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    Edgar was overjoyed. He was overjoyed, as if his steps were about to fly away. Although the wedding has yet to take place, Stella accepted his proposal. Both families' parents were overjoyed and grateful. He'll be married to her soon. Stella and Stella Bonnie will be with him for the rest of their lives.

    They returned to their native kingdom with the permission of the Duke Gryu, who would soon become His Majesty the Emperor. Stella was moved by his generosity in granting them permission to use the Imperial family's magicians.

    'Mister is a wonderful person. He's a lot friendlier than Arcane.'

    'Yes. Friendly... Right, friendly.'

    According to the friendly Mister, who granted permission to use the magicians.

    'Come back after completing the procedure for transferring your family and Bonnie's entire family to the Empire at the time of your departure.'

    It sounded like he was asking him to go next door and get a cookie jar that he had lent him. Arcane looked over at Edgar, who was only opening and closing his mouth.

    'There's nothing to be concerned about. I've already finished speaking with the kingdom, so please inform your parents.'

    'Are you already finished?'


    'As if it's that easy... No, it wouldn't be.'

    Edgar dismissed all of his doubts when he saw this wealthy man standing next to him with a nonchalant expression on his face. Moving not just one family, but two families, and even an entire family with a long history in its own right, is neither common nor easy.

    Seeing Arcane, on the other hand, made everything feel so natural and easy. There were few problems that he couldn't solve. There were only a few.

    It would also be exhausting to deal with a problem that hardly belongs to him. Edgar had a flashback to what he had heard from Stella just before arriving here.

    'A joint wedding would be fantastic!'

    He shook his head violently, then paused. Stella was using her entire body to express her hopes, excitement, and joy for the future. He couldn't turn down her gleaming eyes.

    "I'll have to ask Arcane about his proposal."

    Edgar couldn't help but notice Stella's overjoyed smile at the end. He came to a halt and looked around again to ensure that this was the correct door. People passing by the corridor bowed their heads in his direction. It was the palace on the east side of the Imperial Palace where the intelligence agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was located.

    "It's Edgar, Francis. I'll go in."

    With a light knock, the door was wide open. And he quickly shut the door.


    "What are you doing instead of hurrying in?"

    "I'm not going in at all."

    Edgar took a step back. Berkan grabbed his arm as he opened the door from the inside.

    Edgar's brow is creased. Berkan dragged him into the room with him. The door closed quietly behind him.

    Hans yawned incessantly, rubbing his black eyes. He groaned and opened his mouth in pain from his arms as he attempted to raise his hand towards Edgar.

    "You look happy."

    "Yes, well, why is it so dark?"

    Edgar looked around the room and pulled the thick curtains back. Noon sunshine poured in at once. Hans crouched his neck like a turtle and frowned.

    "The sun is good, but it's still a little chilly. Especially in the Empire."

    Edgar nodded and greeted Francis, as he had just come in.

    "Spring is shorter than that. I came in."

    Edgar nodded and greeted Francis, as he had just come in.

    "Long time no see, Fran— Wait, what happened to you all this time?"

    Francis had the same appearance as Hans. His cheeks became thin as the undersides of his eyes were dyed black. His arms and legs trembled in the midst of it, as if he had a serious illness.

    "Ask him about it."

    Francis's fingers, which were twitching, pointed to Berkan. Berkan shook his head.

    "It's all for you guys to do well. Physical strength is national strength, don't you know? Would the two people who will be in charge of all information in the empire be of use if they were in vain?"

    "It was physical training."

    "That isn't physical training; it's just harassment!"

    Berkan wrapped an arm around Edgar's shoulder. He spoke in hushed tones, as if he were telling a secret story. Of course, he didn't have a small voice.

    "Listen, I really can't use those two, and Agatha, the little girl, also sounds like she's dying while training to do it easily."

    Francis brandished a fork at him. Unlike before, it was razor-sharp.

    "Tch, its flying speed has increased quite a bit? How about it, do you feel the benefits of your training?"

    Francis and Hans both clenched their teeth at the same time as he smiled cheekily.

    "I'll get rid of you someday."

    "All I'll be doing is standing here."

    With a shriek, Berkan crept behind Edgar. When he saw the three of them arguing, Edgar felt a strange sense of calm. It was a sight he had seen before.

    "In addition, is the wedding date already set?"

    "Of course, I'll send you a separate invitation."

    "Good. Congratulations in advance, and of course, I'll congratulate you when I arrive."

    Francis' lips curled into a smirk. Hans, too, smiled as he looked at Edgar. Looking back on their academy days, he thought it was only yesterday that they were talking about how they bumped into each other's lips, but now they're talking about marriage.

    "Oh, please eat this; Dana's and Stella's are mixed, so let heaven decide what to pick up..."

    Berkan reached for the chewy, milk-scented macadamia cookie without hesitation. He'd been eating Dana's snacks for a long time, and despite the fact that they all looked the same, he could tell what she made at a glance. He said as he chewed on the cookies.

    "Edgar's wedding date has been set. Then, the Prince's... It's not that. The Crown Prince's... Since we didn't have a coronation yet, then the Prince's... Argh! I should've just called him Arcane-nim! Anyway, all Arcane-nim have to do is propose to Miss Dana."

    (tl/n: Prince as in "Ducal Prince")

    Even the rustling sound stopped as soon as he finished speaking. For a while, the room had been deafeningly quiet. Edgar opened his mouth to keep it closed. They'd have to ask him what's going on, of course, but...

    "I'm not going to think about it right now."

    "I agree."

    "I do agree too."

    "I'm sorry for bringing it up, but I actually feel the same way."

    The four men exchanged deep sighs as they looked at each other. When he was asked to send a flower bouquet, he opened the flower garden and sent it. When he told him to send whatever she wanted, he made a chocolate mountain and sent it.

    They were concerned about what would happen if they asked him to propose.

    "Wouldn't it turn out like this, with Miss Dana at the center, a couple of dozen couples gathering and proposing at the same time?"

    "I would have said, 'That's bullshit!' but it's not impossible."

    Francis made a tongue-clicking motion. For a brief moment, Hans shook his head as he visualize that scene. It was obvious that it would be a lasting memory for her for the rest of her life. In a negative way.

    "Is it difficult for him to act normally?"


    Edgar was irritated because he had asked a question that had already been answered. How many times has he witnessed an ordinary thing being transformed into something extraordinary by the hands of that Arcane?

    "Even if you don't make an effort to think about it."

    "I can't help myself."

    Hans and Edgar exchanged a few words. Berkan then opened his mouth.

    "I can only think of bad things."

    "You're noisy; don't you know that words grow into seeds?"

    (tl/n: Francis was saying that with Berkan saying that, he might jinx it and what he's saying might come true)

    Berkan clenched his teeth and closed his mouth in response to Francis' words. Edgar exhaled a sigh. He was obviously very happy until he entered this room.

    After a brief pause, Francis exhaled heavily and said.

    "Let's go think about it; whatever we think, we'll see more."


    Duke Gryu narrowed his eyes and stared at the top of his son's head. He must have felt his gaze, but he was even more upset as he looked at the documents without raising his head.



    " “Yes!” you say! What do you mean by yes? Why are you procrastinating? What do you lack? Just say it."

    The Duke roared. Arcane put down the documents he was looking at and looked up. The Duke, who saw his face that says that he didn't know what the problem was, rubbed his forehead.

    "A marriage proposal, a proposal. Do you mean that you have no intention of marrying Dana? If you think so, break the engagement right away—"


    It was a deep, sinking voice. In vain, the Duke coughed.

    "So I'm telling you to propose quickly; you have to propose before the coronation and marry right after, and your father prefers a granddaughter; of course, any grandchildren would be fine, but I think there will be a tough guy like you."

    Arcane rose from his seat, the Duke's gaze following him, and he hugged him without hesitation. The Duke, who had been glancing for a while, opened his mouth.



    "I can't breathe. Are you doing it on purpose?"

    "No way."

    He relaxed his arm and stepped back. Arcane asked the Duke, who squinted.

    "How was it?"

    "Do you mean the proposal I made?"


    "I didn't make it big. I just said I would fill the whole field of the land with her favorite flowers and give them as a gift. And I would ask her to accept me as a bonus."

    The Duchess smiled cheerfully and rejoiced that it was a cute proposal at the time. As he remembered that day, a smile spread across the Duke's lips. Arcane nodded, recalling the land's field.

    It's adorable.

    Dana would have passed out screaming if she had heard it. It was in Duke Gryu's nature. It couldn't have been any smaller or more adorable. Simply removing the flowers that had faded from the garden at the time would have made it brighter. Nonetheless, the Duke, Arcane, and the Duchess all commented on how cute and small the proposal was.

    The assistants working next to the father and son duo forcibly closed their jaw, which had dropped since Arcane embraced the duke. It engendered admiration. Gryu was, indeed, a duke, and the scale he had imagined was, of course, incorrect. The new imperial family was different, but there was something quite different about them. If Edgar had heard it, he would have smacked his chest in frustration.

    "So what are you going to do?"

    "I'm going to do it normally."

    Arcane's voice was extremely calm.



    The Duke fumbled for a moment over the gift his son had sent to Dana. He decided to remain silent for the time being. He makes something small every time these days, so it should be fine. Arcane's ice flowers and sculptures could also be found in the Duke's office or the Duchess' room.

    "Wouldn't it be better to have a wedding before the coronation?"

    After a brief salute at the Duke's subtle words, Arcane exited the office. He needed to make a small gift for her.


    Dana smiled and wrapped her arms around Stella. Stella also hugged Dana and smiled brightly.

    "Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!"

    "I–I haven't done it yet."

    "You're going to get it done soon."

    Stella blushed as she noticed her more animated smile.

    "I'll do it," she says, "but..."


    Dana extended her hand. Stella made a quick blink.


    Dana patted her chest in response to Stella's question.

    "Leave it to me! I'll do anything you want! Just tell me, okay?"

    Stella's eyes widened and she burst out laughing. Her little friend inflated her chest to the brim and sparkled her golden brown eyes. Stella, wiping away tears from her eyes, stated.

    "I'll put my trust in Dana."

    "Of course! Trust me!"

    "And how about Edgar?"

    "Uh, only Edgar and I!"

    "Are you saying Arcane...?"


    Dana called out to Stella, who was amusing herself by catching her words. Stella laughed and nodded.

    "While we're on the subject, how do you feel about Arcane?"

    "Arcane is very busy. The coronation is right around the corner. He says it's not that difficult, but every time he comes here, Tobias runs in nervousness. Tobias' face dries up day by day, so I think there's a lot of work—"

    "That's not what I'm referring to."

    "Isn't that it?"

    Dana cocked her chin. Stella is rendered speechless. What she wanted to know was not what was going on with him, but what was going on between the two of them. For example, a proposal or a wedding plan. However, given Dana's reaction, it appeared that their time to meet, let alone propose, had decreased.

    "Aren't you disappointed that you couldn't meet him?"

    "It would be a lie to say I wasn't."

    She swept her engagement ring. She felt emptied now if she didn't have it.

    "But that's okay; if I want to see him, I can go see him, and..."

    Dana sighed deeply. She abruptly stood up and returned with both hands full of something after a short time. It was a stack of papers. Stella inquired, splitting the wad of paper from her and placing it on the table.

    "What's the deal with all of this?"

    "It's a collection of customs that I have to study."

    "Are you studying? You're learning something new — Oh, Crown Princess."

    "That's correct."

    Dana leaned her chin against a stack of papers, a glum expression on her face.

    "Aside from that, it's piled up in a small room; there were a lot more things I had to keep in detail than I thought, for example."

    She pulled out one of the papers and read it aloud after searching through the stack.

    "When you go out in public, you must wear clothing that covers the back of your hands."


    "Do you think it's a lie? Take a look at it."

    Stella gave a pitiful look as she quickly scanned the paper Dana handed her.

    "There are at least a few hundred of those customs!"

    "Does all of this serve any purpose?"

    "There is; if you look at the bottom, the origin of the customs is written, and because the family in charge of the imperial family changes, they say there are at least a few dozen to a maximum of several hundred each time."

    Her sagging shoulder was tapped.

    "You, too, are busy."

    "Yeah, so help me escape reality; are you leaving all of your wedding preparations to me?"

    Stella also clenched her fists in the direction of Dana, who also clenched her fists even more ferociously.

    "Of course, I'm just so grateful! And over there, Dana."

    Stella kept opening and closing her mouth. She tapped the teacup while rubbing the tip of her nail. Dana stated as she took her hand in hers.

    "Just say it, it's fine."

    "What happened to your proposal?"


    "Arcane! Proposal!"

    "Ah, a marriage proposal."

    Stella rolled her eyes.

    "Did you hesitate to bring it up?"

    "But I don't think we'd still do it."

    Stella sighed. Dana smiled softly and patted the back of her hand.

    "He's busy with the coronation ceremony, so I think we'll do it after then."

    "It's too late! But it's not like I don't understand when I see a pile of paper like this."

    Dana pushed the stack of papers beneath the table with her feet. Stella, who was pushing the customs compilation with Dana, opened her mouth.

    "I just remembered these customs; wouldn't we be able to sort through and get rid of things we don't need right now?"

    "It's a long tradition, but I can't break it just because I'm exhausted."

    "Of course, it's a long tradition, but there are a lot of useless things."

    "There are a lot."

    Stella softened her tone.

    "Tell Arcane, and he'll get rid of it for you."

    "There's no way."

    "Arcane is going to beat these up, and you're running out of time to meet him because you're studying these customs."


    "Just tell him the truth."

    "What's the deal with that? Will the imperial tradition be extinguished as a result of something like that?"

    "You have to go down to see it, what!"

    They both laughed and chuckled. They finally met after a long time apart and spent the night talking. Dana and Stella had not even considered it. Like Arcane's record of chopping down trees in the Imperial Garden because Dana's hair got caught.




    "Wake up, Miss."

    Dana poked her head out of the blanket at Lucy's urging. With her eyes closed, she murmured.

    "What's wrong... with you... Haaa."

    "The Duchess said she'd be there in an hour."

    "She's paying a visit to my mother."

    "She stated that she, too, would like to see the Miss!"

    Dana jumped to her feet and rubbed her aching brow. She only slept for a few hours because she was struggling with customs collection until late last night.

    "I-in an hour?"

    Lucy gave a nod. Dana slapped herself on both cheeks. Lucy said, looking at her face.

    "First and foremost, I need to conceal the dark shade that has fallen under your eyes."

    The Duchess hummed into the County's mansion exactly an hour later. With a smile on her face, the Countess greeted her.

    "Your Imperial Majesty the Empress, please accept my greetings."

    "Oh my goodness, am I already like that?"

    "Of course, Your Majesty."

    In keeping with the Duchess's appearance of raising her chin arrogantly, the Countess stood close to her as if to flatter her. Soon after, the two of them burst out laughing and made their way to the drawing room.

    "Is that right, that kid?"

    "It's frustrating, because he's my son, but really."

    "Well, my daughter isn't much better."

    The two wives were displeased with their son and daughter.

    "So, what did he decide?"

    "It's a secret, though he sent me to find out what her favorite flower is."

    Despite that it's her husband's request, Arcane, who stood silently behind her, was staring at her intently.

    Knock, knock.

    "Mother, it's Dana."

    "Come on in."

    The two wives exchanged sidelong glances. Even though they had spent a long time together, if they pretended to be, their hands and feet would collide.

    (tl/n: They could be in sync to the point that they could do what would the each other was currently doing because of the time they spend of each other)


    "Right, I haven't seen you in a while."

    "I'm sorry I couldn't see you often."

    "Well, I know you're as busy as Arcane, but don't worry about it; just sit here."

    As soon as Dana sat down, the Duchess asked with a light smile.

    "Do you have a favorite flower?"

    "Flower? I don't have a favorite flower."

    Despite the unexpected question, Dana responded quickly. The Duchess paused. She shifted her gaze to the Countess. The Countess, who was the center of attention, aided with a word.

    "But there are some flowers you prefer over others, such as roses or daffodils."

    Dana was staring at the two of them. Dana read the atmosphere and decided that any flower should come out of her mouth. Flowers, flowers, flowers... There were no flowers that came to mind for her. She hurriedly turned to look out the window at the garden. It was a time when spring had just emerged from the depths of winter. The flowers she was looking for were nowhere to be found in the desolate garden.


    "Oh, flowers. My favorite flower."

    Spring. It's spring. Since it's spring.

    "Dandelion! I like dandelion!"

    It was a sitting flower that young Arcane had been picking for Dana. Arcane laughed, handing over a dandelion with white fluffy seeds behind the yellow buds. It was the first flower he gave her.

    "Yes. Dandelion. Then I'll get going."

    The Duchess stood up refreshed. All she had to do was say hello and a few words. Dana wandered her eyes and the Countess nodded. One hour is urgent.

    When Dana stood up vaguely, the Duchess shook her hand.

    "You don't have to come out. I'm sorry for making you tired by force."

    Dana shook her hand, dark circles under her eyes. The Duchess smiled quietly as she walked out the open door. She then came to a halt and turned her head.

    "This time, don't tease me too much."


    Arcane was perched on a small hill. Only a few small clouds of sculpture floated through the sky, matching the color of his eyes. He took a look around the area. The yellow and tiny blossoms were shook by the wind. White hall seeds floated one by one.

    Dandelion blooms covered the entire garden. It was a garden designed especially for Dana. When it came time to make one, Edgar was surprised, but decided it would be good when gardening. Francis, Hans, and Berkan assured one another that everything would be fine.

    Arcane cast a longing glance into the distance. The sound of a carriage was heard. Dana has finally arrived. Even with his eyes closed, he was clearly drawn in. He couldn't stop smiling. He hasn't seen her yet, but something inside his chest is tingling. Dana noticed him and waved her hand at him. Her lips were calling out to him.

    Dandelion seeds swung in the breeze and flew into the sky. A gentle spring breeze brushed against his cheek. In the yellow-colored buds, Arcane smiled.

    Dana dashed towards him. Her round skirt fluttered and swelled. She walked right into his arms.


    He was filled with her golden brown eyes. His world is contained. Arcane poured a kiss on her forehead, on the bridge of her nose, and on her cheek. Dana shivered slightly, as if she were being tickled.

    He wiped the corners of Dana's eyes, whom he had only met two days before. There was a shady spot.

    "Are you tired?"

    "Huh? No. What would we be doing, Ar? It's just that there are a lot of customs to memorize."

    "Customs? Imperial family's?"

    A cart was delivered with a bunch of papers called customs that the Crown Prince should keep in the future.

    "Yes, there are a lot of things that make me wonder if I need these rules now, so I can't remember them well."

    I should get rid of it. Arcane outperformed Stella's expectations.

    "Ar? Aren't you tired? What else is going on? Asking me to come to the outskirts of the capital like this..."

    Dana paused and looked around. She didn't know when she first arrived because she could only see Ar. There were only yellow dandelions in the garden where he and she stood.

    "Dandelion? They're all dandelions."


    "There was a place like this."


    He didn't say he had a garden just yesterday. Dana switched back and forth between him and the dandelion garden, and she soon picked up a flower. She tilted her head after inserting a dandelion next to his ear. They complemented each other so well that it was difficult for her to suppress smile.

    "It was the very first flower I ever gave you."

    "Did you remember?"


    Dana, who received the dandelion, smiled brightly and thanked her, as if surprised. That day, young Arcane was ecstatic.

    He removed the dandelion from his ear and inserted it into her. A bright yellow dandelion was delicately placed next to her soft brown hair. Dana and the dandelion swayed in the light breeze.

    Oh, Dana. You are my spring.

    My girl. My Dana.

    Arcane slowly knelt on one knee. His face was tanned by the sun, and he smiled. Looking up at her, he had the same smile on his face.

    "Will you be with me for the rest of your life, Dana Borchen?"

    Dana knelt down and wrapped her arms around his neck.

    "I'll be with you forever."

    He laughed aloud while holding her in one arm. Arcane's laughter blended with Dana's and spread out in concentric circles.

    It was a simple proposal made in a dandelion garden in the a spring breeze.

    I finally had the time to even translate this... It has six side stories, this being the first one. I don't know when would I do the others... And you could buy the side stories on the google play books.

    Regarding this, I now think that Tobias isn't their son's name, but we'll see.

    And... I just wanna share about my thoughts about Arcane and Dana's relationship.

    I think that them being together is natural. No, I don't think that Dana was Arcane's second option nor I don't think that Dana needs a better man than of Arcane.

    For me, their relationship dynamic (first timeline) is somehow just because they're too afraid to step out of each other's way.

    I believe that Arcane loves Dana, but when Dana suppressed her feelings and treated Arcane like they're just friends and siblings, Arcane felt like he did have to suppress his unknown feelings for Dana or he'll might loose her. Then somehow, he fell for Stella who seemed different from other girls.

    Then when Dana died for him, he was too devastated of her dead for some reason. I think at this time, he somehow realized that he might loves Stella but he loves Dana more than everything. He might also think he was infatuated to Stella, either way, it didn't really matter.

    Honestly speaking, Stella and Arcane falling in love with each other or their relationship isn't much of a bother with me. It's much more realistic for me if you didn't fall in love for another person at those times. Loving one person since they're kids is a clichè for romance stories, and a man loving one person on their lifetime is such a clichè too. Men could fall in love with anyone too then have their love of their life in the end.
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    Yeah, I agree. You'd think he realised his love for Dana when she died for him, but why did he still reunite with Stella after that then?
    And what changed between that point where Dana died and he still lived as couple with Stella and the 3rd timeline when he got those memories?

    Are you telling me that he's such a DUMBASS that it took him a whole lifetime: after his true love died, that he had to spend years with his other lover later to realise after a long time only? Does he need a great shock + prolonged exposure to realise anything?? This kid would not know love if a fat sign with big bold letters would hit him in the head smho_O.

    Well, at least that's how the author is trying to present it. As if Dana is his one true love. To me, his behavior wouldn't make sense in real life, I find his character too contradictory and not realistic. If anything, in real life, I would think he just feels guilt for Dana and all his family and friends' deaths.

    1. After all, he lost everything, no wonder he'd feel empty after that and it would make more sense if he even resented Stella. Even if he had previously really loved her, she was partly to blame and, no matter her importance to him, way more other people that were important to him died.

    2. Plus, if they all never died, he really would've ended up happy with Stella. After all, he didn't have that empty feeling before everyone died, HE WAS ACTUALLY HAPPY WITH STELLA before shit went down.

    3. One is the lover who betrayed him and one is the childhood friend who was always by his side. So of course, between the betrayal & sacrifice he would "realise who he truly loves". More like he'd realise who loves HIM more and who's a better choice overall, so I'd say he's just smart this way, not in love.
    If he actually still chose the one that treated him worse, in that case only would I have thought it's true love, otherwise, let's be honest, it's just convenience.
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    To me it didn’t look like a fateful love, but I have read only manhwa and spoilers here.

    I obviously don’t know what exactly the author wanted to say, but I prefer to think that the story is more about personal growth which includes reassessing personal values, than about fate and silly romance.

    Most of people nowadays have a few relationships before marriage. And after becoming an adult some of us sometimes look back at our ex-es and think “OMG, what was I thinking when I was with that person?”.

    Which just shows that we’ve grown and changed some of our views, and now we are less prone to losing our minds about a random flashy beauty or a handsome daddy, and are looking into other things like personal compatibility, similar family background and upbringing, easygoing character etc.

    So I don’t find it strange that after dating the most popular girl in high school and getting a lot of problems because of her a young man would want to cut ties with her and at some point will start paying attention to a childhood friend who is not breathtakingly beautiful, but is a better person.

    It might sound boring and half-hearted for teenage girls dreaming about a fairytale love story, but this is what most of the adults become at some point. Some of them eventually lose some screws during their mid-life crisis days, but in general all of us humans free of teenage hormonal storms are the same, aiming to have a stable life and loving families.
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    Fair enough.
    But first of all, I still think his behavior overall wasn't very realistic and consistent, for the reasons I already recounted.
    And secondly, I don't think you can remain friends with your ex irl. You either catch feelings for them again or get hurt again for the same reasons you did the first time. Especially, if you have a partner currently, it's very awkward to also have a common friend who you previously kissed or had more physical contact with and whispered words of love to. No, in real life, exes are exes, they stay in the past.

    And, as someone else mentioned, Dana was a second choice for him. And it took Dana giving her life for him, for him to choose her. Do you have to get that far to get someone's love? Is this really love then, if he only "realised" it in this extreme situation?
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    i think he still reunited with Stella after all that because Dana wished for him to be happy when she died. Arcane tried to be happy with Stella to fulfill Dana's dying words but he can't because of the shit that he went through. he's traumatized and Stella had a part why that all happened, he can't bring himself to be happy with Stella. i think Arcane reuniting with Stella makes him confirm that Dana is the one who can make him happy and not Stella. he's miserable by the fact that he can't fulfill Dana's dying wish because he can't be happy with anyone other than Dana now.

    i think Arcane loves Dana because he can find peace when he's with Dana, he can forget all the sufferings he experienced when he's with her and for me that's ok. Dana makes him remember all the good times when Stella and Edgar was still out of the picture.
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    I think overall what made me sad is that in the OG timeline, Edgar and Dana had originally bonded over their unrequited love for the original couple (Stella and Are). Edgar had even asked if Dana was okay with seeing Are and Stella together, to which she replied she was because Edgar was there with her.

    Imo there was some potential for Edgar and Dana there, but it was ruined by Edgar being unable to give up Stella and becoming a cog in the tragedy that would unfold in the OG timeline. I’m not saying that I don’t understand Edgar, but boy… did I want to smack him.

    However, I am genuinely curious as to how Dana made it in time to save Are in the original timeline because Edgar mentioned that during that time Dana would’ve just entered the palace as Crown Princess. After reading some stuff here, I also wonder if the Crown Prince in this timeline has genuinely fallen for Dana I reckon his interest in Dana only angers the heck out of Are.

    Ngl at the moment (bc I’m only following the manwha) I’m not too annoyed with Edgar or Stella. Stella has put me off with her attitude in the beginning but it’s kind of mellowed out? As for Are loving Dana in the 2nd / 3rd timeline, as some other people have said I don’t think Are ever saw her as a back burner choice. I think losing Dana in the 1st timeline made him realize that his happiness was truly with Dana whom he had taken granted for.

    I’m curious about Irbe, he had made a wish but what was that wish that he’s currently paying the price for? Is it helping Are rewind his time?

    Yeah the amount of loss and trauma he experienced just to reunite with his love, Stella, was probably just agonizing. In the manwha, Are emphasized how foolish he was for the sake of love. I think in that aspect it really does highlight how love can make someone blind and unfortunately, Are had lost everything by the time he kind of woke up from blind love :(
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    Ngl Arcane was a stupid shit before ;-; but in the second timeline he changed for better although it's still frustrating that he dare to love Dana after he cheat (have a lover) on her in the first timeline. Well I can't say this much cause Dana gave him the permission to have a lover and break the engagement anytime cause she and arcane more like sibling relationships. The point I am really annoyed like why he can't let go of her rather the best man than him to be with her (Dana deserve someone better) I know he felt guilty about her death but you can't just be with her after the tragedy happened to you! Can't you just leave her privacy alone. Some words come out in my mind like what if the first timeline didn't have a war then Arcane and Stella probably live happily ever ending....

    Again I want Dana deserve someone else better than him ;-;
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    Oh, had Edgar and the CP not done what they did in the OG timeline… Are and Stella would definitely be happy. I think in a typical story line, another author would’ve just put them together again and be like yeah imma prevent this!! The I’ve came back to a time where it’s before my doom so I will do everything to prevent it kind of plot (I love plots like that too )

    Yeah, I would’ve been like Are what are you doing in the OG timeline but Dana was the one who pushed him to go after Stella. So I really can’t be mad at Are for that . Although, I think because of the direction this plot goes it couldn’t be helped that Are decided to love her in his second timeline. But I definitely would’ve loved to see Dana with someone better.

    When Dana wears an open back dress for their school ball, Stella is the first one to comment that Are will most likely be extremely jealous. It doesn’t help that Are goes on to say to Dana that he wants to gouge out the eyes that have seen her back.
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    Can someone explain who is the teacher? He's not normal
  10. Kimberly07

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    First of all he is like Dana. He been Isekai and can easily adapt the world unlike Dana he accepted his new life. That's all I can say...
  11. Vallerie_unknown

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    The teachers are people who are isekai to that world. Dana was able to recognize him because Dana accidentally found a book with Korean writing in a certain section. So Dana looked for the author of the book. It seems his teacher is also a god's right-hand man and he can perform magic. But I don't know for sure.
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    Yo guys the storyline really disappointed me and wtf the author ship Dana and Arcane out of guilt! It's take one life to realized how stupid he is ;-; oh yeah how I forgot that he cheated on her... with the ogFL...

    Idk anymore since this story is somehow suck for reason
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    Hi, we'll be doing the side stories (maybe the 2nd and 3rd, I'm so sorry... I couldn't really afford to sacrifice more time since I'm on my SHS now [I'm doing College in British terms, or my A-levels/AP subjects in American term]). Just doing some heads up.
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    The manwha pace seems pretty fast? We’re already at the part where they graduate and Stella is at Dana’s estate.

    The teacher whom Dana adores is also a isekai person. Except, I truly do think he might have something to do with Are coming back because he’s also leaving for the capital. It seems like he’s going for the capital because he has obligation to write a “new ending” due to his wish?
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    this is not a spoiler but i want to ask, how did arcane died in the second timeline? was it ever mentioned? did he died of old age or whatever it maybe. i’m really curious.
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    It won't be probably mentioned... The last side story ends with showing their children.
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    Anyone knows the story and the ending for the crown prince
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    I have a question, is there any confirmation that the "novel" timeline was real? Because if that is the case, my feelings change about the situation. I noticed some people refer to it as TL1 but I haven't seen confirmation that it actually happened. So if the novel was something their souls may have actually experienced, I may be able to forgive Dana's actions, but I doubt that the OG novel world ever actually took place.

    As for the reason I can't forgive Dana, or the Professor for that matter, is that they knew of things that might happen and Dana pushed people in the direction she wanted. In the only confirmed prior timeline, she actively encouraged Arcane and Stella, knowing full well what would happen with Edgar. I get she wanted to return home, but this means she never really saw the people around her as "real". I can't see her as a martyr, just a a selfish adult who manipulated teenagers for her own gain and I can't believe we never see her feel regret for this. What's worse, is she is shown to have truly lived through her life with him before she planned her death. She knew him since childhood and still believed her death wouldn't be an issue in his "happy ending". She never tried to give Edgar, Arcane, or Stella advise to help them be independent or how to prepare for the future after she died(she didn't even think about it). A proper adult tries to lead children in the right direction. But she just helped them be set up for some unconfirmed "fate" that she tried her best to play a part in. Maybe, if they had all be adult-aged when they all first met, I wouldn't be as mad. But the three were still teenagers, and it was during that time in school she did the most to get the "OG novel" story to play out. And it is at that age that people can easily be prey for manipulation.

    Even in the current timeline, the first thing she says about Stella to Irube(in the manwha because I'm rereading it right now), is that she is "So cute!" and will suit Arcane. That's the kind of toxic thing adults who treat children as objects do. She's not their parents, and they didn't even show any interest in each other. She just saw what she wanted. I've watched people "ship" their friends in real life and push them into situations that were unhealthy. And that is what she wanted to do. I can't help but seen her as a really naive or toxic person for thinking that "following a story" is the only way in life. It's really destructive to see the kind people around you and constantly focus on "escaping" things. She had a family that loved her, and still had chances growing up to change the sad fate of what the Crown Prince was planning. The proof is that Arcane is doing just that. She just never tried because she never really cared about her "friends" in the previous timeline.
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    Max was so preoccupied that he'd be two bodies short. He shook his head, briefly considering the possibility of creating another body.

    "No, I can't. I'm Max now, not the Master of the Magic Tower."

    Dana had agreed to Arcane's proposal five days before. Max stated that he would plan Dana and Arcane's wedding from start to finish. Dana nodded when he asked her to go out of her way for a friend. Irube, who was standing next to him, pushed his glasses up.

    'Don't annoy that kid.'

    'I wouldn't be, but what if I did?'

    Max inquired out of sheer curiosity. Irube pressed his lips together.

    'You'll find someone who will step on you soon.'

    He didn't even need to listen to figure out who it was. When Max's gaze met the Miss's, who looked at him with a playful expression, he instinctively covered his body with his hands. Dana covered her mouth and laughed when she saw the two of them, while Irube ruffled her hair. Max, too, placed his hand on her head inadvertently, but when Irube kicked him on the shin, he quickly retreated.

    Dana approached him, her lips pursed. She yanked on his arm. Max knelt and Dana walked on tiptoes. Irube frowned as Max laughed. Dana stroked Max's head.

    Max increased his speed even more as he shook his head. He walked almost as if he were running. He eventually grabbed the doorknob where he was standing and pushed it back. It was disastrous beyond the door, just as he had predicted. Papers were flying around, as were pens and people.

    Max smiled as he walked inside. Whether he came in or not, no one paid him any attention at work. Everyone was muttering constantly, and their eyes were bloodshot.


    Before they knew it, Max was standing on the center desk, applauding. The people's movement was unchanging.

    "All right, everyone, pay attention! The location has finally been determined!"

    There were soulless exclamations coming from all directions.

    "What, you're not happy? Well, I'll have to tell Miss Dana to change the location again— Ugh..."

    "Stop talking nonsense and just tell us where we're going."

    The aide said this without raising her hand, which had stabbed him in the ribs. She was no different from the rest of the people here. Her veins in her eyes look like they're about to burst, and they're completely bloodshot red.

    "It's the garden inside the palace, what was its name again? It was used by the imperial family two generations ago, but it's rarely used now, so I'll have to leave for now."

    His aide grinned and sighed deeply.

    "The risk investigation team, structure experts, area capacity checker... In any case, there would be personnel there, so I would send people as needed."

    Every time she mentioned someone, the person mentioned rose, limping. They all had a resentful look on their faces as they looked at Max. One of them opened his or her mouth.

    "Are you certain this is the final venue?"


    "You're not pulling our legs any longer, are you?"

    So far, they've looked in five different places. The first was the Head Temple, and the last was the Duke's Annex. Miss Dana insisted that everything was fine, but their devilish boss in front of them was adamantly opposed.

    He made it a point to point out flaws in every establishment he visited. She initially thanked him for his attention to detail, but after the third time, she began to kick him in the shin.

    Nonetheless, Max persisted. Regardless of what the Miss said she liked, he bothered to follow her around, explaining that she couldn't do it this way or that way. Miss Dana finally inquired.

    'Where would you like it to be?'

    'There's this place!'

    Max waved his hand towards the droopy representatives**.

    **tl/n: Magic Tower representatives are my best guess, like… Members of the magic tower but they're the ones who actually came to work for the imperial palace that were pulled out by Max.

    'Everyone, retreat.'

    That was all he remembered about his representatives that day. Max recalled the flashbacks that had flooded his mind. Max approached Dana after the others had gone. Dana's eyes squinted.

    'It won't harm you.'

    'Really? Isn't this just another test? '

    'There is no way. I don't want to die at Arcane's hands.'

    Dana put her hand on his. Max took Dana's hand in his and stamped his feet. Dana's vision turned green and in the blink of an eye, the two of them are now on the east side of the imperial palace, in the middle of a huge garden attached to the now-unused small palace. Dana exclaimed slightly.

    'How come did you know about this location?'

    Max simply smiled. She didn't ask him any more questions as she returned his gaze. He swept the hard wood, which was sprouting new leaves. Dana laughed as she folded her eyes round.

    'I can see why you've been so obstinate thus far. Let's go do this here.'

    As soon as she gave her permission,
    he had hurried to see his representatives. Max gestured with his thumb to those who looked at him pitifully.

    "Take this opportunity to consider yourself to have progressed one step further!"

    The aide quietly yanked the dagger from her grip. Max rolled his eyes and dashed out the door.

    "Now that the most important issue has been resolved, let's move on!"

    "You're the one who's slowed things down!"

    The dagger of his aide flew to his back as he was leaving.

    Hi, I was really supposed to do it and finish it but things aren't exactly coming to me, and to our country. Probably some of you are even from our country, the Philippines, and might as well know what was going on. Since getting political here isn't really a nice idea, just wanna say because of the stress I've gotten because of this, if you want me to still translate it, you could just wait for me to calm down (maybe weeks after our official result is finally here and :LOL: wins and if not, give me at least two weeks, I'm crying straightly worrying for our future, I even argued with my Mom about this :)), and if not, I'm just gonna screenshot the raws if you want it (just ask me via pm). Thanks for understanding.
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    But it's more like real life. Very often you can see a situation when next to a guy a girl who sincerely loves him is ready to give all of herself, and he only looks at the bright beauties nearby. And this faithful girlfriend becomes interesting to him only if a big trouble happens to him: bankruptcy, paralysis, loss of legs or something else. Because everyone else is leaving him. Why is this happening?

    Why do you think she's not a teenager. When she found herself in this world, she experienced real horror and panic, I think she is a schoolgirl or a first-year student at the most. She is terrified of unfamiliar surroundings and she does not even have anyone to talk to about it. That's why she was so eager for the professor. Here he is really an adult, he could calm her down. And the heroine just has a manic desire to return home, she believes that she is not the mistress of her own life

    And how did the blond go back to the past? Was this explained somewhere in the novel/manga? Or do we just have a given?

    She said it was English. Right?

    Мне кажется, изначально Аркан любил Дану. Это была теплая спокойная любовь, гармоничная, без ярких всплесков.
    Потом они знакомятся со Стеллой. Она яркая, открытая, живая, шустрая. Любовь для нее такой же, полной зажигательной страсти, яркого фейерверка, ярких страстей. Это скорее страсть и увлечение, чем настоящая любовь. Страсть настолько горяча, что сожгла их часть дотла, оставляя пустыню сожженной дотла.

    И что осталось после? А любовь к Дане только крепла. Медленно-медленно, как хрупкий стойкий росток Ино прорастает из-под тяжелого камня, кажется, несмотря ни на что, он растет на голой скале, укореняясь и постепенно раздавливая камень, который значительно твердеет. Я не понимаю, почему персонажи так раздражают. Они очень реалистичны? Так что в реальной жизни,люди начинают ценить тех, кто рядом, когда неизбежно что-то глобальное: надежду, богатство, здоровье и прочее. кто их не бросил, являются их настоящими любовниками, друзьями, родственниками. Почему многие думают, что Аркан представил вину, а не любовь?

    Мне кажется, изначально Аркан любил Дану. Это была теплая спокойная любовь, гармоничная, без ярких всплесков. Затем они знакомятся со Стеллой. Она яркая, открытая, живая, шустрая. Любовь для нее такая же, полная зажигательной страсти, яркого фейерверка, ярких страстей. Это скорее страсть и увлечение, чем настоящая любовь. Страсть настолько горяча, что сожгла их обоих дотла, оставив пустыню сожженной дотла. И что осталось после? А любовь к Дане только крепла. Медленно-медленно, как хрупкий стойкий росток Ино прорастает из-под тяжелого камня, словно, несмотря ни на что, он растет на голой скале, укореняясь и постепенно раздавливая камень, который гораздо тверже.

    Я не понимаю, почему персонажи так раздражают. Они очень реалистичны. Так что в реальной жизни, люди начинают ценить тех, кто рядом, когда теряют что-то глобальное: надежду, богатство, здоровье и прочее. Тогда они понимают, что только те, кто их не бросил, являются их настоящими любовниками, друзьями, родственниками. Почему многие думают, что Аркан чувствует вину, а не любовь? И все же, как Аркан вернулся в прошлое?
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