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    Chapter 12. Diona, cheer up!

    The tarts baked after finely grinding sweet and dark red cilantro were fresh and sweet just by looking at them.

    Ariston looked at the tart with excitement. The cream made is exquisitely blended.

    When she took a bite with a fork in a hurry, the savory almond cream and the cream made from red shii were exquisitely blended and her eyes closed.

    Plus, how crispy the golden tart paper is and how rich the buttery flavor is!

    The emotion came from heart.

    The patissier at this palace is not only good at making scones, but it's also great at making other things.

    If sh3 divorced Tarkan later, she thought she would miss the patissier she had never seen before. Aristine saw Diona,

    who didn't even think about touching the tart, and suggested it.

    She said, "Come on, Diona. Try it. The pastry chefs here are really good, so everything is delicious."

    Something like this should be sold.

    "...are you going to the party?"

    Diona asked with a little trembling feeling. Tarkan did not enjoy these kinds of desserts.

    There was no case of finding them first, and it was rare to touch them even when they came out with king.

    So, the patissier belonging to Tarkan's palace was just so-so. If you go outside, it may be of the highest level, but inside the palace, their skills are not so certain.

    But you feel they are good?

    'She's been living in confinement,It looks like the angle is not delicate.'

    As she laughed to myself, she suddenly remembered the words that Mukali seemed to pass by.

    <I think your master is going to use scones to make battle food>


    <Yeah. Didn't they suddenly ask to hire a patissier who makes scones well? It doesn't matter how much it costs>

    <If you bring it to the patissier in another palace, there will be conflicts... .....>

    <I'm sure Jackalen will take care of that. 'Cause he's a good guy'If the military wants it, we will do it.>

    Until then, for scones, was just absurd to make it as battle food

    But now I have a bad feeling.

    <misw, did you hear me? >

    <Princess Anika fired the patissier....>

    <Really? She was a pretty favored of patissier. SHe was very proud.>

    <Well. that's fine... … So everyone else is going to go crazy trying to hire that patissier from another family.>

    <The reason why Princess Anika's tea party was so popular was because there were desserts>

    The conversation with the maid flashed through her mind.

    She didn't think much of it when she heard it.

    When combing Diona's hair, the maids would talk about the chats they had with the maids of other families.

    So she didn't really care..

    If she had to pick the best patissier in this palace, it was definitely princess' Anika's s patissier.

    “Of course, they would make the best scones too. Diona? Do you hate tarts?”

    Arister asked Diona when she didn't put her hand on her tart.

    "Oh, no."

    Diona shook her head in embarrassment. Her thoughts were too deep.

    " I'm looking forward to seeing what highness has said. Let's take a bite."

    It was the moment when Dionna said, holding up her fork:

    "Oh my gosh, I didn't notice."

    Aristine sighed and she tasted herself. Seeing her suddenly apologizing, Diona was desperate for work.

    Aristine sighed,
    blamed herself.

    “You can’t eat it. Diona, I'm sorry."

    Diona was stunned at the sudden apology.

    'Why are you doing this?'

    Even after reflecting on the conversation, there was no reason for Aristine to apologize.

    ‘Ah, are you trying to make me look bad in front of His Majesty Tarkan?’

    The princess's kind invitation made Diona a realize that she didn't like it, and made the princess apologize again.

    'Are you trying to cast me out like that? It's evil.'

    Diona lowered her eyebrows with a soft smile.

    Unlike the princess, who is always almost expressionless, Diona herself was the highest level of expression management and image management.

    'Let me Teach that you're no match to me."

    “Please, take back your apology, your Highness. I was so moved by the kind words of Her Majesty who thinks of me, I was just speechless for a while.”

    Diona's voice was sweet as honey.

    “But you’re apologizing… … . Could it be that this Diona has disturbed princess?"

    She deliberately pretended to be anxious and asked .

    Seeing Aristine looking into her eyes, Diona came to notice that she didn't not respond quickly.

    Diona smiled satisfactorily
    Unsurprisingly, the princess, who could not even manage this image properly, showed a look of embarrassment over her words.

    'Yeah, it will be. I would never have dreamed of being attacked like this. Do you dare to jump on someone like that?.'

    "Huh? How are you hurt my feelings?It's not-"

    Seeing Aristine denially glanced at Tarkan, Diona let out a loud laugh inside her.

    'It's clumsy like that.'

    She wondered what the excuse would be.

    SHe was confident that she would be very stingy with whatever excuse she gave.

    After a while, Aristine spit out the rest of the words.

    “You’re not feeling well.”


    That was something she really hadn't thought of.

    Diona can't understand what the hell Aristine is talking about.

    “Bowe… … … … … Well, your bowel movements are not smooth... … ....”

    “A bowel movement?”

    “Yeah, if you have that kind of disease, it’s not good to eat this kind of food. That's why you weren't eating it . Bit I advised you to eat it...."

    Aristine's words were obviously the official language of the continent, but Diona could not understand the meaning at all.

    “Are you upset? I didn't even know that, and I even recommended it one more time without noticing... … … ..”

    Aristine looked at Diona with pitiful eyes.

    It was a look of genuine regret for anyone to look at.

    “Were you okay last time?you rushed to the bathroom like that.

    Was it a pleasant and cool discharge?

    Aristine's eyes are like that,

    Diona opened her mouth wide.

    No way, no way now-

    'Are you saying I'm constipated?!'
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    Hahahahahahahaha Aristine is always a good surprise.
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    She was stunned, so she couldn't speak

    “Besides, I made milk tea for nothing… I couldn’t properly entertain guests.”

    Aristine murmured while looking at the milk tea filled with milk.

    Soon she looked up and saw Diona and said vigorously.

    “As an apology, I will send you good things for your bowel movements!”

    It's like she's going to be rewarded.

    “Oh no!”

    Diona exclaimed urgently.

    “I, that… … that's not it!"

    It would have been a shame to receive such a misunderstanding even if there were only the two of us.

    How much more shame is it now in front of Tarkan?

    “I can eat all of this. So I just didn't eat it."

    Diona quickly scooped the tart with a fork.

    She wanted to put it in my mouth.


    Aristine grabbed her arm.

    “It’s made from wheat flour and persimmons. Not good for constipation.”

    Then, with her other hand, she removed the tart plate that was in front of Diona.

    “Milk tea is also caffeine in milk so no way.”

    The teacup is also thrown away.

    Aristine took the fork out of Diona's hand, which was frozen in embarrassment, and laid it down on the tart plate.

    Diona's expression was so shocked that Aristine was lost in thought.

    'I gave too much and then
    threw it away'

    Come to think of it, Diona wants to eat tart, but she must have been trying to restrain herself because of constipation.

    However, Aristine told her to try it because she said it was delicious, so her determination must have been shaken even more.

    It made her want to eat more and then she took it away because she said no.

    ‘Even I thought I was wrong.’

    She gave a descriptive explanation.

    "If the symptoms of constipation are mild, it will be okay to eat with your eyes closed."

    There was a reason for taking away the tart like this.

    “But you are quite… … …No, it's seriously annoying."

    “I, me?!”

    “I was really surprised when I was in the bride’s waiting room yesterday. How bad could it be... … … .”

    Aristine was sad.

    She couldn't even speak.

    Excretion is a basic human need.

    How difficult is it if that is not met?

    Aristine patted Diona's hand.

    Diona crumpled her face and pulled her hand back in a hurry.

    “What are you talking about now?!"

    Her face turned red like a tomato.

    Diona hurriedly protested.

    “I am not… … … Well, there is no such disease! I often do.. … !"


    Aristine tilted her head.

    Then go to the bathroom often.?

    Realizing the mistake of what she was about to say, Diona hurriedly turned around.

    “Ah, anyway!”

    Diona made eye contact with Aristine and spoke one word at a time, one word at a time.

    "I am Not really!"

    Aristine, who had a questionable gaze, asked carefully.

    “… … So are you hypersensitive? great misunderstanding... … … "



    Diona hit the table.

    The power was so strong that the plates and teacups rattled.

    She even forgets to be careful with her actions because she was in front of Tarkan.

    “There is no problem with that at alI!"
    Aristine looked at Diona, her face bursting with excitement.

    “Dionna, I understand your feelings.”

    “You have to know the truth, not the feelings!"

    Aristine nodded her head as if she understood everything in spite of her inner cry.

    Then, as if explaining in a kind and friendly tone like a psychologist,

    “But whether it’s constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, it’s just a disease.”

    “No, I mean—”

    “You have no reason to be ashamed.does. Is it just that you're ill? It's like having a cold. Are you ashamed of the cold?"

    thump thump.

    Aristine tapped her hand again. as comforting.

    “Yes, Wife is right. It's nothing to be ashamed of."
    Tarkan, who had remained still until then, intervened.


    Somehow,it seemed to be a smile is mixed in the voice .

    Aristine looked at him with puzzled eyes.

    But Tarkan had the same face as always.

    A languid yet dangerous, cold face without warmth at the same time.

    'Is it because of the mood?'

    It was the moment Aristine thought so and was about to talk to Diona again.

    “Because it’s not, why do you keep doing that?
    I don't have that kind of disease, princess are you Doing it on purpose?!"

    Dionna jumped up and shouted with a force to overturn the table.

    Then she all ran out without looking back.

    Aristine looked at her and felt a sense of dizziness for a moment.

    'I think I saw Diona running out like this yesterday too... … … … ?'

    When she asked where are she's going then Diona

    “Wow, it’s the bathroom. "

    Aristine rubbed her chin.
    “Is the bathroom urgency again? Yesterday she ran out like that and said she were going to the bathroom.”

    “She did.”

    “Have I ever misunderstood irritability as constipation? I must have misunderstood and made you feel worse.”

    “It’s a bad habit to misunderstand .”

    “I don’t think that’s my habit.”

    Tarkan, who had answered well until then, stopped answering and looked at Aristine.

    "What? This is the first time."

    Seeing the figure with her eyes wide open as if she didn't really understand, Tarkan burst into laughter.

    'She treated people as shy perverts on the first meeting... .'

    And what about last night?
    Breaking the bed as the result.

    “It completely offended her.what to do."

    “What can you do? If you care about it, give her something good for irritable bowel syndrome."

    “Would that be good too?”

    There was no malice on Aristine's face when she asked that question.

    The face that has no idea why Dionah came to this place.

    Tarkan held back the laughter that was about to come out.

    “But can’t you go?”

    Aristine blinked in the direction in which Diona disappeared.

    For some reason, Tarkan's mood subsided in an instant.

    "why me?"


    Aristine was shocked by the sharp reaction.

    “Hey, Diona is not feeling well.?"

    'In this case, isn't that her boyfriend has to go and comfort her.'

    'Did you fight?'

    Come to think of it, when Diona asked to see just the two of us earlier, Tarkan refused.

    If it's because of a fight, then she understand.
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    After hearing that, He was thinking of killing them off.

    It's not that Aristine doesn't mean anything to him.(note:- I think he's trying to say that ' she didn't mean anything special to him)

    Tarkan had been protecting his people, and his bride, Aristine, was also his people.

    That's it.

    “Are they feeling a little weird? something mentally... I don't know where they're going....”


    At the unexpected words, Tarkan tensed his body.

    The reason the knights acted strangely was because of Tarkan.

    'Maybe she didn't find out that I was following her.'

    He scanned Aristine's face as if searching.

    But nothing could be read from Aristine's expressionless face.

    What if it turns out that he had beaten the knights without her knowledge?

    If it was revealed that he had beaten the knights without her knowledge, he was worried about what to do.

    He didn't really think it was his fault.

    But he felt that he would be in trouble if he was caught somehow.

    “Don’t worry though. Because I guided them well, and they told me directly that they weren't attacked by the warriors."

    " • what?"

    At Tarkan's bewildered face, Aristine felt proud.

    “In the meantime, they bluffed that they were attacked by a beast. Anyway, this is not going to turn into a diplomatic matter.”

    Aristine looked at Tarkan with a proud face.

    “How did I do?”

    Tarkan did not respond for a moment.

    His neck was trembling. And

    " okay. Well done."

    After, and Tarkan smiled .

    The sharp eyes draw a gentle curve, and the lips stretch in an arc.

    It was an unexpected soft smile, so Aristine looked at him a little startled.

    A sweet spring breeze flew between them.


    ‘Oh, the reaction is better than I thought.'

    Aristine's eyes lit up.

    The atmosphere was fine.

    It also seemed that her abilities were quite appealed.

    'Well, in this situation, if this turns into a diplomatic issue, it becomes difficult.'

    Yesterday's wedding parade is in vain.

    'then… … .?

    Aristine sneaks a peek at Tarkan.

    Shee opened his mouth to look at her face.

    “Then let's talk about the earlier discussion .”

    "Like what?"

    Aristine swallowed dry saliva.

    She brought up the story because it seemed like it was time for the story to work, but she was a little nervous.

    “I asked before if I could start my own business.”

    Tarkan's left eyebrow swung upward.

    “Now that I don’t have a business disease… … … ··· got it?"

    The last time she talked about her personal business, she didn't get an answer in the end, so this time she wanted to hear a definitive answer.

    ‘I want to make contact with that blacksmith as well.’

    “Well, it was only yesterday that you were reckless and asked to take a seal first.”

    Tarkan said with a languid chin.

    He watched Aristine's eyes fluttering with intense emotion.

    'Oh, I guess she's a little angry.'

    It was amazing to see so many different emotions melted into a woman who seemed to have taken the world apart.

    It was new to discover it in the expressionless woman's face.

    “So you showed me what the sale was like, didn’t you? As soon as I showed it , he banged his seal.”

    At Aristine's words, Tarkan grinned.

    Yeah, that's right
    I got to know this woman and became her partner without hesitation.

    “Why are you doing this?”

    “What to do in business.”
    Aristine shrugged as if asking for something obvious.
    “I'm trying to make money.”


    Self-actualization or hobbies… Or, he thought that she might be trying to run a business for political influence because her thinking is so lopsided.

    But it's money.

    What is it that the prince of a great power needs money?

    It's also a golden copper cord in which the husband is mentioned as the heir to the throne.

    He raised his eyebrows as if he didn't like it.

    “I have a lot of money.”

    "I know."

    Are you bragging right now in front of a penniless person?

    Aristine looked at him with no sympathy.

    The corpse of the beast gives a huge amount of money due to Leather, horns, teeth, claws, and mana flowing fluid with Crystallized eyeballs.

    And above all, the heart, the source of their mana.

    None of it is wasted.

    As Tarkan subdues the beasts, his private property is bound to be astronomical.

    If you have a mother who is from commoners, it is common for them to have weak financial powers because they have no one to depend on.

    However, Tarkan had more liquid assets than the Duke of Skiela, who had accumulated enormous wealth over a long period of time.

    'If you add real estate, it will be different.'

    Still, the difference wouldn't be that big.

    Since he had established so many majors, there were quite a few pieces of land, buildings, and mines that the king conferred to Tarkan in appreciation of his achievements.

    'Envy you.'

    When Aristine's eyes lit up with jealousy, Tarkan was stunned.

    “You are my wife.”

    “Yes, yes.”

    Seeing her nod her head as if she knew it was even more absurd.

    “But you still need money?”

    “Isn't that your money?”

    Aristine said while sipping the milk tea.

    “I’m going to be charged a deposit. But that's the money I have to spend as a princess of this country."

    No matter how much money Aristine was able to manage at will, of course she had to spend it that way because she was a princess.

    She must not get drunk as if it really belonged to Aristine.

    “Or will you return it to me in your name? They said that management of property was originally done by the wife.”


    “I don’t want much. One building … … ?"
    Aristine, who pretended to be easygoing, looked up and added a condition.

    “… … … If possible, it's like being in the royal capital. I would like to be in the central square.”

    Tarkan's eyes narrowed.

    “you didn’t have a business addiction but had the temperament of a swindler.”

    He shook his head sullenly.

    For some reason, he didn't dislike his wife's swindle style.

    Aristine smiled together and set the teacup on the saucer.

    With a light click, she asked.

    “Come on, let me help you with my personal business soon, partner.”

    Tarkan looked at the white hand held out in front of him, then slowly grabbed it.

    Her hands were soft and warm like a little bird.
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    I've read the trans until c50. Some scenes are ridiculous and even illogical but I'm obsessed with this novel right now. At this point, Mtl will do.
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    Hey there :blobsmilehappyeyes:. Do you want to spoil what happened? (a summary would be so fiiiinne :blobokhand:).. I‘m just a desperate reader obsessed with this story too :blobsob:.

    And while I‘m at it — a big THANKS to everybody who already shared spoilers :blobnosebleed::aww::blob_pompom:
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    “Mukali brother!”

    Diona ran to Mukali with a pitiful face as if she was about to shed tears.

    Mukali is startled by her appearance.

    Just a little while ago, when she went for tea time with the princess,now why is this child crying.

    "really… … … … The princess is so tok much.”

    “… … Princess?"

    “Shwe deliberately insulted and harassed me in front of His Majesty Tarkan… … "

    “How did she do it?”

    "that ……."

    Dionna bit her lip. how would she say she treated herself as an idiot .

    Just thinking about it made her so angry that the lights flashed in front of eyes.

    If there was Aristine in front of her, I wanted to put her cheeks up.

    “I can’t even put it in my mouth… … .”

    Diona looked up at Mukali with a more pathetic expression on her face.

    Naturally, she expected that Mukalli would be more angry than her and burst into anger towards the princess.


    "Well… … … . If there was really malicious intent, the master would have stopped her. Right?"

    Diona couldn't understand what Mukali was talking about now.

    “Then the culture is different, so something must have been misunderstood.”

    Shouldn't the je run rampantly to rip and kill the princess while raising his own resentment?

    “Diona, you are a broad-minded child. you understand.”

    Mukali patted Dionna's shoulder with an iron-like hand.

    Last night, Mukali was quite shocked.

    'How could they do that to their master... … Can you deal with it?'

    For the knights of Sylvanus, Aristine was their lord.

    But they're saying things that don't even sound like that.

    This was very different from Mukali's expectations.

    'Where is there to bother that little, insignificant, insignificant Thumb Princess?'

    Mukhali has no hobby of tormenting victims.

    “And now is he not the wife of our lord?”

    "Brother… … ."

    “The lord pointed out that you should use a title that suits her, but if it is still difficult to call her a princess
    It doesn’t look good.”

    “Well, that’s because of the habit… It's not like that. I made a mistake.”

    “Yes, Diona. It must be awkward for you to call her suddenly.”

    Mukhali smiled as if he understood and nodded.

    “But shouldn’t we be calling more than that? What would other royals think?”

    The union between Aristine and Tarkan is of great political importance.Mukali knew that it too.

    Diona bowed her head and bit her lip softly.

    “brother… … ...."


    “No, nothing.”

    Diona raised her head and smiled calmly at Mukali.

    “As you said, I must have reacted too emotionally. What kind of a person is His Majesty Tarkan, and of course her Highness did not treat me badly.
    If she did, he would have blocked it.”


    Mucali nodded as if it was natural.

    "Then it would be better if we stop investigating the visionary as well?"


    “That… Her highness with another man….”

    Diona made a troubled expression and blurted out the end of her words.

    Mukali opened his mouth.

    Aristine was a tragic victim.

    As a righteous warrior, Mukhali had to protect his victims.

    Besides, she is now the master's wife, both in name and reality.

    As a loyal warrior, Mukali had to protect the princess.

    'Ha, but... ......'

    Mukali felt anxious for some reason.

    The reason he met Aristine in the first place was to investigate an affair, so if he was to stop the investigation....

    'Isn't there anything special about meeting that Thumb Princess? Then speaking of swords... … .'

    As that thought crossed his mind, the impatience in his heart swelled.

    'no no. You haven't figured it out yet.'

    Neither the victim nor the queen can escape the judgment of Mukali.

    It was right to continue investigating.

    Also, no matter how politically important this marriage may be, it is impossible to let a woman who dares cheat on her master go!

    'Yeah, you have to figure it out properly like that!'

    Mukhali snorted and nodded his hea
    ‘… … … And that's something that can relieve Princess's innocence. '

    This is, if only ARISTINE was innocent.

    There's nothing worse than a bunch of useless rumors and doubts.

    Mukali rubbed the corner of his left eye.

    It was just that, and he didn't really think that Aristine would be upset.

    He was different from people who give up easily to small and soft-looking things!

    He is a cold-hearted, ruthless and merciless plains warrior!

    “What do you mean by ending the investigation, Diona! That and this are different things!"

    Mukhali grabbed Diona's shoulder and said strongly.

    “You seem to have misunderstood what I meant.Diona.”

    "Are you okay?"

    "I'm not saying that the good person, Vision, wouldn't have had any malice on you."

    Mukalli looked down at Diona's face.

    “Believe in our lord.”

    In his face, she finds the face of a comrade she can no longer see.

    “How well does the master take care of his people, and if something bad happens to you, of course he will protect you.
    You must have done it.”

    A faint smile appeared on Diona's face at those words.

    ‘Yes, I am special to His Majesty Tarkan.She's a special girl.'

    Even Mukhali, who has been watching Tarkan for a long time, doesn't say that.

    The only reason Tarkan treats Aristine softly now is that it is just a marriage with a cause for peace.

    Because he can't make a fuss with the princess saying that she is being treated coldly.

    "that's right. His Majesty has always been kind to me.”

    "Right.Chantra's younger sister, the lord can't be rude to you."

    At those words, Diona's smile dried up.

    Diona used Chantra to establish her position.

    But when other people saw her only as Chantra's younger sister, she became angry.

    Especially when it comes to Tarkan.

    '… … … … Even without my brother, I am a special woman to His Majesty Tarkan. You don't know anything like that!'

    Sea-colored eyes glared at Mukhali with an insidious energy for a moment.

    But Mukali was so eager to explain-excuse-cause to her that she didn't see it.

    “I just said that it would be good because the lord was quiet, but it was never, absolutely not, that there was no such thing as the princess was a good person.”

    "i See."

    Diona smiled and nodded as if she had ever stared at him.


    Mukali does not misunderstand the meaning.She was satisfiedwith it.

    “Dionna, don’t worry. I will make it very clear!”

    "I wasn't worried though. I only wish for the happiness of His Majesty Tarkan.”

    “Yes, if her Highness betrayed our lord, she would not be able to escape this sword of Mukali. This Mukhali won't shrink even if the opponent is a princess!"

    Mukhali slapped his scabbard and said with excitement.

    Seeing that, Dionna felt better.

    'It would be better if this ignorant and simple guy really stabbed the princess.'

    Of course, the sword Mukalli said is not a real sword, though.

    No matter how simple it was, Mukhal was not stupid.

    Hiding her regrets, Diona's eyes were glamorous towards Mukali.

    “After all, your brother Mukali is the most loyal warrior of His Majesty Tarkan.”


    Mukali proudly showed his chest.

    “This Diona, who only wishes for the well-being of His Majesty Tarkan, will only trust her brother.”

    "okay! Leave it to me!”

    Diona's stinky
    looked at Mukhali and turned around.

    Her face turned cold as she turned her back on Mukali.

    'Not only with words, but also tell other warriors that the princess seems to be having an affair!'

    Her teeth were bruised.

    'But, well, if you're investigating an affair and gossip about it, there's no way the rumors won't go away.'

    Diona, who had a twisted smile, looked at the tea room where Aristine was.

    ‘Leave it. After all, I will be the one standing next to His Majesty Tarkan and smiling.'
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    This story is so funny and refreshing ahahahah! Waiting for the fluff parts!
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    Cool water ran over her face.

    Aristine smiled at the refreshing feeling.

    The fact that it can be easily washed with such clean water was so exciting.

    Since she had already taken a bath, Aristine prepared herself for a good night's sleep by simply washing her face.

    ' Cannot I say simple?'

    Right now, it seems simple because Aristine is washing her own face, but beyond her feet made of blue silk, the courtiers were waiting.

    It was for a massage.

    Even though she said that it was okay to do nothing, the courtiers asked what she was talking about, and it was a sacred fire.

    “The first night is important, but the second night is also important!”

    <His Majesty Tarkan, how excitedly will he be waiting for the night, all day long!>

    < 'Your Majesty Tarkan would be intoxicated in Your Highness's smell!>

    <Oh my gosh, His Majesty Tarkan is also blessed ! Whoops!>

    “It would be nice if your Highness Vision would do it too.”

    Then, she sniffed the perfume.

    Her heart softened as she looked at them with a frown on her face.

    To be honest, who doesn't like soaking in hot, fragrant water?


    'I'm tired of drying my hair.'

    For someone who wants to go to bed quickly, that was a huge barrier.

    In addition, Tarkan is only doing it because he wants to take a bath.

    'It's not because he's looking forward to the night with me.'

    A show-window couple that looks good on the outside she couldn't tell that fact, thoght Aristine.

    <it's okay. Even if you don’t put on any fragrance.>

    For some reason, the eyes and mouths of the courtiers opened wide at those words.

    <Oh my gosh, that’s right!>

    <Incense... … . Yes, that's right!>

    <His Majesty Tarkan prefers the fragrance of her Vision more than this perfumed oil… … .>

    The highest quality perfume oil, equal to the price of gold, a drop of the same size, has become 'this perfume oil'.

    <It is said that the most exciting thing is the smell of a lover’s flesh.”>

    < “Is it not called a pheromone?”>

    < “I thought we were serving with all our heart, but we were not enough.”>

    <This is how you learn again.> .

    Being able to interpret it like that was a really good skill.

    Aristine opened her mouth to say no, but soon asked.

    It was annoying.

    And there was nothing particularly bad about that misunderstanding. She wish it was rather good.

    <Still, get a massage.>

    “It would be better to gently relax the body.”

    〈The two of you have a difference in physique… … cough!>

    <The bed is new! It's not as soft as the first one because we were looking for it in a hurry, so please be gentle for the time being.>

    <Oh, boy! Don't you think newlyweds can control that?!>

    <that's right! That's it, the bed didn't even break on the first day! Ouch!>

    The people of Airugo seemed to have a very unusual laughter.

    Aristine nodded as it felt good to gently stroke her face or body.

    There is no need to dry your hair if you massage it.

    Aristine, who had dried the water with the soft cloth next to her, was about to walk over the feet of the courtiers waiting.

    But it was then.


    The stagnant water in the agate water bowl shook itself.

    As soon as something was reflected in the sleeping mirror, Aristine stopped walking and looked at the bowl of water.

    Before long, something began to appear within her lord.

    it was a man-

    she's seen before.




    [Are you doing such a useless thing again?!]

    [You are the shame of our blacksmith!]

    The ups and downs shouted wildly and grabbed a man's body.

    [You're ruining our Catalan forge's reputation!]

    [Do you know how much the Dotlten Forges ignore us?!]

    [It's a blacksmith's with a poor guy like you, so dogs and cows will all go in!]

    Contrary to his gentle face, the man's body was shredded with muscles.

    He rebelled against the cruel touch of his men.

    Every time he tossed and flipped, his muscles hard as brass were tangled and loosened over and over again.

    It was a fierce rebellion, but the man could not overcome the numerical inferiority.

    The man moaned as his body was crushed to the ground.

    Both arms were bent behind his back. The men pressed the man with their body and restrained him from moving.

    [I don't know Why is a guy like you our blacksmith.]

    [Because Master is also very kind.]

    [If the reputation of the great Catalaman becomes a nuisance, you should know how to go out on your own.]

    The men grabbed the man's hair and pulled him up.

    He spit on his face twisted in pain and giggled.

    [do not worry. If you don't have the courage to go out, we'll help.]

    [Still, it’s because we grew up together since we were young, right?]

    [No need to thank you.]

    [This is the last time, so I will send you something specially made by you.]

    The men fixed the man's right arm on the ground just like that.

    The blade that one of the men had pulled out of his bosom was reflected in the sunlight and shone with a dazzling silvery light.
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    I love this novel. Its just cute and goofy all around. Has the manhwa been released yet or is it still in the works?
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    Manhwa has not been released yet.
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    [...... !]

    Realizing what the men were going to do, the man rebelled by twisting his body like crazy.

    [Uh-huh! Whoops!]

    [Stay still!]

    [Hey, hold on tighter!]

    He screamed for help with his blocked mouth, but he couldn't stand against more than ten men.

    A silver blade touched his finger.

    It was so soft and clean that it was creepy.


    as if there was blood filled in his scream.

    Aristine's face turned white as she looked at the sleeping mirror.

    Red blood flowed endlessly from the neatly severed finger.

    The man who had shaken the men holding him down took hold of his blood-stained hand.

    His green eyes were tinged with despair.

    The man's face shook like a blue water surface.

    The sleeping mirror reflecting him began to shake.



    The waves grew stronger and then calmed down.

    The calm water reflected only Aristine's face, who was looking into it as if it had shone on something else.

    Aristine looked at her face reflection in the water and raised my head.

    She moved on as if nothing had happened.

    “Oh, are you out?”

    “Lie down here, your hihhness.”

    The courtiers greeted Aristine with a smile.

    Lying on the bed, Aristine closed her eyes as she felt a hand gently loosening her muscles.

    The man's name is Litren.

    It was the man Aristine had seen at the welcome banquet.

    [Please accept me, Princess.]

    [Okay, you are mine now.]

    [You will become the best blacksmith in this country, no, the continent.]

    The scene had seen in the King's House before came up through her closed eyes.

    At that time, the man's right hand had no thumb .

    A hand that cannot handle a hammer, a vice, tongs, or a chisel.

    As a blacksmith, his life was over.

    Nevertheless, the future self was convinced that he would become the best blacksmith.

    'Last time I saw you at the welcome banquet, there were no problems.'

    Litren ate with his right hand without any problems. Of course, the thumb was fine.

    ‘I thought it was an accident, but it wasn’t.’

    There are many dangerous things about blacksmithing, so she thought that he must have accidentally injured himself while working.

    'Magnolias were in bloom.'

    In the video I just watched, I saw a magnolia tree behind the men fighting tangled up.

    'I was almost losing that too.'

    Only a few petals remained.

    'The season is spring. Is it this year? if not Next year or after?’

    The man's face and hair shape were not particularly different from those seen at the banquet.

    But it was so distorted it was hard to be sure. Facial changes in adults are sometimes slow.

    'I was planning to get a blacksmith quickly, so it's likely this year.'

    The time when the future self came into contact with Litren would not have passed this year.(means she must have met him in this year so it must be this year spring)

    In the spring of this year, it was just this time.

    'Is it the past that has already happened, or is it the near future that hasn't happened yet?'

    If it's the past that happened, it's unavoidable, but if it's the near future-.

    'I can stop it.'

    If there is even a weak relationship with the princess herself, people will not be able to harass her prematurely.


    'Is that really the right thing to do?'

    Doubts welled up in my heart.

    The hand that had been rubbing her back cool stopped.

    “Sir, please turn back.”

    As the courtiers told her, she turned her body to lie down on her back, and placed a warm bag with the scent of lavender over her eyes.

    However, even the scent of lavender did not calm Aristine's heart.

    'What If my rescue of Litren would lead to a worse future... … ..?'

    From a young age, Aristine has seen a variety of situations endlessly.

    But because she lived in prison, she had never changed the future she had already seen by acting on her own.

    No, there was only one future she changed.

    A future that informs the emperor, who is her father, that she has a royal plan.

    After seeing how the future unfolded, Aristine decided to keep her powers under control no matter what.

    But that was more than 10 years ago. When Aristine was very young.

    At that time, Aristine was not as thoughtful as she is now.

    Shr knew that many things could change because of her decision, and she made the decision while hoping for that change.

    ‘I didn’t know that it could lead to a completely different result than expected.’

    Aristine smiled bitterly.

    Now she knew.

    'So are you going to stay still?'

    The courtiers' hands rubbing their arms and legs were soft.

    Aristine felt her limbs, fingers, and toes fully seated.

    If Aristine does nothing, Litren will not be able to fully feel this sensation.

    'I save Litren, so it could go in a direction I couldn't even imagine, which could lead to worse results.'

    She's not denying that.

    Her choice is perfect, and she's not conceited that only good results will come.

    'But Litren's hands will be fine.'

    hammer , vise, tongs, chisel also... … They will all be able to handle it just fine.

    He could pick flowers with his fingertips, feel the wind between his fingers, and hold his baby in a flash.??

    That alone is worthwhile.

    Even if the future turns badly.

    'I just need to get it right again.’

    It's not as simple as it sounds.

    'Let's try.'

    At the very least, she wanted to be the person responsible for her actions.

    When she finished worrying, she felt better.

    Her whole body melted in the hands of the courtiers, and the subtle scent of lavender was refreshing.

    The courtiers, who had finished stretching Aristine's body, smiled and lifted Aristine up.

    ,“Woohoo, Princess is really flexible.”

    "I know, right. really flexible."

    “It went really well.”

    “Have a nice night.”

    "Ugh, what."

    Aristine roughly responded to the courtiers' support (?) and left the room.

    “I know it’s not up to you, but for the sake of the bed, if possible, please refrain from it.”

    “Oh my, that must be done by His Majesty Tarkan!”

    “But can you restrain yourself from seeing our highness?”

    Even as they moved away,she could hear the courtiers chirping.

    'They are very energetic too.'

    Aristine walked the corridor leading to the bedroom in admiration.

    It was a nice day and it was warm even at night. It seemed that the remnants of the spring sun were still coloring the corridor.

    'Where did I in the future see Litren's potential to find out?'

    The reason she was so sure that a man who couldn't even hammer would become the best blacksmith.

    There was no such element in the description of Litren's personal identity that Aristine received from the courtiers.

    As seen from the king's perspective, Litren was the corner stone of the Catalan Forge.

    He couldn't have been good enough if he's called a blacksmith's shame.

    As proof of that, there was not a single sword with Litren's name on the numerous famous swords from the Catalan Forge.

    'Is it possible that losing your thumb will awaken your talents?'

    It was quite a story for geniuses that a person who fell into the abyss of despair overcomes that despair and reaches a new level.

    Because she saved him,What if that opportunity disappears?

    'But it's the blacksmith's talent. Not something generated overnight '

    Creativity is of course important, but it was a world that had to be supported by proficiency and technology.

    He don't have the technical skills even now with his limbs intact, but will his skills improve after losing his right thumb?

    '… … … … … lets trust on me. Because it is the key employee of the future that I have chosen!'

    Aristine clenched her fists.

    She might be making a mistake.

    'But let's hit it first.'

    She had never made a mistake before.

    Because she wasn't even given a chance to make a mistake or succeed.

    Failure will also be a new experience of freedom for you.

    'Freedom to fail.'

    With that in mind, Aristine opened the bedroom door.

    But the condition of the bedroom... … ..


    Today, it was not red rose petals, but pink rose petals.

    The candle was still there, and the illuminance was darker and more secretive.

    'How long do you plan on doing this?'

    The royal courts are busy serving her, so she don't know when they prepared this.

    She could see Tarkan, who had come to the bedroom first, staring at the bed with a crazy face.


    When she called, he shook slightly and turned to this side.

    Aristine closed the door and walked over to the bed.

    Standing by Tarkan's side, a nice scent wafted out. Bitter yet soft, yet strangely sweet and warm.

    It seemed he used a perfume,.

    “It smells good.”

    "Woah, what?!"

    Tarkan was frankly surprised and took a step back.

    “Why are you reacting like that? I was just praising the scent. I didn't molest ... … … .”

    Aristine, who had said so far, shut her mouth.

    It wasn't something that a person who has rubbed other people's breasts like fresh bread would say .

    “… … I'm sorry."

    There was nothing to say because of the sins she had committed.

    Tarkan frowned.

    When she apologized so quietly, it seemed like he was really being fooled by Aristine.

    No, it was right to be fooled.

    “Oh, I forgot to ask for a bigger one since I was getting a new bed.”

    Aristine said as she pressed the mattress on her bed.

    The soft feel was nice, but not as good as yesterday.

    They got it in a hurry, so I guess this was the best thing.

    'After all, the mattress must have been huge.'

    Aristine brushed off the rose petals and slipped into bed.

    As she lay down and looked up, Tarkan was still standing crookedly at the bedside.

    It was that face again.

    A vigilant black panther with a lot of fur.

    Aristine looked at his face for a moment and held out her hand.

    "Come one"

    Tarkan looked down at the hand with a questioning look.

    “Today, just hold hands and sleep. I won't miss it until I wake up."

    Tarkan looked at Aristine's smiling face for a moment without saying a word.

    The purple eyes staring directly at him on hersmall face shone like a morning star.

    "Do you trust elder sister?" [DON'T. I SAY DON'T TRUST!!!]

    In the end, Tarkan smiled and went into the bed where she was lying.

    And got hold Aristine's hand.

    “Don’t touch other people’s chest or treat them as bread.”

    A small, soft hand wiggled in the palm of his hand.

    At that time, it felt like something was moving in Tarkan's chest.

    The reason he held the woman's hand was simply because he was afraid it would touch his chest while sleeping.

    That's all.

    Tarkan closed his eyes.

    Aristine's scent seems to enters with his breath and accumulates in his chest one after another.

    Tarkan tossed and turned in a strange feeling.

    Would this woman lying next to each other feel the same way?

    Then, Aristine opened her eyes and looked at him.

    At the wedding and in the early night, Tarkan was more complex and sentimental than Aristine.

    “I hate to take nanny role, but I can still sing it for you.”

    What she thought of the silent Tarkan, Aristine said.

    “Because you are a hard-working husband.”


    "what's the matter? Can't you sleep?"

    She tilted her head once and asked.

    "Should your sister sing a lullaby?" .

    ".. • what?"

    Tarkan was speechless.

    'Anyway, there is no such thing as delicacy.'

    This woman must have been thinking, 'The bed is less soft than yesterday'.

    Tarkan chuckled.

    This woman would be the only one who said that he was very hands-on.


    Saying that and closing her eyes, Aristine tightened their clasped hands.

    Looking to the side for something, Aristine grinned in the dim darkness.

    Tarkan quickly turned his head.

    He felt weird. Very weird.

    Silence continued for a while.

    Tarkan, who had been silent, quietly glanced at Aristine.

    She closed her eyes, facing the ceiling.

    The moonlight and candles painted her face with the light of night. The eyelashes were thick and long.

    Tarkan did not turn his head.

    Aristine's lips twitched, perhaps feeling the gaze.

    "good night."

    That greeting was so strange.

    Tarkan had never exchanged such a greeting before

    ". ···· good night."

    Tarkan greeted her face to face. A low-pitched voice came out.

    ~~~~~\END OF CHAPTER ~
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    Chapter 13. It Wasn't Battle Food?

    Aristine leaned back on the sofa, sipping tea.

    Her gaze was on those who were kneeling at her feet.

    Sylvanus knights were banging their heads in the ground.

    Aristine was silent for a moment, sipping tea.

    The more they did, the more the faces of the knights who could not overcome the pressure were dyed darkly in real time.

    There was one reason they were doing this.

    They are too weak to escort the great and great princess, so please take responsibility and remove them.

    The knights poured all sorts of flattery on Aristine for that.

    The pride and joy of the Empire, a noble princess that all the people of the Empire look up to.

    Peacekeeper, protector of empire, hero of salvation and so on.

    They seemed to play with tongue better than the sword.

    Being separated from the knights was something Aristine wanted too.

    However, she deliberately put off her resignation with this excuse and that excuse.

    Each time, the knights spit out their incompetence.

    Except for their pride, they were corpses, so they threw themselves in the mud even though their faces were red.

    What would it feel like to lie flat on your face and laugh at Aristine, who had been so ignorant and looked down on you?

    Aristine smiled wryly.

    "great."(좋아= 2words)

    The knights raised their heads at the simple two syllables.

    “If you say that, I will hold you accountable.”

    “My Majesty the Princess… … … ..!"

    The face of the person who was told that he was going to be held accountable could not have been this bright.

    The knights were moved to tears.

    Aristine looked at their face while opened her mouth in a languid tone.

    “First of all, being disqualified as a knight is natural. In addition… … ..."

    “Dis, disqualification of a knight?”

    At the unexpected words, the tears of the knights froze in an instant.

    They thought they'd just get kicked out of position as a escort knight, disqualifying my knighthood altogether!

    There was nothing more dishonorable than this.

    What is left of the eunuchs , It was only the honor of being a knight.

    But even that was too much to steal.

    Returning to Sylvanus, it was good to see how they would be treated.

    Knights will be buried both personally and socially.

    "Huh. no?"

    Aristine asked, slowly sipping the tea.

    “If you don’t like it, keep being my escort driver."

    At those words, the knights shut their mouths to protest.

    The nightmares of the past few days have come back to life.

    The intimidation and covert violence of the overbearing Airugo warriors.

    That was at a better level.

    The worst was Tarkan.

    Whenever he comes... … .
    Just thinking about it gave goosebumps.

    The nape of their neck becomes creepy .

    The knights trembled.

    If they return to Sylvanus as it is, they will not be able to escape the Emperor's wrath.

    But even so, the Emperor will not kill them.

    “The sins you have committed are not mere lack of ability and negligence.”

    Numerous obscene rumors, ridicule, and even sexual harassment.

    They mistakenly think that they are holding the hilt, so they make a lot of mistakes.

    But it was Aristine who was really holding the hilt.

    “There will be a lot of personal compensation for me. right?"

    Aristine looked around the knights trembling in fear with joy.

    “Of course, repaying you with your life for mocking me as a princess would not be enough."

    The knights looked up at Aristine, who was dragging behind the scenes, with a nervous and anxious face.

    They were't too worried about it until they came to ask her to fire them.

    They thought that the princess would hate to see them too, so they thought they were relieved and would let them go.

    However, Aristine was playing with people by lifting them up and putting them down.

    Every time Aristine said a word, the knights threw away all their pride and face and had to looked at the bottom.

    What will come out of those lips this time?

    “Do you have any money at your house?” Aristine laughed.

    This is a great opportunity to raise money for her business.

    It was a smile that was as beautiful as an angel, which didn't look like she was biting teeth.


    "Oh my gosh… … … ! They say the knights have returned to Sylvanus!"

    "The knights?!"

    “Then the Emperor’s name is… … … … ."

    “No, but what about us?”

    Sylvanus' maids were babbling, not knowing what to do.

    It has been almost a month since they arrived in Airugo.

    Everything went completely differently than expected.

    They ignored the princess, saying that she was half crazy because she lived alone, so he couldn't be recognized even in Airugo.

    However, in reality, only the number of people following the princess increased, and their position narrowed in inverse proportion to that.

    Still, they struggled and proudly said, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay.

    Being withdrawn is like losing to that unlucky princess, so they deliberately ignored it more and looked down on her.

    The moment they acknowledge the reality, their life is almost over.

    But the knights return to Sylvanus... … ..

    "Why should we be treated like this?"

    "This was not planned."

    “We came here to teach and lead the princess.”

    It was a cheeky remark that didn't know the subject.

    But all the maids nodded head.

    Puppet Princess.

    They planned to stick with Aristine and manipulate her like a puppet.

    But instead of sticking next to her, I wonder if they will be pushed away even by the royal family.

    “The courtiers here are really savages, they are big, they don’t know good manners, and they don’t speak much.”

    “Of course, we, the maids of the royal family, should be treated more like lords."

    It was a story the maids told every day.

    But they only wheezes behind back like this, and they couldn't speak properly in front of the royal courtiers.

    No matter what you say, the courtiers say nothing.

    And passed by without a hitch.

    They didn't even dare to put their cheeks up.

    All of them were taller than them.

    They was also hit by Rosaline, who became the princess's dog, and was hit by Airugo and the courtiers.

    There was absolutely no body left.

    In addition, Tarkans did not even look at them, perhaps because they were possessed by a princess with a straight face.

    Several times they personally took the car, and for nothing, I stumbled softly in front of it.

    “Should we go back to Sylvanus?”

    “But then … .”

    “When I go back, what kind of ignorance in the social world would I expect? Ifwe said we were pushed back by the princess.”

    There was a person hiding behind a pillar and watching the anxious maids.

    It was Rosaline.

    Rosaline 's face lit up with excitement and a low-key smile.

    'Fools who can't even understand the situation.'

    SHe disregarded herself to please the princess so much, and it worked out.

    Laughing at the maids, she turned and walked away.

    The place she was heading to was Aristine's room.
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    "My Highness Princess."

    Aristine sighed a little after seeing Rosaline entering the room with triumphed smile.

    'It's a day to go out.'

    She want to get ready and go out in a hurry, but things keep happening.

    Another uninvited visitor came after how long since the knights with broken eggs had gone out.

    Not knowing how Aristine was feeling, Rosalind came closer with an excited face.

    “When they heard the news that the knights were returning, the maids were very upset.”

    With a smile that she would die of suing, she whispered in Aristine's ear.

    “they were crying over whether they had to go back to their mother’s arms too. Cowards anyway."

    Aristine tilted her head slowly.


    Rosaline, who had been whispering excitedly, stopped and looked at Aristine's face.

    “What did you do?”

    The indifferent purple gaze turned to Rosalind.

    'Isn't this?!'

    Rosalynn did not know what to do with the reaction completely different from her expectations.

    Naturally, she thought that Aristine would be happy and sue her with her.

    At the same time, she thought that I would be less vigilant by opening my heart to myself... … ...

    “A dog barking at a loud barking dog from a distance. Even an old dog with no teeth can do it.”

    Aristine slowly stood up, leaning back on the sofa.

    “Rosaline,I should have said it.”

    Aristine's purple eyes looked at Rosaline from a distance closer.

    A cold sweat oozes out of Rosalind's eyes at the oppressive feeling in her eyes.

    Aristine raised her hand and scratched her chin.

    Gentle and tender as if you were a pet dog you cherish.

    “All I want is a hunting dog.”

    It was a voice that felt soft and soft, like velvet.

    But the meaning contained in it struck Rosalind as ferocious as a whip.

    But Rosaline couldn't resist Aristine's touch.


    It felt like her whole body was being crushed by Aristine's prestige.

    Rosalind turned white, sweating in a cold sweat, and accepted Aristine's hand.

    Aristine didn't just use Rosaline to keep her maids in check.

    Even the royals can do that enough.

    Shee had no intention of keeping the maids by her side forever, so she had asked Rosaline to become a hunting dog.


    When their eyes met, Aristine smiled sweetly.

    'I will be eaten.'

    Her fingertips were cold.

    Rosaline trembled, unable to avert her gaze.

    “Of course I love dogs.”

    Aristine said softly and put her hand away.


    "Yes Yes?"

    Rosalind answered in amazement at the gentle call.

    “Do you know what happens to a hound that becomes useless because it can’t hunt?”

    Rosalind looked up blankly at Aristine.

    'Useless hunting dogs-.'

    Aristine scratching her chin tenderly gave her a benevolent face.

    Still, Rosaline stiffened in the same posture Aristine had scratched her chin in.

    Aristine got up from the sofa.

    The courtiers, who had just gone to pick up gifts, entered the room.

    “Sir, I brought it.”

    “You took extra care.”

    “Wow, really?”

    Aristine went up to the courtiers with a smile.

    "Then shall we go now?"

    “Yes, my lord.”

    The courtiers looked at Rosaline with wary eyes, then turned and followed Aristine.

    There was a tendency to mistakenly believe that the maidservant of her hometown was the courtiers, and that Rosaline was a naughty maid in cigars.

    Rosalind looked at the backs of Aristine and the courtiers who were gradually getting farther away.

    When Aristine takes each step long skirt could be seen fluttering lightly.


    Rosalind let out a terrifying breath.

    The belated anger burned wildly as she came out of what had been crushed by the sense of coercion.

    She clenched her fists.

    'Yes, I will become a hunting dog as you say!'

    Not just a growling and barking dog, but a real hunting dog that bites and kills.

    The plan came to mind very easily.

    There is a delicious bait called tarkan, wouldn't it be difficult?

    ‘So after biting the breath of other bitches.’

    Rosalind's eyes turned to where Aristine had already disappeared.

    Dark green eyes flashed.

    'You are the Last Supper.'


    A long corridor continued around the milky white cross vault.

    Opalized agate was finely embedded in the pillars, and it shone brilliantly in the sunlight.

    The corridor itself boasts elegant restraint, but when you look inside, it cannot be more luxurious.

    'It is truly a prestigious family that produces generals.'

    The architectural style of Airugo was distinctly different from that of Sylvanus.

    If Sylvanus is the epitome of luxury by arranging ceiling paintings and reliefs geometrically, Airugo preserves the beauty of naturally drooping curves and blank spaces.

    Although it is said to be a beauty of blank space, airugo was never simple.

    Hang expensive jewelry on a chain and hang it, and create a blank space for jewelry. Because it transmits light, everything shines brightly.

    Not only the architectural style, but also the clothes showed that characteristic well.

    Sylvanus' dress emphasizes the beauty of style by inflating a heavily falling skirt with a petticoat.

    On the other hand, Airugo's light fabric was wrapped around her body, creating a curve that sways freely in the wind.

    The hem of the child Airugo dress wrapped around Aristine's body swayed in harmony with the the steps and the spring breeze.

    Each time, the employees of this mansion let out a sigh.

    'You're really visionary...

    'Oh my God, more than I saw in the picture.Are you more beautiful?'

    'How can the shoulder line be so thin?'

    'The world is precious!'

    'It's a fairy!'

    Their eyes regardless of age or gender shone brightly.

    Seeing this, the courtiers who were following Aristine raised their noses.

    Also, our highness is the best.

    The employees murmured, unaware that the courtiers were doing it.

    'By the way, what did the master say when he saw highness?'




    'It's not like that...'

    'Don't tell me what you think.'

    The employees whispered and fell into a goal mall.

    He obviously said something, but I can't remember what it was.

    At that time, the master appeared from the other side of the corridor.

    Among the Airugo people, when a master stood in front of him, the princess's body looked even smaller.

    Employees who saw it "Oh!" and exclaimed.

    'Princess Thumbs !'

    To be precise, it was 'that little, insignificant Thumb Princess who seemed to have been born earlier', but all the useless rhetoric in the minds of the employees was blown away.

    '… … … … Thumb Princess?'

    A word came to the ears of the courtiers, who had their ears sharpened as the distant servants were exchanging something about our sire.

    'The Thumb Princess... … … !'

    The gazes of the courtiers were fixed on the back of Aristine, who was leading the way.

    'Oh my God, that has to be known to the whole world!'
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    Aristine, who had no idea what the courtiers and employees were thinking, smiled at the opponent approaching from the other side.

    “Lord Mukali!”

    It was a nice smile.

    Standing in front of Aristine, Mukhali sighed in vain.

    Before he could greet each other, Aristine opened her mouth vigorously.

    “You broke Sylvanus Knights's egg for me."


    Mukali was the astonished of Aristine's outspoken remarks.

    “What did you say … … … … !”

    But when he saw her smiling face as if she was very happy, No words came out.

    "Yes why?"


    Mukali took a deep breath and turned around.

    Aristine and Mukali walked side by side under the vault.

    The employees who watched the scene without realizing it, holding their breath, sighed again.

    'Wow… … . SHe really speaks and breathes.’(???)

    'What did you exchange with the master?'

    'I'm sure she spoke gracefully by comparing her welcome to the beauty of sunlight.'

    ‘Ah, her Highness's greeting … … … . I want to hear it too.'

    'It must be greeting that is as long and beautiful as her highness herself... … .'

    Aristine was happy with Mukali, and it was not too wrong to say that it was a metaphor for eggs.

    It wasn't bright and beautiful.

    Mukali opened his mouth while guiding Aristine to the tea room.

    "I think you're misunderstanding, but I'm not the one who broke it."

    He wanted to make it clear that he wasn't that ruthless and cruel.

    Mukali is a person wharknows kindness.


    Aristine's face lit up with disappointment.

    “I thought it was Lord Mukhali… … … … .”

    Mukali was taken aback by the completely different reaction than expected.

    “B.., but I pulled out their teeth first!”
    said Mukhali, who knew mercy.


    Aristine frowned and tapped Mukhali's arm.

    “Sir Mukali has a lot of respect for doing that for me.”

    '… •••••Huh?'

    It was then that Mukhali felt something strange.

    Not really for Aristine.

    'There's no way I could have done it for the sake of loyalty to Princess Silvanus and not anyone else!'


    But looking at Aristine's brightly smiling face, the mouth that had been opened to deny it closed.

    'That's not true. Absolutely not!'

    There was absolutely no reason to deny it.

    'For my terrifying scheme, I have to win the favor! So I just don't deny it!'

    Mukali hardened his heart.

    Everything is for the master.

    To monitor whether the new bride is having an affair or not!

    Meanwhile, they arrived in front of the tea room.

    “Go inside, Your highness.”

    At Mukali's polite guidance, Aristine looked at him.

    "what's wrong?"

    “What are you talking about?”
    Mukali asked, pulling out Aristine's chair.

    Aristine felt goosebumps.

    “Do as you do usual.”

    “Aren’t you our highness now?”

    Mukhali sat down and said.

    In the meantime, he deliberately didn't give her the proper respect.

    Aristine, who was the involved party, didn't care.

    'It's not that he respect me by acknowledging that he are under her vision. Yes, have to win the favor.’

    It was the first time Aristine had met again after becoming a princess, so Mukhali naturally intended to use a more respectful salute to her.

    The majesty of the egg was so strong that the habit came out in an instant.

    "Strange. It’s like a different person.”

    “I am like this.”

    At those words, Aristine groaned.

    “General Mukali was such a person. I never knew.”

    At Aristine's words, Mukali looked at her with a surprised expression.

    Aristine raised the tip of her chin slightly.

    In the end, Mukali lost.

    “Anyway, I’ve never seen anyone dissatisfied with using honorifics.”

    Aristine laughed out loud.

    There was also a small smile on Mukali's grumbling face.

    After a while, the maids served refreshments.

    ‘Strawberry Cream Tea!’

    As promised, Mukali served Aristine with strawberry cream tea.

    Despite being blunt, Mukali was a very friendly person.

    At that time, not forgetting what she said while passing by, he invites Aristine to his house and serves tea like this.

    The butler poured tea into a teacup.

    A refreshing and sweet scent rose from the steam, and ruby-transparent tea water pooled in the cup.

    Aristine took a quick sip after adding plenty of sugar.

    'Oh, it's delicious.'

    Seeing that, he seemed hungry too, so Mukhali reached out with a scone.

    The tiny scones were a bite for Mukali.

    “How about it, isn't it really delicious?”

    Aristine asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

    It was worth emphasizing how delicious it was.

    Mukhali's only one remaining eye grew as large as a plate.

    The strong scent that ran through the nasal passages was enchanting.

    It was even more rewarding to have scones brought by Aristine.

    The scones made by the patissier with more care than usual were delicious.

    She really wanted to hire a patissier when she got divorced.

    Mukali smiled as she looked at Aristine's face softened with happiness.

    But it was not like a warrior to love scones so much.

    "… It looks pretty good.”

    Aristine smiled at Mukali's answer.

    “Try here with jam and clotted cream. We make jam well at our party."

    It was as she said.

    A piece of scones for a sip of tea, and a slice of scones for a sip of tea.

    When you eat like that, you grow without end.

    The two happily had tea time.

    how long has it been
    Seeing the only scones left,
    Mukali woke up and said,

    'Is this good for battle food?'

    The taste is good with plenty of butter, but the shelf life seems to be very short.

    Wasn't it because the master hired a patissier who was good at making scones to develop a new battle food?

    While Mukali hesitated, Aristine was also in trouble.

    Only one piece left.

    'I want to eat. I want to eat... .... ..!'

    Originally, the scone was delicious, but today it was even more delicious because the patissier grinded the soul.

    But she also wanted to make concessions to Mukali.

    Mukali must have come to help him under Tarkan's orders, but Aristine was still happy with his existence.

    After thinking for a moment, Aristine looked at Mukhali sternly.

    “Lord Mukali.”

    "Why are you like that?"

    Mukali was also stricken.
    “Eat this, Sir Mukhali.”

    Mukhali, who had grown gloomy at the same time, shed a smile in disappointment.

    'I said something.'

    He don't know why the princess, who should have grown up with no shortage, is so fussy about one scone.

    By skipping the liver of a flea, this little Thumb Princess didn't mean to eat the scones she loved so much.

    “I’m done, His Majesty… …"

    "no. Eat Lord Mukhali."

    It was a very firm tone.

    He looked up in amazement and saw Aristine
    was seriously looking at himself.

    What lurked in the purple eyes was pure kindness and friendship.

    After being silent for a while, Mukali grabbed a scone and ate it in one bite.

    '. • It's delicious."

    At those words, the corners of Aristine's lips rose softly.
    The corners of the eye are gently curved.

    It was a smile that bloomed so beautifully that the spring flowers in full bloom were crying.


    Aristine answered briefly.

    But there was more to her expression and voice.

    It was the first time Aristine had made concessions to anyone.

    Because she didn't have anyone to yield to, and she also didn't have anything to yield to.

    The first time she did it, it felt really good.

    Aristine opened her mouth in the gently released air.

    Even the cunning Sylvanus was caught up in her dreadful schemes helplessly.

    'However… … .'

    It wasn't strangely happy feeling.

    Her heart was beating wildly, more with anxiety than she expected, and her face kept trying to harden.

    Now that the last moment has come, she just don't want to let go of the long string.

    Even in monster hunting, the time when you have to be the most calm is when the beast loses its breath.

    “Lord Mukali. last time you said to help me. "

    At those words, Mukali straightened up.

    “I have a favor. I want to meet him after I left the palace today.”

    'at Last … … … … … .!'

    Mukali's heart was pounding and pounding.
    Aristine exposed her tail. It was an opportunity to hit the scene.

    It also had the effect of continuing to win her favor.

    It was an awkward moment.

    Mukali slowly opened his mouth.

    “Of course, this Mukhali should help.”

    For some reason, his throat was stuffy.
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    Spring is still in full swing, but the magnolia petals are already falling.

    However, the fresh green on the branches could not be so dazzling.

    Peaceful spring day.

    All the men were desperate to catch a man.

    The man held out quite well, but was eventually caught.

    “You are the shame of our blacksmith!”

    "You're ruining our Catalan forge's reputation!"

    “Do you know how much the Dottleten Forges ignore us?!”

    “It’s a large forge with short-haired people like you, so dogs and cows are all welcome!”

    But under the magnolia tree, something out of place was happening.


    “Stop that bastard from running away!”

    Woodang Tang!

    Heavy metal utensils poured down, making a harsh sound.

    But what was more rough was the men's movements.

    The body that was forged together by quenching pig iron was like a piece of iron.

    As it took quite a bit of force to grab him, the men got even more excited and pressed the man's body roughly.

    The man rebelled violently, but he could not completely shake the grips that were holding him.

    “I don’t know why people like you are still in our smithy.”

    “Because Master is also very kind.”


    The man's body flinched at those words.

    “If the reputation of the great Catalaman becomes a nuisance, you should know how to get out on your own.”

    Maybe that's right.

    Because of him, the reputation of the Catalan Blacksmith as the best forge in Airugo is declining day by day..

    'However… … !’

    It was the moment he gnawed at it.

    "do not worry. If you don't have the courage to go out, we'll help."

    Saying so, one of the men pulled something out of his arms.

    A blade shining silver.

    The man immediately recognized what it was.

    How can he not know, it's a dagger that he made with his own hands.

    The men pressed their whole body against the man's body and fixed his hands to the floor.

    It was clear what they were trying to do.

    The man's olive-colored eyes swelled and shook wildly.

    Man twisted like crazy.

    “Ugh! Whoops!"

    He screamed with a blocked mouth in hopes of someone's help, but no sound was heard.

    The only thing that comes back is the swear words of the men who press down on them.

    The right hand, fixed by several hands, did not move.

    The shiny silver blade drew closer and closer.

    An abyss-like despair began to dwell in the man's eyes as he looked at .

    No one answers the call.
    no one comes.

    Now it's over.

    That moment,

    “What are you doing now?”

    A soft voice like the spring breeze permeated his ears.

    A voice that doesn't suit this place at all.

    The men looked back in amazement.

    There stood a detached woman with long silver hair that shined sharper than a blade.

    The moment her purple eyes and their eyes meet, for some reason the men
    Without realizing stopped.

    A feeling of intimidation so strong that it was hard to believe that it was emanating from such a small body swept the air.

    While the men stiffened, Aristine strode between them.

    "Your highness!"

    Mukhali, who was standing behind her, exclaimed in surprise.

    'Her highness'

    When the men panicked, looked at Aristine.

    Indeed, the high-ranking princess that they saw in the newspapers and in the square was right.

    Aristine stood in front of him as if protecting the oppressed man.

    The man blankly looked up at Aristine's back.

    He thought no one would come.

    Now it's really over.


    The back view with the sunlight on his head was dazzling. He can't even open his eyes properly.

    “Give me it.”

    Aristine reached out to the man holding the dagger.

    The man gave her a dagger as if possessed.

    Mukali was even more restless.

    He was worried that that little creature, who had never held a sword, would cut her own hand like that.

    Fortunately, Aristine folded the dagger safely. And without hesitation, she turned to the man.

    "Are you okay?"

    Slowly, her long silver hair slid in the air.

    Because Aristine herself bent down and reached out her hand.


    The man, Litren, did not answer anything and justlooked up at goddess of silver.

    His savior.
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    Those three letters popped into Litren's mind.

    Aristine's body, standing with her back to the light, had a faint outline.

    The spring sun came out from her back like wings.

    The only being who can lift him up from the edge of the cliff.

    Litren reached out to her without realizing it.

    He was startled by the Soft and warm touch of palm of her hand.

    Would it be okay to touch it with his own hand, which is hard coated with phosphorus and even holds molten iron?

    But before Litren could take back hishand, Aristine grabbed his hand first. like she won't miss it.

    Aristine's hand tried to drag him to his feet.

    There's no way those weak arms could lift him up, and without realizing it, strength entered into his knees,body moved.

    "here. Is this yours?”

    Aristine held out the folded dagger to him.

    Litren inadvertently took the dagger.

    A dagger that almost cut off his own finger.

    “It’s a good dagger.”

    Aristine said so and smiled. It was a dazzling smile in harmony with the golden spring sun.

    It was a dagger with a very simple shape, but it was unusual to fit Aristine's hand, which is much smaller than Airugo's.

    And the cutting power she saw through the monarch sight.

    Aristine's eyes twinkled.

    'Hurry up and become my employee.!'

    "Your highness."

    Mukhali approached and reached out to Aristine. It was meant to be an escort.

    Mukali's face was quite hard, and Aristine put her hand on his arm with a puzzled look.

    Mukhali's one-eyed twinkle and looked around the left center.

    Surprised by the sudden appearance of the princess, the men, who had only been watching, regained their consciousness and fell to their knees.

    “See you, her highness.”

    Aristine looked down at them and spoke quietly.

    “Who is shameto blacksmith's reputation? I want you to see for yourself who you really are.”

    After leaving only those words, she turned around and left without any regrets.

    The remaining men blushed in shame.

    A dirty and cowardly.

    'Because of him, her highness... !'

    That's what they thought, but right after Aristine warned them, they had another accident.

    That's what they thought, but they were't stupid enough to have another accident right after Aristine warned them.

    The men glared at Litren with savage gaze.

    But Litren didn't even care about their gaze.

    Her olive-colored eyes only looked Aristine's back view as she walked away.


    Mukali escorted Aristine, exuding a lot of vicious energy.

    “Lord Mukhali?”

    Aristine spoke to his attitude, but there was no reply.

    Rather, it is just taking a step further.,Aristine silently followed his lead, then stopped and squeezed her legs.

    However, for Mukali, it is infinitely light and cannot withstand it properly.

    But for Mukali, it was infinitely light, and he took a few steps without being able to stand it properly.

    Even so, Mukali stopped walking.

    She wanted to talk to him now, but he stubbornly refused to look at Aristine.

    “Lord Mukali.”

    When she called again, Mukali looked back at Aristine. It was a movement that was rough enough to make a swish.

    “With this little body… … !"

    Mukhali groaned.

    All the people of Airugo are one head bigger than Aristine.

    The women were the same and the men were even more bigger.

    Among them, the blacksmiths had a large physique and a solid body.

    There was no choice but to smelt, hammer, and quench in front of a fire that was hot enough to melt iron every day.

    But how dare you jump into the midst of me, who is so flustered!

    There, the opponent was holding a knife!

    Among them, Aristine looked like a reed swaying even when the wind blows.

    Mukhali couldn't contain his anger and trembled.

    He struggled to hold back what she wanted to say from a while ago.

    he hurts her prestige if he shouts what he said to Aristine in front of others.

    But now there's no one there, so there's no need to be patient.

    “What would you do if you got hurt!”

    Mukali said, holding Aristine's shoulder tightly.

    The shoulders held by his thick hands were as thin as a piece of paper, making him even more angry and annoyed.

    Even as he clenched his teeth, Mukali tried to take the power out of his hand as much as possible.

    But the unprepared princess looked on her shoulder with an innocent face and shrugged.

    “If you look at me, you’ll know who I am, but you say there’s something wrong with me.”

    As the saying goes, the race itself is different, so they have no choice but to recognize Aristine.

    Even Aristine's face was still in the newspaper.

    “When a man turns the faucet, he sees nothing! Did the men look okay?"

    “Well, it is.”

    Seeing Aristine nodding her head in agreement with him calmly, Mukhali seems to turn her head.


    Aristine snorted.

    "I'm fine with Lord Mukhli by my side."

    A face that is insignificant, as if telling a fact for granted.

    “Is that right?”

    Purple eyes like the dawn sky looks at himself without any doubt.

    Without making any effort, Mukali felt the strength drain out of his hand.

    "that… … exactly."

    Aristine smiled with an expression of 'Okay then'.

    Mukali looked at her with confused eyes.

    This isn't it.

    But still, something feels good.

    While Mukali was tilting his head, Aristine took a step forward.

    “Come on, let’s go inside. I came here without notice, so you have to be polite."

    As they were about to enter the building, they heard a loud noise from somewhere, so they all went in a hurry.

    When Aristine saw the magnolia tree, she ran ., and her prediction came true.

    As she saw in monarch sight, Litren was overpowered by other men.

    The silver blade flashed coolly.

    'It must have been today.'

    It was great timing.

    Her doubts as to whether it was right to intervene and change the future disappeared the moment she saw LitRen.

    Litren's face was devoured by despair.

    A hope that appeared like a dawn on his face when his fingers were completely saved without being hurt.

    Even if this event triggers a bad future, Aristine will not regret saving Litren.

    As she moved hier steps with such thoughts in mind, she arrived in front of the blacksmith's reception building.

    When she went inside with Mukali, people's attention was drawn to her.

    'Maybe, real.. ..•••?'

    Everyone looked at Aristine in disbelief, then hurriedly bowed their heads.

    "Your Highness."

    “See you, highness.”

    As she responded with a smile to those who greeted her, she heard urgent footsteps from somewhere.

    It was Bollaten, the leader of the Catalan Forge.

    (Here it was written 도장인 in place of leader, I searched in Google but couldn't find the meaning. If someoneknows then tell me I'll edit it.)
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    Thank youu:aww: you're so kind
    By the way mukali really muscle head, how can he still believe in diona and suspecting our fl :facepalm: until when he realize:notlikeblob: :blobconfused:
    But this is so cute aristine really cool:blob_pompom:
    I saw manhwa/novel promo and look at someone with blonde hair he talk to aristine 'how can i have you' perhaps that hamir(?) :blobjoy:
    Hmm.. So who'll be our second Ml:blobthinkingsmirk:
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    I mtl for a bit but dont remember much and might be slightly wrong with the Chapters order ...am still looking forward to @_sleepy_foodie_surfing_ updatess...

    Ch. 47- Aristine and Mukali had a talk with Bollaten about Listren
    Ch. 48-Aristine and Mukali met Listren. Nothing much happen.. they just admiring Listren's talent. Then Aristine asking him to come with her and told him she'll make him the greatest blacksmith of the continent.
    Ch. 49- Tarkan was curious about Aristine trip with Mukali and was curious/jealous about Listren when they were about to sleep. (Theres so much fun here haha am not a good story teller so i wont go to details cos you might lose interest if i did:blobpeek:).
    -Sylvan maids being delusional and had a meeting with rosaline and they all planning to seduce Tarkan.
    Ch. 50- Mukali had an inner dialogue on how he was mistaken about Aristine.
    -He reminisce about how he got the scar
    - he realize that shes kind and doesnt treat him differently like others who see him as scary or disgusting
    -Then he thought about diana and why did she come up with that....he stll think shes a good child so he was planning to clear the misunderstanding.
    Ch. 51-Aristine roasting session with the queen and the 3 princess. She was invited to a tea party and of course they are no match to our FL in wits
    Ch.52- i skip this cos i was so sure its gonna be continuation of the roasting part. Based on Ch. 53, this is the chapter where queen introduce his son to Aristine
    Ch. 53- Prince Hamir likes Aristine and was shock that she was already married.
    -Yerenika bitch was pissed and then brag to Aristine about how his brother incharge of mana stone mine which is a big thing for their country just like indirectly comparing him and Tarkan.
    -the queen is trying to indirectly convincing fl divorce tarkan and remarry to his son. Yerenika bitch glare to the queen for doing that to her precious big bro
    - Fl was like "i like my husband"
    Queen: "what do you even like about him?"
    Fl: "hes good at breaking beds":blobjoy::blobjoy::blobjoy:
    (I didnt read the next chap but i think tarkan heard it cos he go there after he received the report about the queen's tea party.)
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    He was surprised to hear that the princess had visited the blacksmith's shop and ran out.

    It was quite common for royalty to visit the Catalan smithy.

    But why do you visit without saying anything in advance?

    While he was worried that something was going to happen, he was also somewhat encouraged.

    Princess Aristine is the number one most people want to meet in Airugo right now.

    “Welcome to Catalan Bay, Aristine your Highness.”

    Vollaton greeted Aristine politely.

    “It is an honor to meet you. If you had told me that you were coming in advance, I would have been ready.”

    Instead of pointing out she had come without saying, it was a tone of sincere regret.

    In fact, the original blacksmith was always open to customers.

    “Go inside.”

    Volaton guided Aristine to the parlor

    Aristine looked at the swords, shields, and various weapons decorated inside with a line of interest full of interest.

    She saw.

    'Really, Irugo.'

    It was not without handicrafts, but overwhelmingly there were more weapons.

    And none of it was a masterpiece.

    Aristine, who did not know much about weapons, recognized it at a glance.

    'After all, Catala's reputation is not a lie.'

    Airugo, the land of fire and iron.

    As you can see from the words, blacksmiths who dealt with fire and iron were of course treated the best.

    Blacksmiths did not form a family like the nobles because they were connected by apprenticeship rather than blood ties.

    Instead, the blacksmith themselves is like a noble family.

    Instead, the blacksmith played the same role as the noble family.

    The best blacksmiths who have received royal warrants from the royal family.

    The dojo ( 도장인들 ) men who lead the blacksmith are in the same position as the heads of noble families.

    Among them, Catalan Bay was a blacksmith who had maintained the position of number one for the past hundred years.

    In other words, even though Vollaton looked like this, he was like the Duke or Marquis of Gaju of the prestigious Sedo family.

    "So, I am confident that this is the only place that can produce the best items for Her Majesty.”

    Vollaton said in a voice full of pride.

    Arriving in the parlor and after a few words of refreshment, he gave a brief introduction to the Catalan Bay Forge.

    The bottom line, he said, was that there was no better place than the Catalan Forge.

    Aristine nodded her head.

    “It’s great too. I have heard and known the reputation of the Catalan Forge ever since I was in Sylvanus.”

    "Is that so? I've heard that Sylvanus doesn't like the Airugo-style sword."

    That was a pretty sharp question.

    He said he didn't like it, but the real meaning was that he was asking if he was ignoring it.

    “If you have an eye for good things, there is no way you can’t recognize them.”

    Aristine smiled, passing it on leisurely.

    Only the discerning self and the Catalans who create good things were a way to elevate everyone.


    Vollaton's eyes were young.

    'It was no coincidence that what I saw at the welcome banquet that day was indeed a coincidence..'

    He smiled contentedly.

    ‘Am, our High Majesty Tarkan is one class member, and of course he is also very talented and wise!’

    Of course, Tarkan, an outstanding former man with numerous majors, was popular among blacksmiths.

    Blacksmiths were supporting Tarkhan like warriors.

    This, too, was the background that allowed Tarkan, who had no outward appearance, to maintain a balance in the struggle for the throne.

    'It's not like you came to our Catalan Bay from any other place!'

    It was clear evidence that he was a wise and discerning person.

    “Hey, anyone who sees it will know that I have a crush on Mr. Vision.” [I DONT KNOW WHAT IS THIS SENTENCE ABOUT]

    “General Mukali.”

    Vollaton looked at Mukali and grinned.

    "Can I take care of your sword when you come? I think you're still using it well.
    I am satisfied by that too.”

    Vollaton is proud of Mukali as he looked at the sword he wore. That big sword was the work of Vollaton.

    "Fine. I check this guy's condition every morning and evening."

    “Ha, it would be nice if everyone could use a sword like General.”

    Bolaton smiled bitterly.

    “Oh, come to think of it, I have a present for you, General.”

    “A gift?”

    "I heard that you made a big major in battle.”

    Vollaton glanced at Aristine's gaze.

    Aristine understood that the battle he was talking about was a war with Sylvanus, and nodded her head to indicate that it was okay.

    “Since the two countries have reconciled, the old days are only a process for reconciliation.”

    "It's a wise word."

    Bolaton admired Aristine's words again.

    “Anyway, such a heroic story is an inspiration to a blacksmith like me.”

    “It’s a shame that it’s a heroic story.”

    Mukali frowned, and said.

    But his chest was proudly wide open.

    He didn't hate to receive such praise in front of Aristine.

    'You should know that I'm better than Durante who broke the egg!'

    He had that thing in his heart.

    “Based on the anecdote of the general’s victory, we made a product exclusively for you.”

    At those words, the one and only Mukali's eyes lit up.

    Handcrafted by the best blacksmith, a gift made just for him!

    As a warrior, he couldn't help but look forward to it.

    At the beckoning of Vollaton, the waitress comes picking up a small box.

    It was an infinitely small box compared to Mukali's physique.

    He was even more confused about what was inside.

    Aristine also looked at the box with curious eyes.


    The moment he saw the contents of the box, Mukhali's face hardened.

    Inner made of gold and malachite The stand rests on black velvet.

    “Come on, General, put it on.” Vollaton said with anticipation.

    There was no sign of ridicule in his tone or expression.

    He is truly giving a present for Mukali.

    However, Mukali was confused whether what Volaton had heard was a heroic tale, or whether the warriors of Sylvanus had ridiculed his appearance.

    Perhaps it is the latter, so he felt pity and made this eye patch.

    No words came out.

    It was tightened as if his chest was being squeezed tight.

    “Now, since it is a form without a string, you can insert it into the eye hole in this way. It's not cool to have straps. It was designed not to overshadow the general's charisma.”

    Volaton inserts an eye patch into Mukali's left eye hole. It was just the right size to fit.

    The harmony of splendid malachite and pure gold was overwhelming in itself.

    Volaton nodded with satisfaction and asked Aristine.

    "How is it, my lord, aren't you a lot taller! Oh, of course, he was originally handsome.”

    Mukali flinched.

    He wanted to grab Bolaton by the neck right away and shout out to him to stop. No, he just wanted to disappear like this.

    He could feel Aristine's gaze carefully examining his own face.

    It was obvious not to see.

    It would be much better to cover that ghastly and hideous wound with such a wonderful eye patch.

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