than that, he might have been frustrated by the damage to the first precious specimen created by the golden magic of gold magic.

    Just as I was exhaling a sigh of relief with a heart that had endured for ten years, I heard Lee Gyeol's cautious voice.

    “I, sir. You said you used alchemy to make medicine, right?”

    “Yes, it is.”

    In this world, magic and alchemy were inseparable even if they wanted to. In the beginning, most magic evolved by focusing on the mixing of objects or the rebirth of objects using alchemy. The body in which Lee Gyeol is moving also originated from the creation of living things, which were initially created by combining various substances through alchemy.

    “Then, is there any kind of medicine that can make you fall asleep right away?”

    “Are you talking about sleeping pills?”

    At Roa's question, Lee Gyeol immediately shook her head. Sleeping pills in this world were no different from those used in Korea. After a few minutes of taking it, she falls asleep naturally, but that wasn't what Lee Gyul wanted.

    “I need a drug that makes me fall asleep, just like I would pass out right away when I eat it.”

    “Why do you need it?”

    This time, Sestiya asked and grabbed Lee Gyeol's arm. It seemed like he slept soundly every night without falling asleep, was that not the case?

    “You never know what will happen next.”

    "so why?"

    A small smile crept on the corner of his lips.

    “I also want to use my abilities properly.

    Sestiya, who took off her cloak and wrapped it around Lee Gyeol's shoulder, stood with her back as if covering him with her own body. Settiya, who became extremely uncomfortable with her planting, looked at Loa coldly. Loa, noticing that his hand was touching the handle of the sword on his waist, hurriedly explained the situation.

    “Hey, I just checked to see if there is a problem with the flow of mana.”

    Sestyya, who still had not erased her cold eyes, looked back at Lee Gyeol over his shoulder. Seeing the innocent, puzzled eyes and the naked body roughly covered by the cloak, the surrounding air immediately froze. Sestiya's hand, holding the sword's handle, tightened. Still, he couldn't see the blood in front of Lee Gyeol, so he didn't draw his sword.

    ‘It’s bloody.’

    Loa swallowed dry saliva and smiled awkwardly. Even so, Lee Gyeol, who was obscured by Sestiya, became even more interested.

    Now, it was clearly Sestiya's misunderstanding, but in fact, if he didn't like his personality, whatever it was, he would have mercilessly raised the sword. Unlike Magic Tower, he could not use magic in the Imperial Castle, so he would not be able to defend properly and would have been cut somewhere or seriously injured. Because of one innocent man behind him.

    'I thought it was strange to create a body while extorting even the crown prince's position, which I didn't even have in mind, but... … .'

    He thought deeply, then quickly erased some of his thoughts. It is a hypothesis that cannot be established only for Crown Prince Sestiya, who is cold even if no one else knows. It's probably because he's a person who can satisfy his momentary interest. He himself had clearly stated that the reason he used gold magic was because of his interest in the soul.

    Loa, who was thinking of various things by herself in the air like a sheet of thin ice, heard a rustling sound that seemed to break the silence. When Sestyya hears the sound and turns his back, he gets caught up in something.

    “Stay there. I'll get some clothes on."

    After putting the cloak that Setilla put on on the table, Lee Gyeol, who is wearing underwear, is holding onto his back. As if embarrassed, he closed his eyes slightly and licked his lips, and Sestyya was unable to move any more and stood still.

    After setting up a shield for Setilla and putting on the clothes, Lee Gyeol, with her face flattened, sticks her head out of his body. As if he was nervous, his eyes met with Roa, who was facing Sestiya.

    “Thank you for taking a look.”

    As he nodded his head while speaking politely, Loa also quickly bowed his head.

    "no. As I said before, there is no need to worry too much about the numbness of the body as you can take enough vitality.”

    Lee Gyeol asked carefully at the kind words.

    "Perhaps… Can’t we take a light walk?”

    I haven't been in the room for as long as I used to, but looking out on a sunny day, I thought that I wanted to go out even for a moment. Although I had to have a cane, I couldn't help but feel greedy because I could walk on my own feet like I am now. After that, my heart pounded and I wanted to leave quickly, which made me feel even more impatient.

    Loa, who looked into Setilla's eyes, smiled softly.

    “If you can walk without a cane, a little bit will be fine. However, you must not overdo it, so you should never go alone.”

    "thank you."

    Lee Gyul smiled brightly and was happy. Seeing this, Roa's face automatically put on a warm smile. Sestyya was so dissatisfied, she covered Lee Gyeol's face with her body again and sharply opened his eyes.

    “Are you sure it’s okay?”

    "Yes. I'll come back to check it out in a week, but for now, it's good."

    Hearing Loa's confirmation, Sestiya gave him a chin on the door as if she had done everything she had to do. After receiving the silent congratulatory order, Roa politely bowed with a smile and headed towards the door.

    “Go carefully, sir.”

    Lee Gyeol bowed his head out of Sestiya's body again and greeted him friendly. Roa, who had put her hand on the doorknob, couldn't just leave and turned around and smiled at him once more. Then, thinking that he was a very cute young man, he walked out the door as if regretfully.

    The door opened and then closed, leaving only the two of them, and Sestiya finally faced Lee Gyeol. Looking at him with a smile as if excitedly, the discomfort that had been on his mind until now seemed to have completely washed away.

    “When will I be able to walk without a cane?”

    His voice seemed to be a little excited, and he was about one tone higher than usual. Every time I caught each small change in Lee Gyeol, I felt better for some reason.

    Sestyya grabbed Lee Gyeol's hand, who was about to hang the cloak on his shoulder, took it and put it on the back of an empty chair.

    “As soon as I have enough energy and can eat more than I do now, it will soon be.”

    "Well… , I still eat a lot of food... … .”

    It was not enough compared to the amount Sestiya ate, but Lee Gyeol said that he was always full and couldn't eat much. However, he can't make him overeat, so he's eating five meals a day by himself. Thanks to that, she seems to have gained a little weight recently, but to Sestiya, she still looked slender.

    “Let me eat a little more.”

    “It’s still enough… . If you do this, your belly will stick out like an uncle.”

    Settiya, who had imagined the slurred words, gave him a smirk and hugged him.

    “That wouldn’t be bad either.”

    “Not bad. Of course not bad.”

    “If it were you, I think it would be worth looking at even if your stomach was sticking out.”

    “Are you saying it’s not your body?”

    Sestiya, who walked with Lee Gyeol, who had a pouty mouth, gently laid him down on the bed.

    “Anyway, if it’s you, you’re free to leave your body, so why not go out for a walk?”

    “There’s a difference between walking around with only your soul and walking on your own feet.”

    Lee Gyeol made an excited face again.

    “I thought I would never be able to walk alone on my own two feet again. I hope he gets healthy soon so he can walk and run.”

    Sestiya, who was looking down at the bright smile, patted his head without realizing it. Lee Gyeol's smile deepened with the warm warmth and pleasant strokes.

    Every time I see Lee Gyeol, and every time he does something, I pat his head. When I pat you like a little animal that is hungry for affection, it leans against me as you stroke it, revealing a sense of well-being. Sestyya liked each of Lee Gyeol's reactions, and he wanted to see it over and over again.

    When he later realized why his habit was formed, it was strange and sometimes it tickled his stomach. Immediately after that, for some reason, I want to share life with him.

    Thinking that far, Sestiya's soft face suddenly hardened.

    “By the way, is it numbness? Why didn't I know?"

    “Ah, that… … .”

    Lee Gyeol avoided his gaze with a troubled face. When we were together, Sestyya hugged me and moved me or made me walk only a little bit, so my body didn't really feel numb. He was also there, which he sometimes felt when moving alone, and he was reluctant to say it because he thought that talking to Sestiya would annoy him.

    While waiting for Lee Gyeol's mouth to open, Setilla spoke firmly as if she had read his thoughts.

    “If you don’t want me to bother you, don’t hide anything that happens to your body. When things get bigger, that’s what bothers me more.”

    Whether what he said without hesitation was immediate effect, Lee Gyeol quickly rolled his eyes and apologized a little.

    “… I'm sorry."

    Normally, he speaks well without hesitation, but in this case, his face suddenly darkens and his voice crawles like a person who has taken on all the sins of the world. Sestiya didn't like it, but he didn't mean to bruise or rebuke. Rather than changing the human being Joo Yi-gyeol, it seemed more comfortable to get rid of the things that made him react like this.

    Sestiya, who was looking down at Lee Gyeol's sharp eyes, grabbed his chin and lifted it slightly.

    “How about now?”

    “Are you numb? I'm fine now... … .”

    “After that, it won’t be okay if you move again. Open your mouth.”

    When I said everything, Lee Gyeol showed a bewildered look and clasped Sestiya's wrist, which was holding my chin, with both hands.

    "In addition? You did it before you left.”

    Before going to work, I was just about to give life through a deep kiss as usual. In terms of time, it's only been a little over an hour, but he was just embarrassed to say that he was going to give it life again.

    Sestyya also thought that he was giving life too often, but Lee Gyeol, oddly enough, the more he looked in, the more he paid attention, the more he wanted to kiss him. I wondered if my lifespan was shortening too quickly, but Sestiya was a person who was not particularly concerned with such things. Only the living present matters.

    “They say that you need to get enough vitality to get rid of such a phenomenon, so that’s just what I’m trying to do.”

    "What? sleep… … !”

    Not even listening to Lee Gyeol's words, Sestiya lowered her lips as if in a hurry. Soon, Lee Gyeol's body, which had been rigid, was relaxed.

    Suddenly, I heard the sound of a bird flapping its wings outside the window. Since when, a crow, sitting silently on a tree outside the window, flapped its pretty big wings and flew away somewhere.
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    Fairy Trap Episode 130

    Sestiya's eyes filled with heat seemed to chew on the grain and stare at him, and his lips swallowed his left chest at once.


    As if I couldn't wait to see the bite marks erased, I put them up in the same spot. A clear tooth mark that seems to be indelible is engraved, and even a little blood oozes out.

    Lee Gyeol trembled at the tingling sensation that came as strong as the pain. Rather than the fear of being eaten whole in his chest, the fact that it was none other than that it was Sestyya who conveyed this feeling came to me with unbearable joy.

    “Ha, uh… .”

    A hot tongue grazed several times along the tooth mark. Sestiya's saliva seeped through the tooth mark with the small wound, and the itchiness that was difficult to handle gradually spread rapidly throughout the body.

    The tongue that was stroking the tooth marks wrapped around the small bumps trapped inside. As I gently sucked the nipples, which were still soft, with the tip of my tongue, I felt as if they were being sucked into even the tooth marks that had spread around them.


    Although only a part of his left chest was eaten, the stimulation that spread from there made his hands and feet numb. The strong stimulation that dug deep into his chest and climbed up his spine to his head darkened Lee Gyeol's eyes. In addition, as Sestiya's other hand touched the nipple on the opposite side, the stimulation increased more and more.

    Sestiya's fingers and tongue twirled both nipples and pulled them repeatedly as if sucking them in. His stimulated chest is lifted as if he took a deep breath, and his soft nipples are standing upright. My body, unable to handle even a single stimulation of my chest, was pounding and floating dangerously up to my weak waist.

    Still, Sestiya's tongue and hands did not stop. Now, he rubbed both nipples of Lee Gyeol with his fingertips, and with his lips, carved red marks everywhere from his neck to his chest. There were dark marks that looked like petals were placed on it, and a small smile intoxicated with heat remained on the corner of Lee Gyeol's lips.

    "ha… .”

    The sound of a moaning breath flowing through Lee Gyeol's lips stimulated Sestiya's ears. His genitals, which rested beneath him, gradually hardened.


    Lee Gyeol's blurry eyes instantly became clear, and his long eyelashes twitched finely. Sestilla, who had a tooth pierced into his raised collarbone, parted her lips with dissatisfaction. Luckily, he was able to end up with only a tooth mark, thanks to breaking his bones and barely putting up with what he wanted to chew.

    The trembling body of Lee Gyeol fell to the sheet as if he had just been exhausted, and his chest rose and descended quickly and loudly as if he had run a marathon repeatedly. Each time, the tight nipples disturbed my view, so I sucked it deeper once more. I still liked the sound of moans and the body that twitched and reacted.

    Sestyya kissed him on his ribs and quickly pulled off Lee Gyeol's pants. Lee Gyeol, who was wearing nothing but a shirt with the front of the shirt exposed, instinctively clasped his legs. Sestyya, who grabbed his knees and spread them wide from side to side, took a seat between them without removing his lips from Lee Gyeol's upper body. Clear water has already begun to form at the end of his penis, which was as clear as his upper body.

    Sestyya kissed and engraved traces on the lower part of Lee Gyeol's chest, grabbing his genitals and sweeping them up.


    Lee Gyeol's waist jumped up. His soft genitals, held in his large, firm hands, swept vigorously up and down him. His hands, starting from his roots, rose as quickly as if they were pulling out his penis, then gently squeezed and stroked his tangled glans as if rolling a ball. The moment when he was lost in the unbearable tickling, the tingling caused by the pressure of the penis woke up his brain as it went down to the root again strongly.

    Tickling stimuli that made him shake his body continued all over his upper body, and below him, a feeling of pleasure and tingling enough to leave his soul rubbed his brain. When Sestyja's lips touched the prominent bone at the bottom of his waist and stood up, even the stimulation of his genitals doubled and he almost stopped ejaculating.

    Thanks to his patience, there was no ejaculation, but the sticky liquid that had become a lubricant and made a sultry sound dripped down and wet the back of Sestiya's hand. He kissed his glans, which was glistening with the gooey liquid, and swallowed it deeply.

    “Ahhhh, three… S!”

    A feeling of crazed pressure and pleasure came from riding the penis deep enough to touch my throat. What's more, the heat inside his mouth was so soft that his body jumped and jumped whenever he stroked it up and down.

    It was a stimulus that was incomparable to when touched with his hand. Sestiya's saliva, which could not be wrapped around his genitals, and seeped into the inside through the urethra, provided the ultimate pleasure that cannot be ignored. The pleasure that started from below spreads throughout the body as if the vitality contained in the body fluid spreads, making the mind confused.

    In the meantime, Lee Gyeol tried to push Sestiya's head away with her trembling hands.

    "not… All right, Seth!ャ, go, go... same. Yes-!"

    Biting his lip and trying to swallow his moan, Lee Gyeol desperately shoved Sestiya's head off his ass. On the contrary, Sestyya recognized this and pressed his buttocks down on the left and right sides of the floor as if tying his arms, and sucked the penis in his mouth at a higher speed as if it were a piston.

    Lee Gyeol pulled his butt back to get out of Sestyya's mouth, but his hands were completely caught, so he couldn't move even if he wanted to. Both legs couldn't be retracted because of Sestiya's body, and the words to stop had no effect at all, as if he couldn't hear him. Rather, it seemed that the more he dissuaded him, the faster he sucked.

    “Ah, uh-! Seth, please... … ! ha... !”

    How terrified I was to see Setilla licking my semen last time. There was no way he could comfortably pour it into Sestiya's mouth like this.

    However, even though he tried to sprint with tears in his eyes, Sestiya did not stop. He looked up at Lee Gyeol’s face tenaciously and strongly encouraged him to ejaculate.

    He tried to endure it, but he had already become sensitive enough to be sensitive, and Sestyja's saliva was seeping into it, so he couldn't stand it. In the end, Lee Gyeol's penis twitched and ejaculated.


    Lee Gyeol's chest and waist were raised high, and his genitals clucked like coughing several times in Sestiya's mouth. His semen flowed out several times from the tip of Lee Gyeol's genitals, which went deep into his throat. Still, Sestilla was swallowing the hot, thick thing that ran down her esophagus without hesitation.

    Lee Gyeol, who had been shaking with a light moan, drunk with a dizzying sense of ejaculation that seemed to lose his mind, grasped the situation later and looked down at him quickly. By then, Sestyja, who had already opened his mouth from his genitals, was swiping the saliva and semen that had spread on his lips with his fingertips.

    “That, that… ate?"

    When Lee Gyeol asked in bewilderment, Sestiya rubbed the liquid on my fingertips.

    “How about that?”

    “How are you… … . Worse, it's dirty... … .”

    “Don’t get me wrong.”

    Settilla's fingertips pointed downwards this time around Lee Gyeol.

    “All this bodily fluid is mine. None of yours is dirty.”

    Sestiya, who spoke as if neatly said, touched Lee Gyeol's hole. The saliva that came down from the genitals was already condensed as if staying in the hole, so one finger could easily get in.


    Lee Gyeol shrugged at the sensation of a foreign body digging into the hole. A long finger that had dug deep inside him scratched the inside of him like a punishment.

    At first, it was nothing more than a foreign body sensation, but as Sestyja's saliva dug into it, it soon became a tickling sensation and a subtle stimulus that rubbed his buttocks against the sheet. Knowing this, Sestyja poked the inside with his long finger without hesitation.

    “Ugh, uh-!”

    I was trying to kill the sound as much as possible, but if I gave it a little stronger stimulation, it seemed that the high-pitched moan would be vomited out without patience. He was in the situation he wanted, but nonetheless, he was a bit embarrassed to vomit out his moan without filtering.

    “Release your power.”

    Sestyja put another finger into the screw-down hole to contain his irritation. Two thick, hard fingers dig deep inside. Its end soon hit something hard that felt between the soft inner walls.


    A groan escaped from his mouth with a tingling sensation. Contrary to Sestiya's words to stop and relax as his ass rubbing the sheet hardened, he tightened his fingers with the force to break his fingers.

    Sestiya's finger poked the spot with a stronger and more certainty, as if she wanted Lee Gyeol's reaction.

    “Huh, ah-! ah! Whoops-!”

    It seemed to be swallowed up alternately by darkness and light that could not see anything. I was stimulated to dig like crazy so that I could not even think about it, and I burst into high-pitched sounds one after another. As if the penis had spilled a sticky, transparent liquid, the sound of friction mixed with the sound of water was clearly heard from below. The squeaking sound, the feel of the fingers stinging inside, and the turbid flow of pleasure exploding from the inside twisted my body.

    All of a sudden, Lee Gyeol's penis gradually stiffened as if he was about to ejaculate, and it swelled up as if he was about to vomit at any moment.

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