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    Official Novel Raws: Author: 박귀리
    (The same author who wrote, "Looking for My Fiancé’s Lover", "There is No Counterattack From The Supporting Character", and "Antagonized Bachelorette Enjoying a Simple Life")


    “It would tarnish his honor, I think it was just a play.”

    It’s been half a year since I’ve been playing a play disguised as marriage.

    Now is the time.

    Time to let him go.

    After her family collapsed and even her father went missing, she had nowhere to go. Lancelot is Anita’s old friend and only savior.

    “Don’t refuse, Anita. Marrying with me is the only way to guarantee your status.”

    I think it was a happy married life in its own way.

    “A child…… I think it’s good to have it with the girl you love.”

    “I think so.”

    Caring for each other.

    “Wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t attend the banquet? Others may insult you.”

    “As my wife wishes.”

    Trying to understand each other.

    I had received a lot of favor from Lancelot.

    So now it’s my turn.

    For the sake of Lancelot and his new lover.

    I need spoilers for this. So, does Lancelot really have a new lover? or is this another misunderstanding trope going on here? From the first tled chapter posted, it seems like Lancelot loves Anita and Anita is just misunderstanding his intentions due to the circumstances that she's going through.
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    Table of Contents

    For My Husband's New Wife
    Author : 박귀리
    Artist : 아화

    FL : Anita
    She is not a noble. Her father works mainly for the Duke of Edenbahir. The noble kids bullied her by making fun of her status which left quite a hurtful experience for her. According to the cover it seems she has light blonde hair and green eyes.
    ML: Lancelot
    He is the heir to the duchy of Edenbahir and the duke's son. He has blonde hair, handsome face and blue eyes. The Edenbahir family are the descendants of the Atlantean imperial family.
    Ludwig Edenbahir ; Lancelot's father. According to Anita's pov, he seems like a nice and warm guy. The duke doesn't likes his mother. He is good friend of Anita's father, Vincent Boloni. Both he and Vincent are founder or Callasgo trust.
    Claudia is a really good and the first friend of Anita.She also has blue eyes, a little more white than Lancelot and blonde hair. She is Lancelot's cousin sister. She is also one of the descendants of the Atlantean imperial family. According to Claudia Anita is really pretty.
    She is the grandmother of Lancelot and Claudia. Also the mother of the Duke of Edenbahir and Claudia's mother. She doesn't like Anita because of her low-status and also doesn't want Lancelot to be like his father(her son).

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    From the first chap ,I don’t think ML has a lover
    Any spoilers?

    First 3 chap are free and 2,3 chap are about how the two leads met for the first time when they were kids
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    If Lancelot is actually the ml then it should be clear as transparent jelly that he doesn't have any lover and FL is the one who is misunderstanding.

    But I really hope that this misunderstanding has actually a reasonable reason and not some lousy one which would be kinda boring/cliche.
    The free chapters seemed interesting so hoping for some spoilers:aww:
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    I read the comments and it says the ML keeps denying he’s in love with FL
    I hope the author won’t drag that for too long cause it’ll be boring then :oops::oops:
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    • Anitta wants to return the book because she doesn't know when they both will meet again but she is also afraid of reuniting with him.
    • Their houses( fl & ml) were 4 hours away from each other by carriage.
    • She was thinking about what to give him as a gift. She needed to think of something worthy for him to consider it as a gift.
    • After very much consideration she chose her nanny's cookies because she was really proud of her nanny's cooking skills.
    • Then Anitta and her father visited the Grand Duke of Edenbahir.
    • Anitta knew that today was an important day for her father because her father suffered for days for today.
    • Anitta's father saw the book and asked her about the book and she told him that she borrowed it from the Edenbahir's study last time. After hearing that her father scolded her with a stern face to borrow things after getting permission.
    • Anitta got permission for borrowing the book but she was afraid to mention the boy's name so she simply said sorry.
    • Then they arrived after 4 hours and met the ml's father.He had blue eyes and blonde hair just like the ml.
    • Anitta's nanny told her that the Duke of Edenbahir is the nephew of King Schweholiq II and cousin of the current Emperor, so to be polite to him.
    • Then Anitta introduced herself in a little trembling voice.
    • Anitta thought that the ml's father would be as cold as him but in reality he was a really warm and nice person.
    • The mansion was really quite so it was awkward.Her father told her that there is little work today so she should go and look around the garden.
    • Anitta nodded yes with an excited face and went to find Lancelot (ml).
    • Then she found Lancelot immersed in reading and also a blonde girl near him.
    • Anitta thought maybe it's one of the kids from that day and turned pale.
    • So she wanted to quickly run away from there after giving the books and the cookies.
    • But she wasn't able to due to the blonde girl because she asked about who she is
    • The girl was a little more whiter than Lancelot and had blonde hair,green eyes.
    • The girl wasn't as pretty as Lancelot but comparable to him.
    • Then the girl suddenly said that "you're so preety". Anitta was confused because she couldn't believe that someone as preety as her was saying this to her. Then the girl continued and said "you're the prettiest girl I have ever seen."
    • Then she asked Anitta's name but she wasn't able to say anything because of the incident a week ago.
    • Then after when the blonde girl asked her to hurry up she said her name.
    • Then she introduced herself as Claudia,the niece of the Duke.
    • Then Lancelot said that she is his cousin.
    • He said not to get along with her.
    • Then after coming back to her senses, she greeted Lancelot.
    • Then he turned his face to read the book again.She told him thanks and that she brought cookies for him for lending her his book. He said to leave it there, fl was a bit disappointed but kept the book and cookies as said.
    • Claudia spoke ill of Lancelot by saying that she thought he was mute.
    • Lancelot was a bit embarrassed and then Claudia apologize saying that he just doesn't say much.
    • He told her to get out since it's becoming much noisy.
    • It was just like Anitta's bedroom,it wasn't something special just because it was the successor's room.
    • Then Claudia and Lancelot started arguing because they weren't leaving his room.
    • Then Claudia took Anitta's hand and hugged her arm and said that her grandma told that pretty girls can be ignorant,so they both can be ignorant too.
    • Then Claudia said "If you have a good heart and make good friends, you will be happy even if you are ignorant. Lancelot must be unhappy because he has a dirty mind and no friends."
    • Then Claudia asked that she must be having a lot of friends since she is pretty but then Anitta's mind went back to the incident where the kids insulted her.
    • After that incident came to her mind , her eyes started turning red. Claudia was shocked and worried that if it's her fault but according to Anitta it wasn't and she wanted to say it but her mouth didn't open, so she shook her head and swallowed the tears with all her strength.
    • But then Claudia apologized by saying "I don't know what the problem is, but I'm so sorry!" I won't do that again!"
    • She sincerely didn't want to make her apologize so she tried hard to open her closed lips.
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    I hope Claudia remain as a good friend :aww:
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    • Anitta then told Claudia that she doesn't have any friends of her age.
    • Actually Anitta wasn't alone when she was in her hometown. In her hometown her relatives, cousins and grandfather lived.
    • Two years ago they left the city. Her father wanted to move away from their hometown city,her grandfather tried very much to stop him but Anitta's dad eventually left.
    • Then Anitta told Claude that the kids don't want to be her friend since her father doesn't have a title.
    • But Anitta knew of her father's hard work.
    • The nobility regarded them as dirty and stupid livestock. For the first time in her life, she felt that hostility which gave her quite a shock.
    • The room became quite, Anitta felt embarrassed for bringing up the topic but then Claudia broke the silence and said that she doesn't live here in Chavalon. She is from Hespain so she also doesn't have any friends here and due to that she has to stay with the antisocial bastard ( Lancelot).
    • Claudia smiled and squeezed Anitta's hand and told her that she was thinking she might get mental illness by staying with Lancelot, so let's play together from now on.
    • She was really really excited and happy to be Anitta's first friend.
    • Then Claudia ate one cookie made by Anitta's nanny and was very much delighted with the taste.
    • Claudia didn't give Anitta any chance to speak because she was talking so fast. Claudia then started planning what they should do first while Anitta still couldn't believe that she wanted to be friends with someone as low and dirty as her.
    • From that day on she spent every late winter on the Duke's house.
    • (Maybe after a year) Anitta was waiting for Lancelot and Claudia in the garden.
    • Claudia after seeing Anitta got very happy and hugged her fiercely like always.
    • For Anitta ,Claudia was a little golden bird chattering lovely songs.
    • Then Claudia told Anitta that her and Lancelot were playing a game in which they had to guess the name 10 countries out of which 9 were wrong.
    • Anitta then was thinking of how happy, energetic and excited she became with Claudia. Any problem was a minor concern next to Claudia.
    • Then Anitta asked Lancelot that it must have been hard to which he didn't answer which angered Claudia and then she told him to answer Anitta.
    • But when he still didn't Claudia sighed and moved on.
    • It was still difficult for Anitta to talk to Lancelot because instead of talking he mostly showed signs of annoyance from time to time when they talked to him.
    • ( I didn't quite understand the translations but maybe Lancelot is sick here.)
    • Anitta started thinking about the time when Lancelot was sick for quite a long time during winter. She felt uncomfortable in her mind even though it was not her disease so she made him stew with all her heart.
    • But when she gave him the stew he didn't want to eat it, which Anitta expected because she was used to his cold gestures.
    • But still she hoped for him to maybe eat it later, so she left the stew in the table and then went to Claudia in the next room and they were enjoying the puzzle.
    • After 30 minutes Anitta heard Lancelot calling for a maid to get rid of the stew.
    • At that time Anitta's hardened for a moment while choosing the puzzle pieces. But she decided not to think about it too deeply.
    • She thought when people are sick they don't have any appetite, so that must be the case with him too or maybe he hates ginger.
    • As always Claudia complained on her behalf that she knew he was going to say that same shit, it's noisy, smelly blah blah.
    • Then Anitta smiled awkwardly at her close friend and said maybe he isn't feeling well today.
    • Claudia then said he isn't as great as you think, he is just a messed up kid.
    • Then the Duke of Edenbahir knocked on the door while calling Claudia.
    • Then the Duke told them that the god mother has come so they should probably go greet her.
    • Claudia's face showed no signs of welcome or displeasure either.
    • Claudia then told Anitta who was confused that the Godmother is her mother's and Lancelot's father's mother.Duke of Edenbahir doesn't get along with her so they call her God mother.
    • So Anitta thought since she is in their house,she should also greet the god mother.
    • Then both of them headed to the drawing room.
    • She knew that the god mother in good words was very aristocratic and in bad words very tricky.
    • She was a little nervous because of the fact that she wasn't a noble but she made herself think that it's not good to think negatively when you haven't even met.
    • Claudia greeted the Godmother bravely.
    • The god mother's cold face turned warm after seeing Claudia and then they both were talking very nicely.
    • After seeing them Anitta gained a little courage because of the attitude of the God mother towards Claudia.
    • Then Claudia told Anitta to introduce herself to the godmother.
    • Anitta also said hello and introduced herself, she couldn't even finish her first greeting because the god mother didn't even glance at her.
    • She naturally passed by her as if she had neither seen nor heard her.
    • It was a complete disregard.

    I have two doubts so please still wait for the translations for those two informations.
    The first one is that it is maybe god mother or god father.
    And the second is that idk if the event of Anitta meeting Claudia's god mother is happening in the past or now. If I get the answer after doing some more translations then I will change it .
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    Of course, it's none of your business.

    She sat down again, hugging both legs.

    Even though it sounds rough, it was a very pretty voice. Listening to the voice, Anita’s heart regained calmness, she even forgot the gloomy weight that was weighing on her heart.

    ‘Is he a book fairy?’

    Or a dwarf? Do dwarves have pretty voices?

    Suddenly a chilly air hit her, making her nose tip itchy.


    With the sound of the chair being pushed, the calm steps gradually approached. As the sound grew, the yellow light that was far away also gradually grew.

    Turned out, the identity of the yellow light was a lamp of a boy.

    A blonde boy with a thick cardigan.

    A boy with skin as white as untouched snow. He also had green eyes and a smaller stature than Anita. His face showed an expression of annoyance.

    ‘He was so pretty that I thought it was a doll’

    At first, she thought he was a girl.

    A small, fair skinned, pretty boy who looks like a girl.

    Anita, who suddenly realized his identity, was surprised and raised herself.

    "M-mr. fairy!"

    His forehead, which was deeply frowning, was distorted even more.


    The boy kicked his tongue with displeased eyes.

    "Don't pick your nose."

    Unlike his warm appearance, his word was ice cold.

    Anita's mind was awakened by the surprisingly cold attitude, considering this was the first time she met him.

    ‘··So you are not a fairy?’


    That’s right, there's no such thing as fairy in this world. It's natural that he isn't a fairy!

    Her face heated up with shame. It was a completely different feeling from the shame of standing in front of children.

    She wanted to run away then, but now she just wanted to hide.

    "Get out if you're not going to read books."

    He gave a final warning and left. Even his back was as cold as his front.

    As the light that shone on the boy's face moved away, the quiet shadow of the study surrounded Anita. Obviously she didn't care about the darkness until she met him, but it felt strangely cold and big after he left.

    'The study is a place to read books.'

    She shouldn't have disturbed the boy.

    But there was nowhere else to go. Father was busy and all the children were out of her way, so all she can do was to accept the unpopular places.

    A cold room with no fire.

    A room with no one in it, so it was a silent and quiet room.

    ‘..If I read a book, wouldn't it be okay to stay here?’

    She stopped worrying.

    Anita immediately ran to the nearest bookshelf and picked up the first book she found. The boy also sat down and carefully approached the desk where he sat.

    She sat in a seat far away on purpose, but it happened to be away from the only lamp the boy brought, so it was not an environment to read.

    ‘What should I do? What should I do?’

    This concern was quite long. When she bravely settled across from the boy, she received a fierce look.

    "I-I'm going to read it, too."

    It was like an excuse that came out without her knowing.

    Fortunately, the boy's eye contact quickly turned toward the book. Anita sighed with relief and opened her own book.

    She opened it.

    ‘Oh no.’

    She accidentally picked a book with foreign language.

    'There was a reason you glared.'

    Again. She did something to make my face hot again.

    Anita sat far away, spreading the front page of the application.

    Then, suddenly, the letters of the book read by the boy caught my eye. It’s a book filled with different language than her chosen book.

    ‘Quill’s (TN : It’s a type of language there) language? Still, it's a language I can read a little bit.’

    She was staring hard at the book and concentrating without even realizing it.

    It was too difficult.

    It was so difficult, but it got her so curious that she opened her mouth.

    "So…. How do I read the last line of the third paragraph on page 21?"

    The answer was not heard.

    She sat down disappointed and concentrated again. The more she looked at it, the more she admired the sentences that were difficult to interpret.

    "How can you read all these difficult things?"

    As expected, there is no answer.

    It's a fascinating thing. She was getting courage from the repeating disregard, so her mouth kept opening.

    "Hey, this word. I was confused whether it was 'cooperation' or 'giving up'....”


    The boy suddenly stood up, he quickly disappeared between the bookshelf and reappeared moments later.

    Holding a book at least twice as thick as the one he was reading.

    Anita's complexion turned pale.

    ‘Are you trying to hit me with that book? Was I that annoying?’

    SLAM. The boy put the paper weapon down in front of Anita.

    "If you don't know, close your mouth and read this."

    This? I swallowed dry saliva and checked the title of the book.

    < Quill's Dictionary >

    She guessed he was annoyed by the bombarding questiom. Anita carefully embraced the dictionary handed over by the boy.

    "Thank you."

    "Also, don't keep talking to me. Because it's annoying."


    She sat calmly and had her nose in the dictionary he recommended.

    The contents of the book were unlikely to catch her eyes. After finding the original meaning of the confusing word, she couldn't overcome boredom and keep dozing off.

    ‘I can't do this. It's late, so I'll go back to my father.'

    But this dictionary was good.

    The dictionary in her house was written in difficult words so it was hard to understand, but this dictionary use simple words that way she did not need to find another dictionary to understand the meaning of the word.


    So, can I borrow this? I was going to ask that.

    [Don't talk to me. It was annoying]

    I couldn't open my mouth at the warning.


    B-but I really want to ask.

    "S-so t-this."


    Just in time, the boy looked back at her.

    How annoying would she be? He probably doesn't want to see her, right? When she put herself in his shoes, she felt guilty.

    Anita whispered in the smallest voice she could make.

    "Can I borrow this?"

    “How are you going to carry it?"

    "I can hold it."

    "You can't."

    She was out of her mind because it was such a determined denial.

    "I-I can hold it!"

    "You can't."

    "I said I can hold it!"

    She held the Quill’s dictionary in her arms with confodence.

    Wow. It's really heavy.

    "See? I can lift it, right?"

    It was much heavier than she thought, so it was hard to breathe. But she thought she could carry it.

    The boy glanced through Anita with displeased eyes and looked back at the book.

    "If you can't return it within a month, I will report it as a theft, you know?"

    It was his goodbye words. However, Anita couldn't move a step and asked awkwardly.

    "You… don't ask for my name?"

    He turned his head with an expression of what triick are you pulling, so he revealed the reason as if he were making excuses.

    "You need to know my name to report it. I'm Anita Biloinnie."

    She thought she would be ignored. The boy unexpectedly revealed his name with a small.

    "Lancelot Edenbahir."


    ‘Edenbahir.. So he lives in this house.'

    If you think deeply, there was nothing surprising.

    The only person who can come in this study like his own home wearing a comfortable indoor clothes would be the house owner.

    Anita crouched out of the study. I had to say goodbye, but in the end, I couldn't say it.

    As the moon was covered by clouds and it was already night.

    Anita grabbed her father's hand and got into the wagon baack home.

    A father who looked gentle on the outside. The father, who smelled like alcohol but still had clear eyes, swept her hair off.

    "Did you meet your friends?" (Father)

    No, she wasn't.


    “Was it fun?” (Father)

    No, it wasn't.

    “Yes, it was fun.”

    "You’ll meet them a lot in the future. Don't do anything weird and get along well."

    The fact that I'm going home dampened my mood in an instant.

    She doesn't want to meet them again.

    Even if she were normal, they'll beat her.

    There was only one child in the wonderful mansion who didn't leave Anita behind.

    'He'd despise me if he knew I wasn't a nobleman, too.'

    With that, she felt her heart plummeted to the floor.

    ‘It's okay. I have father, nanny, Mary, and Berry.’

    It's really okay. I don't need anyone else. I'm happy enough for now.

    Then, Anita let out a long sigh.
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    At first, it was a way to return the book borrowed from the boy through an errand person.

    We didn't know when we will meet again, furthermore she was also afraid to reunite with the boy.

    Anita's house and the Duke of Edenbahir were about four hours away by carriage, so she wouldn't need to worry about the book being damaged if a servant was sent directly.

    So, a day before the return date, she kept turning her head about something.

    'What would be a good gift in return?'

    A great Duke's son must have received a lot of precious things.

    After much consideration, the gift she chose was a cute butter cookie baked by the nanny.

    No matter how much she think about it, there was no gift worth as much as cookies, and there was nothing that could beat her nanny's cooking skills.

    The butter cookies were wrapped prettily, It could be seen how much she sincerely want to gift it to him.

    Except the fact that Anita deliver the cookies herself.

    "You can spend the night and come back, so take care of everything you need."

    "Yes, master."

    The father and daughter pair visited the Duke of Edenbahir again.

    She didn't know the situation of adults. However, she knew that her father had suffered for several days and nights for today.

    'It must be an important thing,'

    Thinking that she had to go and meet the children again gave her a headache. She deeply sighed. She should never come out of the room.

    Her father found a book that Anita had been secretly packing and asked.

    "What's with that book?"

    "I borrowed it from Edenbahir's study last time."


    Her father, who was looking at the book, scolded her with a stern face.

    "To borrow precious thing like this, you must get permission first, Anita. Okay? You shouldn't just bring it without the owner knowing."

    'I got permission though ···' (Anita)

    However, she was afraid that if she revealed the boy's name, her father would visit him in person and asked about the book. Anita decided to hide her meeting with Lancelot.

    "Yes. I'm sorry."

    The wagon ran for four hours again.

    Thanks to our early departure, we was able to arrive at the Duke of Edenbahir a little before noon.

    "Say hi, Anita. He is the Duke of Edenbahir."

    Anita look at the gentleman with a body as big as her father. He was sitting far away with his knees bent.

    He looked just like Lancelot, blue eyes and blond hair.

    Anita recalled what the nanny had said before leaving the mansion.

    [ The Duke of Edenbahir is the nephew of Emperor Shubehellique II and the cousin of the current Empeeoe. He's a very strict man, so be polite. ]

    A cousin who shared blood with the king.

    Nervous by the noble position, Anita greeted with a trembling voice.

    "Hello, sir. I'm Anita Biloinnie."

    A big hand stretched out and grabbed Anita's hand.

    His hands are as warm as her father. Anita looked up at the Duke with a curious eye. She thought Lancelot's father would be as cold as him.

    "Your eyes are similar to your father's, Anita. Nice to meet you. Have a good time in Edenbahir's mansion."

    After the first greeting, she was looking around the first floor while still holding the heavy book and cookies.

    She thought something was out of place, the mansion was so quiet.

    "Father. I can't see my friends."

    Her father whispered to her as he climbed the stairs following Duke Edenbahir.

    "Yeah. There will only be The Little Duke of Edenbahir today. Father is busy, so go and play around somewhere else, like the garden."

    There won't be any children!


    Anita nodded with an excited face. She then went to look for Lancelot everywhere.

    She finally found Lancelot, who was sitting in a chair, immersed in reading.

    There was also an unfamiliar blonde girl.

    '····Who is it?'

    With a blank look, the memory of that day flooded Anita's mind.

    'Is she one of the children at the time?'

    Anita's face turned blue.

    Without making eye contact with the girl, she approached Lancelot like hurriedly and placed the book along with the cookies on the table.

    She was going to give it quickly and leave.

    "T-this is the book I borrowed last time."

    "Who is it?"

    Unfortunately the unknown girl caught a glimpse of her face.

    She had a brighter hair color than Lancelot, along with playful eyes. A round face and delicate features like a doll. It wasn't as pretty as Lancelot, but it was prettier than her Anita (this is Anita's Description of the girl).

    "You're very pretty."

    It wasn't Anita's voice.

    The unknown girl continued to speak with sparkling eyes.

    "You're so pretty. The prettiest girl I've ever seen."

    "...Me?" (Anita)

    Not you?

    "Yes, you. What's your name?" (The unknown girl)


    Her mouth was not open.

    At some point, Anita became afraid to reveal her name. It was exactly after experiencing the incident a week ago.

    She wasn't a noble, so what if there was a rumor that people shouldn't hang out with her?

    What if this unknown girl called me a hybrid, like how everyone did?

    What if she can't say anything and stiffened like a fool, like how she was that day?


    "Oh, Anita Billoinnie."

    She replied to the unknown girl, who was getting grumpy.

    The girl smiled, with a confident face and protruding chest she said.

    "Really? I'm Claudia House. I'm the Duke of Edenbahir's nephew."

    "Duke of Edenbahir's... nephew?"

    Then what kind sibling would Claudia be?

    "It means she is my cousin."

    It was Lancelot.

    Tsk. With his tongue lightly kicked, he raised his head while still staying in the same position.

    "Don't get along with that fool. She's blind and now she also become stupid."

    Who's blind?

    'No way, me?'

    Anita felt like she was hit, hard.

    It was the first time in her life that someone she was blind. Was he saying that the praise of the nanny, who said she knew two when she was taught one every day, is a lie?

    I belatedly came to my senses and cleared my throat.

    "Hi, Lancelot Edenbahir."

    The boy glanced at her face and turned to the book he was reading again.


    "I brought it. Here and this..."

    Phew. She exhaled a long sigh, relieved from tension and pushed the box to Lancelot.

    "Thank you for lending me your book."

    "Leave it there and go."

    Oh, so he won't try it?

    Of course, he didn't have to try it right away, but she put down the box with regret.

    "So you indeed know how to speak. I thought you are mute."

    Claudia, who suddenly appeared again, spoke ill of Lancelot with a loud voice.

    With a perplexed expression, she smiled and touched his shoulders.

    "I'm kidding. I mean you don't speak that much. I mean you ignored my words nine times in a row, you know. Aren't you annoying?"

    "Don't make any noise in my bedroom and get losr."

    While Lancelot let out his long awaited complaint, Anita slightly looked up and looked around room.

    "So it was a room that connects to Lancelot's bedroom."

    It was a warm and cozy space like her room and there was nothing special even though it was the successor of a Duke's room.

    "Look at that. All you say is get out, get lost, or it's noisy!"

    "Hin Allow."

    "What did you say?"

    "It means get lost. Get lost."

    "Speak with your mother language! Are you saying that I'm a fool?"

    "Your self-objectification is well done."

    Claudia, who was arguing loudly, grabbed Anita's hand and pulled her to the sofa.

    She hugged Anita's arm with her eyes full of spirits due to the existince of an ally.

    "It's okay, Anita. Don't listen to him. We can just ignore him. My grandmother said, it's okay for pretty children to ignore others."

    It's the first time for someone cross arms with her, so Anita's upper body froze with tension.

    "If you have a good heart and make good friends, you will be happy even if you ignore a few others. Lancelot has a bad heart and no friends so he will be unhappy."

    Can she say that to her relatives? Contrary to concerns, Lancelot looked like he didn't even listen.

    "Anita, you must have a lot of friends because you are pretty and nice at first glance. Right?"


    [Your father is a hybrid with no dignity, no background, no power. It is clear that the daughter of the hybrid will also be a hybrid, so we should stay away from it that way we won't get tainted. Do you understand?]

    Why did that voice come to mind?

    Anita's eyes began to turn red.


    Claudia, who noticed that Anita was stunned, stood up making a fuss.

    "D-d-did I do something wrong?"

    No way. There's nothing wrong with her.

    Oh no. My mouth couldn't open, so I shook my head after swallowing tears with all my strength.

    "I don't know what the problem is, but I'm really sorry! I won't do that again!"

    No. She shouldn't make Claudia apologize. Anita struggled to open her closed lips.
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    "I···I don't have friends."

    Anita doesn't have friends of her age.

    Of course she wasn’t alone even before moving to her current house.

    It was Anita's great-grandfather’s hometown at first. Everything else, including relatives, teachers, and friends, existed in the city.

    The roots of the family were there, but her father was not happy with the city.

    [Vincent! Our family business began in this city. I think it's too soon for you to move. Don't you know it's not too late to do it after your child was born?]

    [No, uncle's thought was wrong. We have to move to a big city with a big port, like Chavalon, before it’s too late]

    [Why are you so reckless?]

    [The fields in the Eunkwang mountain are dry, so we no longer have any reason to stay here. If we go to a bigger city, we'll get information faster]

    [Vincent! Come back! How can you do this to our ancestors’ hard-earned properties--]

    [I’m not the one who squanders our wealth around, but it’s all you and our elders! I don't want to be a fool anymore. Don't stop me.]

    Everyone objected, but herfather eventually left his hometown and moved to the current city.

    It happened two years ago.

    "My father doesn't have a significant position. So the other children don't want to hang out with me."

    After arriving here in Chavalon, her father put his life and death as a nobleman.

    At first Anita was the only one who lives without much prejudice to the status of a nobleman, but not now.

    The nobility regards them as dirty people. Her first enemies in life. Those enemies’ behaviour gave Anita a considerable shock.

    “T-that’s why…”

    Don't be kind and quickly get out if they want to go.

    Silence fell in the room. It was so silent that she felt embarrassed for saying those words.

    Claudia was the one who broke the silence.

    "I live in the kingdom of Hespain, not here. I come once a year to Chavalon, but I don't have any friends so I always have to stay with this loner (Claudia is referring to Lancelot here). What a terrible experience."

    She smiled brightly and clenched Anita's hands.

    "I was about to get depressed because of that. I’m relieved that you’re here now, Anita! Play with me from now on!"

    "...with me?"

    "Yes! I'm Anita's first friend. Right? Right? Right?"

    Claudia took a bite off nanny's cookie, which suddenly appeared in herhands.

    "Honestly, this is really good. Where did you buy that? Can't you tell me?"

    No matter how fast she spoke, Anita couldn’t answer at all.

    Claudia spoke to her with sparkling eyes like the morning dew.

    "I mean there were loads of things I wanted to do when I got a friend in Chavalon. The first thing to do is to ride ferris wheel next to the fountain square, and then after riding that I wanted to go to a nice restaurant right beside.”

    Claudia's lips swallowed the third cookie without rest.

    Did she hear it wrong? Friends? Claudia wants to be friends with her who everyone avoided because she was dirty?

    Since then Anita stayed at the Duke of Edenbahir’s Chavalon mansion every late winter.

    Claudia and Lancelot waited for Anisa in the beautiful and vast red Poinsettia field.

    "Anita! Anita has arrived, Lancelot! Wow! How come you haven't grown at all even though we haven't seen each other in a year?"

    Claudia's greeting had always began with a fierce hug. For Anita, she was like a little golden bird chattering lovely songs.

    "Look at this map. While waiting for you, I played the country name guessing game with Lancelot. I got nine out of ten wrong."

    "Really? Who?"


    Anita always felt happy, excited and energetic whenever she was with Claudia. Even if there was any serious problem, it would only feel like a minor concern next to Claudia.

    "Lancelot must have a hard time, too. Right, Lancelot...?”

    But Lanslo was a little different.

    "Hey. Anita is asking you. Answer her."

    He didn't seem willing to have Anita here. If you have eyes, anyone would think like that.

    "Phew. You’re always like that. Never mind. Let's play amongst ourselves!"


    "It's fine. Anyway, he can’t go out because he is weak. Since it rained yesterday, let's go out and play while looking for a hibernating worm."

    Is that why? For Anita, a creature named Lancelot was very difficult to understand.

    Even if they were with him, he always ignored them. When we asked him, all he did was show an annoyed expression and reluctantly answer.


    If he caught a terrible cold, no one can get close to him unless he was sleeping. (The novel didn’t mention who they were referring to)

    My father explained that if he was sick he had no choice but to be more sensitive and Anita also understood what he was saying.

    That winter, Lancelot was especially weaker.

    Anita, who was having a restless mind even though it wasn’t her illness, went to Lancelot with a stew she had cooked herself without anyone’s order to do so. The kitchen maids were anxiously watching as she made the stew.

    "Excuse me. If you're sick, would you like to try this stew? This is the stew that my father used to make. It has ginger in it so.."

    "I'm not going to eat it,"

    She expected it, but it was sharper than she thought.

    At some point, did she get used to the ice cold attitude? Anita casually put the stew bowl on the table.

    "It's tastier than you think. It'll be easy to swallow because there's not much to chew."

    But Lancelot did not turn his head even once and kept his eyes fixed on the book.

    "Just in case... I'll leave this behind."

    It had been about 30 minutes.

    While playing the puzzle with Claudia in the next room, a maid's voice came in.

    "Did you call me, young master?"

    "Get rid of that stew. It reeked of smells."

    At that moment, Anita was a little surprised so her hands hardened while choosing amongst the scattered puzzle pieces.

    But she quickly got her mind together.

    ‘When I'm really sick, I don't have an appetite and I don't eat well. I might have made you feel pressured. Let's not think about it too much. It's not goodwill if I expect a price. Maybe Lancelot just hate ginger so, so, so much.’

    As always, Claudia complained on her behalf.

    "Oh, my. I told you so, right? He won’t eat it. He really hate anything noisy, smelly, or a little fussy."

    Anita smiled awkwardly at her friend.

    "I guess he must be feeling unwell today. He might also be unfamiliar with that kind of food."

    "Did he think he was some kind of a great prince? ...Of course, he is comparable to the prince, but… anyway he isn’t a prince, right!"

    Claudia gritted her teeth because Anita was ignored. It was then...

    Knock knock. Someone knocked on the door.


    Anita stood up more abruptly even though it wasn’t her name. The Duke of Edenbahir was at the door.

    "Claudia, Anita. The madam is here. Come out and say hello."


    Claudia, who slowly stood up and brushed her knees, showed no signs of welcoming nor discomfort.

    "The madam is my mother and uncle's mother (which should’ve meant it was Claudia and Lancelot’s grandmother?). She doesn't get along with my uncle, so he always calls her madam. This a secret, okay?’

    Mother of Claudia’s mother and mother of her uncle.....

    ‘It means it is the mother of the Duke of Edenbahir."

    If so, Anita should greet her, as she was also currently residing in the Edenbahir mansion.

    They headed to the drawing room where the adult was waiting. At first sight, to say it in a good sense, the so-called Madam looks very noble. In other words, she looked like a demanding person.

    Maybe that's the reason? We didn't even talk once, but she reminded her (Anita) of the bad memories, where there were voices that disparaged her as a hybrid.

    ‘No, it's okay. It's rude to think negatively of someone you meet for the first time. I just need to be careful.’

    Claudia, who walked lightly, greeted the Madam with confidence.

    “Hello, Madam!” (I am also not sure why Claudia called her Madam and not grandma lmao)

    A soft smile was drawn on the ice cold face of the Madam.

    "Claudia, you've grown a lot. Now you look more like a lady."

    As expected, first impression is only the first impression. Thanks to the madam sweet reaction to Claudia, she gained some courage that she never had before.

    "Thank you! This is my friend. Say hi, Anita."

    "Hello, I'm Anita Billoinnie..."

    Unfortunately, Anita could not finish her first greeting.

    She wasn’t even in the her line of sight.

    The Madam naturally passed by Anita as if she had neither seen nor heard of her.

    It was a complete disregard.

    Please keep in mind that Korean Novel usually goes back and forth from first to third point of View, so there may be mistakes included in there. I tried to edit it as much as I could but after all, it was MTL so :blobReach:

    For those who were wandering :
    • Claudia's name was written as 클라우니아 but I decided to just make it Claudia rather than Claunia (it felt like I was calling her a clown)
    • The madam here was consistently written as 대부인, which should've translated to 'Godfather'. But I take it the author used slang therefore '대' means Great and '부인' means wife (like the duke's wife or the mistress)
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    Episode 6.

    The godmother, who stopped in front of the table, took off his winter leather gloves and smiled gently.

    "Come here, Claudia. Talk to this grandmother over a cup of warm tea after a long time."

    "What are you doing, grandma?! Why are you ignoring Anita?"

    Claudia stopped moving as if her feet were stuck on the floor and blocked Anita's frozen front.

    Then she shouted, standing up to her neck and blood vessels.

    "Why are you ignoring me!"

    Strict energy fell into the eyes of the godmother.

    "Lower your voice. Our Edenbahir woman does not raise her voice carelessly, Claudia. You need to learn manners again."

    "But Grandma..."

    "Call me Godmother.And I think you forgot, so I'm telling you again."

    Clack. Bringing in the tableware, she quietly warned, moving colorful pieces of cake and bread onto the plate.

    "Don't pick up things you see rolling around on the street as friends. Don't forget that we're descendants of the great kingdom of Atlante."

    Anita closed her eyes tightly and then opened them.

    The first thought I had was that it didn't hurt as much as before.

    It was fascinating. Why?


    Claudia, who couldn't stand her anger and was trembling, ran forward.

    With a fluttering noise, the elegant indigo blue cloth was raised high from the ceiling. It was the hem of the godmother's dress.

    It was a landscape that seemed to be pouring down from the starless night sky. Anita opened her mouth without realizing it.


    After leaving behind the angry cry, Claudia grabbed Anita's hand and hurriedly ran away.

    The godmother, who hurriedly arranged her clothes, shouted in a angry voice.

    "You can't stand there!"

    Why did I run away with Claudia?

    I do not know. As I ran with all my might, I felt as if my heart had been ripped open a little. From a certain moment, it seemed that she was laughing along with Claudia.


    I closed the door firmly and hid myself behind the bed.

    There was only one place in this wide duke's house to escape.

    Lancelot's bedroom.

    Claudia, who was catching her breath, glanced and looked at the door.

    "Don't take it too seriously. Grandma's been like that since long ago. She's boring , and not funny at all, she just always screams 'Protect Edenbahir's dignity!'... right, Lancelot?"

    No matter what they were doing, Lancelot, who was sitting on the bed quietly flipping through the pages, turned his gaze slightly.

    "You don't know? The godmother is here. But she ignored Anita's greeting and left."

    Lancelot's face bloomed with a clear smirk.

    "If she ask me about me, say that I'm sick. I'm afraid I'll die of sickness, so I won't be able to see her for a month."

    "Did you see? Even the unlucky Lancelot feels uncomfortable with grandmother. I know it's bad. So you ignore it, too, Anita."

    As I nodded my head, I heard Lancelot's snort.

    "I can't believe you're asking me to give you advice on that. It's not like I don't know he's not in the same situation as you. Stop talking and get lost."

    It's not the same situation.

    He is right But this time, I wanted to think that Claudia's answer was correct.

    Without Claudia, I'd only tremble like that day ··Hiding alone in a dark room ···.

    Anita hugged Claudia without thinking deeper.

    "Thank you so much. I'm glad I have you."

    "Huh? Yeah."

    Claudia, whose shoulders were shrugged shyly, soon opened her arms wide and hugged her.

    It was the first soft warmth I felt from a person other than my father.


    It was the first few days of that day that a blizzard blew violently.

    Anita's walk, walking through a long passage, stopped slowly near somewhere.

    It was in front of a huge mural on the wall.

    'Was there a picture like this?'

    It was a magnificent painting that could only be captured at a glance by stepping back a few times. Even though I stood at a certain distance, I could see each detail of the paint.


    A huge dragon was roaring in the picture. The wise and the old, the children and the immaculate ones sat before him and offered prayers.

    Anita knew that dragon.

    The golden dragon Nua Ja, the owner of the Nuaja legend.

    The founder of Atlante, the great empire that dominated an era that has now disappeared.

    'I saw this picture in a book when I was young, but it belonged to Eden Bahir.'

    In a new way, Claudia's and Lancelot's distant status was felt.

    Since the Edenbahir family were descendants of the Atlantean imperial family, they might have taken the throne if the empire had continued.

    'And Claudia and Lancelot would not have met until the day they died.'

    I will study harder in the future so that I don't become a shy friend. It was time to make a firm commitment and turn around.

    "Edenbahir is one of three legendary families with Nuaza as their ancestor."

    An elegant voice echoed overhead. It was the voice of the godmother.

    Anita hurriedly turned her head. It was the first time that a godmother who had been ignoring her existence came up first like today.

    "In Edenbahir, the blood of Noazah still flows, and some people who can <express> their great abilities are born. People here have long regarded Edenbahir as the guardian of Shabalon."


    The godmother appreciated the aspect of the painting with an ecstatic gaze. And she continued with a voice full of pride.

    "Lancelot is the only successor of our generation who can expect <expression>. It can be said that Edenbahir itself, whom I and the Duke have cherished."

    It was the first time that a godfather spoke so friendly. Anita had no choice but to have small expectations.

    Did you recognize me as Claudia and Lancelot's friend?

    She bravely replied.

    "Oh, that's cool. Lancelot is loved by the duke and his godmother."


    It was a voice that stood up sharply with the momentum to pierce the eardrum. Eyes glistening with displeasure glared at Anita.

    "Vulgarity. Call him Lancelot-sama."


    "If you were born lowly, you should be smart or sensible. You climb up without understanding the subject."

    It's not just an expression of dealing with insignificant things. Her eyes were full of hate and hatred. Her eyes seemed to be like that when she saw the dead rat floating in the sewer.

    It was a gaze that made her feel sinful even to meet her, so Anita had to bow her face without realizing it.

    I couldn't say it was unfamiliar to feel the heat in my throat getting hot.

    "Villeni, I didn't know that the author could be so crafty. Are you trying to use my daughter to cross the Edenbahir lineage? How dare you use Lancelot to wash your dirty bloodline!"
    T/N : Sorry I also don't know what this means....

    A dirty lineage.

    My heart pounded and my hands trembled at the swearing that shook my self-esteem.

    "Oh, my father..."

    Anita didn't want to be dumbfounded in front of those who ridiculed her family anymore.

    "My father is a secretary and he doesn't care."

    I said it. I said it for sure this time. Although I avoided looking, my voice trembled less.

    The godmother was still looking at something filthy.

    "How sneaky he is to give birth to this stuttering daughter."

    She kicked her tongue and warned.

    "Never mind. It's funny to be angry with a young girl. Go and tell your father. A lowly and stuttering girl was pushed into Lancelot ···."

    However, the godmother's warning did not come to a complete end. The gaze that stayed behind Anita's back for a while was greatly raised with embarrassment.

    "Oh my god, Lancelot!"


    Surprised, Anita turned her head. Lancelot, with a pale complexion as if he was about to fall, was walking in the direction they were standing. silently, very slowly.

    "Baby, what if you come all the way here in cold weather? I'm sure the cough will get worse!"

    His expression was calm in a good way, and cold in a bad way.

    The closer he got, the more unpleasant I felt, the more I touched the tip of my nose. The straight closed lips were a habit of revealing Lancelot's hostile spirit.

    But to the godmother, Lancelot's feelings didn't seem to catch her eye at all.

    "You have to listen carefully, right? Only a good child can become a good head of Edenbahir."

    From Lancelot, who had approached them, she could smell the warmth of a warm flame and the scent of bedding dried in the sun.

    "Anyway, your father is the problem! You must never be like your father, Lancelot. Although he is my son he really..."

    "Go "

    It was a very small whisper that could only be heard by Anita.

    At the same time, her shoulders were pushed back . Lancelot stood in front of the godmother, blocking her.

    Anita stared blankly at the boy's back.

    Compared to her, he has an infinitely skinny back.

    The nape of the neck, slightly exposed over the collar, was white without vitality as if it had never attempted sunlight. Not only the wrist but also the fingertips were thin enough to break, so they looked like a girl, not a boy.

    Isn't it him, not me, who needs to be protected?

    "Haha. Come here, Lancelot. With this grandmother..."

    However, Lancelot had no intention of stepping down in front of Anita.

    She stepped back very slowly. She then ran out of the place as if she fled.

    Did Lancelot help her?

    I don't understand.

    Anita just instinctively walked toward the only resting place here. To Lancelot's room, which is like their hideout.

    The room without the owner was quiet.

    'And it's warm.'

    Lancelot's room is always warm. That's why I like it.

    The owner of the room, Lancelot, is cold and cold. So difficult and sometimes even scary.

    'Because I never said I didn't like it.'

    I'm not telling you not to talk to me because I'm low.

    She closed the door and sat quietly, and it seems that she dozed off without knowing it.


    Suddenly, when I came to my senses, I heard a small cough.

    It was vaguely known that Lancelow was a pretender. However, if not mistaken, his cough sounded harsher and louder than usual.
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    Thank you for the spoilers! I am looking forward to the story progress! Thank you!
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    "Cough, cough."

    She thought it would stop soon, but the cough that started once continued. When he had difficulty breathing and nausea, Anita hurriedly got up and ran to bed.

    The blanket that was covering her shoulder fell and spread helplessly on the floor.

    Lancelot, who did not know when she came to the bed, was crouching in pain.


    She carefully touched Lancelot’s forehead, which was soaked in cold sweat. He was breathing heavily, barely conscious.

    "L-Lancelot. Are you okay?"

    His eyes opened slightly, looking unfocused.

    Lancelot looked at Anita without saying a word. He blinked his eyelids slowly as if he was about to faint, he lightly moved his lips.

    "...It's not good."

    It was a hoarse voice.


    "What you made."

    A ginger stew that she made a few days ago passed by Anita's mind while staring blankly at him.

    "D-did you eat? But that food was thrown away by the maid, I’m sure of it.”

    Lancelot coughed enough to make him nauseous again, and then slowly continued to reply her.

    "I don't like something with a strong scent, like earthenware. I hate noises. My head is ringing and it hurts. It feels like something is hitting my brain with a nail."

    She was surprised. She only thought he was sensitive, but she never imagined it would be that bad.

    ‘I didn't even know that. I was so excited and chatted a lot because I got to sleep with Claudia.’

    She couldn't talk, feeling guilty.

    Lancelot made eye contact with Anita and continued in his hoarse voice.

    "I just… can't stand the noise and smell."

    The eyes that stared at her for a while, quietly disappeared into the thin eyelids.

    "If you're going to keep coming to Edenbahir, you have to know that."

    His breathing seemed to have calmed down a little. Anita grabbed the blanket and carefully covered Lancelot’s shoulder.

    With a sigh of relief, she left the room.


    His words made Anita think a lot throughout the way back to the bedroom.

    Numerous thoughts that were beyond her control bothered her, but there was one conclusion .

    No matter what anyone said, she was glad she came to Edenbahir.


    At noon, the snowstorm that had been raging for two days slowly died down.

    "Hiiing, Anitaaaa. Don't do that and let’s play outside. Huh? The circus arrived last night. They have a tall man and a woman who spits fire there!”

    It was already the tenth time.

    Claudia hung on her arm with a crying face, repeating the same thing for ten minutes.

    "Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Let's go. Let's go!"

    Normally, she would have followed her somehow…

    Anita's gaze headed toward the tightly closed door.

    Lancelot was asleep over the door. She kept worrying because he has been in bad shape since last night.

    The Duke of Edenbahir would return home in a few hours, and the madam wouldn't even step into the bedroom because she hated Lancelot so much.

    His nanny was taking care of him every day, but she seemed to be very tired lately.

    Anita wanted to help his nanny.

    "It's cold today… so let's play all day tomorrow, Claudia. Circus groups stay in one place for a week. Even if we go tomorrow, we’ll be able to see them."

    "Well, I said I wanted to see them today! I want to see them today, not tomorrow!"

    Claudia, who pouted her lips with a sad face, nodded long after.

    "Okay. Anita always did me a favor, so I'll let you slide this time."

    "Thank you."

    "My mom said it was important to give as much as I received. Instead, you really have to play outside all day tomorrow. Promise."

    "Yes, promise."

    Anita stayed by Lancelot's side throughout the day, she read some books and solved puzzles there. She was glad he didn't show symptoms like last night.

    When she came to her senses, it was already 11 O’Clock.


    It was very late. Claudia, who had changed into a nightgown, approached with worried eyes.

    "When are you going to sleep? You've been staying beside Lancelot all day. Aren't you tired?”

    She wasn’t tired. Because she was checking Lancelot's condition while reading books or playing puzzles.

    "I'm worried about you. Moreover, it was getting cold."

    “But Lancelot is usually sick… so don't stay too long. Otherwise you'll get sick, too. If both of you are sick, I will be lonely because I have no one to play with."

    "Don't worry. Good night, Claudia."

    After Claudia left, she fell asleep because only silence lingered in the bedroom. Anita's mind, which had fallen into the deep sleep, slowly awoke to the sound of tossing and turning.


    After blinking blankly for a while, she hurriedly raised herself to a rough groan.


    It's happening again.


    Did the pain start again?

    But this time, it was different from usual.

    Lancelot rolled off the bed, his body was shaking all over. It was like a seizure.

    Oh, my. What should she do?

    She ran quickly and checked his condition.

    "Lancelot, are you okay?"

    But his condition showed nothing unusual.

    From the top of his chest to the bottom of his chin, his veins were tense like the roots of an old tree. His cracked lips were constantly bitten and bleeding, and his whole body trembled like convulsion.

    Lancelot, who breathed heavily, mumbled as if he was in pain.

    "Damn it, my heart… feels like it is burning."

    C-chest? Why? I-is it perhaps a heart disease?

    "Wait a little bit, I'll call someone... Ouch!"

    Anita's body, which was trying to call someone, was pulled back by a powerful grip that she had never experienced before.

    He was holding the back of her hand tightly. Red blood began to form as the pale nails dug into the white skin.

    "Oh, it hurts. Lancelot!"


    Then, suddenly, a glare was seen from Lancelot’s eyes, which opened slightly.

    Anita stopped breathing for a moment.


    She fel an unfamiliar sense of numbness in her heart, she stepped back and took a breath.

    What is it?

    ‘It feels like a flame is inside my chest.’

    It felt strange and unfamiliar, Anita looked at Lancelot with a blank face.

    His eyes were a little strange. Long vertically torn pupils like reptiles. His pupil...

    ‘Gold eyes?’

    Was Lancelot's eye color this vivid? As far as she remembered , it was a little dark.

    "Oh my god!"

    Surprised by the scream, Anita hugged Lancelot's body.

    A hard moan came out of his bluish lips.

    It was scary. She couldn't believe Lancelot who always looked so strong... was shedding tears because he couldn't overcome the pain.

    Lancelot put Anita's hand over his neck and said.

    "Please kill me..."

    What should she do at times like this?

    ‘I'm scared.’

    What if something wrong happened to Lancelot? If she went out to find people, she was afraid he'd hurt himself.

    Anita did not strangle Lancelot. Instead, she hugged his shoulder deeper.

    The pain in her throbbing arm was covered with fear and disappeared without a trace.

    The hoarse voice struggled to whisper.

    "It hurts so bad. I’d rather, you kill me, Anita. Please."

    "It's okay, Lancelot. If you hold it a little bit, you'll be okay. It's always been like that."

    Even if it was only one day, I wanted to share his pain.

    "I'll be here the whole time. I'll protect you all night. It's okay, Lancelot. It's okay."

    His seizure did not stop. Anita shared her warmth with his cold body and stuttered.

    "Y-you know? The circus team is here, Claudia told me earlier during the day. She has told him to go see themmany times, but I-I've refused."

    Anita herself did not know what she was saying.

    Still, she continued to talk. One arm hugged Lancelot, and the other arm swept down his skinny back.

    "She said it’s a very nice circus. It must be... so famous that people from the next city even come to see it. She said that they have a very tall man and a woman who spit fire…”
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    How long has it been?

    Anita covered the sleeping Lancelot's shoulders with a blanket, she quietly left the bedroom after.

    "Haa." (sighing)

    Shewas so nervous that her forehead and palms were wet with cold sweat. She walked back with a tired step.

    Lancelot seemed to be suffering more severely as the day went by. The amount of painkillers he swallowed was gradually increasing, but it didn't seem to have much effect.

    Claudia said that doctors from all over the continent couldn't properly identify the disease when they treated Lancelot. Anita couldn't comprehend what she said.

    What kind of disease that doctors couldn't treat?

    Then what would happen to Lancelot?

    Does he have to be sick like this forever? As if he’s going to die? That's so pathetic.

    She wished she could share at least a little bit of Lancelot's pain. She could hold out a little bit.

    "But what with those eyes?"

    The light that shone from Lancelot's eyes. Gold light that was not like a human's eye.

    As she recalled her memory, she got goosebumps behind her back. If it weren't for Lancelot, she would definitely run away.


    It was fortunate that Lancelot fell asleep.

    It was really, really fortunate.


    Lancelot seemed to have forgotten last night’s incident.

    Having regained his vitality, he now wandered casually out of the bedroom.

    "What are you looking at? Just do your job."

    It was the first time for her to feel so glad to hear the unkind tone.

    Anita did not inform Claudia and Lancelot of the wounds that occurred that day. It was because she thought it would be better to forget such painful memories for the rest of her life.

    Instead, she informed the Duke of Edenbahir that evening.

    Duke Edenbahir did not ignore Anita's story. Rather, he looked at it with more serious eyes as he listened further.

    "Did you stay with Lancelot at that time?"


    Hearing those, the Duke of Edenbahir shot her a very complicated look.

    His lips, which look exactly like Lancelot, repeatedly opened and closed several times as if to say something.

    However, he couldn't say anything until the end, he quietly swept Anita's hair.

    "Thank you, Anita"

    Is it because it was an unexpected compliment? She bowed her head out of shame.

    "Don't let anyone know about today. You should never tell the madam, especially."

    "She doesn't even want to talk to me. So I can't tell her even if I want to."

    Duke Edenbahir, who had not spoken for a while, slowly bent his knees in front of Anita.

    He then asked, while making eye contact with her eyes, which was lower than his.

    "Anita. You know what?"

    The Duke of Edenbahir's eyes were so friendly and warm that they were incomparable to Lancelot.

    "At the beginning of winter, the employees of the duke become noisy. Everyone seems to be having fun thinking about what kind of cake to make and what bedding to prepare for you."


    "You prepare cakes every day together, right? But there is no one in Edenbahir who likes sweet food. It's a sight that's hard to see unless it's winter. It's made only for you."


    I-I didn't know.

    Did he hear her whispering voice? A soft smile was drawn on the face of the Duke of Edenbahir.

    "More people like you than you think."

    So, don't waste your kindness on rude people.

    It was the comfort of an adult I heard for the first time.

    It wasn't a magnificent saying. Still the words of the Duke of Eden Bahir felt like wonderful magic to Anita.

    The hateful gaze of the Madam was no longer painful, the words and sentences mocking her were no longer painful.

    ‘Let's not waste my kindness on rude people. Except for L-Lancelot. Lancelot was…... just a little more sensitive than others.’ (Sure Anita, sensitive pfft)

    ‘His Grace is right.’

    There was not enough time to repay the person who likes her, thus she can't spend it on being depressed alone.

    ‘I should use those times to have more fun with Claudia, and…... I just found out that Lancelot's disease was more serious than I thought.'

    She knew he was struggling just by listening to noisy sounds and bad smells.

    ‘I have to try harder.’

    "Hi, Lancelot. Good morning."

    We'll work harder to sayhi.

    "Lancelot. W-What are you reading?"

    She’ll try harder to talk to him.

    "Lancelot! Look at the strawberries Claudia found. It's really red!"

    "It's noisy, so close your mouth and get out."

    "I'll go out when you see this.""

    Even if she get scolded for being loud, She'll work harder.

    "Nice to meet you, Lancelot. L-let's take care of each other this winter, too."

    More, more, harder. (she means trying hard guys, don't think nsfw)

    "Hi, Lancelot. Good morning. Did you see t-t-the snow that fell at dawn?"


    "I saw it."

    Did he recognize Anita's efforts?

    ‘......Did I hear it wrong?'

    His words and actions that had only been chilly like frozen ice in the middle of winter began to melt little by little.

    "Hi, Lancelot. Long time no see! How have you been? You grew a lot."

    I'm used to these every late winter reunions now.

    As the snow increased noticeably day by day, Lancelot’s hard voice got gentler like a spring flower to Anita's ear.

    "You didn't grow up."

    She was so happy that she could feel her heart sank to her feet.

    "You answered my greeting!"

    Claudia, Lancelot answered! He responded to my rude greeting!

    Closing her eyes with joy, Claudia laughed and patted her on the back.

    "It's so funny. I guess he has became a person."

    Her conversation with him has increased.

    Every time she talked, the number of frowning foreheads has also decreased noticeably. He tried to answer any questions, even if it's briefly, and didn't get annoyed.

    Claudia’s review of Lancello's remarkable change was concise.

    "It's because you're nice." (referring how Anita’s gentle personality changed Lancelot)

    Claudia, who was like a friend and sibling, whispered with a playful smile.

    "You're so nice that even demons like Lancelot have no energy to be mean anymore."

    Whenever she was around Lancelot, she could feel it.

    It seemed that it was exactly around that time that the feeling when I looked at him and listened to his voice differed from the feeling when I treated Clunia.

    How many seasons have passed like that?

    "Anita! Oh no! I'm going to study abroad in De Roland!"

    Clunia left to study in the kingdom across the sea.

    "No matter how pretty you are, you're useless if you're so dumb that you can't communicate with your grandmother"

    "It means that my maternal grandmother is not at the level of a human being."

    "Shut your mouth, Lancelot! ···But where's De Roland? Is it the name of the country? Or a school name?”

    It was a whopping three years of farewell.

    While hugging Anita with tears and runny nose, she left for the kingdom of De Roland with swollen eyes.

    That year, Anita thought that she would no longer be able to come to Edenbahir.

    Since Claudia has left, there is no reason to visit there anymore, right?

    But Lancelot said.

    "See you next year."

    For the first time, he stroked Anita's head and promised a reunion for the next winter.

    She teared up a little.

    She was thankful that he asked her to meet him again.

    She really, really, really liked the hand that patted her head slightly with a blunt face.

    Oh, I see.

    ‘I like him.’

    Anita liked Lancelot so much. Not only her cheeks got hot when she saw him, but also the ringing of her heart that fluctuate all the time.

    All the senses and emotions which were caused by Lancelot’s presence were invaluable.

    The next three years flew by.

    Everything was peaceful.

    Although she came to realize that Lancelot had no heart for her, she still felt a little miserable.

    She thought it was a perfectly cinematic life.

    Until her father disappeared and the family fell.

    That was one hell of a ride lmao:blobneutral::blobfearful::blobpats::blobfrowning::blobcry:
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    Description :

    “It would tarnish his honor, I think it was just a play.”

    It’s been half a year since I’ve been playing a play disguised as marriage.

    Now is the time.

    Time to let him go.

    After her family collapsed and even her father went missing, she had nowhere to go. Lancelot is Anita’s old friend and only savior.

    “Don’t refuse, Anita. Marrying with me is the only way to guarantee your status.”

    I think it was a happy married life in its own way.

    “A child…… I think it’s good to have it with the girl you love.”

    “I think so.”

    Caring for each other.

    “Wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t attend the banquet? Others may insult you.”

    “As my wife wishes.”

    Trying to understand each other.

    I had received a lot of favor from Lancelot.

    So now it’s my turn.

    For the sake of Lancelot and his new lover.
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