Chinese Flirting with an Old Enemy in Escape Games

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    Name: Flirting with an Old Enemy in Escape Games

    Raw Link:

    NU Link: N/A because it still wasn't translated (?).

    Why It Should Get Picked Up:
    – It's an enemy to lovers.
    – The arcs are intricately written, they're not repetitive. They kept me entertained well.
    – The plot was really smooth flowing.
    – The world background was explained good, from the small arcs to the main lines.
    – The characters are good! Tho, my fave is still the protagonist.
    – It's horror with comedic undertone. The comedic part was set really well.
    – This was just really light, not too scary.
    – Ended with a good scene.


    Pulled into an escape game after death? Have to keep escaping to get resurrection time?

    Ji Wuhuan said that he was not panicked at all, not only was he not panicking, but he also wanted skin, and a broken leg would be the best!

    Rivals play games with me?

    Ji Wuhuan said that he should not panic, it's time for revenge!

    This kind of spicy chicken opponent, he chose to piss him off!

    Hand in hand in the rivalry game, whoever wins first is the dog!

    Do not play cards according to the routine, the force value is max, attack x, coquettish and witty, and fall in love like a primary school student, sweet and not cruel.

    #Deadly rivals have to kill each other and love each other#

    # As long as the socialist brotherhood is deep enough, the atmosphere of terror will not affect me#

    Reading guide:
    ① Modern overhead background, don't bring it into reality, if you don't like it, please click the cross, goodbye by fate, writing and reading is just a pleasure.

    ② Shou is a popular star, and Gong is a black fan who only allows me to be black and not others.

    ③ Gong and Shou has known each other since childhood. They are not used to seeing each other, they like bickering, they fight each other whenever they disagree, they hurt each other in the early stage, and show their love in the middle and late stage.

    ④ Finally, let me tell you: This article is only for popular online games and unlimited streaming settings. Before opening the microphone, it is recommended to go online to understand what unlimited streaming is, and don’t trick your wife. This article sets the inspiration for chapter 27 to speak.

    If you have to bb, you can, take out the palette and report to the center. The author does not accept any empty words for plagiarism.

    [Unlimited streaming, 1v1, no vice cp, easy to stimulate a little sand sculpture, not too scary]
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