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    Early dawn, when the day was not yet bright.

    A mock operation was being held at Amber Palace near the imperial palace lake, where access was restricted.

    The attendees of the secret meeting were none other than the second prince, Kloff, his lieutenant, and the recently renowned empress's maid.

    The 2nd Prince Kloff was very excited.

    “That's great. Really everything is going according to your plan!”

    The mysterious smoke bomb that Elizabeth had told him about worked wonders.

    All Kloff had to do was send people all over the empire to spread smoke bombs.

    Beasts from all over the place ran rampant, and the nobles were busy defending the territory.

    As the riots of the beasts spread across the continent, Kloff did as Elizabeth said. He visited his father, the emperor, and said he would solve the situation himself.

    Of course, he was the mastermind of this situation, so his act was a perfect crime.

    “More than that, what happened to the conditions I mentioned?”

    Elizabeth, the empress's healer, asked with her soft face.

    She offered the second prince a condition in exchange for destroying Duke Carlyle.

    Digging her trap and knocking down Juliet Monad. And she asked him to throw her in the middle of where the beasts ran rampant.

    “Of, of course.”

    Although it was quite a complicated and strange condition, the second prince was willing to join the plot.

    “Preparations are proceeding without a hitch. The woman will be torn alive and die.”

    The second prince Kloff looked at her somehow, and said flatteringly to Elizabeth.

    “Good. Then I'll see you again at this time tomorrow."

    Elizabeth Tillman put on the robe with a light smile and left her seat first.

    The remaining 2nd Prince and his aide exchanged somewhat anxious gaze.

    "She's always a bad woman."

    “... But she's competent.”

    “Why on earth does that woman hate Count Monad?”

    Kloff was curious about that as well.

    Elizabeth Tillman quickly gained popularity among the citizens of the capital.

    He didn't think that a woman who publicly had an angelic face would push Count Monad directly into her limbs from behind but...

    “Anyway, all we have to do is do our job.”

    The 2nd Prince, who had been talking so far, saw a grimy shadow at her door, and yelled.

    “Who are you?”

    As the aide opened the door, the woman wandering in front of the door flinched.

    “I, I’m sorry, Prince. It’s late, but you hadn't returned yet...”

    She was the wife of the second prince, Princess Fatima.

    “Tsk. Why bother walking around like that?”

    The 2nd Prince, who learned that the person facing him was Fatima, lightly clicked his tongue and passed by her as it was.

    Fatima's lips trembled at his blatant disregard.

    Every dawn she followed him, wondering who the second prince was meeting, but she never thought she would witness a scene like this.

    Recently, strange rumors had been circulating about Elizabeth Tillman, who had both beauty and healing powers, and the second prince.

    She tried to ignore it, but Fatima watched and listened intently.

    A while ago, Elizabeth Tillman came out...

    ‘She mentioned Count Monad.’

    Her mind got complicated.

    * * *​

    As she passed through the main gate of the palace, Juliet could see the crowds gathering like a cloud in front of the palace.

    Sir Jude, the knight who followed Juliet, whispered with a serious face.

    “Amazing, isn't it? The people of the capital call that woman a saint.”

    Even in the midst of her crowd, Elizabeth, dressed in white, stood out.

    “Yeah. Incredible.”

    Responding calmly, Juliet thought.

    It was impossible for her to gain that much fame overnight, even if Dahlia had healing powers.

    'Something's fake.'

    Rumors couldn't spread so quickly.

    In addition, it was not the imperial will that set up tents in the square and began to take care of the wounded, but rather the credit of the angelic "Elizabeth Tillman," who appeared out of nowhere.

    It was clear that someone was deliberately spreading her name behind the scenes.

    'Who is it?'

    Her empress's influence alone would have had limits in growing her power so far.

    Someone who would have been close to Dahlia and be on her side, aside from the Empress.

    'Who on earth did she have?'

    Juliet recalled the names of several suspects.

    As she had used the Marquis of Guinness, anyone could have been used by Dahlia.

    Juliet greeted Fatima as she got off the carriage.


    “Welcome, Count Monad.”

    It was Fatima, the second prince's wife, who greeted Juliet.

    Today she visited here at the invitation of Fatima.

    As usual, Fatima would have expressed displeasure toward Juliet, but today she seemed somewhat stiff.

    'What's going on?'

    As she tilted her head, several court ladies close to Juliet quickly noticed and tipped her off.

    "Be careful. Miss Fatima is not in a good mood.”



    The court ladies took a moment to confess.

    “The relationship between Her Majesty's Healer and His Majesty the Second Prince is unusual.”

    “There are many people who have seen the second prince and the therapist come out of the same building.”

    '....... Dahlia and the 2nd Prince?'

    Juliet frowned.

    It was a combination she hadn't thought of, but at the same time, it was convincing.

    The second prince Kloff was overly ambitious for his abilities. And Dahlia...

    Dahlia, whom Juliet knew, had a knack for penetrating desires, as if she could see through the thoughts of others.

    If the empress and the prince had cooperated, Dalia could have easily grown her influence.

    Juliet, convinced by the situation, glanced behind her towards Fatima, the second princess.

    It was famous how long it had been since the wedding, and that the relationship between the two was cold.

    In the first place, the second prince, Kloff, had only one gain from marrying Fatima—her family. Recently, however, the business of Fatima's father, Glenn Field, had suddenly declined.

    The fairy tales of childhood end when a kind-hearted lady married a prince, but reality was not a fairy tale.

    Although she was a childhood friend who had become estranged from her, Juliet did not feel good when she saw Fatima, who was down.

    “The honoured guest is waiting.”

    The gloomy-faced Fatima led Juliet to the lakeside.

    There was a small lake within the imperial palace, and it was a sacred lake that was dyed red whenever there was a big event in the empire to warn of disaster.

    It wasn't red now, but it had a subtle purple tinge.

    ‘Is it because a lot of people were injured due to the beasts running wild?’

    It was said to foretell disaster.

    Juliet, who looked into the lake in wonder, boarded a small sculpture boat.

    The sculpture boat soon arrived at the man-made structure in the middle of the lake.

    It was a gazebo topped with a beautiful dome roof.

    A round table was placed under the dome roof. Around the round table stood clerics in priestly robes and paladins who seemed to be escorts.

    Juliet's eyes narrowed.

    Although Juliet had arrived, no one greeted her.

    Even Fatima, who had guided Juliet, was keeping her mouth shut as if she had been ordered to do so.

    Juliet, however, was able to easily identify the situation among the priests sitting in the same clothes.

    Juliet immediately approached the old lady sitting in the corner without looking at the other priests.

    And without a moment's hesitation, she bowed her knees to show respect.

    “Your Holiness the Pope.”

    When she stopped in front of the most modest-looking elder, the people watching murmured, seemingly quite surprised.

    Perhaps the silence was intended to test her. But it was a meaningless test in the first place.

    “Miss Juliet.”

    The grey-haired old lady smiled softly at Juliet.

    "It's been a long time."

    The old lady's name was Hildegard, who had previously known Juliet from Lucerne.

    After Sebastian, the fake pope, was ousted, Hildegard, the previous pope, was reinstated.

    “Yes, how are you?”

    Hildegard grinned, beckoning the other priests to retreat.

    When everyone else left, only Juliet, the pope, and the pope's escort remained under the small gazebo.

    Juliet sat next to the pope, and she clicked her tongue.

    “Yes, there was a big commotion, right?”

    While saying so, the pope secretly whispered.

    “Did the ring I sent help?”

    “Yes, very much.”

    Juliet held out her ring, which she had hidden in the gap in her collar.

    It was the fisherman's ring that Cardinal Gilliam had given to Juliet. The next day after encountering the snake in the square, it turned black, perhaps because she had exhausted its powers.

    Juliet thought she had passed the crisis thanks to this fisherman's ring throughout.

    Clearly, the moment the snake had run towards Juliet, sparks had flown. She didn't know the principle, but since it was a sacred relic, wouldn't it work against the unknown snake?

    “I'm glad it helped.”

    Hildegard wasn't surprised when she saw that the ring had turned black.

    Juliet assumed she was probably aware of this happening.

    “Why did you send it to me?”

    Juliet asked what she was curious about.

    “There wasn't much reason. It's just evil spirits that can be defeated by holy objects, so I thought it would be a return of kindness.”

    It was an ambiguous answer.

    “Evil spirits...”

    In any case, it was true that the pope saved Juliet's life once. She was able to escape from the snake by aiming at the gap.

    'Then, should I have the relic in case the snake comes back again?'

    Quietly thinking so, Juliet asked.

    “Your Holiness, there must be a lot of material about evil spirits in the temple, right?”

    “Yes, why?”

    “Then, are there any records of evil spirits in the form of yellow snakes?”

    “Yellow snake?”

    Hildegard looked at Juliet with her small eyes. She seemed interested.

    “Why are you wondering about the snake suddenly?”

    Juliet hesitated, then she spoke vaguely.

    “Actually, I think it's the snake that made the fisherman's ring like that.”

    "Is that so?"

    Empress Hildegard grinned.

    "Listen, Lady..."

    “Count Monad.”

    When Juliet bluntly corrected, Hildegard grinned like she were having fun.

    The paladin escorting the pope, the holy knight, looked at Juliet as if she were strange. It seemed that Juliet, who treats Hildegard, the head of the temple and the respected papacy, as if she were a grandmother next door was being rude.

    “Yes, I have heard that Count Monad has gratefully offered a large sum of money.”

    Juliet replied with a vague smile. She had yet to know who had made such a donation in her name.

    Lennox told her not to bother, but she noticed it didn't seem like something he had done.

    “Would you like to receive it as a reward?”

    “A reward?”

    Come to think of it, she had forgotten that was the purpose of being invited to the pope in the first place.

    “In the first place, I was going to reward you for not taking back Genovia's soul stone.”

    “That's different. I am the lifesaver of Her Holiness.”

    As Juliet replied blatantly, Pope Hildegard burst into laughter.

    “Okay. I will send what you want, Count.”

    But Hildegard grabbed her Juliet's wrist as she was about to get up.

    “Lady, no, Count Monad.”

    Juliet looked behind her in amazement. She had a grip that did not match the build of a small old lady.

    “Sebastian asked for the Count.”


    “The swindler?”

    Juliet frowned.

    She heard he had gone completely insane and then locked up in a dungeon in Lucerne.

    “That child is also pitiful, too.”

    “What a shame.”

    Sebastian was a complete nut job. Didn't he kidnap Juliet just because his dead sister, Genovia and Juliet, looked alike.

    Juliet, who had been through rough times, had no sympathy for him. And she didn't understand Hildegarte saying that either.

    “By the way, Sebastian told me a strange story a few days ago.”

    “What did he say?”

    "He needed to make arrangements for her funeral before autumn came, so he asked for Genovia's favorite flowers."

    Juliet was at a loss for words.

    Sebastian had called Juliet, Genovia the whole time. Just because she looked just like his dead sister, but he had to prepare a funeral?

    'It sounds like I'm going to die soon.'

    She tried to laugh, but somehow she had an eerie tone.

    “…Is that all?”

    "Yes. Please take care of yourself.”

    Juliet smiled intently.
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    When she came outside after a meeting with the emperor, Fatima was waiting in front of a small boat.

    "Did you enjoy the audience?"

    Fatima greeted in a perfunctory way.

    "Yes, thanks to you, Your Highness."

    "Let's go back."

    She listened to Juliet's answer. Fatima was on the boat first.

    Juliet looked around as she crossed the lake in a small boat.

    It was a shame to go back to the purple lake because it was amazing to see it thanks to the pope.

    Looking around, Juliet caught sight of a small building built by the lake.

    It was a star palace with a yellow roof like a pumpkin.

    Juliet, who was enjoying the exterior of the Byeolgung Palace, suddenly found a group of people entering the building.

    Apparently, they were nobles who were allowed to enter the country in fancy clothes. And the person standing at the front is...


    It was Kloff, Fatima's husband and the second prince.

    'Kloff and nobles in the deserted palace of the lake...'

    Juliet, who blinked for a moment, recalled the story that the duke's knight had told her.

    "The second prince volunteered to investigate the case."

    Did Kloff say he was setting up an investigation team with several nobles to investigate the sudden disturbance of the Marshals?

    It was somehow suspicious that the second prince, who was not interested in other people's business, volunteered to take the job.

    Juliet asked the Imperial Palace guard as if she were floating.

    "Is that Amber Palace?"

    "Yes, that is right."

    'I wish I could know what was going on in there...'

    In addition, if the second prince joined hands with Dalia, it was necessary to question further what the dream was.

    "...Ahem, we'll be in the water soon. Get ready to get off."

    The palace guards said, wary, that Juliet might have noticed looking closely at Amber Palace.

    Amber Palace, like the sacred lake, belonged to a restricted area.

    It was not allowed to enter and exit without the emperor's immediate blood line or a pre-authorized VIP.

    'Is there any way?'

    Thinking carefully, Juliet alternated between a clear lake and her clothes.

    A necklace made of small diamonds was the first thing to stand out.

    Juliet paused for a moment.

    One of Carlyle's gifts, this necklace was too expensive to use as bait.

    But if it wasn't now, the opportunity wouldn't come back.

    'I can't help it.'

    Otherwise, all she had left is a silver key.

    Juliet sighed quietly and hid the key in her arms to avoid the eyes of others.


    Then she secretly dropped her necklace into the lake.

    Juliet quietly approached Fatima, who had seen the diamond necklace sink beneath the lake's surface.

    "Your Royal Highness."

    "What... What is it, all of a sudden?"

    Fatima suddenly shuddered when Juliet spoke in a friendly way.

    People would think she was going to eat her.

    "You owe me something, don't you?"

    "D-debt? I've never..."

    Fatima recoiled and avoided her gaze. It was obviously the attitude of a person who was stabbed.

    But Juliet knew and Fatima knew. As a child Fatima had made an unforgivable mistake to Juliet, and it was a long-standing sediment that caused the two to fall apart.


    Juliet held onto Fatima's wrist and made eye contact.

    "I'm going to do something crazy starting now..."

    Juliet's soft voice had an uncanny power to refuse.

    "Please play along."


    Fatima saw Juliet's eyes twinkle significantly.

    And shortly afterwards.



    Soon there was a disturbance along the sacred and quiet lake.

    The people who were there were witnesses.

    Suddenly, Princess Fatima and Count Monad quarreled. The bad relationship between the two was famous, so it wasn't a big deal.

    A really big thing happened next.

    Juliet Monad fell into the lake.


    Fortunately, the water was not deep because it was almost near the lake, and the surprised people quickly rescued Juliet from the water.

    "Your Highness, what happened?"

    "I, I don't know! All of a sudden, Count Monad had her necklace stolen, and she argued first...!"

    Princess Fatima was also rambling as if she were nervous.

    Somehow Juliet Monad was beside herself.

    And her escorts, waiting by the lake, got mad. They insisted Juliet be moved to a nearby palace and called in Rep.


    The guards blocked them as they tried to enter Amber Palace with a limp Juliet.

    "The only ones who can stay in Amber Palace is the Imperial family! Without His Majesty's permission...!"

    "No, the Count has fallen!"

    Jud, who was followed by Juliet's escort, faithfully performed his role.

    "What are you talking about when someone has fallen down? If something bad happens Count Monad, you will be responsible!"

    Jud went on a rampant.

    Only then did the palace guards recall that this young lady was Duke Carlyle's lover.

    "Then, then if we move to another place as soon as possible..."

    "What, don't you know that it's common sense that you shouldn't move a unconscious patient? What kind of doctor are you!"

    "No, I'm not a doctor..."

    "What, you haven't called a doctor yet? My lady has fallen down!"

    "Then you'll have to call a doctor in no time!"

    There was no such mess.

    "And how far is it to the empress, where the hell am I supposed to go?"

    "Come on, calm down. First, bring Count Monad inside!"

    Juliet, unconscious by the flame of the duke's knights, was able to enter the Amber Palace safely.

    But except Fatima and her maids, other knights were denied entry.

    Soon after, the maids were away to call the imperial court.


    The door was closed and only Fatima and Juliet were left in the empty room.

    "...E-everyone's gone."

    Fatima, who was looking around with a frightened expression, slightly whispered.

    "I did as you said. But..."

    Fatima left Juliet limp on the bed, ran to the window and meticulously drew the curtains.

    "A-are you sure... this is okay?"

    When Fatima, who had blocked all outside view, looked back, Juliet, who had lost consciousness and collapsed, opened her eyes.

    "Yes, you did a great job, Your Highness."

    Juliet raised her body as if she had fainted, and smiled brightly at Fatima.

    * * *​

    At the same time.

    "So... The princess and Count Monad fell into the lake?"

    The emperor, who was sitting in the audience room, asked back as if he was dumbfounded.

    It took less than an hour for the accident in the sacred lake to catch the emperor's ear.

    "No, why the hell did the two of them fight?"

    The emperor's question was answered with a troubled face.

    "The precious necklace that Count Monad had was missing."

    "... Necklace?"

    "Yes, the Count claimed to have lost her necklace, and the Princess quarreled over whether she suspected her maids or not, but she stopped..."

    "Tell her I'll give her a necklace!"

    The emperor burst into a fit of anger.

    It was a shame that the imperial family was at the mercy of young women fighting a battle of nerves.

    It was unprecedented to have non-imperial people in Amber Palace. There was no such disgrace.

    "Your Majesty, what Count Monad lost... the diamond necklace she had been given as a gift. She insisted that it was a very important item."

    "There you go. Send the guards to look for it!"

    The emperor, who had been agonising for a while, yelled. There was a lot of work to be done right away, but he couldn't waste his time on this.

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    Then the guards bowed their heads and retreated.

    The grand chamberlain, who was nearby, cautiously brought it up to the emperor.

    "Your Majesty, the law is strict, and you must not allow unauthorized outsiders to enter the Amber Palace..."

    "Is that the big deal now? Just say I'll do whatever Count Monad wants!"

    At the words of the irritable emperor, the servant hurriedly shook his head.

    However, the grand chamberlain, who seemed to be returning under orders, suddenly called the emperor again.

    "Well... Your Majesty."

    "What is it this time?"

    Nervously, the emperor turned to the side where the voice came from and froze. He recognized a man standing at the entrance to the audience.

    Standing by the door, the dark-haired man was a handsome man with a fine physique like he popped out of a painting.

    "... Duke Carlyle has come."

    A beat late, the grand chamberlain informed.


    "Your Majesty the Emperor."

    If there was a minor problem, it was that the painting looked like a painting of the king of hell.

    "What did you just say?"

    Duke Carlyle asked again in a cold voice, which seemed to be blowing the north wind.

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    Meanwhile, the 2nd Prince and his party were unaware of this external situation.

    Juliet and Fatima staged a play just after they locked the door of Amber Palace's conference room.

    "How far has the investigation gone?"

    "The expedition to the central part of the country has been completed."

    All the people in the conference hall were nobles gathered by the 2nd prince Kloff with the permission of the emperor.

    The purpose of their gathering was to solve the recent runaway situation of magical beasts across the continent.

    "Reports from all regions are consistent."

    A nobleman with a serious face placed a round sphere on the table.

    It was a smoke bomb in the shape that was familiar to the nobles.

    "It is said that unidentified assailants threw this smoke bomb and disappeared."

    The beasts who inhaled the gray smoke ran wild, and many people were injured.

    The same phenomenon was happening all over the continent.

    It was clear that the strange smoke made the beasts violent, but the problem was the identity of the intruders spreading the smoke bombs.

    “Who the hell is doing this and for what purpose?”

    All the nobles in the conference hall were the ones who suffered great damage from the wild beasts.

    It was only natural that Kloff deliberately picked up such nobles.

    Not all of them were the 2nd prince's forces, but there were still about half of the nobles who were favorable or neutral to him.

    "Maybe it's the barbarians?"

    "Do you think those savages have the technical skills to do this?"

    "That's right. Besides, if it's their work, there's no need to hide their identity."

    “Then maybe the warlocks who were driven out of the border...."

    Opinions were exchanged one way or another, but no one made a clear guess.

    It was a problem that's easy to solve if they caught the gunmen fleeing after throwing smoke bombs, but they easily fled as if they knew where the imperial army was hiding.

    "It seems that the person behind it is well aware of the internal affairs of the Imperial Army."

    By the time the meeting had progressed to some extent, someone had raised questions.

    "By the way, isn't something strange?"

    The 2nd Prince was the one who had planted it in advance.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Think about it. Isn't it strange that there's no damage to the north when the beasts are rampaging on all over the continent?"

    He pretended and pointed to the map in the middle of the table.

    The large map recorded the damage situation in various places as a red mark. As he pointed out, the north had far less recorded damage than the vast land.

    "It sounds like it."

    "That makes sense. It was strange that there were no casualties in the North alone."

    "Why is there no damage in the North?"

    "Isn't the North the place where beasts often appear? Then shouldn't the damage have been greater?"

    "That's right. If anyone sees it, I'll believe it even if it's done in the North!"

    "Yes. Unless the Duke is behind it, is this possible?"

    Kloff smiled with remorse.

    Everything went according to plan.

    'All right, it's nothing, isn't it?'

    "Come on, nothing is clear yet. No jumping to conclusions until we have solid evidence."

    The second prince pretended to be neutral, but in fact, he was calling for joy after confirming that dissatisfaction appeared on the faces of the nobles.

    "But Baron Cervan is right, Your Highness."

    "Isn't Duke Carlyle usually disrespectful to the imperial family?"

    "The North has always been like that."

    "He is an unknown person."

    Many nobles were wary of the Duke's growing power since the disappearance of the Marquis of Guinness.

    Once the doubt caught fire, Kloff didn't have to help.

    'I should've kept my head down to do that.'

    If we start to drive the mood like this, sooner or later public opinion will turn to the bad side of Duke Carlyle.

    'It's a piece of cake.'

    Kloff was completely unequaled.

    Waiting for the time when suspicious public opinion about the Duke of Carlyle peaked, he could be sent away if he presented fabricated evidence prepared in advance.

    "Your Highness, I ask for your thorough investigation into the Duke."

    "You don't have to worry about that. I'll be investigating thoroughly."

    Kloff hurried to finish the meeting.

    The nobles left the conference hall with a look of discontent.

    Watching the scene, the second prince and his aides exchanged meaningful smiles.

    "Things are going very well."

    "Yeah, yeah. It won't be long before the arrogant Duke of Carlyle gets around."

    With a happy smile, he pulled a round metal sphere out of his arms.

    It was the same smoke bomb that a nobleman brought as evidence at the meeting a while ago.

    The only difference was that the duke's crest was engraved.

    "Now all we have to do is toss it before His Majesty at the right time."

    "A smoke bomb engraved with the Duke of Carlyle's crest?"

    Most of the nobles suffered damage due to the beasts, so everyone was frantic to find out who had even the slightest suspicion.

    As usual, one would suspect which idiot would engrave the family's crest on a smoke bomb.

    "Yes, and then the angry nobles will bite the Duke themselves."

    Anger and speculation easily corrode reason.

    The nobles, blinded by envy and wrath, will not let the Duke of Carlyle go unnoticed. Even if it were the Duke of the North, it would be dangerous to turn all the nobles of the Empire into an enemy.

    "And if you look at this, the Emperor will be furious, too."

    The aide smirked to curry favor with the prince.

    "Then even Duke Carlyle will not be safe."

    "It's a great ploy, Prince!"

    "Hey, you're flattering me."

    In fact, there wasn't much of a ploy.

    As advised by the Empress's healer, he created smoke bombs and created an atmosphere that framed Duke Carlyle.

    However, the 2nd Prince and his party intoxicated with a sense of victory, were the last to leave the conference hall while flirting and gave flattery to each other.

    Not knowing that a woman was hiding behind the shadow of the door in the hallway, holding her breath.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    She rested her head against the wall until the footsteps were completely gone.

    It was Juliet in disguise who had changed into clothes borrowed from the maid of Princess Fatima.

    Perhaps because of the strict security outside, the boundaries inside Amber Palace was looser than expected.

    Juliet was brooding over a conversation she overheard a while ago.

    "Even the Duke of Carlyle will not be safe."

    It was information worth falling into a lake and sacrificing a diamond necklace.

    'That's what happened.'

    It wasn't surprising.

    She was guessing that the 2nd Prince Kloff was up to something.

    But I didn't know you prepared this much.

    'It's a smoke bomb engraved with the Duke's crest....you used your brain quite a lot.'

    It's a childish technique that would never work normally, but the 2nd Prince and his party worked hard on the foundation.

    Most nobles were badly damaged by the beasts.

    If Duke Carlyle was identified as the mastermind, they would attack like bees from all directions and bite him.

    It would be the 2nd prince who is behind the real work. But Juliet knew well that the truth didn't really matter who the real culprit was since she came all the way here.

    Juliet tapped her heels a couple of times on the floor and smiled.

    If I had not been aware of it, the damage would have been quite large.....

    I didn't worry too much since I knew it beforehand.

    More than that, I was concerned that it wasn't a scheme that could come out of the second prince's head. He was ambitious, but he had no brain like this.

    'Dahlia must have done it.'

    Juliet thought about Dahlia for a moment.

    Last time it was the Marquis of Guinness, this time Prince Kloff. Of course, it's bad to be tolerated, but what's the benefit of overthrowing the Carlyle family?

    "Who's there!"

    Juliet, lost in thought, turned to the side where the voice had come from. A servant of Amber Palace was standing there.

    Juliet did not panic and carried out the prepared lines calmly.

    "Ah, I'm the maid serving Princess Fatima."

    "What is the Princess's maid doing here?"

    The servant asked, but Juliet asked again as if she was actually wondering.

    "The whole imperial palace was turned upside down, didn't you hear it? The Princess asked if you could help her up to find the necklace and told you to come."

    Juliet turned around without changing the color of her face.

    The servant looked quite bewildered as it was the first time he had really heard of it.

    "The Princess is looking for me?"

    "Yes, she's downstairs."

    "All right, wait here for a second."

    As soon as the servant left to report to the superior, Juliet also smiled.

    I was going to go downstairs where Fatima was waiting and pretend to be a fallen patient again.


    But I wasn't very lucky.

    As soon as she turned around, a voice was heard at the end of the hall. It seemed like at least a couple of guards.

    'I'm in trouble.'

    One or two of them are fine, but someone might recognize Juliet's face if there are several people. Then she might be questioned why Count Monad, who passed out, is walking around in maid's clothes.

    Juliet, who was turning again and heading toward the podium at the end of the hall, bumped into someone slightly.

    "I'm sorr....."


    Juliet, who was about to apologize with her head down, was startled.

    I was even more surprised when I raised my head at the familiar voice.


    The unexpected one was Juliet's acquaintance.

    Roy, as neat as ever, was there like a lie.
    "How....Why is Roy here?"

    At the same time as I asked, I heard a voice from behind again.

    "Did you see Her Majesty's maid?"

    "Yeah, definitely from this side..."

    What should I do?

    Roy glanced sideways at Juliet's flustered look.

    "You look busy."

    The calm-faced Roy didn't even ask Juliet what she was doing.

    "This way."

    The quick-witted Roy quickly led Juliet to escape.


    It's just the end of the other hallway, but the problem was that it was a big window that appeared in front of them.

    "Excuse me for a moment."

    Roy wrapped Juliet around his shoulders and jumped lightly before she could scream or refuse.

    'We're on the second floor!'

    Juliet couldn't bear to shout and bit her lip tightly.


    But contrary to Juliet's concerns, they landed in Amber Palace's backyard when she opened her tightly closed eyes.

    It was a smooth and stable landing.

    ".....Thank you."

    It is true that we overcame the crisis thanks to you.

    Juliet expressed her gratitude, both bewildered and smiling.

    "That's enough. Drop me off."


    However, after dropping Juliet to the ground, Roy did not release the hand around her waist. Juliet's eyebrows narrowed by itself.



    Roy somehow looked grim.

    "......You are mad at me, right?"

    Roy asked carefully.

    Was I mad at Roy?

    Thinking hard, Juliet then remembered when they last met.

    It was at the wedding banquet of the second imperial couple.

    That day, Roy revealed the secrets of the Duke of Carlyle to her, suggesting that they go to the forest of Catia together.

    "I'm not angry."

    In fact, she was angry with Roy. Because he acted like he could wield Juliet at will by telling him the secret.

    But Juliet was even angrier at Lennox for hiding such an important fact.

    "It's fine now. But why is Roy here?"

    A little awkward, Juliet changed the subject.

    "The Pope sent someone to the forest for help."

    "What's the matter?"

    "He asked me to help interpret the prophecy."

    "Oh, the Prophecy."

    I forgot who told me, but she's heard it recently. It is said that the temple unearthed a prophetic book.

    And the Lycanthropes were a clan that could interpret ancient characters.

    'That's too blatant.'

    Juliet clicked her tongue inwardly.

    For some reason, the cardinals and the pope also come to visit for it to be a simple Lent event...

    I thought the scale was wide open, but the emperor seemed to be paying attention to the prophetic book.

    "I'll take you there."

    Roy, who seemed a little dazed, without a word, grabbed Juliet's wrist and started walking.

    Despite Juliet's lack of explanation, Roy acted as if he knew she should not be seen by others.

    He skillfully guided them towards the remote path of Amber Palace.

    If you enter the back door, you will arrive at the reception room on the first floor, where Fatima is waiting.

    "......Did you deliberately fall into the lake?"

    Roy, who was walking long ahead, suddenly asked.


    "Rumors spread throughout the palace. Juliet lost her precious necklace and fell into the lake while arguing with the princess."

    Juliet was a little embarrassed because the scale of the accident seemed to have grown bigger than she thought.

    'Come to think of it, Lennox must be at the palace.'

    Of course, Lennox will have an audience with the emperor, so even if he is in the same place, he will be a long way away. Juliet wondered if she had made a fuss in his ears.

    "But Juliet, that necklace."


    "......Did he give it to you?"


    Suddenly, Roy, who was walking ahead, stopped and looked at Juliet.

    Juliet became curious.

    It's true that the necklace she dropped into the lake was Duke Carlyle's gift, but why would he wonder?

    But Roy's next words were even more surprising.

    "Do you want me to buy you that necklace again?"

    Roy's gaze at that question was not directed at Juliet. He was staring over Juliet's shoulder, behind her.

    What was there?

    Juliet followed his gaze and looked back, but all he could see was the lakeside. The highly developed race might see something different.

    "No, you don't have to."

    Juliet, in fact, was not too worried.

    "It's the only thing in the world."

    The diamond necklace I threw into the lake was a bit pricey, but the information I got was worth it.

    And Duke Carlyle was not idle enough to remember each necklace he gave to his lover.

    Perhaps Lennox didn't even know that the lost necklace was a gift for me. Even if he knew, he wouldn't care.

    Juliet shrugged her shoulders.

    "Thank you for your help."

    Thanks to Roy's help, I was able to arrive at the side door without being caught.

    "Be careful, Juliet."

    Roy kissed Juliet on the back of her hand for longer than usual and smiled again, staring over Juliet's shoulder.

    "This should be enough for the time being."

    Juliet did not understand what Roy meant by his significant smile.

    And she didn't even know that Roy's words and actions were aimed at someone standing far by the lake.

    Juliet returned safely to the drawing room where Fatima was waiting, and the unconscious patient rejoiced until the court attendant came running.

    "I'm sorry, Count Monad. We haven't found the necklace yet."

    "We can't help it. It looks like it fell into the lake."

    Juliet replied rather somberly as if she had left it with Fatima.

    "I'm mobilizing people to find it, so....."

    "No, I'm fine. It's just a necklace."

    Unexpectedly, the imperial attendant was embarrassed and promised that he would somehow search the lake for the necklace, but Juliet was no longer interested in the necklace.

    Juliet, who escaped the imperial palace safely and returned to the Duke's, looked for Lennox as soon as she returned, but he had not yet returned home.

    "What about His Grace?"

    "I'm afraid he'll be home late."

    "Miss, what happened to you in the Imperial Palace?"

    It seemed that Juliet's accident had already been known to the duke.

    Juliet, who was thinking for a moment, looked at the Duke's vassals.

    "More than that, Sir Milan, Elliot, I need to talk to you for a moment."

    Juliet asked two of the most reliable close aides of the Duke to talk.

    The two looked puzzled for a moment but answered her call. Juliet locked the door tightly, and then she recounted what she had seen and heard in the imperial palace.

    "....The 2nd Prince is plotting against the Duke."


    A secret meeting, a smoke bomb engraved with the duke's crest.

    The faces of Sir Milan and Elliot became serious as they listened silently to her story.

    "That mouse-like 2nd prince."

    "But I'm convinced."

    The Duke's vassals were well aware of how long Prince Kloff had been inferior to the Duke of Carlyle, who was the same age.

    "I've heard that the second prince is greedy for the crown prince's bookkeeping."

    "But I didn't know that it would produce substances that stimulate the beasts."

    "Naturally, a cornered mouse bites a cat."

    There was a groan and Elliot made a sick sound.

    It was a crude tactic, but the two of them had an intuition that the Duke family would be hurt.

    "Such a petty trick....."

    "In this situation, if the second prince comes out with a smoke bomb engraved with the duke's crest as evidence, it will become noisy."

    The aim of the second prince was obvious.

    “Probably to blame the Duke on the public stage.”

    Perhaps at the right time, the emperor and nobles will gather at the meeting and point to the duke as the mastermind behind this incident.

    "And the other nobles will follow suit."

    "But the Lord is not the kind of person who cares about such things.....What should we do?"

    Sir Milan sighed.

    The Duke Carlyle they knew, was a man who would not bat an eyelid to learn of this trap.

    Duke Carlyle was a figure of dubious legendary merit, and would never avoid military friction.

    Clearly, Lennox's method is intuitive. You will have to make great sacrifices.

    'But there's no need to make things difficult, right?'

    Juliet nodded, and Elliot offered an opinion.

    "We can avoid friction as much as we can."

    "Avoid friction?"

    "We're not going to stand on the stage decorated by the second prince. For example, we're going back to the north right now to plan for the future."

    "That's running away, isn't it?"

    "But we'll have time to prepare for an explanation that the evidence was fabricated."

    Elliot shrugged his shoulders.

    "And if we gather evidence that the second prince is the real culprit and plead innocent....."

    "Yes, of course, the Lord would never allow it."

    Sir Milan refuted with a cold heart.

    Juliet, who listened quietly, grinned.

    "I don't want to run away either."

    As Juliet opened her mouth, the eyes of the two were drawn.

    "Do you have anything in mind?"

    "Well, a little."

    Juliet paused for a moment.

    "What if?"

    Juliet smiled softly.

    "We take advantage of the pride of the second prince."


    "Because the prince will not know that his hand has been exposed yet."

    The second prince was convinced he could bring down Duke Carlyle at any time.

    However, since Juliet had caught the hand, she was able to prepare a ruse to use it in reverse.

    "It's not a big deal. It's because the method isn't simple."

    "......What do you mean by that?"

    Juliet, who smiled a little awkwardly, told the two of them a plan to catch the prince off guard.

    In fact, her plan wasn't even a plan.

    "It's a simple way for anyone to come up with."

    They seemed a bit perplexed, but after hearing Juliet's story, the duke's vassals nodded slowly.

    "I.....I see. It certainly makes sense."

    "If you do that, you can neutralize the second prince."

    "Is it just neutralization? Hopefully, we will be able to end the forces attached to the 2nd Prince!"

    Elliot, the Duke's secretary, glowed his eyes.

    "But the problem is implementation....."

    The remaining question was when and how to approach the prince.

    "The most important thing is to hide in the second prince's place."

    Juliet hadn't figured out what to do with it yet.

    It was impossible to sneak into Amber Palace with all sorts of excuses like today. Instead of eavesdropping, she had to approach the evidence prepared by the second prince specifically.

    There were black knights in the northern duke's house, who were blindly loyal to the duke.

    But they will not obey Juliet's orders.

    And even if they were, it was unclear whether they could sneak in the second prince's place where the smoke bomb was hidden.

    Even highly trained fighters would say it was easier to assassinate the second prince.

    "Don't worry. I'll figure it out somehow."

    Sir Milan assured with a grim expression.

    "At least it's easier than war."

    "Yes, I believe you."

    Juliet smiled and nodded her head.
    It's so loud.

    Juliet, who had fallen asleep on a chair in the drawing room to the sound of something breaking, woke up.

    When I opened my eyes, the fireplace was burning brightly, and it was dark outside the window. And somehow my knees were empty.


    Apparently, a heavy, warm baby dragon was snoring on her lap a little while ago.

    Juliet got up from her seat yawning quietly.

    It was then.



    Juliet looked briefly at the object that had fallen at her feet.

    It was an apple-shaped ornament. Above the fireplace, on a high shelf....wait, the shelf?



    Juliet, who raised her head slowly, made eye contact with a pair of yellow eyes like a pumpkin.

    The little dragon, who looked somehow embarrassed, was dangling from the edge of a half-broken, high shelf, with his two front paws on his back.


    Surprised, Juliet quickly dropped onyx down.

    The shelf was quite high, so Juliet was able to lower the baby dragon only after climbing onto the pedestal and crutches.

    Perhaps the baby dragon coveted the red apple-shaped ornament on the shelf.

    "How the hell did you get up there?"


    Juliet asked absurdly, but the baby dragon rolled his eyes and averted her gaze as if he had made a mistake.

    You're afraid you'll get in trouble for breaking the shelf? But, she knew, Onyx wasn't such a conscientious dragon.

    Juliet's eyes narrowed as she was turning Onyx around to see if he was hurt.

    He didn't look hurt, but I realized that Onyx had grown up.

    The young dragon, which was as cute as the palm of her hand, was no longer called a baby dragon.

    Now it's about the size of a big cat. The wings at the back, which seemed like decorations, are now quite....

    "Your Grace!"

    Suddenly, it was noisy outside, and Juliet forgot that she was suspicious of Onyx and went to the window.

    It was raining steadily as if the day had passed, and a horse was visible. Duke Carlyle, the owner of the mansion, has returned.

    Juliet pondered for a moment, and then quickly headed to the main building.

    Among the busy workers, perhaps thanks to the return of the owner, Elliot, the Duke's secretary, noticed Juliet.

    "His Grace has just returned home."

    "Yes, I saw it."

    Juliet looked at Elliot holding a towel and nodded.

    "What's that towel?"

    "No, he's back soaking wet! Is he out of his mind in this weather?"

    Elliot threw up in a feverish manner.

    "In this season, I don't know where he's been and what he's been doing. We've been waiting for him...."

    Elliot grumbled.

    Come to think of it, Juliet glanced at the wall clock, wondering what time it was, and Elliot peeked at her.

    "If the lady nags him a little...."

    "How can I even nag His Grace."

    Juliet smiled embarrassedly, but Elliot was sobbing, not giving up.

    "The lady is the only one His Grace listens to."

    "He's pretending to listen."

    "Still, you have the ability to make him listen."

    Elliot whined, then tossed away the towel he was holding and pushed Juliet's back.

    "Aren't you here to talk to him anyway?"

    But looking at the atmosphere, I don't think we're in a situation to talk freely.

    "I look forward to your kind cooperation!"

    Juliet regretted that she should have come after the day was bright, but it was too late.

    The swift Duke's secretary pushed Juliet into the bedroom and snapped the door shut from behind her back.

    Juliet hesitated, but knocked on the bathroom door to deliver the towel she had asked for.

    I waited for a long time, but there was no sound, so I carefully opened the door.


    As soon as Juliet opened the steamy bathroom door.


    "I'm sure I said to get out of here....!"

    A fierce voice was heard.

    "I was asked to bring it for you."

    ".....Leave it and go."

    Now come and go outside.

    Juliet's eyes narrowed, but she quickly returned as instructed.

    But for some reason, there was an error, so she waited for him without going out. When she regretted what she had done, the bathroom door opened and Lennox followed.

    He didn't say anything when he saw Juliet still waiting and not returning, but it was clear that he felt uncomfortable.


    "I need to talk to you."

    Lennox sat across the room in a couch.

    "Do it."

    Lennox didn't just look tired, but he didn't look good.

    You went to an audience with the emperor and came home so late. Did something happen?

    Anyway, I didn't have the courage to nag you not to do something like what Elliot had asked me to do.

    Juliet hesitated for a moment and didn't want to waste time, so she gave a brief summary of what happened during the day.

    "......so, that's what happened."

    But Lennox had heard her story in its entirety and had no significant response.

    Even if he didn't like it, I thought he'd at least react to something.

    "So you jumped into the lake?"

    Lennox's first question was somehow far from what Juliet thought.

    "You're just trying to figure it out?"

    "It was shallow water. There were a lot of people...."

    Juliet somehow replied back with an excuse.

    It wasn't a very dangerous act.

    "That's admirable."

    Although she did not expect an active response as he did with the duke's vassals, Lennox was somewhat sarcastic.

    Juliet was a little offended but got up because she didn't want to argue with him.

    "......I'm going to go now."

    But before Juliet went out, he blurted out.

    "What did the wolf cub say?"


    How do you know I met Roy?

    "I shouldn't know."

    As if he had listened to Juliet's thoughts, Lennox, who came up and strode, smiled and pulled Juliet's wrist.

    It was the left hand that Roy had kissed long during the day.

    "He left a lot of traces openly like this."


    "Shall I guess? He must have said similar nonsense, saying that if he bury his body odor, the beasts wouldn't even come close."

    Roy didn't say that. But Juliet found out what Roy meant when he said she would be 'fine for the time being'.

    Maybe it's Lycanthrope's protection.

    Juliet has heard of it.

    The forest clan was definitely a higher predator than the beasts, so with their protection, any attack by the beasts could be avoided.

    Juliet, however, was more concerned with the anger of the man in front of her than with the gratitude for Roy's good deeds.

    Juliet quietly pulled out her hand.




    "Don't say that."


    “Roy is my friend, and he thought of me and helped me.”

    "Ha, is that wolf cub a friend?"

    Lennox's eyes, which had eased for a while, became fierce again.

    "That's why you're covering him up?"

    Juliet sighed shallowly.

    "I don't want to argue with Your Grace. I don't want to be offended by this anymore."

    Lennox was felt flinching, but she didn't care and gently told.

    "We don't have much time left."


    Juliet was honest.

    “If you waste your time arguing, you will definitely regret it later.”

    "And then?"


    "What I'm saying is."

    Lennox asked carefully, as if contemplating a word, not answering that question.

    "And then.....have you ever thought about what's going to happen next?"

    Lennox deliberately avoided the word contract, but Juliet got it right.

    Have you ever thought about what will happen after the current contract is over?

    Juliet looked up at him blankly.

    The anxious-looking man seemed to have an answer he was hoping for.

    The truth is, there's never been one.

    From an early age, Juliet had a good sense of strange feelings.

    Suddenly, I remembered what the pope had warned me. Sebastian said he had to prepare for the funeral.

    In fact, even before hearing the story, Juliet had a gut feeling that she would not live long in this life.

    "Yes, I have."

    Therefore, she never imagined what their relationship would be like after this contract ended.

    "I'll be happy."

    But Juliet replied with a big smile.

    Somehow I wanted to give him the answer he wanted to hear.

    "And Your Grace, I believe you'll be fine."


    Juliet did not know whether her answer was satisfactory to Lennox.

    However, Lennox frowned and held Juliet's hand firmly for a while.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Early the next morning, Juliet was visited by distinguished duke knights.

    "What are you doing at this time of the day?"

    Juliet looked at them, wondering if it had something to do with the second prince, and Jude showed something with a strange expression.

    "I'm here to deliver something."

    "....My necklace?"

    It was the diamond necklace she dropped into the lake the day before.

    "How did you...?"

    Juliet opened her eyes wide.

    Her initials on the inside remained the same.

    Perhaps thanks to the preservation magic casted on the necklace itself, there was not a single scratch.

    The diamond necklace was a surprisingly long-history item, which Juliet received on her nineteenth birthday.

    "Tell me whatever you want."

    Juliet deliberately made a demanding request because she hated the man who seemed to be annoying and was upset about his attitude.

    "Queen Arabella's necklace. Give me that."

    Queen Arabella's necklace has been a hot item since her previous life.

    There is the price, but believe it or not, it was made even more famous for the tragic anecdote that her lover, the prime minister, took his life following the death of the queen, the former owner.

    It was a story so famous that anyone in the Empire grew up hearing it.

    Juliet, who had been thinking about the past for a moment, asked as if wondering.

    "Where, who found it?"

    "Ah, that's what....ack!"

    As Jude opened his mouth, Milan kicked him in the shin.

    "A man came from the palace last night......No, this morning. One of the court's servants found a lost necklace."

    She saw the two knights exchanged suspicious glances.


    Juliet wore the necklace again without further inquiring.

    "I'll have to go say thank you soon."

    "You, you don't have to do that....."

    "Haha, of course! You will surely be welcomed in the Imperial Palace."

    Juliet saw off the two knights who were not good at lying and then sat down by the window.

    Looking at her side face reflected in the window, she fiddled blankly with the necklace around her neck.

    'That can't be true.'

    It was in the distant past, in her previous life, that he was told the story of this necklace.

    Juliet then was an innocent child who was happy to be with him, and talked about anything she knew. Even though Lennox blatantly hated the story she told him.

    "That's pathetic."

    Far from it, Duke Carlyle was not the type to remember such a trifle.

    Juliet bit her lip. He couldn't have remembered what happened so long ago.

    'But why are you here now. Doing something that's not like you.'
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    Early morning.

    A black, dainty creature was trudging the bushes of the mansion.

    Onyx, who had been full since morning, was in a good mood.

    Walking through the dewy bushes, he also liked the ducal mansion with plenty of food.

    Compared to Monad County, the duke's capital mansion was vast.

    The baby dragon had a big pink flower in his mouth.

    It was a fresh peony that he specifically found for Juliet.

    Onyx hoped the owner would take this and forgive him for the accident he committed yesterday.

    Yesterday, Onyx went up on a shelf and broke a shelf, which almost raised Juliet's suspicions.

    The baby dragon didn't want to be hated by Juliet.

    Onyx had not yet fully understood human speech but had extraordinary eyesight and memory.

    "Only until the wings are fully grown."

    Onyx, in particular, clearly remembered Juliet saying so.

    Onyx has become smart enough to know what 'wings' are.

    Flap flap.

    Onyx, who inadvertently moved his back muscles, complained.

    This was a wing on his back. And Juliet doesn't seem to like 'wings' at all. Because she said 'until the wings are fully grown.'

    In the eyes of the owner, do onyx’s wings seem to grow?


    Onyx's head drooped.

    In fact, when he looked at the water, Onyx felt that his wings looked pretty nice. But if Juliet doesn't like it, he doesn't like it either.

    Now Juliet is hugging me and saying, 'Pretty, pretty.' She pats me on the back but if she know that my wings have grown, wouldn't she say that I'm no longer pretty?

    So Onyx was careful not to let the owner know that the wings had grown.


    Onyx, who had a big flowery stem in his mouth, quickly swelled with hope.

    Juliet likes flowers, so maybe seeing them makes her feel better and even if she notices that his wings have grown, she can move on.

    So the flower was kind of a bribe.


    Onyx stopped there for a moment.

    The strange sound came from across the bush. A strange creature barked loudly at Onyx once.


    The baby dragon's eyes glowed with curiosity.

    Not far away stood a four-legged animal he has never seen before.

    It was a hunting dog raised in the mansion.

    Thanks to the owner of the mansion who enjoyed hunting, the Duke mansion also had several hunting dogs.

    Hounds optimized for hunting beasts rather than normal hunting were larger in size.

    Only a few months old, Onyx was seen as an adorable rabbit before the pedigree of the hounds.

    But for the first time in his life, Onyx, who had never seen a big hound felt curious and fearlessly approached them.


    As Onyx approached, the chains on which the hunting dogs were bound were pulled tight.

    In the eyes of the hunting dogs, it looked like a black and small baby dragon that could be killed with one bite.

    "Woof! Woof woof!"

    The chain tied to the hounds' necks became tight as if it would break.

    The dogs ran wild, barking furiously, but Onyx was not surprised. Instead, he watched the hounds run wild and looked around.

    Confirming that it was too early to see, the young dragon dropped the pink flower in his mouth to the floor.

    And a little later.

    "Kking. Kking....."

    As if the savagery a while ago was a lie, the hounds were eager to get away from the barbed wire as much as possible.

    Their whole body trembled and piteously paced.

    "Huh, this guys.....what's wrong with you all of a sudden?"

    The servant, who had come out to look at the dogs a beat late due to the loud noise ran in panic.

    Being distracted by the hound, he did not see the baby dragon hiding in the bushes beyond the cage.

    Satisfied with it, Onyx bit the big flower into his mouth again.

    Then, without looking any further, he jotted lightly towards the annex where Juliet was waiting.

    But the extraordinary baby dragon didn't even notice it. That the owner of the mansion was watching the scene through the window of the office.

    "Your Grace."

    Lennox, who was staring out of the window with a dull look with his chin pierced, turned his head slightly.

    The deputy commander of the Knights Templar, Milan, put what he brought down on the desk in his office.

    Lennox gazed at the object in front of him.

    "Is this what it is?"

    "Yes, right."


    The metallic round sphere rolled around for a while and then stopped. It was an unidentified smoke bomb that was said to cause madness in the recent beasts.

    It was not difficult to obtain smoke bombs because those who received the orders of the 2nd Prince were spraying them all over the continent.

    "We haven't figured out what ingredients are driving them crazy."

    Sir Milan added cautiously.

    "It's clear that it's a hallucinogen that hasn't been used yet."

    It's an ingredient that hasn't been used yet.

    The second prince is incapable of obtaining a recipe for a rare hallucinogen. It's not hard to guess who's behind it.

    "It must be the snake's fault."


    Juliet told him what 2nd prince Kloff was doing to target the duke's family.

    However, Lennox didn't really care what the second prince was planning. Because what he was aiming for was the head of the snake hiding behind him.

    Whatever the second prince has prepared, he can trample on him when he gets into a dispute. It was simple logic.

    But Juliet had a different idea.

    "Miss Juliet is concerned about Your Grace's safety."

    Milan said carefully.

    "She had also set up a plan herself."

    Juliet said all they had to do was render his hand useless without the prince noticing. She will approach the 2nd prince while he was conceited, and she said that she would break the net the prince had prepared to catch him.

    Her solution was simple and intuitive. There was only one problem.

    For Juliet's plan to succeed, someone had to hide in the second prince's quarters.

    The second prince was foolish, but not completely stupid. He must be on high alert by now.

    Although there were loyal and capable men under Duke Carlyle, they did not specialize in hiding from the masters of battle.

    Someone needed to carry out Juliet's orders without being caught.

    Lennox suddenly asked.

    "What's the deputy chief's judgment?"

    "...I think it's worth a try."

    At the sudden question, Sir Milan was momentarily perplexed, but answered properly.

    "It's a bit reckless, but it's worth the risk. If it succeeds, the second prince will never touch the duke again."

    Lennox was lost in thought for a moment.

    He knew Juliet, as well as Juliet, knew him.

    Juliet Monad was usually meek and obedient to the world, but once she set her mind on something, she never looked back.

    "...Then blindly jumped into the lake."

    As Lennox uttered disapprovingly, Sir Milan smiled bitterly as he stood opposite him.

    "All right. Do whatever you want."

    He eventually nodded with a light sigh.

    I didn't like it very much, but now I'm glad Juliet is into something. Then at least you'll stay close to me.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "Oh, my God."

    "Miss, look at this."

    Meanwhile, maids of the annex gathered around the dressing table with a hairbrush on their hands. It was rare to see large flowers lying on the ground.

    "It's a peony."

    Juliet smiled at the light pink flowers.


    Onyx raised his head triumphantly at her feet.

    Onyx, wandering around the mansion like its own nest, would often bring Juliet flowers, large leaves, or berries that had fallen on the floor.

    "Well, I'm proud of you."

    The maids who were combing her hair burst into laughter as if he were cute.

    The baby dragon was loved by the housemaids. Everyone was treating him as a cat that looked a bit more interesting rather than a great beast.

    "That's right. Better than people."

    Juliet muttered and hugged Onyx.

    The baby dragon wriggled and cried its head off.

    Tok tok.


    "Miss Juliet."

    It was Sir Milan who knocked on the door.

    "Are you free for a moment?"

    "Come on in."

    Juliet gladly brought him into the room and everyone else stepped aside.

    Onyx was also briefly kicked out.

    "I'm on my way back from seeing His Grace."

    With these words, Sir Milan held out to Juliet the same sphere he had shown to Duke Carlyle a while ago.

    "As you can see, it was a smoke bomb that could be produced anywhere."

    On the surface, it looked like a normal metal sphere.

    To avoid tracking, he may have deliberately made it look the same as the other smoke bombs, but.....

    "That's a relief."

    Juliet smiled meaningfully.

    "Can we produce smoke bombs of the same shape?"

    "Of course, by all means."

    Sooner or later, the second prince would regret that he had sprayed these common smoke bombs in all directions.

    "And we have to find out where the second prince keeps the big ones..."

    Sir Milan lowered his voice.

    "To do that, we must enter the Imperial Palace at least once."

    "You're saying we have to make an excuse, right?"

    "Yes, especially if it's an excuse to approach the 2nd Prince."

    "It won't be difficult."

    In Fatima's name, a letter of regards arrived.

    The name of Fatima was borrowed, but the emperor's instructions were clear.

    The letter, which began with a greeting, ended with a long invitation to visit the palace again as soon as she felt well.

    He must have felt more burdened by losing the light to the Duke of Carlyle rather than Juliet. Then it wouldn't be bad for her to use it.

    "And I've selected some useful people to carry out your orders."

    Indeed, the deputy chief of the Knights of the Duke.

    Juliet admired Sir Milan's ability to execute.

    "Everyone is so good that no matter whom you choose....."


    At that moment, a loud noise from outside interrupted the conversation between the two. It sounded like something was falling apart.
    "What's that sound?"

    "......I do not know?"

    Juliet, who came out with Sir Milan, found people gathered on the greenhouse side.

    "Hey, you bastard!"


    Elliot stood holding the black dragon by the neck.

    High piled fruit baskets were overturned, and servants were clearing empty baskets and debris.

    "Whoever sees you will think you're starving!"

    Elliot grumbled.

    As if the baby dragon had eaten a large amount of precious tropical fruit, its belly was bulging and its pink tongue was fluttering.

    "I'm sorry, Chief Secretary."

    "I, I locked the door properly as you instructed..."

    The servants, too, looked astonished.

    The young dragon, which was good at eating, ate anything, but was particularly fond of sweet fruits.

    Onyx, who had an accident even when Elliot, the Duke's secretary, scolded him, looked happy.


    Elliot hugged him and Onyx relaxed to see if he thought he was playing pranks.

    Understanding the situation, Juliet sighed and approached them.

    "Oh, Miss Juliet."

    Elliot handed her the baby dragon that had just been arrested.


    Onyx glanced at Juliet's countenance, wiggling his tail in favor.

    "I'm sorry, Elliot. I'll compensate for the damage."

    "You don't have to. He's got a good appetite."

    Since it had not happened once or twice, the servants skillfully handled the accident.

    "But that's strange."

    Elliot nodded.

    "This time, I'm sure the door was locked."

    Sir Milan, standing next to Juliet, looked around and pointed up the door.

    "Maybe he came up there?"

    What he pointed to was a narrow gap between the door and the ceiling.


    When Juliet asked a question as if in doubt, the others looked puzzled as well.

    "Is there a sucker on your feet?"

    She turned Onyx's front foot upside down as if suspicious, but the soles of the baby dragon’s foot were soft.

    Juliet looked down at Onyx. Although the baby dragon usually made a lot of trouble, the frequency has increased recently.

    I don't think it's just that he grew up in size. I think there's something different.


    And the expression of the baby dragon, who was pretending otherwise, was somewhat suspicious.


    As the silence grew longer, Nyx noticed that Juliet was going to get angry, and then slapped her in a charming way.

    Juliet, who had been thinking for a while, gently hugged Onyx.

    "Sir Milan."

    "Yes, Miss."

    Juliet's eyes twinkled meaningfully but seriously.

    "The plan earlier, can I hear it again?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A few days later, the Imperial Palace.

    A secret conspiracy was going on in 2nd prince Kloff's office.

    "We're all set."

    Kloff was slowly preparing for the final stages because the emperor was clamoring for the criminal.

    He reduced the number of times he sprayed smoke bombs that made the beasts run wild, and secretly told the emperor that he had captured the decisive evidence.

    “Now we just need to decide when to release the evidence we have prepared.”

    "When the smoke bomb engraved with the duke's crest is released, the North will turn the entire empire into an enemy."

    “How would you like to have a meeting in the next few days?”

    "Why don't we have a public appearance with the emperor?"

    The prince's staffs were excited and offered their opinions.

    "I... Prince, I hope you don't trust that healer too much."

    Of course, some close to the prince were suspicious of Elizabeth Tillman.

    While helping to cause the beast incident, on the other hand, it was doubtful that he was being used because she was gaining a reputation for treating people injured by the beasts.


    However, Kloff, who had already seized the opportunity to overthrow Duke Carlyle following Elizabeth's plan, could not hear those words.

    "It's not too late to reveal the healer's identity after I bring down the Duke!"

    Kloff believed that once the Duke of Carlyle was removed, he would regain the imperial throne as well as the imperial authority of the imperial family.

    "The Prince is right."

    “In a few days, the good days of being a duke will end.”

    "Finally you have the North!"

    The second prince's aides quickly curry favor with him.

    Kloff couldn't sleep in anticipation of how the Duke of Carlyle would react when he was pointed out.

    "It's definitely worth seeing!"

    The second prince, Kloff, smirked, and his aide reported the news again.

    "Duke Carlyle is in the palace right now, so why not go and meet him?"


    "The Duke of Carlyle is also attending dinner tonight. You remember that, don't you?"

    The second prince, who flinched at the duke's name, soon clicked his tongue.

    "Ah..... It's because of that Monad girl."

    I heard that the emperor, who was worried about Count Monad's safety due to an unsavory accident a few days ago, held a dinner.

    'What's the big deal if the duke's mistress almost got hurt.'

    Although he was reluctant, it seemed that it would not be bad to keep an eye on Duke Carlyle, who knew nothing. Kloff moved to the outer palace.

    "The 2nd Prince is here!"

    All the nobles invited to this evening's dinner were gathered in the salon of the palace.

    In addition to the Duke of Carlyle, several court nobles were invited to the banquet, and they each sat in a spacious salon separated by columns, waiting for the banquet to begin.

    "Your Highness, how are you."

    The nobles who recognized Kloff pass the greeting. Among them was Count Monad, dressed in a dark green dress with her hair curled gracefully.

    "Your Highness Kloff."

    Kloff scans her up and down with an unkind gaze.

    'A mere fallen noble.'

    Juliet Monad was also arrogant.

    She dare refuse the emperor's offer to adopt her as an adopted daughter. That too, under the pretext of not needing parents other than the dead Count and Countess of Monad.

    Kloff gritted his teeth.

    Lennox Carlyle, next to the cheeky Juliet Monad, was as unchallenged as ever. It looked more uncomfortable than usual, though.


    Kloff couldn't hold back his laughter. I wonder if they would maintain such an attitude after everything was over.

    Juliet, meanwhile, was facing people who looked down on her.

    ".....You jumped into the lake, didn't you?"

    "It must have been a masterpiece to attract attention again this time."

    "I feel sorry for Her Highness Fatima."

    Usually, nobles in favor of them were rare, but there were also a number of nobles who had been subordinated to Kloff.

    Soon Lennox's eyes became fierce, but Juliet deliberately let people make a noise.

    Juliet grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

    "Even if you don't like it, please be patient."

    Juliet whispered softly, pretending to fix Lennox's tie.

    "Because the bait has to be flashy."

    The inner palace was relatively poorly guarded due to the large number of guests entering and leaving the palace for the banquet.

    Sir Milan suggested that we take advantage of that. Therefore, Juliet and Lennox had to catch the eyes of the nobles as much as possible and buy time.

    Juliet had already asked Fatima to take as much time as possible before entering the banquet hall.

    While they were dragging their time, the duke's subordinates who had entered the Imperial Palace together as an escort would carry out their duties.

    Lennox, reluctantly cooperating with the plan, glanced over Juliet's shoulder and murmured.

    "....You wouldn't like it."


    Juliet turned around, wondering what he was talking about, and found a low-key man at a distance.

    It seems that Roy was also one of the distinguished guests invited to the dinner.

    Roy, who had always been expressionless, smiled mildly when he met Juliet's eyes. But soon he left surrounded by others.

    Maybe we won't have a chance to talk at the dinner.

    'Come to think of it, Roy said he was invited for the Prophecy.'

    The contents of the Prophecy.....



    Juliet, lost in thought for a moment, unwittingly lost her balance and plopped down on Lennox's lap, who was sitting on the couch.

    "Oh my gosh......"

    The royal court ladies around them, who were openly spying on them, were in a position intimate enough to inadvertently blush and quickly leave their seats.

    "E, excuse me!"

    However, unlike their intimate position, the air flowing between them was dry.

    Sitting on his lap recklessly, Juliet thought it had been a long time since she'd seen him this close.

    'Another look like that.'

    It was him who pulled Juliet to chase away the snooping people, but Lennox visibly flinched as Juliet moved a little.

    Lennox has been rather strange lately.

    He was even careful to reach Juliet.

    I felt his gaze from time to time, and when I turned around, Lennox had a mournful expression on his face, as if he had something to say.

    But even with the eye contact, he didn't say anything to Juliet.

    Occasionally, one's feelings were only shown when showing open hostility. Just like when she ran into Roy a while ago.

    Juliet thought she'd rather have Lennox go his own way as before. Like a petulant child, not a thug.

    Juliet sighed and his eyes caught on.

    "Your Grace."


    Juliet grinned and nudged his collar.

    He could have been able to get away with it, but Lennox meekly grabbed her with an absurd expression.

    "What are we doing now....."

    "Don't be silly."


    For a moment, a stunned look came to Duke Carlyle's neat face.


    "I've never been angry or criticized you for playing around."

    ".....Who's playing with you?"

    He protested with astonishment. Juliet shrugged her shoulders.

    "Everyone saw and heard something."

    "Damn it. How many times have I said that it's all a misunderstanding-"

    "What about the proposal that came in every day?"

    "Who put it in order to make it look good?"

    Juliet's eyes widened as Lennox questioned, as if she was choked up.

    Surely, a few years ago Juliet had carefully organized the proposals that came to him. But he didn't know that Lennox would remember it.

    After thinking about the past for a while, he hurriedly added how he interpreted Juliet's expression.

    "I refused properly, all of it."

    "What about Princess Priscilla?"

    Juliet's response was sour.

    He refused verbally, but he had no credibility. In the case of Priscilla, who is famous as a niece of the emperor, didn't she keep talking about marriage with him until just before she got engaged to another man?

    But Lennox frowned and asked back.

    "Who is that?"

    "Daughter of Prince Marax. The Emperor's niece..."


    Lennox then looked like he knew who she was.

    Don't tell me you didn't know the name of the woman who proposed to you again and again.

    Juliet looked at him with a doubtful look, but Lennox looked somewhat strange.

    "So you're saying that I'm 'playing' because of a rumor of a proposal, are you talking about something like that?"

    Juliet's eyes narrowed.

    "Not 'that' kind of thing."

    Then Lennox asked a stranger question.

    "Is that proposal the same as that wolf cub to you?"


    "I mean, I'm asking if that pissed you off."

    Juliet, who was accustomed to Duke Carlyle's unique rough speech, only then vaguely understood what he was saying.

    "You are the same.... You're also upset about such trivial things."

    "Of course I'm angry."

    Wouldn't anyone do that?

    However, Juliet, who answered involuntarily, was a little surprised when their eyes met.

    "I see."

    Lennox's eyes were seriously shining with an expression she had never seen before.

    Like a child who learns emotions clumsily for the first time in his life.
    Juliet then realized that it was just as awkward for her to talk about her feelings as for her lover.

    "So you mean that you weren't angry with those women, you're telling me not to be mad if you play with that wolf, aren't you?"

    "...I've never played."

    It looked like she was caught up in something, but Juliet sighed.

    "I'm sorry."


    Juliet doubted her ears for a moment. Lennox spoke again.

    "I'm sorry for saying that when you never played with him. I apologize."

    He even seemed to be in a pretty good mood. I don't know why you look so happy.

    "Then, is your promise still valid?"

    It was such a sweet voice.

    "What kind of promise?"

    "You promised to be by my side."

    Lennox was uncharacteristically persistent.

    "......Right. I'll be next to you."

    Juliet added as she watched his dazzling eyes narrow.

    "If only Your Grace doesn't act childish like you are now."

    It seemed that somehow it was curled up contrary to the original intention, anyway, Juliet decided to believe that the intention of reverse support would have been conveyed a little.

    It was when Juliet was about to lift herself up.


    The two of them, who had been paying keen attention, did not miss a sign from outside the window, which they had left wide open on purpose.

    Juliet naturally headed to the window.


    Something familiar stuck out of the bushes, with something like a sharp bird's cry somewhere.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The capital gradually regained stability. The mad beasts who had been running like crazy had completely disappeared!

    There was no further mass destruction.

    The nobles were relieved and the emperor decided to hold a Lent ritual, which he had put off in order to patch up the chaotic atmosphere.

    Although not on a grand scale, nobles invited to receive the blessings of the pope were arriving one after another.

    While the entrance to the Great Hall was crowded with wagons, a secret meeting was taking place on one side of the temple.

    "My uncle."

    "Oh, Your Highness."

    What appeared was the second prince, Kloff.

    The name of the elderly man who waited anxiously for the second prince was Marquis Latrell.

    Since Marquis Latrell was the younger brother of the Empress, he became the maternal uncle to 2nd Prince Kloff.

    He was the emperor's brother-in-law and a trusted friend.

    "What did you call me for?"

    The Marquis asked carefully.

    Although it was between a maternal uncle and his nephew, Marquis Latrell did not get along very well with his greedy nephew.

    "I'm calling to discuss something in advance."

    Kloff replied with a condescending look on his face.

    "Do you know that I am investigating the last beast incident under the order of the Emperor?"

    "Yes, of course."

    The second prince significantly lowered his voice.

    "And my men have just found out who caused the incident."

    "......Is that true?"

    "Yes, there's definitive evidence."

    Kloff took something out of his bosom and held it out.

    "No, it's....."

    Marquis Latrell's eyes grew with astonishment.

    It was a smoke bomb that the second prince put out. And the inscription on it was a very famous family crest.

    'So Duke Carlyle is the culprit?'

    Marquis Latrell, who had been silent for a moment, quickly noticed how this was going.

    "...Excuse me, where did you get this?"

    Then Kloff's expression distorted as if it were offensive.

    "Do you doubt me, uncle?"

    "Oh no. How dare I doubt His Majesty the Prince?"

    Marquis Latrell was quick to deny.

    'But you have to be able to believe it.'

    Marquis Latrell, the second prince's uncle, was well versed in the imperial situation.

    He knew how ambitious Prince Kloff, his second nephew was and how much he hated the Duke of Carlyle.

    Somehow Prince Kloff has claimed to be in charge of the investigation into the case. This is what he was up to do.

    Marquis Latrell, accustomed to central politics, had an intuition from the beginning that it was Kloff's work.

    "Don't worry about the source."

    When Kloff was confident, Marquis Latrell noticed.

    No matter how much the prince hated Duke Carlyle, there was no way he would have gone without proper preparation.

    "So when I bring it up, uncle will support me. Do you understand?"

    It was a threat to help him because he had already put a web on it.

    If the Emperor's friend, the Marquis of Latrell, helped Kloff, the Duke of Carlyle would be in danger.

    "......Yes, I understand."

    Marquis Latrell nodded reluctantly.

    He has no regret for the Duke of Carlyle, but it could have been the Marquis himself who is attacked if he ignored the Prince's threats here.

    "All right, uncle. Then shall we go?"

    Satisfied with the answer, the second prince began to take the lead in walking.

    When the 2nd Prince arrived at the entrance to the hall, Marquis Latrell was just in the wagon.

    "The Duke of Carlyle has come!"

    Duke Carlyle did not even look at the marquis, but his companion paused and looked at the marquis.

    She was Juliet Monad dressed in a silver-gray dress.

    Juliet's dyed, light brown hair shimmered in silver under the soft light.

    Juliet, who was looking at the Marquis with a curious look, glanced at the back of the second prince, Kloff, who had entered the hall first by a hair's breadth. Then she grinned as if she understood.

    "Good evening, Marquis."

    "I, I see, Count Monad."

    The Marquis was a little perplexed when Count Monad spoke in a sarcastic way, even though they were not normally acquainted.


    The Marquis, who watched her as she walked lightly with a butterfly-like gait, noticed something a little strange.

    Juliet Monad was holding something red, which at first glance looked like a small ball, in her ungloved right hand.


    But Juliet disappeared into the hall at the hands of the Duke before the Marquis of Latrell took a closer look.

    "This is....."

    The Marquis of Latrell, frankly, did not want to make the Duke of Carlyle an enemy.

    The Marquis was a family that has survived for many years, remaining moderately neutral on any issue.

    But there was no way.


    Marquis Latrell had a gut feeling when he saw some of the elderly nobles around him with a dark look on their faces.

    He was not the only one who received the same threats from the second prince.

    'The second prince is even doing these things to overthrow the Duke of Carlyle, but if we don't join in, it might be our family next, right?'

    Everyone would be thinking the same thing. So we have to respond to the play prepared by the second prince.

    Shortly after the Marquis sat down close to the prince, the emperor and then the pope entered in turn.

    After the ceremonial greeting, the banquet was waiting.

    "I don't know how long it's been since I've had such a splendid occasion."

    "I will surely receive the Blessings of the Holy Father today."

    Most of the nobles, excited about the event after a long time, were full of anticipation, not knowing what would happen soon.

    "Then opening the banquet......"

    "Your Majesty the Emperor!"

    But just as the emperor was about to announce the start of the banquet after his speech, the second prince, Kloff, stepped in.

    ".....What's the matter, Kloff?"

    "I have something to tell you!"

    The disturbed emperor looked angry, but as the second prince stormed out of his seat and walked out to the center before his permission was granted, he nodded reluctantly.

    "Hmm, say it."

    "In accordance with the orders of His Majesty, who is sincere and solemn, the son works tirelessly day and night to uncover the culprit....."

    The emperor waved his hand as if it was bothering him, and interrupted Kloff.

    "Yes, I know your hard work. But?"

    "...Thanks to that, me and my men have finally uncovered the culprit behind the incident."

    The culprit?

    The bewildered nobles began to stir.

    "Yes, yes! And I'm here to accuse the wicked man behind it."

    "No, then you mean there is a criminal here?"

    Interesting expressions appeared on the faces of the nobles as well as the pope and priests who sat quietly.

    "Is that true?"

    "Look at this, Your Majesty!"

    The second prince, Kloff, beckoned in a dramatic manner and the servants brought something from behind.

    What he pulled out of the fancy box was a shiny metal sphere.

    "This is the evidence that I've been struggling to get!"

    Kloff was completely intoxicated.

    But it took people a while to figure out what it was.

    "What's that?"

    "It looks like a smoke bomb....Wait, is there something like a crest drawn on it?"

    "Isn't that the Duke of Carlyle's?"

    "Well, then....."

    The murmur grew gradually.

    "Yes, Your Majesty! This is the crest of the Duke! It is proof that the North has developed an evil weapon that drives the beasts crazy!"

    Kloff, who gained full confidence, pointed at the Duke.

    "What could be more convincing evidence than this? The Duke of Carlyle is behind the scandal that ravaged the Empire!"

    Oh my god.

    People inside the hall were seized with astonishment and fear.

    "Is that true, Duke?"

    However, Duke Carlyle, who was actually named, did not change a single face.

    Even in the situation where the eyes of all the nobles who filled the hall of the Great Hall were on him.

    He even looked a little bored.

    "Well. This is the first I've heard of it."

    The duke's lukewarm attitude, which does not actively seek clarification, instigated people's doubts.

    The nobles began to murmur in earnest.

    "Come to think of it, I heard that the damage to the duke was significantly less....."

    "I doubt it's really the North's fault."

    "And look at the evidence! It's definitely the Duke's crest!"

    The emperor came down to the podium with a stiff face and collected the evidence himself and scrutinized it.

    A crest with a white crow and a black panther revealing it's teeth. It was undoubtedly the Duke's crest.

    "Duke Carlyle!"

    The emperor's face was distorted with anger.

    After staring at the Duke for a moment, the emperor handed over the metal sphere to Marquis Latrell, who was next to him.

    "Marquis Latrell, do you think so?"

    "What do you think, Marquis?"


    As if waiting for the second prince to ask, Marquis Latrell swallowed his saliva.

    The judgment of the 2nd Prince who tried to enlist the Marquis of Latrell was right.

    The emperor trusted his brother-in-law and friend Marquis.

    If the Marquis nodded here now, Duke Carlyle would have been guilty of endangering the empire over the past few weeks.

    However, the Duke of Carlyle had his usual facial expression even at this moment of desperation.

    Seeing his bright red eyes, Marquis Latrell had a chill in his spine.

    However, by any stretch of the imagination, it seemed impossible for Duke Carlyle to escape this situation.

    It doesn't really matter if Duke Carlyle is behind this.

    In the end, Marquis Latrell closed his eyes tightly and decided to give power to the second prince as he had said beforehand.

    "Yes, it seems to me that it must be the Duke of Carlyle's....."

    It was then.


    The sound of a metallic object hitting the floor cheerfully resonating in the hall.

    Those who held their breath and listened to the words of Marquis Latrell all looked bewildered and looked in the direction from which the sound was heard.

    "What is that sound?"

    The object that had rolled over the red carpet came to a halt at the emperor's feet, who coincidentally stood in the center of the hall.


    The emperor casually picked up the metal sphere.

    It was a sphere exactly the same shape as the one that 2nd Prince Kloff had presented as evidence a while ago. Even the engraved crest was the same.

    Another piece of evidence?

    But the emperor's face hardened when he saw the crest.

    "Isn't this the crest of the Marquis of Latrell?"


    The Marquis of Latrell, who was standing right next to the emperor, was surprised as if his eyes were sticking out.

    Three fish and an iris flower.

    It was certainly the crest of Marquis Latrell.

    "Tha, that's.....!"

    The Marquis became contemplative.

    Why? Why is our family crest over there? Wasn't this the place to drive Duke Carlyle to be the culprit?

    At that moment, there was an idea that flashed through the Marquis' head like lightning.

    'That child!'

    Raising his head, the Marquis glared fiercely at Kloff.

    The second prince, Kloff, had yet to grasp what was going on, but he was only abominable to the eyes of Marquis Latrell.

    Marquis Latrell interpreted the situation arbitrarily.

    The only thought that came to the Marquis' mind was fear and anger.

    'Were you planning to bury our family too!'

    Kloff had already lost his credibility from the moment he threatened to let him go unless he cooperated in harming Duke Carlyle by introducing fabricated evidence.

    However, Kloff, who suddenly received the Marquis' angry gaze, was bitter.

    'Damn, what the hell is going on?'

    Suddenly, Marquis Latrell?

    Even Marquis Latrell seems suspicious of him!

    Meanwhile, other nobles began to stir as if confused.

    “Didn’t you just say that the beast incident was the work of the duke?”

    "But what is that smoke bomb with Marquis Latrell's crest on it?"

    "Did the Marquis work hand in hand with Duke Carlyle?"

    "What the hell is this, Marquis!"

    In disbelief, the emperor pressed Marquis Latrell.

    "Answer me! You are not an accomplice to the Duke...…"

    "No, Your Majesty! Let me tell what happened to me...!"


    The moment Marquis Latrell fell at the Emperor's feet, a light noise was heard again.

    Now the metal spheres were rolling around. Also, this time in a pile.

    "What the hell is this ……"

    People in the hall stared blankly at the scene.

    As was the case a while ago, metal spheres were all engraved with a crest.

    The nobles who picked up the metal sphere began to mutter.

    "......isn't this the Count of Bellinger's crest?"

    "And that's Viscount Pond's own crest."

    They were all either friendly forces to the 2nd Prince or families that were threatened to go along with him.

    The nobles who were called by name quickly grasped the situation. It was exactly the same flow of thought that the Marquis of Latrell had just a moment ago.

    'We've been taken!'

    The nobles, who thought they had been betrayed by Prince Kloff, shouted out loud.

    "My family is not a criminal!"

    "This, this is a setup!"

    "Unfair, Your Majesty!"

    In a flash, the hall was a mess in a different sense than before.

    While the called nobles were scrambling to complain of injustice, the only thing keeping calm seemed to be Duke Carlyle with his arms folded.

    "What's this...."

    The emperor, looking around at the nobles with a stunned look on his face, found Duke Carlyle sitting still.

    The evil nobles and the wide-eyed 2nd prince, the nonchalant Duke Carlyle.

    It was obvious which of them to trust.


    The emperor turned to his second son.

    "You explain how this happened!"

    "Fa, father...."

    But it was Kloff who found the situation more embarrassing than anyone else.

    Obviously the plan was perfect.

    It was all about putting the Duke of Carlyle into a corner, the Marquis of Latrell helping, and the Emperor branding him of treason.

    Until suddenly, a smoke bomb with the crests of other families appeared!

    Kloff was lost in his mind. Something went wrong, but he couldn't figure out who did it.

    The emperor interrogated Kloff.

    "Where did you get this smoke bomb that you brought with you?"

    Where did the smoke bomb come from?

    That's right. Kloff has regained his confidence.

    "…I found it while I was researching the North!"

    He shut the aides he had worked with in case of an emergency.

    Wasn't this a public opinion battle that started with fabricated evidence anyway.

    If you avoid this situation and take control of public opinion again, you still have a chance of winning.

    "Yes, yes. I have credible witnesses who have found the evidence with me! Count of Bellinger and Viscount Pond testify...."

    Kloff's face turned white again in just a few seconds as he looked around for his colleagues to give false testimony.

    His aides who should support his claim had already fallen to the ground and shouting innocence.

    And smoke bombs with the crest of their families rolled at the emperor's feet.

    "What did Count Bellinger do?"

    "Well, that's....."

    "I'll tell you everything, Your Majesty!"

    Suddenly, Marquis Latrell, who had been silent, raised his head.

    "Actually, Prince Kloff came to see me an hour ago. He doesn't think I'm going to do what he want, so he threatened..."

    "Wha, what are you talking about now, Uncle!"

    Kloff stepped in urgently.

    "That wasn't my idea! There's no reason for me to frame uncle!"

    "Not your 'idea'?"

    It was Duke Carlyle, who kept his place nonchalantly.

    "Then 'this' sounds like the work of the Prince. Is that so?"

    Before he knew it, the Duke was holding a metal sphere engraved with the crest of the Carlyle House.

    His voice was relaxed, but he acted as if he had a sword inside.

    "Ah, no. Duke, you can't twist my words like that!"

    Kloff denied desperately, but the spectators began to stir.

    "Well, His Highness the Prince has a bad relationship with Duke Carlyle."

    "And the only evidence is the sphere the second prince brought."

    "And now that we've come to this, I wonder if we can see that as evidence....."

    'I'm screwed.'

    Kloff was completely devastated. The situation was flowing in the direction he least wanted.

    'The plan has been revealed!'

    It was clear that the laid-back Duke of Carlyle was aware of this trap in advance.

    But how? He was thoroughly prepared, who the hell could have disturbed him?

    Kloff, who was faltering back, found a woman.

    Juliet Monad, who was leaning against a seat on the wall.

    Juliet, who had her hair down to one side, and wore a silver-gray dress made of light and airy material, was dreamy and beautiful.

    Juliet, who had been shaking her ankle, smiled suspiciously and gave a demonstration of biting the red, round apple in her hand.


    Klopp, who was driven to the extreme, stricken like a thunderbolt at the action that seemed to provoke him.

    She made this up!

    It was well known that Juliet Monad used evil magic. And she was Duke Carlyle's lover.

    "That, that heinous thing.....!"

    The 2nd Prince Kloff pulled out the sword from the waist band of the guard standing next to him with a momentary swear word.

    A scream erupted from the crowd as the prince with a sword rushed recklessly in the direction where Juliet was sitting.


    "Your Majesty! It's all that woman's plan!"

    The guards blocked the front of Kloff, who was running out of control.

    "Prince, let go of the sword!"

    "Get out of the way! That woman is a traitor! I am His Majesty's son, a Prince!

    The guards looked back at the emperor as if asking for permission before he could subdue the prince, dodging the poor sword wielded by Kloff.



    However, even before the emperor gave the order, a glass flew from somewhere and precisely hit Kloff's hand, and Kloff, who dropped the sword, stumbled and lose his balance.

    Someone who knocked down the Prince dared to trample on the head of the Imperial family.

    "Eek! Let, let go! You arrogant.....!"

    "Really, that's ridiculous."

    Kloff, struggling with his head on the floor, came to his senses with a chilly voice coming from above his head.

    Even without raising his head, he was able to identify the owner of the single voice.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Hey, hey Carlyle! For now, calm down and take your sword..."

    The emperor ran and kept Duke Carlyle away from his son.

    Taking advantage of this opportunity, the guards captured Kloff, and the prince picked up the gibberish excuse.

    "But Father, that woman is holding an apple! The apple...!"


    The emperor, unable to bear it, burst out in anger and slapped his son on the cheek.

    "You ugly bastard! What the hell is wrong with the apple!"

    Juliet shrugged as she watched the scene gloatingly.

    Lennox, who was standing in the center, frowned and blinked at her.

    You're telling me to get back in the carriage instead of getting caught up in it.

    Juliet nodded softly and sneaked out.

    "Did you finish your business well?"

    "It was very loud."

    The Duke Knights waiting in the carriage greeted her.

    "It's okay."

    As if nothing had happened, Juliet answered calmly, and a driver opened the carriage door.

    "But you're not going to tell me?"


    "How did you do it?"

    Jude, the youngest of the Knights, followed in and asked.

    Juliet grinned.

    "You know Sir Jude, don't you? I took the fabricated evidence from the Prince's place and copied it equally."

    The ruse the prince devised was to designate the Duke as the culprit with a fabricated medium.

    Then it would have been necessary to destroy that particularity.

    “It seems like they really want to catch the criminal, so I made a lot of candidates for the criminal.”

    Juliet engraved all the family's crest on the smoke bombs, just like the evidence prepared by the Prince.

    The work was easier because the prince chose a smoke bomb of a common shape.

    If you want to point out a criminal like that, everyone should be a criminal.

    Besides, it was an added bonus that they were fighting each other because they thought they had been betrayed by the 2nd prince.

    But Jude still looked curious.

    "How did you get into the Blue Palace?"

    The duke's knights knew how the plan was going, but they didn't know who was sneaking into the Prince's place.

    In addition, it is the residence of the second prince, who is known for his high altitude and strict security.

    "Did you have Sir Hardin to do it?"

    Jude seemed to be burning a competitive spirit to a powerful knight of the Knights, who might not know who he was.

    "No, it's not."

    "So who is it?"

    "I don't know."

    Juliet, who was smiling, lifted a suspicious, rattling blanket from the next seat. Nyx, who had been hiding under the blanket, raised his head.


    "Good boy, Nyx."

    When Juliet held out the apple she brought, the baby dragon happily crunched.

    While the baby dragon was preoccupied with the apple, Juliet looked at the pair of wings that flapped automatically.

    'Thanks to you, it was easy.'

    The baby dragon didn't seem to understand exactly what it was doing.

    But without Onyx, it would have been difficult to implement the plan. No matter how good the Duke's knights are, they can't fly.

    Juliet gently stroked his small, half-folded wings.

    A sleek streamlined body. Onyx's small size was perfect for hiding in a heavily guarded Imperial Palace and stealing evidence.

    Onyx made mistakes the first few times, but when trained with an apple the same size as a smoke bomb, he quickly understood and followed Juliet's intentions.

    It was also Onyx, who secretly hid through the narrow banquet hall window, to appear in time for the smoke bombs that had been duplicated in the hall a while ago.

    "You're smart, Nyx."


    Onyx purred pleasantly as Juliet hugged him.
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