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    This is a great story to pass time. I noticed the author did a lot of things wrong though. But its understandable when you think how he wrote 709 chapters in such a short time. The story is just a power trip with a badass mc. Ive been looking for a story like this for a long time. The mtl isn't that bad for this story.

    My biggest complaint about the one piece arc is that everybody had their same power level 9 years before the start of op. There is no way Doffy would be that strong 8 years ago. Its also dumb that Magellian could 1v1 Kaido. The mc kills the 3 emperors and locks Shanks in prison. Shanks would rather die than be locked in prison. He would cut off his feet like Shiki and escape. Luffy would also go to save him. The mc fakes ace's death. Luffy knows because of his vivi card. The mc makes luffy stop calling himself a pirate. Its stupid because the real Luffy would never agree. He would have said thanks for helping Ace but im going to be Pirate King!

    Now for the Naruto arc.

    Might Duy's 8 gates should not be that strong. He couldn't even beat the 7 ninja swordsman. His 8 gates had to be weaker than Might Guy.

    Kimimaro should not be alive when the Kaguya clan rebels against Roja.

    They call Kimimaro their secret weapon. He is 7 years old in this novel. This is 1 year after the 3rd ninja war. Minato has just become the 4th Hokage. There is no way that he could be alive. Kimimaro was only 15 when he died. Naruto was 12 when the manga started and 13 when Kimimaro attacked.

    The author also thinks Haku is alive right now. He is practicing for the anbu. Haku is the same age as Kimimaro and should not be alive at this time. He at least cant be that old.

    The Sage of 6 Paths is not immortal. He died a long ass time ago. That was just his chakra manifestation in the manga. I think the manga said he could see the future and sent his chakra there to help Naruto. There is no way that he could fight Roja.

    Obito still attacks the Leaf. Roja destroyed the Leaf because they attacked Hancock. The 3rd Hokage had already made everybody escape before Roja came. Why would Obito try to destroy the Leaf with 9 tails when it was already destroyed a year ago?

    The author underestimates how much chakra the tail beasts have. He says that the three sage creatures have way more chakra than them. Thats super dumb. They may have more than the lower tail beasts. But they could not have more than 8 tails. 9 tails should have way more chakra than them. Naruto only had half of 9 tails chakra. Half of 9 tails chakra was still way more than 8 tails. The author said a full powered 9 tails only had ultra kage level chakra. This author is super dumb.

    The mc never uses Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu. He can control everybody's 5 senses if they see his sword. The illusion can never be broken for the rest of their life and he can control them at any time. The Mangekyou Sharingan can not even see through it. Yamamoto could only tell when the sword was stabbed inside him. Why does he never use it? It would be fine if the author said the mc likes fighting and wants to train. But he never said that. He could have used it on Might Guys dad when he was using 8 gates and he would have been helpless. It was also dumb that he said Minato never looked at his sword. There is no way Minato did not see his sword. Minato is super vigilant and notices everything. There is no way he didnt look at the mc pull a sword out of thin air. He would have never suspected it would be a illusion. He even said that he saw the sword when he was dodging it.

    Why does the mc not just absorb the tailed beasts? He said that he didnt want them to make him crazy. But his sword should be able to absorb them without any problems. It should be able to get rid of their wills and keep them as pure chakra.

    Roja cut big moms soul in half and never cut anybody's soul again. Its stupid because his sword stands for soul cutter. All of his attacks should be soul attacks. It should go through any defense.

    The Uchiha clan was still destroyed by Itachi even though Donzo was dead.

    Kisame still left the hidden mist even though he didnt have to kill the woman that he loved.

    Naruto used 5 tails when fighting Gaara. The seal was to strong back then and Naruto's will was not weak. He only used 2-3 tails when fighting Sasuke. He wasnt even that mad when fighting Gaara. I dont think he used 5 tails until he fought Orochimaro and we all know how much he hated that guy. Naruto would have never convinced Gaara to change if he went 5 tails mode. Gaara would still be crazy if Naruto couldn't keep his sanity and use talk no jutsu on him. The leaf would also lock down on Naruto for going 5 tails mode. They would all be scared of him. Naruto never lost control in the leaf unless we count the pain fight. But nobody cared at that time. Everything was already destroyed and Pain hurt them more than 9 tails did when he attacked the leaf.

    Obito revives the 1st Raikage. The author said the 1st Raikage was the strongest Raikage. He said that he had chakra on the level of a tailed beast. This is stupid because even Naruto and his mom dont have that much. I think Kisame was the only person with tailed beast level chakra and that was because his sword was eating everybody's chakra. It even ate tail beast chakra. This authors power levels are bs. The manga even said that 3rd Raikage was the strongest one. The author made 1st Raikage so much stronger than the 3rd that its stupid. The author said his attacks are as strong as a bijuu bomb.

    The mc should of had the yin element when he first came to Naruto world. The mc only had fire, water and wind. Thats because of his soul reaper powers. How could he not have yin=death when he is a soul reaper?

    Every one of his attacks should be a soul attack! His sword is even called a soul cutter!

    Naruto, Killer Bee and Gaara got killed by the Akastuki. Minato didn't care when he heard Naruto died.

    Orochimaro was still alive during the 4th ninja war and never got his arms sealed by the 3rd hokage. So he may have killed Sasuke.

    The mc let Momoshiki run away. Momoshiki could come back at any time and destroy the Naruto world. The mc went to the Bleach world. The MC's friends wont stand a chance and can only wait to die.

    Now for the Bleach arc

    Some prisoners try to escape and the mc goes to stop them. We find out Aizen talked them into killing the mc. The author says that one is the first captain of team 7. He went to prison for trying to overthrow the soul king. This is stupid because he was super weak. It feels forced to make him work with Aizen. The other guy was a former Kenpachi of team 11. The author said that he was always in bankai form and can absorb the reiatsu around him. The author said Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu doesn't work on him. Thats stupid because thats the same ability as the Quincy's and we know his sword works on them. It even worked on the Quincy King Yhwach! This author is a idiot!

    Orihime was never taken by Aizen. Aizen used Orihime's power for the hogyoku in the manga.

    Aizen did not create Wonderweiss in this novel. Aizen created Wonderweiss for a reason in the manga. It was because Yamamoto would have killed him. He wasn't that strong after he just fused with the hogyoku.

    It felt rushed after Rukia got saved.

    The last chapter was cringeworthy.

    The mc is married to Boa Hancock and they have never had sex. He said that he wanted them both to become immortal first. But they became immortal before he left Naruto world. He also has a mountain of maids. He should also be able to have sex without getting them pregnant.

    I also hate that the mc never went back to one piece world after he picked up Hancock. He didnt care about his uncle Garp or his student Tashigi. He also left Hancocks sisters. Hancock was super close with her sisters and it would have made her sad. Him and Garp were super close. Its weird that he never went back to see him. It would have been no trouble at all.
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    A stain for original series. Typical cn where everyone glorifies mc and anyone else either schemer, plain stupid, or plain character. Not to mention the chapter is short.