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    Man, Old Man Zhengfeng sacrifice was pretty awesome, tho I hope they don't bring him back since that'll devalue the meaning of his sacrifice.
    And considering that the 9 Underworlds & The Flame Devil World attacked simultaneously I suspect that a hidden force/person instigated the attacks.
    The 9 Underworlds/Flame Devil World attack arc was pretty great, hope this trend continues.
    Hope the woman in the Divine Palace's memories is going to be a well fleshed out character instead of being "omfg zhaoge ur awesum! UwU" or "hmpf im ice cold and mysterious and my character is not going anywhere"
    Yan Di's entrance was extremely awesome.
    I can see Zhaoge's 10th leaf will shock the whole Eight Extremities World and beyond.

    Can you recommend me some novels that are like HSSB or at least have 1 similar aspect of self sacrifice? You can recommend any novels that you strongly recommend since I'm preparing for rainy days ahead
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    I like HSSB ,but the novel kinda falls off in quality compared to the first big arc . I am talking about
    when Yan Zhaoge leaves the 8 Extremities World and ascends to the World of Orthodox Daoism
    ,it kinda turns kinda mediocre ,but I still read it ,the battles with our MC are always kinda epic.

    That moment of Sacrifice you mentioned is one of the scenes in novels I will always remember. Just like how Zhaoge goes " I want you dead by midnight ,let's see who can keep you alive till dawn breaks! "

    As for same novels ,you might want to check out History Number 1 Founder ,from the same author.
    I'd say its kinda repetitive in the sense that main cast always somehow pulls throught ,but also very entertaining.
    The Highlight of the novel for me is when one of the students fights his big brother and another one is when the first student ascends to the Immortal Stage.

    There are 1400+ chapters out and a couple hundred left until its completed. It's on Webnovel ,so if you don't have money check it out on pirate sites I guess.

    If you want self-sacrifice elements in cultivation novel ,I want you to read my favorite novel Tales of Herding Gods.
    Currently 870 chapters out ,just the recent chapter 869 was a real tearjerker for me.

    Here is a quote from 40 chapters ago to describe the essence of the main character in the novel :

    “Big sister is hidden in seclusion here but it is currently an abyss of suffering outside. Maybe you have a thousand and one reasons why you can’t come out but I only have one reason to jump into the danger.”

    The woman behind the screen turned her head and her earrings gently swayed.

    Qin Mu revealed a smile and he said, “I can’t tolerate humans being treated as livestock, I can’t tolerate humans being treated as foolish, I can’t tolerate them dying in ignorance. I despise Buddhism’s treating this world as an illusion, I despise Dao Sect for not doing anything. I need to do something so I won’t go against my conscience, even if I have to sacrifice this body, sacrifice my life, I won’t hesitate, this is my duty!”
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    This book really pulled me in more than any of the other chapters of The Dark Tower did. I think part of it may have been the hype of finally getting a new book after a long wait, but I feel it’s unquestionably the best written of the series.

    I just felt like there was more world building accomplished in this one book than any of the others, despite only focusing on a narrow part of Midworld. The connections to the greater quest like discovering the Doorway Cave,