Chinese Favorite Voice of The Master 你听得到 by Sang Jie 桑玠 (HE)

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    Name : Favorite Voice of The Master 你听得到
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    It looks like a cute and fluffly love story between an idol and his admirer in a setting of music and dubbing
    It's gonna be adapted as a drama
    Description :
    He is the most unmatched music genius in this world, in the comic world, he was extremely popular but had always been mysterious. No one knew anything about him, nor had even seen what he looked like and at the same time, he was a miracle like no one has ever seen in the entertainment industry, becoming a part of the sky in the world of chinese music through difficult times. She had promised a favor to her friend, went to take care of her friend Xie Xiu Yi, but didn't know that she would actually open up a quiet road of love between her and the male god. As they got closer day after day, she suddenly discovered that the male god from the circles of ancient songs covers and dubbing, Dday, that she had admired for so many years was actually the same pokerface, poisonous tongue but extremely handsome and warm Xie Xiu Yi who was in front of her.