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    This is a novel i've been working on :)

    I am the alpha and the omega~

    Through my endless pursuit-

    I gaze upon reality with a gentle gaze~

    I became supreme-

    With a wave of my hand, life appears~

    All of creation-

    Like newborn babies, they seek warmth, food and comfort~

    Can now be molded to my desires-

    I close my palm and the budding lifeforms are crushed into oblivion~

    And I will do so, toying with it as I please-

    I am a benevolent god..

    Ariel, a strange young woman was driven to the brink of madness from being unable to fulfill her heart's desire until one fateful day.

    Watch as she creates, destroys and plays in a world where she is the one above all.

    Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Female Lead, Gender Bender, Harem, High Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mythos, Ruling Class, Strong Lead, Supernatural, Villainous Lead, Xianxia.

    -Table of Contents-
    Chapter 2:Birth of a God!
    Chapter 3:Judgement Day
    Chapter 4:Radio Star
    Chapter 5:I AM BECOME DEATH

    CHAPTER 1: End of an Obsession
    The day mother died was the day I encountered something, to some it was an idea, to others a belief, to myself it became my identity.

    Looking at my mother on her deathbed I asked curiously. "Why are you dying mama? Why do you look so scary?"

    Although my eyes were a little moist, it was caused by the crying of my older siblings beside me. I don't know if it was sadness or just the depressing atmosphere, I was ignorant of life and death. In fact, I was shaken by what had happened to my previously vibrant and beautiful mother.

    Her withered body contorted in pain as she drenched the sheets in sweat.

    No longer did she have a head of luscious red hair, all that was left were a few tufts on her discolored scalp and the rest thin and gone. Her face was deathly pale with sunken eyes and thin cheeks from heavy weight loss. She could be mistaken for a skeleton if it wasn't for the skin on her bones.

    Where was my beautiful mother gone? Why was replaced by this broken woman. The many questions in my fragile childlike mind were answered by a simple sentence.

    "Only god knows darling, you don't need to worry about mama." Mother smiled weakly.

    A deeply religious woman my mother was to be sure but still, her final ramblings had caught me off guard. I was young, not yet 6 years old but the mention of this "God" resounded in my mind. I'd never heard of this being before but the reverence in my mothers eyes as she clutched the silver cross that hung from her neck sparked an interest that would fixate itself in my mind like a sturdy mountain.

    "Only god knows? Who is this god?" I mumbled to myself.

    That very same day my mother passed away. I remember it vividly, the calming grey clouds, the daffodils beside the hospital entrance and even the comically large glasses on the hospital receptionist.

    Driven by my budding curiosity and with ample access to the internet, I began my search.

    I was astounded by what I found, there were many gods, kind and cruel. But they had one thing in common, their absolute superiority and power. They were above us like the stars in the sky, ethereal.

    Something grew inside me while reading their fabulous tales, it was a whisper in my heart. A silent desire I didn't understand at the time.

    As I grew older I came to understand the world better. The logic behind my mothers death, terminal cancer, an untreatable condition but thoroughly understood. The tales of gods that haunted my dreams were thought as "Fantasy and myth" by the masses. The world was no longer black and white, known and unknown. It was filled with a myriad of colors both beautiful and hideous.

    But in my heart, that desire I had was still there and it would increase with each passing day.

    Like a worm wriggling and squirming at the back of my mind, seeking to be free. The desire hidden away in the depths eventually came to light, not in some meaningful way but as I was having my morning fruit loops, quite strange really.

    I desired to become god!

    Even I didn't know why I desired this but it was there, unflinching, unchanging, immovable.

    It became my obsession.

    But what could I do about that? I was just a pitiful girl in a world filled with logic and rational thought. Where's the magic, the immortals and gods? Nowhere.. because this is earth, home of the mundane. I won't let that stop me though, surely I would find a chance of gaining my sole desire.

    I decided to start small by attempting to contact the supernatural, anything that can prove that my desires might bear fruit.

    There have been many unexplained phenomena throughout history, roanoke, the bermuda triangle, the disappearance of the town of greenwood springs.

    I just needed to get my foot in the door.

    As my desire grew, so did the methods and extremes I would go to satisfy my wish, anything to make it reality.

    Going unnoticed, I didn't realize how my obsession twisted and warped me. On the surface others would see an ordinary plain girl but inside.. was focused madness.

    It took some time but finally my chance came but it was not through my tireless but meaningless efforts, just a suggestion from someone, a stranger.


    One fateful day in a not so abandoned warehouse~

    Numerous candles were situated throughout the dark building, in the middle of the barely lit room was a large pentagram drawn crudely on the floor in what looks to be pigs blood. Surrounding it were some stick dolls, dead birds and other creepy objects. In the center was a plain girl in her early 20's dressed in a red robe with a inverted cross badly sewn onto it and a young child around 7 years old. The child was tied down laying on his back but there is no fear on his face, more like eagerness.

    While chanting some unknown incomprehensible words the girl was interrupted by the boy.

    "Hey! hey! Big sis, you're really going to buy me an zbox 420 right?" The boy asked excitedly ignorant to the dangerous situation he was in.

    "Yes yes, be quiet, after the ritual." The girl replied hastily with slight annoyance.

    The young child nodded his head with an eager smile as she continued chanting the strange words.

    After about 10 minutes the chanting has seemed to reached it's climax, with the girl gasping for breath, she raised a dagger with eerie skull as a pommel above the boys naked chest, candle flames flicker ominously in her eyes as she shouted. "KLAATU.. BARADA.. NIKTO!!"

    With all her might she brought down the dagger upon the naive child.

    Before the dagger could tear it's way into the soft fleshy chest of the unsuspecting boy, she was interrupted by a voice.

    "That's not gonna work silly girl." A tall woman appeared from the darkness, black track pants and a loose white blouse cover her beautiful curves. Her chest was perky and modest, legs slender and long. Her feet wearing some cute flowery flip-flops. A straight nose, breathtaking dark eyes that seemed to resemble the void of space, chestnut brown hair in a shoulder length bob and tan skin were slowly revealed as she got closer to the lit area of the room, her movements and posture were lazy and unrefined.

    The girl didn't panic at the sudden intrusion, she merely frowned and placed her free hand on her chin as a thoughtful expression emerged, she mumbled. "That can't be, it should work this time. Last time I said varada instead of barada.. maybe I didn't bring enough birds?"

    "Interesting." The woman murmured, an amused expression appeared on the her face as she walked towards the young girl who was deep in thought.

    Stopping in front of the girl who was still lost in her thoughts, the woman scrutinized her closely. "This girl is clearly near the breaking point, after a few more failures she would have lost it and shattered completely."

    The woman smiled inwardly. "Lets give her a little hope."

    "Hey, I know a way you know, a real possibility." The woman whispered in the girls ear startling her.

    "Really? you do?! Quickly tell me!" The young girl Shook the strange woman in a frenzied manner. She was oblivious to everything else, only demanding an answer. All that was on her mind was her obsession. It had reached such extremes that she could be diagnosed as mentally ill if examined by a psychiatrist.

    The woman covered her mouth as she giggled. "My my, why aren't you an eager little bird. Don't worry, I'll tell you but it's only a chance." The woman's lips raised into a sly smile as she continued. "If you fail you'll be torn to shreds and erased from existence. Also, the chances of you failing are almost certain but who knows, maybe a miracle will happen."

    "If there's a chance no matter how small, I'll take it." The girls eyes grew resolute.

    "Well come on then, follow me." The woman turned around.

    "My name is-" The girl was interrupted mid sentence by the woman.

    "Your name is Ariel right? I wonder if it's related to the creator god demiurge? Heh.. It may be fitting if you survive." The woman chuckled.

    Ariel shook her head as she replied. "No, mother named me after the angel."

    "How may I address you?" She asked.

    There was a brief moment of silence before the woman replied. "My name? You can call me Lain."

    Walking towards the exit the two are interrupted by a shout.

    "Uhh big sis! what about me?" The young boy yelled out.

    Lain sighed before turning towards Ariel. "You should deal with that before we go."

    Ariel nodded. With her hand still clutching the dagger she walked towards the boy slowly, a brief cutting sound could be heard a few seconds later.


    It was midday, the skies as blue as the sea with not a cloud in sight. The temperature a staggering 114 degrees.

    Currently downtown outside of a local wolmart is a annoyed Lain tapping her foot impatiently against the pavement with her arms crossed.

    A couple of men walk past her with ogling eyes, clearly irritated, she snorted in disgust.

    "Humph! Making me wait so long, she's lucky i'm such a patient woman." Lain's foot tapped faster as her patience grew thin.

    A few minutes later Ariel and the young boy walk out of the store. A large silly smile covered the boy's face as he carried his brand spanking new zbox 420 tightly.

    The boy giggled loudly. "Thanks a lot big sis! I can't wait to show momma!"

    "Yeah yeah, now get lost." Ariel rustled the boys hair before walking towards Lain who was sighing in relief.

    "Come Ariel, let's get something to eat before we leave."

    Westside pavilion, food court~

    Sitting at one of the cleaner tables were Lain and Ariel who appeared to be eating some chinese food. In the background, some early 2000's pop music was playing.

    Putting some of the beef and noodles in her mouth with a plastic fork, Lain chewed while looking at Ariel strangely.

    "Why choose to have your last meal here? This place is like a ghost town." Lain spoke with her mouth full, not caring about her piggish manners.

    A pair of elderly mall walkers passed by while giving Lain the stink eye.

    "What are you looking at? I'm trying to eat here!" Lain noticing scoffed at them in response.

    Ariel looked around nostalgically. "Mother took me here when I was a child, before she got sick."

    Lain took a gulp from the coke beside her and burped. "Not gonna miss your family?" She asked curiously as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

    Ariel snapped out of her reverie and began to nibble her remaining food. "No, I was never really close to my brother, sister and father. Only mother. After she died, they always kept at a distance as if they could sense something from me, it made me feel like an outcast. I drifted further apart from the older I grew and eventually I left, never looking back." Ariel sighed. "I haven't been in contact with them since."

    "There's certainly a unique aura about you, some may find it enticing." Lain smiles charmingly.

    Like a plane, the complement completely flew over Ariel's head. Lain shook her head an continued eating.

    "Ahhh that hit the spot." Lain rubbed her stomach after finishing off her food. She started sipping what was left of her drink. "I'm curious Ariel, why do you even trust me? I appeared out of nowhere and told you what you wanted to hear most. Maybe I'm just a con?"

    With a melancholic expression Ariel replied. "I knew you know. In the beginning it wasn't so clear but as time went on at the back of my mind I knew that what ever I did it would be useless, that nothing would come from my actions. But I refused to acknowledge it and deluded myself. Maybe if I do this it'll work I thought naively. On and on I went like a broken record but I couldn't just stop, before I knew it this desire had become my reason for living, for existing. My dead-end job at lacys, my little apartment down at indianna avenue. None of these things mattered to me, nothing material, no friend or lover. Nothing. The only thing that could move my heart was my desire but after these last few failures, the reality I buried deep in the back of my mind has begun to surface no matter how much I try to deny it. I can feel myself.. fracturing." The last words were almost a whisper on her lips, the desolation in her gaze slowly swallowing what little light remained.

    Ariel looked into Lain's obsidian eyes with resolution. "I've been clutching at straws for a long time now and suddenly you appear when my will to continue was nearly gone, a coincidence? I don't think so. I'm willing to take a leap of faith and follow you because I believe you'll lead me to where I need to be, to give me a chance to fulfill this wish that shackles me."

    Lain nodded while listening.

    Ariel's eyes locked on to Lain's, her pupils shone with a cold brilliance. "And if you're lying to me? You have my word that I will personally make you suffer.. "

    She stared at Lain like a poisonous snake ready to strike at it's prey at any moment.

    Lain's eyes narrowed as she focused intently on Ariel, a lazy smile crept onto her face.

    Standing up, Lain beckoned Ariel with her hand. "Follow me, it will happen soon and you especially don't want to miss it."


    The sky was slowly becoming red as the day slowly seeped into the night.

    Beneath the Colorado street bridge beside the river on it's bank were 3 figures.

    2 were standing close together while the other was standing a few meters apart in a more spacious area. Beside the lone figure was a seemingly large steel structure that only be described as some kind of futuristic but practical space ship.

    The 2 were obviously Ariel and Lain.

    Ariel clearly lost in her thoughts waiting anxiously for the supposed moment.

    Lain curiously looked at the lone figure with an inquiring gaze. He was a man. Tall without a doubt, around 2 and a half meters. A frightening height for any human but unlike other giants he was perfectly proportioned, his body was slim but perfect muscles that didn't sacrifice mobility were hidden beneath his white robes. Long platinum hair that carried a distinct metallic sheen cascaded down his back down to his waist, strands of gold that shone in the retreating sun could be seen evenly on each side of the man's head that made a stark contrast to the vibrant white that surrounded them.

    Pointy elf like ears, fair skin and a face that could make any woman hang their head in shame and envy, even his eyes where not normal. They glowed vibrantly with the pupil surrounded by a ring of electrifying blue light, the golden iris also surrounded by a similar ring colored violet like a black light.

    One could hardly call him manly because he looked too beautiful in appearance, if it weren't for his male physique he could pass for one of the most beautiful of women.

    From the twitching of his sharp eyebrow, the curious stares Lain had been giving him had clearly irritated the fellow.

    Unable to bear the incessant staring that seemed to bore into him, the elf snapped. "What! Is there something on my face?"

    Stunned, Lain smiled mischievously. "Uh.. sorry for staring miss."

    The elf almost fell over backwards. Pointing speechlessly at Lain, the elf stuttered. "You- you-"

    Catching his breath, He sighed hopelessly.

    "That's the 16th one already, those damn space elves!" The elf grumbled in anger.

    A feminine laugh could be heard from the metallic bracelet worn on his right arm.

    "Shut it!" He scolded the helpless but giggly piece of jewelry.

    Completely ignoring the squabbling elf, Ariel's eyes were more focused then they'd ever been before. Looking intently at the spot just below the bridge in the middle of one of the curved arches, that was where Lain said her only chance would appear.

    She had asked Lain if it was an object she was looking for but Lain just smiled mysteriously and her only response was that it was up to herself whether or not she could grasp the opportunity.

    Clenching her fists so tightly that her knuckles had gone white, her heart beating faster and faster as time went on. Ariel wore a dauntless expression, her figure barely moving except for her rising and falling chest.

    "38 seconds left. No matter what, I will succeed." Ariel whispered to herself.

    The elf now had a solemn expression, he stood silently as if he was waiting for something. Only Lain had a carefree look about her as she leaned against a nearby tree.

    As the seconds pass, the surroundings had suddenly become quiet. No insect nor wind could be heard, even the loud sounds from the passing cars overhead had completely disappeared.




    As the final second passed everyone's breathing had completely stopped, it was if time itself didn't exist.

    Beneath the bridge in the air, a soundless tear appeared. Like a cracked window, it grew wider and wider as smaller and larger cracks formed a spider web like shape several meters wide, at the center the pieces fell away into nothing and from within spilled forth a myriad of lights of colors known and unknown.

    After a brief period of being stunned the elf had already departed towards his ship the door opening automatically as he approached, the engines crackled loudly as they began to heat up with a fiery light.

    Startled, Ariel muttered. "Wha- what is that?"

    "A crack in reality. This is your chance Ariel, your only chance. Believe in yourself, in your indomitable desire! Otherwise all that awaits you is death!"

    Lain had appeared suddenly beside her and picked her up by the scruff of her collar like a kitten with one hand.

    "NOW GO!"

    She threw Ariel towards the crack in the sky like a comet. The weight of a full grown woman was like nothing but a feather to Lain.

    Ariel screamed in fright at the sudden aerial flight imposed upon her. Her body was spinning like a football and her arms waving everywhere in attempt to grab something to hold on to, as she tried to collect some semblance of herself the blurry surroundings suddenly vanished in a blinding light of an impossible number of colors and then from within, something which her mind struggled to comprehend consumed her totally.


    In the nothingness, a terrified Ariel floated aimlessly.

    "Ok-okay Ariel. Ca-ca-calm down" She thought as her intense breathing slowly regained a regular rhythm.

    "Let's figure things out first. Lain, she threw me into that hole. What was it again?" As her thoughts spun, she managed to recall Lain's words in those final hectic moments.

    "A crack in reality." She whispered, the very concept was hard for her to get her head around.

    Ariel inspected the surroundings.

    "Nothing, Nothing and what else? you guessed it. More Nothing!" Ariel joked to herself in an attempt to keep her calm. The current situation was terrifying her as she had never seen such a strange scene in her life. There was literally nothing as far as the eye could see, no color or light or darkness, absolutely nothing.

    She tried to speak out loudly but she couldn't be heard, her mouth moving as if she were a puppet without the puppeteer voice.

    "How's that possible? There's no air but I can still breathe? Could it be.. Lain?" Ariel thought to herself questioningly.

    A gasp came from the startled Ariel as she discovered she could see herself, looking at her hand as it waved through the nothing. It was a yellow aura surrounding her body.

    "I'm glowing.. " When she focused on her hand she was surprised again when her vision amplified and she could now see her veins, muscles and bones.

    "What? That's freaky."

    As she was wondering what the hell was going on, she heard a faint sound in the distance. Not from her ears but from her mind, it sounded like a song.

    Looking towards the direction she saw a faintly discernible light that was growing larger and larger. It was extremely easy to see considering that there was nothing else.

    As it grew closer she could hair two voices that were growing louder in her mind.

    "Come on master, sing along! sing along! I need a hero! I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night!" A cute girlish voice sung.

    "What is this nonsense Nuya? Where's my highway to hell?" The other voice said in a disgruntled manner.

    "You're not singing master, you're no fun at all.. " The cute voice pouted.

    "Listen here Nuya, you need the right song for the rig-" The male voice was interrupted by a loud alarm.

    "Oh shit! What is this place? This isn't a fracture in space!? The ship is beginning to break up!" The male voice was panicking.

    "Master, the ship is disintegrating! You need to activate the time warp immediately!" The cute voice said in a serious tone.

    "Ahh dammit! The old man got it wrong, space anomaly my ass. Nuya we could end up anywhere, there would be no chance we could go back and save the human race."

    "I know master but we're out of options.. Perhaps this was inevitable."

    A sigh could be heard from the male voice.

    "Sorry old man. Buckle up Nuya, this is going to get bumpy."

    Ariel watched as the light got closer and she was surprised. It was the same ship she saw when she arrived at the bridge with Lain.

    The ship zoomed past Ariel at blinding speeds, it looked like a burning wreck but it was still holding together.

    "Time warp drive charging, 88%, 92%, 96%, 100%! Time warp drive fully charged! We're ready master!"

    "All right Nuya, engage!" The male voice tried to sound cool and collected but failed badly along with his attempted english accent.

    "Uuu silly master, you're not captain picard.. "

    Suddenly the ship became see through, a trail of blue light followed the large rockets at the back.

    A tear opened up in front of the ship, wasting no time it speed into it.

    Shouts of excitement could be heard from both of the voices.

    After the ship passed and the tear closed, all that was left was a stunned Ariel with her mouth agape.

    She floated there silently still trying to understand what just happened.

    "Ahh!" A sudden scream of pain could be heard from the startled Ariel.

    She stared at the origin of her pain with teary eyes, the tips of of her fingers.

    The aura protecting her body was slowly receding like the ocean tide.

    "AHHH!!" Her screams were now hoarse and full of suffering, she could now feel the pain at her feet.

    She looked her fingers with the mysterious vision granted to her, eyes now completely bloodshot.

    "My fingers! They're disappearing!" As she inspected her fingers, she saw the retreating aura and as soon as any part of her was exposed whether it be skin, muscle or bone it disintegrated. Like thousands of needles piercing her skin and ripping away her flesh.

    There was no time that existed in this place outside reality so Ariel didn't know how long she had been here in this black abyss. Her screams of pain was now replaced by a deranged laughter.

    Ariel was now just a torso.. well half a torso, gone were her arms and legs, belly and shoulders. One of her lungs had also started to disappear causing her immense torture.

    Her laughing fit was interrupted by coughing up blood which was immediately consumed by the nothingness.

    She stared listlessly into the endless nothing that would eventually devour her.

    No longer distracted by the immense pain, Ariel recalled her purpose for coming here but now that she was at the end of her rope, it didn't make a difference.

    "I came here.. why did I come here? Oh.. yes, I wanted to become a god.. "

    "Lain she said to- to believe in my desire, I believe but all I see is nothing.. only emptiness."

    "I'm going to disappear.. I won't exist anymore.. will anyone remember me?"

    "Mama.. I.. will.. "

    Tears slid down Ariel's pale cheeks. Most of her organs now gone, her heart beating slower and slower. She could feel death near.

    "I will.. "

    "I.. will.. become.. "

    The light in Ariel's eyes disappeared along with her final thoughts. All that was left was her severed head floating in the void.

    As Ariel's head finally disappeared, floating out from the nothing came a sighing Lain.

    She clicked her tongue in dissatisfaction. "Another failure, I had a good feeling about her but I guess I was wrong."

    "Oh well, guess I'll have to find another one. The next reality crack, Hmm.. it should be.. Alpha Centauri!" As Lain turned to leave she halted in her tracks and looked back to where Ariel disappeared.

    "Oh my." Lain's lips curved upwards into a big grin.

    There was a faint light glowing ever so slightly in the void, it was so small and weak it could flicker out at any moment.

    Lain's smile grew wider, she stretched out her hand and cupped the little light gently.

    Bringing it to her ear, she listened carefully.


    "I.. "

    She could barely hear a weak voice which was as fragile as a feather. Nodding her head, Lain brought the little light in front of her and whispered a question. "Who are you?"


    "Who.. am.. I? "

    ".... "

    "The.. one.."

    "You.. have.. been.."

    "Seeking.. "

    ".... "

    "Know.. that.. "

    Lain lifted her hand up and free'd the little light. As it escaped from her grasp it flew into the distance like a shooting star. When the little light disappeared from view, the faint voice could still be heard like it was whispering directly to Lain's mind.

    "I.. am.. "

    Although the voice was fairly indistinct, it caused the void to ripple and tear under it's terrible power.

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    CHAPTER 2: Birth of a God!
    Within the endless nothing a boundless light shone, it grew in size as it tore through the void at unfathomable speeds in all directions. So bright and luminous it was that exploding stars were like fireflies to be swept away before the its radiance.

    "Oh.. " A sigh of pleasure resounded through the void.

    Ariel's body had been turned to dust but she didn't notice it, even without her body she felt an unprecedented amount of fulfillment. She knew it, she could feel it, she had become a god!

    As she began to feel out the extents of her new powers, suddenly, a burst of information flooded her mind.

    "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" A scream came from the startled Ariel, so powerful it was that it rippled throughout all time and space across all the myriad dimensions and realities.

    The change happening to her was enthralling but also caused her endless despair.

    She felted stretched beyond imagining like she was everywhere and nowhere, within every particle in every space. She knew all the past, present and future all the way till the end of eternity and beyond. Every cause and effect and the movements and thoughts of all conscious and unconscious entities in existence. It was driving her to the brink of madness but within the chaotic madness was serenity, clarity like she had never felt before. It threatened to swallow her whole forever in it's embrace.

    Within the torrents of limitless information Ariel heard a voice.

    Although she felt like her mind was slipping away into a state where she knew she would not return from, that faint voice continued to grow louder and louder until she could hear it clearly in her mind. "Listen to my voice Ariel, focus.. yes that's it. Think of a switch, forget everything else just focus on that switch!"

    The voice was hypnotic and familiar, her mind was slowly being drawn away from the madness. She struggled with difficulty but eventually formed a switch in her mind.

    "It's only purpose is turn off the noise that's scrambling your mind, to block your powers of omnipresence and omniscience! Focus Ariel! Now take your hand and use your finger to flip it! Turn it off!" The voice shouted.

    Focusing as hard as she could, the switch in her mind finally flipped off with the help of her imagined hand.

    Ariel was successful but the damage was done. She felt listless and devoid of any emotion or feeling. She was a god but so what? She now knew every secret the infinite realities had to offer, every action and every consequence. Every being with intelligence, their tales and stories, future and pasts and all the possible paths their lives could take with or without her interference. Any thing or being she thought of creating before, she now knew their outcomes and everything she should could experience, pleasure or pain, Ariel felt that she had already encountered them an infinite number of times through the lives of those who existed.

    It was like knowing what would happen in a TV show after watching it a million times. The surprise and expectation you had watching it the first time was now gone. The mild enjoyment you had watching it 29 times after that, gone. The tolerance to watch it 40 times after that? gone. All that was left was emptiness.

    Lain flew close to Ariel and gently cupped her in the palms of her hands. Currently she was just a blob of blinding light as large as a tennis ball.

    "You need to forget Ariel, I can't do it for you. Only you yourself can. Forget all you've learned, all you've recently experienced. Only remember who you were before. That young girl on that small blue planet, she wasn't yet a god but just a human like any other, the you before I threw you in here. Remember her and become her again."

    The blob of light slightly rippled.

    "Regain yourself!" Lain was shouted loudly, her voice echoing in Ariel's mind with unparalleled strength.

    Like an explosion, Ariel's mind was whipped into action. All her memories from after she was thrown into the crack in reality were being locked away behind a colossal metal gate.

    Once all the memories were locked away successfully, the gate shut with a thundering clap and glittering chains resembling billions of stars wrapped around the door securing it in the deepest depths of her mind.

    Lain smiled brilliantly, a feeling of accomplishment and relief rose up in her heart.

    Ariel was feeling groggy and her mind was muddled like she just woke up from a long dream.

    "Mhm.. what happened? I was looking at that weird crack in the sky and then.. I can't remember." The light ball waved from side to side as if her head was shaking in confusion.

    "Can't you feel it Ariel? You're a god now! Nothing is in the realm of impossibility for you now." Lain replied with a laugh.

    "What! I'm a god?" Ariel shouted in surprise.

    Closing her nonexistent eyes she began to sense the boundless infinite power within her. With just a breath she could shatter existence or birth a universe.

    Ariel laughed in happiness, her desire which had consumed her life was now satisfied.

    "But wait a minute.. Something feels strange, like a feeling of deja vu. How odd.. " Ariel looked towards Lain for answers.

    "I'll tell you later" Lain waved her hands in a helpless manner.

    Changing the subject, Lain looked towards Ariel with a sly grin. "Well, now that you're a god aren't you gonna create yourself a new body? Your other one kinda.. heh.. kicked the bucket."

    "Eeeh! How did that happen!?" Ariel cried out in alarm, now that she noticed her arms and legs are gone. Creating a mirror with a thought, she got a good look at herself.

    "Ahh! What happened.. I'm a damn lightbulb right now." Ariel wanted to cry but no tears would come, probably because she had no eyes.

    Lain giggled and replied. "It was part of the process so it couldn't be helped now go on, hurry up! I'm curious what your knew body will look like."

    The little blob of light gently floated away from her and began expanding into a humanoid shape.

    The shape gradually turned into a skeleton that had a crystal like sheen. The bones themselves were see through and within them were countless galaxies that formed a shimmering marrow.

    Various tissues, organs, veins and muscle grew over the skeleton until all that was remaining was a naked woman around 5ft'10.

    The woman had legs that were long and grew curvaceous at the thighs, a willowy waist, perfectly shapely rear along with velvety fair skin showing no imperfections. Her bosom was truly grand, voluptuous and perky. Mount Everest would have to bow his head in shame for his peaks could never reach the heights of this woman's chest.

    Long silky blonde hair that was bordering gold with a few specs of white flowed down her back to her feet. Her face was the very picture of the most beautiful of angels, holy and sacred. Her nose was elegant and straight, jawline perfect as if it were sculpted by Michelangelo himself and her lips were soft and rosy, the upper lip a little pouty and the lower lip succulent and sweet. Her eyebrows curved gracefully like 2 white phoenixes soaring through the skies.

    Upon her head was a crown of golden light that shimmered like the stars in the sky adorned with many jewels that shone with a supernatural radiance, within supreme jewels were what looked to be tiny universes. Two white feathered wings sprouted from the her head and they spread wide like a proud peacock, they flapped in a cute manner.

    None of her previous traits remained, all that remained was a woman perfect in every sense, a being crafted beyond the limits of beauty.

    As her body finished forming, a beautiful pale robe with archaic designs of ancient and mythological beasts covered her naked body hiding her voluptuous curves from sight. The beasts moved around the robe like they were frolicking through endless fields, valleys and gigantic mountains, it seemed as if an entire world was within the robe and those beasts could live happily in it forever.

    Only her busty cleavage could barely be contained as they threatened to tear the robe apart and burst free from their restraint. The poor beasts on the robe were scared silly as her chest rose and fell, an audible tearing sound could be heard from the robe like their little world would be torn apart and cease to exist but luckily no such rip appeared as if it were only an illusion.

    As her eyelids slowly opened they revealed a pair of untainted golden eyes, pure and free of the burdens of life.

    Lain rolled her eyes in disdain. "A little too much if you ask me."

    "Humph! I'm a god now, can't I spoil myself for once?" Ariel glared at lain.

    Lain snorted. "Spoil yourself? Have you no decency as an almighty god? You don't see me walking around looking like Aphrodite."

    "Don't see you walking around looking like Aphrodite?" Ariel's beautiful golden eyes narrowed as she mumbled in thought.

    "Suspicious, I still don't know who you are and why you helped me. Come, you're going to tell me right now." Ariel waved her hand and the surrounding were replaced by white room with a cafe table and two chairs. Ariel sat in one of the chairs and gestured for Lain to accompany her.

    Settling down in the chair, Lain attempted to get comfy but unfortunately the chair was cheap and hard.

    "You could at least have made a more comfy chair! Are you trying to break my ass?" Lain said angrily and looked towards the smug Ariel who was smiling like a cheshire cat. Immediately she noticed that Ariel's chair had changed and was now the very picture of comfy, it also seemed to be faintly vibrating.

    Lain gave Ariel an evil eye before muttering "Cheapskate."

    She snapped her finger and the bargain bin chair was now replaced with a grand throne, a soft cushion supported Lain's plump bottom.

    Ariel crossed her voluptuous legs as a coffee cup appeared in her hand. Taking a sip she looked towards Lain and asked. "What are you?"

    Lain summoned a can of soda. "Just like you, I am a god and not just any god.. I am one of a possible 7 who hold reign over all existence."

    Ariel was shocked. "Wow you were a god huh. I'm curious, one of 7? What does that mean?"

    Lain nodded then gulped down some of her soda. "There are many beings in existence that could be called gods but against the might of the seven they are nothing more than ants."

    Lain's voice became grand and dominating, like anything and everything could be subject to her will. "Before true omnipotence all who claim to have power can only cry out in fear and become our playthings to be moved around, manipulated or destroyed according to our desires if we wish it so.. "

    Ariel had calmed down but the joy in her heart had risen. One of the 7? True omnipotence? She was not just a god but thee god!

    "Listen here Ariel, you are now the fifth to become one of the seven and one of the only two who are active."

    "What happened to the others? They couldn't have been destroyed right?" The mention of the inactive gods had poured a bucket of water over her feelings of elation, snuffing them out.

    Lain scoffed. "Of course not, once one of the seven, always one of the seven. We are eternal and imperishable even to others of the seven, our powers would merely cancel each other out. No, the other three are alive but merely in a different state of existence from our own. A state that you recently experienced and escaped from with my help."

    Ariel's heart shuddered. "Escaped from?"

    Lain's carefree expression turned serious. "Omniscience and omnipresence.. they are powers that would make you lose yourself, your personality, your being. Everything would become pointless just like tits on a fish and as soon as you become one of the seven you will gain those abilities immediately. You'll be too distracted to notice the immense burden they are. The three before me were not so lucky and have been trapped since their ascension, they are probably.. beyond saving."

    "How are you the exception if no one was there to help you?" Ariel asked curiously.

    "I.. " A rare hint of solemness overtook Lain before she sighed and regained herself. "I am unique, it relates to my origin and I will not discuss it."

    Ariel knew when to back off so she changed the topic. "Why did you do it? You could have been the only true god but you made me."

    "Why? Because it's interesting and I'm bored, it would have happened eventually anyway so I might as well speed it up." Lain shrugged.

    Ariel felt like Lain wasn't telling the her the real reason and took a guess. "You want to see what happens when all seven seats have been filled."

    Lain let out a small chuckle. "Smart, there's no flies on you."

    Letting the curiosity get the better of her, Ariel asked. "How do you know there can only be seven and how did you even figure out how another one of the seven could be created?"

    "Inherent omniscience, to know anything one chooses to know. It's not like the power is completely forbidden to us so if you want to know everything about a few things it isn't hard. I could only find out that only 7 could exist and no more, strangely, I could not find out what would happen when all seven are gathered." Lain cupped her chin thoughtfully.

    "As for how I found out a way to make you possible? I didn't do something as boring as using inherent omniscience. I created an ultimate calculator and deduced a way! It took a while but it was really fun gathering all the data." Lain hummed happily with her chin up, she looked towards Ariel as if she expected praise.

    "Um, uh.. Well done! Congratulations!" Forcing a smile Ariel gave Lain a weak clap of appreciation.

    With a smug grin Lain graciously accepted the given praise. She noticed something and asked. "You have some unfinished business?"

    With a distant look in her eyes, Ariel nodded and replied. "Yes, I'm going to make someone's wish a reality."


    In a familiar hospital, in a familiar room.

    In the hospital bed was a dying woman surrounded by crying family members. Her body battered by illness as she lay silent and still. She could be mistaken for a corpse if it wasn't for her chest rising and falling but her breaths were obviously getting weaker and weaker. Death was near.

    Ariel stood next to the woman, looking at her with a gentle gaze.

    She was still ingrained in her memory. It didn't matter how many years passed, she remembered every detail. Sadly, this woman.. her mother was the only version of her she could remember. The beautiful woman she once was, she couldn't remember her at all.

    Lain stood to the side curiously, snacking on some skittles. The two of them were completely invisible and none of the family gathered could see them.

    A young Ariel was staring blankly at her mother, her eyes were a little wet and she constantly mumbled "god" under her breath.

    The woman finally took her last breath, her heart finally giving out never to beat again. The family gathered around burst into tears as they heard the machine monitoring her flatline.

    In that moment time stopped. A glow of gold appeared around Ariel and large shining feathered wings spread out from her back.

    She waved her hand over her mother and a wisp of light came out. The light floated towards the side and gradually turned into a stunning woman with beautiful red hair, healthy glow to her skin and a spotless robe covering her body.

    The woman blinked her eyes and rubbed them, a groan escaped her lips as if she had just awoken from a long dream.

    "Uh.. where am I?" Her voice was as gentle as the summer breeze.

    "Child, I have come to take you to the kingdom of heaven." Ariel replied in a holy, dignified tone.

    "I.. I.. " Tears began to flow down the woman's cheeks, she quickly knelt down and made a sign of the cross.

    She looked up at the angel that stood before her, she was so beautiful it was rather otherworldly. Even the rather odd head wings just added to her grace and bearing. Her dignified expression and holy aura gave her a different feeling. A feeling of peace and acceptance.

    Looking towards her family which were frozen in place with grief stricken expressions she meekly asked. "Can I say goodbye?"

    Ariel nodded.

    After tearfully saying goodbye to her most of her family she finally reached the small Ariel.

    Looking at the blank expression of her little girl, the woman's heart wrenched.

    With a motherly gaze she spoke to the little Ariel. "Mama won't be here anymore to see you grow up but I know you'll be okay. I knew from the moment you were born that there was something special about you. You didn't cry at all and you worried your mommy sooo much but the moment I held you I knew you were alright. I could feel it, you could say it was a mothers intuition." She chuckled.

    "One day I feel you'll grow up to be something great, I hope you can tell me about in heaven. All the ups and downs, mommy will listen." Even though the woman had been crying a lot, the tears never seemed to end like an endless waterfall.

    "I want you to be happy and live long my little darling, mommy loves you." The woman gave the little Ariel a peck on her forehead and stood up. When she turned around she was startled, a tear had slid down the angel's cheek. Now that she thought about it, something about this angel felt familiar but she couldn't put her finger on it.

    "Come, paradise awaits." Ariel stretched out her hand towards her mother, it trembled the moment her mother held her hand.

    Ariel's massive wings spread wide, with a mighty flap, they both zoomed through the hospital roof as if it never existed.

    The two broke through the grey clouds at tremendous speeds and eventually they saw the sun which was shining brilliantly upon the clouds.

    In the distance was a massive grand gate, gold and transparent like crystal. Beyond the gate was a city of such grandeur and sacredness that even the greatest works of mankind paled in comparison. It's buildings pierced the sky to unfathomable heights, surrounding it was various grasslands and forests bathed in misty clouds.

    The woman now had wings of her own and apart from her astonished expression, there was clear excitement in her eyes.

    "Go now child, may you live eternally in happiness." Ariel looked towards her mother and smiled.

    "Thank you miss angel, god bless you." The woman bowed towards the angel and used her new wings to fly towards the gates of heaven. Her beautiful red hair fluttered in the breeze.

    Ariel watched her mother leave, a hint of longing in her eyes but she quickly shook away those feelings.

    A chuckle came from the distance. Lain stepped out from one of the nearby clouds with her usual lazy expression.

    Lain clapped her hands in surprise. "I thought you'd just cure her, not create and entire parallel world with real heaven to boot!"

    "Is it necessary to go so far?" She asked curiously.

    With a serene gaze, Ariel replied. "To mother, except for her family, her religion was everything to her just like my obsession was everything to me. If she found out that her religion wasn't real she would've been broken. Her entire life, her belief would have been a lie. The greatest gift I could give her was to make her belief a reality. I hope she can live a blissful, peaceful existence forever.. "

    As if she was reminded of something, Lain's eyes became distant as if in deep remembrance.

    A group of angels in striking armor came out of the city and headed towards their direction. When they finally reached them, they all knelt towards Ariel.

    The one in front, a dazzlingly handsome man with grey hair spoke humbly. "Greetings almighty father, we haven't seen you for thousands of years. We have wished to hear your great voice for so long."

    Ariel replied grand monotone voice. "Hello Michael. I've delivered a very special guest personally, make sure she is taken good care of. Do you understand?"

    Micheal nodded furiously. "Of course almighty father, we have already settled her in. We shall give our best performance and make sure she is happy and well."

    "Splendid, continue the good work." Ariel gently nodded before turning around.

    "Um.. almighty father, Lucifer has been getting reckless lately and has been creating a few troubles on earth, do we need to discipline him?" Michael hesitantly asked.

    "Don't worry, it's all part of my grand design." Ariel replied mysteriously.

    The angel released a sigh of relief as if a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Michael bowed again towards Ariel before taking his leave with the other angels.

    Lain burst out into laughter. "Grand design?" She laughed so hard she hiccuped.

    Ariel turned her head and snorted.

    Recovering from her laughing fit, Lain asked while pointing towards the earth below. "So what's going to happen to the Ariel down there?"

    With a smile, Ariel replied. "She will live a happy life free from my obsession. She will have the love of her family, become a pioneer in the ways of science and have several beautiful children. Her life will be fraught with many events happy and sad and eventually she will pass at the old age of 89 and join mother and many of her family in heaven."

    "A peaceful, ignorant existence.. How nice." Lain remarked absentmindedly.

    The shining wings receded from Ariel's back and gradually disappeared.

    "So? Are you planning to do anything now that you're all powerful?" Lain asked curiously.

    Ariel smiled. "I'll be doing what most gods do, that is to create! I want to create something substantial."

    Lain looked knowingly at Ariel. "You want to create something? Like a world?"

    Ariel shook her head and looked at Lain with glittering eyes. "I want to create a universe!"

    "You sure? That's a lot of work?" Lain folded her arms lazily.

    Ariel nodded. "You know a good place where I should start?"

    "I know an interesting spot, could save you some time too! Follow me." Lain beckoned before tearing a hole through space and disappearing.

    Ariel looked back towards the and heavenly city and mumbled. "Goodbye mother."

    Turning around, she flew through the tear in space to destinations unknown.


    Two women appeared from the void, in front of them was a colossal swirling mass of chaos.

    Lain spread her arms proudly. "Have a look! This here is a universe in it's infancy and certainly one of the more interesting ones. Unlike your previous boring universe this one will spew fourth an energy that will allow the inhabitants to become powerful beings with godlike powers and mysterious abilities! There's even a chance for the universe to form a consciousness and that'll make things real interesting." Lain giggled with glee.

    Ariel's eyes sparkled. "Good! I can definitely use this. I'll build my universe alongside this one."

    "Ehh? You still want to create a universe? But that's sooo much work! Isn't it easier just to wait for a universe to form and just mold it to your wishes?" Lain thought about how much work it took to create a universe and it gave her the shivers.

    "I've already got a plan in mind and it involves this universe and the one I'll create." Ariel replied.

    She looked towards the mass of chaos. "One naturally formed and one artificially created.. I wonder how they'll clash, it'll definitely be fun!"

    Lain sighed and shook her head. "Well if you're gonna go through with it, you might as well practice first. It's not as easy as the copy paste job you did with that parallel world."

    Ariel nodded with a thoughtful expression.

    "Well I've got stuff to do, I'll see you later!" Lain was certainly not gonna stick around and watch the fumbling around of this newly ascended goddess. Turning around to leave she was interrupted by Ariel.

    "Lain wait, before you leave could I borrow your finger for a minute?" Ariel asked with a mysterious smile.

    "What? My finger? What for?" Lain asked cautiously, looking at the weird smile plastered on Ariel's face she felt something was wrong.

    Ariel chuckled. "Don't be like that, I just need you to put your finger through this right here." Ariel half clenched her fist leaving a small gap between the index finger and her thumb. The gap was like a small tunnel, the inside seemingly leading to a dark place that could not be seen with the naked eye.

    Lain looked at Ariel's fist and frowned, inside of her clenched fist was a hole, without using her powers she could not see where went. It could lead to the center of a star or into a slimy bog she saw on a planet many years ago. She didn't like using her powers for everything as that was very boring, it was nice to get surprised once in a while.

    "What, are you scared? Come on, come on, put your finger in and see where it goes." Ariel spoke like a shady man in a white van offering candy to children passing by.

    "Scared? Humph! I'm a god! There's nothing that scares me!" Lain was very suspicious but her curiosity got the better of her.

    Putting her index finger through the little tunnel, it felt like she broke through something.

    Startled, she heard a moan coming from Ariel's lips.

    The inside was warm, moist and sticky. It clenched her finger tightly and strangely, she could feel that her finger had changed into something unfamiliar. It was long and sturdy and was giving her a pleasant feeling she could not describe, an alien feeling that she had never felt before.

    Lain's beautiful face flushed red, she wanted to extricate her finger from this weird hole but the feeling rising from her as if something was about to burst prevented her from doing so.

    Many thoughts were rushing through Lain's head at the moment. They were telling her that this was very strange and she should escape immediately but the immense pleasure blocked all of her reasoning out.

    It was truly an obscene sight, two women standing in the void of space. One moaning in pleasure, her peerless features revealed a seductive expression and a happy smile, her curvy body swaying from side to side and her thighs were clenching as if trying to prevent the escape of something.

    The other woman's face was flushed red and her breathing heavy, her wolflike gaze was locked onto the other woman's hand like it was the greatest beauty she had ever seen.

    Lain was moving her arm back and fourth, her finger in and out of the Ariel's half clenched fist.

    She could feel something rising up deep within like a fire hydrant no longer capable of suppressing the intense water pressure, it was ready to explode!

    Suddenly, something spurted forth from her quivering finger like a fountain shooting deep into the depths of the mysterious hole with great ferocity. An intense explosion of pleasure occurred within Lain as her eyes rolled back, she shivered and a loud moan escaped from her mouth.

    Ariel gasped loudly. She was shaking in climax as her body arched backwards and her little head wings twitched madly. Her twin peaks were truly a sight to be seen as it seemed as if they would sprout forth any moment.

    An absent-minded expression appeared on her flushed face and her lips perked up into a satisfied smile.

    The two women floated silently in the void for a time, their expressions were dazed and their bodies limp.

    Ariel looked towards her stomach with expectation. Suddenly her belly swelled up, becoming large and round. Her dress stretching to accommodate. The terrified beasts on her robe screamed in fear. Had the end of days finally come?

    A chuckle came from Ariel's lips as she looked towards Lain coquettishly. "Lain my love, you're so virile! 4 children in one shot, you truly surprise me."

    Recovering from her blissful stupor. A dawn of realization over what just happened hit Lain like a freight train. She was horrified and ashamed, pointing at Ariel with her still wet and sticky finger speechlessly. "You- you- VIXEN! HARLOT!" Her face was as red as a tomato as she shouted obscenities at Ariel.

    "You shouldn't treat the mother of your children like that, right? Papa?" Ariel replied with a laugh, stroking her belly gently.

    Lain felt violated and afraid, this shameless woman was driving her insane!

    "I'M LEAVING!!" Lain screamed in embarrassment before shooting off into the void at impossible speeds, her mind was a mess and she needed time to collect herself.

    "Be sure to visit my love, I'll keep our beautiful children safe." Ariel shouted while waving towards the fleeing Lain.

    An intelligent gleam shone in Ariel's eyes as she continued to stroke her swollen belly, she whispered. "You, my lovely children will help me rule over the universe I create."

    Standing up in the endless void, Ariel stretched and cracked her knuckles causing the void to ripple slightly.

    "Now, time for some practice!" Ariel disappeared into the void.
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    CHAPTER 3: Judgement Day

    The azure dawn, that's what we called it. What we, the Eruba perceive as the beginning of existence.

    With a brilliant flash of azure light, the world came to be. We, the Eruba had been given life.

    Countless of our people were born fully grown at the same time on this beautiful lush world we call Telos, named by the first king Orion who is said to have been reborn again at the azure god's side when he died.

    The first people already had basic knowledge ingrained into their brains. Language, free thought, knowledge on how to hunt for food, how to build shelter and how to form communities and even treat the sick and injured.

    Along with the newly gained knowledge was single message which resounded in the minds of all who came and their children 3 generations after. "Live in bliss my creations for on the first day of the 3000th year exactly, on the 12th hour, the test will begin for the chosen who will ascend, the rest shall perish."

    This is the creation myth recorded in the holy book "Erubus" written by the 1st pope, Orion's son Orpheus. An ancient text held in the deepest vaults of the azure god church, a religion which was founded after Orion's death.

    As it has been confirmed by many archaeologists, evidence suggests that the Eruba didn't exist 2999 years ago and that has been a major point of contention over the years. Most scholars would rather blame aliens than some mythical godlike figure thus the influence of the azure god church has waned.

    Of course over the years, there have been many skeptics doubting the origin of the Eruba even before the archeological findings and that has caused far too many holy wars in response but times have changed.

    Science and logic are now rampant in Eruba society, no longer do the churches hold sway over our lives like they did in the past.

    We've already colonized our moon and the nearby planet, Mudala. We have amazing technological achievements, grand cities that stretch for thousands of miles and buildings higher than the tallest mountains.

    But.. it's only days away from the fated 3000th year. Will this truly be the end of us all as is said? Riots have exploded all across Telos and chaos is prevalent.

    Many have already died and the rich have already fled the planet for Mudala. Governments have come crashing down and all it would take for an all out world war is a mere spark.

    I truly hope this isn't the end of days but if it is.. Orion save us all.

    President of the Allied States, Morteus Willard, end of log.


    Away from the bustling cities there lay a quiet town that quietly nestled in the shadow of a tall mountain.

    Standing at the edge of a field which was full of harvestable crop, a man stood quietly. He was tall, around 30 years old, had brown tanned skin, rugged features, black hair, oak colored eyes and a formidable physique.

    Grim sighed dispiritedly. "With the recent riots and fanatics causing terror, the route to the city has been cut off. I'm never gonna sell the crop in time.. "

    *crack!* *puff!* *boom!*

    To the side of the crop, beyond a wooden fence was a dirt road. A loud sound was coming from down the old road that sounded like a vehicle that had fourth stage lung cancer.

    Grim turned his head towards and saw an old rusty truck coming. It stopped by the side of Grim's field and a head popped out of the window.

    It was a middle aged man around 48 years of age, he had a few wrinkles, grey hair, a dark tan and a strong appearance from years of backbreaking work.

    "Grim my boy! Not able to sell yer crop?" Asked the man.

    Grim shook his head and replied. "No Rick, with all the chaos going on I couldn't get in touch with my usual buyer now that the phone lines are down, not to mention routes to the city have been blocked off. It's hopeless."

    "Ahh what a shame, yer crops looking nice and healthy. Would have made a decent profit." Rick sighed.

    "Where are you off to?" Grim asked curiously.

    "I'm off to the church my boy, these two youngsters in the back want to get married before the end of the world. Quite the match don't you think?" Rick laughed while pointing towards the back of his truck.

    In the back were two blushing teenagers around 18-19 years old, they had a certain naivete about them. The boy a was a bit thin but his eyes were bright and endearing, the girl was like a blossoming flower in the spring. Her hair was copper brown and tied up in a pony tail.

    The girl slapped the back of rick's head. "Dad, you're embarrassing me!"

    "Aiya! Girl, don't hit yer old man like that!" Rick grumbled.

    "Well I'd better get going, if you've got some time, bring yer family along to the after-party! We rented Tracy's diner for the night and the foods free." Rick smiled and waved before driving off down the dirt road in his rickety truck.

    Grim nodded while watching the truck leave and then looked towards the sky, the sun was nearing it's zenith and only a few white clouds were in sight. "End of the world huh.. " He shook his head and mumbled. "I don't believe it."

    "Daddy!" A young tender voice shouted out from behind him.

    Grim turned around with a big grin. "Haha! My son, finished playing with Beansprout?"

    A playful barking could be heard behind the boy, a dog with brown shaggy fur and floppy ears chased after him.

    The boy ran into the father's arms and giggled. "Dad come play! Play with me and beansprout!"

    Grim petted the dog's head and looked towards the field full of vegetables and sighed again. "Might as well, this damn field isn't gonna get sold anyway."

    In the distance a woman's shout was heard. "Husband! Jyn! Come inside, lunch is ready!"

    Looking towards the direction of the shout, Grim spotted a woman waving who was poking out of a farmhouse in the distance. It was situated on a hill and looked fairly old but sturdy.

    "We'll have to play later son, lunch is ready." Grim looked at his son with a smile.

    Jyn nodded vigorously. He was young, around 8 years old with a few similar features to Grim. His butterscotch hair was shoulder length and his facial features soft and chubby. His little eyes eyes were a bright shade of hazel.

    Carrying his son, Grim walked towards the rustic farmhouse.

    As he entered he was greeted by a fragrant smell. Grim put his son down and they both walked towards the dining room.

    Inside the dining room was a simple table and chairs enough for three people. The surrounding decor was quite modern considering how old the house looked.

    Sitting at the table waiting patiently was Grim's wife, Laura. She had a gentle smile, mature aura and looked to be in her late 20's. Her eyes were vibrant blue, skin fair with a few freckles and she had short dirty blonde hair.

    "Come and sit, I've made some roast chicken!" Laura said happily as she gestured at the two to come sit at the table.

    On the table was something resembling a roast turky that had already but cut in several places, surrounding it were several colorful vegetables. Their plates were already filled to the brim and covered in gravy.

    "We could have had this for dinner honey, why did you cook it for lunch?" Grim asked curiously as he took some salt and pepper and thoroughly coated his meal.

    Laura chuckled. "Husband, when the clock strikes 12 apparently the world might end. This might be our last meal and I want it to be as grand and lovely as possible."

    "Bah! End of world my ass, don't tell you me you actually believe that nonsense?" Grim replied while he wolfed down on his meal.

    Laura shook her head and replied. "Of course not, but it is still quite the historic day today and considering that we can't sell the crop, I thought I might cheer you up with a nice lunch."

    Grim looked at Laura warmly, he leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Thank you honey."

    Laura blushed with an enchanting smile.

    "Mama, what does the end of the world mean?" Jyn asked curiously, he'd already started pecking at his delicious meal but was clearly not as hungry as his father.

    "Nothing, Jyn, hurry up and eat your lunch before it gets cold." Laura said softly.

    Jyn nodded.

    "I had a run in with old man Rick, turns out his daughter is getting married today."

    "Oh? Isn't she only turning 19 this year? A bit too young if you ask me"-

    Conversation continued between the two with the odd remark from Jyn until their lunch was nearly finished.

    *Ding!* *Ding!*

    A loud bell like ring interrupted the family, Grim and Laura turned their heads towards the antique clock.

    It had struck 12!

    Although Grim didn't believe in the nonsense the azure god church had been preaching for thousands of years, a cold sweat ran down his back as his heartbeat sped up.

    The seconds that passed felt like an eternity to both Laura and Grim as they both knew what this moment in time signified, even country bumpkins like them not to mention the rest of the world.

    Jyn noticed his parents silence and instinctively felt the tense atmosphere.


    He swallowed nervously while worriedly looking at his parents.

    After a few minutes of nothing happening both Grim and Laura looked at each other with joy in their eyes, nothing had happened!

    "Ahaha! I knew it, those azure god freaks were spouting bullshit all along!" Grim laughed loudly, he was a bit worried there for a second.

    Laura laughed happily then immediately scolded Grim. "Watch your language husband, I don't want Jyn learning your foul habits!"

    Grim grabbed his Laura's waist and pulled her into his embrace, he kissed her cheek. "It's truly a day for celebration, I've gotta an old bottle of spirits left so how about we have a drink?"

    With surprise on her face Laura looked at Grim smiled. "You're talking about your grandfathers collection, the one from 2922?"

    Grim nodded.

    "Ooh I can't wait!" Laura couldn't help but take a second glance at her husband for he was especially handsome at the moment. Biting her lip, she leaned towards his ear and whispered. "Husband.. how about we have another child, I've always wanted a girl."

    Grim's smiley face went ecstatic, he roared with laughter before kissing his wife eagerly.

    Laura managed to get out of Grim's embrace before reminding him that Jyn was still around.

    "Jyn? Oh I forgot" Grim looked around and noticed his son standing next to the window.

    Grim walked up to Jyn and tapped his little shoulder. "Boy what's wrong?"

    "Daddy.. why is the sky so dark?"

    Grim looked out the window and was shocked silly and soon he was trembling in fear. Laura was now beside him, she held onto his arm tightly and she too was shaking relentlessly.

    The sky outside which had been blue as the sea before had now gone completely dark, it wasn't clouds but just pitch black darkness that stretched beyond the horizon.

    At that moment black skies covered the world of Telos, the fate that many had deluded themselves into thinking was fiction had now become a reality.

    The end had come!


    Within a church not far from Grim's farmstead.

    In the church, a few people were sitting and listening to the pastor in the purple robe. The church was quite new as if it had been built only recently, the room was bright and it had various decorated windows including a rather expensive looking stained glass window depicting the king Orion ascending to the azure gods side.

    The old pastor John, wearing a magnificent purple robe and sporting a long white beard stood before two young teenagers who were looking into each others eyes deeply.

    In one of the seats was a familiar middle aged man. Rick sighed as he looked at the two on the stage. "There was no time at all so I couldn't get a nice dress for Mary, what a shame."

    The old lady beside him chuckled. "Youngsters are eager nowadays, back in my time, the man would have to court the lady for several years before marriage was even a thought."

    Rick shook his head. "Old Mag, i'm not listening to yer stories again. Last time you put me to sleep and I woke up with back pain."

    Maggie snorted angrily. "Who you calling old? I'll have you know I'm only 71 this year, I'm still in the prime of my life! You're the old man, you look like you've got one foot in the grave!"

    Rick felt like he had just stepped on a landmine, he had forgotten one of the ironclad rules.. never to mention Maggie's age or call her old.

    He shrank his head back and didn't dare retort to the old woman, a few of the surrounding family members chuckled as they watched the poor Rick suffer.

    "71? more like 81.. " Rick whispered in an annoyed tone.

    On the church altar, John looked towards the young man. "Jason, do you take Mary as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

    "I do." Jason nodded solemnly.

    "Mary, do you take Jason as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

    *Dong!* *Dong!*

    Before Mary could reply the church bells rang and the surroundings suddenly went dark.

    "What the?!"

    "What's happening?"

    "Mommy, I'm scared!"

    Rick looked around too and was startled, the church which was well lit before had suddenly become dark as if it were night time.

    Looking at his watch which was one of the fancy glow in the dark models, he gasped.

    "It's- it's 12 O'clock!"

    A few heard rick's voice and whispered fearfully, there were even a few screams.

    Suddenly a voice appeared in the minds of everyone present. It was a woman's voice as pure and sacred as a symphony of angels.

    "I have come again, I hope you and your ancestor's have all had a fulfilling existence, but.. unfortunately all things must now come to an end. It's time for the test to begin! Slay each other my creations, I demand it! I know there are many who could never harm another so I'll have to add a little.. persuasion. Those who do not comply will suffer immense torment and death, those who do will be able to keep the pain at bay, but don't think you've warded it off for good my little creations for if you don't continue killing, sooner or later you'll be swallowed whole!"

    Even though the voice was still holy, as it continued to speak it caused those hearing it to shudder in terror. Such a sweet sounding voice speaking as if the killing and the suffering that would be inflicted was nothing but a casual stroll through the park made the people listening despair.

    "At the end, the chosen will ascend to become as gods! This is your chance, not even your ancestors could have fathomed such an end! Haha! Now go, I'll be waiting.. "

    As the voice faded away, the surrounding darkness became as thick as ink. It felt like one was swimming in water.

    "Argh, what the hell is this stuff?"



    Rick shivered in pain, the ink like substance surrounding them flowed into him through every orifice leaving a searing pain behind that made him scream for the first time in many years.

    "Ahh! Papa!"

    Gritting his teeth Rick called out to his screaming daughter. "Mary!"

    The pain got worse and worse till the point Rick was pulling his hair out and banging his head on the wooden floor and as fast as it had come, the pain had gone and disappeared.

    Rick stood up still reeling from the terrifying experience, he noticed Maggie who was beside him was on the floor, unresponsive. Her eyes were wide open in terror and a black substance was leaking out of them, her nose and ears.

    Shivering, Rick put his fingers on her neck to check her pulse but it was as he thought. She was dead.

    After he finished closing Maggie's eyes, Rick heard a puncturing sound behind him followed by a sickening gurgle.

    "AHHHH! JASON!" The scream of of his daughter Mary was heard.

    Various gasps and screams were heard from the surrounding family members and guests.

    Turning around he saw a horrifying sight.

    John had taken a taken a letter opener and had stabbed Jason in the throat, his eyes were gleaming with madness.

    John looked towards the church roof with his arms wide open grinning with happiness, his old face was serene and content. In has right hand was a blood drenched letter opener and below him on the floor was a twitching Jason who was bleeding profusely. Mary clutched Jason's throat which was splurting blood out vigorously with tears running down her cheeks.


    John looked towards Mary with a kind expression, the one he always put on during the weekly service.

    "Don't worry my child, soon you'll be with Jason again."

    He lunged towards Mary with great speed.

    "I'll send you along!" John shouted as his eyes reignited with the light of insanity.

    "MARY!" Rick cried out, he rushed towards the altar.

    Before John could get to Mary, Rick was already on him like a savage animal.

    Mary watched frozen as her father rolled on the floor in a scuffle with John.

    "YER A DAMN MADMAN JOHN!" Rick grabbed ahold of John's arm which was gripping the letter opener.

    John was surprisingly strong considering he was in his 60's, Rick struggled to hold him back but kept his arm at bay and managed to land a few hits on the old man stunning him.

    Noticing that the situation worsening as John was not a match for the younger Rick, he knee'd Rick in his gut before rolling to the side.

    Gasping for breath Rick looked at John vigilantly while holding Mary close.

    John looked at Rick and sighed dejectedly, he then began fixing his crumpled robes to the neat and tidy appearance he had before, only that now he had blood staining his robes. "The world belongs to the young, this old man has no more strength to continue.. "

    "Rick, Mary, I wish you luck for the days ahead." John smiled before kneeling down in prayer.

    "O azure god, please accept this humble servant."

    Rick looked at John in shock, he stretched out his hand and shouted. "WAIT!"

    John took the blood stained letter opener and drove it into his chest accurately piercing his own heart.

    Ricks arm slowly dropped down to his side, he looked around with a daze. The pianist and a few other members of the church had already started attacking everyone.

    He held his daughter tightly, her eyes were red and the tears that had flowed down her cheeks had dried up. She absentmindedly stared at Jason's now cold corpse and similar to Maggie, black substance was now dripping out of him mixing in with his blood puddle.

    Rick looked back towards the pastor John who's head had slumped to the side, blood poured from his wound that died his white beard red.

    "Come Mary, we need to get out of here!" Rick pulled the shivering Mary along with him towards the exit skillfully avoiding the panicking people running around like headless chickens. He cared not for the others in the church. Many of them were just distant relatives, the safety of his daughter was all that he cared about now.

    Leaving the church, Rick and Mary saw a hellish sight. Slaughter in the streets, men and women with mad delight in their eyes attacked each other viciously attempting to murder each other with anything they could get their hands on. Not even the children were safe as there were already several of them laying lifelessly on the walkways.

    Scenes like this were happening all over Telos, it was absolute anarchy.

    This bloody day was just one of many to come as the Eruba will discover how terrifying a curse that has been placed upon them.
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    CHAPTER 4: Radio Star

    Rick was driving down the old dirt road on his way home, his eyes were distant. Mary was sitting quietly in the back, her hands gripping her blood soaked skirt tightly. She was pale and listless, her eyes closed asleep.

    The sun was setting in the background, the horizon dyed red.

    Rick's eyes began to wander off the road, noticing several smoke clouds rising in the distance.

    "The world's gone crazy.. " He muttered under an exhausted breath.

    As the old truck drove along, Rick had continually glanced at the radio on his dashboard. He knew there would be nothing but bad news if he turned it on but there was a small glimmer of hope.

    Hope that it was just this town and nowhere else that had gone mad. 'Maybe it was a government experiment, or aliens.' He thought optimistically.

    "Argh to hell with it!" Rick switched on the radio and listened bated breath.

    As the radio crackled to life, a voice of a man could be heard through the static. The voice was filled with terror.

    The voice on the radio became clearer until it was easily understandable. "I- I just saw the studio manager choke Charlene my assistant to death! I c-couldn't do anything.. All I could do was block off access to the broadcasting room."

    Banging could be heard in the background startling the panicked radio host. "They'll break through soon, James and Charles.. I thought they were harmless but.....," The banging grew louder and louder till it was almost deafening.

    The radio host's voice grew more agitated and afraid by the second. "Those of you still listening, stay in your homes! Keep your families safe! Don't trust anyone!" A loud boom was heard in the background that sounded like the shattering of wood, it was followed by panicked shouts.

    A loud thwack could be heard and then silence.

    "Praise the azure god!" An excited croaking voice sounded from the radio.

    Rick covered his mouth in shock.

    "I didn't want to believe it, but it's true.. our world is ending." He mumbled as he switched to a different frequency, a hint of despair flashing in his eyes.

    It was a radio host he was familiar with called Fiona, she broadcasted from a small town in the next county. A single housewife with 2 children, she had a certain flair about her that always seemed to cheer him up.

    As he drove, the red sunset gave way to the dark night. A gentle voice sounded from the radio, it was pleasant on the ears. "All's well in my little town my dear fans, no need to worry about me. Many people in my lovely town are old retirees so none of the crazy shenanigans going on elsewhere are happening here thank god! Now I know that these are troubled times but will that stop me? No my dear fans, even if the world is going down the drain I'll still be here broadcasting and giving prime housewife advice! Now listen close, today's daily recipe is a new take on the old lasagna dish-"

    Rick's worries seemed to fly away as he listened to the radio, his focus on the road waning. He had driven down this road countless times before so he knew it like the back of his hand. He drove steadily as the red sunset gave way to the night.


    Rick was snapped out of his little daze as his truck hit something that gave an audible groaning sound, he couldn't quite make it out since it happened so fast.

    "Shit!" Rick stepped on the brakes, his rickety truck coming to a halt.

    "Papa.. what was that?" Mary rubbed her eyes tiredly.

    "Nothing, nothing. Go back to sleep Mary." Rick assured her before stepping out of the truck.

    Walking up to the front of his truck, he saw a rather large dent along with a fairly noticeable blood splatter.

    "Fuck!" Rick cursed, he looked around and heard a weak whimpering coming from behind the truck.

    Walking towards the source of the noise Rick found a dog, it had brown shaggy fur and one floppy ear. The other ear seemed to have been torn off. It breathed faintly before finally succumbing to it's heavy injuries.

    "The boy's dog.. " Rick rubbed his face in frustration. "Everything wrong seems to be happening today, could it get any worse?" He muttered.


    Rick's hairs stood on end, a cold sweat running down his back. That sounded distinctly like the pump of a shotgun.

    "Hands up and turn around, slowly." A cold but familiar voice sounded from behind.

    Rick raised his hands turned around.

    Grim was standing behind the nearby fence, a large shotgun in his hands pointing directly at Rick.

    "It was an accident boy, I didn't mean nothing by it." Rick's hands grew sweaty.

    "Old man.. are you good?" Grim held the shotgun steadily, there was a threatening tone to his voice.

    Rick shook his head hastily. "I- I don't know what you mean boy."

    Grim's eyes narrowed as he replied in a deep voice. "I just killed the Thompson's from the next farm over after they attempted to kill my wife and son, I'd known them for over a decade. They were nice people but they weren't good, you get me?"

    Rick gulped nervously. "L-listen boy, I just came back from the most fucked up wedding ye would ever see. The pastor killed me son-in-law and then wanted to kill my little girl. Me and Mary just barely managed to escape that hellhole, please boy.. w-we just want to go home."

    Grim's expression eased as he slowly lowered the shotgun. "Rick, come inside and have a drink. We need to talk."

    Rick let out a breath of relief.


    Inside Grim's farmhouse, Rick was sitting at the dining table. Laura and Jyn were fast asleep in the main bedroom, Mary had been carried to the guest room and was sleeping soundly.

    Grim put two glasses on the table and then filled them up with an old bottle of liquor.

    Rick hesitated and asked. "Boy, yer sure you want to waste this fancy stuff on this old man?"

    Grim shrugged and replied. "It was supposed to be saved for grand occasions but I don't think we'll be seeing any of those any more, drink up." He took out a pack of smokes and lit a cigarette, breathing in the smoke grim sighed.

    "Ye said it boy." Rick took a swig, surprise blooming on his old face. "This is some good stuff boy! What year is it?"

    "2922" Grim replied, puffing out smoke like a chimney.

    "Damn! It's older than me." Rick laughed taking another swig finishing his glass of liquor.

    Rick poured himself another generous helping before asking. "So what do ye need boy?"

    Grim sipped from his glass and replied with a solemn tone. "The coming days are gonna be hard.. Rick, I need help if I want to protect my family."

    Rick shook his head and replied. "I'm planning to hunker down in my home boy, I have a nice bomb shelter set up. Should last a few months after I go grab some supplies from town. Me and Mary will wait out the storm. I can't help ye."

    Grim asked. "Didn't you hear it Rick? The voice of god? It said we have to kill in order to live, how are you going to handle that huh?"

    "I'll just slaughter some of the farm animals boy, we have plenty of chickens there." Rick replied with little thought as if it were the obvious thing to do.


    Grim slammed the table with a thud startling Rick. He shouted. "You don't understand! Do you think the almighty azure god would leave such a loophole!?"

    Rick held up his hand and said gently. "Please boy, calm down."

    Grim took a deep breath and then continued. "I felt it Rick, the moment I killed Nathan Thompson something inside me receded like the tide. I didn't notice it before but when I did, it had already wrapped itself around my heart slowly snuffing out my life. Only after I killed did it disappear."

    Now that he thought about it, Rick did feel short of breath ever since that inky substance poured into his body. The very thought frightened him.

    "Don't jump to conclusions boy! Have you even tried using the farm animals?" Rick asked, desperation in his voice.

    Grim nodded. "Yes, but it didn't work. The suffocating feeling has already slowly come back. I'm worried for my son and wife Rick, if they don't kill soon.. Like the azure god said 'They'll be swallowed whole'"

    Rick gripped the arm rest tightly, he poured himself another drink before gulping it down.

    He mumbled incoherently as he shook his head in denial. "It can't be.. can't be."

    "What about your daughter? If you want to keep her alive, she needs to kill someone." Grim said in a grave tone, he continued. "Rick, I can't do this alone. Will you help me?"

    Rick let out a sorrowful sigh. "Don't get too hasty boy, maybe it isn't as bad as you think. Wait awhile, you don't want to start something you'll regret."

    Grim slowly nodded his head. "Fine, we'll wait. I hope you're right."

    Two days later~

    Screams of pain were coming from Grim's farmstead.

    Laura, Jyn, Mary and Rick were writhing on the dining room floor writhing in pain. The tables and chairs were turned over, spilled cereal everywhere.

    One minute they were having breakfast, the next they were crying out in agony.

    Grim was panicking as he held onto his wife and son. "Laura what's happening!?" He shouted anxiously.

    No reply came, only whimpers and groans of pain.

    Unable to do anything, Grim felt helpless. Thoughts were running through his mind like flashes of lightning, an uneasy sweat dripped down his brow.

    After a minute, he stood up. Grim carried Rick and Mary and put them in the guest room. He then carried his wife and son to the master bedroom placing them on the large bed gently.

    Grim kissed their foreheads, Laura and Jyn were no longer in pain but the experience had been extremely taxing on the two making them fall asleep.

    With a firm look of determination, he grabbed the nearby shotgun and said. "I'll be back."


    Several hours had now passed since Rick had succumbed to that unbearable pain. It felt as if someone had poured molten lead down his throat and then tipped the leftovers on his body. The pain had left such a deep impression on him that it was likely the cause of the constant shakes now ravaging his hands.

    "That was the worst thing I've ever felt." Rick remarked warily as he got up from the bed, he was still feeling pain but it was not as intense as before.

    "The hell is that!?" To his shock he immediately noticed something strange. In the corner of his eye was a blurry figure he couldn't quite see, it was far away but it was slowly inching it's way towards him.

    Rick turned his head to get a better look at it but as his eyes moved, so did the blurry figure.

    "T-that can't be!" Rick kept moving his head but no matter how he tried, the blurry figure stayed locked in the corner of his eye.

    As he moved his head frantically, Rick noticed that Mary was already awake and sitting up, fear creeping onto her face. Her eyes wide open as if she were staring at something.

    Rick shuddered, he whispered to Mary. "C-can you see it too?"

    She nodded her head. "Papa, what is it?"

    "I don't know but it's giving me a bad feeling. Let's go find Grim." Rick held Mary's hand and the two left the guest bedroom.

    Even though they had left the room, the figure in the corner of the eye was still there inching towards them very slowly.

    Seeing as he could do nothing about it, Rick tried his best to ignore the ominous being and search for the others.

    Both Rick and Mary checked the rooms but they couldn't find any trace of Grim, Laura or Jyn.

    "Papa! They're outside." Mary pointed out a nearby window.

    Rick took a look and saw Grim. Laura and Jyn waiting beside the barn.

    "Let's go." Rick and Mary left the farmhouse and walked towards them.

    "Papa, the thing is getting closer!" Mary said in a fearful voice.

    Rick nodded. "I know Mary, but it's still a ways away yet. Whatever it is, I won't let it get to you no matter what."

    Mary nodded as her fearful expression eased a little.

    The two reached the barn quickly at a steady pace, Grim was standing there as if he had been waiting for them for a while. His head was bandaged, a trickle of blood running down his cheek. Laura and Jyn were sitting beside the barn door hugging, their faces pale as if the blood had been drained from them.

    "Come inside, I've got the cure ready." Grim said as he walked inside. Rick and Mary followed behind, both feeling bewildered.

    The inside of the barn was dark, hay littered the floor and the air was musky. Although it was difficult to see. A few rays of light managed to make their way through the barn's looser planks.

    As the three walked towards the center of the barn, a gasp of shock left Rick's mouth followed by Mary's scream.

    In the center of the barn there lay 4 people, tied up and gagged. Three were adults, two men and a woman. The last was a teenage boy, no older then 14.

    The two men had already been shot in the head, their brains splattered on the barn floor. Only the woman and the young man remained. They looked Grim, Rick and Mary as they shook in fear.

    Grim turned towards Rick and handed him a revolver. "You know what to do right?"

    "I-I can't.. " Rick attempted to push the revolver away but Grim grabbed his hand and slapped the revolver into his palm.

    "Wake the fuck up Rick! My wife and son have already killed." Grim pointed to the two dead men and growled. "After they did the deed, the pain and that monster in the corner of their eye disappeared. I was right Rick, if we want to survive we have to kill!"

    Grim turned around and walked towards the barn exit.

    "Tell me boy, did yer wife and son do it willingly?" Rick shouted in frustration.

    Grim shuddered, he stopped in place like a statue.

    Grim sighed and with a weary voice, he replied. "No.. I had to force them, it broke my heart but I had to do it."

    Grim's hands balled into fists, he was gripping them so tight that his knuckles went white. "No matter what, I'll do everything in my power to keep them alive and safe. Will you do the same, Rick?" Grim gave a brief glance towards Mary before leaving the barn.

    Rick stood silently in the barn, Mary clutching his arm tightly.

    He stood still in a daze, the blurry figure in the corner of his eye had gotten a little closer and a sound had followed it. It was a distant buzzing sound, that was all he could make out but it terrified him.

    Mary looked down at the woman and young man, they were both crying and whimpering through their gags.

    "Papa I can't do it, I won't do it!" Tears had begun to leak from her eyes.

    He gripped the revolver tightly. A firm resolve shone in his eyes. Turning towards Mary, he smiled weakly. "Don't worry Mary, you just need to hold the revolver and put your finger on the trigger, close your eyes and I'll do the rest."

    "But.. " Mary sniffled.

    Rick wiped away her tears. "I'll take on all the burden, I'll keep you safe."

    Outside the barn, Grim was waiting. Laura and Jyn stood by his side, both were still a little shaky but color had returned to their pale faces.

    Laura gripped Grim's shirt and asked. "Husband, will they do it?"

    Grim's gaze was distant as he replied. "They have to, there is no other choice."

    Laura opened her mouth to say something but two loud gunshots interrupted her. Turning her head towards the barn, she saw Rick walking out while carrying Mary who had fainted.

    Rick stopped in front of Grim and then reached out to hand over the revolver.

    Grim shook his head and said. "Keep it, you'll need it."

    Rick put the revolver away and said. "We need supplies, Grim."

    "A trip to the town then?" Grim suggested.

    Rick Nodded. "It should be safer now, I saw the authorities handling the chaotic situation on my way out."

    "Hopefully.. " Grim muttered.


    It had been hell ever since the calamity hit 2 weeks ago. Rick and Grim stuck together with their families and managed to survive the many dangers that now plagued the quiet countryside. Mostly small groups of similar minded people who were intent on killing them.

    Although they were content to stay in their local town, they had to leave after the fifth day.

    The town they lived nearby was relatively peaceful compared to others, still many went on crazy killing sprees until they were subdued by the local authorities but that didn't last long. It started after seven days and it hit everyone that had yet to take another's life.

    The immense pain that came every few hours, and the figure in the corner of peoples eyes were not the straws that broke the camels back. No, what destroyed the fragile peace was a woman, a teacher to be exact.

    It happened in the town square to a gentle woman who taught at the town's local primary school. She seemed to be running from something as she sprinted madly through the town but was eventually caught by what she was escaping from. Before the eyes of many, she thrashed in pain violently as black goo poured from every opening in her body, her screams echoing in the square. After a while she collapsed on the ground but she was still clearly conscious, she kept looking at her legs in fear, her mouth opening and closing as if to say something but no words came.

    And then it happened, part of her legs disappeared as if some invisible beast took a chunk of her into it's belly. It continued until the woman had completely disappeared, all the remained was a puddle of black and red liquid.

    Many in town the town square saw it happen and it began happening to others, that's when the massacre began. Everyone was killing in desperation, it became so dangerous that Rick and Grim along with Laura, Jyn and Mary were forced to leave town. With their current supplies, they could last a while.

    The group wandered the countryside picking off anyone they came across. The killing became second nature to Grim and Rick and even though what they had done was heinous and immoral, their survival instincts had long snuffed out the inner voices telling them what they were doing was wrong.

    The two made sure Laura, Mary and Jyn took no part in what they did, it was probably the only thing that kept their conscience clear.

    If it wasn't for the roving band of azure god lunatics they crossed several days ago they would be on the roads. Still comfy and secure in Grim's van. Alas, bullet holes aren't good for a vehicles engine.

    The two families had no choice but to ditch the van and travel on foot. Their destination a nearby city where hopefully, they can find some supplies as theirs were dwindling fast.


    A small group of people walked down an empty road, five in total. Trees and rocks dotted sparsely on the sides. The two grown men were carrying heavy camping backpacks, a hunting rifle strapped to their shoulders, the other three, two women and a child held small bags that were easy to carry.

    "Dad, I'm hungry." Jyn complained, he was looking a little thin and had bags under his eyes.

    Grim looked at his son and ruffled his hair. "We only have to walk a few miles to reach the next city, just a little longer."

    "We can stop for some lunch can't we?" Laura asked, she was worried about how thin Jyn had gotten.

    "Grim, we should stop. Mary needs a rest." Rick was lending his shoulder to Mary who seemed a little wobbly, she was pale and her body spasmed in pain. She seem used to it as she only gritted her teeth not letting out a sound of complaint.

    "I guess we could rest for a while, we have been walking since morning." Grim nodded, noticing Mary's painful expressions he assured Rick. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find someone soon. Mary will be fixed up in no time."

    Rick could only respond with a weak laugh.

    Hearing Grim, Mary attempted a faint smile. She replied. "Thanks for the concern."

    The group found a large tree to the side of the road and settled under it. The day was especially hot so some shade from the overbearing sun was welcome.

    The Five sat and began unpacking their bags, locating their lunch.

    Their meals consisted of several canned foods, beans, corn and beef. Nobody bothered to heat the meals up and just dug in with their spoons.

    Rick took out a pocket radio, he turned it on after adjusting the frequency.

    "Heeeeellloooo, heeellooo, hello! haha! This is your dutiful housewife Fiona here coming at you from.. Uhh.. I forgot.. gahahaha!" A drunk sounding woman echoed from the radio.

    Rick smiled. He hadn't heard from his favorite radio host for over a week now.

    "Today's recipe isssss.. drumroll!" There was a tapping in the background as the woman giggled.

    "Gunpowder and lead! aha!" An audible cocking could be heard in the radio background.

    Rick frowned, Mary, Laura and Grim had all focused on the little radio. Only Jyn was ignoring it as he nibbled away at his can of beans.

    The radio was silent for a while until a soft weeping came. "I-I-I can't do it anymore! *Sniff* My two lovely daughters.. I killed them.. t-to keep the buzzing beast away, but it's back! I can smell it, feel it's breath on my neck.."

    "No longer in the corner of my eye, I see it.. " Fiona whispered as she sobbed.

    Fiona started crying loudly through the radio as she shouted. "I-I shouldn't have done it right? I shouldn't have! I shouldn't have!-I shouldn't have!-I shouldn't have!-I shouldn-"

    Fiona continued to repeat her self for a while, a weak banging in the radio background as if someone was hitting their head against a desk.

    "I can't.. anymore.. Mommy is sorry.. so sorry, will they forgive me?" Fiona asked over the radio.

    Several seconds passed. There was no answer, only the occasional static interference.

    "...I don't deserve it." Came a whisper that was barely audible. The next thing heard was the sound of metal knocking on teeth.


    An unsettling calm descended upon the group as a gentle gust of wind blew through the nearby trees and brushes.

    Rick turned the radio off, he seemed to have aged a great deal. With a dejected expression he began eating his canned beef.

    The group ate in silence, only the sound of insects and the chirping of birds could be heard.

    Grim finished his lunch and began packing up. As looked up he saw his son heading into the bush. "Son, where are you going?"

    Jyn turned his head around and replied. "Toilet."

    "Don't go too far." Laura said.

    Jyn nodded before disappearing into the dense brush.

    Rick looked at his daughter who seemed to be distracted and constantly looking over her shoulder.

    He reached out and touched her shoulder.

    "Ah!" Mary jumped up in fear, she looked at her father and the surprise on her face turned into tears.

    "It's coming closer dad, the constant buzzing.. and that smell.. " She leaned into her fathers shoulder and began to cry.

    Rick patted Mary's back. "It's okay honey. Grim, we need to find some people quickly. Mary hasn't killed anyone in 6 days."

    Grim nodded solemnly.

    "Ah!" Jyn's scream came from the distant brush, it was short and full of fright.

    "JYN!" Both Grim and Laura shouted at the same time before rushing towards the direction of the shout.

    After rushing through the dense bushes Grim and Laura found Jyn next to a river, he was perfectly fine and only a little frightened.

    "What's wrong!" Grim held Jyn and asked with worry.

    Jyn pointed towards the river.

    "Oh my.." Laura gasped.

    Grim looked and saw what looked to be over 40 dead bodies littering the banks of the river, a few more were floating down the river. His eyes narrowed as he spotted something.

    From behind him, Rick and Mary appeared, they were both out of breath and Rick seemed to have cut his cheek on a branch. They both gasped at the scene.

    "Jyn, follow your mother back to the rest spot." Grim looked at Laura and she nodded.

    As Jyn and Laura left, Grim turned to Rick and pointed to a spot on the river bank. "That one over there, he's still alive."

    Rick nodded with a thankful expression.

    "I'll be waiting for you at the rest spot, don't be too long." Grim walked back towards Jyn and Mary.

    "Dad.. Hand me the gun" Mary looked at Rick, her eyes had a hint of desperation to them.

    Rick shook his head. "I'll help ye, no need for ye to trouble yerself Mary."

    "You can't keep helping me forever papa, one day you'll be gone and I'll have to do it on my own." Mary looked into her fathers eyes with a faint but firm resolve.

    Rick sighed and handed over a revolver.

    With the gun in hand Mary walked over to the area Grim pointed to. There was a young man there, soaking wet and shivering. His chest heaving up and down. He was quite handsome with black hair and blue eyes. A high schooler by the look of it as he was wearing a tattered uniform. There was a bloodstain on his stomach, a wound considering that fresh blood was leaking from it.

    "Cough! He-help, please" The young man looked at Mary pleadingly.

    "I'm sorry.. " Mary took the gun and with shaking hands aimed it at the young man's forehead.

    "N-no! s-stop!" The young man was frightened and attempted to crawl away.

    "I-I have to, if I don't it'll get me!" Mary shouted weakly, her cheeks were soaked in tears. She was mentally trying to justify what she was about to do but all it did was make her tears fall harder.

    "I-I don't want to die!" The young man cried out, he stopped trying to escape and looked at Mary with fear in his eyes, suddenly he gasped and pointed at Mary's face.

    "W-what? What is it?" Mary touched her cheek and looked at her hand, it was drenched in a black liquid.

    "Ahhh!" Mary screamed in terror.


    The gunshot echoed throughout the area and a long silence followed.

    After waiting a few minutes, Grim, Laura and Jyn saw Rick and Mary walk out of the bushes.

    Mary was very pale, a smudged black stain was on her shirt.

    Grim looked at the two and said. "We're running out of supplies. The city up ahead should have some, lets go."

    "Yeah.. " Rick replied tiredly.

    The group packed their things and left towards the city.
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    Three hours later~

    "Look I can see the city dad! Wow those buildings are tall!" Jyn shouted in excitement.

    In the distance was a colossal city, industrial works that stretched for miles. Gigantic skyscrapers that went into the clouds, their foundations were thick and wide. Surrounding them were countless smaller buildings bathed in a thick smog, so much that only the tallest of the smaller buildings managed to peak through the fog layers. Apart from that, the only other blemish would be the many pillars of smoke rising from various parts of the city and the large amount of damaged collapsed buildings.

    Although the group was still quite far away, they could hear distant gunshots from the great city.

    "Indeed they are but the pollution really ruins them, that's why me and your mother moved out to the family farm." Grim remarked.

    "It was really your fathers idea. I didn't really mind the smog, though.. the fresh air was nice." Laura mused with a faint smile.

    The group were currently walking along a elevated highway 6 meters off the ground, it was packed full of abandoned cars and dead bodies seeping black goo. It was quiet the frightening sight but the group had gotten somewhat used to such scenes over the past several weeks. Only the rotten smell of dead flesh made them flinch.

    Rick looked at Grim and suggested. "We should only stay on the outskirts, maybe pick a few people off and hopefully find some supplies."

    Grim agreed and replied. "Safety first."

    Grim and Rick equipped their hunting rifles, ready for any threat that might appear.

    As the group reached the outskirts of the city, they heard a voice from one of the abandoned cars. Shockingly, they recognized the person who was speaking.

    "Greetings people of Telos. I as you may know am the current president of the allied states, Morteus Willard. Today will mark our final act of defiance!" The car radio was playing quite loudly disturbing the quiet highway.

    The man speaking on the radio had a coarse yet charismatic voice filled with vigor that inspired others, truly the leader of the current world.

    "I am deeply saddened by the current turn of events and the ending of our great civilization. Even though this evil god created us just so we could be discarded and destroyed at her whim, I have no doubt that the 3000 years we have been given was an immense blessing! Through the ups and downs, we carved our own path, created many fabulous wonders and reached the stars themselves. We.. we have done well, you have done well my people and now it's time for us to rest."

    As the voice went on it increased in strength, resounding louder throughout the abandoned highway.

    "Today my people, after 2 weeks of discussions and after every possible attempt to thwart the impending apocalypse failed, I and the other leaders of our people have decided our own fate!"

    "5 minutes ago, we launched our entire nuclear arsenal, every city on our beautiful planet has been targeted. This.. this suffering that has been imposed upon us cannot continue, we will not go silently into the night, no, we will shine brilliantly like a thousand stars!"

    The radio began to sputter but the message was still audible. "Thi..s my will be my act as the 22nd presi..dent of the allied sta..tes, may Orion bles-..... Bless you all.. "

    The group stood there silently as the message ended, all that remained was an eerie static.

    Grim looked blankly at the car which played the radio. Rick had a look of shock on his face, his hands were shaking.

    "Don't fuck with me!!!!" Grim screamed in anger as he took his hunting rifle and smashed the car window shattering it. His sudden outburst frightened Laura, Jyn and Mary.

    "Everything we did in order to survive! To live! And you decided it was okay just to throw it all away? You made the decision for us? Fuck you! I refuse!" Grim repeatedly smacked the car as hard as he could.

    Laura couldn't stand and watch anymore, without thinking she jumped towards Grim and latched onto his waist. "Husband! Please stop!"

    Grim was blinded by rage. All the people he has killed, the people who he made his wife and son kill.. was it really for nothing?

    "Please.. please, stop." Laura pleaded with tears streaming down her cheeks.

    He stopped bashing the car with his rifle which was now bent. Breathing heavily Grim slumped down as his knees hit the hard concrete road, his an expression of what could only be described as immense desolation.

    Laura was still holding him tightly with her face buried in Grim's back, she was still crying and sniffling.

    "Daddy.. what's wrong?" Jyn asked as he looked at his father with a somewhat afraid expression. He didn't understand what was going on as he was still only 8 years of age.

    Grim didn't say anything, he looked up into his son's eyes. 'He inherited his mothers looks, only his eyes.. His eyes came from me.. My son.'

    The thought seemed to linger in his mind, lighting a fire within that had nearly been snuffed out. Standing up shakily, he pulled Laura and Jyn in for a hug.

    "Dad.. " Mary looked at her father with wet eyes.

    Rick hugged her close. Although he was never one to cry, a tear slid down his cheek.

    Grim held his son and wife tightly, he kissed them both on the cheek. His face steeled with determination. "No.. I won't give up!" He growled hoarsely.

    He turned towards Rick and said in a deep voice. "We need to leave, right now!"

    Rick nodded.

    The group ran back towards the direction they came as fast as their feet could carry them. It was only minutes later that they were greeted by a blinding sight.

    In the distance on the edge of the horizon, bright lights could be seen. It was as if there were several suns rising with their lights shining over the mountains like minature sunrises.

    The group stopped abruptly, shocked they stood there with thumping hearts staring at the rising suns. Seconds later, a rumbling roar could be heard from the sky above.

    An object moving too fast for the eye to see pierced through the sky with a grey cloud trail following it, it flew directly above the trembling group and left a sonic boom in it's wake. As the object flew past, it went towards the center of the city at lightning speeds.

    Grim was sweating bullets, a vein had popped on his temple. It could be seen how tense he was as he looked around, hoping to find some kind of suitable cover.

    After a quick look around, he spotted a rather sturdy green truck.

    "It's too late! Get down behind that truck!" He shouted to Rick who nodded in response. As the group took shelter behind the truck, they waited anxiously. Adrenaline was pumping through their veins that left them in a hyper aware state.

    Seconds felt like years as the time passed.

    Laura couldn't help but look at a nearby car's side-mirror that had a view of the city reflected in it.

    Suddenly a flash of light so bright, the dusk of the day was wiped from existence. It was the brightest thing Laura had ever seen in her life. She screamed in pain as she covered her eyes. The group huddled together in fright, the truck they were hiding behind began to melt and the tires had caught fire.

    What came next was a rolling wave that came from the epicenter of the blinding light. It shattered the buildings to dust, even the heaven piercing skyscrapers were just dominoes to be tumbled down as the blast wave rolled over them.

    The ground began to shake as the highway tilted from side to side, Grim held his wailing wife and son as tight as he could. Mary was screaming in fear as she held onto her father for dear life.

    Finally a crack of thunder so loud it shattered eardrums hit the group and along with it came the wave of destruction that had obliterated the distant city arrived. It smashed into the group with unimaginable ferocity causing the immediate collapse of the 6 meter tall highway they were standing on.

    In the distance, the mountains were set alight as hundreds of thousands of trees burned furiously.

    As the rubble settled, the thick smoke that drifted from destroyed buildings remains was pulled towards the epicenter of the explosion.

    Silence descended, in the background at the center of the once majestic city lay a massive rising ball of fire and lightning 40 miles tall, it continued to rise higher and higher into the upper atmosphere.

    This was the final act of the Eruba race, all that remained of their grand cities, the foundations of their civilizations was death, destruction and gigantic mushroom clouds that rose into the sky like colossal, blooming fungal flowers.

    3 years later~

    A young boy around ten years old was sitting on a big log, the campfire in front of him burning brightly.

    The surrounding area was filled with charred trees and a few nearby structures which had collapsed on themselves. The ground was barren and cracked like what you would find if a river dried up during a decade long drought. Nothing green could be seen, only the dull colors brown, grey and black.

    The boy was balding, only a few tufts of hair remaining. His skin was sallow and filled with scars. The boy's cheeks were bony and his eyes sunken and his clothes were dirty and littered with blood stains.

    He was writing in a little paperback journal that looked well taken care of.

    "Another uneventful day.. we've been traveling north for almost a week now. Dad and I haven't managed to find anyone to kill for six days now.. heh, that seems to be all I worry about nowadays. Well that and food."

    The boy's stomach grumbled furiously. Holding his stomach the boy whispered. "Be quiet you."

    "We've been quite lucky recently, every time we near the seventh day we run across new people to kill.. But I don't know how long that'll last, I'm not optimistic about it."

    The boy seemed to notice something as his brows wrinkled. "Stupid buzzing beast, it seems fate isn't going to let you eat us just yet.." The boy seemed to glare at something in the corner of his eye.

    He snorted before continuing to write in his diary. "I hate that beast, the bastard that took mama away! If I could get just my hands on it I would tear that stinky shitty beast to pieces! Also, the smell.. It's nearly unbearable! It's like a mixture of rotting flesh, rust and fermented sewage."

    The boy coughed violently into his hand afterwards he wiped the hand on his shirt leaving a new blood stain.

    "It has been so long since the bright flash that blinded mother and separated us from uncle Rick and Miss Mary, so long since the time where mother eaten by the buzzing beast. I don't know how long I can continue, my cough seems to be getting worse."

    "I can see it in his eyes from time to time. Whenever he looks at me, he becomes reinvigorated as if I'm the only thing stopping him from breaking into pieces.. stopping him.. from giving up."

    "I know he's denying the situation we're in. I can't take it. Every time I try to speak him about it he just waves it away as if it were nothing."

    "This can't go on, I need to tell him. I can't be a crutch for him anymore because.. I can feel it, I know my body. It won't last much longer."

    The boy shook his head and muttered. "I don't know what will happen to dad when i'm gone.. I have to make sure he's alright before I leave."

    The boy finished and closed the diary, standing up he stretched causing a few crackles from his bones.

    Darkness receded as the sun slowly dawned from the horizon, it would be a beautiful sight if it wasn't for the desolate landscape.

    The boy perked his ears as he heard footsteps coming towards him. From behind a nearby building a tall man walked out, he was very skinny and was in a similar condition to the young boy.

    Many scars littered the man's body, one could tell he was a previously handsome man but time, malnutrition and hideous wounds had worn away his rugged features.

    He was carrying a small rabbit. The little animal barely had any fur on it.

    "Jyn! I found us some breakfast." Grim smiled as he sat down on the nearby log.

    The two prepared it and cooked it over the fire. As they sat down and nibbled their sparse breakfast. Jyn looked towards his father, a sliver of determination flashed in his eyes.

    "Dad.. I don't think there's anyone left."

    Grim shook his head in disagreement. "We always find someone son, we always do. Don't worry"

    "All the water sources we find are contaminated dad, it's hopeless." Jyn continued.

    "We have enough water for the next few days, if we use it sparingly we can make last quite a while." Grim replied with a weak smile.

    "My cough is getting worse dad, I won't last much longer." Jyn remarked in a morbid tone.

    Grim smile grew a little fainter but he kept it as he replied. "It's nothing son, there's a village up ahead. I know they'll have a pharmacy, I can get some medication for you there so cheer up, don't be so negative."

    Jyn looked at the ever present fake smile that plastered his fathers face so much these days, anger swelled within him as he gripped his pants so tightly his knuckles turned white.

    "DAD STOP!" Jyn shouted as loudly as he could.

    Grim was surprised by the sudden outburst from his son. "Stop what son? You're not making any sense."

    Jyn ran up to his father and pushed him. "Stop it! Stop saying that it's going to be okay!!!"

    Grim was baffled but maintained his balance, he was steady against his son's weak push.

    Jyn banged his small fists on his fathers chest, tears began seeping from his eyes. "I can't keep going like this dad! It's a dead end!"

    Grim held his son firmly in a hug. "You have to keep going son, no matter how hard. You have to." Grim looked into his son's eyes, 3 years ago they were bright and filled with curiosity and happiness. Now they only showed pain, stress and desolation.

    "You need to face reality! I-I can't go.. on." Jyn looked up at his dad, the accumulated stress he's had to endure has made him reach a breaking point.

    Grim looked firmly into Jyn's small eyes as he said in a reassuring but strong tone. "You can't give up, you mustn't!"

    "But dad.. please understand." Jyn wept into his fathers chest.

    Grim gently stroked Jyn head, a few of the remaining tufts of hair coming loose.

    "Why dad, tell me why?" Jyn croaked weakly.

    "Because.. because.. it's the last thing I promised your mother." Grim sighed.

    "Mother?" Jyn thought for a while until it hit him like a bolt of lightning. He leapt back and stared at Grim with his eyes wide open in disbelief.

    "You.. you.." Jyn pointed at his father in shock, his mouth opened and closed. Denial and despair painted Jyn's face pale white.

    As the two stood there silently, the ground suddenly rumbled with a deafening roar. The ground beneath them shook violently.

    It was like the world was being ripped apart, Grim ran over and held Jyn in an embrace. The ground continued to shake up and down like the waves of the sea. After a while, the ground split open and the two fell downward, screams leaving Grim and Jyn's throats.

    The fall only lasted a few seconds before they landed on a hard, solid surface. After landing they felt an immense raising feeling that left butterflies in their stomachs.

    The hole where Grim and Jyn fell burst apart with a thundering clap, out from the pillar smoke and debris arose a grand pyramid as white as the clouds, it was decorated with gems the size of houses. Glowing runes were engraved onto every massive house sized stone brick that made up the massive structure.

    Grim and Jyn held on for dear life as the Pyramid rose higher and higher into the clouds and continued beyond. After a while the structure they were on finally stopped moving, the both of them felt lightweight as if they had gotten a 100 pounds lighter.

    "What the!?" Grim looked around in panic, he was currently looking at what used to be the blue sky and all he saw was countless stars and the infinite void of space.

    "Where are we?" Jyn looked around vigilantly, he took out his pistol and held it close.

    The two were standing on a pearl white platform about 10 meters squared. Grim walked slowly to the edge and gasped. Down below he saw his world, his home, Telos.

    It was once a lush green world but now it was just a barren rock, a dead world. The platform he was on was actually a pyramid that stretched all the way down to Telos, it was an impossible feat even for the greatest minds of the Eruba. Only a God could do this!

    Grim eyes narrowed, he pulled his son in closely and took out his rifle.

    "SHOW YOURSELF AZURE GOD!" Grim shouted loudly. Even though they were in the void of space, his voice echoed as if he were in some grand hall.

    From nowhere resounded a melodious laughter. "Congratulations my creations, you are the last two left."

    As if a mirage, a woman materialized in front of them, hovering a couple meters off the ground.


    Grim was absolutely stunned, even though he loved his wife dearly and claimed she was the most beautiful in his heart this woman in front of him was beyond comprehension, there was no comparison. Her beauty could make all men turn into rabid animals that would tear apart anyone or anything just for a glance from her, though that would be difficult considering there was a mist concealing her eyes.

    The woman giggled as she observed Grim's dazed appearance. Her absolutely tyrannical bust shook from her laughter, the beasts on her robe quickly hid away as her dress threatened to tear, many of the beasts shivered as if they had been experiencing some unending trauma.

    Grim regained his composure, even though this woman was so beautiful even he felt swayed, he shook away those feelings in disgust and steeled his heart. This was the woman who ended his race, put them through unending suffering and caused the situation that lead to the death of his beloved.

    "What do you want azure god?" Grim said coldly as he glared at the goddess.

    "Azure god? I have a name you know, I am the infinitely powerful Ariel!" Ariel laughed as she spread her arms out and lightning streaked behind her in a grand display.

    "This is truly a wonderful day, one of you will be given the chance to ascend and become a god! Ahh, time truly does fly." Ariel clapped her hands in glee.

    "One of us?" Grim's pupils constricted

    "Ah yes, only one. The other has to die." Ariel said nonchalantly.

    Jyn held his fathers coat tightly and shivered.

    Grim pointed at Ariel, hate and grievance shone in his eyes in equal measure. "Why? Why are you doing this? You're an almighty god right? why couldn't you just create some random person and make them a god? Why did you create us and make us suffer!!"

    Grim's voice grew louder as the anger and resentment he kept deep within himself burst fourth like an almighty flood. "Why!? Tell me! LOOK ME IN THE EYE YOU DAMN MONSTER AND TELL ME!"

    "Oh?" Ariel chuckled.

    Grim looked as the mist covering her eyes faded away, from the disappearing mist emerged vibrant golden eyes like two golden stars of ultimate power but there was something else. Something that almost shattered his fragile mind, something that gave him an instinctive feeling of terror.

    Within her golden indifferent eyes was an abyss of absolute madness!

    Ariel's once untainted Golden eyes were now warped and if one stared too long they would go insane. Grim turned his head away, he didn't dare look.

    Ariel tilted her head. "Why you ask? No reason" She smiled sweetly like a grinning devil.

    Grim hoped for a better reason but as soon as he saw her eyes, he knew that this goddess was no monster, she was a pure evil demon. There was no real reason behind her actions. Probably only a morbid curiosity at best.

    To her, Grim, his family, his entire race were just ants in an ant farm.

    "Now, enough chatter! Hurry up and kill each other!" Ariel looked eagerly at the two who were shivering in fear.

    Grim managed to get ahold of himself and stopped his shaking hands. He turned around and looked at his son with a gentle gaze.

    He dropped his battle worn rifle and smiled. Pulling him into a hug, Grim whispered into Jyn's ear.

    "Jyn my son.. my child.. Your mother and me will always love you. The days we spent together before the calamity were the happiest moments in our lives and I hope you remember that too, in your heart." Grim patted Jyn's chest.

    "Remember our love, our little farm, Beansprout. Forget the sadness, the hurt, the pain. Be kind my son." Grim looked into his son's eyes and wiped the tears away.

    Grim turned around with his back facing Jyn. "You know what to do son."

    Grim heard the cocking of a gun behind him, he smiled as he stared at the peerless madwoman in front of him. Her eyes no longer scared him and for the first time in a long time, he felt free.

    "Dad.. I know now, the night mother disappeared, you gave me something to drink and I blanked out. I know now that to save me from the buzzing beast she sacrificed herself and I hate you both for it. But I love you both so much.. I.. I can't! I can't kill you too dad! I'm sorry!"


    Grim's mind went blank, he quickly turned around there lay his son, bleeding from his temple limp and lifeless on the ground.

    He ran over to his son's corpse, his trembling hand outstretched holding the lifeless Jyn in his arms.

    "I.. " Grim didn't know what to say, disbelief, denial and emptiness filled his being.

    Ariel clicked her tongue in disappointment, an unamused expression covered her face. "Tsk, could have been a little more exciting.. "

    Grim held his son while rocking back and forth singing a lullaby he often sang to him when Jyn was a baby. His eyes were empty, his expression soulless.

    ♪"Sleep, baby, sleep, Your father tends the crop, Your mother shakes the dreamland tree, And from it fall sweet dreams for thee, through the clouds, You'll fly high, Along with your mother and I, Together forever, sleep well my son.. "♪

    Grim took the gun from his son's hand and held it to his head.


    Ariel put her hands on her hips and giggled. "I can't have you doing that, you have a decision to make."


    "Don't be like that, come on. You shouldn't get so worked up over such a small thing." Ariel smiled as she stretched out her lithe arm and wiggled her finger from side to side. It was as if she were scolding a naughty child.


    Ariel sighed and decided to ignore Grim's futile efforts to kill himself. "Now, since I'm a benevolent god, I'll give you two choices. You can either become a god or you can refuse. Of course if you refuse you'll get to spend the rest of your life on your home planet, living out the rest of your days in peace or.. you could kill yourself. Doesn't really matter to me. Though.. "

    Ariel looked at the barren world below and chuckled. "I wouldn't wanna live on that shit hole, so what's your choice?"


    "Don't be so hasty.. " Ariel walked behind grim and whispered in his ear. "If you choose the first option I'll bring back your family."

    Grim turned around with bloodshot eyes staring directly at Ariel.

    "I'll do it!" He shouted as quickly as he could reply, afraid the terrible goddess before him would suddenly renege on her offer.

    "Wise choice." Ariel nodded her head with a satisfied expression.

    Ariel raised her arm and pointed at Grim with her finger which glowed with a shining radiance. "Grim, do you accept this godhood? The one who is there beside every mortal, immortal and god? The one who records those under his watch without rest unfailing in his eternal duty, the one who takes the spirit and sends them to their destination whether that be oblivion, limbo, reincarnation or valhalla?"

    Grim reached out his finger until it touched Ariel's, he shouted with determination. "I do!"

    "You have witnessed, caused and felt it countless times.. Now accept the title of DEATH!" Ariel shouted, her holy voice rippling through the cosmos.

    As a black light engulfed Grim, Ariel stood back and waited.

    After a while the black light converged into a tall figure, it was Grim only he was now 6'4 and a bit bony as if he had atrophied. His eyes glowed a pale light and his black hair had turned grey and withered. He wore an ancient looking black business suit that shimmered with a red glow. In his hand was a worn 1970's briefcase with shifting patterns on it.

    "Well that was boring, I was hoping they'd fight each other." A playful voice sounded from behind Ariel.

    A girl with bright red hair like scarlet fire appeared, it was styled in a cleopatra bob. She had little black head wings and a crown of primordial chaos hovered above her head. She was 5'8, had a fit physique and modest chest, not too big just enough to fit in the palm, her nails were long and shaped like the sharpest blades.

    Her brows curved upward like a dragon, her face was matchless with a refined nose, oval lips and blazing red eyes. She wore a long sleeved pink upper robe and a short black and gold skirt that showed off her toned legs. This fiery girl exuded an air of mischievousness.

    "I thought it was brilliant, the look on his face when his child died.. so exquisite! Ahh, it's amazing how life can bring so much despair." A woman appeared out from the void. She was 5'10, had long flowing ebony hair darker than the center of black holes and wore a white dress dotted with gold flowers that clung tightly to her voluptuous physique, the dress was so long it dragged behind her like a crystal river.

    The peaks on her chest were large and mountainous, they swayed as she walked as they were not tightly bound by her loose dress. On her head were a pair of azure headwings and a crown of green mist, in place of gems were beautiful flowers and crystal vines. With emerald green eyes, a perky nose, seductive heart shaped lips and elegant black eyebrows she radiated an aura of limitless vitality and sacredness.

    "Their very existence is a breeding ground for chaos, if it wasn't for mother I would have reformed them long ago." With a flash of light another woman appeared, she was quite tall, at least 6'0. Her violet hair hung just to below her jaw and became shorter as it moved to the back, it was perfectly cut and had no deviations. Her nose was straight with a little upturn and she had an ovoid face, straight eyebrows and amethyst eyes that glowed with an eerie light. She was wearing a plated dress made of unknown metals, intricate runes and designs shone from the many metallic layers that made up her outfit.

    Her headwings were colored shiny chrome, the crown on her head was made of of pure light and if one stared too long they would go blind, the gems mounted on the crown looked suspiciously like miniature suns. Even though her body was well hidden behind her dress, you could deduce from her outline that she was truly ample and luscious. From the engravings on her dress to the hairs on her eyebrows, everything about her was absolutely symmetrical and the feeling she gave others was stable and secure shrouded in holiness.

    "MAMA! MAMA!"

    Ariel heard a childish but infinitely cute voice, a big smile crept on her face and her eyes shone with a motherly light.

    One last girl appeared out of nowhere and jumped into Ariel's embrace. The girl was the smallest out of the previous 3 who came before. She was only 4'10, her chest had two very delicate but tiny hills. Compared to the women from before this girl was as flat as colorado plains but it was quite appropriate considering she looked just like a child.

    Her hair was long and white like the iris flower. Her headwings were clear like crystal and the crown on her little head was made up of something Ariel had seen before when she became a god outside of reality, it was nothingness. The only way to tell there was a crown on the little girls head was how the background disappeared when you looked. It was quite surreal.

    She had a cute button nose and small pouty lips and her dress was a dull grey. It was as simple as simple could be with no patterns or designs just plain grey. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of silver that glittered in the light.

    The four of these girls, who were peerlessly beautiful and as fair as jade were her beloved daughters.

    The cute girl buried her tiny head between the planetary bodies that sprung from Ariel's chest.

    "Mmm.. so comfy" The little girl mumbled.

    The beasts on Ariel's dress were angry at the little girls intrusion and snarled at her, one of them pounced at the girl with it's claws outstretched.


    The little girl slapped the beast to oblivion causing a ripple like wave on Ariel's bosom.

    "Ah.. " A sensitive moan escaped Ariel's lips. She pulled the little girls soft fleshy cheek and scolded. "Naughty girl."

    After the instant death of their companion, the other small beasts whimpered in fear before retreating to the furthest reaches of the dress.

    "Mama why did you go? You have to stay with me!" The girl pouted angrily at Ariel.

    Ariel smiled wryly and replied. "Mama had business to attend, she can't always be by your side."

    The little girl's eyes went dark and began seeping nothingness, anything that it touched whether it was the air or the ground below disintegrated. "It's.. always.. They're.. always.."

    "Shit! She's gonna blow!" The red headed girl cursed before escaping into the void.

    "Oh my, how terrifying." The woman with the exaggeratedly long dress and shiny black hair ripped a tear in space before jumping into it.

    "Within nothingness.. not even order can exist!" The tall woman with the violet hair jumped off the platform and flew into the void, her armored dress began to move all over her body until she disappeared and in her place was a 3 meter tall bronze trapezohedron, glowing silver engravings covered it's surface in perfect symmetry. It speed away at inconceivable speeds.

    "Ahem!" Grim cleared his throat nervously, although he could feel an unending power surging within himself, he didn't care. All he wanted now was to see his family again.

    Grim shook away the nervousness and asked. "Could you bring my family back as you promised?"

    The little girl ears perked up when she heard Grim talking, she got down from Ariel's embrace and turned around.

    When Grim saw her he was frightened more than he had ever been before. The eyes of the little girl in front of him had disappeared, in their place was two whirlpools of nothingness. Even her body had begun to radiate it so much so that the fabric of reality around the girl dissipated as if it never existed.

    With his new power he could sense many new things and the feeling this girl was giving him was dangerous beyond comprehension.

    "It's all because of you that Mama can't be with me so.. BEGONE!!!" With a cute shout, the little girl lifted her arm and brought it down in a slashing motion.

    Within the next moment, Grim along with half the pyramid and even half the planet Telos below were gone. Not even the stars in the distance were spared as they too had disappeared.

    The little girl clapped her hands as if to remove the dust from them.

    "Hehe, now mama has no more business and she can play with me!" As she smiled, two cute little canine teeth revealed themselves.

    A shadow sneakily materialized behind the unsuspecting girl.

    "Uwa!" The little girl shouted in surprise as she was suddenly picked up.

    Ariel's eye twitched in frustration as she looked at the cute little girl whose stomach was now resting on her lap.

    "Mama what are you doing!?" The girl cried out.

    "Discipline." Ariel replied with a cold voice.

    The little girl shivered as she heard that, her eyes began to grow wet.

    Ariel turned her head to the side and waved her hand. Grim along with his wife Laura and Jyn his son materialized on what remained of the pyramid platform. With another wave of her hand a portal appeared beside them.

    "You have your family now go, I'll talk to you later about your future obligations." She remarked sternly.

    Grim looked down at his dead world and sighed, he hugged his baffled wife and son then bowed. The family briskly left through the portal. He knew he shouldn't stick around considering he just got erased by that terrifying girl.

    "Mama please don't, I was wrong." The girl pleaded with puppydog eyes.

    A mischievous smile crept onto Ariel's face, she placed her hand on the struggling girl's bottom.

    The little girl squirmed like a frightened kitten.

    "Ahh so soft! It's been a while since I've disciplined you." Ariel remarked, she raised her hand slowly.

    "Mama noooo!"


    A loud clap shook the surrounding void.
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    Each time stamp is a link to individual posts, if you want to create a table of contents in your OP.
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    i don't care about your novel. you're not god. you may be A GOD but you are not THE GOD.i am THE GOD. the one and only baby. ha ha
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    You ain't God. You are dog(your pfp)
    My joke sucked ass and I want to die
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    I AM BECOME DEATH isn't grammatically correct.
    Unless you are going for SEAnglish, of course.
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    It's a reference to J. Robert Oppenheimer. :blobReach:
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    * It's from the Bhagavad Gita. Oppenheimer quoted Vishnu.
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