Chinese Haomen qifu de chuntian

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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Kinda on the fence about this but maybe some other readers would enjoy it. So I'll make a request. I'm just here to read about the well deserve karma coming for the sister :blobowoevil_horns::blobowoevil_horns:

    Description : One unfortunate night, she fell into her sister's despicable conspiracy. Pregant with the child of an unknown man. Watching helplessly as the vicious sister snatched away her child. Misunderstanding and more misunderstandings drives her to a wall. As a mother she'll do whatever she can to be near a child, even pretending to be a illiterate nurse. But he misunderstood her; until the truth was revealed, he realized that the dumb woman who's eyes were always filled with tears was the woman who spent that one night with him...