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    생각보다 훨씬 좋아해! , I Like It More Than I Thought! (MTL)
    Novel Link: Official Raws: Author: 예마로 I Yemaro (The same author who wrote, "The Baby Concubine Wants to Live Quietly")
    Artist: 하지 I Haji (1st Novel Cover), 도브 I Dove (2nd Novel Cover)
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
    Status: 92 Chapters (Ongoing)


    I was reincarnated in a child-rearing novel and met the male lead in his miserable childhood.

    Although he might’ve eventually found his way to happiness without my help, I couldn’t shake off the image of that trembling young boy with cracked lips. I saved him and returned him to his parents, a young couple that ruled over a duchy, who had desperately been searching for him and were about to meet their early deaths.

    “Rwen, I really like you.”
    “Yeah, I like you too.”

    But he liked me too much.

    Although it was uncomfortable to have a young child stick to me like glue, I’d rather have him smile prettily than cry. No matter how much he liked me now, it wasn’t like he would even act like he knew me when he grew up.

    Then, five years later…

    “You’re so pretty today, Rwen. I like you a lot. I really like you.”

    10 years later…..

    “Arwen, congratulations on graduating. I like you.”

    Wait, hold up. Why do you still like me?

    The young kid, who had already grown up into a fine man, proposed to me. I was shocked, of course. I was the daughter of a lowly viscount, and he was the heir to a dukedom. As much as his parents adored me, they wouldn’t accept me to that extent…

    “Arwen, welcome. The treasury is over there, and here’s the key.”
    “Goodness, I can’t believe you’re becoming my daughter-in-law, Arwen! Now this mister — ah, no, father-in-law — can die without any regrets!”

    …Would they?
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    Shuel's parents die on his birthday. Arwen's family are all scum bag and more her brother.
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    i- :blob_teary:
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    • (Arwen had to go to a dinner with her family to celebrate the return of her father and Jeffrey from the academy but she was late because she was looking for a place to hide Shuel who fell asleep)
    • “Arwen, you're late.”
    • It was what my mother said when I entered.
    • I stood in front of my father trying not to gasp. I ran busily with my skirt so that I wouldn't be late, and I was out of breath.
    • “I’m sorry I’m late. Father, mother. And….”
    • I paused and looked at the side of my father.
    • I hoped there would be none, but the owner of the seat was sitting there.
    • But without showing any signs, I smiled brightly like an idiot.
    • "Brother!"
    • My bright greeting made the boy's face pompous.
    • He was unhappy with his sister, who was three years younger than him, and often blamed her for being stupid.
    • Stupid.
    • I grinned as I thought so, and sat next to my mother.
    • "Jeff, how was your semester? I'm glad you're back home so early."
    • I heard a friendly voice come of my mother.
    • "Well, I passed the exam at the top of my class. I had an early vacation."
    • If it is an early graduation, I have never heard of it. Besides, that stupid guy?
    • "Oh, my God, I see! He's our son. Good for you!"
    • Jeffrey was not interested in studying, so he was a headstrong student.
    • With such high self-esteem, I had to give up school right now, but he didn't really kick out of the academy.
    • Because if so, he knows that his father and mother, who care about him, will change at once.
    • Then….
    • 'What's the point of suddenly coming back?'
    • I chewed the bread as slowly as I could and was lost in thought.
    • The Royal Academy who Jeffrey attend also attended by all the aristocrats and royalty.
    • Jeffrey was no less than a prince on the estate of Brochte, but at the Academy he would have been treated worse than a stone man.
    • Under such circumstances, the hypothesis that he had an accident and returned to the land early is not wrong, but….
    • As I turned my head around, I saw a man in the top seat.
    • He was my father with a stubborn impression.
    • If my brother had been in trouble at the academy, my father wouldn't have come home with Jeffrey.
    • But Jeffrey returned, as usual, with a triumphant face, and his father was also calm.
    • What is it, then?
    • "You're eating late. Arwen."
    • Only then did I raise my head.
    • "I-I'm sorry."
    • When she answered in a timid voice, his father clicked his tongue.
    • Standing up from his seat with an aristocratic gesture, he glanced at me wiping his mouth with a napkin, and got out of his seat and left the restaurant.
    • "What an idiot."
    • Jeffrey grinned at me with a sullen look on my face.
    • Jeffrey was the reason why I hated children.
    • Jeffrey, who is now twelve years old, has tormented me terribly since childhood when he can't remember.
    • There were many jokes that were too much to write off as a child's playfulness.
    • But my parents let it go as long as Jeffrey didn't hurt me.
    • My father was a subject of fear, but he wouldn't touch me, and my mother insisted that I was a nobleman even if I was hysterical.
    • Wa funny how the most offensive thing to me was 12-year-old Jeffrey.
    • Jeffrey grinned arrogantly and strode out of the restaurant. His mother quickly followed him.
    • My father had already left the restaurant.
    • I had to get out of the restaurant even though I had a little bit of food left.
    • I had to hurry back because I left Shuel alone in my room anyway.
    • Not long after walking, I saw a visit.
    • Ten steps at most. It was a short five-step drive, but I faced someone I really didn't like.
    • "Hey!"
    • He was Jeffrey.
    • 'God damn it.'
    • I sighed so small that couldn't see.
    • Jeffrey used to enjoy my reaction by showing disgusting things at me like insects and dead bird carcasses.
    • It wasn't that scary but I had to scream and cry my eyes out every time.
    • Yeah, now that you're here, here we go again.
    • Jeffrey has come closer and closer. Gradually I could see his triumphantly smiling face, and the green object of his raised palm.
    • When there are finally just three steps left.
    • I took a deep breath, pulled my strength up from my lower abdomen and shouted.
    • "Kyaaah!"
    • "Hahahaha!"
    • Jeffrey smiled and stepped up his pace at my scream. The young joy on the face was extremely innocent.
    • "Are you scared of this?"
    • Jeffrey laughed furiously at me, sticking out what was in my hand.
    • I narrowed my eyes and glanced at the hand.
    • Oh, it's a frog. Green frog, about a quarter of the palm of the hand.
    • It was cute to see a frog with round eyes. I wonder if he let he go when he are done with this.
    • I clasped my hand with a frightened face, thinking so.
    • "I-I'm scared. Please, get rid of it!"
    • "Hahaha, stupid bitch, are you afraid of frogs?"
    • This was a joke Jeffrey had played a lot since childhood, and I was now immune to most jookes.
    • I'm seriously freaking out.
    • "Still? Are you still scared?"
    • Jeffrey laid his frog-raised hand on me, and I shivered and screamed a couple of times.
    • And then, the frog, swaying precariously in his hand, eventually leapt up and stuck to my cheek.
    • The eyes of the round frog could be seen from under his nose, and the frog cried.
    • What? It's cute.
    • "Kyaa!"
    • I sat there again, screaming my head off.
    • Oh, I should cry at this point one.
    • "Hu-ugh…. Ge-get rid of it, please…."
    • Tears formed around my eyes. Jeffrey's smile deepened.
    • "I'm leave you, idiot, take care of yourself! If you get help, you'll die!"
    • Jeffrey, who shouted triumphantly, turned around without hesitation, and I screamed once again, relieved that the situation was over.
    • "Bro-brother! Don't go! Ple-please…."
    • And then, the door to the third nearest room from the stairs opened.
    • I forgot to scream and went blank.
    • That's my room.
    • Of course, it was not surprising that the door was opened, as the maidens sometimes went in and out to clean up.
    • Except that the person who peeps out of the door is very small and the hair color is platinum blonde.
    • 'Shuel?!'
    • He seemed to hesitate for a moment, and then burst open the door and ran to me.
    • Dazed, I looked at Shuel without saying a word as he tore the frog off my face with trembling hands.
    • "You, why…."
    • "What's this?"
    • The bloody voice that cut my words was Jeffrey.
    • Coming back, he gave Shuel a fierce look for disturbing his mischief.
    • I can't let Shuel get caught.
    • But if you answer as he is servant, will Shuel be safe today?
    • "Brother, he's—."
    • "Shut up."
    • Jeffrey, with a ferocious face, came a step closer to me and Shuel, who immediately stood in my way.
    • "Do-don't."
    • Jeffrey's face turned ugly at the determined words, but he did not immediately use violence.
    • Platinum hair is not common among commoners
    • He asked in a slightly less hostile voice, confused whether Shuel was a friend of mine from another family.
    • "Who are you?"
    • Shuel hesitated at the words, but he soon replied.
    • "I-I'm a servant."
    • "Servant?"
    • The moment he uttered it, Jeffrey's eyes changed.
    • "How dare a servant stand in my way?"
    • Damn—!
    • A sharp sound broke out. It happened before I could stop it.
    • Shuel, who was standing in my way, fell to the floor. The child grabbed the slapped cheek and trembled.
    • "You look like young master of Sevrirua…."
    • Jeffrey's voice, muttering that, was low.
    • He has an inferiority complex with the high aristocracy.
    • It was obvious that the fate of a servant who looked like Duke Sevrirua.
    • Should I reveal it?
    • 'No, you can't.'
    • I rose slowly my shaky legs.
    • There were not many windows in the hallway of my floor, so the sun didn't set well, and there were many candles.
    • Luckily, Jeffrey is near the candlestick.
    • Walking to him staggering, I suddenly sank into my legs as if I had lost my strength.
    • Put a candlestick on him so that the candles will pour out.
    • Jeffrey's wide silk sleeves quickly caught fire.
    • "Uh, wha-what!"
    • Jeffrey, who was exalted, threw Shuel out in surprise.
    • He rushed to extinguish the fire and rolled on the floor, and as it was a small fire, the fire quickly went out, but left a charred mark.
    • "I-ick…!"
    • Jeffrey's face turned red. He took turns looking at the sleeves, at me, and at Shuel, and kicked me.
    • "Do you want to die!"
    • "Ugh…."
    • I was kicked with all my might, so I groaned quietly.
    • Jeffrey huffed, but soon turned around and ran downstairs.
    • His usual behavior of kicking me a couple more times was strange, but I couldn't afford to care less about it.
    • "Shu!"
    • I ran straight to Shuel. The child was lying weakly like a doll with a fallen string.
    • I was about to burst into tears at the sight.
    • I should have stood in front of Shuel earlier. I was stupid.
    • But if that happened, Jeffrey knew I cared about Shuel and would have tried to destroy him somehow.
    • Even so, a sense of guilt flooded in. But that wasn't the point now, so I rushed to call the child again.
    • "Are you okay? Raise your head. Let's see how hurt are you. Okay?"
    • Shuel slowly looked up at my voice.
    • I didn't even have time to properly absorb the medicine that changed the color of my eyes, and my eyes were stained with grayish pink.
    • The delicate skin was already red, and the child's eyes were teary.
    • He's standing in front of Jeffery.
    • A seven-year-old kid protect me.
    • I couldn't speak and I shut up, and Shuel smiled brightly with his cheeks swell.
    • "No more frogs!"
    • And 10 minutes later.
    • "I told you not to come out. That was dangerous!"
    • "I-I'm sorry…."
    • Sitting on the bed, Shuel was shaking with his hands up, and I was applying medicine to Shuel's cheeks and blowing it off.
    • I was upset by the way my skin was swollen red.
    • If you hurt your eardrums, you'll be in trouble. Isn't your tooth broken?
    • She gently applied the medicine, suppressing his desire to press the cheek, and Shuel mumbled with his swollen cheeks.
    • "Bu-but I could hear you screaming…."
    • Shuel, who was looking down as if he was reflecting on his mistake, looked at me slowly.
    • "Aren't you afraid of frogs, Rwen?"
    • "…I'm not afraid of such things."
    • "But why did you scream and ask to get rid it?"
    • I was speechless.
    • "I-I only said that…."
    • "You asked for help."
    • Shuel looked out as if he didn't understand. As if that's really the reason.
    • Children don't listen to anyone very well. The same was true no matter how much I emphasized the dangers.
    • So, I thought you were out of the door because you were tired of staying in the room all day.
    • "So, I thought you were scared, so I came out…."
    • "……."
    • "I'm not good at it…."
    • In my eyes, Shuel mumbled away like a dog in trouble.
    • Looking at the face, I breathed in and quietly opened my mouth.
    • "…thank you."
    • Shuel opened his eyes wide to my thanks. He looked like he didn't even know why he was being thanked.
    • I smiled at the face.
    • "It was the first time someone help me. Thank you so much."
    • No matter what harassment I've been subjected to, no one has ever helped me.
    • I got used to it, but sometimes there were unbearable days.
    • I was stupid. Shuel already knew the dangers of wandering around the country after the kidnapping.
    • Shuel knew he would be badly hurt if he left the room.
    • Nevertheless, he ran out of my scream and stood in my way.
    • Shuel's tiny back and innocent smile, which looked so big, will remain in memory for a long time.
    • "Hehe."
    • Shuel, who smiled awkwardly at my words, slipped down his hand.
    • "Can't you raise your hand?"
    • "Yes…."
    * * *​
    • I was actually looking forward.
    • I burned Jeffrey's sleeves, so shouldn't I be making a fuss?
    • And even so, the mansion is so busy that it can't even see he these days, so won't it just go away without paying attention to me this time?
    • And, just for a second. I was really looking forward for a second.
    • Standing in front of my mother in a room similar to mine, I had a dry face for a moment.
    • 'That can't be right….'
    • I guess I had a big dream.
    • When I thought so, I heard the sound of blowing through the wind.
    • I closed my eyes reflexively, but there was no slap in the face.
    • "You, you, Arwen Brochte!"
    • I opened my eyes and glanced up at my mother, and she was staring at me with her wild eyes.
    • The mother gritted her teeth, shook her hands, and grabbed Jeffrey's shirt, which had a hole again.
    • "This shirt…! It's made of the finest silk!"
    • The way he looked at the shirt was very different from what he looked at me. She was looking at her shirt with a look of the world falling apart.
    • There were signs of trying to repair it somehow, but it seemed impossible to say that it had returned to its original state.
    • Her pathetic eyes turned toxic at once when they met me.
    • "If the candle falls, you should have blocked it with your clothes. You idiot!"
    • "I'm sorry. I was so surprised…."
    • "You're talking about it now. Aagh, how could this happen!"
    • My mother was very frustrated.
    • "The Count Teflon is coming tomorrow, and his clothes look like that! Are you out of your mind, Arwen?"
    • My mother's voice ripped through my head.
    • I looked up at her, forgetting to make a blind face.
    • 'Count Teflon?'
    • He was a nouveau riche.
    • He became a lightning rich man in search of mines full of diamond gemstones on poor lands, and lived floating around with overflowing goods.
    • But Count Teflon's claim to fame in the countryside was more violent than his wealth.
    • Jeffrey's quick vacation. My father, who was looking over at me like he was checking.
    • And, just now, my mother's words.
    • Count Teflon can't come to this country for no reason. There must be something going on.
    • The puzzles that had spread out in my head were put together and I drew an ominous picture.
    • What if Jeffrey almost got kicked out of the Academy for an accident?
    • It took a lot of money to solve him, and if it was covered by a kind of transaction….
    • Brochte estate is poor. There was only one thing that could be put forward in a deal.
    • Stupid but beautiful daughter. Arwen Brochte.
    • I felt like blood was dripping out and I bit my lips hard.
    • I squeezed my vocal cords out of voice and asked my mother.
    • "Mother, the Count Teflon will come?"
    • "Oh, well."
    • My mother, who was scolding me proudly, felt naked to look at me.
    • But for a moment, too, she struggled to straighten her shoulders and spoke arrogantly.
    • "Yes, he will come."
    • I tried to moisten my dry mouth.
    • Still, no way.
    • "Mother, he's—."
    • "Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with he. There won't be a rumor since you come down quietly."
    • That's what my mother said even though I didn't ask anything.
    • I became stunned.
    • "…mother."
    • That can't be true. The words got stuck at the end of my neck.
    • It was also a lie that there was no rumor.
    • He is notorious all the way to this countryside, and there is no way that news of such a man cannot be reached in the capital.
    • My marriage can't be possible if the rumors spread.
    • No, if I meet Count Teflon before then, will I be safe?
    • My fingertips are cold. It felt like my heart stopped beating.
    • I bent my head and turned around.
    * * *​
    • I broke down as soon as I opened the door.
    • "Rwen?"
    • Shuel ran to me in surprise. My name he called was strange.
    • It was understandable. There wasn't a single person who called me by my nickname.
    • Shuel hurriedly closed the door, sorted out the dolls he had scattered, and sat next to me fidgety.
    • "Rwen, what happened?"
    • I couldn't answer the question.
    • I pulled up the corners of my mouth, but I couldn't hear my voice.
    • At once, Shuel's eyes filled with tears at once me.
    • "I think I'm going to cry…."
    • I opened my trembling lips and tried to say something, but tears fell from my blurred eyes.
    • "Ugh…."
    • Without stopping, I burst into tears.
    • Shuel hugged me holding her breath and crying.
    • The child's thin and narrow arms tried to hold me somehow. I buried my face on his thin shoulder.
    • It was miserable.
    • More than the fact that she sells me off, more than the fact that she cares about Jeffrey than I do.
    • I mistook love for the rain of drought.
    • It's more miserable than anything else to love her as a mother.
    • I felt like I was grabbed by my hair and thrown into the street.
    • "Don't cry, Rwen. Don't cry…."
    • Shuel cried. I was about to cry. The child cried his eyes out and went into my arms.
    • The child cried for me.
    • For me abandoned by my parents, for me without a drop of blood.
    • The moment I became aware of the fact, the suffocating tears subsided.
    • I caught my breath and turned my head off the child's shoulder. Shuel's face was covered with anxiety and tears.
    • I smirked and pointed to Shuel's shoulder. Tears were wetting his shirt making a form.
    • "Look at this."
    • It was a conciliatory joke at heart, but Shuel glanced at my shoulder and looked even more sad. I've become a little awkward.
    • Ar-Are you boring?
    • "Why did you cry?"
    • "It's just dust in my eyes."
    • "Lies…."
    • Again, she wiped the teary eyes of Shuel with a smile. By the way, you cry more than I do.
    • "Shuel."
    • "Ye-yeah?"
    • "Let's leave tonight.'
    • Shuel's eyes were wide open at my monotonous words.
    • I have to leave tonight right now. It's already late by tomorrow.
    • If you sneak out and go to the capital city, it's only a month round trip.
    • At that time, Count Teflon would be tired of waiting.
    • The tip of my nose was cool maybe because I cried. I was relieved of myself.
    • "I'll take you home."
    • I guess it's time to say goodbye to you, too.
    • There is no knights in the estate Brochte.
    • The only security was some servants.
    • Of course they dozed off in their seats, and me and Shuel managed to get out of the house without difficulty.
    • But we soon ran into a new problem. I didn't have enough cash to use right away.
    • And I quickly found the solution.
    • 'I'm gonna have to cut my hair and sell it.'
    • Beautiful silver hair that slides like silk thread. My mother always cherished the silver hair as if it were her way to life.
    • But can you marry into a powerful family with only a silver hair?
    • I thought I'd cut it out and sell it if there was a time when I needed a quick cash.
    • And if there another situation where we need to make as much money as we do now?
    • Because it is long and has a good texture and color is rare, selling it will pay quite a price.
    • But you can't sell it on the Brochte estate.
    • Silver hair is rare among commoners, so I'm the only girl with silver hair in this estate.
    • Fortunately, the next estate, the Undern estate, is incomparable to Brochte, and he has no intention of knowing whether youn lady of Brochte has silver or white hair.
    • And the estate is close enough to take three hours on foot.
    • Even if you walk at a child's pace, you'll arrive in one night.
    • However, the problem is that we have to cross the mountain.
    • A dark hill without a single light.
    • "......."
    • Oh, my life.
    • Maybe this isn't going to happen
    • Woh. I heard an owl crying. It was like a wolf.
    • Summer is a season of abundance. Rabbits, squirrels, and food-laden predators won't have to eat two small creatures that smell weird.
    • Also, there were not many wild animals that rushed to humans because many residents frequently climb this mountain.
    • I knew it, but I was still afraid. The wild mountain that sounded like a grass bug seemed to swallow me right away.
    • I looked back, clasping my cold sweaty hands.
    • Shuel, who had a whiter face, was holding my skirt tight.
    • Yeah, I'm gonna have to take her home.
    • The thought of it made me a little less scared.
    • I reached out to Shuel for the safety of my skirt, and he snapped at me as if he had waited.
    • If you're scared, you'll tell me you're scared….
    • Smiling, I somehow faced a determined-faced Shuel, and was forced to grin.
    • People will think we're going to catch a demon.
    • "Are you scared?"
    • "No, I'm not scared."
    • A rather firm answer returned.
    • Shuel took a step further than I did before I could answer anything.
    • Just as I was about to pull the child behind my back in surprise, Shuel still said in a determined voice.
    • "Don't be afraid. I'll protect you."
    • I half-open my mouth in surprise.
    • What did you just say?
    • "This little crap...."
    • Words flowed out without thinking. Shuel, who was listening at the words that flowed out like an exclamation, turned his head away.
    • "Hey, I'm taller than you."
    • It was cute that the first topic of irritation by a gentle child was his size.
    • Come to think of it, Shuel had a little, a little higher view than me.
    • I was in a strange mood for a moment.
    • I was this small.
    • That's right, I'm nine years old.
    • You were still young.
    • I raised my head again. Shuel's back was full of vision.
    • The leading back also looked warm, though I couldn't say it was big. I laughed.
    • There must be more animals attacking with their backs than jumping out from the front.
    • "Thank you."
    • "……Hmph."
    • The sulky nasal sound of returning to the silent thanks was similar to the sound of laughter.
    • Me and Shuel walked on and on. It wasn't difficult because people who walked on the street first looked for signs marked.
    • For a moment it was frighteningly dark, but soon the sky began to clear up to be visible.
    • After walking hand in hand for a long time, we stopped without knowing each other.
    • The horizon began to turn red. Slowly the round sun rose, and the sky began clear.
    • The eerie silence clears and dawns.
    • It was a new morning.
    * * *​
    • "Thank you."
    • "Hi, have a nice trip."
    • A woman with a warm impression smiled at me and wiped away tears.
    • I smiled mournfully like a child with a story, then turned around and walked.
    • It was refreshing to feel that the hair that was gently moving behind my back was shortened to the bottom of my ears.
    • There were quite a few places on the estate that bought women's hair, and fortunately I met a good owner and sold it for a good price.
    • Twenty Gold. I got enough money because the owner of the store paid more for my tearful appeal to go to the capital to find my mother.
    • At this rate, you can sleep at a nice inn and ride a carriage.
    • A smile came to my mouth by itself.
    • But the smile evaporated into thin air as soon as I saw Shuel standing in an empty space for a while.
    • Two adult robes stood in front of Shuel.
    • It looked suspicious to anyone, but those who were worried that there would be a quarrel for nothing left their seats without interfering.
    • In front of him, Shuel was looking up at them with a face that he was not afraid of.
    • And then, the man in the robe crumble.
    • "Oh, my God. Shuel. Baby…!"
    • It was a breathtaking voice. He cuddled up to Shuel before I could stop him.
    • I ran to Shuel in surprise. I couldn't even think about it.
    • The man called Shuel's real name. It was in line with the fact that he knew his identity.
    • If he were to be kidnapped as prince of Sebrirua—.
    • But my urgent steps stopped a step before reaching Shuel.
    • Because the hair of the man who robe was peeled off was platinum just like Shuel's.
    • Looking blankly at him, I looked up and turned to the person standing next to him.
    • A woman with black hair, as opposed to a man, was looking down at me with unwarm magenta eyes.
    • The black-haired woman standing. A man with platinum hair that resembles Shuel, hugging Shuel.
    • "……uh?"
    • The story of the novel crossed my mind.
    • Duchess Marius Sebrirua with magenta eyes and black hair, Duke Kendrick de Sebrirua with curly platinum hair and dark brown eyes.
    • They were the Duke and Duchess of Sebrirua.
    • Why, here? How?
    • My head went blank in an incomprehensible situation.
    • The Duke and Duchess of Sebrirua cannot be here now. But they did.
    • Shuel checked the face of the man who hugged him in a daze.
    • Soon the child's eyes were wide open.
    • "Da-dad?"
    • I exhaled a breath that I had endured.
    • 'I guess that's true.'
    • Shuel can't help but recognize the faces of his parents.
    • I don't know for some reason, but it was a relief anyway.
    • It is obvious that it would be much safer for two children to be protected by the Duke of Sebrirua than to travel to the capital.
    • "Da-dad…."
    • "Yes, yes, baby. Daddy's here."
    • A subtle sense of liberation and deprivation came at the same time.
    • I looked at the back of Shuel, who was crying in the arms of his parents.
    • In the arms of his parents, Shuel cried his eyes out looking like a child.
    • No matter how mature he was, he was only seven years old.
    • You must be relieved to see your parents after a long time.
    • Tears had already formed in the eyes of Kendrick and the Duchess who embraced the child. Marius, the Duchess, hugged his husband and son without saying a word.
    • Watching it from a step away, I drooped my gaze.
    • Parents who love their child. A child who deserves to be loved by his parents.
    • It was a spectacularly warm, perfect family scene that no one could intervene in.
    • It's something I will never have.
    • 'It's just that.'
    • There are things in the world that you can't change even if you try.
    • I don't want what I can't have.
    • I let out a big breath. It was a light breath.
    • My work is done.
    • Shuel met his parents safely and now he will live happily with my parents, with little memory of being abused.
    • You followed me well right now.
    • Everything went back to normal, but the aftertaste was a little bitter.
    • I didn't expect to break up so early.
    (The spoilers are about Shuel and Arwen's escape and meeting with Shuel parents)
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