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    The more we learn about spirits the more I wonder why juliette's seems so tame compared to the others...
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    Thank you so much for updating, well i feel less hateful for Lennox because he did care abt Juliet in the past, the problem is Dalia alr manipulate mental both of them and Lennox is too proud to tell Juliet all the truth. I think the memory of juliet changed due to magic
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    Aww.... Dolores was eaten :blobpensive:
    Early in the morning, Juliet received a special guest from the South.


    "......What is this?"

    "It's a messenger hawk, Miss."

    A messenger bird had arrived from the south.

    When the well-trained messenger saw her, he pretended to have bound feet and pushed it out.

    It was a letter that was closer to a note rather than a letter according to the sentiment's nature. The content wasn't too long either.

    [I'll be back soon, so don't do anything dangerous and wait.]

    In that brief message from Lennox, there was no word of concern for Duke Carlyle himself.

    However, Juliet read the blunt message from the short line, telling her not to worry because he is distant.

    Since the hawk arrived this morning, Lennox was expected to arrive in the capital one day at the earliest and three days at the latest.

    It was not a special letter. Up to that point.

    'The question is......'

    [Do not trust anyone. Until I go back.]

    It was a short sentence scribbled at the end of the letter, like P.S.

    Juliet peered into the meaningful last line.

    Lennox Carlyle, whom she knows, wasn't an easy person to say this.

    Does the scope of 'anyone' include family and friends?

    After thinking for a moment, Juliet raised her head and made eye contact with those who were staring at her eagerly.

    The duke's secretaries were looking at her with a dying look on their face, wondering what the letter said.

    "He's coming."


    "He'll arrive in two days at the latest, and I don't think he's hurt."

    ".....Is, is that all?"

    "Yes. He's arriving soon, so don't wander around until then and stay quiet in the house."

    "Hoo. You're telling me."

    "That's right."

    Juliet folded the paper in half neatly.

    The duke's vassals hurriedly opened other letters in turn. However, there was nothing special about what Juliet came to.

    "There are no injuries."

    "That's a relief."

    "Anyway, I'm glad he's okay. Don't worry too much, miss."

    Juliet laughed.

    "I'm not worried."


    Juliet didn't worry much about his safety. She was contemplating what would happen after he returned.

    'I'll have to tell him.'

    When he came back, Juliet had something to tell him.

    Let's see who's at the palace.

    Juliet cast her eyes out the window.

    Winter must be in full swing in the north, but the capital city in the southwest of the continent has already become much warmer as spring is coming.

    Dahlia, who he was looking for, was in the capital city, not the south.

    What would Lennox look like if he returned to the capital and ran into Dahlia?

    Lennox told Juliet not to go out without an escort, but Juliet had something to check before he came back.

    For example, whether Dahlia was really behind the Marquis of Guinness in attempting to harm her, or what her purpose was.

    However, Juliet, who was going out for a while, was followed by two rather large escorts.

    The wizard at the top of <Mary Gold>, Esselid and Juliet's cousin, Theo, followed her.

    "Why are you following me?"

    "Can't you just say thank you?"

    Theo grumbled.

    Juliet's destination today was the Imperial Palace. There was something she wanted to check quietly at the palace.

    The carriage that carried them soon reached its destination. But the two men, Theo and Esselid, with swords on their waists, could not even enter the palace.

    "The escorts should be outside."

    The captain of the palace guard stopped them.

    "What? What nonsense is that?"


    Theo made an impression, but Juliet pushed him away and looked across the palace.

    At first glance, there hung a crimson flag that symbolizes the situation.

    It was the period of the full moon festival, so it seemed that the delegation of the Pope must have brought sacred embers.

    While the delegation of Pope was staying in the Imperial Palace, it was forbidden to bring swords into the Imperial Palace.

    "It's all right. You two, I'll be back."

    While Esselid dissuaded Theo from protesting, Juliet passed through the main gate of the Imperial palace with a maid wearing a bonnet.

    "Who is the person accompanying you?"

    When the guard asked, the woman wearing a large bonnet glanced at her face.

    Juliet answered quickly.

    "She's the Count's maid."

    "You may go in."

    The captain of the guard let Juliet and the Bonnet maid in without much doubt.

    Shortly after entering the palace, Juliet grabbed her hand as the maid tried to take off the bonnet.


    "If Dahlia recognizes you, you'll be in trouble."

    Dolores looked frightened and put on the bonnet again.

    Wearing a bonnet and disguised as Juliet's maid was Dolores.

    "Will she recognize Dolores?"

    "If Dahlia is the woman who manipulated the Marquis of Guinness, she will. So let's just quietly check the face and come out."

    Dolores, the adoptive daughter of the Marquis of Guinness, was confined in a clock tower and was entrusted to the Count after Juliet took her out.

    Juliet was not particularly fond of Dolores, who was bought by the Marquis and tried to hurt her, but she was innocent.

    Above all, Dolores had something to do for her today.

    Dolores was one of the few people who could confirm that Dahlia tried to harm Juliet by manipulating the Marquis.

    Juliet headed to the Empress' residence with Dolores disguised as a maid.

    "Evil is in your heart!"

    "Be wary of desires and tidy yourself up!"

    Knights wearing scarlet tunics walked around and shouted. It was a Paladin escorting the cardinals.

    The full moon festival of spring begins when a high-ranking priest dispatched from Lucerne visits the imperial family with a sacred ember.

    Perhaps because of that, priests were seen here and there.

    "The full moon festival is a little early this year."

    "I heard there was a rumor that the Pope would be on his way this year."

    The court officials were talking about him.

    Juliet, who was not in the capital at this time of the year, was of course, the first sight she saw.

    Come to think of it, among the news that Esselid asked, there was such a story.

    "The public opinion about the imperial family is not very good. There's been a series of disturbing incidents."

    The emperor's excessive attempt to hold large-scale events and show off the dignity of the imperial family was to calm public opinion.

    "There are rumors that the temple has found the Book of Prophecy."

    There was also such a story.

    If the existence of the prophetic book was truly revealed, the emperor would be in quite a difficult situation.

    It was already the temple threatening the royal authority, and there was nothing good for the emperor if the Book of Prophecy appeared at this time.

    "Oh, Count Monad."

    As she approached the Empress Palace, she saw tables lined up in the outer courtyard.

    The ladies sitting at a remote table found Juliet and pretended to know her first.

    Some smiled vaguely as they recalled their last awkward encounter.

    "I didn't expect you to come."

    "Is Count Monad here to get blessings?"

    Juliet looked around her head.


    "Yes, the Cardinal is talking to Her Majesty the Empress right now."

    An empress was seen over the wide-open terrace window. Sitting opposite the Empress was a cardinal in a scarlet priestly suit.

    The empress's entourage was gathered around them, including the maid in the court.

    Juliet blinked at the sight of a dark blond woman waiting right next to the Empress.

    'Now the name is Elizabeth Tillman.'

    After Juliet stepped down the previous day, Elizabeth Tillman, a maid from Baren, quickly became famous.

    Rumors of carelessness were already spreading about the war of nerves between the Empress's new maid and Count Monad.

    "We have to wait quite a while to see the cardinal."

    The ladies with handkerchiefs glanced inside as if they were upset.

    Everyone seemed to want to be blessed by a high priest from far away, but it was only the empress and her close wives who could get close to the cardinal.

    Nevertheless, Juliet, who was not interested in blessings, deliberately sat out.

    It was then.

    Dolores pulled Juliet's collar in excitement.

    ".....That's right. That's her!"

    Dolores whispered to Juliet.

    "That's the woman the Marquis was serving very hard!"

    The ladies around looked curious.

    "Oh, who is that lady?"

    "......My maid."

    Juliet briefly explained to the ladies and asked Dolores quietly.

    "Is it the face you know for sure?"

    "Yes! Dolores definitely saw it!"

    Dolores seemed surprised and excited to see the woman again who she had not even remembered the name.

    "How much the Marquis of Guinness upheld her!"

    In a convincing tone, Dolores described what Dahlia was doing when she stayed in the marquis.

    "That woman is the one who taught the Marquis how to make a mana stone with that water."

    Juliet looked at Dolores for a moment.

    Not long ago, Dolores did not even remember Dahlia's name. However, as soon as she saw Dahlia from afar, she recovered his memory.

    'That's just like me.'

    Juliet had a similar experience. The moment she saw Dahlia again like a lie, she was confused about what Dahlia looked like.

    What did Dahlia, who was staying in the East Tower, do to her.

    Dolores's words were lengthy, but the key was that the Marquis of Guinness worshipped Dahlia's words as if he were serving God.

    "But how is she in the palace?"

    Dolores suddenly asked curiously.

    "That's right."

    Juliet's eyes naturally narrowed.
    The same was true of Juliet, who could not answer Dolores' questions.

    Juliet slowly looked in the direction where the Empress and Dahlia were sitting.

    Thanks to sitting at a remote outside table on purpose, people inside didn't even know Juliet was there.

    Juliet had been thinking about Dahlia for years, but she never imagined that she would encounter her in this way.

    She didn't think they'll meet in the absence of Lennox.

    "I've confirmed it, it's okay."

    Juliet quietly pulled Dolores away.

    "Stop, let's go back."

    "You, you're going to leave like this?"


    But the enraged Dolores shook off Juliet's hand.

    "But that woman is an accomplice to the Marquis of Guinness!"

    It's the same with you.....

    Of course Juliet didn't say that.

    "Dolores is locked up in a clock tower, and so is the Marquis of Guinness. So she should be punished, too!"

    However, Juliet, who confirmed that Dahlia was the same person as the woman who bought the Marquis of Guinness, did not want to create a noisy scene.

    "Your Majesty, it's time to take the medicine."

    "Oh my. Is the time already like that?"

    Dahlia lovingly brought a medicine tray to the empress.

    "Cardinal, this child is the one I care about these days."

    The Empress boasted Elizabeth to Cardinal Gilliam, who sat beside her.

    "Elizabeth has excellent healing powers."

    "Hoo, healing powers?"

    Cardinal Gilliam quickly glanced up and down Dahlia with admiring eyes.

    "This is a rare talent."

    Juliet, who was watching the scene, suddenly wondered.

    'Why would she bring her medicine when she has healing powers?'

    Is it a combination of healing and prescription?

    Once she began to doubt it, suspicion bit on the tail.

    "It won't work anyway. There's no evidence."

    Moreover, Dahlia seemed to have the ability to manipulate human memory.


    Dolores was very unhappy that Dahlia was standing next to the Empress in good condition.

    "....Um, Dolores will bring the carriage. Miss, wait here for a moment."

    Dolores quickly ran out without waiting for Juliet's answer.

    A long time later, Dolores was not the one who brought the Count's carriage.

    It was Esselid and Theo, who had stolen the horseman's clothes and sneaked into the palace.


    As Juliet blinked, not knowing what to point out, Esselid and Theo, who were looking around after getting out of the carriage, asked at the same time.

    "......Is that her?"

    "Is that 'Dahlia'?"

    Neither of them told her about it, but they managed to recognize Dahlia and opened their eyes wide.

    Theo and Esselid did not know who Dahlia was, but at least they knew Juliet had come to check on her.

    "Yes, but now her name is Elizabeth Tillman, not Dahlia."

    "What's that?"

    "It's just that."

    "Damn. It's so complicated."

    Theo complained.

    And, as Sir Jude confirmed, surprisingly, the Tillman's said they had a youngest daughter named 'Elizabeth'.

    'The youngest daughter who doesn't even exist in the records.'

    That was quite meaningful.

    'Is the memory of the people of the Tillman family fabricated?'

    Juliet seemed to have a vague idea of how Dahlia had appear here and there.

    The ability to manipulate memories. It was an absurdly scary ability if the guess was right.

    "Where's Dolores?"

    "Dolores? Why that woman?"

    "Didn't Dolores call you here?"

    When Juliet and Theo looked at each other like in a snowball fight, Esselid stepped in and mediated the situation.

    "She said she would go back in another carriage first."

    "....Is it Dolores?"

    When Juliet was suspicious, Esselid confirmed it.


    Juliet was a little worried.

    What if you wander alone and get into something in the imperial palace?

    Dolores, who had burned hostility towards Dahlia, was on her mind, but Theo and Esselid's reaction was sour.

    "Maybe she ran away."

    "Don't worry too much. Let's get people to look for her."

    Juliet was forced to climb up.

    "But aren't you too protective of her?"

    Esselid started the carriage himself and asked.

    "She put the Miss in danger. Honestly, I'm still reluctant."

    "Dolores is in a position of being used."

    But Theo, who was nodding his head, blurted out.

    "That's weird. Where have I seen that woman before?"


    "That woman named Dahlia."


    When you saw her she looks familiar? Juliet, who was puzzled for a moment, soon convinced herself.

    Somehow, it was a combination that wasn't unfamiliar. The two had briefly passed by Dahlia when they sneaked into Carcassonne's black market. Unlike Theo's appearance, he had a surprisingly good eye.


    Theo's answer, however, was completely unexpected.

    "I remember, where I saw her."

    Theo was confident with his fingers tinged.

    "That woman, she looks like the kid I saw in Lucerne."

    "The kid? Who?"

    "Well, I mean the dead sister of the fake pope guy."

    ....Fake pope?

    With a new story, Juliet and Esselid reflected on what they had experienced in Lucerne.

    Come to think of it, Sebastian, the crazy pope who kidnapped Juliet, had a sister who died when she was young.

    "You mean Genovia?"

    "I don't know. Was it that name? Anyway, that girl."

    Genovia was a genius who was born with one of the best divine powers. But perhaps because of her abilities, she died at a young age in a fire accident, and her divine power was left only as a soul stone.

    After that, Sebastian used the soul stone of his deceased sister to rise to the position of the pope.

    They had seen a portrait of the dead Genovia in a locket necklace.

    "It certainly is."

    Juliet tried to snort nonsense, but Esselid nodded seriously.

    "She looks a lot like that portrait."

    "..... But last time, you said Genovia looked like me?"

    Juliet spoke in a shameless way.

    She also saw a portrait of Genovia.

    "Yeah. That's why the crazy pope kidnapped you."

    Theo grumbled as if he was getting angry.

    "But how can you say that Genovia and Dahlia look alike?"

    "Well, oddly enough, you both resemble that dead girl named Genovia."

    Esselid quickly added, looking at Juliet's eyes.

    "Even though Miss Juliet and that woman named Dahlia are not alike at all."

    Juliet frowned. She couldn't feel good to hear that she looked like her opponent who had been in a bad relationship since her previous life.


    But when I thought so, it was right.

    It was also one of the questions Juliet had long wondered.

    The question is whether he fully supported Dahlia.

    It was true that there was some doubt that it was simply because of the divine power or healing power of Dahlia.

    'But as they say, if Dahlia and Genovia look alike, it can be explained.'

    If Dahlia, who resembles his dead sister and has healing powers, appeared in front of him, Sebastian would have been fascinated by her.

    But how is that possible?

    "Well, there are three people in the world who look alike."

    When Juliet's complexion wasn't very good, Esselid groaned as if he were going through it.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    As Juliet speculated, Dolores was still in the palace.

    'Huh, you think I'm gonna give up?'

    Juliet said there was no way to catch Dahlia, but Dolores had no intention of leaving Dahlia alone.

    Dolores was just paid to do what the Marquis of Guinness told him to do, but she was imprisoned and had to suffer.

    Even the Marquis of Guinness collapsed and she did not receive the balance.

    However, the suspicious woman named Dahlia became the empress's maid, even though she bought the Marquis of Guinness's plan!

    'This is ridiculous.'

    Dolores thought that the woman would have to pay for the crime, too.

    Dolores crept down the hall with quick steps.

    'Where should I go from here.....'

    A woman came into the eyes of Dolores, who had been looking back on the way she had come.


    Dolores tried to ask how to get to the inside of the Empress Palace.

    But the woman who stopped and looked back at Dolores was unexpectedly the woman she was looking for, Dahlia.

    "You know me, don't you?"

    Dolores, who was struggling with Dahlia, couldn't miss the opportunity.

    Just in time, Dahlia was alone.

    Dahlia asked back with a blank expression.

    "How do I know you?"

    "What? I saw you in the mansion of the Marquis of Guinness!"

    Then the blonde Dahlia looked away.

    "You remember me? How?"

    "Don't think about losing your footing!"

    Dolores put her hand on her waist, thinking she was going to pretend.

    "Because I remember all of you? You've really blown up the Marquis of Guinness?"

    Dolores wrote down everything that had happened in the Southern Marquis in order not to lose her memory since Juliet questioned her.

    Thanks to this, Dolores clearly remembered what Dahlia had done with the Marquis of Guinness.

    "You've made vagrants and orphans build the mana stones alive!"

    However, the suspicious woman, now under the pseudonym Elizabeth, only stared at Dolores with shrewd eyes.

    "He, hey!"

    It was when Dolores, uncomfortable with the gaze, called her back.

    <A useless thing.>


    When Dolores was a little scared and stepped back, it was a murky voice that came out of Dahlia's mouth.

    A completely different voice than a while ago, whether it was a man or a woman, overlapped.

    "Some, somebody help me....!"

    A frightened Dolores looked around for help, but no one was seen.

    Dolores, who met Dahlia's eyes again, was so surprised that she could not scream and fell on the spot.

    Apparently, Dahlia's eyes, which had whites a little while ago, were black and shiny.


    Dolores trembled and tried to escape desperately.

    At the next moment, the presence in front of Dolores' eyes no longer took the form of a human woman. It was a huge yellow snake with its mouth wide open.

    After a while.

    Crack, crack.

    A faint scream died down with an eerie sound.
    "Dolores didn't come back?"

    After a while, Juliet, who returned to the count, was told that Dolores had not come to the mansion.

    "Yes, I think she already fled outside the palace."

    However, it was a difficult explanation for Juliet.

    Dolores didn't have to bother and run away.

    It wasn't that she was forced to hold it, and it's strange that she disappeared at the imperial palace.

    In addition, the eyes of Dahlia were on my mind. Perhaps she was missing rather than running away.

    'I wanted to ask Dolores a few more questions.'

    For example, the method of taking away other people's spirits.

    Juliet was still thinking.

    Dolores said that the Marquis of Guinness had trained Dolores to take the spirits of others.

    The reason they were convinced that they had taken control of the butterfly monster from Juliet, who pretended to be hypnotized, was because they had trained in that way.

    'That's too bad.'

    But as soon as Juliet walked into the house, she forgot about Dolores.



    Somehow, she thought it was a mess, and the Count's small yard was full of workers who packed their luggage.

    Juliet blinked and asked with a puzzled look.

    "You're leaving?"

    "Yes. I have something urgent to deal with."

    Upon returning home, Lionel Lebatan was ready to leave, waiting for Juliet.

    Juliet hesitated and grabbed her maternal grandfather.

    "But..... All of a sudden?"

    "I'm sorry."

    Juliet only remembered that he was a wanted man after hearing Lionel's answer. He must have risked coming here to meet Juliet secretly.

    Juliet pressed herself, but she couldn't let go of her grandfather's arm, which she held in regret.

    "We'll see each other again soon, Juliet."

    Lionel Lebatan soothed her by pressing her hand.

    "I'll leave Theo instead."

    "No, when did you ask my thoughts?"

    Theo grumbled behind him.

    Unfortunately, when she came back after seeing him off, Esselid was waiting for Juliet with a bunch of books piled up in the living room.

    "Don't worry too much. Well, it's not like you can't see the elder forever. Rather, Miss should read this with me."

    As he said so, Esselid tapped a pile of books on the table.

    "What's this?"

    "Here's the information you asked for."

    Without much explanation, Juliet understood that it was information about the artifacts she had requested. However, Juliet, who was looking through the book for a while, looked around her.


    "Yes. Is there a problem?"

    Esselid asked back brazenly.

    Looking at his sloppy expression, it was clear that he knew what was the problem.

    "This is a children's book, isn't it?"

    It is. Everything that Esselid brought out was old storybooks. It is also read at the bedside of young children.

    "You don't know. Just because it's an old story, you shouldn't look at it lightly."

    Esselid pulled out a book and spoke solemnly.

    "What is an old story? It's a meaningful story that was passed down for hundreds of years. Inside it is a huge secret that we couldn't even imagine..."


    "......I couldn't help it. As you said, I looked it up, and it turned out to be a fairy tale book?"

    Esselid's explanation was this.

    Esselid literally extracted all the books that were related to the word 'Snowdrop' or 'Artifact.'

    However, those materials were either books written in ancient texts that neither Esselid could interpret, or ordinary children's books that Juliet could read.

    "But you and I can't read ancient texts. It takes two more months to interpret."

    But we can't let go of that period, so at least read a storybook.

    Juliet took a book and opened it with a sigh.

    There were many familiar old stories from childhood.

    The first chapter of the story was about the 'Imitator Snake'.

    It's the story of a strange snake that eats people or animals because it doesn't have its true form and lives by imitating their appearance.


    Juliet thought in her head.

    Come to think of it, I think someone talked about snakes recently.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Elizabeth Tillman became a celebrity overnight.

    People who hated Juliet especially welcomed the rumor that the beautiful woman, who was favored by the Empress, had openly confronted Juliet from the first day.

    "Here, come this way. Miss Elizabeth!"

    People struggled to look good on the empress' new maid of honor.

    "Oh, we heard it, too."

    "The Count of Monad was rude to Miss Elizabeth, right?"

    "It's understandable."

    "Juliet Monad is a character who can't stand without attention."

    "So she's still attached to the Duke of Carlyle."

    Originally, there was no interest in a maid who seemed to be nothing special from a lower aristocrat. Elizabeth Tillman, however, was more of a therapist than an official maid.

    In addition, the empress praised Elizabeth to the point her mouth dries up, and it was intriguing that she pretended with 'that' Juliet Monad.

    "Since Elizabeth came, I have been able to sleep comfortably. What a blessed power!"

    So Elizabeth Tillman was able to easily blend in with people.

    Thanks to this, Elizabeth could know anything.

    For example, public gossip in society.

    "What's she like?"

    "The Count of Monad? Ah."

    A ridicule came out.

    Juliet Monad has been the prey that socialites have liked most over the years.

    "A great woman, really."

    "For years, Juliet Monad has been chasing Duke Carlyle."

    "Unlike other women, she was tough."

    Elizabeth, who had been listening for a long time, looked around her head.

    "Then are they separated now?"

    "Ah. That's....it's a little vague."

    "I heard they broke up."

    "But at the last banquet, I'm sure you all saw it."


    The nobles who were talking back excitedly shut their mouths for a moment.

    Many of the nobles seated together were present at the site where the Duke of Carlyle took the sword and threw it.

    "Yes. That's the weird thing."

    "So they haven't broken up yet?"

    "The Duke of Carlyle has never accepted a woman who broke up once, so perhaps......."

    "I heard that Juliet Monad almost made an extreme choice and accepted it?"

    Elizabeth, who was listening silently, grinned.

    "...So you mean Duke Carlyle still has a heart for a woman named Juliet Monad?"

    "That, rather than that..."

    "Oh, I'm not sure. Isn't it more likely that Juliet Monad is hanging on to Duke Carlyle?"

    "That's right. It was Juliet Monad who had been chasing the Duke for as long as seven years."

    "I was ashamed of people watching. What kind of woman didn't even have pride...."

    Elizabeth, surrounded by people, suddenly glanced toward the entrance.

    For a moment, people closed their mouths and looked in the same direction. Juliet Monad, whom they had just spoken of, was just entering.

    "Oh, she's shameless too."

    "As expected, she's here today."

    Juliet got off the horse, not paying attention to the people who were whispering.

    It was customary to ride horses instead of carriages for Lent events.

    It was only the closest members of the royal family or descendants of a historic distinguished family who were invited to the meeting today.

    This is because it was a welcoming ceremony for the delegation from Lucerne ahead of Lent.

    "Elizabeth has great healing powers."

    As soon as Juliet confirmed her arrival at the equestrian track, the empress praised Elizabeth to the delegation surrounding her.

    "I happened to see Elizabeth, who was taking care of sick people in Baren. What a sweetheart."

    "I'm flattered, Your Majesty. I just did what I had to do."

    It was especially rare for non-priests to have healing powers, so everyone's attention was directed from Juliet to Elizabeth.

    Juliet, who was approaching them, smiled. The Empress did not seem to like Juliet's attention.

    "Oh, healing power. That's great."

    The eyes of the Cardinal's party glistened at Dahlia.

    "Today's horseback event was also proposed by Elizabeth. Isn't she smart?"

    In fact, it was not unusual for ladies to ride on Lent.

    In the past, the tradition of driving sheep gradually changed, and it became an event for noble ladies to take turns on horseback riding tracks.


    In her previous life, Juliet had an accident of falling from her horse.

    Although Lennox did not have trauma as he overreacted, Juliet has recently relapsed into her past memories.

    It was none other than Dahlia who reached out to Juliet, who was frightened and was about to run with her child.

    “I'll help you,” she said, and kindly prepared for her to run away.

    It was a suspicious kindness everywhere, but Juliet in the foolish past never thought of doubting her.

    According to what she heard, the woman enshrined in the East Tower is bright and pure, unlike her, and she is an amazing girl of prophecy who was loved by the Pope.

    Horseback riding was one of Juliet's few talents, but unfortunately, on the day she ran away on horseback, she couldn't control the horse running madly and fell before leaving the northern forest.

    And the woman who spoke to her in person was right in front of her.

    Is it a coincidence that such a woman is bringing up memories of the past that Juliet will never forget?
    'If so, I'm not the only one who remembers the past life.'

    She could tell just by looking at Dahlia's actions and her attitude in front of the Empress, who seemed to know Juliet well.

    Juliet wasn't the only one who knew what Juliet looked like in her previous life.

    Juliet didn't yet know why Lennox had come to know the memories of the past that she remembered alone.

    Maybe Dahlia also happened to know.

    However, I had an intuition that it was different from that.

    'What's the alternative purpose?'

    Juliet's friend and wizard at the top, Esselid, had speculated that Dahlia might be a powerful wizard.

    'Maybe it's Dahlia who sent me here.'

    Juliet was thinking about it, and someone suddenly asked.

    It was Dahlia.

    "Is there anything you're afraid of, Lady Monad?"

    It's just the title.

    The rather awkward title of 'Lady Monad' is from Juliet's past in the North, It was the title that the people of the castle used to call her.

    "Why can't I be afraid?"

    Juliet smiled sweetly.

    "I'm very scared. For example......"

    Juliet's hand, which was sweeping the horse's nose, moved to the saddle on the horse's back.

    "I'm afraid someone might have hidden a sharp nail under the saddle."


    Other people there seemed to be unable to understand what that meant.

    However, Elizabeth Tillman spoke with great significance.

    "Then be careful. For your precious family."

    At Elizabeth's words, Juliet looked at the Empress's maid with a cool smile.

    People around them intervened cautiously.

    "Well, Miss Elizabeth."

    "The Count of Monad has no close relatives."

    "That's right. Both parents died a long time ago."

    "Oh, is that so? I didn't know it at all. I'm not good at social etiquette."

    Elizabeth stretched her eyebrows as if she didn't know.

    "Please forgive the rudeness, Lady. I wasn't like a lady."

    Instead of Juliet, the person concerned, the people around her made a fuss and soothed Elizabeth.

    "It's okay. You don't know, but it could be."

    "That's about it, all you have to do is get to know gradually in the future."

    "It's like a lady to learn from mistakes one by one."

    "Isn't that right, Miss Juliet?"

    Juliet, who smiled once, answered in a lady-like way.


    When Juliet, who was riding on the horse, pulled the reins, the horse kicked the sand floor and sprinkled sand on the onlookers.


    "Mo, Count Monad!"

    "What is this...!"

    "Oh my."

    Juliet paused and gave an embarrassed look.

    "I'm sorry. I'm not good at horseback riding."

    "Have you heard?"

    "Aha, what happened on the ladies' horseback riding course?"

    A little far away, a group of nobles were looking down the horseback riding course. They made a kite in the background, and they were drinking and sipping in the shade.

    By far the topic was the war of nerves between the Empress's therapist and Count Monad.

    In the sunlight, Elizabeth Tillman looked like an impeccably youthful noble lady. She was bright and cute.

    "Why is Count Monad so grumpy when a beautiful woman has come into the palace?"

    "It's obvious. A woman's jealousy is scary anyway."

    "I think she felt a sense of crisis because the beauty of that maid, Elizabeth, was considerable."

    A vulgar giggle flowed out.

    "Meanwhile, how nice would it be if Count Monad smiled a little?"

    “Juliet Monad is a good match for stealing.”

    "If she's thrown by the Duke, she'll stop. Anyway, you don't know the subject."

    Slowly, each of those who had malice toward Juliet Monad began to help out with a word.

    In fact, Juliet has a bad reputation in society because she is the Duke of Carlyle's lover.

    Since Duke Carlyle threatened them a month ago at the Imperial Palace banquet hall, they have not even made eye contact with her publicly, but now Duke Carlyle is not in the capital.

    "That's right. What if they're even."

    "If Duke Carlyle gets bored, that woman will be nothing."

    "Isn't that right, Prince?"

    Among the group with bad mouth is the 2nd Prince, Klop was also in it.


    Suddenly, Klop kicked the table leg.

    "The Duke of Carlyle!"

    Klop, who was listening silently, suddenly got angry.

    "You, Your Majesty?"

    "Hey! Is there anything else you can talk about except the Duke?"

    The 2nd Prince, Klop, got angry and stormed out of his seat.

    He was boiling inside.

    'You're a thorn in my eye.'

    Klop, who is the same age as the Duke, had to be compared to Lennox Carlyle in all cases from the time he was growing up.

    But how can he beat a monster who won his name and regained his title with his own hands before he was less than twenty?

    Just the last time the Marquis of Guinness happened.

    As no one knows, Klop actually invested a considerable amount of money in the Marquis of Guinness.

    Although he knew the Marquis was plotting something, he secretly raised funds hoping to bring down the Duke of Carlyle.

    However, the cunning Duke of Carlyle put the Marquis of Guinness into a corner even by deceiving the emperor in the guise of his own death, rather than fall apart.

    So what was the result?

    It was the Marquis of Guinness who collapsed.

    He tried to instigate a nobleman to stop the Duke of Carlyle from devouring the South, but the Marquis' property fell into the hands of Carlyle.

    'But he's a duke and I'm from the royal family....!'

    Klop panted, but it was not good enough to remove his anger.

    It was then.

    "Well, you're the 2nd prince, aren't you?"

    Suddenly, a cheerful voice was heard behind his back.

    "Who is it?"

    "I see the 2nd Prince."

    As he raised his head, a scarlet blonde woman stood.

    The woman greeted with a smile.

    "My name is Elizabeth Tillman. I have the Empress in my care."

    "Ah.....You're mother's therapist. Get up."

    Klop scanned Elizabeth up and down with a disagreeable look.

    "I'm sorry, prince. I overheard the Prince's conversation a while ago and followed him."

    Conversation? Are you talking about the conversation that disgusted me with the word 'Duke Carlyle'?

    Klop, suspicious of the character, was wary of Elizabeth for now.

    "So speaking, I think I can help the Prince."

    But as Elizabeth came a step closer, Klop lost his mind.

    '......What was I just thinking?'

    "I'll definitely help you beat Duke Carlyle."

    Somewhere, it seemed that I could hear the sound of a hissing snake.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Theo chased her from behind, but Juliet ran with the wind and left the horseback riding course.

    Dahlia's words were a clear threat.

    "Then be careful. For your precious family."

    It was an unpleasant warning that she knew about the existence of her maternal grandfather and other relatives.

    Theo rode a horse for a long time and caught Juliet.

    "Hey, what's the matter?"

    As soon as Juliet saw his face, she tried to ask the first question she was curious about.

    "Is grandfather....."

    Juliet, who tried to ask if he knew where her maternal grandfather was, paused for a moment. Somehow, she felt a strange look.

    Juliet suddenly looked at the grass without anything.

    "Why don't you talk?"

    Theo urged Juliet with curiosity.

    "No, that's."

    At the moment, the warning of Lennox's letter crossed my mind.

    'Don't trust anyone.'

    Why did Dahlia bring up Juliet's family in such a situation? To show off that she knows my venerable grandfather, who is wanted?

    'That's not it.'

    Juliet regained her coolness surprisingly quickly.

    This was inside the palace. There could be eyes and ears everywhere.

    Juliet spoke in a nonchalant manner.

    "Theo, will you send someone to Lebatan?"

    "What? Why?"

    "I have a message for grandfather."

    Juliet said calmly and calmly.

    "But why on Lebatan....."

    He wondered for a moment, but he understood what Juliet meant.

    Lionel Lebatan is currently not in Lebatan. In other words, Juliet was intentionally trying to deceive someone.

    Juliet's confrontation with the snake.
    "Yes. Let's do it."

    Shortly after Theo left, someone approached Juliet and spoke to her. He was one of the Paladins escorting the delegation.

    "Excuse me, Lady."

    Wearing a crimson tunic, the Paladin guided Juliet somewhere.

    "He is asking to see you."

    Unexpectedly, the place he guided was an outdoor small theater in the temple, a little away from the square.

    The person who wanted to meet Juliet was the Lucerne temple's proxy, Cardinal Gilliam.

    The cardinal was watching a play performed by young apprentices with a pleased face.

    "Long time no see, Miss Monad."

    "Yes, how have you been?"

    Cardinal Gilliam was somewhat acquainted with Juliet. It wasn't a good enough relationship to greet each other face to face.

    "Did you want to see me?"

    "That's right."

    Cardinal Gilliam struck Juliet with a dignified overthrow and asked.

    "Where's the Soul Stone, Miss Juliet?"

    "It's not in my hands."

    Unexpectedly, Cardinal Gilliam did not ask more questions. He only had an amazed look on his face.

    "It's a precious treasure in the temple, Miss Monad."

    "Even if it's not, I know the temple has a lot of treasures."

    Juliet replied politely.

    Relics called Regalia were typical.

    Juliet glanced at Cardinal Gilliam's left hand. A large ring was inserted into the cardinal's left hand, which seemed a little fancy.

    The ring, called the 'Fisherman's Ring', was also one of the regalia.

    It was intended to prove that he was a proxy of the temple.

    'But what does that do?'

    Juliet thought in her head.

    Come to think of it, a fisherman's ring may be a famous holy object, but she has never heard of its power to cause miracles, only as a symbol of the temple.

    Is that healing?

    "If you continue to be uncooperative in that way, we won't be still on our side."

    'I'm not uncooperative, it's really impossible to return the Soul Stone.'

    Juliet knew that Genovia's Soul Stone was used to heal Duke Carlyle's eyes. She thought she couldn't give it back even if she had to give it back.

    "Miss Monad, do you know what that play is about?"


    Cardinal Gilliam suddenly pointed to the hemispherical theater hall.

    There was a play performance prepared by young priests to celebrate Lent.

    The level was not so high because they were children, and the content was also a common old story that any citizen would know.

    "My voice, I have nothing more to offer you. Please help me one more time."

    "Then give me your first child."

    The king's tailor enters the forest with the intention of taking his own life, where he meets a suspicious voice.

    The tailor goes over to the friendly voice, confesses his concerns, and makes a contract when the other person who he knows nothing about but his voice, says that he will solve his concerns.

    After that, for the next 10 years, the tailor made success after success, became a great rich man, and lived happily with his wife. At that time, the contract partner, whom he had forgotten about, comes.

    And it was the day when the hard-earned child was born after 10 years. The frightened tailor tries everything he can to get rid of his contract partner, but fails.

    The contractor was actually the devil, and as promised 10 years ago, he eventually took his first child and slowly disappeared into the forest.

    'Is the lesson about "Let's not believe in suspicious beings"?'

    Juliet thought vaguely.

    "Evil spirits are beings that subtly penetrate human desires."

    Cardinal Gilliam spoke as if admonishing a child.

    "Same as Miss Monad's silver key."


    Juliet opened her eyes slowly when he suddenly talked about artifacts.

    "It's an evil spirit. You know, right?

    "Who said that? This is a family heirloom."

    "His Holiness Hildegarde said."

    Hildegarde was the predecessor of the pope that Juliet met in Lucerne.

    When Juliet was kidnapped by the fake pope, Sebastian, Hildegarde was also in a dungeon.

    "Why are you mentioning my stuff all of a sudden?"

    Cardinal Gilliam proposed with a serious look.

    "I won't ask about the missing Soul Stone anymore. But, why don't you hand over that dangerous artifact to us?"

    Juliet was dumbfounded, so she laughed.

    "I have a question, Cardinal."


    "Is it true that the book of prophecy was found?"

    ".....Who did you hear from?"

    Cardinal Gilliam's eyes shined.

    However, it was not surprising.

    "Everyone did."

    "Yes, it's true."

    Cardinal Gilliam somehow spoke like a man trying not to show off.

    Juliet didn't panic.

    An old stone tablet was once found, which was called the Book of Prophecy because it accurately predicted a series of disasters.

    For example, the lake in the palace was reddened.

    Juliet asked with a grin.

    "If I ask you to exchange this key with the book of prophecy, will you give it to me?"

    ".....Miss Juliet."

    "You can't, can you? It's just like that."

    "It's different! Relics establish the order of the world, while Miss Juliet's key artifact only confuses the world."

    "I don't know such a great story."

    Cardinal Gilliam, who was staring at Juliet for a moment, sighed.

    ".........He said you would say that."


    "His Holiness Hildegarde."

    Cardinal Gilliam held out the ring he was wearing, apparently unwilling.

    "It is a fisherman's ring, a third-class relic.

    "Why would you give this to me?"

    "That's also the order of the Pope."

    Cardinal Gilliam snapped.

    "He said it would protect Miss Juliet from artifacts possessed by evil spirits."

    Juliet was a little worried.

    She thought it would be more difficult to protect herself without butterflies.

    'And the butterflies disappeared last time.'

    Because of the soul stone of Genovia, the butterflies had disappeared for a while. She doesn't know the cause, but after that, Juliet felt a little uncomfortable with a divine object.

    Juliet took the fisherman's ring with her carefully gloved hand for now.

    "Tell him thank you."

    Once you receive it, you can hide it somewhere deep without touching it with your bare hands. It was such a light idea.

    When Juliet came out of the temple's small theater, the sun was going down little by little.

    After quietly exiting the small theater, Juliet called out the butterflies, conscious of the convex ring she had in her silk pocket. Fortunately, the butterflies were summoned perfectly.

    It seemed that it did not disappear just by touching the relic.

    A little relieved, Juliet slowly strolled through the streets.

    Events were in full swing in the city to commemorate Lent. Juliet stopped walking in front of the temporary amphitheater.

    The highlight of Lent was the struggle to fight the beasts who had been handed down from various places to the Colosseum, bet money, and put up a fight."

    "Get up right now!"

    "Damn, how much I bet!"

    An excited shout went back and forth. Juliet frowned.

    A giant rhino monster with leather skin as hard as an armor fell on the floor and groaned.

    "Miss Juliet."

    Juliet stared at the scene with a frown on her forehead, but someone behind her called her in a small voice


    It was Dolores with a robe covered from head to toe.

    "What happened? Where've you been?"

    "Well, I have another business to do."

    Juliet blinked for a moment and asked again.

    "......Were your business here in the city?"

    "Yes, but I didn't expect to see Miss here."

    Dolores smiled and said.

    "Why are you walking around dangerously alone? Let's go. I know the shortcut."

    Dolores started walking ahead.

    However, Juliet looked at Dolores' back for a long time and began to walk slowly.

    The shadows fluttering under the sun looked like snakes.

    Suddenly, she realized that Dolores had no habit of calling herself in third person.

    My heart sank with a throb.

    "Really? When did you learn the shortcut?"

    She said casually, hoping that her voice would not tremble as much as possible.

    "Not long ago."

    "Then..... Dolores, what's wrong with your shadow?"

    Juliet asked back, getting ready to call the butterflies anytime.

    At that moment, its head in the shape of Dolores turned back stiffly, making a crackling sound.

    It looked down at its own shadow as Juliet said. She was wriggling and moving in confusion as if something were popping up.

    Soon it grinned.

    <I'm caught?>
    Juliet looked at the presence in front of her without blinking her eyes.


    Its neck, shaped like Dolores, was bent at a bizarre angle.

    Its whites turned black and strode towards Juliet. Juliet quietly backed away with her eyes fixed on it.

    "Don't trust anyone."

    Was it because of this that Lennox warned? The fluff on the nape of her neck stood on end.


    A much louder shout came out from the amphitheater behind his back.

    <I don't know how you managed to survive each time.>

    "Who are you?"

    At the same time as asking, Juliet was instinctively intuitive.

    It is a snake.

    I didn't even know why such an idea came to mind, but I was convinced.

    The story of a strange snake that eats people and lives by imitating them.

    Dolores was eaten by this being.

    "What did you do to Dolores?"

    At the same time as asking the obvious, Juliet felt it's right. Dolores was eaten.

    "Why are you doing this to me?"

    <There's nothing to be afraid of.>

    Dolores's face smirked as she approached.

    <I'm just trying to finish something I didn't finish a long time ago.>

    'A long time ago?'

    ".....Do you know me?"

    <How can I not know, kid? I've always been waiting for you in the past and in this life.>

    Contrary to the threatening momentum, the voice was even gentle at first glance.

    Juliet's back, which was slowly backing up, touched the wooden wall.

    Right behind her back, there will be countless people in the poorly built illegal arena.

    However, it was obvious that even if you asked for help, it was almost impossible to hear it because it was buried in a thunderous shout. Even if someone helps me , I wonder if they can defeat the unidentified being in front of me.

    <What to do. No one is coming to help you this time, princess.>

    The snake covered in Dolores' appearance was sarcastic.


    No wonder it was a familiar way of speaking.

    Although there was no place to retreat anymore, Juliet somehow calmed down.

    While her head was vague as if it was foggy, the fragmented images suddenly became clear and woven in her head.

    'The story of a yellow snake told by the wandering mercenary.'

    The snake acted as if it knew Juliet from the past. Then the purpose of this snake is......

    "You chose this period on purpose."

    It wasn't just a plan to drag on time. Juliet was convinced.

    "Because Lennox went south and wasn't here. Right?"


    The snake glared at Juliet with an expressionless face and grinned.

    <You're smart. Then you know this will be your grave, right?>

    The moment she became a rat in the dock, a shout came out of the stadium.

    'Wait, a shout?'

    Juliet suddenly realized something and looked back. It wasn't a shout.

    "Sa, save me!"

    It was a terrible scream.

    Juliet did not realize what had happened in the moment.

    <Even if you try to trick, no one will come to help you. That's all for your luck.>


    "Sa, save......!"

    Through a gap in the temporary wooden wall, the scene inside the arena was seen.

    There was a smoke, and somehow the beasts bound in the chains were rushing toward the audience seats with excitement.

    Thanks to that, it was a mess inside.

    People ran away from the beasts who trampled on the audience seats.

    Juliet, whose back was leaning against the wall, could hear the thumping sound of the poor stadium.

    <Who cares if a human woman disappears in this situation?>

    The snake covered in Dolores' skin slowly approached.


    Sadly, that was right. Juliet glanced down beneath her feet.

    There is no place to run, no place to ask for help.

    A temporary arena was built underneath, and the remaining strings and timber rolled around, but that was all.

    'What should I do.'

    At that moment.

    With a popping sound, the butterflies rushed towards the snake in unison.


    Juliet was panicked at the moment.

    Even before she could call out, countless swarms of butterflies rushed to the existence in Dolores' mask.

    However, the unidentified entity who overturned Dolores' skin snorted as if it were petty.

    <Tch. A useless attack.>

    The snake in Dolores' mask swung its arm like a whip.

    <You are not supposed to be against me. So don't disturb and just watch!>

    Then the butterflies in the radius shattered, sprinkling light powder.

    She didn't know what the butterflies intended, but Juliet didn't miss the time they bought her.

    She hit her back against the thin wooden wall leading to the stadium.

    And nothing happened.

    Other than the lamp that was hung a little above it fell off without fail.

    <You want to break the wall and run away? Will the wall break that much?>

    The snake laughed openly and reached for her.

    That moment.

    Something strange happened again this time with the rustling of the bell. Its hand is blocked by something.


    Flames flew out of the air.

    <You.....! What have you done?>

    It growled, missing Juliet by a hair's breadth.

    Not knowing what happened was the same with Juliet. But she decided not to miss her incredible luck.

    Juliet did not hesitate and kicked off the lamp that had fallen off.


    At the same time, the fire spread on the rope that was on the floor. The oiled rope caught fire in an instant.


    It was engulfed in flames, screaming and struggling as if panicked.

    The flinching Juliet immediately glued herself close to the wall.


    And at that moment. Unidentified smoke leaking through the cracks of the half-collapsed wooden wall met the fire and caused an explosion.

    Juliet lost her mind for a moment in shock.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "We're in trouble!"

    At the same time.

    The door of the Imperial Palace opened, and the attendant ran. He was the attendant of the 2nd prince, Klop.

    "Your Majesty! The beasts in the plaza are...!"

    The servant urgently explained the situation.

    "It is said that the arena building collapsed, and the beasts in it were released and attacking the citizens!"

    "Is that true?"

    The 2nd emperor stormed out of his seat and headed for the terrace overlooking the capital.

    Indeed, it was as the servant said.

    Unusual smoke was rising from the square. There was the smell of something burning and a faint scream as if there was a fire somewhere.

    "It seems that the smoke bombs of unknown ingredients have caused the beasts to run away."

    "As planned."


    The servant looked puzzled.

    Klop was not bewildered or sorry, but smiling significantly.

    It was Klop's aide who quickly pushed out the back of the screaming servant.

    "Ahem, you should get out of here!"

    "Ah, yes......"

    After the servant was kicked out of his face, Klop openly and greedily rubbed his hands out.

    "You said you could put this on the Duke of Carlyle now......!"

    Confident, Klop picked up a round metal sphere that had been finely hidden in a drawer.

    It was a smoke bomb that the woman gave.

    He heard that there is a special herb that increases the aggressiveness of monsters.

    ".....Wouldn't it be too obvious?"

    The aide of the prince asked anxiously.

    "Would any stupid man in the world leave his family crest on the crime scene?"

    And on the smoke bomb, the Duke's crest was clearly engraved.

    "I don't know. People usually only see what they want to see."

    Klop was confident as he pulled his tongue out.

    The plan the woman gave was simple and fatal. The imperialists will be angry if the raging beasts wreak havoc on the capital.

    After that, a voice asking for the killer will be raised, and at that time, he can simply present the evidence.

    "Then, this is the end of the Duke of Carlyle."

    Klop laughed wildly.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Juliet suddenly came to her senses when she heard the sudden scream from outside.

    Juliet stumbled as she tried to get up. She got up in a shriveling mood and looked outside, and it was all in chaos.

    The beasts who had been released from the chains were walking around, and people were busy running away.

    She was lying on the inside of a half-collapsed stadium building.

    'I was lucky.'

    Juliet wiped her forehead and organized the situation.

    It seemed that the beasts who had been tied up in chains were running away because of the mysterious smoke spreading in the arena.

    And earlier, that was......

    'What the hell was that?'

    Juliet cleared her breath.

    'Where's the snake?'

    I don't know who it was, but fortunately, it seemed that it was hit by the fire. I didn't think I was going to die that much, but it was fortunate that I ran away.

    Juliet hid herself in a half-torn stadium building and took a short breath.

    "......What a mess."

    Seeing beasts released and stirring all over the square, she was suddenly worried about the butterflies that were too quiet.


    "Are you okay?"

    Juliet asked at the butterflies that had not yet been reversed summon. Then, a few of them fell powerlessly around her, twinkling their wings.

    <It's okay. Us.>

    Juliet glanced at the butterflies.

    The power of the butterflies did not work for the mysterious monster.

    'I've never seen anything like that before.'

    Juliet bit her lips on purpose, but she could not stop her body from shaking.

    The neck that was bent at a bizarre angle and the whites of the eyes that were completely black...

    "What was that?"

    <Can't. Say.>

    <We. Swear.>

    <Like that. It's done.>

    The butterflies barely replied with a faint voice as if it would go out anytime soon.

    "Can't you guys explain anything to me?"

    Juliet grumbled. But inside she knew that was the limit that the butterflies could do to themselves.

    Fortunately, a clean handkerchief remained when she searched her belongings.

    Juliet covered her mouth with a handkerchief and then spied on the inside of the still smoky arena. On the floor, round metal spheres as big as the palm of the hand were rolling.

    'Is it a smoke bomb?'

    Juliet frowned faintly.

    When I was in the north, I had seen smoke bombs of that shape used for beast hunting.

    The gray smoke from that sphere seemed to be the cause of the mad dash.

    People who inhaled the smoke did not collapse, but the situation was bad in many ways.

    There were also a number of people who were injured while running away from the excited demons.

    Juliet, who thought she might be swept away after going out, held on to the tent for a while and stood blankly.

    'Let's think, think.'

    What can I do now?

    <Contract. Tor.>


    At that moment, faint voices called her as if they were about to disappear.

    "What's wrong?"

    Two butterflies flapping their wings hard to light up their surroundings.

    <Sor. Ry.>


    Juliet was befuddled by the sudden apology.

    <Bad. Snake. It's still here.>

    <We. Sleepy.>

    <We need to. Go.>

    "You're going? Where?"

    The butterflies twinkled their wings weakly and slowly. It seemed that all would disappear anytime soon.
    The Duke of Carlyle and his party departed from the south and reached the capital city earlier than expected.

    "But why is the smoke..."

    Before they could pass through the capital's gates, they realized that there was a disturbance in the direction of the capital.

    There was a lot of smoke that was huge enough to cover the sky, and people on the street were screaming and running away.

    ".....What's going on?"

    They hurried into the capital.

    "Your Grace!"

    Elliot who was waiting for them, ran with a contemplated look.

    "Miss Juliet hasn't come back yet! We'll be in charge of this...."

    Even before the talk was finished, Lennox turned his horse's head in the direction of the city and started running.

    The area near the square was in chaos as the arena collapsed and the beasts were released.

    Although the beasts were excited and ruined the facilities, the casualties were not high thanks to the rush of the citizens to evacuate.

    "He, help me.....!"

    Of course, there were some old people and children who had difficulty avoiding their bodies.


    The monster running towards the young brother and sister lost its balance and collapsed.

    The capital guard, running to rescue the brothers and sisters, quickly recognized the person who rescued them.

    "Duke Carlyle!"

    For a while, he was delighted with the relief of being alive and the joy of having a helper to help them.

    Duke Carlyle asked urgently as soon as he made eye contact with the guard.

    "Have you seen Count Monad?"


    Bewildered by the unfamiliar name, the guard asked again.

    Lennox was as patient as possible as the situation was.

    "I asked where Juliet Monad was."

    "Oh, over there! I saw her near the square!"

    Fortunately, someone who knew Juliet answered.

    As soon as Lennox heard the answer, he hurried to the square. But at that moment, a strange sight unfolded before their eyes.


    "What, what's that!"


    The beasts running towards the people suddenly stopped.

    Even the beasts looked in one direction without worrying about the guards attacking them.

    What they were looking at was the collapsed temporary arena.

    A beast with enormous horns walked away and shook his knees towards the collapsed arena.

    And starting with that, the surrounding beasts also began to kneel one by one.

    "This..... How.....?"

    Everyone was speechless, not understanding the strange sight that unfolded before their eyes. They were puzzled, not knowing what to do.

    But only one person knew what all this meant.

    <Yes, the woman you're looking for is over there.>

    This is because the black panther muttered casually.

    <I think it's a little late, but......>

    Lennox, half-minded, moved towards the rubble of the collapsed building.

    "Your Grace! It's dangerous! You have to step back...!"

    The men who followed dissuaded him. However, the surrounding beasts did not even give them a glance.

    Lennox found the woman he was looking for under the collapsed wall.


    Juliet was looking in her hand blankly with her hair stretched out.


    Juliet slowly raised her head as she was called again.

    "Your Grace."

    Lennox quickly approached Juliet and checked her condition.

    Although she was covered in dust, there seemed to be no major injuries on the surface.

    When he realized that Juliet was safe, Lennox felt relieved and angry at the same time.

    There were a lot of words filling up to the end of his throat, but he was worried that it came out first on his mouth.

    "I have told you to wait quietly."

    But the moment Juliet and his gaze met, Lennox's expression hardened.

    "You....Why are you crying."

    Tears welled up in the blue eyes.

    The pale face was not blank, but frightened.

    "......The butterflies."

    He followed Juliet and moved his gaze.

    There were butterflies on her palm that Juliet looked into.

    At first, it was hard to recognize that it was Juliet's butterfly. The faintly shining butterflies were like pebbles.

    <Not yet. Outside. There is.>

    <Run away.>

    Before 'it' comes.

    Butterflies, as small as fingernails, seemed to have lost their voices.

    "You're coming back, aren't you?"

    Juliet asked, but the butterflies didn't answer.

    <Contractor. Have. It.>

    <So. You can open it.>

    '..... What?'


    Juliet was contemplating the meaning of the word for a moment, came to her senses and grappled her collar.

    And she took out all her belongings.

    In one hand, a fisherman's ring and a silver key were in the other.

    Juliet thought for a moment.

    Perhaps it was the fisherman's ring that stopped the strange monster a while ago.

    The moment the snake in Dolores's mask tried to grab Juliet, a great fire broke out.

    'It must be the holy relic.'

    But what the butterflies say 'can open' is probably the silver key.

    "If you have this key, will you be able to come back?"


    But when Juliet looked at the silver key, the size and voice of the butterflies became very, very small.

    <That. Later.>

    <Contractor. For you.>

    <Only contractor. Can open it.>

    <Door. Inside....>

    <Open. Run.>

    <Snake. When you meet. Open it.>

    For the first time, Juliet felt fond for the murky butterflies.

    She doesn't know what it is, but the butterflies showed intense hostility toward the snake in Dolores' mask.

    He desperately rushed to protect Juliet, and it must have been a lethal mediation.

    "......They said it was a great and evil being beyond the dimension."

    That's why it used to reappear even if it was forcibly summoned back every time.

    But somehow this time, it occurred to her that the butterflies might disappear forever instead of being engulfed in a blue flame.

    <Yellow. Snake. Danger.>

    <Taken away. Us>

    In a small voice, the butterflies tried to convey something.

    There was a noise around her, but Juliet held her breath, not even thinking of evading.

    <Con. Tractor.>

    <Sor. Ry.....>

    She wanted to stop crying.

    The voice that always rang in her head was hard to understand if she didn't concentrate.

    It felt like a harbinger to Juliet.

    "......What caused this?"

    Lennox asked with a firm face, but Juliet could not explain.

    Never before did Juliet speak aloud, but since she returned, she had a certain sinister intuition.

    The intuition that maybe this time, she may die before autumn comes.

    The anxiety that she may lose all the venerable people beside her.


    Instead of explaining to him what had happened, Juliet uttered a whisper.

    "......I don't want to run away anymore."

    "Why are you running away."

    Juliet looked at him with hazy eyes.

    There was a nervous man sitting in front of her.

    No matter what, he won't understand. Hasn't she already experienced it once?

    It was the same as in the past. Seasons will change, Dahlia will appear, and Juliet Monad will have a miserable ending, losing everything she has.

    'If the end is fixed anyway and I'll lose everything.'

    It was better to let it all out and be more comfortable than running away from that anxiety or turning away from it.

    At least before he met Dahlia and the circumstances surrounding them changed, she wanted to talk to him in person.

    The man approached with a worried look and wiped Juliet's cheek.

    "I'll ask. Why are you crying."

    Only then did Juliet realize that she was crying.

    My cheeks were all wet.

    "Your Grace, I have something to tell you."

    "......Yes. After we get out of here."

    "It can't be done if it's not now."

    Juliet grabbed back the wrist of the man who was trying to lift her up.


    "Now, I want to talk."

    Juliet only smiled in the shape of her mouth.

    She held on to him stubbornly and thought he might shake her hand off. Lennox unexpectedly kneeled one knee in front of her and set her eye level.

    "Tell me."

    "I've always wondered."

    Juliet reached out cautiously.

    "How would it feel to have the great Duke of Carlyle kneeling and receiving his affection."


    Lennox's eyes narrowed as her hand touched his cheek.

    He just wrapped her hand in his hand with a low sigh and didn't avoid it.

    But Juliet's subsequent words forced him to flinch noticeably.

    "And how would I be abandoned if such a woman appears."


    "There is no woman who doesn't notice that."

    Juliet gave a giggle.

    Their relationship, however, was a contractual one that Juliet had clung to from the beginning.

    "So I was always scared and nervous about Dahlia showing up."

    Juliet felt so intuitively.

    And finally, Dahlia appeared. It was a different form from the past.

    And Dahlia was after her own life.

    She may survive this time, but she may not have a chance to talk like this in the future.

    Then I wanted to shake it all off before I left. That way, I thought I wouldn't regret it.
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    They finally talked about Dahlia!
    "7 years ago, I promised when we first met. I'll help you find the crown."

    Juliet knew from the memory of her past life that he was looking for a stolen family treasure.

    So if you let me stay by your side, I offered to help you find the heirloom in return.

    7 years later, the crown that the Fran couple stole and ran away with will appear with Dahlia. I was only going to be with him until then.

    "I think I can keep that promise now."

    Juliet said it rather lightly.

    In fact, Juliet has already kept half of that promise. She found out the whereabouts of the missing crown, and thanks to that, the Duke of Carlyle took back the stolen crown.

    Unlike in my last life, I met Dahlia in a different way.

    Still, I should have told him a long time ago.

    She pretended not to know for seven years even though she knew he had been looking for Dahlia so much.

    When she met Dalia, she was afraid to leave him again, so she couldn't speak out.

    One of Lennox's eyebrows crept up.

    "What promise?"

    "I told you. It's a promise to help you meet Dahlia again."

    But Lennox's expression was a little strange. Far from understanding the situation, he seemed to be wondering.

    "Meet Dahlia?"


    "In what way?

    Juliet thought in her head.

    His question sounded a little odd. Do you ever doubt how I recognize or find Dahlia?

    If so, I could explain it from the beginning.

    "Your Grace, I've met Dahlia before."

    Lennox's eyes narrowed.

    Even without having to explain it, he seemed to understand that 'before' meant the previous life.

    "It was an unforgettable relationship."

    Juliet smiled lightly as if she were talking about others.

    She talked about how Dahlia appeared in her life before her return and what she was like, as she remembers.

    From the time Dahlia came to the Duke Castle in the north, and what rumors were circulating among the people while Dahlia stayed in the East tower.

    Meanwhile, Lennox only listened with a stiff face.

    "It was around that time that Dahlia appeared in the North."

    On a spring day when Juliet's hidden child's existence was revealed, and her daydream was shattered.

    "Then, you didn't ask me how I knew Dahlia or the existence of the stolen heirloom."

    Juliet smiled faintly.

    It would have been quite difficult if he had really questioned her. She couldn't have said she knew because she lived the same life for the second time.

    "You can't remember, but at that time we had a big fight."

    It was ambiguous to fight.

    He got angry and Juliet clung to him crying.

    Lennox stormed off, saying he couldn't listen, and Juliet affirmed, waiting for him to return.

    I thought I'd talk to you again when you get back. I believe everything will be all right if you say you didn't mean to cheat.

    But Lennox, who returned a few days later, was not alone. Juliet walked around in front of his room and happened to overhear the conversation of the maids.

    "The Duke said that it has finally come."

    At first, I didn't even know what he had found.

    Juliet knew ridiculously little about the man who saved her. However, Juliet could understand everything when she saw Dahlia with her own eyes.

    "....... East Tower?"


    The East Tower was never allowed to Juliet during her stay in the North.

    The area is permitted only to the duke's family and his spouse.

    "Wait. That's....."

    "It's okay. Because she told me personally."


    The moment she encountered Juliet, the woman smiled meaningfully, like a person who sees through everything.

    [Ah, we finally meet.]

    Dahlia's loveliness, as bright and cheerful as the sun, lifted Juliet up.

    [Lenoch told me. He said he saved a woman who was abused?]

    Juliet didn't ask her anything. She was afraid of what kind of answer would come back.

    But Dahlia solved all the questions she couldn't even say.

    As if she had looked into her head.

    [She's a poor woman with no family, so I asked him to be kind. Don't worry.]

    Dahlia kindly told the truth as if she were a benevolent hostess.

    Juliet was able to answer all the questions she had.

    [The Duchess, who returned, has always been a person of warmth.]

    She confirmed that all the rumors of the Duke Castle's officials were true.

    Is there a more definite answer.

    Dahlia Fran knew not only the structure of the Duke Castle, but also his family and bloodline, who are now all dead.

    In the end, the maids who tried to turn away were right.

    Juliet Monad, who is somewhat shady and ominous like the dim moonlight, was only the object of sympathy and curiosity.

    Foolish Juliet Monad.

    I didn't know that and I was full of false dreams.

    Juliet smiled.

    "The next is as you've heard before."

    Juliet, who finally woke up from a vain dream, was completely exhausted.

    With no family and no place to lean on, Juliet was afraid that he would be robbed of the one remaining child, and decided to run away.

    And there was a sweet woman who offered Juliet a helping hand just in time.

    Throughout the rambling talk, Lennox kneeled one knee at her feet and listened with a cold, blank look.

    Occasionally, his eyes flashed sharply, but he didn't interrupt Juliet's words. Until Juliet tells the next story.


    Juliet couldn't open her mouth quickly. It was easy for her to tell her past.

    But this was a moment she had been afraid of for a long time. Juliet was frightened not knowing how he would accept the story.

    "And I met Dahlia again a while ago."


    The man's eyes, which were rarely shaken, opened wide at the moment.

    His hand clasped Juliet's shoulder.

    "Wait. When? Where?"

    His face changed at once.

    Juliet looked at Lennox's red eyes for a moment.

    It was the same reaction as she expected one day.

    If the past seven years have been a time for him to think about when to say goodbye, Juliet has been agonizing over what would happen if Dahlia appeared.

    In the nightmare, Juliet sat at his feet crying and begging not to let her go, but at least Lennox was the one who is now on his knees.

    Juliet slowly blinked as she saw the man unable to hide his urgency.

    Contrary to imagination, no tears came out. The tears that had accumulated were quickly dried up.

    "While Your Grace is in the South, in the Imperial Palace."

    Juliet spoke calmly, but her lips trembled.

    "......Imperial Palace?"

    Juliet watched Lennox's expression get ugly.

    'I don't need to tell him that Dahlia's suspicious.'

    In my previous life, she was precious enough to keep her from moving even one step on the tower.

    Perhaps he was already aware of Dahlia's abilities.

    "I mean..... Dahlia is at the palace now. Find the Empress' therapist and you'll meet."

    After the conversation, Juliet waited for his reaction.

    However, Lennox did not immediately leave his seat or run to the palace. Instead, he stared at her quietly and opened his mouth.

    “So…… Juliet.”

    Lennox grasped her fingertips carefully.

    "Are the two things you meant to 'help me find', a stolen heirloom and a woman named Dahlia?"

    "Yes, that is correct."

    Juliet gave a calm affirmation.

    But Lennox asked again.

    "...... And while I was in the South looking for the crown, you 'met' Dahlia?

    Juliet was a little annoyed, so she gave a positive answer.

    "Yes, it is."

    She met her. She just didn't hold her hair, but they talked and quarreled in front of the empress.


    However, Lennox, who looked at Juliet as if observing, burst into laughter.

    'Are you laughing?'

    "East Tower. I see."

    His lips drew a pleasing line.

    "Yes. I understand now."

    Juliet clearly saw the complex emotions passing through Lennox's face as well as his well-shaped fingers clasping Juliet's fingertips.

    It was a smile that Juliet couldn't understand.

    He was as cold as a man who suppressed his anger, and he seemed to be delighted as a predator who captured the weakness of his prey.

    "What....is it?"

    Lennox, who was fiddling with Juliet's fingertips with an unknown expression, looked up again to meet her eyes.


    She was a little surprised.

    Is it an illusion that the red eyes facing her look warmer than expected?

    The hands were warm as they carefully touched Juliet's eyes.

    "Because it's impossible."

    Unlike the friendly tone, Lennox said it without a hitch.

    "It's not Dahlia you met."

    "...... What?"

    Lennox said to Juliet, who was confused.

    "Juliet, as I say, you've never seen Dahlia."

    What do you mean I've never seen Dahlia?

    "Before, now."

    Juliet blinked blankly for a moment.

    Lennox smiled at her.

    "I have something to show you."

    Before Juliet even asked anything, Lennox took something sparkling out of his arms and held it in his hand.

    Juliet's eyes opened wide. It was a jewelry crown that pulled out a dazzling glow.

    "This is.....?"

    "It's the crown found in the South. As you said, it was in the Marquis's study."


    Despite the confusion, Juliet was a little impressed.

    I understood that the Duke had been trying to get it back for many years. It was worth it.

    It was recognizable at a glance.

    20 years ago, the Fran couple stole and ran away with the duke's heirloom. A tiara engraved with jewels.

    The glittering gold crown was very delicate.

    "......It's worthy as the Duke's treasure."

    "Yes. And heirlooms usually have grandiose nicknames."

    Lennox's smile was so meaningful that Juliet became a little nervous.

    "An alias?"

    "Yes. Say hello."

    Lennox was kindly sarcastic.

    "Because this crown is named Dahlia."
    As is common with imaginative young children, from time to time Juliet suffered from vivid dreams.

    It was a vivid dream as if she had seen it in person. It was usually a nightmare rather than a happy one.

    [Hurry up!]

    A middle-aged couple, who she didn't even know the faces, was running down the corridor.

    The couple, who were looking around repeatedly, was hugging something in their arms. It was a little blond girl with an angelic face that was wrapped inside the quilt.

    The child was held silently without motion, as if asleep.

    [We have to run away now!]

    Never seen them before in her life, but Juliet already knew who they were.

    It was the Fran couple who worked in the Duke Castle in the north.

    While running away, the wife caught her husband.

    [Honey, is this really okay?]

    [We've come this far and don't be stupid! Is it because you don't know what this is?]

    The husband's side got angry.

    The greedy eyes flashed unnaturally under the sun. Like a person who's thin about something.

    [With 'this', we'll be very rich!]

    [I, I got it......]

    They began to run away busily again.

    But Juliet could see clearly. When the husband turned around, he was no longer carrying a blond girl.

    It was not a child, but a glittering gold crown, which he was embracing with rolled up quilt.

    Juliet stood still there until they left the hallway.

    Apparently, 20 years ago, a couple working at the Duke Castle stole the duke's treasure with their young daughter and fled.

    "The Frans had no children."

    However, a knight who has been loyal to the Duke for generations has confirmed it himself.

    It is true that they stole the duke's heirloom and ran away, but the couple didn't have a daughter.

    Lennox told her directly.

    "Say hello. Because this crown is named Dahlia."

    'Dahlia' was not their daughter but the name of the stolen treasure.

    But why did you make me believe so?

    <Human memory is very simple.>

    Suddenly, a strange voice came from behind my back.

    <Once you believe it, it's very hard to see that something is wrong. Don't you think so?>

    As soon as I turned my head to the side where the sound came from, my vision became dark.

    <Wake up.>

    And Juliet found herself lying in a familiar bedroom.

    It was neither man nor beast that welcomed Juliet first when she opened her eyes.


    Juliet stared at the black panther that popped out of nowhere.

    He looked familiar. It was an animal that wandered around Lennox when she encountered him in the square.

    <We finally met.>

    Juliet asked calmly.

    "Are you a demon, too?"

    <How smart, you.>

    The black panther grinned.

    In fact, it was not difficult to realize that the panther's identity was an evil spirit.

    It was the specialty of butterflies to jump into Juliet's dream and forced to get through her mind like just a while ago.

    Therefore, it was obvious that this panther was also an evil spirit.

    <Yes, that's right. You humans call me an evil spirit.>

    Juliet lifted herself up and looked around. Seeing the dark surroundings, it seemed like some time had passed.

    'What time is it?'

    Juliet, who was looking around, suddenly realized that she still had a shining tiara in her hand.

    <Finally, we met, and the reaction was very bad.>

    The black panther said so leisurely. Juliet looked down at tiara for a moment and suddenly looked up.

    "Do you know me?"

    <How could I not know.>

    The panther-shaped evil spirit continued to mingle as if the conversation were enjoyable.

    <We met several times. Although you haven't seen me all the time. What do you think, do you recognize me now?>

    Juliet glanced at the black panther and blurted out.

    "You, that sword."

    It was not difficult for the whole body to guess the body of the black panther.

    Duke Carlyle's sword, which people often say is haunted.

    <That's right. It feels good to humans.>

    Juliet suddenly thought of something.

    The talkative butterflies fretted over not being able to talk to her.

    He said he was obsessed with contractors because there are only a few people who can wake artifacts up.

    'But how?'

    "Yes. There's usually only one contractor for evil spirits to talk to.>

    The black panther laughed as if he had looked through Juliet's thoughts. I don't know how a panther can laugh.

    Juliet's eyebrows frowned.

    "Then I'm talking to you right now....."

    <Because the power of your butterflies has weakened. Oh, I have to thank those idiots.>

    Juliet bit her lips gently. I didn't want to confirm in this way that there was something wrong with the butterflies.

    The black panther seemed excited when Juliet paid attention.

    <Don't be upset. Demons that grant wishes are common anyway.>

    The black panther knocked the pile of books with his tail.

    <I and your butterflies are the same. What do you think we want?>

    Juliet thought for a moment.

    These evil spirits were forcibly summoned a long time ago and bound to artifacts.

    "It's going back to the original dimension forever."

    <You're smarter than I thought.>

    His face was instantly distorted.

    <......We must rely on lowly humans.>


    Suddenly, the beast, who was speaking mildly, burst into a black flame. Juliet was surprised and grabbed the bed sheet.

    In an instant, instead of the balanced face of a graceful cat and beast, the hideous figure fluttered and disappeared.

    <Besides, I can't even use my energy here.>

    For a while, the black panther was somehow pitifully unhappy.

    <Do you know how great I can do?>

    The self-proclaimed great creature in the form of an animal whined like a child.

    Except that he speaks a little fluently, he really seemed to be no different from Juliet's butterflies.

    They look like insignificant beasts and imitate monsters, but their power is really great.

    However, because they are limited by their power, their ability to exert is extremely limited. It was something like that.

    <But here, all that human memories and rummages are....>

    "Then that was you."

    Juliet realized for a moment.


    "You showed Lennox my memories."

    Juliet's eyes were cold.

    <Hm, that's right.>

    "So you reminded Lennox of the past? What does that have to do with you guys going back to the dimension?"

    <Strictly speaking, there are and may not be related. I couldn't help it.>

    The black leopard spoke with an excuse.

    Rather than exerting physical force, her butterflies seemed to be in a similar way to manipulating people by making them see the fantasies they fear most and devouring them away.

    <Don't be angry. A demon gets the most energy from a contractor's feelings.>

    Juliet, who was still listening, suddenly came up with an idea.

    If, as the panther said, the evil spirits gained strength from the suffering of the weak, wouldn't her butterflies be able to regain their strength if she gave them emotions?

    "Then... can I recall the butterflies if I recall more memories as you said?"


    The panther, who was making a lot of noise, said unexpectedly.


    <The reason your butterflies lost their strength is because they were weakened by the snake.>


    <Even if you give the butterflies your whole body, it is impossible to regain power properly as long as the snake is holding on to it.>

    "What weakness did it catch?"

    <It caught its name.>


    The black panther spoke so seriously that Juliet was briefly puzzled.


    <Yes. That name.>

    The panther's smile thickened.

    But is that such a great weakness? Juliet tried to ask more questions.

    It was then. A faint presence was heard outside.


    The black panther flinched noticeably. Then he naturally disappeared through the bedroom wall without saying goodbye.


    The door opened and came in was the duke's maid.

    "The Duke is back."

    The panther had already disappeared.

    "I'll be right down."

    Juliet walked to the drawing room, leaving behind her disappointment.

    Throughout the walk through the Duke's mansion, barefoot in thin pajamas, the people of the Duke who encountered her did not ask anything. As always.

    When she heard that the downstairs was noisy, she noticed several vassals of the Duke who talked about something serious in the drawing room.

    She also saw the appearance of Duke Carlyle wearing robes that she had never seen before, as if he had just returned from his outing.

    Listening to the conversation, she roughly guessed what the situation was.

    A general meeting will be called to resolve the situation in the square because of a disturbance by the beasts.

    Then Lennox found Juliet standing by the door.

    "Ah, Miss Juliet."

    The vassals who found her looking also looked at her. At the same time, the meeting ended.

    Lennox and Juliet were the only two in the parlor where everyone left.

    Juliet was lost in thought, fiddling with a little tiara in her hand.

    'This is Dahlia?'

    Juliet, who had been silent for a long time, opened her mouth.

    "Then Dahlia Fran....Who is that woman?"

    "Is the name Dahlia?"

    Lennox, who was silent as if waiting for Juliet to open her mouth, was openly cynical.

    Dahlia is the name of the treasure, not a person.

    I didn't understand.

    "......Dahlia, she knew Your Grace's nickname."

    "I suppose so."

    Lennox calmly affirmed.

    "It's something I've been hiding in the North for hundreds of years, so it could have known my name easily."

    It was natural to know everything about the family.

    "But Dahlia must be in the east tower of the Duke Castle ……"

    Juliet, who had been talking so far, suddenly realized.

    The eastern tower was accessible only to the Duke's family. And it was because it was a place to store all the rare treasures of the Duchy.


    Lennox was silently affirming.

    Of course that didn't explain everything.

    First of all, the timing was very confusing. Lennox's return to the Duchy in search of Dahlia came shortly after a big fight with her.

    Why did Lennox have to visit Dahlia at the time?

    "It's not different from what my family's ancestors did. To keep them locked up. Because they're too dangerous to be released into the world.”

    "......To lock them up?"

    Then she vaguely remembered.

    It was said that they had been trapped for hundreds of years until she, who knew nothing, opened the 'door' and took out the butterflies seven years ago.

    Juliet touched the tiara she held tight until she woke up.

    In other words, this was also an artifact, as was the key.


    Lennox approached and kneeled down in front of her.

    "It's an object that confuses people's memories."
    Lennox Carlyle briefly thought about the secret of the house.

    The crown handed down to the duke was a dangerous item that should not be found in the world. It sheds the human spirit, distorts the memory, and ultimately drives them crazy.

    Lennox dragged Juliet's hand and kissed her at the end.

    "...But, even if Dahlia confuses your memory, it won't be what you've been through now."

    "Too far, I think I came back."

    As Juliet said.

    Everything was already messed up to turn back.

    Even though the memory was distorted because of Dahlia, but what's the point when it turns out that Lennox didn't actually kill Juliet.

    He couldn't forgive himself in the past for letting Juliet drink his own poison.

    'To confuse a person's mind.'

    Meanwhile, Juliet blinked with a confused look.

    I didn't know what to say.

    It was much better that she had a grudge against Juliet because she was the real Duke of Carlyle's fate and coveted the spot.

    Suddenly, it occurred to her that Elizabeth Tillman had mentioned her family to Juliet.

    It was an obvious threat.

    It was even more dangerous if it had the power to confuse human memory.

    'But why?'

    "If Dahlia is the name of this tiara, what the hell is she?"

    And why does she bother them so persistently?

    Juliet looked up and asked her lover.

    Lennox was smiling faintly.

    As if he was waiting for Juliet to ask the question.

    "You'll see it for yourself."

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    For the next few days, Juliet didn't know what Lennox meant by 'you'll see for yourself'.

    But she only guessed that he was planning something.

    "A conference has been called."

    The conference was an imperial meeting convened among the three titles: Duke, Marquis, and Count.

    An emergency meeting was being held at the palace after the runaway beasts ruined the capital.

    "Count Monad, please accept the summons."

    It was the morning of the second day that the emperor's messenger visited Juliet.

    The order was to come to the palace and report how much damage each family suffered.

    Anyway, the Count of Monad had only a little bit of land. There was no damage to report.

    But I had to show my face anyway.

    At times like this, it's great that you don't have anything.

    Juliet finished getting ready to go out by choosing a calm royal blue robe and wearing a hat with a veil on her head, neatly tied together.

    When Lennox saw Juliet on the way out, he handed over a knight of the duke as an escort and said nothing.

    Juliet looked out the window while the carriage crossed the street.

    Until the previous day, there was no atmosphere of the festival. It seemed like it would take a long time to restore the damaged buildings.

    It was said that the situation was not calming, but was gradually spreading. In other words, it meant that the beasts were rushing across the continent.

    "How can that be?"

    "We found a suspicious smoke bomb."

    Sir Milan, who escorted Juliet, whispered to me.

    "A smoke bomb?"


    Juliet recalled the scenes she had seen in the square.

    After the unknown gray smoke spread, the beasts had been raving like crazy.

    'What the hell was that?'

    "Ah, Prince Klop is setting up a task force and getting to the bottom of it."

    "......The 2nd prince? That's unexpected."

    "Yes, quite suspicious."

    As Juliet spoke in a trance, Sir Milan smiled and helped.

    "Shall we find out?"

    Juliet shook her head.

    "No, let's do the urgent thing right now."

    Juliet ordered a crackdown on the duke family to prevent outsiders from entering and to prevent dangerous things from happening.

    When she was in the North, she did it every time as beasts appeared often, so Milan and Juliet were in good harmony.

    "Will it be okay in the North?"

    When asked about the Duke Castle in the north, Sir Milan smiled meaningfully.

    "You don't have to worry about that."

    Well. The northern part has historically been the most frequent area for beasts. There are no people who are better prepared for the battle of the great monsters than the northern people.

    Juliet nodded her head.

    "But Miss, don't you remember?"


    "At the square yesterday....."

    Milan recalled the scene when they found Juliet.

    'At that time, surely the beasts....'

    There was a moment when the beasts who were running all over the place calmed down for a moment.

    They even knelt at the torn building where Juliet was.
    It was strange to think of the moment she left, they started running around again.


    But Juliet didn't seem to remember it at all.

    "Oh, it's nothing."

    Sir Milan picked up the words and swallowed it.

    "What is that. How boring."

    Juliet smiled lightly and headed for the conference room.

    Even if it was a conference, it wasn't as great as its name.

    Except for the central nobles, the people from each family stopped by to report the damage.

    In addition, most of the great nobles with vast territories like the Duke of Carlyle sent their representatives.

    Everyone seemed to be busy watching if the beasts were making a disturbance on his or her territory.

    So the atmosphere was businesslike. Each nobleman reported the damage situation in their territory and discussed how to restore the damaged facilities immediately.

    The emperor's request was also extremely common sense. Avoid loud events and focus on relief efforts for the time being.

    "So, who's going to help with the restoration?"

    When the emperor asked, the nobles who gathered reluctantly promised support against their will.

    "We're going to put out a relief fund."

    "Then we will make sure to support the necessary cotton supplies."

    However, it was also up to the wealthy nobles to offer relief money.

    Small families, like the Count of Monad, did not even have a private relationship with the Emperor.

    After refusing to talk about being his adopted daughter in the past, Juliet had no chance to speak directly with the emperor.

    Instead, officials of the palace went around and asked and recorded the extent of the damage in order.

    As Juliet waited for her turn, she looked at the words of the summoner before Count Monad.

    [My dearest friend, Guardian Monad.]

    The first emperor of the empire, Ernst Darze, gave such a name to the Count of Monad.

    'And now that I see it......'

    As a child, Juliet also had a memory of wondering.

    While most of the families of national contributors were knights, Count Monad was a family whose activities were not recorded relatively clearly.

    But Juliet knew the secret of the key.

    The butterflies that the key was holding.

    What if the first Count of Monad also possessed the qualities of a spirit person and built the key to trap butterflies?

    So, it was understandable if the name Snowdrop became known.

    And the black panther said that name is a very important weakness for evil spirits.

    'Is it such a big deal to have a name known?'

    "Miss Juliet."

    "Who...... Esselid?"

    Juliet, who was in thought when someone suddenly called her from behind, looked back in surprise.

    Esselid, the wizard at the top, was hiding behind a pillar. With a noticeably large basket in his hand.

    "What are you doing here?"

    At the same time as asking, Juliet realized that Esselid was wearing an unsuitable knight outfit.

    Besides, what's that idiotic basket? Whatever it is, it must have something huge in it.

    "I couldn't help it. If I want to meet Miss in a hurry."

    Esselid complained, but Juliet became perplexed.

    Then why don't you just come and see me in the Duchy?

    Why did you disguise yourself if you were going to bring a basket that stands out?

    There wasn't one or two things she wanted to point out, but Juliet accepted the basket he brought out.


    Juliet staggered at a weight beyond imagination.

    And the moment she stumbled, a familiar cry came out.



    No wonder I thought it was suspicious.

    Juliet could tell without checking what was in the big basket.

    "What is Nyx doing here?"

    Juliet whispered and scolded. Esselid shrugged his shoulders.

    "I just did what I was ordered to do. He said Miss is in danger."

    Esselid talked as if the baby dragon was a living amulet.

    "Order? Who?"

    "Who else? Duke Carlyle."


    Since when have you two known each other?

    Juliet was increasingly puzzled, but Esselid sighed with relief.

    "Anyway, I'm glad you were okay. I heard you were in the square?"

    When Juliet heard that, she suddenly remembered something to discuss with him.



    "I saw a snake."


    Juliet told him one by one what she had been through recently.

    She met a strange creature in Dolores' mask at the square.

    "I think it's a snake."

    "Why do you think so?"

    "Because I recently heard a similar story."

    Juliet, who was preoccupied last night, remembered who else had heard about the snake. It was a story that a knight she encountered told her when she went south for a while.

    'Was his name Jerome?'

    According to the knight, his companion had been eaten by a yellow snake demon.

    "But others said the man named Julio was seen in the desert."

    Esselid listened attentively to her explanation.

    "So what Miss is saying, it seems that the snake demon has the ability to eat people and imitate their outward appearance. You mean that?"

    "Yes, and the snake is probably the same kind as the snake I encountered in the square."

    This time, eating Dolores and covering her skin.
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    After reporting formally, Juliet quickly left the venue.

    However, she was interrupted by her crowd lined up right in front of the Imperial Palace.


    “I heard that the therapist is here!”

    In front of the Imperial Palace, there was a white tent that she hadn't seen. And there were long lines of people in front of it.

    As Juliet gazed at the scene, Sir Milan cautiously hinted.

    “It is said that the Empress's maid is saving the wounded people with her healing powers.”

    Juliet looked at the sight calmly.

    In the event of a major accident, it was a common practice to install temporary facilities in front of the Imperial Palace to treat people.

    Under the tent in front of the Imperial Palace, medical staff dispatched from all over the empire were caring for the patients.

    And among the medical staff in achromatic clothes, a woman who was busily walking around in white and with long blond hair was exceptionally noticeable.

    She was not Dahlia—she was Elizabeth, the empress's healer.


    “Miss Elizabeth! Please take care of my child first!”

    A parent holding her injured child ran to her and pleaded.

    “Hey, keep in line!”

    Of course, the guards of the Imperial Palace obstructed her from getting close to Elizabeth.

    “Don’t do that!”

    Elizabeth, with her sleeves rolled up, ran and scolded the guard.

    “What are you doing to these poor people!”

    “But if the line is in disorder, it can lead to more serious accidents, Therapist.”

    “It’s all right, just leave it!”

    “Th-thank you.”

    “Come, hold my hand.”

    Elizabeth smiled like an angel as she reached out her hand to the people.

    “Everyone, don't worry. We have enough medicines and medical supplies to hand out.”

    People seemed to be moved by the sight.

    “A kind person...”

    “Isn't she a living saint?”

    However, Juliet's eyes narrowed as she watched from a distance.

    '...It's the same as then.'

    In the past, Dahlia had been revered as a blessed capable of using divine healing powers.

    At least, that's what Juliet remembered.

    However, she said, if Dahlia was the keeper and there was a possibility that her own memory was distorted, she had to question what she should or should not believe with all of her past memories.

    'But why are you giving medicine?'

    Juliet saw her healing priests in person in Lucerne, the temple's base.

    The healing priests' curative powers were invaluable, but they did not bother to use drugs.

    She healed her wounds in the blink of an eye with a flash of light.

    “Well... Milady.”

    Sir Milan carefully called Juliet from behind.

    As Milan turned his head with a side glance, several ladies, including the empress, were located a little farther away.

    Juliet made eye contact with the empress who was looking down from the top of the roadbed.

    Juliet greeted politely, but the empress firmly turned her head away.


    The empress was still blatantly disregarding her, as if she had not forgiven Juliet, who had quarreled with Elizabeth in front of her.

    After discovering Juliet in the distance, the ladies of the empress' entourage began to chatter as if to listen.

    “Since Miss Elizabeth works so hard, Her Majesty will also be proud.”

    “Yes, yes. As Miss Elizabeth's good deeds become known, Her Majesty's reputation will increase.”

    “Isn’t this all thanks to Her Majesty’s keen eye for recognising Miss Elizabeth’s talent and bringing her in?”

    “It's how talent shines in moments of crisis.”

    “She is greatly praised at the temple, and I heard everything.”

    “Is it possible that the Emperor will be directly rewarding the person who helped the most in this accident?”

    “Oh, then, of course, the award would be for Miss Elizabeth.”

    "Yes. And Miss Elizabeth would give her credit to Her Majesty.”

    The empress was smiling happily, and Juliet shrugged.

    “Are you okay?”

    "Yes. Let's go.”

    Juliet replied dryly.

    It had nothing to do with Juliet, whether it was a reward or not. It was none of her business whether Dalia's reputation rose or not.

    Besides, Nyx was tossing and turning in the basket like it was cramped, so she was in a hurry to go back.

    However, someone stood in Juliet's way.

    “Count Monad!”

    Someone from that end came running with a smile.

    “Here you are!”

    Appearing in full force with a bunch of people in pursuit was the splendidly dressed minister of the capital.

    What's with him?

    Everyone who was there couldn't hide their puzzled expressions.

    However, the ensuing words of the Minister of State were all the more curious.

    “We were taken aback. What a huge donation you've made for the injured!”

    Juliet did not have to raise her head and could see how shocked the empress and her aides were. The scruff of her neck stung because of the pouring gaze.

    But the one who was most perplexed right now was none other than Juliet.

    “Who? Me?”

    "That's right! Wah, indeed, the heart of a prestigious family!”

    Not only the citizens lined up in front of the clinic but also Elizabeth was looking at her, with the minister making such a fuss.

    "All the citizens of the Mandatory Islands will praise you for your good deeds!"

    However, Juliet was still puzzled.

    Could it be that Lennox did it?

    Juliet exchanged her gaze with Milan, the duke's knight, but Milan also shrugged his shoulders.

    By the time Juliet faced an embarrassing situation in the imperial palace, Lennox was surrounded by his vassals.

    That was, until his faithful secretary rushed to find him.

    “Your Grace, I think you should go to the annex.”

    Lennox put down the papers he had been looking into for a while.

    There was only one thing he had to do in the annex.

    The annex was the space where Juliet stayed. But Juliet was going to the Imperial Palace, so she wasn't there.

    He wasn't too worried since she just went to the conference for a brief report; what's going on?

    He stood up from his seat, frowning.

    “What's wrong with Juliet?”

    “Nothing. That's not it, you have a visitor...”

    “Visitor? Send them back.”

    However, the Duke's secretary did not back down.

    “Th-that's… I think you should meet him, Your Grace.”

    It was not unusual for a guest to come to the duke's residence.

    However, Lennox felt the secretary's attitude to announce the visitor was unnatural.

    “...I've taken him to the reception room for now.”

    As the somewhat awkward secretary said so, Duke Carlyle moved to the annex first.

    “Ah, welcome.”

    And the moment he entered the parlour, he could see why the secretary had been so desperate.

    On one side of the living room, the fireplace was burning.

    And in the armchair in front of him sat an old man with red hair leaning in a relaxed position.

    “Why don't you take a seat?”

    The old man who naturally recommended a seat as if it were his own house overflowed with experiences that were difficult to imitate.


    As he sat on the other side, the old man lifted his glass leisurely.

    “It's a good drink.”

    Few were able to treat Duke Carlyle so unabashedly.

    “Do you know who I am?”


    Lennox calmly affirmed.

    In fact, he had had the chance to bump into him several times, but this was the first time he was meeting him face to face.

    When the Marquis of Guinness was held in prison, Juliet had requested him.

    “If you're going to kill the Marquis, I want you to hand it over to someone else.”

    That other person was her maternal grandfather, Lionel Lebatan.

    Marquis of Guinness was an enemy to Juliet's parents. He was also the enemy of Lionel Lebatan, whose daughter and son-in-law he had killed.

    Juliet said her grandfather had the right to revenge over her own grudge.

    Never once told Juliet, Lennox had been keeping a close eye on Lionel Lebatan's whereabouts.

    “What do you need to come so far?”

    “I just happened to be here. I wanted to save my granddaughter's honour.”

    Lennox raised an eyebrow at the seemingly mindless remark.

    However, Lionel Lebatan had a proud, grandfatherly look on his face.

    “I won’t teach you even if you look at me like that.”


    “I'm getting on you, aren't I?”

    The expression was gracious, but the words were fairly maintained.

    “Yes, I was away because I had something to find out. I came because I had something to check with you.”

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    “Go ahead.”

    “That terrible curse that is passed down in your family, does Juliet know?”

    Lionel Lebatan asked calmly, as if talking about the weather.

    When Lennox heard the news that the Red King had hurried back to the east, he knew that a moment like this would come.

    Lionel Lebatan seemed to think that Lennox's silence gave him a sufficient answer.

    “It's a famous story among old people. I wondered why I couldn't think of it.”

    This seasoned king, who actually ruled the East, knew where to look for answers.

    The Duke of Carlyle had always been plagued with ugly rumours.

    There had also been absurd rumours of drinking human blood or throwing away the born heir if they were unsatisfactory.

    But Lionel Lebatan was a wise old man who saw the truth behind the rumours.

    “Last time, Juliet was talking about what to do with evil. So I suddenly thought about it, that there has never been a smooth succession to a duke.”

    Lionel Lebatan seemed to have noticed everything already.

    “And that's related to the curse of being stuck in your house. Isn't that so?”

    “... It will not endanger Juliet.”

    That was the only answer Lennox could offer.

    “No, that's not the answer I want to hear.”

    Lionel Lebatan shook his head.

    “Look, Lord Carlyle, what's the greed of this powerless old man? I just want her to live happily ever after.”

    Lionel Lebatan had a robust physique, but his voice sounded lonely.

    “Without being ignored or despised, without having to look on anyone's toes. It may not be a big deal for you, but it's important to me.”


    It was also important to Lennox.

    He had sworn that he would not dare to let unreasonable things go beyond Juliet.

    However, Lennox didn't know if he was entitled to say so in front of Lionel Lebatan, who was expressing his heart with a woeful look.

    “And I don't like a bum who can't even marry her after seven years of holding her.”


    “It would be a waste to serve while crawling on the floor, and my precious granddaughter somewhere in another's house.”

    Lionel Lebatan showed his true feelings with a look of sadness, drooping eyebrows to the fullest.

    “I wonder if someone is the northern blood that will die from freezing. What's wrong with my kid that she's going to such a cold and rough place to suffer. Ha!”

    Lionel Lebatan did not pretend to be pitiful now.

    “The granddaughter's son-in-law listens carefully to the words of the granddaughter, and the one who is sloppy is my job...”

    Lennox, who was listening to his blatant complaints, quietly stopped speaking.

    “Then you should know that too.”


    “That I've proposed to Juliet.”

    “......What, you have?”

    It was only for a moment, but Lenox saw clearly. Lionel Lebatan's forehead, which had always been relaxed, had a deep crease.

    Lennox grinned and added softly.

    “Yes, I've proposed twice.”

    "No, as you pleased!"

    Lionel Lebatan jumped out of his seat.

    It was quite a different reaction from what he had said a while ago.

    Lennox watched the reaction of Lionel Lebatan, who reddened, and replied leisurely

    “And I was rejected.”

    “... Rejected?”

    “Yes, I was rejected both times.”

    That's good to see.

    Lennox smiled.

    She clung to do anything, but Juliet repeatedly said she didn't want to marry him.

    "Well. That's too bad.”

    Lionel quickly calmed his anger and sat back down. Contrary to his words, he seemed satisfied.

    The atmosphere was much more relaxed.

    It was still unpleasant for the nasty guy who took his granddaughter to do so, but there was an unavoidable bond between them.

    The common point was that they cherished Juliet like their life.

    “So did you make our kid cry?”


    At that, Lennox raised his head.

    That was exactly the reaction Lionel Lebatan had expected, and at the same time, it was the first time Lennox Carlyle looked him.

    Lionel Lebatan somehow felt refreshed.

    'Wet behind the ears, young, and arrogant guy. Shameless, unlike his age.’

    Lionel Lebatan smirked inwardly, thinking that the reprehensible thief had a heart when he broke his composure for the first time.

    “To be honest, Duke. I don't like you.”

    Lionel Lebatan rose from his seat with dignity with a cane.

    “And I don't even know what the hell you've got to hold Juliet by her side.”

    “...That's the agreement between me and Juliet.”

    “Well, that's fine. In fact, I'm not the one who's all that complicated.”

    Lionel Lebatan tapped the duke on the shoulder.

    “But keep this one thing in mind. If you make our kid cry or put her in danger again...”

    From a distance, it was a sight that looked like a warm grandparent and grandchild relationship, but the words that came and went were brutal.

    “You'll have to be prepared then.”

    Lennox smiled as he faced Lionel Lebatan.

    “I'll take that into consideration.”

    Lionel left with a significant warning.

    “Oh, and don’t tell Juliet that I was here.”

    For a long time after Lionel Lebatan had left, Lennox was unable to leave the parlour.

    He sat alone in the drawing room until he heard the sound of the carriage leaving from outside, and someone returning to the mansion by a narrow margin.

    Soon, he heard light footsteps approaching the parlour.

    Resisting the urge to leave his seat at once, waiting for the owner of those footsteps, he closed his eyes for a moment.

    Waiting for something was the least familiar thing in his life.

    What's more, it was ridiculous to fret about sensing someone's presence.

    "Your Grace."

    He closed his eyes for a bit and opened them, and the woman who made that nonsense possible was standing in front of him.

    “Are you here?”

    Juliet, who returned from her outing, wore a calm royal blue dress. Standing with a baby dragon like a big black cat in her arms.

    “Did you have a guest?”

    Juliet said, seeing the traces of guests left in the parlor.


    “Your Grace, I want to ask you something.”

    Juliet, who glossed over it insignificantly, stated her business. She couldn't figure out who had made a huge donation under her name.

    “Is this what Your Grace did?”

    Lennox realised it only then.

    What Lionel Lebatan had meant by “granddaughter's honour” seemed to have been this.

    Lennox noticed that Lionel was responsible for the huge donation in Juliet's name. However, he did not bother to say anything, recalling his request to keep his visit a secret.

    “Are you listening?”

    “... Yes.”

    Lennox Carlyle was thinking about something he had never wondered about in his life.

    To propose to a woman was to accept her family and the world.

    Family and relatives. He was a bit extreme, but even affectionate worry and meddling.

    Suddenly he thought it was natural that Juliet had turned down his proposal.

    And at the same time he thought that Lionel Lebatan was right.

    “Do you have anything to say to me?”

    Juliet asked, suspicious.

    "There is."

    With a reply, Lennox leaned his forehead against Juliet's shoulder as he approached.

    Juliet flinched, but she didn't push him away.


    The baby dragon woke up and jumped to the floor, crying angrily.



    “When I first saw you.”

    When they first met in this life.

    He would never forget Juliet, who had worn black mourning clothes and exuded pale venom with an expressionless face.

    He hadn't know then, but now he did.

    At that time, he reached out to Juliet, and his heart was drawn to her loneliness of having nothing to lean on or to rely on.

    Lennox realised what he had hoped for.

    He wanted to give Juliet a family.

    But it was impossible from the start.

    It was impossible to explain what colour a rainbow was to a blind person.

    He had never received the affection of his parents and had no idea what a normal family and fence was. There was no way he could have given such a thing to Juliet.

    Besides, Juliet didn't expect anything from him anymore.

    Now that she had a proper family, it was natural for her not to dwell on what he could give.

    In retrospect, his affection had always been shallow and shabby.

    Giving her expensive accessories or fortune and nervously hovering around her, wondering if she would smile this time, was the only way he expected affection to be like.

    But those things were far from enough to buy Juliet's laughter.

    “What is it?”

    “... Nothing.”

    The words I wanted to say were always full and overflowing.

    Don't go.

    Stay by my side forever.

    However, there were only words that could not be said.

    Inside him was a cunning child who was still greedy and hungry for affection.

    He was holding onto her with greed and ego, but after the promised period, Juliet would abandon him.

    Juliet was too good for him, and it was he who now greedily grasped her and couldn't let go.

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    also thanks tho those who had posted chs and spoilers! I truly enjoy it.
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