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    This novel seems unnecessarily frustrating... I'm honestly curios, can anyone tell me why someone would read this? Maybe it's some sort of charm that is hard for me to notice. I'm really ignorant and hope to be enlightened, perhaps then I can enjoy works such as these...
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    Okay, I'm in chapter 54 and this is what I know.

    MC feels uncomfortable around ML because he's grown up, and she can't see him as a baby anymore. So she created some distance due to this and because she thinks he's gonna fall in love with the princess again as in the book. Thing is, ML does know about the rumors of him and the princess, and told MC that he doesn't have any plans to divorce her.

    Mercenaries are gossiping and everything but don't dare to say anything in front of MC or ML because they know MC will turn crazy and kill them all. Like, the mercenaries' leader Heinz actually talked some shit about the MC ...Terrion beat him. Brian, the knight's leader, talked in private with him warning him to not ever talk sth like that again, otherwise the ML would kill them all.

    Brian thinks the duke is obsessive and really posessive when it comes to the MC so he doesnt participate in any of the talks about him and the princess. ML is pushed by MC and he just wants to respect her boundaries so he only hopes that one day she will open up to him. He's still clueless in a lot of things so he doesnt know to procede in their relationship.
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    Uhh i guess im bored??? But im the type of person when im get in the mood i would want to read trash novels, sometime if i want to cry, i would find a really sad novels and literally cry For 3 hours and then if its not enough ill try finding more sad novels and cried more, altho I usually read comedy light hearted romance novels tho, it depends on my mood. I also read like shounen kind of type novels if im in the mood, my favorite is deff the detective novel type
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    • Suddenly, Elody's expression turned serious "How are they made then?"
    • Upon asking that, Caville's ears turned red.
    • "Tell me how they are made." Elody asked again, afraid that he got incorrect knowledge somewhere and planning to correct him if that's the case.
    • "L-later" Caville hid his face "I'll tell you later"
    • Elody saw that he got shy, she thought that he does indeed know so she started sipping her tea to hide her embarrassment.
    • Caville heaved a sigh of relief, he thought that although his wife seems innocent, sometimes she can throw him off balance. It's difficult to predict her reaction.
    • Next day, they're going to the capital.
    • They blindfolded Sirka beforehand for security purpose. After teleportation, spirits hid in Caville's brooch.
    • Elody is surprised to see that things in the capital aren't going well, a lot of poor people, bandits, prostitutes and drunks are out on the streets.
    • Caville is holding her hand tightly the whole time. A strange man started to approach Elody but when he saw Caville, he stepped back in fear.
    • They arrived to the merchant's guild to meet with the boss of secret organization who got poisoned by fake pills.
    • Elody asked Caville to be careful, Sirka said that he glad Caville's here because they will need his help. Elody was afraid a fight would take place.
    • Sirka asked Elody to pretend to be Duchess's servant to avoid confrontation, she agreed.
    • Although Elody was expecting boss to be a scary man, but it turned to be a tall redheaded woman (still scary!).
    • As soon as she entered the room, she stared at Elody with killing intent so Caville used his powers to restrict her.
    • Boss realized that she faces the Duke himself and promised to behave. She demanded compensation for the damages, saying that she purchased the pills from authorized distributor.
    • Elody refused so boss lady threatened to get wizards involved and destroy the business if they don't provide her with a tonne of magic crystals and 10 chests of gold.
    • Elody once again refused but said that she'll cure her illness instead, if she provides the fake drug and helps them catch the culprit. Boss lady agreed.
    • After the meeting Caville told Elody that boss lady is a wizard (from a 'wizard tower' in a foreign land). Sirka warned them about scammers, pretending to be wizards.
    • Elody promised to provide Sirka with anti hairloss pils and he got happy. Too happy. Elody started to suspect that his hair was a wig.
    • Then Ducal couple went home right away, without even sightseeing. Sirka stays in the capital for the time being.
    • Next day they met with the boss lady again to learn more about her illness. She took off her gloves and ta-daa! her hands were stiff like stones...
    sometime before the meeting
    • Elody spent all her time in the lab. Elody focused on research and Caville focused o Elody.
    • "Caville, aren't you bored?" - "No, it's fun" - "How is it fun to observe me?"
    • He didn't answer so Elody turned back to research to hide her embarrassment.
    • Turns out, boss lady lied! Fake drugs had no effect on her illness. It was a mere placebo.
    • So next day, after checking boss lady's condition, Elody was shocked. She told the woman that red pills wouldn't have cured her anyway.
    • Finally, we learn boss lady's name. It's Sarah and she spent a hundred years in the tower to cure her illness to no avail.
    • She believes that this illness is actually a curse. It suppresses magical powers. Suddenly Elody realized why her mana has not increased until she started taking salvation herb.
    • Sarah said that hundreds of thousands of wizards died from the curse. Sarah believes that spirits cursed wizards after priests sealed them.
    • Still, there's a black market to close. Elody said that she'll cure Sarah if she catches the culprits.
    • But Sarah already did an investigation and knows where the base of the gang is.
    • Elody wonders,why she hasn't dealt with them herself then Caville calls out her bluff on 'wizards' she threatened them with yesterday, that was a total lie (lol). She doesn't even have much magical power because of the illness.
    • He decided to deal with the gang himself, he can't subject his wife to such danger.
    • Elody's worried so Caville calms her by kissing her hand and whispering that he'll come back soon.
    • And he actually does! An hour later, with a cut in his arm. Elody inspects the wound and asks him about details.
    • Sarah, who was following Caville as a guide tells her that he cut through his enemies like a knife through butter, even without using his powers.
    • After seeing Cavville's skills in person, she decided to be polite to him from now on.
    • So they got to the main boss, who wasn't actually the main boss and died* right before spilling out actual leader's name.
    • Sarah deduces that man was a pirate because of mark on his hand.
    • They hear a scream from the basement, go on to investigate, suddenly a man jumps out and cuts Caville's arm but dies* immediately after, just like the fake boss. *
      • *(I'm not sure how they died, description said that their eyes turned black and then heart stopped beating. Seems like they were under a drug/curse because Caville didn't kill them.)
    • Sarah wonders why he hasn't dodged the attack but Caville does not answer.
    • Elody treats Caville's wound, it's not deep but she still feels pain just from looking at it. She didn't want Caville to get hurt after suffering on the battlefield ever again.
    • Caville notices her mood, "Please don't be sad, I'm sorry, I should've been more careful" - "But" (E) - "It's just a scratch." (C)
    • Sarah looks at this scene and thinks "At least this bastard has conscience", she knows he got a little wound on purpose so Elody would worry about him.
    • They talk more about the gang and their connection to the pirates. Now Sarah asks about her reward.
    • Elody says that this illness is not a curse but an incurable disease. Although she has a treatment for it because she also got it.
    • Elody reveals her true identity and removes the hood that was on the whole time.
    • Sarah gasps in shock, "This hair color!". Elody is confused, she doesn't think that her hair color is something special.
    • "By any chance, do you have a brother?" (S) - "I do, but I don't remember him well. Caville, have you you heard anything from him?" (E) - "I'm not sure. He's a strange person." (C)
    • Then Elody proposes they go home for today but Caville wants to stay in the capital for a bit longer.
    • "Shall we go sightseeing then?" (E), - Caville refuses, "In fact I want to buy something" - "What is it?"(E) - Caville laughed, "It's a secret".
    • Elody looked at him blankly for a moment, then said "You might get lost, ask Sirka to come with you".
    • "Okay", Caville had to agree with his wife who still treats him like a child.
    • Sirka and Caville went to a bookstore. Caville wants to give Elody scientific books as a present.
    • He goes through shelves and chooses ones he hasn't seen in their castle. He memorized the catalog after looking for romance novels he used to read to seduce Elody.
    • After picking the books and giving Sirka money to pay for them, Caville decides to stroll through bestsellers section. And guess who he meets there?
    • Yes, it's princess Larissa.
    • Meanwhile Elody, feeling left out, decides to go thrift shopping.
    • She stumbles upon an antique store and finds "dragon eggs". Not actual dragon eggs, seller explains to her that they got this name for their durability.
    • Nothing can break or even scratch them. Elody thinks that these might actually be seeds and decides to buy them to plant in greenhouse.
    • On her way back, she meets two orphan girls and overhears them singing a rhyme:
      • "Duke's wife has died
      • Her body whole petrified'
    • Elody's heart sunk.
    • Girls kept talking: "Let's go see the play!" - "Alright, but I"m going to be Larissa today!" - "What? Nooo, I don't want to be the duchess"
    • Elody tried to follow those girls, doubting her hearing. But just around the corner she stumbles upon a young man. She apologizes, looks up and what do you know, the guy has the same hair color as her!
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    hmm,, this is actually pretty interesting novel tbh.. this is not bout the knights, or the ML.. that was just backgrounds, looks like backgrounds for me at least.. This novel is about elody.. so try to read it focusing on her pov.. ignore the other pov.. like when heinz pov which was so frustrating.. during the whole ordeals, Elody didn't know it.. but even if she did know it doesn't affect her.. as she is 'ready' to divorce anyway, she kinda only stay for caville as he is the one who matter for her.. like really.. the author tried hard to show and emphasize how elody 'give' without asking anything back to caville.. is that frustrating? remember she died saving a young kid? that's just how her character is made.. it's fascinating plot, she is not brainless stupid heroine who give because they're too believing in the concept of 'kindness'.. this elody know and realise there'd be risks, but still decided to give n forgive anyway.. as long as her precious ppl is unhurt.. remember the scene with the vassals?.. that's it.. the only cons was the annoying background plots.. I think the author need to reflect more on why she has so many character wanting to separate caville n elody, when she is only misunderstood by the damned letters..
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    Can someone tell me if the Ml fired all the knights who wanted him to be with the Princess and talked shit about the Mc ? Especially that Heinz, what happened to him in the end ??
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    ML didnt fired them, but instead he threatened them, if he ever heard the word "divorce" ever again from the knights, whoever they are he will cut their head off and hang it on the gates as example and warning.

    for future reference i will explain a bit about the ducal knights structure after caville came back from the war, if i got something wrong please forgive me and feel free to correct me blobmelt_thumbs
    the ducal knight after 7 years at the present are separated into 3 faction :
    - terrion faction, the knights who didnt participated on the war. they love and respect elody with all their hearts. they (and the other servant ex: maid, butler etc) dont like the mercenaries because they often provoke terrion faction.
    - solar faction, the knights who participated on the war. all of them respect elody but some of them felt betrayed because elody didnt send any letter to caville or anything to help them during the war. some of them also support the divorce but they only kept it to them selves. (note: solar still love and respect elody).
    - heinz faction aka the troublesome faction, the mercenary-knights who joined the ducal knights during the war. because of their inferiority complex (they used to looked down upon as mercenary) they didnt like terrion faction because they still "proud" member of ducal knights even though they didnt participated the war (not to mention that they respect elody and its annoyed them), in short they think that they are better than them and want to be treated better than them. since they didnt and never want to know elody, they assume that elody are evil duchess because she never send anything to caville. even after they see her graceful and competent self they refuse to believe it until they interact with her. some of them talk shit of the duchess but never loud enough (except when heinz and terrion end up fighting) so the servant never heard of it, thats why caville only took action after he heard it with his own ears.

    note: brienz only warn heinz to not do this ever again (talk shit about elody) because if caville knew.... there will be bloodbath and brienz will get fired because he failed to disciplined the knights not to mention he also support the divorce at first.

    some knights that support the divorce :
    brienz the vice commander of ducal knights.
    - he want caville and elody to divorce because he think both of them as sibling, however he dimly thought that after divorce caville and elody can live together as sibling :facepalm: (this remind me of "duchess of the attic").
    - marie dump him after she hit his nose because marie (and all ducal servants) love elody, he felt guilty after elody offer him her handkerchief for his bloody nose.
    - he also learn that he screwed up after he know that caville really love elody, because caville really hostile at him after he got handkerchief from elody.
    - he tried to seeks forgiveness from elody and ask her help to clear the misunderstanding with marie. elody forgive him but shoot him down, she tell him that she love marie and wish for her happiness, so if marie want to break up with you then so be it, if marie want to marry you then so be it, she will support marie decision, youre on your own and goodluck.
    - when he doesnt get any communication device while other servants who close to caville and elody got one, he got offended lol.
    - later when heinz wrongdoing (trash talking elody) are heard by caville, he tried to cover heinz for his past mistake (because caville want to kill heinz) he misspoke that he also used to support the divorce... fatal mistake, but thanks to solar both him and heinz are spared, seeing heinz got demoted in the end, brienz voluntarily ask to not be paid for 1 year.

    heinz the leader of the mercenary-knight
    - at first he is the one who antagonize elody the most. but after his first meeting with sick elody (and her polite greetings) he start to doubting himself.
    - he tried to convince himself that it was her own fault to not treat it when she is rich, but the guilt keep pilling and it hurt his conscience. after the truth are revealed that elody actually send letters and medicine worth of 7 years, he cried river like wailing super loud, he felt really guilty because he hated the duchess for no reason other than his prejudice and rumors.
    - he warn other mercenaries, if he ever heard one of them talk trash about elody he will end them.
    - he repent and vow loyalty to elody after he cant handle the guilt no longer. he also convince the other mercenaries that elody are not like what they think, they ended up liking her too.
    - later he become her number one fans and refer her as his sister in his heart. he also tried to take little elody (she turned into a child as side effect of magic to receive her lost memories) away because he thought her as elody illegitimate child, little elody kicked his ass and later anna also joining too :LOL:
    - he begged elody to give him communication device and brag it to the other knights that he is elody right hand man with the device as proof. the knights are jealous because heinz used to hate elody (and being loud at it) grumble.... caville heard it and want to kill heinz, but brien and later solar interfered. brien and heinz lives are spared, the other knight who also used to support the divorce are very scared, the day they got exposed are the day they die (serves you guys right!)
    - heinz begged not to be kicked demoted to be a servant and he need to cover his mouth with a mask because he got bad mouth XD, but he is still happy because he still can protect his sister (elody).

    edit : updated heinz reasons.
    edit : formatting
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    --What are you worried about?

    Caville looked at Ifrit, who was again in his dog form. A very deep sigh came out of his chest. Everything had been fine yesterday, when he and his wife had visited the central area ... but sometimes, when he touched her, Elody was tense ... and Caville felt discouraged. Every time it happened, he felt like he completely ruined the atmosphere… In fact, he was holding his tears firmly.

    Caville could not imagine that there was any other reason for Elody's behavior. Surely it was due to him pointing his sword at the vassals in front of her.

    "I made a mistake…"

    Those fragile lives did not matter to the swordmaster. But it was different for Elody. Caville pondered a lot that he was being inconsiderate to his wife. Anyway, even if he thought about it, he couldn't help but feel sad.

    Ifrit, who looked silently at the fallen Caville, said with arrogance:

    --Why do you have that face? Your wife turned you down?

    --....! ---Caville looked at him in amazement. “How did you know?”


    When questioned by Ifrit, Caville turned his head, pouting. He was irritated.

    After lying on the floor and laughing for a while, Ifrit stopped laughing and said seriously:

    --Mmmm, this King of Spirits, Ifrit, will listen for an hour your worries.

    --Ah, so much…

    "What will you know?" Caville wanted to tell him hurtfully, but stopped. Right now, he had no one else to talk to. Without looking, Ifrit was the only one. He did not like the idea, but in any case, Ifrit was the only one who had stayed by his side at all times during the war. He did not like that he had laughed, but Caville decided to take it easy.

    --My lady...She feels uncomfortable.

    --Easy, it's normal. You came back after seven years, it's been long time since the last time you saw each other.

    --But I don't feel uncomfortable with her.

    --Ugh ... This boy...You don’t understand anything.

    Caville's pride was hurt. He didn't want to hear that from Ifrit.

    --So, you want that person not to be uncomfortable when she is with you?

    Caville thought it for a few moments before answering Ifrit question.

    --I... I just want her to love me the way she used to.

    Caville simply adores her, he wants them to be together, and that she consider him attractive. If that were to happen, Caville would not wish anything else.

    --Like before…

    Ifrit observed it with a concerned expression.

    "This boy still does not realize his feelings."

    He would have to intervene. He then decided to take sides with sincerity and listening to Caviile's concerns.

    --You just want to look cute?

    --…Yes because?

    Caville's tone seemed to be part of the problem. Ifrit clicked his tongue and asked :

    --You ... have you noticed your wife's attitude to me?


    --She thinks I'm adorable.

    Caville opened his eyes. It was true. Elody thought that Ifrit was adorable when he looked like a puppy the size of her the palm. She would even caress him. When he remembered it, Caville could feel the anger resurfacing.

    --Hey, a husband is not someone you should find adorable.

    --...Then what?

    --Your goal can't be adorable. Do you think you are ten? You have to show her a different image.

    --What kind of image?

    His desperate attitude suddenly disappeared, now Caville turned to Ifrit a little aggressively.

    --Of course, you have to be masculine! You know you're not as adorable as when you were a kid. you know that, right?


    Caville felt like a bone had been broken. I couldn't deny it.

    --And your wife seems to like adorable things. To treat you the same as those things?

    --... I don't think so.…

    Caville frowned and buried his head in his palms. He was confused. Seeing him like this, Ifrit continued :

    --Either way, it’s capturing her heart and attention, it’s what you want?


    Caville raised his head and observed Ifrit. His eyes are now full of confidence towards the spirit.

    Honestly, he felt bad, but Ifrit wasn't wrong. He is not a kid anymore, not as small and adorable as he was then. And nor did he want to be treated like a tender object. He wanted to be special for his wife.

    Ifrit stood in front of Caville with a cold expression. He knew everything about Caville. In the war, he was the only one who Caville could trust, because he spent most of his time alone, except when he was fighting. And, secretly, Ifrit considered him as his brother.

    "He's a nasty guy, but thanks to him I regained my power and adult body.”

    Of course, he wasn't his benefactor. There was only one benefactor. In any case, he wished to take care of Caville as his brother.

    In his eyes, Caville was a simple, clumsy, gullible guy. Even after coming of age, he still had a very pure side, especially when it came to issues with the opposite sex.

    Besides, in this world, there was nothing more important to him than his wife. He was not aware of his feelings for her, so it seemed a good opportunity for him to give count at once.

    Ifrit spoke loudly and confidently :

    --You're an adult. You're the perfect man!


    What did it have to do with it? Caville looked suspiciously at lfrit.

    --Why? Why? I'm telling you to show her your masculinity to your wife! Do you think you look like when you were a child? You?


    --I'm telling you, you have to show yourself as a reliable guy. That your wife can depend on!

    --... How?----Caville asked innocently. Ifrit answered him.

    --Show her your chest.


    --Show her your chest. Men are represented by their chest.

    “It was silly.” Caville looked at him with a tight frown.

    --Unlike when you were a kid and you were weak, show her your body will now make her see that you are strong and capable. Do you understand?

    “...How vulgar.” Caville wanted to say it, but asked patiently.

    --What if she finds it unpleasant.

    --It won't happen. I don't like you, but ... I can admit you have a good face and body.

    Caville watched him with displeasure. It was stupid and dirty.

    --Trust me. You won't regret it.


    --Well, if you don't want to, don't do it. You're the one who's coming out losing.

    At lfrit’s snort, Caville asked anxiously.

    --Will that make my wife like me?

    --…Would you like that?

    With hope, Caville thought he might have a second opportunity ... so he held back his answers.

    Ifrit told him to be strong, that his heart was in right place, and it encouraged him.... He also taught him to show off his bare torso with naturalness. Caville decided that he would try to do what Ifrit had said, putting all his heart into this battle.


    At that time, Elody was in another room with Anna. Elody had planted wheat seeds and had been studying it recently on one side of the greenhouse. Anna followed her and asked her in a soft voice:

    --It'll take a few months to see the effects, won't it, Ma'am?

    --I guess so.

    Now that they had used a growth accelerator, it would take less time than usual. It was a shame that Elody had to leave without completing her studies in this place. However, moving the greenhouse and the laboratory, there was also the possibility of moving the seeds as they were.

    --Ma'am, are you tired or pain from anywhere?---Anna asked, glancing at her quickly.

    --No. Why?

    --...No, well ... out of curiosity. I was wondering if there was anything bothering you…

    --No. I'm not even the type to have colds Anna. I also take the red pills.

    "She's good at lying like that…" Anna bit her lips, lamenting the situation.

    Anyway, it was true that Elody didn't get sick. By course, if there was a serious injury or incurable illness, but there seemed to be no complications. It was just a little annoying.

    --...Ma'am, we'll make sure the seeds grow properly in a couple of months, right? ----Anna asked holding back her tears.

    Elody hesitated for a few moments and then nodded. Due to its short moment of hesitation, It seemed that Anna was about to cry.

    Lately, the servants weren't just worried. The appearance of the princess also had them nervous, even to those who didn't used to be sensitive about such issues.

    In her eyes, the lady looked like an endangered deer, she did not know where to go.

    --I have to go with Caville now. I said I'd see him soon.…

    --Yes, ma'am.

    Elody got ahead to the castle, and Anna followed her in tears.



    From now on, Elody planned to delegate some work to Caville regularly. Originally she was supposed to leave Caville as soon as he introduces himself to the princess, but unexpectedly she had given a little more time, so she had decided to retire after explaining to him the work of the Duke in as much detail as possible.

    However, Caville did not expect her in the office. After the answer obtained by asking the servants, Caville had gone to the room a few moments ago.

    Elody walked into the room, wondering if Caville had fallen asleep.

    “I did not have much time, so I wanted to tell you a lot of things in the shortest possible time.”

    After knocking, Elody carefully opened the door. Have spent the last seven years alone in this room, but now it was Caville's room. With consideration, Elody had passed to the next room, hoping to get close to a familiar place. It was trivial, but Elody wanted to be considered to Caville.


    But when she opened the door and came in, Caville was lying down with a towel on his head.

    --Caville, does it hurt?

    Elody was surprised and approached him.

    --I ... I guess the whole body.---Caville looked at Elody with a pained expression.

    As Ifrit had recommended, his torso was uncovered and the sheet only covered the lower body.

    --You don't have a fever.…

    Elody, who had approached Caville, put a hand on his forehead and took his temperature.

    Then Caville's half-naked body appeared before the Elody's eyes.


    Elody paused for a moment and bit her lips. Caville looked nervously, in anticipation.


    Suddenly Elody took the sheet that covered Caville and then it went down a little further. Caville watched her, confused before her unexpected behavior.

    "If you show her your bare torso, your wife will laugh shyly". That was what lfrit had said, but…


    Elody was crying. As the tears slid down her cheeks, Coville was surprised and could only blink. It was too unexpected reaction. Elody slowly raised her hand and touched the wound on the right side of the Caville chest with the tip of her finger.

    Not long after Caville arrived at the battle, he had received the cut of a sword in that place. Elody quietly looked at the wounds on his body. Caville was full of scars. From small to huge. Was difficult to even count.

    How much he must have suffered... Elody felt her heart getting squeeze.

    And Caville…

    "No, it wasn't this…"

    Caville looked toward the window through which Ifrit had departed with a lost expression.

    "Ifrit, you bastard, don't go…"

    And then…

    --Wait a minute.

    Elody's fingers touched Caville's clothes, touching a long wound to the muscle. Caville straightened up, flustered. In an instant, his face turned all red.

    --Ah, why? Does it hurt? Sorry, Caville.

    --Oh, no, ma'am, it just tickles me.…

    It was a strange feeling.

    Caville bit his lips hard and turned his gaze down. It was hard to look at his wife in the eye.

    Elody watched him and asked carefully :

    --Why didn't the priest of the temple heal you?

    There were still traces of crying in her voice.

    --It was a small wound.

    In fact, it was because he didn't like to show his body to members of the temple. It was terrible to think of the sounds that they did when they saw the whipping marks on his back. Not it bothered him to show them to his wife, but with other people were different.

    --What do you mean small wound? It's horrible.

    --All right, my lady.

    Every time he was injured, Caville learned to overcome the pain. Naturally, he felt the pain at first, but not anymore when a new wound occurred. It was harder to endure the pain in his chest by missing his wife so much.

    Caville pulled the sheet to cover himself with it.

    --My lady, stop crying.…

    He could not even hug her as he felt bad for his wife, who kept crying.

    --I'm sorry. What did you say hurt? I'll get you medicine.

    --It doesn't hurt anymore.


    --Actually, I lied.


    When Coville confessed with an adorable smile on his face. Elody also drew a small smile.

    Ifrit's strategy had been a complete failure. Caville promised not to come back or listen to him.


    --Hey, did you?

    After a while, Ifrit came in using the window and asked that to Caville, who was sitting on the couch


    Caville held his breath, like a beast waiting for his prey, and quickly took him by the back.

    --What?! What are you doing?!

    Ifrit was captured by Caville's huge hand, and struggled.

    --I shouldn't have believed you.

    Ifrit felt something was very wrong. He couldn't escape now, Caville had caught him. He had to find a way out of this one.

    "Did you fail? But that's your fault, not mine."

    --I won’t believe you again.

    --What?! Why?! Is it possible that you failed?! It doesn’t makes sense!

    Ifrit felt it was an injustice. But Caville also felt so. So Caville confessed the facts, releasing lfrit as if defeated.

    --She cried?


    “...Did she cried? That girl's head worked in a very strange way.”

    Ifrit swallowed those words before they even got to his throat. If I said So, Caville would try to cut off his tail, telling him to stop insulting his wife. But it didn't matter as he saw, the benefactor seemed to have a weird mentality.

    Caville kept talking, dissatisfied :

    --I won't do anything you tell me again. It hurt a lot to watch her cry.

    --... Well, whatever.

    Caville screamed at lfrit's soft response.

    --That's it? Isn't there some other way to do it?

    --What do you mean? Didn't you tell me you wouldn't do what I say anymore.

    --I don't know anymore.---- Caville lowered his head, dejected.

    Ifrit clicked his tongue.

    "What a weak boy…"

    Anyway, it was also true that it was a bit sad.

    Ifrit spoke frankly :

    --Just ... live as before.


    --Your wife seems still glad you've grown-up properly ... just keep pretending to be weak...It’s men's charm.

    --What are you talking about?

    --I mean, you pretend to be weak and unlucky so your wife can take care only you. I think it's more likely to make that work.

    Caville had sworn that he would not trust the Ifrit’s words a few moments earlier, but his words caught his attention. He felt a little different right now.

    Starting tomorrow, Caville would approach his wife with a new strategy. As Ifrit had said, he would pretend to be weak, exaggerating any illness.

    The result would be wonderful! Elody would take care of him without abandoning him as she had when they were children. Caville wouldn't fail again.

    The more he thought about it, the more he thought Elody didn't see him as a man. Caville still didn't understand what it meant. That's because he still didn't identify his own feelings. This moment, he just wanted to be a husband who attractive and interesting for his wife.

    And as long as she had to take care of Caville, Elody would think…

    "Caville is still my baby.”


    The job as a mother had not ended as he had thought.

    Caville's break was over in one day, since Elody had given him medicines that she had made herself.

    For the next day, Caville began to take the responsibilities of the Duchy from Elody. The work was quite a lot and he was very busy. It was easier to use a sword and fight with enemies in the war.

    --I'm sorry you've been doing this alone, my lady.

    Caville's affectionate words comforted Elody.

    Stroking Caville's head, Elodyle said :

    --You've had it harder than I've been suffering up until now, Caville. I'm so proud of you.

    Coville smiled proudly.

    Two days earlier, the relationship between the two became more natural after Elody saw the wounds and he received her attention by pretending to be sick.

    His wife's attitude towards him became gentle and comfortable. Even in his dreams, he never imagined that Elody would treat him so kindly, like taking care of children. Caville liked to receive all the affection of his wife.


    In the afternoon of the next day, after giving him a pile of work to Caville, Elody spent most of the day alone in the greenhouse and laboratory, maids and ladies too had had access blocked, because she had to concentrate on her research.

    The maids kept circling around the greenhouse, looking forward to it. Elody told them to leave.

    --Ma'am...but, you can't be alone...If something happens…

    --No. What can happen in my laboratory, in my greenhouse? I have to study this quietly, alone, so go back to the castle, all right?

    Marie and Anna returned to the castle with a sad expression. Elody looked outside a few more times in case that someone would come. Of course, it wasn't just the research that makes her told them to leave. It was the “candle of salvation”. Today it was the day she was supposed to drink tea from the leaves of that plant.

    Elody cut a good amount of leaves and stored them in a container. A strong aroma emerged from them.

    --Well ... looks like everything's fine.

    It was bitter, but she had already gotten used to it and did not feel so bad.

    Elody lifted her cup and drank it carefully. The darker she drank the tea, the sooner the bleeding. After drinking it, a few days later, the symptoms they would decrease instead of appearing again. It was better to suffer bleeding. Besides, it was easy to hide.

    And today, Elody had brewed the darker tea than usual. She did not worry about what would happen later and return to the castle without evidence.

    At the end of the tea, Elody prepared her handkerchief. However, no matter how long she waited, the bleeding didn't show up.

    As time passed, she began to get anxious.

    --It shouldn't take this long.…

    Elody's legs trembled from anxiety as she waited for the symptom.

    Finally, the first signs appeared suddenly.


    The feeling that something was going up her throat indicated that it would happen soon…


    And then she heard the voice of someone outside the lab.

    --Ma'am, I'm coming in! Anna told me to bring you some food.

    Upon hearing the voice, it seemed to be Silvia. She jumped and looked around, running away from the lab by the door that went to the greenhouse to hide.

    --My lady…

    After a few moments, Silvia opened the laboratory door and searched the empty place.

    "Will she be in the greenhouse?”

    Elody trembled and anxious, when she heard her inside the greenhouse. There was no place to hide in it and she could not go towards the door Silvia was using.

    --Coff ... coff…

    She started coughing at that moment.

    Elody covered her mouth with the handkerchief, trying to stop the cough. Her white handkerchief was quickly covered with blood.

    --Ma'am! Are you in the greenhouse?

    Elody leaped toward the back door of the greenhouse.

    It was dangerous to do this outside, but she could not do anything at the time. Either way, out of the greenhouse there was only one big tree that no one ever went to.

    Elody opened the door and left. She ran to the tree and began to coughing without restraint.

    --Coff, coff!

    She endured the cough, even though tears came out. It was more intense than at other times.

    That’s why...she could not even imagine that someone would be sitting behind that tree.

    Lol, never takes Ifrit's advice Caville!!
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    omg thank you for doing this. Because literally dying to see elody and caville to just be cute together you know. Or at least Caville to feel that love and affection that he wants. But also LOLOL Elody just wants to do her own business but everyone just super worried with the super awkward misunderstanding. But man, Caville playing that weak man card is also really cute. URGH A wolf trying to be a puppy is super cute though haha. Can't wait for more spoilers <3
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    Silvia looked at the empty greenhouse.

    --Where did the lady go? Has she returned to the castle?

    She carefully searched the area, but both the greenhouse as the lab were vacant, though she would have swore she heard someone.

    "And I was trying to get close to the duchess when she was alone..." thought Silvia, turning to the Castle with the sandwiches that she had brought.


    --Cofff, coff! ---Elody was holding on to the huge tree while coughing until she ran out of air.

    Because of the increased dose in the tea, she was bleeding more than normal. It would be impossible to cover everything with a handkerchief. It was good that that place was so isolated, but it had the same ground and temperature conditions as the rest of the place.

    Elody sighed, after coughing for a while. She looked at herself to check for bloodstains on her clothes. Fortunately, there were none.

    But instead, someone else's clothes that had been sitting behind the tree was full of Elody's blood.

    Confused, Elody turned to see the man looking at her. He shocked and naturally Elody too. To begin with, the floor had covered with someone's blood.

    She didn't remember the man's name, but she knew him. He was one of the knights who returned with Caville, short-haired platinum, and dark skin.

    --Hmmm. Listen, I'm sorry... your name is...?

    At Elody's question, the man scowled. He answered slowly, keeping that expression.

    --- I'm Heinz.


    A few days ago, back his first fight with Therion, Heinz nuisance boiling with rage. Therion himself had received a quick sorry.

    However, neither Heinz nor Terion had apologized to each other.

    Wherever they met, they looked at each other with intensity, like you wanted to drive the other. Their functions were also completely separated. Thanks to this, the atmosphere between the knights was complicated.

    Because of Heinz's comments, all the Knights of Solar had sided with Terion, and in turn, the Knights guided by Heinz, who originally mercenaries, find themselves totally isolated.

    Heinz was constantly complaining about the situation. He had thought that, if he followed the Duke and returned to his territory, finally they would be able to stay in one place and live being treated decently.

    The facilities and buildings were comfortable, but his heart was felt discouraged. He wasn't the only one who felt that way, but they could comment on it because, after all, they were enjoying one of the moments with less physical discomfort in their lives. Of course, they were to be aggravated.

    But...either way, isn’t he deserved better treatment than subjects like Terion, who had remained peace of the Duchy? In his opinion and some of the knights of Solar, yes.

    In spite of that, the vice-commander dismisses his opinion as if treat a fool. It was impossible to talk to him.

    The commander was the man who had given him honor, a mercenary, and the rest of his men. He had also saved them several times. Therefore, Heinz could not tell him about worries and how childish he is.

    His fraction was isolated, while Terion curtailed as if nothing happened and received approval from the others. He didn't even want to hear about that guy.

    Even so, deep down he wondered:

    "Will we care?"

    It was sad to have been betrayed by the vice-commander. He was pretty overwhelming. He'd even hit him in front of that Terion guy.…

    He hated the vice-commander, and he hated the supposed Duchess even more. He thought that woman was, in fact, the root of all the problems.

    His men were worried about him, but Heinz wanted to be alone, so that day he was reading a book without any company. Then, without energy, he had sat under a large tree nearby the greenhouse no one used to visit.

    "Duchess, just wait for the princess to arrive..." he stared at squirrels run past him.

    Then there was a coughing fit, and blood splashing on his shoulder.


    Heinz turned, upset, and was greatly surprised to turn and see the person. The Duchess was vomiting blood right behind him.


    --Sir Heinz, it's a pleasure to meet you. At the banquet I could not introduce myself due to the matter with the vassals.---she said calmly.

    Elody wiping the blood from the corner of her lips. Then she took out her handkerchief and reached out to wipe Heinz’s shoulder. At that moment, he got scared and took a step back. He was very surprised.

    Heinz lose, biting his lips, ashamed to have lost control.

    --Your clothes got dirty because of me. I'm sorry, Sir Heinz.

    --All right.---Heinz accept Elody's handkerchief with trembling hands.

    His shoulder and right arm were covered in blood.

    "It's a lot of blood..."

    And Elody looked confused and worried. She didn't think she would be seen by anyone. On top of it, someone who she doesn't even know well.

    "This is the first conversation we have..."

    --Do you have "Mermaid Tears"?

    --Excuse me?

    Heinz's hand and brow twitched as he asked, while wiping the blood with the handkerchief.

    Elody blinked, deeply sorry.

    "Mermaid Tears" was an incurable disease known as the disease of the people of the cost. Certainly, the symptoms were similar to the side effects of “candle of salvation”, and her illness was also considered an incurable disease in medical books.

    “Mermaid Tears" could be cured if discovered in an early stage, but if it was at the end, it could not be cured, not even with divine powers. Those who get the disease lived helplessly. So yes, it is considered incurable

    Although the name is associated with a place, actually, the research showed that it had nothing to do with the coast.

    Either way, it was too long to explain to him in detail that’s not what happened. It was difficult to say :

    "In fact, if I have a terminal illness, but it's not that. I don't even know the name. In any case, the cure is a plant that I found, but it has the effect of causing bleeding like this once a month. . ."

    Sound amazing to ordinary people. Anyone who saw it for the first time would suspect ... There was no time to explain it all.

    --That's right. Keep it secret, Sir Heinz.----Elody look at him earnestly, and Heinz trembled with the impression that she was annoying.

    --Pretend you don't see anything. As if it nothing hadn't happened today. ..Please, I ask you, Sir Heinz.

    Heinz didn't expect those words. The duchess seemed arrogant and cold, but she was actually more cordial of what he had expected.

    --Please, I beg you. No one should know.

    Elody was desperate. It hurts her head to just imagine what annoying it would be if people found out. It was just once for a month, just like now.

    --All right.

    --Really? Are you serious?

    --I won't tell anyone. I’ll keep my word ---said Heinz, frowning again.

    He seemed a little clueless, but not like someone who lied.

    Elody looked around, sighing relieved. It would have been a huge problem if someone else showed up.

    --Please make sure of that, Sir Heinz.

    After confirming with him a couple of times, Elody opened the greenhouse door and enter. Then she uses the tap installed in a corner of the greenhouse to wipe the blood from her hands and wash the handkerchief.

    "Oh, my handkerchief..."

    She remembered now that a few moments ago she had also given one to Heinz and not received it back, but now it would be too much to ask. Elody sigh.

    "I should have locked."

    The greenhouse and laboratory were locks.

    As it was, she could leave Silvia outside and keep her from entering, but that wouldn't work in case more servants came close.

    A disaster had been avoided, but, in the end, she had discovered for the first time.

    Elody did not know if it would have been better to let the person who had entered the greenhouse would find her like this, or if it was less dangerous let the knight knows everything.


    --Captain...I mean, Sir Heinz, are you hurt? You got blood...

    --I scraped with a bush. It's a small wound.

    --You bleed so much from a small wound...

    When Heinz reached the central building, he lightly answered Suha questions and headed to his room. The knight generally had their own room with a bathroom that also included a shower. The rooms were incredibly good with modern furniture. Heinz, an elite knight, had one room even more spacious and comfortable.

    As a mercenary, he had wandered his entire life and spent seven years on the battlefield. It would have happened that he would be happy with just have a house with a roof, but have a room so luxurious ...

    When he first saw where he would stay, Heinz could only think it was luxurious. But it was a real installation, which deserved praise.

    Heinz looked at the white handkerchief that still he held in his hand. He was upset and uncomfortable.

    "It was bad luck to find the Duchess there..."

    Well, he was told that the greenhouse belonged to the Duchess. Then, Heinz had laughed thinking that even her hobbies were expensive, but now he knew she had a deadly disease...

    If he thought about it, it was better this way. The Duchess was dying. Being so, his leader and the princess could get married without any problem, just like Heinz had wanted, but... Why does he feel bad?

    The shoulder that the Duchess had covered with blood was cleaned with cold water, and yet, for some reason, after cleaning it felt like it was burning.

    It was not a contagious disease.

    The Duchess's illness was obviously "Mermaid Tears", in which part of the intestines broke, cough and vomit blood.


    And a long time ago, his sister had died from that disease.

    It happened when Heinz was very young. It was a curable disease in the first stages, but in the finals it was irreversible. For when her sister found out she had the disease, she had already reached the point at which she could not be treated with either medication or divine power. It had been clear then she was going to die.

    No, even if she had known, she probably wouldn't have said anything. She would have hidden that fact because they had no money. He was more concerned with eating and feeding his younger sister every day than to get medication. And so, his sister had died, vomiting blood.

    After losing his only family, his sister, Heinz became a nomadic mercenary. Got a lot of money, enough to get the medicine, but his sister was already dead.

    But...the Duchess had a lot of money, so why...?

    "You didn't even know you were sick until it was late? How stupid…"

    She couldn't start treatment on time. The disease was serious, it would not be possible to cure it with medications or divine power. Sooner or later the painful vomiting blood would start.

    It was clear that she would die.
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    thank you so much for spoiler!
    and you know what? if this chapter makes you guys angry, wait until you guys read chapter 55, im outraged! that bitch carolline (princess maid) and mercenaries makes me so angry. i wish for violence. but you will also love caville more, turn out he is not that passive and tried to resolve the bad rumor of his wife with his own way
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    Well even tho he is late, atleast he tried, fyuhh thank god if not he really could not be save
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    WTF this entitled soldier talking about?? BETTER? what do you mean better? I seriously can't understand these guys thinking at all. Earlier spoiler says, Duchess is a good lord that manage the land, BUT that has nothing to do with mercenaries because they are not from there, BUT they tagged with the duke along hoping to get a comfortable place and obtain it, prepared by the duchess BUT they still complaining. why they don't think at all if the duchess really not care about the duke, then the duchess can't possibly provide a comfortable place for them in the first place. I hope Caville punish these guys severely.
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    Heinz frowned and stretched his shoulders and arms.

    Probably the Duchess would live a little longer, maybe in a few months. Maybe she'd die as soon as the princess got here.

    The Duchess would die. It was something he could assure.

    "By the way, do I have anything else to do? On second thought, I shouldn't worry because I don't belong to her people.”

    Heinz was confused.

    After wiping himself with cold water to calm his frustration, he heard that several of his knights were drinking in the first floor’s communal hall. Heinz went with them and drank a jar of beer.

    --Captain, what's the matter?

    When they were alone, Heinz's men still called him Captain.

    Heinz just drank without answering them. Knight ended up leaving him alone and started talking between them:

    --Hey, about the Duchess, wasn't she too fancy? Much more than the Princess.

    --The princess ran away, it's normal that her clothes were simple, but originally the princess had a more high status.

    --I know that, you idiot! Anyway, the princess looked beautiful even dressed humbly, isn't it?

    Listening to his Knights, Heinz recalled the appearance of the Duchess during the banquet. Certainly, her accessories and dresses were incredibly beautiful.

    "But will she uses those splendid decorations to hide the effects of the disease?"

    In fact, Marie looked after the Duchess more than usual, though as far as he knew that was a normal relationship between Marie and Elody. Heinz now believed that overprotection had a reason to be.


    The beer tasted awful.


    Heklasium, the imperial capital of Heklos.

    Emperor Albert was the highest-ranking person at this moment.

    Not only had the war ended in victory, it was also means that he had gained a lot of territories. This was due to the Duke of Cernoir, the hero who had led the troops to victory, but the Duke had not applied for ownership of those territories. Due to the latter, the capital was in chaos for quite some time by the question of the Treaty on management of Urta territory.

    The emperor wanted to divide the territory of Urta among the Marquesas who had served the Empire better. However, Duke Ibelin and Duke Rehos of East were claiming ownership of the territory.

    "How dare you?"

    Of course, those Dukes also participated in the war, but they didn't stand out enough to demand territory. The emperor was kind to them.

    Meanwhile, Albert would also temporarily lead the territory of the Kingdom of Dayev. The kingdom that Princess Larissa had ordered.

    "How unusual…”

    In fact, the emperor had thought to allow her to continue in her kingdom and do what she wished, but the Princess Larissa wanted to stay at Heklos for the time being.

    Apparently, she was still afraid of the surviving troops of Urta. It was logical since the life or death Prince of Urta had not been confirm.

    For that reason, Larissa temporarily gives up governance authority to the emperor until situation of the troops of Urta will stabilize. This was very good for emperor Albert.

    "I think we can make a lot of money…"

    The Kingdom of Dayev was famous for its gold production, for which, while he ruled the lands, he planned to collect as much gold as possible.

    In appearance, the emperor pretended to be protective and happy for the company of the princess, but it really did not affect him. It was a fact that he didn't care if it was his niece or not. He was never interested in that.

    The younger sister of his cousin became the Queen of Dayev long before Urta's invasion. Mainly because they could not doubt the use of royalty as pieces political. The Queen of Dayev was just that : a diplomatic tool. He never treated her very much, not even he knew she had a daughter. For the present, The Kingdom of Dayevno was not more than a weak Kingdom that had been subdued by Urta.

    In any case, his death (Kingdom of Dayevno’s emperor) did not cause him any penalty, but it was true that Larissa's appearance was lucky. Thanks to her, the relationship with the temple improved considerably, for she had donated an artifact to the temple.

    --Princess Larissa will stay until it's time deregister Dayev's Kingdom?

    The emperor planned to let her stay in the imperial palace if she wanted to, but she gave an unexpected answer.

    --No, Your Majesty. If possible, I would like to compensate for the Duke of Cernoir for saving my life.

    --Oh, really?

    Princess Larissa seemed to have an interest in Cernoir, specifically the Duke. That was even better.

    Emperor Albert searched his memory.

    "Is the Duke of Cernoir married?"

    It didn't matter if he was married or single. There was a divorce system in the Heklos Empire. And if he was married, it would be better for the Duke to marry again with a beautiful princess, instead of continuing with a woman that he had not seen for years during the war had lasted.

    The Duke was also a man. He had no reason to reject Princess Larissa, who was so beautiful that she looked like a fairy.

    The Duke of Cernoir, whose power grew day by day, was encouraging spirits and people's support for the Empire, instead of the Tesser Temple. For the emperor, watching him, would be very comfortable if he became his son-in-law.

    Thus, Princess Larissa went directly to Cernoir territory with the emperor's blessing. Countess Defoer and a lady in waiting, Caroliana, would assist her.


    Less than a month before the group of Temple and Princess arrive, Elody was busy passing responsibilities to Caville.

    Fortunately, Caville was very dexterous and was able to do things after being explained once. He worked even faster than her, and was accurate and clean in action.

    Elody confidently headed to the study. Because of some things, the original curriculum had been delayed, so she recently restarted the studies that they had been left pending.

    Even if they divorced, she thought she'd move her laboratory and greenhouse almost in its current state, so she didn't want to waste any time. Besides, in the meantime, she had to pay attention to the Knights of the castle. She was busy but calm.

    The only reason she should take care of is having been seen coughing up blood a while ago.

    "Fortunately, he seems to keep his word.”

    Heinz was keeping the secret properly.

    Still, there were events that could not be planned for. It would be a big problem if he got drunk and said something.

    To avoid it, Elody was constantly supervising the knights and servants with the excuse that she wanted to make sure the knights were comfortable.

    Thanks to her attention, she was recently being treated by servants and knights with great care.

    Elody's instruction was that they should not spend any inconveniences in the Ducal Castle.

    --How're the knights doing?

    Anna answered Elody's question without much encouragement :

    --Well, they're as usual. But, Ma'am, why do you have so much interest in them these days?

    --...I would like the knights who are not from the Duchy adapt well you know?

    --You mean, the knights who used to be mercenaries? I hate them.


    Anna wanted to say "They talk about the princess this, the princess that, every day. And I don't like it, so I'd like to sew their mouths." but she held back.

    Everyone knew about the rumors that the emperor wanted to connect the princess and her Lord. But it was absurd. Lord was already married and had no interest in divorce.

    Until the Duke's return, the servants were also worried about the divorce.

    “What if he abandons the duchess just because that lady is a princess?"

    It was a baseless concern. The Duke still depended and followed the Duchess every day. No one could talk about divorce when the only one he saw and followed each day was his wife.

    However, the Knights stayed in the Templar building in front of the castle, not in the castle itself. So it was natural that they didn't know how much the Duchess was looking after them inside the walls of the castle.

    It was very frustrating that they spread lies. So the servants were preparing a vengeance against them.

    “Wait and see, you arrogant men…"

    The lady's orders were to treat them well, but ... when the time would come, they would surely receive what they deserve.

    --Does any of the knights seem to have a problem?

    Elody asked again, as if it were a secret.

    "Perhaps the knight named Heinz suffers from a severe case mouth pain." But Anna opened her mouth to say something completely different.

    --Oh! Now that you say it, Sir Bayron married Julia.

    --Really? Sir Bayron?

    Sir Bayron was one of the Knights who had remained in the Duchy. He had married Julia, one of the maids the castle. After the wedding, Julia had resigned because she wanted a break, and at the moment they were enjoying their honeymoon in a village near the castle.

    Recently, they had received news of the pregnancy. By unfortunately, Elody couldn't come to visit them anytime soon.

    --Julia says she wants to eat peaches.


    --Yes. She wants to eat them again, but...it is a difficult fruit to find. It's a common taste when you're pregnant. ----Anna simply said.

    Peaches were a fruit found in the east of the continent and were uncommon in the West. Usually, they were so hard to get that they reserved for the nobles of the capital.

    Elody recalled that some years ago Sirka had got peaches.

    "Julia enjoyed them very much back then..." or at least that's what she remembered.

    On that occasion, Elody had shared the peaches that Sirka had given with the servants and the knights. She thought to investigate why the peach crop was only in the East.

    She had so many things she wanted to investigate. But since she was busy researching incurable diseases, her to-do list grew steadily.

    --I should send someone to get Sirka some.

    Anna opened her eyes wide at Elody's words.

    --Really, Ma'am? Then I'd like to eat them too!

    --Yes, I'll ask him to bring many.

    --Ah! Madam, perhaps the fruit that appears in The Legend of The Great Magician is a peach.


    Elody blinked surprised after hearing Anna’s words. She didn't know what to answer.

    "...Oh, you meant that?"

    It was a story she had found when staying up all night instead of going to sleep.

    --The one they said was the reason the Great Magician has cooperation of the spirits?

    --Correct. He said he used the "fruit of the spirits," but it was not known which fruit specifically. Will it have been peach?

    --But wasn't it fruit without magical powers?

    She questioned Elody lamenting her ignorance.

    --Yes ---Anna nodded at Elody's words.

    Peaches were sweet and delicious, but they were a simple fruit without any magic feature.

    --Lady hasn't seen the Duke's spirit, has you?

    --I did. Do you want to know?

    --Really? They say their wings are as huge as a person. It makes me very curious!

    She wondered if she had heard those stories from the knight, for what Anna knew was only about the adult spirit form. Elody, who knew his adult form so well like his childlike form, could only laugh, uncomfortable.

    --Well ... I'll just say it's red.

    After Elody's short answer, Anna had even more curiosity.

    After Caville's return, all the servants felt a curiosity to have heard that the Lord controlled a Spirit of Fire. However, this never appeared in front of them. They wondered if it would be too difficult to take a look at it.

    Upon hearing the stories, the knights said that they had seen nothing until the time when the territory of Urta had been defeated.

    Elody also saw for a while, and when she did, he had the form an adorable puppy, not an adult form. And Caville wasn't particularly happy when Elody and the spirit met, probably because he felt strong possessiveness towards Ifrit.

    She was a little disappointed by the rejection attitude of Caville, but Elody didn't say anything about it.

    --I’m going to tell Sir Bayron and I'll be back!

    --Yes. On the way, check on the knights, please?

    --Yes, Ma'am! ----Anna nodded and then went out of the lab.


    Just as Elody cared about Heinz. Heinz was worried about Elody.

    "Ugh, I'm an idiot.”

    Heinz was distressed. It was very strange. He kept feeling very sorry for the Duchess. In fact, it was silly.

    “Me? Feel sorry for that woman?”

    Princess Larissa, who had been trapped in a dungeon after being kidnapped by Urta, she was more deserving of his grief.

    "But Princess Larissa is not in the terminal stage of a disease…"

    Princess Larissa had only good things in her future with his leader. On the other hand ... the Duchess was expecting only one unworthy death. He could remember how painful it had been for his sister… Heinz sighed deeply.

    Other soldiers stood by him, talking to each other.

    --The Duchess is not behaving particularly well these days?

    --The Duchess? Why do you say that?

    --Whenever a servant approaches, we were being asked if we're comfortable. I was wondering why they were being so kind, and when I asked them, you know what they told me?

    --What? Is it because of the Duchess?

    --Yes! The Duchess ordered them to be kind.

    --Really? With us? What that damn woman will be planning?

    "That damn woman? How dare this bastard to talk so carelessly...?"

    Heinz was strangely upset by the words of one of his knight, but he himself did not understand why his words were so offensive.

    "Ah, what irritates me? Why? It's just a damn woman!"

    But she didn't look bad.

    Letters to the commander during the war…

    All of them had been intercepted by orders from the temple. It was difficult to confirm if it was true or not, but it was no longer seemed to be a lie. It seemed to be a lie while ago ... interestingly, now it seemed to be a fact.

    And he began to think whether there were weighty reasons for the other knights and servants flatter the duchess so much.

    He was going crazy.

    Heinz was embarrassed to change his mind so abruptly. Now he wanted to excuse her, when originally he had no compassion for her.

    But...his sister, who died suddenly, appeared in Duchess's place. It was sad and painful.

    Why did she get sick...?

    --Ah, what anger!

    --What? Why, Captain?

    --Don't talk to me! ---Heinz cried, making his way among his men and marching to training camp.


    Just as Elody was busy, Caville also had a full agenda. In the morning he checked the security of the territory and went to train with the Knights. In the afternoon he performed his ducal duties.

    "I thought my wife would stay by my side…"

    But Elody had said she was busy with her investigations and had withdrawn. Either way, Caville couldn't complain. The relationship between the two had recovered to some extent

    Recently, his wife was sweet, and she treated him kindly. It was quiet days. It was good that she treated him again as a child, as she did before, but for some reason, it didn't satisfy him.

    While reviewing documentation, he recalled the words of Ifrit from a while back.

    --No matter how many times you say I should pretend to be weak. And unfortunate, can I really act like a child? Just like that?

    --You were the one who mentioned it first. And not that you were going better with your wife? Ahhh ... this guy ... not really you know nothing about those things. I told you a husband shouldn’t be find tender or adorable.

    It was the same conversation as before.

    --... Then what?

    --Your goal can't be to make you adorable. Do you think are you still ten? You have to show her a different image.

    --What kind of image?

    His desperate attitude suddenly disappeared, now Caville turned to Ifrit a little aggressively.

    --Of course, you have to be masculine! You already know you don't as adorable as when you were a kid. You know that, right?

    He had suggested to show her the torso before, but the fact was that it had failed miserably. Since that day, Caville looked in the mirror with sadness.

    "I'm not adorable.”

    He thought about it many times and frustrated each time.

    He knew he was attractive because he had eyes, but he wasn't adorable. It was unfair, but he had to admit it.

    Caville wondered what should be shown to his wife. How could he become special to her? So he concluded that maybe if he showed that he could manage the Duchy responsibly…

    In fact, seeing Caville's efforts, Elody showed herself pleased and even flattered him.

    Looking at it, she could only think "I can leave without concerns", but Caville did not know that.

    And Caville, on the other hand, was waiting for the representatives of the Temple.

    "I'm going to kill you.”

    That would help them pay for taking away the valuables letters and medicine from his wife. However, he could not live with the idea of doing it in front of his wife. He wouldn't go back to make that stupid mistake again.

    He was thinking of letting Ifrit take care of them. After all, he had to follow his orders for the rest of his life.

    At the time of signing the contract with Ifrit, it had been a fortune to leave all conditions in writing. That too was thanks to Elody's teachings.

    Caville hummed softly. He was thinking of taking care of everything quickly and then going to the lab where his wife was working. But his efforts soon turned out to be in vain.

    In the afternoon, Elody was experimenting with drugs. Caville was sitting next to her. Suddenly, as if she would have remembered something important, Elody told him:

    --By the way, Caville, when the temple people come, you don't think about getting even and hurting them, right?

    --... Why?—He inquired kindly, pretending to be understanding, but he was very ashamed of his plan would have been discovered so easily. He was so shocked that he covered his mouth with his hands. (T/N : lol, Elody knows him best)

    Elody smiled and stroked his head.

    --The temple is a force that cannot be ignored. Be better to ask for compensation. If you take revenge on a physical attack, they will not remain calm.


    --I want our territory to have peace, Caville.

    That was something Caville agreed with.

    --I'll figure out how to charge, okay?

    --Yes, ma'am.----He nodded quietly.

    Elody was a good person, but she wasn't the type to let it go. She was also thinking about how to get revenge. Sometimes, there was worse revenge than death.

    --Oh, but you mustn't let the temple control you, you know that right?

    --I know.

    In those moments, the temple wanted to use the power of the spirit that controlled by Caville. Spreading rumors that he was the son of God, they were using Caville as a political puppet.

    If he had to choose, the imperial family would be a better choice. The temple guys were even more twisted than the emperor and his relatives.

    --And when the princess arrives, be kind…


    Elody somehow learned the story of Princess Larissa and her interest in winning Caville's heart.

    In fact, since he had arrived, Caville had not spoken of Larissa, because he wasn't ready to accept her for any reason.

    Now Elody had to calm her mind. She would have to go soon.

    To her surprise, Caville's reaction was turned off. Elody asked again :

    --About Princess Larissa, it is said to have a beautiful silver hair, right?

    At Elody's question, Caville suddenly shut his mouth. After a few moments of silence, Caville restarted the conversation :



    --About marrying Princess Larissa...I don’t want to do it.

    --Uh ... ah, yeah, I see. ---With a reaction apparently cold, Elody nodded, embarrassed.

    She didn't even have the courage to ask any more about it.

    Caville knew well that the emperor wanted to concretize the union between the princess and him. Even Brien mentioned it to him. He was offended and upset. He was already married. He didn't understand why they were trying to separate him from his wife. Caville would not tolerate it, anyone who tries to separate him from her would die by his hand. Even if his wife asked him not to do it, he would get rid of all of them.

    Maybe after that, his wife would be permanently uncomfortable with him, but it was something that could not be avoided. It was better than being separated from her.

    Caville would never leave her again. No one had any idea how difficult those seven years had been. He didn't want to go through that hell again.

    Elody looked at Caville and stirred the bluish water inside the bottle. She still didn't understand why he reacted so coldly to the story of the Princess.

    "Haven't you fallen in love with her yet?"

    Since the war was over in seven years, it was possible. Otherwise, he would have already appreciated the princess so much that he wouldn't want to part with her.

    Elody went on with the experiments for a long time. Caville was just looking at her.

    And so he spent a month with Elody and terribly occupy with his duty.

    And one day, after the rain, a group of people appeared in the Duchy.

    Finally, Princess Larissa of the Dayev Kingdom came to the Cernoir territory.

    Caville was immediately irritated.


    Finally, after Heinz finds Elody relatable he grows some brain cells. :blobpopcorn_two:

    You are welcome. I enjoy translating this while reading it one to two chapters per day so I wouldn't run out chapter :blobmelt:. Can't wait to get there. I felt Cavill not that passive after all, he shows some hostility toward Temple and Princess group.

    Hahaha, they thought what they did is far greater than the knight who stayed in Duchy. They sure need to learn to appreciate other people. Caville should send them to the Forest of Death with the vassals.
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    Ah, I can kinda understand that, I sometimes watch sad movies to cry it all out (?). It's a good stress reliever
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    Now that you mentioned it, our mc does sound like a fascinating character! Could be worth a read just for her alone... To take a look at a person who despite all odds stays true to herself, why should all the extras matter! Thanks for your insight! Made me see it in a different way.
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    Here comes the white lotus Princess...

    It had been a three-month carriage ride, but Princess Larissa wasn't tired at all.

    She was excited to see Duke Cernoir's face again.

    “How will it be?"

    The princess could not forget the face of Duke Cernoir, who she had known during the war. His eyes seemed to hold a terrible pain ... those eyes that hypnotize. That's why she told the emperor that she would go directly to the Duchy of Cernoir.

    When Larissa opened the portal and found herself for the first time with the Duke of Cernoir, she felt that at last, she knew the destination. She couldn't deny that was love at first sight.

    It was not surprising that she wanted to be close to him. It was true that at first, she needed his help for political reasons, but it was also because she wanted to help him healing.

    But he was colder than was rumored.

    "This time, when we meet again, I want to approach him more than before. I hope that somehow the opportunity comes.”

    It was a baseless hope, but Princess Larissa believed in faith and destiny. Thanks to that belief, she could feel more alive in that place.


    Many things were going on in the Duchy Cernoir before the arrival of Princess Larissa.

    To begin with, the vassals who had not participated in the war went to the Forest of Death. They thought it was unjust, but there was no way to escape immediately, and they decided to wait and come up with a plan for the future.

    Then there was the task Caville had given to Barons Vendos and Bernard. For a whole month, the Barons stayed in the capital, writing a report to get Caville's approval. However, one of the conditions was that they should not be seen by the duchess, so that both were desperately hiding from the eyes of Elody. Every time they looked like they were gonna run into her.

    --Do you still question the Duchess's abilities?

    --No, Your Excellency!

    --No way, Excellency!

    Both barons looked at the Duke anxiously. Wait to withdraw their orders to go to the Forest of Death.

    Caville quickly reviewed the report with a satisfied expression. The report was full of gratefulness toward the Duchess.

    --Your Majesty, if you could postpone your order for a while more…

    --Yes. We just got back to the territory...If we could pass more time with our families ... that's something that we'd like to do.

    Caville looked at the two Barons kneeling at his feet, remembering how his wife had told him that to show mercy and give them another chance to repair their fault.

    In particular the words of the Barons about being next to their families moved him a little.

    --Well, you can take another month.

    At Caville's permission, both barons were thrilled. Now was the time to take the obvious path. Viewing the Duke's response to the report, they were clear what they should do: they should remain unconditionally on the side of the Duchess.

    Their hope, Iris, had remained in the castle for a month, but it seemed that she had no intention of fighting the Duke's heart.

    Suddenly she had begun to ask for a man with pink hair, looked at the pink flowers all day, and even if there was bad weather, she was continued her search tirelessly.

    In fact, Iris herself had tried to seduce the Duke a couple of times under the orders of her grandparents, but on every occasion, he treated her like she didn't exist.

    He could be the Duke or whatever he wanted, but Iris was a very proud person.

    "If you were really that good, you wouldn’t ignore Iris this way, like she's as ugly as a monster?"

    Inside, Iris began to criticize the Duke.

    So, since she was invisible to that man, she would treat him like he was invisible. In the end, she stopped all contact between them.


    As the Princess's arrival date approached, the servants began to worry a lot. To them, the princess was nothing more than an unwanted guest, since the emperor wanted to unite her with their Lord.

    In particular, the maids had been watching the Knights under the command of Heinz, who flattered the Princess endlessly. Anna continued to watch the Knights at the same time as she was in charge of the greenhouse, looking for an opportunity to deal appropriately with the question of mercenaries.

    --Hello, Anna. Is everything okay with the Duchess?

    --Excuse me?

    Sir Terion approached Anna to question her insecurity.

    --It's just...you've spent a lot of time with the Lord and Duchess, haven't you? I think they’ve been very busy lately.…

    Anna wanted to take this opportunity.

    --Yes! Lord takes care of her very carefully and sincerity! Even when he's busy, he comes and goes to see her up to twelve times a day.

    The Knights of Heinz who were listening to Anna’s words snorted. And Terion nodded seriously. Terion also thought that the Lord and the princess could marry because of mercenaries' constant gossip.

    "If that happens, will the Lady be free?"

    He had some hope in the depths of his heart, despite which, quite contrary to what the rumors said, the Lord and the Lady seemed to get along very well.

    Not long ago, he had the accidental opportunity to witness a walk between the two. They both looked very comfortable together.

    Terion felt a little bit bitter, but decided to get rid of that kind of thinking. He hadn't had any opportunity, but, anyway… She was his first love.


    Listening to the sounds of trumpets in the distance, Elody, looking out the window, exhaled nervously. She almost felt tremors to see Caville return.

    “Why am I so nervous?"

    Caville would soon be reunited with the protagonist.

    The memories of the original story had faded a little, but she still had a general image in her head. Larissa was naively good and beautiful. The heroin that it would destroy Elody McClaire.…

    When she thought about it, she felt bad for some reason, but she was smiling anyway.


    --Marie, isn't this too flashy?

    --What? What did you say? Ma'am, it's no different than what you usually use, why look at it like that?

    "But it's completely different from the usual…"

    For some reason, Marie seemed nervous today. Elody looked at her quietly as she placed her accessories.

    After finishing getting ready, she headed to the entrance of the castle to meet Caville, who waited in the front door.

    Elody watched Caville's face.

    “.... Were you expecting to see her again?”

    He didn't seem tense, but he seemed to be looking forward to it.

    The carriage, adorned with the Imperial shield and the procession behind it were loaded with gifts, waiting in the castle gates. Both the servants and the knights of the castle are gathered to receive the Imperial Group, in particular the princess.

    A lady in waiting and a young noble lady got off the carriage, and soon followed them Princess Larissa.


    As soon as she came down, the knights started screaming.

    Her hair was a mystical silver color, beautiful enough to be admired.

    --I see you again, Duke Cernoir.


    Princess Larissa approached Caville directly and said hello before anyone. Caville replied without delicacy.

    Elody looked at the scene with an expression of interest.

    It was the second time the male protagonist and the heroine from the novel. She had expected something more from that interaction.

    --Thank you for seeing me, Duchess.

    --Nice to meet you, Princess Larissa.

    Larissa greeted Elody, who was next to Caville, with an uncomfortable smile.

    In the capital, the Duke of Cernoir, who had given the victory to the Empire, was the center of all conversations. As result, his wife was also a topic of interest although, in fact, not much was known about her.

    She was the daughter of Count McClaire and a magician who made a variety of magic medicine. That was it.

    The rest was inaccurate, like the rumors that she had a horrible personality, which was extravagant and seemed gloomy. There were also rumors that her medications were made with animals and insects, but Larissa wasn't sure of that. In any case, the positive rumors were few.

    However, considering her bad reputation, Larissa had expected her image to give a darker impression. She was a person she would have to investigate carefully.

    It was normal that rumors on the battlefield were not very accurate. Caville's comrades in the war only said two things: that the Duke had entered the battle at very young age and the Duchess was a cold and cruel woman.

    After hearing that story, Princess Larissa was able to understand why the Duke's eyes looked so sad and lonely.

    “Yeah, I had to investigate.”

    Princess Larissa already felt hostility towards her.

    However, the woman she saw now was beautiful, with beautiful and shiny hair.

    Looking over the Princess's shoulder toward the following procession carriage, Elody asked :

    --By the way, Princess, where are the priests of Tesser Temple?

    Princess Larissa, thinking about other things were surprised and answer:

    --Oh, instead of coming directly, the priests were stopped at another temple on the way. They said that'd arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

    --Alright. You must have had a very long trip, let's go in for a rest.

    --Thank you for your consideration, Duchess.

    Princess Larissa smiled slightly and followed the instructions from the servant and headed to the castle.

    The servant who accompanied the princess, Caroliana, and Countess Defoer looked at Elody. They had also heard the rumors about the Duchess in the capital. Caroliana in particular felt uneasy, had investigated the Duchess in detail.

    And there was a person who saw hostility in the look of these two people.

    "These people...how dare they...?"

    It was Olivia, one of the servants who adored Elody. Her eyes were full of anger.

    --Let's receive the guests properly.

    --Yes, ma'am.

    Elody instructed the servants to facilitate the rest and comfort of the guests who had crossed the long way from the capital.


    Princess Larissa was taken to the best room of guests in the ducal castle and was resting there.

    --It's horrible that dare to give a room like this to a princess, is that right Princess? ---Caroliana complained.

    But Larissa had no problem with the room. It was not as eye-catching as the room in which she had stayed in the imperial Palace, but it was elegant.

    She liked the Duchy of Cernoir, which gave an impression more traditional than the imperial Palace.

    "This place looks homey. It makes me feel the way I felt in my castle when I was a little girl…"

    The castle of the Duchy of Cernoir looked so much like in appearance as an inner atmosphere, so she felt very comfortable. For some reason, she felt like she was in her house.

    She was tired, but wanted to get to know the Ducal Castle.

    "How clever…"

    At that moment, a knock was heard on the door. Some of the maids from the Duke's Castle entered the room when they were given permission.

    Shortly before being guided into the room, Princess Larissa made a small request to Elody :

    --Oh, Duchess, ask a maid to guide me during my stay at the castle?

    --Yes, Princess. Just one person?

    --Yes, thank you.

    She wanted a maid who knew the geography of the castle in detail. The maids approached Larissa and greeted her politely.

    Caroliana looked at them closely with an evaluative look.

    --You can choose one of us, Princess.---Said Tessie the maid in a nice voice.

    Larissa started looking at the maids.

    After a moment, a narrow-shouldered maid and dark expression appeared before her eyes. The maid looked anxious and uncomfortable in some way.

    "Isn't it possible you're being bullied by someone...?"

    Princess Larissa suddenly remembered one of the rumors that she had heard in the capital.

    "The Duchess tells the maids to beat others, it is said she uses tears to make magic pills!"

    She thought it was an absurd rumor, but as soon as she saw the maid, the story came to mind. In an instant, her back was straightened. Princess Larissa sadly pointed to the maid. It was Olivia.



    Caville was meticulously examining the gifts from the emperor. The emperor sent several gems, gold bars and silk, among other things, as gifts.

    "He should have sent only one gift…"

    He was quite busy handling the Lord's affairs during the day, and so he didn't have much time to spend with his wife and could not wait to see her, but he had to pay attention to these things. It was unfortunate.

    Caville walked away in disgust.


    By the end of the afternoon that day, Elody was trapped in the lab and working on research.

    The growth-promoting ampoule for ginseng cultivation was very rare, so she could only make in small amounts. The material of the ampoule was the root of tail grass of rabbit. The roots themselves were easy to obtain, but the ones that could be used for ampoules were very aged roots. Currently, Elody was investigating a method that could also use ordinary roots as material.

    But Elody had not been able to concentrate at all on everything.

    “Is it because it's time to go?"

    Her heart was agitated for no reason. In fact, the previous night she even packed her luggage. There was nothing else to carry or to stop for. Although, before the Princess arrived, she wanted to.

    But to see the eyes of Princess Larissa shining while she looked at Caville, convinced herself.

    "The time to leave has come.”

    Elody's luggage was a pair of clothes and some dried up “candles of salvation”. The rest of the luggage, laboratory items, and plants of the greenhouse, did not matter much at the moment because she would take them slowly.

    --Ma'am, you seem to feel uncomfortable? --Anna asked delicately, looking at Elody's face.

    --Huh? No, it's just because the research isn't going well.

    --How about you take a break for today? There will be a banquet in few days…

    --That's fine. I'll go to the greenhouse for a while.

    Elody smiled at Anna, who was sorting the herbs, she told her not to worry and then went to the greenhouse.

    --Are you enduring a lot of pain?

    Anna looked anxiously at Elody's back. It seemed that the pain had arrived. It was obvious that she had gone to the greenhouse alone because she did not want her to see her suffer.

    Anna had a heartache.

    "This is too much."

    However, contrary to what Anna expected, Elody looked around the greenhouse with a nostalgic expression. When she approached the place where she planted grass and spread her hand, the blue energy penetrated the earth. For some reason, it felt comforting. It wasn't something to feel comfortable about. And that's when…

    --Hey, benefactor. What about your expression?

    What caught Elody's attention was Ifrit, who was rolling around where ginseng grew.

    --... That place.

    How much land was there ... that puppy…

    Elody bit her lips and lifted Ifrit.

    --What?! Let me go!

    --You shouldn't come in here.

    --You're touching the King of Fire Spirit without any respect! Even if you consider yourself special for being the benefactor...!

    Elody didn't care. In her eyes, Ifrit was just a puppy.

    --Ifrit, you shouldn't come to this place. How valuable do you think the ginseng here?


    Faced with Elody's resolute comments, Ifrit lowered his tail. He felt sorry, but soon Elody's hand, which gently wiped the dirt off his fur, comforted him.

    --Anyway, it seems that you have problems too.

    --You too? Why "you too"? Caville has problems?

    Elody's insightful questions struck Ifrit. Caville warned Ifrit never to speak of him to his wife.

    Ifrit responded in a hurry:

    --No ... well, humans always have a lot problems.

    --... I see.

    Elody wondered if Caville was worried about the princess. She wondered what would happen if she couldn't say anything or help him because she kept whining for herself.

    --Benefactor, are you worried?

    --Me? I'm not worried.

    “Really not?"

    Elody shrugged and looked at Ifrit.

    --You have a worried face, no matter how I look at it.


    --I will listen to you, tell me.

    Elody hesitated for a moment and opened her mouth.

    --Are you sure...?

    However, at the time she was trying to find her voice…


    The greenhouse door leading to the lab opened. Caville came in with frowned when he saw Elody with Ifrit.


    --Were you with Ifrit?

    Caville quickly approached and took Ifrit in his arms. Then he opened the back door of the greenhouse, took out the puppy, and locked the door.

    Elody, uncomfortable, tried to excuse him while looking at Caville.

    --Looks like he was playing in the ginseng garden.

    --... I see.

    --He can spoil the growth, so I'll close the door for a while.

    --Well thought, my lady.

    Caville hated when Ifrit with his wife, because the cunning Ifrit seemed to be well aware of the Duke’s emotions.


    And Elody had strange feelings as she looked at Caville. It was pitiful, and it felt as if her heart were empty.

    --Are you done?

    --Yes, ma'am. I finished everything properly.

    Caville was also faithfully performing the duties of Lord. Now he didn't need her help at all.

    Elody was surprised when she reviewed the test logs a few days ago. The sentences were clear and orderly. Rather than proceed unconditionally in accordance with their principles, as Elody did, he considered the situation of the weak completely and made a fair decision.

    When she asked the administrator who was in charge of the documents, he told her that Caville had found all the records that Elody had written and read them without stop.

    Elody was happy that Caville was doing better than she expected, but it also made her feel strange.

    --Then let's go back to the castle.--She told Caville with a smile, holding back the feelings in her heart.

    --Yes, ma'am.

    Previously, Elody had avoided taking Caville's hand several times due to the symptoms of her incurable illness. And since then, Caville had not come near Elody first. Elody thought her touch should be uncomfortable.

    And Elody didn't touch Caville first either. For some reason, it seemed as if she shouldn't be like that, she shouldn't do that. Even if it was just touching his head or hitting gently his shoulder.

    After the arrival of the Princess, Elody felt far from Caville. And it was the same with Caville, who felt that distance.


    Until the day before, the two acted as brother and sister, just like before, but that day the atmosphere was completely different.

    The two returned to the castle without saying anything, suffering a rarefied atmosphere.


    --Where is the Duke now?

    It was second day since the Princess arrived at the castle. Larissa had not been able to see Caville's face.

    --He must be in court now.----Olivia said quietly.

    --Oh, is that it.…

    At Larissa's grim response, Olivia smiled in her inside.

    After Olivia was assigned as maid for Larissa, the maids had a brief meeting.

    --Don't let the princess and the Lord ever meet. Okay, Olivia?

    --Yes, Marie. I'll risk my life if I have to. ---The eyes of Olivia shone as she responded. Marie was shocked from the menacing look.

    --You don't have to bet your life...Anyway, there will be a banquet, there we can not avoid it, but until then those two shouldn't meet, okay?

    --Yes, sister ... I will stop it with all my might.

    The maids looked at Olivia with calm expressions and friendly. They couldn't say how concerned they were that Silvia was assigned as the maid of the Princess. It was fortunate that the princess chose Olivia.

    Olivia fully memorized the daily routine and movements of the Lord and then planned the Princess’s schedule so that she was always in the opposite place.

    --Is Duchess very busy?

    --Yes, the lady is investigating magical medicines.

    --I see.…

    At Olivia's response, Larissa left the castle, with a nostalgic look.

    --What's out there? ---Larissa asked, pointing to the side with an expression of interest.

    They were on their way to take a walk in the garden.

    --That's the lady's greenhouse.


    Larissa's expression was lit up from the word "greenhouse". Before the invasion of the Kingdom of Urta, there was a beautiful greenhouse in the City of Dayev. It was a lovely and beautiful greenhouse that Larissa and her mother had kept together.

    --I want to see that place... okay?


    --Of course, Princess! Nothing you can't do here. Let's look, Princess! ---Caroliana replied to her behind them.

    Faced with her lively appearance, Larissa smiled and followed Caroliana. And Olivia, for some reason, followed them with a resentful expression.

    --Is it closed? Get the key and bring it here! ---Shout Caroliana to Olivia, looking at the closed door of the greenhouse.

    --Managing the greenhouse is not my job.

    --What? Will you not have intentionally closed it so that the princess couldn't see it?

    --Caroline, it’s okay.---Princess Larissa stopped her.

    Caroliana growled, dissatisfied with the soothing response from the Princess.

    --It’s okay…

    --Let's see it next time.---Smiled Larissa sweetly, guiding the two maids into the garden.

    They came to a garden full of pink roses. The smell was good, and the color of petals was very beautiful.

    --Wow ... the flowers are so beautiful. Princess! This is a color I have not seen in the capital.

    Caroliana shuddered and cut a rose. After confirming that there were no thorns, she gave it to Larissa.

    --It's really beautiful…

    --It was a rose of a color I had never seen in the Kingdom of Dayev.---Princess Larissa looked at the rose with emotion.

    And then…

    --Who cut the rose from Iris? ---Said a stiff voice to the three people's backs.
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    Turns out Iris is save-able, yes if the man dont like you, dont cling to him,its not worth it + he got a wife -_-

    The princess’s maids are trash, theyre maids, who the hell give them the authority to order this and that in someone else’s home
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    After meet the white lotus princess..?? What he gonna do?? Hmmm.:hmm: actually I want to know about what happened to princess after that..?? :blobpeek::blobpeek: I really want to kill her. :blobhero: Also who actually make a spell or whatever.. that the princess supposed marry the ml. :blobangery::blobangery:
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    Aug 24, 2020
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    I'm glad you enjoying it. I had fun too.
    Its not that hard mtl-ing spanish compared to korean or chinese. Considering so many chinese novel that I've already mtl, my braincells still kick in.
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