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    Fairy Trap Episode 28

    Sestiya approached Loa and handed her a glass bottle. At the same time, she checked whether there was still a sign of this decision inside.

    Loa's eyes as she took in her glass bottle filled with surprise.

    “It’s the first time I’ve seen a soul like this,” she said. A golden butterfly... … .”

    Loa, like Zeir, could see souls from the old days, and he was a person whose abilities doubled while studying soul magic.

    “But it’s kind of weird. Being in perfect shape means that it is still alive, but it does not move as if it were dead.”

    After hearing Roa's words, Sestiya felt a bad sense of uneasiness when she heard that Lee Gyeol didn't move.

    “I will start right away, as it can damage my soul if I let it go like this.”

    Loa turned and looked down at the long stone altar behind me.

    He took the glass bottle with the magic stone removed in the middle of the long stone tablet with geometric patterns. Then he carefully tilted the mouth of the bottle to get out the golden butterfly that was clearly visible to my eye. A golden butterfly lying down as if it had collapsed rolled over the surface as the bottle tilted. The golden butterfly that flowed out through the entrance was lying in the middle of the cold stone slab and did not know how to get up.

    “Prince, excuse me for a moment.”

    Apologizing, Loa pulled out a dagger the length of his finger. After hearing about his magic in advance, Sestiya gave up her finger without hesitation. Blood flowed from the index finger of his right hand with a tingling sensation.

    “Now come over here and place your hands on the altar.”

    Sestiya, who had approached Loa's horse, stood in the center of the stone tablet and placed her hands on the surface. He even had the Crown Prince's brooch on his chest.

    It wasn't like I was seeing butterflies or anything like Loa, but I could feel the faint presence of Lee Gyeol. It felt like it was about to break at any moment because it could not be shaken dangerously.

    Loa, who turned around the altar and faced Sestiya, placed both hands on the stone tablets. Soon, an unknown incantation flowed from his mouth, with his eyes closed. In accordance with this, the floor vibrated finely, and the purple flowers gave off a stronger color as if they reacted to each other. Suddenly, the golden brooch that Setilla was wearing also shed a dazzling light.

    It was then that the stone tablets changed. Each of the patterns written on the stone tablets had a blue light. As the light filled the stone tablet, a golden sphere began to form in the center. It gradually elongated in a circular shape as if it was fitted to a stone plate, and sooner or later it took the form of a person.

    Sestiya frowned as she looked at the dazzlingly gleaming golden human form. It wasn't fully realized yet to the point of showing the skin, but the approximate physique was recognizable.

    -me… I'm not very good looking. As dry as a skeleton and pale as a corpse. not like a person

    As he said, his body was being made seriously skinny enough to think it was a skeleton. I know it was because I was lying in bed because of an illness, but I thought it was serious.

    After the body's form was established, the golden light gradually faded as if it was permeated into the body. As Lee Gyeol had said himself, pale and pure white skin was quickly revealed.

    Sestiya looked down at Lee Gyeol's face, which had completely swallowed the gold. He was a dark-haired young man with a haggard complexion. There was definitely an exotic feeling that was different from the people of this world.

    ‘This is the main decision… .'

    Obviously, as Lee Gyeol said, even though he had a poor body, he didn't frown or hate to see him. First of all, I thought that I should gain weight by eating more than that.

    After the body was completely completed, the blue light gradually faded from the bright purple flowers. After that, the blue light of the stone plate also disappeared, and the gold color that was wrapped around Sestiya's brooch also calmed down.

    Loa took a deep breath and removed her hand. Then, he smiled with a smile on his face.

    "it's over. Now you just need to add some vitality.”

    Sestiya looked over Lee Gyeol's body with her eyes. Because there is no vitality, the chest is quiet.

    “Are you connected to me?”

    "of course. It was built by collecting the blood of the prince.”

    Sestyja raised her right hand and looked down at his index finger. Until before, there was a cut that had dripped blood, but now only faint traces remain, no bloodstains.

    He pulled out the sword he was wearing on his waist halfway and cut his index finger on the blade again. Blood quickly dripped from the finger, which had been cut a little deeper than before.

    He pressed his tightly closed lips with one hand. Dry lips, as cold as a corpse, opened without difficulty. Sestiya opened Lee Gyeol's mouth like that and put his bloody finger inside it. He rubbed and pressed his bloody fingertips against his cold, hard tongue. The blood that naturally flowed down Lee Gyeol's tongue and flowed down his throat.

    so after a few seconds.

    “Heh… !”

    Lee Gyeol's body, which was nothing more than a corpse, suddenly shook violently. His chest rose high and he breathed heavily, and his mouth heard the sound of his struggle to breathe.

    Sestyya pulled his finger out of Lee Gyeol's mouth and lifted Lee Gyeol's upper body with one arm. As he closely watched his chest rise and fall, a strange sensation resembling ecstasy came upon him.

    "eww… , ah… … .”

    As if learning breathing for the first time, Lee Gyeol licked his lips. Sestiya patted her back while holding such Lee Gyeol in her arms.

    “Breathe slowly. slowly… … .”

    Guess Sestiya's extensive reading was going through, and Lee Gyeol's wildly shaking chest and back gradually calmed down. Soon, he breathes just like a normal person.

    "ha… , ha… .”

    Lee Gyeol's body, which was starting to feel warm, was actually more fragile than what he saw with his own eyes. If you apply a little force, it seems to break as it is.

    His heart was beating, breathing was restored, and warmth was restored, but he did not open his eyes.

    “Right now, the soul is adjusting to the new body, and in time it will wake itself up.”

    Loa spoke as if she had read Sestiya's thoughts. After that, Sestiya felt a little relieved and took off the cloak that was attached to her jacket and wrapped it around Lee Gyeol's body.

    “You have to be careful. Even a little bit of force will break your bones.”

    Loa, who had asked worriedly, looked at the Lee Gyeol held by Sestiya. Although he is not of short height, he looks more dwarfed and smaller because he is being hugged by Sestiya, who has strong muscles.

    “For a while, it seems that you need to eat and supply vitality at the same time. If you say you're still hungry even after you've eaten enough, it means you're not alive, so fill it up."

    It was like asking for a pet's meal, but it was a must-have for Roa, so he made a new request.

    “I will stop by the castle to check the condition periodically. It's a made-up body, so you won't get sick or get sick, but you shouldn't force it. This is the first time I have created a body based on the soul, so the data is lacking, so making it healthy is my priority.”

    Sestiya, who nodded his head as if he understood Roa's words, completely embraced Lee Gyeol's body surrounded by a cloak. It was a lot lighter than I thought, and his eyes frowned. I wish I could have survived really well with a body like this in another world.

    Lee Gyeol, who was asleep as if dead, rested his face on his shoulder and breathed weakly. His small breath and warmth brought an indescribable strange sensation.

    Several thoughts came to mind while holding Lee Gyeol. What kind of reaction will Lee Gyul have when he opens his eyes? Do you like the fact that the disease is gone? Or will he blame himself for keeping him in this world?

    Actually, it didn't matter.

    That he himself became the master of this decision. It was important that he had him completely in his hands.

    Now I am in control of this relationship.

    * * *

    It had been almost seven hours since Lee Gyul had occupied Sestiya's bed when he woke up.

    After opening his eyes, Lee Gyeol blinked several times with difficulty in focusing. As he looked up at the ceiling that gradually began to catch his eye, he felt something strange.

    He closed his eyes tightly and looked down. Some gold embroidery is placed on the thick duvet that covers up to his neck. When he turned his head to the right, he saw a mysterious window that was luxurious even on his window sill. And out of the window were two large moons.

    It was difficult to understand the situation at once. He wondered if he was dreaming, but all his senses were telling him that this was not a dream but reality. As evidence of that, his body did not move properly.

    "this… how… … . Shh, Kolok!”

    Lee Gyeol, who opened his mouth to let out a word, felt his throat rough and coughed briefly. His throat is seriously sharp as if he hadn't spoken in a long time.

    He coughs briefly, and someone suddenly approaches from the side. Startled to see who was there, he turned his head to see a familiar man approaching with a glass of water in one hand. Recognizing him, Lee Gyeol opened his eyes wide in surprise.

    “… Seth... ?
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    Help! This is so good. :blobnosebleed: Where can I read the raws beside ridi? :aww:
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    Sestyja, who was holding this kiss in her arms, felt that he was a little strange. He glanced around the bedroom, stroking his cheeks in the morning, which were whiter than when he slept. There was nothing different. There is no trace of any disturbance, and there is no sign that someone has entered.

    However, the window is open.

    These days, Lee Gyeol has a habit of keeping the bedroom windows closed. To be precise, it was right after he found out that the crow, which he was often seen outside the bedroom, was actually possessed by the spirit attached to Jaire.

    Lee Gyeol was smarter than I thought. The day he had his first conversation with his crow, he drew simple information from his experiences and his possessed spirit.

    When the soul speaks to the opponent, it doesn't matter whether there is a solid wall or not, whether it is in a spirit state or possessed state. I don't know if it's making a sound with my mouth, but if it's a way of sending a voice into my head, it could affect everyone within a certain distance. Of course, it must be someone who can hear the voice of the soul.

    However, seeing and hearing was not different from the normal human state. If there was a wall, the view was obscured, so you could not see inside, and you could not hear the conversations going in and out. Lee Gyeol expressed doubts about the speculative remarks made by the crow, 'It seems to be harassing', and the part that 'I pressed immobile and bit it'. If I had seen it from a window with a crow, it would have been enough, but if I had listened to the two of them in their usual conversation, I would have said something more clear and convincing.

    The window that had been deliberately closed to prevent anyone from outside, including the soul, from hearing the sound inside, was left open. That was very suspicious.

    Sestiya stared at the window for a moment, then removed the moisture from her arms and looked into his eyes. The eyes that seemed to be relieved with a slight smile were particularly concerned.

    “What happened?”

    Lee Gyeol's eyes showed a faint trembling. It was a very small reaction that could be noticed because it was Sestiya right in front of his eyes.


    It was such a clear and unshakable voice that if I had paid a little less attention, I would have passed. However, Sestiya had no intention of ignoring the discomfort that came to her.

    Perhaps the crow came looking for Lee Gyeol when he was alone, and he must have had a close conversation. The content should be hidden without telling me.

    ‘It’s not that I don’t speak, it’s that I can’t speak.’

    I thought there must be a good reason why Lee Gyul suddenly had something to hide from me. It is obvious that the culprit is not seen.

    'It's quite annoying.'

    I don't know what Jeir did, but Lee Gyeol made me shut up. He had an unpleasant feeling as if something was caught inside his throat.

    Lee Gyeol asked with a bashful smile.

    “Are you going to work again?”

    It was a strange question, but Sestiya noticed something else there.


    "you must be tired. Can we have breakfast together today?”

    There was concern in Lee Gyul's eyes. Sestiya's eyes looking at him narrowed a little.


    “If you are busy with work, there is nothing you can do about it. We can eat together later. Do not work too hard."

    Seeing the sad smile on his face, Sestilla realized that he was still in a situation that he couldn't talk about.

    Recently, lunch or dinner was often not possible due to work. But we only had breakfast together. Whether it was vital nutrients or after we ate together, it seemed to give Lee Gyul strength to endure the day. That was something Lee Gyul himself admitted.

    Even though we had breakfast together like that every day, Lee Gyeol suddenly used the words ‘maybe’ and ‘today’. As if they had never had breakfast together before. In addition, he promised the next with a sad face like someone who thought it would not be possible.

    ‘Are you being watched?’

    Due to long training, the most promising was Sestiya, who didn't miss out even in her sleep. However, there is nothing in his room other than the signs of himself and Lee Gyeol. However, he can't believe that he'd be trying to use it to monitor where the magic was blocked.

    Something that can be watched without a presence.

    And even if he didn't know it, it was something that Lee Gyul would be able to know.

    ‘… Is it a soul?’

    Sestiya, who had reached that point, was sure of the answer that popped into my head.

    Surveillance using the soul.

    ‘It’s a masterpiece like him.’

    He knows that there is surveillance, and when he turns around and speaks so that only he knows, it seems that Lee Gyeol is deliberately accepting the current situation. I don't know what was going on, but in Lee Gyeol's head, he must have been the only one. There must be a reason why he's quietly accepting Jaire's actions.

    Sestiya stroked Lee Gyeol's cheek and kissed him calmly. I am particularly concerned about the face and body, which are chilled by tension. Lee Gyeol's tongue, which is kissed under the guise of supplying vitality, is also a mixture of tension and hesitation. It's like he cares about the gaze of someone who is looking at him.

    After the kiss was shorter than usual, he wiped Lee Gyeol's saliva-stained lips with his fingertips.

    "don't worry."

    It was not an answer to the previous saying not to overdo it. He was hiding something from himself, in response to a secret signal that he sent him to find out again.

    “You have nothing to worry about.”

    Lee Gyeol, who was looking up at Sestiya with clear eyes, put on a smile that seemed to be deeply reassured once more. His tense lips draw soft arcs and contain a satisfying warmth.

    On purpose, we did not talk about this result for a long time. As usual, there were a lot of tasks to be solved, and today, in particular, I was going to have an interview with a few nobles, so it was even tighter. However, it was also because he had read Lee Gyeol's thoughts that he had a watchful eye and was careful to talk to him.

    After leaving the bedroom, Sestiya gave Kirsty a short break, who was still guarding the door, and set up Lennock instead. If, by any chance, you hear Lee Gyeol talking with someone inside, he also added that he should not go inside and just eavesdrop on the contents and report. Lennock with a puzzled face followed the orders without questioning.

    Alone, Sestiya walked down the hallway towards her office. Not long after passing even the guards guarding the hallway, he opened his mouth as if to himself.

    “One guy does not fall away from Joo Yi-gyeol and follows him secretly. A soul is attached to Joo Yi-gyeol and is being monitored, so keep your distance, and if something happens, don't rush and report it. As for the soul, it's all about monitoring it, so there's no need to worry about it."

    There was nobody around. However, Sestiya was clearly noticing the two signs hovering near her.

    “However, if Joo Yi-gyeol is in danger, kill anyone. Even if it is only possessed by the soul.”

    Setilla's eyes gleamed fiercely.

    “Tear him from his fingertips to his torso, and kill him without leaving a trace.”

    * * *


    It seems that the sound of his rolling eyes is louder than his crunching sound.

    Sestiya's lieutenant, Erzen, seemed to be choked by the heavy air. The amount of paperwork that was increasing day by day was as much as the amount of work to solve quickly, but rather, it was the atmosphere of Sestiya, who handled things like crazy. At first glance, it was possible to say that it was different from usual, but Erzen, who had always worked by his side, who was always cold and fearful, could not know.

    ‘Who the hell broke the heart of His Majesty!’

    The air, which was still stuffy, was now breathtaking, as if I was running because I couldn't walk on the thin ice. It was like predicting an explosion that was about to explode.

    Today, the third day, the air seems to get worse without any sign of improvement. I don't know why the atmosphere is getting even more bleak when there is not even Lennock who stands by with a smile sometimes and makes scary noises.

    'This is going to make a hole in the top.'

    For a long time, I had been aiding Sestiya's work, and I thought that immunity was going to go well, but I can't adapt to this young atmosphere that seems to be pulled out of his eyes even if he rolls his eyes a little wrong.

    In the stuffy atmosphere, my breath stopped and exhaled repeatedly. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise outside.

    “What! Coming all of a sudden like this... … ! Ugh-!”

    The guard's words, who had been shouting outside, were cut off with a fairly loud noise. Just as I thought I could hear a few loud noises and harsh words, the door swung open without knocking. Erzen reflexively jumped up and stared at his entrance.

    “What are you doing?! Are you acting like you know this is the office of Crown Prince Setilla's office?!"

    “I know you well.”

    Among the knights in gold armor who entered the entrance, the tallest knight in the most splendid appearance looked at Sestiya in front of him without even paying attention to Ergen. In fact, the owner of the office, Sestyja, was leaving his autograph with his eyes on the papers whether they came in or not.

    “I don’t think I came here for anything good.”

    “You saw it right.”

    Terran Reuter, the commander of the Imperial Knights Templar, who was said to only move on orders from the emperor, unfolded a finely rolled scroll and held it toward Sestiya. Just then, Sestiya raised her head and gathered her brows to see the emperor's seal engraved on the scroll.

    “This morning, Prince Mendela La Kinelli passed away.”

    Teren's blue eyes, announcing the news of the death of 1st Prince Mendel, were as cold as the color.

    “And Crown Prince Sestiya Ren Kinelli is the prime suspect in the murder of the 1st Prince, so we must go with you.”
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    is Yi Gyeol still alive in the real world or he's just in coma or something?
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    It said in novel that the body will die slowly without soul..soo there a possibility that he in a coma until he die.
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    Fairy Trap Episode 40
    Episode 40

    It was a week after Loa's first trip that Lee was able to walk without a cane. I couldn't stand for a long time or walk for a long time, but I was free to walk around in the bedroom as much as I could.

    It wasn't the only thing that got better. Like a man who had suffered a famine, his skeleton was now simply dry. Even the thick cheeks are moderately fat and have a good color.

    “He's full of vitality and his health is definitely better.”

    As he checked Lee's body as before, Loa removed his hand on his left chest and smiled.

    “Where are you uncomfortable? What about the tremor you said earlier?”

    As soon as the test using mana was over, Lee-jeong, who had been wearing his underwear, smiled brightly and replied, " I'm not going to be able to do that."

    “It's gone altogether now.”

    "Thank god.”

    Loa, standing on her knees on the floor to face the sitting Lee, stepped back, feeling the close gaze of her face. Sestiya, who had been watching the situation throughout the inspection, picked up the top off the table and put her arm in her hand.

    “I can do it.”

    "Put on your pants.”

    Even now that he could move without his own forces, Sestiya's child-dealing behavior did not disappear. Even with a grunt of displeasure, Lee put his arm into the top he had unfolded as Sestiya had asked him to do. Then, while filling the buttons, take the pants and wear them.

    Loa, looking at him and looking at him with a soundless laugh, looked up as Sestiya looked back.

    Then I heard Lennock's voice with a knock outside.

    "Eda the sorceress came.”

    Sestiya's eyes automatically turned to Loa. The sorcerer, named Eda, was said to be the successor of the Matab master. Loa added briefly, saying he was calling.

    “I told you to prepare a refined hearthstone.”

    "Is that necessary?”

    “Unlike other bodies, we don't see mana evaporation, but we'll put Mana in once every two weeks, periodically using purified hearthstone.”

    Sestiya's eyes moved unmistakably.

    “You don't have abnormalities in your body, do you?”

    "Of course. Rather, you will feel a good comfort when you accept Mana. The purified hearthstone has the wavelength that is most similar to the hearthstone of the brooch that was used to make up the flesh.”

    Sestiya, who only relented after hearing the words, this time cast a glance at Lee-yul. Lee, who did not understand the words of the two, blinked with his head. Sestiya, who automatically stroked his head, came toward the door and said, " Oh, my god." As if waiting, the door opens immediately, and a young man in a gray robe walks in.

    Eda, who had an example towards Sestiya, was seemingly of a similar age to the outcome. With his eyes a little raised on his easy-looking face, he showed a gentle smile at Lee-yeol, who looked at him with a curious gaze.

    Loa, who gave Eda a warm glance, looked at Lee and opened her mouth.

    “It takes about 10 minutes to get all the mana of the hearthstone. In the meantime, lie down comfortably.”

    He then politely said to Sestiya.

    “I have a word for the Prince for a moment. I want you to give me some time while Eda supplies Mana.”

    He was asked to try it on this spot if he had anything to say, but Loa was smiling without saying anything. Sestiya, noticing that the decision was something she did not want to hear, turned her eyes and looked at him. Lee, standing up from his seat, nodded with a smiling face.

    "I don't care, go.”

    As he says so, he tries to walk to bed, and Sestiya grabs his arm and hugs him. I frowned at Loa and Eda alternately without knowing them.

    “You can walk yourself.”

    “It's still time to be careful.”

    “How long is it to bed?......”

    He spat out a loud sound, but Sestiya was not. I was immune from carrying this decision from time to time, and I was calm without a murmur.

    Sestiya, lying on the bed spraying her hair, patted his disheveled head with his hands.

    “I'll let Lennox in, so if you want to be weird, send a signal. You can scream.”

    "Okay, so go quickly. You're waiting for me.”

    As always, Sestiya, smiling cheerfully, waved her hand and signaled to go. Sestiya approached Eda with a cold eye, until she pulled the quilt and covered her chest. Eda, feeling Sestiya's overbearing feelings right in front of her, swallowed her dry spit as if she were nervous.

    "Just do your job. Otherwise, Matab's successor, or whatever, will not be safe.”

    It was small enough to be heard only by himself, but the weight in it was as silent and bloody as Sestiya's eyes.

    Sestiya, who passed Eda and opened the door, called Lenok, who was waiting outside the door.

    "Watch from the inside. If he tries to touch anything other than his hand with a mana supply, he drags it out of the room and cuts it somewhere.”

    "Yes, all right.”

    Lennox, who answered without hesitation, entered the room with a haggard face and stood at the door. Loa, hearing Sestiya's orders, left the room, telling Eda to be careful, because she really did not know where one would be cut.

    There was a strange feeling of redness in the room where the two left and the other entered.

    Eda, with a slight tension in her easygoing face, glanced at Lennock. It was not as much as Prince Sestiya, but it was also an uncanny overbearing feeling. He was already putting his hand on the handle of the sword in his waist dance, as if he would pull out the sword at any time.

    Lennox, who is watching, and Eda, who is watching, are shedding a strange tension, and Lee alone is twinkling in their eyes.

    “What do you do with Mana supply?”

    Eda's nervous face lifted a little as she looked at the curious child. Taking a chair by the bed, he pulled out a clean cloth pouch from his robe. As he pulled out of it a blue stone the size of a fist and showed it, there was admiration in Lee's eyes.

    “This is a hearthstone, right?”

    "Yes, that's right.”

    Eda, smiling, answered, holding the hearthstone in one hand and holding the hand of Lee in the other. The cold texture of Lee's hand is scuffed.

    “It'll take about 10 minutes.”

    As Eda smiled and spoke kindly, the hearthstone he held began to glow softly. In accordance with this, the blue light was also on the hands connected with the outcome. Lee made a relaxed face, feeling as good as Loa felt when he examined his body.

    Eda, who had begun to supply the mana of the hearthstone, still smiled and glanced at Lee's face.

    'I'm not a slave for labor, either.’

    When Prince Sestiya walked out of the Matab, he did not know, but now he thought that he was not a slave who was mainly in hard labor. If you did rough labor, your hands were rough, even if there were no visible wounds, but the palms you held were soft, and the back of your hands were curly.

    'You're a sex slave.’

    If that was the case, I could understand. Prince Sestiya has tended to be obsessed with interesting things from time immemorial, so he may have needed a different sex slave with a hard-to-see exotic taste. And then he doesn't see anyone else at all, and he's rumored to have done a bit of geeky stuff, so he might think about giving birth to intercourse. The Imperial Family is especially said to have a long life.

    I thought of that, and I laughed at the Lee, who was looking at my hand. I don't know what ointment came into the Prince's eyes to occupy this bedroom, but it was only a trinket. I don't know when I'll be tired and thrown away, and I think I'll have sex every night and eat my life, so I feel dirty with this hand I'm holding.

    'In any case, it's important that it's a life that doesn't kill the flesh.’

    If the man in front of you falls into the hands of Prince Jair, it will be the best tool for mass production of human flesh.

    The Sunshade will shock the spirit of the soul, but Jair will not care at all. Even if his soul is exhausted and he can't lose himself completely, he will be constantly used.

    And also to himself.

    When I thought of that, I came to think of a thrilling joy.

    Eda, who was seemingly like my mentor, with a good smile, in contrast to her head laughing and mocking at Lee, set eyes on him in Lee's voice, which came in as if to interrupt my thoughts.

    “What is your name?”



    Lee put on a bitter smile as he rolled Eda's name in his mouth.

    “Did I do something wrong with Eda?”


    Eda's head stopped at once as she laughed at him over the question of the decision.

    “I feel like you don't like me.”

    "...I will. It's the first time I've ever talked about it like this, but I don't like it.”

    “You've been hating me since I came into this room.”

    Eda's mouth clenched momentarily. Lee's eyes sank darkly.

    “Why are you laughing hard?”

    After the onset of Rostov syndrome, Lee was forced to be sensitive to other people's negative emotions over time. Even more, Eda's far-fetched smile resembled that of a decision that seemed to hide his original feelings.

    Eda's smile, which was natural to anyone, slowly disappeared.
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    Fairy Trap Episode 32

    Lee Gyeol, who had spilled her tears to the fullest, fell asleep as if exhausted. In fact, it was close to exhaustion because I couldn't stop shedding tears with my weak body, but I felt relieved because I cried enough to shake it all off.

    Sestiya, who was lying on the bed with Lee Gyeol, was still patting her back even though he was asleep. It was the first time I tried it, but Adelan, who had rushed to put herself to sleep in the past, did this often, and it certainly seemed to work. At that time, Adelan fell asleep before himself every time, so I wasn't sure of the effect.

    To be honest, I didn't mean to lie in bed together on a bright afternoon in the sun and hug him so much to comfort him. It would be better if I could just sleep, but that's not the case and I only shed tears, so I thought that maybe I'd cry until I ran out of breath. But if you stop crying, you'll feel sorry again, thinking, "You're causing trouble." That will soon make walls and masks.

    Sestiya stared at Lee Gyeol's sleeping face for a long time with her arms cut off. It's been a while since tears stopped flowing, but her long eyelashes are still wet. Sestiya didn't even bother to wipe it off.

    The more you look, the weirder it gets. Except for his exotic and bare face, he doesn't look much different from a normal person, but strangely, he keeps looking at me. Looking at Sestiya, who has no aesthetic standards for people, he was not attractive at all. Even the tears that dyed his eyelashes caught his attention.

    ‘It’s amazing.’

    It was also the thing that I thought the most after meeting Joo Yi-gyeol, and it was only the words that came to mind for him. The novelty could be said to be the source of interest towards Joo Yi-gyeol.


    “Prince, I have received a letter from Count Levant.”

    Hearing Lennock's voice from outside, Sestiya told him to come in briefly. The corner of Lee Gyeol's eyes, which was in her arms, twitched slightly because of the voice. When I wipe my back in case I wake up, my eyes become calm again.

    As soon as Lennock, who he thought would have been at the table for Sestilla, came in, he set his eyes on him, but unexpectedly saw him lying on the bed. It was the first time I had seen Sestiya lying in bed at such an hour, so I was a bit surprised and approached him quickly.

    “Prince, what happened… … ! Prince?”

    Belatedly, I realized that there was something in his arms. It was almost invisible because it was covered with Sestiya's body and a blanket, but he could tell that it was a human being.

    “Ummm… .”

    Lee Gyeol, who was in Sestiya's arms, frowned and gave a small moan. At the same time, Sestiya's forehead is also frowned as if it were a resemblance.

    "sulfur… … !”

    “Lower your voice.”

    Even when he said that, his voice was very low.

    Sestiya gently rubbed Lee Gyeol's frown on his forehead and stroked his hair as if to soothe him. The sound of breathing, which had almost been disturbed, spread evenly again. He barely comforted him and put him to sleep, but he didn't want to wake him up before he could recover his stamina.

    Lennock, who was still unable to speak, felt a sense of incongruity at Sestyja, who only turned his head to stare sharply at him.

    “The letter is on the table. Do you have anything more to say?”

    “… no."

    Even if I had something to say, I didn't feel like doing it.

    Lennoc, who put the letter on the table with his hardened face, left the room with Sestyja's glare. If there was even a slight delay, it seemed that he would come forward and pull it out by force.

    After leaving the room, Lennock had a puzzled expression on his face for a while. His gaze was fixed on the tightly closed bedroom door.

    ‘The prince who is no one else… … .'

    It was the first time Lennock had ever seen Sestiya like that. I thought it was strange what he was doing to a skinny young man, but I'm sure he'd be lying in his arms in broad daylight like this. In addition to that, he was considerate of lowering his voice in fear of waking up, as if he was not the Prince Sestiya he knew.

    Do you really like that young man that much? If so, where the hell is it?

    Lennock thought of the opponents of Sestilla he had seen.

    He has embraced beautiful women and has experience hugging men as well. They came here with the intention of assassination anyway, so after the relationship they were all crushed to the point of being unrecognizable, but their appearance and body were certainly attractive to Lennock.

    On the other hand, Lee Gyeol was too shabby and poor compared to them. Just looking at his face, which had been held in Sestiya’s arms a while ago, was so close to a corpse that at first glance, you might think he was dead.

    ‘Is this just a fun thing or something… … .'

    Lennock pondered again what he had seen and questioned Sestiya's actions.

    * * *

    It was three days later that Lee Gyeol was able to get out of bed on her own. It was hard to even lift a finger at first, but now I feel much more free than when I was last in Korea. I had to use a cane because my legs were shaking, but I was able to go to the table in the room and have a cup of tea, and I could stand by the window and look out the window for a while.

    'Interesting. It’s really improved.’

    With one hand holding a cane and the other on the wall, Lee Gyeol's face, looking out the window, was as bright as the bright sunlight. If someone had brought me a mirror, I would have been surprised to see it myself.

    Lee Gyeol, who was looking out with a smile on his face, looked at the dance hall not far away. Although there was some distance, I was able to recognize the face to some extent with the naked eye. At the end of his gaze, there was Sestiya, who was fighting a few knights in comfortable clothes.

    Settiya and another knight, who were facing each other with wooden swords, met in the blink of an eye. Lee Gyeol, who was watching, was so frightening that he grabbed the staff without realizing it, but fortunately, the other knight rolled the floor quickly. Sestyja, on the other hand, stood comfortably with his wooden sword hanging down, as if nothing had happened. Then another knight bowed deeply and pointed his sword at him, but he too became the same as the person before him.

    ‘You are strong… .'

    That's what I thought when we first met, but watching him fight like this, I realized that he was really strong.

    Then, Lee Gyeol's face suddenly turned pale. Before going there, I remembered Sestiya, who hugged and kissed her deeply to give her life.

    It was partly because he lacked strength in his body, but his arms around his waist were definitely solid stones. His tongue was so strong that he couldn't even push out the tongue he was kissing. In addition to that, it wasn't normal strength to see him carrying it around with flashes from time to time.

    Gyeol Lee, who was holding the hot ball with one hand, was surprised to see Sestyya's opponent wielding his wooden sword in a terrifying way, and his eyes widened. Sestyja dodged it so easily that he knocked down his opponents with astonishing speed.

    It may be absurd to think that such a strong person is not someone else and that a weak person is concerned, but every time he sees a scene like that, he stumbles and is surprised.

    ‘I’m worried about getting hurt.’

    Even if it was fortunate that it was a wooden sword, the momentum of each of the opposing knights was great. I was worried that I might get bruises or break bones if I hit something wrong. The fallen knights also looked quite sick, but I was more worried about Sestiya, whom I saw every day. As a result, the truth is that only he did not notice, but he wondered if he was not hurt somewhere.

    ‘I want to see you closer… … .'

    There was a bit of a distance from here, so I couldn't even tell what state Sestiya was in. He didn't have the means to contact them either, and he couldn't be bothered if he had anything like that. I remembered that he would always call me if there was anything needed by a large man outside the room, but I couldn't ask him to support him all the way there.

    Lee Gyeol's eyes naturally turned to the bed. A gorgeous duvet engraved with gold embroidery on a pure white sheet is a little messy. He wanted to go back in, even though he had just been out of it.

    ‘Is it okay if I just come and see you for a while without disturbing you?’

    He just happens to be getting the sun, so he's a little tired. He is in a peaceful atmosphere and a cool breeze is blowing, so maybe he will be able to fall asleep soon.

    Lee Gyeol, who looked out the window one more time, went to the bed with his cane. Occasionally, he leaned against the wall and grabbed the back of the sofa, approached the bed and sat down on it. His eyes were already closed, perhaps because of the warmth and comfort he felt as he slowly laid down on his bed, lifting the blanket. He was able to feel this way, a small smile flowed out in itself.

    'I'm just going to see you for a moment without making a sound. I'm just not hurt... … .'

    He swore a few times and closed his eyes. It must have been the influence of the bright sunlight, but the bed was pleasantly warm as if the warmth of Sestiya remained.

    Soon Lee Gyul fell into a deep sleep.
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    Where i can read raw but free, thanks,
    More cap next......
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    페어리 트랩(Fairy Trap) 36화
    Fairy Trap Episode 36

    At the time of the writing of the contract with Kanael, Jair recalled the soul he had temporarily possessed in his body.

    The contract is written with the words of the "soul".

    At the time, the soul, which contained the spirit in the contract at his command, was trapped in a glass bottle, as it had always been. Then that day Sestiya was crowned in the Crown Prince's seat.

    At the end of the day, the returning scout soul informed him that Sestiya was alive and that he had his contract in his hands. As soon as I heard it, I immediately shattered the soul that had written the contract on my behalf. As the soul was broken, the spirit he had carved would have completely disappeared, so by now my contract in Sestiya's hand would have been a white paper.

    I believed in one of Kanael's Boogild Master Pairs, but I had to be careful about the contract, which would be a weakness enough for my opponent to be Sestiya. Even if he succeeded, he was going to clear the contract as scheduled by the time he reached the throne in the future. They wouldn't have left the pair safe.

    'I have to say I'm glad you sorted it out.’

    Of course, Sestiya was not in a situation that would be "glad" to be safe, but Vilmi, who would be the weakness of the other brothers, was also lost, and the assassin Pair, who would be a stumbling block in the future, was gone. I had to find another way to get rid of Sestiya, but I thought it was not so bad at the moment. Thanks to his survival and use of gold, he was able to roughly identify the identity of the golden butterfly.

    Jair had his head full of Sestiya and golden butterflies, and the sorcerer, who was still drinking tea, had his mouth full of calm.

    "The golden butterfly that Prince Jair saw.”

    At the end of the day, Jair's eyes naturally showed interest as he was lucky with the golden butterfly he was thinking about.

    “There would have been as much original flesh as the living spirit, but why did it settle in the new flesh?”

    “What does that mean?”

    “As the Prince knows, the gold is ‘the magic of creating perfect human flesh based on the information of the soul.’ There is no need for the spirit to continue to settle down, no coercion.”

    It was not so difficult to figure out what the wizard was trying to say.

    If there were a dead soul, there would be no body, so it was natural to settle in a newly created place. But if the flesh is alive, there is no need to stick to the new flesh that needs to be filled with vitality.

    "Prince Sestiya put his soul into the flesh created based on the information of the spirit of life. I don't know what happened afterwards, but if you were thinking the same thing about Prince Jair, you would stop at Matab again. If it's an experiment to produce human flesh perfectly, you can't be sure about it once.”

    Jair nodded briefly at the wizard's words. If you succeed once, you can't be sure that it will be unconditional afterwards. You have to succeed in a few tests in a row, and then you can be sure.

    "So? What do you want to say?”

    “It's not that there was a problem with the actual body of the soul. I don't think Prince Sestija used gold for that reason.”

    The wizard laid down the completely emptied mug, leaned forward and lowered his voice.

    “The body is alive, but it can't move properly. The body I saw at the time was the same body I would see in a slum. Whether you're hungry, sick, or not, I'm sure you're not in a good condition.”

    Jair's eyes frowned, and his blunt face took a look.

    "Are you trying to catch Sestiya's interest in the ghetto and make him flesh?”

    That much can not make Sestiya's eyebrows come twitching. It may be fatal to other brothers who value body and honor.

    Fortunately, the wizard shook his head.

    “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I know that Prince Sestiya is not flawless.”


    “What I want to say is that the more human you are, the weaker you are in the interest of people. Whether the day stands or not, they are desperately trying to keep themselves from falling apart, so even if you do a little bit of it, your eyes will change. Even more, have you not settled on new flesh, not the original flesh? The existing flesh will be in a lyric state.”

    The wizard smiled and lit his eyes.

    “The actual body of the soul was never in an affluent environment. I've never seen such exotic looks other than the occasional slaves. Slave or not, the body in a state of housekeeping would die in a few days, and the soul would know that. And yet I chose Prince Sestiya's side.”

    At his words, Jair began to ponder something.

    Surely the golden butterfly was following Sestiya herself. It was not a master-servant relationship or a seedling contract, but it was close to a friendly feeling like a ‘friend’, as Sestiya said.

    “So what you mean is that the butterfly called the living spirit has abandoned its original flesh because of Sestiya?”

    I can't wait to see if I'm going to be the only one who's going to be able to do that. If Sestiya is interested in something, she has an excessive interest and a deep dig, but no matter how much she is, she is a human being. It was not understood that he had shown some interest in throwing away his original body and settling down. I don't know if I'm brainwashed by the soul itself like myself.

    The Wizard, looking close to Jair's displeasure, shrugged his shoulders and pulled himself back.

    “I don't think I'm going to be right. It's just speculation. But there are brothels and matabs where people who have nothing to do with eating and living are dead and sick. Thanks to this, our Matab is always full of experiments.”

    There are still some skinny people who have actively supported Matab's experimentation. As the owner of the current Matap has a policy, the human experimenter is treated like a human being and is given plenty of food every time he is given a word of respect. Even if they could die while undergoing the experiment, they were rather happy to live as an experiment, with brighter faces than before.

    Of the many Matab's experiments, there were few who regretted that they had become experiments.

    He was a wizard who had seen such a lot, and he was roughly thin about what the master of his body would have been like. Whether he wanted the gold spell itself, or he did not want it, he was sure that he would still remain with the new flesh by Prince Sestiya's side.

    “I think you'd better see the opportunity and meet with him. With Prince Jair's eyes on you, you can quickly find out what the soul wants emotionally and what kind of human being it is.”

    The Wizard's eyes thinned sneakily. Jair, who had been listening to him, sat down for a long time and gathered his eyes.

    * * *

    Early morning.

    Sestiya, who had vacated the bedroom for a while because of work, returned with a stranger. He bowed his back and politely greeted Lee, who was only half his age.

    "Good morning, Lord Yee-yeon.”

    Lee, looking at an elderly man with an example, stood up from his chair in anger. Panicked, he dropped the picture book he was looking at under the table.


    As he tries to bend his back, Sestiya, who is approaching imperceptibly, holds him down. He seated Lee in a chair and stroked his head like a habit.

    Sestiya, looking for a moment at the picture book she had picked up on the floor, held it in Lee's hand.

    "Do you understand the writing?”

    It was mostly a picture, and there was only one or two lines of sentence in one sheet, but it was difficult for Lee. But there was a picture, so I could recognize it with a certain sense.

    "A little bit. But I can't read it yet.”

    “I'll come and read it, so I don't have to look too much.”

    Lee covered his mouth with the back of his hand and laughed. I feel like I'm going to read a fairy tale book to a young child who doesn't speak well. But I didn't know the language unless I decided to put my feet here, so I couldn't help him with his cute help.

    Looking down into Lee's bent eyes, Sestiya stroked his head again and chuckled at Roa, the master of Matap.

    “I have something to deal with, so let's stay together for a while. I'll check your body.”

    I thought that was the end of it, and I sternly added to my burden.

    “If you're doing something weird, you can scream or call Kirsty outside.”

    "Yeah, I will. Come on.”

    He answered lightly without thinking, and smiled cheerfully. I saw that Sestiya's mouth was slightly raised, whether she liked the smile.

    Sestiya's face was as cold as when she turned her head and looked at Loa.

    "Don't mess around, just check your condition.”

    "I know, so don't worry.”

    I can't wait to hear Roa's words, I can't wait to see what's going on, I can't wait to see what's going on, I can't wait to see what's going on, I can't wait to see what's going on, I can't wait to see what's going on, I can't wait to see what's going on.

    So Lee, who was left with only Loa and two in the bedroom, looked at him with a good impression and guessed who he might be. I thought I was a doctor when I saw him check his body condition.

    "Now, Lord.”

    Loa came closer to Lee, rubbing his palms with an interested face.

    "First of all, will you take off all your clothes?”

    Take your clothes off willy-nilly.

    At the moment, Lee stiffened his face, saying that this was the beginning of the "strange thing" Sestiya had said.
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    Episode 134(Epilogue)


    With a short sound, he lowered his opponent's wrist with the neck sword he was holding. The opponent flinches at a faster speed than expected, but it is also difficult to avoid and try to counterattack.

    Lee avoided Kirsty's neck sword by flexibly wrenching her back, and then used the recoil to make a faster descent from top to bottom.


    The sound of bumping between the necks burst so loud that they ate their ears.

    I thought it was a good counterattack, but Kirsty was a great player. Even though he was using only his left hand with his right hand attached to his back, he was too easy to prevent the conversion strike. The two hands, carrying their weight and pressing down on their necks, trembled on their own.

    “Hey, you're amazing, right? This time, I was almost right.”

    Kirsty praised Lee Chae. When he thinks the attack has been blocked, he frowns and stretches as if he did it.


    "Yes, my body is very good.”

    Kirsty laughed and laughed.

    “Your majesty would like to know. Sooner or later, you'll get to Dalian.”

    "Will you? But Seth is so busy these days that he can see if he can......”

    At the end of the speech, Lee dropped his sword.

    It was natural that he was busy because he was in the Emperor's place, but in recent years, except for meals, he didn't have enough snow to stop by for a minute and get out immediately. Sometimes, when I had a cup of tea with leisure, I heard Lennock's voice announcing the visit of a stranger merchant, and it was routine for Sestiya to leave the bedroom with only a short bird kiss.

    “I don't want to take my time. I'm going to work hard until Seth gets laid back, well.”

    Kirsty looks puzzled as Lee puts on a bitter smile.

    “Anyway, everything you've prepared is over, so it'll be possible at any time in the future.”


    He looked into Lee's Donggrajin eyes and looked up.

    “Haven't you heard it yet? Yesterday the finished product......! Town!”

    Kirsty's mouth was completely blocked by her suddenly inserted hands as she spoke with ease. The three knights who ran imperceptibly glared at Kirsty, still with their mouths shut, but gave Lee a good smile.

    “It's already time to eat. Before your majesty finds you, you should go to the bath.”

    "Oh, yes....”

    It was a bit of a stone, but the sun was almost on the middle of the night. I saw a young exclusive driver waiting in the distance checking his stretched pocket watch.

    The other, who came close, politely retrieves the sword of Lee with both hands, and the young knight, noticing that Dalian was over, holds out a soft towel. Lee, who still spoke to Kirsty and said thank you for dealing with her, took a step to wipe the sweat from her face.

    Kirsty, freed from the knights ' grasp only after the decision had been taken away, twisted her face from breathing difficulties and made her castle.

    “Why are these all of a sudden?!”

    It was obvious that he was in trouble or worried, but he blocked not only his mouth, but also his nose, and he had to be tortured by choking.

    It was the pathetic eyes of the three knights that returned to Kirsty.

    "It's true, the vice President has noticed it, either now or now.”

    “The one who saw at the ground why his majesty had been so busy for nearly a month.... tsutzutzutzutzutzutzut”

    “You have to thank us. If it wasn't for us, your majesty might have hit the head of the division right now tonight.”

    Kirsty, reminded of Sestiya's eerie eyes at the three knights ' heartfelt denunciations, glanced at my throat with her fingertips without knowing it, and swallowed a dry spit.

    Meanwhile, Lee-jeong, who stopped by the bath to wash away sweat and dust, wore a garment prepared in advance by the young Knight. It was a gorgeous costume unique to the Imperial Family, which was worn on national anniversaries, as if it were a white, colorful gold embroidery.

    ‘Do you want to go for a visit to a distant place?’

    Sestiya always carried Lee if he had to leave Hwang Castle for more than a day. It could be seen as an act of vivacity, but that did not mean that Lee was waiting for a kiss. He had the ability to scout around faster and more accurately than anyone. In the eyes of others, it may seem that Lee is just sleeping in Sestiya's arms, but it is not once or twice that he has sensed the danger as he looked around in a state of soul.

    However, Lee thought that the reason he was dressed in such luxurious clothes was to follow Sestiya to meet important people outside. In addition to its rare exotic appearance, it was feared that if you wore ordinary clothes, you would be seen as a " slave of the Emperor." It doesn't matter, but I knew that the opponent I thought would never be safe, so I could easily convince him of his current costume. The person Sestiya should not kill will be the important person of the day.

    The young man, a member of the Knights of Sestiya and the exclusive Knight of the Order, said courteously, " I'm not going to go out with you."

    "Today I prepared a meal in Iris Garden.”

    An expressionless but kindly-voiced knight led the way. Lee followed him and thought,’But the weather is good today.'

    Except when using Dalian, it was almost only in the bedroom of the Emerald Castle. So, at lunchtime, when the weather was good, Sestiya sometimes ordered me to prepare a meal outdoors.

    When I entered the garden, where the beautiful flowers were in full bloom, I was deprived of my attention by the purple flowers in the center.

    I didn't even know it was the irises I had seen in Korea until a year ago, when I went to Korea beyond the dimension.

    Usually, irises have a round outer petal called foreign blood, and the small stamens are hidden in the pistils in the center, making them invisible. On the other hand, Idelo, who had a dimension poison with Mana, not only was the overall size of the flower larger than the irises, but the petals were stretched tight, and even the small surgery was protruding from the poisonous hypertrophy, so he could not superimpose the image of the dogtong.

    After removing the toxic-filled surgery, a few days later, the petals were gently curled outward as if they were missing strength, giving the form of a little large irises. Idello, who had been able to live in Mana for a long time without surgery, lost what he thought was a deadly poison and lifeline, even though he had crossed the dimension, and withered for some time.

    But now it was different.

    Cestiya, who learned that Idello was the flower of the world where he had been married and that he liked it poisonous, could not bear to let it get close to the toxic one, and put a pressure on the Matab. Thanks to this, Matap was able to figure out a way to keep Ibello alive for a long time with Mana, except for its toxicity, after researching Idello in the underground.

    Although the removal of the surgery made it impossible to hold a huge amount of mana, it was possible to periodically blow Mana, a lifeline, to make Ibello bloom for a long time. In addition, we found that if only the timing and the proper mana amount were well matched, we could crossbreed well even in non-toxic conditions. If you use it well, you will be able to produce petals and tea leaves, called panacea, and see a lot of benefits in the country.

    Ibello, who had a good effect in an unintended direction, was also supplied with Mana this morning. It looked very fresh because it was instead of water, but it was full of mana.

    Lee, who was still looking at Ibello with soft eyes, was hugged by someone who approached him behind his back. I was surprised that I didn't feel any relief, but I didn't feel nervous because there was only one person in this garden who would skin himself like this. Rather, he looks up at the opponent with a little comfort.

    "Are you here?”

    As Lee bent his eyes and smiled, Sestiya gave a short kiss to his forehead without answering.

    "Close your eyes for a minute.”

    At Sestiya's words, Lee closed his eyes immediately. Because I asked him, but he was as innocent as if he didn't care for any reason.

    I felt Sestiya lift my left hand as I loosened the arm I was holding and turned forward. As he closed his eyes, the nerves came to the hand that Sestiya held.

    “In commemoration of the first anniversary of the enthronement, the major delegates will gather in the Yellow Castle.”

    Lee, who was as focused on his voice as Sestiya's hand, was surprised by the words that followed.

    “I'm going to announce to them how I'm going to build the next emperor.”

    "The next Emperor? Already?”

    Lee made a bewildering sound without knowing. It's only been a year since I was crowned, and I'm already going to tell you the story of the succession to the throne.

    "No surprise. Instead, they have been nagging me to listen to the Empress for an endless year of my enthronement.”


    It was a natural procedure here for the emperor's first child to become a crown prince and then sit on the throne. However, instead of risking their lives on Sestiya, who has not yet taken the empress, they put Husa and the Empress in their mouths.

    'So, too.’

    Lee felt his heart throb, but he struggled to ignore it.

    He knew that Sestiya was in love with him, but he left it and he was in the emperor's place. Of course, he had to see a hussar for the next emperor, and he also needed an empress who could give birth to children.

    I know, but I don't like it. He was a fool who hated and couldn't even say no. Unpleasant feelings soared towards the Empress candidates and substitutes who did not already know who they were.

    Seth is mine.

    I don't want to give it to anyone.

    One tol of heart, a word, even a breath.

    When he faced his own radical jealousy, which he did not recognize, he became thrilled. When did you get this feeling?

    I was embarrassed by unfamiliar feelings.

    “No matter who becomes the next emperor, it's not my fault, but I'd rather publicize it than make a noise and make a useless threat to you.”

    I felt something cold metal touching my fingertips.

    “I will distribute the closest imperial succession to the descendants of my brothers. It's not bad to save it, so you can use it even when you're doing this.”

    “What is that...?”

    I couldn't open my eyes.

    “Easy to say, the man who will come to the emperor after me will be one of the descendants of the brothers.”

    "What about your child? Your child, of course, should follow. Everyone's been.”

    I forgot the texture of the metal I felt at my fingertips, and I said, " I can't wait to see what's going on." If you're tired of not seeing the hussars for a long time, you don't know that the young Emperor, who didn't even get the empress, said this.

    But Sestiya thrust a cold metal ring into his finger without uttering the words of the decision.

    “My empress cannot bear children, so it is natural to keep in mind the descendants of her brothers.”


    I didn't understand it, so I didn't speak. The word of the Empress, who could not bear children, quickly struck Lee's heart.

    "Eyes open.”

    He slowly opened his eyes in line with Sestiya's words, and his eyes went to my left hand, which he held.


    Lee stopped breathing when he saw a gold ring hanging just to fit his left ring finger. I took my attention to the beautiful mauve jewelry and the colorful glyphs around it. I can't think anything like time has stopped.

    Sestiya raised her left hand and put her mouth on her ring finger with a gold ring. In the eye of the eye, the same ring is visible on the ring finger of Sestiya's left hand.

    In this world, wearing a ring on the ring finger of the left hand had no meaning. It was nothing more than an individual embellishing himself, and it did not mean to put a ring on another finger.

    But for Lee, and for Sestiya, who had heard the story of the world he was in, it had absolute meaning.

    Sestiya's emerald eyes fully contained the migration.

    “You, too, as my only empress, I want to announce to the people.”

    Lee could not take his eyes off the ring that closed my ring finger. His heart beat like crazy, and his eyes gradually began to blur as if they were foggy.

    Sestiya's eyes shone with an unquenchable impatience. It was a feeling for which only the decision could be seen.

    “Don't say no, Lord.”

    It was a new shackle that I didn't even know was filled.

    Never loosen, shackles stronger and more beautiful than any.

    A sign of redemption made of absolute love that never wished.

    "...scary proposal.”

    "Start with the answer.”

    Lee, looking warmly into his eyes, took a step closer. Then he gives a gentle kiss to Sestiya's lips. Soft, sweet, yet deep as if confident.

    "How do you refuse.”

    In the first place, I'm yours, but how would I refuse.

    Lee lifted his lips, raised his mouth and bent his eyes like a crescent moon. It was a small drop of water in the eye, and it flowed through the ball. Seeing it, Sestiya's lips touched the ball of her decision. His gentle kisses fell all over his face, and soon a thick kiss followed.

    At the end of the day, a yellow butterfly flew over the violet Ibello. He soon slowed down his wings, but slowly sat down towards the petals of Ibello, as if mimicking the kiss of the two.

    That day, the kiss of the two had a darker scent of irises than ever.

    - Fairy Trap 完 -
    Fairy Trap Episode 90

    that time.

    In Jaire's laboratory, which should be empty, someone is standing humming and humming.

    “Eda-sama, can I bring this too?”

    The knight in golden armor, who came in through the wide open door of the laboratory, pointed to the numerous glass bottles on the shelves under the rolled-up curtains. Edda, momentarily startled, frowned and made a harsh voice.

    “Even if the door is open, knocking is standard. Don’t give me tea you didn’t learn.”


    A member of the Imperial Knights Templar, who served only the Emperor and did not bow down to anyone other than the Imperial Family, bowed quickly to Eda and apologized. Seeing that figure, Edda raises his chin and instructs as if he were his master. There was no manners or tension towards the Imperial Knights, which he could never take lightly.

    Edda stared at the back of the Imperial Knights, who had begun to put the glass vials of soul butterflies in a large sack.

    ‘It would be nice if I could distinguish the possessor like Prince Jir.’

    If that had been the case, the moment I heard the voice, I would have heard the sound in my head at the same time as Prince Jair did, and I would have been able to detect it right away.

    Jaire knew that it was simply because he had great 'spiritual power', but that was a solid misunderstanding.

    Only those with the same spiritual wavelength as them could distinguish possessives.

    Only those who had left the ‘body’, the actual body, could hear the voice of the person possessed by their own wavelength. Even a very few people like Roana herself, who were able to see the soul butterfly after studying the wavelengths of the spirit body in depth, couldn't have been able to do it.

    If he had remained in his 'body' rather than his 'fake body'.

    'I don't think there's any need for the cumbersome task of periodically moving the body.'

    Jeir, who obtained a fake body at a young age, ate a meal containing the emperor's vital blood and aged naturally, but it was impossible for him to grow physically because he was not the main body. So, once a month, he moved Jir, who had been put to sleep with sleeping pills, to the tower, and secretly recreated his body with Loa alone.

    Because Sestiya, who had a similar disposition and body, was nearby, he was able to grow little by little based on the information of the soul that had noticed him. Having to do that kind of work every month wasn't too much of a hassle, but now it's liberation. After all, he is the one who will disappear with the emperor soon.

    ‘It was stupid, but it was good to use.’

    When I think of Jaire, I can't control the corners of my lips that rise spontaneously. While laughing out loud, another imperial knight who came into the lab with a new battery hurriedly greeted them. Then, together with the imperial knights who had come in beforehand, they started to collect the glass bottles from the shelf.

    Now, as in the time of Sestiya, Jaire's family members, his entourage, and knights were all imprisoned in this castle's hall. Even though it was a clear morning that had to be busy for that reason, the inside of the castle was still still.

    In such a situation, the only ones that can move freely are the members of the Imperial Knights who have been guarding and monitoring this place for the time being.

    Edda had already possessed the souls of several knights, including the men in front of him. Until then, it was in the experimental stage, so only those who took the ointment several times could have souls, and the retention time also varied greatly depending on the ointment accumulated in the body. On the other hand, if it is Eda's improved possessive medicine, if you consume it even once, you will be able to possess a soul for about a day.

    The reason that the members of the Imperial Knights Templar were possessed in one day was because they were also human and had to eat something. In the imperial castle, it would not have been easy to feed them with an ice cream because of the well-managed diet and numerous eyes, but there was always room for those who were gathered in Jaire's castle like this.

    ‘I didn’t even know that most of my souls were mine… … .'

    The souls of Zeir followed him because of his helpless loneliness and the hope that one day he would regain a body and live a new life. Jaire emphasized that part and mentally brainwashed it one by one, but on the other hand, Eda was also moving secretly.

    The Sioux, including the Knights of Zaire, were not touched in the first place, and other souls in the midst of brainwashing were targeted. When he informs them that Zeir's life will disappear with the emperor and cleverly suggests a different path, after being shaken to and fro, he promises to make himself master in the end.

    They moved according to Jeir's instructions, and were possessed by the gardeners of the Emerald Castle and some of them there. For that reason, Zeir never had any doubts about the brainwashing effect of bodyless souls.

    At the time when Sestiya disappeared leaving only the site of the slaughter inside the stone tower, Edda sensed that Jaire was no longer useful, and ordered the possessed ones to come out of the body, and he also disappeared from the tower as prepared in advance. The soul to be possessed by the emperor is a person that Jaire has been with him for a long time, so he must obey his orders.

    Prince Jair was here.

    Crown Prince Sestiya voluntarily walked into Jaire's scheme, and it seemed that he was planning to completely eradicate him. The prince with that hideous eyesight moved properly, so the result was obvious without even looking at it.

    ‘I got everything I wanted anyway.’

    With an eerie smile on top, Edda moved to one of the labs. In front of where he stopped was a heavy bookshelf full of books. Like Zeir, he took out a book as thick as the width of the palm of his hand and put the key he had kept in the lock behind it and turned it. Then, when I put the book back in and push it, the heavy bookshelf moves gently and opens.

    What was revealed was a large glass cylinder in the dark. It was full of red blood, and countless white butterflies were floating around.


    As I looked up, following the slowly dripping drops of blood, I saw the upside-down corpse of a man who had already stopped breathing due to excessive bleeding.

    Edda, grimacing in disgusting blood, called out to one of the two knights. The knight who came closer did not even blink, whether he had already seen the scene.

    Edda said, pointing to the butterflies in the glass cylinder.

    “I’m just going to pack those things and go right away. Is the freight wagon ready as scheduled?”

    “Yes, other souls are already possessed by the coachman and the janitors. You won't be caught when you leave."

    Edda nodded his head cheerfully and handed him a blue-tinted glass bottle. Unlike other glass bottles, it was wide enough to be held with both hands, and it was flowing with a gloomy cold.

    The knight who received the order stood near the glass cylinder filled with blood and opened the lid of the glass bottle. Then, white butterflies soaked in blood began to float one by one. Apparently, they floated up without flapping their wings, and piled up inside the glass bottle as if being led by something.

    The white butterfly was drenched in the blood of living humans and the blood of Zeir, that is, the vitality of the emperor who possessed the magic stone. Thus, they were going to burn their souls to create the bodies of those who would protect Eda, not Zaire, and become life itself to maintain them.

    The knight, who was holding the glass bottle and staring indifferently at the butterflies in it, suddenly asked Edda.

    “What are you going to do with the living spirit? Wasn't that necessary too?"

    Edda, who knew who the phrase the knight puts in his mouth meant, answered with a grin.

    “No need. But not yet.”

    Edda rolled her eyes as she watched the white butterflies that had entered the glass bottle gradually turn blood-red.

    “The first priority is for Crown Prince Sestiya to sit on the throne of the emperor. Only then will the spirit be connected to the ‘Emperor’s Manastone’, not the Crown Prince.”

    There was only one difference between the Emperor's Manastone and the Crown Prince's.

    Because of that 'different', he was attached to Zaire, who was connected to the Emperor's Manastone, and aimed at his soul for a long time. At a time when he was almost frustrated with the short life of the emperor, a living spirit appeared in the eyes of Crown Prince Sestiya, thankfully. If Sestyja, who promised him vitality, ascends to the throne, he will not have to worry about when he will run out of breath.

    So I presented Ethello in the basement of the tower and Ivelo, which had not yet bloomed, to Zaire, and pretended to use it to deal with Sestiya. That way, Sestiya, who seemed uninterested in the throne, would move properly, and as a result, it would soon be certain that he would sit on the throne.

    What you need is an Ithello with the extreme poison of 'Dimension Poison', the vitality of the manastone holder, the crystal of desire, and the wizard who opens the 'door'.

    There was a pleasant shudder at the thought that what I had been longing for would soon come true.

    Even then, when Edda left Jair's laboratory, where the bloody smell had spread, she couldn't put off her maddening smile.
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    After meeting Setilla and returning to her body, Lee Gyul slowly got up, rubbing her eyes. The white butterfly, which had been soaring in the air, came closer because it was just this time.

    -did you sleep well?

    Again, he did not notice that the soul was moving in Lee Gyeol's body.

    Lee Gyeol smiled at the white butterfly and got up from her bed with eyes still sleepy. The moment he sets his feet on the floor, his body suddenly collapses to the floor like a broken doll.

    "Huh… ?”

    Lee Gyeol, who looked down at me with bewildered eyes, tried to get up with one hand on the bed, but only staggered, unable to control herself properly.

    -what's the matter? it's okay?

    “I think I’m fine, but my body… … .”

    Hearing her bewildered voice, the white butterfly circled around her worriedly.

    -Is your body not moving?

    "yes. I was like this last time. Her head is dizzy too... … .”

    With her frightened look on her forehead, she vomited an even louder concern for the white butterfly.

    - How are you not moving? Is your head dizzy too? not sick?

    "I do not know. Why are you doing this... .”

    -hang on. I'll call Jaire-sama soon.

    The white butterfly flew swiftly out of her door, expressing her embarrassment and concern. Then she did not leave immediately, but turned around and looked around her room.

    The only way out is this door guarded by possessed guards. The window can be opened freely, so there is a way to go through it, but this was the same 3rd floor as the Emerald Castle of Prince Sestiya. Even if they tried to escape through the window, it was too high to jump off easily, and the soldiers of the castle were standing guard at the bottom outside the window from time to time.

    Seeing Lee Gyeol, who was so frightened of the abnormality of his body, the white butterfly moved again and went straight out of the bedroom door.

    As soon as the white butterfly completely left the room, Lee Gyeol's eyes changed. His eyes, which had been colored with embarrassment and fear, became cold as if he had ever been, and he stood up cautiously without lifting the bed, as if revealing that all he had been sitting on was smoke.

    Lee Gyeol, who had been focused on the outside of the door with his nerves on his nerves, moved little by little when he heard no sound and approached the window. I deliberately pretended to be dizzy and staggered at the thought that other spirits might see me while wandering outside.

    He put one hand on his forehead and rolled his eyes inside it and looked out the window. Not a single soul was seen, let alone people. Still, he had to be careful, he had to be careful, because there was a danger that someone was watching from a distance.

    Lee Gyeol approached the window and opened the door by unlocking the lock on the closed window. Then, while holding the window with one hand, he took a deep breath, pretending to be receiving the wind to overcome the dizziness. Then he closed his eyes and bowed his face.

    “I heard from Seth. Are you nearby?”

    It was a very small sound. He muttered a little with his lips too, so it was hard to understand even if someone was nearby. What's more, he had his face bowed down with the window in danger, so it looked as if he was about to collapse at any moment.

    There was no answer from Lee Gyeol's ears with his eyes closed. All I could hear was the rustling of leaves in the wind.

    Still, he was sure someone had heard me. Because I said that someone without a presence around me would definitely be with me.

    Sestiya's words were absolute, and Lee Gyeol believed without a single doubt.

    “From now on, please secretly convey what I am saying to the lord Roa.”

    A tiny groan escaped from between Lee Gyeol's lips.

    It had been less than ten minutes since the white butterfly had left the room when Jaire arrived. He opened the door only after receiving a report from the guards that there was no sound inside before entering the room.

    As soon as I entered, I saw a half-open window and Lee Gyeol sitting with her back against the wall below. Jaire approached him a month later and checked his complexion. Perhaps it was because of her original white skin, but her complexion still looked pale, but there was a mixture of tiredness and confusion around her eyes.

    “They said he fell.”

    Jerry, who was squinting at Lee Gyeol's face, grabbed his arm and lifted him up. He somehow stood up and smiled, as if staggering wasn't a lack of strength in his legs.

    Seeing such a change, he put on an expression that seemed to understand roughly. There was a time when the raven, who had previously delivered his correspondence, showed me the events of that time in the form of a soul. Even inside, Lee Gyeol sat down as if no strength was being applied to her body. He immediately woke up as if nothing had happened, and Lee Gyeol pretended to be okay, but Jaire voluntarily assessed his condition.

    Jaire's gaze reached the nape of Lee Gyeol's neck and the exposed collarbone. Just by looking at how few traces of Sestilla were left, he seemed to know it.

    ‘Is it because of the lack of vitality?’

    The decisive reason for the lack of vitality may be that Sestilla is in custody, but other influences seemed to be quite significant as well.

    Did Sestyya finally start paying attention to the shortening of my lifespan?

    This could not have been the case if it was the Sestiya he knew, but looking at their recent memories of receiving them from the Raven Spirit, it certainly seemed that the number of vitalizations through kissing had decreased. As rumored to support the saying that he began to aim for the throne properly, it cannot be ignored that he was carrying out a heavy workload.

    Looking at the faint traces engraved on Lee Gyeol's body, I thought of that.

    Perhaps the interest has already waned.

    I'm sorry if that's the case.

    If your interest goes beyond the limit and reaches the sky, you will be proud of yourself in front of it. Who was the Joo Yi-gyeol you had with you, and who did you choose to be the owner?

    ‘But ‘yet’ is his only interest.’

    The number of kisses had decreased and the new marks he had engraved on his body disappeared, but the way he treated Lee Gyeol did not seem to have changed much. That said, Joo Yi-gyeol was still a human being who could provoke him.

    A worried smile appeared on Jair's lips.

    “It’s because of the lack of vitality. Sestyja is your master, and doesn't he fill you with vitality?"

    “Because of lack of vitality… … .”

    Lee Gyeol, who had been pondering Jaire's words, lowered his eyes darkly. Jaire gently stroked Lee Gyeol's cheek and spoke kindly.

    “If I become your master, there won’t be an accident where you can’t move your body due to lack of vitality as it is now.”

    “… thank you."

    The thank you face did not improve at all. It was natural. It is not known when the owner will change, and if it is too late to ascend to the throne by any chance, he may be out of breath and be unable to move.

    Jeir, who was looking at Lee Gyeol, who looked full of worries, suddenly held him lightly. He was startled and looked at him with his eyes wide open, like a small animal, so he liked it.

    “Don’t make that face. The owners will change soon.”

    Gyul, who was holding Lee Gyeol, gently put it down on the bed, but instead of taking it off, he got on top of him. Lee Gyul's face hardened and his eyes fluttered.

    As if mimicking Sestiya, Jair gently stroked Lee Gyeol’s hair and smiled warmly.

    “I'm very confused right now, but it's only for a moment. In a few days, I will arrange everything and become your master.”

    His hand, which had been stroking his hair, came down little by little and brushed the soft side of his face, and his thumb touched Lee Gyeol's soft lips. When I lightly pressed it and rubbed it, I felt as if my red lips had turned a little more red.

    If it was Sestiya, I would have kissed her in this state.

    When it comes to the kiss of Sestiya and Lee Gyeol, I have seen it several times through the memories provided by the crow. Although it was outside the window and there was a distance, I could see what Sestiya had done.

    Was Joo Yi-gyeol making this kind of expression underneath it? Or was it a different expression?

    For now, it was a pity that the crows had gotten closer and couldn't see them. If I had known what kind of expression Joo Yi-gyeol had at the time, I wouldn't have been so curious.

    I wanted to know more deeply about the person Sestiya was obsessed with, Joo Yi-gyeol.

    I approached him slowly, like Sestyja in his memory. He couldn't liven it up, but he just wanted to touch his lips, as if he was faithful to his own desires. He as if he had become Sestyja himself.

    Their lips became close as if they were about to touch. For a moment, it seemed that Lee Gyeol's gentle eyes had a different light. At the same time, the breaths that crossed each other were blocked by something.

    Suddenly, Lee Gyeol's hand was sandwiched between their lips. Jaire, who had stopped barely touching his soft palm, furrowed his brow as if he didn't like it.

    "now… What are you doing?”

    The tone of his voice, which was clearly different from before, made Jaire even more annoyed. Despite his dissatisfied gaze, for some reason, Lee Gyeol did not want to remove the palms that covered each other's lips.
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