Chinese Heavenly Lady Emperor 大帝姬 by Xi Xing 希行

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    Name :Heavenly Lady Emperor 大帝姬
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    This is from the same author who wrote the original novel for Jun Jiu Ling
    love, rebirth strong female lead... OH COME ON !
    It has a great note on Douban (about 8/10)
    Description : (this is a personal translation so this may be a bit sloppy)
    After an air crash, Xue Qing realized that she had been traveled through time.

    However, this body who has the same name is in a difficult situation.

    His father died and his mother was weak, although he was taken in by an uncle who had received great favor from her father and promised to love him as he loves his daughter,

    However, after being pushed in the water by his reluctant "fiancee" and his brother, he died of shock.

    From what's been heard and seen, it seems this person isn't very agreable...

    There is another important question : this Xue Qing is actually a woman? !

    Although in today's era, women can also inherit the throne,

    Xue Qing still intends to live a good life as a man in the future and be a teacher.

    She didn't expect that her beginning as a teacher would be unfavorable, and her bargaining strategy was to delay the opponent,

    She was rejected by the famous great master Mr. Qing Xia, and her first study plan was obstructed.

    Her road is bumpy, but there are other opportunities to expand through door to door——

    Ready to participate in the Cuju competition before the Dragon Boat Festival? Okay !

    Be the main ball in the hot Cuju game, like an army kills the enemy? Okay !
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    Let's go :blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn:
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