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    What chapter is this??
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    "Linee." It was a soft voice as if melting into the ear. At the same time, it was also a voice full of ferocious signs. Aristine's low cracked voice with the energy of the night shook on his own. The string of the tunic was pulled and the sound of soft friction rang particularly loudly in the quiet barracks. "Well, hold on.····."Aristine unknowingly held Tarkan's hand tightly. Tarkan looked at her with a slightly dissatisfied gaze. He looked like a beast who was disturbed by his meal. However, he tried to squirm his eyes and gave a gentle look like a tamed beast to listen well. 'Just in case my wife, who barely put it in her mind, runs away.' Let's light up Aristine's face. "Everyone is outside..."…." Warriors are particularly sensitive. Even if they are enjoying alcohol and banquets, they will definitely hear what's going on inside. "I didn't know you'd be so shy." Tarkan smiled and looked up at Aristine. "You broke the bed". "That's-!" Aristine's mouth closed like a clam. Honestly, I didn't have anything to say. But it was fake, not real. "That and this are different." 'It's true, but if there's a rumor...…I'm ashamed.' The golden eyes looking at the red-faced Aristine are even more...It became darker and darker. "Is it okay for me to do the real thing if there's no rumor?" Tarkan moved his hand on top of Aristine's hand. All the strings he was holding were loosened. Aristine bit the inside of her mouth tightly. If there was a temperature in his gaze, she would definitely have burned himself. That's how hot his gaze was. Tarkan did not touch Aristine. He just looked at it and moved his finger until Aristine couldn't stand it anymore. A finger that moves narrowly above the boundary of the tunic. Rather, Aristine's senses were more sensitive to the feeling felt over the fabric. If I moved a little more sideways, I felt like I would touch her sensitive bare skin. Aristine felt out of breath and clenched her teeth. Nevertheless, a series of disheveled breaths came out. In fact, it was over if you put a little more force on my hand that held his. Tarkan's fingers were moving endlessly softly. Aristine could stop it with a little force. Rather, I was losing more and more strength. Tarkan held her waist tight with the other hand. "Oh no." A drowsy smile came to his face. "You have to be careful." Aristine stared at him with dissatisfaction, biting his lips. "It's because of someone." "Of course it's because of me, "Tarkan said in a proud tone. "If you don't like it, I won't touch it." Aristine's eyes have become fiercer now. 'What the hell is this? Where is he not touching?' Of course, there was no direct contact with Aristine. Everything was on top of her clothes. Aristine bit her lips hard. Her senses have been tickling the spine since earlier. However, to be attracted to Tarkan as it is, seemed detestable. Yeah, that was mean. Aristine put force on one hand that was placed on Tarkan's chest. And····· Tarkan was pulled to the corner of Aristine's mouth. I felt uneasy seeing her sneak up. And the anxiety soon became a reality. "Extreme·····." A series of low groans came out of Tarkan. Aristine, who was sitting on top of him, smiled in high spirits. "You..." Tarkan's words didn't go on further. Aristine, once again kissed him. Tarkan saw Aristine's smile and moving back once again. Does this woman know what she looks like right now? Aristine's face, which had heated up, was much more relaxed than usual, and her long lashes were wet and shaded. Tarkan still endured with tremendous patience. Even if you stimulate it more, it's not good for you, but in this way, · · · · · · · · ·Tarkan's thoughts did not continue further. No, it didn't connect. This is because Aristine went further down. At the moment, Tarkan's body hardened and tightened. The same was true of Aristine's who was stiff. She turned a little white and looked back. I couldn't believe the feeling I just touched. No matter how ethnic the difference may be, this was not the standard size for humans. "Ha, Haha,·····. This was a mistake-." It was when she looked at Tarkan again and smiled awkwardly. Bang! She was suddenly pulled and her body tilted downwards. My lips were eaten as there wasn't any time to grasp the situation Aristine gasped like a drowning man. The dry hands pulling the back were hot. "Ha...!" a sharp breath leaked from Aristine's lips. Tarkan swallowed that as if it was a waste not to. His lips, which had sucked her lips, were off the table. A kiss on the white neck that stretches past the jawline and goes further down. Aristine breathed heavily on the hot air and looked at Tarkan with his face buried in the product with a cloudy view. "Oh!" At that moment, Aristine bent at the sense of running his back stem sharply and nicely. It was hot and humid. With an unfamiliar sense, she pushed Tarkan's head without even realizing it. But when the feeling came again, my hand slipped as it was. The hand that was about to push his head away was already digging into the black hair. I was out of my mind. I didn't know what was going on. A sharp sound rang dull in my deaf ears. Aristine, who realized what it meant a bit later, looked down. The tunic was torn "Now, wait,·····!" "The fabric is too weak," Tarkan said, raising his head in her arms. His lips were particularly red and the place where his lips touched were too. Aristine was momentarily speechless at the sight. "What should I do? I can't wear ripped clothes." Tarkan said smoothly. "I have no choice but to take it off." His big hand swept down Aristine's shoulder. Clothes that had already lost their function by itself were easily peeled off. Tarkan's pupils with Aristine in his eyes narrowed with the sound of the fabric passing by. Ashamed of the persistent gaze, Aristine covered herself with one arm. But it was useless. Tarkan pulled her arm that was covering her away. In an instant, a fluffy fleece rug touched the back, and Tarcan was pressing her down. With each other's hands entangled, Aristine faced Tarkan. Scarlet lights lit up above them. Tarkan was silent for a moment. "Pretty." His neck has been lowered endlessly. It was a whispering voice. The tangled fingers loosened and his hands moved. Just as I did in my dreams and imagination several times. Her body was softer than in his dreams and more flexible than in his imagination. Aristine blocked her lips with the back of her hand and suppressed the bursting sound. "Fool, I can hear everything." He talked through rough breaths, Tarkan laughed. "How fine are you, trying not to make a sound?" Aristine was furious and hesitated as she was trying to hit back. There was a golden transparent membrane around the bed. I was out of my mind and didn't know because I was sitting looking down until I lied down like this. "Since when…?" "From the beginning?" Tarkan grinned. There's no way I'd let other people hear my wife. Tarkan himself feared what he would do if they heard it by mistake. "What? Are you having fun teasing me?" Aristine frowned and quarreled against his shoulders. Tarkan smiled. I kissed him again. Lying down like this, watching the golden curtain reminded me of the old days. Aristine's mouth was full against his and she eventually put her arm around Tarkan's shoulder. "You're a real fool." "If I could sleep with you then thank you." Tarkan laughed. It was a fierce laugh. "I'm sorry, but I can't take it anymore." At the end of that, Tarkan lowered his lips again and redrawed his loved one. The field's breath burst out of Aristine's lips. His fingers seemed to play delicate instruments. Aristine trembled like a harp's string. The wool rug slipped between the fingers full of strength. "It smells sweet," he whispered. Aristine closed her eyes with a red face. He led her hand and as she followed the lead, he breathed deeply and frowned. Unlike her, who had lost strength all over her body and became mushy, he was as hard as a refined sword. Tarkan roughly craved for Aristine. He touched her eyes. The front was completely white. Her hand, holding his back, was tight. A sharp moan naturally leaked from Aristine's lips. An unacceptable intense sense ran through the body and swirled and tormented. Whenever Tarkan moved, Aristine hugged him tightly and cried because her sense of pain seemed to explode. The shadow in the room is dangling. I repeatedly felt nervous. Tarkan distorted his forehead and clenched his teeth. A fierce growling sound came out of his throat. He pulled her like a clingy height and felt like he couldn't get out of it. But it was still good. Tarcan didn't want to break up with his woman who was his wife. Sweatdrops from his body wet her body. His wife was lovely to look up at him with dim eyes. He kissed her on the bridge of her nose as gently as fluff. Unlike the polite and fresh kiss, the movement below was different. Aristine, who felt something, shrank. But there was no place to run away. I'm sorry for my tired wife, but the night has just begun. * * *

    About how the warriors found out is, Tarkan was using an 'orrer' or the golden membrane. It is used by swordsmen as a sheild when in a fight. So Tarkan here was using it to block their sounds but some of the warriors who were still sober and we're bringing back their drunk comrades
    to the barracks, they felt the 'orrer' and thought someone was fighting a monster nearby but then they realised that there was no sign of a extraterrestrial and that it was Tarkan..they soon figured it out and we're quite happy-embarrassed. It was also after this that Aristine was found pregnant.
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    ohmghoshh :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed:
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    Nope, that isn't the last.

    Diona was also involved in this case -> Aristine was accused for poisoning Emperor Nephtar (which is not). They've discovered the poison bottle in Aristine's belongings (This poison is from the Silvanus Emperor). It was a nerve-wrecking and funny event. They were wary because this might tarnish the peace treaty between Silvanus and Irugo. Aristine blatantly admitted that the bottle was hers, but she was able to deal with it all flawlessly. Case closed! Tarkan was also by her side, and is genuinely trying to protect her. All are in awe of the two power couple.
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    What chapter is this from?
    Do they find out that it's Dionna? Can we get more spoiler about her downfall?
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    Does Tarkan ever give Dionna the official boot? Except for time Aristine fainted did he ever officially get Dionna kicked out or pay for manipulation and eventual crimes?
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    How about the end of aristine's step sister?
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    So I wanna clarify something...I wrote 'Lenne' in my spoiler..it's wrong. It's actually "Renè" a nickname for Aristine that was first given by Nephther then what Tarkan calls her adoringly.
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    Kakaopage? You can make an account and read one episode free everyday. It's the raws.
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    MTL-ed so please bear with the mistranslation.

    (I removed the unnecessary parts)

    “Y-Your highness!”

    Only then did Diona come to her senses and hurriedly called Aristine.

    Tarkan saw Aristine’s gaze turned to Diona and grabbed her by the shoulder.

    Tarkan asked.

    “Say it. What’s wrong?”

    “She said, you and Diona are lovers.”

    Tarkan forgot what to say.

    “It’s also very passionate, so I’ve been desperate since long ago. The only woman in this world that is special to you is Diona, and Mobi said that she ‘recognized’ her as a daughter-in-law.”

    Silence. A complete silence came.

    The knights and the maids held their breath without making a noise.

    A ferocious energy emanated from Tarkan. The breathtaking stillness before the storm.

    Breaking that silence, Tarkan asked slowly.

    “What is this all about?”

    “Y-Young Highness Tarkan…”

    Diona trembled and knelt on the floor.

    “Your highness, you must have misunderstood something. I never…”

    “You said that when you came to the bridal room on the day of the wedding.”

    Aristine intervened, asking why.

    “If you stand still, won’t you be driving yourself to be a liar?”

    “W-What are you talking about? When did I…!”

    “Is that right, Durante?”

    At Aristine’s words, Durante lightly bowed his head.

    “Your highness’ words are correct.”


    Diona looked like she was about to faint. She took Tarkan’s feet and grabbed unto it.

    “Oh no, no, no. My lord, please…”

    Even if she was his real lover, it would have been absurd to say such remarks towards his wife.

    But Diona had nothing to do with Tarkan.

    “Your highness, please… No… I’m not like that…”

    Tears welled up in Diona’s eyes. Without knowing what she was doing, she grabbed Tarkan tightly. But there was no response. I thought it would have been better if the cold gaze had returned.

    Tarkan was looking at only one person.


    Even though she cried and cried like this, he never looked at her.


    Diona was startled by the call.

    This voice was Mukali.

    Although the expression on Mukali’s face she had seen earlier caught on, there was no way he would abandon her in this situation.

    “Brother Mukali, I’m innocent!”

    Diona shouted and turned her head towards Mukali. However, there was nothing to be seen in Mukali’s face as he looked down at her.

    Compassion, pity, responsibility.

    There must be things like that but why is he looking at her coldly.

    How could he do such a horrific thing! A very cold face. It was the same with Jackalen and Durante next to him.

    Those contemptuous gaze.


    Diona muttered and shook her head.

    It can’t be like this!

    All knights are kind to her! It must be like that!

    Diona bit her lip tightly. This is wrong!

    Afterall, Tarkan don’t love Aristine. It was only an arranged marriage. In the end, it should be her who was by Tarkan’s side.

    Everyone should side with her than the imperial family of the hostile country!

    You must take my side!

    But what came back was the cold gaze she never received before.

    Diona, who shrugged her shoulders as she mumbled, quickly turned around and said to Tarkan.

    “My lord, how devoted Dionna was to your highness ever since from a young age. My older brother is also like that!”

    With her dead brother in her mouth, Diona clinged to Tarkan.

    My brother died because of Tarkan, so no matter what, he should care about her. But Tarkan’s gaze was still directed to one person.

    “Aristine. I have no relationship with this woman.”

    “Ugh. Yeah…”

    Reluctantly, Aristine answered.

    Tarkan was upset when Aristine, who had answered vaguely, continued to look at Diona.

    “I’ve never thought of her as special, or have been passionate about her.”


    Aristine’s gaze turned back to Diona, and Tarkan gently grabbed her cheek with both hands.

    The people who were watching at that friendly and intimate appearance turned their faces red without realizing it.

    ‘Honestly, I think it’s really embarrassing.’ Aristine looked at Dionna with a sad heart.

    Sparks flew from Diona’s eyes at her sympathetic gaze. Diona got up and ran towards Aristine. She tried to but unable to reach her because Durante grabbed her arms.

    “Hey! Let me go!”

    “You’re really good, my lord! To be rude to me, who was always by his highness’ side. That’s fine! But my brother… Only for my brother, please don’t act like that.”


    Expectedly, Tarkan called her name.

    Diona raised her head with a very sad expression on her face.

    “Yes. Your highness…..”

    “You know, thanks to your brother, I’m not putting you in jail right now.”


    Diona couldn’t believe Tarkan’s words just now. This wasn’t it! Tarkan must be guilty and comfort her.

    But why?

    “The sin of daring to despise my wife, even repaying it with your life is not enough.”

    Tarkan is looking down at her with eyes as sharp as blade and without a single point of warmth.


    Diona tried to look for help and looked at the knights. But even Mukali and Jackalen gaze coldly at her.

    “Diona, don’t taint your brother’s honor anymore. What did you dare to do with her highness?”

    In Diona’s eyes that were turning off, the flames blazed wildly.

    “Everyone is so good! I just loved his highness Tarkan! Is that wrong? Everyone knows that I have only seen and loved his highness since I was a little. For those long years! All I loved is his highness Tarkan! Living as strangers, she don’t know anything about his highness! Such a woman–!!”

    With a strong fricative sound, Diona’s head and body swiveled at the same time. Diona fell on the floor and trembled wildly. The feeling of her burning cheeks were unbelievable at all.

    Hurt. It hurts.

    “Did you just hit me now? I’m Chantra’s sister!” Diona raised her head and looked at Mukali.

    “Apologize to her highness.” Mukali said in a firm tone.
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    does she ever reveal her powers to tarkan and the others? or is it just kept a secret for the entirety of the novel
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    That's my question too and also what happened in the tea party with queen?

    Thank you love, if you have time please spoil more :oops::X3:
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    Does anyone know who the artist of the manhwa is? Do they have a Twitter?
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    I'm sorry if it's hard to understand. Korean isn't on my language. I'm using an app to translate it.. so please bear with the mistranslation.
    Raw provider credit to @Hoki thank you!

    ***CH 90***

    It was no longer a secret that a mana stone mine was discovered in Irugo, and Hamir became the general manager.

    It was revealed as the international situation stabilized and mining development progressed.

    "Will your Highness Hamir give you a magic stone?"

    At Litren's words, Aristine smiled and shook her head.

    The Queen of Hamir issued this mission. So, the plan to monopolize the line.

    Hamir would have participated. Hamir helps you overcome this difficulty?

    "No way."

    "Then how ·····."

    "Don't worry. The mana stone business is a national project."Aristine smiled.

    "Prince Hamir is the general manager, but it is the authority of His Majesty Nefter."

    "That means."

    "Yes, you can persuade your Majesty."

    Nefter was an experienced politician.
    He is showing favor to Aristine and supports the scalpel business, but he cannot simply give a mana stone for it.

    Some of the mana stones cannot be used elsewhere as much as Aristine uses them.
    Nefter was going to think about the opportunity cost.

    I'll pay for it in my favorably.

    'You have to lead them to.'
    Aristine put her spirit firmly in.

    * * *

    Aristine immediately put Nefter in communication, saying that the iron horn was also removed in a short period of time.

    We don't have much time, so we have to move as fast as we can.

    Fortunately, you can do it right away.

    When the answer came, Aristine refined only the crown a little and headed to the king's palace.

    The courtiers, who treated Aristine like broken glass, dissuaded her, saying,

    "Do we have to make an excuse today?" but she could not stop it.

    Aristine, who arrived at the king's palace, was guided to the game room.

    "Game room?"

    Was he playing a card game with his ministers?
    I hope I didn't disturb you.


    A friendly atmosphere was needed to persuade well.

    "Welcome, LINE (/Rine: Aristine nickname)."

    Nefter sat languidly by the window full of afternoon sunlight with his chin on.

    "I'm seeing your Majesty, the king."
    Nefter looked at Aristine and spit out.

    "I heard you're sick."

    "Your Majesty may be worried about you".

    It wasn't work."

    Aristine sat across from Nefter, answering politely.

    However, Nefter said his chin in a pipe posture as if he didn't like something.

    "Well, isn't it something to worry about?"
    "It is a parent's mind to worry if their child sneezes."

    Aristine bit her lips. Her chest became warm and fluffy like a cotton blanket on a spring day, so I just wiggled my fingers for no reason.

    Nefter looked at Aristine's white cheeks as they were slightly reminded.

    It was a shy girl who could not be thought of as a politician with tremendous skill.

    "As you said, you succeeded in the scalpel business."

    At that, Aristine came to her senses and raised her head.

    This was not the time to be mesmerized.

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    "I thought you were only changing the scalpel design, but I didn't expect you to make iron that doesn't rust." It was worth trusting and leaving it to me."

    "I'm glad that I was able to repay your trust."

    "But I think there's a problem."

    Nefter's expression as he said so was not different from usual, but Aristine did not miss the subtle change in his gaze.

    He is testing himself now. Aristine smiled brightly. She said,

    "It's not that big of a problem because it can be fixed."

    "Can you fix it?" I was interested in Nefter's blue eyes.

    He straightened his chin and looked at Aristine.
    In fact, Nefter thought that Aristine had come to solve this unusual monopoly problem.

    She wanted to see how logically she could point this out, and how accurately she would pinpoint the problems that monopolies would cause.

    I was expecting how well this clever daughter-in-law would persuade her... … .
    'They say that it can be solved'

    'I didn't expect you to come.' Nefter slowly swept his chin.

    Aristine has always been beyond his expectations.

    And all the actions that broke the expectations brought happy results for Nefter.

    'What are you going to say to surprise me this time?' Nefter's gaze fell on Aristine.

    Interest, anticipation, and curiosity were added to the test-like gaze.

    Aristine swallowed dry saliva at that clear emotion and nodded her head.

    "Yes, we can work it out." It was an unwavering, confident tone.

    Her transparent gaze looked straight at Nefter.
    But inside, she was nervous, so she took a sip of the tea that the royal palace had brought her.
    Relaxing as if hiding a trembling heart

    I savored the crab tea scent and slowly stuck it in my mouth.

    When the warm tea enters, the stiff body loosens a little.

    Now is the right time for Nefter to set up the table first.

    "Your Majesty ." At a serious call, Nefter faced up to Aristotle.

    The clear blue eyes looked particularly bright under the sunlight.

    "I can buy a magic stone".

    Please." Nefter's pupils narrowed for a moment, then widened.

    My eyes are drooping.

    "Sell the magic stone to you?"

    He leaned slowly against the chair. Pull your long legs leisurely.

    "It's Hamir in charge of it."

    It was entrusted to Hamir, which meant that everything was under Hamir's jurisdiction.

    However, Aristotle could not go to Hamir. Rejection will come back even before we talk about it.

    'No, it's a relief if the rejection comes back.'
    Nefter will be well aware of it. Now he was obviously measuring Aristine.

    “But it is a right entrusted to you by Your Majesty.”

    Nefter carefully examined Aristotle's relaxed response.

    Mana stone is a resource that everyone covets.
    The noblemen is also exchanging war of words over the right to trade mana stone.

    Although the dug-up mana stone was not invested in only one place, the number of digits was set as the country restricts distribution.

    Right now, Aristine has limited...

    It's asking to put yourself in the number of digits.

    "I don't think scalpel and mana stone have anything to do with it?"

    Is it because it's a treasure that everyone else covets?

    Or are you going to feed Prince Hamir, who fed himself with an iron bar monopoly, on my side this time?

    Many of the nobles are flocking to Hamir to win the mana stone deal.

    If one of them is given to Aristine under Nefter's order, one of the forces to collude will be lost.

    "That's also quite meaningful in political battles."

    In addition, it would be beneficial at other times to obtain magic stones.

    'But from the standpoint of running the country, it's not good.'

    That important resource is wasted in vain. Many aristocrats fill my stomach.

    Although it was done to protect the country, it was also a handshake that slowed the development of the country.

    Did Aristine choose such a method for his political position?

    'But for some reason, tuk, tuk. Nephther's fingers slowly tapped the velvet-wrapped armrest.

    'Line (/Rine) seems to have a different opinion.'

    Don't avoid his own gaze.

    Jooha had an incision in Aristotle's gaze. You won't be able to look like that simply to take your own political advantage.

    Nefter slowly opened his mouth looking at those desperate and desperate eyes.

    "It's not that you don't know the importance of the Mana Stone, it's not just out of greed."Aristine smiled.

    Why does she need a magic stone?
    Even before explaining, Nefter said.

    "Shall we play a game?"

    The servant who was waiting at Nefter's words shuffled the playing cards.

    'Why all of a sudden the game?' For a moment, she was puzzled, seeing the smile on Nefter's lips, Aristine grabbed the card.

    * * *

    Ace of Spades. Next, Hart's 7.
    Nefter picked up the card. It wasn't visible to Aristine, but she was sure what card it was. The queen of the club.

    She and she herself are the next house-carding-'I knew it.

    He is the king of diamonds. Aristine looked at the water in the flower cabinet.

    On the water was a scene of Astine and Nefter playing card games.

    Also, as the viewing angle was changed widely so that you could see both cards.

    'I can't believe this scene is reflected at this time. Should I say that I'm lucky? For Aristine, Nefter will get it.

    I figured out all the cards that came out. And how and what hand he uses.

    'Of course, if my actions change, His Majesty's actions will also change.'

    I have already memorized the order in which the cards appear. Even if a person's behavior changes, the order in which the cards are drawn does not change.

    "Did you say it was your first time playing card games?"

    "Yes, His Majesty."

    Originally, he would not have been Nefter's opponent.

    However, I was able to deal with it to some extent because I knew the rules and knew all the order of defeat.

    "I feel like I'm cheating." Tok and Aristotle tingled the card.

    "So is it better to win?"

    "Aristine asked for a mana ticket, and Nefter said let's play a game."

    replied with words. In this case, what I can think of is... If you beat me, I will grant your wish.

    'Is that what you mean?'

    But if you lose, Nefter will feel bad.
    Usually, when playing games with people in power, it is said that the desirable attitude is to lose first.

    'Should I lose?' It feels good to win, so I'm more generous

    It was the standard to get what you wanted when you did.


    Aristine agonized over the card while grabbing it.

    Unfortunately, the sleep mirror disappeared before the outcome was won or lost or the resulting reaction of Nefters.

    I tapped my nose with the card Aristine was holding.

    "So, is the magic stone the key to solving the shortage of iron?""

    Aristine looked at Nefter at the question that came in suddenly.

    But his gaze was still on the card.

    "Yes, it's a very important key."

    Aristine said, changing the position of the hand in his hand.

    "Huh?" A twinkle twinkled in Nefter's eyes.

    The scalpel and mana stone are always handsome.

    I thought there was no relationship. But is it related?

    Or does it just mean that it is the key to a political solution?

    As if giving a hint to answer the question, Aristine smiled and put one of his cards down.

    "If you have a magic stone, you don't need iron."
    Nefter, who checked the card, narrowed his eyes.

    "It's fun."

    Card games and Aristine's words became fun.

    After giving out cards with an aesthetically pleasing attitude, it seems that they have finally made up their minds.

    Nefter placed his card on top of Aristine's.

    Aristine picked up a card and put another one down.


    Nephther frowned as he picked up the new tile.

    "Your Majesty ,"

    Aristine smiled and looked at Nepter.

    "I can take a step back."

    Nefter laughed at the passionate words. What doesn't sound arrogant and sounds like a little daughter's tricks is that she's old?

    "I will make your wishes come true."
    "It's my wish."

    Nefter murmured as he tilted his hand to the card.

    Now, Aristine wasn't just saying that she would take a step back.

    King Airugo's long-standing aspiration. In other words, it was meant to dispel the stigma of being a savage country for Airugo.

    "May I step back?" Aristine said, provokingly.
    all. "Well."

    The king put down all the cards in a loud voice.
    "Let's see your hand sometime."

    The hand Nefter was talking about was not a hand of cards.

    I was asking what Aristine could do with magic stones.

    It was definitely different from the attitude he had before, who suggested the game from the beginning without asking the exact reason.

    Aristine smiled. She put the card she was holding on the imitation table.

    "My defeat is perfect."

    * * *

    Aristine came out of the king's palace with a light heart.

    The garden in full bloom with green garden trees and summer roses was filled with transparent sunlight.

    Aristine walked across the garden to the place where she had parked her wagon.

    With each gentle breeze, the scent of fresh green rushed into his nostrils.

    Through the blue light, something foreign flashed into my eyes.

    This is a hair color that is hard to find on Airugo.

    Aristine had recently met a man with platinum like that.

    <This is the end of today's meeting, and I'm not going to look for a visionary. Of course, I'm not going to come here.>

    <Instead, if we meet somewhere by chance later, we will be friends.>

    In an instant, the unusual encounter popped up in my memory.

    Aristine opened her eyes roundly.

    "We met for real."

    That was also a coincidence.

    ' It was amazing. Perhaps he felt the gaze, and the man who was talking to his party looked at Aristine.

    The eyes of the two met with the light pink rose in between the fragrant flower beds.
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    So apparently Aristine has an older brother. His name is Raunelian. He was sent by the emperor to the northern territory of Sylvanus to defend the borders against beasts from a very young age. He comes back the day Aristine is found pregnant. He loves and adores his 'only' sister very much and she means the world to him as she was his only family after their mother died. He hates the other blonde white-lotus sister who was the reason of Aristine imprisonment. Like he hates her guts and disses her! He was defensive against Tarkan because he wasn't their for his sister when she was pregnant meaning he just impregented her and left. (Tarkan was in a beast subjugation and there was no way to be in others. He made the record of the fastest subjugation in history because he wanted to see his wife.)
    I'll post more spoilers later.
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    Spoiler of the endingg Pleasee
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    Although it has been uploaded I don't think think it is available yet.. there's no side stories either!!
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    It's chapter 124-126
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    Thank you everyone for the spoilers:blobsmilehappyeyes::blobsmilehappyeyes: Any spoilers about their child?
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    Can we know more about what happened to Retanasia? Fl's b*tch-ass sister. Retanasia? More like "Rat'anasia".
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