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    Questions: what chapters did tarkan start realizing he was falling? Was it before or after the revelation about his and aristine's past?

    Could you spoil the chapters about the past flashback and aristine's Emperor Eye reveal?
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    The party :(
    I really want to know :(
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    Hi...Can you please post chapters from 81???...
    Am extremely impatient and starving for the chapters on their love devolpment... Please please please please...:aww::aww::aww:
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    Chapter 124

    It was too clear to be called an intuition. As the past and the present mix and ripple, Tarkan finally realized. Why didn't he know about it all this time? No, he actually found out. Many times he saw the girl's figure in Aristine, but he used to force himself to think that it couldn't be, that she didn't look like her at all.

    Two people hugged each other tightly floating without saying a word. Countless words echoed in his chest, but they all burst out before they came out of his mouth. "Tarkan." "Rene." They shared the warmth of the ashes that only barely called each other's names with trembling voices. It was as if the time apart was like a year, and this warmth was longing and vaguely sad. Aristine, who had been deeply entangled in Tarkan's arms, raised her head. Tarkan looked down at her with his burning gaze. It was a gaze that seemed like a waste of time to sharpen one eye. The two stood for a moment, staring at each other, then Tarkan bowed his head. In line with that, Aristine's eyes slowly closed. Their breath touched first, and immediately after that, the moment when the lips of the two people touched.

    Key Yiyi Profit-!!

    The hemp water howled. Dangerous aura rushed towards the two of them. Instead of counterattacking, Tarkan lowered his body, wrapping Aristine around him. Wow!

    The cannabis tail broke the barrier in front of the two, and a roar broke out.

    hey hey hey hey!

    The wild cries of the beast seemed to tear their ears. For some reason, he seemed more angry than when he was fighting Tarkan. The railing shook, but did not collapse.

    'You're stronger than I thought to withstand the attacks of the hemp water.'

    Tarkan exclaimed and grabbed Aristine's shoulder.

    "Keep him hiding here, because he'll come after he's out of breath."


    Tarkan grinned bitterly at Aristine's words. He wanted to say that it was not appropriate, but he had nothing to say because he had looked almost dangerous because he had been careless. He wanted to show his wife only a good look, so it was a bit daunting.

    "Don't worry."

    Aristine said as if reading his mind like that.

    "I know. <I saw it. You won.>)

    Aristaine's voice overlaps with the voice she heard a long time ago. Her eyes looked at herself the same as back then. Time passed, but then and everything was Tharkan did what he couldn't at the time, but did what he wanted to do. His lips touched Aristine's breath. There were so many moments that it was said that it was a fleeting moment. He saw Aristine looking at him with a little amazement. Looking at him in a happy mood, Tharkan slammed his legs into the ground. In an instant, his new form soared up. Fighting the cannabis water, Tarkan also suffered minor injuries, but his body was lighter than any other body. Without mind, even the animals inside the body sprinted through the deformity with vigor as if they were sullen, and then a golden owl came out of his room and took off the tail of the marijuana wrapped in a tight fist.

    Green blood splattered everywhere. The cannabis twisted its body while waving the tail that had been cut off for a day. It was a transfer job that was so strict that the continuation was shaken. But Tarkan did not panic. His body was unmoved, and he was confronted with the new Shinchan Cannabis head-on. Tarkan raised his sword high. A golden aura wrapped around his sword body, and eventually even his body was stained. It looked as if the sword and body had become one. It flew toward the cannabis's bigan, causing the golden chimney to ignite. Hemp water lifted his front paws, but Tarkan was faster. The chisel hit the forehead of the cannabis chisel. It was a moment of illusion, as if time had passed.

    Frost-. Kim gently dug into the forehead of the cannabis. The huge body of hemp cannabis swelled up. The demonstration gun's eyes turned to Tarkan. Its front feet, which had been scratching the air, made a heavy sound and fell to the ground. Tarkan's sword is removed from the beautiful liver of a thousand years old cannabis. my lord cannabis body leaned

    All. won This time it ended with these words. Tarkan looked back. The ten-year-old man, Churap, or at that time, when there was no one around, and Dapri Aristinee, were standing on the railing, Minjae. voice calling him. Yeah, I wanted to see this, I wanted to hear this voice. You too, before and now, Parman, with her chest filled with walls, ran to his wife, to his first love as a dog. The slender body is in front of me. Tarkan poured a kiss without any hair and forehead hem. As if to confirm existence, he called her name over and over again. The answer that comes back every time can be so heartbreaking. Aristinee raised her head instead of answering the repeated call. Her pure white reputation is on TarkanStretched out to the dog and wrapped around his neck. In an instant, Tar Khan's face fell to her. Aristine lifted her heels slightly. Their lips pulled together, but that was the end. Aristine quickly sighed and opened her lips. “Bitch is too talkative,” said Aristine, smirking Thar Khan with a smirk on her face. "Lee Rim Man, you just have to kiss him." She let out a silent moan from his teeth. The next moment, his lips were already touching Aristine's. The power of Tarkan's red bean wrapped around Aristine's waist was tight. The bodies of the two men are firmly attached to each other. The hot Imsul was rubbed and the breath was mixed. Tarkan's higa burrowed into Aristine's mouth, tasting every nook and cranny. Even teeth, soft gums inside, and a small tongue move, Aristine's hand grabbed Tar Khan's collar as if it were about to tear apart.All. Tongue and tongue intertwined, short of breath. Tar Khan's large hand slipped through Aristhane's long hair. The kiss that seemed like it would never end is over. As if regretfully red, their eyes stare at each other. "Rine." Tar Khan's voice was low and hoarse. Aristine trembled with tears at the eerie feeling of the letter. Tar Khan's large hand swept down her waist, then slowly lifted up. Her heart was pounding like it was going to explode. Her mouth felt like it was burning. The two didn't look at each other. A pure melodious tune between the tarots caught the strings of Aristine's tunic. Loudly, the string pulled effortlessly and her knot untied. At that moment, hey Iming! Both of them stiffened at the sudden high-pitched cry. Aristine turned to her side, startled. Tar Khan's steed lands with horseshoes dug The innocent eyes of the horse seemed to criticize them for harming the breeze. Aristine hurriedly escaped from Tarkan's arms. Tar Khan looked at the distant warmth with empty eyes and then turned his head away. The eyes looking at the horses who lived and died were like looking at the enemy


    The war horse snorted and rolled its feet in dissatisfaction. Tarkan let out a deep sigh. Eventually he moved his steps towards his horse.

    "Let's go back."

    "Yeah, wait a minute."

    As Aristine manipulated the two fences that were installed, the size immediately shrunk. Tarkan frowned as he looked at the tiny railing that could fit in the palm of his hand.


    The joy of reunion and the joy of realizing that Aristine was his first love, reminded him of what he has forgotten for a moment.

    "Is it possible that you only believed one thing and came all the way here? What about an escort? No. It doesn't matter if there is an escort."

    "At least. This saved your life."

    Aristinee licked her lips.


    Tharkan exclaimed, turning Aristine's shoulder roughly. It's the first time he's ever yelled at her like this, Aristine was startled.

    "You know where this is! You really want to see me go crazy?!"

    But Tarkan's expression looked so desperate and painful when he said that, Aristine said nothing. She couldn't.

    "If you've been wrong, I'd say that Tarkan couldn't help but bow his head. How can this big man look so small."

    "It's fine."

    Aristine said, wrapping her arms around Tarkan's shoulder,

    " 'cause I knew you were going to defeat the monster." Tarkan looked down at Aristine silently. Aristine smiled roundly. Her eyes were full of trust. But just trusting Tarkan didn't mean she knew he was going to win. Curious about that unusual ability? This happened, but for now, the first thing to do is to join the other warriors. Tarkan took Aristine and put her on the steed. As he climbed on top of it too, the clever steed began to run as if it knew where to go.

    "your Highness !"

    "Where are you?"

    It would be foolish to say "your Highness !" loudly within the realm of the demonic beasts. The best way to survive is to hold your breath as much as possible so as to not to attract the attention of the monsters. However, the warriors, including Jakalen, the border guards, the blacksmiths, and the wizards were shouting loudly. Maybe they weren't afraid of an encounter with the cannabis, so it spread all over the place and went back and forth. It was to find the missing prince.

    "he still hasn't responded?"

    Jakarlen asked nervously.

    “Nothing can be caught within range,” Asena, who was practicing search magic, sighed in sweat. She started using her magical powers without a break, starting with the attack on the beasts earlier, and was tired, but she did not stop casting her. "she couldn't have gone any further than this due to the sound of war steed. If she had gone out alone, she would have been discovered sooner..".

    Jakarlen asked this sarcastically. The range that could go to Aristine's conclusion was all searched for, but nothing was found. Winning meant one thing.

    "Because cannabis can win the appearance."

    “But why did you take her Highness Harman?”

    It was certainly odd that he only took Aristine without the other humans attacking. No, actually, it is hopeful that she was taken away. It was most likely to have been devoured, but no one spoke the word. Anyway, the fact that only Aristine couldn't sleep is not a cannabis thing. This was high. With that hope, they were searching. yes it was. Asena sighed and helped her head. Jackalen noticed the change promptly and asked.

    "Did you catch something? Do you have a vision?"

    “No. His Highness is moving too fast for vision.”

    Those words made people nervous. Something fast approaching in the realm of the demonic beasts. Even a small child will know what it is.

    "Everyone, get ready for battle!"

    Even as he said that, Jakarlen added one more word.

    “Those who want to run away can run away!”

    Originally, Jackal Lan would have ordered the retreat first. There is no odds of sticking with cannabis. But Aristine is alive. I couldn't move, but I couldn't get out of here. But at least it should prevent meaningless regeneration. There are not only warriors here, but also those who have absolutely nothing to do with the former wealth. However, the reaction of the people was different from what Jackal Ren expected.

    "What do you mean? General!"

    "I don't know if you're waiting for us, but how did you leave? I mean!"

    " We will live valiantly without shame!"

    "Ah, that's why I didn't want to come," Asena grumbled. But in the next moment, a huge magic circle was forming under her staff. It looked like it was preparing for a large-scale attack of magic, far from hiding.

    "You said you didn't want to come?"

    Litren, who had straightened the sword, asked with a smirk.

    "That's right."

    Asena shook her head. The magic circle was completed and mana began to fluctuate. Everyone held their breath.

    "That's right."

    Everyone held their breath. Soon, an opponent in the distance began to appear. Running rough on the plain. Four strong legs. And above it,

    "High… your Highness?"


    It was an unexpected appearance.They also didn't expect it. What historical events would take place in the master's tent that night./SPOILER]

    I read the chapter and edited some parts,
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    Thank you ...:blobparty::blobparty::blobparty:
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    Chapter 125

    That night, a modest banquet was held. The disappearance of the princess who was also unharmed, it was impossible not to congratulate Tharkan once again that he defeated the cannabis monster. Inside the huge wall, people forgot their troubles and clashed glasses and chatted.

    "Hey, I heard that the prince's wife came all the way to this dangerous place for his lord. That too and persuaded Count Talystan to take her to the border guard." "It's also great for our lord."

    "I mean that. How did she get the idea that we were going to retreat into the realm of the demonic beasts to see communication lost."

    "I knew she was a smart person, but I can't help but admire her."

    "I don't know if it's called a couple. Isn't this a good thing?"

    People said with a sullen smile on their faces. However, Tarkan and Aristine, the main characters of the banquet, did not appear.It was because Tarkan left first because of the fatigue accumulated from the battle with the beasts.It goes without saying that his hand was holding Aristine's hand as he left. Thanks to the arrival of the priest with the border guards, Tarkan's wounds healed quickly. He had been repeatedly blessed by the priest, and considering Tarkan's usual physical strength, it was awkward to leave his seat due to fatigue. To say the least, Tarkan did not like to speak out about his condition. He looked fine, so he's fine. It was not the one or two times that the warriors under his command were terrified as they later found out that he had suffered internal injuries. But that Tarkan said that he was not feeling well and left his seat because he was tired. They would surely have burst into laughter if the courtiers had been here. Everyone was out alone in a foreign land, and it was hard to see his wife and them holding hands tightly together while they were dating, but the loyal warriors all pretended not to see them. To be honest, it's not even the real thing every night, it's the girl the master kissed in the picture. 'Since it's the end of the year, the two of them will want to spend time together.'

    If there is no magic beast, the plain night is romantic. This place has maintained its pristine innocence, untouched by human. The autumn moon illuminates the world brighter and more abundantly and pours its light. The stars, which seemed to fall, drew the constellations using the sky as a canvas. When the sweet scent of the plains filled the people's hearts, even the warriors would become sentimental. Lying side by side on the grass, looking at the moon, looking at the stars, and talking about their journey, what a good memory this will also be.

    'Before we left, we made some mistakes.'

    Jakalen thought, wiping his lips with alcohol. He talked about the master's first love for nothing, but only made the relationship between the two of them awkward.He was worried about what would happen,

    'but seeing that her Highness came to help like this, everything seemed to be alright.'

    To be honest, when I was being hated by her Highness. Jakarlen shook his head. The appearance of the two of them from the stage at the launch ceremony looked fine, so he thought that it worked out well, but It wasn't at all. After coming out to the Demonic Plains, Tarkan would crouch down alone every day, looking at his wife's photos, and muttering apologies. He swears it was the first time he had seen his lord in such a state while serving him. Of course, the pity was shattered the moment he kissed the picture of his wife. At night, and during the day, They slaughtered demons to the extent that they had no time to rest. It was literally a one-sided massacre. Ordinary warriors were fascinated by Tarkan's charisma and gained morale, but the eyes of those who knew the situation were complicated. They did not know why he was venting his anger at being hated by his wife to an irrelevant beast. For the first time in his life, Jackalen thought that the demons were pitiful. Anyway, thanks to that, the expedition schedule was much faster than expected, so the return was going to be earlier. Of course, things got messed up when communication with the other divisions were cut off, but they have to think about what to do next.

    “By now, the master and her Highness will be looking at the moon, right?”

    "It's been a long time since they met, so there must be a lot of things to talk about."

    “When I have a girlfriend, it's my dream to hold hands and walk at night looking at the moon.”

    The tall, adult male warrior blushed, whether it was because he was drunk or for some other reason.

    “This is your star, that star is mine."

    He started muttering. They turned their heads saying they saw something they would not normally see, but now they are all drunk and there is nothing to see. Rather, they were smiling and counted the stars together.

    "do you have this again"

    "I hope the two can get along well." Although their stomachs hurt a little, they smiled warmly at the thought of the prince and his wife walking on the grass in the moonlight. But they soon realized how innocent they were./SPOILER]

    This is part 1 of ch 125, the other part has Tarkan and Aristine, I think it's the start of the barracks scene the one with snu snu, I read a bit but I couldn't edit it.
    I came to a conclusion that vision is perhaps a title in Korean for prince's wife.
    If I get to finish the other part I'll post i t.

    chapter 125 pt2 ***

    No, not even the moonlight. This is because it was a perfect closed room. As soon as they entered the barracks, the magic light sensed the infamy and turned on automatically.The double thick fabric went down, and the loud outside noise disappeared in an instant. Aristine stopped walking without realizing it. Suddenly, she was conscious of the fact that it was just the two of them there.The moment she realized it, her senses became sensitive in an instant, touching palms, tangled fingers, Sensitive flesh in between. It was impossible, but it seemed as if she could feel even the fingerprints of Tarkan's fingers, With every little movement of his hand ·The rhythm of the palms that rubbed against each other.


    the smell of fire wafted from him. It felt like her throat was burning, so Aristine bit her lips once and opened her mouth.

    "Hey, can I sit down? You said you're tired?"

    She naturally went to the table and lifted his hand, as Tarkan staggered, Aristine, startled, clings to him again, supporting him.

    "Is it okay?"


    said Tarkan, wrapping Aristine's shoulder. Aristine flinched as the hand that wrapped around her shoulder was strangely hot, as well as the movement of that finger.



    Tarkan looked down at Aristine as if wondering why. As if his body was uncomfortable, there was a line of cracks between his forehead. Seeing that figure, Aristine looked down, saying it was nothing.

    'I too, Tarkan was just holding my shoulder to be supported, but I was ashamed of myself for thinking of it strangely.'

    Apparently, before entering the tent, it seemed that he looked too good.

    'Well, that's not to say that I didn't want to show my weakness to other people, so I tried to pretend I was okay.

    "Sit down. Look at the condition and ask a surgeon or a priest,"

    Aristine steered Tharkan towards the chair, he groaned and lost his focus. At that moment, Aristine could not bear his weight and was pushed aside. Perhaps it was because of the stumble from earlier, Tarkan's collar was more open.

    'No, it was originally worn open to reveal the chest, but what if it becomes more different?'

    Aristine's eyes filled with anguish, and her eyes fluttered wildly. She looked around her, painstakingly pulling her gaze away from her chest. She had to quickly put down her tarkan and get off. Otherwise, it is deaf.

    'I! To Tar Khan!'

    Even though her common sense is somewhat lacking, Aristine has been a high-status princess since her birth. She didn't want to do the dishonest thing and attack a patient. She suddenly moved away to the chair she was aiming for earlier. To be honest, she didn't want to go there again with a much larger Tarkan.

    "Who wants to go to bed?"

    Aristine asked while beating the bed she was close to. Tarkan nodded. Perhaps he wasn't feeling very well, so he was free to cover his mouth with one hand. Aristine looked at Tarkan with worried eyes. The celebration of wealth gave strength to his hands and moved. It was unavoidable. 'No, really, this is force majeure,'

    I had to hold my back and front at the same time to support it, but my chest was all exposed. Aristine is a no-brainer. There was no choice but to keep feeling the elastic pectoral muscles that seemed to push his palms out of necessity.

    'It's a real force majeure.'

    Aristine once again moved into the painting crab and shifted her voice, unaware that he was smiling through the lips covered by his hands on her head, which was heavily supported by her body. She was about to lose her focus again, but while heading to bed, Tarkan never stumbled. Far from being squeamish.

    'Did his body weight decrease? Is she walking faster?'

    Aristine tilted her head and tried to lay Tarkan on her pole. But it was that moment. Perhaps he lost his strength while lying on the bed, and Tarkan fell to the bed with his arm on Aristine's shoulder. It was only natural that Aristane also fell on the bed together.To be precise, it wasn't a bed, but something that fell on top of a Tarkan, Aristine blinked as she placed her face on Tarkan's chest, which was warm and soft, and even strong elasticity.

    'What is this?'

    It was absurd, but honestly, she wanted to keep burying her face like this. It felt good. Aristine rubbed her cheek involuntarily, and was distracted.

    'No, I thought so against the patient, but Aristine is not an idiot. Even if everything else is the same, they fell side by side on the bed, but after falling, she got on top of tarkan? It's ridiculous. Why is Tarkan lying down looking at the sky again? It's not overturned.'

    Aristine raised her upper body slowly, raising the tip of her lips. Her dazzling silver hair poured down like waterfall. Sitting on Tarkan's loins, as they stepped out of the group, their eyes met immediately. His golden eyes fluttered low and looked down on her. She had a tenacious gaze as if it had been moved. “You know,”

    Aristine turned her hand to him.

    "I'm asking just by any chance,"

    She said while her pure white fingers gently stroked the middle of his firm chest.

    Tarkan's eyes twitched. A blush and ferocious look was drawn from him.

    “Have you been flirting with me since before?”

    Aristine asked with a smirk.

    Tarkan grinned, she saw through his actions. Only Aristine could say that to him. In fact, even if he was asked such a question, he had nothing to refute. Because it was right that he was messing around.

    "I was flirting openly,"

    Tarkan's hand crept over Aristine's thigh, which was sitting on top of him, and curled up around her waist.

    "You dragged me into the bed,"

    his hand gently pressed against her waist. Aristine's torso bowed down as she drew closer to him and his face.

    Tarkan lifted his upper body and took his lips to hers as if kissing. The moment their hot breaths intertwined first, and then their lips were about to meet, Tarkan came to a standstill. A sad sigh escaped Aristine's lips. Dark golden eyes beamed and met with Purple eyes in the air.

    “Do you get it?”

    he asked with a chuckle. There was no answer. There was no need to listen. Because Aristine swallowed his lips as if biting. Tarkan grabbed her tongue and pulled it deep into his mouth. His large hands wrapped around Aristine's waist and caressed her.


    Aristine was engaged in the kiss that seemed to catch her breath. Everything was as hot as it was on fire. Whether it was his body, or hers, or both, they encroached Again and again, Aristine's hand, which had been holding Tarkan's cheek, slowly moved downward as she kissed him deeply again and again. A straight neckline, a firm collarbone, and further down. Black and silver hair tangled together on the bed sheets.The heat was suffocating. Aristine raised her head. She saw Tarkan's distorted face, wet with lust. Aristine stared blankly at his face. He didn't mean to do this. She listened to him, and he told her about his first love that he had not shared before, but he tried to do so... Tarkan, who stopped and looked at Aristine, moved his hand. Suddenly, the string that fastened the front of him was untied. His tight muscles were fully exposed under the light. Cracked abdominal muscles that go down to the navel under the strong body muscle. Aristine, who looked down after following the shape of his muscles, swallowed dry saliva without realizing it. Her fingers, who had untied his thong, touched the laces of the tunic Aristine was wearing.

    Just finished pt2 and thought to share it. Chapter 126 is already in one of these pages and I got to know the hardships of those who share spoilers with us, thank you all for your hard work.

    Chapter 140

    The hall went silent with a harsh noise hitting the table.

    "Are you guys making fun of me?"

    The emperor's anger filled the living room and rang out loudly. He deliberately showed more anger. Raunelian's use of telekinesis and Tarkan's use of Aura was a clear indication of helplessness. We have this level of helplessness. So let's be careful.

    'This I know how to eat even the fear of such a crafty Jilly!'

    It fell into the hands of a servant before the audience with the Black Emperor Tarkan was wearing. He gave the sword to him, but his intention to show that he could use an Auror was very clear. The emperor put up more blood.

    "In front of me, who dares to be the emperor of the empire"

    "It's a farmland street. It's not absurd. I was serious,"

    said Raunellian, who was quietly looking at the emperor, twisting one of his lips. It was a completely different atmosphere from when he was arguing with Tarkan. Cold and edgy atmosphere.

    "Hey, is your guy despising me!"

    "I can't, because I was serious,"

    Raunellian grinned. When the colorful face smiled as if painted, it seemed to purify the surroundings. However, the expression on the face of the person claiming innocence to the angry emperor did not match. Rather, it was an expression of increasing anger.

    "Well, it wasn't insulting at all, but you feel that your Majesty has been ridiculed." Matching that expression, Raunellian shrugged his shoulders with a relaxed attitude.

    “As a son, I have to do my due diligence, so I have no choice but to yield.” Raunellian, who rubbed his tongue so he could hear everything, stood up with a fresh attitude. He used his telekinetic power a while ago, and it was an unthinkable reaction to a person who fought for a seat with Tarkan. The attitude as if to convince him that everything up to now was playing with the emperor.

    "That guy,"

    the emperor's lips twitched. As if passing the baton to Raunellian, Tarkan smiled wryly and sat down next to Aristine.

    "I was serious too, but your Majesty the Emperor of Sylvanus feels that way, so I'll stop."

    I like Raunelian up to Tarkan. Anger flashed in the emperor's eyes. Both of them were shouting with their whole body that they knew the emperor in a funny way. 'Surprisingly, they fit well.'

    Aristine admired Raunellian and Tarkan inwardly as she looked at them. The emperor let out a long breath and controlled his heart. The more he gets angry here, the more ridiculous he is. It was obvious that only his gaze would return as to why he was excited because he thought he was being teased alone. Instead, the emperor turned his arrow to Aristine.

    'Heh, just looking at it, you've lived a very good life.'

    It was very annoying to dare to sit in front of me with a comfortable attitude. Without making eye contact, with her head bowed and trembling, it matched Aristine.

    'I'll have to give it a try again. anyway I was so stupid that I forgot how to treat my father. '

    The Emperor opened his mouth to Aristine with a fishy smile.

    "You and your husband seem to get along very well."

    The year you went to die didn't even know the subject.

    "I heard that you lived quite comfortably in Irogo, and you were praised, too." The Emperor snorted as he glanced up and down Aristine. "your face has become so bright. You have also gained weight, and anyone who sees it will know that Irugo is your mother country." The emperor who said that was about to slap Aristine's cheek even though the table was not in the way. Naturally, the two men tried to come forward, but Aristine stopped them from under the table.


    Aristine shook her head as if invisible to the two people who looked at her with puzzled eyes. It was nothing to Aristine because she was so used to it. No, the emperor's attitude was much better than before. Still, Tarkan He is restraining himself to some extent in front of the emperor. Far from being hurt, she is excited about the words that have no effect on her, and she doesn't know how the emperor will come out if she argues. Anyway, this was the Imperial Palace.

    'In order not to be caught pregnant, it is better to check only what I have to check and go back quickly. '

    The more time passes, the more likely you will be found out. Aristine quietly bowed her head.

    " Thank you for the compliment, Your Majesty. "


    asked the emperor as if he meant what he meant. But, the corners of his mouth quickly rose and laughter burst out of his mouth.

    "Ha! What a compliment!"

    The Emperor sneered openly and looked at Aristine with gleaming eyes.

    'Does an ignorant bitch take this as a compliment?

    " It was really worth it.

    The emperor's usual words to Aristine were much more direct and violent.'

    The emperor could not have imagined that Aristine was sarcastic to him. It made him so misunderstood.

    'You stupid bitch. This is of no use to anyone.

    “Well, it was really a good thing that there weren’t even a lot of enemies to worry about. It would have been a big deal if Aristine came back with the same strength and momentum as Raunellian did. Aristine, my daughter".

    It was only when the emperor called Aristine his daughter when he was mocking her.

    "It looks great, but yes, that good complexion was made by weaving the blood of the people. As a father, I am really concerned."

    You don't have the right to be happy. You shouldn’t be pursuing your personal achievement and happiness, but you should do your best as a member of the royal family. You don't exist as a human being, but as a tool for me. write must exist

    "You must not have forgotten what I said to you before you left." It was clear what he was saying.

    <Kill Tarkan.>

    <You poison the heart of that man who cannot even eat enough to chew on it, or poison it with alcohol or poison it.>

    <You are a useless existence, but you deserve to look out for what you see, so that's enough I can do it.>

    <Good. Your years aren't like the noble princesses who inherited my blood, so can you better suit the taste of a filthy savage? In bed.>

    <If four years succeed, I will look at the ball and recognize her as my daughter.>

    Aristine slowly opened her mouth as a memory came to mind.

    "I remember."

    She remembered it very well, without a single mistake. She never thought about how it would come back to her. The emperor looked satisfied.

    "Yeah, I'm glad you remember. Don't forget your role."

    A role that fulfills my ambitions by dying. The emperor gave Aristine a wispy smile. 'I hope you haven't given up on your ambitions for war yet,'

    Aristine thought coldly in her head.

    'Then there is a possibility that the emperor's number is the reason that the strategic communication seats in the Demon Beast Plains are eaten.

    "It was a golden opportunity to reduce the forces of the warriors before the war with Irugo.

    'If you treat Khan like a thorn in the eye, you would think it would be even better if you could deal with him.'

    As an emperor, it was a truly exquisite number that could certainly inflict damage to the enemy without sacrificing my troops. Although it failed with Aristine's intervention... still strange.

    "As long as Sylvanus's situation is stable, it is okay to prepare for war. However, due to Raunellian's return, Sylvanus' internal affairs were in a chaotic situation. The situation of whether or not a rebellion would occur. He could afford to turn his gaze to the outside due to an intense power struggle.

    'In the midst of this, you were thinking of war and sent your soldiers to Irugo, and how would I respond if my brother Raunel struck me?"

    hazy Aristine's eyes narrowed. She obediently bowed her head and opened her mouth.

    "I didn't know your majesty would remember my role,"

    she said.

    "You didn't know?"

    "I wondered if it would be useless before I could finish my role,"

    said Aristinee, dragging her horse, glancing up at the Emperor.

    “Especially this fall.” At those words, her emperor's eyes fluttered. And Aristine did not miss the nursery rhyme.

    'After all, the emperor wrote the numbers. “The fact that the strategic communication seats were lost was a top secret known only to those involved in Urugo 'What are you going to do if your real Launell brother-in-law is vacant?

    "The Emperor was told by Aristine that he would never have imagined that the daughter he had been following without rebellion against the order to go to die,"

    he said.

    Well, it's still my daughter. "

    The emperor nodded his head as if convinced, and said,

    " If that had worked, you wouldn't have had to follow my orders. "

    Aristine struggled to capture the pitiful gaze. She didn't say it directly, but if Tarkan wanted to suspect it, it was enough to make him doubt it. 'Even if the Emperor treats Khan as a savage with nothing but muscles, is that what it is?" Aristine in the words of the emperor Feeling puzzled, he narrowed his eyes. 'Why do you talk about success or failure as if it were someone else's business?

    "In particular, it seemed as if there was no report of failure. 'If the emperor had given an order, of course the report would have been sent to the emperor!' Gee Thar Khan and Raunellian got a sense and opened their mouths for the tour. "Can you tell me what you're talking about? "

    "I'm curious too.This is the first time His Majesty has said something like this to Lyne. "

    The intention was to draw the Emperor's gaze away from Aristine. Aristine noticed the two men's consideration and pulled them out and quickly settled the commotion. The Emperor smiled and said relaxedly. Aristine was still my hand. After confirming that it was a puppet on Doc, I was somewhat annoyed.

    "Phil, as a father to my daughter who is going to a distant country for marriage, I only asked a few things."

    As a father, he was telling his daughter to marry and kill her husband. Even at the bottom of that word is the saying that if you can't kill, you'll die.

    'Yeah, I figured out what to find out.' Aristine fulfilled her purpose of meeting the emperor.

    She no longer has to stare at his time-consuming, ugly face. She said,

    'Oh, before that.'

    She thought, wishing she could confirm one more thing. She said, "It turned out that she met LetaNacia on the way." “Lea?”

    The voice that asked that question was Aris. It was markedly different from when I called Tine. Contrary to the contemptuous and disdainful pronunciation of Aristine, her voice was full of affection. 'You still do. "Looking at her wearing it like this, she must have had great abilities.'' But she was not born with 'power'.' This means that the child in the womb has no 'power'. Only when Aristine was conceived was the door to Chrysea Palace opened. In other words, Aristine was the only child born with 'power' in this generation. Therefore, the emperor's expectations for Aristine were high, and the anger at the time of disappointing those expectations was bound to be great.

    'What the hell is Retanasia's ability? "Hmm, didn't it happen?"

    The Emperor asked Aristine in a subtle tone, sweeping his chin.

    "It's been a while since I've seen my sister.


    It must have been nice to see my family after a long time.

    'Can't you please?''

    Raunellian licked his lips, but didn't say anything. After Aristine had dried up what he was about to say, he'd been watching the situation, trying as little as possible to intervene. Don't know anything else. I was confident that I could listen to my brother.' I listen better than Tarkan, especially this time there is a competitor.

    " Yes, it was nice to meet her."

    The sisters hugged each other and must have shared the emotion. Usually it's like that. "

    At that, Aristine paused. Dani hugging and friendship with Aristine and Retanasia. That was something no one could have imagined. Because one of the reasons Aristine was imprisoned was Rethanasia. In addition, the emperor hated the close relationship of his cherished and beloved daughter, Aristinee, who lacked it. At the wonder in Aristine's eyes, the Emperor blinked at Tarkan.

    "Isn't it good to show off your close friendship with your husband, so that you and your brother like me and your brother have given up a loving family with a great heart?"

    It wasn't something people would say. 'Home, I may be mistaken,'

    Aristine captured his thoughts.

    'For now, let's leave quickly.' If you delay further, it will be dinner time. There may be talk of having a meal together. Since morning sickness comes unaware of the public, I don't know how my stomach will turn over. She was just about to open her mouth.

    "Oh, I heard you're not feeling well, are you okay?"

    the Emperor asked Aristine. His eyes looked sharply at Aristine, then turned to Raunellian.

    'Do you look healthy again? What did you plan on doing to say you were sick?' It was just that kind of gaze. And the eyes of the emperor turned to Tarkan in a meaningful way.

    'Don't you know that Aristine was brought in to form an alliance with Tarkan?'

    It was clear that Hani was locked up in her sister-in-law's house using Aristine's health as an excuse.

    “Once you have regained your health, come visit this father, too,”

    said the Emperor, looking at Tarkan, not Aristine, as a declaration that the Emperor would also join the gamble.

    "Rine's health has not yet recovered. It was overdue to hear that her husband was coming,"

    said Raunellian, the emperor with a sullen smile.

    'Hong, okay, you're going to stop me from being on this board? Do you think such a frivolous excuse would work?'

    "Oh my gosh. It hurts my heart even more that my beloved daughter is sick."

    The Emperor looked straight at Aristine. Aristine had a foreboding of what the emperor would say. The word no had already caught his throat.

    But before Aristine could stop the Emperor, his mouth was opened. “I have to show her to the royal doctor.”.

    From the raws I found here I Only found (124-125-126) and (140-141-142) so I can't see what happened before, but you can understand from the context that they are in the empire. Raunelian is her brother and she's pregnant, they're in an audience with his majesty the shitty emperor
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    OMG! Royal doctor...
    Thank you so much for the post...
    Chapter 141 please please please please
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    chapter 141
    Aristine struggled to keep her composure, but she couldn't.

    'If you call the royal doctor, it will be revealed immediately that I am pregnant.' Verification was very easy. It is enough to strengthen the security of Chrysea Palace, which is left alone for now.

    "Why is that? If you're not feeling well, of course you have to show it to the royal doctor,"

    the emperor said to Raunellian with a fishy smile. Aristine's face was full of willpower to overthrow the Ron that Aristine had made with the excuse that she was ill.

    'I'm completely on the wrong foot. The problem was that it was really difficult to get a pulse from the physician.

    “Come on, call the physician. My..There is nothing more important than my daughter's health!"

    The emperor shouted loudly to the servant. It was the moment when the servant bowed his head at the emperor's command and was about to leave.

    " Stop."

    The maidservant stopped walking involuntarily at the sound of a low-key, overbearing voice. The emperor frowned and looked at Tarkan.

    "How dare you disregard the emperor's own orders like this!"

    "What are you doing now, Tarkan?"


    At that moment, Tarkan's golden eyes turned to the emperor. The moment their eyes met, the emperor was startled without realizing it.

    'It's not a human eye.'

    The Emperor's displeasure soared. He was unaware that the discomfort was actually caused by the fear of being overwhelmed.

    “your majesty has crossed the line,”

    said Tarkan, lazily reclining on his back, unlike the blushing emperor.

    "you're going to show the wife of Prince Irugo to the will of Sylvanus."

    What do I believe?

    Those eyes turned to the emperor.

    "Ha! Aristine is the princess of Sylvanus. She is my daughter."

    "But that doesn't mean that the fact that she's the prince' wife and Irugo's princess is gone. It's my position that her health status cannot be easily released to other countries."

    "This guy"

    "Besides, didn't your majesty say a while ago that Irugo is more like her mother country? Irugo is more like her mother country than Sylvanus. Don't worry, Irugo will take good care of her."

    A smile that twisted his lips like that was not able to scratch people's nerves. Kwaang!

    Originally, he was an emperor with short patience, so it was natural for him to smash the table. Even if the emperor, who was much smaller than himself, tried to do evil, it seemed that there was no inspiration. The emperor's eyes, who had seen the servants lying flat, trembling even when he usually raised his voice, burned red.

    "Does that mean you don't believe in Sylvanus?! Are you denying the peace you have worked so hard for? Isn't that also the peace achieved through your marriage?"

    The story of peace came out of the mouth of the emperor, who was full of thoughts of starting a war and striking the back of Irugo. It was just your joke. As Aristine grinned, Tarkan spoke in a relaxed tone.

    " Peace is less than a year old. It takes time to build trust, doesn't it?"

    The Emperor was momentarily bewildered. He wondered if he knew he was preparing for war from behind? He looked at Tarkan's face, but there was nothing he could read. Tarkan was looking down at the emperor with an attitude that was not relaxed and even looked bored.

    'Those eyes.'

    the Emperor bit his teeth. Sweat dripped from the nape of his neck as he felt the pressure on his body, but the emperor did not acknowledge it.

    'How dare you stand in front of me on the subject of savages?!'

    "If it comes out like this, it won't be good for you either,"

    Tarkan laughed briefly.

    “Because I had never actually moved back and forth,”

    said Tarkan, leaning against the armrests. "Well, it seems that His Majesty the Emperor is the same."


    “Before we could even come and talk properly, you would hit the table, raise your voice, and say that we don’t like them a little bit.”

    The prince of the dynasty wouldn't be treated that way either. How much less is Irugo an independent country on a par with the Empire. It was obviously rude for Tarkan to abide by the emperor's orders, but the emperor's reaction was not wise. Especially if the Emperor really values peace.

    "I heard that Sylvanus is a developed country,"

    Tarkan muttered languidly, twisting his lip. “After all, His Majesty the Emperor is the example.”

    It was a clear mockery to anyone looking at it. The emperor's face contorted.

    "Then I'll have to go ask someone I can trust to check on my wife's condition."

    Tarkan stood up first before the emperor allowed him to do so. And in a respectful and careful manner, he supported Aristine. Until Tarkan, Aristine, and Raunellian left the room, the Emperor trembled in anger and said nothing.


    It wasn't until the sound of a soft door closing that he squeaked.said

    "Dare you! Things that don't even know their places. Despicable!"

    Chang Grand! shed! It's crazy!

    As the Emperor swept the table to the side, the sound of everything breaking and crumbling rang out. The room was a mess in an instant. Still unsatisfied, the emperor's glittering eyes gleamed in search of the next victim. It had been a long time since all the servants and maids fell flat on their knees. A fishy smile appeared on the emperor's face as he looked down on their backs.

    “Brother, that’s pretty good,”

    mumbled Raunellian, who had remained silent until he returned to the mansion.

    "But I haven't acknowledged you as my sister's husband yet,"

    he told Tarkan, as if wisely.

    "Yes, brother."

    "Who's your brother?! I didn't admit it?" “Okay, brother.”

    Seeing the two of them muttering, Aristine sighed and sat down on the sofa.

    'I've only been out for a while, but I'm tired.'

    The two stopped flirting and checked Aristine's condition to see if they had read such a sign. Aristine drank the water with a smile that she was okay. She murmured Tarkan as she ruffled her hair.

    "The Emperor of Sylvanus is more than I thought."

    Aristine laughed at Where will my habit go? Even in Daejeon, the emperor was a savage or anything, and he openly ignored the people.

    'He said, 'To me, they're the ones who eat together with beasts, and he even told me to be humble in bed.'

    Looking at the emperor's usual performance, today's event was not surprising. Perhaps it was thanks to having such a father, Aristine did not hurt or itch in the restraints of the queen and princesses in Irugo.

    “If he had been a human who could think properly, he would not have sent Brother to the north and would not have imprisoned me. Above all else, he would not have waged a war with Irugo.”

    Sylvanus, starting with the war with Irugo was slowly heading down the road of decline. It was a classic example of what would happen if someone who shouldn't wear the emperor's crown becomes emperor. Tarkan wrapped his hand around Aristine's cheek

    "Forget about the old days now, I'll make you happy."

    "Happiness ..".

    Aristine looked at him and murmured. Her hand gently moved towards Tarkan's chest. The soft touch on her palm, while her firm, warm touch brought her happiness back at once.

    'Oh, it's stable... . This was healing. Breast Therapy is the best.' (lol)

    Raunellian's eyes fluttered as he saw Aristine's fingers slithering away, and he said,

    'No, my little sister'.

    He couldn't see her grow up so It was natural for him to say goodbye. But when he saw the sight of his innocent little sister smashing a man's chubby chest, Aristine smiled contentedly. A bright smile crept across her face, her purple eyes twinkling, and her white cheeks lovingly puffed up. ..my little sister can touch his breasts! She is smiling so beautifully!

    'All the complexities that had budded in Aristine's smiling face in her chest disappeared. Raunellian looked at Tarkan's chest as if to measure. The bulging chest was impressive.

    <No, Tarkan has a big chest and is handsome.>

    Suddenly, the words his sister said once rang in his head.

    'It was the chest, not the face, that was supposed to be handsome.'

    Raunellian looked at Tarkan's face.

    "Well, it's not a bad face."

    It was nothing compared to himself. Launellian found peace of mind. His desire to become the most handsome older brother in the world came true for his younger sister. It was a very subjective judgment, but anyway, he concluded Aristine, who had a healing time for a while, soon came to her senses. When she took her hand off and looked at Tarkan's face, the corners of her eyes were burning brightly. It's a shy look,

    "but... Do you feel sorry for taking it off?"

    It was a really demanding look.As a wife, Aristine put her hand on her chest to comfort her husband, who had no choice but to regret. And she said with her serious face as she was.

    "The queen and the emperor seem to be holding hands,"

    she said, a thought she had once doubted before. No wonder it was so far, and I passed on it, but I was convinced by the emperor's reaction today. The emperor was aware of the threat to be inflicted on Tarkan, but he did not know the exact circumstances. Also, convincing me, "Because it's my daughter," wasn't the tone that my daughter would have noticed this much. It was a nuance that I could have said it from that point as well, thinking that she was my daughter." "what?"

    "What do you mean, Rene?"

    The two men asked Aristine in amazement. Aristine gave a brief explanation for Raunellian, who may not be aware of the Strategic Communication Seat loss incident. Even the result of ordering the investigation from the wizard Asena. Their faces became serious at once.

    "But it's not a close relationship."

    Had it been a close ally, the Emperor would have known that Aristine was pregnant, but I don't know.

    "Certainly, it is surprisingly common for foreign powers to be used in succession to the throne,"

    said Raunellian, stroking his chin and nodding his head. As the power of Tarkan descended and ascended, the structure of the succession to the throne of Irugo changed. In the past, everyone supported Hamir, but now the flow is completely out of whack.rushed to Luke.

    "In that situation, it is not strange for the Queen to hold Sylvanus and her hand." "Yes, it is foolish to join hands with a foreign country because you have to pay a price after succeeding to the throne." "Because there are some who choose to gain some rather than lose all."

    "There's a lot in history, too,"

    the three of them nodded simultaneously. 'It was surprising that the emperor wasn't wary of me at all, but the queen must have spoken like that.'

    The queen does not know that Sylvanus wants war. So you must have thought that the emperor would weigh between Tarkan and Hamir. In the eyes of the queen, the scale must have been tilted toward Tarkan. 'Anyway, I am the bloodline of Tarkan. Now that you are on your side, if you want to enlist the emperor as your side, you have no choice but to guarantee more benefits than that. '

    At the same time as promising the stake, the card you are holding called Aristine must have been a useless card. In particular, it must have been even more so because Aristine was a big contributor to Tarkan's current position. All the things that Aristine had done must have been scaled down to dismiss them as insignificant, or they would have shifted the ball elsewhere.

    ' As the Emperor, he must have nodded excitedly, as this was the news he wanted to hear. '

    People have a tendency to see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear. The emperor had a particularly strong tendency to say that he was a true emperor.'

    Even if he didn't dare to do such a thing, the emperor would have held the hand of the queen.

    'Tarkan, who was here as a thorn in the eye, If you were planning to get rid of it, you would have rushed in saying that you are good-looking. 'It's a good thing that the emperor isn't very wary of me because of the Queen's insistence.' It was very difficult to extract information from the vigilant.

    "If that's true, there's a lot of work to be done."

    "You have to catch the tail first."

    "The Imperial Palace is slowly taking over from behind."

    “Well, there is no place that I can’t reach even in the Royal Palace,”

    said the two men, secretly demonstrating their abilities. Aristine nodded her head happily as she looked at it.

    'Kungjjak fits well.' (nothing came to mind, ugh)

    "Then can I leave it to you to catch the tail?"

    "Only trust this brother."

    "I'll catch you quickly."

    The flames of competition in the eyes of the two men. This was the popping moment.

    "Then I'll trust you,"

    Aristine nodded with a smile. In fact, there was no passion at all.

    'Should I consider the emperor's stupidity to be fortunate or unfortunate?

    "Indeed, it was stupid to give poison to a daughter who had been so abused. A circus lion who was abused from a young age can't break the chain even when he's grown up to be powerful.'

    But I'm not a lion inside of us. Aristine's eyes twinkled, and she still had the poison the emperor had given her. It was then.After a moment of silence, Aristine's face turned red.

    "Ha-ha-ha! I'm hungry!"

    "I'm hungry too, bro!"

    cried the two men loudly, laughing awkwardly. 'No, that's more embarrassing, Aristine lowered her head. At that time, they did not know the catastrophe that this rumbling sound would bring.

    I just finished editing the chapter it took an hour, for the word, royal doctor it is translated as 'Taeiwi' so I took the liberty to use how I understood the flow of the story and wrote it. Anyways I'm really curious about Raunel, I knew he met René when she found out she was pregnant but I'm really curious if anyone has the chapter, would you mind sharing it. Have a great day.
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    She gets a child with the ML and they bring together both countries as one and are Empress and Emperor of that empire and they got a cute son who always bothers them when the ML tries to kiss the mother or more.
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    What happened to the trash sister of her's (Aristine's)? Her name was 'Retanasia'. More like "Rat-anasia". :blob_pout:
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    Trash sister got imprisoned after she tried to kill FL and FL's brother with the help of her father and the empress in the ML's country. Way before that, FL had made it clear to trash sister that she is not someone worth her time while trash sister was always only thinking of FL as an enemy and that made trash sister feel miserable. Only FL's father got imprisoned at that time because he was going against FL who is the true empress. FL is the true empress because of her power who marks her as the legendary empress who is not chosen by humans, but by gods as the empress. After trash sister also got imprisoned, Fl took away all the power of trash sister because she continued to bother her and also tried to kill FL's brother. Without her power, trash sister is nothing as only her power made her special, but that was the only thing FL did to trash sister and just leaved trash sister because she didn't want to bother more with her. After that FL's brother visited trash sister with the ML and unlike FL, they didn't want to let her just go without getting revenge, so they let her go out of the dungeon with nothing and let her live on the street alone. Her ending was not described more, but it was implied that she will live a life like a beggar and die alone on the street and needs to suffer just like FL needed to suffer while she was young.
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    Whats Dionas official end? She’s crazy.
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    I need spoiler about what happened after chapter 141... curiosity is killing me! Have we an angel to ease my anxiety?
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    I can't remember clearly, but I think she only got imprisoned instead of killed after everything she has done, but her life was spared because of her brother who sacrificed himself for the safety of the country. All of this happened because FL was accused of trying to kill the king of ML's country by poisoning him. FL can see the future and saw how soldiers walked into her room and wanted to taken her into the dungeon because the king died. FL tried to see the scene when the king died and saw them all eating together and suddenly the king collapsed. FL knew it was either because of poison or an illness, so she tries to be prepared for the situation and discarded the poison and replaced it with something else. Then she got in touch with a king's palace doctor and told him that there might be an attack on the king and he should be ready to have an antidote for poison but also be ready because of (I think) an heart attack because of blood clots (I'm not sure, can't remember clearly).

    FL was invited to dinner with the entire Imperial family, and she and Tarken got there first before anyone else. While they were having dinner, FL only focused on the king and when the king suddenly seemed to collapse, FL jumped up to help him and immediately called the palace doctors who just a second later burst into the room and helped the king. The palace doctor also tapped the floor with his finger three times, which is a sign for FL, that the king collapsed from an illness and not poison. Everyone was shocked, Queen said she would make sure to find the culprit and FL asked her to investigate this case with the utmost care and not just blame anyone. The queen agreed and later when it was known that something had happened to the king, Dione came to see the queen and told her that FL had poison and that FL's maid told her about it. Just like other villainesses, Dione played like she was doing it for the benefit of others. Queen was happy to have a reason to bring down FL with Tarkan, and if Dione lied, she can blame all of it on Dione. FL was summoned just as she saw it in the future, but this time FL was prepared.

    After FL came over, the queen accused her of poisoning the king in front of many nobles (the queen summoned them all) and talked like she was 100% sure she was the culprit. I can't remember exactly what was said there because it was a long scene, but one piece of evidence the Queen had was the "poison" in FL's room and also Dione's statement. The "poison" was tested with a needle and it turned purple or something and FL didn't deny it was hers but she never said it was poison so to prove it, she wanted to apply the "poison" to her face. At that moment, both Tarkan and Hamel (Tarkan's brother) tried to stop FL and tried to remove the poison from her hand. (The poison would not only have destroyed her skin, but would have killed her instantly if she had inhaled it). Nothing happened, FL, Tarkan and Hamel were still alive and FL tried to show everyone what it really is by putting her hand with the poison on it in a vase of water and suddenly there were bubbles. FL told them it was just a special soap and that's why the needle turned purple too. Dione screamed out that it can't be and that it should be poison, to which the FL asked her why on earth her maids told dione that FL has poison because the maids weren't even that close to Dione and by telling dione about it, they would also put themselves into danger (At that point, all the maids of FL that she brought from her home country are not there anymore, FL removed all of them bit by bit). Dione said that she happened to overhear the maids talking about it and that made it clear that dione lied before, but FL told her again that it makes no sense because if FL really had poison then it would be stupid for the maids to openly talk about it (sounds logical, but no one but Dione and FL knew her maids were really that stupid).

    Dione kept lying and suddenly Mukahli (the knight with only one eye) stepped in and shouted at Dione to stop lying. He told everyone that Dione was also trying to frame FL about having an affair by talking about FL as if she is searching for a man behind Tarkan's back in secret, but that wasn't the case, Tarkan knew FL was trying to contact a man but not for an affair, but because she needed a blacksmith and it wasn't a secret, everyone knew about it, so her way of talking could have ruined FL's reputation. Then Durante stepped up and also told everyone how Dione walked into the bridal room the day FL married Tarkan and basically told FL that Taken and Dione were lovers and FL broke them up but also warned FL not to come in between Tarkan and her. So Dione tried to destroy Tarkans and FL's marriage, although everyone knows how important this marriage is. Dione started playing the sacrifice card again, telling everyone not to forget how her brother sacrificed himself for everyone, to which Tarkan replied that after everything she's done, she's only going to be imprisoned instead of killed just because her brother sacrificed himself.

    Also, at one point, the FL asked the Queen if she was sure the King was poisoned and the Queen couldn't answer because the doctors still hadn't said anything. Later the doctor came in and told everyone that the king survived and it was because of some illness and not of poison and he also said that FL saved the kings life because they were prepared for it because FL warned them that the King might have this illness after she saw some kind of bruises on the King's arm when she had tea with him (the FL didn't see any bruises on the King, she just used that as a reason to tell the doctor to be prepared because of the illness). The doctor said if they had been just a few more minutes late the king would not have survived so the queen and Dione are now in a bad position. The Queen tried to save herself by apologizing to FL, told her she was fooled by Dione's lies and that she was too hasty and was asking for forgiveness. The Queen thought if she said so then the FL would be forced to accept her apology, but FL didn't play the way she wanted and told her just before all that she had asked the Queen to investigate the case without judging anyone and with utmost care and in the end she just used this situation as a political move against her and Tarkan. I can't remember everything she said to the queen but at the end of this case FL and Tarkan were considered the victims (Fl was also seen as a hero who saved the king) and the queen and Dione were the villains and that was also the end of Dione when she was imprisoned. The queen was only put in a secluded palace for some time and lost the power to rule in the king's stead while the king was ill due to her reckless actions, and she also lost the trust of many nobles. (but that's not the end of the queen).
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    Gonna need popcorn reading this. :blobpopcorn_cool:
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    I hope you are also a fan of sweet popcorn :blobjoy:
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    Is this the same scene with Dione telling his feelings to Tarkan? in the previous spoiler?
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  20. Tychona

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    nope, it is sometimes after that scene
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