Chinese Honey Pet Lady

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    Name: Honey Pet Lady (蜜宠娇娘) Mì chǒng jiāo niáng
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    I always liked plots wherein the ex-husband/fiancee/boyfriend experience deep remorse for not valuing the mc. Usually in this kind of novel, MC will eventually get back together with the ex.. but not on this novel. MC is really committed in not entangling with the ex husband and did everything so that she won't get engage with him again. I also liked the face slapping scenes here, as usual, there are hateful father, father's concubine and half sister and half brother. The revenge on the white lotus family and groveling of the ex husband are pretty satisfying.

    Romance is very slow. MC doesnt really have any feelings with ML, her goal is only to have a better life with her mother and brother. Same goes with ML, he only has a feeling of gratitude with MC because she had saved him once and he also knows that MC was in loved with the ex husband.

    I don't remember much but here are some spoilers I remember:
    Yerong married Gu Xu for 10 years and accompanied him with his family on exile. Once they got back to the capital she learned that her husband had helped in convicting his mother and brother and had them beheaded (not sure but i remember it was a public execution). 10 years ago her half sister, Ye Tao, was hanged to death and the suspects for her death were her mother and brother. Ye Tao's uncle provided some evidence and with the help of Gu Xu, they were convicted. Ye Rong was so heartbroken after learning this that she became ill and eventually died.

    When she woke up, she returned to her teenage years before getting engage and learned that she gained a skill, knowing the future by looking through a mirror. (This skill had some limits but I forgot) This helped her a lot especially in preventing Ye Tao's death and every frame ups that the concubine family set up.

    ML is also reborn, since MC saved his life on their past life, he's dedicated in helping MC and her family solve their issues. He didn't get a skill but he's already powerful (rich and has a secret army), though it's a secret and only his immediate family knows.

    Ex-husband is not that bad. I think his only problem is not trusting MC enough and got deceived by Ye Tao's uncle. He loves MC but he just doesnt know how to show it. He acted cold to MC and her kids that she thought that he never loved her. After MC was reborn, he didnt have the memories of past life but he did everything to get engage with MC but MC was too determined and finally married ML just to avoid the ex.

    I don't really know how to sell this to translators. The story is very cliche but I think it is written very well and worth the read. Even if it's not translated, I'm happy to share it with everyone and hope that someone else could appreciate the story like me. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Ye Rong's best years are dedicated to Gu Xu, taking care of him for him, accompany him in exile in the South, and return to Beijing at Gu Jiaping Afterwards, it was at this time that Ye Rong learned that his mother and brother had learned that the person Gu Gu had always liked was Ye Tao who was reborn. Ye Rong decided to stay away from Gu Xu and Ye Tao, and had to protect his mother and elder brother. On a simple day, I never thought that the man who once laughed and called her "big sister" would suddenly say seriously that he would marry her as his wife. Although he treated her well, she thought it was kindness.

    *ML is older than her. He only calls her big sister because MC is the oldest daughter/cousin in her family*

    Until one day, a man dressed in purple clothes sits opposite her, conquers the cynicism of Su Ri, and seriously says to her, "I can only feel at ease if you are tied to me."
    How to tie it? Naturally, they are married.
    Ye Rong did not expect that a person rescued by the death of the Gushui River when he was exiled with Gu's family in his previous life had such monstrous power. He took his hand and never let go.

    One-sentence copywriting: You do n’t spoil me. Someone spoils me ~
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    Very interesting. I’ll be looking forward to this being translated.
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