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    it is confused and lot of mistery, by the way i feel sad when she lost her baby and cant be mother anymore, that is mean to kill her when you do that. Lenox is really trashhhhh.... I feel sad
    Thank for your spoiler
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    I want fluffy moments too!
    Thankfully, he knows it now and yeah it doesn't excuse the hurtful words he said in the past. :blobpensive:
    "What do you mean?"

    "I've never heard of the Frans having children."

    Juliet, who was stunned, checked again and again.

    "......The name Dahlia Fran, you've never heard of it?"

    "Yes, I've never heard of it."

    Milan answered firmly. It was a frustratingly easy answer.

    "As far as I know, there was no child in the Duke castle who was about the same age as His Grace the Duke. I was the youngest in my family when I was old enough."

    Milan explained to Juliet step by step.

    "So I've become His Grace's playmate and opponent. The same answer will come out no matter who you ask at the Duchy."

    Juliet blinked her eyes without saying a word.

    Milan's words made sense.

    Children from high-ranking families had a playmate before entering the social world. Usually, it was common to choose a child three or four years older from the same gender, or from among the children in the vanished family.

    To put it into perspective, yes. Rather than hanging out with the young daughter of a low-ranking maid, it would have been much more suitable for the duke to have the youngest son of a loyal vassal family as a playmate.

    However, until now, Juliet has said that it must have been because of the Carlyle family's characteristics, which were not tied to formality or etiquette.

    'But, you said Dahlia isn't the daughter of the Fran couple?'

    Or maybe Milan can't remember Dahlia, the daughter of a maid.

    Milan is from a knight family member and did not live in the Duke Castle, so how would he know if the maid had a child.

    "But, Miss, who did you hear about his friend?"


    Milan asked, but Juliet couldn't answer.

    'Who was that?'

    I was speechless for a moment.

    Of course, it was in a previous life that Dahlia Fran's existence was widely known.

    Whatever she said she had heard from now and from whom, there was a high probability that Milan would not understand.

    However, there must have been someone who told the story first to Juliet that Dahlia is the daughter of the Frans.

    I couldn't remember who it was at all.

    Is it because it happened so long ago that my memory is wrong?

    'But Dahlia...'

    The woman in the east tower.

    When she first came to the Duke castle, Dahlia was called that.

    The eastern tower where Dahlia stayed was a space that Juliet had never been allowed to live.

    The eastern tower was a storage space for the Duke's rare treasures and the former Duke of Carlyle kept Dahlia there and protected her thoroughly.

    Don't let anyone come in and out.

    But Juliet had seen Dahlia. Just the two of them.

    Juliet, who was recalling her memory, realized that her memory of Dahlia was not as clear as she thought.

    '……It's strange.'

    Because of the monster butterflies who forced the memories of the past to dwell on them all the time, Juliet was able to recall the memories of her past life that she experienced as vividly as yesterday.

    'Was it that short?'

    It's clear that after Juliet found out that she had a child, Dahlia came to the North.

    Then, Dahlia's stay in the Duchy was only a much shorter period than Juliet had guessed.

    My heart was pounding.

    It was an ominous throbbing.

    Not long ago, even in her past memories, which the butterflies made her look, she could not confirm exactly when and how Dahlia's existence was revealed.

    She just knew that at some point.

    Juliet only vividly remembered her nervous, discouraged, and distressed feelings.

    Just like someone deliberately mixed that part of her memory.

    'When was the last time I met Dahlia in person?'

    "Let me help you."

    In her life before her return, it was Dahlia who gave a helping hand to Juliet, who was trying to run away in fear.

    But even she was doubtful when she thought about it again. If you think about how the reckless escape plan ended......

    "Well, Miss Juliet?"

    "Ah, yes."

    Juliet, who was lost in thought, looked up in surprise. Only then did she recall that she was talking to Sir Milan.

    "I'm sorry. I was thinking for a second."

    "It's all right."

    Lord Milan gathered his front feet on the armchair and glanced curiously at the baby dragon who was asleep.

    Meanwhile, Juliet came to a quick conclusion.

    'Even if Dahlia is not the daughter of the Frans, nothing will change now.'

    Besides, there were things to be dealt with right away, even if it wasn't Dahlia's problem.

    'Let's solve the emergency first.'

    From finishing the matter of Marquis Guinness, to how did Lennox learns about the past that Juliet remembered alone.


    Who, how, and for what purpose did he send himself back here?

    "Sir Milan."

    Juliet fiddled with the little portrait he gave her a while ago and returned it to him.

    "This one, I'll give it back."

    She knows what Milan intended in bringing this gift to her, but. Whenever she saw a dark-haired boy, she remembers her lost child.

    "Don't you like it?"

    "No. It's such a precious gift."

    "If that's the case."

    Sir Milan wasn't disappointed even though the gift had been rejected.

    Instead, he recommended it calmly.

    "But I want you to return it to the Lord yourself."

    Juliet laughed a little.

    Sir Milan was a loyal knight and, like an honest man, he did not hide his intentions.

    It was probably because of the Duke of Carlyle that he came up with a portrait as a gift.

    Juliet knew that the Duke's people were worried about Lennox. After that day, the Duke of Carlyle behaved quite harshly.

    'But I'm not the one who avoided it.'

    Juliet hasn't seen Lennox in the past few days. It was him who were blatantly avoiding.

    "Where's His Grace?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    As soon as the door to the old prison opened and the Duke of Carlyle came out, some nobles who were standing outside flocked.

    "Thank you! Duke......"

    "You caught the Marquis of Guinness and made a big contribution, haven't you?"

    There were flatterers everywhere.

    How did they know, when they heard that Lennox Carlyle had come to interrogate the Marquis of Guinness, they came.

    However, the eyes of the man who made the contribution were terrible. Those who tried to speak to him hurriedly faltered in unison.

    "……Are you all right?"

    The Duke's secretary, who quickly approached the Duke's side, peeped through the cracks before the iron door was completely closed.

    Contrary to the imagination, he did not say that the corpse of the Marquis of Guinness was scattered in the prison visibly. Elliot was relieved for now.

    It was a prison facility where the Marquis of Guinness was confined.

    "What if it's not okay?"

    The Duke, who answered in a stark voice, began to walk ahead of the dark hallway.

    Over the past few days, the Duke of Carlyle has disappeared and returned with an awful appearance. None of his vassals knew what he was doing.

    Elliot wasn't going to be surprised if the Duke was found one day on medication. His condition was not that good.

    But two days ago, when he saw Duke Carlyle sitting in his office with a fine face, Elliot almost fainted.

    Elliot was worried.

    He was scared even more because he wasn't drunk with drugs or alcohol and looked fine on the outside. He didn't even look for Juliet.

    The most surprising thing was that he was properly handling his work, except that he was standing several times more than usual.

    He doesn't know what kind of conversation they had inside, but today he even went to the right place to interrogate Marquis Guinness.

    The secretary glanced quietly at the Duke. Although he came back in a few days, the Duke was safe and fortunately, his limbs were attached well.

    But now that he looked fine, he felt uneasy.

    'It can't be like this?'

    A few days ago, many people saw the Duke holding Juliet Monad and begging for something.

    However, no one understood the strange conversation between the two.

    From that day on, the Duke behaved like a man who had a day to die. Whenever they encountered him in difficulty, he felt like a person who was going to die because he couldn't be cold. Then he came back in a few days and was frighteningly devoted to working. It was a rather selective immersion.

    "Your Majesty has sent another letter."

    As he followed up again, he unfolded the letter Elliot was holding. The Duke didn't even look at it.

    It was undeniable that the Duke of Carlyle had made the greatest contribution to uncovering the Marquis of Guinness.

    No, it started from a quarrel between the two families in the first place.

    Therefore, the right to dispose of the Marquis of Guinness was handed over to the duke.

    However, since he can't guess what the Duke's intentions are, the emperor, wondering how to deal with the Marquis, keeps calling him.

    Nevertheless, the duke remained silent. He silently killed the emperor's call several times.

    "I want you to enter the palace this time-"

    "Tell him to go."

    "Your Grace......."

    With a sigh, Elliot looked around.

    The place where the Marquis of Guinness was confined was the imperial prison. He can't believe he's committing profanity in front of the guard. He had nothing to say even if he was questioned.

    "Of course he's not the kind of person who cares about that.'

    Elliot grumbled inwardly.

    Not only the emperor, but all the calls to the duke were ignored.

    It was clear that the Duke was more angry than usual.

    "Ah, and Your Grace."

    He added as if he suddenly remembered Elliot, who was chasing him in a hurry.

    "Miss Juliet found it."


    The Duke, who was walking fast ahead, stopped walking.


    It was the first time in the past few days that the duke responded to someone's name.

    Elliot saw complicated emotions rising and disappearing on the Duke of Carlyle's face.
    White pigeons prepared for the wedding flew from place to place at the temple.

    The temple was busy preparing for the ceremony.

    In fact, it was a wedding that should have been held a few days ago, but the wedding of the 2nd prince and Fatima was naturally postponed because the Marquis Guinness's case broke out even before it began.

    The atmosphere of the temple was chaotic, although the situation was resolved and the guests were invited again.

    The guests were distracted by the recent incident of the Marquis.

    "The disposition of the Marquis of Guinness has not been decided yet, right?"

    "Is there anything else to see? It's treason."

    "If the Marquis' title and estate are confiscated......"

    "Duke Carlyle will be more powerful."

    Juliet walked slowly among the people who had a boring conversation.

    Thanks to the proper observance of the Silica law, people only greeted Juliet with their eyes.

    Little was known about her being accused of the Duke's murder or the Duke of Carlyle's brief pretense of death.

    Juliet, who was moving to a circle after a distance from the main building, suddenly stopped. Someone was standing in her way.

    Looking up in wonder, Juliet found a familiar man. Juliet was not the one he was waiting for.

    "Hi, Roy."


    "It's been a long time."

    Juliet greeted with a big smile.

    The last time she saw him felt like it was quite a long time ago.

    Today Roy was dressed neatly like other guests. He also seemed to have come as a wedding guest.

    Dark gray hair and golden eyes. It was not just a Lycanslope's unique atmosphere, but he looked as pretty and neat as a prince in a fairy tale.

    It looked good, but Juliet felt a little unfamiliar to him. Is it because of his stiff expression unlike usual?

    Roy skipped the greeting and took out the matter first.

    "Do you remember the last time I said I'd invite you to Catia?"

    "Yes, but you said later."

    "Would you like to go now?"

    Juliet blinked her eyes.

    "All of a sudden like this?"

    "Because it's safe there."

    "It's safe here, too."

    Juliet answered like a joke, but Roy didn't laugh.

    "It's not safe to get caught up in a treason case."

    Juliet narrowed her forehead.

    "......Did you keep an eye on me?"

    "I know that even if I don't have to watch it."

    Roy said without embarrassment.

    "Juliet's butterflies are dangerous. Just as much as he is."

    "I know."

    "No, Juliet doesn't know. We don't know how dangerous snowdrop and other 'artifacts' are."

    Juliet looked up in surprise.

    Obviously, he said it's snowdrop and 'artifacts' now.

    "……How does Roy know the name? Did Elza tell you?"

    Don't you wonder why it got its name from such a fragile flower?"

    Juliet asked, but Roy smiled.

    "It's a terrifying monster beyond the dimension that eats people's emotions. It's a bad name, isn't it?"

    That was a story that Juliet was curious about. Snowdrop. It's an absurdly romantic name.

    "That's because the demon-summoning artifacts were first created in the Silver Forest."

    It was my first time hearing about it. The origin of the artifacts are related to the forests of Lycanslopes?

    "Juliet's butterflies came from outside the forest, so beyond the dimension. Long ago, foolish human kings called them."

    Juliet listened without realizing it.

    "To deal with beings from beyond their dimensions, they needed a secret name. More so, it is said to have been named after some of the most vulnerable flowers that grow in the silver forest."


    Juliet paused.

    Why is it plural?

    "It is only Juliet's artifacts that the name is known."

    Roy, who said that much, smiled sweetly.

    "How is it, is it interesting?"

    It was definitely a fascinating offer.

    "Thank you, but that's enough."

    But Juliet shook her head.

    "There's a reason why I can't leave now."

    "Due to the contract with him?"

    Juliet looked up in surprise. It was surprising how far he knew.

    A smile was missing from Roy's face again.

    "That man will put Juliet in danger. Juliet can't be happy next to him."

    Juliet laughed a little.

    Although it was a bit rude, she was not very angry because he was too determined.

    "How do you guarantee it?"

    Then Roy asked back as if he was laughing.

    "Did he tell Juliet about the family's madness?"


    "Like an evil snake, the cursed blood that kills its mother and is born."

    "……Kill and born?"

    "Oh. He didn't say anything?"

    Roy smiled coldly.

    "Do you know a snake called Salmosa?"

    Juliet blinked her eyes blankly. She didn't understand how to respond to the sudden remarks.

    "So Juliet."

    Roy whispered affectionately.

    "Come with me. I can take care of Juliet."

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    After getting off the horse, Lennox found the woman he was looking for easily from a distance.

    Juliet stood at the patronage, a little isolated from the main building of the temple.

    She had her long hair neatly turned up and held a small bouquet of light purple flowers in her hand, which seemed to be perfect for entering the ceremony right away.

    Juliet was talking to someone with her body tilted, as if she hadn't found Lennox yet.

    From where he stood, Juliet's conversation partner was hidden by the bush, so he couldn't see who it was. Lennox slowly moved on.

    Lennox still did not know exactly what he saw that day.

    It didn't matter whether it was a nightmare or hallucinations. When he closed his eyes, the figure of Juliet dying coldly with her white dress stained with blood was numbing.

    Since then, the black panther has not reappeared, but now he has suffered nightmares without falling asleep.

    Although there was something he wanted to call out and confirm, the black panther did not respond to his call.

    He had something to check. For example, Juliet's wound that seems to have been hit hard.

    At first, he thought it was just a fantasy made up to give him pain.

    <The devil doesn't lie.>

    The cat used to talk like a habit, so who believes it?

    But in a word, Juliet kindly confirmed it.

    "Your Highness, how do you remember that?"

    It's not a fake fantasy or a trap, it's a real thing.

    The figure of the person who easily blushed and burst into a bright laughter appropriate to her age fluttered.

    Juliet looked like she never showed him anything.

    “I used to love Your Grace."

    The foolish and blind man didn't even question why the confession was in the past.

    He wasn't sane enough to carry out a reckless plan with just that one word.

    He believed he would be able to correct whatever he did.

    But Juliet's past was far darker than he thought. And the hidden meaning meant that Juliet no longer loved him.

    The moment she loses her child, or the moment she dies, her innocent and blind affection is also over.

    It was a distant past that he couldn't even remember properly.

    However, there were also things that could be known without looking. He could imagine how precious the baby would have been to a woman who could not pass by the weak and pitiful.

    So even more, he couldn't be honest with the woman who had lost her child.

    No matter what explanation he gives, Juliet will be hurt, and if she learns the truth, she will surely leave.

    Thinking so far, Lennox stopped walking.

    He heard Juliet burst into small laughter.

    "I'm not going, Roy."

    That was all Lennox heard. However, the atmosphere between the two alone gave him an idea of what the conversation was about.

    Juliet looked back at him at the same time as she spoke firmly. Even though her eyes met Lennox, Juliet was not embarrassed at all.

    "No one has to protect me."

    Juliet said slowly, keeping her eyes fixed on Lennox.

    ".......Is that so."

    Over Juliet's shoulder, a Lycanslope's golden eyes glared significantly at Lennox.

    "But Juliet, whenever you change your mind."

    Roy stood in front of his eyes and said a friendly greeting, cheek-to-cheek to Juliet.

    "......You may come to me. All right?"

    Juliet answered with a faint smile.

    After another shot at Lennox, Roy coldly passed by his side and moved away.


    ".......What did you talk about?"

    "I thought you heard it all."

    Juliet smiled faintly.

    Lennox did not answer.

    It seemed like a lie to avoid Juliet blatantly for days. Juliet was calm as if nothing had happened.

    A much smaller woman could not do him any harm. But Juliet Monad was the only woman who taught him fear.

    Six months later, no force will be able to hold Juliet.

    Just thinking about it made him impatient.

    "I have something to tell you."

    After neatly correcting the shape of the knot, Juliet suddenly looked up at him and asked innocently.

    "Your Grace, what's the blood that killed your mother?"
    They say that a child remembers the words of blessing he heard for the first time in his life.

    "Something like garbage."

    Lennox Carlyle also clearly remembered the first words he heard from his father.

    However, his initial memory of his parents was not very beautiful.

    The child, who already had the crooked personality of the Carlyle family before he was ten years old, was not naive enough to be hurt by the mere verbal abuse.

    In any case, it was a family where a bone-and-neck race took place, especially in the house. It's strange if there's a father-son relationship.

    Lennox's father, who had been captured as a conventional prisoner of Carlyle, an extinct family dinner

    The woman, who was as arrogant and foolish as her beautiful appearance openly talked about how she would look like a duchess in three months.

    Despite people's ridicule, the ambitious woman eventually managed to trick Ulysses Carlyle into having children. However, she did not get the job of the Duchess that she wanted so much.

    This is because she died at the same time she gave birth to a son.

    The children of the Carlisle family were born with mana from the moment they were conceived in their mother's womb. It may be called natural talent, but it often came with tragic sacrifices.

    It is not enough to greedily eat up the mother's mana, but eventually, it also affects the mind.

    A woman with a child loses her mana and dries slowly, and by the time the child is born, she dies completely of madness.

    "You shouldn't have been born."

    Whenever he heard such a thing publicly from his father, Lennox thought nothing of it.

    He didn't even wonder why his father hated him.

    He only guessed that it was anger towards the lowly woman who deceived his biological father.

    He had thought so.

    "Your Grace."

    But only at the moment he confronted the woman asking with a calm face, he thought that maybe it was a complete hatred for him.

    "If I have children, will my life be at risk?"


    In his relationship with Juliet Monad, the only thing he hoped for was constancy.

    During her stay as a lover, Juliet did not ask for what he could not give. Lennox wanted the condition to last forever.

    "I'm not getting married."

    So he drew a line with vague words. As always.

    The likelihood of having a child anyway converged to zero. Even if Juliet wanted more than that, if he ignored her, it was enough.

    What if he closes his eyes like that? If you close your eyes, you just need to turn around and turn away. If Juliet doesn't break his hopes, he can cut it off on his side first and that's it.

    While deceiving himself in such a way, immature emotions grew out of control.

    When Juliet abandoned him and ran away, Lennox Carlisle had to face the feelings he had been trying to ignore.

    He could never let Juliet go.

    "That's weird, isn't it?"

    A woman who taught him a lot of unfamiliar feelings asked him with a smile.

    "The curse of giving birth to a child? Such a ridiculous...."

    Juliet's horse tail became blurred.
    (말꼬리/horsetail - idiom meaning the end of one's talk)

    At the same time, her smile, which seemed to have been deliberately made up, gradually disappeared.


    "……Why don't you deny it?"

    Without recognition, he was holding Juliet's fingertips.

    Juliet did not resist him, but her head dropped, and looked down at her held hands.

    "......You have to say no."

    Lennox desperately held on to the warmth in his hand that he could not even squeeze hard.

    All he peeked at was the fragmented past, but Lennox understood the situation as if he had seen it in person.

    If Juliet knew, she would either insist on giving birth to a child with the risk of losing her life, or she would abandon him and run away.

    And his choice was obvious.

    Even if he is in the same situation over and over again, he will not be able to hold Juliet greedily and let her go.

    Bong, Bong.

    A clear bell was heard from the bell tower of the temple to bless the sacred wedding.

    But to him, it sounded like a song.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Juliet was sitting alone in an empty reception room.

    The late afternoon sunset cast a long shadow. She briefly pondered the conversation she had heard in the temple during the day.

    "Do you know a snake named Salmosa?"

    When Roy said so, Juliet did not believe it.

    She thought it was a ridiculous story. Juliet knew enough about the Carlyle family. It's a famous story that only children with red eyes are born, but the bloodline kills their mother.

    'Where is such a heredity?'

    However, Lennox's expression alone was enough for the question.

    Juliet closed her eyes gently.

    In the end, it was a child she couldn't even hold in her arms.


    At that time, the door of the reception room opened and a kind prison keeper came in and bowed to Juliet.

    "You've been waiting for a long time, lady. A sinner will come down soon."

    Juliet smiled lightly and thanked.

    "Yes, thank you."

    Whatever she heard, Juliet still has work to do. Unfortunately, Juliet had a good memory. Especially, she never forgot the relationship she wanted.

    Marquis of Guinness.

    He had a debt to repay.

    She has found a relatively accessible opponent than the Marquis of Guinness.

    Creak. Clank.

    Soon after, as the prison keeper said, a woman with her long hair untied came into the reception room.

    "Hi, Dolores."

    Juliet smiled at the woman and greeted her first.

    It was Dolores, who was none other than the spy of the Marquis of Guinness.

    Dolores was trapped in the clock tower of the islands. Until Juliet vouched for her identity and brought her out.


    Dolores, who had been emaciated for days, glared at her, but Juliet did not care.

    "Come and sit down."

    Juliet looked through Dolores at a glance.


    Dolores was the type who was faithful to her desires. Of course, Dolores struggled with a conflicting face, then approached at once and sat across from Juliet.

    Juliet pushed the basket of food she brought in front of Dolores. Dolores, who glanced at Juliet, picked up the bread.


    Maybe she was very hungry, but Dolores suddenly burst into tears after eating for a long time.

    "The lady is kind to Dolores."


    Juliet left Dolores confused.

    Juliet asked, looking at Dolores diligently eating bread as if she had starved for days.

    "Why did you lie?"

    "The Marquis of Guinness ordered it!"

    Dolores said she was a girl from a small southern village. She was not even an aristocrat in the first place.

    "The Marquis of Guinness adopted Dolores because she had talent."

    "But the first time I saw you, he introduced you as his wife, right?"

    Obviously, it was.

    When encountered in the South, the Marquis introduced Dolores as his eighth wife.

    However, she heard that he had introduced Dolores as his foster daughter in front of the emperor.

    "Well, he told Dolores that we should get to know her."

    And it was later discovered that Dolores was indeed the foster daughter whom the Marquis had recently added.

    However, when she first saw it, she was wondering why he introduced her as a wife. The fact was soon discovered.

    "They said it's easy to get your sympathy!"

    Juliet paused.

    Clearly, the Marquis's strategy was valid.

    In her previous life, Juliet had lived as the eighth wife of the Marquis of Guinness. He pretended to be a decent noble, but a little after, the Marquis of Guinness abused her in their backs.

    It was a short but hellish time.

    When the Marquis of Guinness introduced Dolores as his new wife, Juliet was quite agitated.

    It is because of their overlapping appearance.

    'I knew right away that it wasn't.'

    Dolores didn't have any of those common bruises.

    But you say 'it's easy to get sympathy'?

    Juliet thought the word was a little strange.

    She was deceived for a moment and almost sympathized with Dolores because Juliet had such a past.

    That must be something the Marquis of Guinness doesn't know. Why did he think she'd pity Dolores?

    "Dolores doesn't know much about......"

    Dolores, who was eating food in a hurry, suddenly remembered.

    "Dolores thinks you're a good person!"

    "Thank you."

    That's a lot.

    Juliet was heartless. She saw her changing her attitude like flipping her hands, but she couldn't believe it.

    However, it will be easier to deal with those who are honest with their desires. Besides, Dolores' acting skills were poor. If she lied, it will be quickly marked.

    Juliet smiled.

    "Then what about trying to steal my key?"

    "I'm sorry about that....."

    Dolores apologized quickly.

    "The Marquis said the key was a very important treasure."

    It seemed to her that Juliet had handed over a fake silver key from the start.

    But Juliet didn't want to hear an apology. She clenched her chin.

    "What were you going to do with that key?"

    Juliet was told that Dolores was humiliated when she offered to show the spirit because of the exchange she had put on the Marquis and Dolores.

    "Are you sure you're a spirit?"

    Juliet asked me purely out of curiosity.

    "But you've never seen your spirit before?"

    "......I've never seen, but it's true. Dolores is a true spirit."

    Dolores, who hesitated, nodded seriously. She didn't look like she was lying.

    "Dolores was blindfolded, so she couldn't see anything, but the Marquis said that. Dolores is the 'most suitable' spirit."
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    "Yes, the spirits are right."

    The wizard at the top of <Mary Gold>, Esselid confirmed.

    "That's right?"

    Juliet asked again in a small voice.

    Wizards were also the only ones who could confirm Dolores' dubious claim.

    It was the Count of Monad's residence where Juliet brought Dolores.

    Esselid and his wizard companions were allowed to stay in the empty Count's residence. There was no harm in buying the wizard's favor.

    "Yes, I can feel the weak but unique flow of mana."

    "I'm sure!"

    "Wow, I only saw this in a book!"

    The wizards who observed Dolores enthusiastically felt madness.

    Shortly after seeing the baby dragon and the dead body, Esselid's fellow wizards began to see Juliet with more gleaming eyes.

    "Don't you need a wizard, Count Monad?"

    But Juliet, who knew how expensive the wizards were, smiled.

    "I can't afford to hire you wizards."


    "That's too bad. I thought there would be a lot of interesting accidents by the Count's side."

    Instead of contemplating compliments or subtle remarks, Juliet glanced at Dolores and said.

    "But she doesn't know what spirit she called."


    "Is that possible?"

    "Certainly that's a little fishy."

    The wizards rumbled around Dolores again.

    "What's the problem? Can't you see with your eyes?"

    "Ah, no."

    "Then is the spirit the transparent kind?"

    Esselid's wizard colleagues surrounded Dolores with narrowed eyes and began interrogating her.

    Surrounded by curious wizards, Dolores seemed a little frightened.

    "Do, Dolores didn't see the spirit in person."

    The intimidated Dolores told Juliet over and over again.

    "Dolores was blindfolded and saw nothing."

    "No, is it possible to call out spirits with your eyes covered?"

    "......Dolores doesn't know much about difficult stories. But the other men of the Marquis of Guinness also told me that Dolores called a spirit."

    Juliet wasn't very impressed because it was the second story she heard, but the wizards who listened to it became more serious.

    "But you haven't seen what spirit you've called? Is that possible?"

    "But can you control the spirits? Then where is the spirit now?"

    "Did you doze off at the conference? What control do you have over the Spirits? I haven't even seen it, but I can't handle it. I'll just be running around."

    "Then, in this case, wasn't it simply used to summon the spirits?"

    The sorcerers worked together and drew conclusions at will.

    "Well, there are different ways to awaken the Spirit's qualities."

    "It's strange, but it's not impossible. Spirits are so diverse. Maybe there's a spirit that can be summoned that way."

    "But the Marquis is suspicious."

    "But who is the Marquis of Guinness? I've heard it a lot before."

    The capital was turned upside down, and there were wizards who were completely indifferent except for their own interests.

    Fortunately, Esselid seemed to know who the Marquis of Guinness was. Essell looked after Juliet with a serious face.

    "But she's the wife of the Marquis of Guinness, or his adopted daughter. Can we trust her?"

    "Dolores just did what the Marquis told her to do!"

    Dolores shouted before Juliet could answer anything.

    "I'm a foster daughter, but that's because the Marquis is paying me. And the Marquis didn't treat Dolores kindly either."

    Dolores quickly poured out her words.

    "While having such a lot of treasure, she didn't even let Dolores touch her pretty hairpins. That woman was much prettier than Dolores..."

    "That woman?"


    "Who is that?"

    "Dolores doesn't know much either. She's a young woman who wears white all the time, and the Marquis did a great job. Give her the best room. Use honorifics......"

    White clothes.

    Juliet suddenly remembered. The priest's uniform was also white.

    "What was that woman's name?"


    Dolores seemed flustered.

    "Strange? I knew it for sure? I'll remember it very soon!"

    Dolores was very public, but she couldn't remember her name. Juliet, who was glancing at Dolores, blurted out.



    "Her name, it's Dahlia, wasn't it?"

    "I, I do not know. It seems like it was, I don't think it is......I'm sorry."

    Seeing Dolores apologizing, the other wizards intervened as if they were great.

    "No, You said you heard the name, and you don't even remember if it was right or wrong?"

    "What. Isn't that the memory center damaged during the experiment to call out the spirits?"

    "Hyuk! If you break the backbone of your memory, can you become a spirit person?"

    Juliet tapped on the table with her fingertips and called out Esselid.

    "Essel, wait a minute."


    Esselid understood carefully and slipped out into the corner.

    "What do you think?"

    "For convenience, we call them 'spirits,' but what the spirits deal with is not just good beings. You know that, don't you?

    "Yes, I know."

    The word 'spirit' often reminds you of small and good fairies, but not all of them.

    Beings in another world who had crossed the dimension rarely looked like fairies and were more seldom good. Simply put, it is a monster summoned from another world.

    "Maybe it's a more accurate name than calling it a summoner. And the summoned ones....."

    "They're evil?"

    Juliet smiled sweetly.

    "I know that, too."

    "Yes, it's because we don't know what kind of being you're going to call out from beyond the dimension."

    Esselid had warned Juliet several times before. Her magic butterflies exert an absurdly powerful force.

    It is not the level of spirits or mana, but the ability is almost close to the devil.

    "The beings in this world need a medium in order to cross the dimension and take shape, and to exert their power here."

    Spirits were rare individuals with unique wavelengths of mana. There is no need to be rich in mana. Just enough to bring out the existence from the dimension.

    "Contractors called 'Spirits' are their channel and charging stations."

    "I understood."

    Juliet nodded her head.

    So are her butterfly monsters.

    It has a cute appearance here, but the real body that exists beyond the dimension was a dangerous entity that would make you go crazy the moment you see it with your eyes.

    Juliet also guessed what Esselid was trying to say.

    "And those abilities must be varied."

    "Yes, right."

    The spirits of the natural world could cause rain, fire, or typhoons.

    Or there were some with amazing healing powers, others were simply huge masters.

    "But the most dangerous thing, too, is the kind of thing that can interfere with the human mind."

    "And the more dangerous it is for a monster that can be involved in a person's mind, right?"

    Esselid shrugged his shoulders.

    "Well, you know."

    "Easy to say, it's a devil?"

    "I didn't say that."

    But that's what it means.

    Esselid seems to have wanted to warn again about how suspicious her butterfly monster was, but that wasn't what Juliet wanted to ask.

    "Yes, Essell. Let's say there is a very powerful psychological monster. Whether it is a demon or a spirit."


    "So is it possible for it to manipulate a person's memory?"


    Esselid looked curious, but Juliet smiled.

    She still doesn't know what caused Lennox to suddenly learn the memories before her return, which she alone would remember.

    But Juliet, who had chewed over her memory, realized it.

    Maybe some of her memories could have been damaged or manipulated by someone.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Scribble scribble.

    The next day, Juliet sat in the parlor, writing a letter to the East in fine handwriting.

    A long time later, after putting down the pen, Juliet slowly flicked her finger. Just in time, a couple of butterflies flew in and landed on the back of her hand.

    <Marquis. Southern. Territories.>

    <Punishment. Property. Confiscation.>

    Then it stammered out a word.

    These butterflies were the ones Juliet secretly planted when she went to the Imperial Palace last time.

    It is to convey the conversation between the palaces of the Imperial Palace.

    Of course, there was a limit because he only picked up words instead of fluent speech. But Juliet got it right.

    "They're confiscating the Marquis' property?"

    Juliet frowned on her brows.

    What the Emperor's nobles were discussing secretly was the disposition of the Marquis of Guinness, arrested for treason.

    "Why do they covet the land when there's someone else who's suffered?"

    Of course, Juliet had no interest or need in the southern estate.

    However, ridicule came out of their arrogance.

    When the swords of the Marquis of Guinness's soldiers pointed at the Imperial palace, it was the knights of the Duke of Carlyle who settled the situation.

    She heard that some noble families secretly led soldiers to the capital only after the situation was over.

    However, when there was a problem, the subjects were trembling and hiding behind the army of Duke Carlyle.

    It was unpleasant to see the emperor and other nobles now secretly coveting the lands.

    Juliet only cleared her old grudge because the Marquis of Guinness was the first to start a quarrel.

    'I've only noticed a lot of suspicious things.'

    Dolores said there was a 'woman' behind the Marquis of Guinness.

    And Juliet thought that she was Dahlia.

    The Marquis of Guinness's in the south would have been struck by the knights of the Duke of Carlyle by now.

    Juliet didn't expect Dahlia to be there yet.

    'But what's the point?'

    Anyway, she only knows that Dahlia has come up with something to put her at risk.

    Was the purpose to brainwash her like the Marquis of Guinness did?

    Suddenly, butterflies fluttered and interrupted her thoughts. The butterflies who caught the attention pretended to be vulnerable.

    <We. It's hard.>

    <Try hard work. Much. Tired.>

    <Compliment. Give.>

    There was a long-awaited job, so when she called them out, the butterflies murmured with contemplation as if it were an opportunity.


    But with his head sticking out from under the table, the amber-eyed beast was aiming for the butterflies.

    When Onyx with a horse head on the edge of the table swung his forefoot, the butterflies avoided it with disgust.

    <Lower. Creature.>

    <Idiot. Bothersome.>

    He spoke with contempt, but it was a too high-level vocabulary for the baby to understand.



    The butterfly monster fluttered dissatisfiedly and dodge toward Juliet, but the baby dragon glistened his eyes when he saw the game that was not easily caught.

    Juliet, who was watching, thought for a moment.

    'I don't think the butterfly's hallucinations work for the dragon.'

    Just as Onyx ate up the cursed dead body without any concern. Although his usual behavior was like a kitten, the baby dragon was quite competent.

    "Come on, Nyx."

    Juliet gave the baby dragon an apple in half.


    Onyx was quickly distracted by the apple and the butterflies were out of sight of the baby dragon.

    Tok tok.

    Someone knocked on the door of the parlor.

    "Yes, come in."

    It was the Duke of Carlyle's doctor who opened the door and came in.

    "Hello, Miss Juliet."

    The duke's doctor welcomed Juliet.

    "Welcome, Sir Halbery."

    Juliet also smiled and offered a seat.

    "Sit this way."

    As the doctor sat across the table, Juliet poured the tea out of her hand-made teacup.

    "Have some."

    "Thank you. That's a good tea."

    While the baby dragon crunched the apple under the table, the two enjoyed tea for a while.

    "Secretary Elliot said you were looking for me?"


    "Are you sick or something?"

    "No. It's not like that. I have a question. Can I ask you?"

    "To me? Hoho."

    The doctor smiled kindly for a while and nodded gladly.

    "Yes, you can ask me anything."

    "Thank you, Sir Halbery."

    Juliet smiled sweetly. Then she asked him with a smiling face.

    "What is the reason His Grace's mother died?"

    Cough cough!

    The doctor coughed loudly. The contemplated doctor asked with a frightened look.

    "Mi, miss. Where did you......"

    Juliet was sure when she saw the contemplative look. The doctor of the duke also knew about it.

    "But do you know that not all of the duchess died after giving birth to a child?"


    The doctor was silent for a while as if he was speechless and hurriedly raised himself from his seat.

    "I'm sorry, miss. I'm, I'm going to be busy from now on......"

    "Sir Halbery."

    Juliet said clearly without laughing.

    "Sit down."

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    On the occasion of the 2nd prince's wedding, the emperor declared a seven-day grand festival.

    It was a splendid festival that made the national treasury swing. Rare beasts imported from foreign countries were exhibited, and expensive wizards provided rare attractions day after day.

    Opinions were also made about whether it was unreasonable, but the emperor didn't care.

    "The Marquis of Guinness's treason hasn't even ended."

    "That's why the Emperor is doing too much."

    "Because the authority of the imperial family might be shaken?"

    No matter what the nobles laughed at behind the scenes, the emperor was greatly pleased when the festival drew enthusiastic responses from the islanders.

    Furthermore, the emperor became even more excited when Duke Carlyle, who hates crowded places and does not usually show up, attended the reception.

    There were many guests from foreign lands at the dinner and the emperor showed off the Duke of Carlyle as a fine ornament.

    "Yes, Duke. How are you going to deal with the Marquis of Guinness?"


    The emperor asked in a subtle voice, but the moment the emperor said that the reception hall was quiet.

    "I haven't decided yet."

    Lennox replied bluntly even though he knew it clearly.

    "Tha, That's right."

    "Haha, we'll take the time to discuss it wisely."

    With a brief gap of time, pretense words that hid their dreams came out. It is to covet the fertile fields of the south owned by the Marquis of Guinness.

    In principle, it was caused by a family quarrel in the first place, so Lennox Carlyle had the right to dispose of the Marquis of Guinness.

    But Lennox Carlyle has yet to say a word about what to do with the latter's property.

    If Lennox Carlyle goes on without claiming his rights, there is a possibility for other families.

    Other nobles, who rushed to lead the soldiers at the end of the case at the time of the Marquis' treason, or those who invested a huge amount of money in the Marquis, could have claimed the right.

    That's why they're on the alert and waiting for the words of Lennox Carlyle.

    But Lennox didn't care what kind of crap they turned on. His nerves were focused on the woman on the side of the banquet hall.

    Juliet was talking head to head with someone under bright light. Her secret conversation partner with her was Elliot, Duke Carlyle's secretary.

    Elliot whispered somewhat solemnly.

    "I have put the requested item in the room safely."

    Elliot was restless and glancing toward the Duke of Carlyle.

    "Please don't let His Grace see you."

    "Thank you, Elliot."

    Juliet smiled.

    "......But what would you like to use the family tree for?"

    "I just need to find out something."

    Juliet looked around lightly.

    Juliet's request to Elliot was a copy of none other than the Carlyle family's family tree.

    The Duke of Carlyle did not have many descendants compared to the long historical words.

    Because of this, it did not say that the family tree was spread out in all directions like other noble families, or that the genealogy was the size of a few books.

    Still, it boasted a fairly complex history, due to the unique family style that does not distinguish illegitimate children or bastards.

    The bottom line is that if it happens, it will be recognized as a successor. It was a family with precious descendants.

    A long history that began with Eleanor Carlyle, the founder of the family.

    Juliet questioned the Duke's doctor during the day, but the doctor desperately said he would be better off looking at the family tree, saying he did not know well.

    "By the way, Miss Juliet."


    "With all due respect, have you had an argument with His Grace?"

    Juliet glanced at Elliot and grinned behind the refutation.

    "…...No, why?"

    Then the Duke's secretary carefully brought up the original business.

    "It is because of the disposition of the Marquis of Guinness."

    "Oh, that."

    Juliet got a rough idea.

    Lennox hasn't offered to do anything with the Marquis of Guinness yet.

    "But the achievement was built by all our knights! So, the Marquis' property should also be owned by His Grace! Isn't it?"

    "Well, yes."

    "Think about it, Miss Juliet. The fertile land of the south and its extravagant collection of gems from the Marquis of Guinness....."

    Elliot was enthusiastic about persuading Juliet and made a suggestion.

    "Do you have any jewelry you want? Then tell His Grace......"

    "No, it's not like that."

    Is there anything you want? It wasn't like that's not true. Most of the Marquis' property is southern land, so what would she do if she had a land? She's not going to farm.

    'There are so many gems of the Marquis of Guinness...'

    Juliet suddenly felt that she was missing something.

    'What was it?'

    Elliot continued while Juliet thought back for a moment.

    "Actually, it is a situation in which the right to dispose of the property of the Marquis may be transferred to the meeting of the nobility.

    Elliot murmured anxiously.

    "So they lit their eyes and claimed that they also played a part in setting up the achievement...."

    "Is that so?"

    "Yes. But, as you can see, His Grace doesn't seem interested in the Marquis of Guinness' property."

    Elliot lamented.

    Juliet looked around the reception hall for a moment.

    Unlike usual, Juliet was free from the annoying gazes.

    It was because foreign envoys dressed in exotic and colorful clothes appeared in a row, but it was also because there were no nobles who would argue with her for nothing.

    There were only foreigners who occasionally glanced at Juliet with curious eyes.

    "What if the Duke of Carlyle swallows the Marquis of Guinness?"

    And the nobles of the Empire who were wary of Lennox Carlyle were intermingled from time to time.

    "So it's important for us to act together. Even the Duke of Carlyle, if the noblemen are strong, he won't be able to take possession of the property.

    "His Majesty should be warier of the Duke."

    Although they did not openly antagonize the duke, he openly heard words that were very nerve-racking. They didn't even lower their voice.

    "That's how public opinion works, and if the agenda goes to the meeting of the nobility, it's a pain."

    Elliot was seriously whispering.

    "Of course, you did well to find out the true nature of the fake Mana Stone mine."

    Elliot praised her with a proud look.

    "Thanks to that, our market share has shifted back to us. But......"

    "Wouldn't it be better if he had Marquis of Guinness's property?"

    Elliot, whose face brightened at Juliet's words, nodded enthusiastically.

    "That's what I mean."

    Juliet agonized for a moment.

    "You're not asking me to gather the votes of the nobility, are you?"

    "I don't dream about that. Rather, I'd appreciate it if you could just persuade His Grace."

    "Am I persuading?"

    "He'll listen to Miss."

    'I don't know.'

    Elliot gave an earnest look, but Juliet glanced at where Lennox was with a bitter smile.

    Lennox seemed to be away for a while.

    The atmosphere between them has not been so amicable over the past two days. Elliot even asked her if they had a fight.

    It was cold enough to not have any conversations even though they were in the same carriage while coming to the reception hall.


    Juliet sighed lightly and then smiled.


    "How many votes do you need for the nobles?"

    "Oh, my."

    Somehow, applause flowed from the audience as the wizards competitively showed their talents.

    "I didn't know Count Monad had this kind of acquaintance."

    "That's right. It's been a long time since I've had such a great reception....."

    "I'm flattered."

    In just two hours, Juliet won the favor of young ladies who gathered at the reception without difficulty.

    The extension of the wedding ceremony was more formal than expected, so it was easy to win their favor by providing some entertainment to bored aristocrats.

    "Anyway, all the votes are the same. Then, if you bring in the lower nobles, that's it."

    "Is that so?"

    The Duke's secretary, Elliot, understood Juliet's intentions.

    The great nobles who were devising to bring the agenda to the nobles seemed to have forgotten it. After all, the possessions of the Marquis of Guinness was nothing more than a quarrel between a few great nobles with powerful enlisted soldiers.

    Of course, except for a few, the other nobles said that they were sticking to each other according to the general trend.

    In addition, Juliet, who was born and raised in the institutional society, had a detailed understanding of who was likely to be included and where they were likely to vote.

    Elliot lamented Juliet because he was desperate, but he chose the right person to ask.

    It was a gold prize for the nuance of being able to sneak a string to the Duke of Carlyle.

    There's no one who doesn't want to look good to Duke Carlyle, who's being called as terrifying as anyone can see. Things went easier than she thought.

    On the other hand, Roy's eyes, who were in the same space as Juliet, sunk darkly.



    Juliet, who was briefly annoyed by Roy's footsteps, greeted him with a sweet smile.

    "Hi, Roy."

    "Is your thoughts still the same?"

    "Yes, I'll visit the Catia Forest next time."

    Juliet answered softly. But Roy's expression didn't go away.

    "I told you. The human man will harm you."

    Roy pressed hard, but his words popped out sharply.

    "Why do you keep insisting on not leaving him?"

    Roy recently recalled a conversation at the temple's patronage. From Juliet's reaction, it was clear that it was the first time she heard it.

    Sure. The Carlyles were a reluctant name. But if he tells her the truth, he knew that Juliet will realize that she was deceived, and he surely thought she would abandon that human man.

    "Wait, Roy."

    Juliet's smile faded away from her face.

    "So, if you let me know I can't have children, you thought I'd leave Lennox?"


    Roy didn't say anything.

    ".....my God."

    Juliet gave a short exclamation as if it was ridiculous.

    "What the hell did you think of me?"

    Then she stared at him with a half-mixed look of disappointment and betrayal.

    "Who am I seeing is because I want to have children?"


    Roy's heart sank when he saw Juliet's expression for the first time. He didn't understand exactly why Juliet was angry, but Roy became very nervous.

    "Romeo Bascal."

    "......Yes, Juliet."

    Roy flinched a little.

    It was the first time Juliet had called him that, and Juliet's eyes on him was cold as ever.

    "I'll tell you only once, so listen carefully."

    Juliet shot Roy coldly.

    "If you try to treat me as you please again, I won't let you go then. Do you understand?"


    Roy looked confused, but Juliet was angry.

    She knew Roy had no malice. He would never know that Juliet had and lost a child in the distant past.

    "Like an evil snake, the cursed blood that kills its mother and is born."

    "To compare it to a snake, it's like a Salmosa."

    It was sincere that Juliet was surprised and sad to learn about it.

    But when Roy confirmed that he was trying to swing it at will, of course, she got angry.

    "Juliet, I'm sorry."

    Roy grabbed Juliet's hand in a hurry.

    "I apologize. No matter how much I don't like him, I shouldn't have ……

    Roy sadly grabbed her gloved hand and touched her cheek. But Juliet only opened her eyes slowly. She once said that she was overwhelmed, so she couldn't easily get rid of her anger.

    "I get it, so let go."

    "……Then, are you forgiving me?"

    Juliet frowned coldly on her forehead.

    "Not twice."


    Like a restless puppy, Roy chased after Juliet, but Juliet walked in the banquet hall without looking back.

    "Count Monad! You are here."

    A few ladies, who had enjoyed watching the wizards' tricks a while ago, pretended to be glad to know.

    But when they saw Roy following over Juliet's shoulder, they blushed a little.

    "Well, Miss Juliet. Who is this gentleman?"

    "Oh, he's just a......."

    Juliet stopped looking around.

    "This is my friend, Roy. I'd like to introduce him to you."

    Juliet tapped Roy on the back of his hand with no expression. Roy was a little puzzled, but Juliet ordered him, so he smiled.

    "Oh, now that I see you, you're the famous Lord?"

    "Yes! You're a member of the forest, aren't you? I saw you last time!"

    The ladies' faces lit up in no time.

    "But who is that?"

    Juliet pointed to a strange lady sitting awkwardly away.

    "Ah..... It's Viscount Dulton's wife."

    The other ladies taught her in a whisper.

    "You know Viscount Dulton, right? Those stolen goods."

    Viscount Dulton was a man who bought a title while in the business of selling stolen goods, that is, items stolen by thieves on the black market. Unsurprisingly, in aristocratic society, Viscount Dulton was criticized.

    "And they said he was in the south two days ago."


    "Yes. Apparently, he was working as a custodian at the Marquis of Guinness......"

    "The vanity of the Marquis of Guinness is famous, isn't it? So he did the job of winning auction items or something."

    "The Marquis's capabilities were discovered, and he hurried away in case they were caught."

    The custodian of the Marquis of Guinness?

    Juliet stared at Mrs. Dulton with a slightly surprised look.

    A man who appeared to be her husband stood a short distance away. However, Viscount Dulton and his wife were apparently awkward and unable to mix with anyone.

    Others who did not want to get involved with the Marquis of Guinness tried to get as far away from them as possible.

    But Juliet thought differently. Did you look at the work of the Marquis of Guinness?

    'Then you're more likely to have memories of Dahlia.'

    Of course, it was based on the assumption that Dahlia was really behind the Marquis of Guinness.

    Anyway, in this situation where Dolores suddenly had a memory problem, even Dahlia's name could not be remembered, there is no choice other than the couple.

    Juliet approached the Dultons carefully.

    "Hello, Mrs. Dulton."

    Juliet greets the husband and wife with as much kindness as possible.

    "I'm Juliet Monad."

    "Ah....Yes, Count. I'm the Viscount of Dulton. This is my wife."

    Viscount Dulton hurriedly greeted each other. His wife smiled a little awkwardly behind her husband.

    "May I sit next to you?"

    "Go.....go ahead."

    Viscount Dulton's wife seemed quite thrilled that Juliet came first and talked to her.

    "The Count is a kind person……."

    Without having to share a few words, Viscount Dulton's wife, with a slight anxiety, confessed first.

    "Actually, my husband worked for the Marquis of Guinness for a while and was taken care of. But not now, so I hope you don't get it wrong!"

    Mrs. Dulton made an excuse without asking.

    The Marquis of Guinness had an argument against the Duke of Carlisle and was caught in reverse. There was a clear sense of fear of misunderstanding.

    "Yes, I won't misunderstand."

    Juliet smiled.

    'I approached her because of her close relationship with the Marquis of Guinness.'

    Juliet asked insinuatingly.

    "Madam, have you ever seen a woman like this in the Marquis of Guinness when you were in the South?"

    Juliet briefly explained Dahlia's description. She has scarlet blond hair and blue-purple eyes.

    Also, whenever Juliet and Dalia passed by in this life, she wore a white priest's uniform.

    Dolores also said that the woman next to the Marquis of Guinness wore a white priest's uniform, so Juliet thought she was definitely Dahlia.

    "It's a young woman who wears white priestly clothes."

    "I don't know...... I don't remember seeing a woman in a priest's uniform."

    After thinking for a moment, Juliet changed her question.

    "Then were any of your guests around my age?"


    "Yes, the Marquis's most cordial guest. Maybe......"

    Juliet hesitated.

    Juliet, who had lived as the Marquis's wife for a while in her previous life, knew that the suspicious Marquis of Guinness had created a secret residence in the mansion.

    "She could have been a guest in a secret place or something."

    Juliet explained to make it sound as unsuspecting as possible, but Mrs. Dulton's reaction was lukewarm.

    "I'm sorry. I'm not sure about such a guest."

    Still, Juliet was not discouraged. It's not easy to recognize people just by their description, and it's too fortunate to meet a couple working for the Marquis of Guinness by chance and confirm the existence of Dahlia.

    Mrs. Dulton looked like she didn't know why Juliet was asking that question, but she seemed to want to look good to Juliet somehow.

    "Well, it reminds me of a secret space. I don't know about the Marquis' precious guest, but I know a little about the precious treasure that the Marquis of Guinness regards as his life."


    "Yes, I went to the Marquis' secret space a few times while running errands. I don't know how to open the door."

    "Oh my, that's amazing."

    Juliet admired it as if she had never heard of it. She knew that the luxurious Marquis of Guinness's hobby was buying valuable treasures.

    Mrs. Dulton lowered her voice and whispered as if she was excited when Juliet confronted her.

    "It's a secret, but there's a secret room that you can enter through the Marquis's library."

    "You've made that, too."

    Juliet pretended to admire, but in fact, she knew where to touch in the study room to enter the hidden room.

    "Yes. It's a room where only the Marquis's most cherished things were collected, but the gold jeweled crown was the prettiest."

    Juliet stopped at the remark.

    "………Wait a minute. The coronet you wear on your head?"


    My heart throbbed.

    Only then did Juliet realize what she was missing.

    'Oh, my God.'

    Not long ago, Milan, a knight of the Duke, came and told her. The treasure that the Fran couple ran away with years ago was a splendid crown that was handed down from generation to generation.

    Juliet has never seen it in person in her previous life or in her present life. But she knew clearly that it was a tiara with jewels.

    The Marquis of Guinness was also responsible for ordering Baron Gaspal to steal the key of Count Monad's heirloom. Perhaps the Marquis has a hobby of collecting heirlooms of long-established families.

    'So, in my last life, I suspected that it was the Marquis of Guinness who owned the Snowdrop.'

    If Dahlia were really in a league with the Marquis of Guinness, that tiara would have been in the south as well.

    Drunk Juliet spilling the beans :blobcry:
    "Please accept my glass, Count."


    As she was already thirsty, Juliet did not refuse the Dulton couple's recommended drink.

    She didn't really enjoy alcohol. However, the transparent honey drink was sweet and soft to Juliet's mouth for the first time, and it quickly passed to her throat.

    Roy glanced at Juliet, but her attention was all on the Dulton couple.

    Juliet asked nonchalantly.

    "The coronet that the Marquis of Guinness had, what does it look like?

    "Ah, yes. It was a very beautiful jeweled crown."

    "I've never seen anything like it in my life."

    The couple were excited and talked about this and that to Juliet.

    Juliet, the Duke of Carlyle's lover, first expressed interest while she was eating and was satisfied since she was after the trail of the Marquis of Guinness.

    "It was a golden crown engraved with blue and purple jewels."

    "This is a secret, but the crown is still in the Southern Marquis."

    The Viscount of Dulton shuddered as if he were boasting of a great secret.

    "Only the Marquis knows how to get into that secret room, and the Marquis is locked up in the capital's prison. You can't find it even if you search."

    "Yes, I suppose so."

    Juliet tried to calmly respond, but she kept smiling.

    In fact, there was one more person in the world who knew how to get in and out of the secret room. Juliet knew where the coronet was hidden and how to get in.

    'I'll be able to find it if I send the knights in the south right away.'

    And maybe he and Dahlia will meet together.

    Juliet bites tenderly, trying to hide her trembling hands with anxiety.

    "Well, Mrs. Dulton. Could you tell me in more detail when you last saw the coronet?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Lennox didn't pay much attention to what anyone was saying inside.


    A knight approached him, leaning on the terrace outside the banquet hall, reported.

    "The Marquis of Guinness has asked me to meet you."

    It was a proposal to close the case at a price of more than half of the Marquis' wealth.

    The Marquis of Guinness pleaded several times to meet Juliet in person and explain that everything was a misunderstanding.


    Lennox laughed openly.

    It was the Marquis of Guinness who first put Juliet in danger by using suspicious witchcraft.

    Although Juliet seemed satisfied that she had locked up the Marquis of Guinness and destroyed the Marquis, she did not seem interested in whatever happened to the Marquis of Guinness.

    Lennox had no intention of saving the Marquis or letting him meet Juliet.

    I'm just thinking about how to kill him to be the most painful revenge.


    Hardin hesitated and said.

    "Miss Juliet has summoned Sir Halbery."

    Lennox paused for a moment. Sir Halbery was the duke's doctor.

    'What's Juliet doing to Halbery?'

    Hardin's report did not end there.

    "It seems she also requested a copy of the Duke's family tree from Secretary Elliot."

    "Then you can bring it to her."

    For a moment, Lennox turned his head again.

    From the family tree to the family doctor. Lennox seemed to know what Juliet was thinking.

    "Give her whatever she asks for."


    Lennox glanced outside with a mysterious expression on his face and returned to the banquet hall.

    However, it was an unpleasant welcoming greeting that greeted him horribly outside the terrace.

    "No, Your Grace the Duke!"

    "Thank you for your kindness."

    The nobles, drunk, ran toward him and cried loudly. They were the ones who couldn't even make eye contact because they were scared.

    Lennox frowned, wondering what the reason was. There was a faint smell of alcohol from all the nobles who came.

    "You don't have to worry about the nobility meeting!"

    "We will all support you!"

    "No, we have sworn allegiance to the Duke of Carlyle!"

    Lennox was dumbfounded when lower-class nobles picked up the pledge of loyalty.

    "What crap is that?"

    Lennox looked back.

    There was no need to find or question the criminal. His secretary flinched as soon as he met the cool eyes, and he confessed his crime.

    "......I have sinned, Your Grace!"


    "That's right, Miss Juliet....Because of the meeting of the nobility...."

    Lennox didn't listen and went downstairs at once.

    Juliet was smiling and twinkling in the middle of the floor. Lennox casually frowned at the crowd around her.

    "Oh, that's true."

    It was a friendly atmosphere, but all of them were unwelcome faces.

    Most of the noblemen surrounding her claimed to be acquaintances of the late Countess Monad.

    "We've been misunderstanding Count Monad so much."

    "I hear you inherited the Countdom, didn't you? And you're single?


    Juliet, who answers in a whimper, looked quite happy.

    "No, you mean that such a lady is still single?"

    "Count Monad, I know a good bridegroom, would you like to meet him?"

    "Okay, good."

    "Oh my, really?"

    ".......What is it?'

    Lennox stood a little far away and overheard the conversation. He had forgotten that the casual reception was also a place for families to search for marriage partners.

    "Good! Viscount Schnabel is a wonderful young man."

    "Oh, by the way. Even if I don't have anything now, if I just build a good foundation for the capital, I'll go to the center right away....."

    The polite Juliet listened to each such nonsense with a whimper.

    Juliet smiled and accepted it, and they fought for their poor grandchildren and pushed candidates for the groom. All of the comments were about someone's son being steadfast even if he didn't have the ability.

    'I don't think there's any other advantage.'

    "Come on, take my glass, too.

    What was crazier was Juliet, who drank the cup recommended by people during the day with a smile.

    Lennox paused as he stared at the scene with a grim face.


    Something was out of the ordinary. Juliet has been whining since earlier.

    "Speaking of which, let me introduce him to you!"

    "Oh, hello, Lady. My name is Arthur Schnabel.…."

    "Yes, hello."

    Juliet was overly agitated, even though her body was swaying that she couldn't control it.

    "What do you say, Count? He's a nice groom with a white face, isn't he?"

    "No, it's not white."


    Moreover, she was too honest.

    As Lennox saw Juliet flirting, he suddenly realized something.

    'Ah, damn it.'

    It was the behavior of a perfectly drunk person.

    He went straight downstairs without looking back and forth. Lennox strode across the floor.

    If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't have left it alone.

    "Uh, what is it...?"

    When he bumped into it, one of the people surrounding Juliet looked back with a rough impression.


    "Your, Your Grace the Duke?"

    Those who were pretending to be drunk with pompous eyes rushed out as if they were covered in cold water.

    Lennox clenched his teeth, staring at the people scattered on both sides as if the sea was splitting.


    "Your Grace."

    "Come here."

    Fortunately, Juliet looked at his head once and gently grabbed his hand and followed him out.

    Even in the short while of leaving the banquet hall, he was impatient because someone would see her.

    Lennox gave Juliet a coat and put her in the Duke's carriage waiting outside.

    Lennox sat Juliet inside the carriage, opened her coat, and quickly figured out the cause of the incident.

    The moment he hugged Juliet's shoulder, there was a sweet, unique scent.

    It was the scent of honeysuckle from wedding ceremonies, commonly called honey wine.

    The first sip was sweet and light, but the sweet and warm honey liquor was a big failure to drink without thinking.

    Because it goes in endlessly, people who first encountered honey alcohol often couldn't stop in the middle and it'll become severely ugly. Juliet must have been low on this drink.

    "Get going."

    As the carriage began to move, Juliet blinked and asked.

    "Are we going home?"


    When asked naive questions, Lennox was briefly speechless.

    It was the first time he had seen Juliet drunk, so it was very strange and fascinating. Even though he thought it was awkward, he felt itchy near his heart. However, it was also true that Juliet, who shines in his eyes, did not like it.

    He asked with a frown on purpose.

    "What did you talk about?"

    "I didn't tell you much about it......."

    Juliet sighed as if it was a little hot. Her cheeks were flushed.

    Except for the red cheeks, Juliet looked fine at first glance. She sticks her fingers in her cheeks and teases what she was talking about.

    "Mrs. Dulton's husband made a fortune selling stolen goods. Oh, he sold jewelry to the Marquis of Guinness, too."

    Lennox stayed for a while because Juliet's reaction was more interesting than the story.

    "And Marquis Schnabel's son is still single, and he's steadfast."

    It's been a long time since Juliet, who blushed, chatted so casually before him.

    Lennox suddenly thought that Juliet looked low. In the distant past, Juliet must have been this way before she was mistakenly caught by a man named Lennox Carlyle, hurt and closed her emotions forever.

    Juliet, like a good child, answered the question he asked in a straightforward manner.

    Of course, the content was a repertoire of things that dared to flirt with her. Lennox remembered the names one by one.

    "And then again...."

    "Why were you drinking?"

    Lennox asked bluntly.

    According to Elliot, Juliet tried to enlist the nobles in case a noble meeting was held.

    Instead of being moved by Juliet's actions, Lennox was filled with anger.

    Their sons, who were not worthy of Juliet, and he took a closer look at the unconscionable nobles who had brought in their grandchildren.

    "You don't have that much work to do?"

    "Don't say that, Lennox."

    Juliet, who gently touted him despite her sharp sarcasm, suddenly took out her fan.

    "What's that?"

    She eagerly looked at the fan, even at Lennox's question. At the end of the fan was a small card.

    "......What are you looking at?"

    Lennox stole the fan and flipped the card.

    It was full of names written with a portable quill.


    It was a card that put the names of the people who applied for the dance at the ball.

    The old fashion trend of dancing in the order written on the card has come back.

    When he looked at the names of lowly nobles written on a fan, Lennox thought he had suffered all the worst things that ever happened in the evening.

    However, Juliet was excellent at twisting his judgment.

    "Please, I haven't used it yet."


    Juliet wrote one more name on the card.

    Lennox suddenly became angry, forgetting what he had been interested in a while ago.

    Are you really drunk? Do you want to see someone upset right now?

    Of course, Lennox knew Juliet had no such intention at all.


    His voice asking her back was as relaxed as usual. But Lennox's childishness made the day hot.

    "Would you like to dance with the decent and steadfast partners as written there? Next is marriage?"
    It was an unqualified question for him to ask, but he managed to ask.

    I tried my best not to be sarcastic, but I couldn't help but get angry.

    Then Juliet's gaze, who was looking at the card eagerly, shifted to him.


    Juliet snapped the fan in. It was a very plain attitude.


    I don't have any conscience.

    Lennox hoped that at the moment Juliet would answer that's why. It was good to say even if she were taking it lightly.

    It's okay if it's an obvious lie, even the excuse of being sick was okay.

    He didn't even want the answer because he liked it. Even if the contractual relationship for at least 6 months is raised....

    "I'm not a steady person."


    For a moment, he felt caught off guard.

    "If you're a good groom, you'll find a good bride as well."

    But Juliet did not even look at him and spoke calmly.

    "I know you're worried about me, but I'm aware of that too."

    Juliet explained, gently lowering her eyes and pinching her fingers one by one.

    "The rumors are bad, I don't have my parents, and all I have is an old mansion. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid to marry a good family."


    "Marquis Schnabel won't like it if I really dance with his son without being sensible. I'm sure the other wives would do the same as well."

    At the moment, Lennox Carlyle felt like crying.

    Even at such a moment, even in a state of confusion. Juliet effortlessly slams him into the mud. Just a few words are enough.



    A puzzled expression came to her round eyes without malice.


    The gaze seemed to pierce his lungs with a sharp knife.

    Because you're not good enough.

    Lennox clenched his teeth.

    He didn't deserve to ask that.

    Shortly after Juliet left him unexpectedly, he sometimes imagined her hugging someone other than him or smiling brightly.

    It was better then. At that time, he could hate someone who he didn't know the face.

    But it was much more painful to see and hear Juliet look at someone and undermine her own worth.

    Instead of lowering herself, she should have put everything she wanted to have under her feet. Like throwing him into the abyss without any intention. That's what she deserves.

    'What are you talking about, boldly.'

    I didn't even need to ask who had taken your pride down so much and made you think and think that way.

    It was none other than himself that let Juliet hear it and didn't care what his lover heard.


    He clenched his teeth.

    Then Juliet leaned her head against his arm and murmured anxiously.

    "Are you angry?"

    ".......I'm going crazy."

    When their eyes met, he laughed in vain.

    Lennox didn't know what kind of guys gave Juliet alcohol, but he swore he would find them all and not let it go.

    By the time the carriage reached the duke's residence, Juliet was in a shallow sleep.

    "Duke? We're...."

    "Be quiet."

    The servants rushed out, but Lennox hugged Juliet quietly and lay her in the bedroom, trying not to wake her as much as possible.

    After putting Juliet down on the bed and hesitating to call the maid, Lennox thought her shoes and hair looked uncomfortable.

    It was easy to take off her shoes, but it was not as easy as he thought to remove the hairpin.

    "Your Grace."


    At one point, Juliet woke up and looked at him quietly with her eyes shining.

    "Damn, how do you remove this?"

    Lennox grumbled, but Juliet seemed to have no intention of helping.

    Juliet suddenly smiled back.

    "Well, I got it."


    "Where is the thing Your Grace is looking for."

    Juliet suddenly said something like sleep talking.

    But Lennox was distracted with untying the tangled hair.

    "If I let you know, if I let Your Grace go, you'll find that woman, right?"


    "And you'll give me another poisoned glass."


    Lennox paused for an instant.

    "What do you mean just now."

    "It's okay. I know."


    The giggling Juliet looked happy.

    She pulled out the hairpin Lennox struggled with so easily, and then even took off the heavy dress.

    Juliet, dressed in a light chemise worn under her dress, smiled with bright cheeks and a hazy expression that she usually never shows.

    "I know, it'll be okay to go through it again. This time."

    Juliet smiled and crawled into the sheet.

    Lennox was sure.

    There is no way he did not love a woman smiling with such a face. He couldn't have made her drink a poisoned glass with her own hands.

    Soft, light brown hair ran down.

    Juliet turned and buried her face on the pillow. Then she revealed her white nape and smooth back.


    Lennox suddenly came up with an idea.

    On the other hand, Juliet in the past, whom he had a glimpsed at, had scars all over her body.

    As if she were badly beaten by someone, Juliet, who had been covered with scars, suffocated as she grew up before his eyes.



    "The scar on your back before, how did it happen?"

    I might be able to get an answer now.

    It was a question that has been terribly harassing Lennox Carlyle for the past few days.

    I've only seen it for a while, but Juliet in the past had scars that was old enough to make the viewer feel sad.

    It was a sign of being persistently abused with something like a whip.

    All he saw were fragmentary scenes. Lennox couldn't figure out why Juliet was so pitiful in the past.

    Lennox, who remembers how harsh he was to Juliet in the dream was not sure he hadn't done it.

    If it was himself who really touched Juliet's body, he could not bear it or forgive it.

    And he had to check it out.

    Lennox summoned the evil spirit of the black panther attached to his sword several times, but the beast did not respond.

    Of course, asking Juliet would be the surest and fastest way.


    But Juliet kept her mouth shut, unlike before, when she answered everything well.

    '....Are you asleep?'

    As the silence grew, Lennox reached out to lay Juliet down comfortably. It was then.


    Juliet said without even looking at him.

    "At that time, why did you save me?"


    "Because you feel sorry for me?"

    Save me?

    Lennox thought he didn't understand what she was saying.

    Are you talking about the first time we met?

    If that's the case, he liked that Juliet was in no position but to rely on him. Even after the funeral of her parents, the face of a righteous and calm woman stimulated him.

    "I fell in love at first sight."

    Looking back, it was him who fell in love at first sight.

    But after Juliet's words, Lennox realized that he was too complacent.

    "I hope you don't. It must have been ugly."


    With those words, Juliet quickly pulled the thin sheets up to her shoulders.

    As if she didn't want to show her back.

    Juliet glanced at him with fearful eyes.

    "I don't even get sick anymore. It's said that the scar remains....I don't want Your Grace to see it."

    Lennox was quick to notice.

    Now Juliet was confused between the memory of her past life and the present. She talked about the wounds she had received from her previous life.

    She still talked and acted as if she had a scar on her back. Maybe it's because she's drunk or asleep.


    Lennox hurriedly grabbed Juliet's shoulder and met her eye level.

    He desperately contemplated a question that would give Juliet the desired answer.

    If he asked who did it directly like before, she would have shut her mouth like a clam.

    "Think carefully and answer me. I'll give you a prize if you get it right."

    He asked her gently, as if soothing a child.

    "A prize?"

    "So, where was the first place I saw you?"

    The half-asleep Juliet replied, blinking gently as if she didn't know why he was asking such questions for a moment.

    "The physical punishment room of the Marquis of Guinness."

    Juliet's voice answering almost sounded like a whisper.

    But it was enough to take Lennox Carlyle's breath.
    Lennox walked out of the bedroom as usual.

    Marquis of Guinness. Physical punishment room.

    Words I couldn't understand floated in my head.

    He walked with an expressionless face, and as soon as he arrived in a dark parlor with no one, he pulled out his black sword.

    Lennox wrapped his right hand around the blade and moved his hand without hesitation.


    His blood was smeared with an eerie touch.

    Strangely, however, the red blood evaporated without a trace instead of dripping on the floor. As if the sword devoured the blood.

    <It's the blood I want to taste anytime.>

    And now the familiar giant black panther appeared before his eyes.

    "Now you're here."

    <We're not close enough to have to come out quickly just because you call. Don't you think so?>

    The black panther grinned and continued.

    <It's funny how I say this, but.....You said that with your own mouth, didn't you? It's a no-no to sign a contract with the devil.>

    "I don't care."

    Lennox replied bluntly. He was more aware of the danger than anyone else. It was not what mattered.

    <All right.>

    As if in a good mood, the black panther fluttered its tail.

    <What's your business?>

    "There's something I need to check."

    <Look. Neither making nightmares nor retrieving memories is my realm.>

    The black panther grumbled when he heard his request without explanation.

    <We are not allowed to invade each other's territory.>

    "So, can't you?"

    <What kind of sad words.>

    The black expression turned around as if a little hot. Then he suffered a paw like a big cat, and said reluctantly.

    <There is nothing that the devil cannot do. But it distorts memories or makes you have nightmares. I just want you to know that such a trifle like that isn't all of my ability.>

    The black panther said in a manner of pulling out a bunch of things.

    <I'm much better than my brothers.>

    "Then what are your abilities?"

    <It's eating away the human soul.>

    With the utmost pain.

    The black panther boasted like a great deal, but Lennox showed little reaction.

    "So. Can you show me?"

    <.....Just this once.>

    At the same time as the grumbling, the landscape in front of him changed.

    The next moment, Lennox was standing in the hallway of an old and strange castle.

    As if there was a war, there were sounds and screams of soldiers hitting everywhere. It was a strange and chaotic scene.

    "It's the eighth wife of the Marquis of Guinness."

    And before he knew it, he stopped in front of an unfamiliar door.

    It was a hidden room, but the view of the open door was as lively as the battlefield.

    And there was a woman in it.

    The subordinates who guided him out of reluctance added word by word.

    "She's a sinister woman."

    "It's better not to be close."

    However, advice from loyal servants was not audible.

    As soon as he took a step into the small room, an unrealistic scene unfolded in front of him. In a small room decorated in red, a woman with a tied wrist was hanging.

    A woman with bloody back and dead eyes looked up at him as if being beaten.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    At dawn.

    Inadequately, the capital's prison was noisy.

    "If not the Duke, let me meet the Count of Monad, I want to meet that girl!"

    "Ah, I don't know, it's noisy!"

    The Marquis of Guinness, trapped inside, demanded that he meet anyone. The duke's knights, unable to comply with the demand, were very irritated.

    "A girl, if you don't want to run away from your throat, you'd better be careful with your mouth, Marquis."

    The Duke's knight, Jude, stared violently at the Marquis.

    He was displeased with the Marquis's way of talking down Juliet in everything.

    "You stupid."

    The Marquis of Guinness was distracted and scoffed.

    "I am the Supreme Lord of the South. How much do you think your master can handle me as you please?"

    "Close your mouth, Marquis."

    Jude was inwardly uneasy, though he replied harshly.

    The Marquis of Guinness pretended to be a decent noble, but was a reluctant figure.

    He had seven wives, and it was no secret that they all died early or were missing.

    No one believed his wives really died of illness, but no one was big enough to investigate the Marquis, a great noble in the South.

    Not as much as the Duke of Carlyle who enjoys a kingly position in the north, but anyway, the Marquis of Guinness was one of the pillars of imperial power.

    Of course, Duke Carlyle wasn't blinded by bribes or negotiations and he couldn't stand behind the Marquis who tried to trap Juliet.

    However, the emperor or the aristocracy was a different matter.

    Other members of the nobility can be bought. The Marquis of Guinness was one of the richest lands in the Empire, and all the fertile lands in the South were coveted.

    Jude Hayon was born in the aristocracy, so he knew the mindset of the aristocrats.

    If the aristocrats get together and are bought by the Marquis of Guinness, it will face quite a headache to Duke Carlyle.

    However, the Marquis of Guinness, who pretended to be overly relaxed, was also uncomfortable.

    He had seven wives, and it was no secret that they all died early or were missing.

    No one believed his wives really died of illness, but no one was big enough to investigate the Marquis, a great noble in the South.

    Not as much as the Duke of Carlyle who enjoys a kingly position in the north, but anyway, the Marquis of Guinness was one of the pillars of imperial power.

    Of course, Duke Carlyle wasn't blinded by bribes or negotiations, and he couldn't stand behind the Marquis who tried to trap Juliet.

    However, the emperor or the aristocracy was a different matter.

    Other members of the nobility can be bought. The Marquis of Guinness was one of the richest lands in the Empire, and all the fertile lands in the South were coveted.

    Jude Hayon was born in the aristocracy, so he knew the mindset of the aristocrats.

    If the aristocrats get together and are bought by the Marquis of Guinness, it will face quite a headache to Duke Carlyle.

    However, the Marquis of Guinness, who pretended to be overly relaxed, was also uncomfortable.

    'Damn, how the hell wasn't that girl hypnotized?'

    The Marquis blamed the stupid cardinal for the failure of the plan.

    'I shouldn't have trusted such a poor retainer!'

    In fact, there was a reason why the Marquis of Guinness was nervous.

    'If anyone finds the crown...'

    What worried the Marquis of Guinness was the hidden room in the mansion. No matter how carefully the duke's knights search the mansion, they will not be able to find the entrance to the secret room.

    But what's in it is a terrifying object.

    'Dahlia will not tolerate failure.......'

    The Marquis's hand trembled.

    He was more afraid that the existence he was serving would be angry than the situation in prison.

    The Marquis of Guinness knew that the fastest way to escape the situation was to conciliate the Duke of Carlyle.

    However, even though he offered all kinds of sweet conditions to the Duke of Carlyle, he did not come over. He didn't even listen to the letter being taken out.

    "Hey, get the Duke of Carlyle right now!"

    The Marquis of Guinness tried to hide his uneasy feelings and exclaimed majestically.

    But Jude Hayon was a formidable opponent.

    "Oh, that's so loud!"


    Jude, who was staring at the Marquis, suddenly entered the prison and gagged him.

    "You, you punk! What are you doing.....!"

    "Ah. Yes, yes."

    Jude didn't listen.

    "It's quiet now. Let's get some sleep, okay?"

    Hmp! Hmmp!

    But Jude's wishes did not become reality.

    Soon after, a suspicious sound began to come from the entrance to the prison.

    Clang. Creak.

    The Marquis of Guinness was surprised and looked over the darkness.

    'A visitor at this time?'

    "Who is it!"

    Jude, who pulled out a sword like a bolt of lightning and was on alert, looked puzzled the next moment.

    "Untie it."

    The man who approached ordered.

    The inside of the prison was all dark and nothing seemed to be right. However, the Marquis of Guinness saw the cheeky knight releasing his gag without making a fuss.

    "Jude Hayon."


    "Get out for a while."


    Jude took the other guards and went straight outside.


    At that time, a fire was lit at the end of the long corridor.

    Only then could the Marquis of Guinness recognize the opponent's face. It was Duke Lennox Carlyle.

    "Hmm-hm. I see. Duke Carlyle. First of all, if you want to talk, it would be easier to bite someone, right?"

    'Yes, of course.'

    No matter how much of a Northern Duke he was, he must not have dare to turn all of them into enemies in a situation where he had roughly bought many of the nobles in the aristocracy.

    The Marquis of Guinness pointed that way.


    Lennox did not answer back.

    Besides, he was a little anxious because it was a calm expressionless face, but the Marquis of Guinness looked as arrogant as possible.

    "You made a wise decision, Duke. That's a good idea."

    No matter how much Lennox Carlyle could have ignored his proposal. The fertile land in the South must be something that even the Duke of the North desires.

    The Marquis of Guinness was completely relieved and upset.

    "You won't regret holding hands with me. Then we'll talk about the specifics......"

    But something was wrong.

    Lennox Carlyle hasn't given him a word since he came into prison.
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    ".....Duke? Are you here to negotiate with me?"

    Eventually, the nervous Marquis opened his mouth.


    But the Duke of Carlyle's head tilted to the side. Like he have never heard such a word before.

    "That's only possible before you curse an innocent woman."

    "Wha, what do you mean a curse? I don't know......!"

    When the Marquis seized it, Lennox Carlyle took something out of his arms and put it between the iron bars.

    It was a small glass bottle.

    "You'll recognize this."

    The Marquis, who had his eyes wide open, was so surprised that his eyes would pop out the next moment.


    The Marquis's face was filled with astonishment.

    What was contained in a small glass bottle was a fluttering black, translucent object.

    He couldn't ignore it. It was the dead body that they sent to the Juliet Monad a few days ago.

    "That's ridiculous......"

    The Marquis murmured with a blank face.

    His eyes were still glued to the small corpse that was trapped in a glass bottle.

    All of the thought bodies sent to Juliet Monad did not come back. Therefore, Solon and the Marquis of Guinness naturally thought she had been hypnotized. It was not an unreasonable optimism. It is said that the existence that can stop a dead body has long been extinct.

    However, struggling in the glass bottle was an unmistakable corpse.

    "The wizards told me a funny story."

    Lennox Carlyle spoke in a monotonous tone.

    It was fortunate that the young dragon bit the suspicious dead body in front of him.

    As soon as he captured the dead body, he called in a bunch of noble wizards. The summoned wizards enthusiastically explained 'the magic of the full moon'.

    "A long time ago, it was a forbidden curse."

    “It's a taboo that makes a person a puppet without his will."

    "But the side effects are pretty tough, too."

    "I heard it's a very famous curse."

    Lennox shook the small glass bottle. Then, the thought body inside fluttered as if awakening from its sleep.

    The Marquis remained silent. He couldn't even imagine how the dead body was captured and confined.

    "If the curse fails, how many times the reaction goes back to the opponent who made the spell?"


    Only then did the Marquis of Guinness come to his senses. Cardinal Solon once told a similar story. The stronger the curse, the stronger the side effects.

    "Thanks to that, your fellow cardinal companion is easily dying from the side effects of the curse."

    "The, then....."

    The Marquis of Guinness flinched.

    After being imprisoned, the Marquis was completely blocked from information about the situation outside. So he didn't hear what happened to Cardinal Solon.

    "The limbs are rotting."

    The Marquis of Guinness looked at the small glass bottle with fearful eyes. A small corpse that was trapped inside was running wildly.


    The Marquis stumbled back. Even if the thought body inside it was just right, it seemed to pop out and devour him.

    If that thought body enters your body...!

    The Marquis of Guinness was terrified.

    He remembered the end of the slaves being manipulated by dead bodies.

    "I don't know what's going to happen."

    As if he had read the Marquis' thoughts, Duke Carlyle spoke quietly.

    "Lo, look! Duke Carlyle! Listen to me for a second! I was just fooled!"

    The Marquis became urgent.

    He approved of Cardinal Solon's plan because the curse did not leave any trace.

    However, the thought body was at Carlyle's hand. In other words, there was evidence that he cursed Juliet Monad.

    "But I'm not going to use it."


    "So you'd better answer everything honestly."

    "What.....What do you mean?"

    The Marquis of Guinness was nervous. But Lennox Carlyle asked him a completely unexpected question.

    "Is there a physical punishment room in your mansion?"

    ".....Yes. But it's been a while since I used it......!"

    "How many people did you kill in that room?"


    Lennox Carlyle was moving exactly as if he had seen it himself.

    No way, did he find a physical punishment room while searching at the Marquis?

    The Marquis of Guinness felt unpleasant, but he held it in.

    The Marquis did not think that Duke Carlyle was such a righteous man. He killed a few unrelated women.....

    The Marquis of Guinness thought it would be better to get rid of it.

    "I don't know what you heard, but I don't know. It's true that there is a physical punishment room, but I killed a woman.....!"


    At that time, a fire burned at the end of the hallway.

    The flinching Marquis thought it was somehow creepy.

    The prison is intended to house high-ranking nobles or political prisoners and the Marquis of Guinness is the only one currently in custody.

    A while ago, Lennox sent the knights and guards out for a while, so there should be only two people here, the Duke of Carlyle and the Marquis of Guinness.

    By the way....bonfires placed in the hallway where no one was present were flickering one after another from far away. And the flicker was slowly approaching them.

    "Huh, I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't kill anyone....."

    The Marquis of Guinness, who had been holding up excuses, was horrified.

    Lennox Carlyle's held a long sword in his hand that had not seen before. He recalled rumors of the Duke who said he had a demonic sword.

    "He, hey. Duke Carlyle!"

    The Marquis of Guinness held onto the bars and begged.

    "Why are you doing this? If you save my life, I will give you anything...!"

    But Lennox Carlyle calmly tucked the glass bottle into his arms.

    "Don't worry. You're not going to die right now."

    "Wha, what....?"


    Finally, the furnace just in front of the prison where they were standing was also lit.

    The front of his eyes turned bright.

    Thanks to this, the Marquis was able to clearly see the face of Duke Carlyle in front of him.

    "It's just suffering enough to die."

    He had surprisingly cold eyes.

    The Marquis of Guinness was frightened. The Marquis was no longer looking at the Duke of Carlyle.


    There was nothing in front of him, but he could hear the roar of an insignificant animal.

    "Who, who is it!"

    After looking around like crazy, the latter caught another strange thing.

    Thanks to the bonfire, the inside of the prison was bright like broad daylight. And there were countless figures around him that couldn't exist on the walls of the prison.



    The Marquis of Guinness did not know what had happened.

    In front of his eyes stood the Duke of Carlyle with a cold face like ice, and the Marquis himself collapsed on the floor, and his joints were bent at a bizarre angle.

    "It's so noisy."

    At some point, the prison door was wide open. Then the Duke of Carlyle's foot slowly stepped on the chest of the fallen Marquis.

    The Marquis desperately tried to make eye contact with the Duke of Carlisle and beg for his life. But there was no more voice.

    "I'm not very merciful."

    In an inconsistent situation, a fire cast a shadow over Duke Carlyle's side face.

    His face, which was extremely restrained in emotion, was as ascetic as it would appear in the sacred temple.

    Lennox Carlyle spoke calmly as if he were talking about the weather.

    "I'd rather you beg me to kill you."

    The next moment, a terrible scream echoed inside the prison.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Juliet opened her eyes only when the sun rose.


    Juliet, who was lifting herself up from the bed, fell back onto the sheet.

    'Why does my head hurt so much?'

    I was in the worst condition. My head hurt as if someone was stamping in my head.

    Knock knock.


    Just in time, someone appeared outside the door to help solve the question.

    Elliot, who came with a tray of tea awkwardly as if he were a butler, slipped his head.

    "Hmm-hmm. Are you up, Miss?"

    "Yes. Come in."

    Juliet quickly checked her clothes and opened the door.

    "Are you all right?"

    Elliot reminded Juliet of last night.

    "You came back late yesterday."


    Juliet recalled the memory of last night at once.

    It turned out that she drank alcohol to get the information she wanted from the Dultons, who had worked for the Southern Marquis.

    If her memory and Juliet's reasoning were correct, they would be able to find the heirloom that Duke Lennox was looking for right away.

    'South, the Marquis of Guinness.'

    However, the aftereffects were severe right now. She heard that the sweeter the drink was, the worse your pain is.

    'I think I'm crazy.'

    At first glance, the face of Lennox, who was dragging her with an angry expression and putting her in the carriage, passed by.

    'I feel like I said something strange.'

    I remember riding in the carriage together, but I don't know how I got back to the mansion afterward.

    I was rather worried.

    Juliet, who was eating a few spoons of soup that Elliot brought, blurted out.

    "Elliot, I want to go to the South."

    "Huh? You just got back from the South?"

    But Juliet was in a hurry.

    As long as she knew where the Duke's heirloom was hidden, she couldn't sit still and wait. Now, when the Marquis of Guinness was in jail, was a great opportunity.

    "Why are you going there?"

    "I have something to look for."

    "Can't you send the knights to pick them up?"

    Juliet hesitated for a moment but nodded her head.

    "Yes, I have to go myself."

    It was not a matter of being able to trust the knights of the Duke. It was right to go and check with her own eyes. The truth of everything surrounding her was there.

    "But.... His Grace won't allow it."

    Juliet really wanted to say that she didn't need Lennox's permission, but he was right that she wasn't in good shape.

    "In addition, the mansion of the Marquis will be managed by the imperial family until the conflict is over...."


    Then Juliet shouted in surprise.

    Yesterday, at the request of Elliot, she only helped him to get the vote from the noblemen, but now Juliet really needed the Marquis' mansion.

    'I mean, the crown is there.'

    And maybe Dahlia was there, too.
    Juliet got nervous.

    If the southern Marquis' land falls into the hands of the imperial family, it will be difficult to retrieve the crown.

    "You know. They keep it in the Marquis' private room."

    A private room where the Marquis of Guinness hides his treasure. The Dultons said the jewelry crown was there.

    "Only the Marquis knows how to enter the secret room....."

    But there was one more person besides the Marquis of Guinness who knew how to get in and out of the secret space.

    Juliet knew exactly what to do to get into the secret space.

    'The leftmost bookshelf in the library, the green book in the first row.'

    If you move the book exactly, the entrance to the secret space will appear. The Marquis collected various rare collections in it.

    Juliet was as often trapped in the room as in the physical punishment room. The suspicious Marquis of Guinness hid all kinds of secret objects there.

    "Lennox....where is His Grace?"

    Juliet was in a hurry. She had to hurry before the imperial family took over the Marquis' mansion.

    "He went out at midnight yesterday and didn't come back."

    "Where has he been?"

    "I don't know about that."

    Juliet tried to find Lennox, but the duke's people were frightened and held her back.

    It wasn't long before Juliet was dragged into the bathroom by the maids.

    Juliet, immersed in a warm tub, concluded one by one.

    'First, let's come to our senses and wait for Lennox to return, then talk about the secret room of the Marquis of Guinness.'

    But for the rest of the day, Lennox did not return.

    In the end, Juliet fell asleep after thinking one thing or another, perhaps because she took a hot bath.

    Sitting in the bedroom, she thought she slept for a while and opened her eyes, but it was dark outside the window.

    It was early evening, and Juliet who about to turn on the lamp was surprised.


    In the dark bedroom, a man was leaning against the window. Juliet asked curiously.

    "Your Grace, why are you there?"

    Juliet approached him carefully and became puzzled. His hair was wet and out of place during the cold season. He's like a person who hastily turned over water.

    'The smell of blood.'

    Juliet frowned inadvertently. Lennox smelled faintly of blood.

    "Where are you hurt?"


    Juliet laughed bitterly even though she asked. It was more natural to ask whose blood the opponent was.

    Quick-witted Juliet noticed that Lennox looked strange.

    "Your Grace."


    "Did I perhaps say anything yesterday?"

    It was on her mind all day long. Juliet was worried that she might have gotten drunk and told him something.

    But Lennox, who was facing her in the dark, asked the wrong question instead of answering.

    "......Can I hug you?"

    "You can't"

    Juliet slipped away as she narrowed her brows. Then she asked again.

    "What did I say?"


    As was the case with the abandoned temple site last time, Lennox may have seen some memories of her past.

    I hated it.

    Particularly about the Marquis of Guinness. Juliet didn't want to be noticed.

    "It's not like that...."

    She didn't want Lennox to sympathize with her and she didn't want to show him her dirty laundry.


    "I didn't say anything?"


    Juliet's eyes were narrowed. She had spent years with him.

    She knew Lennox was lying.

    Juliet bit her lips gently.


    She thought she had a rough idea of where Lennox had been.

    ".....It can't be, you haven't already killed the Marquis of Guinness, have you?"

    "I didn't kill him."

    While staring at her with red eyes, Lennox spoke softly.

    "Not yet."

    Juliet sighed softly.

    "That's a relief."

    "Is there any reason not to kill him?"

    Juliet hesitated for a moment before answering.

    "The Marquis should not die yet."

    You can't kill him nicely.

    He was worth saving at least until the duke's custody was restored, or until the Marquis of Guinness was questioned how he had obtained it. She can't explain.

    Juliet glanced at Lennox, worried about how this would be accepted by Lennox. What if it sounds like she's trying to play the role of the Marquis of Guinness or watch the Marquis?

    "So I mean....."

    But Lennox unexpectedly answered without asking anything.


    Juliet felt at odds with Lennox's docile attitude.

    "Your Grace, are you sure you're okay?"

    Juliet took a step closer because she was a little worried about him.

    And she realized that he was wet all over. Where did you come from. He was wearing wet clothes. Is it raining outside?

    "Oh my God, isn't it cold?"

    "You hate blood."

    That's why you're covered in water?

    There is no such leap in logic.

    Juliet's forehead narrowed .

    "For now, even a blanket....."


    But before Juliet even wrapped a blanket over his shoulder, Lennox reached out and carefully grabbed her fingertips.

    "Can I kiss you?"


    It was really strange.

    Lennox Carlyle, whom she knows, was never a man who asked this.

    He was a man who was drunk enough to be mistaken, but acted as if he would throw it away whenever he was tired of it.

    That's what Juliet remembers about Lennox Carlyle. There was no such thing as him asking for her permission.

    Juliet nodded as she looked into the face of a man who seemed to be in trouble if she refused.


    But what was really strange was the next move by Lennox.


    Contrary to what she thought that he would literally kiss, Lennox carefully pressed his lips against the tips of her fingers. Like dealing with fragile glassware.

    Then he leaned his forehead against Juliet's shoulder, sitting on the window frame.

    Juliet somehow felt a little strange and patted his shoulder for a moment.

    "Your Grace, what's the matter?"


    Lennox barely mumbled with his trembling hands on her back.

    "Nothing happened."

    He would never be able to tell Juliet what he had seen.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The Marquis of Guinness, who had been in prison for a while, opened his eyes wide from the cold stone floor.

    'Duke Carlyle, that son of a......'

    A crackling sound came out of my throat. I didn't even remember how many times I woke up after fainting.

    It was the first time I had been treated like this in my entire life as a great noble.

    In addition, the Marquis of Guinness was the kind who took pleasure in abusing someone.

    He was used to enjoying other people's pain in order to satisfy his ugly desires, but he had no immunity to inflicted pain on him.

    'How can you put on a human mask and.....!'

    The Marquis was bitter without recalling the atrocities he had committed so far.

    "Just breathe."

    The Duke of Carlyle ordered so. That was the evilest thing.

    Lennox Carlyle seemed to have no intention of killing him, as he himself had said.

    Those who received the order of the Duke came in just in time and whipped the Marquis. The amazing thing is that they even gave the Marquis a kind of healing by treating the broken bones.

    Of course, after that, it was followed by a beating without fail. After such a few repetitions, the Marquis of Guinness wanted to beg him to kill him comfortably.

    There was a feeling of fear that the dead body might attack him.

    The Marquis of Guinness had a terrible horror and couldn't even sleep properly.

    The Marquis of Guinness heard of what Cardinal Solon had been like. Cardinal Solon was told to be alive because he couldn't die as a side effect of the curse.

    "Because the curse failed......"

    The Marquis knew nothing about the curse. He didn't even know what the dead body could do.

    All he knew about the curse was that humans who were eaten by the dead body would lose their selves.

    'Damn it. What's this like for me!'

    The Marquis of Guinness burst into rage.

    Still, he did not let go of his hope. He was a great noble and rich man in the South. He couldn't behave like this to him.

    Duke Carlyle kept him alive. It seemed that somebody was planning to take it to court.

    'He's young that he knows only one thing.'

    The Marquis of Guinness was struggling in anticipation of his release from the prison.

    It was difficult to find an opponent he didn't bribe because of the empire's great power. He will be able to take revenge as long as he passes this situation.

    "We'll see. As long as I get out of here......."

    The moment he opens his mouth, the Empire will be in chaos.


    But the next moment, the sudden sound of footsteps surprised the Marquis of Guinness.

    Step step.

    The Marquis clung to the walls of the prison, shivering at the sound of his approaching footsteps.

    "Who, Who is it?"

    It was a face he knew that came up and popped out of nowhere.


    "Marquis, Dolores is here!"

    The Marquis of Guinness was puzzled by the unexpected appearance of the character.

    "Dolores? How did you.....?"

    Dolores urged him quickly.

    "I don't have time to explain. We have to get out of here!"

    The Marquis of Guinness was distracted.

    He was not in a state to judge how Dolores came to rescue him through strict security, and most of all, why Dolores appeared here.

    Dolores, whom he knows, was never a child to come to rescue his father. Far from being deeply affectionate, it was more like a relationship that he had only hired for a few months.

    However, Dolores quickly opened the prison door with a key she had brought and released the Marquis of Guinness. It's too easy.

    As they came out, the guards were gone and collapsed.

    Only after being led outside by the servants brought by Dolores, the Marquis of Guinness realized that he had escaped in a flash.

    "Dolores, what's going on here?"

    "Dolores is here to take out the Marquis on orders!"

    Somehow, Dolores with a nervous expression urgently explained.

    "Order? Who?"

    "You'll find out when you go!"

    Dolores started the carriage.

    'Who the hell is it?'

    The carriage carrying the Marquis of Guinness, who escaped before he knew it, began to run somewhere.

    After looking blankly out of the carriage window, the Marquis came to his senses.

    'Huh. That's right then!'

    He was a great nobleman. It was natural that he had someone trying to save him.

    The Marquis of Guinness, who gained confidence, asked at the coachbox.

    "Hey, where are you going?"

    "We're taking you to a safe place, Lord."

    At one point, Dolores disappeared, but the Marquis of Guinness was relieved by the words of a submissive coachman without even noticing it.

    "More than that, I'm a little......"

    As the tension eased, the Marquis of Guinness remembered that he was still in chains.

    "Hey! Untie this first!"

    However, the carriage rattled heavily while running on a rough mountain path, and the sound seemed to be not audible.

    The coachman stopped only after a long run.

    "Please get off."

    Then he pulled out the Marquis of Guinness.

    The Marquis of Guinness, who was dragged outside with a puzzled expression, took a few steps and sank to the spot.

    There were many people and horses on the dark mountain ridge that did not fit the late hour. And he could see an old man sitting gently on a wide, flat rock.

    It was the first time he had seen the old man in his life, but he felt something strange about his straight waist and unusual detection.

    "Hey! Did the old man bring me here? What's the purpose?"

    As the Marquis of Guinness shouted somewhat annoyed, the old man's gaze glanced at him.

    "If money is the purpose, the case is enough...."

    As an old man he had never seen before, the Marquis of Guinness thought he was someone's servant.

    Who the hell is it? At such a late hour, the man who sent Dolores to knock down the Duke Carlyle's guards and did a clean job of releasing him.

    It was obvious that it was not an ordinary person even though he did not know who he was.

    Who is it? The 2nd prince who conspired to rebel together? Or an aristocrat in the noble circle who was bought with bribes?

    "Hello, Marquis."

    But it was the voice of a cheerful woman who called the Marquis.

    "No, you are....."

    The Marquis of Guinness, who inadvertently looked in the direction the voice came from, was grim.

    "......Juliet Monad?"

    There stood Juliet Monad, dressed in black without decorations.

    She grinned.

    "Yes, that's right. I brought out the Marquis."

    Why is that?

    The Marquis of Guinness did not understand.

    Juliet Monad was the mistress of the Duke of Carlyle. What's wrong with Juliet?


    "The girl was your slave in the past."

    'I'm sure Dahlia said so.'

    "So, if you introduce Dolores as your next wife, it will be easy to buy the girl's sympathy."

    He didn't know what it means to say that Juliet Monad was a slave in the past, but the Marquis of Guinness, who was fascinated by the miracle shown by 'Dahlia', believed and followed Dahlia's words.

    "If she gets upset a little, she'll be scared of trauma and follow."

    'Ha! I guess it's not time to die yet.'

    The Marquis of Guinness, who interpreted the situation in his own way, was soon triumphant.

    'As expected, Dahlia even predicted this situation!'

    He doesn't know what's going on, but Juliet Monad looked very fragile.

    She was an easy opponent to beat in his own way if he wanted to. It was the Duke of Carlyle that scares him, not a little girl.

    The confident Marquis of Guinness ordered arrogantly.

    Whatever it is, you did a good job. I'll give you a compliment, so come on and release me."


    Instead of following orders, Juliet covered her mouth with her hands.

    After seeing her slender shoulders trembling for a moment, the Marquis of Guinness suspected that the girl burst into tears.


    But the next moment, Juliet burst into laughter. A cheerful laugh echoed.

    'You're laughing?'

    The Marquis of Guinness wriggled his eyebrows, but was habitually became furious.

    "You lowly thing! Would you wake up with a beating? Untie this right now before I whip you!"

    "A whip.....That's right. I remember."

    But Juliet was neither frightened nor obeyed orders. She smiled a little dry.

    "That red room."

    The Marquis of Guinness flinched.

    "That, how… did you hear from Duke Carlyle?"

    "The reason I'm here to see your disgusting side is because I have a question."

    Juliet looked down at the Marquis without laughing. The Marquis of Guinness, who sat on the dirt floor with a contemptuous gaze, was awakened a little.

    Good gracious.

    I couldn't figure out why I believed such a woman would obey my orders.

    The cold blue eyes, which were heated by pigments, were powerful enough to remind him of someone who was merciless.

    "You, you're curious? Okay. If you promise to release me first, I will answer you..."

    "If you use Dolores as your wife, you'd buy my sympathy, Dahlia Fran said that, right?"

    "......How do you know Dahlia?"

    The Marquis of Guinness forgot to change the operation and casually asked back.

    Juliet smiled as if that was enough of an answer.

    "I see, it is Dahlia."

    As if she were relieved, she turned around and said to someone else.

    "My business is over."

    "He, hey!"

    Scared of being left alone, the Marquis cried.

    But Juliet did not return, and instead the old man, who had been listening to their conversation quietly for a long time, approached him.

    "My name is Lionel Lebatan."

    The old man, who was staring at the Marquis of Guinness, blurted out.


    The Marquis of Guinness did not quickly understand what he meant and blinked.

    The Marquis of Guinness, who ran a small top, could not have known the name of the old man.

    The name flowed out like a groan.

    "Li, Lionel Lebatan.....?"

    It was a fictitious story, but the Marquis of Guinness never thought that the old man was lying.

    A man with red hair who says no one knows in the east. He was old as if he had faded, but his back was fixed and his eyes were wide open.

    It's amazing that he's alive, but he's in front of him. He couldn't figure out what was going on.

    'No way, Dahlia?'

    The Marquis of Guinness was once again engulfed by unfounded hope and fitted the situation. It was not a judgment at all, but the Marquis of Guinness glared strangely like a man possessed by something.

    Juliet Monad, who was no longer understandable, was not in his mind.

    'Red King, Lionel Lebatan!'

    With such a big shot, it would have been possible to take him out of the hands of the Northern Duke.

    A legendary figure saved him!

    He doesn't know the reason, but the Marquis of Guinness showed admiration and respect.

    "It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Lebatan."

    An old man with red hair looked down at the Marquis of Guinness.

    "You must be uncomfortable being tied up like that."

    "Ah, yes. It's kinda like that."

    The Marquis of Guinness responded with a suspicious look.

    If the conversation had been around this point, it was obvious that the next thing, of course, the Red King would ask his men to release him.


    However, the Red King's men were only distant.

    "That....Mr. Lebatan?

    "I like the moonlight."

    Lionel Lebatan watched the moon leisurely. Although the moonlight was good, the Marquis of Guinness, who had to be tied up for a long time, was a little annoyed.

    Suddenly, Lebatan asked.

    "Was the moonlight this good on the night that Count Monad and his wife died?"

    "Ah. No. On that day, there was a sudden thunder and lightning."


    The Marquis was frightened and stunned.

    "......I made a slip of the tongue. Hmm-hmm."

    "It's not a slip of the tongue, it's a testimony."


    "Isn't that right? You're the one who made the Monad couple die."

    "I, I don't know what you mean...."

    The Marquis of Guinness flustered.

    It was true that he had ordered the Counts' deaths, but the Marquis couldn't understand why Lionel Lebatan was now pursuing it.

    Isn't this something that has nothing to do with Lionel Lebatan? What does the Red King of the East have to do with a fallen noble like Count Monad?

    "The, there seems to be some misunderstanding....."

    A memory flashed through the head of the Marquis of Guinness, who tried to deny it with a smile.

    The late Countess Monad.

    So Juliet Monad's mother. The woman, who was known to be the daughter of a lowly knight, was a beautiful woman with her most likely red hair.

    "Yes. That child is my daughter."

    Lionel Lebatan said such a thing out of the blue.


    The Marquis of Guinness only looked at him in a daze, not knowing what to answer.

    Lionel Lebatan casually searched his arms and pulled out something.

    "Yeah, it's not enough to kill my daughter, you tried to do something terrible to my granddaughter, too?"

    The Marquis of Guinness fully understood who he referred to as his 'granddaughter'. He didn't even need to go to the Duke of Carlyle.

    Lionel Lebatan's words and expressions did not feel anger. But when he saw the glass bottle in Lionel's hand, the Marquis of Guinness was tired.

    "He, help....."

    The Marquis didn't know much about sorcery.

    But he had witnessed clearly what happens when that dead body entered a person's body.

    "Listen, if I put this strange thing in the shadows, will you only tell the truth?"

    It was the Marquis of Guinness who made plans to use the dead body as a test on experimental slaves, and it was also planned to be use to Juliet Monad against her will. But now he is not in a position to make such a rational judgment.

    "That's very convenient. With this, will you be able to tell me what you've done to my daughter?"

    The Marquis of Guinness has lost his mind.

    Only then was the idea that Dolores, who took him out of prison, might be part of a certain goal.

    "Then let's find out slowly. We have plenty of time."

    Lionel Lebatan calmly opened the glass bottle and put it on the floor.

    "Si, sir! Help....."

    "Don't worry too much. After listening to the testimony, my sons will judge fairly."

    The Marquis thought he didn't know which one to feel more frightened.

    The dead body from the glass bottle ran fiercely toward his shadow. And around him, the men who had a ferocious face were staring at him.

    It became the last scene that the Marquis of Guinness witnessed with his whole mind and body.

    The news that the Marquis of Guinness had escaped from prison broke in the capital. Juliet deliberately had her windows wide open and sat in the imperial salon.

    "Have you heard the rumor? The Marquis of Guinness last night....."

    "It wasn't the Duke of Carlyle's work, was it?"

    Someone carefully raised questions, but everyone was skeptical.

    "Huh. You don't know anything. Don't you know the Duke of Carlyle was determined to bring the Marquis of Guinness to court?"

    "That's right. From the Duke's point of view, it would have been a problem that could have been solved by taking the time to stand still, but would he have taken that risk?"

    "If the Marquis disappears, he won't get anything."

    "That's what I hear."

    Juliet, listening to the conversation with the window open, smiled with remorse. Lennox's steady attempt to bring the Marquis of Guinness to court worked.

    "Then who's responsible?"

    While listening secretly, Juliet found a man walking towards her.

    "I have a request, Your Grace."

    Juliet approached him and gently folded her arms.

    "Please remove the name of the Marquis of Guinness. Like it never existed in the first place."

    In the eyes of others, they would have looked like lovers leaving the ball with their arms folded normally.

    "Make nothing grow on the land."

    Juliet whispered softly.

    "Instead, I'll help you find what you've wanted for a long time."

    "......What I wanted?"

    Juliet read the longing out of his eyes.

    "There's an object Your Grace was looking for in the south. Let's go there, Duke."

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The seven-day festival was not completely over yet, so the emperor tried to hold the Duke of Carlyle in any way.

    The emperor laid a net for the Duke to visit the Southern Marquis' land, saying, "We can't allow the use of the gate," but Duke Carlyle wasn't one to blink.

    "I don't need the Emperor's permission."

    "But if you don't go through the gate, how do you get to the south? It will take a while."

    It took a good two weeks to get from the capital to the south without the gate. Juliet was worried that it might take too long.

    But Lennox simply dismissed her concerns.

    "There's nothing like that. I bought another gate."


    Juliet thought it wasn't unreasonable for the emperor to have love and hatred for the Duke of Carlyle because it's like this every time.

    Unlike the usual route to the south, the newly purchased gate by the duke was relatively close to the estate of the Marquis of Guinness.

    It was quite an innovative route, except that you had to pass through a vast forest without people right after passing through the gate.

    Juliet was stopped trying to pick a horse and grab the reins.

    "What are you doing?"


    Lennox asked with a grim look, but that was what Juliet wanted to ask, who was stopped while trying to get on the horse.

    "You speak faster than a carriage."

    "Come down."

    The angry Lennox could not be understood so Juliet went into the carriage with a look of dissatisfaction. Lennox started the party only after he confirmed that Juliet was safe in the carriage.

    "Get going."

    It was quite simple for a procession going far away. Except for one carriage, there were only eight knights.

    Then Lennox suddenly asked Juliet a question.

    "Why did you run away on a horse?"

    "Yes? Ah....."

    Only then did Juliet understand why he pushed her into the carriage with such a grim look.

    In her previous life, as soon as Juliet found out that she had a child, she hurriedly left the duchy.

    [I'll help you.]

    The reason why Juliet was able to steal horses away from people's eyes were thanks to Dahlia's help.

    'Was it the first and last time?'

    Juliet looked around her head.

    It probably was. Dahlia and Juliet, who was enshrined in the east tower day and night, talked in person.

    "Because someone offered to open the stable so that I could steal a horse."

    It's not a story to hide, Juliet told the truth.

    "That's why."


    Her escape ended in failure. He caught up with her before she could escape the northern forest, and she was flustered and fell off her horse.

    The accelerated horse stumbled, lost its balance, and rounded.

    The terrified woman, riding on the horse, glanced in her back like crazy, and slowly realized that the horse had even collapsed. At the last moment when her life was in danger, a man who was chasing her fiercely caught her by the neck.

    "Who was that?"


    "That person, who opened the stables for you. Who was it."

    "It was a woman who stayed in the east tower."


    But Lennox didn't seem to understand.

    Juliet suddenly became curious. Is there any other memory that Lennox has of her past?

    The next morning.

    After waking up in the farmhouse, Juliet found a note.



    "I mean.... Are you saying he left me right now?"

    "No, it's not like that.......!"

    Elliot, the Duke's secretary, somehow chose a moderate expression.

    "His Grace is concerned about the Miss's safety.....Mi, Miss Juliet!"

    Elliot panicked and dissuaded her, but Juliet slowly tore the paper in half as if she were venting her anger.

    "Bad guy."

    Juliet shuddered with betrayal.

    Somehow, from the beginning, she thought that he had consented to go to the Southern Marquis' estate too gently. In contrast to Lennox's fierce opposition as he recognized her past abused by the Marquis of Guinness.

    However, Lennox left Juliet who was asleep, in fear of finding out the hidden room.

    He will go to the Marquis and find the crown, and he will ask her to return to the capital with Elliot quietly.

    "What do you think I am?"

    Juliet's anger was that he treated her as a child who could not overcome her trauma.

    Even if she could not shake off the trauma of being abused by the Marquis of Guinness, it was Juliet's job. He had no right to send Juliet back because he thought it was dangerous.

    Then a group of popular figures came from outside.

    "Ah.....The knights must be here!"

    Elliot, who was looking at Juliet, rushed outside.

    "I, I'll go out!"

    Who's coming?

    Juliet followed him out of curiosity.

    She wondered if Lennox had sincerely repented of his mistake and returned with the knights, but the knights who got off the horse weren't the ones who left first.

    "Sir Cain!"

    Instead, he was nice to Juliet.

    "It's been a while, Miss."

    It was Cain, the swordmaster of the knights, who bluntly handed her a greeting.

    "Did you come all the way from the north?"

    In fact, Juliet was surprised to see his face after a long time, forgetting that she had called a little.

    "Yes. I'm here to pick you up."

    There was also a nice face to see after a long time. Juliet, who was delighted, was just angry when she recalled the fact that Lennox had left her.

    "Wow, is this the Duchess, Master?"

    Next to him, a young man with a poor impression speaks with a twirling.


    "Apologize for rudeness to the lady, Jerome."

    Cain smacks the young man's head without hesitation. The man with his head down reluctantly introduced himself.

    "What the. That's tight. Hello, I'm Jerome."

    Instead of greeting each other, Juliet looked up and asked Cain. It was an unfamiliar face for Juliet, who knew all the Duke's knights.

    "Who is it?"

    "He's a new recruit. He's a former mercenary, so he's rude."

    Cain somehow murmured with a deep face. And Cain's impolite remark wasn't humility.

    "You know what, Miss?"

    Returning the way he had come, Jerome was curious as he passed through the forest to the capital.

    "There's a scary thing living in these woods."

    "What's scary?"

    "Yes! For example, insect-type monsters typically appear in these southern forests..."

    Other knights tried to deter Jerome as if he were crazy, but Juliet deliberately dissuaded them with a scared look.

    "Insect-type monsters......?"

    "Yes. And spiders and centipede monsters often appear."

    "A centipede! I hate having multiple legs."

    Juliet's face turned pale as if she were really scared.

    Other knights who knew her, such as Sir Cain, who often attended and had beast hunting in the north, had a puzzled face.

    Juliet roughly identified Jerome's bravado suitability, while checking the alcohol pocket hanging from his horse saddle.

    Fermented liquor was a representative food that invited the monsters of the forest with a keen sense of smell.

    "But Sir Jerome is an excellent knight, so can you protect me?"

    "Huh.....No. What do you mean. Hmm, yeah, well. Sure."

    Juliet looked cynically at the dumbass and looked over his shoulder.

    "Hmm, I didn't even want to say this, but actually have you ever caught a centipede monster....?"

    Jerome, who was riding ahead in the lead, suddenly noticed a strange feeling. All the other parties stopped a little behind and were looking over the forest.

    Waiting for them over the forest was a centipede with pincers.

    Jerome, who had been telling his experience a little while ago, was staring blankly at the unrealistic scene.

    "Oh my. That's great, Sir Jerome."

    Juliet said with a smile at him.

    "Well, can I see your skills?"

    Half an hour later, Jerome was tired and fed up.

    "You, You said that having a lot of legs is scary...."

    "Well, did I?"

    Juliet retorted, adjusting the robe.

    "I've been watching someone miss the sword. I can't really remember."


    The knights who had caught the horses who had fled in surprise burst into laughter.

    Blue butterflies fluttered around as if the predation after a long time was satisfactory.

    Jerome glances at those butterflies.

    Juliet treated Jerome as an idiot, but Jerome's skills were not so bad. He managed to do his part.

    However, Juliet was ignoring Jerome because of the bad first impression.

    After the unidentified blue butterflies appeared, the monsters ran wild with fear and destroyed themselves while fighting with each other.

    Jerome seemed completely daunted after witnessing the scene.

    Jerome no longer ignores Juliet. Instead, he hung around Juliet with frightened eyes.

    "No, why do you need an escort to deal with that? Yes?"

    Jerome muttered, as if it were very unfair. It felt like he had something to say. Juliet, who became annoyed, asked dryly.

    "Do you have anything to say to me?"


    Unexpectedly, Jerome admitted mildly.

    "Then just ask."

    "Should I? Then....Miss, when did you start dealing with that evil spirit?"

    Juliet looked up.

    "If you're talking about butterflies, it's a spirit, not an evil spirit."

    "Haha. Even a joke."

    Jerome laughed as if he had heard a real joke, but then he looked serious when Juliet did not follow him.

    "Ahem. You're talking about the so-called Spirits? I know. But we don't call that a spirit. That's not a spirit, that's an evil spirit. So, Miss, you'd better be careful, too."

    Juliet shrugged her shoulders.

    Since it is a monster that eats emotions, it could be called an evil spirit rather than a spirit. But when Juliet didn't seem to listen to his warning, Jerome said again.

    "I'll tell you an old story, miss."

    Juliet sighed heavily.

    It was an unreasonable decision to take this party to the estate of the Marquis of Guinness because there were many injured people.

    "About a decade ago, there was a freak named Julio in the mercenary group I was in."

    Jerome was too talkative, and Juliet hated talkative men.

    "He's extravagant and a little bit out of place, and there was something unusual about him. He used to buy useless precious metals when he had money. He said there's a treasure for that."

    "Is that so?"

    Juliet asked back unexpectedly.

    It was not clear why Jerome was talking about his former mercenary colleague.

    "Julio was a gold tier mercenary. You know, gold is amazing."

    Of course I didn't know.

    Juliet thought there was something like that and passed it over.

    "But for a mercenary, he wasn't very good at it. He was able to have a gold-class mercenary plaque, purely because he was a spirit person."


    Juliet was a little interested only then.

    She thought she knew why Jerome brought this up and why he was interested in Juliet.

    "Yes, that's right. Julio did the same thing as Miss."

    It's not a monster.

    "My lady's monster is a pretty butterfly, but the monster he called out was terrifying. It was a huge yellow snake that I couldn't tell whether it was a snake or a dragon. It was excellent at killing people."


    Juliet frowned and thought about it. Certainly, the fearsome snake seemed more dignified than the butterfly.

    "It wasn't long before Julio started saying strange things, and when I woke up drunk, the snake was opening its mouth every night."


    "Julio bragged about it. His loyal monster stands guard even at night."

    "Tell me more about it..... The man named Julio. Is he still working as a mercenary?"

    But Jerome shrugged his shoulders.

    "Not to be too specific. He's dead now."

    "He died? Why?"

    "Just one night, Julio disappeared."

    Juliet was relieved, but Jerome said with a rather serious look.

    "But everyone in the mercenary knew. He was eaten by a snake."

    "How do you guarantee that?"

    "Miss, you've never seen a big snake, have you?"

    Jerome grinned meaningfully.

    “It is possible for a large snake to remain still with its mouth open for a long time to see if it is about the size of what it wants to swallow.”

    Jerome assured himself in a confident tone.

    "I mean, it wasn't the act of standing guard. Well, that guy Julio, who didn't know that, stupidly liked that the snake spirit protects him, but Julio must have been eaten by the snake monster he was dealing with."

    Juliet went blank at the unexpected conclusion, but Jerome was always serious.

    "If I get out of here, I'll go back. It's the Knights and what. I don't want to get caught up in work while I'm here."

    It was quite rude and straightforward, but Juliet didn't blame him.

    "Don't listen too much."

    After Jerome left, Cain approached Juliet and advised her.

    "Jerome, that guy is all right, but he has a lot of bluff. I was also in the same mercenary corps called Holy Aura, but it's ridiculous to say that Julio was eaten by a snake."


    "Because since then, Julio has been seen in the desert several times."

    "But Jerome says......"

    "Yes, I believe that Julio is missing, that guy."

    Cain spoke reassuringly to Juliet.

    "But it's so absurd to be eaten by a snake spirit that he raised. He must have pretended to be missing, or deceived by gambling debts. He did such a hassle to hide his true identity thoroughly."


    It's a yellow snake.

    Juliet had never seen a spirit person other than herself. However, she heard that a spirit was a very different kind of thing from her butterflies.

    They said they did not stay with the summoner for a long time or talk with their own will.

    It was literally a simple monster from another world that only lends power for a short time.

    However, Jerome's 'yellow snake' spirit, or the command was somehow quite similar to Juliet's monster butterflies.

    For example, it pops out on its own even when you don't call it, or it hang around a person who is asleep even though you didn't ask for it.


    Juliet looked up and stared for a moment at the butterflies hovering quietly around her.

    "Are you going to eat me, too?"

    <Not. Eat. Contractor!>

    The butterflies protested with a voice that seemed somehow hot.

    <We. Contractor. Like.>

    <Contractor. Us. Hate.>

    <Still. Lie. We won't.>

    <That. Snake. Yellow>

    <Bad. Snake. Bad.....>


    There was a spark at the moment.

    Juliet was frightened out of her wits.

    At the same time, butterflies fluttered their wings in agony.

    <We. No. Snake.>

    "Okay, so stop."

    Surprised, Juliet quickly dissuaded them, but the butterflies seemed to have been hit and fell helplessly onto her palm.

    Some have already been crushed into light powder or engulfed in blue flames, and are resummoned.

    <We can't talk.>

    <That's what it's supposed to be.>

    Juliet suddenly remembered what the butterflies used to say.

    Maybe not being able to speak means not being able to speak about the monsters of the same kind?

    'He told me he had collected old artifacts.'

    Juliet brood over the words slowly.

    All she knows about is the name of the key 'Snowdrop', but maybe Julio also had an artifact.

    That's why he called out a suspicious demon or a spirit.

    'Artifact that brings out a snake monster.'

    Juliet became curious.

    The only monsters she knows are these blue butterflies. It was the first time she confirmed the existence of other evil spirits.

    What kind of evil spirit was that?
    "We're here."


    The homing hawks were flying above the heads of a group of knights on horseback.

    "That's the mansion of the Marquis of Guinness."

    It was late in the afternoon that Lennox Carlyle arrived at the Marquis's Southern mansion.

    After leaving Juliet to Elliot and the other knights, the journey was relatively smooth.


    The party, arriving at the destination without any accident, reached the front yard of the mansion and laid the horse reins.

    The mansion of the Marquis of Guinness, the great lord of the South, is now empty. Only a few guards dispatched from the Imperial Palace were on guard.

    "No, isn't it Duke Carlyle? What are you doing here......"

    The guards were surprised at the unexpected visit.

    "I'm going in."

    Lennox did not feel the need to explain the purpose of the visit to them.

    The guards squatted and watched the Duke of Carlyle and his knights from a distance as they entered the mansion.

    "Uhmm, Your Grace."


    "Is it okay to leave Miss Juliet like that?"

    Sir Milan, who was entering the mansion with Lennox, asked him, worried.

    Shortly after passing the gate, he was worried that he left Juliet asleep.

    Lennox replied calmly.

    "She'll be angry."

    "Yes..... I'm sure she will."

    Sir Milan smiled bitterly.

    However, Lennox had a reason to secretly separate Juliet.

    Juliet would be angry, saying that the trauma of the past was her own responsibility, but Lennox's point of view was different.

    It was not her who was weak, but a man named Lennox Carlyle.

    He simply couldn't stand the sight of Juliet standing in this landscape.

    "But did Miss Juliet really say there was a crown here?"

    "Huh. But this is the only way. I don't know what's left."

    Sir Milan clicked his tongue lightly.

    The knights looked around the mansion and looked at the Duke of Carlyle.

    It was as they said.

    The Marquis was empty.

    The few remaining servants run away with items of little value.

    "Isn't Miss Juliet wrong?"


    Lennox did not ask how Juliet knew about it. But he only guessed it had something to do with her past.

    "It's the book of Marquis of Guinness in the South. There's an object your Majesty was looking for."

    Lennox stared into the empty hallway where there was nothing.

    It was invisible to the knights, but clearly visible to him.

    A black and huge panther scurried, then slowly turned and began to walk toward somewhere. It was a gesture as if to follow.

    "That way."

    The knights chased him with a puzzled look.

    The panther, which was walking for a long time, stopped in front of a room in a corner where the door was half open.

    The knights, who casually looked inside, backed away in fright.


    "......That's terrible."

    The room was covered with red wallpaper. There were a lot of creepy tools whose purpose was unknown.

    "I think it's the torture chamber."

    It was the same scenery that the black panther showed him not too long ago.

    As soon as he faced the red room, Lennox faced the vision of a dreary woman who was shaking her head helplessly in it.

    <You made a mistake.>

    In his ears, he heard the voice of a wicked evil spirit.

    <"You will never escape the visions of her suffering.>

    Lennox shrewdly disregarded the voice of the black panther, who was rejoicing.

    "Find the study."


    Lennox found the study Juliet had spoken about, not far from the red room. And there was a bookcase.

    Lennox found a switch that opened the hidden passage without difficulty.

    "Inside the Marquis' study, it's a hardcover book in green leather."

    It was exactly what Juliet said.

    When he touched the switch that looked like a green book, the entrance to the hidden space was revealed.

    Creak creak creak.


    "No, this is...."

    The knights who went ahead with the sunlight were amazed.

    Luxurious collections of the Marquis of Guinness appeared.

    There was a great deal of glittering valuables.

    It was a scene that was luxurious enough to blow away the feeling of being reluctant to see the torture room just before.

    "Your Grace!"

    "We, we found it!"

    Not a few steps before they could walk, they found what they had been looking for at once. This is because there was only one jewelry crown among the many items.

    The delicate gold crown was smaller than they thought.

    But somehow the knights couldn't shake their eyes away from the crown.

    "So, this is ......"

    "The missing duke's family treasure!"

    Sir Milan and Hardin in turn admired. It was their first time to see the real thing in person.

    In particular, the two knights, who knew that Duke Carlyle had been searching for this crown for more than a decade, had no choice but to be moved.

    "Congratulations, Your Grace."


    Other knights who didn't know the details of the situation after the two also nodded their heads together.


    But Carlyle only stared coldly at the tiny tiara in his hand without saying a word.

    He suddenly looked up.

    <Yeah, you finally got it. Congratulations.>

    Among the delighted knights, the black panther walked in leisurely.

    <Great. I'll give you a compliment. But you don't think this is the end, do you?>

    The black panther whispered with a wavelength only heard by him.

    <You've got it in the past, too. But your woman is dead.>


    When Lennox first heard the story, he stared at the black beast with bloodshot eyes.

    <Can you stop it this time? Huh?>

    The panther murmured, saying seemingly unknown words.

    The jewelry crown that adorned the head of the family's hostess was beautiful and delicately crafted, but the gaze of stealing it was cold.

    There was no joy or sense of accomplishment that could be seen by those who had been searching for things for a long time.

    "Come to think of it, Your Grace. I have one thing to tell you."

    Sir Milan, who was looking into the jewelry with admiration, said as if he had suddenly remembered.

    "Actually, Miss Juliet asked me about this crown last time."

    Milan smiled and spoke lightly as it had already passed.

    "I don't know how she knows, but you know about the Fran couple?"

    The Fran were the names of a couple who ran away about twenty years ago by stealing the jewel from the duke.

    "I don't know where she heard it, but she seems to have heard a bit of a false rumor."

    Sir Milan seemed to be relaxed and was unusually talkative.

    “Well, the Fran couple stole the treasure with their daughter and ran away…….”


    Lennox called him with a pale face.

    "What did Juliet say?"

    "Ah, the Fran couple....."

    "Not that."


    Sir Milan, who had eyes wide open, just chewed on what he had said.

    "They asked if the Frans had a daughter. And...."


    "Yes, Your Grace."

    "Where's Juliet?"

    "Maybe by now.... She must have reached the capital."

    Hardin made the distance possible.

    Sir Cain and Juliet's party were supposed to return to the capital before them, so if it was as planned, they would probably have returned to the capital by now to take a break.

    The Duke's attitude wasn't that of dealing with precious heirlooms.

    "Let's depart right away."

    "You, you mean now?"

    Going back without taking a break? It was a tremendous strong march.

    "Hurry up."

    As soon as the words were concluded, Duke Carlyle turned and headed out.

    Twinkle twinkle.

    The two knights left in a secret room with a beautiful tiara faced each other with quaint expressions.

    It was that moment.


    "What is that sound?"

    The duke's knights inside, as well as the guards, standing outside, sensed the unusual sound.

    Before even figuring out what was going on, there was a thump, the blunt shock shook the ground of the mansion.

    "Your Grace!"

    The ground sank with an unusual sound.
    "They found it!"

    That evening Lennox and the Duke's knights regained the crown in the South.

    It was in Count Monad's residence that Juliet, who had first returned to the capital, heard the news.

    Juliet's secretive maternal family is visiting, so she decided to stay at the Count's house, not the Duchess, for a while.

    "......Thank goodness."

    "Yes. They're going to return to the capital right away."

    Elliot delivered the news with a happy expression. In his hand there was a short letter brought by the hawk, who had just arrived.

    The loyal duke's secretary ran to the count's house as soon as the hawk arrived and delivered the good news in person.

    "I have to inform the Northern Duke's castle of this news!"

    It was natural to be happy because he recovered a family treasure that had been missing for more than 20 years.


    But Juliet hesitated a little next to Elliot, who was delighted.

    "That's all the news?"


    "I mean....."

    Juliet wanted to ask about Dahlia.

    Dahlia must have been behind the Marquis of Guinness, and, as it was, the Tiara should have appeared with her.

    Juliet thought that if he recovered the jewelry crown, he would naturally find Dahlia as well.

    "Did you find any woman or anything like that?"


    With a puzzled look on his face, Elliot once again scattered the letter just delivered by his former mailman.

    "No, there was no word that the group had increased, or that he was bringing a guest."

    "Is that so....."

    Juliet was somehow relieved.

    'Well. He knows Dahlia, she can't be locked up in that secret room.'

    Even if Dahlia was really an accomplice to the Marquis of Guinness or was right behind it, it would be a natural flow of thinking that she ran away the moment the Marquis collapsed.

    "Um...By the way, Miss."


    "Will you continue to be in the Count?"

    The duke's secretary, Elliot, lowered his voice and asked quietly. Suddenly, Juliet blinked, wondering what was wrong with him.

    "Because my maternal grandfather and uncles are still staying in the capital?"

    Juliet answered cautiously by lowering her voice.

    Wouldn't it be a very awkward picture for a niece and granddaughter to stay at her former lover's house?

    Juliet, who had thought so far, realized that the reason why Elliott looked embarrassed was also because of her family.


    Elliot nodded quickly in tears.

    "You, you're right."

    This was because the legendary maternal grandfather was slowly approaching from the other side of the parlor.

    "......Good afternoon, elder."

    "Anyway....Every time I look, there are some Carlyle people here."

    Lionel Lebatan looked up and down at Elliot with an uncanny look.

    "Ahaha, elder. I am not Carlyle, I am a secretary of the Duke."

    "Whether it's a secretary or a subordinate, isn't it everything you do with the Duke? So you go in and out of other people's houses with nothing to do."

    "Oh, no, elder! Our Duke is very sound and steadfast...."


    Lionel Lebatan and her relatives blatantly hated Lennox Carlyle. Anyone who had anything to do with the Duke of Carlyle was stared at with white eyes.

    'It wasn't this bad with Roy.'

    Juliet looked around her head.

    Lennox seemed to be firmly embedded in his hateful hair.


    In order to rescue the duke's secretary, Juliet deliberately smiled wide and crossed arms with Lionel Lebatan.

    Juliet made an offer that Lionel Lebatan would never refuse.

    "Let's go see Mom together."

    The cemetery was silent without a single human being.

    "Hello, Mom. I'm here with my grandfather today."

    After walking for a while, Juliet, who stopped in front of a tombstone, greeted with a smile. It was a simple but neatly polished altar.

    "Here it is."

    When Juliet stopped walking, Lionel Lebatan, who was following, also stopped in front of the altar that Juliet pointed to.

    He carefully pulled something out of his arms and put it up.

    Juliet only then knew what her maternal grandfather had secretly brought. It was a bouquet of white lilies and blue cornflowers that are hard to see in this season.

    Lionel Lebatan coughed embarrassingly.

    "It's a flower that Lily liked."

    "Yes, I know."

    Juliet laughed.

    The two similar but not alike grandfather and child stood looking down at the cemetery without a word.

    "So.... The Marquis of Guinness was the real culprit behind Lillian's death."

    "Yes, as I said in the letter."

    Lionel Lebatan asked dryly, and she replied nonchalantly, too.

    Not long ago, shortly after capturing the Marquis of Guinness, Juliet sent a letter to the East.

    Lionel Lebatan rushed to the institution as soon as he received the letter.

    Juliet confessed everything that had happened.

    The Marquis of Guinness tried to curse her and steal the key from Baron Gaspal.

    "That's when I found out."

    Juliet briefly explained what had happened that had not been told in her letter. When she finished her explanation, the sun was going down.

    "It's hard to believe."

    Lionel Lebatan sighed in a cooler state than ever.

    "Is the key that great?"

    "I don't know."

    Juliet felt guilty and fiddled with the little silver key that was hung.

    "But I think the reason the Marquis of Guinness aimed for this was probably because of the spirits or demons that could be called with this key."

    "You mean those butterflies?"

    "I'm sorry. It's too absurd, isn't it?"

    "Does it have anything to do with what the top wizards are investigating?"

    "You know that."

    Juliet sighed lightly.

    "Yes. I asked Esselid to investigate."

    I haven't figured out much yet.

    All Esselid said was that her butterflies were close to demons.



    "Does grandfather believe in demons?"

    "Of course. Anyone in the East will believe."

    Unexpectedly, it was a confident answer.

    "I've heard countless rumors about the demon-possessed treasure. There are so many that we don't know what's real."

    Lionel Lebatan smiled meaningfully.

    "I haven't seen it in person....but there is a saying in the East. The thing that the devil fears most is to find its name."


    At the moment, Juliet recalled with a memory.

    "Snowdrop is the only known artifact."

    I've heard it over and over again.

    "And again, there is a saying that the two more necessary things to catch the devil are conceit and deception."

    Juliet looked up with a twinkle.

    "Conceit and deception?"

    "Yes. There is such an old story. There is an old saying that the devil is arrogant but cannot lie..."

    Lionel Lebatan burst into laughter when the gaze met with his granddaughter, whose eyes were shining like a child listening to an old story.

    "But I don't know what this will do."

    "No. It's fun."

    Juliet smiled.

    "Actually, I hesitated to tell you."

    Juliet wondered what to do with the story.

    In a way, it was a tragedy in which the innocent Countess of Monad lost her life because of only one key.

    Juliet was concerned and wondered if she would have tormented her maternal grandfather who had just lost his daughter and was in trouble if he learned that the Marquis of Guinness was behind it.

    "But I thought it was better to know."

    "Why did you think so?"

    "Because I resemble my grandfather, I would have wanted to know if it was me."

    "That's great."

    Lionel Lebatan, who was smiling, suddenly asked.

    "So, is it related to the devil's key that you're left with the Duke?"

    Juliet flinched.

    "......Did you know that?"

    "Wouldn't it be strange not knowing."

    This was the first time Lionel Lebatan directly mentioned the Duke of Carlyle. Perhaps because of that, his voice sounded a little blunt.

    "Your uncles didn't know, but......"

    Juliet became awkward because she didn't know what to say.

    "I'm sorry."

    "Why are you?"

    Lionel Lebatan, who had a gentle look all the time, wiggled his eyebrows for the first time.

    "He's going to kidnap someone else's precious granddaughter, and you're going to get an apology from that thief. Is that so?

    Juliet burst into laughter, not knowing what to say.

    "You look like Lily. That's why I'm worried."

    Lionel Lebatan smiled mildly and comforted his granddaughter.

    "But, Juliet."

    However, smiling for a while, Lionel Lebatan requested seriously.

    "If he bothers you at any time, kick him back."

    "Yes, I will."

    Juliet smiled broadly and nodded.
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    The reason why he didn't want children is probably because of the curse in their bloodline where the mother dies when they give birth.

    And reason why he did what he did when he found out she was pregnant was because she didn't want her to die. It's in chapter 127.
    All he peeked at was the fragmented past, but Lennox understood the situation as if he had seen it in person.

    If Juliet knew, she would either insist on giving birth to a child with the risk of losing her life, or she would abandon him and run away.

    And his choice was obvious.

    Even if he is in the same situation over and over again, he will not be able to hold Juliet greedily and let her go.

    Lastly, about his feelings. Based on my understanding while translating, he has long realized it but he just hasn't admitted it yet.

    Hope this helps. :blobangel:
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    No prob! I also tend to forget what happened on the previous chaps HAHA

    Dahlia's here and she is irritating. Also, more of Lennox's pov on the past.
    The effect of the dead body was remarkable.

    The Marquis of Guinness, who persistently insisted that he was innocent, confessed everything as soon as he was eaten by the dead body.

    The Marquis of Guinness, who had lost his ego, responded softly to any questions as if he had been struck by a confession.

    Except for one thing.

    "Where is Dahlia?"


    She changed the question and asked where and how he met Dahlia, who she was, and so on.

    However, instead of answering questions about Dahlia, the Marquis had a violent fit.

    "It must be a rejection."

    Esselid, the wizard at the top of <Mary Gold>, was also present at the place to examine the Marquis.

    "Someone seems to have artificially touched the Marquis's memory."

    Esselid explained with a serious look.

    "It's strange. Mental manipulation is a very dangerous and difficult technique."


    Juliet didn't say that just a short time ago, the Marquis of Guinness remembered Dahlia's name.

    There was just a guess.

    Just as Dolores had forgotten all about Dahlia, so had the Marquis. Only overnight.

    "It's strange. The curse of the full moon using a dead body is a very powerful ancient magic."

    Esselid grumbled.

    "It's ridiculous to say that you can't remember. If someone manipulates the memory of the Marquis... it's a force that's more powerful than a dead body."

    Esselid's eyes glistened with curiosity.

    "Dahlia...... Come to think of it, I've heard that name before."

    "You did."

    Juliet smiled.

    When Dolores was asked if she knew Dahlia, Esselid was there. Esselid was remembering what happened then.

    "So who the hell is that Dahlia?"

    "Hmm..... What kind of woman she is."

    Juliet said as she organized her thoughts little by little.

    In fact, Juliet was gradually realizing that she surprisingly knew nothing about Dahlia.

    "I haven't met her yet, but I think she knows me for some reason."

    Esselid was impressed at the haunting words.

    "Is she a wizard, that woman?"

    "It might be."

    Juliet nodded her head seriously.

    It was now a stage of certainty, no doubt. In Esselid's words, she might be a wizard strong enough to overcome a powerful ancient curse.

    Dolores and the Marquis of Guinness.

    Dahlia may be a wizard, but anyway, she can distort and erase people's memories.

    Juliet thought that as long as she vaguely recovered the duke's family treasure, her questions would naturally be resolved.

    'Did she gave up the crown and ran away? Because the Marquis fell?'

    However, despite the fact that Lennox had recovered the crown, the identity became vaguer than the question being resolved.

    Even though being the Fran's daughter was a memory error or an illusion, Juliet was now suspicious of whether Dahlia really existed.

    "So what are you going to do now?"

    "Yes? What?"

    I didn't think that far.

    "You've confirmed that there's not just one artifact."

    "Ah....The yellow snake?"

    Juliet looked flustered.

    The yellow snake was a story heard from a mercenary knight whom Juliet met by chance yesterday.

    A knight named Jerome told her that he saw his colleague handle a huge snake demon when he was a mercenary. And its characteristics were quite similar to Juliet's butterflies.

    "But there won't be only one key in the world for an artifact possessed by an evil spirit."

    That's true. Roy told me a similar story.

    Among the artifacts that summon dangerous beings in this world, the only known name is 'Snowdrop'.

    "In other words, there are more unnamed artifacts."


    Juliet nodded reluctantly.

    "That means, it's not just the little butterflies that are demons running around the world."

    "Butterflies are enough to get involved with evil spirits in my life."

    Juliet snapped and Essell shrugged.

    "Well, if that's the case. But, my lady."


    "I'm just saying this because I think everyone is forgetting, are you okay with the elderly?"

    "Is my grandfather okay?"

    Esselid shouted as if he was a child.

    "The elder is a wanted man. Is it okay for him to stay in the capital like this?"


    Only then did Juliet notice that Esselid was concerned about the safety of Lionel Lebatan.

    'It certainly is.'

    The enemy king, Lionel Lebatan, was actually sentenced to death decades ago. It was because his power had grown to the point of threatening the imperial authority.

    Officially, Lionel was not in a strange situation to be taken to the death penalty as soon as he entered the land under the emperor.

    Juliet shrugged her shoulders as if it were insignificant.

    "For that matter, he came to the capital last time. Nothing happened back then."

    "That's it, the only granddaughter called, so he came running."

    Esselid grumbled.

    "If something goes wrong someday, I don't know."

    Of course, it is dangerous to go in and out of the emperor's eyes. But Lionel Lebatan was bound to live with it.

    The people of Lebatan had a chance to die if they were grandchildren and nephews who were reunited after decades.

    "My grandfather is fine."

    "If you are caught, are you willing to go to war?"

    Juliet's relaxed attitude made Esselid wonder.

    Don't tell me, do you believe in Duke Carlyle's military power?

    Juliet giggled quietly.

    "Do you think I sent a letter to my grandfather without being prepared for it?"

    Juliet showed a piece of paper to Esselid.

    "It was my grandfather's trial ruling at the time."

    Esselid stole the verdict roughly.

    'The moment you step into the land of the emperor, the death penalty.' It was the content.

    Although Lionel Lebatan was in a vacant trial without attending, in fact, it was close to a threat not to enter the institution.

    "What's wrong with this?"

    Esselid didn't seem to have noticed yet, but Juliet was confident.

    "Don't worry, Esselid. The Emperor won't be able to touch my grandfather."

    Knock knock.

    It was then. Outside the parlor, a servant came running and stuck his head out.

    "Miss Juliet, they're looking for you in the Imperial Palace!"


    Esselid made a look as if he was going to do something now.

    "Welcome, Juliet."

    However, contrary to Esselid's concern, calling Juliet at the imperial palace was not because Lionel Lebatan was staying in the capital.

    "It's a bouquet given to the bridesmaids who helped in the wedding ceremony."

    Fatima, who has become a formal 2nd princess, rubs her mouth and passes a bouquet to Juliet.

    "The Empress has asked us to share everything."

    It was a bouquet made of woven grain.

    It was a humble but meaningful object.

    When it comes to bouquets, people often think of woven flowers, but a bouquet made of grain was meant to protect against evil and bring good luck.

    "Thank you, Princess."

    Juliet smiled and fiddled with the grain.


    Fatima turned her head reluctantly.

    The ladies, who had been preparing for the ceremony as the bridesmaid of the 2nd princess exchanged fondly their appreciation of the successful festival.

    "The wizards were great, but have you seen the flying beasts from the foreign lands?"

    "Oh my god, it was amazing."

    Juliet didn't remember going around leisurely to watch the festival, but it seemed like she heard it at first glance.

    The emperor displayed rare beasts in front of people at a great cost.

    However, Juliet was not interested in the beast trapped in the cage and sat quietly and thought about Dahlia's identity.

    "So it turns out... Is the Duke of Carlyle out of town?"

    Someone asked carefully.

    Juliet, who raised her head, saw that the eyes of the ladies sitting in her salon were all facing her, so she knew it was a question for her.

    "I, I don't mean anything bad!"

    The lady who asked the question shook her hand desperately.

    "I'd like to invite you two together when you get back..... How do you like it?"


    Juliet hesitated because she didn't know what to say.

    'When Lennox returns with the crown.....'

    Juliet had a lot to talk to him about.

    Maybe Lennox wants to settle the relationship first?

    Juliet was about to open her mouth to answer.

    "Oh my, you guys were gathered here."

    "Your Majesty the Empress!"

    The ladies sitting in the hall stood up in unison to give an example.

    After receiving the greeting naturally, the empress sat at the empty opposite of Juliet.

    Juliet greets her politely.

    "I'm glad you look healthy, Empress."

    "Oh, does it look like that?"

    The empress smiled and rejoiced as if she had waited.

    Juliet really thought so.

    The empress had chronic hepatitis, so she refrained from going outside at this time. Even during the wedding, she did not make public appearances a few times.

    As if it were really serious, rumors circulated that some time ago, she had gone to the warm Baren area for recuperation.

    However, the empress looked much more relaxed than before, although her face did not look good.

    "I met a good therapist in Baren. It's not like a young man, and was very good....."

    The empress was quite excited and caught Juliet and showed off.

    In the much boring conversation, a young woman's voice was heard outside.

    "Your Majesty, the medicine is ready. Shall I take it?"

    It seemed that the empress's maid or caregiver had come.

    "Oh, come in."

    Juliet stared at the timing of her escape.

    "Then I'll get going, Your Majesty."

    As the empress would seize her, Juliet bowed gracefully and left the hall in a more impeccable posture. Following Juliet, other ladies rushed out of the house.

    The ladies scrambled and made a friendly suggestion. In the meantime, Juliet passed over a woman walking into the hall with a tray of medicine.

    "Um, Count Monad. If you don't mind, go to my house and get a tea...."

    "We've brought good tea leaves, too."

    But Juliet stopped there for a moment with a pale face. Then she turned right around and grabbed the sleeve of the woman who had just passed by.


    The woman caught in the sleeve screamed quietly.


    She only slightly grabbed her sleeve, but the woman threw away the tray she was holding as if she was greatly surprised.

    The wind made a loud noise and the silver tray rolled down the floor.

    "Count Monad? No, what's wrong?"

    The empress and her maids looked at Juliet in surprise. However, Juliet's eyes were on the woman who brought the medicine tray.


    Long scarlet blonde hair and blue-purple eyes.

    It was definitely Dahlia Fran.
    "Why, why are you doing this, lady!"

    The woman with blue-purple eyes cried.

    For a while, Juliet was frozen while holding the sleeves of her clothes.

    It was definitely Dahlia.

    Like a lie, what she thought was blurry about what she looked like, Juliet could clearly recall the moments she encountered Dahlia many times over.

    Even before Juliet could ask or say something to Dahlia, people came who heard the scream of Dahlia.

    "Oh my God, what's going on here?"

    But Dahlia acted like a stranger to Juliet.

    "Did I do something wrong with Miss Juliet?"


    "It, it hurts! Lady Monad....!"

    She just grabbed the sleeves of her clothes, but the woman cried with good timing as if her wrists were twisted.

    "Count Monad! What's all this noise?"

    When the embarrassed empress rose from Dahlia's scream, court maids flocked.

    "Let go of that hand, Count Monad!"

    The maid hurriedly pulled Juliet's shoulder due to the Empress's anger, and the wind made her stagger a little.

    My head turned white, so I couldn't say anything else.

    "Elizabeth, are you okay?"


    Juliet glared at the woman with a pale tired face.

    'Not Dahlia?'

    Juliet's eyes narrowed.

    "Yes, this child's name is Elizabeth Tillman."

    In the meantime, the Empress, who was unable to approach Juliet because of her strange power, quickly stepped in.

    "Elizabeth is the kid I met and brought from Baren. She has great healing powers and has suggested that she wants to be my maid."

    So I got the wrong person? Juliet stared silently at a woman named Elizabeth.

    'No way.'

    I don't know why she's using that name, but she was definitely Dahlia.

    "Elizabeth's family, Tillman, is also a great family."

    The empress rebuked Juliet.

    "I mean, not as much as the Count of Monad, but Elizabeth is also a precious family member!"

    It seemed that the Empress had completely decided to take on Dahlia, or Elizabeth. The Empress was dealing with Juliet as a villain who tormented the Empress's maid of honor.

    "So what's going on here? Elizabeth, speak with your own mouth."

    The empress said soothingly to the trembling Elizabeth.

    "I, I was just trying to get medicine for Her Majesty..... But the lady over here."

    Juliet burst into laughter for a moment. Is it because the sound of dropping the silver plate was quite loud or because this place is the hall in the middle of the palace?

    There were a lot of spectators in between.

    Juliet realized how this situation would look.

    The Empress's maid who was carrying a medicine tray. And the mistress of the unreputable duke, who argued against a young innocent maid.

    It will be a rare sight to see.

    Elizabeth, surrounded by supporting women, asked back with an innocent look.

    "Did I disrespect you, Lady Monad? Then please forgive me...."

    "You don't know me?"


    "You've been acting like you don't know me."

    Juliet asked a woman named Elizabeth again with an expressionless face.

    "We, haven't we met?"


    Elizabeth opened her eyes wide with the world's most innocent face.

    That seemed to be a sufficient answer. It was an indirect acknowledgment that they had never met.

    "Stop, Count Monad!"

    The Empress stepped in quickly.

    "I don't know what's going on, but Elizabeth is now my maid and therapist. I won't allow any more rudeness."

    The empress kicked her tongue with dignity as a superior.

    "Isn't Count Monad mistaken?"

    Even the court nobles and servants running errands were watching from afar.

    Juliet suddenly smiled.

    "Yes. I suppose so, Your Majesty."

    It was a clear admission, contrary to what she had persistently pushed against the empress's maid until now.

    Unexpectedly, when Juliet resigned in an innocent manner, the empress was a little embarrassed and ordered with dignity.

    ".....Hmm. Then apologize to Elizabeth, too."

    "I'm sorry to show you my ugly appearance, Your Majesty."

    When Juliet grabbed the hem of her dress and gave the empress a courtesy first with an impeccable manner, the empress looked a little inferior.

    Then Juliet turned and bowed down to Dahlia, that is, Elizabeth, who is being supported by other maids.

    "I made a mistake, Miss Elizabeth Tillman."

    "Ah. I'm fine...."

    "By the way."

    Juliet's head gleaming innocently glanced at her head.

    "You really don't know me?"

    "Count Monad!"

    The empress roared with astonishment.

    The spectators, who had been looking with interest at Juliet's bow and apology, began to giggle at the unexpected development.

    "Count, tell me what I did wrong and I'll fix it...."

    Elizabeth's big blue-purple eyes were filled with tears.

    "But please refrain from speaking harshly in front of Her Majesty. That would hurt her authority."


    Despite Elizabeth's plea, Juliet was only looking down at her with a shameless face.

    The bad thing in this situation was Juliet Monad, a wicked woman who picked on the poor woman who was not much of a big deal.

    "Well, Count Monad...."

    The ladies, who were less than kind to her, pulled Juliet's arm and stopped her.

    But Juliet didn't care how vicious she looked.

    "So you never met me or knew me?"

    Since long ago, Juliet never cared about anything like that.

    "Then it's definitely weird."

    Juliet's red lips drew a picturesque line.

    "Miss Elizabeth Tillman called me 'Miss Juliet' the moment I caught her. And she also called me 'Lady Monad'."

    "What's wrong with that?"

    Forgetting that she was angry, the empress asked as if she was wondering.

    "Oh, it's a lot strange, Your Majesty."

    Juliet smiled and responded calmly.

    "I heard that Elizabeth is from Baren, so it's her first time in the social circle of the imperial capital. Is that right?"

    "Bu, but?"

    "But..... The lady who didn't know me and never met me recognized my name and face at first sight. Among all these ladies."


    "That, That's true, isn't it?"

    "Clearly, she called her that way before Her Majesty called the real name of Count Monad, right?"

    "How did she know the name of Miss Monad?"

    One by one, the ladies began to agree. The empress was the most embarrassed when the left middle of the crowd began to sway.

    The maid, Elizabeth, was staring at Juliet with a mysterious face.

    "......What a deterrent, Count Monad! She might have overheard it and found out. Isn't it?"

    Juliet shrugged at the embarrassed empress. Juliet had no intention of harassing the empress anyway.

    Dahlia's face staring at Juliet was enough for her.

    "Of course it is. That's a valid point, Your Majesty."

    Juliet smiled and bowed gracefully again.

    "I'm sorry for the disturbance. Excuse me first."


    It was an impeccable and elegant movement. There was no one of her servants who followed her, but no one dared to seize her.

    Juliet, who came straight out of the palace, got into a carriage waiting outside the palace, lost in thought.

    'Dahlia is a healer?'

    Of course, it didn't happen in my previous life.

    There were so many rumors surrounding Dahlia in her previous life, but the most famous of them was that she was a miracle girl.

    Priests with powerful healing powers have always been precious. Dahlia, however, was not a priest but had a strong divine power, and was strongly supported by the Pope.

    'Is it correct that at least Dahlia has healing powers.'

    In the carriage, Juliet was obsessed with the idea.

    Sebastian, who supported Dahlia in her previous life, was expelled after he was found to be a fake in this life.

    So, what if Dahlia hasn't been able to show up until now, and now appeared with the empress's protection?

    'Marquis of Guinness then next is the Empress?'

    Juliet sighed softly.

    Elizabeth Tillman.

    Since Dahlia appeared under a new identity and name, she must have denied the connection with the Marquis of Guinness as well.

    "We're here, Count."


    Juliet, who raised her head after the carriage stopped, suddenly realized her mistake.

    Because she didn't say her destination properly, the horseman habitually led her to the Duke's mansion, not to the Count's.

    Juliet thought to turn the carriage, but she found a knight running after recognizing the carriage and got off the carriage.

    "Sir Jude."

    "Yes, Miss Juliet."

    Juliet glanced at Jude, who had been greeted, and asked.

    "Do you know Viscount Tillman?"

    Then Jude asked back curiously.

    "Let's see, Viscount Tillman. Isn't that the Central Knights family?"


    Juliet nodded to confirm that the memory was correct.

    "I've heard of it."

    Elizabeth Tillman.

    The family name Tillman was at least real among the names Dahlia is currently using.

    "Can you possibly find out about the family?"

    "It's not difficult. What do you want to know?

    "If Viscount Tillman has a daughter named 'Elizabeth'."

    "Yes, I will."

    Jude somehow nodded half-heartedly. Juliet, who was about to ask what was going on, then noticed that the Duke Carlyle's was strangely cluttered.

    "Miss Juliet!"

    In a somewhat awkward way, Jude interrupted Juliet.

    "I'll take you to the Count."


    Juliet's eyes narrowed.

    "What is going on?"

    "Ah.... It's no big deal."

    Jude avoided his gaze by saying it wasn't a big deal. However, he was not good at lying.

    "Sir Jude."

    “……They told me not to tell Miss Juliet!”

    Juliet paused.

    "Lennox.... What's wrong with His Grace?"

    Jude, who had been restless, could not hold out more when Juliet's complexion darkened and eventually confessed.

    "The Lord had an accident."
    Lennox Carlyle stood in front of a deep, enormous cavity.

    Only a large, empty hole was left behind in the ruins of the Marquis' mansion. A cavity that was so dark that the light could not reach it swallowed up his sight.

    It wasn't long before he stood in the familiar landscape again.

    [I wish you were as sick as I am.]

    The summer in the northern part of that year was refreshing and cool. But it was a hellish summer, at least for the people of the Duke.

    After losing her child, Juliet often went blank and spent time. Instead of crying or shouting, Juliet learned to harass him more efficiently.

    She started not to take care of herself.

    At a small level, such as breaking all the glass ornaments in the castle or breaking all the roses in the garden with bare hands.

    Thanks to that, he couldn't take his eyes off Juliet.

    It was more of a premonition. If he took his eyes off a little bit, he felt like Juliet would not be there.

    Juliet only smiled faintly when he was angry or pressed for sanity.

    It was only then that Juliet smiled faintly.

    But he didn't really know what made him angry.

    In fact, Lennox liked broken glass or broken flower beds. Such a thing was not worth the price.

    He only cared about her bare feet, which were injured by the broken glass, and her fingers stabbed by the rose thorn in front of his eyes.

    The man, who had never tightened his head in front of anyone, was willing to boil his knees under the bed of the woman whose feet were injured.

    One summer's dawn, the man suddenly realized something when he fixed the bandage around the woman's ankle.

    It was because of some certain childish and incomprehensible emotions that he looked into the still face of the sleeping woman.

    It was his mistake that he could cut it any time he wanted. Even in himself was an emotion that he realized too late.

    It was also too late to force Juliet, who only responds to his anger like an unknown young animal.

    The Marquis of Guinness gave her a beating, but it was the same for him to give her countless invisible scratches.

    [I hate to see you.]

    Juliet hated showing her skin. Even on hot days, she insisted on long clothes. To be exact, she did not want to show signs of persistent abuse.

    But from some point on, Juliet didn't even care about it. She was no longer ashamed of her scars and did not hide them from him, nor did she care about showing her thin back and shoulders.

    She even stopped secretly taking care of the lost snow fox cubs every year. It felt like a sign to Lennox.

    [Please kill me.]

    With a dry mouth that contained nothing, Juliet said one day.

    It was a word that he was so afraid of.

    Only then did he realize.

    Why he is so desperate for Juliet's facial expressions and words.

    There was no longer a woman who showed blind affection towards him.

    Juliet would not even give a cold piece of ridicule, even though he would lie down at her feet begging for affection.

    He didn't draw it directly, but it was him who drove Juliet to a corner.

    He was no different from the Marquis who abused her if the wounds that hurt her heart were carved on her skin.

    Juliet completely lost her will to live.

    Although he knew she was slowly drying up, the foolish man never knew how to let her go.

    Since then, he has been hanging around repeatedly in front of a closed door, but the woman who once closed her mind has never looked back on him.

    <What a pity.>

    Lennox suddenly looked up.

    <You are still afraid of being rejected. Isn't it?>

    The house-sized black panther twirled its elegant tail.

    <Right, do you think you can save your woman this time if you just get hold of that crown?>

    "..... Shut up."

    The black panther giggled with delight.

    <Well, even if you take care of the snake, it's a separate matter if she'll forgive you. Isn't that right?>

    At first glance, the humans who have contracted with Artifacts seem to have luckily obtained a strong power for no cost.

    But Lennox knew for sure.

    Sly and wicked beings beyond the dimension never give anything without a price.

    They had to pay by hearing and hallucination until they died, or for generations to come.

    Usually what evil spirits liked was negative emotions such as fear and pain.

    Lennox speculated that it was also the reason that this arrogant panther brought out the painful past.

    "Your Grace."

    Lennox looked back.

    The deputy looked at him with a worried look.

    They thought the Duke must have been worried because he looked only at the place where the mansion had collapsed for a long time.

    "Are you all right?"

    "There's nothing to be surprised about."

    Lennox replied as if it was insignificant.

    "No one's dead."

    Knights also followed him to look at the Marquis' mansion until a while ago.

    It was as he said.

    The Duke of Carlyle's party was almost swept away by the collapse, but they were safe because they came out at that time. Luckily, there were no injuries.

    "The collapse seems to be caused by the weakening ground."

    "It's been happening a lot in the South lately."

    "No wonder a mansion of this size is going to collapse....."

    Although the report was calmly reported, the appearance of the knights were unusual.

    They were all thinking the same thing.

    The Duke of Carlyle's journey to the south proceeded quietly. But the mansion collapsed in a timely manner, frightening him to step into the Marquis.

    He almost lost his life. It wouldn't be strange if someone artificially aimed for his life.

    "Is that what the Marquis of Guinness designed?"

    "But the Marquis is missing."

    Although officially missing, the knights knew that the Marquis of Guinness could no longer decorate anything.

    While the knights exchanged serious opinions, Lennox briefly looked into the huge hollow with nothing at all.

    <Hey, it reminds me of the old days.>

    It was an evil spirit in the form of a black panther that wandered by his side.

    <Don't you remember the old days? Hmm?>

    The black panther pressed his lips.

    It seemed that the black panther was immersed in memories, but Lennox understood what the evil spirit was saying.

    About twenty years ago, he was thrown into a den in the middle of a battlefield infested with demons of all kinds.

    The shape of the den was similar to this one. It was much cramped and filled with scary things.

    During his childhood there, he learned how appetizing the Carlyle's blood was and how dangerous demons can be invoked.

    The underground passage was impressive enough that the end could not be seen, but what was more surprising was the circular mark drawn around the hole.

    A moment ago, the collapse of the mansion revealed traces of the Marquis underground.

    "And now that I see it......"

    At first glance, it was a summoner that wizards would use.

    "What kind of summoner is this?"

    A round circle, starting from the surrounding forest, wrapped around the mansion. It was okay to assume that the entire mansion was a huge summon circle.

    Inside the summoning camp, there was a metaphysical pattern, which seemed to embody an animal that looked like a snake.

    And around it, scarlet transparent stone fragments that fell like powder stood out.

    Sir Milan frowned.

    "I think it's an artificial mana stone that the Marquis of Guinness was selling."

    Dolmay, which has an artificial color for promotion, was a trace of Mana Stone.

    The Marquis of Guinness pretended to excavate a mana stone mine early on, and in fact used a forbidden technique of making magic stone from the human body by catching orphans or vagrants.

    Even if it was not a wizard, most human bodies had even a little magic. It was crazy to really put it into practice.

    <Who do you think told him that?>

    A black panther approached a certain gap and brightened its eyes significantly.

    <The artificial way to create a Mana Stone.>

    Lennox moved without laughter.

    "He called it with this."

    "Yes? What do you mean?"

    "The body of the snake."



    Perhaps the evil spirit awakened by the Marquis of Guinness taught the Marquis how to artificially make mana stones. By saying it would roughly make him rich.

    The stupid Marquis of Guinness would have been pleased that the artificially crafted Mana Stone would bring fortune to him but in reality he was only used.

    Since the body of evil spirits is in different dimensions, no amount of divine intervention here could be overstated.

    <However, if the souls of humans are offered in return, the body can be summoned, although it is incomplete.>

    The black panther listening to the conversation smiled grimly.

    And the magic stones made by the Marquis at the expense of countless people would have been used to increase the power of the evil spirit called by the Marquis.

    His contractor, Lennox Carlyle is a human who does not want to deal with the devil, although it was an act he would never allow.

    It could be said that it was a very wise attitude because even if you gave permission to evil spirits to your heart's content, you could see the illusion without even attempting, or you only die because your mind is exhausted.

    Although the Marquis of Guinness did not know that.

    <We are supposed to be unable to speak. Because it's a promise.>

    The black panther slanted its tail in a pretty good mood.

    <However, some of us hate humans, but we have become completely similar.>

    Lennox fiddled with the knot tied to the sword belt.

    The duke's knight said that Juliet had asked if the Frans had a daughter.

    In other words, Juliet is likely to have contacted Dahlia in the past that he did not know. It was his least desired development.

    The crown is just a bait to bring him to this place, and in fact, what if she's done it to get in touch with Juliet like in the past?


    The active homing hawk landed gracefully in the knight's arm.


    "Yes, Your Grace."

    The knight with the hawk on his arm looked after him.

    "Tell the castle to get ready for hunting."

    Milan doubted his ears.



    The Duke of Carlyle replied, rushing to prepare for the start.

    But Milan asked back with a confused face.

    "What kind of hunting do you mean?"

    The castle referred to the North. But hunting all of a sudden?

    "I'm going to catch a snake."

    However, Duke Carlyle's answer was plain.
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