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    Raw title: ヒロイン不在の悪役令嬢は婚約破棄してワンコ系従者と逃亡する

    Mangadex link: https://mangadex.org/title/61810

    "Why am I a villainess!? I definitely don't want to die!"

    I was reincarnated into my favorite novel, [Villainess Daughter, Viara]. I thought I had to persuade the heroine to avoid the [Death Penalty] ending as soon as possible, but the heroine hasn't even entered the school! If nothing is done, it will be a straight line to marriage with my fiancé, the prince! If this happens, I should cancel the engagement on my own!

    At that time, the servant, Sid who has always been by my side said "I'll do something about it!". Is it loyalty? Or is it love?

    "I'm sure, I'll be absolutely happy with Sid somewhere other than here!"

    Lady x Servant? Slapstick comedy? It'll all begin soon.
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    Alternative: ヒロイン不在の悪役令嬢は婚約破棄してワンコ系従者と逃亡する


    "Why am I a villainess!? I definitely don't want to die!"
    I was reincarnated into my favorite novel, [Villainess Daughter, Viara]. I thought I had to persuade the heroine to avoid the [Death Penalty] ending as soon as possible, but the heroine hasn't even entered the school! If nothing is done, it will be a straight line to marriage with my fiancé, the prince! If this happens, I should cancel the engagement on my own!
    At that time, the servant, Sid who has always been by my side said "I'll do something about it!". Is it loyalty? Or is it love?
    "I'm sure, I'll be absolutely happy with Sid somewhere other than here!"
    Lady x Servant? Slapstick comedy? It'll all begin soon.

    Mangadex: https://mangadex.org/title/61810/he...akuhaki-shite-wanko-kei-juusha-to-toubou-suru
    Raw: https://urasunday.com/title/1611/146241
    Novel Raw:
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    camping for cute fluffy spoiler <3
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    The Prince is as advertised a disgusting piece of human waste. He quickly fell for a doll-face short stack that wasn't the Heroine. The Heroine quickly married a decent dude who was her childhood friend and now run a small business together selling food from Japan. After the Prince declared he would break his engagement with the MC - she happily complied. As she was about to walk away he grabbed her and said he always like her looks. He knew she always likes him and it would be a shame if he didn't taste at least once. SO THE ASSHOLE TRIED TO FORCE HIMSELF ON HER. MC freaked out and hit him. She thinks she killed him?? (not sure) Sid comes in and takes her to flee the country.
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    Ughhh, the way he stared at her boobs during the dance was real disgusting too. Thank goodness Sid elopes with her to a different country.....I can't imagine how their country would even last with a future lecherous King on the throne.
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    Plenty have done pretty well.

    It's just that he's also an idiot. Even his parents didn't have any hope for him. It's why she was engaged to him in the first place lol

    If he's the only successor, that royal line doesn't have much time left XD
    This is the result of inbreeding, it has to be. Either that or whoever raised him was too stupid to teach him about common sense.
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    Here’s some MTLd chapters because I really enjoy this story! :cookie:
    expect more spoilers from me in the future:blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
    Novel Raws: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5599fv/
    When I was reincarnated, I was the villainess daughter, Viara.
    "Why a villain !? I definitely don't want to die!"
    Let's give the heroine a stupid prince with just his face. With enough money to buy a castle ...!
    Though I thought so, the heroine didn't even enroll in the school.
    "Villain daughter, surplus!"
    Viala, who is in love with her servant Sid, who has supported her all the time, is impatient that she will marry me, the prince.
    As she seeks out her heroine and tries to establish another fiancée for her, Viala, who couldn't stand the tyrant of my prince, finally hits the prince and escapes.
    Volume I: Engagement Annulment is expected, but ...! ??
    Chapter 1: I’m the villainess daughter, but the heroine vanished!?

    "Every story has a protagonist and a villain."
    That's what I think.

    "The time has finally come...!"

    Viala is a villainous daughter who has been reborn following the current trends.

    She has memories of her previous life and is a villainess.

    But unfortunately, I have no intention of becoming a villain.
    Because if you do something wrong, you'll be punished, right?

    I don't want to hurt or die.
    Now that I've been reborn, I want to spend my days in peace.

    It's a pleasant midafternoon with spring weather.
    I was relaxing in the ducal salon with reports in my hand.

    It's a very elegant time to have a cup of tea in a green salon in the afternoon. Yet, my heart, knowing my destiny, is not calm.
    Because I'm a villainess in a romance novel.
    the heroine's rival in love.
    I have to make a brilliant first step as a villainess at the school where I will enter tomorrow.

    Therefore, we have to persuade the heroine as soon as possible.You have to say, "I'm not your enemy!"


    "Wait, what are you talking about?"

    What I got was a "school freshman list" called a report. Here's a list of those who will be alumni for the coming year.
    it’s a list of people who are enrolling in school, class. she’s looking for original heroine’s name.
    As expected of the school where aristocrats gather, the names you know are lined up.

    No, no, I don't care about that.
    I'm only looking for the heroine's name.

    The wind gently swings her long pale light blue hair.Her silver eyes followed each letter on the list.

    However, I never found the name I was looking for.

    "it’s a lie... Someone say that it’s a lie...!"

    Over and over again, I checked the names lined up on the paper.

    As expected, her name was not there.

    don’t tell me...
    This can’t be happening

    How could it be!!

    a trembling right hand.
    The list was crushed with a thud.

    I breathed a lot of air into my lungs and shouted at my heart.

    Hearing the scream, the escort mage Sid rushed to my side in an instant.
    "Miss!? What's going on?"

    A beautiful boy with black hair and red eyes opens his eyes and distorts his fearless face.
    Sid rudely grabs me by the shoulder from behind and shakes me violently.

    What's going on?What's the matter?"

    Hey, don't do that. Don't do that because you're drunk.

    "Let go!"

    I shook his hand off and shouted again, shaking my hair.

    What are you talking about?The heroine's name is not on the list!!"

    Viala Emery Marcus.She was sixteen years old.

    I was reincarnated into the romance novel "Rose-colored Jewel to You."
    I decided to play the villain's daughter in a world without a heroine.
    Chapter 2: Isn't fantasy sometimes too cruel

    This is an exciting, fantasy world with swords and magic.
    It's set in a doting romance novel that I was addicted to in my previous life.

    The story follows a royal road in which a poor baron’s daughter, Kukurika,enrolls in a school where aristocratic children gather, and she is loved by the prince and becomes a queen.

    The charm of this novel is that the heroine Kukurika is cute.
    Her dedication to her appearance brings tears to my eyes. It makes me cry.

    Even though my father is a heavy drinker, he wants to do his best to get a job and support me...
    I think this is a line from the original heroine in the novel. I can only assume that her father, the baron was a alcoholic and she was naive and thought her father is doing his best for her. it’s just a guess though.
    How many times did you think, "I'll support you!"

    Kukurika meets the prince at the school, and a year after graduation, she becomes so close that she is courted by the prince.

    When I realized that I had been reborn in this world after losing my life in an accident, I danced wildly.

    Yes, until I knew my name.

    My name is Viala Emery Marcus.
    the daughter of the Duke Marcus, a beautiful woman with long soft light blue hair.

    You can say it yourself, but your hair shining like a jewel is shiny and beautiful.
    His eyes are silver and beautiful enough to be likened to a jewel star sapphire, and of course she is not wearing colored contact lenses.

    Her nose, which slipped through her big eyes, and her red lips that were moisturized without applying anything. At the age of 16, I have grown into a beautiful woman that everyone can look back on. Appearance cheat unique to rival characters.
    It's a beautiful face that makes you want to check if it's CG, but since it's a character in a novel, it's only natural that it's beautiful.

    However, that fate is sad, and my role is a villain daughter. From an early age, she is the fiancée of the first prince of the country and loves him.
    So far, I've been following the story of the novel, except that I don't like the prince, and as the prince's fiancé, I'm planning to enroll in the school this year.
    "There is nothing but despair."

    I can't help but complain.

    In the novel Viara is robbed of the prince by the heroine immediately after enrolling. No matter how much you love or cry, the prince's heart will be separated.
    But she is also responsible.There is a great deal.

    No matter how jealousy she was, she bullied her heroine too much. She bullied the heroine who became intimate with the prince.
    It would be cute to just curse and leave her out of the group, but it's a stance of hiring a man to attack, poisoning, pushing down from the balcony instead of the stairs, "kill the heroine as soon as you find it."

    Wasn't there anything else you could do, Viala?
    No matter how hard you try, you can't try to kill.

    In the end, Viara is found guilty and executed in front of the public behind a happy ending in which the prince is united with the heroine.

    Guillotine, no.
    Do you need such a cruel ending?
    I want to ask the author, I want to ask.

    I mean, Viara is a hit horse as much as possible.
    A rival or exemplary villainous daughter!
    Seeing the goal filled with despair, I didn't want to go on the rail to Hell.

    I am fully prepared to get off from this rail.
    here she is referring to the original story and her ending as a rail to hell, and wants to get out and stop the rail, as changing her ending.
    In the romance novels and different world light novels that I read in my previous life, there were many stories that even a villain daughter could be happy. All right. Even a new villain daughter should be happy if she does her best!

    Having regained my memory, I worked hard to avoid the death flag.
    Chapter 3: Where is the villainess’s guild! I will sue

    First of all, I tried to break off my engagement with the first prince.
    However, this "contract" with the royal family cannot be overturned by the duke's daughter.

    The power balance was vertical like a waterfall with the royal family at the top. Social division, royal system, it’s terrible!
    In the first place, this engagement itself is an engagement made by the queen, "My child is a little stupid,so I want a solid fiancée."

    My opinion doesn't matter.

    Huh? aren’t I a pretty good victim who got forced to the idiot?

    Baroque, the first prince of this country, has red hair and dignified brown eyes, and is handsome!

    Rather, there is nothing else good about him.

    As a kid, his big attitude and cheeky tone were still cute.
    "You're the one mother chose,so I'll have no choice but to make you a princess!'
    this is a line from the prince when he was a child.
    the kid who was saying such a thing, is the same age as me, and his pompous attitude remains the same even now that he is sixteen years old.

    He has a self-centered way of thinking, and although he’s good for studying and sword skills, unfortunately his contents are arrogant and his womanizing habit is bad.

    He seems to like my appearance, but he also attends to many other ladies, and even if he has a fiancée, many ladies are still all over him.

    When I met him at a party, he said, "Do you want to join this circle?"I really don't want to be like that's right.

    I'm sure I'll meet the heroine and change my ending, but so far, it's a very disappointing finish.

    These days, he at me with leering eyes, so I refuse from the bottom of my heart to marry such a prince. It was impossible for me to rehabilitate His Highness Baroque. Because there is no love.
    I want to give it to the heroine as soon as possible. The celebration can be wrapped up enough to buy a castle from the Duke of Marcus.

    Absolutely a relaxed engagement cancellation! With that in mind, when I entered the school, I wanted to persuade the heroine from the first day and support they’re love in a dignified manner.
    And yet, a tragedy happened.
    Why aren't you here?If you don't have a heroine, you don't have anyone to get His Highness!"

    Shaking my pale light blue hair, I am overcome with despair.

    What am I without the heroine?

    The villainess is gone!

    This is weird!
    If you have a villainess guild, I would like to fill an objection!!

    torrential tears.
    Tears that flow like heavy rain, not the ladylike atmosphere of sobbing.

    I didn't cry this much even when I failed the examination in my previous life.

    "Ugh...! No, I don't want to marry such a prince.And I don't want to die."

    I flop down on the floor and weep.
    But there was someone here who wiped my tears.
    Chapter 4: I'm like this, but there's someone I like.

    "Look, if you cry that much, your eyes will swell."

    Sid, the bodyguard magician, always laughs at my previous life, calling it a bad dream.
    He puts his hand on my shoulder and comforts me gently.

    "My Lady, there is no need to worry. you have me and I will protect you.Dreams are only dreams after all."

    He thinks the memory of my previous life is a dream, but doesn’t believe it at all, but he’s the only person I can talk to about my problems with.

    Sid is a beautiful boy with light black hair and red eyes. He is 19 years old, three years older than me. A mage who is called the strongest in the Kingdom of Roselia, brought by my beloved father.
    He hides in a gray robe, but his muscular yet slender style is my favorite.

    He is well over 180 centimeters tall, has long legs in a black undercoat, slender arms, and shining red earrings in his right ear.
    He’s not a important character, but he’s incredibly cool.

    I can't thank my late father enough for making Sid my bodyguard.

    "Lady, if you have the power to see the future, you can change it."

    "Ugh...! Can you still make it in time?"


    Sid nods with a gentle smile.
    I'm too happy that you never make fun of my story and say that you will protect it after considering it.

    If I knew I was going to be a villainess before I was reincarnated, I would have said, "Run away immediately!"

    But I couldn't.
    I got memories of my previous life clearly when I was about 10 years old, and by that time I was already engaged.

    Besides, there was a father who loved his daughter and a gentle mother who smelled good.Both of them were killed in an accident when I was 12, but...

    Even now, I have a brother who is beautiful, intelligent and a little timid.

    I couldn't abandon this family and run away, and I didn't want to run away and bother them ... I've come to this day without running away.
    That's why I was planning to push the prince against the heroine ... I wasn't going to ask for a wonderful romance.

    "I can't believe it...!"

    National Roselia Academy is the first place for aristocratic children to attend.As long as they are not married or sick, they go to school on scholarships even if they are poor.

    Otherwise, you won't be able to get a good match or a job.

    "Where did Lady Kukrika Larry go?"I'm in trouble if you don't enroll!"

    I lament in the salon.Sid crouched down next to me and said gently as he looked at the list.

    "Doesn't that mean that your vision of the future was wrong?"Or maybe the future has changed because your ladyship worked hard."

    "Because I worked hard?"


    When I look up, he laughs as usual.That smile makes my heart flutter, but it's not the time to be excited.

    "The only thing I did my best was not to let the house fall, lectures, and magical training. I haven't been able to contact Lady Kukurika Larry."
    she means that she didn’t suck up to the original heroine yet, then how did the story chane.
    It was only recently that I remembered her name, and when I thought about the heroine, I felt like I had a fog in my head.

    I never imagined that the heroine would be missing as soon as I remembered her.
    "Isn't this the world of novel after all?"

    When I was worried, Sid helped me out.

    "I will instruct a spy to look for Lady Kukrika Larry.Please think about tomorrow's entrance ceremony.I'm sure school uniforms will look good on you."

    That's right.
    I can't reveal my ugly appearance.
    Even if the engagement is eventually broken off, I must be a perfect daughter who can't be condemned.

    Finally calm, I stood up and wiped my tears.
    "It's natural that a uniform suits me, right?"
    I looks at Sid with my usual grand air and arrogance.
    He chuckled and nodded enduringly.

    "Yes, of course, young lady. If you like, I'll help you change clothes."

    "I don't need it!"

    I snapped out of the salon and returned to my room.
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    bless you for the spoiler
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    Chapter 5: All Stars that ordinary people do not want to approach
    Today is the entrance ceremony.
    Unfortunately, my brother is not here because he has trouble in his territory and has left the royal capital from the day before yesterday.

    However, the residence was very lively, and I was seen off at the entrance wearing a pure white uniform.

    "'My Lady~~Have a nice day in school~!"
    here it’s probably some maids and servants seeing her off

    Can't you do something about this?
    The Duke Marcus family is a noble family, but also has people with mafia-like faces that controls the underworld.

    The servants are ordinary people, but most of the guards and escorts are strong men with scratches on their faces and bodies.
    It is made up of all-stars that ordinary people never want to approach.
    This term was in the title of the chapter as well, so here it’s オールスターズ pronounced ‘oru stars’ which is english. so the correct definition from google is
    All star is defined as a team made up only of top performers who are the most skilled and accomplished. ... The definition of all star refers to someone who is highly skilled at a given activity, so much so he is often considered among the best. An example of an all star is an athlete who wins an olympic gold medal.
    so here she’s saying that ordinary people wouldn’t approach these knights because their scary and the same is with the title.
    "Hehe... Miss, please go to school safely."

    Rosso, with a cute face, pulls out a mysterious bag from his chest and hands it over.

    "What about this?"

    "It makes me feel better."

    I opened the bag and found colorful candies inside.

    Yes, Rosso is an old guard, but does he think I'm still about five years old?
    It's true that I was happy receiving candy when I was a child.

    I'm not satisfied with being treated like a child.
    But this candy is delicious, so let's have it.

    "I'll be back."

    Seen off by a row of noisy men in black, I left home with Sid and boarded the carriage.
    I hugged the cushion and looked depressed in the rattling carriage.
    Frankly speaking, I lack sleep.I was so anxious that I slept only six hours.

    "Miss, Your face is dead." -sid

    "Excuse me. I'm still alive."

    "And can I ask you something?"

    Sid, sitting in front, tended to look at me. The eyes don't fit. His gaze is on my bangs.
    "What's the matter?"Those bangs."

    "Ugh, do you understand?"

    "Well, if you keep saying that..."

    My bangs, which were split into sides until yesterday, are now straight bangs.

    "I tried not to look like a villain at all.I wanted to make a good impression."

    You see, the heroine has a pattern with bangs, right?
    It seems like a villain's daughter without bangs divided horizontally or centered.
    so basically she changed her hairstyle, because following light novel and otome game logic heroines and female leads usually have bangs while the villainess doesn’t have them.
    Sid burst out laughing without even knowing what I was thinking.

    "You don't have to worry so much, as long as you don't do bad things.The villainess is supposed to do lot of bad things, isn't she?"

    "That's true."

    I started with changing my shape.
    There should be no villainess with bangs.

    "And it suits you very well.That uniform. You look good in white. you don’t look like a villainess."

    "Oh, really? As expected?"

    I'm a little shy of being praised.
    I feel like it's rolling in the palm of my hand, but I'm glad that Sid praises me, so I can't help it.

    "I wish I had worn it with Sid."

    "I don't like that dirty uniform."

    Sid isn't wearing a uniform because he's already graduated. In his dark gray robe, the inner is black on both the top and bottom.
    The purple brooch around the neck of the robe stands out.

    The mage of this country is a class system, and the class can be identified by a brooch that also serves as an ID card. The highest rank is awarded the jewel called purple spinel that Sid wears, and only those who can use magic of all attributes such as fire, water, earth, wind, thunder, darkness, and holy can get that position.
    The magician ranks start with purple spinel and consist of six classes: blue, red, green, yellow and white.Some people don't bother to register because the last-place white one can use magic, but it seems that most of them register because yellow or higher is advantageous for finding a job.

    "If I could use magic freely like Sid, I could have gone to the magic school."

    "Young lady is a little special ..."

    My peculiarity is that I have a lot of magic, but I can't release it.
    Even if I make a fireball, it's okay as long as it sticks to your finger, but if I try to throw it far away, it will soon disperse and disappear.

    "I wanted healing power."

    "Are you like a saint? The young lady is a saint"

    What a rude thing to say!
    While staring with half an eye, Sid straightens up and looks out the window artificially.

    I even know that a villain daughter can't be a saint. But since I've lived properly, I wanted at least a cool reincarnation cheat skill.
    Chapter 6: The Lady and Her Pet Dog
    "All I can do anyway is slap you with my bare hand with magic."

    "That's usually more difficult, isn't it?"

    I wonder why it is such a street fighter skills.
    I'm not even a fighter.Usually, if you fight a fighter, you lose normally.

    "Oh, I can't get rid of my thoughts. Let's think of something more enjoyable!"

    "That's right, young lady. I'm sure something fun will happen at the school.


    "Yes, really."

    If Sid says it, it may be so.
    I looked at him with a big smile.

    "Yes, I'll do something about you my lady."

    Sid always says that and laughs.
    But if you're a purple spinel mage, you can get all over the world without being my escort bodyguard. I feel sorry for Sid, who will continue to serve me in a lawful manner because of his gratitude to my late father.

    ""Hey, is it alright that Sid is my escort? Well, it's a rare job to protect a noble beauty like me."

    "That’s right".

    You're not sincere at all!?
    Sid chuckled as I puffed up his cheeks and sulked.

    ""I'm lady's dog, so I'll keep it forever."

    "Tell me that again"

    You're such a handsome face dog!

    "Did you forget? Your father picked me up."
    That was when Sid was eight and I was five.

    "Father, I want a cute dog."

    As I asked for it innocently, I never thought my father would come back with a "dog-like boy."
    Yeah, my father's sensibility was terribly scary.

    My father said, "There was no dog in Viala that I could keep, so I picked up a dog-like one."What do you mean by going to the royal castle and picking up a dog-like boy?

    I still don't really understand that.
    I don't know if Sid was in the castle or on the way, and the father who brought him had already gone to heaven.
    Still, Sid is still stuck with me.

    "Will you stay by my side forever?”

    "Miss, it’s unusual for you to be this weak"

    I was pointed out, and I couldn't help but have wrinkles between my eyebrows.
    But it can't be helped. The reason why I say things like that is because I have an extraordinary love for Sid.

    Even though I have the prince as fiancée, I adore my escort.
    Whether or not he knew my feelings, Sid smiled and said.

    "It's okay! I can't go anywhere because I have a better salary than here and I don't have a lot of rest."

    "Even if it's a lie, tell me you’ll follow me!"
    "Yes, I'm following you~"

    "Light! Light!"

    I don't want you to say anything sweet, so at least pretend to be a loyal bodyguard.

    It seemed foolish to be worried, and I looked vacantly out of the window where the rain drizzled down.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the sky, but from today I'm heading to the battlefield. It's an irregular situation where the villainess lady is left over because it's salty, but there must be a loophole.
    Don't worry, I won't lose because Sid is with me.

    I muttered, clenching my fist.

    "I'll definitely survive...!"
    She sure worries a lot about the original plot... anyway Sid was probably picked up from the imperial place? I feel like he might have a secret identity.
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    He have secret idenity
    He in reality is some prince from other country or something like that,, it was the country MC wanted to run off to,, but he did take her to some other country,, cause rn ih his there are fights for the trone,, and he doesnt want him or MC to deal w/ something troublesome
    (I last readed the raws some time ago,, so i dont remember clearly)

    Btw when they ran off, they were supposed to go with The coachman, but sid changed the details of the letter unnoticeable,, the best boy x'DDd

    Btw #2 they will meet Sid's mom,, she was rlly funny. Before the wedding, Sid was adopted twice,, so pple will be not able to track his idenity.

    ML suffered a lot so he could become a purple mage,, so he could kidnap MC if she was still engaged to the prince..

    And at their wedding they run off again,, prob for around 2 weeks,, and becc of that, Sid was rlly busy before the wedding
    Sry for my messy english