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    When you’re possessed in a novel, even a wicked woman is possessed by aristocratic love.
    Nam Joo was possessed by the final monster to kill, the devil’s daughter.

    “It’s your favorite finger necklace!”
    The Maas whose basic base is kidnapping and murder.
    I couldn’t live with these guys for 5,000 years.

    Hang in there, just play the role as the original and go to the next novel!

    God, can there be such a coincidence?
    I can’t believe I’m picking up a man.

    Besides, what eight-year-old Kiel says is unusual.

    “You can eat it.”
    “Hey… I’ll raise you hard, so come and kill the devil’s daughter later.”


    He appeared like a ray of light on the dark mausoleum.
    You have to kill me like the original.

    “I’ll do whatever Bella wants, so… come next to me.”

    He’s becoming more and more obsessed with me.
    His slender fingers grazes his knuckles, touching his deep heart.

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    Just found out about this series. Honestly... if this was the afterlife, I'd welcome it. Not the eternal good/d*mnation thing, reincarnated based on virtues thing (p.s I have no intention of insulting the religion of others. I'm a catholic irl. Just mentioning this just in case) but the fact that in a long wait to your next reincarnation, you'd get to read novels or have some level of entertainment (heck, I don't think I'd want to leave after that, unless my reading ended on some cliffhanger permanently.) while waiting for your next life.
    MC and the other dead souls have a legitimate excuse to either follow the novel or change it (they actually have permission to, ofc with the consequence: Once you change it, live with it and stick to your choice)
    Interesting take since ML is aware of future events! Yay~ Not double reincarnation, just unintended brought together by the same spell that had unintended/backfired effects. Makes me curious how he'll fall for her now
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    I like it gives a reason so many people keep getting reincarnated into web novels they read. With the ammount of people that die every day the que to reincarnate is 800+ years, and waiting around that long in the afterlife could damage the soul. So people are reincarnation into novels just taking up time.
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    Bumping this thread
    Asking for spoilers if we've reached the moment Kiel is ordered to leave by MC to train, or their inevitable reunion where MC thinks the plot is back on track (basically chapter 1)
    I assume MC failed in reforming the demon kingdom with a bit of human customs? But then again, she has come to care for them to an extent if she ordered them to leave her alone in the throne room

    Also: MC just pops out her phone in the recent updates. Does she ever use the one time option thing before it disappears permanently?
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    Bumping this thread again. Very curious on how Kiel will fall for MC
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    Bump. Read the latest chapter, ML can actually see the phone?
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    Is this good? The cover looks amazing, srsly I'm weak when it comes to a woman with black hair and red eyes.
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    Depends on your definition of good. You're free to judge for yourself after you read it but to summarize everything. Bear in mind, I haven't read this in a while
    MC=basically went with the trial version of reincarnating in a novel plot (normally would wait centuries with the long line of reincarnated individuals). The OGstory wasn't really that popular but the MC and a fellow deceased soul admits that you can appreciate all forms of media once you die. So, back to MC. MC reincanates as the daughter of the demon lord and is the curremt de facto leader because her father is in a coma? Because she did not read the rules and being reincarnated in a bloody-ish setting as a demon lord's castle full of grosteque like demons, MC attempts to cast magic to speed up time so she could die and reincarnate in another plot. Again, because she did not read the rules, her casted magic was actually a time travel of 10 years prior. By rules of time travelling and changed plot in-universe, she just has to own her decision but MC would still prefer to have the plot go back in track (even nearly abandoning the ML on the street so he could awaken his powers but because of MLs pleas, she decides to enlist him in a knight's training once he becomes an adult and instead has someone teach him how to read and basic etiquette (in preparation to his OGending being crowned emperor). Based on ch.1, she has come to an extent, to care for the demons eventually, enough to lie to their face to leave her alone with the hero/ML and should guard a much farther area (hoping they could escape once she gets killed). To summarize her chara, just wants a normal human-ish life + luxury without being surrounded by gore and grosteque demon figures
    ML=initially shocked at his second chance in life but is extremely thankful for the opportunity MC provided him. To an extent, it has been shown he's mental state is degrading back to a child (since while mentally, he went back in time, he can no longer read and has to be re-taught by MC and demon subordinates)
    Both respects and is using MC at his second chance in life not to experience his rough childhood at least and is studying hard
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    Bumping this because we had an update. A bit confused on today's update and I know I've already mentioned the fact Kiel has mentally regressed to an extent (since he can't read again) but today's update on events felt weirder for me
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    This novel has 137 chapters.
    Episode 11

    Kissing will relase the curse.

    The ghost began to shed tears of blood.

    "Save me!"

    Bella raised her hand with a cold face. I wanted to make you suffer so much that you said you wanted to die.

    "I hid the land documents in the mansion!"

    Bella stopped moving at the sound.

    I had to solve the financial problem as soon as the novel was organized.

    I could've saved my life, but I've already found it fun buying Kiel's clothes.

    Bella asked, only cutting off her ghost's neck.


    "That… There is a device in the kid's room that goes down to the secret space."

    "Is that so? Guide me."

    I headed carefully to the secret space that the ghost told me without hesitation.

    When I lit the candle, it was just a place where there was a desk that I had caught a lot. The seemingly useless vials were full of them.

    "Is this a land document?"

    "No, these are love potion..."

    Bella snorted. They were empty bottles that didn't seem to be effective at all.

    "One drop of Succubus's blood will be more effective."

    When I looked around, there was something on the desk that looked like a safe.

    "If you save me, I'll give you the password."

    "What did you say?”

    Bella grabbed the handle of her safe and lightly tore it off as if to relieve her stress.

    I gulped with my throat without a ghost trying to survive with a password.

    There were some envelopes in the safe.

    I dusted off and checked the contents slowly.

    Seeing that the seal was clearly stamped, I didn't think it was a lie.

    “Will… will you save me?"

    "I never made such a promise."


    "Zhanbar, throw her into the demon world. Tell the kids to play ball."

    Zhanbar thought Bella was uselessly affectionate, but Jenkins felt very vicious.


    There was a commotion, and many changes were made in the mansion.

    Zhanbar was no longer cocky to Kiel.

    “In the future, every time you bad talk to Kiel, I will take out one of your nails.”

    It wasn't just Bella's warning.

    It was because of Kiel's innocent question.

    "How is Zhanbar so strong?"

    Zhanbar heard the word 'compliment' for the first time.

    When I was in the demon world, the generals kept each other in check, and even when we moved into the human world, they were always scolded by Bella.

    "Why, kid. You want to become stronger too?"

    He tried to sarcastically try not to show off his good mood.

    "Yes, I want to be like Zhanbar."


    At first, I thought Kiel would be bored here, so I trained him this and that.

    Kiel's physical strength did not follow that much, but his hard work made Zhanbar serious.

    Then, once Bella said, ‘I did a good job bringing Zhanbar to you', I drew in his enthusiasm and devoted himself to the training.

    Thanks to this, the spring passed, and by the time summer came, Kiel's face began to turn color.

    Jenkins also paid close attention to Kiel's education.

    Based on the 'Basic Common Sense' that Bella revealed in her novel, she even planned her own Curriculum.

    "Oh, my God, did Kiel learn all this already?"

    “He’s smarter than I thought."

    "Aren't you roughly doing it?"

    "If you ask a question, he’ll answer all the questions."

    Bella looked at Jenkins and brought out her thick book from her library.

    "Then I'll use this..."

    “My Lady."


    "Isn't that too much? I'm not all-round."

    Bella looked slightly different. In fact, I know more than anyone else that Jenkins has been struggling for the past few months.

    "If it wasn't for Sir Zhanbar..."


    "It's not like that, I cook, clean, and teach, but it's impossible anymore because I have one body. The mansion is also spacious."

    Bella laughed brightly in front of Jenkins, who was crying.

    "Don't worry about that! I've got a new maid!"


    "But Jen seemed to be having a hard time, so I put a pipe in the demon world!"

    Jenkins stumbled slightly.

    "Why did you call me Jen?"

    "Okay, so make sure to read this beforehand."

    The new maid was the biggest change.

    "Now, let me introduce you. Her name is Pur, who ran hard for me in the animal kingdom."

    Pur, who came over through the summoning circle created in the human world runs through the forest day and night without stopping to the mansion.

    She finally arrived.

    "I thought I was going to die on my way here, but I had rice cake."

    Fortunately, it wasn't the bear's scary appearance when Purr was in the demon word.

    Kiel looked her like a walking teddy bear, and Kiel touched Pur’s fur.

    "But who’s next to you? I think I only asked Pur to come. "

    Then Pur pounded her chest with confidence.

    "That's my friend! I brought him here because he said he knew the best about the human world!"

    "Hello! Senior Succubus Ywer!

    Bella covered Kiel's eyes as soon as she saw Ywer, who was taking off her shabby robe and greeting him.

    "...Put on your robe again."

    Ywer, with blue hair, was wearing underwear as if she was naked.

    "You go back."

    "Oh, Princess. Don't you need a maid? I'm better than the soles of the bear's feet."

    Bella frowned.

    "Yes, go back."

    "Hmm… sure."

    Ywer approached Jenkins, who was across from her, and, with a very quick hand movement, pierced Jenkins' chest with her hand.

    "What are you doing?"

    "I put my heart in it."

    Jenkins also looked quite surprised.

    "Now if I'm not around, he'll die."

    Bella was so full of energy that she let out a smile.

    "Are you threatening me in front of me?"

    "Threats. I ask you for a chance."

    “Anyway, this heart will come back to me in 5 years, right? Until then, if Princess don't like me, I'll go back without saying anything."

    Ywer's trick was to reverse the demon's promise.

    Normally, the demon has a human heart, and the demon follows humans in order not to die.

    'How clever of you to use it like that.'

    She was quite smart, like a Succubus putting humans on her palm.

    "There's nothing you might like here, why do you want to be there? I think you’d better if you went back now. "

    Then Ywer grinned and buried her face in Jenkins' chest.

    "Oh, my God, princess. Here's what the Succubus are going crazy about."

    Bella thought while hugging Kiel more tightly.

    The most helpful thing in this mansion right now was Jenkins, an anti-demon tribe.

    ‘Okay, my purpose is to follow the original as far as I can.'

    Without Jenkins, there was no confidence to raise Kiel well with bear and leopard in this mansion.

    Bella received a vow of obedience from all of them, saying,' Never let Kiel know you were a Demon.’

    Fortunately, Ywer and Pur seeped naturally as if they had been there from the beginning.

    In particular, Kiel seemed to get along well with Pur, like a teddy bear. She got along well, but that didn't mean she was good at work.

    "Pur. What are you doing?"

    Pur was spraying water on the floor and rolling her body.

    "I bought you a mop."

    "It's the same fur!"

    Who cleans up like that?

    "Hey! Don't hug Kiel with that dirty look!"


    Ywer replaced Jenkins in charge of the meal.

    "Ta-da! Today is Kebab, which is only eaten in Hwagook!"

    "Oh, my God... Jenkins, watch and learn."

    Bella had no complaints about Jenkins' food. It was good enough for humans to eat compared to what was offered to eat at the demon world.

    However, Ywer's cuisine was just a restaurant itself.

    She’s good at her job, but.

    "Of course, Hwagook men are more delicious."

    Sometimes it didn't fit into a house with two children lived.

    "First of all, the tan skin and the body are really..."

    "Hey, stop it."

    On the surface, the new maids were the biggest change, but inside, the biggest change was for Kiel.

    He enjoyed the comfort he had never experienced in his life.

    There are no nightmares because the ghosts are gone.

    He could learn as much as he wanted.

    First of all, Bella would come to Kiel's room and tell him fairy tales from time to time after that day.

    Watching Bella change her voice and act.

    If you look at it, Kiel unknowingly raised the corners of his mouth.

    "Eyuk. I ate an apple and fell down."

    With a look as if I ate an apple that was really poisonous.

    "Give me a piece of bread and I won't eat it!"

    When frighteningly imitating a tiger, I approached him as if to eat him dynamically and tickled Kiel.

    "You're not giving it to me? I'm gonna eat it, huh!"

    Kiel also liked Bella playing around like this.

    "So what happens later?"

    "Well... that's."

    Bella raised her eyes slightly.

    “The tiger who ate too much bread... has become a good bread..."

    The clumsy finishing seemed fun to Kiel.

    "Please tell me another story."

    "Well, do you want me to tell you about the princess who saves the cursed frog prince?"

    Kiel nodded his head. Actually, I pretended to like it, but I didn't really like that princess and prince series.

    I always hated the fact that the princess went through all the hardships and the prince showed up at the end.

    I also didn't like being happy after marrying the prince.

    'It's so unrealistic.'

    Usually, the successor to the throne has been married from a young age. Even if not, carefully select the person who will become the queen in the future.

    It was impossible for him to become the Crown Prince.

    'Is the place where Bella lives different?'

    Bella made a frog shape with her fingers and clenched her lips to make a “kiss” sound in the air.

    "The princess kissed the frog. Then muah! and the smoke came out."


    "The curse was lifted and the princess lived happily with the frog prince for a long time."

    I especially hated these parts.

    No matter how hard it is, a single kiss to get married.

    'Wait a minute. if so...'

    Kiel opened her eyes and grabbed Bella's hem.

    If a single kiss leads to a marriage.

    'I'm a kid now.'

    When Bella and his eyes met, she replied with a clear smile.


    "I have a question."

    "Yes, what is it?"

    "...what's a muah?”

    Bella's pupils shook.


    "How do you do that?"
    Episode 12

    Kiel's birthday

    "How do you do that?"

    Bella was a little embarrassed, but she quickly felt uncomfortable. Si-yoon, who was a three-year-old nephew in her previous life, said, "Auntie, kiss!"

    'No, didn't your mother even kiss you in your life?'

    Bella said she had nothing to worry about and she got closer and closer to Kiel.

    The ‘muah’ on his cheek sounded embarrassingly loud in the middle of the silence.

    "It's like this."

    How hard his life to not to have known this?

    "Kiss... only princesses can do it?"


    "Can only the prince and the princess do it?"

    Most of the fairy tale books Bella has read have been about princesses and princes.

    Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast...

    And most of the time, the curse was lifted by the prince's kiss.

    "No. Anyone can do it to someone they like."

    It was then.

    Kiel approaches Bella and kisses her cheek lightly.


    Bella's face turned red in an instant and was looking at Kiel as if the accident had stopped.

    Then Kiel spoke in a shy voice.

    “The person I like…."


    “Because I'm doing this to you...”

    This is a real heart attack.

    I was in possession of a novel with this taste.


    I came to the human world in spring, but in summer, the flowers planted in the garden were in full bloom, and in autumn, the mountains in the distance were colored with autumn leaves, and in winter, they were covered with pure white snow.

    After experiencing the four seasons, small daily routines passed, and in another fall, a distant mountain changed clothes with red leaves.

    Ywer, dressed in a maid outfit, said confidently.

    "Cheap! It's been a long time since I showed off my skills!"

    In the restaurant there was a splendid feast. Everyone looked around in astonishment at the ever-increasing number of branches.

    Zhanbar began by grumbling in front of various foods.

    "Huh. Why do you have to eat so much trouble, Won."

    "What day is it today?"

    "Today is your birthday!"

    Kiel opened his eyes in a bewildered way.

    "What, you didn't know?"

    In the novel, Kiel didn't know when his birthday was. Knowing that he was born in the fall, he just grew one year older after summer.

    But the day he learned that he was the prince.

    He had designated the day as his birthday in the sense of being born again.

    November 10th.

    They will designate this day as his birthday anyway, but it would not be bad to take care of it in advance.

    "Now, today is Kiel's tenth birthday."

    When Bella instructed her with her fingers, Pur handed out the prepared cone hat to everyone.

    "Oh, I love this!"

    Among the demonic brothers, the best match for a cone hat was a bear doll-like pur.

    Bella gave Kiel a paper crown directly on Kiel's head.

    "Our Kiel is the star of his birthday, so I'll give you the crown!"

    And I started singing while clapping my hand.

    "Happy birthday... Happy birthday."

    But no one was singing along and looking.

    Bella stopped singing and cleared her throat.

    "Guys, don't you guys sing?"

    The demonic brothers were watching each other.

    They were putting off answers to each other, saying,'You tell me.'

    Eventually, the anti-demon Jenkins sighed briefly and said.

    “Because I've never heard of this song before."

    The next year's birthday, I thought I had to teach the song first, so I served the cake to Kiel, who was sitting next to me.

    "Now, Kiel. Do you have any wishes?

    Unlike Bella, who was smiling brightly, Kiel seemed to crack his ever peaceful daily life.

    '…How does Bella know my birthday?'

    However, this question was soon followed by the explanation that Kiel had come back 10 years.

    How would Bella react if she knew he was ten years older?

    Oh, my God.

    The last time he pretended to be innocent and asked what a kiss was all about was in his mind.

    While Kiel hesitated, Pur said first.

    "I want to hunt after a long time!"

    Starting with Pur, Ywer also raised her hand.

    "I've been to the city, and I've been to men's..."

    "Then can I eat him?"

    "The humans who are missing regularly would be tasteless, are you okay?"

    Bella covered Kiel's ears with her hands and stared at the demons. Jenkins then calmed down the excited demons.

    "The wish is for the birthday boy on his birthday."

    "I want to be the main character too! But when is my birthday?"

    The demons, who had no sense of date, didn't bring anything like a birthday.

    Bella replied with as much patience as she wanted to scream.

    "Yes, it's to celebrate the day you were born."

    "Humans celebrate everything."

    Instead of getting angry, Bella cut Zhanbar's upper body in half.

    “Sir Zhanbar is so fast-paced that he's funny. I or Pur would take 3 days if it was cut off."

    "Why do you keep messing with the The Lady, Sir Zhanbar?"

    When Jenkins grabbed Zhanbar's upper body, Zhanbar got angry.

    "I don`t need your help."

    "Oh my God, Jen. He don't need your help. How can he say that cruelty?"

    "Stop getting tangled up."

    Bella didn't listen to the demons anymore and asked Kiel again.

    "Kiel, it's your birthday today, so tell me anything you want to do."

    "Why is today... is my birthday?"

    Bella whispered a ready answer to Kiel.

    "It's a secret, but in fact, an angel came to teach me at night."

    Isn't it better to be an angel than to be taught by the Demon?

    Fortunately, the demons were quarreling with each other over whether they hadn't heard.

    Kiel nodded, though he was somehow nervous for some reason.

    "Kiel, is there anything you want to do? What do you want?"

    Kiel mumbled and grabbed Bella by the hem.

    "Huh? Do you want me to buy you clothes?"

    Kiel answered after a long murmur.

    “I… I want to do the prince."

    Bella laughed as she stroked Kiel's hair. Oh my gosh. You have been a prince from the beginning.

    "Yes. Today, Kiel is the prince."

    And she talked to the demons struggling with each other with useless words at the table.

    "Okay, today Kiel is the prince, so everyone should call Kiel the prince! Okay?”

    "Where is such a weak prince?”

    Bella twitched her lips as Zhanbar sarcastically.

    'Are you crazy to be your piece?'

    Kiel, who became a prince today, blushed and said in a whisper.

    "Because I’m the prince, you play with the princess...”

    But then Pur raised her hand and said,

    "I want to do something with the prince then!"



    Bella kept smiling around her mouth, but she was sweating inside.

    From the birthday song until now, Bella hasn't had a single favorite.

    ‘What are you playing tag with the prince? What's wrong with you?'

    Pur rummaged around in the drawer, took out several eye patches and put them on the table.

    "If you cover your eyes with this, the tagger will catch you. You can eat the one the tagger caught!"

    "Do you eat the moon? Are you crazy?"

    "Obviously, Ywer going to chatch the prince and eats him.”

    “I said it was...”

    As everyone's eyes turned to Ywer, Ywer took out his tail and fiddled with it.

    "Oh, my. I'm not saying that."


    Bella's expression cooled off quickly.

    Jenkins, who was looking at her complexion, hurried to mediate the situation.

    "Well, why don't you play tag in the human world instead of tag in the animal kingdom?"


    Kiel and Bella hated both, but they sighed at them who were already excited and out of control.

    That's how the tag began.

    It's not the weird tag that Ywer said, it's the normal tag.

    The demons who went out into the garden held their feet in shackles so that Kiel could catch them.

    "Isn't this too much?"

    "Look at the stride. I'm playing tag with humans, and I'll have to do that."

    Pur was the first to become a tagger by playing rock-paper-scissors.

    "Then I'll go!"

    As soon as Bella started playing the game, she felt "awkward."

    Pur ran on all fours and caught Jenkins first. It's only been a few seconds.

    "This is a foul."

    "Yeah, run on both feet, no matter what!"

    Then Zhanbar said 'Ket' and turned into a human again with red smoke.

    'You were trying to play tag as a leopard, too.'

    Jenkins became a tagger again. He ran pretty sleeker than I thought. The moment he tried to catch Ywer right in front of me.

    "Aren't I a foul play?"

    "Acknowledge the foul. Don't fly."


    More than I thought, tag with demons seemed to be out of common sense.

    Kiel, who is running away with small steps, runs like a small beast.

    "Hey! Kiel fell down!"

    When Kiel became a tagger, they ran far enough to be unable to catch up.


    When Bella cut Zhanbar in half, Kiel managed to catch the cut Zhanbar.

    "Isn't this cheating, too?"


    Then Pur let out her anger and whined.

    “My Lady, you're so mean!"


    "Why do you always like him?"

    Bella approached Kiel, covered him and stared at the other demons.

    'Why are you so serious? What about these guys?'

    I'm a little serious when I work.

    "Kiel is a child."

    "I'm a baby bear, too!"

    "I heard you've been born 200 years."

    Bella stared at Pur, but Zhanbar nodded at Pur's words.

    "A bear of 200 is still a baby."

    "That's right! Gomsaeng starts at the age of 500! Please like Pur, too!"

    "Okay. I like Pur too. Okay?”

    "Wow! I'm excited! I want to have my birthday!"

    When Pur ran to Bella and hugged her, Bella frowned slightly.

    It's not simple.

    She is said to have been designated as her maid before Bella was born.

    'Well, she looks like a doll, so I'll let it go.'

    Bella then turned her head and faced Kiel, who was staring at her.

    "Are you hurt?"

    “I’m all right."

    "Shall we stop playing tag?"

    Kiel nodded as if he had waited.

    "Kiel, is there anything else you want to do because you're the prince today?"

    "Well, then, because it's a prince..."

    Kiel was a little embarrassed, but he blushed and said word by word.

    A wish that can only be said at this age. He grabbed Bella's hem tightly.

    "The princess and the match..."

    It didn't mean to take any time. Pur snatched it and said again.

    "Can I be a prince tomorrow?"

    "Oh, then you do it tomorrow."

    Bella managed to pull the Pur off as if she were bothered.

    Kiel was frustrated. Why are there so many interruptions to me telling a wish?

    He hurried to tell Bella his wish in fear of being interrupted again.

    "I want to get married, Pri…”

    Then Pur raised her hand again.

    "Oh! Then Pur will get married tomorrow!"

    "Then we can marry a master and Pur."


    Kiel bit his lips tightly.

    'I should be the prettiest.'
    Episode 13

    If you lie down right after you eat, you'll become a cow.

    Kiel tried to make an excuse in a hurry.

    But Bella's words made it impossible to make excuses.

    "No, you can't marry humans and animals."

    The atmosphere quickly turned sour.

    Jenkins, a half-demon, was looking at the floor coldly.

    Kiel was looking at Bella a little puzzled.

    Isn't it common in the animal kingdom to marry a human princess and a frog prince?'


    After Kiel's birthday, the smell of lonesome autumn and cold winter seemed to coexist in the mansion.

    Kiel thought for a long time, recalling Bella's words.

    In the fairy tale she reads, the prince and the princess can live happily anyway.

    Can't we really connect with humans and animal kingdom people?

    Come to think of it, he had never heard of the animal kingdom while he was locked up in the palace for three years and was educated as a prince.

    'It must be a closed place.'

    All members are animals, but if there is exchange, there is no way the Empire wouldn't know.

    What does it matter? I'm not going to be an animal.'

    He is the person who will become the prince anyway, and when he returns to the Imperial Palace, the relationship here will eventually live forever in the past.

    '...yes, it doesn't matter.’

    But before I knew it, I was lying on the sofa.

    If Kiel was a little depressed, Jenkins was on the verge of depression.

    Jenkins was reporting his routine in Bella's study as usual.

    Then he sighed as he looked at Zhanbar, who was picking up fallen leaves.

    "What's wrong?"

    Bella was worried about Jenkins, who had no strength from a few days ago. He's the only one who can use it in the mansion.

    Jenkins has been thinking about it for a long time and has spoken out.

    "What you said last time on your birthday."

    "Oh, happy birthday song?"

    "No, about marriage."

    Bella briefly looked in the air and recalled what happened that day.


    "Humans and demons... Sigh."

    When Jenkins sighed instead of speaking, Bella realized that he was half a demon.

    The demons hated humans, but Bella couldn't hate it because she was possessed in the first place.

    "Hey, I have no prejudice. It's because Pur was too much at the time. Rather, I like humans better."

    No matter how young children play, I didn't like Kiel, who will be the future crown prince, playing wedding games with a bear.

    That's Bella's best.

    "Jenkins, it's real."

    However, Jenkins' mood seldom showed any signs of improvement.

    'Hmm, can't we do anything about it?'

    Bella pondered.

    "I'll tell you the biggest secret."


    "Kiel is actually a Prince."

    At that time, Jenkins frowned and looked at Bella. What kind of nonsense is that?

    "Oh... yes."

    "I'm telling you, he was playing wedding games, and I purposely stopped him just in case he made a mistake and signed a contract with the demon.”


    "Think about it.

    "lets think. Your opponent is Pur, isn't it?"

    As Jenkins listened to Bella, it sounded more and more plausible.

    Later on, Pur didn't even know what marriage was.

    The family of Pur, a prominent general family, was exterminated 200 years ago, and she lived in the wilds of the demon world until young Bella discovered it.

    So she's not much different from 300-year-old Jenkins, but she's acting so young.

    This is also a story told by Ywer, although it wasn't reliable.

    I've seen with my own eyes that Pur is only having accidents without such a background.

    "I know that this is because the lady cherishes him.”

    But Jenkins found it hard to believe that Kiel was the prince.

    "Being a prince, it wouldn't be that. Doesn't all of the royal family deal with magic? The master has no talent at all for magic."

    Bella shook her head and said firmly.

    "You say he’s smarter than his peers. Prince or would he have that kind of hair?"

    "...maybe he's just smart."

    "If you don't believe it, don't. Get out."

    "I don't reject being an anti-demon. I told you because I trust you the most."

    He looked back instead of going out.

    Bella looked at the book for a long time and said bluntly.

    "What are you looking at? Get out."

    Jenkins sighed as he left the study.

    ‘Anyway, it’s tough.’

    Still, a smile spread around my mouth. Unlike his predecessor, I was grateful to see him without prejudice.

    Jenkins pondered over Kiel lying on the sofa.

    'Is it true that you are the Prince?'

    I needed confirmation.

    “Young Master, let's have a class."

    Kiel kept lying on the sofa and ignored Jenkins.

    “I want to get up in a little while.”

    “If you lie down right after eating rice, you become a cow."

    Kiel then stared at Jenkins and asked.

    “Are you going to be a real cow? Does the animal kingdom have such magic as well?”

    "No way."

    Kiel looked a little disappointed.

    “Pur and Zhanbar didn’t lie down because they were afraid they'd be really cowed, but the Zhanbar said Bella was the law?"

    If there was such a magic, Jenkins would have used it earlier. As Jenkins frowned slightly, Kiel stood up.

    "I wasn't lying down to be a cow."

    "Oh... yes."


    Months have passed since then.

    As time went by, Kiel wanted to know about the Animal Kingdom. But he didn't find anything.

    It would be most accurate if you ask Bella, the princess there.

    "I'll let you know when you grow up."

    She blocked the question itself.

    And since then, we've been talking less about the animal kingdom.

    He approached the innocent Pur, but when the animal kingdom's ‘Dong’ comes out, she runs away, saying, "I don't know!"


    "Wouldn't the palace have more information?"

    It is a place with all knowledge like an empire, so there might be hidden knowledge.

    'To do that, you have to establish yourself faster than ever before.’

    He couldn't stay locked up in the room as he did before.

    To freely investigate, of course, he needed the strength to protect one of my lives.

    'Although I have always relied on the divine power of the pendant.'

    He made up his mind that he had to learn swordsmanship properly.

    Was it a coincidence, it was like Bella's idea.

    'I have to teach martial arts a little early.'

    There may be some danger to him who does not have divine power. He went to the imperial palace to learn swordsmanship properly, and he heard the sound of genius in the setting.

    On his last birthday, I realized when he was playing tag.

    'Too slow.'

    I forgot that his opponents were all demons.

    'Yes, a lion drops a cub off a cliff.'

    Bella called Jenkins.

    “Jen, I think I should buy some swords. Do you know how to watch?”

    “A sword? Who will use it?"


    Jenkins said, pondering.

    "It's hard to find a good sword in this country. You'd better look it up in a big city."

    "Really? Then get the carriage ready."

    Jenkins thought carriage would not be easy to get in this countryside.

    “The innkeeper gave it to me. You can use it anytime.”

    "Huh. That's right.”

    “I heard that the lady broke the house because he sold a haunted house.”

    Bella snorted her and crossed her arms.

    "What do you mean, I protested. I asked if there was anything like a story in this house, but he said there was no. It is clearly a violation of the duty to notify.”

    "That's why I asked for 10 gold. If he don't give it to me, I'll release the ghosts."


    "The innkeeper said you were like that ghost back then. It's bloody."

    Bella kicked Jenkins in the shin.

    "Be quiet and get ready to leave."

    A moment later, when Kiel came out to the entrance to the mansion, Bella thought hard about him.

    'It's Kiel's sword anyway, so it would be nice if we went together?'

    “Bella, where are you going?”

    "Yes, I'm going to buy some swords for you. Do you want to join me?

    Kiel looked at Bella with a little surprised eyes. He was just thinking about when he said he wanted to learn a sword.

    "You don't want to learn?"

    He shook his head quickly and quietly climbed into the carriage.

    Jenkins climbed to the coach, and Ywer jumped up into the carriage.

    "Oh, if Jenkins goes, I'll go, too.”

    Seeing Bella's gaze and sitting quietly, Kiel asked.

    “Why does Ywer follow Jenkins when he goes?”

    "I put my heart in Jenkins. Jenkins will die if I'm not around."

    Jenkins stared at Ywer and slammed the door of the carriage.

    Usually, when contracting with humans, the human heart is inserted into the Demon. In that state, when humans die, the Demon also dies, and even if the Demon is not with humans, it dies.

    It's a kind of insurance for humans, but Ywer using it reversely put it in Jenkins.

    'If you think about it, Ywer is also smart.'

    Maybe it's because she has been in contact with the people of Montmara a lot. Unlike Zhanbar and Pur, who are like a flying animal, she seemed to think.

    'If there are more kids like this, is it worth living?'

    Bella folded her arms as she watched Ywer acting differently.

    They were heading to the nearest metropolitan 'Daizer'. It was a place where it took about a day to get on the carriage.

    “Since Daizer is a Duchy, there must be a lot of good stuff.”

    “I'm glad then.”

    Kiel asked Jenkins one by one, looking at the outside scenery, if it was fun to travel in a carriage.

    “Jen, what is that?”

    “That's a temple. It's a place where you serve God."

    “Then, is that the largest temple in the south, the Heritian temple?”

    "That's right. It's the place with the most holy relics.”

    Relics were objects that contained divine power.

    It was natural for the human world to have many holy objects because the human world despised the demon world and worshipped the heavenly world.

    “It’s a holy thing…”

    "Bella, let's go to the temple next time."

    Bella answered Kiel's sudden proposal in a dazed manner.

    "Huh? Yes."

    Jenkins, who was on the opposite side, opened his eyes wide and said,'What are you going to do?' to Bella, and he only made a mouth shape, but Bella tried to avoid his gaze.

    "What if I get a chance?"

    "There are also loot from the demon world in the Temple of Heretia."

    "Wow, really?"

    It was a soulless reaction, but Kiel kept looking at the temple without noticing it.

    "Yes! What tail is it? The Temple of Heritia is the only one with loots.”

    What kind of tail do they call a loots? Bella shrugged at Jenkins' eye contact.

    It was then.

    I heard Ywer's scream from the corner.


    Then suddenly the carriage rattled and lost its balance and Bella pulled toward the seat.

    The carriage overturned, and Jenkins struck Bella's stomach.
    Episode 14

    The difference between humans and demons

    If this were Jenkins and Bella's lovebirds, they would have kissed, but fortunately their relationship was real.


    "No, did I fall down because I wanted to?"

    Bella was pushing Jenkins approaching her own with her feet, as if the parents were carrying their child on a plane.

    In the meantime, Kiel was holding it tightly in her arms.

    "Ywer! What's going on?"

    "It's fun!"

    "Are you having fun with this? I, get out of the way."

    "How do I get out of this state?"

    Jenkins didn't even have space to step on. Bella decided to let Kiel go first.

    "Kiel, would you like to go out through this window next to you?"


    When Bella and Jenkins supported Kiel, the small Kiel could easily get out of the window.

    "Can't you open the door?"

    "Yes, it must be broken."

    Kiel went out and Bella stood up in the remaining space.

    "The lady is a lot bigger than the master..."

    "What did you say."

    Bella immediately turned into a cat and walked lightly to the window.

    “How about me? Please take me out too!"

    Jenkins was screaming in the carriage, but Bella was annoyed and figured out the situation first.

    "What the hell is going on..."

    Apparently, a wheel was broken against a large rock.

    "Is this fun? Where are you driving with your eyes on? You should have avoided this!"

    “Employment suddenly flew from above!”

    Looking at Ywer's gesture, I could see that there was even a small landslide, the trees fell, and the soil was pouring out.

    "It didn't rain, but what a landslide."

    “I'm sorry!”

    Bella sighed and watched her carriage as a whole.

    “The wheel is completely broken.”

    “I know even if you don’t say it.”

    “Should I have to change it?”

    However, I’ve already reached the hillside, so what should I do? Bella set up the overturned carriage right away.

    "Lady, you're so cool."

    When the carriage was easily turned upside down with a thud, Ywer twisted her whole body as if she were going to flip.

    "Will Zhanbar turn into a leopard and pull the carriage?"

    "You need a wheel to roll."

    Bella filled her cheeks with air and folded her arms.

    If you're alone, you can just throw away the carriage, but there's Kiel here, and there's also succubus and half-demon, the weakest members of the Demons.

    Then Jenkins carefully presented his opinion.

    "Why don't you go down to town and bring the wheels?"

    It seems like you dare to put off work to the superiors, but it was actually the best way to do it.

    "Okay, I'll be back in an hour, so just eat your jug and relax."

    Bella was annoyed, but she was obedient to his opinion.

    She goes back to town, probably several times faster than they run and get to town.

    Bella took out the whole broken wheel and ran lightly to the village.

    'Well, there's a big deal.'

    The wheels of the carriage were easier than I thought.

    Nothing was exactly the right size, but if you just buy the same two front wheels, you will roll even if you tilt a little.

    "But the fragile little girl is carrying it alone?"

    "Shall we listen?"

    The tough men seem to speak in good faith, but even laughter sounded hideous.

    I don't feel so good.

    Sure enough.

    Even as Bella carried the two wheels as lightly as fluffy, they followed Bella and flirted.

    "Hey, little girl is strong, too."

    "You look pretty, too."

    If you look strong, you'll have to turn it off on your own.

    At that time, Bella felt a strange movement behind her.

    Bella was also an athlete when she was a police officer.

    Even then, she moved quickly, but now the reaction was so fast that everyone else's movement seemed slow.

    When Bella slightly avoided, the two nasty men naturally slid forward and fell.

    "Uh... this!"

    When they get up quickly and try to attack Bella.

    Bella hit each other with two wheels she was holding.

    "Those who will be knocked out by a blow are rushing."

    Bella frowned at the men who had their nose bleeding.

    'Why is it ominous?'

    An ominous premonition that something will happen.

    She hurried to the middle of the mountain, carrying two wheels back on her back like a bag.

    She sees a carriage in the distance, and she approaches, but no one is there.


    She laughed and said,'Stop playing’, but as soon as she saw the blood soaked under her carriage, her heart began to beat.

    Bella put down the wheels and kept looking around her, closing her eyes and liking the smell and sound.

    I could hear the breath of countless mountain animals, but I could not hear them at all.

    She closed her eyes and lifted and set her heels.

    Ywer and Jenkins, either of them Demon race, so she could summon them at any time.

    She summoned Jenkins and summoned Zhanbar to be in the mansion.

    "What's going on? Suddenly..."

    As soon as Zhanbar was summoned, As soon as Zan Bar was summoned, she saw Jenkins lying down and bit her mouth.

    Bella grabbed Jenkins by the collar and shook him wildly. I tried to wake him up by hitting him on the cheek, but he already had a lot of bruises on his face.

    "Jen, get up. What's going on? Where are Ywer and Kiel?"

    When I shook it quite a bit, Jenkins slowly opened his eyes to see as if his head was blank.

    "Oh, my lady..."

    "What about Ywer and Kiel? What happened?"

    “Cough, ha, it was a trap. It wasn't a landslide, it was thrown by bandits."

    "What about Kiel?"

    Jenkins gulped down and said,

    "Lady, they have a holy object. Be careful."

    "What about Kiel?"

    "First of all, I heard they said they were going to get blood of The Lady Ywer if they knew she was succubus.”


    "Hey, My Lady. You're not an adult yet, so you can't just release mana. If the holy people know you're in the human world..."

    Bella spoke again with her eyes wide open. What is the reason for the trailer so far?


    “He’ll be with Miss Ywer. The boy looks pretty…”

    Bella pushed Jenkins and closed her eyes.

    As soon as I checked the direction where Ywer was, I ran there.

    "Zhanbar, eat everything you see."

    "Jenkins... is..."

    But Zanbar's question was not in Bella's ear.

    The closer I got to Ywer, the more fragrant the smell of blood and another smell of blood from the tip of her nose, combined, irritating Bella's nose.

    Soon their home town was visible at a glance.

    It wasn't far away.

    Bella ran to the entrance, not even thinking of hiding.


    As soon as she appeared, the bandits began to scream and panic, then rush to attack Bella.

    'it's annoying. Really.'

    Bella grabbed them by the neck and smashed them. Zhanbar, who was following, was confused and dealt with the remnants.

    As I left the entrance to the slope, I saw a fairly large open space, and I saw several houses of bandits huddled over the open space.

    "Zhanbar, eat them all."

    Bella said so and immediately crossed the open space. Panicked bandits tried to go after her, but Zhanbar stopped them.

    'I can't eat everything like this...'

    However, he immediately bit off the necks of the bandits because he knew that if he answered back, he wouldn't be able to cut the bones.

    While Zhanbar was cleaning up, Bella opened the door one by one because she liked the strong smell of blood.

    Some bandits were surprised to see Bella, and the kidnapped children were seen.

    But Bella didn't care and opened the door to another house. Until she see Kiel.

    'I'm sure he’s here.’

    And when she opened the door to the place where the smell was intense, Bella was stunned.


    Ywer was placed on an altar-like place with a sword, and Ywer's blood was dripping below it.

    Inside, she was almost unconscious when she fell on the floor, all of which were covered with the smell of her blood.

    In addition, I could see Kiel sitting in a corner with a bandage around him.

    Pushing the rope hanging from the entrance of the door with her palm, Bella ran straight to Kiel.

    She had a slight sting in her grip on the rope, but blood began to form on her hands.

    “What is this, does it bleed like this just by touching it?”

    Bella was increasingly annoyed by it. But Kiel in front of her was first.

    "Kiel, will you wake up?"

    He looked hazy because of the smell of Ywer's blood.

    'I think what to do with the smell of this blood first.'

    Bella carried Kiel on her back to keep him safe for now.

    As soon as she went outside, she could see Zhanbar biting the neck of 1/3 of the bandits.

    "Hey, can't you get it done faster?"

    Jenkins told her not to release her mana, but she couldn't calm down when she saw Kiel hurt.

    The bandits faltered when an earthquake struck from the tip of Bella's toes.

    "If you're going to do this, you're going to start..."

    Even before Zhanbar's words were finished, the space with bandits collapsed as if the sinkhole collapsed.

    "Why didn't you do it.”

    "Go inside and take Ywer."

    When Zhanbar went inside, the remaining bandits attacked Bella.

    With Kiel on her back, Bella kicked the cocks of those approaching with her two feet one by one.


    The rebound made Kiel's head on the wall, and Bella was in contemplation.

    "Oh, my God, Kiel!"

    She put down Kiel, who had been carried right away, and stroked the back of his head and wept.

    “Kiel puts his head on because of you!”

    The bandits who were hit by a man's precious part a while ago were dumbfounded.


    They just rushed to see if all they could say was a spirit.

    Bella, who had no weapon in her hand, stepped aside lightly and then used that turn to kick it right away.

    The man fell forward, dropping the knife to see if it went in properly.

    'It's been a long time since I've done this, so I thought it wouldn't work.'

    Bella was surprised by herself. Even though she was still 12 years old, it was unbelievable that she has power on her feet like adult man.

    She could have picked up the sword that the bandit had dropped, but she didn't.

    I liked the Demon's body for the first time after being possessed. Fast speed, strong power.

    How long has it been since I felt this pleasure?

    She kicked the faces of bandits who were preparing to run against her as plywood, as if practicing with her feet.

    The sound of teeth going out sounded like music.

    Bella's ears could hear the heart of all nearby lives gasping.

    I was out of breath to the end of my jaw, but was not tired of seeing the endorphins spinning. Rather, I felt refreshed and felt like flying away.

    When the last bandit remained, she felt that she wanted to finish it splendidly, so she pulled out the sword of the fallen bandit next to him.

    'How is it fun to kill?'
    Episode 15

    I picked it up when I came.

    'How is it fun to kill?'

    At that time, a sound squeezed through numerous sounds and tickled Bella's ears.


    It was Kiel's voice.

    While Bella paused, the bandit was frightened and turned right behind him and ran away.

    'What am I thinking now?’

    Bella lowered slowly, shaking her sword in her hand.

    "Why did you keep him alive?"

    Before I knew it, Zhanbar, who was quietly enjoying it on the tree, stopped clapping his hands.


    Bella didn't answer Zhanbar's words, but turned around and approached Kiel.

    Kiel, who barely opened one eye due to a bandage, was breathing out and calling Bella's name.

    "Are you okay? Are you awake?"

    Kiel nodded weakly.

    "What have they done to you?"

    Ywer answered slowly as Bella looked around Kiel's body in tears.

    "It's okay... Special... It's like a product... They didn't touch him…”

    Ywer was lying next to Kiel and vomiting his groan.

    “My… Lady… please save me too...."

    As soon as Bella caught the sword stuck in her back, she felt a burning pain in her palm.

    "Wow, what is this."

    It was a relic. Like the rope on the front door.

    I've only heard of it, Bella has never dealt with a divine object.

    'Because the Divine people make useless stuff.'

    After removing the sword, her Bella's palm turned black, as if it had been burned.

    It will recover over time, but it probably won't recover easily because it's a relic.

    “Ywer, are you okay?”

    "I... I think it would be okay if I only eat one."

    Bella repeatedly folded and straightened her numb hand and nodded.

    “I see.”

    Fortunately, Kiel was only dazed by Ywer's blood, but he didn't look seriously injured.

    ‘Did they think Kiel was an incubus, too?’

    There were several signs of stabbing, but it seemed to have been given first aid immediately.

    Because of this pretty face, I remembered the setting that he had experienced things that were hard to say in the original book since he was young.

    Bella just sighed bitterly.

    Bella... are you okay?"


    Kiel asked in a trembling voice with his eyes moist and wet.

    'You must have been scared, but look how worried you are.'

    Bella was trying to wipe Kiel's tears, but when she saw the blood of the other person on her hand, she lowered her hand.

    "I'm fine. Did I say it? The Animal Kingdom Princess is very strong.”

    Then Zhanbar slammed the door open.

    “Lady, it seems to have been sorted out to some extent, but I will bring Jenkins.”

    "We're going that way. I'm going to buy a weapon for my original purpose."

    Then Bella stopped talking and looked around.

    "No. Let's just rob this. It's annoying."

    “Then Jenkins...”

    "Take all the weapons here and go where Jenkins is..."

    Even before Bella's words were finished, Zhanbar began to pick up nearby weapons with his hands.


    The sound of the holy sword hitting the ground was heard, and Zhanbar looked at Bella with embarrassed leopard eyes.

    "Hey, you can't hold it. Just get three or four swords from the dead bandits."


    "And there were money and valuables in the next room. Take that, too."


    As the situation seemed to have been cleared up to some extent, the door opened again, and Ywer, with blood on her face, came in with a bewitching pose.

    "Ta-da! Ywer is back."

    "You're... you're fine."

    "If you're having a hard time, go out and eat."

    Bella sighed and wiped her bloody hands on her clothes.

    "Oh, that's enough."

    Bella rebuked Ywer with a deep impression.

    "Hmm. I can't believe you look like a real animal kingdom princess at times like this.

    "Be quiet."

    Bella knew well what she needed the most now.

    Divine people and demons have nicknames of light and shadow in the world, but the reality is a little different.

    Because the standard of being good and evil is the standard set by the Divine people.

    The devine people gain power based on order, and the demons gain order based on pure strength followed by order.

    'Although there is no order for him.'

    And its power largely flowed from the lives of others. The Demons race was used to taking other people's lives.

    So the most necessary thing for tired Bella.

    It was the blood and flesh of a man who could not breathe.

    'I was a police officer in my previous life... no matter how novel I can't be a cannibal.'

    Anyway, as time passed, the remaining magical power in the human world would accumulate and recover.

    Bella slowly approached the holy sword and picked it up again. Still, my palms were burning.

    When the light shines, the darkness disappears, and when the light is stained with darkness, the light loses its light.

    Although she is not yet adult and human, she is absorbing Bella's magical power like a black hole.

    'I don't know what kind of crazy divine tribe he is, but he must have ground his own life.'

    'Isn't it funny to be easily robbed by bandits like this?'

    When they returned to the carriage with full of money, they were quite exhausted.

    "You don't have to go that way. The swords I picked look in good shape."

    "You seem to have been beaten a lot, and half of it makes a quick recovery."

    There was no room for separate luggage, so Ywer drove the carriage with weapons and money and valuables in the horse-riding seat.

    "It's eventful, really."

    Bella sighed and pointed to the Holy Sword on Kiel's left.

    "Kiel, do you want to grab that?"

    Maybe it was because the sword was a holy object, but when Kiel caught it, he seemed to have a halo appeared behind him.

    "Well, Kiel, I'll give it to you as a birthday present this year."

    The novel has a lot of power to go according to the original.

    Instead of a pendant that has lost its divine power, maybe it will help Kiel in the future as a prince.

    Zhanbar said Bella's words with a blank look on his face.

    "Lady, are you going to give him what I picked up as a gift?"

    “You picked it up. I found it.”

    "What the hell is that supposed to be. I don't give anything I picked up on the street as a gift.”

    Jenkins murmured at such Zhanbar.


    Bella thought Jenkins was talking to her, so she stared at him with her arms folded.

    "Jenkins, what did you say?"

    “It looks a little too big for him to handle.”

    "You don't have to throw it away when you get it."

    "It's a total trash item..."

    "Guys, I'm so annoyed today. Let's shut up."


    I was embarrassed to be attacked by bandits, but there were quite a lot of gains.

    Once I sold the money and valuables, I became quite financially wealthy.

    In addition, Bella came up with a trick to earn a lasting income.

    In fact, when the money runs out, I thought I should sell a gallbladder since Pur is a bear.

    There was a good thing in front of me.

    “Ywer, can you make a love potion out of your blood?"

    Upper succubus could be made in bulk with less fatigue.

    Given the fact that the ghosts attached to this mansion worked hard to make love potion, it's certainly not illegal because it's on the market.

    When I started selling it to magic shops in the village, I was relieved of the worries about money.

    And the most important thing is Kiel's sword practice.

    Bella started with a scarecrow in the garden so that Kiel could practice his sword.

    "Shall we get a good teacher?"

    Jenkins said a word, and Bella nodded.

    "Yes, don't worry about that. Just teach him the basics, Jenkins, you know how to do that, right? “

    Bella asked Jenkins, looking up and down.

    "I was so helpless last time that I had to believe it."

    "Lady, there were 30 people who attacked us then, 30 people."

    training together."

    "…with Zhanbar?”

    When Jenkins faltered, Bella folded her arms and clicked her tongue.

    "Why, don't you like it? Get along well."

    And Kiel's routine got busier and busier.

    When I wake up in the morning, I start with training, and after lunch, I study with Jenkins.

    And practice swordsmanship.

    'It's amazing to be able to do what you want, really unexpectedly.'

    Kiel stared blankly at Bella watering the flowers in her garden.

    'When I first came...’

    In order not to be thrown out, I tried to get the beauty of this mansion.

    But I don't think I put much effort into it.

    Before he knew it, he became Bella's favorite.

    Now, it was not necessary to act cute and try to win favor.

    Kiel slowly approached Bella.


    "Huh? What's wrong?"

    "This, Ywer gave it to me to eat..."

    Kiel split the snack in his hand and showed it to Bella.

    "Let's eat together."

    He grabbed a piece of snack with his finger and took it close to Bella's mouth.

    "Ah~ yeah, yeah."

    Bella smiled and opened her mouth and ate the snacks.

    Obviously, he shouldn't have to struggle like this, but Kiel strangely couldn't stop.


    Such little and itchy daily life quickly flowed and snow began to pile up on the top of the mountain.

    Bella thought carefully while looking at the key notes she had arranged in advance.

    "It's about time we met the licorice."

    Kiel in the novel was a must-see at this age.

    Myou, the girl friend who makes Rosanne and Kiel relationship strong.

    By the time Kiel was 11 or 12 years old, it was meant to begin by handing out a slice of bread in the cold winter.

    Kiel doesn't remember, but Myou had a smart memory of the squishy face.

    So, Myou considered Kiel a commoner, and of course Rosanne, the heroine, thought so.

    At first, they misunderstand their identity, but as the novel progresses, their love is more than anyone else.

    Supporting character.

    So, I couldn't ignore 'Myou' even if I ignored other settings.

    "By the way, where is this Myou?"

    Winter to meet soon came, and no matter how much I searched on my mobile phone, the meeting place was not written.

    At that time, the words of my team leader in my previous life passed by my head.

    "Hey, if it doesn't work, you'll have to run with your feet."

    "Yes, let's run on our feet."

    Bella wore a coat with fluffy fur from the closet with a pounding heart as if she were doing investigation.

    'Wouldn't it be okay if I left my seat?'

    Although she was anxious, she had to find it herself.

    'Let's trust Jenkins and empty it, well.'
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    I really love this Bella.
    She was a police officer in her previous life. She also learn Taekwondo and kendo for 10 years. There has some action scenes, and she is so strong and has firm commitment. I love her XD

    Episode 16

    The heroine of a novel

    Winter, when the temperature drops day by day.

    Bella started looking for the nearest city to visit.

    'Probably the most likely to be here.'

    I knew it wouldn't be easy to find people. Since it is not a modern society that can easily check its identity, I went around asking questions.

    "A 10-year-old brunette girl? A daughter?

    "What's your name?"


    But this is worth it in a day or two.

    It was already the 15th day.

    Bella, who was struggling everywhere she went, went into an alley where no one was seen and banged her head against the wall.

    "How do I find it in this wide area? I can't organize every character."

    But it wasn't Bella who would give up here.

    I took out my cell phone, searched "Myou" and looked for other clues.

    "My eyes are falling out."

    Why common brown hair. It would be nice to have blue hair like Ywer.

    I meticulously search for clues again once a day, but I couldn't find them except that she was ten years old with brown hair.

    "As expected, the coincidence of picking up the characters in the novel never happens again."

    Bella rubbed her eyes and led the tired body.

    If she goes into Rosanne's maid, she would mean that Myou is registered with her job agency when Rosanne is looking for her maid.

    "Isn't it this city?"

    I felt dizzy thinking about going to another city and investigating as I have done so far.

    I thought about giving up, but I got goosebumps thinking that it wouldn't be completed as the original.

    'You can't live in a place like that for 5,000 years.’

    Even if I was out of stamina, I felt like I was gaining strength when I thought about it.

    "Wait... when Rosanne saves a maid, she just needs to know where she's announcing her job offer.”

    Perhaps it was a stick rather than a carrot, and the desperate thought that she couldn't live in the demon world for five thousand years came up with an idea that she had never been done before.



    While Bella was suffering, the mansion, which had no idea of her whereabouts, flowed narrowly as if it were a single-track ride.

    A day or two passed and about three days later, Ywer began to lie in the middle of the table.

    Kiel, who was trying to drink a sip of her water, became curious about Ywer, who has been maintaining that posture since morning.

    "Ywer, what are you doing?"

    "I'm thinking."

    "Can you think when you're lying there?"

    "It's an eating game. That's the most thoughtful pose."

    Ywer was also joking around without Bella.

    Kiel looked away from Ywer and drank water, pretending to not know her.

    "I see. So what do you think?"

    "I was thinking, why won't the Lady come back?"

    Kiel, who was drinking water, stopped cackling.

    I thought she were just away for a while.

    "Bella... isn't she coming?"

    Ywer was lying down, fixed her posture, and sat on the table.

    “Ah, no. The lady is here!"

    “When she is coming?”

    Just in time, Pur came into the dining room and nagged Ywer.

    "Ywer! Don't sit on the table!"

    "Ask Pur, Young Master."

    Ywer left the words and came down from the table and disappeared through the door to the garden from the dining room.

    "What do you ask?"

    "Pur, when is Bella coming?"

    "Pur is a baby bear, so I don't know!"

    "You don't know, or are you pretending you don't know?"

    Kiel was now getting angry. Even if it's a secret where she's going, isn't there a rough idea of when she's coming?

    “Ask Sir Zhanbar!”

    Kiel hurried to Zanbar.

    Kiel rolled his feet under the roof and called Zhanbar anxiously.

    "Zhanbar! Wake up! Zhanbar!

    When Kiel called for a long time, Zhanbar yawned and came down to the garden lightly.

    "What, kid. Is it already time for practice?"

    "Zhanbar, where's Bella? When is she coming?"

    "How do I know that?"

    "You said Zhanbar was a general in the animal kingdom. But you don't know where Bella went?"

    Why no one knows. She's your princess.

    Since then, Zhanbar began to worry about Bella little by little.

    Bella didn't expect much from Zhanbar in the first place, so she always wanted to kick him out.

    Zhanbar unknowingly recited his innermost thoughts.

    "Did she leave us behind?"

    He shouldn't have said that.

    Kiel's heart thumped as if he was trapped in a trauma.

    As Kiel's eyes grew bigger and tears dropped, Zhanbar was embarrassed and said anything.

    "You know, you cry like that, so you run away. Weakly."

    He shouldn't have said that.

    Kiel closed his lips and barely held back and looked at Zhanbar resentfully.

    "Well, Jenkins knows. He knows a lot."

    Since then, the mansion has had a more hellish time than that of demons.

    Jenkins, when's Bella coming back?

    "Well, I don't know why the young lady went away for a while."

    At first, I asked every morning and every night.

    “Ywer, when will Bella come?”

    "Oh, she'll come. Well, it hasn't been a few days.

    Three days, four days, a week.

    But the door to the mansion did not open.

    Kiel became more and more nervous, and after a week, he began to ask like a cuckoo clock that rang every hour.

    As if he had set an alarm regardless of when he tried.

    "Pur, Bella..."


    Now, even if Kiel, who was worried, pulled out the 'bell', Pur closed her ears and ran away with a shout of 'oh ah ah.'

    The same was true when Jenkins taught Kiel.

    “So,'I only use a small amount of sucrina herbs.”



    “When is Bella coming?”

    Jenkins also seemed to be bored with this question now.

    If she had told me in advance where, why, and when she would be back, he would make Kiel understand this frustrating situation.

    Anyway, the demons.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that even if they live indefinitely, the demons do not think about human time.

    For Bella, even though the full moon feels like a day, it could be like a year for this child.

    “Young Master, don’t trust the girl too much.”

    Kiel had no answer.

    "I'm worried that you'll get hurt later."

    That was serious.

    After 300 years of living without old age, they were suspected of many things by humans, but they still had something to do.

    Unlike the demons who threw Jenkins in an instant.

    However, Kiel could not hear such sincere advice from Jenkins.


    “Yes, the lady, I don’t know when she’ll be back."


    Bella hurried to Count Psilia. There was a mansion not far from the city that had been traveling for 15 days.

    She turned into a cat to spy and went into a Count's House.

    'Here's it.'

    I felt very strange. The Countess's mansion was very luxurious and well decorated, unlike Bella's.

    Bella thought she had decorated her mansion well, but looking at the garden where flowers were collected in each area, it was clearly different.

    "My house was not a garden, it was a playground."

    The inside of her sneaking through the window also broke Bella's pride.

    Unlike Bella's mansion, which put in furniture that looked okay, it seemed to see the photos released by people who "decorated the house" on the Internet in real life.

    'I'm a little jealous.’

    Bella hid in the shadows to find the butler's room in charge of the mansion.

    Fortunately, I could not be caught because it was a black cat, but it was hard because I kept getting instinct to drop expensive plates or vases from the top.

    'I'm not even a real cat...'

    When I arrived at the butler's office, I saw various documents. Bella checked that no one was there and turned into a human and looked at the documents one by one.

    As expected, it was a county house, so it was neatly organized.

    'Oh, my God. Look at the money that comes in taxes every month.'

    I looked at the accounting books and saw a large sum of money coming in and going.

    It was very far from the life of Bella's mansion.

    'Wow, you have so many tutors.'

    One Jenkins is severely unpaid, but this place employs teachers for each subject.

    Most of them were from the small town of Illinois.

    My pride was strangely hurt and in a bad mood to forget my original purpose.

    'No, greed is the root of all evil.’

    But what is this uncomfortable feeling?

    Come to think of it, the human world would use Bella as a standard of evil.


    Then, when the sound of the door opening was heard, Bella hastily turned back into a cat. She tries to hide in a dark shadow.

    “Oh, nanny! It's a cat!”

    Someone grabbed Bella's tail firmly without even having time to see her incredibly bright voice next to her.

    I was so surprised that I almost turned back into a person.

    "Lady Rosanne, be careful!"

    Bella felt her hair stand out all over her body.

    Rosanne Psilia.

    The heroine of this novel.

    The cute little girl with pink pigtails pulled Bella's tail.

    "Lady, you shouldn't touch animals like that."

    "Oh, I'm sorry, cat. Did it hurt a lot?"

    Even her voice came like an angel.

    Rosanne held Bella in her arms and stroked Bella's back.

    "Sorry, cat. I'll give you something delicious instead."

    ‘My pride…’

    She seemed to have a cute and pretty appearance and a good heart.

    ‘This is Kiel's destiny.’

    Rosanne, who thought Kiel was a commoner and wanted to abandon her family.

    Kiel heads to demon world to further establish his position as the prince, to establish Rosanne, the countess on the outskirts, as a crown prince.

    In fact, I didn't even think I'd run into her when I came as Count Psilia.

    Maybe that's why this sudden meeting came only uncomfortable.

    Is it because Kiel was the best in the first place and she was the evil girl?

    Rosanne is definitely a nice and angelic child.

    In this novel, Rosanne would be Kiel's definition.


    Bella scratched Rosanne's face with her claws on her ignorance.

    The reason was unknown to her.
    Episode 17

    My pleasant home

    It happened so quickly. I couldn't resist the desire to scratch as if I couldn't stand the menstrual phenomenon.


    When Bella heard the screams of the nanny next to her, Bella hurried out of Rosanne's arms and ran to the entrance of her mansion.

    "Oh, my lady! Your face!"

    Bella turned uneasily at the words and saw Rosanne's face. The marks she scratched were clear and red blood flowed under them.

    “Oh... what did I do to the heroine?"

    While Bella looked back, the door in front of the entrance was closed. As Bella tried to escape into the corner, a long yard covered her up.

    'Oh, I don't know.'

    As soon as I tried to jump, I heard the voice of an excited butler behind me and grabbed Bella's whole body with both hands.

    "How dare you scratch her, you profane cat!"

    Once the butler caught her, other employees also joined him and took Bella's body one by one.

    'No, where are they touching?'

    When rescuing a cat, they wrap a cloth around it and block it. Who's going to catch it so ignorant?

    “I have to kill it right now.”

    “No, let the cat go! It’s because I suddenly hugged it.”

    "Wait! These cat's eyes are red. This is... a monster!"

    Bella was embarrassed for a moment and stopped her movement.

    'Aren't there any cats with red eyes?'

    If she's caught coming from the demon world, there's nothing she can do about it.

    Bella erected her fur and focused her mana on her feet as a cat.

    Although she practiced the magic of the human world several times over the years, most of the results were not very good.

    A bee came out to call a butterfly, and a flower withered.

    And the magic that called a rain brought blood.

    Blood trickled down from the whole wall of Count Psilia.

    'Oh... I look like a real evil woman.’

    As soon as people saw it, they screamed, and Bella relaxed out of their grasp.

    "No! Catch that monster!”

    Not a chance. This time, I tried casts a spell that calls for a bee.

    'Ah... I told bees come out, and I got flies this time.'

    But flies are less dangerous than bees, so it's okay.

    Bella got out of the open window and ran around, barely getting out of the count.

    Bella was sighing and walking quite far away from the count.

    With four legs.

    In the form of a cat.

    ‘Why am I still looking like this?'

    He jumped lightly and returned to Bella's form.

    After how long, the beautiful sunset was setting over the horizon.

    "Sigh... by the way, why did I really do that?"

    Bella must have been exhausted and stumbled and flopped down by the side of the road.

    Looking at a ditch covered with white snow, he looked at his hands.

    Rosanne's red blood was visible through her fingernails.

    'I wasn't a fan of Rosanne.'

    I almost hurt the heroine in the novel.

    'There won't be a scar on her face, will there?'

    If she scratched her neck, not her face, but a little further down.

    An ominous thought popped in, and Bella shook her head.

    ‘I must have changed to a cat for so long that I thought I was like a cat.’

    Cats are usually fickle animals, and there are many cats that bite because they don't want to be hugged.

    I knew it was a ridiculous self-justification. Bella had an idea that she had never known before.

    -'How is it fun to kill?'

    Is this role becoming more and more influenced by the novel?

    Bella didn't want to think more than this.

    'Let's find Myou first.'


    The city of Illinois was a city of Counts, a little larger than other cities.

    I didn't have the energy to run, so I walked all night calmly and arrived.

    Although it was close to the count, it was quite far from Bella's mansion.

    'It must be work to go home.'

    Here, when she thought about how many days to go looking for, she already sighed.

    Bella sighed her second sigh, seeing her balance shrinking as she simply ate breakfast.

    'Yeah, let's work while we're here, work.'

    I've been to all the nearby employment agencies, and I've found clues about Myou.

    When Bella entered the last employment agency, she was exhausted.

    The only thing I could do was to find it was feel nostalgic because it was similar to the police work she had done in her previous life.


    "Hello, I'm looking for a maid in my mansion."


    "Is there a girl with brown hair about ten years old?"

    "Ha ha, you're very specific. We know about one child."

    Only then did Bella's eyes shine as if she had found a pearl in the mud.

    “Her name is Orin, and I'm pretty good at cleaning..."


    Of course, it's not easy. Bella sighed, and a smart employee at the employment agency asked back.

    "Is there any special kid you're looking for?"


    It would have been nice to say the name earlier, but I couldn't.

    ‘It say you don't explain phrases when you're investigating.'

    'Because I didn't know that Myou might hide if I told them to find Myou.

    “It’s okay, because there are many people looking for such children.”

    Such children?

    Bella slightly frowned at her, but the staff spoke quietly, covering the side of his mouth with his hand.

    "There are some kids around here who don't have a home."

    "Without a home..."

    “Even if it suddenly disappears, no one knows.”

    Then the staff winked at Bella. But the wink only made Bella feel worse.

    “What human trafficking is the default option here?”

    Bella, who is dressed in the mask of the Demon Tribe, does not give up because she was a human, but why these people who are dressed in the mask of a human being say evil things without hesitation.

    Bella is a small height, but she grabbed an employee's neck and hold him from the ceiling.

    “Oh... oh….”

    But I couldn't kill him. Just before the employee was out of breath, Bella let go and warned.

    "I'll keep an eye on it."

    Then she headed straight to the vacant lot the staff said.

    She was near a place where free meals were distributed at the mouth of the city.

    Bella found a group of children there without difficulty.

    A small brown-haired girl was begging a little away from the group.

    I gave the money I had to the girl and asked.

    "What's your name?"



    I finally found her.

    I thought I'd be as happy as if I had a promotion if I found Myou, but it wasn't at all.

    'It was the relationship that started by sharing a piece of bread.'

    The novel was only described as a brief flashback as a child.

    Bella turned around from Myou and wept.

    According to the novel, Kiel would have lived in a state of fear just like these homeless kids.

    In a place where danger lurks, alone.

    Overcoming a few death throats.

    ‘I miss Kiel.’

    I've also found where Myou is, all she has to do is return to the mansion.

    Bella took a step back, though she was likely exhausted.


    It was cold winter, so my feet were cold, but I ran and ran.

    As the sun went down, all the red light disappeared in the sky, and darkness quickly came, but I ran.

    When County Psilia looked far away, she felt more uncomfortable.

    Rosanne's gonna be okay, right?’

    Though thinking about what happened the day before, Bella struggled to get rid of the strange feeling faster.

    I could reach the mansion by the time the moon lit the way.

    Bella entered the gate of the mansion and entered the garden, and the illusion was that white flowers were singing on the moon night.

    'My resting place is a small house, my own house.'

    When I opened the front door, Pur, who was finishing cleaning, ran in surprise.


    The last step was so heavy.

    Bella bent her knees and flopped down.


    When Bella arrived at the mansion, Pur’s loud voice rushed all the way to the front door.

    When they saw her fall, they were all the same mind.

    'It is finally liberation.'

    In the meantime, sometimes Kiel wakes up at night and looks for Bella as if she's here, and he's been asking her what to do if something happens to her since he had a nightmare.

    She couldn't even say that the demonic princess doesn't die so easily because of the concept of 'animal kingdom'.


    “Yes, the lady is finally back.”

    "Good thing."

    “Now I can sleep well.”

    Although she turned into a cat with all her strength, Purr thought it was easier than her worries.

    "My lady, I'll put you to bed!"

    The only thing she was worried about was Kiel.

    “Bella has turned into a cat.”

    “Yes, you must have used a lot of energy!”

    "Are you sick?"

    “My lady is back, so I’ll go to bed!”

    Jenkins, watching the scene, reassured Kiel whether the hidden humanity had returned.

    “Young Master, the young lady will recover soon.”


    Kiel was looking at Bella's bed, stamping his feet in anxiety.

    “Young Master, if you're worried, sleep with the Lady."

    Ywer took Kiel and tapped into the space next to her, where Bella was lying.

    "Can I?"

    "What would you say to the young master? So go to bed and see you tomorrow."

    They all shot out of Bella's room and gave each other a high five, leaving Kiel alone.

    "Don't wake me up tomorrow."

    "I'm going to sleep late tomorrow, too."


    When Bella woke up briefly, Kiel was sleeping by her side.


    How come Kiel look so big. Bella put her hand on Kiel's face, and her cat's feet were the first to be seen.

    'Wow… . I really came running with all my strength.'

    Perhaps because of Bella's fluffy feet, Kiel slowly opened his eyes.

    Blonde and sparkling amber eyes were looking at Bella in the morning sun.

    All of Bella's melted into her face.

    She has been tired of finding Myou all day and night for the past 15 days.

    The Countess of Pecilia had a hard time.

    Everything I had a hard time finding Myou and running all the way here.

    Kiel hugged her Bella tightly.

    "Are you sick?"

    And patted her on the back carefully.

    Whenever Kiel's warm hand passed by, tears gathered strangely.

    At that time, oddly enough, Kiel slowly put his lips on Bella's forehead.

    "Ho, I'll do it for you."

    Bella fell asleep quietly, snuggled in Kiel's itchy breath.

    No matter how the novel goes, as long as I can just stay as it is.

    'How nice would it be.'
    Episode 18

    Don't go anywhere now.

    When the room was filled with the sound of a cat sleeping, Kiel quietly hugged Bella.

    It wasn't quite a long time, but I realized it because I wasn't stupid.

    This time is so happy and precious.

    If I could, I wanted to seize the time and live in the mansion forever.

    Zhanbar, who says bad things but when compliments him, he quickly becomes flattered.

    The bear Pur, who sometimes rides on the back and goes around the garden a few times.

    Sometimes I say things I don't know, but I'm often playful.

    Jenkins, who seems strict but kindly teaches everything from one to ten, was also good.

    Especially Bella.

    Kiel didn't dare to touch her anymore, but he slipped his hand on the tip of her hair and closed his eyes.


    When Bella woke up from a good sleep, the sun was already in the sky.

    Still, the tiredness did not go away, but as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Kiel, and Bella thought of something to do.

    'Ah. I have to make sure to meet Myou.’

    Bella quickly jumped out of bed and turned into a human.

    'I'll change my clothes first.’

    I couldn't wash up properly for a few days, and when I ran the night before, my whole body felt uncomfortable.

    Bella yawned once and took out her change of clothes from the closet and headed for the bathroom.

    When I warmed up in warm water, I felt tired.

    "As expected, home is the best."

    When sleep was about to come again, Bella washed her face and came to her senses.

    'No, I'm going to make another mistake if I'm being late.'

    I quickly dressed up and went back to my room. Kiel, who was sleeping a while ago, was not on the bed.

    Bella stretched once and left the room, and the front door was quite noisy.

    Kiel was shaking Pur's arm.

    "No! She must be somewhere!"

    “She's not in the study for now."

    Bella touched her own nape and slowly descended to her porch.

    "Hey guys..."

    But Bella's words disappeared like smoke, and Kiel urged the Demons again.

    "Isn't it a real black cat that came here yesterday?"

    At the end of the word, the dark circles that disappeared and the blue reappeared.

    "No! You've seen her come in! You've seen her, right? Sir Zhanbar!

    "I saw her.”

    "Or did she leave again?"

    Kiel burst into tears at Ywer's last words.

    "Bella was sick... and she's out again?"

    "Oh, no. Jen! Look for the lady!"

    “Where are you looking for her. She’s not in the mansion.”

    Amidst the fuss, Bella called them abruptly.

    "Well, guys, what are you guys doing here?"

    Everyone turned to Bella, who was coming down, to see if Bella's words had now been heard.

    Kiel ran crying and hugged Bella. Bella paused and patted Kiel on the back, who was crying.

    'While these are my absence... ’

    "Hey, did you bully Kiel while I was gone?"

    Bella gnashed her teeth as she stared at the demons right away.

    “We didn't bully him!”

    "I think Zhanbar is a little bit of a bully!"

    "When am I!"

    As Bella's expression got worse and worse, Jenkins stepped forward and began to explain.

    “It’s because the young master was worried because the young lady disappeared.”

    Bella still looks suspicious. She asked Kiel.

    "Kiel, are you sure?"

    Then Kiel nodded and looked at Bella.

    "I thought Bella was gone..."

    Bella was moved to tears by the baby bird looking for her mother.

    “Are you worried?”

    Kiel sobbed into Bella's arms.

    In her previous life, sometimes my older sister said, 'It's hard to raise a child, but when I see her face, I feel strong.’


    After a little rest, Kiel and I prepared a carriage to go to the city of Illinois.

    "It's amazing how you were so scared at the time that you're willing to lend it to us even though we broke the carriage.”

    Jenkins raised his thumb as he brought a carriage from the innkeeper.

    "I asked if he gave me a bad carriage to kill on purpose."


    “I said I’d let him go once."

    Bella said casually and climbed into the carriage with Kiel.

    “Who wants to be the coachman?”


    Active Pur was the first to raise her hand.

    “Except for the bear.”

    When Zhanbar and Jenkins raised their hands at the same time, Ywer followed again.

    “The two of us are one body!”

    "Please stay away from me. There is no need to stick to me.”

    Jenkins pushed Ywer's face away with such a painful face every time.

    ‘Jenkins works the most anyway. I'll give you a prize.'

    Bella coughed a few times and told Ywer.

    "Take it back to your heart. I won't kick you out."

    Then Ywer’s expression suddenly brightened, and Jenkins' face was bright.

    "Are you sure?"


    "Yes, I'm making medicine with your blood anyway, so it's proven to be useful, right?"

    Ywer was excited and immediately reached out to Jenkins. And without hesitation, she put her hands deep into his chest and took out her own heart.

    “You have to make a notice and take it out!"

    Bella freaked out and hurriedly covered Kiel's eyes sitting next to her.

    'Wow… This crazy.’

    The scene was so bizarre that Bella counted the candles while looking at the floor.

    'Really... I'm holding it in.’

    I felt uncomfortable whenever I saw such demons' unsuspecting behavior.

    After all, it must be completed according to the original. I can't live with these kids for five thousand years.

    "Zhanbar, let's go. Ywer, you're just making medicine at home."

    Bella, who said this, seemed like a mafia, so she didn't feel very pleasant.


    The city of Illinois.

    Arriving late, they stayed overnight at the inn and woke up early in the morning to diligently eat first.

    It was always the same start except that Kiel was dressed a little bit plainly because he had to meet Myou.

    "It's been a long time since I ate at an inn."

    When I first saw Kiel, I ate at an inn like this.

    It's already been three years.

    I was proud that Kiel, who couldn't fork and speak properly, now seems to be acting in an eleven-year-old way.

    Of course, sometimes I thought he was too precocious.

    'It must have been too much in the mansion. He should come to the city often.'

    At that time, the poster attached to the inn stood out in Bella's eyes.

    It was a poster holding a sword in a structure in which women and men confront each other.

    [The Autumn Martial Arts Festival]

    [First prize money: 20 gold / Second prize: 10 gold / Third prize: 5 gold]

    'Gold is a big prize.'

    There were other posters beside it.

    [Illinois Summer Festival]

    [All-you-can-eat beer for spring flowers]

    What kind of posters are there by season?

    "When the hell are those posters?"

    Jenkins peeked at Bella's point and shrugged.

    “It must be just annoying. It's done every year anyway."

    “Shall we come together at the summer festival next year?”

    “Well, it won't be as big as the capital's summer festival, but it will be fun.”

    And Jenkins looked at the poster of the martial arts contest and asked Bella.

    "Why don't you get a teacher who can teach you swordsmanship properly while you're in the city?"


    “Why, I’m not going to teach him a fist-taught, but how long are you going to let him swing?"


    "We'll have to have a fight soon. Don't he need a good teacher?"

    "Well, I don't know, but will I get it?"

    Jenkins opened his eyes wide at Bella's skeptical remarks.

    Bella judged calmly.

    "Think about it. We don't have an official position, we're just commoners, who's going to teach?"

    Bella saw Kiel eating breakfast with her arms folded.

    ‘Just by looking at his face, the crown prince's t-shirt is still flowing.’

    No matter how plain you dress.

    "Just in case, I'll try to get it."

    "Well, go ahead."

    Jenkins who saw Bella, drinking water leisurely, seemed grim.

    'No way, you will not continue to leave it to me like this.'

    After a while, Bella took the bread she had bought from the inn and walked to the place where Myou had been.

    "Lady, you just had a meal. Will you eat again?"

    "What, I'm not going to eat."

    Bella handed the big baguette to Kiel.

    “I think you ate a lot of breakfast too.”

    "Jenkins, it's been a while since I said this."


    "I hate throwing up on my work the most."


    Bella took Kiel's hand and found the previously seen Myou.

    Myou was sitting in the same seat as that day and begging the same.

    Finally, it was the moment to lay the foundation for this novel.

    "Kiel, do you see that brown-haired girl sitting there?"


    "Would you like to give this to her?"

    Kiel's eyes were shaken by the sudden request.

    It was a little strange since I first came here. This was the city he had been begging for a long time ago.

    "Why all of a sudden?"

    "Well.... make friends."

    Then Jenkins nodded and agreed with Bella.

    “Hey, the young master is also human, so you have to learn to get along with humans.”

    "Come on, give this to that friend."

    However, Kiel rarely moved and hesitated.

    He didn't have to know how to get along with humans. He used to be alone when I was wandering around.

    "I... I don't want to go there."

    What's more, Bella's point was where he used to waiting for free meals.

    Bella faced Kiel and said kindly.

    “That friend will be of great help to Kiel in the future.”

    “How does Bella know that?”

    "The Animal Kingdom Princess knows a lot."


    She didn't erasing her laughter, but carefully slapped Kiel on the head painlessly.

    “We won’t go home until you say hello to that friend.”

    Bella's heart for the completion of the novel was determined.

    Kiel couldn't beat Bella's annoyance and walked slowly to Myou, but he couldn't hide his uncomfortable heart from his face.

    The time I took step by step felt like I was being dragged into hell.

    Kiel looked back at Bella, who was standing in the distance.

    ‘It's helpful in the future?’

    Bella's behavior today was not understood from one to ten.

    Come to think of it, it was sometimes questionable.

    Kiehl's birthday, learning things he needs to learn later now.

    Does it make sense that all this is just a coincidence?

    Behind him, without knowing his own mind, she was waving her hands in the sun.

    He turned around again and approached the girl with brown hair.

    Myou also looked at Kiel with a growling face as if he had lost his seat.

    Kiel threw the bread he had in his hand at Myou.

    Because Bella wants it.

    "Eat it."

    But Bella didn't tell me to talk kindly.
    Episode 19

    Bella knows

    Myou raised her head.

    He is dressed like a commoner, but a pretty boy who grew up being treated preciously threw bread at herself.

    What the hell is he doing?

    However, she starved for several days and grabbed bread with her trembling hands and ate it in one bite.


    Kiel, who saw the scene, turned around with his lips pouting more slightly.

    'I'm sure it's okay because I gave the bread.’

    And quickly ran to Bella.

    "I gave the bread."

    Bella pinched Kiel's cheek and praised him.

    "You did a great job! Did you tell her your name?"


    Kiel was instantly stabbed in the conscience. He lied too naturally.

    “What's that kid's name?”

    Kiel reached out his hands and swallowed his saliva.

    "I think she’s thirsty. Can't you give her milk, too?”

    "Wow, you're so pretty. Wait a minute."

    When Bella winked, Jenkins handed over the extra milk.

    “How long is that kid unable to eat?”

    As Bella kept asking questions, Kiel took the milk and turned around and ran to Myou.

    Then he handed the milk and asked.

    "If you want to drink this, answer what I ask."

    Myou saw the pretty boy who came back and her face turned red. Nodding her head, she sipping the milk Kiel handed over, and she recalled a scene from a romance novel.

    'Maybe something like Cinderella to me... .’

    But before her thoughts were over, Kiel broke the imagination.


    "How long have you been here?"

    "How old are you?"

    "Do you have any brothers?"

    Cinderella is a dog.

    'Are you a detective assistant?'

    Myou replied sincerely to Kiel, feeling interrogated.


    Inside the carriage from the city back to the mansion.

    Zanbar drove the carriage, inside Jenkins, Kiel, and Bella were sitting.

    Suddenly, Kiel fell asleep on Bella's knee.

    Bella was overwhelmed by the thought that she had finally filled in an important setting in this novel.

    'Yes, it will work if you do this.'

    As we grew closer to the mansion, I saw the tower of the first summoned wizard in the distance.

    Apparently, it was said that there were many tourists in the village because of that wizard's tower, but from some point the number of people became rare.

    "Is there no more wizard in that tower?"

    Bella asked without much thought.

    "Oh, there's one. He was a very gloomy guy, but he's a recluse and probably won't stand out."

    "How do you know that?"

    "Well, I met the wizard before I met you. So I stayed at the inn."

    The wizard Jenkins was talking about seemed to be referring to the wizard Zhanbar had bitten.

    “When did you meet? Is that wizard a strange summoning wizard?”

    "Yes, I'm sure he was trying to summon..."

    Jenkins' purple pupils grew bigger and hit his knee with his palm.

    "Ah. So!"


    "I was the one who taught the wizard the right summoner."

    Jenkins shook his head and laughed.

    "I never thought the princess would be summoned. Haha."

    Jenkins told him at the time but he had no expectation that he would even summon 'Bella'.

    At that time, the wizard was only motivated, but his vessel was enough, but he wasn't full of mana.

    Summoners were like an address.

    When he didn't have enough mana, I thought he would summon a low-grade demon at random because I was trying to take out the lake and mark it up to "Dong."

    “Because you can summon even Sir Zhanbar, a high-ranking soldier. Well, the lady is not yet an adult, so he must have been summoned.”

    "Oh yeah?"

    "Is there a summoner right in front of you?"

    “…… ”

    "You didn't stand by to come to the human world, did you?"

    Jenkins laughed and asked, and then closed his mouth. She was staring at Jenkins so scary.

    "You knew what you needed for that summons, didn't you?"

    "That's one life..."

    Jenkins looked at Kiel and Bella alternately and covered his mouth with his hands on his lap.

    "Did you meet the master there?"

    Jenkins knew that life had to be used as a material, but he didn't see which material was used.

    But I had some idea.

    Jenkins condemned his demonic situations with a human conscience.

    "...I'm sorry."

    "Don't tell me that your baby is going to be hard."

    Bella's mood is upset.

    She informed Jenkins that she was summoned there, and she had saved Kiel.

    "That's how twisted Kiel's life is..."

    Of course Bella knew. You shouldn't blame others for all this.

    'Would Kiel gain divine power if I hadn't killed the wizard at that time?'

    But instead, Kiel would have gone through a lot of trouble.

    'Yes, he doesn't have to go through his unfortunate childhood.'

    She rationalized herself and was about to see Kiel asleep, but when he woke up, Kiel looked up at Bella from his lap.

    "I'm fine."

    The child always weakened her mind.

    Bella grinned and pinched Kiel's cheek slightly.

    “If you’re okay, that’s it.”

    "I'm sorry, Princess."

    "No, it's all meant to be."

    Jenkins saw Bella laughing as she swallowed her saliva.


    Kiel calmly organized his thoughts. It wasn't clear from the middle of his sleep.

    'It's a summons.'

    That said, it was clear that the animal kingdom meant a different world. Like celestial or demonic.

    'Jenkins seems to know how to summon.'

    At that time, if Bella came to the human world through summoning.

    -“That's how twisted Kiel's life is..."

    Kiel squeezed his pendant tightly. Two things that were clearly different from the past that he knew there.

    Bella's appearance and his pendant did not contain the divine power.

    Bella had been incredibly aware and filled what he wanted.

    Without even doubting why the commoners want to study.

    'It's very likely that Bella knows that I'm the prince.'

    Kiel was fiddling with a pendant hanging from his neck and swallowed his saliva.


    The evening of the day I returned to the mansion.

    Ywer prepared a splendid dinner to celebrate Bella's trust for her.

    "Ta-da! This is a celebration that I brought back my heart."

    The demons were excited about the number of things that broke the table.

    "Can you eat all of this?"

    Bella was sarcastic, but she felt very good.

    However, the atmosphere changed 180 degrees when Kiel entered the restaurant.


    "Huh? Kiel, did you cry?"

    Kiel wiped his red eyes with the back of his hand.

    "I lost my mom's keepsakes..."


    Kiel was surprised by Bella's sudden monstrous voice.

    "Oh, where did you lose it? How long have it been gone?"

    “It stayed there until I arrived at the mansion… I don’t know since then.”

    Bella asked the demons sitting at the table, stamping her feet.

    “Is there any one of you that took it? Let's quickly surrender and find the keepsakes.”

    "Why do I take things like human things like that.”

    “It will be in the mansion. Everyone, let's find Kiel's necklace. Get up!"

    "I'll look for it after I eat."

    "How important is that! Find the necklace before you eat the meal, hurry up."

    The delicious smell of meat stimulated them, so the demons began to concentrate much more on the mansion than ever before.

    Jenkins was also puzzled as he looked for his room.

    “The master can't be here in the first place..."

    Come to think of it, I remembered that Kiel came to Jenkins' room today and asked about this and that.

    "Oh, wait, maybe..."

    Jenkins looked around behind his table. When he saw the gold pendant, he reached out.

    And I looked down at the pendant in his hand.

    'Wait, this looks familiar.'

    Pretty delicate workmanship, exotic patterns.

    It was like Jenkins saw it a long time ago. Jenkins carefully opened the pendant.

    If he remembers correctly, he had given this pendant as a bribe to the emperor to contact the imperial sorcerer.

    The pendant itself wasn't a great thing, but it had a protective spell on it.

    A protective magic that will save you when your life is in danger someday.

    '…no way.'

    There was a small piece of paper inside, and the name "Kiel" was written when the paper was unfolded.

    It's also in Imperial cursive.

    The magic that Jenkins hung hasn't been activated yet.

    Meanwhile, Kiel saw Bella's reaction and was convinced.

    'Bella knows. That Kiel is the the Prince.’

    Unlike Kiel, who watched the situation leisurely, Bella stumbled over Kiel's body in a hurry.

    It was the only way to prove that Kiel was the prince.

    "You can't lose it, you need it... that what should you do.”

    Kiel asked Bella carefully.

    “Bella speaks the same way as my mother. Even my mother said I should never lose it."

    Bella paused her hand and looked into Kiel's curious eyes.

    “And she say I have some special blood. Do you know Bella? What is it?”

    I was going to tell you someday, but will Kiel accept it? At that time, Kiel said with the eyes cried a while ago was nowhere and quite clear."

    "Please tell me."

    "Actually, your father..."

    Bella hesitated for a long time before slowly reciting her notes.

    "The Emperor of this Empire."

    Kiel opened his eyes round and put his hand on the empty neck as if he had never heard of it before, but had guessed.

    "It's hard to believe right now, but one day someone will pick you up to the palace."

    Thinking it might be hard to accept, Bella caressed Kiel on the shoulder.

    "How does Bella know that?"

    Bella gave a long-thought excuse.

    "Fate goddesses told me."

    The goddesses of fate in the myths of the founding of the empire were appropriate for her excuse.

    “I said I should help you. My mistake almost changed your fate."

    "That's why you're so nice to me?"

    Bella looked at Kiel's eyes which sadder than when he said he had lost his pendant.

    She smiled and held Kiel's cheek with one hand.

    "No? I'm just being nice to Kiel."

    Then Jenkins came down with a shocked face and called Bella.

    "We found it."

    "Where did you find it?"

    "It must have been spilled when the master came to my room earlier."

    Bella took the pendant and gently hung it around Kiel's neck.

    "You can't lose it anymore."

    Bella's face, which was about a little bigger, was right in front of Kiel.

    "Thank you, Bella."

    Then he carefully raised his heels and kissed Bella lightly on the lips. It was a short moment in less than a second, but he was satisfied with it.

    “This is a thank you kiss.”

    “Young Master, I’m the one who found it...."
    Episode 20

    My kid's not very sociable.

    After she told Kiel what she had to say one day, Bella thought she was less worried.

    She seems to take it better than she was concerned.


    “Thank you, Bella.”

    When Kiel kissed her suddenly, Bella opened her eyes wide and was embarrassed.

    I've kissed you on the cheek a lot, but your lips are a bit different.

    “Young Master, I found it."

    At Jenkins's words, Kiel hugged Jenkins and kissed him roughly on the elbow that touched his face.

    "Thank you, Jenkins."

    Is Kiel just acting cute?

    “No, I wasn't asking for a kiss.”

    When I opened the dining room door to avoid this embarrassing situation, Pur suddenly went under the table and heard the sound of the chair falling.

    "Pur, since when have you been around."

    "I didn't eat!"

    "Wipe the sauce at your mouth.”

    At the same time, I heard Jenkins discipline Kiel behind me.

    “Young master, you shouldn't kiss anyone.”

    Bella thought it was a good thing.

    I was afraid he’d get hurt if I told Kiel for no reason.

    Then Pur crawled out from under the table, straightened her chest and said.

    "I didn't eat meat, I just kissed it!”

    Bella didn't even want to answer back.

    'Because I'm with these kids, Kiel...'

    Bella touched her lips slightly, then sighed.

    'Wait a minute, Kiel will live in harmony with humans in the future, but the home environment...'

    A family of cat, leopard, bear and unidentified demon, like humans.


    Bella became more worried after that day.

    'What if Kiel goes to the palace and doesn't have much social skills?’

    Bella sat in between the hammock placed in the garden, looking at the sky comfortably, and she pondered.

    'I wish there was a place to hang out with the village children.'

    Then Jenkins slowly approached Bella, who was resting.

    “Lady, talk to me for a moment.”

    “I'm very busy right now.”

    “You are resting right now.”

    "I'm busy with rest, rest is also a battle."

    Bella didn't even glance at Jenkins in the hammock.

    Jenkins then grabbed the moving hammock and asked seriously.

    “Young Master is the real prince of the Elysia Empire."

    "I told you, Haven't you believe me all this whole time?"

    Bella then stared at Jenkins in an absurd way.

    'How the hell has my trust bottomed?'

    She told him the truth, but he hadn't even chewed it.

    "I've told Kiel, too. He's the prince."

    "Yes? ...hiccups."

    Jenkins, surprised, started hiccups and pounded his chest.

    "So Kiel's sword training is just for the time being."

    For the time being, but in the end, he foresaw that he would have to look at Dalian, Jenkins rolled his feet.

    "What about the Dalian? Would it be a good match for a difference in height?"

    At the word "Dalian", Bella popped her fingers and made a ‘click’ sound.

    "Yeah, Dalian! He can play with kids the same age as Kiel."


    "We're opening a swordsmith class in this mansion. Bring all the children in the village."

    Jenkins swallowed his saliva.

    “…Is that even me?”

    Bella clicked her tongue as she looked at Jenkins who made a show he didn't want to do.

    "No, you've got a lot to do, so I'll have Zanbar do it."

    “Sir Zhanbar... He’s going to do it?

    Demons are strong in the first place, so they don't have to hold swords.

    To Jenkins, that means he was told he was going to do it in the end.

    “Anyway, I only match the assortment, but what, I just have to tell you to teach him swing the sword roughly.”

    "Isn't that a scam? It's not even a proper swordsmith class.”

    Jenkins shut his mouth when Bella frowned.

    It's a scam. I was a police officer in my previous life.

    "If you're uneasy, you should teach them some of their talents."

    “I have one body.”

    "Yeah, stop vomiting before you get cut off in two."


    “And I said before? You foal is not to hard. "

    Jenkins sighed.

    “I’ll also reduce Kiel’s training time.”


    “Hey, that’s the way you work five hours a day.”

    Of course, there are no holidays, but what makes me so dissatisfied with working five hours a day.

    Bella thought to herself, 'Look, you were born in Korea.'

    “Just be patient until Kiel becomes the prince."

    "I won't let any demons ignore you because you're half-demon. Hang in there."


    Swordsmanship Class.

    Bella wanted to do it properly while she was at it.

    At first, the villagers said they would open a sword art class at the haunted mansion, but as word of mouth began to spread, people gradually flocked.

    I planned and recruited them when the cold winter came, but before I knew it, the swordsmanship class was able to operate in a stable.

    Besides, the biggest reason for the word-of-mouth is.

    It was quite systematic for a local swordsmanship class.

    This was endorsed by cheeky Jenkins.

    "More than I thought... It's well-organized.”

    It wasn't that difficult in the first place.

    It's just that Bella organized the exercises she was doing in her previous life to build up her stamina.

    If it's a little different, it's all designed for kids.

    Along with exercises such as long jump and high jump in place, the mansion also has a wooden stick.

    "Where did you learn all this from?"

    Jenkins was amazed at Bella's curriculum.

    "You don't usually study, and I've never seen you do it yourself."

    "Do you ignore my ability?"

    "I'll not ignore it only if I've shown it."

    "You keep climbing these days. You don't think I'm going to be able to do this, right?"

    Jenkins shut his mouth tight. Because that was true.

    The man who was so treated in the demon world was a little flattered because he gained the most trust from the princess here.

    “I’m curious if the half-demon will recover if they are cut off or if they will die. Shall we experiment?”

    “If I die, what about the education of the master...”

    “Once you cut off your arm and don’t die, cut off your neck and tell me what to say, you're a pig."

    When Bella smiled, Jenkins went straight back.

    Three times a week, when it was about time to get lazy after lunch, the mansion was filled with children.

    And the children were very active.

    "Wow! Teacher Zanbar! I'm done with this!"

    "Hey! I did everything first."

    It wasn't a day or two to fight each other.

    It was natural for the quiet mansion to become noisy in no time.

    However, Kiel was doing his job silently in the corner, as if he was unfamiliar with it.

    Bella, who had been watching for a long time, quietly approached Kiel and was about to say something.

    "Wow! This sister is so pretty!”

    “Who is this sister?”

    Suddenly, all the children who were interested in Bella who came out of the mansion rushed to surround Bella.

    'Oh, my God. It's been a while since I've had this interest.’

    In the past, while patrolling, I remembered something that girls surrounded me in front of elementary school and looked at me curiously, saying, "It's a female police officer!"

    At that time, I felt like a hero, but now I feel like a cat in a zoo.

    “Hello, I’m Bella, who lives here.”

    I told you nicely because you'd be Kiel's friends.

    "Well, if it was Bella from the mansion, they said she was a terrifying person?"

    How the hell was the rumors in the village?

    Bella laughed brightly.

    "Really? Do I look scary?”

    Then the children shook their heads.

    "How old are you? Is it your brother?”

    “Oh, my brother is 13 years old too!”

    "I am ten years old! This brother is twelve years old!"

    Even though I didn't ask, the children started talking one after another.

    As soon as Kiel saw Bella in the distance, he stopped practicing and ran to her.

    From one day, even the village children were invited to do the swordsmanship class or anything, and it didn't come out well.

    "Bella, what brings you..."

    "Guys, this is Kiel."

    Only then did Kiel see the children next to the black swan standing upright like a pyramid.

    'What's that thing next to you?'

    Then Bella put her hands on Kiel's shoulder.

    "We're going to have a fight together now, so be close to each other."

    The children scurried to see if their mouths were itchy.

    "Hey, this one. He practice alone all the time."

    "That's right! He practiced alone and I said hello, but he always run away!"

    Kiel tried to hide his discomfort.

    He want to show Bella what he's good at.

    I know she won't let him go anymore, even if he doesn't try.

    "Kiel only lives in the mansion, so he is unfamiliar to you guys.”

    The children hesitated, and the tallest of them reached out to me and Kiel.

    “Ooh, we’re going to explore a cave after this. Would you like to go together?”


    "Wow, that sounds fun. Kiel, go ahead."

    Kiel tried to say no, but his lips tightened at Bella's words.

    He hid behind Bella and gripped the hem of her dress.

    “Is Bella ou going too?”

    If I said I wouldn't go, I thought Kiel wouldn't either. Bella clasped Kiel's hand.

    "I can't, shall I come with you?"

    The cave near the village was narrow and had a low ceiling. The sound of water dripping from the top hit everywhere and echoed.

    "Guys, isn't it dangerous here? Do the adults know? You guys coming here?"

    In a place where no light came in even though it was midday, the children were doing an expedition with only a torch.

    "You can go if you're scared. So the girls aren't coming."

    "It's different between dangerous and scary."

    It was fortunate that it was dark. Otherwise, Bella would have been scarier to grind her teeth and stare at the kids than this cave.

    Kiel calmly walked next to Bella and waited for when this time was over.

    'I'll look at one more book at a time like this.’

    As I walked a little longer, I saw a space that the children had built as a secret base.

    "This is where we start exploring!"

    I wonder if my future dream is to become a cave explorer.

    The tallest child, 'Bwon', pointed to a space that was so dark that nobody in front could see it without sunlight.

    At that time, the youngest child in the crowd sneaked up to Bella and asked.

    "You're not scared?"

    He seems to be about four or five years old, but it seemed like he was forced to follow because he wanted to play with his brothers.

    "Are you scared?"

    The child looked at his brothers and nodded.

    "Then would you like to stay here with me?"

    "Hey! You're there! We'll explore and come!"

    However, the child was looking at their backs to see if he wanted to follow his brothers.

    "Why, you're cute, then I’ll hold your hand, so shall we go together?”

    The moment Bella was trying to reach out her hand to the child.

    "I... I'm scared, too."

    Kiel snatched Bella's hand and grabbed it tightly.

    'I thought you were the only cute.’
    It not easy to mtl this novel. The characters perspective often change.
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    Episode 21

    Contract with the devil

    Jenkins was the busiest man in the mansion, but now Bella and Zhanbar were the busiest.

    The swordsmanship classroom opened by Bella has grown its reputation over time.

    Zanbar would soon grumble, but it seemed rather like a teacher who the children wouldn't dare to deal with.

    The excellent swordman came down to the countryside and began to be rumored to teach.

    In addition, they practice differently depending on their physique and skill.

    It was not an era of adventure or an exhibition situation, but many children seemed to want to learn swordsmanship and become mercenaries.

    'Well, in this countryside, it's usually all about farming and farming.’

    Most of all, the commoners learned swordsmanship over their shoulders, so they didn't want to miss this opportunity.

    Everyone in the village was flooded with inquiries.

    At first, the residents were also puzzled when a young girl received an inquiry.

    But they shut their mouth when they found out that she was the owner of the mansion that made the innkeeper's pent-up.

    "I'll go to town then."

    Thanks to this, Bella was as busy as ever.

    The family members of the mansion used to enjoy their time without Bella and take a break.

    “It’s so nice that she’s busy.”

    Whatever she does, she often ends up nagging.

    But unlike them who like it.

    What about Bella?

    "Lady, she’s out for a while."

    Kiel hated it.

    Everything from one to ten of the swordsmanship classes.

    He didn't want Bella to be away, but there was something else he hated the most.

    "Oh, what was your new name? Bowen? He are here again."

    "It's Bwen."

    The first thing he hated was this guy, Bwen.

    Kiel saw Bwen standing at the entrance of the mansion and greeted him with an impression.

    "Hi? Is Bella in the house?”

    "There isn't."

    This guy wasn't even a student in the swordsmanship class, but he came to the mansion with his younger brother every time.

    Bella was the one who said he was cute before. You said you were worried about the age difference.

    "Oh, then give her this. My mom wants me to bring it."

    It was an apple pie that Bwen gave.

    The second thing Kiel hated was this.

    When this guy came to the swordsmanship class, he always started sitting on a bench in the garden and sharing his doran with Bella.

    Now he was showing interest openly.

    “Bella hates apples.”

    "Bella asked me to bake it before."

    The third thing he don't like is Bella doesn't reject the interest at all.

    Then Ywer sees an apple pie from afar. She ran out of the way, asking why this was rice cake.

    "Oh, let's have this for today’s snack, young master.”


    Bwen scratched his head at Kiel's emphatic refusal.

    "haha. Bella's brother is too tough.”

    The fourth thing he hated was that Bella had already told all of the neighborhood that Kiel was her own brother.

    It was strange to call Kiel a master and Bella a lady if he wasn't a family member.

    I understood, but I didn't like what I didn't like.


    Recently, the family of the mansion felt that Kiel had changed somewhere.

    He showed signs of exhaustion even before he finished his physical training, which he usually insisted on doing more.

    "Hey, young master.”

    “I just want to rest.”

    Zhanbar was happy to have more of his break time, but he couldn't shake his spirits.

    It wasn't just physical training.

    “Well… young master, is it the end?"

    "Yes, I have no appetite."

    He leave almost half of his meal.

    "young master! Please move away!”

    “Ah... yes.”

    Bella is the only one who hasn't seen Kiel suddenly changed.

    At first, she often went to the village to meet parents.

    Nowadays, it is common to enter the mansion late, seeking friendship with quite famous mercenaries.

    Kiel's change may not seem so big, but it wasn't for the mansion family.

    Bella didn't seem to care, but she was very enthusiastic about Kiel.

    Whenever they ran into each other, they would talk about Kiel.

    “The young master’s motivation has disappeared too much!”

    “He’s weaker than when he first came here."

    "What's going on?"

    "If he get sick, I'm worried about what the princess will say."

    They were silent for a moment.

    Jenkins said the other day, recalling the time when Kiel was haunted by ghosts every night, when he felt like he was about to run away.

    "I think we should talk to her about this..."

    They were looking at each other and putting off work.

    “Jenkins, the youngest in the sequence, goes.”

    “Why am I the youngest? If you look at it, I'm the one that the lady most cherishes here."

    When they heard it, they couldn't argue that it was correct, and they looked at Zhanbar.

    "I'm cleaning the house!"

    "Will the lady be upset if young master don't eat?"

    "...I'm the General."

    In the end, they decided to play rock-paper-scissors fairly.


    It wasn't fair in fact. Pur, a lone bear, ended up losing after playing 'pa'.

    "No! I'm a foolish bear who can't speak well!”

    "Then work hard."

    Zanbar and Jenkins left their seats with a light step, and Ywer jokingly laughed next to frustrated Pur.

    “Pur can do it."

    “My lady will cut me off.”

    "I'll catch a delicious rabbit when you come back."

    “Rab.. Rabbit?"

    Pur grabbed Ywer's arm and spoke fiercely.



    “Then please make a vow.”

    "What's the point of taking such a vow..."

    "Hurry up! I'm scared anyway."

    It was then.

    "Hurry up! I'm scared anyway."

    It was then.

    Since when has it been, Kiel stood between the two and asked.

    “What is the pledge?”


    Bella was happier than ever because everything seemed to go smoothly and on her own terms.

    Since Bella came to the human world, the empty tower has made the visits of wizards more and more frequent.

    As the mercenaries showed interest, it seemed that they could make a connection with a fairly large target group.

    ‘If we do well, we can sell Ywer's potion in large quantities.'

    It was night before I knew it, but Bella entered the mansion in a good mood.

    ‘As expected, the end of the day is our favorite.’

    When Bella opened Kiel's door, Kiel sat by the window and looked at the night sky.

    "Kiel, what are you doing?"

    "I am looking at the stars."

    Bella went next to Kiel and looked up at the sky together. I couldn't see the whole thing because of the window, but there were countless stars stuck in the sky.

    ‘Come to think of it, it's my first time seeing the night sky like this.’

    In my previous life, I couldn't see the stars even when I looked up.

    "Pretty, right."


    Bella turned her head and faced Kiel. Since when he had been looking at her, he turned his eyes away as soon as he met her eyes.

    "Are you enjoying the stars?"

    Kiel nodded his head.

    "The stars change places every day. So even without a calendar, we can know what day it is today."

    Kiel quietly raised his head and looked back at the sky.

    When I was living on the road, there was nothing I could have under the ground, but when I looked up, I felt like I had all the sky.

    But it only gives me the illusion that it's always mine. The sky was everyone's.

    Just like now.

    It was then.

    "Oh, shooting star."

    As soon as Bella saw the light across the sky, she closed her eyes and put her hands together.


    "If you wish when a shooting star falls, it will come true."

    When Kiel turned his head again, the shooting star had long since disappeared.


    Seeing Kiel's face looking a little disappointed, Bella stroked his head.

    "I'll grant your wish."

    Even at night, Kiel faced Bella with sparkling eyes like the daytime sun.

    "Can you grant me any wishes?"

    "Yes, the princess of the animal kingdom can do anything."

    "Then, before I tell you my wish..."

    Kiel held Bella's hand and slowly put it on his forehead.

    “Pledge, please."

    “Pledge? How do you know that?"

    “I saw what Pur and Ywer do. When they made a pledge that it must keep, they made a pledge in the animal kingdom.”

    It was a contract. The demons did not lie on purpose, but the military did not keep their pledge.

    Of course, I'm sure Pur and Ywer's pledge would be useless.

    'You're asking me to make a pledge because I'll clean it for you.'

    There were many lower-level pledges that didn't hurt you even if you didn't keep them.

    "Pledge is difficult, unless it's a difficult wish."

    However, the pledge with Bella was no different from a contract with the Demon King, so it could not be done easily.

    “A difficult wish?”

    I was forced to do things that shouldn't be done.

    “For example, something that can save the dead. Like getting someone else's love... And that's what you have to do in return for life."

    Bella paused and looked at Kiel. A slight disappointment appeared.

    I always wanted to do anything more I could do for this child.

    “Then let's do this. When you become emperor, I will grant you any wishes."


    Whatever Kiel's wish right now, when you enter the Imperial Palace and the novel begins, you'll want magical power the most.

    Well, by then, I'm not already in this world.

    I wanted to give you the best gift you could ever have. For the rest of Kiel's life to flow happily.

    'You can think of it as my last legacy.'

    Bella then raised Kiel sitting and walked together in the middle of the room.

    "This is a pledge with the princess, so don't panic if it's different from the pledge you saw."

    While facing each other, Bella slowly placed her hand on Kiel's forehead.

    Moonlight stood in Kiel's eyes.

    "It will be a little sting."

    And Bella put her thumb on Kiel's forehead with her two hands and carefully made a nail mark.

    "The beginning of the oath is the blood of Kiel Herian Elysia.”

    At the same time, the wind began to blow around them.

    Blood slowly bleeds from Kiel's forehead, and Bella gently wiped his forehead with her hand.

    “I pledge.”

    Her hair gradually fluttered, and a magic circle was drawn in her eyes that were red and shining like Bella's ruby.

    “I, Bellatrice, will grant any wishes of Kiel Herian Elysia when he becomes emperor.”

    As if looking at the red moon in the dark night sky, the creepy beauty filled the space.

    Kiel couldn't take his eyes off as if he was possessed.

    “Whatever this wish may be, it will be passed on even if I am not there.”

    In Kiel's eyes, Bella was gradually approaching.

    Her lips, which she thought would be reformed, stopped anxiously right in front of him.

    And between them, Bella's breath is delivered to Kiel coldly.

    The magic circle in Bella's eyes glittered with Kiel's eyes and disappeared.

    It was a long way to miss.
    Episode 22

    A drug-selling mansion

    Since Kiel and Bella made the pledge, the family of the mansion has been relieved of their worries.

    No matter what the reason, Kiel got along well with his bright face as it used to be.

    "Phew… that's a relief. I don't have to tell the lady!”

    "Oh, I got a rabbit."

    The swordsmanship classroom that Bella opened was doing a good job of being a filial son in many ways.

    Kiel was shy at first, but he started hanging out with his friends.

    Especially if Bella only chooses the kids she's interested in.

    'As expected, Kiel has eyes, too.’

    I didn't like it when they asked me questions like "Do you like Bwen" or "What kind of man do you want to marry?"

    She used to be more mindful because most of her children are eager or come at the risk of parental opposition.

    Kiel used to be full of proud smiles as if he knew that and seemed to give the love he had received from Bella.

    'The empire you will rule will be happy.'

    Bella was thankful that Kiel grew up to be a warm person.

    The classroom also served as a bridge of luck that made the manor's finances even more prosperous.

    The swordsmanship class became famous in the village, and there was a mercenary corps that showed interest when rumors came out in nearby cities.

    Bella tried to meet the shareholders of the city's target group through the mercenary corps.

    It was the first time she had guests in the parlor of the mansion.

    "Hey, you're doing a great job."

    "Good thing..."

    At first, the top shareholder said a line like a bully, so I thought he was a gangster.

    “The children's parents bought a lot of weapons from the our top."

    "Oh, really?"

    "Thanks to you, the town won't have to worry about security in the future."

    Bella nodded leisurely.

    Sangju was a little surprised by the little girl's Sangju in front of him, he asked after pondering for a while.

    "I don't think you’re a noble family, can I ask how you live in a mansion like this?"

    “I bought a ghost house because it was cheap.”

    Sangju stopped drinking tea at an unexpected answer.

    “You don’t have to worry about it because I have defeated the ghosts.”

    "Ha... haha. That would be scary."

    Sangju was a pretty good business person.

    He said carefully as he looked around the living room, whether it seemed to his eyes that there was a lot of furniture needed for this mansion.

    "Well.... the lady is very frugal."

    If he do well, he could sell a lot of things to a rich person who doesn't know how to do it.

    Bella replied with a nod to his words.

    "I don't like being frugal. There's so little I can buy in this country."

    "Aha, I guess so."

    "There's no opportunity to sell."

    Bella took out the potion Ywer made and showed it to Sangju.

    “Life’s life, wouldn’t it be so barren and sad without love?”

    "...What is this?"

    "I'm good at making magic potion, so would you like to sell the love potion at a high price?”

    “Lo… love potion?"

    Unlike the embarrassing Sangju, Bella calmly replied with a smile.

    Long if it is long, short if it is for a short time.

    Pur has become a master of household chores.

    "Lady, your clothes are torn again."

    But she's so active, except for tearing up her clothes once a week.

    Each time, Bella raises one side of her mouth, but she calmly bought a new one.

    'Yes, it's a bear, but it's better than tearing people.'

    In addition, it is a bear, but it is close to a teddy bear, so Kiel is more like a Pur than anyone else. I felt more relaxed.

    Sometimes I was jealous to see Kiel sleeping on Pur's fluffy fur.

    Bella liked Ywer after Jenkins.

    I was worried about succubus, but she didn't cross that close line.

    Furthermore, Ywer's cooking was fantastic. It is no exaggeration to say that this attracts people, and she even brought foreign food that she had never heard of before.

    “Ywer, where did you learn this food?"

    “That’s it, drinking and dancing with all men from all over the world…”

    "Okay, I get it."

    In the meantime, there were similar flavors that Bella ate in her previous life. Kinds like curry and bulgogi.

    And Ywer would sometimes make it similar when Bella, who wanted to eat spicy food, explained.

    "Ta-da! Today I made bulgogi as you said!"

    "Wow... it's really the same."

    Whenever something went in her mouth, Ywer beat Jenkins to become Bella's number one.

    "Cooking is another temptation. Cooking is the basic thing if you're a beloved succubus.”

    Except for these old-fashioned remarks.

    “But, of course, the most delicious thing is me…”

    "shut up."

    Except for sometimes remarks that are too far ahead.

    Jenkins, as always, has never betrayed Bella's expectations.

    "You can't fool the bloodline, either."


    “Young Master is so clever. In the past, it used to take a month to unwrap a book, but now it takes 15 days, or a week."


    And Kiel, who follows Jenkins' education well, was no less.

    I was reporting my daily routine, but every time I did that, it was a kind of compliment.

    Bella's fourth-ranked Zhanbar also worked quite hard and changed to 3.5th place. Surprisingly, he fits well with the village children.

    ‘Honestly, I feel like I'm vicariously satisfied as I'm watching an eating show.’

    When he rested on the roof after his routine, Bella would sometimes listen to Zhanbar's hardships.

    "I really want to eat. Those yummy guys."

    "Yes, eat as much as you want when you go back to the demon world."

    “I don't know how the other guys endure it.”


    "You can't fool the bloodline, either."

    Bella was also unfamiliar with Zhanbar, who suddenly spoke seriously.

    “I’m different from a bear that eats salmon, a succubus that regularly sucks, and a half-demon in the first place."

    "Is that so? Come to think of it, Jenkins says that without a slip of the tongue, but the bloodline don't seem to be deceiving."


    “The two of you were anxious because you couldn’t eat it, and you seem a little similar in this way.”

    Then Zhanbar's face turned red and strongly denied it.

    "What do you mean I’m similar to that half-demon!”

    Zanbar sometimes makes a fuss when Jenkins is mentioned, and Bella feels strange every time.

    Like Bella made a slip of the tongue.

    "No, I'm just saying, why are you making such a fuss?"

    "Why would you do that?"

    Then Ywer whined up on the roof and lay beside Bella.

    "What's the matter?"

    "The princess has no idea in this way."

    "This way?"

    “Once upon a time with Jannbar and Jenkins used to be... ack.”

    Even before Ywer finished speaking, Zhanbar turned into a leopard and pressed Ywer's neck with his foot.

    "Once upon a time, what? Zhanbar, get your feet away."

    Bella tried to lift Zhanbar's foot, but he remained steadfast.

    "Let me go... You can't say that anyway."

    "Yes, he's the one to talk about by turning it around."

    Jenkins and Kiel, who were practicing swordsmanship underneath, looked up to see if it was quite noisy for three people to get tangled up on the roof.

    “What if you fall over there?”

    "Don't worry about it because I’m stronger than you."

    Kiel was concentrating again and working with Jenkins a few times when there was a loud sound "thump."

    Surprised, I looked next to him, but he was having a lot of fun, falling off the roof.

    "I'm going to kill you."

    “Kyah! Help me, lady!"

    "Why, what is it? Tell me and die!"

    If Zhanbar catches Ywer, Bella catches Zhanbar, and if Ywer runs away again, Zhanbar goes to catch her.

    The garden was a mess of three people flying and running around in a flash.

    "Anyway, monsters..."

    "Is the animal kingdom that strong?"

    Jenkins shut his mouth. Does the animal kingdom really exist? I felt sorry for being so impersonal.

    "Well, that's right."

    "I'm not an animal, can I be as strong as them?”

    "Not as much as I do, but I can beat them. We'll need a strategy."

    Jenkins held the sword properly again and tapped Kiel's sword.

    "Efforts don't betray you."

    Kiel faced Jenkins.

    "Shall we go again?"


    At times like this, Jenkins could feel the young noble’s mood in Kiel's amber eyes.


    And her business, which started in spring, hit the jackpot by the time of winter.

    “I can get a little more money.”

    Initially earning about 200 silver, it jumped 10 times and began to sell two golds per bottle. That's also very noticeable.

    "What the hell do you expect to buy at this price?"

    "It's a lot. It doesn't matter if you're a commoner like us, but there are no nobles who don't spare money.”

    Thanks to this, the small furniture in the mansion began to change one by one.

    Bella occasionally showed a strange smile as she recalled when she went to Psilia’s mansion.

    "Pur, I mean."


    “In my life, there are times when things suddenly go well. It's not a big deal, but there are times when it's a series of good things. I think now is the time."

    “My lady has lived for years…”

    And Bella sometimes took out the summons to the demon kingdom, and she would send her favorite things to the demon kingdom.

    Even if I couldn't use it right away, I wanted to maintain the same life now when I return to the demon world someday.

    "I have to go out of the city sooner or later and find a mint chair."

    In my previous life, it was more salty than I thought, but here I was becoming quite a shopping fanatic here.

    It was a blink of an eye, but it was enough time to know the taste of money.


    It's been 2 years since I gave Kiel a sword.

    He began to show extraordinary talent for swordsmanship. He handled the sword skillfully even with a small body.

    Bella thought as she watched Kiel in the garden and had a fight with Jenkins.

    'I think the setting of being good at swordsmanship is such a crazy setting.'

    When Jenkins always said, ‘Young master isn't so delicate,' I listened to it with one ear and shed it.

    She thought he was just young because he looked smaller than his peers.

    However, Kiel quickly got up and challenged Jenkins again.

    ‘He also have persistence.'

    Maybe that's why, in the end, even though he complained that he wouldn't save the swordsman teacher, Jenkins didn't hate dealing with Kiel.

    'Is it time to step out?'

    Bella watched quietly and said to Jenkins.

    "Jenkins, you can't improve by playing with knives like that."
    Episode 23

    Summer Festival and Red Thread

    "Jenkins, you can't improve by playing with knives like that."

    Bella walked slowly to them in the midst of a battle, with a cheery voice.

    "What? Knive… Are you kidding me?"

    Jenkins expressed discomfort at Bella's sudden intrusion.

    "Lady, I know you're strong, but swordsmanship is one..."

    "Come on."

    Bella stopped Jenkins trying to start nagging and picked up Kiel's sword.

    “I didn’t know that the lady would use the sword.”

    Bella approached Jenkins with her snort.

    ‘What do you think I am? He's still a judea.'

    I only played Taekwondo and Kendo for 10 years.

    Since she was a child, she wanted to be a police officer, so when girls learned ballet and piano, she had fun hitting the heads of boys who made fun of Bella.

    “Get started.”

    Jenkins tried to strike Bella right above.

    There was a difference in physique, so I could immediately aim for the head at once.

    Bella, however, lightly moved her right foot to the right, pulled it out, and put a sword on Jenkins' left head.

    "It's a very obvious an attack."

    As soon as Bella spoke with the sword removed, Jenkins made the next attack.

    The sound of bumping into each other was enough to feel great power.

    Bella noticed her sword coming above her head and blocked it horizontally and rode down Jenkins' blade.

    Her sword touched Jenkins' heart.

    "What the hell is a lady..."

    Bella returned the sword to Kiel and took Jenkins' sword.

    "What are you going to do?"

    "Kiel, do you want to fight me?"


    It wasn't all of a sudden. She said in the first place she was trying to get Kiel to some extent.

    'It may be rather late.'

    Kiel seemed a little embarrassed, but he grabbed the sword Bella had given him.


    "I won't let you go."

    "Me, too."

    After Kiel's twelve-year-old birthday, he now spends much more time competing with Bella than sitting down and learning what Jenkins teach him.

    “You must be tired of that.”

    Contrary to Ywer's concerns, Kiel rather enjoyed the time. He wanted to spend more time with Bella.

    "Kiel, run a little more. That's why you can't win."

    But Bella, who says so, knew Kiel was growing to a frightening degree.

    On the other hand, she was proud and disappointed.

    'One day you'll have to kill me.'

    I was heartbroken because I felt like I was handing over too big a burden.

    'But your life will be a happy ending. Because you are the main character in this novel.’

    Their memories seemed to be engraved on the colliding sword.


    The flowers fell and the whole place was brilliantly turned into green leaves.

    Summer of 1158.

    It was already four years since I came to the human world.

    Kiel was twelve years old and Bella fourteen years old.

    After this summer, Kiel's birthday came to an end, and there were two years left until his 15th birthday.

    Bella began her routine by standing at the entrance of the mansion every morning and opening up the first newspaper delivered.

    "Hey, why the date of this news a week ago?"


    “The newspaper of the week ago shouldn't be given a week ago!”

    "Ha... thank you for the newspaper coming to this country."

    Bella opened the newspaper with a lot of discomfort and quickly searched for the information she wanted.

    Then Bella, who had opened the last page, threw the newspaper right away and chased into the mansion.

    "Guys, finally!"

    Finally, it was the summer festival that I had been waiting for.

    I tried to go last year, but I couldn't. I didn't know the date.

    She knew that the festival had already ended as village children who came to the swordsmanship class were talking about their visits.

    Since then, research has shown that summer festivals have been held in every city, but the biggest thing nearby was "Dazer's Summer Festival."

    Let's go to the most colorful place.

    “Let's go to the summer festival!”

    “Kaah! Finally go!”

    "It starts tomorrow, so if we leave now, we'll arrive tonight."

    The source was slow, perhaps because it was a week ago.

    So I took out a carriage that I had borrowed from the beginning of summer for a festival that I don't know exactly when.

    "If the lady runs, you will arrive within 2-3 hours."

    Bella flicked her finger and pointed at Zhanbar, who had just said it.

    "Zhanbar, you go ahead and set up an inn. I'm going to take it easy."


    "I'm so determined to celebrate this festival, do I have to relax before it starts?"

    In this hot summer, I have to run for three hours under the hot sun. The mere thought of it was terrible.

    "Well, let's just go in the carriage."

    "No, you run first. Right now."

    And I said firmly to Zanbar, who came up with that terrible idea as an idea.

    Zhanbar took a deep breath and turned into a leopard.

    “Now, guys. Quickly bring your luggage."

    Bella hastily headed for her own room. She come down to the front door with only the pre-packaged luggage bag, but it's so fast.

    These bags were also packed in advance from the time they were prepared.

    "Lady, you're so excited."

    "You've been waiting since winter."

    And Ywer and Jenkins packed up in advance in case they were far behind.

    “I took Zhanbar's luggage.”

    "I got everything, too."

    When Kiel arrived at the front door, Bella opened the front door excitedly.

    "Come on! Let's go!"

    "Wait! I took it all too!"

    Then Pur came down from behind with his fluffy hand.

    In an instant, the atmosphere slowed down a little.



    "Bear can't go to the festival."

    "Why...why! Why can't I go all the time?"

    "Then you could turn into a human form."

    Then, tears like chicken poo fell from Pur's black eyes.

    "Well... Then, if I eat some lady's blood, won't I be able to change someday?"

    “Are you crazy?”

    "Why... why always only me..."

    Bella headed outside without hearing Pur's whining.

    "Why am I the only one..."

    "Why were you born such an ignorant bear?"

    The door of the mansion closed coolly after the half-hearted Jenkins's note.


    I left in the morning, but it was night when I arrived at Daizer. I've been in the carriage all day and everyone's exhausted.

    "I told you to get the best room."

    "Aren't big things good?"

    Zhanbar had only one large room in the inn.

    "Oh, I have to share a room with you guys."

    It was a big room, but there were only four beds.

    "Kiel and I should sleep together."

    "Oh, you can sleep with me."

    Ywer looked at Bella with an insidious look.

    'What's wrong with her?’

    After everyone was ready to go to bed, I heard people preparing for the summer festival until late at night.

    "I'm looking forward to it. Sounds fun, right?"

    "The festivals are all there. Especially on this outskirts..."

    Bella ignored Jenkins' excitement and asked Kiel.

    "Have you ever been to a summer festival?"

    “I haven't been there, but I heard a lot of songs.”


    Kiel then rolled his eyes here and there for a moment and sang a line of songs that came to mind quietly.

    Young Kiel's voice, which had not yet changed, sounded like an angel's voice.

    Just listening to it soothes your tired day.

    Bella put on her arm pillow and lie quietly next to Kiel's, closing her eyes.

    Then Ywer added lyrics to the song.

    “I hang a red thread at the end of summer.”

    Then Jenkins sang along.

    “In spring, it will bloom as a flower.”

    “What song is that?”

    “It's a popular song during the exhibition.”

    Kiel looked at Bella and turned his head and asked Ywer.

    "What's the red thread?"

    “You don’t even know? When loved ones tie red thread together and spend the night together on the last day of the festival, even if they die during the war, they will bloom as flowers in that person's garden. Something like that.”

    Bella, who was not even in the novel, asked Ewer interestingly.

    "When did the war break out?"

    "Well, it was a huge war. It's probably... Maybe 200 years ago. Maybe when my half brother got kicked out."

    "Where and where did you fight?"

    "My half brother knows well. Who made the demons not be able to go to the human world at all right?

    Jenkins sighed.

    “Why is that my fault… eh?”

    “I've never said that it's half the blame. Who did you say.”

    Bella listened to the conversation between the two and asked again.

    "So where and where did you fight?"

    "It's the Yongin War. The dragon that stood on the side of the human side was a glacier, so it started in the autumn and fought against other dragons in the winter when it became the strongest."

    Jenkins quickly explained to Ywer to cut off her conversation.

    "That's why every city has a summer festival. Fall begins after the summer festival."

    A festival before being dragged to war.

    "Before we say goodbye, let's cherish that time rather than be sad. That's what I meant."

    Bella made a bitter eye contact with Kiel.

    'Well, we'll break up someday.’

    I know it from my head, but on the other hand, I thought this time would continue forever.

    "And not many people came back alive."

    "Aha! So one last time before I die..."

    Ywer spoke without thinking, then thought of her own level and corrected her speech on her own.

    “Because it was the last night, you fell asleep with a red thread tied, like that.”

    Bella glared at Ywer and then laid back.


    Then Kiel touched Bella's hair and asked with a red face.

    “Bella, would you like to tie a red thread with me and sleep with me tomorrow?”


    Bella turned red at the moment.

    Ewer poked about whether it was fun or not, and then kicked the blanket several times.

    "Hahaha! It's not that night!"

    At the words, Kiel realized how naive he was.

    '…Damn it.'

    Fortunately, because of the light, no one knew how bright he was.

    "My master, aren't you being too naive? I'm gonna teach you a lesson.”

    I smacked Ywer’s hand who was laughing.

    “Ywer, shut up before you cut your tongue.”

    Bella was embarrassed and stood up to bluff, but her eyes met Zhanbar.

    Zhanbar was looking at Bella with a very chewy look.

    "What, man, come on!"

    Bella lay down again, raised the blanket all the way up and closed her eyes.

    “Young master, the red thread shouldn't be cut until the night is over. I don't know what kind of struggle it’s going to be.

    Bella pulled back the blanket and grated her teeth and bluffed.

    "From now on, I'll kill anyone with one more word."
    Episode 24

    The Bella and Kiel’s Secret

    The Summer Festival of the City Daizer.

    The sound of people's words and musical instruments awakened the morning.

    Bella got up with her bright eyes and took out her clothes from her luggage bag.

    She finally thought that when she was possessed, she would enjoy the young-a-like-life she wanted to do.

    She pulled out an overall blue dress.

    Her skirt, which spreads wider toward the hem, was about above the knees, and white lace was attached to her neck and sleeves.

    "Lady, isn't that the dress you bought last year?"

    "That's right."

    "You must not have grown at all."

    "Shut up."

    On the other hand, Kiel's clothes he bought last year were quite short, and his long sleeves have become seven-quarter sleeves. It was a marine look with a white and blue line.

    "Ta-da! We're a couple look."

    Bella shrugged, crossing Kiel's arms.

    “Looking like this, the young lady is a bit like the sea at night, and the young master is like the sunny afternoon sea.”

    “Humans really care about useless things.”

    "Did Sir Zhanbar dress up like that because he didn't care?"

    "Are you dressed like that..."

    Ywer seemed to have replaced clothes with sloppy decorations, like a dancer in the desert.

    “If it's a festival, you should do this! And I warn you in advance, don't look for me at night even if I'm not there!”

    Bella clapped her hands and noticed her family.

    "Now, watch out for pickpockets! Let's go!"

    Daizer was a city with a big river in the center. Although the river was not large, it was lined with temporary tents.

    Delicious smells were coming from every street, and various accessories were being sold.

    Bella's heart was pounding even if she didn't do anything because she had never enjoyed the festival in her previous life.

    "I want chicken, how about Kiel?”

    "The same thing as Bella."

    I walked around eating jugburi on the warm sunny road.

    All the festivals I experienced in my previous life were so noisy that the police had to be deployed as a safety reasons.

    However, it was not as crowded as Bella thought.

    Perhaps that's why people wanted to find a place that was a little crowded, so there were interesting things to do.

    “Oh, he draws a picture on the face.”

    Bella and Kiel waited for their turn with a full heart and stood in front of the painter.

    "I want to draw a cat."

    "I want a star."

    Kiel drew a cute black cat on his cheek, and Bella drew a yellow star.

    Ywer, who was watching, also looked down on the painter whether she wanted to do it.

    "I want a heart, please."

    "It's only for children."


    Kiel's drawing on his face was cute even when he looked here and there.

    ‘Ha. If I had a cell phone, I would take a selfie.’

    Then I suddenly thought of it.

    "Shouldn't we take a picture?"

    I fiddled with the cell phone I always carry.

    I have to explain this cell phone, but Bella went into the alley with Kiel, regardless of whether she was too excited.

    "Where are you going?"

    "Wait there!"

    Bella checked that no one was there, and quickly turned on her cell phone to see if it had a filming function.

    "There is!"


    "Kiel, what you see from now must be kept a secret. Okay?"

    Kiel nodded his head.

    "Come on, look at this. It's a mirror."

    Fortunately, the cell phone looked like a square mirror.

    "Is it a mirror?"

    "Wait, stay still."

    And after a few clicks, Bella put her phone back in to see if she was satisfied.



    "What you just saw, you should never say this. This is my secret mirror. Okay?"

    Kiel nodded his head.

    'Secrets of Bella and Me'

    He liked this fact quite a bit.

    As soon as I took a picture with Kiel and left the alley, Ywer took Bella's hand.

    "Lady! Let's go dancing!"

    "What dance?"

    Where Ywer took his hand and led, people cheered and played.

    In a slightly open space, when folk music was played, everyone was raising their shoulders and clapping their hands.

    When Ywer hit Jenkins' side, Jenkins sighed briefly and went into the empty area dancing with Ywer.

    Then, one or two people who were surrounded by a circle would come out and dance.

    Rather than a dance performed by two people, they all drew one circle and danced the same like Ganggangsullae.

    "Shall we dance, too?"

    Kiel was shy at first and then stood next to Bella and followed her.

    Bella's partner became Kiel's partner, and when the music suddenly changed, he started turning in the opposite direction.

    Then the music changed again, and the man and woman began to dance in pairs.

    It was just a dance that the commoners danced lightly, so I could see it a few times and follow it.

    “It’s easy.”

    With arms crossed, turn around and clap hands.

    Surprisingly, Kiel memorized it quickly and copied it quickly.

    "Kiel, you're going to sweep society later."


    Bella, however, kept turning the opposite direction and bumped into Kiel.

    "Bella, you're wrong again."

    Every time they did that, the two laughed at each other and danced again.

    Fortunately, the music ended when Jenkins and Bella, who had already turned the other way, met.

    "Phew, that's a relief."

    "Oh, I wanted to dance with my lady.”

    When the performance was over, people clapped with cheers. At the moment I was trying to take a breath. People approached Bella and talked.

    "Are you two brother and sister? You don't look alike, but how can you two look pretty."

    “My younger brother is really cute.”

    Whenever that happened, Bella laughed and expressed her gratitude.

    But Kiel's mood didn't look very good.

    ‘Well, Kiel didn't really like being this active.’

    Kiel was relatively calm and reserved, so he never played ball with the village children.

    He's good at training and dancing for those things, too.

    It was then. There was a lot of people in the village trying to dance.

    The moment Bella reached out her arm to grab Kiel's hand, she bumped into someone.


    Rather than apologizing to the person who was bumped into. The gentler face was more noticeable.

    The rare silver hair, facing Bella, contrasted like an angel and a devil.

    "It's all right."

    "Uh... but on the wrist..."

    Bella lowered her head slightly.

    Maybe it was spilled as the villagers passed by, but chocolate ice cream was on the white lace of the wrist.

    'It's my first time wearing it today.'

    Then Kiel, who was a little far away, approached Bella and looked at her anxiously.

    "Are you all right?"

    Bella smiled only slightly.

    'Hopefully, it's chocolate ice cream.'

    The person who bumped into her handed her a handkerchief from his pocket, and Bella didn't have to say no.

    I think the soft fabric and tight embroidery are quite expensive handkerchiefs.

    "I'll wash the handkerchief and give it back to you. Where's your home, because it'll be until the last day of the festival?"

    "Oh, well, I'm performing tomorrow. Do you want to come and see me?"

    And Bella looked at the silver-haired boy in front of her.

    '...oh, no way.'

    Silver hair was not common in this novel.

    There is only one silver hair she knows. Bella's second sweetheart, Princess Shuria.

    “Yes, what time do you do it?”

    "12 o'clock. I'll do it over there.”

    The silver-haired boy pointed his finger away.

    "What kind of performance?"

    "Well, it's nothing, actually, but I want you to look forward to it, so I'll keep it a secret."

    ‘What the hell are you talking about? It’s…’

    Bella held back her laughter even though his words were a little funny.

    Anyway, if he has a relationship with Princess Shuria.

    'Hopefully, I can see Shuria from a distance.'

    Even though she was possessed by such a role, she wanted to the childhood of her second sweetheart.

    Then the boy asked embarrassingly if he had noticed Kiel now.

    "Oh, is that your younger brother next to you?"


    Bella said yes, but Kiel firmly said no.

    "Come with your younger brother. It could be a little boring for her."

    When the boy left behind a meaningful remark, Bella asked Kiel.

    "What kind of performance is it?"


    But Kiel didn't answer anything.


    He grumbled at Bella in a slightly voluminous voice.

    “Because this is not our village, I will not do it with my older sister.”

    "Okay, then you do it as older brother.”

    Kiel couldn't shut up with his mouth open, as if Bella's words were shocking.

    Bella grabbed Kiel's chin and shook him because he was cute.

    “Big brother, do you want some ice cream?"

    Just in time, Zhanbar approached and frowned, whether the one-line performance was over.

    "What are you doing?"

    “Now, Kiel doesn't want to be a younger brother, so everyone call him big brother from today.”

    “Big brother (oppa)!”

    Ywer was the first to rush at Kiel.

    "You're so excited..."

    Jenkins spoke quietly to himself and shook his head.

    I've been around for a long time since then, but I've only seen about half of the city.

    "It's worth two days."

    "There will be fireworks tomorrow, the last day."

    Bella's eyes glistened.


    Whenever the city held fireworks, it reminded me of the memory of managing the crowd without seeing the fireworks, and smiled.


    The next day, I participated in the same festival, but with a different mind.

    Bella wore a blouse with a white frill inside.

    Her skirt went straight down from her chest line to her waist, going down in black, and then spread all over her waist.

    "Wow, the black color suits you best."

    Kiel was similar.

    The white blouse had a striped vest and a black ribbon around the neck, and a gold brooch was embedded inside the ribbon.

    "You look better than I thought."

    White and black always seem to be the truth.

    They said the clothes were wings, but but Kiel looked quite mature when he dressed like this.

    "Kiel, would you like to be an older brother again today?"


    Kiel slightly glared at Bella and slightly puffed his cheeks. But he’s still cute.

    The festival still had a lot to see.

    There are performances everywhere on the street, and I played various games that I didn't see yesterday.

    "Oh, my God, if you win this, you'll get a hot spring ticket!"

    Ywer's eyes glistened as she showed flyers distributed on the street.

    "Let's go out together!"

    Kiel looked at the flyer first and grabbed Bella's hand.

    "Let's do this. Let's go to a hot spring next time."

    It was the first time Kiel asked to do it at the festival, and Bella was curious to receive a flyer.

    [Love stick]

    [Given a hot spring gift certificate to the team that achieved the fastest!]

    It was a game of moving a stick the length of a little finger from mouth to mouth.

    A very adult game.
    Episode 25

    Cutlassfish playing the piano

    A stick game of love.

    "Wow, that sounds like fun, young master, do you want to go to hot springs, too?"

    "Yes, I've never been to a hot spring."

    Bella frowned as soon as she saw it and pulled Kiel in her hand.

    "Are you crazy? Three of you go out."

    You're sending our Kiel to a game like that.

    "Jen, Zhanbar, get out!"

    "Why am I?"

    "Any game that humans play is fun..."


    As Ywer began to act raw, passersby began to look.

    I thought it would stop if I left it alone.

    Like a kid who didn't be buy of the toy he want at the mart, she sat on the floor and pulled the clothes of Zhanbar, a confectioner.

    Bella said firmly.

    “It’s noisy, so play games quickly. We'll sit here."


    Excited Ywer jumped and applied for participation.

    "I don't like it."

    "I don't like it either."

    "It's time to say good things because Ywer is our cash cow."

    Bella smiled as she watched the two trudgingly following Ywer.

    "Kiel, that's only for adults."

    "Oh... yes."

    Kiel looked a little disappointed.

    "How can you be so pure? If you go to the Imperial Palace later, you can kiss someone else other than me. Okay?"

    "I don't kiss with anyone."

    Kiel blushed and turned away, but Bella pinched his cheek lightly.

    "Oh, why are you so cute?"

    "….I'm not cute."

    Kiel sneaked down Bella's hand, pouting his lips.


    Kiel said to himself, wiggled his fingers as if he was embarrassed and said.

    "I'm going to do something cool..."

    But even that appearance made Bella smile.

    "It's a foul if you don't do cute things with that face."

    The game Ywer participated in took quite a long time, perhaps because there were quite a few participants.

    The game, which was held like a tournament, was about to end, she kept on winning and participating in the next game.

    When the sound of 12 o'clock was heard from the wall clock, Bella recalled the boy she had met yesterday.

    “Shall we go to the show he said yesterday?”


    "Let's bet. What's the show?"

    “Then, let’s grant the wish of the person who won.”

    "Okay, Kiel said he could be bored, so I... A unicycle performance.”

    Kiel was about to say something, but he shut up. He thought the unicycle performance would be boring.

    "Then I'll... Juggling."

    "Oh, I think you're going to win?”

    Before they knew it, the two talked to each other about what the performance would be like, and they arrived at the place the boy said.

    Before they even arrived, they admitted that they both lost the bet.

    Maybe it was time for lunch, but most of them were sitting and watching the performance while eating. No, I was listening.

    The sound of the piano that sounds sweet.

    Both of them hadn't heard much of the music, so I sat in the right place, shut up, and soaked in the appreciation.

    "It's been a long time since I heard a play."

    It was such a beautiful melody that I forgot to be hungry.

    The boy I saw yesterday was wearing a white suit and playing the keyboard of the black piano softly.

    Silver hair and a white suit.

    Besides, the piano is white, so Bella thought it was a little too much.

    Whenever the boy's thin fingers, seen from afar, pressed down on the keyboard, she was amazed and mesmerized.

    "Playing the piano is cool. In the past, a guy who played music was my ideal type."

    It really was.

    Bella's past life was a bit far from art.

    Since her parents' death, she hasn't had time to enjoy the culture just to avoid suffering from her daily life.

    After she dies at all times, she waits for reincarnation, and she is lately indulged in web novels.

    Then Kiel asked Bella.

    "Do you still like someone who plays the piano?"

    "Well, you still look great."

    After one song, they clapped all over the place.

    The boy stood up for a while, bowed down, and introduced the next song.

    "Everyone can sing along to this song."

    And the song I heard a little later was a song from a festival called "Sing at a Summer Festival."

    "This is the song. Kiel, please sing this song."


    "How did you sang it? Ummm... When spring comes..."

    "It will bloom as a flower."

    Bella and Kiel held hands and waved side by side and sang along to the songs that people sang.

    After singing along a few times, I memorized the chorus part.

    "I will fall asleep listening to your voice. So that we can meet in our dreams."

    A song that tells you that you will never meet again in an exhibition situation.

    Bella paused her singing and looked at Kiel's profile.

    Soon after this summer, Kiel will be 13 years old.

    The next two years.

    And if you wait another three years, the novel finally begins. The day Kiel meets his fate mate.

    ‘I wish I could smile when I send you to the palace.’

    At this moment, I wanted to keep Kiel smiling brightly in my eyes for a long time.

    After a while, yesterday's boy approached Bella when the performance was all over.

    “Did you see well? Wasn't it boring?"

    “Yes, I did well. It's not fun, but it's touching."

    Bella quickly took out the handkerchief. But the boy didn't take it, but rather asked another question.

    "Where are you from? Is your house near here?"

    "No. We're from near Illinois."

    "Aha, Illinois would be near the Psilia County.”

    Bella replied bluntly to the boy who continued the conversation.

    "Well, it's hard to explain."

    “Really? I know geography, but is there anything famous nearby?"

    Bella thought she'd rather answer quickly than do twenty questions.

    “There is a wizard's tower near our mansion.”

    "I know where it is. Can I go to play the next time I go nearby?"

    "Well, if you have nothing to do, do it."

    Bella refused positively and held out the handkerchief again.

    'Why don't you take it?'

    At that time, Kiel, who had been looking at the boy sensitively without saying a word, threw a word.


    With a very serious and serious face.

    “I have a bear in my house.”

    There's a bear. However, the boy said the following words as if he had no expectations.

    "Then come over to my house next time. I'll invite you."


    "May I ask your name?"

    The boy asked Bella, but Kiel answered.

    "Isn't it polite to introduce yourself before you ask?"

    The boy stared at Kiel a little annoyed.

    “Your brother must hate me a lot. My name is Juan Cruel."

    And spoke with great confidence.

    Bella clapped her hands and pointed her finger at Juan at the moment.


    Oh my gosh. The Duke of Cruel.

    'That's why you're so cheeky.'

    Juan is Shuria's cousin, but he was a crush on Rosanne.

    In the novel, he was portrayed as a dangerous man, rather than a bad man because he was a child. The white suits all looked just like cutlassfish.

    “So what's your name?”

    "I'm Bellatriche, call me Bella."

    "Ah... haha. Yeah. Show me your handkerchief, and the security will let you in."

    Come to think of it, my opponent is the duke of the city, and Bella has forgotten such manners.

    "Come and see me anytime."

    At that time, two worries came and went into Bella.

    If I go to see Juan, wouldn't I be able to meet Shuria?

    'Shuria is my sweetheart.’

    Shuria did not want to be the Crown Princess, but she was the one who gave up the path of the knight she wanted to go because of the pressure of her family.

    Even though she gave up her life, Rosanne appeared out of nowhere, so she gradually became a villain.

    When Bella did not answer for a long time, Juan looked at Kiel and said,

    "You can come with your cute little brother."

    He grabbed Bella's hand holding the handkerchief, and carefully kissed her on the back of her hand.

    "Well, I hope we can see each other someday."

    After that, Juan left, and Bella continued to agonize over his back.

    "...Bella, are you going?"

    "I'd love to see him.”

    The next Shuria.

    But I was worried that I would play the original for no reason.

    'When I was in possession at first, I wanted to be Rosanne or Shuria.’

    If I had, I would have twisted the original drastically.

    "But you're the most important."

    Bella looked at Kiel, who was angry, and said,

    He hated Juan for no reason in the novel, whether he felt the energy to become his relationship later.

    "Don't hate him for no reason. That's the Duke of Cruel. Someone you will meet later.”

    “I have a reason.”

    "What is it? Just because he said you're cute?"

    “…… ”

    Bella pinched Kiel's cheek when she felt strong again in his eyes, which was expected to ease his anger.

    "No, why do you hate being cute when they say you’re cute."

    "I'm twelve years old now. I'm not a kid. I'll be 13 in a little while."


    Even him words seemed cute, so Bella burst into laughter.

    Kiel opened his mouth as if he was embarrassed for a moment and soon bit his lips.

    "...I won't do anything cute."

    "Sorry, sorry, Kiel, are you angry?"

    "...don't laugh."

    But Bella's clown climbed up and didn't think of coming down.

    "...I'll go to Jen."

    Kiel sulked and turned around, Bella chased Kiel. Still full of smiles around her mouth.

    After a while, Ywer and the party returned from the game.

    Ta-da! We were in third place!"

    "Well done."

    "But why is the atmosphere gloomy on this side?”

    Ywer alternately looked at Bella and Kiel and asked.

    "Kiel was upset because I said he was cute."

    When Bella told Ywer, Kiel looked at Bella in tears.

    “Young master, if you don't like cute things, you have to be a man. How do you become a man?"


    “Hmmm… ”

    Ywer was trying to play a joke when I shut her mouth.

    "Kiel, they're going to have fireworks soon. Stop being angry, will you?"


    "After the fireworks, we will float the lanterns. If you write your wish on it, it will come true. Shall we go buy them?"

    With the word wish, Kiel turned his head back to Bella.

    Even though he made a pledge from Bella, Kiel has since tried all the superstitions that his wishes come true.

    What on earth do you wish to have a face like that?

    "Don't buy a wind lamp?"

    "…I'm going to buy it."

    "Oh, my..."

    Bella was about to say 'Cute,' but quickly shut her mouth.

    "You were going to say you were cute again, weren't you?"


    Anyway, he's quick-witted.

    With Zhanbar X Jenkins, it seems the genre become variative. LoL
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    This is mtl result. I'm just edit some while I reading it.
    Episode 26

    One's own wishes

    "Tell me. You were going to say I was cute, weren't you?"

    "No way."

    When Kiel stared at Bella, she pointed at Jenkins and Zhanbar, who were turning their backs from afar.

    "What's wrong with them?"

    She seemed to have turned the topic too obvious, but Kiel looked at Bella with his eyes that he was going to move on and turned his head.

    ‘Phew, I'm alive. It's no joke because you're upset.'

    At that time, Ywer gave an answer that she didn't have to know.

    "Oh, I know. The demon word festival is not going to be this slow."

    There was a festival in demon word, too.

    "What did they do to him?"

    When I looked back at Jenkins again, the atmosphere between the two really looked strange.

    The atmosphere around him seemed to be drenched in excellence as if he were taking a photo shoot unnecessarily.

    “What happened to him while playing the game?”

    Bella asked as she drank the juice she had received for the third place prize.

    “He must have been a little mischievous.

    "What did they play?"

    “I was pushed them and the two kissed.”


    Bella was drinking juice when she heard Ywer and got caught.

    "Why did you do that?"

    When I finally calmed down and asked Ywer, she shrugged.

    "I just pulled the trigger."

    "It's not a trigger, it's a blow."

    "...the princess is so tactless."


    "I think even the young master noticed."


    Bella asked as if she really didn't know anything.

    “Sir Jenkins and Sir Zhanbar."

    "So what do you notice?"

    Ywer sighed and spoke quietly in a voice that would only be heard by Kiel.

    “Young master, strength content."



    The fireworks were honestly below expectations.

    I had a lunch box and waited on the mat on the bridge to see this fireworks display.

    'I guess it's because I'm too much in modern civilization.'

    The one-hour fireworks display and the fireworks falling in cooperation with the tower or the bridge were seen in photos, so it was a fireworks that only sounded a little loud and was hard to see.

    "I'm disappointed. What kind of flame is that. I'd rather burn flowers."

    “That’s it, it’s so awkward that I don’t even have the energy to burn the night.”

    The sound of the last fireworks burst was smaller than the sound of Bella hitting Ywer.

    “Smack, it's a shame that something seems to end in a dull way."


    Bella smiled and took out the lamp she had bought during the day.

    “If you write a wish here and put it up to the sky, the wish will come true.”

    “Humans have a really useless belief.”

    “Everyone take turns telling me your wishes. I will write it down.”

    Bella was preparing to write with a wind lamp on her lap.

    “I want to stay next to the princess.”

    “You, you're really good."

    To the point of sorry for just hitting hard, Bella wrote down her wish.

    Wish is because I write down things I can't do right now.

    [Bella: Meet Shuria]

    [Ywer: Stay next to the princess]

    "In addition?"

    But no one answered. Even Kiel who is crazy about his wish.

    "Is there any wish for Kiel's wish?"

    "…I'll write it down."

    Bella gave the lamp to Kiel without much thought.

    Kiel hesitated for a long time after being given a wind lamp and nodded.

    "What about Zhan and Jen?"

    "What is a cup... Anyway, writing down on something like this doesn't make your wish come true."

    "You don't have a system?"

    "I'll write it down, too."

    Then Kiel hurriedly began to draw what he wrote on the wind lamp.

    ‘What did you write down to hide it like that?’

    As soon as she even wrote down Jenkins, she heard a shout of 'Please light the wind lamp' from a distance.

    "We don't have fire, what should we do?"

    Bella reached out her hand and said, You can do this much magic!

    "Wait, I'll magically..."

    "Wait a minute!"

    However, the magic has already been activated at Bella's fingertips.


    I imagined a flame as big as a nail, a flame as big as my forearm formed. The fire soon turned to Jenkins, who was holding a lantern from Bella's hand.

    Jenkins hid the lantern behind him and closed his eyes.


    Before the end of the word damage, Zhanbar stood in front of Jenkins and was burning terribly.

    “Kyck! The man was burned!"

    Zhanbar jumped under the bridge as soon as he got the fire out of his whole body.

    Fortunately, when Ywer reassured them that it was a "fantasy show," everyone disappeared with questions.

    "Zhanbar, are you all right?"

    Zhanbar was standing behind Bella, stripped of his upper body and knitted his clothes as Bella leaned under the bridge.

    "You're recovering so fast."

    “I’m a general."

    "Do you want me to burn you instead of cutting you next time?"

    “I prefer to be cut off. I just need to stick it on one side.”

    The burn marks seem to recover quickly, but they certainly looked slower than when they were cut.

    Jenkins, who would have been most surprised, sighed loudly.

    "Lady, don't you practice magic?"

    “Bring me the fire.”

    After twists and turns, the lantern was blown again.

    Let's light it up, and the lantern slowly rises up.

    “Our sky lantern is the last.”

    The late start was becoming a star in the night sky with other lanterns.



    Bella turned to Kiel looking at her and smiled brightly.

    "I really hope my wish comes true."

    If she could see Shuria once before the novel was completed, Bella would have done all the virtues she could in the novel.


    When the festival is over, Bella's peaceful and trivial time.....

    "Lady, but aren't you not practicing magic too much?”

    Jenkins' nagging began to fill me up.

    "It's just that it's out of control."

    "You have to practice that control. It's not magic to beat someone up."

    Bella heard it in one ear and dropped it.

    ‘I’m not ignorant.’

    If you don't like the demon world, it's a town where it's normal to just kill it like exploding magic, so there was no need to practice the magic of the human world.

    "No, you said you were going to invade the human world. Then you have to be able to use magic here. That's your weapon."

    Jenkins had a point.

    There was actually no plan to invade, but sometimes the demons warned against this plan whenever they did something wrong.

    'It's magic... Should I pretend to practice?'

    Meanwhile, Kiel has had more time to think alone since he went to the festival.

    He sat down at the table, took a sip of warm tea, and let down his stuffy stomach.

    -"Is the next to you is your little brother?”


    Bella's words kept floating.

    ‘It was easy to be lovely because I was a child. Because I’m a child, I can't be loved romantically.’

    Furthermore, through a few close friends in the swordsmanship class, Bella's ideal type was completely unknown.

    'Now that I’ve blocking Bwen, it's like a star now and it's crazy.'

    In other words, the Duke of Cruel. It was the first family that recognized Kiel's legitimacy, the emperor's illegitimate child.

    Kiel fiddled with his lips and recalled the night of cruel beauty.

    "I'm still a long way from being an emperor."

    Even before he returned to his young body, it felt like a far future.

    Then Ywer came to the restaurant to prepare a meal.

    “Young master, what are you doing here?”

    Kiel wiped the agony on his face and asked Ywer with a smile.

    "Yes, I just have something to think about."

    Ywer nodded and tried to pass by, but at the festival the figure of Kiel came to mind, coughing and talking to him.

    "You saw it at the festival, right? I don't know if you're going to feed my lady.”

    Kiel smiled as he wrapped his hands around the warm tea.

    No one can see that there is a kind of shallow atmosphere between Zhanbar and Jenkins, but the person who has watched it for years doesn't know it.

    “Wouldn’t it be that we are not even aware of it because they are both leopards and humans? Before, Bella said that animals and beasts cannot marry human.”

    “From my point of view, the lady just doesn't care about that.”

    “…… ”

    "Look at the little boy named V. Do you know what the lady said even though he brought something like that?"

    “What did she say?”

    "It's a trade deal that we're going to make a restaurant later."


    Kiel shut his mouth for a moment.

    'I really believe it.'

    Sometimes she talked to the children in the swordsmanship class on purpose, but it seemed to have worked properly.

    Kiel was strange to think of it. Is Bella just tactless? Or maybe...

    “Does Bella have any other fiance?”

    "Haha! I am very happy that you are so active."

    "Do not laugh. I'm serious."

    “It’s only cute to say that you’re serious with such a face.”

    Ywer smiled and looked away.

    Fiance? Unlike the human world, the demons had no concept of love or marriage.

    Children of each type naturally grow up according to the powers of the heads of the race, so the priority was to develop the power somehow.

    That would be the same with the previous Demon Kings and Bellas.

    Since the Demon King is a single race, he transferred all his powers to his child and hibernated.

    “My lady doesn’t have anything like a fiance.”

    “That’s a good thing.”

    Ywer liked Kiel, who was contemplating with a nice face. In particular, it does not hide emotions from the beginning, unlike Jenkins or Zhanbar.

    Ywer smiled.

    She wanted to stay in the human world to see Jenkins and Zhanbar's relationship.

    "Yes, there is a possibility for you, Master!"

    She wanted to cheer for Kiel's cute and fresh love, who blushes his cheeks with the words.

    "May I help you?"


    “Young master, the problem is not like a fiance.”

    "Huh? Then what is it?”

    “From my point of view, the biggest problem for you is that we have been together since we were too young. Will you look just like a cute little brother?"

    Kiel heard that and sighed. Who doesn't know that.

    And he remembered Juan Cruel, whom he met during the festival.

    He was an older adult than Bella, and he was taller and one of the successors to the duke.

    -“I want to meet him, but you are the most important.”

    It was not likely that she would go to see Juan Cruel, but Bella's wish for a wind lantern was different.

    [Meeting Shuria]

    But why is Shuria Cruel coming out?

    At the moment of nervousness, Ywer flicked her finger in front of Kiel, who was thinking about something else.

    "There's nothing we can do, young master.”


    “Just! It's all right if you show her something you'll love at a glance.”


    Ywer confidently clenched her fist.

    Kiel thought for a moment that Ywer would be reliable and dependable.

    "Let's hit."
    Episode 27

    Ywer's Operation

    "Let's hit."

    As soon as Kiel heard it, he frown.

    "I'll pretend I didn't hear you."

    "Even so, the beasts can't feel the emotion! This is the best way!"

    Kiel stood up from his seat and shook his head.

    "That's how Jenkins seduced Zhanbar!”

    "Oh... I won't listen."

    Kiel stood up in a hurry.

    “Young Master, that passive attitude doesn't help at all!"

    Kiel, who was about to leave the dining room, threw a word without looking back.

    "Oh, I can't do that yet."

    "Oh, not yet?"

    Kiel replied by slamming the dining room door shut.

    'Ywer is really...'

    What kind of animal is it that crosses the level?

    It was when Kiel sighed briefly and tried to return to the room.

    "Kiel, what's going on?"

    He ran into someone he didn't want to run into the most.

    "What... what's that?"

    Bella was holding a large basket full of carrots in her hands.

    "Oh, this is because Bwen harvested a lot of carrots on the farm."

    Why is Bwen still hanging around. He’s worried Bella's going to Cruel.

    Bella took a carrot from her arms and aimed it at Kiel's face.

    "By the way, your face is redder than a carrot. Are you sick?"

    "Oh... it's not red."


    Since then, Kiel has been keeping his eyes on Bella's movements.

    'I don't think she want to go for sure.'

    Bella seemed to be busy practicing magic, so she never thought of going to Cruel.

    In fact, Bella couldn't afford to go anywhere.

    “My lady, what if I can't do this?"

    No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape Jenkins' nagging.

    "......explain it again."

    The magic of the human world was clearly different from that of the demon world.

    Just like the same smartphone but different applications, the magic type was different.

    The same language was clearly different, but as it was written in other languages, it was different from the one that could use magic.

    But that language...

    "So Chul-soo was running at 4 km/h and Young-hee was following him 30 minutes later.

    It was math.

    "Oh, I don't know, I don't know! Let me just meet Chul-soo and Young-hee!

    "Lady, it's not another magic, but the attack magic is all over in a second or two. You have to calculate all these formulas in there and send the mana properly."


    "Listen, see how much mana your opponent shoots in two seconds, and that's the right defense at that speed..."

    Bella was able to understand why many of the wizards were smart.

    At that time, Kiel brought a sweet snack and slipped it out beside Bella.

    "......Bella, are you tired?"

    Bella was filled with grief as soon as she saw Kiel.

    It's already Kiel's 13th birthday, and winter is coming.

    There is a year and a half left before Kiel goes to the palace.

    Before that, I can't have enough time with my favorite, so I have to study with Jenkins' nagging as the background music.

    "Yes, it's so hard."

    Bella clapped Kiel's arms and leaned her head against his arms, twirled.

    "Kiel, do you want us to hang out?"


    Kiel replied as slowly as possible.

    “I need a break anyway.”

    "What did you do so hard... It's less than half of what you're studying."

    When it was time to eat, Bella couldn't shake her thoughts of what she had done during the day.

    “Escape from this cramped place… the open space…”

    She muttered as she cut the meat with a knife.

    What if there was no nagging, the vast sky and the wide horizon, no, what if it was the horizon, not the horizon.

    She has never seen a wide and expansive sea ever since she was possessed by a novel.

    I wanted to see the sea. Go and eat seafood.

    “Jenkins, is there any area with the sea nearby?”

    “The sea? The sea ... will have to go for a week.”

    A week is long, though.

    "Shall we buy two carriage and divide them to go to see the sea?"

    Then there was a brief silence.

    'Does everybody hate it?'

    But it was the exact opposite. It seemed that they had lost their words because they liked it too much, and their expression quickly brightened.

    For some reason, Zhanbar was the first to approve.


    “I like it!”

    “Well.... I have to say that the swordsmanship class is off for about a month.”

    Even Jenkins, who was most likely against it, was smiling.

    Bella snapped Kiel's arm sitting next to her and asked.

    "What about Kiel? Do you like it?”

    Kiel looked at Bella with sparkling eyes.

    "I want to go to the sea."

    If I knew you'd like it this much, I would have gone earlier. Bella smiled happily and banged the table.

    "Now, that's all..."

    It was then.

    "Do I go, too?"

    She raised her hand with very squishy eyes.

    It was Pur.

    "Bear can't go."

    Bella said firmly. As usual, She tried to ignore Pur, but the atmosphere was strange.

    Pur blinked and began to vent his anger.

    “Oh huh... Why can't I just go all the time? Pur wants to play, too! I want to get out of the mansion too!"

    "If that's the case, go back to the animal kingdom. It's nice to get out of here."

    "How can I leave the princess?"

    As Bella looked around her, they noticed each other and threw words one by one.

    “Well... it would be nice if we could go together.”

    "It's okay if it's not the sea."

    The atmosphere that was excited a while ago became solemn.

    "How can I take a bear with me when I'm in a carriage for a week?"

    "I'll stay still like a teddy bear!"

    Now, I lied down in a group.

    Of course, Bella was worried about Pur, too. Every time I go somewhere, I leave her out.

    Then Kiel pulled Bella's clothes slightly.

    "Well, Bella."


    “Can’t we go with Pur?”

    His slightly drooping eyes were staring at Bella. Like a puppy staring at her for a snack.

    'If you look like that, it's a foul.'

    When Bella was speechless, Kiel spoke firmly.

    "You don't have to go to the sea, you can go somewhere else."

    Since when have you guys been so close?

    I was a little jealous, but on the other hand, I was touched.

    “Oh, look at how pretty your words are.”

    Bella's sincerity came out unintentionally.

    The demons complained,'We said so too...', but it wasn't heard in Bella's ears.

    Although Pur pretends to be a teddy bear, Bella never believed it.

    I didn't want to be caught and put too much pressure on the worldview of this novel.

    "Come on, let's go to the back mountain."


    "How about camping? Let's go fishing in the lake and grill meat!"

    The camping was much easier than Bella thought.

    For adventurers, it was no different from everyday life, so tents and bonfires could be bought at low prices.

    'I wanted a more luxurious break.’

    Finally, when I saw Pur, who was excited at the thought of going out of the mansion, and Kiel, who said it was good for her, I let go of greed.

    'If Kiel likes it, that's all.’

    Kiel started to look like a boy in the child. He grew up differently from day to day, and he was as tall as Bella's eye level.

    I couldn't realize it because I was living together every day, but when I encountered it from time to time, Bella quickly began to think, 'When did she grow up like that?’

    'There's not much time left to be like this soon'


    The mountain was covered with snow and quite cold.

    "Kiel, are you cold?"

    Kiel shook his head while shaking his teeth.

    “Pur, when will you recover if you take off your skin?”

    "Lady, you're so mean!"

    "Kiel's cold."

    "Then, Master, would you like to ride on my back? It must be incredibly warm."

    Purr asked, crawling on all fours.

    Kiel shook his head again and approached Bella's side and pulled her clothes.


    "Huh? Shall we go back? Should I bring something warmer?"

    Kiel spoke to Bella with open arms.

    "Hug me."

    This kid is driving me crazy.

    Bella held Kiel tightly and thought to herself.

    ‘He's so cute that I'm going crazy.’

    However, she could not say that he was cute. Since the festival last summer, Kiel's number one word is cute.

    Instead, she hugged Kiel as hard as she could.

    Zhanbar looked at the two and asked vaguely.

    "Are you going to walk like that?"

    "Zhanbar, you go to the mansion and get Kiel's clothes."

    "Why did I..."

    "Then shall I go?"

    Zhanbar sighed and turned into a leopard.

    "The last nightmare comes to mind."

    “It will be fine. At that time, the carriage was broken...”

    As Jenkins responded to Zhanbar's words, Zhanbar stared at him.

    "I don't want to hear your opinion."

    So grumpy, he hurried up to the mansion.

    I decided to wait there for a while until Zhanbar returns.

    "Kiel, Zhanbar will bring his clothes. Let's wait a little longer."


    He said so, but Kiel thought he didn't want Zhanbar back.

    Bella usually hugged him well, but it was the first time hugging him for such a long time.

    "It's warm.'

    -“Is the next to you your little brother?”

    - "Yes."

    Bella answered yes without hesitation.

    He’s already an adult. She didn't even know him, and he hated being treated as a child.

    He hated cute things, and he hated being protected only.

    'I don't like being like a younger brother.'

    Ironically, however, when he hugged her or held her hand, he just didn't want to grow bigger in this moment.

    ‘I just want to stay like this forever.’

    There was a cold wind at the back, but I felt like I was going to get drunk by the warm scent at the tip of my nose.

    Kiel looked up carefully at Bella.

    When she was young, she was quite tall, but now the tip of her head seemed to reach his eyes.


    Sometimes friends in the village say, 'It's just that you like your mom,' but Kiel flatly denied it.

    This mind was not something that could be mistaken.

    He likes Pur and Jenkins too, but it was so different from him liking Bella.

    “Is it very cold?”

    Kiel hugged Bella a little more and dug in.

    "...so good."
    Episode 28

    The bet

    While Kiel was waiting for Zhanbar, who went to get his coat in case it was cold, Ywer asked Jenkins, who was sitting next to him.

    “When are you two going to reconcile?”


    "No, you kissed the other day, but it's not going to progress."

    “…… ”

    "What can I do?"

    At the same time, she made a strange smile as she saw Bella and Kiel holding each other.

    "That's where it's going to end of course.”

    Jenkins turned his head to where Ywer's gaze reached.

    'Someday I'll use the him to invade the human world....'

    But sometimes Bella's behavior just seemed to give him too much affection to use.

    "Oh, the lady looks like a demon princess in times like this."

    The foreboding that Kiel might eventually become Crown Prince and dedicate the whole world to Bella.

    “Is that possible? When I look like that, the princess looks quite human. A very kind human.”

    He smiled and criticized Ywer's simple idea.

    "What are you talking about, she’s planning to use young master to invade this world. She’s doing exactly as she planned."

    Jenkins then hit his mouth with his hands.

    He usually thought he had a heavy mouth, but he hated himself for making mistakes like this sometimes.

    'This also means that in the end, I am a demon.’

    If you provoke them, they will be easily caught, so many warriors have been able to deal with the demons.

    On the other hand, the position of succubus, which uses the human mind, was a little different.

    "No, she don't?"


    “My lady so nice to young master."

    However, it seemed a little different to be a love between a man and a woman.

    The two began to grumble and argue.

    “My lady is the most powerful person in the demon world. You are a demon, so you know well, don’t you?"

    “So the princess is like a human.”

    “Can you be serious?”

    "If you don't know it mean by looking at it, Jen has wasted his life in the human world."


    It was a matter of scratching one's pride.

    He has been hated for being half-hearted.

    However, he was half human, so it didn't feel good to dismiss what he had experienced as nothing by Ywer.

    "Would you like to bet?"

    “I’d love to.”

    Neither intended to lose.

    Bella looked into Kiel's eyes as she touched his hair.

    "Why? Is it very cold?"

    Two amber eyes glistened up at her. Just looking at this face, Bella seemed to have peace of mind.

    "...so good."

    Bella snorted and pinched Kiel's cheek.

    How lovely you are.

    "Oh, my gosh, you little fool."

    I don't know what to say when I pinch his cheek, but Kiel cried in an unfair voice.

    “I'm not a fool, I really like it.”

    Bella knew Kiel was getting bigger.

    "Oh, yeah, yeah."


    Even a hundred-year-old man always says his son is young.

    In Bella's eyes, Kiel seemed to be young forever.

    Unlike the original novel.

    In my previous life, I remembered that I told my sister, "I'm not a child anymore," and that I didn't want to hear affectionate nagging.

    Before I knew it, Zhanbar returned with his winter coat and continued to climb the mountain again, reaching the lake halfway up the mountain.

    “It’s a mountain, so it’s like the sun is falling quickly.”

    "Let's start with the tent. Now, Jen! Zhan! Set up a tent! Pur collect firewood! Ywer, get some water and cook!"

    Bella was the first to light a bonfire.

    "Kiel, come on. Let's sit here and warm up."

    Seeing the scene, the family of the mansion sighed and began to do their duties.

    "Bella, I'll pick up some firewood with Pur."

    "No, your hands are cold."

    Bella clasped Kiel's hands and shouted.

    "What if you catch a cold?"

    Then Zhanbar, who was setting up the tent, sarcastically said.

    "What are you going to do with a weak guy who can't pick up any firewood?"

    "Hey. Will you be responsible if the child catches a cold?"

    “Lady, young master is not that weak.”

    Then Kiel hurriedly removed her hand and stood up.

    "I want to bring firewood."

    “You can just sit down.”

    "No. It will be difficult for Pur to bring it. Pur is a bear..."

    "Then lets go together..."

    Bella stood up, and Ywer shouted.

    "Lady! Please break this ice!"

    When Bella hesitated, Kiel gave her a slight push on the back and sent her to Ywer.

    "It's all right."


    Bella kept feeling uneasy.

    "Kiel, you can't go far!"

    If you go far with that step, how far will you go? Even if you get lost, there are bears and leopards here, so it was easy to find Kiel.

    'But why am I so nervous?'

    Bella touched the frozen lake with her feet. Even though she only touched it a little, the thin ice broke and the water underneath came up.

    "You're such a demon princess."

    "Well, I have to follow Kiel."

    As Bella turns behind, Jenkins sighs.

    “My lady is also really polar.”


    Bella stopped at the words that hit my bones out of nowhere.


    “Young master is also 13 years old, and even if there is no young lady, he goes well alone.”

    “No, what if he get lost, it’s too cold here.”

    “Sometimes the lady is overprotected too much.”



    Bella pointed at herself and alternated between Ywer and Zhanbar.


    Silence sounded like an answer of agreement.

    "Think about it. What would you have done if a boy like Bwen said he would pick up firewood?”

    Bella couldn't speak for a moment.

    She don't want to admit it, but she felt dirty with such a stark example.

    "How do you feel like between Bwen and Kiel?"

    When Bwen first brought her something to eat, she just thought thank you, but it's getting annoying these days.

    You dare to talk with such a guy on the same line as my favorite.

    “My lady’s excessive interest is rather poisonous to the young master.”

    “Bwen seems to like interest more… ”

    Bella looked silently at Jenkins with her arms folded in annoyance.

    'I asked him if he would come or not once or twice, and he's very nagged.'

    She wondered if the demons didn't hate it because they were half, but because it was Jenkins.

    “So, young master says, he likes to do it alone.”

    But contrary to Bella's expectations, Zhanbar joined.

    "That's right. He's more of a little boy than he looks."

    "You said you'd make him a big person, but I don't think it's good to raise him too much."

    “Ywer, do you think so, too?”

    "Well, I don't think my lady is overprotective, but I think it's a little different..."

    As Ywer tried to add a few more words to her mouth, Jenkins threw the stone next to her.

    "Miss Ywer, aren't we supposed to play fair?"


    It's a game between Jenkins and Ywer. Bella was briefly curious about what it was about, but soon she was worried again.

    "Do I really look like a very aggressive parent?"

    Sometimes I saw people like Mama Boy who couldn't prepare a meal properly and sang "Mom" to become grown-up adults.

    Of course at the police station.

    She was worried that her excessive protection might cause Kiel to do so.

    "But somehow I got a bad feeling."

    It's true that she pay more attention to the main character in the novel.

    No matter how hard she think about it, it's not extreme.

    "What do you think a wild beast lives in a mountain like this?"


    Meanwhile, Kiel, getting farther away from the tent, was looking for Pur, who had gone to pick up firewood.

    He was walking alone in the forest after a long time. Before the time came back, he used to walk aimlessly in these mountains, being chased and driven away.

    Unlike then, warm houses and food are waiting for him now.

    There is a beautiful person who laughs no matter what he says.

    He closed his eyes for a moment and reflected on the warm smell that had been wrapped all over his body.

    'I love it.'

    He knew very well that Bella thought of him as a family.

    ‘I wish I could just stop the time.’

    He sighed loudly.

    'Would Bella still be there after me returning to the Imperial Palace?'

    He was worried about what he would do if she fell in love with someone else.

    Sometimes, the desire to abandon the status of the Prince and stay with Bella forever, and still have to live with fate, have always fought.

    Kiel remembered what Bella said a long time ago.

    -"It's hard to believe now, but someday someone from the Imperial Palace will come to pick you up."

    -"The goddesses of fate told me."

    The goddesses of fate appearing in the founding myth of the empire.

    People only think of it as an oral myth, but it was different for Kiel.

    The blood of one of the goddesses, Archmage Ordi, was of the Imperial family.

    -“The goddesses said I should help you. My mistake almost changed your fate."

    Kiel touched his pendant, which did not contain the divine power.

    'If the fate is reversed, as expected.'

    Kiel thought of when time had come back.

    When he became powerless to walk through that childhood again, which he didn't want to repeat.

    'Cause I thought... I was going to die.’

    Kiel thought, as Bella said, that the goddesses of fate were really involved. If it wasn't for Bella, it would have been the life he would have let go.

    So now he had to go forward.

    If one day he becomes the Crown Prince and his way to the Emperor becomes clear.

    If only everything in the world could be at his feet.

    'Can I bring Bella back then?'

    The princess marries the prince. Like the fairy tale Bella used to tell him.

    ‘I have to stand right as soon as possible.’

    He has been thinking about it for a long time.

    If he go back to the palace, he won't be locked up like last time.

    Don't they dare say that I don't have magic and won't recognize me as a royal family.

    He's not a young and protected little brother in front of Bella, he's supposed to be the one who can give everything.

    At that time, a rustling sound was heard behind Kiel, and a big shadow hung behind Kiel's back.

    He looked back and asked.

    "Is it Pur?"

    Brown fur was the first thing Kiel could see.

    To call it Pur, it was a little big bear.

    Kiel was a little surprised, but slowly touched the dagger in his waist.
    Episode 29

    A bonfire that was accidentally extinguished

    It was a big bear to call it Pur. Kiel was a little surprised, but slowly touched the dagger in his waist.

    Then the Pur popped up behind the bear.

    "Wow! Are you here to help me?"


    “It just became my friend... the name is..."

    The big bear was carrying firewood with both arms.

    “The name..."

    Kiel said while picking up several firewood in front of Pur, who was still agonizing.

    "Well, do you want to go?"

    "Yes! Let's go, buddy!"

    "Is that bear coming with you?"

    "Yeah! I have to introduce my new friend!"

    Kiel was excited and wet his dry lips as he saw the back of Pur heading to the tent with a bear.

    'I don't think Bella's gonna like it......'

    Bella, meanwhile, left all her nagging behind and stared nervously at Kiel's vacancy.

    'Am I too worried?'

    As she listened to Jenkins, Bella was taking a step closer to her feelings.

    'I'm sure I wouldn't have been worried to any kid like Bwen.’

    That guy, who doesn't even come to the swordsmanship class, is obviously going to lose if he fights Kiel.

    ‘It's not that I don't trust Kiel, but why am I worried?'

    Just in time, there was a loud noise from afar.

    '...What about Kiel?'

    She couldn't hear any of Kiel's voices, so Bella hurriedly turned around in case she couldn't come.

    "I brought firewood!"

    'Oh... I'm glad.’

    Kiel was just walking silently.

    With an unidentified bear.

    Bella had a double bath up to her throat, but she breathed calmly in front of Kiel.

    "The little punk who said I was polarized earlier. Get in the water."


    Without a word, Jenkins and Zhanbar splashed into the lake.

    Then Bella quietly cut the bear's head standing tall with single gesture.

    Pur looked at the bear whose head had fallen next to her and looked at Bella again.

    "He was my... friend."


    "I asked him to play with me..."

    "You think this is a zoo?"

    Then she immediately approached Kiel and looked around for his safety.

    "Kiel, are you hurt?"

    “I’m all right."

    "Am I too worried about you?"

    Kiel looked at Ywer for a moment. She's the only one who's ever noticed how he feels. But Ywer shook her head and he hugged Bella.

    "I like Bella who's worried."

    Bella hugged Kiel more tightly.

    "Oh, how cute. My baby."

    "I don't like being cute..."

    “Oh, you’re pretty.”

    Kiel hated the word "pretty" even more. To express his dissatisfaction, there was a lot of air in his cheeks, and Bella spoke like a player first.

    "Shall we cook the bear that Pur has caught?"

    "Lady, how can you tell me to eat my own kind!"

    "Then don't eat."

    They gathered in front of a bonfire and cooked bear meat over a warm fire.

    "As expected, Ewer is really good at one dish."

    “I tell you my lady, the secret to being loved is this cooking lagong!”

    But Phur was still crying without eating meat until the end.

    "Pur, have some."

    "How can I eat my own kind..."

    “Hey, it’s not your kind.”

    "Ah! That's right!"

    Is she simple or stupid. Pur was excited and began to eat the bear meat eagerly.

    "You only eat well in the demon word….’

    When the meal was finished, darkness came and the moonlight fluttered over the water in the lake.

    "If you turn off the lights, you'll see the stars better."

    Bella raised her hand, and everyone was looking at her with startled eyes.

    "How are you going to turn the lights back on?"

    "You can use magic to light it up!"

    "I disagree."

    At this moment, everyone meant one heart. Even Kiel, who he believed in, carefully grabbed Bella's skirt and stop her.

    But she had already covered the bonfire with sand.

    Urgent personality did not seem to change no matter how much time passed.

    In an instant, the pitch-black darkness came, and soon the eyes became brighter in the moonlight.


    Jenkins sighed, but Bella said, pointing her hand at the sky.

    "Well, what do you think? You can see the Milky Way instead."

    Kiel looked up to Bella's fingertips.

    Even on the first day we met, the sky was full of constellations of spring.

    At that time, I tried to hold out until I went back to the palace.

    From when, it gradually permeates, and the whole sky fills with the constellation of Bella.

    “Guys, look carefully. It's so beautiful that it's hard to see in the animal kingdom.”

    As Bella was keen on, Zhanbar was the first to complain about whether there was any sensibility to appreciate the scenery.

    "The moon is a much bigger animal kingdom."

    There is no law that it is beautiful just because it is big. The other demons also added a word to Zhanbar's words.

    “I miss my friends.”

    "Me too! Lady, when are we going back?"

    At Pur's words, Bella felt a cold wind at the tip of her nose.

    The dreamy starlights shining on the lake looked like pieces of broken glass as if to break a dream now.


    The past time, which had been delayed day by day, was just around the corner.

    "I think that's enough."

    Kiel has already learned the knowledge he needs to know, and he has learned how to play with the common people.

    In addition, the basic education he received as a prince was quite satisfactory.

    Jenkins says Bella is polar, but in fact he was more objectively evaluating Kiel than anyone else.

    Of course, if you say it's extreme, I have nothing to say.

    When I first brought Kiel, he was dark in front of me.

    It was time to send him before I knew it, so I felt somewhat sad.

    'Now that I know it, he will be fourteen years old.'

    When did the time go by so quickly?

    -“My lady is too polar. Young master says he prefers to do it alone."

    I hated to hear Jenkins' nagging, but he was right.

    'That way, I was the same.’

    In my previous life, my parents died early, and my sister, who had a big age gap, gave up her studies and made a living for my.

    -"Hong, don't just stuff things like ramen, eat some rice properly."

    After Bella gained independence and became a police officer, she still considered her 15-year-old sister.

    It would have been the same if she became a grandmother.

    Bella slowly closed her eyes and enjoyed a smile that sneaked out of her mouth.

    'I miss my sister and Siyoon after a long time.'

    Is everyone doing well?

    Si-yoon would love to be here.

    My three-year-old nephew loved animals so much.

    'There's a talking bear, there's a leopard....’

    When Bella pretends to die, she runs to her nephew and said her aunt did not die.

    -“If you're big, what should I do because I'm sorry for my aunt? Can't you stay three forever?"

    At that time, she died without being able to say goodbye, but now she was unexpectedly enjoying good days in this novel.

    'Because I have time to say hello.’

    I was supposed to wait for the day I died in the demon world.

    "Bella, there.”

    There stood a Milky Way that was discovered by a bonfire that was accidentally extinguished.

    “Yes, is it?”


    I wondered if the day was getting warmer, but it was a hot summer that it was difficult to live without ice.

    “I didn’t know that the lady’s magic would be helpful in this case.”

    The other day, Bella tried to make ice and turned the parlor into an ice room, and the family members of the mansion came to this parlor to cool off when they had time.

    "It's too hot. I want to shave my hair!"

    "This summer is too hot..."

    “You say it’s hot while you’re taking off your clothes like that. When the princess sees it... it's done.”

    Zhanbar shook his head looking at Ywer.

    “Young master not saying anything, but why is Sir Zhanbar?”

    Kiel, sitting across from him, glanced at Ywer, lightly kicked his tongue and read again.

    "I think young master just gave up."

    Kiel nodded his head.

    He had already been immune to the violence of the people of the animal kingdom.

    Sometimes the animal kingdom that can't be fixed despite nagging like that was amazing, and sometimes Bella, who gets hot whenever she sees it, was amazing.

    "If the lady come, I can wear clothes!"

    As soon as her words was finished, Bella quickly opened her door.

    “Hah, why is it so hot?”

    Everyone looked at Ywer in anticipation of Bella's nagging. Surprisingly, she was getting dressed quickly enough to go to the magic show.

    "What are you all doing here? Are you done with your work?"

    Sensing that her nagging for her Ywer would be tsunami on them, Jenkins turned Bella's attention elsewhere.

    “Are you going to the summer festival this time? Should I rent a wagon in carriage?"

    “Ah.... the carriage. Shall we just buy a carriage?”

    "It doesn't matter to live, who manages the horses?"


    Since Kiel started battling Bella, Jenkins has quite a bit of free time. He didn't want to use that margin to take care of the horse, so he hastily suggested it to Bella.

    “This time, the Duke of Cruel is spending a lot of money on Daizer, so it's going to be a bigger festival.”

    “Oh, really?”

    The fireworks display that was disappointed last time will be even more spectacular.

    Just as Bella was about to say with a big smile, Kiel snapped the book and said,

    “Since you've been there, how about going somewhere else?”

    "Why? I think they're going to have a big fireworks display. I think it's different from last year."

    Bella, however, seemed more and more excited as she spoke.

    Kiel bit his teeth tightly without removing his smile.

    For the past year, I've been worried about going to Cruel Duchy.

    'I think that guy’s interested in Bella.’

    He was worried that she might run into Juan Cruel if she went to Daizer.

    Of course, after some time, Juan may have forgotten Bella. Kiel remembers that he's been seeing quite a few girls.

    "Kiel, since you went last year, won't you have more fun this year?"

    Before he knew it, Bella sat next to Kiel and poked him with her finger.

    As if the cat was asking for a snack, her eyes were sparkling.

    Rather than Ywer's naked body, these eyes make people nervous and follow it as if they were possessed.

    His intuition says he shouldn't let her meets Juan Cruel.

    "That… ”

    Just before Kiel finally said yes, Jenkins flicked his finger and saved him.

    "Oh, my lady, Mary from the swordsmanship class was talking about something interesting."
    Episode 30

    What is the prince doing?

    Mary was a girl that Bella was particularly interested in among the children in the swordsmanship class.

    She came to see me saying that she wants to learn swordsmanship.

    -“Why do you want to learn?”

    -“I want to go on an adventure. I'll get the money somehow, don't just tell dad.”

    Instead, she asked me to keep it a secret from her father, and her story was pretty stupid.

    Bella said to her that she later only need to repay to Kiel, and she didn't get any of her tuition fees from Mary.

    Maybe that's why Mary sometimes came to Bella and chatted.

    -"So when Bwen grows up, he'll run a restaurant."

    She also told about various rumors of the village children.

    "What kind of person would lady Bella like to marry?"

    She even asked me everywhere, as if she was going to meet up.

    -“I think Kiel is really quiet close to you.”

    Bella loved being pretty close to Kiel above all else.

    "Let's call Mary and ask her in detail."

    Bella invited Mary to the mansion, and she asked what Jenkins had said.

    "So this year, there will be a small summer festival in the town."

    Mary explained in a pretty excited voice, perhaps because she came to the drawing room of the mansion where no one had come.

    “Each house has its own cooking or clothes made and sold..."

    Bella was just listening with her arms folded.

    "Bwen is selling carrot cakes."

    "Ugh. If it's already a carrot, it's too much."

    Everyone frowned, thinking of the carrots that Bwen brought last year.

    “Are everyone preparing only food?”

    “Some houses make embroidery, and Sebastian says he does a puppet show with homemade dolls.”

    “Everyone is active.”

    “Actually, our village was a bit active because there was a Mage Tower, but I lost track of the strange wizard."

    "Well… ”

    "But these days, many mercenaries and merchants have visited the village, so the atmosphere has improved a lot."

    It was because of Ywer's potion.

    There wasn't a potion that could guarantee that much performance.

    That's why sometimes the mansion smells like Ywer's blood.

    "Isn't that all thanks to me?"

    “In fact, to say that it’s because of the Lady…”

    Bella heard Jenkins' grumbling in one ear and dropped it in the other.

    “We prepare something fun too!”

    I didn't want to go too far.

    "Well. I just have to go to Daiser's festival.”

    When I heard it, it seemed like each house was preparing one by one, but I hated the bothersome thing.

    Then Kiel said to Bella with a bright smile.

    "I think it's good because we can do it all together."

    “But our mansion has nothing to do.”

    Then Bella looked at Zhanbar slightly.

    “A circus would be fine. I have a leopard and a bear that I know.”

    Zhanbar was the first to speak out.


    "Then Ywer's cooking hard..."

    Even Ywer who had a relaxed expression all this time, the muscles in her face became stiff in an instant.

    "Well, there's something I want to try!"

    "What is it?"

    Ywer actually didn't want to try anything, but if she didn't throw anything here, she would be ripped off alone.

    "Uh... um... I wonder if the lady would like it..."

    Ywer rolled her brain as far as he could, taking in her moxibustion. She felt like she was thinking for the first time since she came to the mansion.

    'Embroidery... puppet show... ’

    Ywer raised her hand with a flashing idea.

    “Theatrical use!”

    Everyone was silent at the moment. They all thought the same thing.

    ‘Are you crazy?’

    I couldn't cut off and swear at Ywer with Mary as the guest in this room now.

    At that time, Mary seemed to be pondering, and added a word.

    "That would be great, there's no theater yet."

    "Aha, why not?"

    Everyone doesn't want to do it, so I guess.

    “How about the fairy tales that Kiel talked about? It was fun because it was my first time hearing it.”

    “That’s it! Do it with that!”

    Ywer tried to capture Kiel by stabbing him in the ribs.

    “Young master, it's going to be fun, isn’t it?”

    Then she said softly, in a voice only heard by him.

    “The young master is the prince and the young lady is the princess.”


    Kiel slowly looked at Bella's profile.

    The story that Bella told him at his bedside when he was quite a child passed through his memories.

    Countless stories of princesses and princes. And a kiss that always leads to a happy ending.

    "Just for our Daizer..."

    Kiel grabbed her hand before Bella decided to go to Daizer.

    "Hey, let's play."


    Bella looked at Kiel in a bewildering way.

    'The prince is doing a play?'

    The kid who hates going anywhere and hating getting attention, suddenly wants to play in front of people?

    "I'd like to take this opportunity."

    “That kind of thing!”

    Kiel was ashamed of himself, blushing calmly, and Ywer was smiling sly.

    'I'm afraid of something.'

    When Bella didn't keep answering, Kiel lowered her eyebrows and asked in a disappointed voice.

    "Bella... don't you like it?"

    It's so sad, but if you say it with a pretty face...

    "No, let's do it. Sounds like fun."

    The answer comes out automatically.

    We all gathered in the drawing room and talked.

    "Snow White's story is rejected because there are seven dwarfs."

    "Some kids in the swordsmanship class also want to participate."

    "Anyway, I think it's better to have fewer characters."

    Bella found the right thing, trying her best not to show that she didn't want to do.

    "How about Cinderella?"

    The stepmother and sisters, Cinderella and the prince were just five. I think the village children can do something like a fairy or a mouse to help Cinderella.

    "It's not bad.

    Then she quickly wrote down the role on the paper and folded it.

    “Now, let’s pick a role.”


    "We'll do a fair draw."

    "Oh, no, yeah. Even by age, the lady should be Cinderella."

    "Why? doesn't Mary want to be Cinderella, too?"

    "Why is Mary the main character! The owner of the house is the main character!”

    It seemed that everyone didn't want to do it, but even Jenkins agreed with Ywer.

    "Sure, you should be the main character."

    'I don't want to do a lot of dialogues.’

    “Is this the story of Cinderella being condemned by her stepmother?”

    Jenkins secretly asked Kiel, but everyone was quiet, so the sound was heard loudly.

    “Will you bother me now?”

    “It's a play prepared in the mansion, but I wonder if our young lady and the young master should play the main character.”

    Bella pondered.

    'No, Ywer can be the main character.'

    Ywer in my imagination said, 'It might be impossible for teenagers to watch. I hated a lot of lines, and I didn't like being condemned.’

    'Shall we just order Pur?’

    Can't I say that she is the bear lord. It's our family's mascot.

    Then a good trick passed by Bella's head.

    "Okay. Let's be a sleeping princess instead."

    I can just lie down.

    Everyone nodded to see if no one noticed Bella's intentions.

    So Bella took charge of the sleeping princess and Kiel the prince who came to her rescue.

    Jenkins appears as a witch, and the children in the swordsmanship class as the witch's servants.

    Ywer made the frenzy about the queen wanting to do it, so I let her be the princess' mother. Zhanbar is the king.

    Since most of this scenario went to the fighting, Bella just had to watch Kiel and the children fight and supervise it.

    "I can't go more than this."

    "Jenkins, you should be more like a witch."

    Bella had more fun as the director.

    “Guys, no matter how much practice, what if you wield your sword like that?”

    “We worked hard.”

    Maybe it's because I've never held a sword except when I fought with Kiel.

    The children in the swordsmanship classroom answered with a twinge of laughter.

    “What do you do hard, you seem to be dancing.”

    "You can get hurt if you really fight!"

    "Yes, no."

    No matter how much you use swords, you won't get hurt. No, I think Kiel will win even if you all go.

    "Kiel usually does more training separately. He can't do it because of the play, so you have to work harder."

    She remembered Kiel, who was struggling to fight Bella without any gaps.

    Bella thought of Kiel, who was nagging her to fight without any boredom.

    “That’s how Kiel loves sparring, doesn't he?"

    Bella didn't hear Kiel sighing quietly.

    After Kiel's defeated all the monsters, Bella lie down quietly, get up and say a few lines, and it was over.

    'It's completely gum.'

    Bella was lying down and saw Kiel approaching.

    “The prince who defeated the witch's servants in this way found the princess on the top of the castle.”

    Most of the proceedings were conducted by Ywer as commentary because they hated to talk to each other.

    Kiel hesitated for a while and then opened his lips.

    “I'll save you.”

    It was his first line. As if he was embarrassed by the dialogue himself, it seemed cute to see his face turned red.

    'Look, this kind of play has to be done by someone with a constitution.'

    Blonde hair fluttered and slowly approached Bella.

    When he was young, I thought he looked pretty.

    "When he grows up, many women will cry."

    Although there was such a setting in the novel.

    Kiel, lying down and looking up, seemed more mature than he looked.

    Bella naturally woke up, pushing Kiel's chest with her hands.

    "Oh, my lady. What do you do when you wake up when you haven't even kissed yet?"

    “I just have to pretend, what?"

    “You have to make this alive!”

    "Then you can go and do it then. Let's say we did it now."

    Kiel sighed and recited the next line.

    "Princess, please marry me."

    Even though Bella knew it was just a play, Kiel's words and hands felt awkward.

    "Yes," Bella would have to lean on his chest while sitting on the bed, but Bella just blinked blankly.

    "My lady is so bad at acting. Practice a little more practice..."

    “You'd better not to say something about getting married here. It was just read by Ywer.”

    Then Kiel asked Bella back in a lower voice.


    "It's the first time I've seen the prince from the perspective of the princess, but how would you like to marry? It's not so realistic."

    Kiel held Bella's hand, slightly raising the corners of her mouth.

    'You've never made such a point before.'

    He wanted to play as few prince characters as possible.

    'You said you should practice like a real thing.'

    He practiced the drill to death. You fell in love with the timing of kissing.

    Kiel tried to hide his disappointment and soothe himself.

    'You won't be able to avoid it on the day anyway.’
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    The time of their parting came. It's getting more interesting.
    Episode 31

    Why at times like this

    As the festival was getting closer and closer, Kiel couldn't do the part he wanted to practice properly, and had to practice with the children only.

    By the way, it was a match, so the children used to be easily wrong, and Zhanbar didn't ask them to do it again every time.

    'Ha... I didn't think it would be harder than having a match with Bella.’

    In the hot weather, Kiel got tired from practicing with several children without a break.

    "You're going to fall down like this. I'll play the role of prince, so let's practice with me.”

    "Who is so weak to fall down?"

    "Now they're taking turns fighting, but you're dealing with everything."

    "That's what you're saying.…”

    An argument between Jenkins and Zhanbar began in an attempt to rescue Kiel. Even so, it was like taking a break for a while.

    Fortunately, Bella always tries to freeze the room with magic because of the heat that everyone can't stand.

    In particular, Pur and Zhanbar were furry animals, and because they were very hot, they cheered.

    'It's freezing in here.'

    But after a while, it became as cold as the middle of winter.


    When Kiel coughed shallowly in class with Jenkins, Jenkins asked with worried eyes.

    “Young master, are you all right?"


    "Aren't you having a cold?"

    “Is that so?”

    'Do you want me to iron some sucry or herbs?' It was a herb that would restore vitality if used in small quantities.’

    The festival is two days away. He couldn't be tired even though he was tired.

    "Then I'll ask you."

    However, even if Kiel ate herbs, he couldn't help with the energy that his body became heavier little by little.

    'So it looks like I was sick this summer even before I came back.'

    But the situation was different from now. In the past, living without home like a wandering, there were many times when he was forced to eat spoiled food or sleep on the cold floor.

    The day before the festival, Kiel went to bed early, hiding his cough.

    But in the morning, Kiel felt his whole body like fire.

    Today is the day of the festival, and they’re going to present a play.

    'Ha... Let's not make it as obvious as possible.’

    Although he was light-hearted, Kiel walked, acting as if it were light.

    “Young mater, are you all ready?"

    "Yes, let's go."

    Fortunately, Jenkins, who is keen, did not seem to know either.

    Everyone began to flock to the front door.

    Bella said she was bothered to change her clothes, and appeared from the mansion, pre-dressed like her princess.

    Bella usually liked to wear pants. Even if she wear a skirt, she wear a dress or a knee-length skirt.

    From Bella's point of view, she's dressed simple and modern, but most people used to look at her behind her back, saying, ‘You don't look like you live in a mansion.’

    She wore a long dress with colorful lace, braided her hair in half, and even a flower pin.

    “The clothes are wings."

    "How can clothes be wings? Flying in the sky?"

    "Lady! You look like a princess!"

    Bella was embarrassed by this sudden attention.

    'Hey, I'm a princess.’

    Besides, she doesn't wear clothes like this even in the demon world.

    Still, Bella took a turn on the spot to see if she didn't like it.

    "What do you think? is it okay? Isn't it luxurious?"

    “Except for that, it’s okay.”

    "Kiel, do I look like a princess?"

    Bella smiled and asked Kiel.

    Kiel was looking at her with a red face without answering in a daze.

    "Kiel, are you sick?"

    As Bella approached Kiel, he took a step back and answered.

    "No, it's all right."

    "Isn't the young master falling in love with the lady?"

    When Ywer added, Jenkins pinched Ywer's side and bit his teeth tightly.

    "We agreed to make the bet fair."


    "Let's go. Our turn is around lunch. Go ahead and get ready."

    Bella slowly approached Kiel and grabbed his two cheeks with her hand.

    "Kiel, why is your face so hot?"

    "Oh, it's not hot."

    She put her hand on Kiel's forehead. It's still hot.

    "Bella's hands are cold, so it feels like that."

    "Ah, really?"

    Bella slowly touched her own forehead to Kiel's forehead.

    "It's hot, isn't it?


    Kiel had no choice but to close his eyes with stiffness as she suddenly approached.

    "It's cold."

    As her forehead fell, this time Bella's cold hands rubbed around Kiel's neck.

    "Look at this, you're sweating."

    "That… ”

    Kiel couldn't say anything.

    You didn't even come when you said that, but why are you always so good at coming near me without notice?

    “It’s said that even dogs who have a cold in summer don’t get caught.”

    "Then what about our play?"

    The family members of the mansion were more concerned about today's party than about the fact that Kiel was sick.

    Bella glared, sick and tired of the inhuman nature of the demons.

    "What can I do, Kiel can't."

    "Then who's the prince?"

    As soon as Kiel heard the sound, he stopped feeling Bella's touch and shook his head.

    “Me, I can do it. I'm really fine."

    Bella squinted at Kiel. Kiel was smiling, but the body she was holding was as hot as a fire pit.

    “Ywer will do it! Why can't a woman be a prince! It's a prejudice!"

    “Jenkins does it. I've seen you fight anyway, so you know."

    Kiel tried to smile and said.

    "I can do it."

    "What are you talking about? You have a fever like this."


    Then Ywer added a word.

    "But if Jen is a prince, who's the witch?"

    "Well, Zhanbar..."

    "But I don't think Zhanbar can do it because the witch has many lines."

    Zhanbar said he was absurd and shot Ywer.

    “I can memorize that much.”

    However, I was sure that others would not memorize it except Zhanbar.

    Then Kiel grabbed Bella and said,

    "Well, can't Bella be a witch?"


    "There aren't a few lines in the role of Princess."

    If Kiel can't play, Bella shouldn't have played the role of a princess.

    “Well, if the lady is a witch, she'll get along well. In the first place, she suits it better than a princess.”

    "Do you want to die Jenkins."

    Kiel grabbed Bella like it was his last attack.

    "Then I want to be a princess... I just have to lie down."

    Unlike his resolution, however, Kiel fell down as if his legs were relaxed as soon as he took a step forward.

    “Zhanbar, first put Kiel in the room.”

    While the tall Zhanbar lifts Kiel up and moves him back to his room.

    Kiel cried and barely reached out his hand.

    Bella sighed as she looked into the cold drawing rooms.

    'I should have told you to be careful.’

    I forgot to tell you about modern people's disease, air-conditioning.

    Walk in and out of cold drawing rooms you could catch a cold easily because of the sudden change in temperature.

    "This is all because of Sir Zhanbar."

    "Why Zhanbar?"

    Jenkins took advantage of Zhanbar's absence and vented his usual anger.

    “He didn't even listen to me, and I thought young master was going to fall."

    Ywer sighed with a look of great disappointment.

    "I thought so, so I added some herbs to make rice this morning."

    Then Jenkins' face hardened.

    "What herbs?"


    "Oh... why don't you put that stuff in?"

    "Why, there's nothing wrong with just a little bit of it! They're all good right now, aren't they?”

    Clearly Bella was fine. Of course, even if she hurts, she would have healed soon.

    "Yes, a small amount is fine."

    That herb, when used in small quantities, restores energy and makes blood run faster. But if you use it in bulk, your body will get heat.

    “I was giving it all the time.”

    Unknowingly, they drove Kiel until he was sick.


    Stuck in bed, Kiel closed his eyes as if he was suffocating in a hot breath.

    Why did I catch a cold at this time?

    Everyone heard the sound of going out of the mansion, and Pur graced a handkerchief with water and put it on Kiel's forehead.

    Even the handkerchief was Juan Cruel's handkerchief.

    It was as if I could feel a huge wall of fate. Sad tears flowed down with sweat.

    When Kiel regained consciousness, even his breath felt hot.

    I've been waiting so long.

    As the warm and fluffy thing moved over his body, he sighed.

    “….Pur, it’s heavy.”

    “My lady told me to keep you warm!"


    “Because you woke up, I’ll bring a towel!”

    When Pur went out, Kiel lay down and groaned at the ceiling.

    'I wonder if Jenkins is really kissing Bella, isn't it? Jenkins...'

    Kiel seemed to cry again.

    'I was hoping for something so big.'

    It was just a play, so I thought it would be okay to be a little greedy, but it felt like the sky gave me a disease like laughing at my black heart.

    It was then.

    "Are you sick?"

    Out of nowhere, Bella popped up beside him and looked at him with sleepy eyes.


    Perhaps sitting next to him and falling asleep, Bella gave Kiel a glass of water, blocking her yawn with her hand.

    "...what about the play?"

    Bella answered calmly while Kiel was drinking water.

    "Yes, Zhanbar decided to be a princess."


    It was completely unexpected, so Kiel got caugh drinking water.

    Bella slowly patted his back and waited for Kiel to calm down.

    "Bella, don't you need to go?"

    "How can I go when you're so sick."

    Bella laid Kiel down, sat on the bed, and cooled Kiel's cheeks with her cold hands.

    "If you're sick, you should say you're sick."


    “Don't you know your body is a national treasure?"

    The nagging was piled up this much, and when it was as hot as smoke when it touched, Bella left a lot of words behind and said what she wanted to say the most.

    "So you have to cherish it the most, okay?"

    Kiel liked Bella's voice.

    She gets angry, but even the way she talks and looks with warm affection.

    Is it just because of the heat? Or was it because I was sad.

    "Hand... hold it."

    Kiel reached for Bella as he seemed to move away when he tried to catch her.

    "I'm so sick that I'm a fool."

    Kiel clasped Bella's hand and gently touched Bella's index finger with his thumb.



    When Bella tries to look down at her itchy fingertips.

    Kiel said in a small voice hoping that even a little bit of sincerity would be reached.

    “I like Bella.”
    Episode 32

    You have to rush like you're gonna kill me

    “I like Bella.”

    Bella replied, grabbing her itchy hand and putting it on her cheek.

    "I like our Kiel the most, too."

    Just as a cat on the road rubbed its face against his leg, Bella rubbed Kiel's hand with her cheek.

    "So don't get sick."

    Kiel stared at Bella with half a sleepy eye.

    Isn't it too much to answer like that to Pur?

    "I love..."

    "Me too!"

    Suddenly, Pur, who brought a towel, stepped in out of nowhere.

    "I like you, and I like you, too!"

    "Is there anything you don't like?"

    "Carrots. I don't like carrots anymore."

    While Bella took a towel and wiped his face, Pur climbed on Kiel's stomach and fell down like before.

    "What are you doing, Pur?"

    "You told me earlier to keep warm!"

    "I told you to make sure you covered the blanket well, you bear.”

    Bella pushed Pur away and pulled the quilt to Kiel's shoulder.

    "…Are you going now?"

    Kiel held Bella's hand tightly again because she was going to say good night and leave the room.

    However, his hands slipped out as if they didn't have any strength, and he breathed only one syllable of sigh.

    “Well, then, shall we all take a nap together? I give Pur the role of a pillow.”

    Pur then removed Kiel's pillow and lay down with her warm stomach on top.

    "Now, this is a bear pillow. There's a stone bed, a jade bed, everything, but there won't be a bear pillow."

    Bella lay beside Kiel and leaned her head against Pur's stomach as she played a joke.

    “Now, good children should sleep well and get well soon.”

    She covered the blanket up to Kiel's neck, and Bella patted him with her hands and nursed him.

    Bella gave a sigh of relief to Kiel and Pur, who had fallen asleep before she knew it.

    'That could have been a disaster.’

    She secretly got out of Kiel's bed and touched her hand on his forehead. Fortunately, the fever seemed to have gone down a lot.

    She wasn't happy to see Kiel in pain, but on the other hand, she was glad he didn't play.

    Although she know it's acting, Kiel's lines during practice only sounded so serious and mature.

    He sometimes acts like an adult, but at times like this, he was a child.

    "If you were in the real palace, you'd have a princess, too.'

    She has told him that he’s the Crown Prince, but she don't think it's real yet.

    Bella stroked Kiel's soft hair as he slept. Whether the tears had formed, the small trembling eyelashes shimmered.

    Bella recalled what Jenkins had said a long time ago.

    -"Isn't it possible to kidnap the prince?"

    When she saw Kiel like this, she felt like she really wanted to that. She want to give away something like a novel.

    Bella carefully thought about what the grim reaper had said before she became possessed by the novel.

    -“The power of the novel to flow as the original is more than Kim Hong-yeon thinks.”

    She don't know how great the power to flow is.

    -"So, if the ending doesn't work as in the original, I think it's changed by the will of an indie."

    Upon reaching adulthood, Bella is naturally summoned in front of the Demon King. At the beginning of this novel.

    'I'm supposed to go back to the demon world anyway, and it's hard for Kiel to live in the demon world.'

    There are all the people and futures Kiel will love here.

    After entering the palace, he will have the most beautiful spring day of his life in a few years.

    'There's a year left.'


    I heard that their play, which Bella had not seen, was completely ruined.

    Seeing no more children coming to the swordsmanship class.

    "What the hell did you do..."

    "Because Zhanbar is a princess, the parents must have freaked out."

    Ywer answered excitedly next to her with a bandage on her arm.

    "You should have decorated Zhanbar more beautifully like a princess."

    Bella replied with a little surprise.

    Prejudice and discrimination is a society in which all statuses are taking place, and she didn't know that they would be so surprised when she saw men marrying each other.

    'Well. If you think about it, because Mary was also a woman, she said she couldn't learn the swordsmanship.'

    Maybe it's quite far from the imperial capital, so it's more conservative.

    When Ywer's bandage caught her eye, Bella asked formally.

    "Are you hurt?"

    "New fashion is in style!"


    I wasn't particularly interested even if she was injured.

    “Why do they say it’s the Cold War?”

    Bella also asked formally, looking at Jenkins and Zhanbar. When the two met, they didn't get angry as usual, and they turned their heads and avoided each other.

    "Haha... do you think so?"

    In Bella's eyes, it seemed that Zhanbar was forced to avoid the princess because he was embarrassed.

    'Anyway, you can't leave the work to them.'

    At that time, Pur, who had finished cleaning, stuck her chest out, asking for a proud compliment.

    “I've done all the cleaning!”

    "Our Pur is the best, isn't it?"

    She said she was the best because she didn't do anything.

    "Yeah! My lady’s favorite is me! Right!"


    Pur was excited and hugged Bella and opened her eyes wide.

    “I like you better than you are!”

    Let's compare what we're going to compare. Bella didn't want to say anything that wasn't empty.

    "No? I like Kiel even if I have hundred Purs.”

    "Am I the best if you don’t have young master?”

    Pure asked with more glistening eyes.

    ‘You son of a...'

    Bella held Pur's neck in her hands and said,

    "If you touch Kiel, I'll kill you no matter how last you are."


    What should I do with this crooked loyalty? Although Pur liked Kiel very much, it seemed that she could not abandon her nature.

    'As expected, the demons cannot be rehabilitated.'

    And Bella saw a familiar object hanging from her Pur’s neck.

    "...What is this, why are you wearing it around your neck?"

    It was Juan Cruel's handkerchief, which I got on a whim last year.

    "The young master said it looked good with me!”

    "Even though Kiel likes you this much, you’re thinking of killing him?”

    Bella got goosebumps.

    ‘Well, they are the ones who eat their own kind as well.'

    She once again shuddered as she recalled the scene of the demon world.

    Ywer sighed when Bella's attention seemed to be gradually moving away from the past play.

    Bella blamed Zhanbar, but the truth was a little different.

    Ywer was barely holding back her laughter that broke inside, touching her arm slightly.

    She couldn't say that she squeezed her blood until just before she died and that she had fed it to Zhanbar.

    'I have more stories to talk about when I go to Demon world.’

    Because Jenkins and Zhanbar's kiss scenes are so passionate that parents don't stick their tongues out.

    'By the way, if I’ve squeezed this much blood and Sir Zhanbar become this much…’

    Ewer looked at Bella with an insidious look, and when she met her eyes, she turned her eyes away.

    ‘Our princess won't even work by this.’

    When the children no longer came, Bella took care of Mary, the only one who was serious in the swordsmanship class.

    It was her family that said, "You should just grow up pretty and get married to a rich house."

    So I introduced her to the Mercenary Corps because she wanted independence from a long time ago.

    However, since Mary left the village, strange rumors began to circulate in the village.

    "People look at my mansion and say they're disrespectful."

    There was a rumor that there lived a girl who was scarier than a ghost in a haunted house.

    "I guess it's because Mary just disappeared."

    Jenkins wanted to say that the last play was also a part, but he couldn't say anything.

    "Well, it's quiet and nice. Pur now runs well in the garden."

    "You're so positive."

    Bella shrugged her shoulders. I didn't have to live here for long in the first place.

    As the skills of other children besides Mary were too poor for Kiel, I gradually felt that it was a waste of time.

    The biggest villain Kiel has to kill anyway is Bella herself.

    “I have to do a battle with Kiel.”


    That's what I thought when I fought in the garden for quite a long time. Kiel lives in a different world than Bella can handle.

    An absolute genius.

    Bella could see why Jenkins was grumbling but had been following without saying a word.

    'If you teach one, and he know ten.’

    Kiel tended to suck in like a sponge. As she hit the sword in person, Kiel asked by applying what he had learned from Jenkins.

    "Well, then I can do this too, right?"

    When Bella pulled the sword down, Kiel lightly pressed it and raised his sword.

    ‘You're really good.’

    Perhaps because he was the main character in the novel, it felt like he had all the good skills.

    'I'm sure you'll do well without the divine power, right?

    But there was a fatal flaw.

    “Kiel. I tell you a few times. Anyone who seeks your life, does not attack with their own."

    Those were the assassins who would go to his bed to get rid of Kiel in the future.

    The Crown Prince, who they had never heard of, appeared on top of them and make them lost all their power.

    Those who have nowhere to go.

    “So, when there is a gap, you have to stab it.”

    Bella grabbed her sword and turned to Kiel.

    "You have to rush me like you're going to kill me."

    Bella doesn't look at it and runs in, but Kiel doesn't.

    “Because offensive is the best defense.”


    Kiel breathed and wiped the sweat from his hands.

    "How can I cut Bella?"

    "Cats have nine lives, so you can just cut them."

    Then Kiel sat down on the grass he had mowed, and lie on his back.

    "......Bella, the sky is really pretty."

    "Look at what you're talking about."

    Bella lay alike next to Kiel and followed him with her eyes, slowly wandering clouds above her sky.

    I wish this time would wander a little slower like that cloud.

    The red sunset slowly turns beautiful from one end to the other.

    Bella turned and lay down looking at Kiel.

    His golden hair, reflected in the glow of the sunset, shook like rice in a golden field.

    At that time, Kiel noticed Bella's gaze and turned to her side.

    Kiel's eyes shone with her dark sweaty hair and shiny red eyes that seemed to have rubies on her.


    Seeing Kiel smiling brightly, Bella unwittingly reached out and touched his hair.

    'Now I'm done catching him.’

    There was a whirlpool under the water below the calm water, but Bella was swimming without knowing anything.

    Even though it is coming back as a tsunami like a boomerang.
    Episode 33

    The numerous meanings of a line in a novel

    Time flies, Kiel's 14 years old.

    It's only half a year before Kiel leaves.

    Bella calmly waited every morning for the newspaper for the final setting of his childhood.

    One day in the midst of spring, a wanted flyer was put together in the morning newspaper.

    "Finally, the flyer has arrived."

    [Wanted: Carlyx / 10 Gold / Choi Myung: First Grade Murder]

    If it was 10 gold, it was almost the price of a commoner's hut.

    'He must have been pretty notorious, he’s a contractor?'

    Until now, from small settings to large settings, they have been squeaking and matching.

    And only the most important thing remains.

    It's about catching the wanted criminal, Carlyx.

    Kiel couldn't use any magic that other members of the royal family could use for granted. Because he was an illegitimate child of the Emperor.

    Countless people used to doubt his qualifications.

    But what Kiel's henchman, Peter, grumbled.

    [“Wow, who is the one who caught that notorious Carlyx, how dare you say that to your highness."]

    ["I just caught him by accident."]

    ["It's all the power of your highness, by chance or whatever! Even now in Lemingo, your highness's achievements are spoken as a side dish!"]

    [At that time, Kiel didn't answer anything and touched the pendant bitterly.]

    It was written.

    He's probably the one who's got him over the edge-to death. Thanks to this, Kiel also holds the honor of not being able to be reckoned with.

    Bella folded the wanted flyer and put it in her pocket and took a big breath out.

    'That's the last thing I need to do.’

    Bella said when she finished the battle with Kiel without fail, took a rough breath and calmed down.

    "Kiel, shall we go to Lemingo?"

    Kiel, who usually answered Bella’s words, was looking at Bella without answering.

    "It's because you have something to do before you go to the palace."

    Maybe he's already in puberty. Kiel said nothing.

    "What do you think?"

    “The goddesses of fate.”

    Bella was silent for a moment.

    "Bella's mistake almost turned my fate upside down. By any chance, what happens when fate changes?"

    In fact, Bella had forgotten the excuse. I can't even say it's just a novel, so I'm covering it in moderation.

    ‘You have a good memory, too.’

    It's a big setup that's not even mentioned in the novel, but I borrowed it because it's a myth that's popular in my previous life, such as religion, Buddhism, and Christianity.

    "What if I... I can't become a prince?"

    Have you not yet believed that you are the prince?

    "It's okay. Someone from the palace will coming to find you. There is no change in fate."

    "So what if..."

    Or is it too much burden to carry on these small shoulders?

    "Do not worry about it. I'll make it happen no matter what.”

    "My life is at stake."


    Bella replied, pretending to cut her throat with her hand. Usually in religion, it is said to be paradise or hell, so it was not wrong.

    If the novel doesn't end up the way it was, Bella would end up spending eternity in the hellish demon world

    'My spring days are enough now.'

    So she quickly filled the setting, and she wanted to go on a trip with Kiel.

    Last time, she took Pur and went to the mountain, so this time, we must go to the sea without Pur.


    The city of Lemingo.

    It was the second largest city under the Duchy of Cruel, just a short distance away from ‘Dazier’.

    The place that took almost three days by carriage from the mansion smelled different from the air.

    "The atmosphere is completely different."

    "It's not that big, but there's a spring flower festival."

    The flowers that bloomed here and there were falling softly, giving off the smell of spring.

    Jenkins said while reading flyers handed out on the street.

    "They give red flowers to women and white flowers to men."

    "Human beings are the best at doing really useless things."

    "Yes, Sir Zhanbar wouldn't know."

    On the street, those who distributed flowers came close to Bella's party and handed them over.

    He never showed up to Jenkins, who looks scary at first, or who looks decent but would never live.

    "My young master will make a girl cry when he grows up."

    As the shy little girls had already handed several white flowers to Kiel, Ywer laughed with a crescent laugh.

    They were the person who would fall into unrequited love for the imperial spirits in the future.

    Bella is not even proud of herself, but she feels good.

    "Lady, would you like to bet on who gets more flowers with me?"

    Ywer sounded excited, perhaps because it had been a long time since she came out.

    ‘I’m here to play.’

    At that time, Kiel intercepted what Bella was going to say and answered.


    Kiel seemed to take the lead after noticing Bella's mind first.

    'Then. I have a job in front of me, but I can't do anything else first.’

    It's also about catching the wanted criminal.

    Bella delivered today's mission by showing the flyers she had brought.

    "If you see a guy like this, don't catch him. Come and report to me first."


    "Don't go around uselessly. Go away."


    "Don't play."

    "Hm, if I knew this would happen, I'd go home with Pur!"

    "The sooner you find it, the more time you'll have to play."

    As soon as the words was finished, Ywer ran back first.

    "Shall we go find it?"

    Kiel nodded quietly at the flyer.

    'I don't ask why I need to find it.’

    Bella pointed in the direction opposite to the direction the demons went.

    “Shall we go over there?”

    Kiel didn't answer for a while, then grabbed Bella's hand slightly.

    "Why? Are you scared of catching criminals?"

    Before she knew it, he was as tall as Bella, Bella felt unfamiliar with the hand she held at the moment.

    'It's been a while since we’ve held hands.'

    “Let’s go over there first.”

    Kiel pulled Bella toward the fairly crowded square.

    'We're not here to play...'

    When Bella didn't move, Kiel was looking at her a little lonely.


    He had unfocused eyes just like when she first met him.

    "This is where I was born."

    Seeing him crying without tears, Bella was a little embarrassed and couldn't say anything.

    "Uh... did you?"

    "I'd like to show you around."

    Bella moved her feet in a daze.

    Kiel explained one by one quite resolutely.

    "This is the biggest plaza. Usually, if you make an appointment, you'll get it here."

    "There are so many people."

    "The stores near the plaza are all old. That dressmaker over there makes better belts than clothes."

    Kiel pointed his finger at the dresser.

    "The baguette is the best in that bakery."

    "It smells good."

    "And milk tea is delicious over there."

    "Do you remember all that?"

    Kiel looked away without answering for a long time.


    "Yes, I remember everything."

    Without even looking at Bella, he answered in a slightly quivering voice.

    "Shall we have a baguette and milk tea?"

    Kiel nodded, Bella stroked his head and said,

    “You’re waiting here. I'll buy it.”

    Kiel's 'delicious' rather than 'delicious' was a little annoying, but he didn't point out.

    It just seemed to him that he needed some time alone.

    While Bella went to buy some food, Kiel barely breathed out a big breath.

    ‘It's already been 10 years since I came here.’

    And his memories before the age of eight were much older than that.

    The most crowded place.

    In the corner of the alley, which was not even seen by the crowd, dirty children squatted with a bowl of rice in front of them.

    Like those children, he looked at this square from the eye level of a low beast.

    He remembered a time when Kiel sat with his cold hands blowing as a child and listened to the stories of people passing by, making sure his ears didn't fall off.

    'I thought everything would be fine when I came back.'

    He was waking up a nightmare with his shoulders trembling unknowingly.

    Kiel lived with his mother and uncle.

    When he was very young, he thought his uncle was his father, but whenever he did, his uncle was very angry and used to slap young Kiel on the cheek.

    Since then, the violent temper, which had been abundant, has been revealed without hiding it since her mother died.

    At that time, he saw Bella coming from afar with warm baguettes and milk tea in her hands.

    -"If you have nowhere to go, would you like to go with me?"

    Unlike his uncle, Bella was the one who warmed him without him doing anything.

    "They just made a baguette. It looks delicious."

    The two sat in front of the fountain in the square and took a bite while watching people passing by.

    "Isn't it hot?"

    "I like it because it's warm."

    In Lemingo, where Kiel had nothing but scars, Bella's memories were engraved very small.

    "Bella, do you want to go to my house?"

    Kiel's house was the first place Bella wanted to go.

    On the way, flowers slowly fluttered, and the sound of music grew farther and farther away.

    The neatly paved road became bumpy, and Kiel stood right in front of the old and shabby house and looked back at Bella.

    "Here it is."

    I didn't think anyone would buy it, but I saw the light blinking and disappearing inside the house.

    "Uh... is this the right place? I think someone's buying it."

    "It must be my uncle."


    "...my uncle must still be living."

    Bella said in a hurry that Kiel would be hurt.

    "Shall we go back?"

    Honestly, Bella wanted to kill the uncle if she could.

    The eight-year-old child didn't give enough meals to look like only five.

    Even sold him to a wizard.

    "Let's go in together."

    "You can just go back."

    But Kiel has already opened the door to his old house.

    With the sound of the old door, there were rolling bottles on the floor.

    The squeaky sound every time you walk, the dusty table.

    It wasn't organized enough to look like a place where people lived.

    "That guy... Is that your uncle?"


    And the person sitting at the table looking at them with half-closed eyes was the face of the wanted criminal who happened they want to catch.

    Then Kiel didn't answer anything and touched the pendant bitterly.

    The meaning of that single line in the novel, the meaning of touching the pendant bitterly, Bella was speechless on an unsolved piece of the story.
    Episode 34

    It's still spring.

    Nothing has changed in Kiel's old house.

    "... Uncle. Long time no see."

    It's been ten years for him.

    Carlyx, the wanted criminal. His uncle.

    Even before returning to his young body, Kiel saw the flyer and came to this house.

    It was autumn then, and now there was nothing else except spring.

    Carlyx booed with his lips, frowning his red face to the tip of his nose just like he did then.

    "No, who is this?"

    Kiel already knew what his uncle was doing afterwards. And what happens after that.

    Finally, he gambled on his fate.

    "I'll forgive you, Uncle."

    Kiel practiced whenever he fell asleep to say this if he meet his uncle someday.

    Since he went back in time and met the angel who reached out to him with the moonlight on her back.

    'I got the most precious thing in the world thanks to your abandonment.’

    He prayed for his uncle to know Kiel's sincerity.

    Hoping to escape of the fate that's coming like that.

    “You must have been alive?”

    However, as the cruel words were followed, Kiel simply laughed bitterly.

    How many times did he imagine forgiving someone who does not wish for forgiveness?

    Bella stared blankly at Carlyx’s face.

    She wanted to believe that it must be different from the person she saw on the flyer.

    Before entering the palace, Kiel's life was always on the verge of death.

    When Kiel recalled this day, he touched the pendant, it would mean that he was about to die at that time and that he was alive with divine power.

    ‘His uncle hurt him again.'

    It was in a flash that something happened after that.

    “You must have been alive? Hey!"

    A secret space opened from the fireplace side at Carlyx’s shout, and three sturdy men came out.

    Carlyx’s eyes changed, and he hit Kiel's head with the bottle he had in his hand.

    "You've grown up pretty, too."

    Then he stuck the broken bottle out of Bella's neck.

    "This little lady is going to get a lot of money, too."

    As if this had happened many times, the men came to Bella and Kiel without consulting.

    "I knew a nobleman who had a noble taste."

    Bella asked, lightly removing the bottle from her neck.

    "You said uncle."

    If there is a minimum of conscience.

    "How can you sell your nephew twice, not once?"

    Bella's voice was cold and dark. She has been angry so far, but now it's very different from then.

    "Uncle? That bastard who doesn't even know where the damn x came from?"

    However, Carlyx raised one eyebrow and smiled cheerfully.

    "How can a man do that?"

    Bella's face cooled off.

    Then a man grabbed her hand to tie the rope to Bella.

    "Do we still look human?"

    "Yes, thank you."

    The police caught the criminal but left the judge in the hands of the law.

    But does she need to obey the law, she who possessing the daughter of the demon king?

    Bella just turned her arm around.

    The man who caught her fell down because she was so strong.

    "Wow, don't move. It's a tough girl."

    Another man pulled the sword out of his wits and pointed it back at Bella's neck.

    But Bella looked the man in the eye and grabbed the knife with her hand.


    "What are you so surprised about?"

    Red blood dripping from Bella's hand, who grabbed the knife.

    He was speechless as if he was surprised by the grand action of a 16-year-old girl.

    Bella pushed the knife straight and took it to the man's neck.

    When life was cut off, the men, feeling a crisis, pulled the sword out of their waist.

    But before they could hold the sword properly, Bella put one of their swords into their hearts exactly with the other hand.

    For such a short time that you can't even scream.

    Carlyx is the only one left.

    He took a back step when he saw all of his colleagues rolling around in less than a few seconds.

    Bella, on the other hand, seemed to be losing her mind.

    Is it because the smell of death smokes the tip of her nose?

    'You're dying so fast.'

    As it is, there was something regrettable.

    The raging anger surrounded her from underneath her, and it wasn't enough just to kill her.

    She’s not sure if she’s going to tear that man's limbs apart one by one, or she’s just going to hurt him enough to save his life and make him a toy.

    'I think I've felt this way before.’

    Suddenly, the flower she was holding in her hand fell to the floor and was dyed red.

    It was then.

    Someone opened the door and came in.

    “It's Carlyx! Arrest him!”

    The men in uniform creaked over the old house, approaching Carlix and stuffing his wrists.

    “That bitch killed all these guys.”

    Carlyx glared at Bella in a fit of rage.

    "I'm sure she's a demon. Look into her!"

    The devil cub heard the words and laughed in vain.


    They were in the investigation room before they knew it.

    The investigation room was quite different from what Bella expected.

    It is no exaggeration to say that it is a drawing room, and the lighting was as bright as a banquet hall.

    Looking at Carlyx, who was tied up on his knees, Bella whispered to Kiel.

    "Kiel, do you want me to secretly kill him?"

    But Kiel shook his head holding Bella's hand wrapped in a bandage.


    It seemed like Bella's hand had been hurt 10 years ago to replace him.

    "I wish he could regret it."

    "He doesn't regret it."

    But Kiel, who knew the ending of Carlyx, just laughed bitterly.

    Ten years ago, he killed Carlyx with his divine power, but now he is different.

    “...It will be easier to die than to live in despair.”

    The punishment he deserved remained.

    But Bella, who doesn't know what the punishment is, just seemed good to drink warm rice inside the prison.

    Compared to Kiel's wounds, any punishment felt light.

    It was vividly depicted that Kiel still couldn't open the door of his heart and only wriggled his fingers.

    He was afraid I'd be thrown away and asked again and again.

    There was a time when he said he could do it all the time because he didn't want to be thrown out.

    But the one who is most heartbroken, comforts her.

    "Is Bella's hand okay?"

    Bella said, folding and stretching her recovered hand. She herself was amazed by the monstrous resilience.

    "It's a secret, but it doesn't hurt at all."

    "That's a relief."

    At Kiel's bright voice, Bella was relieved.

    'You're strong.'

    Kiel, who looked depressed with no place to go back, grew healthy and bright as Bella's wishes.

    "You're all grown up."

    He also caught the wanted criminal by chance as he did in the novel.

    All she had to do now was to spend the rest of her time well and prepare to say goodbye.

    Don't get sick. We can walk through each other's lives.

    'Let's go to the sea first.'

    Then, the investigator came in.

    He was a very sincere investigator who ran right after receiving a report that someone had entered an old empty house.

    Bella asked questions as soon as she saw them.

    “Investigator, what is the penalty for this guy?”

    "Oh... after cutting off the limbs and tongue, they will be thrown away in the city.”

    Bella turned her head when she felt Kiel holding her hand tightly.

    "Are you surprised that the punishment was too strong?"

    But what Kiel said was a little different.

    "Thank you."

    "Huh? What?"

    Amber eyes, tears, were looking at Bella clearly and distinctly.

    "You've always been there for me. Thank you."

    "Thank you, too."


    "For growing so bright."

    The hurt child is about to smile.

    "Your life will be a happy ending after all."

    "Like a fairy tale book?"

    "Yes, you have lived happily ever after.”

    Carlyx, who was watching the scene, laughed and sarcastically at Bella.

    "Huh, that's disgusting."

    Bella was pondering and reached out her hand and scratched him from top to bottom.

    Blood trickled out of Carlyx's mouth.

    "No, just because his tongue is going to be cut later anyway. I cut it in advance."


    "Thank you? It's going to happen anyway. It's better if you do it quickly, isn't it?"

    The investigator, who was watching the figure, fluttered a little and then helped with a sound.

    "Are you... a wizard?"

    "Something like that."

    "There's a statement we need to receive, why do you cut his tongue?"

    “The wanted flyer said that it was okay to kill...”

    Bella looked at her fingernails and threw a different look as the investigator tapped his forehead and sighed.

    "I guess not."

    The punishment he will receive anyway, will he receive it now or later?

    From the mere sight of the punishment, it was clear that he was a vicious man no matter what crime he committed.

    'Well. The bounty was 10 gold, so murder was the main crime... Human trafficking?'

    Five golds were the most wanted criminals I've ever seen in the newspaper.

    'It's not just the death penalty... Did he commit any treason?'

    Treason. This makes sense.

    Then the investigator approached Kiel.

    "My name is Lohan. Can I see the pendant for a moment?"

    Bella's expression hardened and her heart began to beat.

    His uncle is Carlyx.

    A wanted criminal who caught by accident.

    The huge whirlpool under the water grew and enlarged, awakening the sleep.

    'If it's Lohan…'

    In the novel, he stood on the side of the emperor and watched Kiel.

    As Bella turned her head slightly, Lohan was seen approaching Kiel and looking at the pendant in his hand.


    A few days after Kiel was born, the woman, the Empress's maid, took the child and ran away.

    When she saw that the baby was born with the same amber eyes as the emperor, everyone said nothing, but she thought it was wise.

    But after the death of the only Crown Prince, they had no choice but to find the illegitimate child of the emperor whom the maid of honor had long stolen.

    There was only one clue. Amber eyes.

    In such a few years, numerous candidates for the crown prince passed through Lohan's hands.

    But they had no conclusive evidence. A gift from the Emperor, only Lohan knows, to the lady-in-waiting.

    The prince's name was written in it.


    “You were right too. Kiel Herian Elysia. You are the Prince of the Elysian Empire."

    Silence flowed and flowed.

    It was obviously November 10th.

    The day he found out that Kiel was the prince in the novel.

    Because he designated that day as his birthday in the sense of being born again.

    “It may be difficult to accept, but it is true.”

    It was still spring.
    Episode 35

    What's gonna happen

    Bella got goose bumps all over her body.

    As soon as the wanted list came down, it was Bella who turned her step here.

    ‘Did I make it earlier?'

    Her throat is choking.

    Like this, she never thought she was going to break up all of a sudden.

    If only there had been a foreshadowing, if there had been preparation of the mind.

    “I will tell you two straightforwardly.”

    Bella still stared blankly at Lohan with surprised eyes.

    “His Majesty has asked us to destroy anyone who knows your highness past."


    "I don't know if your highness past will be beneficial or poisonous in the future."

    "It's not poison."

    Kiel listened to Lohan and answered coldly. Lohan saw him for the first time, but Kiel knew him well.

    That it will come out like this.

    It was like that 10 years ago.

    The children on the street who had lost their lives in spite of the fact that they should not know that the Crown Prince lived on the road, even though they only met eyes.

    'It would be hard if someone keeps attacking the mansion because of me.'

    Of course, he knew Bella wasn't the one being beaten.

    But while he was not around, he was afraid that Bella’s feelings for him would turn into hatred.


    “…… ”

    "It's okay."

    Bella was still looking at Kiel with a blank face.

    "I'll do my best. I'll try my best, and I'll make sure to pick you up." [Sugar: It must be refer to the chapter 1, when Kiel go to demon palace and said “I found you” to Bellla. XD]


    Kiel first stood up and raised Bella up.

    If I don't become the Crown Prince, Bella...

    -"My life is at stake."

    She may die. So in the end, if it's fate to go.

    "So please wait a little longer."

    He didn't think this moment was goodbye.

    It's just that he can't see her for a while.

    Kiel slowly hugged her and said to Bella.

    “I'll make sure to make it later.”

    For a while, he focused only on Bella's arms.

    This breath, scent, and even the slightest trembling.

    'Wait. I can wait as much as I can.'

    Bella patted his back and closed her eyes when she said that she would be encouraging.

    "That's admirable."

    She also wanted to see Kiel grow bigger next to her.

    She wanted to meet Rosanne and hear her wondering what to do with someone she likes.

    Kiel, who thought it would be the most difficult to accept, was rather calmly accepting the reality.

    'You've been preparing for this moment, too.’

    Bella, who knew when the moment was, was hard to accept, and Kiel, who didn't know, must have been able to accept.

    He heard the sound of a warm heart beating.

    Kiel asked in a small voice only to Bella.

    “Can’t you transform into a cat?”

    When she heard that, Bella could barely endure her leaky tears and smile.

    'It's a foul if you're this cute.'

    Will we be able to meet again?

    'I'm a demon... I'm going back.’

    The fact that she had been avoiding it was just around the corner and slapped her in the face.

    She slowly looked at Kiel's face.

    The last face she see.

    Before she knew it, the sunset was breaking through the window and decorating the end.

    Kiel's blond hair was more distinct and clear with the sunset. His amber eyes are spring now, but they also resemble autumn.

    Bella and Kiel stayed up all night together in the room next to the investigation room until the sun went down and the morning came.

    “After that, I couldn't go to the sea. I was going to go without Pur.”

    "Can Pur swim?"

    "Well, she caught salmon in the river, can't she?”

    As if to be considerate, investigator Lohan left the room after watching them silently.

    Before going to sleep, remembering memories together.

    Bella wanted to stop time just like this.

    She knew it was now time for her to accept, just like when she died suddenly in her previous life.

    "Kiel, you know what."

    If she was instinctive to be just an ordinary person, she could have given him a piece of the original.

    "Your life will be a happy ending. Even if it's a little hard, You’ll end up being an emperor."


    After Kiel entered the imperial palace, he couldn't come out until he came out to find the holy relic.

    And by the time this novel begins, she will be in the demon world.

    So she had to say what she wanted to say.

    "I was so happy to have you."

    “Why do you say it like that last?”

    "You never know. We don't know when we'll see each other again."

    Bella said, leaning her head sideways against her Kiel's head.

    "It's better to say everything now than to regret it then."

    Then Kiel carefully raised Bella's hand.

    "Bella, the red thread... would you like to tie it?"

    At those words, Bella laughed and shook Kiel's hand.

    "haha. Kiel, that's when you have someone you really love later, then you tie up with that person.”

    When Kiel's disappointing expression was visible, Bella hurried to make an excuse.

    “Well, of course, I like and love our Kiel so much. But it's different from that."


    “Something more, like an adult… like that… ”

    The more she should explain, the more Bella felt like she was digging her own grave.

    "Sorry, I don't know because people in the animal kingdom don't love each other."

    Bella felt lonely talking to herself.

    Kiel took the red thread out of his pocket and tied it quietly to Bella's little finger.

    "…Hey, Kiel."

    He tied it to his finger and held Bella's hand just tight.

    "Let's meet again with a smile."


    That's how the last night was passing.

    'I stayed up all night like this when I first saw you.'

    At that time, when the dawn was bright and dawn was full of hope.

    'If... if I could go to the demon world and come back to the human world.'

    Bella wanted to gamble on her fate she might not know.

    'Because I won't want much.'

    She wanted to hold the hand she held now again and watch Kiel happy until the end.

    And until the day dawned and Kiel left for the palace, Bella didn't take her eyes off him.

    Like the first time they met, the sun shattered and contained in his eyes.

    “Bye, my Kiel."

    Kiel grew farther and farther away, and Lohan, who had remained, coughed several times.

    "Have you said goodbye yet.

    "Are you not going there?"

    “I still have work left to do.”

    Then Lohan added another word.

    "Are you unhappy?"

    Bella suddenly felt ominous.

    ‘Maybe it's because of my mood.'

    Long before she was possessed by the novel, it was the first thing the Grim Reaper said to her when she died.

    - "Are you unhappy?"

    That's what she said then.

    -“Is there anything to regret. It's just the result of the choices I made.”

    Bella was just silent at Lohan's words.

    Now, the problem was how to tell the family of the mansion that Kiel had left.

    Then Lohan handed a heavy pocket to Bella from his arms.

    “...What is it?”

    "Thank you for taking care of his highness."

    There was quite a lot of gold coins in the pocket.

    "If possible, I'd like you to move your current residence."


    "In my old sense, your presence will be your poison."

    "You don't feel like you shouldn't make a fool of course.”

    There was silence again.

    "I'm not threatening the lady’s life. If it were like that, I would have done it right away without telling you."

    Who threatens whose life?

    Lohan handed Bella a bottle of medicine in his arms.

    "It's a medicine that dilutes memory. It can be blurry like a very old memory."


    "If you eat this, I will assume that you will not be involved in His Highness’ life in the future."

    Bella didn't understand this situation.

    Of course, she didn't think he could meet Bella either.

    It doesn't feel real, but she thought it was the last time and said goodbye.

    Still, before returning to demon world, she thought she could know how Kiel was doing at the palace.

    "It's going to happen anyway. As you said, it would be better if you could do it quickly."

    Bella's words to Carlyx came back to her in a boomerang.

    "If it's really meant to be, we’ll be able to meet someday.”

    Bella quietly stuck out her middle finger and answered.


    After returning to the mansion, Bella was in her study looking at books about wizards.

    'If I could somehow come out into the human world.’

    She would be able to protect Kiel like a guardian until he get old and die.

    What Lohan said sounded arrogant.

    ‘You're sitting there talking about fate.’

    She searched for a few days, but there was no example of a wizard summoning the demon king.

    'Sigh. Why is nobody summoning the Demon King? It’s very convenient and nice.’

    At that time, Bella felt a chill in the back of her and looked back.

    The masked man was embarrassed for a few seconds that he didn't know how she can look back, and then held out a sharp weapon at Bella.

    Bella kicked him on the stomach with the sound of "bang" and Jenkins rattled open the door to the study.


    Bella kicked the assassin's body with her feet and bit it.

    "What's going on?"

    "I do not know."

    Bella recalled what Lohan had said.

    -“It would be better to move quickly.”

    She hurriedly pulled out the summons to the demon world.

    "Are you going back to the magic world?"

    "No. Expensive items should be evacuated to a safe place first."

    She can't throw away the furniture she has collected as hard as she can.

    As Bella walked out of the study room, the smell of the blood vibrated.

    "Guys, what is this..."

    "Should I keep the attacker alive? This is what the princess called self-defense!"

    Zhanbar, who was most excited and excited, made excuses for fear that Bella's nagging would begin.

    "No, keep one alive. So I'll ask."

    How many people did they send? Bella searched for the sound of the breathing heart among the corpses mixed together.

    "Hey, where did you guys send it from?"

    The dying man answered with a shudder.

    “Wi… witch..."

    “Ywer, use your hallucinations."

    Then Ywer, who was hiding behind Pur, appeared, raised her nose and walked in a haughty manner.

    “Ehhem, succubus is what they need when they do this. you know? Sir Zhanbar?"

    Did you even get accused of not helping in the battle?

    When Ywer touched the lips to the dying man's mouth, the man turned his eyes upside down and looked at Ywer only.

    "Where did these people come from?"

    “Palace… from the imperial palace."

    "Oh, how do you know in the Empire? You've been frozen the parlor too much before, haven't you?”

    Bella bit her lip and asked again.

    "Tell me all the names and members of the guys here."

    "Why would you ask that..."

    She was wondering if there was an important person in the novel who was involved in this.

    "Laura, Peter, Hans..."

    And of the fifteen people whom the assassin uttered, three were in the novel.

    They are who will become Kiel's crew.

    They were people who did not interfere with their relationship at all, but they were the characters who created minor conflicts.

    Bella sighed and took the last survivor's breath.

    'I've been moving ahead half a year...'

    She even killed the characters in an unexpected situation.
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    This part is exciting. XD
    It is 3 years later when the original novel begins. But everything got twisted.
    Episode 36

    Medicine for someone, poison for someone.

    After that day, everything changed.

    "Lady, you'll be fine."

    "Yes! You haven't eaten!"

    Ywer was worried when she saw the Bakjajigae without a spoon on it in front of the study room.

    "This is the lady's favorite meal…”

    The family of the mansion remembered the day clearly.

    They’ve seen many annoying and angry looks of Bella so far, but no one of that looks has yet expressed.

    She seem to be out of her mind, angry, and crying.

    The important thing was that there was no expression on that face.

    "Is it because young master not here?"

    "I feel better because there’s no such little kid.”

    "Don't cry, Zanbar."

    "It's not tears, it's sweat."

    "By the way, where is the young master?"

    "Is he dead?"

    The whole truth lies beyond this study room, but no one dared to open the door.

    A month has passed, but Kiel's vacancy was felt great to the family of the mansion.

    “What are everyone doing here?”

    Jenkins was the only one who was calm in this mansion.

    "You said you are half-human, but you have no humanity!”

    He knew where Kiel was because he read an article titled ``The Prince Returned Again'' in newspapers piled up for several days.

    "Have you all forgotten your plans? Because you’ve raised the young master wonderfully…”

    "Eating food?"

    Jenkins frowned.

    "We decided to invade the human world. Miss Ywer, I won the bet."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "As Miss Ywer claims, the lady wouldn't let the young master go in the first place."

    Ywer shook her head. Ywer’s view was that Bella was not simply affectionate to use Kiel.

    Of course, it was hard to say that it was love.

    "Because it's not over yet?"

    Ywer should ask Bella directly. Thinking about it, she popped the door open.


    Everyone could not hide their surprise at Bella, who appeared after a month.

    "Ah... young lady, are you all right?"

    "Huh? Uh..."

    Bella took all the books out of her study and sat in the middle with her eyes wide open.

    “Ah... young lady.”


    “Have you been sleeping?”

    Bella then looked out of the window.

    “Oh, is it morning already?”

    A rumbling sound was heard from Bella's belly.

    "I think I just had lunch."

    "My lady, you haven't eaten anything for a week now."

    For a week.

    Bella stood up when she heard it, and then fell back down because of a cramp in her leg.


    "Hey! Don't come in! Don't step on it!"

    Bella shouted in a hurry, fearing that the paws of Purr's bear would slip and mess up everything she had arranged.

    Then she sniffed her body and frowned.

    "Get me a bath."

    "Lady... Are you all right?"


    Bella creaked her body like a corpse and approached the entrance to the study.

    "Get out of the way. Get me the meal and wash."

    "I'll hold you."

    Zhanbar grabbed her arm to support her in case she collapsed while walking.

    "What? Get out of the way."

    Bella, however, shook him with her thin arms and crumpled her impression.

    “My lady is scary!”

    "I know, right...."

    There were many times when Bella looked scary after they came to the mansion, but now she looked like she was going to explode if they really touched her.

    Bella sighed, sitting in the dining room and facing the Bakjajigae that Ywer warmed up.

    That day, since she accidentally killed the novel’s character, she looked back at the novel again.

    Just in case her existence changed something in this novel.

    As she was doing it, she thought she missed a lot, so she started searching geography books and history books.

    Bella wanted to avoid any more mistakes.

    Since she realized that her existence here has already changed a lot of settings in the novel.

    'I didn't want that to be the last.'

    When Bella took a spoonful, Ywer asked carefully.

    "Lady, where's young master?"

    The spoon stopped. At the sound of ‘young master,’ Bella looked calmly at the empty seat next to her.

    When her sister, who was always with her in her previous life, got married and saw an empty house, she thought of loneliness.

    It is the same now.

    We care about each other, but we have our own lives.

    The only difference between then and now is that she could see her married sister when she could, and now she can't.

    Bella raised her spoon again and took a bite of Ywer's food.

    Kiel said it was too spicy.

    And Bella, who likes this food, said it was amazing.

    "This is too spicy."

    It was so spicy that tears came into her eyes.

    "Sorry, sorry, shall I do it again?"

    "That's enough."

    But she took another bite and wiped her tears with a tissue.

    'Yes, it was going to happen anyway.’

    It was Bella who once died.

    So, this mature breakup.

    'Time will be medicine.'

    The novel was pushing Bella there as she approached her role.


    Kiel, who entered the palace, was assigned the same place as 10 years ago.

    From the entrance, walk up the stairs for a while and knock on the door to check who Kiel is with the iron spear and open the door with the key.

    Then the visitor opened the door with the key he had.

    "There is a risk of assassination for a while, so you have to stay here."

    A window that is completely blocked with a grate. In that cramped space, Kiel didn't make any noise.

    “Bring everything I need to learn.”

    He had to adapt faster.

    “You can't dwell on the past anymore."

    Kiel nodded his head without saying a word, and quickly read down the books that Lohan brought him.


    "Are you sure you've mastered this?"

    "Then at least ask a question."

    Lohan was increasingly surprised at Kiel's extraordinary head.

    About a few months later, Kiel was given permission to meet someone else.

    Kiel was the first to find Juan Cruel.

    Cruel Family had been looking for a long time to stand on the side of the returning prince, so he raised both hands and feet to visit Kiel.

    He was wondering that he was calling Juan Cruel, who was like crazy, rather than the influential Shuria Cruel.

    Juan was bewildered looking at Kiel in the room of the first invited prince.

    He's definitely a prince, and he wondered what a prison-like room was like.

    "Oh... that little brother."

    "We're old, aren't we?"

    As soon as Juan learned of Kiel's identity, his weakened mind began to turn.

    “You must have lived in hiding. Since then, I've been looking for all the Mage Towers near Illinois."

    Kiel also hated this guy, but he couldn't help it. He was anxious, but he decided to trust Bella's notice.

    Although she doesn't care about love feelings at all, he try to do something else.

    “I will tell you where Bella is.”

    "Like this?"

    Kiel handed over a sealed letter.

    There was nothing much about the content.

    That he is doing well, that he will contact her occasionally.

    "If the location is exposed, isn't that person dangerous?"

    'Honestly, I don't think Bella's in danger, but...'

    To avoid Lohan's surveillance and to check Bella, at least he's friendly.

    He had to be someone Bella knew his face.

    If Juan said he was from the palace due to his personality, Bella could have suspected him first.

    'I don't know if she’ll believe it's Juan Cruel.'

    After that, he stayed up all night with open eyes for a few days. It was the first time he waited for Juan Cruel to return without dying.


    But when Juan returned, the sealed letter remained the same.

    “Why did you bring it with you as it is?”

    Kiel asked, frowning. he didn't trust him, but at least he knew he'd get a reply.

    "There was no one."

    But Kiel never thought he was going to be hit on the head like this.

    "You want me to believe that?"

    Still, Kiel couldn't even go out of his room.

    "I'm telling you. I searched the village, and no one lived there from the beginning."

    Kiel was overwhelmed by those words.

    'I lived there, what nonsense.'

    Most of the people he could meet were under the watchful eye of the emperor.

    ‘Maybe you keep fooling me.’

    Even then, they were humans who would remain.

    So when Kiel shows signs of trying to find Bella,

    "Don't keep lingering feelings about the past."

    The palace used to find out and deal with them like ghosts.

    "You'll feel better if you eat this."

    It was a medicine to blur the memory.

    Kiel shook his head, but he only opened his mouth, kneeling before a great deal of force.

    Because of that, he couldn't bring up a single story from the past.

    Less than a year after being locked up, Kiel had a chance.

    Twin escorts he has never met yet.

    They thought they could avoid the surveillance because they had nothing to do with the imperial palace.

    And today was the day that Rene, the youngest person to graduate from the magic school, was invited to the palace in recognition of his contribution.

    Kiel waited quietly for Rio to come. Like that day 10 years ago. He just ignored him then, but now it's different.

    When he heard someone come up just in time. Kiel knocked on the door.

    "Oh! There's a man trapped here!"


    "What kind of criminal are you?”


    Rio, whom Kiel listened to, was quite a loyal man. That's why he wanted the twins as his escort when collecting the holy relics.

    He handed the necklace from his neck to Rio through the iron bars.

    "Do you want to be friends with me?"

    RIo twinkled his eyes at the word friend. Kiel sent Rio the same address and letter.

    He thought, at least if it was Rio, he wouldn't lie, even though he would never come back alive.

    He waited and waited. Unlike that ten years ago, Kiel tried to get out of the prison-like room, showing more than he wanted in the imperial palace.

    However, the answer he heard after waiting a long time was not what Kiel wanted.

    "There was no one there. But I left my letter just in case."

    "….Thank you."

    It was too much to dig further. Whenever he was caught, the palace brought a medicine for memory dilution and fed it to Kiel.

    Memory-dilution drugs were commonly found by people who could not accept someone's death, or who had a great pain of separation.

    It didn't make him forget.

    It's just that it's making him faint over time, as if he had eaten something the previous evening.

    As Bella thought, it was about ‘the time’.

    However, she was becoming poisonous to him, who only accumulated longing as time passed.

    Through the bars that were not even visible outside the window, the sea was seen far away.

    ‘Bella wanted to see the sea, too.’

    Those who worked at the palace focused on Kiel's achievements, but no one knew how the little boy was enduring.


    He climbed up to the bed and hugged the pillow and barely held back the sound of the leak.

    "We'll definitely meet again."

    The time, which became a medicine for someone, can became a poison for someone too.
    Episode 37

    Unable to scale

    It's been three years since Kiel was at the top of a prison-like castle.

    Kiel was able to follow the actual work relatively quickly because there were many overlaps with what he had studied in the mansion.

    "Your Highness, these are the documents you're going to review today."


    Kiel looked at the documents with a little tired eyes.

    Despite his achievements, he could not escape from the palace.

    "I heard that collecting relics, you can restore mana."

    Everyone in the royal family could use magic.

    Except for Kiel. So he was definitely out of the palace collecting the relics, and the time went back. Somehow he couldn't hear such a thing like that.

    "You're doing well enough right now. There's no reason to go out in danger."

    The palace has been more guarded since Kiel came. Much more than 10 years ago.

    'I shouldn't have tried to escape then.'

    Whenever he failed, he had to spend another month in the cage.

    'I want to go to the mansion and check it out with my own eyes.'

    But he hid his mind, and Kiel spoke as if he had forgotten the past.

    "But wouldn't it be nice to have magical power?"

    "I do not know. His Highness is so excellent in swordsmanship that he must....”

    Lohan was one of the most popular knights in the Empire.

    Even in his eyes, Kiel's swordsmanship was great.

    "If you're frustrated, would you like to have a fight?"

    Kiel nodded while looking at the documents.

    He doesn't like anything else, but it was good when Lohan offered to fight.

    To others, how dare to say to compete with His Highness, but Lohan fought Kiel with all his might.

    Kiel pulled out a sword where the knights practiced.

    -"Kiel, shall we have a match?"

    At the moment when the sword and sword hit, it seemed to have returned to those days.

    But sometimes.

    "You have a strong basic skill, and you have a great application."

    When the knights praised him, it felt like a glass window-breaker.

    "Who the hell was your teacher..."

    Maybe they thought Lohan was the teacher and was trying to be more respectful.

    Kiel threw the sword he was holding and answered coldly.

    “I want to stop.”

    Kiel was allowed to travel around the Imperial Palace a year and a half ago, and since then, he went to the library and searched hard for traces of the ‘Animal Kingdom.’

    -"Ah, if it's an animal kingdom, are you talking there?"


    -"It's a big zoo next to the capital."

    But nothing came out. No one knew.

    It was just the stories of catching the floating clouds coming out of his imagination.

    Rio is helping with the investigation, but there has been no progress.

    -“No matter how much I investigate, it won't come out. Isn't it not an animal kingdom, but a person from the same kingdom? Those who have come to this time from the past."

    -"Does it make sense to go against time?"

    -"Of course it doesn't make sense, but I wonder if living in a different world maybe living in a different time zone."

    The East Kingdom had already disappeared into the back of history. 100 years ago.

    Perhaps because of the memory dilution, the memory became blurry.

    'At that time, everything was like a dream.'

    It kept bothering his that the villagers also said they didn't remember anything about them.

    Was it the delusion he made up because he such a hard time?

    He endure day by day, just like today, whenever he discover a clue that makes him think of Bella

    The only time he fell asleep holding a holy sword that told him that those days weren't fiction.


    The mansion of the demons without Kiel was enough to recall the demonic world.

    “Sorry, but since there is no master who was a human, I prepared it as a special treat!"

    "Oh, as expected, Pur.”

    "It's a monkey brain running freely in the mountains behind us!"

    "You know something. Natural grazing animals taste the best."

    Jenkins frowned and looked at Bella.

    "It's not natural grazing, it's just wild animals."

    As soon as Bella saw it, it came out of her mouth.

    "I'm sorry! I'll get it with a good quality brain next time!"

    "Where did Ywer go without eating?"

    “Bad! I'm here! It's a pity that young master not here, but it's so nice to take a bath with blood after a long time.”

    But they didn't know either. There's something Bella can do without Kiel.

    "Hey, you #$%^&# *#!!"

    The more the demons acted instinctively, the more and more the hopes for completion, according to Bella's original novel, grew.

    'Never, I will never let the original novel change.'

    It was sad that we broke up, but it was something we had to move forward.

    This novel is romance anyway, and it would be properly completed if Kiel and Rosanne met and stood firm.

    That's why Bella couldn't delay moving when the assassin visited the mansion twice since the first attack.

    "Guys, let's go on a trip."

    They set out on a journey, wandering aimlessly, leaving their homes intact.

    However, their existence alone made small mistakes.

    When I accidentally killed another character.

    “Guys, let’s just go far.”

    The journey, which was getting farther away from the empire, arrived at the end of the continent to the desert kingdom of Hua Qi.

    Over the past three years they have been able to spend there in quite a luxury.

    At first, Zhanbar, who grumbled about what human world he was traveling to, was dressed in a noble desert outfit and drank traditional drinks and admired.

    "About 1,100 years ago, there was a very big battle around here. I heard there's still a trace of it. Would you like to go see it?"

    Jenkins wasn't happy with the trip, but he would explain it to me every time he went to a new place.

    “If it was a battle 1100 years ago, it would be 'The Battle of Sand'.”

    “I wasn't talking to Zhanbar.”

    "I didn't answer you either."

    And in Bella's view, the relationship between Jenkins and Zanbar still didn't look good.

    Of course, only Bella sees it, but Pur thought, 'Finally there's a sign of reconciliation!'

    Her mouth was itchy because there were many people, but Pur completed her teddy bear mission until the end.

    Since there was no Kiel, Ywer went to see other people with brown muscles every night, like a looser rascal who had been more loosened.

    "Lady! I missed you!"

    "I want to see you."

    Bella frowned, removing Ywer's face clinging to her.

    “My lady, do you have anything to buy here?”

    “Once I bought some clothes, I'll have to buy a few more of this hammock here.”

    The market of 'Hofu', the capital of Hua Qi, was overflowing with various items. Starting with various ornaments, they were selling food and even living animals.

    As Bella wandered the market, she snooped in front of a store that had a collection of cute little cactus.

    "Oh, this is cute."

    "Welcome. I think you're an imperialist."

    The owner of the flower shop held out his head and greeted them with crumpled shoes to see if he was pleased with foreign customers.

    Everyone is wearing Hua Qi clothes. How did you know that?

    Bella looked at the owner of the flower shop in a strange way.

    Bella looked at the flower shop owner a little strangely.

    “This is our Hofu specialty!”

    “Every store passing by is said it is to be a specialty.”

    "No, the 'garden' that the lady is looking at is a cactus that every house has as a necessity."

    The owner showed Bella the cactus displayed in the same shape and the cactus blooming one by one.

    "It's really hard to raise, but when flowers bloom, what you've been longing for comes true."

    Bella smirked and laughed.

    "Kiel, they're going to grant your wish."

    He had so many wishes. if you say that you will give them, you will be the first to do it.


    The smile gradually disappeared around Bella's mouth.

    She sometimes thought of Kiel while traveling.

    'I'm really polar too.'

    Bella hurriedly took the money out of her pocket. Before she fell into thoughts, she had to move her body first.

    "I'll buy this."

    "You have to put the water once a week, one day in the shade, and one day in the sun. That's how the flowers bloom."

    It's already been 3 years.

    It seemed that I was still not ready to accept it as a habit.

    'Come to think of it....'

    Bella looked at the sky for a moment and began counting with her fingers one by one.

    "What date is it today?"

    "June... 3rd."

    "Oh, what year is it?"

    "It's 1162."

    Soon it was 1163, when the novel began.

    "Ah. Now is the time.”

    "When is it?"

    When Bella goes back to her demonic world.

    According to the novel, when Kiel leaves the imperial palace to collect relics in order to be recognized as the prince.

    And it was the last time Bella confronted the fate of this novel.

    Bella put the flower bed on Jenkins' chest and laughed.

    "Let's go back to the Empire."


    Bella returned to the empire and sat on a large tree with a view of the Imperial Palace.

    ‘It said there were all barriers with divine power.'

    She hated turning into a cat, but she liked it because no one was wary. Of course, it was too much for a cat to enter the palace.

    It said that the novel has a strong flowing power as the original.

    Kiel entered the imperial palace half a year earlier, so he might even start searching for relics half a year earlier.

    'If that happens, the original will be completely wrong.'

    The pace of romance narrative with Rosanne will change depending on the season.

    Over the past three years, she has fallen for it so that it can flow as much as possible in the original.

    Nevertheless, if it was twisted, I really wanted to do whatever I wanted.

    But, as in the original, if Kiel comes out to look for relics in the spring of 1163.

    'Then let's clean up the lingering feelings.'

    At night, she would turn into a cat and check if Kiel was coming out, and when it was daytime, she would come back to rest without affecting anyone.

    Bella read the novel one last time and waited for Kiel to come out.

    "Wow... I can't concentrate again."

    In particular, she wanted to get off when there were scenes where Rosanne and Kiel were in love with each other.

    "Why is Rosanne so nice?"

    Shuria, who approached Kiel intentionally, still liked her. And the more she saw Kiel hitting Shuria, the more she was happy.

    ‘Oh, you're good. My baby.'

    But Rosanne, who is so naive that she accepts malice in good faith and falls into a trap, seemed stupid because she is not good.

    Of course, Kiel falls in love with such a good heart.

    She keeps getting twisted, and she didn't want to entrust Kiel to Rosanne.

    "Whew. Why am I doing this?"

    That's what she said, but Bella knew what it was like.

    She has felt it in her previous life as well. To her brother-in-law.

    'I'm like a bad sister-in-law.'

    Otherwise, this feeling was not explained.

    A novel that she watched so boring for three years.

    As it turned out, the starting point of <The Prince> was approaching.

    “Now it’s time for the kidnapping.”
    Episode 38

    A kidnapping cop

    Even though Kiel entered the palace half a year earlier, he did not come out.

    Bella stayed up all night until the end of the year 1162, and was firmly established.

    "I'll have to kidnap the heroine."

    In the novel, the original Rosanne is kidnapped by some bandits and Kiel saves her.

    And because one of the items the bandits had was divine power, Kiel delivered it to the imperial palace as a trophy.

    Bella had read several times and went back to Daizer to check and found out.

    That the bandit was the group who raided Bella's carriage a few years ago.

    That group of bandits who she have already killed all.

    She heard that it is no longer active.

    'Yeah, this is Kiel's destiny. I'll take care of the mistakes I've made.’

    That is why she devised a plan to kidnap the protagonist of the novel.

    Bella kidnapped her, but the moment Kiel and Rosanne met, she had to release all the children and disappear.

    Bella reviewed it several times and made a perfect plan.

    First, she needed a man who could cover the faces of the bandits. It wasn't difficult. They hired Hua Qi mercenaries who had absolutely nothing to do with the novel.

    “Now, guys, check the tools.”

    Secondly, she needed something to communicate with.

    There can't be a radio in this world, and Bella created a similar magic tool using all the knowledge she had learned while studying.

    It was similar to the principle of a paper cup phone connected by thread.

    The magic of the human world is difficult for Bella to control, so she decided to use the magic of the demon world.

    She creates a virtual dream space by applying the principle that the succubus enters human dreams, and if the tool is summoned using magic tools, the tool in reality can hear the sound of the dream space.

    Jenkins was the only one who was surprised to see what could be the invention of the century.

    “My lady… Sometimes you're really amazing."

    But Bella felt more sorry that she couldn't make a walkie-talkie with her head.

    ‘In the movie, they even make a suit out of scrap metal.’

    Unlike a simple walkie-talkie, it was a magic tool that always had to be summoned.

    On the other hand, Zhanbar frowned as to whether he was tired of having to carry around.

    "Why do you need this? You can just kidnap her."

    "So I hear you're an ignorant demon.”

    At Bella's response, Ywer chuckled and hit Pur on the back.

    "If you stay still like that, you'll be in the middle."

    The first time she had trouble setting up Rosanne, she tried to find another way.

    The police are kidnapping.

    'Let's be positive.'

    However, she was able to plan better than anyone else because she was a police officer.

    She’s in a position to catch the criminal, thinking about a way she’ll never get caught.

    There was a sound of a drop in morality, but she couldn't help it.


    Unlike ten years ago, there weren't many groups against Kiel.

    That was because he had been quite successful.

    Rather, it was the moment that he gave up because he lost the opportunity to go outside the imperial palace.

    "I think what you said is a good idea. At this rate, the coronation ceremony will continue to be postponed."

    As if it was fate to leave the palace as it was ten years ago, the atmosphere was swept away by the waves.

    Kiel listened to Lohan, pretending not to be as interested as he could.

    If they know he's still looking for Bella, there will be more guard.

    ‘They will give me that medicine again.'

    He has eaten it several times. Even in his dreams, Bella's figure was getting blurry, so he didn't want to let her disappear into his memory anymore.

    ‘I have to find a way to go to the mansion.’

    It was the first day Kiel went out to the palace.

    'Will I ever go back time again?'

    It would be great if it was like that.

    Unfortunately, there was no surprise at that time, and he couldn't see the flash.

    Only the twins, Rene, Rio, and Lohan, whom he met after a long time, were on this journey.

    'It's a different composition from 10 years ago.’

    At that time, there was Peter, not Lohan. Strangely, Peter has not been seen since he was in the palace.

    Although Lohan thought Kiel was somewhat less escorted, he believed in the twins' skills.

    Rene was an honors student who graduated with the highest grades at the Elysia Magic School, and Rio was no less than a healer.

    Besides, he believed in Kiel’s skill more than anyone else.

    The emperor put him in a cage for fear that someone would harm the Crown Prince, but in Lohan's view, Kiel was strong enough to never need us.

    The Elysia Empire has had a splendid history since its founding.

    Cage Elysia, revered as the first emperor and god of war after death. He establishes an empire with Ordi, who was revered as the Archmage and the goddess of destruction after his death.

    The empire, which began as a myth from its founding, expanded its territory through numerous wars for over 1,000 years and blossomed into a brilliant civilization.

    Most of the imperial family excelled in all fields as if they had been born with 'excellent genes.'

    Unlike other countries, it was not uncommon for a woman to become an emperor because it was prominent without distinction between men and women. Rumor has it that the first emperor was also a woman.

    Anyway, so they were often revered as gods.

    Perhaps that is why, even though he is an emperor with excellent qualities, the royal family's evaluation in history is evaluated as a very outstanding genius or a fool who is easy to be exploited.'

    And Kiel only had no magic power, and he was proving himself enough of the blood of the royal family.

    "We're all here."

    Lohan nodded at Kiel.

    ‘No matter how shabby you wear, you look cute.’

    He must have lived as a commoner, but the clothes they had prepared didn't suit him at all.

    “Is there any place where there could be holy relics?”

    "Oh, yes. I've looked into a few places."

    Lohan cleared his throat and unfolded the map on the desk. He started to explain one by one, taking about six pins.

    Kiel watched the scene silently and listened.

    “And another is a case that needs investigation.”

    Lohan took a sip of water and finished talking.

    "About 10 years ago, there was a case of priests missing on their way to a foreign country from the Temple of Heretia."

    Temple of Heretia.

    Kiel's heart ached as soon as he heard the name.

    When he saw the magnificent temple from afar in the carriage a long time ago, he remembered what he had promised Bella.

    ‘I wanted to go there with Bella.’

    Kiel felt his hands shaking, so he clenched his fists and folded his arms.

    "There are rumors that the priest was beaten by nearby bandits, but we have to check. There has never been a bandit activity since a few years ago."

    "There's so little clue."

    "So I'd rather go to the Dragon Valley first. It’s a city near the temple..."

    Lohan pointed his finger on the map and said.

    "I'll go to Daizer and look for more clues."

    The city of Daizer.

    It was the place where the summer festival was held.

    Temple of Heritia and Daizer.

    Even though he only heard these two names, Kiel felt as if time had returned to the year of the summer festival.

    '...I miss you.'

    Kiel bit his lips and covered his mouth with his hands in case his emotions exploded.

    "...Your Highness?"

    "I'll go to Daizer."

    Kiel answered. His voice was a little shaky, but no one seemed to notice.

    'I have to go to the mansion first.'

    He couldn't suppress his longing to see her. He had to see Bella. He said he was going to go to Daizer and he was going to go to the mansion first.

    Then Lohan said.

    "Then, I'll stay here for a day, clean up, and go straight to Daizer."

    Kiel bit his lips tightly.

    'You can just go to the Dragon Valley.'


    Kiel kept feeling strange until he arrived at Daizer. There is no one nearby, but he feel like someone is watching him.

    “Rene, Is there an assassin nearby?"

    "Well, I don't know."

    Rene stopped while riding a horse.

    "There's no sign of seeing us."


    Perhaps because of the air outside he hasn’t felt in a long time, Kiel felt a little better.

    'Is it just that I'm being sensitive?'

    Walking side by side on horseback again, Kiel got curious.

    “Rene, you've grown a lot, haven't you?"

    "Kiel has also grown up in a year. I think it's about 10 centimeters tall.”

    "What's important about height?"

    Rio, who was not big at all compared to a year ago, grumbled with anger.

    "Now, Rio, you're the shortest here."


    Then Rio hit Rene’s horse's butt, and Rene's horse was startled and ran forward.

    "Hey! Rio! You're behind me, really!”

    Kiel liked the twin brother and sister.

    When he first knew about them, he knew they only good children.

    However, Kiel was the only one who could open up to the palace since he came back to the palace and became close to Rio.

    Looking at them, he remembered the people of the old noisy mansion.

    "Kiel, you look happy, by the way."

    "Yes, it's been so long since I've been out."

    "Okay, we've got to go out, so let's find the relics and have fun."

    Kiel replied with a smile. But he had no intention of playing.

    "I'd like to go to the mansion."

    “It's okay because it’s close to Daizer, but can you beat Lohan?”

    "Ha... I need to think about it."

    Lohan said he would definitely leave for Daizer in about a day. In a hurry, Kiel may be able to go back to the mansion before he arrives.


    Kiel has had a hard time breathing since he arrived at Daizer.

    The floors, houses, and trees remained unchanged from the time he visited a few years ago.

    “I think I should put the horse in the inn first.”

    "It's an inn. You can go anywhere."

    The twins nodded and went to an inn, but Kiel caught them.

    "No... there."

    The inn Kiel pointed by hand was a luxury inn that looked quite expensive.

    "We're hiding our identity. Can we go somewhere like that?"

    "I'm going over there."

    Kiel got off the horse and walked straight to the inn, Red Rose.

    Each time he walked, memories blossomed under his feet, holding onto his legs and making vines like roses.

    'Ah. I blew a lantern here.’

    On the bridge across the river, Kiel looked up at the blue sky.

    'I guess I shouldn't rewrite my wish at that time.'

    Jenkins said he would write it himself, so he erased his original wish and wrote, ‘Being the Crown Prince.’

    ‘Let me be with Bella forever.’ Was the wish not to be made?

    Suddenly, he felt like someone was watching him, so he turned to where he felt the gaze.

    'Ah… ’

    Bella was there.

    Bella, 14, was dancing with Kiel, 12.

    The two, who felt awkward dancing, were already assimilated into the group, smiling brightly and copying them.

    -"Kiel, you're going to sweep the social world later?"


    Bella's voice was heard.

    'I'm getting swept away rather than swept away. The Prince doesn't have much to laugh about.'

    Kiel slowly walked into the vision.

    Perhaps there was still a handful of air that Bella had breathed, so he had to go.
    Episode 39

    How's Kiel doing?

    March 1163.

    The time has come when Bella has been waiting.

    It's when Kiel goes on a journey.

    "Everyone, you should pretend to never know Kiel.”

    Bella told them countless times. She said this every single day from the moment she planned to kidnap.

    “Never let Kiel reveal our existence.”

    Everyone said yes, but Bella was nervous and threatened.

    “If the day comes when anyone gets caught, it will be the most novelty in the history of the demon world and will give you the punishment you want to die.”

    "......okay, everybody knows. That's enough, my lady.”

    "Well, I trust you, but at least I don't trust Zhanbar and Pur."

    He also sympathized with Bella's words, so he didn't answer any more. Probably, they were demons who would act on their own, even if they were told about 10 years.

    "Because I trust you the most. I'll leave you with the most important task."

    "...... aren't you leaving the hardest thing to do?"

    "Watch Kiel from a distance from the Imperial Palace."

    Jenkins, who had been listening to it vaguely, cleared his throat and asked Bella again.



    "Oh, no, it's the young master’s task, so I thought my lady would do it herself..."

    Bella wanted to see how tall Kiel was, but she held it in.

    She sighed, looking at her hands becoming increasingly transparent.

    It was time to go back to the demon world.

    Bella had to be summoned earlier, but Bella was working her best to stop the summons.

    'We can't meet anyway, but we'll only have lingering feelings.’

    Bella patting her beating heart, she checked the last one, and she checked it again.

    "Come on, you can't make a mistake anymore.”

    "Yes! Lady!”

    "Pur, you've lost all your fur. Do it again."

    We didn't know when the operation would begin, so everyone was waiting in their respective positions.

    A few days after waiting like that.

    Jenkins finally arrived at the Jeonseo District.

    [We're on our way.]

    Bella had set up an operational headquarters in the middle of the forest, the center of every branch, to run in case of an accident at any time.

    'Please don't summon me until I'm done.'

    Bella climbed to the top of a tree with a nice view and calmed her heart by looking at several cities at a glance.

    "Okay, let's get started."

    She created a summoning circle and summoned the other side of the magic tool into their own virtual space.

    Bella did not have a radio-deserved nickname she had practiced several times, so she decided to call it that way. She yelled at.

    "Ah. Ah. Can you all hear me?”

    "I'm so excited!"

    “It’s not too bad.”

    "I can hear you."

    “I can hear you too!”


    He practiced several times, but he still didn't know how to do it properly.

    "I can hear you."

    At the end of Zhanbar's words, Bella ordered.

    She holds a manuscript of a novel in one hand and a walkie-talkie in the other.

    “Now, from now on, keep your mind straight, even if you do something stupid, you all go to goal together.”


    "Pur, you can't talk from now on."


    "Don't tell me."


    Bella is already dressed her.

    Pur was disguised as a teddy bear and mixed with other dolls on the site of the old bandits.

    Regardless of what dolls would be where the bandits live, someone needed to monitor the situation directly inside them.

    So, Pur was dyed, and even cute accessories were deliberately attached so that Kiel couldn't notice her.

    "Don't tell me."


    Pur answered with a flick of ‘yes’ once and ‘no’ twice.

    'You must do well.'

    Bella checked each other's position again.

    "Jen, where are you now?"

    "I'm following young master from the side."

    "Don't get caught."

    "Yes, I understand."

    Bella then wriggled through the radio and cleared her throat.



    Bella repeatedly opened and closed her mouth several times, then moistened her dry lips.

    "How is Kiel doing?"

    The occasional noise from the radio disappeared and the silence flowed.

    Bella bit her lips hard.

    Did Kiel notice that we can't meet? I'm sure he's been missing the family of the mansion.

    ‘He didn't come to the mansion, did he?’

    It's already been four years, but she was worried that she might be obsessed with the past.

    "Can't you hear me?"

    “Young master has grown a lot."

    Bella stopped saying at the words.

    She can't see it, but beyond this sound, she remembered Kiel's appearance. She want to ask more, but her throat was too much.

    “He’s bigger than my lady."


    “He’s very brave. He looks so happy."

    Bella looked up at the sky, fanning her face with her hands.

    "Does he look good?"

    "…yes, he’s laughing."


    Then, at the strange sound she heard, Bella stared at the radio again, trembling.

    "Hmm... I miss you, young master.”

    "I miss you so much, too!"

    Bella said goodbye, but the family of the mansion disappeared out of nowhere. She’s sure they’ve been attached to each other so far, you can't be disappointed.

    "Guys, stop."

    But now is the time to work.

    Then the radio came back from Jenkins.

    "Lady, I think he’ll be at Daizer soon."

    Zhanbar was in charge of kidnapping.

    "Okay, Zhanbar, tell the mercenaries to kidnap Rosanne."

    "Yes, and what shall we do?"

    "Just watch from the side."

    Zhanbar was the biggest factor that would ruin everything by going out for nothing. However, he was perfect as a watchdog for the mercenaries to kidnap.

    Soon after, Zhanbar told the story that they had kidnapped Rosanne.

    "Okay, Zhanbar goes to Operation Zone 1 and Jenkins checks the inn."


    Now when Kiel arrived at the inn, they had to leak information that a group of bandits near Daizer had stolen the relic.

    It was decided that Ywer would seduce several people.

    'Cause he has to check if there's a holy relic.’

    It's been a long time, but there were many people who didn't know if the group was annihilated because they were so notorious.

    Thanks to this, the relic that Bella could not touch last time was in its place.

    There was such a moment of silence.

    "This is Zhanbar. I've locked her up in Operation Zone One."

    “Pur, have you checked Rosanne?"


    Until now, it has been flowing smoothly.

    “Young master confirmed entering the inn.”

    "Good. Ywer, move on, which, which inn is it?"

    “…… ”

    “Which inn is it?"

    Is there any problem? Bella urgently pushed Jen.

    “The name of the inn is ‘Red Rose’, the inn we stayed at when we went to the summer festival.”

    Again, the radio was consistent with silence.

    “Shhh shhh.”

    It was only Pur that didn't go to the summer festival together, making it noisy.

    Bella turned her head toward Daizer, who looked far away.

    'Summer festival......'

    Face painting, matching clothes and walking around.

    We danced, sang songs, and blew skylights with everyone.

    "It was a lot of fun then."

    Kiel, who smiled brightly at that time, was still vivid.

    ‘It was really cute to be upset because he didn't want to be cute.’

    The corners of Bella's mouth rose happily. How tall is Kiel Jenkins looking at?

    "That's right, some two of you have a deep lip."

    “Hmm hmm."

    “Miss Ywer, work."

    From then on, it went well with the plan.

    Ywer seduced the people and told them the information, and Kiel and his party decided to go there the next day.

    “By the way, young master has grown up."

    Bella urgently summoned Ywer, who had finished her mission, for fear of approaching Kiel.

    Ywer really intended to do that, her face looked full of regret.

    "You... just approach the Kiel in real.”

    "Hyung, I don't know why I can't."

    Bella glared at Ywer and focused again.

    'Do not destroy the original for no reason, and stay still.'


    The next day, Kiel and his party left the inn and headed for the old bandit's site.

    The pre-arranged mercenaries raided as they had been told the way in time, and Jenkins answered while watching closely.

    "I think about 15 people will be good at this."

    He also identified the number of people to be deployed to the place where Rosanne was abducted.

    Bella waited for the first chapter of the novel, reading the manuscript again.

    "Now, it's important from now on. You all better get your head on straight. Especially Pur.”

    After defeating 15 bandits, Kiel freed the kidnapped and found the relic.

    "All of the mercenaries have fallen."

    “Jen, you get right out of there. Before you get caught.”


    "Do you need a summons?"

    "I'll go on my own."

    The room where Rosanne was located was the room with the holy relics. Inevitably, there is no choice but to enter the room.

    She felt uncomfortable because Kiel had been trapped there before, but she couldn't help it because none of them could touch the relic.

    Bella may touch it, lose her power, and be summoned to the demon realm.

    Bella became transparent to her arms before she knew it.

    The irresistible role only seemed cold.

    "Pur, is Rosanne snooping in front of the door?"


    Fortunately, it seemed to be flowing as the original.

    In the original novel, Rosanne snoops at the door with her arms and legs tied up when she finds out someone is coming to save her.

    When the door opens, Kiel hugged and kissed her accidently.

    ‘And he take part in her trip as for the responsibilty of the kiss.’

    After that, it's all on its own, and Bella just had to check that part.

    Because she had killed all the bandits who should have kidnapped Rosanne.


    "Is the door open?"


    Thump, thump, heart beat. She hope the first scene of this novel went according to the original.

    “Is Rosanne hugged?”



    The next question didn't come off her lips. Bella asked, holding on to her beating chest.

    "Did they kiss?"


    Her heart, becoming more and more transparent, and the whirlpool seemed to be fluctuating inside.

    "Did they kiss?"

    Episode 40

    A small ball launched by Pur

    As soon as Kiel opened the door to the 'Red Rose' inn, he regretted it.

    He was going crazy. He repeatedly thought that he had come here for nothing.

    'I miss you.'

    How much did he miss? He even saw a vision, and now the familiar scent pierced the tip of his nose.

    From some point on, the smell of Ywer's blood, which had often been in the mansion, seemed to fill the inn.

    "Do you want to eat for now?”

    Kiel sat on the table, barely holding back what he wanted to sit down.

    ‘Is this how crazy I am?’

    He once heard that there was a man who died of lovesickness.

    Kiel collected himself and breathed deeply.

    "First, let's check Rio at the bar, and ask the mercenaries. I...."

    Then a loud noise from the inn buried Kiel's words.

    “So they had all the holy relics.”

    "The guys who are based on the hillside of Thebel?"

    "Yes, I think they attacked the priests for some reason."

    He was lucky enough to hear stories about nearby bandits before he even started the investigation.

    ‘It's a little weird..’

    A conversation as if you were waiting for Kiel.

    'Is it a trap?'

    Kiel tilted his head and looked at the twins. It was the same for twins.

    "Let's check it out tomorrow."

    To get the most out of Lohan, we had to follow that information.


    As soon as the next morning came, Kiel and his party headed for the bandit's base.

    “By the way, it doesn’t seem like the bandits is good enough to beat the priests.”

    Rene was puzzled as she knocked down the bandits one by one with her magic.

    Recently, it is said that it is a mountainous area that is not active well, but they skills have been too low.

    Kiel was more nervous because he didn't expect the fact that the bandits (mercenaries that Bella hired) were losing on purpose.

    Kiel said, recalling what Bella had said a long time ago.

    “They might be trying to hit us from behind when we’re relaxed. We have to be more careful."

    But when they arrived at the headquarters of the bandits, the twins were the first to laugh in vain.

    "Originally... is there only about 15 people in this group?"

    "It's definitely weird."

    Kiel overpowered them lightly and searched for the holy relic. Everything was so smooth and easy.

    ‘How can it be done easily like this?'

    When he opened the door of the old building, the kidnapped children were tied up and struggling, saying, 'Please save me.'

    Rio was the first to run and release the children, but Kiel was still feel it was strange.

    'I don't think they're kidnapped.’

    He knew so well how the fear was because he had experienced it. And he knew how it felt when he found someone who came to save him.

    But the children looked like they were playing.

    'Let's check other places for now.’

    Kiel opened the doors of the other houses one by one to make sure there were no kidnapped children or holy relics.

    It was then.

    He felt strangely familiar.

    A large tree stood tall on the right, and there was a fairly large open space on the left. And there was a large sinkhole in the open space.

    'Oh, here’s…’

    Kiel walked slowly to the building in front of him.

    He remembered the moment when he leaned against the wall in a small wooden barrel next to the door and right next to that barrel, and he felt more and more excited.


    At that time, he turned around, recalling Bella he had seen here.

    In the hazy memory, Bella stood far away with her back turned.


    The name he wanted to call, as it was, but she didn't come running like it did.

    "Kiel, did you check there?"

    Kiel turned his head in a hurry when he heard Rene approaching from afar.


    Then Kiel held his hand on the doorknob. He didn't know, but it was the beginning of the novel.


    Pur was excluded from all duties because she was a bear. It was her duty to hide even when she went on a trip.

    So this mission was so precious.

    It was embarrassing to never move for about a day, but she held it in because it was her first mission.

    But there was something harder than waiting.

    ‘It looks delicious.’

    A pink-haired girl named Rosanne, who was seen before Pur's eyes, looked very delicious to her like a strawberry dessert.

    She looked very innocent.

    Even though her arms and legs were tied up, she was hopping and trying to escape from the trapped room.

    "Lady, please stay still. If you get caught, you'll be in more trouble."

    Next to Rosanne, Maid Myou stopped her with nervousness, but Rosanne pout her lips.

    How long has it been? When she heard people talking outside, Rosanne ran to the front of the door and stuck her face close to the gap.

    "Wow. Someone must be here."

    "It's dangerous, they might not be on our side."

    "No, I think they're letting the kids go."

    At the words, Myou lowered her nervous shoulders.

    "Phew, I can finally go back."

    Rosanne leaned her ears against the door and waited for the rescue.

    "You know, why don't we get out of here and hang out around then go back?"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "I don't want to be locked up in a mansion every time."

    "You can't because you're weak."

    "I'm incredibly strong."

    "Did you lose to a cat when you was young?"

    Then Pur could hear Bella's voice through her ears.

    -“Pur, is Rosanne snooping at the door?”

    Purr made a 'shrug' sound by moving her own arm slightly. Now, after that door opens, she just have to signal one more time.

    'My heart is pounding! It's my first mission!'

    Rattle. The sound of the door opening signaled the beginning of the 'Aide of the Princess of Pur's life’.


    "Is the door open?"



    As soon as Pur saw the boy behind the door, she was surprised enough to forget what she had to do.

    Her pupils grew bigger and her small heart began to beat fast.

    ‘Young master?'

    And Bella, who had no idea of this situation, asked Pur.

    -“Is Rosanne hugged?”


    Kiel opened the door without being relaxed because he was suspicious of everything that led him to come this far.

    Sure enough.

    Something was sticking out from inside the door, so Kiel dodged right sideways. [Sugar: LoL. The beginning of the novel is totally different]

    While training with Zhanbar, one reflex was significantly different.


    Rosanne, whose hands and feet were tied, fell with a thud next to Kiel.

    The thud was so loud that it felt sorry.

    'Uh... I should've held her.’

    But what does it matter?

    Kiel went right inside and tried to identify the holy relic.

    It was such an exquisite timing.

    At that time, Bella’s voice was buried in Pur's ear.

    -“Is Rosanne hugged?”

    While Pur was answering with a ‘Shhh’, her eyes met Kiel on the other side.


    Kiel slowly approached Pur when he saw a teddy bear that looked too much like her in front of him.

    Naturally, Pur had no choice but to stop.

    If she want to say ‘no’, she have to say ‘Shhh’ twice.

    “Are you Pur?"

    Pur began to burn inside.

    ‘Did I… get caught?'

    Then Rosanne, who had fallen, screamed from behind him.

    "Hey! Please release me!"

    Kiel smiled bitterly at the teddy bear that looked like Pur.

    'I guess I'm really crazy.'

    From the time he arrived at Daizer, he felt crazy about longing.

    ‘There's no way for Pur in this place.’

    Kiel closed his eyes and turned around because he thought he was going crazy.

    Pur swallowed quietly, looking at Kiel's back.

    ‘Phew... that's a relief. I guess it's gone.'

    Just in time, Bella asked Pur.

    -Did they kiss?



    Obviously, Kiel is looking back, but when Pur heard her name called, Pur had to stop again.

    'I'm going crazy!'

    Kiel turned around again. He just wanted to check one more time.

    "But the color of Pur… It's very different.'

    Kiel looked carefully at Pur's fur.

    "Hey! Help me!"

    Rosanne shouted from behind, but she couldn't hear anything.

    Rosanne's cry was likewise inaudible to Pur’s ears. Only Bella's same questions struck Pur's ears.

    -“Did they kiss?”

    Pur thought it was rather fortunate. She can't move at all, so Bella will know she is in an emergency.

    However, Kiel put his hand slightly on Pur's armpit. Where Pur puts the little radio on her to send the signal to Bella.

    So one answer ‘Shhh’ was given to Bella. Pur was as firm as a stone, so she didn't know that.

    Pur remembered only what Bella had said.

    -“If anyone gets caught, it will be the most novelty in the history of the demon world and will give you the punishment you want to die.”

    Purr was struggling with Kiel's hand to dig into her weaknesses. She’s nervous, but she pretend not to be nervous. Her whole body was tense.

    'It's the greatest crisis in the life of the demons!'

    Then, the appetizing Rosanne screamed at Kiel again.

    “Ex.Cuse.Me. Would you please untie me!"

    "You’re Pur. Right?"


    Kiel hated Rosanne's nagging voice from behind.

    He turned around with an irritated look and approached Rosanne.

    "Why should I let you go?"

    “… Please loosen it up."

    Rosanne turned her head and looked up at Kiel.

    When Kiel looked at her face, her heart seemed to stop.

    'Oh my gosh… ’

    When Rosanne fell into her face when she fell down, her face was smeared with her blood with flowing nosebleeds.

    No wonder the sound was as loud as an explosion when she fell.

    ‘I thought you were a ghost.’

    Kiel leaned down in pity and loosened Rosanne's hands and feet.


    "Thank you. I wish you could have caught me."

    Rosanne wiped her nose with her arms and glared at Kiel with resentful eyes.

    Kiel didn't like this person who spoke brazenly.

    'What? You fell on your own.'

    When she saw Kiel completely out the door and released Rosanne, Pur was only then relaxed.

    The radio with Bella had been cut off before she knew it, and now she thought there was no mistake.

    'That's a relief. I guess I'm alive.’

    Pur, who was holding her breath in suspense, sighed loudly and grabbed her heart, which was pounding with her hands.

    'I did a good job, princess. I didn't get caught!'

    The whole situation seemed to be sorted out like that.

    "That teddy bear... It was moving…."


    She did.

    Pur only cared about Kiel, but she moved without even thinking about Myou in the room.

    Kiel turned his back and she asked Myou.

    “You said it moved?”

    "Yes... uh... look, that hand."

    When Kiel saw Pur, he saw her hand on her chest.

    It was clearly a clear posture!


    "I'm not Pur! I’m pudding!"


    Surprised by the sudden voice of Pur, Rosanne fell again, and in the wind, Kiel, who was behind her, fell backwards.

    “What, get out of the way.”

    Kiel was also annoyed by the bloody nose of the cumbersome woman on his clothes.

    "Pur, why are you lying?"

    When Kiel asked Pur, Pur jumped into the door with all fours to see if she thought escape was the only way to live.

    Pur jumped over them as if she was jumping over obstacles, and ran until her feet caught fire as soon as she landed.


    Kiel pushed Rosanne, who had fallen on top of him, away and chased Pur away.

    "Why are you running away?"

    “Young master! Please pretend you didn't see me!”
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    Oh my gosh! I just read Part 3-6. I know we see this in both leads'pov but it really doesn't help that the royal family instead acts so... needlessly evil (even if their reason is being overprotective of the last remaining heir, as illegitimate as he is)
    Zhanbar really rubbed me the wrong way at the start but the fact even he shed tears or felt something remotely sad surprised me. Also JenkinsxZhanbar was an odd but welcome development.
    Pur and Ywer are such great side charas as well.
    I was honestly confused why on earth Kiel was so hostile with Myou when she was introduced, Roseanne is acting a bit spoiled but Myou seems... normal. But then again, we barely know OGplot other than what MC mentions.
    Is the Duke 2nd ML or something?
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