Spoiler I’m Stuck on a Remote Island With the Male Leads

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    Ahh thank you for the spoilers!
    And why am I actually kinda glad that the one she ends up with is
    Welp.... maybe because I unconsciously liked him better than the others lol
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    Omg!! Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot. ❤❤❤

    Yeah, me too. :blobsmilehappyeyes::blobsmilehappyeyes::blobjoy::blobjoy:
    He's really a gentleman. Really appreciate her and know about attitude.
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    Does this have side stories?
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    I agree, i reaaaallly need to read more, anyone please :aww:
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    Suddenly, he came to his senses, looked around, and changed the subject.

    “Were you on your way to the hut?”

    Kaiden, who was staring at me, ruffled my hair as if in trouble, and let her out a sigh.

    "uh. But you should know where this is. It's moving roughly based on the cliff's location, but... … .”

    "How long have I been asleep?"

    “When I woke up, it was midday. I didn't wake you up because I thought you were sleeping too deeply."

    At Kaiden's words, I struggled to forget what had happened a while ago. Then he walked again with him.

    "good job. It would have been easier to locate if I had my bag, but unfortunately.”

    "What are you talking about?"

    “I drew a map of the island. It was in the bag I was carrying.”

    You won't find it anyway, tell me what to do. There are bombs left in the hut, but flares are a waste, so what should I do?

    “It would have been nice to have flares, but if they had reached the sky, they would have been seen in the huts, right?”

    As I mumbled, I sighed, wondering what to do with what Kaiden had already lost.

    The cliff we were supposed to have fallen from was the largest and highest in the vicinity, so it could be seen from afar.

    I squatted down and drew a line on the floor.

    “Kyden, think about it. Assuming that the distance from here to that cliff is 5km... … … .”

    Kaiden sat down with me and watched my calculations on the floor.

    “What is a kilometer?”

    ‘Damn it, the calculation method is different.’

    I diligently rummaged through Margaret's memory, but Margaret was not at all interested in mathematics.

    I let out a sigh and continued to explain.

    “We want to calculate the distance and time from here to there. If the cliff might not be the one we fell from. If you come from the other side of the river

    I mean ramen. Then we have to go back to the first place.”

    “We’re going to look at efficiency. I understand. I've been thinking about it, because it's been about 3,000 steps from the river to here? But looking at the angle of the sun's inclination, I think it took about 30 minutes."

    I watched him calculate time and distance using other world calculations.

    “I have to recalculate the time considering the angle of the cliff.”

    Kaiden started counting the time with his fingers on the dirt floor.

    “If that cliff is not the one we fell from, it will take us at least two days or more to get back to the hut.”

    “If you hit that cliff right, it will take just a day, right? So first, I'd better get food for a day."

    At my words, he nodded his head, shook his hand, and stood up.

    “Now, I have to find a place to sleep first.”

    Kaiden said to me as he watched the sun set. I followed Kaiden and looked up at the sky.

    “Enoch will be concerned.”

    I've had this happen before. When I was gone, Enoch had been looking for me all night.

    This time will certainly be no different.

    Enoch, who had completely erased his distrust of me, was always kind to me without any confusion.

    “I don’t think I can live without you on this island.”

    "So Margaret, I need you. So please stay by my side. Don't leave."

    I remembered what Enoch had told me earlier.

    He was so impatient that he couldn't think normally without me, like a dog that gets anxious when he's really separated from his owner.

    “I have to go back soon. Enoch is waiting for you.”

    It was when I was walking blankly following Kaiden with those words.


    Kaiden called my name in a low voice. “Do you like the prince, do you like me?”

    It was a nuance mixed with some great jealousy, so I was a little puzzled.

    "Why are you asking that?"

    “I’m curious, huh? Answer me."

    Kaiden stopped walking and asked me as if to urge.

    “I like Ruzef.”

    I mentioned the name of a person who wasn't even on the list in a playful tone. And it was obviously a light joke...

    “That bastard, I didn’t like it from the start.”

    Kaiden took it seriously. He was even overly angry. I looked at Kaiden with a puzzled look.

    Whether or not he knew how I felt, Kaiden took my shoulder seriously and asked again.

    "Where's that bastard? Margaret, tell me.”

    Kaiden's pretty face was severely distorted.

    I just stared blankly like an idiot as my terrifyingly red eyes blazed like fire.

    “Wow… I can’t even joke with you.”

    Kaiden raised his eyebrows, not understanding what I was saying. Ugh. I shook my head.

    “I was wrong. You shouldn't be making jokes anymore."

    Kaiden still had a face that didn't understand what I was saying. He seemed to be talking about Ruzef again, so I forced myself to change the topic.

    “Is it right to go to the cliff? There may be other shortcuts.”

    Kaiden, who was staring at me, scratched his head and turned his head.

    "No, you'd better go to the cliff. There are too many cases to find another way. And you might be able to find your bag on the cliff.


    "Weren't you in the water?"

    “No. At least I didn't see it." I sighed, following Kaiden. “We are really like the underdogs.” The sky was already getting dark. "Shit."

    Kaiden spit out a curse again.

    First of all, we decided to find a place to spend the night. Fortunately, I didn't wander around for long and found a suitable place.

    There was space to hide under the giant tree roots, and I decided to spend the night there.

    It was very similar to the place where Ruzef hid us, who were stunned by anaconda's poison gas.

    “There are many things like this in this forest. Where we lived, the roots never came out like this.”

    I brought twigs and fallen leaves and muttered as I set the bed.

    Then, Kaiden, who was sitting next to him, clashed.

    “That’s right. It seems that each district has its own characteristics.”

    "uh… … ?"

    After hearing Kaiden's answer, he put his tail to his tail and put the puzzle pieces together.

    Near the cave where we first lived, only wolf-type monsters appeared.

    Next, an anaconda-type monster appeared, and a tarantula-type monster appeared near the hut. Is this really a coincidence?

    “As if someone had set it that way on purpose.”

    The name Alea kept running through my mind.

    "Who's locking us up and doing experiments?"

    Kaiden, who was sensitive to the word 'experiment', reacted passionately.

    "That's something we don't know yet. The only clue we found was 'Alea'."

    "That damn Alea. Just catch my eye."

    Kaiden grinded his teeth.

    However, it was still not certain that it was Alea's work. It's all just conjecture.

    In addition, I do not know what variables have arisen because I, who should have died in the original story, did not die.

    'It seems like a lot has already changed, but what do you know? I have to live too.'

    According to the original story, we were able to escape from the island if we survived without dying for a year. but the problem is still

    They don't even know where the exit gate opens.

    If it's the key that Yuna has, she might be able to escape right away without waiting for a long year.

    “By the way, didn’t you see an orangutan monster in the area where wolf-type monsters live?”

    At my point, Kaiden tilted her head.

    "Yeah. Is he a mutant? But I don't think I've ever seen him."

    I turned to Kaiden with a serious face and came up with a new hypothesis I had come up with.

    “Originally, the habitats of monsters are divided, but if the boundaries are collapsing due to the evolution of the monsters, it might be an explanation.”

    “It’s not like that, but it doesn’t make sense even with the hypothesis I mentioned earlier. It is true that there is a fixed habitat for monsters, but someone is deliberately manipulating it.”

    “Well, unlike the others, the orangutan seemed to be looking for people as if he had some intelligence.”

    I was hiding in a crevice of a rock, but I just stopped in front of it, knowing how. As I recalled the situation at that time, I got goosebumps and my body trembled.

    At that time, the ship made a loud creaking sound to indicate hunger.

    'I want to eat something first.

    I pondered for a moment, then sharpened the branch with Kaiden's dagger. Kaiden asked with a puzzled face.

    "Huh? What are you going to do?"

    “Ready to hunt.”

    "Tonight? Are you crazy?"

    “I know it's crazy. But we've been starving since yesterday. If you don't eat anything, you'll have a hard time moving tomorrow."

    Kaiden could not refute my words and stood up. Then he started preparing to hunt with me.

    “I think it would be better to make a pot. There will be limits to how much fish you can catch with a harpoon tonight.”

    “What is a trap?”

    "It's a tool for catching fish. I'll make it, you help me."

    Kaiden nodded at my words and quietly helped make the pot.

    I took the completed pot and set out to find the valley with Kaiden.

    It was not in vain to hear the sound of the flowing stream, so I soon found a spacious valley with flowing water.

    “First, I have to put the bait in the pot, so I guess I’ll have to catch a fish with a harpoon.”

    The good news is that today the sky was clear without a single cloud.

    Because it is a wide valley, there were no trees to block the sky, and the view was secured to some extent because of the full moonlight.

    'I wish I had a flashlight.'

    With that thought in mind, I tried to catch fish with a harpoon, but it wasn't easy because I didn't have a flashlight.

    Two hours passed? Although fishing is said to be tough, he succeeded in catching a crucian carp for bait with a harpoon.

    And Kaiden, who had been fussing all the time, saw a crucian the size of a palm in my hand, and made a face of exasperation.

    “The education taught by the Duke of Flonet, I want to get some too.”

    I shrugged, stunned the crucian carp, trimmed it for bait, and put it in the bowl.

    “I told you, I was a geek, and there are secrets you don’t want people to know.”

    Kaiden nodded his head with a face that only then understood. The expression 'a secret you don't want people to know' seems to have convinced Kaiden.

    "Well, who knew that 'that' Flonet's girl would have the knowledge of survival."

    Kaiden muttered as he watched me carefully as I put the pot into the valley water. It's not a misunderstanding, it's okay. I wish he could convince him.

    I got up and nodded at him. meant to go back.

    And when I came back to the place where I had made the bed, I found a familiar twinkle there.

    A silvery bird's egg stood neatly under the root of the tree.

    It felt like the hairs all over my body were standing up.

    Last time I saw something that was the size of her finger, it was the size of her fist, but this time it seems to be even bigger.

    “What is it, Margaret? Does this seem like it? The one I saw on the cliff.”

    Kaiden narrowed his brow and squatted down to examine the egg.

    “I think it’s right that… it’s growing.” "uh?"

    “And you keep following me.”


    Kaiden glanced at me in disbelief and alternately stared at her eggs.

    "Well, it's strange that something I left in the forest was found in front of a cliff."

    “But what if this is a real monster?”

    Hearing my words, Kaiden stared at the silver egg with a thoughtful expression on his face.

    “It’s ominous, so you better get rid of it.”

    As Kaiden reached out to touch the egg, I hurriedly grabbed his wrist. He looked at me with a puzzled face.

    "I'll do it. What if you get hurt?"

    Kaiden pulled out his hand with a persuasive look. Again, black smoke was coming out of the egg, but it was pushed out. Kaiden looked at the egg in surprise.

    “But be careful, Margaret.”

    At his request, I nodded and carefully picked up the egg.

    "it's okay?"

    "it's okay. It’s just the eggs are a little warm.”

    I looked over the eggs again. Why does it keep getting bigger? How big are you trying to get?

    "I think it's a monster. It's kind of ominous for an egg the size of a finger to grow this far."

    Kaiden nodded at my words.

    “Let’s leave it alone and come.”

    I nodded and followed him back, laying the egg down in the woods far from my bed.

    And we quietly settled down under the tree roots and slept.

    I went inside and Kaiden was lying on the side of the entrance, but the seat was cramped, so I had no choice but to fall asleep close to him.

    It was uncomfortable and I was constantly wriggling.

    A thick arm wrapped around my waist. I felt a firm, warm embrace on my back.

    When she lifted her head stiffly in surprise, Kaiden's red eyes came into view.

    “It seems uncomfortable,” she said. I think it's better to do this. It’s narrow.”

    He spoke dryly with a face that looked unselfish.

    I fell into his arms and blinked blindly. Kayden seems really unselfish, and it would be a strange picture if I pushed him out of here.

    In fact, it was easier to fall asleep when I was hugged inside this narrow root of a tree,

    In the end, I closed my eyes in his arms without any objection.

    Then, after breaking the silence, Kaiden spoke again.

    “Margaret. Don't you think it'll be okay if we just stay together like this?"

    He asked me in a low voice, as if in a whisper. A low voice whispered in my ear.

    I rested my face on his chest, shrugged his neck slightly, then lifted my head cautiously.

    Kaiden's red eyes met again. He looked down at me and spoke in an unfamiliar, quivering voice.

    "Would you like to leave with us?"

    Apparently, Enoch had made this suggestion to me as well. Let's leave alone, just like the first time.

    “… … … Even if we leave together, it has no meaning if we don't have the saint's key.”

    In addition, there was a survival kit (medicine and extra bombs, etc.) in Kaiden's backpack in the hut, so he had to pack that much.

    Rather than answering 'I want to leave with him' or 'I don't want to leave', we considered realistic answers.

    The red eyes staring at me narrow as if to measure my inner feelings.

    "You only have survival in your head, don't you?"

    “Then what else should I think about in this situation?”

    At my question, Kaiden opened his eyes wide for a moment, looked at me and burst into laughter. It was because he was in his arms, so even the ups and downs of his chest were conveyed.

    After a while, the tremors subsided and Kaiden looked at me with a pleasant smile. His face was too close.

    “Well, it’s okay. Don’t change and stay that way.”

    He gently pulled his arm and hugged me tightly. Then he put his chin on my head and said,

    “Anyway, you’re going to respond that way to others.”

    At his words, I nodded my head without saying a word.

    Then his body trembled softly. He was smiling quietly.

    "Okay. That's all I need."

    Of course, I didn't know the English language and I just blinked in his arms.

    What the hell would that be?

    When I opened my eyes, I was still in Kaiden's arms.

    Because they were facing each other, they naturally maintained their body temperature, so they did not fall asleep trembling.

    I stared at Kaiden's childlike face, who was sleeping soundly without knowing the world.

    'Your face is like an angel, too.'

    It would be nice to take a little bit of madness out of my eyes.

    I got up slightly and came out from the root of the tree. Then he sat quietly at the entrance to the root of the tree and looked up blankly at the sky.

    it was dawning


    And just then, there was the sound of something moving nearby.

    I drew the dagger from Kaiden's waist and looked around. The tension made my shoulders stiff and stiff.

    I thought that the monster wouldn't appear because the sun was rising, but didn't the monster appear even when the sun goes down? it's something you don't know

    Then I saw a silvery round object through the grass and let my shoulders hang down in despair.

    "Ha... it's you again? I'm a little tired now."

    It was a silver egg with a fine, smooth grain. now it's clear It was clear that this guy was following me.

    no… … I don't know how you can chase after a round egg without eyes, nose or mouth.

    It was impossible to determine whether or not it was harmless to us because we could not know what kind of creature it was.

    It was when I was squatting in front of a bird egg and observing with my chin crossed.



    The silver egg began to crack. The egg is breaking.

    "What the… … ?”

    I was so startled that I couldn't even move, just staring at the eggs as if possessed by them.

    Todd Dog.

    The top of the egg cracked and cracked, and something squirmed inside.

    Damn it, dream? crumple??

    And when I saw the shiny creature sticking my head through the cracked shell, I screamed and jumped backwards.

    "Aww! Ships, ships, snakes...!"


    Kaiden woke up in shock at my scream and came up to me with a dreamy face and pulled me into a hug.

    “You were surprised.”

    Kaiden rubbed his eyes and buried his face in my shoulder.

    “Let’s refrain from unnecessary touch.”

    I pushed him away, warning him, and then I looked at the baby snake coming out of his egg.

    Luxurious silver scales glistening between the shells caught my eye. The thing that had been squirming for a while poked out its head.


    I was so startled that I almost screamed and fell backwards, but Kaiden gently grabbed my shoulder again.

    However, this guy must have been startled by my scream, so he trembled and then hurriedly hid his head inside the shell.

    It had been hiding in the shell for a while, and after a little more time, he carefully poked his head out of the shell again.

    Then my eyes met again, and he was startled and hid back inside the shell.

    'You're more timid than me to look like an earthworm.'

    I calmed his startled heart as I watched the man repeatedly sticking his head out and hiding.

    “I don’t think it’s a monster.”

    Are you not sure if it is a monster or not?

    I backed away and hid behind Kaiden's back. I just stick my head out and look at the snake, but the guy who made eye contact with me flinched again.

    The guy crawled behind his shell, staring blankly, and he hid his body like me.

    Kaiden stood with his arms crossed and looked at me and the snake alternately.

    “What are you two doing?”

    “I’m shy.”

    “With a snake”


    At my answer, Kaiden looked at me and smiled as if it was funny. For some reason, honey dripping from her eyes seemed to look cute at me.

    It's nice to look cute, but I wish the snake would do something about it.

    “Do you think it’s just a snake?”

    At my question, Kaiden looked at him carefully again.

    "Yeah, it doesn't look like a monster."

    Come to think of it, didn't he follow me like a ghost even when he was an egg? I can't do that without being a monster... … ?

    As time passed, the fear disappeared, and he pulled his body out through the shell.

    I looked at him and muttered quietly.

    “It would be better to catch a snake instead of a monster…”

    "Yes why?"

    Kaiden asked me with his face, but I don't really know why.

    "It's a lot of protein. I'm hungry right now."

    My words were startled, and then, impatiently, a commotion fell from behind the eggshell.

    He really seemed to be able to understand people.
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    Lol... How could you say wanna ate snake in front of snakelet? She's really something. Lol....
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    Thank you so much!!!
    I'll follow your warning and not read the most important spoilers. Since it's getting exceedingly difficult to find a good webnovel which is both eloquent in story telling and interesting balance just enough for storyline (I mean, it's not too heavy on drama, too overbearing with romance, also provide emotional and comedic value)

    I recently picked up this novel and "I'm a fake saint, but the gods are obsessed with me" which I enjoyed immensely. Do you happen to know any similar webnovel?
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    Yuanna has sacrificed a lot for her friends...
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    Does amyone has MTL of this novel?
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    Does anyone know if this novel has a side story? Does anyone have the side story chapters? I really want to read :aww::blob_teary:
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    It doesn't have a side story
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    Better, the silver guy just woke from the coma, if there are some side stories , maybe the author would have the idea of making him have a threesome with MC and ML, and tbh, the switching kisses scene was enough.
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    Just in case, it was hibernation. I couldn't believe it, so I just looked at him and blinked.

    “Hibernate… … . Do you have to?”

    “Even though it was outside the realm of humans, it would be too much if you overdo it with too much power at once. My soul is in a very tattered state right now. If I don’t recover, I may die.”

    Kaiden smiled brightly as he answered in a very calm manner with a nonchalant face.

    “… … How long do I have to hibernate?”

    "well. I can't predict that either. But I will try to recover quickly.”

    Kaiden still gently stroked my hair.

    But I couldn't smile with him. It's said that he won't be able to see Kaiden for a while, but we don't even know how long that will be.

    one year? Or is it ten years? What if I die and he wakes up?

    “I’m here to say my last goodbyes.”


    I was startled and took his hand, stroking my hair.

    "do not worry. I'm not going to die. I touched the realm of the gods, and the payoff is good. I have more questions than that, Margaret.”

    Kaiden tilted his head at an angle and looked me in the face. I don't know what he's thinking. Why are you looking at me like that? As he was about to ask a question out of curiosity, he opened his mouth.

    “Are you going to marry Enoch?”

    “… … uh?"

    "know. the two of them like each other i knew But don't get along too well without me."

    The last answer was really kaiden.

    Besides, he had a more casual face than expected. I don't know what his true feelings were, but he knows and I know that we are precious to each other even if we exclude the emotion of rational love.

    I was silent for a while and then said to him.

    “I will wait. when ever.”

    Whatever it is, I will wait.

    “And thank you. For saving me.”

    Kaiden looked at me like that and smiled. He ruffled my hair roughly and then disappeared.

    The only thing left is that tomorrow, I will go into hibernation.

    * * *

    The Wizards Association collapsed, but only Kaiden's Horse Tower survived on the continent.

    Of course, since it was a world without magic, all the wizards left. For Kaiden, who had become magical power itself, only his horse tower was left firmly in place. It was the arrangement of Enoch and Ruzef.

    Kaiden was preparing to hibernate on the top floor there.

    Unexpectedly, he said he said his last goodbyes to others as well. I don't know what kind of words each of them left, but we decided to wait together for Kaiden's hibernation.

    Before he went into hibernation, I came to the horse tower to see his face once more. Likewise, Enoch, Arthdal, Yuanna, Ruzef and Diego all visited the tower.

    Kaiden looked at us with a puzzled look.

    “What, why are you all bothering me?”

    “Didn’t you tell me to come find you? I wondered if Rod was surprisingly interested.”

    As Dahl responded with a smile, Yuna slapped him on the side.

    “You should definitely watch the end of the road. It was the biggest sacrifice.”

    “Don’t say it’s a sacrifice, the sacrifice was made by the saint. I think my dream has come true.”

    At Kaiden's disgruntled reply, I turned to Yunna.

    “Okay, Anna. What was the sacrifice you made while using the power of purification?”

    At my question, Yuna smiled brightly.

    “You'll find out when Rod wakes up from hibernation. My sacrifice is a matter of time.”

    What do you mean? Everyone looked at her with bewilderment except for Kaiden, but she seemed unwilling to answer.

    “Lord, I’ll be waiting for you, so don’t worry too much.”

    And then, I heard a familiar voice behind my back. Even without looking back, he could tell that he was Enoch.

    Kaiden glanced at Enoch, looked at me, and smiled.

    “Then we must wait. Were you two trying to be happy?”

    “It’s sad that it’s the two of you. Lord, aren't we talking too exclusive?"

    It was Arthdal, not Enoch and I, who answered Kaiden. Arthdal placed his arm on Kaiden's shoulder. Rusef, Yuanna and Diego also came to us.

    “I can’t even say that I am a dirty wizard anymore. Go to hibernation briefly.”

    Kaiden furrowed his eyebrows at Ruzef's words.

    “Hey, darling. Don't you think it's up to me?"

    “Stop his tickling.”

    “Yeah, now that the bishop has also become a pope, he’s too harsh.”

    Yuanna took Rusev's side, but Kaiden didn't even pretend to listen.

    “Don’t call me like a big bum. It's the same as being a pope or a servant of some damn god."

    Rusef nodded with a liberated face as if he had given up eventually reinforcing Kaiden.

    “Do it yourself.”

    “Anyway, everyone without me… … .”

    Kaiden frowned and looked at us carefully. He said, pointing fingers one after another at us without culture.

    “I say it again. Everyone don't get along without me. It's annoying."

    Again, once again, he said his last goodbye like a kayden and went into hibernation.

    As time passed, Enoch finished his coronation as emperor, and I received a proposal from him.

    Asdal ascended the throne as King of Hestia, and Diego went on a world tour with Yuanna. It seemed that Diego knew what the sacrifice Yuanna had made.

    It was difficult to see Rusev's face because he was busy with his duties as Pope. Still, they all found happiness in their respective places.

    It's a happiness we've managed to achieve after turning around for too long, but we've all felt a great emptiness in Kaiden's absence from time to time.

    Perhaps the puzzle of the story will be completed only when Kaiden returns to our side. Only then will our happiness be complete.

    Not knowing when it might end, we waited and waited for him to wake up like that.

    * * *

    It was around the time Kaiden woke up that I realized what the sacrifice Yuanna had made. It was because she was aging rapidly at that time.

    Nevertheless, Yuanna smiled broadly, saying that she could live another 20 years, and that she had too many days to live.

    When I heard the news, I think I cried with pain and guilt for almost a year. It was only then that he realized why Diego was traveling the world with her.

    However, there are not many days left to spend with Yuna crying like that. From now on, I had to make more memories.

    With that determination, I met her as often as possible, and the days I spent together continued.

    I suddenly felt Kaiden's energy.

    “I think it's time for Kaiden to wake up.”

    So while I was getting ready to go out, I looked at Enoch in the mirror and said, Enoch, who was wearing cravat on his shirt, looked at me.

    Their eyes met in the mirror. I smiled and got up from my seat.

    “That’s why you call the servant.”

    I put the cravat on his neck by hand. Then Enoch picked it up and smiled, then grabbed my hand and pulled me out. He pressed his lips against the knuckle of his finger.

    “I wish I could tie you up like this, daringly.”

    I clenched my fingers at the soft touch of my lips. He pulled out his hand and looked at him.

    “Are you saying you want to treat me like a servant? I have a lot of work to do.”

    “Why are you talking like that? It means that I don't want to be apart with you even for a moment."

    He reached out and wrapped his arms around my waist. His lips touched the nape of his neck. A hot breath caught in his collarbone. I shut my eyes tight. Her lips gently brushed the back of her neck and then reached the back of her neck.


    Enoch, who left a kiss on the back of his neck, opened the button and gave it to him.

    “Are you going to visit the tower today?”

    I patted the back of my neck, trying to cool off the heat on my right side.

    “Let’s go together today. Even if they didn’t, I called everyone.”

    I've been going to work every day for the past decade. Waiting for Kaiden to wake up.

    So I could vaguely feel the energy of Kaiden. Maybe it's because I'm the only person in the world with magical powers other than Kaiden.

    Enoch grabbed my cheek and left a short kiss on my lips.

    “How can you be so sure that Rod will really wake up?”

    “I feel it. If not, it’s good to see everyone’s faces after a long time.”

    “You’re probably the only one who tells the Pope, the Saints, and the King of Hestia to walk around like that.”

    “There is one more, here. The Emperor of the Rangrid Empire.”

    “I am the exception. Because it's your husband."

    Enoch turned his head to me. A shadow fell over his face. I closed my eyes slowly.

    Just as their lips met and they were about to kiss, Eunji, who was rolling on the carpet, ran over to her.

    "Wait a minute! I have Eunji!”

    He stretched out his arms towards us, longing for attention and affection.

    Me and Enoch looked at each other for a moment and then burst into laughter. And Enoch hugged Eunji, and I left a kiss on Eunji's forehead.

    Eunji smiles bashfully with a happy face.

    Seeing that face made me happy too.

    * * *

    how much time has passed

    Kaiden was floating in the dark.

    The soul, which had been torn and tattered as a side effect of using too much force, was barely taking shape.

    During that long time, he reminisced and reminisced about the past.

    The days I spent with Margaret, and the days I overcame trials with Enoch and Arthdal.

    Only after going through all that pain was he able to achieve the perfection he is now. And I know well that those experiences became the driving force for him to survive and live.

    Now that he has become the power of magic itself, we can't really say that he is a human anymore.

    He quietly opened his eyes in the sealed camp of the tower.

    The wind blew past the tip of his nose. A cool breeze at a temperature that is neither cold nor hot. There was a soft scent of lowers, and the warm sun was shining through the window.

    Kaiden slowly got up and sat down.

    how long have you been sleeping

    1 year?

    No, it's too short.

    5 years?

    That's hope.

    10 years? 20 years?

    Maybe 100 years or more has passed.

    So, what about Margaret? What if he had woken up at a time when neither Margaret, nor Enoch nor Tokkari remained on this earth?

    Kaiden stood up quietly.

    And slowly descended the tower. there was no one Before he went into hibernation, there were only a few wizards left in the tower.

    'Well, in the yard where the magic has disappeared, there must be wizards who will remain in the tower.'

    I can't even call them wizards anymore.

    Kayden boldly stepped down the stairs. I felt terribly lonely in this unmarked tower.

    But it took me a while to think like that. He felt warmth from somewhere.

    There was warmth in the tower. Just as if someone periodically inflated the tower with warmth and took care of it.

    Driven by the warmth, he slowly descended the tower. maybe there is someone Maybe it hasn't been that long.

    I came down with that thought, but the tower was still empty.

    In that empty space, he was standing idly. Then, I saw someone open the door of the tower and enter.


    A woman opened the door and found him and stopped in surprise. A man followed her behind her and stopped in surprise.

    As if woven with gold thread, dazzling platinum blonde hair lashed in his vision. The blue eyes that resembled the color of the sea facing him were young.

    The face and voice I dreamed of. The longing he had been seeing over and over for the past hour became a reality and was in front of him.

    “Kaiden! You are awake!”

    Margaret ran to him and hugged him. A familiar body odor wafts out.

    The warmth of a person enveloped Kaiden.

    Kaiden, who had been hugging her blankly, hugged her face to face with a bewildered face. Enoch was seen in his sight.

    “I was waiting. it took about ten years Thanks for coming back early.”

    At Enoch's blunt greeting, Kaiden kept her mouth shut. He asked him to wait, but he thought that if ten years passed, twenty years passed, and countless hours passed, maybe everyone would forget him.

    So he wasn't expecting much, but he must have been. that everyone will be waiting for you.

    Tears streamed down Kaiden's cheeks. I thought I couldn't hold back the tears that came from my lips.

    In the end, Kaiden burst into tears. It was deinitely the first time in my life I had cried like that.

    The beginning of life was miserable, painful, and difficult. The process was by no means easy, but in the end, his life was perfect. He was happy with a love that couldn't be more than this.

    Even though he is no longer human, he can feel the love of those who love him so fully.

    How precious and happy he felt, he seemed to be able to live eternity with the happiness of now.

    Margaret, who removed the weeping Kaiden from her arms, said to him.

    “Let’s go. You don’t know how long everyone is waiting for you.”

    she reached out to him

    As if our happiness were waiting beyond that door.

    Kaiden took her hand without hesitation.

    <I was locked up on a remote island with the men> 完

    Final chapter focuses on Kaiden. I feel like author wanted to subtly keep the OT3 up until the end. Even though MC and Enoch were married for 10 years(?) at this point, they still felt like their happiness was incomplete without Kaiden and were always waiting for his return as promised. Last line of the novel is Kaiden taking MC's hand to leave the tower after waking up, so it felt a bit open ended.

    Their relationship sort of reminds me of the 'Moon Witch and Sun King' manhwa; where the FL and ML are married with kids but 2nd ML(FL's familiar) is still around and in love with her but the ML is chill about it and doesn't mind FL and 2nd ML interacting with each other.
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    I guess....
    Maybe Enoch's considered Kaiden more than his love rival. Like cat and dog relationship. More bickering, but there's a room in their heart saved for care each other. Because even though they're love rival, but they can call as Best friend forever. And Enoch's really love and trust Margareth. Even if Kaiden still loves her, he knows she just cares Kaiden as a Best Friend and Savior, not as a man.
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    I made my way through all the spoilers to ask: does anyone know if guavaread will come back to posting the tl?
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    We still waiting for further info too
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    Guavaread announced early July that they were taking a hiatus due to health related issues. They announced that they’re not dropping the novel and hope to back translating in about a month if possible (y)
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    Ohhhh i see, thank you thank you bb

    Guava if you ever read this, i wish you a good recovery!! Get well soon!
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