Spoiler I am Evil Wife of a Young Husband // 아기 남편의 흑막 아내입니다

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    "It's your wife. It's yours. Play with it until you're sick of it."
    That's not what you'd say to your only ten-year-old, mother-in-law.
    I play with my wife now, but what if I play with my parents later?
    Well, I knew the duke turned a little.
    If it was a place where my inner self was strong, not me, but the heroine is here
    It must have been there.
    I'm Cherry, a character in the novel I don't like unless it's money
    I became Mayall.
    Cherry was the heroine's only younger sister.
    But you can't expect a tearful sisterhood before you leave
    I grabbed him by the collar.
    Cherry's role in "I Don't Like Evil Women Unless It's Money" was simple
    She's jealous of her sister, who has everything except her personality, and she gets kicked out of the house
    a thing of which
    But when I was possessed by the heroine's sister and experienced the situation myself,
    Seol seemed to have expressed it wrong.
    I wasn't kicked out. I was sold.
    Now I was only ten years old. My parents are dukedom and have a ten-year-old daughter
    I was sold out.
    Whether it's a young successor's bride or something else.
    And I was waiting outside the door for a price.
    It was a wedding business, to put it mildly.
    Yesterday morning, I woke up in the attic with Cherry's body.
    The place with the spider web-filled ceiling and palm-sized windows is an ant cave
    It was Cherry's bedroom.
    There were some ill-fitting dresses in the closet.
    I became a cherry, and I was given the shoes that you wore. The ones you ate
    It was about a long meal.
    I thought it was a dream, so I grabbed my collar and checked.
    I grabbed my hair first, but I was the only one who got scolded
    It came out.
    It was a miracle that my sister, who was born with divine power from a poor count, was born.
    When your sister was born, the Pope came to bless her birth and proclaimed her a saint
    Then money and honor followed the count, who waited only for the day of his death.
    Blinded by greed, the Count and his wife forced themselves to have a second child.
    But miracles can't be so common.
    There was no such thing as divine power for the second child, Cherry.
    The count and his wife were greatly disappointed and left Cherry unattended.
    And at this point, I need to look at the title of the novel that I'm possessed
    There must be.
    "I don't like evil girls unless they're on the road.
    The heroine is a saint, but why is the title a villain?
    It's because personality is like trash.
    Cherry's tearful past was vividly captured in my head.
    Cheria was the count's ugly duckling and was abused by her family.
    Ugh, I'm so angry. I should have been possessed earlier!
    The day before you were kicked out, you were possessed and didn't make a big mess of it
    It was unfair.
    I'd rather Cheria punched you or poisoned the car
    If it were, I'd understand my nails.
    She's been doing bad things to her parents, asking them to love her
    The only thing that the crab shouted was that she hated her sister who only wore a new dress.
    Still, Cheria was branded a troublemaker.
    In "The Devil Wants Nothing But Money," the count and his wife are raising cherries
    I figured it was a waste of money, and the day you went to the temple, Cherry said, "Cherry, too."
    I've decided to 're'.
    That was today.
    What happened to Cherry after that? I don't know.
    The novel goes back to my sister's first person point of view and lives in a peaceful temple
    Because I introduced it.
    After that, Cheria wasn't even mentioned, but the novel stopped being serialized
    He barely made his appearance just before.
    That's not good either.
    Presumably, there were no blessings for husband and parents-in-law.
    One of the parents-in-law, the Duchess, put her chin on her face
    "I hope it wasn't stupid to have you."
    "Yes, Duchess."
    At least my obedient attitude didn't bother me.
    The Duchess' voice softened a little.
    "You're not very tactless. I'll see how long you'll last."
    That was the end of the conversation. The Duchess rose from her seat.
    "Let's go now. The count's asking me to pay for it right now
    It is."
    The duchess didn't leave a word of greeting for her son.
    The door of the mansion was closed as even the ladies who served her escaped.
    Before long there was a sound of a lock outside.
    Now there were only two people left in the mansion.
    Me and my husband.
    The little boy who felt my gaze flinched. anxious and brackish
    My hands keep on stretching the hem of my clothes.

    The scar from the burn remained deep on the hand.
    I wasn't a saint either, but he didn't look like a duke's successor
    In the future, "I don't like evil women unless they're on the road of money," the crazy thing that turns the world into a bloodbath
    I didn't see him as a psychopath villain, Kibrin Tierian.
    Kibrin mumbled her voice.
    "Sorry, sorry, go ahead."
    I tilted my head.
    "To me..." No. Are you talking to me?"
    Even though we're the same age, we don't have the same status, so I raised the subject
    Kibrin bowed her head.
    "Well, like me, I'm married...……."
    He looked pathetic. It looked completely different to the Duke's eyes
    Of course.
    I wouldn't have run if she didn't know she was safe now
    Shall we?
    Kibrin was a very cute looking child.
    Silver-haired, asteroid-like gold that looks like a handful of moonlight
    Inside, I have white skin.
    But under the right eye, there were things like snake scales.
    The back of the clothes must be engraved with unknown black letters.
    Just like Kibrin did in "I Don't Want to Be a Money Lover,"
    So in the novel, right after Kibrin was born, there was a big fuss about the duke
    There you go.
    The duke gathered some capable people together, carved on Kibrin's back
    I examined the letters.
    The result is that the letters are exquisite magic, and the scales on the face are alcohol
    It turned out to be the aftermath of the ceremony.
    The kind of liquor was a seal.
    But it didn't make sense. To the kid in your mother's tummy, "Nu
    A, How could they cast a spell?
    So people said.
    That kid is a monster.
    Before something that is not human comes out into the world in a human form,
    God sealed it.
    I heard that Kibrin's natural stuttering was the basis
    He talked in a whisper.
    The problem is that in the novel, the people who believed in rumors the most are Kibrin's wealth
    The duke confined Kibrin to a secluded mansion. Afterwards, sometimes, "Joking."
    I sent a persimmon.
    So that you don't get tired of Kibrin, we sort out different ages, genders, roles
    Thus, Kibrin was raised like a beast trapped in a snake cave.
    It was, of course, counterproductive.
    Revenge and hatred in Kibrin's head, who was neither a beast nor a monster
    Because it's full of
    Kibrin went mad in "The Bad Girl Is Not Money".
    He purposely got a toothless knife and brutally killed the duke's people
    Personality trash sister and her husband who is going to be a lunatic killer.
    Can't you just walk away from this pretense of failure?.
    I had a thick head.
    The purple hair that's drooping without any shine tells you the health of your body
    It was.
    What's the point of being the second daughter of writer Baek and the daughter-in-law of a duke?
    It's obviously malnutrition!
    With a sigh, I first calmed down the kibrin.
    "It's okay. If the Duke hadn't brought me back, I would have been worse off
    I think he went there. Maybe he slept in a place without a roof."
    "No roof, no roof...…?"
    Kibrin moved her head sideways after me. Roll over
    The eyes were pretty cute.
    I'm still like an angel compared to the white writers who starved me and bullied me.
    I smiled at my little husband.
    "Let's get along well with parents and people who are not blessed."
    Kibrin blinked.
    My bangs are long enough to poke my eyes. It's a Kibrin'
    He shook his head.
    Of course, it looked incredibly uncomfortable.
    Do you want me to trim my hair and cut her hair?
    I expected it, but I thought I'd have a lot of work to do in this mansion.
    Well, well, we have time, so let's try it step by step. Right now, I have a fever too
    It's a murder.
    Besides, I don't have any burn marks on my hands, but apparently I'm in worse shape
    I got it.
    I think I'll be a fayunah before Kibrin.
    I packed my luggage with the intention of looking at the structure of the mansion first.
    I had to pack a dress and pajamas that were in good condition
    I could lift it on my own.
    "Where is the bedroom?"
    "This way."
    Kibrin rushed down the hall. Then, I thought, "Oh, my"
    It came back.
    "I, I."
    "You can listen to me.?”
    A little bit of sanguine voice. Even in Kibrin's eyes, my side is more sick
    He looked weak.
    "Oh, this? Then I'll ask you."
    Kibrin took the bag with both hands and held it in her arms.
    There's nothing precious, so you can see it. You can just listen to it.
    "Go, it's light."
    "I didn't have much to bring."
    "But cow, I'll cherish you!"
    Kibrin, who was walking out bravely, reeled for a moment. The view of Kibrin
    A bulky bag was covering it for no reason.
    Oh, my.
    "Confucius, can you see clearly?”
    "Bo, it's okay!"
    It was fortunate that the bedroom wasn't on the top floor.
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    its in text form and i wanted to read it but its only available on the app :///
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    I find it weird that the duke’s right arm is small or does he have an arm?
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    Mabye he doesn't have an arm
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    This looks adorable. Hopefully someone picks it up. Rather refreshing that in the original it's admitted the OFL is a b**** from the beginning. Rather than MC thinking the FL is a good person the whole family is sparely on the outside and trash inside already.
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    I love manhwas like this with cute kids!!:aww::aww: I hope it will be more like
    I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince:blobmelt:.
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    this seems cute. do we have any info on how fl and ml personalities are
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    It's been a month but still no update/spoilers. :bloborz:
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    Spoiler please:blobsob:
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