Other Request I am looking for There is An Apocalyptic Man In the Village

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Maybe someone will know or willing to translate this? ☺️

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    This a Yaoi novel and i am searching for the proper translation instead of MTL.

    This is the summary i got from MTL
    "Rebirth in the last days, Wu Qingyuan just wanted to find a safe place to live well.
    Using the memory of his previous life, he has made sufficient preparations in modern times, buying materials, redeeming gold bars, and successfully passing through with spatial objects and abilities.
    Faced with the ancient world where traffic relies on walking, communication relies on roaring, and public security can only rely on native dogs, Wu Qingyuan said that this is not a problem. He just came here to find a wife who is warm in bed…
    A few months later.
    Wu Qingyuan: Matchmaker, help me find a kiss.
    Matchmaker: Whose is it?
    Wu Qingyuan: Lin Shugen’s family.
    Matchmaker: What? It’s the one who is so ugly and ugly that he doesn’t know how to be reserved and still can’t get married…Lin Ge’er? ! !
    Wu Qingyuan: Yes, I like him. (Smile and blush)
    Matchmaker: Pour…

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    Search keyword: Protagonist: Wu Qingyuan Supporting role: Too many Others: Too much"