Spoiler I Accidentally Saved The Male Lead’s Brother

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    Can someone explain this to me? The translation says the fl is Theo’s destined person but she ends up marrying her brother? I know Theo is three but he’s her soulmate? Why was this a thing??
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    I think it’s a destined person in another way, not in romantic way.
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    Ok it's she's theo destined person not in romantic way , Charlotte also Carlyle destined person and any one destined person if this one is rossito
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    Someone spoil the side stories in detail or MTL :cookie::cookie::aww:
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    The newest chapter mentioned about this maid in the Heinst house... Is she somewhat will have involvement with the villain? Or is it just me being suspicious?
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    Oooooh i wanna know about at around which chapters is the confession? Is Carlyle like, saying he likes her or it just happens, both of them realized they liked each other?
    Also, did they get married at almost the end of the story? Not like in the middle or 100ish chapter?
    Thank youuuu :sushi_thankyou:
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    I heard a rumor that this novel is gonna get a webtoon adaptation. Has anyone else heard anything about that?
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    I really like his reaction after her confession about how she came from another world so I want to share this part with you guys:
    “Do you believe everything I say? Aren’t I weird?”
    Carlyle pulled away from her and shook her head. “I believe everything. It is not strange.”
    He reached out and kissed the back of Charlotte’s hand. “Because I like you. You are heaven to me, and all your words are true to me.”
    “And thank the Goddess for allowing me to meet you.” He looked into Charlotte’s eyes and smiled faintly.
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    What chapter is this from?
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    How did her brothers react to the engagment? I imagine is funny jealousy, any spoilers on them?
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    Chapter 60

    "Noona! Look at that!"

    Theo, who had been hanging from the carriage window before, pointed out the window. The carriage had just entered the downtown area where the biggest festival was held.

    Outside the window, Charlotte looks divine.

    A time-limited scene was unfolding. A clown with a funny make-up, it's fun, a music troupe, a magician who stole children's souls, mouth-watering food, and colorful toys.

    Theo said it was his first festival, so he could not miss anything, he turned his head nonstop and exclaimed.

    Charlotte hugged Theo tightly, worried that the child might fall.

    “There are a lot of strange things, right?”

    "Uh! Who are you? Come on, I'll do it!"

    Theo pointed this time to where the children were gathering. It wasn't clear what exactly it was doing.

    But seeing the children the same age as Theo screaming in excitement, there seemed to be something to catch their interest.

    “Is that so?”

    There were still a lot of people around, so the carriage was slowing down.

    In order not to reveal his identity, he came in an ordinary carriage without a family crest.

    After holding the ripe Theo to him, he carefully got out of the carriage.

    Carlyle held Theo in one hand and held her by the other.

    'It's very strong.'

    Charlotte thought about it involuntarily as she looked at Theo in Carlyle's arms.

    Theo was only three years old and had a slightly smaller build than his peers, but unlike his cute appearance, he was heavier than expected.

    It was especially difficult to hold him when he was excited to move his arms and legs. Today, Theo is more excited than ever, so it's a little difficult for Charlotte to handle.

    However, Carlyle did not show any signs of trouble even holding Theo with one hand. It's amazing.

    'Well, because it's the male protagonist.'

    Charlotte understood very easily. How heavy is the weight of a child to him, who doesn't even care about the heroine?

    Besides, he was the best knight in the empire who did not neglect his training.

    Then she realized that she had been thinking about the door job and smiled.

    It had nothing to do with Carlyle whether she was strong or not, or whether or not she flirted with the heroine.

    Charlotte laughed at herself and shook her head, then cleaned up her messy clothes.

    Then when I suddenly turned my head.

    Her eyes met Carlyle, who was staring at her.

    He didn't say anything, but somehow seemed to ask why he was smiling so much.

    “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Konkukje. It's already fun. Theo too?"

    Charlotte brought Theo, who was reaching out to me for excuses. As expected, Theo was quite heavy, clinging to my arms.

    Carlyle glanced briefly at Charlotte and Theo in her arms.

    'It seems to be difficult to carry around."

    “Ah, but if you hold your hand and lose it by mistake… … … … … ”

    Charlotte frowned and looked at the bracelet on Theo's wrist. It was an anti-missing bracelet, provided by Sir Ain in case of an emergency.

    A bracelet worn on Carlyle's wrist and a pair of magical artifacts.


    Even if he was separated from Theo, he could teleport to Theo's place by infusing the bracelet with magic.

    Because the peacock is a human being, it is a very luxurious and expensive item that can be used.

    However, the presence of this bracelet could not be distracted. It's a hundred times or a thousand times better not to lose Theo in the first place than it is to lose Theo and find it.

    And people like this

    Of course, the best way to not lose your child anywhere is to carry it with you.

    'My arm will hurt.'

    It was time for Charlotte to correct her posture so that she could lighten the weight a little.

    Carlyle reached for her and put a hand in Theo's armpit to take him. It looked like wormwood and carrots from the garden.

    “I think Theo would be better off with me.”

    He looked into Theo's eyes as if asking for consent. It seemed like they were asking, 'Are there any complaints?'

    Theo looked at Charlotte for a moment, and then immediately shook his legs and strangled, waving his legs, whether it was Carlyle or Charlotte, as long as he hugged him.

    "Brother! Blah!"

    Carlyle and Charlotte exchanged glances and then headed to the place Theo had previously pointed to.

    I got closer and looked at the children.

    Selling cotton candy in this crowded place

    there was. 'Oh my God, is there cotton candy here too?'

    Charlotte watched the cotton candy being made, mesmerized by the unexpected sight.

    In Korea, I was not interested in seeing cotton candy, but seeing what I never imagined I would be able to see here, I felt a strange nostalgia.

    Whether it was made by magic, a thin skein of thread spewed out from the round cylindrical machine.

    came out

    When the owner of the cotton candy store rolled the skein with a wooden stick, in the blink of an eye, the fluffy cotton candy was completed.


    Theo couldn't take his eyes off the sight of the cotton candy store owner handing a pink cotton candy to the waiting child.

    The expression looking up at his brother with his bright eyes was shouting, 'Buy me that too!'

    “Theo, do you want to eat that?”


    Charlotte lined up for Theo. Theo, who was watching the scene, begged his brother to drop him off, and then ran to her, holding Charlotte's hand and standing next to her.

    “Are you going to wait with me, too?”


    "I'll be bored if I wait, okay?"

    "Let's have sister!"

    Theo looked up at Charlotte and smiled brightly. Following the two, Carlyle also stood by.

    Charlotte took turns observing the chattering Theo and Carlyle, who didn't match the hustle and bustle of the surroundings.

    'It's peaceful.'

    It felt different from watching the festival with my two older brothers two years ago, but I also liked this feeling. For nothing, a corner of my heart tickled.


    After a long wait, Theo got his cotton candy. It was cotton candy as blue as a clear autumn sky.

    Charlotte ordered another piece of white cotton candy to make long ears for Theo's cotton candy. The cotton candy that was simply round turned into a cute rabbit in an instant.


    "Hey! It's a rabbit!"

    Theo pounded his feet and liked it. Those around who saw Theo's special cotton candy

    They informed their parents that they wanted it too.

    Theo opened his mouth wide to those children and bit off one ear. The child's shoulders trembled at the sweetness that melted on his tongue.

    "Who is it! Drink!"

    Theo took a piece of cotton candy and put it in Charlotte's and Carlyle's mouth. Charlotte gave her a thumbs up saying it was delicious and looked at Carlyle.

    Carlyle hated sweets terribly.

    The taste of cotton candy made only of sugar seemed to be uncomfortable, but he nodded meekly.

    “Yeah, it’s delicious.”

    "Is not it?"

    Theo shrugged and licked the cotton candy with the tip of his tongue. The child's tongue quickly turned blue. Charlotte laughed at Theo like that.

    "Theo's tongue is blue."

    "Theo monster!"

    Theo is so excited, what is Charlotte?

    He laughed regardless of whether he was teasing or not.

    After that, the festival-watching continued. Theo in Carlyle's arms pointed and shouted when he saw something strange, and Charlotte and Carlyle did whatever Theo wanted.

    Theo danced holding hands with Charlotte in front of the band, and clapped his hands in wonder at the magician who created roses with magic.

    Even though he has the ability to make real flowers by magic if he wants to.

    Theo also played a game of pulling toys by putting their hands in a large box.

    It was Theo's wooden bunny doll. It was smaller than Theo's palm, and Theo liked it because it was cute.

    'You should leave it by the bedside.'

    After that, the peaceful festival-watching continued.

    The three of them ate simple chicken skewers and drinks after Theo said they were hungry. Theo put a lot of sauce around his mouth and ate three skewers saying it was delicious.

    And we spent three or four hours wandering around the festival.

    When I passed my usual nap time, Theo yawned over and over again.

    “Theo, do you want to go back?”

    Even when Charlotte asked, he shook his head, rubbing his eyes, pretending not to be sleepy.


    "You look sleepy?"

    “Woo-woong, blooming flowers… … … .”

    But couldn't sleep

    As he moved in Carlyle's arms, he began to doze off.

    Carlyle, who looked at Theo with their eyes closed and Charlotte in trouble, made a suggestion.

    "Let's take a break. I think we should take a break at the cafe and go watch the fireworks. How about?"

    Charlotte looked at Theo and pondered for a moment. It would be better to go back to the mansion to sleep comfortably, but if you go back like this, Theo

    will be very sorry.

    The conclusion came quickly.

    "like. Theo also wanted to see the fireworks."

    "Then let's go."

    Carlyle began to move with a wide stride.

    Contrary to striding, his speed was not that fast. It was just the right speed for Charlotte to pursue.

    Rather, considering the speed at which he normally walks, it can be said that it is rather slow.

    Thanks to this, Charlotte was able to follow him leisurely.

    'Are you taking care of me?'

    As soon as he thought of that, Carlyle stopped walking and looked back slightly. He made sure Charlotte was following him, and then started walking again.

    At the very slight, yet thoughtful act, Charlotte pressed her hand against her burning cheek with her hand, regardless of her will.

    Chapter 61

    The street was full of people, but because Carlyle was the first to get through the crowd because of her size, Charlotte was able to walk down the street without getting hit.

    Then, suddenly, Carlyle stopped walking.

    Charlotte, unable to see what was ahead of her while looking around, slammed her forehead against his back.

    There was no apology that should have been heard. Because I didn't hit hard.

    He wasn't rude, but his manners weren't like Carlyle, who was guarded like a sword.


    Carlyle was staring blankly somewhere.

    Charlotte shifted her gaze to where he was looking. It was a store selling cute toys that children would love.

    It was a small street vendor that was embarrassing to even call it a shop.

    On the low table there is a doll made of rough cloth, and a colored me

    There was a toy that looked like a no-block.

    “Everyone, go see it.”

    Charlotte recognized the owner of the street vendor who was soliciting at once.

    It was the same owner who sent a kind hand to Charlotte, who was left alone in the rain two years ago.

    Charlotte walked over to her with pleasure.

    “I guess you are still doing business here.

    yo. this."

    “Aww, of course. I'm sick

    "Oh! I remember!"

    "Huh? Really? I thought you wouldn't remember it because it was so brief."

    “I remembered the young lady because she was deeply impressed. I wondered if we could meet again someday, but this is how we meet."

    The shopkeeper welcomed Charlotte, whom he had only seen once, warmly.

    Then, suddenly, she looked at Carlyle, who was standing behind Charlotte. “But who is the young man behind him?

    Perhaps… … … … … ”

    The owner smiled meaningfully.

    "He said he didn't have a lover, but he seems to have just got married. Are you living in the capital?

    It's over."


    “He looks just like his mother. You have plump cheeks, so you're pretty, how could you not resemble your father and only resemble your mother like this?"

    “No, that’s me… … … ”

    Charlotte glances at Carlyle and is embarrassed.

    crab laughed

    “I am not married yet. This child is not mine.”

    "no? I thought it was my husband, of course, because I went with him."

    “Not really. It's just... … … .”

    It was a time when I was just trying to get around.

    “Who, who took my child?

    yo. this!"

    A woman's scream was heard. It was the same situation as two years ago.

    For a moment, Carlyle's body froze. He gently laid Theo asleep in my arms and handed it to Charlotte.

    "I'll be leaving for a while."

    As a knight and an older brother with a three-year-old brother, it seemed that he could not stand still and watch his child be kidnapped.

    “Yes, I go… … … … ”

    Carlyle hurried away before Charlotte could even say a word.

    “Aww, it looks like it will take a long time again, so please sit here for a moment.”

    The store owner, who was watching the situation, pointed to the seat next to him.

    “Then I’ll take care of you for a moment.”

    As Charlotte sat down, the owner put a blanket on Theo's back. A happy smile hung on the owner's face as he looked at the child.

    “How can you be so pretty? But what's your relationship with that young man?"

    fiance. To be precise, he was Charlotte's fiancée, but she's still not happy to introduce Carlyle to anyone.

    It was awkward.

    "just·····… someone you know That person is this boy's older brother."

    “Looks late.”

    "Yeah. But Theo follows me a lot and looks after the child for the time being.”

    “Wow, nuna.”

    “Yes, my sister is here.”

    "Bukot play..."

    "Fireworks are displayed after the sun goes to sleep.

    I'm going to see you."

    “Aww, this pretty little boy looks like he wants to go to the fireworks display. There are still a few hours left, so what are you going to do?"

    The shopkeeper smiled as he saw Theo drooling.

    After that, the two chatted briefly while waiting for Carlyle to arrive.

    Charlotte then revealed that she had come from Rania. Of course, he did not reveal the fact that he was Baron Rania's daughter.

    “Youngji Rania? where is it


    "It's on the southern tip of the empire. It's not that big of a manor. It's a simple village where most of the people of the territory are farming."

    “I guess that’s why I couldn’t find it.”

    "Who is it?"

    My aunt can't find me. As Charlotte made a puzzled face, the shopkeeper waved her hand.

    “Aww, not me. Why then, lady

    There is a man who sold teddy bears.

    yo. this."

    “Ah, that hooded man.”

    Charlotte listened to the subject of interest.

    "Did he find me?"

    "Yeah. It was about a month after the lady left. The weather was cold and I was wearing clothes, so it must have been early winter, but the man came up to me and asked if I remembered Mrs.


    "That's why I said I remember. But when I asked where he lived, he said that he had to know something about the young lady. He said he only knew that he was not from the capital city and that his brothers were knights."

    Why was that person looking for me? why?

    Charlotte felt a strange excitement and urged the shopkeeper.

    “What happened then?”

    “That’s it. But honestly, how did you find her with that much information?

    Seeing what she doesn't know, it seems like she couldn't find the poem."

    "Who did he say he was? Where does he live?"

    At Charlotte's question, the store owner firmly shook his head.

    “I don’t know. I wanted to let you know if I ever heard of him, so I asked where he was, but he didn't say anything and left."

    The owner looked around and silenced the sound.

    “But, lady, I think it would be better not to be interested.”

    Charlotte lowered her voice.


    “There is nothing suspicious about that man. Think about it. Two years ago, I thought it was raining and I was wearing a hood, but the next time I came, it was a sunny day, but I was wearing that dark hood."

    The store owner shuddered as if he was getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

    “What would an ordinary person do with a hood on? It's because the back is cold. Who knows who might be a wanted bounty?"

    “I didn’t look like that person.

    “Aww, it’s because she doesn’t know the world yet. and then… … … .”

    “Are you going to cut your nose?”

    When Charlotte was joking about what Jake had heard, the owner chuckled and laughed.

    “Where the hell did you hear that?” “From my brother. They told me to be careful because everyone in the capital said they were scammers.”

    The owner giggled again this time.

    “Well, that’s not wrong. An innocent person like a young lady can get eaten by a swindler from head to toe when she meets a scammer in this town."

    The owner, who had been flirting, suddenly hardened his expression.

    “Anyway, don’t pay attention. behindhand

    Coming and looking for a young lady is also a young award.


    Charlotte had no choice but to nod at her strong attitude.

    "I know."

    'I can't help it.'

    As she thought about that, Carlyle's face, who was not here for a moment, came to mind.

    Hazel apparently said she had seen a handkerchief that resembled the handkerchief Charlotte had made two years ago. Theo had

    the teddy bear.

    “Did that man have dark hair and purple eyes?”

    "Well. I couldn't see the face, so I didn't even see what the hair color was."

    “Are you tall?”

    “He was tall.”

    “The voice… … … … .”

    Charlotte stopped asking for more. The more I asked, the more I thought it had nothing to do with Carlyle.

    No matter how much he thought about it, it didn't seem like he had come all the way here alone to find himself, whom he had briefly passed over two years ago.

    At least that's how Charlotte saw Carlyle.

    'But why did you find it?'

    This time I had a question. Charlotte was curious about the circumstances of the man he had met at that time, and he remembered it from time to time. But I didn't miss him so much that I wanted to find him on purpose.

    It must have been the same for the man at


    A relationship with nothing special. A momentary passing by that we might have forgotten about.

    But why did she find hirself so eagerly?

    You probably won't know for the rest of your life. Because I will never see that man again.

    “Why don’t you ask?”

    “No, nothing. It's fine now."

    Instead of asking more, she bought a little doll as a thank you to the shopkeeper for telling her this story.

    It was a rabbit doll that could be held in Theo's arms. When I gave the doll to the child, Theo hugged the doll in his sleep and muttered.


    It was time for Charlotte to stroke Theo's head with a happy face. A shadow fell over my head and I saw Carlyle


    "Huh? Are you here already?"


    Turn faster than Jake and Isaac

    come. Charlotte, who had expected it to take a little longer, got up in a hurry.

    "Thank you. I had a good rest thanks to you."

    The shopkeeper took the blanket from her and shook his head.

    "No. It was really nice to see you after a long time."


    “But if you have nothing to do with that young man, are you really not interested in our son?”

    It's okay, thank you for looking pretty

    I tried to answer. But even before Charlotte, Carlyle grabbed her arm and spoke in a hard voice.

    "it's okay."

    Is it because of the feeling? He seemed to be feeling a little bit cold.

    Taking Theo in Charlotte's arms, he spoke firmly.

    “He’s engaged to me.”

    Chapter 62

    Before Charlotte could refute anything, he shook his head at the owner and started walking first.

    “You said you weren’t in a relationship, were you engaged? But why did you say no?"

    “No, that’s not it……”

    Charlotte was trying to make an excuse, but when she saw Carlyle who had gone that far, she got up in a hurry.

    “I’ll go for it! I'll come back to play next time!"

    "okay. I think your fiance is pissed off.

    Please comfort her.”

    Is Carlyle pissed off? That was unimaginable.

    But Charlotte didn't respond, but roughly nodded and ran quickly after him.

    Only then did Carlyle slow down as Charlotte barely got close to him.

    'I'm pissed... … ?'

    She looked up at his side and thought blankly. Is it because I listened to the owner? his face with his mouth shut

    It looked kind of crooked.

    'It's absurd to be screaming.'

    Charlotte smiled lightly and shook her head.

    That was just the expression Carlyle used to make. Besides, Carlyle has no reason to be upset. it's a bad idea


    “Oh, Theo likes dolls.

    seems to be Isn't it cute?" He sees a child holding a doll tightly

    He looked down and nodded in affirmation.

    The descendants went to the cafe where Carlyle led them. It was a place where personal space was guaranteed as the space was separated.

    Carlyle gently laid Theo down on the comfy sofa. Theo fell asleep with a more relaxed face than before.

    The two spent their time sipping a light drink until the child woke up.

    An hour later, Theo woke up, ate an ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, and started squeezing again.

    "Blossom viewing!"

    “Okay, I’m going to go see after dinner.


    After eating at the restaurant where the nobles usually dine, it was dark all around.

    The evening festival scene was quite different from the daytime scene. Theo looked at the colorful lights that were lit by magic and sighed again.

    spread out


    Charlotte also looked at the scenery around her as if possessed. Then Carlyle carefully led her arm.

    “Soon people will be flocking to see the fireworks. It's dangerous, so go somewhere else."

    “Are there any other places I can see?”

    Carlyle tucked somewhere, as if to believe only in herself. Charlotte vomits

    Instead, he rode the wagon as he led.

    The wagon ran and ran and ran out of the downtown area. Theo, who was looking out the window, mumbled like a puppy who had lost his snacks.

    "Bukot play..."

    "don't worry. My older brother can see the fireworks well.

    This is where it counts."


    Theo wasn't completely convinced, but Charlotte said so.

    I agreed.

    After a while, the carriage stopped on a hill a little away from the festival street.

    Theo got out of the carriage in Charlotte's arms and cried out as if he was disappointed when he saw the sight in front of him.

    “Who are you? Look at that!”

    A splendid landscape stretched out in front of me. The lights that were bright enough to make your eyes widen even when viewed up close were even brighter when viewed from a distance.

    “Theo, it’s good to see the fireworks here.

    I will see right?"

    Charlotte took the blanket out of the carriage and laid it on the floor, and sat Theo on it. They sat next to each other, and Carlyle sat on the other side.

    Theo on the left, Carlyle on the right. Even though the evening air was quite chilly, thanks to the body temperature of the two, it did not feel cold.


    After a long wait, a red flame was finally shot up into the sky. knife

    Seeing the flames brightening the sky red, Theo cried out.


    This time it was a yellow flame. Starting with that, fireworks of various colors exploded.

    Even the shape was different. When Theo saw the fireworks in the shape of an animal that the children liked, Theo laughed like a cockroach.

    The night air was cold, but Theo's passion was hot.

    The fireworks lasted more than 5 minutes. When the fireworks were over, darkness fell again around the hill.

    Theo, unable to take his eyes off the constantly pouring fireworks, began to doze off as soon as the fireworks were over.

    It was a natural result as I watched the festival all day and couldn't sleep well during the day.

    "I must go quickly."

    Theo fell into Charlotte arms and snored slightly, hugging Theo.

    He laid the child on the wagon, patted the blanket with his hands, dusted it off, and covered Theo with his blanket.

    It was time for Charlotte to get into the wagon in a hurry, thinking that she had to go into the mansion and lay Theo down in her room.

    Carlyle reached out to her.


    'Oh, escort.'

    Usually noble girls are escorted when they get on their wagons. Even if you can ride a carriage by yourself because your clothes are light,

    waiting for the coat That was the courtesy of nobility.

    But to be rude like this with Carlyle right next to you.

    Charlotte smiled belatedly and placed her hand on the palm of his hand.

    But Carlyle led her to the hill, not the carriage.


    Charlotte asked curiously, but Carlyle stood facing her without saying a word.

    He slowly pulled out a handkerchief from his arms. It was given to him by Charlotte at Sir Heather's funeral.

    The neatly ironed handkerchief was as neat as his appearance.

    'I do not forget to return it.'

    I couldn't understand why this place was giving it to me, but Charlotte tried to get the handkerchief.

    But Carlyle pushed her hand back slightly and avoided her.

    Charlotte bit him with a puzzled look.

    I looked up shyly.

    Then Carlyle put her hand back into her arms. He reappeared with another handkerchief in his hand.

    Checking both handkerchiefs, Charlotte was even more surprised than when she first met Theo. Because the two handkerchiefs were identical.

    The only differences were that the hand towel I took out later was a little older and the embroidery was sloppy.

    The embroidery on this handkerchief is Rania.

    It was a pattern that only the people of Yeongji knew.

    Carlyle could not have had a handkerchief with the pattern on it other than the handkerchief that Charlotte had given her.

    'No, there was once.'

    Two years ago, a mysterious man who bought a teddy bear in a bitter mood.

    The handkerchief I gave him back then and the handkerchief that Carlyle owns now.

    The teddy bear that the man bought and the teddy bear that Theo loved.

    Maybe not, the assumption we made is again

    rose to the surface.

    "no way… … … … .”

    Have you met me before? Carlyle asked as Charlotte opened her mouth to say it.

    “Two years ago, did you say you had seen the festival?”

    yes. Charlotte couldn't bear the simple answer. I don't know why, but the tip of my nose was itchy.

    Emotions that I couldn't even define a name for were churning in my heart.

    “At that time, you gave this handkerchief to a man. Do you remember?"

    yes. Charlotte answered inwardly again this time.

    She slowly raised her hand in the air, covering Carlyle's eyes and nose, observing the line of his chin. Then, miraculously, I saw the same face I had seen two years ago.

    It was such a familiar face that I wondered why I didn't know it until now.

    “Are you the Duke who bought the teddy bear at that time?”

    He asked for confirmation, but Charlotte was already convinced of what was going to come out of his mouth.

    And the moment he nodded, Charlotte's eyes reddened.

    Carlyle stared into her eyes, then slowly closed them. As if looking into your eyes, it's hard to tell what happened that day.

    His eyelids, which were tightly closed, trembled.

    “On that day, my mother no longer had a chance.

    It was the day I was told no.”

    It's a man's secret story she'd been wanting to know for two years, but Charlotte was troubled to hear what was going on behind it.

    “… … … It's okay if you don't say anything."

    But he continued to speak, as if asking him to listen.

    “Seeing my mother, who couldn’t even open her eyes, and Theo, who knew nothing, didn’t know what to do, so I wandered aimlessly. Irina said she liked it

    Carlyle did not reveal her true feelings well. He couldn't figure out why he was saying this to himself, who had only been with him for about a month.

    To be honest, I was relieved to finally find out the story of the man I had been curious about for a while. But I was happy to receive his trust and at the same time scared to hear his story.

    Because I know very well how this story ends.

    Carlyle was worried about having to talk about her apparent misfortune. He spoke bluntly as if he were telling someone else's story, but he wouldn't be rude in reality.

    By telling Charlotte about the events of that day again, he is bringing out a wound that he might want to forget. It was an act of self-injury.

    Charlotte was more concerned about the wounds he would receive than solving her doubts. So if you're having a hard time, I tell you to stop talking

    But oddly enough, Carlyle seemed to be asking her to hear her story.

    So, she did not dare to tell him to stop and chose to listen to him silently.

    “When my mother passed away, I might be able to calm myself down, but Theo was very worried about what to do."

    "..... "

    “You said you were fine.”

    You, not Rania. That single change of word describes the change in his heart very well.

    “So I tried to find you.”

    He didn't say why, but Charlotte seemed to know why.

    The store owner said that an unidentified man came back after about a month had passed since Charlotte had gone.

    Perhaps the ancestral duchess at the time

    It must have been after she died.

    He wanted to hear the word 'it's okay'. Because Charlotte told me something no one had ever told me.

    What the heck did he mean by saying that he was okay with finding a woman he didn't know the name of whom he had only met once?

    “But the handkerchief you gave me was the same as the handkerchief I received that day.”

    Carlyle opened her eyes and looked into Charlotte's eyes.

    "I wanted to meet you."

    Chapter 63

    This time, Charlotte closed her eyes. It was hard to see Carlyle's eyes different from before.

    She closed her eyes and opened her mouth with difficulty. Even though it wasn't something I was supposed to cry about, my emotions were fluctuating and I felt like I was about to cry. In fact, my closed eyes became moist.

    “I wanted to meet you too.”

    For a moment, Carlyle stopped breathing.

    “I often wondered. For no particular reason, the man, the Duke

    I will never forget meeting you. I wondered what the hell was the story, so I bought the teddy bear so sadly.”


    “But there was no way to find it. I didn't even think to look for it. There's no good reason for that. Just occasionally, on days when it rained heavily, like back then, I often remembered what happened that day."

    Charlotte opened her eyes and tried to smile.

    “Theo and the Duke seem to have endured well.

    I’m happy to be here.”

    Thanks to Carlyle's utmost protection, Theo grew up to be a bright and energetic child. Although he faced a crisis of death because of the original work, he is safe now with Theresa's blessing.

    As long as she grows up worry-free and learns to control her mana, theo's life will be fine.

    Charlotte felt really lucky that Theo and Carlyle could be together so safely now.

    In addition, although I accidentally immersed my feet in the original story, I also thought that I was happy to be able to share the story of these two people for a while.

    Carlyle didn't say anything for a while. After a while, he uttered only a single word in a hoarse voice.


    Charlotte had the feeling that somehow he was smiling sadly.

    Maybe he was actually smiling like that.

    * * *

    Carlyle remembered the events of that day two years ago, a long time ago, when it was painful just thinking about it.

    It was a day with dark clouds in the sky since dawn.

    He did not believe in illogical things such as superstitions, but somehow he felt as ominous as that day.

    Unexplained anxiety that something bad is about to happen.

    For the past few weeks, I went out to the gym, beating myself up not to think about anything weak because of my mother, who had only gotten worse.

    There are only a few days left of the martial arts competition. It was a time to focus on swordsmanship without being distracted by other thoughts.

    However, he could not concentrate on swordsmanship at all. Even while looking at the opponent's sword with my eyes, my body keeps falling one beat at a time


    When he accidentally missed the sword, Sir Anderson, who was dealing with him, sent him back.

    “Master, because of the weather, you can’t concentrate today.”

    Although he himself knows, Sir Anderson, that Carlyle is not concentrating because of the weather alone, Sir Anderson said so.

    Should I be grateful for that consideration? Or should I be offended?

    After thinking for a moment, Carlyle was convinced that something had gone wrong with my hair. This was an issue I didn't even need to worry about in the first place.

    “The Martial Arts Tournament is just around the corner, but if you practice in this state, you might get injured. You'd better get some rest today."

    ".... "

    “The fact that swordsmanship rusts even if it takes a day off

    No, take your time." "That's right, Master. Even when I see it, it's a little

    I'm anxious."

    Irina, who had put Theo and Danny to sleep and was watching at the dance hall, joined in.

    “Ah, come to think of it, the master was always preparing for the martial arts competition during the founding period, so didn’t he take a good look at the festival? How about going to take a look this time? It's a pity that the weather is like this, but the festival continues even when it rains."


    “It can be more romantic to watch a festival when it’s raining!”

    "What is romantic. It must be a palace."

    “Father, yes. That's why I always hear my mother nagging me."

    Carlyle tried to make a joke as she watched the women having a quarrel with each other.

    "Irina. Seeing that you are pushing me to go to the festival, it seems you want to go to the festival with Sir Renner."

    Irina will pinch her fingers as if stabbed

    it went

    “No, it’s not really like that. Where am I going to leave Danny? It's just because I'm worried about the master."

    “Yeah, I understand your feelings. Like you said, I need to get some rest. Lord Renner will tell you to rest today, so you know that."

    “It’s fine with me, Master, will you be okay?

    yo. this?"

    Irina didn't even like it and looked into his eyes. probably a color

    It was because things seemed to be in danger, and he was anxious to leave him alone.

    Carlyle, who is not a child at the waterfront and is older than her, is worried.

    It was ridiculous to even think about it herself, but she was really worried.

    I wondered if it would be better to stay by his side, even if it was Chase.

    Carlyle added that he had even read her thoughts.

    “Even if you don’t have to worry. Maybe Sir Renner

    If you see it, tell him to rest today.” Carlyle politely bowed to his teacher, Sir Anderson, and entered the mansion.

    After washing his body warmed in the sobering cold water, he headed to his mother, the Duchess's room.

    At the same time, the attending physician was examining her.

    His father, the Duke of Heinst, was also beside his bed, holding his wife's hand and waiting for the doctor's diagnosis with a worried face.

    it was

    Carlyle stood a few steps away from the bed and watched the tense situation.

    The attending physician pulsed through the Duchess with trembling hands. Carlyle found that his wrinkled eyes were red and bloodshot.

    Well, the doctor's speed wouldn't be the case.

    I'm simply afraid that if the Duchess goes wrong, the Duke of Heinst will pay homage.

    It wasn't.

    From the moment the Duchess became a member of the Heinst family, the attending physician, who had been caring for her for over 20 years, cared for her like a daughter.

    Perhaps he is tormented by guilt for not being able to heal her.

    While the two rich men stared at each other silently, the doctor who had been examining the Duchess, sweating even in a cold sweat, struggled to open her mouth.

    “I’m sorry, Master.

    I don't think you'll be able to get past this fall."

    For a moment, neither Duke Heinst nor Carlyle showed any reaction. I vaguely thought that it might be the case, but hearing it in person was a different feeling.

    The Duke of Heinst closed his eyes tightly as he looked at his wife, who could not even open his eyes properly.

    “I really can’t. I’m sorry. I’ll do all I can.

    I saw... … … … … .”

    “It doesn’t matter how much money it costs, so do it anyway. Either way, try it."

    “Even if you force yourself to live like that, it seems difficult to pass this year. I think it would be better to prepare your mind... … … ”

    The Duke of Heinst, who was barely holding on, lost strength in his legs and collapsed on the edge of the bed.

    Seeing his father like that, Carlyle

    He clenched his fists to come to his senses.

    Then, outside the room, Theo's cries were heard, waking up from a nap. Carlyle saw the Duchess briefly, then hurriedly left the room.

    “Oh, Master.”

    Irina, who was running with her skirt fluttering, found Carlyle and stopped. She took a deep breath and barely spoke.

    “Little master, I… … … … ”

    "Didn't you leave work with Sir Renner?"

    “Leave the master, how are you going?”

    The title was not 'Little Master', but 'Master Master'. It was Carlyle, not Theo, that Irina was worried about.

    Useless worries... … … …

    I thought about it, but Carlyle couldn't get the words out of her mouth.

    This is because, like Irina's concern, she felt that she was insecure.

    And seeing her whom she cherishes like a younger brother, it seemed to calm her heart a little.

    “I’ll see Theo, so go in.”

    “I will see the little master. You must go and cool your head. Or just look in the mirror. Now, the face of the master is very unrecognizable.”

    Irina, who had already run out of breath, slipped into the room where Theo's cries were still resounding.

    Carlyle followed her instead of going back.

    I walked into La.

    “Oh, my pretty master, why are you crying so sadly? Did you have a scary dream? Did a bad monster appear in your dream?"

    Theo couldn't calm down even though Irina was comforting him.

    Like Irina said, did he have a really scary dream? Tears welled up in his round eyes.

    Perhaps she noticed it with the baby's unique senses.

    Before this season is over, I must say goodbye to my beloved mother forever.

    "Abb, whoa!"

    "It's okay now. I'm here. Danny will wake up soon. Shall we go see Danny?"


    It was the moment Theo, who was struggling by pushing Irina's shoulder, turned and met Carlyle's eyes.


    Theo gasped and blinked.


    Soon, the child smiled brightly so that two teeth, one up and one down, could be seen. What's so good is dripping from my chin to the saliva.


    Carlyle approached and hugged her brother as if possessed by Theo who reached out to me. Theo smiled happily as he rubbed his wet cheek against his shoulder.

    Moments, various things on Carlyle's neck

    emotions swelled up.

    About a year and a half ago, when they found out that Theo was pregnant, everyone in the mansion was against it.

    The Duchess of Heinst was in good health by taking good care of her body, but she was old. Both the baby and the Duchess were more likely to fail.

    The doctor persuaded her to give up the child.

    The Duke of Heinst also already had a grown heir, Carlyle, in the Heinst family.

    I said let's listen to the doctor.

    He didn't say anything, but he thought in his heart that Carlyle would be better off that way.

    But the Duchess was tough.

    - Are you asking me to send my child back now? with my own hands? I can't do that. Even if there is something wrong with me, this child will not give up.
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    From what chapter was this? You might as well consider the fact that the destined portion is the factor of MC literally being Theo's savior like she was destined to do. Although, we might as well factor the light magical mumbo jumbo I barely remember from this series that helped Theo and Carlyle calm down, or one of these 2 boys releasing said light and MC calming them down (again, its been so long)
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    Chapter 64

    No one could convince her. So, the Duke and the attending physician made every effort to ensure that both the Duchess and the child in her womb were safe.

    Did your efforts pay off? Theodo and the Duchess were also safe.

    Theo grew up with a lot of love from all the people in the mansion.

    Rosetto was a concern, but there was no need to worry too much since the fit Sir Heather was already in the family.

    It was bleak thanks to a lovely child

    The peacock became brighter.

    The Duke, who was initially opposed to giving birth to Theo, soon fell in love with Theo.

    Although handling the baby was awkward, Carlyle also went to see Theo two or three times a day.

    Everything seemed to be happy.

    Around early summer, until the Duchess's condition deteriorated sharply.

    It was a disease of unknown cause. Although she vomited intermittently, she did not have lung disease, lost her appetite and lost weight.

    There was no problem with the internal organs. It wasn't even poisoned.

    The doctor went through all kinds of books and tried to find out the cause and the name of the disease, but in the end he couldn't find anything.

    When the emperor heard the news, he personally sent a doctor to the royal family, but he could not find the cause.

    In the end, they concluded that the Duchess had been weakened by her old age. It was a pitiful conclusion, but there was no other reason to do so.

    After concluding that it was all due to pregnancies, the Duke and Carlyle got mixed up.

    Every time I saw the child smiling brightly, knowing that it was because of Theo, but knowing nothing, I felt complex and subtle emotions.

    As much as I loved my child, the pain of losing a loved one was great.

    - Okay, Carlyle? You must take good care of Theo. That kid is your brother. It's a roseto, so you have to take extra care. Be sure to keep the fit Sir Heather

    That way, nothing will happen to you or Theo.

    The Duchess had foreshadowed death, so every time she saw Carlyle for a few days, the Duchess had asked her to do so.

    Carlyle reassured her several times not to worry.

    Carlyle couldn't help but say I understand. The moment I answered yes, I felt like I was really going to let my mother go.


    Theo, held by Carlyle, found her mother with clumsy cries.

    It was the only babble that Mama, Mama, Eumma, and the child could do.

    Will this child know that he will not see his mother soon? Later, if Theo finds his mother, what should I say?

    My mind was complicated. So Carlyle eventually left Theo with Irina and went out blindly.

    Contrary to his heart, the festive atmosphere was so hot.

    People enjoyed the festivities with no regard for cloudy weather.

    It was completely different from Carlyle, who was all black from head to toe.

    Occasionally, there were people who glanced at him in clothes that did not match the festival, but that was all. They soon ignored him and enjoyed the festivities again.

    Carlyle, who was wandering aimlessly in the rain through the bustling streets of the festival, suddenly saw a store selling toys.

    Comes in.

    He couldn't leave before him. Looking at the toy, I remembered Theo crying looking for his mother.

    he was fine I could pretend I was okay even if I wasn't okay.

    But what about Theo?

    What to do with Theo, who is only babbling and looking for his mother.

    It's the age that mom needs the most, but is Theo okay with this?

    Without knowing anything, Theo's face

    It was time to get hung up on the

    "You want a present?"

    A voice as soft as a marble rolling was heard from the other side. It was a mature voice for a girl, and a young voice for a woman.

    Carlyle turned her head to look at the owner of the voice.

    Perhaps to avoid the rain, the woman who spoke to her was wearing a hood like that, so she couldn't see her face.

    All I see is a cherry red

    It was just lips and a slender, white neck.

    When he didn't answer, the woman asked again.

    “Is it a boy or a girl?”


    "Well, what gender do you need to buy children's toys? Let's see. What would be good? It would be nice to know your age. How old is she/he?"

    There was a strange power like magic in her softly asking voice. Carlyle answered without me knowing.

    “… … … … …He will soon turn one year old.”

    The woman opened her mouth slightly as if surprised, not knowing that she would hear an answer. But soon, her dry-looking lips drew a soft curve.

    The woman glanced at the teddy bear sitting next to each other and picked up a brown teddy bear. The impressive teddy bear with the ribbon tied around his neck was larger than Theo's body.

    “I think it would be nice if you could make an attachment doll when you are one year old. How about this teddy bear?"

    Carlyle had no intention of buying Theo's gift. Even if you bought a gift, you would have bought it at a shop frequented by nobles, not on this street.

    Still, he was nodding his head.

    When the woman handed the teddy bear to the store owner, the owner wrapped the gift. Carlyle paid the bill and quickly left the store.

    But then I heard a woman's voice from behind.


    Carlyle did not stop walking, even though she knew it was the voice of a woman she had met a while ago. Because there was no need to talk to her.

    But before he could walk less than a few steps, he was caught. When I lowered my head slightly, I saw a white, fine hand.

    Even though he could go if he pushed away, he couldn't shake her hand.

    “Take this.”

    The woman took a deep breath and pulled out a handkerchief from her arms.

    “It’s raining a lot, so use this to wipe off the rain.”

    Hands embroidered with yellow flowers

    It was a towel.

    The embroidery was crooked due to the poor skill of the person making it, and the flowers were of different sizes.

    But somehow, warmth was oozing out.

    He just looks and takes the handkerchief

    When he did not, the woman forcibly placed a hand towel in his hand.

    The fingertips that touched were cold. Perhaps it was because of the heavy rain.

    Who am I worried about when I look like a mouse wet in the rain like this? However, I did not feel that the woman's consideration was the same.

    “The kid will definitely like it. I will assure you."

    "..... "

    "I don't know what's going on, but it'll be fine."

    Okay. That insignificant word shook Caryle's heart.

    Like a stone falling on a quiet surface and causing waves, inexplicable emotions spread in my heart.

    No one had ever told him he was fine.

    He was the heir to the duke. He was the one encouraging my subordinates to say it was okay, not the one being encouraged.

    it was you

    There were only two people who could tell him he was fine. His parents were the Duke and Duchess of Heinst.

    However, the duke who raised him sternly did not say that he was okay, and the Duchess, who had always warmed him up, lay there without opening her eyes properly.

    How is it that people who do not know who I am, without knowing my circumstances, give me the comfort that is so wonderful?

    For unknown reasons, Carlyle grabbed the handkerchief she had given her.

    He didn't even get to say thank you. He just nodded his head slightly and walked away from the woman as if running away.

    “Oh my God, I said I was going to see the festival, but what if I come back full of obesity?”

    Returning to the mansion, Irina started a fuss. Theo was crawling in the playroom and playing with Danny.

    “Are you bragging about your fitness? Go quickly and wash yourself in warm water. Then I catch a cold! Oh my gosh, the cold is the worst these days, you didn't even know it was scary!"

    Leaving behind Irina's nagging, Carlyle approached Theo. As soon as Theo, who was sucking the block, saw him, he threw the block and crawled.

    His lips and cheeks were already soaked with saliva.

    Carlyle, who was inadvertently trying to hug her brother, realized that my body was wet and took a step back.

    He handed the teddy bear to Theo who sat down and looked up at him.


    "Yeah. It's yours."


    Theo chewed the teddy bear's ear with his gums. It was a look I really liked.

    Carlyle watched Theo roll around with the doll and headed for the room.

    A month later, the Duchess of Heinst died. Autumn passed, but winter was not even over.

    Unaware of his mother's death, Theo cried and muttered 'Mama, Mama' all day.

    Even though Carlyle and Irina hugged and comforted them, they could hardly calm themselves down.

    Perhaps because of the great shock, even though he was not yet a year old, his mana ran wild and his fever rose. Thankfully, there is Sir Heather.

    I was able to get through without a hitch.

    Theo, who was crying and raging, calmed down when Carlyle held the teddy bear.

    The child hugged the doll and babbled unintelligible words, then fell asleep, and when he woke up again, he held the doll and babbled.

    It was as if the doll took the place of the mother.

    Carlyle was so distracted that she forgot about the unknown woman she had met. I didn't even think of it.

    But only once. About Theo's birthday

    she remembered

    Then he remembered his mother as Theo received a bunch of birthday presents.

    The mother who left without even seeing Theo's first birthday, whom he loved so much.

    My mother once told me secretly that she would throw a big party on Theo's birthday.

    When I remembered my mother's smiling face, my emotions fluctuated.

    It was then that I remembered the woman.

    - I don't know what's going on, but it'll be okay.

    The only woman who told him it was okay.

    Will she be able to tell me it's okay when we meet again?

    When that thought occurred to him involuntarily, he realized that what he needed now was a little consolation.

    Chapter 65

    So, after his mother's funeral, he made inquiries to find the unknown girl he had met.

    But there was too little without clues.

    I went back to the store where I first met the woman at the time, but the answer I got back was skeptical.

    A native of Taji whose brother is a knight. There were too many.

    I tried to find the only clue, the handkerchief, but it was not easy.

    After examining the patterns embroidered on the handkerchief, Chase had finally given up.

    If so, is it possible that he is not a citizen of the Empire but a citizen of the neighboring kingdom?

    Carlyle, who had gone mad until then, decided to give up looking for any more. So, what are you going to do to find her?

    Half a year has passed like that. Carlyle put the cleaned handkerchief in a secret drawer and forgot about the day.

    - The sun is still very hot. Wipe some sweat... … … .

    On the day of Sir Heather's funeral, Charlotte carefully held out a handkerchief, embroidered with a pattern she had never seen before.

    As soon as the funeral was over, Carlyle went back to his room and compared the handkerchief Charlotte had given her to the handkerchief he had received two years ago.


    It was obviously the same embroidery. Everything except for a bit more embroidery skills

    It was like this.

    But Carlyle never asked Charlotte if she had met her two years ago.

    I feared that I would be disappointed if I got the answer that I didn't expect it.

    But now the time has come.

    So Carlyle mustered up the courage to ask.

    Were you that person back then?

    “I wanted to meet you too.”

    When I found out that Charlotte and I were of the same mind, I felt a feeling I had never felt before.

    It feels like every corner of my chest is tickling and my hair is standing on the bone.

    It was a different feeling from the creepy sensation I felt when I first grabbed the sword.

    The chill on the back was similar, but if it was an unpleasant feeling in the past, it is not now. Rather, it was a positive feeling.

    And Charlotte smiles with a watery eye... … … .

    “I have always wondered how you are doing. I'm glad Theo and the Duke seem to have endured well."

    when said

    Carlyle something hit my heart

    I was shocked like a crab slap. At that moment, he felt intensely. It felt like a different world was unfolding.

    6. Forgotten Families

    “Seed, seed, sow!”

    "I gave you water!"

    Theo and Danny joined forces to raise a watering can full of water.

    Children can do more than they do alone.

    I was able to water the garden regularly.

    The two children looked at the moist vegetable garden with rewarding faces.

    “Theo and Danny did it!”

    "Yeah! Theo and Danny did it!"

    When two children looked at each other and smiled


    “Theo, let’s go have lunch.”

    “Danny, let’s eat and play.”

    Charlotte and Irina hear the maid say that the meal is ready, and the children called.

    Theo rushed to run to Charlotte. But before that, Danny ran to Lina.


    The moment Danny shouted loudly, Theo froze, as if he had been enchanted by a stone-turning spell.

    A child's eyes are held by Irina

    pinned to your back.

    At that moment, in the child's head, three

    A question came to mind that I had never asked in my entire life.

    Danny has a mother, so why doesn't Theo have a mother?

    It was a realization that would shake up the world of a child.

    Theo looked at Danny and Irina with shocked faces as if they had been struck by lightning.

    "Mom! Danny will give you water!"

    “Did you? Our Danny is the best!"

    "Mom! Kiss Danny!”

    Theo couldn't take his eyes off the sight of Irina smiling brightly and kissing Danny's cheek.


    On the other hand, Charlotte, who was waiting for Theo to come with her arms wide open next to Irina, felt hurt at Theo's motionless appearance.

    She approached Theo with a handkerchief to wipe the child's dirty hands.


    “Theo, why? Did you have to hold hands? ah

    Did you fall down earlier?"

    Charlotte squatted down in front of the child, examining Theo's hands and knees.


    Theo's gaze then turned to Charlotte.

    The child compared the words sister and mother.

    It's definitely a different word. Charlotte was as sweet and kind to Theo as Irina was to Danny, but she was her sister, not her mother.

    Another question popped into Theo's mind.

    Why is Charlotte noona not Theo mom?

    If Noona Charlotte is not Theo's mother, where is Theo's mother?

    * * *

    Today's appetizer is the number of potatoes baked once in the oven topped with cheese.

    it was f

    Theo and Danny, with the help of a gardener, Ron, were diligently crafting canned potatoes with a shovel.

    Potatoes were ugly because of the children's clumsy hand movements, but the taste was better than anything made with potatoes.

    "Danny do it!"

    Soup made with canned potatoes

    In fact, Danny was triumphant. But banging him in the face

    Theo, who had to take the plunge, was quiet. Ai was bowing her head without even holding a spoon.

    'It's strange, do you have no appetite?'

    Charlotte was puzzled and put the spoon in Theo's hand, but Theo did not eat the soup and put the spoon down again.

    Charlotte, who couldn't see it, tried to eat the soup herself, but Theo kept his mouth shut and shook his head.

    “Theo, do you want to eat?”


    “Are you not hungry after playing with Danny?”


    This time Theo shook his head in despair.

    "It's been weird ever since.'

    Charlotte put her hand on Theo's forehead, wondering if it was because she was sick.

    But there was no fever. It wasn't a fluctuating mana or a cold.

    She came up with another hypothesis. 'Isn't playing gardening effective now?'

    It's been quite some time since I started making a garden.

    At first, I thought I was growing vegetables myself, so I put vegetables I didn't like, but the time came when I gradually lost interest.

    It was a little odd though. Theo didn't particularly like potatoes... … … .

    'I can't help it.'

    Children of this age sometimes complained that they would not eat today what they ate yesterday. Maybe Theo is like that too.

    Instead of forcing the child to eat, Charlotte asked the kitchen to make a menu that Theo would like.

    The kitchen hastily prepared Theo's favorite corn products.

    However, the child did not even touch the corn soup, which he loved enough to eat by scraping the plate.

    Theo's abnormal behavior did not stop with simply not eating.

    “Come on! Look at this! Do you eat well, Danny?”

    Even though Danny was chattering next to him, Theo's reaction was only irritating.



    When Theo didn't respond, Danny, feeling this offended, shook his fork and begged him to play knight.

    Theo lifts a fork without enthusiasm

    It was only coming down.


    Danny looked at Theo blankly. But I didn't bother to play anymore.

    Even Theo didn't mind the custard pudding made with lots of fresh eggs.

    “Why is Theo like this today?”

    Charlotte, Irina, and Danny try hard to make Theo feel better, but Theo can't get enough of it.

    * * *

    After that, Theo was weak all day.

    I didn't eat a proper snack and I didn't even eat dinner. He didn't even pay attention to his favorite chocolate cookie.

    Charlotte was grown up, so she only sips a little bit of sweet milk.

    There was a gurgling sound in her slender stomach over the course of the day, but whenever Charlotte tried to feed her, the child kept her mouth shut and shook her head.

    Eventually, Charlotte called the doctor. The doctor, who had a hard time examining Theo, who was particularly uncooperative today, said with certainty.

    “There is no pain.”

    “I haven't eaten anything since lunch. Could it be that the inside of the mouth is torn or hurt?"

    “I checked the speed of the mouth and it was clean.


    "Are you having colic? I'm not feeling well.

    ate or... … … .” “Nothing really stood out.”

    He stuttered, glancing at Theo as he flopped on the sofa, and whispered in a whisper low enough that only the crabs could hear him.

    “You seem to have had some change in your mind and not your body. Did something happen to you during the day? They said that they ate breakfast as usual.

    There must have been something between the day and night."

    Charlotte recalled her memories as she watched the child procrastinate on the sofa like a slug.

    'It was nothing special.'

    After having breakfast, Theo had a good time with Danny, who came to play in the morning.

    The children didn't even fight until they went to lunch. The two children with a good heart seldom fight, not only today.

    When it comes to arguing, they are gentle enough to wrestle with delicious snacks, such as 'Eat Danny first!' or 'Eat Theo first!'

    Besides, when I asked to go out for lunch, Theo was running excitedly.

    'Ah, I think it's been a little strange since then.'

    Charlotte pondered the sight of Theo she had seen in the garden. Obviously, the attitude of the child back then was different from usual.

    Originally, the child who had run to the sound of asking to go to lunch and ranting about being hungry stood still.

    No matter how much Charlotte called, Theo seldom approached him.

    After Charlotte approached and hugged her, belatedly, she buried her face in her shoulder and started fooling around.

    No, would you say that's stupid?

    Theo doesn't say anything, just

    it was just held It was more of a sullen look rather than a foolish one.
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    Chapter 66

    'I thought it was just because I got tired of playing... … … .”

    Or I thought I was sleepy. Charlotte thought Theo would get better after lunch and a nap.

    So I didn't think about why Theo was powerless any more. It was her negligence.

    Even after not eating lunch and having a longer daytime sleep than usual, I really didn't know that I would be depressed.

    Charlotte holds hands with a self-help heart

    I buried my face in Doc.

    Theo, who had been standing still in the garden, thought of the last place his gaze had turned.

    But I can't remember exactly. The child is just blind with out-of-focus eyes

    I was staring into your space.

    “I think it would be better to find the cause and try to heal it. Ask the master carefully. Also, if you don't eat tomorrow, your body may suffer, so please visit me again in that case."

    "Yes, got it. Thank you."

    The attending physician ordered one more time and left the room.

    Charlotte walked over to Theo, who was still crouching on the sofa.

    It doesn't look like she's sleeping, but the child felt her presence and didn't move at all.


    She carefully shaved Theo's head.

    He gave me a knee pillow. The child rubbed her face against her thigh and smirked.

    Charlotte softens Theo's hair.

    swept over

    “What happened to Danny? Did you fight Danny?"


    “Are you mad at Danny?”


    Theo worked hard.

    “Then why is our pretty Theo drooping after not eating?”


    “If Theo is sad, then my sister is also sad.”

    Theo lifted his head slowly and looked up at Charlotte.

    “It’s not sad.”

    So I said don't be sad




    Theo jumped up, hugged Charlotte by the nape of the neck, and pressed my cheek to hers.

    “Who’s Theo, Joa?”

    “My sister likes Theo, too.”

    "Who are you?"


    “Kiss Theo, Joe.”

    He had a lot of aegyo in the beginning, but seeing that he was especially foolish today, it seemed that there was definitely something.

    Charlotte pressed her lips to the boy's chubby cheeks, then released them, and laid Theo on the bed.

    "My sister will read you a book. Now go to sleep. Tomorrow I'll ask Theo to do what he likes. What does Theo want to eat?"

    "Wow, pasta."

    "yes? Then, tomorrow, let's pick an adult tomato and eat tomato pasta with my sister."


    Theo's voice rose a tone as if he felt a little better.

    Charlotte pulled out a fairy tale book from the bookshelf. It was a fairy tale called 'The Adventures of Baby Toto'.

    “Baby rabbit Toto was in a good mood in the morning. Because today was the day I went to see Grandma Rabbit, who lives in a little hut across the forest."

    Charlotte showed Theo a picture of Toto, dressed well and holding a basket.

    Theo quickly fell in love with the story of Toto the gray spotted rabbit.

    ““Toto, can you really go alone?' Mother Rabbit asked anxiously. 'yes! You went with your mom last time. I can go on my own!' Baby rabbit Toto answered with her chest wide open. The mother rabbit was worried, but the baby rabbit Toto bravely headed for the forest.

    yo. this."

    Despite the worries of the mother rabbit, Toto arrived safely at the hut of the money rabbit along the path through the forest.

    Toto and Grandma Rabbit share a carrot cake baked by Mama Rabbit.

    Had a great time.

    “As I was talking with the grandmother I met after a long time, it suddenly became dark outside.”

    Charlotte showed her a picture of Grandma Bunny giving her baby Toto a red scarf, this time in a glowing hut.

    “Grandma Rabbit, looking out the window, asked anxiously. 'Toto, can you go home alone in the dark? It's dangerous at night, so why don't you go to your grandmother's house for the night and go tomorrow?'. Toto is confident

    I answered. 'Do not worry! I can go alone! When you came, you came alone well!'"

    “Again, no. do not go."

    Theo pushed his head out of the blanket and muttered earnestly.

    However, Toto, unable to hear Theo's mournful voice, left the hut with an empty basket.

    However, the forest at night was definitely different from the daytime. It's dark and I can't see right in front of me, so I can't find my way properly

    And I heard strange noises all over the place.

    “Toto, the rabbit, crouched down and trembled at the sound of a harsh wind from right next to him. 'I'm not afraid. I'm no longer a baby rabbit!' Toto walked away talking to himself. But at that moment! A wolf was heard nearby. Aww!"

    As Charlotte mimicked the howling of a wolf, Theo pulled the blanket over her head.

    Moments later, Theo rolled his eyes and urged Charlotte.

    “Who are you, again?”

    “Baby rabbit Toto was startled and ran back and forth. But he couldn't see the house and went deeper and deeper into the forest. deep, deep. Baby Toto, the rabbit, hid in a hole in a large acorn tree.”

    My feet hurt from walking around non-stop. I couldn't eat dinner because I was eating the snacks my mother had packed, so there was a rumbling sound in my stomach.

    However, what bothered Toto the most was the fear that the wolf might appear.

    In the end, Toto crouched down and cried profusely.

    Mom, where are you? Mom, I want to see you. Mom, I'm scared of Toto. mom mom mom.

    how much i cried About the time he was crying and his neck hurt, someone wrapped his arms around Toto's shoulder. It was the mother rabbit.

    Toto kept sniffling in the warm arms of his mother rabbit.

    The fairy tale ends with Toto returning to the warm hut with his mother. It was a warm fairy tale about the love of a family.

    “When Toto came home, he ate the warm carrot soup that his mother made and fell asleep. Before going to sleep, Toto whispered softly to his mother, who had read a children's book. “Mom, thank you for coming to pick up Toto.”

    After reading the last sentence, Charlotte closed the fairy tale book. That was the moment. “Aww.”

    Theo, who was listening to the story with interest, suddenly burst into tears. Charlotte was startled and took Theo in her arms.

    “Go again, go again… … … ”

    She held back her laughter as she watched Theo mumble in her arms.

    “Are you afraid that Toto might be eaten by a wolf?”

    While Theo was listening to the story, he had empathy for Toto. Toto is happy

    When I was happy, when I was trembling with fear, I grabbed the blanket tightly and held my breath.

    I was so nervous, but when the fairy tale ended, the tension was relieved and I cried belatedly.

    But Theo had a different idea.

    'I have a mother again.

    Baby rabbits Totodo and Danny also have mothers, so why doesn't Theo have a mother?

    The question that had been tormenting Theo all day finally gnawed at the child's tender heart.

    But Theo couldn't help but ask Charlotte, 'Where is Theo's mother?'

    * * *

    Theo looked at Danny with a sullen face. Now Danny was playing foolishly with his mother, Irena, with her mouth wide open like a baby bird.

    "Mom! Danny, you want some food!"

    “Did you want grapes? Come on, do it.”


    At any other time, he would have opened his mouth to Charlotte, as if he were betting with Danny who opens his mouth wider.

    Noona, Theodo grapes! shouting

    But today was different.

    Is it because of the thoughts in my head since yesterday? Theo was unable to act as usual.

    The sadness and sorrow that had settled in his heart soon turned into anger.

    mom mom mom! What the hell is a mother?

    Not knowing what this feeling is, Theo

    yelled at Danny.

    “Come on, Danny!”

    Jealousy and envy. It was a difficult feeling for a child to understand.

    Theo blamed all of his upset on Danny. I hated Danny, my best friend, today.


    Danny turned to Theo with a puzzled look. Theo snorted and ran to the mansion alone.


    Charlotte, who was about to get up and chase the child, stopped briefly and apologized to Irina.

    "Irina, I'm sorry. Theo must have been in a bad mood yesterday and today. I'll go and ride Theo well. Tomorrow


    Fortunately, Irina did not appear to have been greatly offended.

    "it's okay. Please go and comfort me. I'll tell Danny well."

    "thank you. Danny, it's not that Theo really hates Danny. know?"

    Charlotte grinned bitterly at Danny's cringing before running back to Theo's back.

    Theo sprinted that short

    I was running far away with my legs.

    “Theo, wait! If you go like that and you fall!"

    Charlotte said in a worried voice.

    It was a friendly moment.

    Theo, who was running with his eyes closed, tumbled down in front of the 10,000 steps.

    The shock was so great that the child could not get up immediately and lay flat on the floor.

    A maid passing by was startled and tried to wake Theo up.


    But Theo shook off her hand and buried his face in the ground again.

    "I'll do it. Keep doing what you're doing."

    "all right."

    Charlotte sent the maid and raised Theo carefully. Fortunately, Theo did not refuse her touch.

    She frowned and looked at the child's body.

    looked at

    There was a scratch on her tender palm, and drops of red blood dripped from her white knee.

    Tears welled up in Theo's eyes as he saw the wounds.


    "Are you in a lot of pain?"

    Charlotte gently wiped Theo's dirty palms with the handkerchief she had.

    She hurts like she's hurt

    Seeing Theo became even more embarrassed. Uncontrollable tears fell down my cheeks.

    "It's okay. Let's go and ask Sir Ain to heal him. He'll get well soon."


    Theo buried his face in Charlotte's arms and wept bitterly.

    The palms and knees swept on the floor were painful, but more than that, my stomach hurt.

    My stomach hurts somewhere, but what the hell?

    The little boy didn't really know if he was sick.

    Chapter 67

    "it's okay. drop. you can't cry If you cry, your fever will rise again."

    Charlotte grabbed Theo and quickly walked towards the lab where Sir Ain was.

    Surprised, Sir Ain listened to Charlotte's explanation and healed Theo.

    The radish, which had been engraved on the stone to reveal its skin, healed in an instant. The scratches on the palms were also completely gone.

    When he wiped the blood and dirt with a damp towel, Theo's hands and knees

    It was clean as if it were never injured.

    However, Theo did not stop crying during and after treatment.

    “Theo, is in pain?”

    Theo chuckled at Charlotte's question and nodded. My knees and hands were fine, but I still had pain somewhere in my body.

    Charlotte had Emma bring milk topped with chocolate to calm Theo down.

    However, Theo couldn't eat his favorite chocolate milk and just looked at it.

    The moment when the sad tears of a child fall on the milk.

    Theo finally spoke up.



    Theo's pronunciation was unclear as he gasped. Charlotte listened so as not to miss a single word from the child.

    “Who is, ie, why, theo no mama?"

    It was as if Charlotte had been hit in the back of the head with a hammer at the unexpected question. To be honest, I was even more shocked than that.

    Theo then asked.

    “Why is Theo, hickk, what’s wrong with my mother?”


    “Where is theo mom?”

    Charlotte couldn't answer. maybe it's not just her

    This is a question that no one can easily answer.

    Theo's answer to the question was simple.

    Theo's mother, the former Duchess, died suddenly two years ago from a sudden weakness. That was the reason Theo doesn't have a mother now.

    But is the answer really that simple? Charlotte didn't think so. This seemed simple, but in fact, it was a very profound and complex answer.

    The funeral home of Sir Heather, who was the escort knight.


    Will Theo, who waved his hand without knowing whether he was dead, really understand his mother's death?

    Can Theo understand if his mother is in heaven, as is often the case?

    “Where is she? Why is Theo is looking of his mother?”

    Theo pulled up Charlotte's skirt as if urging him.

    Charlotte looked at Theo and bit her lip. Because Theo's face looked very sad.

    He looked like a wounded little beast. It was the saddest expression Charlotte had ever seen.

    Soon, the child's words changed from a question to a statement.

    “Theo’s mom is overweight.”


    All Charlotte can do is just

    It was just a tight hug. 'I didn't know he would miss his mother.'

    The former Duchess of Heinst was Theo's mom

    She died less than a year after he was born.

    It was then that Theo would have barely started babbling the word mother.

    The child who once cried endlessly in search of her mother who never came, will no longer remember her face.

    Because the time he spend with his brother was longer than the time he spent with his mother.

    In fact, even now, the word 'brother' is probably more familiar than the word 'mom'.

    But because he can't remember

    It seems that there was not even Leeum.

    “Danny and toto have a mother.”

    It wasn't until Charlotte heard Theo murmur that she realized why Theo was crying last night.

    Theo did not show empathy for Toto, but rather envied Toto. Toto has a mother he doesn't have.

    'Why didn't I know?'

    Theo expressed his longing with his whole body, but he didn't realize it.

    It was her arrogance, thinking that she would never miss her because she did not remember her mother.

    How much a three-year-old child misses his mother can't even eat properly.


    Charlotte held Theo, who was crying, crying and now weeping. Even today, little Theo just felt smaller.



    "Do you want to go see Mom?"

    It was the only consolation Charlotte could give to a young child crying over the loss of her mother.

    * * *

    Charlotte took Theo who was sobbing and went to see Robert.

    “I would like to see a portrait of the former Duchess, is it possible?”

    “What happened all of a sudden… … … … … ”

    Curiously asking, Robert saw the blushing Theo and gave a rough guess of the situation, and guided Charlotte.

    “Come this way.”

    He headed to the room at the end of the hallway on the second floor. Probably locked, Robert put the big key into the keyhole.

    Charlotte asked before he fully opened the door. “It looks like a place where entry is prohibited.
    Is it okay if I go in?”

    “No one usually sees it, so the room is locked. Most of all, there is nothing that the master wants to see.”

    He opened the door for Charlotte and took a step back.

    “I will be waiting outside. Please call me if you need anything."

    "Yes, got it."

    As soon as Charlotte goes inside, behind her back

    the door was closed at It was dark inside because all the curtains were drawn.

    Charlotte lowered Theo to the floor and first rolled the curtains. Dust did not come out of the curtains as a result of constant rust cleaning.

    As soon as the curtains were pulled, the autumn sunlight poured into the darkened room.


    Charlotte, who blinked for a moment at the sudden light, turned to Theo's exclamation from behind her.


    Charlotte also let out a sigh of relief at the sight unfolding before her eyes.

    The large room, which seemed to fit four of her rooms, was full of portraits. All four walls were covered with paintings.

    Theo gets excited like when he cried

    stood and ran

    “Theo, is this your first time here?”


    Had Carlyle never brought him here? So, has Theo never seen a portrait of his mother?

    But Charlotte did not blame or rebuke him.

    Carlyle also lost her mother. The fact that he did not show Theo a portrait of his mother must have a deep meaning.

    Perhaps he wanted Theo to be unaware of his mother's existence. If you don't know it exists, you won't miss it

    would have thought

    Or maybe it was just that it was painful for me to think of my mother.

    Either way, Charlotte was not in a position to argue about his actions.

    'By the way, how do you find a portrait of the Duchess here?'

    The portraits of the ancestors were hung in order, but the portraits of other family members were hung according to their size and atmosphere.

    It was not easy to find a portrait of the Duchess who did not know her face.

    'Should I ask Robert?'

    Contrary to her concerns, Charlotte, who was looking around with a complicated mind, was able to find the portrait of the Duchess easily.

    To be precise, I was able to find a family portrait. It was an unfamiliar yet familiar face.

    She walked over to the large painting on the wall opposite the window.


    Her gaze was fixed on the child sitting to the right of the long sofa.

    Her hair was black as black and her eyes were purple as if she had been studded with transparent amethyst.

    A pale white face contrasted with black hair. Although his eyes were sharp, he had a gentle impression because of his lack of arrogance.

    ‘… … … … Carlyle?'

    The appearance of a little atrophy is what it is now

    was a little different, but that face was like Carlyle's.

    'The image is very different from what it is now.'

    Charlotte had to contemplate for a moment whether he was the real Carlyle, who looked completely different from now.

    It was the pendant hanging from the child's neck that made her sure.

    One of the half pendants he shared with Charlotte, which he now owns.

    Charlotte looked away from the face of what looked like five or six years old and looked at the couple standing behind them. They must have been the previous Duke and Duchess of Heinst.

    First, she looked at the appearance of the previous Duke of Heinst.

    The little Carlyle, the ball with black hair and blue eyes, resembles a lot in facial features.

    The previous duke, who was said to be a skilled knight, also had the impression of being as strong and stout as Carlyle.

    'I think Carlyle will have a face like that in 10 years.'

    Charlotte shifted her gaze to the Duchess standing next to her with a brief appreciation.

    The blonde, purple-eyed Duchess, on the contrary, resembled Theo a lot. The round eyes and soft lips looked really good.

    'I think she was a good person.'

    You can't judge a personality based on looks alone, but that's how I felt.

    Perhaps if the previous Duchess were still alive, she would have cared for and loved Theo a lot.

    Even now, the eyes looking at Charlotte seemed to be saying good things about our Theo.

    "I'll take good care of you."

    Charlotte called Theo, muttering to herself a promise that never reached her.

    “Theo, would you like to come over here for a second?”

    Theo, who was running around the room noisily, clings to Charlotte's side. ah

    Lee muttered as he looked at the portrait. "Brother?"

    I thought it was a long time since he had a young appearance and a different impression than he is now.

    Charlotte sat with her knees on the ground, eye level with Theo.

    "That's right. It's Carlyle."

    But unlike Charlotte, who pointed to the young Carlyle, Theo pointed to the duke behind him.


    “No, not him.”

    Charlotte took the child's hand and lowered it slightly.

    “That child must be Carlyle.”


    Theo looked at Charlotte with a puzzled look.

    “Is your brother an adult?”

    “That was when my brother was young like Theo. It's a picture of him. Aren't you curious?"


    Charlotte raised Theo's hand again toward the Duke.

    "That's Theo's dad."


    “Yeah, Dad. Do you remember Dad?"

    Theo tilted his head slightly and pondered.

    The previous Duke of Heinst passed away only half a year ago. Clearly, Theo had a memory of him in his mind.

    But theo remembers 2 years

    It looked like an older peacock. She has white hair and wrinkles around her eyes.

    The child could hardly match the figure of his father he knew and the figure of the peacock in the portrait.

    Finally, Theo shook his head.

    “It’s not Daddy.”
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    Chapter 68

    Rather, he moved his finger to point to the picture hanging next to it.

    “Theo Daddy!”

    It was a painting the Duke drew three years before his death. Charlotte looked at the picture and nodded. Obviously, Theo was more familiar with that look.

    "This is Theo's dad, and that's Theo's dad too."

    Still, Theo frowned, not understanding. Charlotte smiles bitterly and takes Theo's hand, this time for the predecessor.

    Pointed to the Duchess.

    Because it was the Duchess, not the Duke, that mattered today.

    “Well then, Theo. Do you know who he is?"

    Theo exclaimed confidently.

    "do not know! Guchi is pretty!”

    As the child said, the Duchess, who was famous in the social world, was pretty.

    Am I instinctively attracted to my mother, who can't even remember her face?

    Theo opens her mouth wide

    I looked into the oyster.

    Charlotte hugged him by the waist and whispered softly.

    "It's Theo's mom."

    Theo's eyes widened to the size of a candle. The child stuttered, looking at the portrait and Charlotte alternately.

    "Really? Are you really Theo's mom?"



    Theo walks towards the portrait.

    Took a seat in front of it and sat down to observe the painting.

    Theo, who had blinked his eyes, suddenly turned to look at Charlotte.

    “By the way, sister, where is Theo’s mother?”

    Again, this was a difficult question to answer.

    However, Theo had already greeted him at Sir Heather's funeral. If so, maybe it could be a little easier to understand.

    Charlotte hopes so, be careful

    luckily ran out

    “Theo, how did you say goodbye to knight hyung a while ago?”

    "Yeah! Hello!"

    “It was a long time ago with your mother, too.”


    "Long ago. When Theo was a baby."

    Theo frowned, trying to remember, but he couldn't.

    The child's voice is a little depressed

    asked again.

    “Then why can’t you meet Theo’s mother?”

    Charlotte hesitated for a moment, unable to answer this time. It was because I remembered Theo's face, who had been weeping sadly when he asked why his mother wasn't there earlier.

    How would Theo react if he knew all the truth? Wouldn't the child, who was happy with this portrait alone, shed tears of disappointment again?

    But I can't tell the obvious lie, 'I'll see you someday'

    it was

    I'm afraid I'll wait for the day when the child doesn't come with any hope.

    Charlotte managed to bring up the story in a quiet voice in the intervening moments.

    "yes. Theo's mom has gone away and I can't see her anymore. Still, your mother said she loved Theo a lot, a lot. Mom is Theo

    It will be very sad not to see you."


    “But whenever I miss my mom, I come here with my sister. So um

    If you want to see Mara, tell me anytime. got it?"


    Theo looked at the portrait again for a moment, with a somewhat gloomy face. The Duchess's expression, looking down at the child, looked somewhat saddened than before.

    What was she thinking at the last moment, who had to close her eyes over her young son?

    Charlotte reflected on the moment she died in her last life. What is the body hit by a car?

    It was indescribably painful and painful, but there was another thing that was just as painful.

    That you have to leave behind your loved ones.

    Sorry to go mad this morning

    I couldn't even say

    I wanted to go home in the evening and eat the soybean paste stew that my mother made.

    My mother would cry a lot.

    If I had known it would be like this, I would have said a little more that I love you. why last

    Is it only in a moment that I regret like this?

    My heart was heavy because of regret.

    Perhaps the Duchess did too. I would have given you a lot of love, but I would have regretted that I couldn't love you a little more.

    one year old. Because Theo was too young to leave the child he loved.

    Charlotte hugged Theo tightly with the Duchess' heart.

    “Mom will miss Theo a lot too.”

    These were the words to Theo and at the same time she was telling her mother.

    Just as Charlotte told Theo who was left behind in the world after losing her beloved mother, in Korea, I hope that someone will say the same to a mother who is crying over the loss of her beloved daughter.

    So, this was the only consolation she could give sincerely, after she had left her loved ones forever.

    Did you feel her sincerity? Theo got up and naped Charlotte's neck.


    "Theo, it's okay."

    He had come to comfort Theo, but it was as if a child was comforting Charlotte.

    “Theo has a sister! who is danny

    After learning that she had a mother, Theo changed her mind. Danny has only a mother, but he has a mother and Charlotte.

    Charlotte noona smiles pretty, too.

    He hugged me willingly and read a children's book at night.

    It's a little sad not to see my mother, but it's okay with Charlotte.

    “Who’s Theo, Joa?”

    Theo rubbed my cheek hard against Charlotte's cheek. It was something the child would do whenever he was in a good mood.

    Charlotte melted in Theo's aegyo and hugged the child tightly.

    "Sister, don't go anywhere, okay?" After hearing Theo's words, Charlotte

    I felt like my throat was clogged again.

    When she first accepted Carlyle's offer and thought about returning home half a year later, she didn't think about the people who would be left behind.

    But today, experiencing Theo's grief, I realized that it was not simply an easy thing to think about.

    After spending a short time with Charlotte, Theo insisted he wouldn't separate from her.

    Maybe then Charlotte was better than

    The instinct to not want to be separated from the right person would have been stronger.

    But now it is different. All the while, Theo followed Charlotte well.

    To the extent that they say that Charlotte is all they need even if there is no mother.

    After half a year, can I leave this child behind? Then wouldn't Theo resent himself? I hate being hated by this cute little boy... … … .

    So, unlike Charlotte, who taught Theo not to lie,

    I lied in good faith.

    “Yeah, I’m not going anywhere.”


    Excited, Theo pulled out of her arms and sat down in front of the portrait again.

    After that, there was no more sadness on the child's face as he looked at the friendly family portrait.

    Charlotte, who was scanning the portrait next to Theo, suddenly noticed something strange.


    'But why is that seat empty?"

    I was obsessed with Carlyle and the Duchess earlier, so I didn't realize it, but the empty left side of the sofa kept bothering me.

    The sofa on which Carlyle was sitting was spacious enough for two adults to sit comfortably.

    But he left that much space and sat to the right.

    Why the hell did he sit on the right side of the sofa instead of in the middle?

    Why didn't the duke and the duke and the painter not point out about it?


    It was as if someone invisible to the left was sitting there.

    'Is someone sitting there?'

    As soon as that thought occurred, a puzzle began to fit in Charlotte's mind.

    At the same time, Theo jumped up from his seat and ran to the portrait.

    “Theo, I want to hug Mommy!”

    “Theo, no. Dangerous!"

    Teresa poses a danger to Theo in the future.

    I said it wouldn't happen. Still, Charlotte couldn't completely shake off her worries.

    What if that large portrait fell and hit Theo's tiny body?

    With that thought in mind, it was the moment Charlotte grabbed the frame on the left side of the portrait to get Theo off the clinging to the portrait.


    Suddenly the light started to come on. Charlotte quickly turned back, holding Theo in her arms.

    But, to his dismay, nothing happened. There was no explosion or anyone breaking in.

    'Are you okay?'

    Belatedly, I was worried that something might have gone wrong with the portrait. If the portrait were to be damaged, Theo would be sad.

    Charlotte, who turned her head to examine the portrait again, was startled by the sight in front of her.

    'Do you have a person?"

    Another boy was sitting on the left side of the empty sofa.

    Black hair and purple eyes. It was a boy who looked exactly like Carlyle sitting on the right.

    It was also the case that a half pendant was hung around the boy's neck.

    However, this pendant was the same one Charlotte had.

    If there was one difference, it was the boy's expression. as if something is dazed

    Unlike Carlyle, the new boy was smiling.

    The eyebrows raised like a cat were like Carlyle's, but the smile made her look soft.

    Obviously, the faces of the two children were the same, but the atmosphere of the two children was significantly different just by the difference in their facial expressions.

    Light and dark, clichéd, but contradictory enough to be expressed in words.


    "Who is it?"

    Theo rubbed his eyes, astonished by the same change of portrait.

    It was normal for Charlotte, like Theo, to have questions about this mysterious boy.

    But she wasn't. I was surprised by the sudden appearance of the picture, not that I was surprised by the existence of an unknown boy.

    Because she knew this kid.

    Charlotte instinctively touches the back of the pendant.

    I rubbed it gently with my thumb.

    The same light as when I touched the portrait came on, and a name appeared on the back of nothing.

    It was a name I knew. As soon as Charlotte saw the name, her legs relaxed and she staggered slightly.

    'Edgar Heinst.'

    He was the eldest son of the Heinst family and the twin brother of Carlyle, who died 16 years earlier.

    Another thing the Heinst family is hiding

    The secret of the rosetto, the secret that Carlyle did not know that she was a rosetto.

    The answer to all the secrets lies in the child in this portrait, Edgar Heinst.

    Chapter 69

    * * *

    Twenty-three years ago, the former Duchess of Heinst gave birth to twin sons after more than ten hours of labor.

    Black hair and purple eyes. Sharp eyes and a pointed nose. They were identical twins.

    However, there is only one single child that can distinguish two children who are so similar that it is difficult to tell who is who without special marking

    There were clues.

    It was a black pattern tucked beneath the left clavicle of a child born immediately afterward.

    - This child is Rosetto-kun.

    Carlyle Heinst. He was a Rosetto who hadn't appeared in the last three generations.

    As the successor, the predecessor Duke of Heinst, who knew the secrets of the Heinst family, recognized at a glance that Carlyle was Rosetto.

    But immediately fell into trouble. born

    I hadn't been able to find a suitable match ahead of time because I had never thought that my child would be a rosetto.

    It is said that there is a time of one year from the time Carlyle begins to walk and until mana is activated, but will she be able to safely find a suitable person within it?

    I couldn't predict. In the worst case, he could lose his precious second son, helplessly, a year later.

    But his worries are first, Edgar Heinst and weeping Carlyle's

    It was resolved when we held hands.

    It was because he saw a faint light shining from the hands of the children who touched them.

    The duke immediately took Edgar's hand and breathed in a little mana. This time, a light shone from the spot where they met.

    It was then that he was completely convinced.

    - Edgar was the right fit.

    The twins, who have been together since birth, are destined to be together forever.

    But there was one thing I couldn't understand.

    - Didn't it say that suitable people are those who have experienced death? But how could Edgar be a fitter?

    The attending physician and the magician belonging to the Heinst family, Roandro, came to a conclusion after discussing with each other.

    - I have heard that it is often the case that one of the twins is miscarried during early pregnancy. It is possible that Master Edgar may not have experienced a miscarriage crisis as well. Master Carlyle in the boat

    Edgar saved the master.

    It was not a perfectly convincing explanation, but the Duke decided to believe the hypothesis.

    Actually, 'Edgar is fit' was more important than 'why Edgar was fit'.

    Because Edgar didn't have to find the right fit, and Carlyle didn't risk it.

    After learning that the twins were Rosetto and a suitable fit, Duke Heinst

    They decided to keep the children a secret until Lyle could handle mana properly.

    He was raised only in the Duchy of Heinst, and strict enforcement was made to prevent stories about children from leaking out.

    It is not known whether Confucius Heinst were twins, or what their appearance was.

    Rumors circulated in the capital that the Duchess gave birth to a child, but neither the Duchess nor the Duchess denied or affirmed that fact.

    didn't It was just silent.

    Under strict management inside and outside the duke, the twins grew up healthy.

    In order to distinguish the two children who are so similar that even their parents cannot tell them apart unless they look closely, the duke gave them a present.

    A pendant with a round pattern in half. The names of 'Carlyle' and 'Edgar' were written on each. The twins always wore this necklace around their neck.

    7 years like that. two children to each other

    We had a peaceful time in the basement.

    Carlyle was never seriously ill to the point of being life-threatening, because she was always there without being suspicious of anyone.

    Carlyle was a naturally blunt child. He grew up as a rather picky child when he was sometimes uncomfortable with mana.

    His mood swings up and down several times a day, and the employees don't want him to be his boss.

    Edgar, on the other hand, is kind and friendly to anyone.

    It was kind. When all the employees in the mansion stopped, they smiled involuntarily and even gave me one more snack.

    Edgar was by Carlyle's side and took good care of him with such unique attachment.

    He would hate to be forced to stick with Carlyle, but he didn't complain.

    According to records, rosettos are said to be able to freely manipulate mana at the age of five.

    Although there are individual differences for each person, he said that he can handle mana until he turns eight at the latest.

    But for some reason, Carlyle couldn't handle mana properly until the age of seven.

    Carlyle's anxiety, which was already ill and had to spend most of the time in her room, only grew stronger as her birthday approached.

    - I can't handle mana like this.

    What if?

    Carlyle trembled as she lay on the bed with Edgar.

    Edgar told Carlyle so calmly that it was hard to believe that he was the same age as him.

    -it's okay. Now you have started learning the flow of mana. With a little more practice, you'll soon be able to control your mana at will. Don't be in too much of a hurry. You're going to be the best wizard. I can't use any magic, but you're amazing!


    Even with his comfort, Carlyle was not at all relieved.

    Even Carlyle, who secretly hides her feelings from her parents, opened her heart to Edgar as much as she did and confessed her true feelings.

    - Edgar, I'm so scared. What if I can't handle mana by the time I'm eight?

    - Even if there is no such thing. And what if I can't handle it? If I'm always by your side


    Edgar lying next to Carlyle

    He raised both hands and pretended to lower the knife.

    Instead of having no magical talent, he was gifted with swordsmanship. These days he's been learning swords from Anderson.

    - I will study hard to protect you. So you can't use magic

    it's okay got it?

    -However… … … .

    I'm just disturbing you.

    Carlyle couldn't help but bit his lip.

    Although the Duke and Duchess of Heinst strictly enforced crackdown on their employees, there were always light-hearted people everywhere.

    Secretly, there was talk of Carlyle among the employees.

    The second son, Carlyle, has nothing to do with his swordsmanship, hair, and personality, unlike Edgar, the perfect heir.

    They murmured that Carlyle had been living with her eldest son, Edgar, with nothing to do when he became an adult, leaving the children.

    Hearing this, the Duke did as he did and fired the employees without a letter of recommendation, but a great wound was already left in Carlyle's heart.

    Am I really in the way of Edgar?

    After all, without me, Edgar wouldn't have to live in a mansion like this.

    Edgar would want to follow his father to the capital to see more.

    Because of me, I am useless

    Because… … … .

    -I like it here, Carlyle.

    Then Edgar whispered in Carlyle's ear.

    - I hate capital because it's so complicated. I'd rather be with you on our estate. The sea is so pretty. It is said that the only capital is trees. I do not want to. I can't even swim in summer.


    - So don't worry. I'm here because I like it!

    - ..

    - Oh, right. Today I am Sir Anderson

    i saw my daughter

    - really?

    -yes. Her name was Irina, but she's one year younger than us. She's cute and kind. I'll get to know you soon too.


    -Are you going to see me tomorrow? If you give me sweets, I can make friends.


    Although the twins were together, they steadily went their separate ways.

    The eldest son, Edgar, was educated as an heir and learned swordsmanship, while Carlyle focused on learning how to control mana.

    Is it the result of hard work? It wasn't perfect, but he gradually became able to manipulate mana.

    Seven-year-old autumn. I just thought everything was going to go smoothly.

    At this rate, Carlyle will be able to completely control her mana, and as a wizard

    He thought that the only thing left to do was to assist his successor, Edgar.

    Until one day, Edgar was kidnapped.

    The kidnapping took place in the middle of the night.

    Someone magically broke into the twins' room and disappeared holding Edgar sleeping on the bed.

    Carlyle, who was going to the bathroom at the time, saw Edgar and the gang disappear in the blink of an eye, so she couldn't even wear slippers properly and ran barefoot.

    - Oh, father! Edgar... … … !

    The Duke of Heinst heard the story of Carlyle weeping and immediately went to the knights and horses.

    The judges were released and the kidnappers were pursued. But in the end, Edgar returned as a cold corpse.

    - Oh my God, Edgar! my sweetheart!

    The Duke and his wife could not tell Ma Carlyle of this tragic news.

    But Carlyle saw through the cracks in the door her parents wept as they hugged EdGar, bloodless and limp.

    I couldn't believe it. It must have been Edgar who had planned to tease Irina with him tomorrow before going to bed.

    The face that was smiling brightly with the same face as himself, but different from his own, was still good in front of him.

    That smile that I always looked in the mirror and practiced following because I wanted to be just like him.

    But the smile could not be found in the Edgar held by his parents.

    what the hell happened he

    He couldn't even close his eyes properly, and he had a face in great pain.

    - It's the work of Marquis Petrian.

    The peacock clenched his teeth and murmured. -Edgar thought it was Rosetto and kidnapped him.

    Marquis Petrian, who knew about Rosetto, assumed that a new Rosetto had been born in the Duke of Heinst and kidnapped him.

    I woke up because I didn't know that the kids were twins and that Rosetto was a different child.

    I was at work.

    - It's because of me. because of me… … … .

    The moment he learned that Edgar had been kidnapped and died instead of him, a strong aura began to stir in Carlyle's stomach.

    - because of me!

    - Carlyle!

    When the duchess found out later that Carlyle had seen everything, they tried to calm him down, but it was already too late.

    When they reached out, Carlyle

    had already disappeared.
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    Chapter 70

    - Where did Carlyle go? Oh my gosh, honey. If even Carlisle goes wrong, I can't live!

    Unlike the wailing Duchess, the Duke calmly grasped the situation and gave orders.

    - Wait for the Mana Gate! I'm going to Petrian's estate right now!

    The duke quickly assembled the knights and headed for the Petrian Territory.

    But as soon as he arrived, what he saw was Petrian's mansion, which was burning with crimson flames.

    Far away from the mansion, from which the people screamed and sprinted, Carlyle stood expressionless.

    Each movement of his hand created a fireball around the fleeing people.

    - Protect Carlyle and show the Petrianga the power of Heinst!

    The Duke protected Carlyle, and the knights under his orders confronted the knights of Marquis Petrian.

    After tense tension, Seunggi leaned towards the Heinst family.

    Hearing of this incident, the emperor was troubled.

    I was afraid of the wrath of the Heinst family to continue the Petrian family, but to annihilate it, the magic of the Petrian family was disappointing.

    However, in the end, the emperor had no choice but to support the Duke of Heinst.


    The Petrian family is the successor to the Heinst family.

    As long as there was clear evidence of killing him, it could not be covered up.

    In addition, he needed the strength of the Heinst family to solidify his precarious position.

    In return for the Heinst's allegiance, the emperor asked the Marquis of Petrian for their crimes.

    After that, all of Petrian's direct descendants were sentenced to death, and in the end, the Petrian family was practically annihilated.

    It would be nice if everything worked out that way. However, the Duke of Heinst

    The biggest problem remained.

    It was Carlyle Heinst.

    Even after everything was over, Carlyle's mana, which had run wild once, did not calm down at all.

    Edgar was the only one who could calm his mana, so he forced him to calm down.

    couldn't kill

    Carlyle had a high fever for over three days, but there was no other way to help her.

    - Carlyle, please calm down.

    - If even you are wrong, what do you say to this mother?

    The Duke and Duchess of Heinst seized Carlyle and begged, but he had no will to calm Mana.

    Now it's too late to find a new fit. All that was left was to watch Carlyle die helplessly.

    Marquis Petrian picked the wrong target for his kidnapping, but in the end managed to get rid of Rosetto.

    At that time, Roandro made a suggestion after much deliberation.

    - There is a way to save the master.

    - What is it?

    -This is a method of erasing the memory of Master Edgar and forcibly sealing the running mana.

    - That way you can save Carlyle.

    If yes, do it right now!

    - But there is a problem.

    - what?

    -Erasing Master Edgar's memory doesn't just mean erasing the memory in Master Carlyle's head. It must be completely erased as if Edgar never existed on this earth in the first place.

    The Duke and Duchess could not answer that they would know right away.

    It is painful to lose a precious son, but to erase his existence altogether.

    That said, no portraits or relics of him could be left, and no graveyards could be built.

    On Edgar's death day, there was no official tribute to his son.

    But the worries did not last long.

    A son who has already died and a son who is alive and breathing right in front of his eyes.

    It is said that there is no finger that does not hurt by biting ten fingers, but the Duke and Duchess of Heinst must have had a more painful finger at that time.

    That was Carlyle Heinst. My heart beats, blood flows all over my body, and I feel the warmth when I hold my hand.

    To protect their remaining son, the Duke and Duchess of Heinst decided to remove Edgar from the family.

    Forgetting Edgar, Carlyle would no longer suffer, and thought that his mana would be able to calm down naturally.

    - Still having problems.


    - Since it is a method I have never tried before, there may be some side effects. By sealing mana and memories, it may be possible to pass safely right now, but if the master gets all his memories back later... … … … …

    - Shouldn't Carlyle be alive to worry like that? I'm going to hide it thoroughly so that my memories don't come back, so just spare Carlyle.

    So Roandro sealed Carlyle's memory and mana. Eliminate all causes of mana runaway, and Carlyle quickly

    road stability was restored.

    The Duke and Duchess of Heinst had no time to mourn Edgar's death or to be relieved that Carlisle was safe, so they began to clear up Edgar's traces.

    He cleaned Edgar's room, hid his portrait, and hid his grave.

    I erased the memories of those who remembered Edgar, leaving only a few people I could trust. Even then, he was anxious and replaced all the employees.

    So Edgar Heinst in the world

    has been thoroughly erased.

    As a parent who sent their children first, it must have been heartbreaking and bloody feelings, but they took comfort in that because they saved Carlyle.

    The family portrait that remained in the room, seemingly cut out by Edgar, was probably their only way.

    Really, when I miss my son so much that my heart ache, he would come late at night and paint over the erased spot with my eyes.

    In a place no one sees, alone

    Edgar smiling brightly.

    Charlotte felt regret as she read the novel.

    "Isn't it better if you told me about Edgar later?"

    Although it was for Carlyle, the Dukes didn't give him time to calm down.

    The hole does not disappear just because the wall with the hole is covered with wallpaper. It just looked clean on the outside.

    If someone touches the wallpaper, the wallpaper is torn and the hole is exposed again.

    If you really want to fix the wall, you have to plug the hole. Of course, it will take more effort and time than simply attaching the wallpaper.

    Still, wouldn't it be better in the future to fundamentally close the hole?

    So was Carlyle. The Carlyle that Charlotte knew was a strong man.

    You will die if you find out about Edgar

    It would have been painful, but in the end, I would have been able to overcome it and control my own mana.

    seven years old. Even if the memories were forcibly sealed at that time, what if he had given him a chance in the future?

    In fact, in the original work, he suffered from the shock of losing Theo, as the spell that sealed mana was broken.

    It started with chest pain of unknown cause.

    When he thinks of Theo, he sees a big change in his emotions, such as being enveloped in sadness and anger.

    When I felt it, I felt a pain in the chest where the rosetto pattern was originally.

    However, the magic that had sealed the mana was released, and he did not know that the mana fluctuated, so he could not find the cause of the pain.

    Then it was insomnia. He couldn't sleep well at night, and even when he barely fell asleep, he was always woken up by nightmares.

    However, the reason he did not lose his life in such pain was because he was a swordsmanship master.

    During that time, his body, which had been trained to the extreme, and the mana he used to use the sword barely supported his body.

    The story of the original story is that he unconsciously felt a sense of security with Penelope, a suitable person, and got married by contract.

    Of course, not remembering Edgar would give you a reason to meet Penelope, so it must have been unavoidable given the setting of the novel.

    Still, I couldn't help but feel sad.

    'It would have been more difficult if I had even found the memory.'

    Charlotte didn't know if Carlyle had found memories of Edgar in the original story.

    Because she's halfway through the novel, and at least until then he hasn't found his memory.

    I just wondered if I would have talked about him after everything was settled and Theo got his revenge.

    Perhaps remembering my brother and suffering

    I was just guessing that Carlyle, the heroine, Penelope, would have loved him.

    “Of course, Penelope would have taken good care of her, but……”

    But that was just Charlotte's opinion. From Carlyle's point of view, it might be better to forget everything and live like now.

    Anyway, Theo is safe now, and his seal won't be broken, so he'll be fine.

    'It's not my business.'

    It wasn't for her to meddle. It was Penelope, the heroine, who would heal his past and wounds, not Charlotte, who would ever leave.

    'By the way, what should I do with this portrait?'

    She glared at the portrait with a puzzled face. I don't know why the portrait of Edgar suddenly appeared, but I couldn't leave it alone.

    But how do you tell Robert the situation?

    I didn't know what to explain.

    Should I ask who this is, or should I just keep my mouth shut?

    Asking who it is would be a very sensitive question, and not asking anything would seem suspicious.

    If Charlotte didn't know about Edgar, she would have doubted who he was.

    It was when Charlotte couldn't make a decision and was just grumbling. The door opened and Robert came in.

    "Anything you need?"

    He had just come in to see what happened when Charlotte and Theo stayed in the room longer than expected.

    His gaze turned to the two of them, and then to the portrait.

    As soon as he saw the figure of Edgar that should have been hidden, he, who had never shown agitation, expressed his feelings for the first time.

    “Hey, how is that… … … ”

    Change 71

    Charlotte decided to tell the truth first.

    “Theo tried to touch the portrait, so I tried to stop him… … … . I touched it for a while and this happened. sorry."

    Theo, who was pinching his fingers, took Charlotte.

    apologized accordingly. "Send it back."

    Robert sighed and rubbed his temples. He didn't say anything for a moment, as his mind was confused.

    Charlotte is frightened by the serious mood

    He calmed Theo, waiting for Robert's reply.

    After a while, Robert captured his expression and opened his mouth.

    “Do not tell anyone what you saw today.”

    "Yes I will."

    “I need to tidy up my room, so please go home.

    I'd love to."

    "I know."

    Charlotte grabbed Theo and hurriedly left the room. Robert locked the door and

    unfortunately disappeared somewhere.

    'Is this really the end?'

    Charlotte looked back at him as he walked away.

    Originally, only four people knew about Edgar Heinst.

    The former Duke and Duchess of Heinst, Robert and Roandro who cast magic.

    It was a simple reason not to erase the memories of Robert and Roandro. If anything happened to Carlyle, they needed someone to deal with. Immediately

    like today.

    However, Robert's response was much simpler than expected. don't tell anyone It was an easy response, relying only on Charlotte's conscience.

    'I'm not going to say it, but... … … … ”

    What are you going to do if you ever tell Carlyle? Besides, Theo is a child, so he might say it out loud.

    Charlotte pleaded with Theo with an uneasy heart.




    “Theo, can’t you tell your brother that you saw your mother today?”

    Because, by any chance, Theo must not tell Carlyle that he has seen Edgar.

    "Ugh! Secret!"

    Theo brought his index finger to his mouth. Charlotte smiled at him and headed for the room.

    * * *

    After seeing his mother's portrait, Theo regained his energy. I ate the snacks Emma brought, and ate the dinner and emptied everything.

    "sister! Eat it all!"

    “Yeah, well done.”

    Charlotte looked at the empty seat opposite, praising Theo for proudly showing him the empty plate.

    Today Carlyle sent a message saying that she was busy and couldn't have dinner with her.

    'I was going to talk about portraits in the evening.'

    Charlotte had no intention of hiding all of this from Carlyle, although she warned that it was a secret that Theo had seen her mother in case she would even say anything about Edgar.

    Theo was so depressed that he acted first without his permission, but Carlyle had to know.

    The fact that Theo misses her mother very much, and that she showed the child today a portrait of the former Duchess.



    'I have nothing to do with Edgar.'

    I decided to keep quiet about Edgar Heinst.

    It wasn't something he was going to say, and it wasn't because Carlyle, who had no memory of saying it, was unlikely to believe me.

    Actually, there were other reasons than that. 'When Carlyle found out about Edgar,

    I don't know how I'll react."

    It was the truth that even his parents, the former duke and wife, had kept hidden. That is, they decided that this truth would harm Carlyle.

    Can an extra person handle such a secret? The answer came out so easily.

    'I can't afford it.'

    So it was decided to speak only of the former Duchess.

    Still, Charlotte was a little worried.

    How will Carlyle react when she learns that she has shown Theo a portrait of the former Duchess?

    Charlotte did not dare to guess his reaction.

    I only spent a month with him. It wasn't enough time to get to know someone I was meeting for the first time.

    It might be a long time for some, but it was short for at least two people.

    Charlotte and Carlyle are engaged.

    Unfortunately, the number of times we have had conversations together has been so small that I can count on this handful.

    Anyway, the main conversation we had was about Theo.

    Lately, we have been spending more time together having breakfast and dinner, but there have been no special conversations during mealtime.

    Carlyle was less talkative, and Charlotte was also busy helping Theo with meals.

    No, that was just an excuse. she is

    In fact, he did not actively tell about Carlyle.

    It was because he was firmly entrenched in his mind that he was someone who would be leaving this place soon anyway.

    'Carlyle didn't seem to want to talk about himself either.'

    However, Charlotte's thoughts have changed a bit since she went to a festival with him some time ago.

    When I found out that he was the mysterious man I had been thinking about for the past two years

    Is it a door?

    Maybe it was because he found out why he was sad and what had happened with Ai, the owner of the teddy bear.

    If not, is it because of the deep feelings he has confessed in the past?

    I couldn't ignore him any longer. If I had been a bystander until now, I felt like I wanted to approach him a little bit.

    I can't be his real fiancée, but I wondered if I could be his true friend from time to time.


    'But before we even became friends, we had an accident.'

    He did not regret showing Carlyle the portrait of the Duchess without a word.

    If he had not seen the portrait, Theo's wounds would have been deeper and more difficult to recover.

    But Carlyle, who had opened her heart at the best, was worried that this might lead to her closing her heart again.

    'What the hell is it that Carlyle shuts her heart down.'

    When I first came here, I never wanted to win Carlyle's heart.

    Even while convincing herself like that, Charlotte could not shake her anxiety.

    * * *

    Carlyle doesn't come back until Theo is asleep.

    come. Charlotte did not go to bed, waited for him, and then went out into the hallway.


    As he was about to enter the office, he turned around. Chase, who was following him and explaining something, saw Charlotte and bowed his head.

    “Oh, I think you were working.” “No.”

    Carlyle, the unholy one, quietly ordered Chase.

    “It’s late today, so stop and report.


    "all right. Then see you tomorrow. I hope you have a good night too."

    Chase nodded once more to Charlotte with a smile that didn't make sense.

    Charlotte was confused as to whether that smile meant thank you for letting her go to work, or if it meant something else.

    But she quickly shakes the thought and tells Carlyle, who is staring at her.


    “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

    Carlyle was puzzled by her suggestion, but obediently opened the door to the office.

    “Come in at once.”

    I didn't even ask what was going on. In that slight change, Charlotte certainly felt that her distance with him had grown closer to the occasion of the festival.

    Carlyle offered Charlotte a seat. Then he raised the bell and tried to call Robert.

    Charlotte sat down and spoke quickly.

    “Oh, it’s okay to drink.”

    As she said it casually, she added that something came to mind.

    “Have you ever had dinner?”

    “Yes, I did.”

    “Isn’t it true that you ate a proper meal, not a simple one?”

    Having already had a history, Charlotte's eyes narrowed with suspicion.

    Carlyle took off her coat and put it on the chair.

    He answered with confidence.

    "Yeah. Chase and I had dinner together at a restaurant in downtown.”

    he sat across from

    “This restaurant is famous for its desserts. If you have a chance next time, I think it would be good to go with Theo."

    “But Theo and I are going out...."

    Charlotte, who answered, “There are dangers, and shouldn’t there be a lot of escorts?” Carlyle’s reply came back.

    I was at a loss for words for a moment.

    “If you go, I will be with you, so don’t worry.”

    Theo and Charlotte were only spending time together, and Carlyle naturally soaked in.

    He was the child's older brother, so it was a natural thing to do, but it was somehow strange for the three of them to be connected.

    It wasn't burdensome or uncomfortable. It just literally felt weird.

    'It's really like a family.'

    Charlotte deliberately nodded her head more exaggeratedly to shake off this strange feeling.

    "Okay. Let's go before we go to Heinst's estate."

    "all right."

    With those words, Carlyle looked at Charlotte without speaking any more. It's like if you have something to say, do it

    He seemed to be asking quietly. Charlotte cleared her throat slightly and barely

    opened his mouth

    “Actually, I showed Theo a portrait of the former Duchess today.”

    Carlyle showed no reaction. He didn't get angry for doing something presumptuous, nor did he ask why.

    As he repeated clenching and opening his right hand, he asked with difficulty like Charlotte.

    “Is that something Theo wanted?”

    "Yeah. Theo seemed to miss his mother. These days, while I'm with Danny, I see Danny and Irina, so he asked is theo have mother?

    He seemed to be in doubt as to whether there were any.”

    Charlotte explained about Theo's behavior over the past few days.

    Everything from Theo not eating properly because he was worried, crying while hearing the story of the baby rabbit Toto, and asking Charlotte why her sister is Theo's mother.

    Carlyle listened silently to her explanation.

    “Why did the Duke keep giving Theo a compliment?

    I think I know why you didn't tell the story of your uncle. However, I don't think it's going to be something that can be hidden any more."

    Carlyle took a deep breath. His chest fluctuated violently.

    Charlotte dropped her head down, unable to see his clenched fists.

    The image of a man who was suffering two years ago was painted over his face over and over again.

    "Why don't you tell Theo often the story of the Duchess?"


    "I know I'm being presumptuous, but I still can't get over it."

    “… … … … Did Theo like it?"
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    Chapter 72

    Charlotte was able to answer that question without hesitation.

    "Yeah. I liked it a lot.”

    Carlyle was speechless when she heard the answer. Rather than waiting for his reaction, it seemed better to give him some alone time.

    "Then it's late, so I'll just leave."

    It was time for Charlotte to stand up cautiously.

    "Little girl Rania."


    Carlyle, who had her head bowed, slowly raised her face.

    "thank you."

    It was an unexpected reaction. I didn't expect to hear thanks even if I wasn't angry.

    Charlotte shook her head slightly.

    "no. I just did what Theo wanted. Well then."

    Charlotte, who was about to say goodbye, said.

    looked back at work. He clasped his chin with his hands and bowed his head.

    Charlotte looked at him and muttered to herself something she couldn't say.

    And I saw a portrait of your twin brother, Edgar. They both looked like very happy brothers.

    The words kept ringing in her mouth, but Charlotte couldn't get them out. No matter what I say, Carlyle won't understand.

    How Carlyle found out all the facts

    You may have an irritating reaction. So for now, it seemed like the best way to stay still.

    Just like the previous Duke and Duchess of Heinst did.

    * * *

    After Charlotte returned, Carlyle headed to Theo's room.

    Theo, who has already fallen asleep deeply, does not toss and turn even as he sits by the bed.

    it was

    Carlyle looked at Theo's face in the dark, contemplating. Charlotte's voice echoed in my ears.

    - Theo misses his mother a lot.


    At the same time, he let out a deep sigh.

    Until now, Carlyle had never told Theo about her mother.

    Theo, who lost her mother before the age of one, had no memory of her. I have no memory, I have no longing

    I thought it would

    If I told such a child about her mother, I thought it would only make her childish mind.

    There is a reason for that, but in fact, Carlyle herself was not confident to bring up the story of her mother.

    I had a lot to say about her, but when I tried to explain it to São Theo, I was speechless.

    So he decided to keep quiet about his mother. tell Robert

    He strengthened the rules of joining Yongin and cleared away traces of his mother from within the mansion.

    I was afraid that the child might wander around the mansion and enter the room with the portrait, so I locked the room.

    But it was painful to miss my mother who I can't even remember. Would Theo have been in less pain if he had told me sooner?

    It was the moment Carlyle frowned and gently stroked Theo's cheek. Theo, who was tossing and turning, opened his eyes slightly.

    Theo found him.


    The child tried to open his eyes to the question asked in a voice full of sleep.


    But the eyelids were too heavy. Eventually, Theo moved towards Carlyle with his eyes closed.

    Carlyle noticed the child's intentions and took Theo in her arms.

    Theo groaned in his sleep.

    "Brother, up."

    I resented why I didn't come at dinner time.

    “My brother was busy with work. Sorry."

    "Ugh. Gann Ha-am, Chana."

    Theo's pronunciation was greatly muffled by yawning. Carlyle patted Theo on the back, barely biting before the child fell asleep again.

    “Theo, have you seen Charlotte’s sister and mom?” Theo smiled, recalling the portrait he had seen during the day.

    "Ugh. Look."

    I am thirsty for that happy face. Carlyle struggled to swallow the emotions that ran up her throat.

    “Do you miss your mother a lot?”

    If I answered yes, I thought I would tell Theo a lot about his mother in the future.

    A child's right to know about his mother

    because there is

    However, Theo, who knew the answer would be yes, surprisingly shook his head.

    Lee stirred.


    Theo made a sound that he couldn't tell whether it was positive or negative, and buried his head in Carlyle's shoulder.

    Just as Carlyle was about to put her back on the bed again, wondering if she was asleep again, Theo mumbled in sleep.

    "It's ok."


    “Because… … … … I have a brother and a sister


    "...... "

    "Danny is up."

    "...... "

    “Theo hyung and sister Charlotte.”

    Carlyle couldn't decide whether to be relieved or confused by Theo's positive reaction.

    It was because of the words that came out of the child's mouth.

    who is it It must mean Charlotte. It's okay to have Charlotte even if you don't have a mother

    How will Theo react if he tells that Charlotte is leaving?

    Will Theo be able to let Charlotte go five years later?

    "Brother. Who are you going to stay with here?"

    Carlyle finally answered after a moment of silence.

    "yes. Charlotte will live here with Theo and brother."


    After hearing Carlyle's confirmation.

    Theo calmed down and closed his eyes again.

    Carlyle laid Theo on the bed, covered, and pondered what he had just said.

    Charlotte is not going to live with Theo, but Theo and 'You're going to live with your brother.

    If it was simply to reassure the child, there was no need to put himself in, so why did he say that?

    After contemplating, he left the room and made a decision.

    Now that the three of us are living together in this mansion, I just said that the three of us would live together to reassure the child.

    Thinking about it that way made my head feel more refreshed.

    He never assumed that he would have told the truth unconsciously until the moment he closed the door and went back to his room.

    Maybe it was him, Theo, who wanted to stay with Charlotte.

    * * *

    The next day, Robert came to visit Charlotte. Charlotte, who was puzzled because it was the first time he had come this way, quickly realized his purpose.

    'Is it because of yesterday's work?'

    My neck stiffened with tension at the thought of something like that.

    "What's going on?"

    Carefully asking, she found an old man standing behind Robert.

    He was a man with whiter hair than Robert, and he was wearing the white robe that Ain once wore. It meant the old man was a magician.


    Surprised by his sudden appearance, Theo hid behind Charlotte.

    “I had someone to introduce me to. Young-ae, this is Lord Andro, the former wizard of Heinst.

    He is also Lord Ain's teacher. Sir Lo Andro, this is your master's fiancee, Young Rania."

    Roandro. a name you've heard

    it was

    'The wizard who erased Edgar's memory from Carlyle and sealed mana'

    When he was young, he became a vassal of the Heinsts with the support of Carlyle's grandfather. He was so reliable and capable of magic.

    The former Duke and Duchess of Heinst gave him

    To the extent of trusting in Carlyle's secret. Roandro was delighted with Robert's introduction.


    “Oh, this one is… … … ”

    He walked over to Charlotte, placed his right hand on his left chest, and bent and straightened his knee. It was a greeting unique to a wizard that was different from the example of a knight.

    “Ain, I’ve heard a lot about that guy. I thought I would be able to meet you if you come to Heinst's estate in the future, but I'm happy to meet you earlier than I thought.


    Roandro had an impression that would be reminiscent of a 'magician'. He looked skinny and strict.

    He was so frightened that he came closer and Theo ran away into the corner of the room.

    “Theo, you should come and say hello.”

    Charlotte motioned for her to call, but Theo hugged the curtain and shook her head.

    Despite the child's stubborn refusal, Roandro

    He smiled with no sign of displeasure.

    Rather, there was a kind smile on his face as he looked at Theo. That alone knew that he loved Theo.

    “The master is still afraid of me. I've seen it a few times before, but I can't seem to remember it well. Well, next time we see you, I'll have to change my appearance to look a little younger with magic."

    “Nice to meet you too, Sir Lo Andro. Theo will be back in a little while. By the way… … ”

    Why did you suddenly come to me?" Charlotte looked at Robert with a face that didn't ask openly and needed an explanation.

    'There's no Carlyle or Ain in the mansion right now?'

    From what I heard, Roandro seemed to be living in Heinst's estate as usual.

    Then why does he suddenly come to the mansion and say hello to him? If there were even Carlyle or Ein, that

    Since they came to see them, they thought they were here to say hello, but now the two are not in the mansion.

    You suddenly come to the mansion where there are no two people and say hello like this? Besides, all of this seems to have been done by Robert? I don't know what it was, but it wasn't a good feeling.

    Charlotte's eyes narrowed slightly. However, Robert explained in a voice that was no different from usual.

    “There are a lot of things going on with the master these days.

    didn't you? Sir Ain had seen it once, but Sir Roandro thought it would be good to see it too, so I brought it here."

    "is that so?"

    This time, Roandro answered.

    "Yes, it is. But the master doesn't even want to look at me, so what good is that? Rania, can you help me?"

    "Ah yes. Can I sit with Theo in my arms?"

    Although slightly reluctant, Charlotte sat down in a chair holding Theo struggling to run away.

    Robert and Roandro were trustworthy enough to never betray Carlyle in the original novel, and they were confident that they would not do anything that would harm Theo.

    “Wow, sir.”

    “If you do this, my sister will give you chocolate.” Theo as he tried to get out of Charlotte’s arms.

    He quietly reached out to Roandro at the sound of chocolate coming.

    When Roandro took the small hand, a light leaked out from where they held it.

    It was definitely a sight I had seen several times. But unlike before, when she was okay, Charlotte felt like something was moving under her chin this time.

    'Is it possible to read mana?'

    It certainly seemed like he had become sensitive to mana after Theo helped him last time. Otherwise, it is simply a diagnosis

    I couldn't get the run strong feeling.

    Light spread all over Theo's body. After a while, all the light that had glared at Theo disappeared, and Theo leaned languidly on Charlotte's body.

    In a very short amount of time, the child fell asleep softly.


    While Charlotte was startled by the first occurrence, Roandro took her hand this time.

    Surprised, she didn't even take her hand away

    Roandro, who had hardened this face, breathed mana into his clasped hands.

    The light slowly rose and began to climb up Charlotte's arm.

    Then the feeling of throbbing under the chin got worse, and I started to feel dizzy and nauseous.

    It was worse than when Theo forced his mana to move.

    'what's this? no!'

    Chapter 73

    As if responding to her thoughts, the energy that had only stayed in the vicinity of Myungchi was scattered here and there.

    The light that started from Roandro's hand engulfed Charlotte from head to toe, but at the same time a warm aura enveloped her body.

    Still in her stomach, Charlotte felt protected from something unseen.

    Soon the light went out. At the same time, all the strength drained from her body, and she flopped into the chair.

    She didn't fall asleep like Theo, but there was no force in his body, so she couldn't lift a finger.

    "... ah..."

    What the hell have you done to me and Theo! I wanted to argue and scream, but no voice came out.

    'I'm an outsider, so even so, what did I do to Theo!'

    Even if Charlotte forcibly scrapes her vocal cords.

    It was time to try to ask. Roandro, who still had a cold face, asked first.

    "What did you see with the master in the portrait room yesterday?"

    A voice came out as he snapped his fingers. I was able to move my body a little.

    “Looking at the portraits of the previous duke and his wife and the portrait of the duke as a child… … … … ”

    I also saw a portrait of Edgar Heinst. Charlotte is crazy about it

    There was an idea that struck his mind.

    'You can't talk straight.'

    She stuttered, hoping that Roandro wouldn't find out what she was saying.

    “And I saw a lot of portraits of other people. However, since Heinst had yet to study Seonjo, I don't know who was who."

    Roandro's eyes narrowed. “Did you not see anything strange?” Charlotte shivered nervously.

    “Is it strange? Well, I didn’t feel anything like that. Ah! It was a little peculiar that the door to the portrait was locked, but I think it could be. Unlike our Rania family, the Heinst family has many historical figures, If anyone with a grudge can come in and damage the portrait, it is not allowed.”

    “It is.”

    “Actually, I was a little surprised that he allowed me, my fiancee, to enter such a room. As you know, the engagement was too sudden, right? So Robert said to me

    I thought it was undesirable, but you willingly let me into such an important room. Am I now recognized by the Heinst family?"

    She clasped her hands neatly and tilted her head slightly with a shocked expression on her face.


    Every time he heard of her and Carlyle, he was imitating what Irina was doing.

    At that moment, Roandro loosened his hardened expression and smiled as if he had seen it for the first time.

    “Isn’t that desirable? It's an unreasonable thought. Robert's cautious personality just needed some time to get to know your young-ae, and he'll never look down on you."

    Roandro slowly got up from his seat as if he had seen everything he had to do.

    Charlotte laid Theo, who was still sleeping, on the sofa and followed him up.

    “I, Sir Roandro!”


    “Is Theo okay? Anyway these days

    Things kept happening, so I and the Duke were worried about Theo a lot. If the lord makes a diagnosis that it's okay, then the duke will be relieved."

    Roandro did not respond immediately. Apparently, he had forgotten the excuse that Robert had made in the first place.

    However, like the age felt from the deep fan wrinkles around his eyes, he quickly responded naturally.

    “Yes, the master is fine. Maybe it's because of you and Youngae, I'll see you before

    You are a lot healthier than ever.”

    Charlotte wasn't sure if Roandro was really examining Theo and responding like that.

    But there was one thing I noticed from his words.

    'I know I'm fit.'

    Haha, he's talented enough to teach Sir Ain, and since he's always seen Edgar in the past, it was strange not to notice that she was the right fit.

    I just didn't know I was engaged to a contract

    seems to be.'

    The contract engagement really seemed like a top secret known only to her, Carlyle, Chase, and Robert.

    “Then I will leave. If you come to the Heinst estate soon, I will greet you."

    Roandro, who greeted Charlotte the first time, hurriedly left the room.

    As if he couldn't let Carlyle know that he had visited the mansion.

    Charlotte wakes Theo up after he's gone completely, even checking that Robert isn't in the hallway.

    “Theo, wake up for a second.”


    As if he was not in a deep sleep, the child quickly woke up.

    Charlotte asked Theo impatiently. It was to make sure that Roandro had been thinking since the time he asked the suspicious question.

    “Theo, I went to see my sister and mom yesterday.

    remember that?"

    The child smiled happily.

    "Uh! Theo mama is beautiful!"

    “Then what did you see?”

    “brother are small!”

    “Then who was next to you? He looked just like my brother."

    Charlotte asked, this time lowering her voice.

    Theo who answered so quickly, wow? and tilted his head.

    “Isn’t there anyone by your side?”

    “Oh, right. It did? Wasn't there anyone by your side? Our Theo is smart.”

    Charlotte stroked Theo's hair and complimented him. But he couldn't hide his trembling hands.

    This made sure

    Roandro had come today to erase Theo and Charlotte's memories. As if he had erased Carlyle's memories of the past. But there was one strange thing


    'Why can't Theo remember, but I do?'

    In terms of magical abilities, if the memory sealing magic didn't work for Theo, the Rosetto, it wouldn't work, and there was no way Charlotte wouldn't.

    But Theo lost his memory and Charlotte didn't?

    Charlotte pondered the difference between herself and Theo.

    gender, age, physique, etc. there were many

    But there was nothing to convince me of that.

    Besides, Sir Roandro, of course, also thought I wouldn't remember.'

    Then the reason that the magic didn't work for Charlotte means that there was some variable that Roandro didn't think of.

    'Is there any hidden power in the fit person?'

    When Charlotte grabbed Roandro's hand earlier, she let go of the energy that was shaking inside her body.


    I also remembered that as soon as I touched the portrait yesterday, Edgar's portrait appeared where there was nothing.

    Yesterday I didn't know because I wasn't in a good mood, but now that I think about it, it was very strange.

    He must have cast a spell, but you're doing the nullifying magic that even Theo couldn't do?

    'Otherwise, because I am the possessed


    I know what's in the novel

    Se was not originally from this world, so it could be that the magic didn't work.

    But nothing was certain. At least, when considering the possibility, I thought that it was because she was a suitable person.

    At least Charlotte thought so.

    'For now, we should discuss with Sir Ain.'

    Charlotte made that determination and hugged Theo as he hugged me tightly.

    * * *

    The next afternoon, Ain, who came to class, did not say a word about Roandro.

    Had he known that he had come to the mansion, and that he had met Charlotte and Theo, he would have pretended to know him for even a moment.

    'It must have been a secret from Sir Ain.'

    But Charlotte's better off letting him know that she's met Roandro.

    I couldn't really decide whether it would be better to just keep my mouth shut.

    'Perhaps Roandro put a spell on Sir Ain or Carlyle that didn't pretend to know that he had met him... … … ’

    No, it certainly would have been. It was strange that Charlotte didn't think she was going to talk to Carlyle as she ran away like that.

    In fact, Theo didn't say anything to Carlyle last night and this morning either.

    it was

    If you remember Roandro, you would definitely have told Carlyle, considering the character of a kid who talks to his brother over even the smallest of things.

    Charlotte decided to leave the story of Roandro aside for now and have a conversation about what she was really curious about.

    "Sir Ain."


    “Do you have any other abilities other than the ability to stabilize mana?

    yo. this?"

    Ain mumbled ho-ho, showing interest.

    “Well, I haven’t heard anything. In the first place, there were very few people who tried to develop the ability of a suitable person like Young-ae.”


    “There is no need for that. There isn't a lot of rosetto itself, but isn't the mana stable after a few years? A place to use even if you put effort into developing your abilities

    There is no such thing."


    “Besides, as you have already studied, it is the five families where rosettos are mainly born that mainly hire the right people. You can get paid enough just to be by your side, so why bother studying? Young-ae is special.”

    Ain added, crossing his legs.

    “Actually, I like that side of Young-ae. The search for knowledge is a wizard

    is the basic quality of In that respect, Yeong-ae is similar to a wizard."

    'If I had a little more ability, I might have become a good colleague,' Ain muttered to himself. He was truly sorry.

    “Then why are you asking that all of a sudden? What have you found?"


    Charlotte explained to Ain the story of what she had been through.

    Of course, I couldn't tell you about Edgar's portrait or what happened with Roandro, so I had to invent another story.

    “I was playing with Theo yesterday, and Theo was trying to use magic without him knowing. The moment I took the child’s hand to dry it because it seemed dangerous, the magic Theo was trying to use completely disappeared.”


    Theo, who became a troublemaker in an instant, puffed up his cheeks as if he was unfair.
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    Charlotte will confessed to him first on chapter 130 , but well ... They kissed first on chapter 117 ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ really kiss ? Without even confession?? But it's okay , Carlyle feelings are very clear tho with out even say any thing

    Charlotte's older brother Jack is warm-blooded, he would have gone to Carlyle with the sword for the Duchy if his brother Isaac had not stopped him.

    Honestly I prefer Jack over Isaac, his role is more prominent and really very candid he always looks at Carlyle furiously when something happens to Charlotte and she suddenly collapses (he doesn't know she is falling apart due to using her magical powers)

    Jack always annoys Charlotte and Anatha Balaqbihh, even when I decided to leave the Grand Duchy of light inhibits sadness and Anatha Balaqbihh (nice) ... also finally said Isaac Karel that he had thought that he exploits Charlotte, well when he left Isaac, said Carlyle, Charlotte seems to walk Lanya Catch us LMAO
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    Chapter 74

    "Isn't it because the doc canceled the magic after hearing that it wasn't possible?"

    Ain made a point that made sense. He had not heard of Charlotte's actual experience, so he had no choice but to assume that she was mistaken.

    Charlotte put her hand near her chin.

    “At first, I wondered if Theo had simply canceled the magic. But when the magic disappeared, I could feel the mana moving in my body. hemp on beads

    Like when you practice blowing me in

    yo. this."

    "Um, that's definitely a bit unusual. So, you think that Young-ae used nullification magic herself?"

    "Yeah. And if it's really my dispel magic, I'd like to practice this ability a bit more. So that I can use nullification magic of my own will.”

    Charlotte said in a hoarse voice.

    'You can really only use nullification magic

    Then you can prepare for the unexpected.'

    Although Carlyle attached Celine as an escort, she was still a knight.

    Like the last wagon raid, it could prevent a physical attack, but it could not prevent a magical attack.

    The number of wizards was significantly lower than that of knights. Even the famous Duke of Heinst didn't have many wizards with him.

    In the Rania estate, you can cast magic once.

    To use it, you had to pay a large sum of money to bring a wizard from the nearby Earl of Ains. Even the wizard wasn't really that good at it.

    Fewer wizards meant that, in other words, there would be almost no magic attacks.

    But what if you get a magic attack just in case?

    It would have been nice to have Sir Ain with him, but he was not an escort for Charlotte or Theo, so there was a good chance he wouldn't be there in case of an emergency.

    But what if you could use nullification magic?

    'I can buy time.'

    It would have been nice to be able to use defensive magic or attack magic because I had a talent for magic, but what if I said I didn't have magic talent?

    Theo could instinctively use defensive magic, but the child's magic skills were still unstable, so I couldn't be sure.


    In the meantime, you can use nullification magic.

    If so, you will be able to block attack magic or space movement magic for kidnapping.

    Even if I had earned a little time, I would have been able to protect myself and Theo.

    'It's better than being helpless. '

    But unlike Charlotte, who was full of motivation, Ain was a little skeptical.

    "Let's practice once. But I think it's better not to expect too much. So far, there has been no record that a suitable person used nullification magic, and Youngae

    What you said may have been a coincidence.”


    “Then let’s practice putting out the fire that I made first, shall we?”

    As Ain stretched out her right hand, a fire the size of a match lit up in the palm of her hand.

    Seeing this, Theo, with his eyes wide open, followed him and spread his right hand. A fire smaller than a little fingernail burned on the child's palm.

    Theo who burst out laughing is me

    He put out the fire in his hand and then blown it out.

    After telling him not to use magic, Charlotte reached out towards Ain's hand. Then he closed his eyes and concentrated.

    I could feel the mana fluttering from the side of myongchi, and a warm energy flowed down my arm.

    When the energy finally reached her fingertips, she opened her eyes.

    But there was still a burning red fire in front of him.

    Her face is stained with disappointment

    Looking at the oyster, Ain comforted him.

    “It’s okay, young girl. Nullification magic is more difficult than you think. You don't need to be disappointed at all if you can't. Rather, it’s natural that I can’t do it in terms of Young Ae’s abilities.”

    I don't know if it's comforting or if it's salting.

    But it's really nullifying magic


    Charlotte looked down at her palm. The fire on Ain's palm

    After the blowjob, Theo blown up and patted her on the back.

    “Sister, Ganchana.”

    The comfort of the child made Charlotte more complicated.

    'I can't tell the truth.'

    With a moan, she fell into thought.

    How on earth can I use nullification magic?

    Why the hell did Roandro use the nullifying magic yesterday when he used the memory-erasing magic?

    could you write

    I thought about it, but couldn't find any particular reason.

    * * *

    a few days later. It was time for Charlotte, Theo and Carlyle to have dinner.

    Theo, who was eating fruit sorbet for dessert, shouted as if he had suddenly remembered it.



    “I miss Theo Mommy!”


    Charlotte couldn't answer right away and looked at Carlyle's reaction.

    If Theo had only wanted to see him, he would have been happy to show him the portrait, but Carlyle needed his permission.

    At the same time, Theo was also seated across from his older brother.

    looked into the eyes

    Carlyle, who was drinking hot tea, put down her teacup and stood up.

    "Okay, let's go see."

    Contrary to Charlotte's expectations, a cheerful answer flowed out. Theo, who was swallowing his saliva, was happy.


    "yes. You can see it when you want to see it."

    Carlyle reached out and Theo jumped off the chair and grabbed his hand.

    Charlotte followed Carlyle's wink of prompting out of the restaurant.

    As she made her way to the portrait's room, she thought.

    'Didn't Edgar's portrait be erased again by magic?'

    Perhaps it was. Because Roandro and Robert, who had erased the memories of Charlotte and Theo, couldn't have left Edgar's portrait unattended.

    However, I was worried about what would happen if there was still a portrait of Edgar left.

    didn't leave

    Even if I erased it, I was worried that if I touched the portrait again, Edgar's picture would appear.

    'I should never touch the portrait.'

    She made a promise while looking at her bare palms and hurriedly followed the two men.

    When Robert met the three and heard Carlyle say that he was going to see the portrait, he walked forward without showing a sign of hindrance.

    Charlotte, realizing that his dignified attitude had erased Edgar's portrait, secretly sighed in relief.

    Robert arrived in front of the door and asked before opening the door.

    “I put a preservation magic on the portrait, but I recommend not touching it just in case you don’t know.”

    His eyes were on Charlotte. He didn't express it, but he seemed worried that the same thing as a few days ago would happen if she touched the portrait.

    Charlotte pretended not to know anything, and told Theo.

    “Did you hear that, Theo? Don't touch the painting, just look away from it. If you touch it and the picture falls, you may get hurt."

    Theo, unaware that he had already had a history, answered confidently, as if to leave it alone.


    Then Robert put the key in the keyhole and turned it. squeaking and squeaking

    The door opened together.

    Carlyle, who grabbed the doorknob instead of Robert, turned to look at him before opening the door.

    “You don’t need to lock the door here from now on, so you can just go.”

    It was a consideration that allowed Theo to visit his mother freely at any time.

    It was also an unspoken permission to show Charlotte the portrait to the child without looking at me.

    It was a moment when people who had been forgotten in the mansion returned to their golden memories.

    "all right."

    Robert shrugged and turned back. At the same time, Theo ran into the room.

    went in


    “Theo, the room is dark, and if you run like that, you will fall.”

    Charlotte hurried past Carlyle and followed Theo. With the candle she was holding, she lit candle holders throughout the room.

    When a dim candle lights up the room

    I saw the figure of family's portrait.

    There were only three people in the portrait Theo was sitting in front of, as if familiar.

    The former Duke of Heinst and the young Carlyle.

    No trace of Edgar Heinst could be found anywhere. As if it didn't exist in the first place.

    As she traced Edgar's smiling face on the left side of the empty sofa, Charlotte suddenly felt the presence of Carlyle.

    Realizing that he wasn't, he turned his head.

    He did not enter the room, but stood in the hallway. Standing still in front of the wide open door, he looked as if he was facing an invisible glass wall.

    'I don't think I have the courage to see it yet.'

    Carlyle said she hadn't been to this place in the past two years after the death of the former Duchess.

    Pain rather than longing for mother

    This is probably the bigger fault.

    Charlotte looked intently into his darkly obscured face.

    It was difficult to imagine his expression until just a few days ago, but now he seems to know what kind of face he must have.

    He must be making an expressionless expression that is no different from his usual one, but there must be a lot of energy in his clenched chin.

    Just like she saw on the rainy festival street two years ago.

    Charlotte approached Carlyle as slowly as she did then and grabbed the hem of his sleeve.

    Carlyle took a step back, startled for a moment, but didn't shake her hand.

    “If you are having a hard time staying here, you can go. I'll take Theo and go to sleep."

    His chin, looking up at him, was full of energy, as expected.

    However, it was different from what was expected. His beauty that knew how to keep expressionless

    His face was frowned as if he was holding back tears.

    Two years ago, in a hood that went down to his nose, he had this expression on his face.


    Charlotte tried to smile brightly, repeating what she had just said that day.

    "it's okay."

    “Theo would be really fine if it was just me.

    Because... … … … ”


    With those words, Carlyle took a step back and took a step forward.

    Even though it was only one step, the distance between the two of them was greatly reduced. Due to the height difference, a shadow quickly fell over Charlotte's face.

    Charlotte had to raise her head a little higher to see his face.

    The tension on Carlyle's face, seen a little closer, had disappeared.

    At first glance, his lips smiled faintly.

    It looked like drawing.

    "I'll go in."

    Carlyle passed Charlotte and strode into the room. He stood behind Theo, who was sitting in front of the portrait.

    "Brother! Mommy is pretty!"


    He looked at the portrait without giving a glance to the excited Theo. Theo looked up at him and then turned his head back to the portrait.

    Charlotte stood at the entrance to the room and

    side view was observed. A peacock couple and two children.

    The sight of the four of them gathered in one place, which cannot be seen in reality, seemed more harmonious than expected, which made my eyes twitch for some reason.

    Her gaze passed Carlyle's face and turned to the left of the sofa. Edgar was sitting there.

    There was still a forgotten person who had not yet returned to the mansion where the forgotten family returned.

    As it was last time, without anyone knowing, alone.

    Chapter 75

    7. Martial Arts Competition

    After that, Charlotte continued to practice nullification magic with Ain.

    However, as on the first day, there was no significant change.

    It was possible to move the mana in her body, but she could not put out the fire.

    Ain, who couldn't see it, even gave a tip, saying, 'Make a earnest wish to put out the fire.'

    Charlotte stared at the fire and muttered intensely to herself that she wanted to put it out, but nothing changed.

    In the beginning, 'I wish you earnestly. It was an ambiguous word.

    Theo went every day after that to see the portrait of the Duchess. There were times when I went to see it several times a day because once was not enough.

    Especially after dinner, I always went with Carlyle's hand, and each time he followed the boy's words.

    He looked at the back of Theo babbling in front of the portrait and the Duchess in the portrait with a vague expression on his face.

    Charlotte also groped Edgar's empty spot behind them.

    And from that day on, Robert watched Charlotte, knowingly and unknowingly. Perhaps she was trying to see if she remembered Edgar.

    His observation was secretive, but Charlotte, who remembered Edgar, could easily recognize that his gaze was suspicious.

    'I have to be careful.'

    If there was even a slight gap, he could feel this hurt.

    In the midst of peace and tension, the martial arts competition began.

    Charlotte's two older brothers, Isaac and Jake, once again visited the Heinst Mansion.

    Obviously, Charlotte has a handkerchief as a Knights Templar.

    They said they would send it, but they came because they wanted to receive it in person.


    “Can’t you make it a little better now? How come your embroidery skills are the same as 3 years ago? If you embroider the same pattern every year, how come there is no progress?"

    Unlike Isaac, who took it lightly, Jake grumbled as soon as he saw the handkerchief. Charlotte reached out for the handkerchief she had given him.

    “If you don’t like it, give it to me.”

    Jake raised his hand upwards, avoiding her.

    “Who didn’t like it? It's just that the embroidery is crooked."

    He hurriedly put the handkerchief into his bosom before Charlotte took it back.

    “Well, I made it for you, so I can use it well.


    “Aren’t you going to say thank you?”

    “What do you have with a handkerchief? Oh man, I bought this because I saw it while it was coming."

    Jake snorted and held out a box to Charlotte. Inside was a piece of cake topped with seasonal fruits.

    “Hey, what is it? The youngest member of our Knights Templar has been recommended by him. said women like it I heard it's a popular bakery in the capital these days."

    “Wow, that looks delicious.”

    “I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it's delicious. Well, if it doesn't taste good, throw it away." I thought to myself that I couldn't be honest.

    Charlotte laughed softly. "thanks. I would like to have it with tea.”

    “Brother, Theo?”

    Theo, who had been hanging around near the three, looked up at Jake and pursed his lips. The child looked through Jake's hand to see if there were any more presents.

    Theo's eyes twinkled as Jake held out the glass jar of colorful candies he had hidden behind his back.

    “I saw it while buying our Charlotte, so I bought one.”


    "If you eat a lot, your teeth will rot, so eat only one a day. Okay?"


    Ti Rong Ti Rong.

    The favorability increased rapidly. Theo opened the top of the glass bottle with his hastily hand.

    Theo whimpered to open it.

    "Come on, here."

    “Can’t Theo eat two?”

    Jake at the child's charming voice

    He coughed in embarrassment.

    “Then eat two today. Not three.”


    Theo put a pink candy and a green candy into each cheek. Both cheeks of the child protrude.

    Jake asked Charlotte, snatching the vial from Theo's humming shoulder dance.

    “Are you coming to see our game?”

    “Um, I want to too…”

    Charlotte mumbled and raised the corners of her lips awkwardly.

    The desire to see the brothers play is like a chimney, but I haven't been able to make a magic stone yet. He couldn't go out without Theo, so he didn't seem to be able to see the game this year.

    But if I told him I couldn't go out, I knew Jake would be furious again.

    No matter how you think about it, Carlyle is a widow.

    that it is clear

    In the end, she came up with the excuses she made the last time she persuaded Isaac.

    “Oppa, as you know, I am no longer just a young baron. Although it has not been announced yet, she is the fiancee of the Duke of Heinst, and is living under the protection of the Heinst family."

    Jake raised his eyes dissatisfied. At first glance, his eyes seemed to be gleaming.

    "By the way?"

    “There are a lot of people in the stadium.

    Escort will be difficult. I think you'd be better off just staying in the mansion."

    However, unlike Isaac, who quietly retreated, Jake was persistent. He crossed his arms and made a nonsensical sound.

    “Is it difficult to escort because there are so many people? Is the peacock like that? Why don't you go because the escort is difficult?"

    “No, it’s not like that, but… … … … … .”

    “Is that or what? Isn't that the only skill of the duke's escort knights? buy

    If there are many people, is it not possible to escort you alone? Have I overestimated the skills of the Duke's Knights?"

    Isaac didn't stop Jake this time. Unlike the last time he resigned, he must have been dissatisfied


    “No, I was just thinking to myself. I don't want to cause trouble."

    “Why is it bad for my sister to come to see his brother’s game? Escorts are the duties of a peasant family. If you're going to say it's hard because of the escort, you can go anywhere in front of you.

    there is no Are you going to be locked up in the mansion for the rest of your life? Maybe that's why you said you couldn't come to see us last time?"

    "Because that's not it."

    "It's strange no matter how you think about it. When will the peacock come? I'm that child……"


    “No, I’ll have to look at the peacock and ask him.”

    Charlotte let out a small sigh. If you don't know the circumstances, it can't help but sound strange, so I couldn't blame Jake for his overreaction.

    “Okay. Okay, so calm down and i will tell it.”

    Of course, she had no intention of saying it, but Charlotte decided to avoid the situation with a lie.

    However, she was not good at lying, and the two brothers knew her expression very well.

    Jake's eyes narrowed when he noticed that Charlotte was lying around. Before he ran again, Isaac said calmly.

    "Charlotte. In martial arts competitions, the bride and groom always attend.”

    “If it’s a goddess, is it Mother Teresa?”

    Charlotte, interested in the familiar name, pulled herself up to Isaac and sat down.

    Isaac continued to speak.

    “The Duke of Heinst's fiancee position is great, but not as much as a bridesmaid. Even such a bride and groom observe the martial arts competition while being escorted, so there is nothing you can’t say, right?”

    Unlike the straightforward Jake, Isaac

    He used aristocratic language. In other words, it means that there is a bone in the word, even though it is spoken in reverse.

    Roughly interpreting his words, 'The paladins keep even the great priestess safe, but the Duke of Heinst is a coward who trembles because he can't protect his fiancee properly.' will be approx.

    But Charlotte paid more attention to the fact that the bride-to-be was coming rather than what he meant. “Is the bride-to-be really coming again this time?” Jake answered this time.

    "of course. Originally come every year. The competition is so intense and there are a lot of injuries, so I'm here to bless the attendees and spectators. That's why people spend more and come to the martial arts competition. I saw you two years ago. I do not remember?"

    Charlotte remembered that day two years ago when she only saw the silhouette from afar. I must have seen it, but at that time, I was worried about my two older brothers, so there was no point in paying attention to the bride and groom. "Uh huh. I think I remember seeing it." Charlotte, who recklessly responded to herself, spoke to herself.


    “I mean, he will come again… … … .”

    She was in thought. After receiving the blessing, Theo was unharmed, but still did not understand the meaning of what she had said to him.

    In addition, the nullification magic that was unexpectedly used. Maybe that has something to do with what Teresa said?

    It occurred to me that Teresa might have a secret key that Ain did not know.

    In my mind, I wanted to go back to Teresa and ask her directly. However, it was difficult to apply for an audience with the status of 'Baron Rania Young-ae'.

    In the end, he had to ask Carlyle to see her, but it was difficult to do so. It was because there was no reason to look around.

    I received a blessing from Teresa a while ago, so what reason would I have to go see her again? If I said that I wanted to attend an audience for nothing, I would only be suspicious.

    But to just go on like this

    It was a little awkward.

    Considering what happened to Theo, Teresa's advice most likely had to do with Charlotte's life.

    'By the way, wouldn't it be possible to meet a new girl if she appeared in a martial arts contest?'

    As Carlyle's fiancée, there's a chance she'll run into Teresa if she attends a martial arts contest. Then it might be possible to take a moment and talk to her.

    Charlotte, who insisted on not being able to go to the martial arts tournament, was the first to reject her opinion.

    it was

    She smiled as calmly as possible so as not to think that her brothers were strange.

    “I would like to meet the goddess. Okay. I'll do my best to make it possible for you to see it."
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