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    Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! We're gonna have to go back in time and fight his parents T^T
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    Guys who read in advance, Please bless me with your advanced knowledge because I'm dying to know :cry::notworthy:

    Did they take a lot of time to confess? if so, WHEN and WHAT CHAPTER will they confess? That they have feelings for each other. (Well it's useless since they're already married but I still wanna know)
    •And also, do you think they will finally do the deed when it's almost the ending? Or will they do the deed and raise a child and the ending would be when they save the world from demons?? OR DO THEY NOT DO IT AT ALL??

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    Thank you ! Duke don't feel bad :( Yelena will heal your heart
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    Ben repeatedly apologized, but he didn't speak any further.

    Yelena stubbornly glanced at Ben's mouth for a moment before she let him go.

    "... Go out.”

    After sending Ben out, Yelena slumped into her bed.

    “No way."

    A word came out that I didn't know whether it was sighing or sighing.

    I really couldn't.

    Emotion is subjective.

    It is the same with the child's feelings.

    Objectively, even if the child's environment is abundant and there are no elements to feel unhappiness, the child may feel that he or she is unhappy.

    So, Duke MayHard's parents really loved him as rumored, but apart from the rumors, his childhood could have been unfortunate.

    'I wish it was something like that.'

    But Ben's attitude made it clear.

    He avoided the answer.

    he nailed to Yelena's question that he couldn't tell.

    What could be the reason?

    There is only one answer.

    It meant that even in Ben's eyes, the young Duke MayHard, looked unhappy.

    Not subjective misfortune, but objective misfortune that is visible to the eyes of third part.

    In other words, in my husband's childhood, there was no love from parents like rumors.

    The rumors were false.


    Yelena, lying on bed, put her hand on her chest again.

    She finally got it.

    Why her husband didn't want to sleep with her.

    Her husband does not want children.

    Because he doesn't want the born child to bear the same misfortunes as himself.

    And his unfortunate childhood certainly played a part in that decision.


    I only knew the fact that I was so curious, but rather than getting relieved, it seemed that my heart had been clogged with something on the contrary.

    Yelena grasped her chest to wrinkle her clothes and rolled over the bed.

    "Why did you do that, why! Not all big kids, why did you do that to a child!"

    He said he wanted to be alone and found unmanaged, virtually abandoned garden bushes.

    The duke's deficit was treated like that.

    The family's grown-up and Siksol were drawn to the eyes even if they did not see how they would treat their young husband.

    “You will regret it....."

    Yelena rolled over the bed until she couldn't beat it, and then gazed at the ceiling.

    Everyone will regret it, including those who are already dead.

    'The dead must regret in the underworld.'

    Her husband is not a monster.

    He wasn't cursed by the devil.

    He will save the world.

    To be precise, his child saves the world, but without him, his child does not exist, so it was the same in the end.

    '...... Of course, to do that, I would have to give birth to my husband's child.'

    Yelena stared at the ceiling and blinked her eyes.

    “Now what to do."

    I never thought that my husband would be refusing to sleep for that reason.

    No, to be honest I didn't think about it.

    'Why did that happen?'

    He don't want to pass pain to his child.

    Maybe it was a story that can be thought of as ordinary.


    Yelena sighed for a moment, covering her face with both hands.

    She seemed to know why.

    That's because it was all 'after' the child was born.

    The fact that the born child may ride on the same stain as the husband and that it may make the child's growth process unhappy.

    All implicitly thought that it had nothing to do with Yelena herself.

    Because, unconsciously, just by 'producing' a child, he thought that he was fulfilling his role.

    But she realized this moment.

    That it's a stupid idea.

    The born child was her child before he was a warrior.

    He is not her husband's child, but her husband and her child.


    Yelena hiccups at a sudden realization.

    'I'm becoming a mother.'

    I thought of all this too simply.

    It wasn't just a matter to be solved simply by having her children.

    The child will grow up to be her child before saving the world.

    'Mother. That I become a mother......'

    Yelena was upset and could not get out of bed.

    When the meal time had passed and Yelena didn't come out of the bedroom, the maid found her, but Yelena sent back saying she had no appetite.

    Yelena's heart-warming heart continued until night.

    In the deep dawn, Yelena, who skipped meals and was absorbed in thoughts, finally made up her mind.

    I will raise it.

    When a child is born, unlike her husband's parents, who were heartless, he said that he would always love him.

    I won't be shaken with anything around me and pointing at something.

    'Because you are my child, I will love you as a mother.'

    Although the situation is far from giving birth to the child now, Yelena made up my mind anyway.

    It was a big decision for Yelena.

    '...... I'm hungry.'

    When the time to worry about that was over, I was hungry late.

    Yelena hesitated and pulled the string and asked the maid to do a quick tease.

    Yelena sighed, passing the warm soup brought by the maid to her throat.

    “Hah, I think I'll buy some now.”

    You've been in thought until your stomach is empty like this.

    'I can't even solve what's really important'

    I decided to become a mother, but that's why I had to think about how to become a mother first.

    'If I close my eyes and make it, I can grow it really well....'

    But, of course, it won't be of any use if you try to argue blindly.

    'If I persuade you…..'


    Yelena stopped grasping the rest of her soup.

    'Why did my husband suddenly tell me that today?'

    Yelena blinked.

    I thought it was.

    Until now, even though she asked me why she refused to sleep, the point was unchanged, but why today?

    Is that all it?

    He didn't just tell me the reason, but even if it was a piece, he even told me about when he was young.

    It was a pretty personal story when I think about it now.

    Maybe close to private.

    Such a story usually comes to someone close to you, or at least someone who believes... .

    'A someone who believes.'

    Yelena threw down the spoon from which the soup was being stirred and covered her mouth.

    'I guess I've become the person he trust!'

    Or maybe someone close to him.

    Anyway it was good.

    What's important is that her husband told Yelena a personal story that he wouldn't normally tell others.

    'Why? Why all of a sudden? HYUK, is it because of Incan?'

    Enlightenment lit up Yelena's head.

    'This is it!'

    Yes, it must have given me trust to my husband to see through the nature of the Incans and take measures in their own way.

    No matter how much I thought about it, that was the only event that could cause a change heart to my husband.

    'Have he come to think of me as a person he can trust?'

    Her heart pounded.

    Yelena gently lowered her hand covering her mouth.

    I got down below you.

    For the first time, I felt a little grateful to Incan, the trash of human horses.

    "...... Hehe."

    A smile came out.

    Yelena lay back on the bed and hugs her pillow.

    Her heart was thrilled.

    'It wasn't in vain.'

    Finding out Incan's criminal conduct.

    Besides the representative aspect of the realization of justice, it had meaning.

    'Good. Well done. Great job, me. Then if you take one more step from here......'

    Her husband began to believe in Yelena.

    So, what if we develop further here?

    What if his faith grows and his trust grows?

    Then, I might be able to confide


    All the facts she knows.

    How terrible I have seen the future and how to prevent it from coming.

    'If I could ......'

    If I confess everything and my husband believes in it.

    Yelena closed her eyes, hugging the pillow tightly, imagining a hopeful future.

    The sound of her heart beating kong-dak-k-dak was pleasantly heard.

    Is this overflowing heart and excitement coming from the hope that we can save the world, or......

    Yelena fell asleep before contemplating a problem that could not be answered by herself.


    "......dam, Madam."


    At the touch of waking up from her sleep, Yelena opened her eyes with a long-awaited whisper.

    She fell asleep so late yesterday that her eyes were tight with her fatigue.

    “Is it morning already......?”

    “Yes, Madam. And the butler is looking for you.”

    "Yes, who......?"

    “Ben. he said he found the person....."

    “The person....."

    Yelena flickered blankly in her sleepless eyes, and then immediately woke up as if bouncing out of bed.

    Yelena opened her mouth as she looked after the maid with an impatient face.

    Where is Ben now?”


    'I found the old woman.'

    She couldn't believe it.

    Ilena wondered if this might be a dream all the way to the parlor where Ben had guided me.

    'You are really found her.'
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    Thank you for the spoilers
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    Thank you for everything
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    Thanks for ch 29, ive been waiting since 28 lol. Ofc i am. Hahaha, and ill be waiting for 30 please !!!
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    To be honest, I didn't expect it.

    I thought it would be nice to find her, but on the other hand, it is true that I thought it would be impossible.

    So I gave Ben an order to find the old woman -although I was so busy with Incan- I almost forgot.

    'I mean there is...... an old woman inside now.'

    I don't know what spirit I've been walking to this place.

    Ilena stood in front of the firmly closed drawing room door, breathed deeply for a moment, and then ordered.

    "Open the door."

    The servant opened the door to the parlor.

    Shortly after entering the parlor, Ilena's breath paused.

    An old woman with a face that hadn't changed at all from Ilena's memory was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

    My heart ran violently.

    Lately, a sense of reality came in.

    Ilena sat across from the old woman after sending out all the maids who were waiting in the parlor to attend.

    A short silence flows and Ilena opens her mouth to dust.

    "..... old woman."

    It wasn't until Ilena called the old woman that she realized she didn't even know her name.

    "You, what are you?"

    I should have asked when I first met.

    It was a very late question at the latest.

    Instead of answering, the old lady silently looked at Ilena.

    Ilena looked at the silent old woman.

    Unlike the first time she met Ilena, the old woman wasn't dressed up as a sloppy.

    That alone made her look quite different.

    'How did you find her?'

    That question came up late.

    When I open it, it looks the same, but the impression was so different.

    'You said you found this person holding the look that I gave you?'

    Then the old woman's mouth opened.

    "I'm curious about it..... so did you find this old woman?"


    "It's not great. It's just a normal old woman's nail with a trick that others don't have."

    You're an 'ordinary old woman'.

    I thought it was too shameless, but Ilena refused to refute it.

    There was something far more important to her now than catching a petty horse pod.

    "Yeah. Whatever your identity is, I really like it. Old lady, please help me out."

    Ilena's hand grabbed the old woman's wrinkled hand.

    "You're different."

    "Show the future to my husband, the Duke. And tell him how to stop the future. "

    Ilena appealed while holding the old woman's hand.

    This is the way to solve Ilena's situation faster than anything else.

    There was no room for disagreement.

    Ilena stared at the old woman with hope and despair.

    Suddenly, the old woman sighed.



    "You must have looked for me for this reason, too. It was good to see you."

    "What is it....."

    Ilena blinked.

    The old woman's words sounded like saying that she had come to this place on her own feet.

    'Isn't Ben found her?'

    However, it was certainly true that Ben brought the old woman here.

    If so, that means, knowing that Ilena was looking for someone, the old woman appeared in front of some of the Lovens… … .

    "It's useless."

    At the words of the old woman, Ilena's eyes turned big.


    "Even if I show the wife's husband, the Duke, the future, nothing will change."

    "...... What do you mean? You mean, if my husband knows the future, he won't cooperate with me?"

    Ilena thought it couldn't.

    It is the fortune of the world.

    To put it more narrowly, the life of my husband right now was also at stake.

    He wouldn't want to lose his life 20 years later in a beast attack.

    The old woman shook her head.

    "Do you remember what this old woman said before?"


    "It is said that only through the soul will a warrior be born."

    'Keep in mind. Only through the soul will a warrior be born.'

    Ilena nodded.

    I remember.

    But it didn't mean much.

    He would do that too, because the word that the soul communicates was a more common metaphor.

    For example, it is said that the soul is communicated by putting the same opinions, and it is said that the soul is communicated when a man and a woman fit together.

    In addition, when love is fulfilled, the soul communicates even after leaving it.....

    "...... No way?"

    Ilena became stiff.

    The old woman opened her mouth, looking at Ilena's seriously hardened face.

    "The meaning of 'the soul is through' by this old man means that the heart is connected."


    "It's easy to say, love."

    Ilena's hand, holding the old woman's hand, ran out of strength.

    The old woman said.

    "The children of Mrs. Kaywhin MayHard's will be warriors. This is a fact that doesn't change. But if the soul doesn't work, you won't have children no matter what you do."


    "Now do you see why I gave you the answer to no avail?"

    Ilena's mouth opened.

    My lips were so sweet as if to say something, but nothing came out.

    Chapter 3 Correct posture for long-term battle

    Only with love can a warrior be born.

    The old woman suddenly disappeared as if she had finished her role, leaving only those words.

    Before the old woman disappeared, Ilena managed to grab her and asked one thing.

    'Wait, please, so let me know this. I want to prevent the death of my family..... Is there any way?'

    Ilena's family dies before the demon even invades the world.

    Her father is sick and her sister and brother are in a wagon accident

    If it could be changed, I definitely wanted to change it.

    Then the old woman answered meaningfully.

    'As the wind blows, the roots and pillars of the trees do not shake, but the leaves and branches do shake. I can't predict the wind.'

    It was the old woman's last words.

    After the old woman left, Ilena was stunned long later.

    "What poet are you?"

    I was annoyed.

    The old woman was like that every time.

    There was no way to say straightforwardly at once whether you had a disease that would die if you didn't talk about it in an abstract way.

    In the garden, where she was walking around with a complicated mind, Ilena kicked off the stone that reached her toe.


    Then he groaned and squatted.

    The stone rolled up from the heat was bigger than expected.

    After moaning for a moment, I sat down on the bench.

    His actions were pathetic, and he sighed by itself.

    However, it was not the time to take a leisurely sigh.

    Ilena first interpreted the last words left by the old woman.

    'The roots and pillars of the tree do not shake, but the leaves and branches shake.'

    If you think carefully, it wasn't that difficult to interpret.

    It's all likened to events in the future.

    'Big events happen as they are, but small events can change as much as possible depending on actions or circumstances.'

    If so, the big event could be seen as the world dissipation caused by the evil invasion, and the small case could be seen as the death of Ilena's family.

    In other words, the fate of the family can be changed as much as possible.

    But with the death of the family a few years later, Ilena couldn't do anything from now on.

    As the old man said, the direction of the wind is unpredictable.

    No matter how hard I tried now, it was useless if I went and the situation changed.

    '.…. Ok, fine. I get this.'

    Ilena closed her eyes and then opened it.

    Apart from family problems, there is more to be left.

    'You mean love?'

    Where should I go and how to talk about this desolate and unfair feeling?

    Ilena felt like she had been cheated.

    I thought I just had to marry my husband and have a child.

    I believed that everything would be solved.

    By the way, love?


    Ilena couldn't overcome the frustration with the old lady again and stomped her intact feet.

    In the end, it was like hearing a declaration that all of Ilena's actions so far were in vain.

    It was unfair and stunned.

    Would I feel this way after I were deceived by a plausible word and lost half of my fortune?

    "From the beginning, it would be nice to just say that a warrior can be born only if there is love...."

    Through the soul.

    Of course, if you talk about such general-purpose expressions about mobilization, you will not know!

    "..... ha."

    Ilena put her face in both hands.

    My head seemed to be broken.

    After repeating hope and petty discouragement, I thought I could only see a clue.

    If I build trust with my husband and tell him all my circumstances.

    If I get the cooperation of my husband who knows the future.

    'So a picture of having my husband's child and giving birth to a warrior and saving the world was finally drawn in my head.'

    It was useless.

    It was a meaningless plan from the start.

    Ilena had to start all over again.

    'How the hell?'

    Ilena lowered her hand covering her face.

    In this situation, what the hell should I start with?

    love. It was too abstract.

    To be clear, Ilena didn't know love.

    I know the love that appears in romance novels.

    However, I was illiterate about real love.

    It was like when I didn't know anything about sleeping.

    However, through the Master of Sleeping Books, I was able to learn everything, but love


    After sitting on a garden bench and thinking repeatedly, Ilena quickly got up.

    'Let's drink a hot tea.'

    First of all, I needed something to calm my mind.

    If I kept doing this here, it seemed that my hair would really turn out.

    Ilena immediately returned to her residence and asked Abi for a tea.

    The special tea recommended by the veteran maid Abi had an excellent effect on mental and physical stability.


    Ilena, who passed the warm tea into her throat, buried herself on the couch and sighed for a long time.

    It was then.

    “Madam, are you there?"


    Ilena responded wonderingly to a familiar voice.

    I didn't have anything to do, but for some reason.

    "Come in."

    Ben steps over to Ilena's residence.

    He paused when he saw Abi attending the tea, and soon approached Ilena.

    "What's going on?"

    "I came to tell you about alimony."


    Ilena blinked.

    When I heard that it was alimony, I immediately thought that I would like to claim compensation for mental damage to the old woman.

    While thinking differently for a moment, Ben said the explanation.

    "We will make it according to the amount you want. If you wish, it is also possible in the form of a certificate of rights from the top or business. Anyway, the master's instructions are to give it as much as possible according to the will of the lady...."

    "Wait, wait."

    Ilena cut off Ben.

    Ben's belatedly "alimony" came into my mind.

    "Is that alimony right now, what I think is right? So... the Duke will give me alimony?"

    "Oh, the procedure will be nullified, not divorce. However, alimony will be fully paid regardless of the procedure."


    Ilena, who put the teacup down, jumped up.

    The bottom of the teacup hit the table, making a loud noise.

    Ben's mouth shut in a sudden act.

    Ilena said, staring at Ben as if glaring.

    "Are the Duke in the office right now?"



    The door to the office of Duke May Hard opened loudly.

    As the Duke saw Ilena getting closer to him in a rapid pace, he raised his hand and let all the people out of the office.

    Ilena, who arrived in front of Duke MayHarde's desk, terrifyingly emptying the office, struck the desk with both hands.

    bang. The sound was pretty loud.

    Duke May Had opened his eyes slightly as if surprised.

    "Wife, your hand......"

    "Look at me."

    Ilena grabbed her husband's gaze toward her hand.

    He was bothered by the hard bump against the desk, and the eyes of Duke MayHard, staring at Ilena's hand, turned to her face.

    "You, are you going to divorce me? Really?"

    Duke MayHard stared at Ilena, who seemed fiercely angry, thinking she was misunderstanding something.

    So he corrected the misunderstanding.

    "It's not a divorce. Since the ceremony has not yet passed for half a year, the marriage can be nullified. There will be no stain on the wife...."

    "Or or that! You're gonna get me out of here anyway!"

    Duke MayHard's mouth is shut.

    Kicking out

    Such an expression was an expression that I never thought of.

    Ilena bite her lips.

    Coming this far, I have already breathed deeply several times.

    Still, my voice seemed to be shaking.

    Ilena spoke with a lot of strength on her chin so she wouldn't stutter or tremble.

    ".... Why are you suddenly? Why are you suddenly going to separate with me?"


    "What did I do wrong? So you hated it?"

    In the morning like this?

    It was nonsense.

    Illena's hand got into strength.

    It's been less than a day since I was happy to believe that my husband gave me a personal story, and that I finally gained my husband's trust.

    'But you mean divorce?'


    Ilena suddenly realized it.

    Was it an illusion?

    'Is it really an illusion to think that you told me that because you trusted me?'

    Maybe it was the opposite meaning.

    I'm going to break up anyway, so it might have been the last thing to know why.

    It was kindness that meant eating and falling.

    "You know that it was a very short time to say that you was... tired?"

    "It's not like that."

    Perhaps embarrassed, the Duke of MayHard stood up.

    Eye level, which had just been slightly below, jumped above Ilena's head.

    Ilena turned her head to the point where she had a sore throat.

    As he sat down on the chair again, he lowered his eye level and opened his mouth.

    ".... I don't know why you thought that, but it's not."

    "Or what?"

    "I thought my wife wouldn't want to keep this marriage."

    "What? Why am I?"

    "Because I can't give you what wife wants."

    "If it's what I want..."

    "I mean a child."

    Ilena stopped.

    The Duke of MayHard was talking about her complexion.

    "My wife thought the purpose of marrying me was in the child. I don't know why, but anyway I told you that I didn't want a posterity."


    "So, I wonder if wife wants to return this marriage to what it wasn't, so I decided. Was my judgment wrong?"

    Duke MayHard asked with a very cautious voice.

    Ilena couldn't answer anything.

    The Duke's point was pinpointing.

    However, if it is different from reality that Ilena did not give up sleeping with him despite his saying that he did not want a posterity, would it be different?


    Ilena touched her lips.

    Some of you are right, but I haven't given up my child with you yet. I couldn't say straight away here.

    Ilena replied, after a moment of sweet lips.

    "Yes. You made a mistake. You were wrong."

    ".... Is that so?"

    "I don't divorce you. I don't want to do that. Neither does marriage invalidity."

    Ilena, who passed the dry saliva, said firmly as if nailed.

    "In the future, for whatever reason, I will never want to separate with you first. Keep in mind that my will not change."

    I wanted to tell you not to dream of divorce for your whole life, as there will be no things that will let you go.

    But that seemed to be too obsessed, so I put up with it.

    Especially in a situation where there is only a couple of bright colors as they are now and it is really nothing.

    Ilena left that word and turned right away and stopped trying.

    Soon she hesitantly asked in a very small voice.

    "But... is that really all about that?"


    "You was going to split up with me... you thought I would want it, so you was going to proceed."

    After taking a slight breath, Ilena added.

    “In case you have any complaints with this marriage...."


    Dam was fast.

    Ilena put on relief and exhaled her breath.

    "Isn't it really? Well, there's no such thing as a very small fire?"

    "Ilena, you are...."

    Duke MayHard seemed hesitant for a moment, then opened his mouth.

    "You're doing really well. As my wife."


    "Not enough." "과분 할만큼."

    There was a sign that I couldn't understand somewhere in the words that followed, but Illena missed the feelings hidden in them, focusing only on the contents of the words.

    'I'm doing really well?... Did I do that?'

    Ilena recalled her achievements after coming.

    Well, I caught Incan.


    And what else is there?

    .... nothing came to mind.

    But even if I don't know what it is, I guess I was doing well.

    "Hmm, yes. If you think so, that's it."

    Ilena turned back with a brighter look.

    As I was about to leave the office, I suddenly heard my husband's voice.

    "I will send the ointment and cream together for the hand-applied bell."

    Ilena looked down at her hand without knowing it.

    It turned out that a little while ago, I lost my temper in anger and struck my husband's desk a little hard.

    'Will you pour it after time?'

    Ilena replied without looking back at a shudder.

    "It's okay. You don't have to send the ointment."


    "I definitely said it was okay. Don't send it!"


    ".... Don't send it, really."

    Ilena stared in front at the deaf ointment and cream in a complicated mood.

    Was it the problem that I left the office without hearing the answer?

    My husband dared to let it go.
    (She means that he sent the ointment even though she said not to send it)

    All I can say WOOOW
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    Thanksssssssss so much ch 30 and 31. I wonder when they will be more intimate, if it nots s## at least regular kiss or something. Be more romantic UwU
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    A sigh flowed out, but Ilena didn't have to return the ointment and cream from her husband.

    'It would be better to apply it and sleep before going to sleep.'

    If you apply it now, it will be uncomfortable to use your hand.

    Ilena thought so, fiddling with the ointment and cream bottle, and leaned against the head of the bed.


    Lately, my body was running out of strength, and something like sighing flowed out.

    'It took ten years.'

    I felt like my life was shortened. really.

    Ilena pressed her left chest firmly with her right hand.

    My heart rate was a little faster than usual.

    I thought my heart was bursting as it was before. Or stop.

    As Ben told her that alimony and marriage were invalid, she went to her husband's office, and to be honest, Ilena was half sane.

    It was the first time that the road to the office felt so long.

    '.. I was really surprised.'

    There was something that Ilena realized from this incident.

    'Yes, divorce. There was a divorce.'

    Why did you think that once married, you would be married forever?

    Marriage is just an institution.

    In other words, it was possible to break any number of times with the system of divorce.

    Ilena forgot that natural fact.

    So I couldn't respond properly.

    I felt like I was hit by something I never thought of.

    Ilena thought seriously.

    'You can't do this.'

    I got it today.

    Divorce is too easy for her and Duke MayHard.

    This was a very big problem.

    Marriage between aristocrats usually involves very complex interests.

    So neither of them think of divorce easily.

    The moment you divorce, you lose a lot.

    However, this was not the case for Duke MayHard.

    Ilena was a collateral for an important business, but unfortunately it was only Miel's pinch.

    After divorcing Ilena, the Duke simply demands new collateral from Marquis Linden, the party to the contract.

    At first glance it may seem like an absurd demand, but after Linden will accept it a little.

    He was so greedy about the business with the Duke of MayHard that he tried to sell his beloved daughter Miel.

    'My uncle isn't a person with such a big desire for water....'

    What kind of mining business did he say?

    Ilena narrowed her eyes

    Anyway, Duke MayHard's circumstances are like that, and if we look at her circumstances...

    Surprisingly, there was nothing more to lose than Duke MayHard.

    In the first place, Ilena did not gain much from this marriage.

    It was a marriage that was made because of her crush.

    My uncle, Marquis of Linden, decided to share half of the business profits from the contract, but in fact, it was the money that was enough if it was there or not.

    Ilena's family was already rich.

    In the end, even if neither side had any damage from the divorce, there wasn't too much.

    The only damage was that each of them was labeled as divorce.

    'If even that proceeds to nullify the marriage, the damage can be minimized.'

    It was a big deal.

    Not like this.

    The situation was terrible.

    Ilena felt a sense of crisis.

    From now on, she had to love her husband anyway, and try to make him love herself too.

    It was a long time ago where I didn't know how long it would take.

    We couldn't let this 'divorce' greatest risk factor continue to be considered insignificant.

    Ilena's gaze was caught in the ointment and cream on the bed.

    Ilena realized the first thing she had to do.


    "Please go well."

    Ben's greeting, Ilena climbed into the carriage.

    It was my first outing.

    No, I have to say it's my first stay.

    Ilena was forced to travel long distances outside of the castle.

    It was the first time that Ron had been married and came to the Duke of MayHard.

    'It's a little less than half a day to see it, but.'

    From now on, Ilena will be riding the carriage for about five or six hours.

    I would be tired, but if I thought about taking a break in the middle, it was a distance I could move within a day.

    However, I also had to think about the round trip time, so Ilena decided to go home after spending a day or two at the destination.

    My husband's permission fell as easily as a mirror.

    Ilena glanced out the window after getting into the carriage.

    There were a lot of people out there trying to see the Duchess off, but finding the husband in the meantime was futile.

    I think it every time I see it, but my husband was really tall.

    Even against a sturdy servant, he stood out from anywhere because he had more than half his head.

    The comparison itself was meaningless on the day when even a small maid was accidentally standing next to him.

    The maid looks like a cicada on an old tree.

    'Because I'm a little bigger than average....'

    Although the height difference is quite large, it would be good enough to look at it.

    While Ilena thought about it, the carriage started.

    She looked away from the window, feeling the fluffy top-of-the-line seats almost absorbing the wobble's shake.

    "let's hurry."

    The coachman was driving the carriage as slowly as possible, in case the precious lady would feel uncomfortable.

    At Ilena's rush, the coachman only accelerated.



    The wagon left the Duchy and ran west for five and a half hours.

    In a full six hours, including a brief break in the middle, Ilena arrived at the destination.


    A small, slender body hugged Ilena's body shattered.

    It was a strong force that didn't match his figure.

    "How long have you been, Ilena! I really missed you!"

    "I know it's nice, but... my ribs hurt, can you just let me go?"

    "Oh, sorry."

    Rosaline laughed and released the arm that was holding Ilena's mourning.

    Ilena thought for a moment that her upper body size seemed to have decreased a little.

    "By the way, every time we meet, Ilena gets thinner."

    "It could be because of you."


    "No. It's been a while. How are you?"

    The place where Ilena came was none other than her friend Rosalyn's estate.

    To be precise, a manor owned by her husband, Count Max, who married Rosalin last year.

    It was the first meeting since Rosalin married and left the capital.

    'At that time, I didn't know we would meet again like this.'

    Each person marries and reunites with someone's wife.

    Rosaline replied when Ilena was obsessed with subtle sentiments.

    "Of course you're doing well. You? Are you doing well? I heard you're married a while ago...."

    Rosaline drooped and added cautiously.

    "Is it possible that I can call Miel and step on it?"

    The question was whether Miel was forced her to marry the Duke of MayHard on behalf of her.

    Ilena swallowed a bitter smile at her friend's question.

    'It looks like that in the end of others' eyes.'

    I was a little sorry for Miel too.

    Five people who sold their cousin on their behalf.

    Of course, Miel's personality would not have missed it when that opportunity actually came.

    But his marriage shouldn't have looked that way.

    'Today I came to catch all of it and I'm doing it.'

    Ilena shook her head, recalling today's plans.

    "Okay. It's not like that. Let's go."

    "Do you think Miel will die if you tell me? I know. You just need to step on it properly so that you don't die."

    "Rosalin, you really don't know me? Am I the one who will force a disgusting marriage just because Miel is forcing me?"

    Rosaline's mouth was bitten.

    She blinked.

    "That's not it. ……?"

    "All you need to know. Let's go in."

    Soon, Ilena and Rosaline stepped into the bag side by side.

    Ilena opened her mouth as she walked down the hall.

    "What I asked for..."

    "I prepared it for sponsorship. You can go right away."


    Rosaline glanced at my friend with a complicated look.

    She did it because she asked for it, but in fact she still didn't know why Ilena made that request.

    Should I ask now, should I ask after the end, while Rosalyn was contemplating, the door leading to support was seen in the eyes of the two.

    'I have to ask later.'

    At that time, Ilena stood at the door and said to Rosalin.

    "Rosalin. I have one more request."


    "From now on, no matter what happens in this place, you should never go out. Please stay still. Can that be?"

    At Ilena's words, Rosaline was terrified.

    'What are you trying to do?'

    Tea time is currently underway in the patronage beyond the door.

    It was a place created by inviting a bunch of ladies and young-ae from each province.

    "Ilena ... I'll just say one word. No murder."

    "It's not like that."

    Leaving the terrified Rosaline behind, Ilena stepped in as a sponsor.

    Those who sat around at the round table and chatted with each other gave there attention to the appearance of a new person.

    "Oh, who is this....?"

    "I'll introduce her. Miss Ilena... No, it's the Duchess of MayHard."

    Rosalyn stepped forward and introduced Ilena.

    The gazes of the ladies and young children sitting at the table quickly turned to Ilena.

    "That person...."

    "If it's a MayHard Duke, then that's monster-"

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