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    Title: How To Protect The Master Of The Monster Mansion
    Associated Names: 괴물 저택의 도련님을
    NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/how-to-protect-the-master-of-the-monster-mansion/

    20XX, the era of virtual reality games.
    Among them, , which I played, was a game that mixed romance simulation, horror action, and upbringing genres.

    “Oh. Don’t worry, baby. I’ll definitely save you next time.”
    ‘really? Then I’ll leave it to you.’

    However, on the 43rd day of the death of the master who had been nurtured and nurtured, a strange voice was heard and the strange 44th episode began.

    “Master Diane, a new caregiver has arrived.”

    The job of a nurturer, which was not originally in the game, was automatically selected, and then the unpredictable things continued to happen in the Redford Mansion, the setting of the game.

    “I like Rin the best in the world. So don’t die until I’m an adult and stay by my side.”
    “It’s said that Rin likes a man with a pretty crying face. that’s just me Would you like to check it out now?”

    Even so, the cute sunfish cat worked hard to protect it, and I made a data lover like a flower deer… .

    [Loading system… . Partial recovery of the system for quick deployment.] [

    Favorite 2] Hey, didn’t you like me? What the hell is this petty crush?
    However, whenever the handsome man saw another person, the number above his head that penetrated to the inner core was even more disconcerting.

    [Favorite –889/?]
    It turned out that this man, the subject of the game data, must have been afflicted with anthropophobia.
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    i remember reading 9 chapters of this novel

    Her name in this game is Lynn Dorchester, so at that time in Korea there was a game where we could enter and exit the game (players could actually enter the game and could choose which profession and owner of the room they wanted to care for), FL was already interested in Diane from the start (Diane was room 7) so she played as Diane's caregiver up to 100 times and always failed, then when she saw Diane's dead body, FL said "I will take care of you Diane", then there was a voice "Really? OK" then FL actually transmigrated to this game, but at first she didn't realize that she had actually transmigrated, not just playing.

    This is from Lynn’s POV when she had a meeting with another caregivers, some of caregivers mentioned an elite organization called Stella but idk what is that, they said Lynn is member of Stella.

    <Room 1>
    ー Target : Luca
    A calm, cold-hearted boy with black hair and blue eyes. He tend to talk less because He feel neat.
    ー Caregiver : Marienne
    A cold-looking beauty with long red hair. When I met her in the hallway during the day, she was like a parent to me.

    <Room 2>
    ー Target : Minuel
    A narcissistic boy with bob cut blonde hair and gold eyes. His personality is rude and arrogant.
    ー Caregiver : Chesshui
    A young-looking man with slightly bushy, dirty blonde hair and thick glasses covering half of his face. But by accident he had pretty pretty purple eyes. He feel a bit lazy and sloppy.

    <Room 3>
    ー Target : Vivi
    The boy with pink hair and light blue eyes like cotton candy who spoke to me first in a restaurant. A friendly personality with a cute and soft impression.
    ー Caregiver : Eugina
    An intelligent woman with dark blue hair and turquoise eyes. It looks like she’s good at following the rules! At first glance, I saw that the napkin in front of her was the only one folding the pattern according to the pattern!

    <Room 4>
    ー Target : Leo
    A cheerful and playful boy with brown curly hair and orange eyes. Really bright and lively personality.
    ー Caregiver : Raven
    A man with a sharp look with dark eyes and orange hair with a layered cut. It's an elite member of Stella, so I wonder if it's real.

    <Room 5>
    ー Target : Serge
    A quiet, innocent-looking boy with long sky blue, curly hair and light green eyes. The overall feeling is like sheep because the eyes are big and moist. A calm personality.
    ー Caregiver : Olivia
    A beauty with a sharp impression with long olive green hair and brown eyes. She seems to be the easiest to memorize her name. She seems to hate the elite. Once in the restaurant, she was the most hostile to me.

    <Room 6>
    ー Target : Jay
    An intelligent boy with red hair and silver gray eyes. He wears glasses, so he looks smarter. But he also feels strangely dazed.
    ー Caregiver : Gilbert
    A gentle man with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He doesn't really speak. So, it is difficult to understand his personality.

    <Room 7>
    ー Target : Diane
    Our white baby cat, the cutest, prettiest, and most adorable in the world, with silver long hair and red eyes that sparkle like ruby jewels.
    ー Caregiver : Lynn
    Diane's caregiver, with purple hair and pink eyes, who was customized with blood, sweat and tears. The following description will be omitted.

    Judging from the cover, i think Chesshui is the ML, also he’s another caregiver that Lynn first met at the mansion.
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    What an interesting plot. I hope they upload more