LCD Fortune Teller Master

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    C1: I often wonder why people don't use grammar and spell check software. As far as I know, the most basic versions are free, and would easily raise the quality of these translations.

    That aside, I wonder why she doesn't just use her divinations to win at gambling of some sort.

    Also curious why she can't make a qi gathering formation if she can make an air conditioning formation so easily. Or is that what the jade is for?

    C2: "Be careful to hurt your forehead.” Huh? Why is she cursing him? Or is this a translation error?

    "Hey, this little girl’s heart is much darker than me!" lol. I wonder if he'll become her business agent ;)

    C3: "According to my years of experience watching television drama" lol. The most reliable kind of experience ;)

    C4: If she spends 800 on the phone, then how will she pay for the phone service? Is 200 enough for even a single month?

    Ah, so that's why she left immediately after telling his fortune. She was only there to tell his fortune from the beginning, so there was no point in her staying afterward.

    That aside, I wonder why she hasn't been to school yet. The synopsis made it sound like it would be a fairly important part of the story.

    C5: "She felt that she had found a way to make more money than fortune-telling. She can write better than this!" lol. I wonder how much the paper costs then.

    C6: "It’s not too late to ask for divination." That's some fairly shallow thinking. If she solves Jiang Wei's problem, then her rates are likely to go through the roof along with her clienteles' net worths.

    That aside, I wonder if that chat group will turn into a fanclub or something.

    C7: “Alright, I’ll finish your summer homework for you!” lol. Its not good to cheat ;)

    They seem awfully willing to believe all this. They must be seriously desperate.

    C8:"Jiang Wei, the mascot" lol.

    I wonder if the one that cast the curse on them for their "friend" will come looking for her.

    "I don’t need to do my homework. Didn’t your husband bet just now" lol.

    C9: If she really wants to learn this stuff, then she should have Jiang Wei tutor her rather than having his father do her homework for her.

    "At 4:45 in the morning" Why so late? If anything happened, she could easily miss her cultivation window.

    C10: "Jiang Wei looked at his parent who sold him cleanly" Lol. They threw their son under the bus fast XD

    I wonder if she'll raise her rates.

    C12: "If he doesn’t look at the master’s fortune-telling skills, she was quite cute." I keep wondering if he's the ML. He feels a bit too subordinate to her for that given the usual MLs, but its hard to say for sure.

    “Is this the so-called legendary father’s debt and son’s repayment?” lol.

    C14: I was wondering if she'd notice the new food in the fridge.

    C15: I wonder if the evil feng shui guy will try to get revenge before the backlash destroys him.

    Ah, no wonder her prices didn't go up. She's incredibly bad at money and is still severely undervaluing her own skills due to their low-level nature compared to her previous life.

    C16: "She wondered if she could send her mother to go to this school." lol. She'd probably be better off just hiring one of its graduates ;)

    C17: “It’s okay. It hurts at first, but you’ll get used to it” lol.

    "Can’t you let people be emotional even for 2 minutes!!!" lol.

    "face the depression brought by homework bravely." I'm not so sure that's what she's doing when she hires someone else to do it for her ;)

    “I will eat this tonight, I want to lose weight.” lol. Ice cream: the ultimate diet food XD

    "your daughter’s condition will deteriorate rapidly and will not last even for 2 hours.” Its already been more than two hours. He should really think about his threats a bit more before tossing out obviously empty ones.

    I wonder if the MC will wind up encountering the apprentice that just backstabbed his master.

    My, this is a long chapter.

    “I forgot everything!” lol.

    I wonder if the nosy neighbor will double down on her snooping to try to find a chance to retaliate.

    c18: “Mom, mom, your cooking is too smokey. It’s bad for the guest, so don’t do it.” Wow, she left her no face at all lol.

    I wonder if a school that teaches feng shui would count as a university. She could ace that curriculum in her sleep (provided she didn't need to give wrong answers that the teachers thought was right anyway). Then, she could do the cooking school at the same time ;)

    “So you should say less about your 6 apartments.” lol.

    "the era where men are more important than women has long been gone." China's #MeToo movement would beg to differ... As would far too many webnovels and other entertainment produced by China for that matter.

    “What? He won’t let you take off his pants?! This bear child!” lol.

    "He already answered some for you, why not let him do the rest?” lol. I didn't expect Fatty Wang to sell her out like that XD

    “The price of jumping in line is 1,500. You said it just now!” lol. I really like her mom ;)

    “Go back to your room and do your homework! Don’t make Jiang Wei do it for you again!” lol. No hesitation, even after being bribed with 200k ;)

    C19:" “Thank you! You are the great benefactor of our family!” rofl XD

    "Jiang Wei’s opened mouth was almost torn by this pleasant surprise that fell from the sky." lol. I'm betting that he's getting happy a bit too early ;)

    lol. I doubt she'll be allowed to perform divinations during an actual test ;)

    I wonder if she'd be allowed to use the old divination pencil trick that's so famous in Japanese anime ;)

    C21: "Lin Qingyin took a glance at the coins and quickly wrote an answer" Lol. I knew she was going to do it, but its still hilarious XD

    “This is related to the exam! I am figuring out the answer here!” rofl XD

    C23: Why does she keep using only three coins? Didn't she buy five?

    C24: Why is she caving in so hard just because of her teacher showing up? Is she breaking the law by doing this or something?

    "You made a promise very quickly!" lol. I wonder if she'll force her English teacher to be her tutor going forward ;)

    C25: "Shall we look for a Feng Shui master?” It'd be funny if he did, especially if the person they brought in was actually able to understand what the MC had done ;)

    C26: “Because only A is correct.” lol. Its hard to say its not the perfect answer, but its also hard to say that it is ;)

    "Shu Gonggong and Li Gonggong." Its too bad there was no TL note on this. Its super funny if you understand it, in a cruel and petty kind of way.

    "2,000 students in the school, and more than 600 of them were admitted to the hospital." If the bullying problem is that pervasive, then the principle deserves more than just his hair falling out for having done such a s**t job :/

    C27: lol. No need to hire that little master. She's already fixed your feng shui problem for free ;)

    C28: That's a pretty disappointing line up right there...

    C29: "But if there are people who have lost their conscience enter your school, they wouldn’t survive for 3 more days!” Huh. With that chapter title, I figured no one would notice.

    “Do you understand the compass? Would you like me to teach you how to use it?” lol. Brutal XD

    C32: She didn't get full marks though? She skipped the grammar correction section of the test.

    C33: "her total score out of all the first-year students has dropped to the bottom." Wasn't she ranked 35th? There should have been hundreds of first year students. 35th is still quite high.

    C36: “This is not good. Let’s talk about free accommodation!” lol. At least he knows to avoid bankruptcy ;)

    C37: I wonder if he'll apologize to his daughter for not believing her.

    C38: Speaking of how bad her home is, I wonder when she'll get around to buying her parents a better one. I'm pretty sure she could afford it with the feng shui and amulet money, provided she hasn't already spent it.

    "Principal Wang was using a stone amulet" lol. These guys and their hair XD

    C39: "Don’t disturb me between 7 am and 9 pm!" Wouldn't this mean that people should call her in the middle of the night?

    C40: How is top twenty not excellent? There should be several hundred students that he competed with to get that result. Are the vast majority of them to be considered dog s**t for not being in the top 5%?

    Why would you go to the cemetery to urinate? Even in a culture that doesn't venerate their ancestors that would still be extremely disrespectful behavior. Unless you hated the person who's grave you were using as a toilet, there wouldn't be a reason to do such a thing.

    C42: I wonder why the English is so much more broken in this chapter. (Part 3)

    I wonder how he can afford a shop with so little income. Did he inherit it or something?

    They really should have investigated her more... I wonder if they'll be smart enough to give up their plan when the first step (calling the police) fails.

    C43: "This was the first time she has received such a thoughtful gift as a meal card." lol.

    "this must be the idea given by Principal Wang." lol. So perceptive ;)

    “Please give me pork barbeque! And another soup!” lol.

    "The Little Master will be his hope!" lol. I know I'll eventually get tired of the hair jokes, but it hasn't happened yet ;)

    “Don’t think about playing all day long during the holidays." I've always hated this attitude. Holidays exist for people to celebrate them. Forcing kids to work instead is completely missing the point.

    C44: It seems odd to get together with someone you haven't seen since elementary school. By the time I was in my twenties, I barely even remembered elementary school, or any of the friends that I only knew there.

    That aside, this really feels like a scam targeting the teacher.

    Why would they keep both of their old houses? I could understand if they were renting them out, but since it doesn't sound like they even tried to do that, hanging on to them just doesn't make much sense.

    "Yang Dashuai washed his face with cold water" Why would the water still be on?

    "First, they handed over 1,500 yuan respectfully" Why? Her normal rate is 1k, and her line jumping rate is 2.5k. Why would they give her 1.5k? Or was the 2.5k the scammer mentioned a typo?

    C45: "She just needs to pay 200,000 yuan" That positively screams "scam".

    Honestly, I thought those two would just call in with their complaint, not go in person.

    C46: “I am most likely spreading feudal superstition! You can’t detain me!” Huh? "I'm committing a crime, so you can't arrest me!" How does that make sense?

    “How many customers are still there before my turn?” lol. This really reminds me of my favorite scene from Casablanca ;)

    “The writing is very good, I will read it to everyone later, so as not to be fooled by liars.” rofl XD

    C47: Honestly, to me, her getting full marks on her English test is more convincing than her knowing where he used to live ;)

    C48: I wonder if she plans to get her entire tuition back all at once.

    C49: I wonder what "cultural communication" businesses that aren't fronts for fortune telling do.
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    Well, that office alone should convince anyone still doubting her credentials ;)
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    Was her ranking 35th a translation error, or does the author really think that a school with hundreds of students only has ~70 in the freshman class?
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    People could save so much money on divinations if they just brought sweets and good food instead of cash ;)
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    Shhhhh… :blobshh:
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