Spoiler I Am The Male-Lead’s Ex-Girlfriend

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    Probably the first time I hated MC and like their ex. Good thing I read the spoilers before I picked up this garbage
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    Not reading this one...
    I dont understand why fls are obsessed with books future and mess up...or actually authors are obsessed with same shit....i really hate many authors for that...tasting the same thing makes me feel disgusting
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    Damn, was really excited to read this and see how the story unfolds but MC's such a b*tch. Honestly already got bad vibes the moment Zion asked to fake date with MC knowing that his best friend was still heartbroken over her.
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    ya Zion the white hair guy is actually the ml in this story
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    can we not bash Erika, please. I get that she was somewhat cruel to the OG ml but she was also scared of getting thrown aside once the OG fl appeared because in the story Leo was dating Erika but fell in love at first sight with the OG fl if things continued to progress as it was maybe the same thing would've happened again. Also the thing with Leo taking up 3 years to change for her ... ya honestly I feel kinda bad but by then her feelings towards him probably changed and you can't expect them to force feelings.
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    latest novel cover
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    Ty for the spoilers guys! I mean after 3 whole years is not like the whole world have to stop so while I pity Leo I'm not heartbroken for him or anything like that: he didn't fight for them, he didn't asked for a better explanation other than "I don't wanna grow attached" and rather than be open and honest with her he went cry somewhere else while fully believing that all he needed to do was be more handsome and powerful to "win her back" and that's lowkey arrogant of him.

    Love is a two way street, those two would never work together cause they don't trust each other's feelings to begin with.
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    I agree with you, it's reasonable why the FL choose Zion over him . He is pathetic , assuming sth without explanation- wdy expect boy - he should have done sth ,but he didn't . So it's better to move on with someone else ..

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    I guess they suit each other that way?
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    Anymore spoilers?:blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
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    Tbh i kinda understand the mc tho, like she is reincarnated into a novel.. and she know that she will get abandoned harshly by Leon in the future so she broke up with him, to avoid that event.. like i mean if i know in the future i will get abandoned by the person i like too.. i will give him/her who abandoned me a cold shoulder too
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    10. I still like you.

    When asked if my heart was shaking, I did.

    The man I once liked, a very handsome man, expressed his sincerity with a voice full of emotions.

    I thought it was strange not to feel nervous.

    I felt like the red blood circling all over my body was flowing toward my heart.

    Even the sensation of my hand he was holding became so sensitive. I felt like I could measure the touch of his hand in detail.

    His grip on my hand showed no recoil.

    "...Leonardo Stein.”

    "Oh, Erica."

    Leo answered me straight as if he had waited for me to call him.

    Like three years ago, on the subject he had declared that he would not let me go, his gray eyes which looking at me still lingered in sorrow.

    "Don't you blame me?"

    That was a question I had been wondering about since I met Leo.

    I asked him out of curiosity, but in fact I could guess what he would answer.

    He would answer that he didn’t blame me.

    When he looked at me with such sad eyes, how could he say that he blamed me?

    Sure enough, he said with the same answer as I expected. He even made a slow smile.

    Looking at Leo's mouth drawing a soft line, I recalled the past.

    Leo, who was blunt to others, laughed well in front of me.

    When I first saw Leo, I guessed him at will.

    I thought he was a man who didn't match his smile.

    Leo in the past had such a series of indifferent faces that I couldn't imagine him smiling.

    In fact, Leo was cool enough with just his indifferent face.

    But when I saw his smiling face, I realized that I had made a bad decision and that my judgment was wrong.

    It was because he looked so good with a smile.

    I wanted to make sure no one else could see how so good he looked with a smile.

    Leo was still smiling like that. It was a smile that looked quite relaxed.

    Leo seemed to have noticed that I was shaking looking at him.

    Just as I knew Leo well, Leo also knew me well.

    What did Leo want from me?

    Did he want to get our relationship back?

    I couldn’t shake off his hand that held my hand tight.

    Even though I knew it was right to shake it off, I couldn't do it easily.

    I kicked him first with a certain heart... It was very difficult for Leo to come out like this.

    I was not sure why, but I know Leo was serious.

    I wasn't a fool who couldn't recognize the sincerity of others.

    I've met so many men so far, and in such encounters, I was able to discern between sincerity and lies.

    It didn't make a little sense to me that Leo, the male lead, was hanging himself to a villain supporting character. So, when asked if I was shaken, I did.

    Because I really liked Leo in the past.

    But I didn't want to accept Leo's heart.

    Even if I accepted his heart and became a good relationship with him again, he would turn his heart from me as soon as Juliana, the heroine of the novel, appeared.

    It was sad, but it was decided.

    In short, it was force majeure. I didn't have the confidence to watch him turn to Juliana.

    “That’s all you want to say, right?”

    I gave strength and pulled my hand out of him.

    Leo looked down at my hand that had been out of his hand, then opened his lips a little as if confused.

    “I need to go.”

    What I chose without confidence was to stay away from Leo.

    I stood up from the bench. As I walked about two steps forward, I heard that Leo was following me.

    He knew that I hated when my wrist grabbed recklessly, but he turned me around by grabbing me by the wrist.

    Then he spoke desperately.

    "...I’m sorry, but looking at you trying to stay away from me. I can't stand it."

    He made short sigh, sweeping over his black hair with his hand which wasn’t holding my wrist.

    "I wanted to look relaxed in front of you, but I can't do that anymore."


    "Come back to me."

    He confessed in a voice that he didn't feel relaxed at all.

    “I still like you.”

    Leo spoke desperately and earnestly with an uneven breath.

    He still like me.

    His desperate feeling touched me so much that the tip of my nose somehow made me frown.

    Even if I tried to be cool, it was inevitable for me to be a little bit fed.

    "I've been waited for three years."

    I asked back.

    "Why did you wait three years?"

    "Because I wanted to be a better man and confess."


    “So that you will never run away from me again for any reason.”

    His heart without hesitation shook my heart vigorously.

    But nevertheless, I shook my head.

    Even if it was cruel, I couldn't help it. It was right for us to end like this.

    "Leo. We are already over. We can't go back to the old days."

    Hang in there a little longer and wait. Your true love will appear before you.

    I couldn't say that far and pulled out my wrist.

    My wrist tingled at how hard it was held.

    Leo parted his lips again to say something, but his words couldn't come out because there was sound that were too loud come out.

    It was because someone called Leo.


    It was a familiar voice.

    Even without looking at the face, I thought I knew who the owner of the voice was.

    I recited the name of the owner of the voice.


    When I looked at Leo's back, I saw Zion walking this way.

    Zion and I met our eyes briefly. Then he tilted his head a little, and then he accelerated his steps.

    Zion, who soon reached us, breathed a few short breaths. The reason was because he jumped to come here.

    "Leo, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. What are you doing here?"


    Leo called Zion's name slowly.

    Zion didn't even look at Leo and added his words.

    “And Erica, you too.”

    Zion's golden eye only looked me. It was a stinging look that could make a hole on my cheek.

    Ah. I sighed little.

    I couldn’t believe I met Zion when I was with Leo.

    It was between a man who was an ex-boyfriend and a man acting as a boyfriend.

    …It was clear that it was a very bad meeting.

    Did Zion tell Leo what happened between me and him?

    For example, the fact that I pretended to be his girlfriend. Like the fact of sharing short skinship.

    Even if I didn't ask Zion, I thought I would know the answer.

    Zion must not have spoken what happened between us. That was why Leo has a confused expression.

    Leo who has an acquaintance with me and Zion, was confused by the fact.

    At this point, I felt it was time for me to get out of here.

    “Leo, it seems like your party is here. I'll get out of here."

    I tried to speak naturally, but my voice trembled slightly.

    I was not sure why I was nervous.

    I turned away without making eye contact with them. Then I walked with a step that was neither fast nor slow.

    As I left the garden, I could feel the eyes of two men on my back. Now, there was a hole in the back.

    They didn't call me or follow me.

    Fortunately, it was a good thing.


    Erica turned around and didn't notice that Leo tried to follow her.

    He barely met her, and he told her his sincerity, so he couldn't let her go like this.

    But his steps have to be stopped by someone.

    “Zion, let go of me."

    Leo said to Zion, who was smiling while holding his wrist.

    Leo's face was cold without a single expression.

    The sudden appearance of Zion made Leo quickly erased his sign of confusion.

    The cold face of Leo was also the one he showed to others except Erica.

    "Leo, what are you going to do for going after her?”


    “Didn't you see Erica's face? She was completely pale.”

    Instead of answering, Leo bit his lower lip.

    Zion stared at such a Leo.

    If Leo had seen her face too, there would be nothing more to say to refute.

    Zion recalled Erica's pale face.

    If she wanted to pretend she was fine, she should do it properly.

    Without erasing any of the agitation on her face, her embarrassed face was quite appreciable.

    No, to be honest, it was rather cute. Zion had a bad idea that he wanted to bother Erica a little bit more.

    How embarrassing would she be if Zion told Leo about his kiss with Erica in front of Leo?

    How much cuter was her embarrassed face?

    But in conclusion, Zion didn't do it.

    Honestly, whatever Zion was doing with Erica, such as kissing or lying on bed, it had nothing to do with Leo.

    Leo and Erica had already broken up three years ago.

    However, Leo was Zion's only friend.

    Zion could not make Leo's heart hurt even more because Leo had not forgotten the woman he had broken up with for three years.

    Even if Zion had kissed her the face.

    What did they talk about?

    Then Zion regretted that he should have gone out to find Leo earlier.

    It was been a while since Leo and Zion came to the banquet.

    Zion, a self-proclaimed popular man, belatedly noticed Leo's disappearance thanks to people gathering next to Zion.

    The place where Zion found Leo, who was looking for one step late, was in the back of a sparsely populated banquet hall.

    The fact that Leo, who disappeared with Erica, was something Zion couldn't foresee.

    “She’s completely gone."

    Only after Zion confirmed that Erica had completely disappeared from this place did he release Leo's arm, which he was holding.

    The captured arm was free, but Leo did not take a single step away. Leo just looked at the place where Erica disappeared.

    Zion glanced at Leo's profile.

    Leo's face looked as pale as Erica's.

    Was it shocking that she disappeared?

    An unfamiliar face. Zion tilted his head with his well-polished eyebrows.

    It has been ten years since Zion became friends with Leonardo Stein.

    They were the ones who spent a lot of time together since they were young. However, Leo's face now was unfamiliar to the point where the time spent together was futile.

    His desperate eyes were lower than usual, and his shoulders seemed to be drooping.

    It was the deep sorrow that Zion felt from Leo.

    Zion was honestly a little surprised.

    Leo usually didn’t show his feelings very well, so it was hard to tell what Leo was thinking.

    Leo didn't really tell Zion his honest thoughts who was his old friend.

    Zion couldn't indentified Leo’s feelings so much.


    Zion called Leo carefully.

    “Do you still regret it?”

    Do you still like Erica?

    A sharp light circulated in Zion's gold eyes.

    "Do you want an honest answer?"

    "I want an answer that you can give as a friend."

    Leo opened his lips without any hesitation.

    Leo was about to give Zion a reply as a friend.
    11. As much as I trusted you, I trusted my friend (1)

    “I regret it.”

    Leo told Zion his thoughts without adding or subtracting.

    "I want to go after her right now."

    “You’re honest.”

    Zion smiled a deflated smile. Leo's eyes were only then directed toward Zion.

    "Zion, you... You and Erica didn’t know each other, right?"

    “Oh, that’s right. We didn't know each other."

    Zion continued as if his words were not over. A meaningful smile was a bonus.

    "But now I'm going to get acquainted."

    There was no joke on the smile of Zion’s face.

    Zion wanted to remain a good friend to Leo.

    Ironically, he wanted to get closer to Erica.

    Erica was willing to give Zion a shoulder, to give him a pat on the back, to notice his wounds that no one else had noticed.

    Erica had tried to understand him. She made him feel like he wanted to lean on someone else for the first time.

    She was different from what he knew.

    "I'm curious about Erica."

    Zion wanted to know her more.


    Leo's face was crumpled miserably at Zion’s honest answer.

    The ugly wrinkles, Zion pressed his fingertips over Leo’s crumpled forehead.

    “Brother Leo, relax your face. I'm kidding."

    Leo nervously raised Zion's hand.

    Zion was always like this. They were the same age, but when Zion was at a disadvantage, he smiled and called Leo ‘brother’.

    The problem was that when Zionne used his beautiful aegyo, Leo couldn't really get angry at him.

    Leo sighed full of trouble.

    "Leo, I'll be honest with you. I was curious about what kind of woman who dumped you, so I met her in person.”


    For Leo as well as Zion, Zion was the only one who could be called a friend.

    Leo didn't like Zion's actions that made contact with Erica without speaking to him, but Leo closed his lips at the following Zion’s words.

    “There's no one I can't meet. I'm not even in a relationship with you.”

    Leo had nothing to say.

    There was not a grain of error in what Zion said.

    Not at all.

    The definition of Zion's relationship with him.


    "Why? Does it bother you?"

    Leo walked past Zion without answering, toward the banquet hall. Leo's face, turning back, was completely crumpled.

    In Leo's ear, Zion's last words lingered like a tinnitus.

    ‘There's no one I can't meet. I'm not even in a relationship with you.’

    It was definitely true. But why am I so angry?

    Leo took a breath.

    His long-awaited reunion with Erica for the past three years was suppose to not like this.

    He planned and expected a better reunion.

    Unlike three years ago, when he was only the successor of the Duke of Stein, but now he had become a Grand Duke.

    Leo wanted to stand confidently in front of her as the Grand Duke and confessed to her in a wonderful place.

    I haven't forgotten you yet.

    I still like you.

    Please allow me to be your man again.

    He prepared some romantic words that are not like that.


    The sudden, unprepared meeting made Leo even more painful.

    He had to face her again.

    Leo did not want to ruin her reunion with her that he dreamed of every day.

    If Erica... If it was her, wouldn't she be in the banquet hall by now?

    She was a great person who didn’t return to the Marquis just because she met her ex-boyfriend.

    At least that's how Erica Leo knew.

    Meanwhile, Zion stood tall and stared at Leo's back as he moved away.

    Leo's walk was toward the banquet hall.

    "Did Leo end up looking for Erica?"

    As soon as Leo entered the hall leading to the banquet hall, Zion turned around.

    “If it’s Erica…”

    If it were her, I don't think she would be in the banquet hall. She couldn't be dancing with her pale face.

    Even if it was Erica Kernels who changed men every three months.

    The place where Zion's steps were headed was where the carriages were stopped.

    Erica seemed to be there.

    If he couldn’t meet her, it can't be help, but if we did, it would be pretty good in its own way, Zion thought.


    How long did I walk?

    Only after walking to the point where I couldn't see the garden, I slowed down.

    I looked back just in case, but I couldn't see anyone.

    Leo, who looked at me with sad eyes that seemed to cry soon, and Zion, smiled with an unknown smile.

    I let out a dry breath, leaving the banquet hall completely.

    I thought I had to go back to the marquis.

    It was too much to enjoy the banquet in this state. And I didn't want to run into Leo again.

    I walked towards the carriage that had stopped. It was not too far away.

    In front of the carriage that arrived soon, there was a man in my carriage who rode before me.

    "I'm on a free ride. Please give me permission."

    It was Zionne who sat on the carriage seat and and spoke naturally.

    Instead of answering, I climbed into the carriage and closed the carriage door.

    Although I was reluctant to meet Leo, I have to drive out Zion, who I faced him again. But I didn't think of doing that.

    It was strange.

    Perhaps it was because of Zion's smile.

    Zion's smile somehow made my heart slow just by looking at it.

    He was equipped with an ecstatic smile.

    His gaze, which touched me profoundly, was telling me.

    Don't kick me out.


    Yeah, I lost.

    I sat across from Zion with a deflated smile.

    As soon as I got to my seat, the carriage began to set off for the postman.

    Before long, Zion asked me a question.

    "Erica, won't you accept it?"

    It was a question without the subject.

    But I could see at once what he was asking.

    You meant you’re going to accept Leo?

    I answered fairly sternly.


    “You’re firm.”

    “Yes, I’m firm.”

    Zion gave a small giggle.

    Did my firm answer funny?

    There was no mockery in the laugh. I thought he thought I was cute. Huh.

    “Erica. Leo is also my friend, but I need Erica right now. In many ways, so I'm not going to tell Leo that we're pretending to be fake lovers indefinitely.”

    Zion briefly took breath, then he continued.

    “So, Erica.”


    “Follow me.”


    Zion moved his red lips a little, shining even in the dark.

    "Mr. Zion. Please keep pretending to be in a relationship with me."

    It was a word that I couldn't understand well about the intention.

    Do you want us to pretend to be fake lovers?

    Zion shrugged his shoulders naturally and boasted of himself.

    "You know that. I'm very handsome, cool, and talented. Oh... and I was going to keep this a secret, but I have to tell you this, too. My trump card."

    "What's that?"

    Despite being the only two of us in the carriage, Zion covered his mouth and whispered in a small voice.

    As if he was worried about someone eavesdropping.

    I smiled a little because he was so funny.

    What a great thing to say.

    “I don't know how many gold bars my stepmother is preparing for now. My mother made a bluff. ‘My son's value is very high, so you can expect a lot of money. Well, it won't be my last name for a tolerable amount.’”

    Zion followed my voice as if it were absurdly. I giggled again.

    "My stepmother must be really angry. I got the information that she’s preparing a great amount to give in. Erica, you. If you pretend to be my girlfriend, you will be completely rich.”

    “For that reason?”

    "That's a wonderful reason, isn't it?"

    “The reason is weird. That's great too.”

    I hated it, but there was still a smile on my lips.

    “Still, smiling makes you look good. You’re always pretty, but you’re prettier when you smile. My heart aches."

    Zionne grabbed one chest and made a faint moan. He acted quite well as if his heart really hurt.

    It was silly. I laughed at him and said.

    "I wasn't going to quit right away anyway. I was going to do it at least twice more. I owe you a debt... Of course, it's not just my fault that the glass bottle was broken, right?"

    "Yes, that's right. My carelessness also played a part. Actually, this is a secret, but I haven't told the other wizards yet. This is because my heart hurts in a different way.”

    Maybe that was the opposite reason that his heart hurts.

    It was at that moment that Zion, who was sitting, stood up quietly.

    He walked to me in a straight posture, regardless of the shaking of the carriage.

    Then he naturally st next to me.

    I tried not to panic, but I flinched my shoulder a little without realizing it.

    "Erica, it'll be much easier to forget him if you're with me. You're going to forget him, aren't you?

    He spoke words that were close to temptation.

    This time, I could see at once who "him” meant.

    My answer was consistent.


    If I could, I wanted to completely forget Leo.

    "I'll help you. You just have to lend me your shoulder once in a while. And."

    Zion grabbed me by the shoulder and turned my body toward him.

    His face was so close that I immediately faced him. The hot breath of each other was felt completely.

    The warmth of someone that Zion and I had always hoped for.

    I didn't feel any desire to push him away.

    He spoke words that pierced my weakened heart.

    “Can I kiss you?”

    I nodded my head without a long thought.

    I had already decided to kiss him occasionally, and as expected, I didn't want to push him away. Not a little bit.

    With my permission, Zion’s face began to tilt over my face.

    I closed my eyes and waited for his lips to touch mine.

    I even remembered Leo for a second.

    But I soon erased him.

    It wasn't right to think of Leo.

    Shortly thereafter, I felt Zion's upper lip. His lips, touching gently, were only hot.

    He breathed a breath of joy into me and opened my lips naturally.

    Before long, Zion’s red and thick tongue came in through my slightly open lips. That tongue that was blocked by me the other day.

    He stirred my mouth as if it was a reward for the kiss he hadn't shared at that time.

    His tongue, which coveted every corner, also felt as if he was anxiously searching for something. It was a kiss that felt sorrowful for no reason.

    His hands, which were holding my shoulders, wrapped around my waist without feeling burdened, and our bodies were irreversibly pressed.

    Soon Zion's lips slowly fell off.

    He said, gently sweeping my saliva on my lips.

    “You just have to kiss me sometimes like this.”


    "That's all I need."

    He didn’t want anything else. Whispering, he smiled at me.

    It was the most beautiful smile I've ever seen from Zion.

    I stared blankly at his lips drawing a line. I must have had a silly face.


    I almost fell forward, but Zion quickly held me back.

    In the quiet night street, the cry of the excited horse echoed.

    What happened?

    "Erica, are you okay?"

    "Yeah, I’m okay...”

    I couldn't talk to the end.

    It was because the door of the carriage, which had been tightly closed, was opened.

    The man who opened the carriage door was very familiar to me and to Zion.


    I couldn't even say the name.

    “…Erica, I…”

    Leo couldn't keep up with me. His gaze reached upon Zion, who was sitting next to me.

    With a trembling voice, he called Zion's name.

    "Zion... Leppe?"
    It was Zion who was called by Leo, but I was the one who was speechless.

    I felt like my heart was sinking unknowingly. Even though I didn't do anything wrong.

    I wanted Zion to say something, but his tightly closed lips never opened.

    There was a rather heavy silence between us.

    No one said anything first. Everyone cloudn’t figure out what to say.

    The only sound in the deep silence was the howling of the horse pulling the carriage.

    How did it happen?

    I made a hypothesis. Leo, who followed me late, found the marquis's carriage, and maybe he blocked my carriage in a hurry?

    It occurred to me that it was somewhat reckless.

    And Leo, as I knew it, was never a man to do anything reckless.

    What made him reckless? Did my existence make him like that?

    I closed my eyes tightly.

    When I opened my eyes again, I desperately hoped that this terrible situation would be a dream...

    As I heard Leo's voice again, I realized.

    This was reality. Undeniable.


    Whenever it had dried up, he swiped his lips with his tongue. Leo couldn't keep up with me.

    What do you want to say?

    "I guess I'm a step late."

    What was the emotion in the voice?

    I tried to fathom his feelings.

    But my head, which had fallen out of it, was not functioning properly.

    There was only one thing I could fathom at that moment. It was the destination of Leo's gaze.

    His persistent gaze has been on me ever since he called Zion's name.

    I did not turn away or avoid his gaze.

    We broke up three years ago. Whether I was with Zion or whatever I did with him, it had nothing to do with Leo.

    I didn't do anything wrong. There was no reason for me to be afraid of Leo's gaze.

    "Sorry for stopping the carriage. ...I think I had a short thought."

    Leo stepped back without hesitation.

    He closed the roughly opened carriage door and walked somewhere.

    Leo's face, turning around, was distorted as if he was about to cry.

    Leo, what did he think of looking at us together?

    Did he get the misunderstanding that his close friend and ex-girlfriend have become intimate?

    It was painful for me to see Leo's sad face.

    One thing I didn't catch him.

    It was because I knew it was right not to catch him.

    'I still like you.’

    It was not right to give some hope to Leo who still liked me.

    It hurts, but let's turn him away.

    Rather, it could have been better for Leo and me to have this ridiculous situation.

    Soon after, the skilled horseman calmed the horses.

    We started the carriage as if nothing had happened, but my spirit was hardly returning.

    When I suddenly realized, Zion, who was still sitting next to me, was holding my hand.

    His long white hand stroked the back of my hand smoothly. Then, strangely enough, my absent mind seemed to return to its original state.

    "Isn't Leo bothering you?"

    Zion spoke for the first time since he faced Leo. It was a quiet voice.

    Like Leo, I couldn't figure out what emotion Zion was asking the question.

    But I answered honestly. Looking at his golden eye. Without lies.

    “If I said no, I would be lying. He’s a person I once loved, but of course I care. Someday I might be bothered by something else again. It’s not because we don’t know.”


    "But that's all. I don't think I should follow Leo right now to clear up his misunderstanding. Do you understand me?"

    Zion gave a gentle nod. I thought I couldn't completely break the ties I had in the past.

    Leo and I had already made love.

    That was the case, but breaking up didn't mean he couldn't be a stranger right away.

    But that was all.

    A mere acquaintance. Maybe worse than others.

    Now we were just that much of a relationship.

    “Zion, it’s your friend's misunderstanding, why didn't you catch him? It's not just a misunderstanding, it's a big misunderstanding."


    “It's enough to shake your relationship with your friend."

    I wondered about Zion's silence. Because I think at least Zion said, ‘Leo, don't get me wrong.’ or ‘Leo, do you want me to leave?' It was because I expected Radenzie to give a polarized answer.

    "Erica, what about you? Don't you want to clear Leo's misunderstanding?"

    I asked first, but... Zion brazenly asked me back.

    Then I'll answer him first.

    "What misunderstanding? What did we do? Oh, the kiss? What does that have to do with Leo? I have nothing to do with Leo. It's already been 3 years since we broke up. three years' time. Isn't it too long?"


    "On the other hand, you're friends with Leo. I think you're in different position from me."

    Zion gave a moment's thoughtfulness and replied quickly.

    “I didn’t catch Leo because I’m his friend.”

    It was quite an unexpected answer.

    He didn't hold onto him because he was a friend.

    Zion, who noticed my suspicious eyes, added an explanation.

    “It's cruel, but I want Leo to completely shake off his feelings towards you. I think that's a better thing for you, Erica."

    Zion raised the corners of his mouth and smiled completely. He didn't seem to recognize the situation at all.

    I didn’t think he was in a situation to smile.

    Of course, Zion's choice would have a good effect on me, but from Leo's point of view, he was not sure.

    I recited my feelings without adding or subtracting.

    "But then you'll be dumped.”


    Zion coughed a couple of times as if he was embarrassed by my words close to a fastball.

    No matter how hard I think about it, his flirting with his friend’s ex-girlfriend seemed immoral.

    I rubbed the tip of my chin with a serious face.

    "Well, so you're gonna be a garbage? Zion Garbage."


    Zion slowly hardened his face and spoke with a little bewilderment.

    "Would you please don't put anything weird after my name?"

    “But it suits you so well. Mr. Garbage.”


    He called my name with all of a name. Teasing was similar to an appeal to quit at that point.

    "Okay, I got it. I won't call you that."

    I smiled lightly.

    After meeting Leo, it was a heavy atmosphere, but the atmosphere seemed to soften with one pun.

    Fortunately, it was a good point.

    Zionne admitted to his own situation with a faint sound.

    “You won. Yes, I am garbage. But what if I’m a little garbage?"


    "Leo can't forget who he needs to forget... and I think I’m helping him out. Wouldn't Leo understand my feelings someday? Am I being selfish?"

    I shook my head.

    "Well, I think I can understand what you think, Zion. I thought it might be better to let Leo misunderstand like this. Although you'll be garbage.”

    "Erica, don't call me that."

    Zion pouted his mouth cutely. Even so, he chewed on every word.



    "It's all good. It's a little unfortunate to say misunderstanding."

    Zion's golden eyes looking at me were quite serious.

    It was his gaze as if he was hoping for something.

    For example, he seems to want a deeper action than holding hand.

    Zion took out his tongue and swept my lips slowly.

    Ah, are you looking forward to kissing me even in this situation? I laughed knowingly and hit a little flick on Zion's forehead.

    "Don't be seductive. The Lord of the Tower, the playboy."

    A player recognizes a player.

    It meant that I was great person who couldn’t easily fall for Zion's tricks.

    "I'm not falling for you."

    "Please try a little harder."

    As soon as I finished my words, the carriage that was running well stopped.

    We arrived at the Marquis of Kernels.


    Time for everyone to be embraced by the soft silence of the night. Almost all the lights in the mansion were turned off, and the light shining on the garden was the moonlight.

    The sound flickered somewhere, and the only sound hovering between us was a faint breath and footsteps.

    We crossed the marquis’s garden without a conversation.

    It was Zion, who offered to take me to the front door of the Marquis’s house.

    Although the distance was short, she did not turn down his offer.

    It was because I was afraid of the dark because I lived at will as if there was nothing to be afraid of in the world.

    It used to be difficult to breathe when it was so dark that I couldn't see ahead.

    When someone asked me why I was afraid of dark, my answer was,

    Everyone has a trauma.

    But I didn't mean to tease Zion.

    There was no need to deliberately reveal my weaknesses to others. Even though I was quite close to Zion.

    Zion, who was walking side by side, called my name.



    "Can I hold your hand?"

    Zion uncharacteristically asked me for consent.

    It was contrary to his attitude of holding my hand without hesitation from last time.

    I nodded.

    It was clear that the streets filled with darkness and the warmth of someone would calm my heart.

    Zion held my hand.

    This time I called his name quietly.



    "It's about Leo. I don't know what you're talking about, but I want you to think carefully."


    “If you do something wrong, you may not be able to be friends with Leo.”

    I didn't want Leo and Zion apart.

    I don't know how well the two men got along in the novel [Juliana].

    It looked so good that I sometimes thought it was too much.

    Of course, since Juliana appeared, the relationship between the two men has changed rapidly.

    In the negative direction, the words like ‘cheer up’ couldn’t be say.

    Anyway, it was the most anxious issue for me that their relationship was getting worse because of me, who wasn't the heroine.

    Zion replied with her little sigh.

    “If that happens, it will be bitter.”

    “Is that the end?”

    Friends might be different, but were you the end of the bitter?

    He spoke weakly.

    "I mean, I like Leo very much. He's the only one who can pat me on the ass. But sometimes I don't know what he's thinking. That's what I thought. Oh, am I the only one who thinks Leo is a friend?"

    Oh, was he the only one who thought he was Leo’s friend?

    Zion's voice spitting it was quite painful.

    He looked ahead and said again.

    "I tell Leo my story to the point where he's bothered... and of course I don't want Leo to do that."


    "So, that's what I want to say."

    Zion took a low breath and began to tell Leo what he really wanted.
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    Spoiler from chapter 24 to 26. I think this's the continuation of the manhwa after chapter 22.
    24. You trust me, right?

    "Your Excellency, I brought out the tea. May I come in?"

    “……Uh, come in.”

    Leo corrected his disorganized posture, opening his door and staring at the maid entering the room.

    Entering the office, the maid bowed her head and walked near the desk in front of the chair where he was sitting.

    She was Leo's first maid of honor. And the eyes met without notice.

    “…… ”

    Red eyes.

    The color of her eyes was not common.

    Leo couldn't take his eyes off her red eyes.

    “It’s the first time I sees you.”

    The maid replied with a gentle smile.

    "Hello, I'm late to say hello. My name is Juliana. When Your Excellency was out of town, I was a new maid.”


    Leo repeated the unfamiliar name several times.

    "Yes, thank you. You can go out."

    The maid, who introduced herself as Juliana, grabbed the hem of her skirt lightly and then turned around.

    The way she greets her is a little different from other maids.

    She feels full of dignity.

    Is she the daughter of a fallen noble?

    Leo watched Juliana as she left the door with his eyes open.

    She was a woman who for some reason made him feel strange without him knowing.


    "Juliana, was it your will to come as a Marquis?"

    I asked Juliana, almost lying on the sofa.

    She was organizing the tea cup I drank.


    It was a re-question that came back to my somewhat abrupt question.

    "So, was it your will to decide to work for the Marquis of Kernels among several aristocratic families?"

    I was wondering.

    The reason why Juliana came to the Marquis of the Kernaels is because of a valuable recommendation she received from the Mage Tower.

    Juliana put all of the teacups on the tray, and she stopped moving.

    She said in a straight posture, with a daunting glance.

    "Well, let's just say I got a revelation."

    Timing. It was a word that matched her red eyes. It feels full of religious piety.

    I tilted my head.

    Was there even in the novel that Juliana received a religious revelation?

    The answer came right away.

    No, there was no such content.

    Juliana smiled softly and she added her words.

    "I can't go against the revelation with the touch of salvation."

    “What does that mean?”

    “The moment I go against it, the savior who saved me will break my neck.”

    "You... did anything bad happen to you?"

    Juliana had an ambiguous face that was neither affirming nor denying it.

    Then she walked one step in front of me and sat down on her knees under her sofa.

    For some reason, I felt like I shouldn't have to lie down, so I woke up.

    Juliana, kneeling straight on her knees, closed her eyes, placing her hands neatly on my knees.

    Above her closed eyelids, her black lashes were really long.

    The moment I was admiring her eyelashes, an overwhelming voice that seemed to concentrate her seat began to ring.

    "I got a second life. I pay the price for the life you got again. If I don't follow, what's given to me is..."

    Juliana opened her closed eyes and set her eyes straight with me.

    She said then she followed.


    If you do not pay the price for the life you have regained, it will be death to you.

    No tense situation occurred, but a cold sweat flowed down behind me.

    I took my breath low.

    What did I hear?

    As if she had finished speaking, Juliana raised her kneeling knee.


    She took off her skirt a few times and acted as if nothing had happened.

    But I was a little lost.

    “Jul- Juliana. What did you just say? The second life, death, the price…”

    What kind of secret do you have?

    Juliana answered back without hesitation.

    “In simple terms, that’s it. In the end, whether arbitrarily or unintentionally, I had a reason to have to come to the Marquis of Kernels.”


    "And eventually I met a beautiful Erica."

    Juliana gave me a small wink.


    No, wait. ......Excited?

    My heart beats at her wink.

    Oh My God.

    It was the first time in my life that I felt my heart shaking to woman.

    “I don't know how great it is to have a beautiful master.”

    She trembled and started grabbing the tray she had placed on the table.

    Soon she tried to leave her room, but I hurriedly called her.

    "Wait a minute! Juliana.”

    It was a completely impulsive act that held to catch her.

    "Do you have any more questions?"

    “……Hmmm. Shall we drink wine together?”

    Asking to drink a glass of wine is also a completely impulsive act.

    Juliana tilted her head.

    "Yes? At this time?"

    She deserved to be questioned. It was close to midnight.

    I couldn't fall asleep because of various things that had happened.

    My head was filled with miscellaneous thoughts.

    If I drink a few glasses of wine, I might be able to fall asleep.

    “So, shall I ask you to drink a congratulatory note for being my maid of honor? You say it's an honor to serve me, and I'll give you a glorious opportunity to drink wine with me.”

    And I wanted to find out a little bit more about what Juliana really meant for this strange word.

    Juliana giggled quietly as I condescended with an awkward excuse.


    After a moment of thought, Juliana soon accepted my offer.

    “It’s great if it’s wine. I'm a heavy drinker again."


    Juliana fluttered with her red lips as if excitedly.

    "Even if Lady Erica gets drunk on wine and becomes insincere, rest assured that I will not touch you even a fingertip.


    "You believe me, don't you?"

    Juliana squinted in her right eye.

    At that moment, I felt a strange sense of incongruity and a sense of deception at the same time.

    The reason I felt depressed was because Juliana's words were often I heard when I drank wine with the opposite sex, I often heard them.

    Is it because she is the female protagonist? It feels so cool.

    “Okay, I'll trust you. Then can you bring some wine to my room?”

    "Just leave it to me."

    Juliana left the parlor with a humble look.

    "……Oh, it felt really cool."

    I had a vague feeling.



    In fact, because of her, I decided to break up with her Leo, whom I had met well.

    So I could have resent Juliana enough.

    But strangely enough, I didn't resent her after actually meeting her.

    I can't hate her, maybe...…

    “Lady Erica. I brought cheese and wine.”

    Juliana, who brought red wine and several kinds of cheese, called me. Her nice smile was a bonus.

    Yeah, maybe that smile is why I can't hate her completely.

    A nice smile that buys someone's favor at once.

    A smile that would take even those who dislike her.

    There was such a charm in Juliana's smile.

    I belatedly beckoned to Juliana, standing far and waiting for my order.

    "Come and sit here."


    She then sat on the sofa across from me.

    A wine glass was placed on a small table between the sofas and filled with wine.

    We held the glasses together to make a visor-sounding sound.

    I drank a cup thoroughly, but Juliana couldn't put my cup against her mouth.

    "You don't drink?"

    “……Even if it's a congratulatory drink, it doesn't seem the right thing to drink wine facing Lady Erica on the subject of being a maid. Would it really be okay?"

    Juliana said hesitantly.

    “What does it matter. I'm okay. Drink, drink.”

    "Then, you definitely gave me permission, so I'll drink without hesitation."


    She drank the whole cup to the point where she was ashamed of her hesitation.

    "It tastes great."

    The appreciation was also very pleasant.

    So when one cup became two, two became three, and then I drank about five, I got a little drunk.

    Contrary to me, Juliana's face was just fine.

    Her white skin, transparent enough to show the insides, showed no redness.

    She said he was a drunkard, and I guess it wasn't an exaggeration.

    “Juliana, Hicup.”

    I slowly blinked my eyes and called her name.

    “Yes, Lady Erica.”

    She answered without a hitch.

    I seem to be the only one who started to look like Juliana as two.

    "You know... do you believe in destiny?"

    Juliana, who enjoyed chewing a piece of cheese, repeated the word Destiny.

    "Destiny. Destiny...…”

    “I mean. Hicup. I really believe in fate.”

    The world in which each person's role exists. I believed that fate would exist in this world.

    No, I originally believed it firmly, but in recent years, it seems that the belief has been shaken a little.

    “I also generally believe in it.”


    “Then do you believe that you have someone you like?”

    She readily accepted my words.


    "You'll like someone soon."

    I spoke fairly firmly on the subject I took.


    “Yes, you.”

    You are destined to like Leo. What would happen if you actually encountered Leo.

    “Lady Erica. Is it sad that I will be liking someone? You look sad.”


    "Please, do not be sad. I don't want to do anything that would make Lady Erica sad. Before I like anyone, I'm already your maid of honor.”

    Juliana smiled again. Then, I felt a sad feeling that the source was unknown.

    She has a talent for fascinating people.

    I said, lifting the glass high.

    "Let's drink another drink."

    Our cups met again with a chang-sound.

    So we drank a few glasses of wine constantly.

    Before long, my body began to stagger without a subject, but to my surprise, Juliana was still fine.

    Are you not getting drunk?

    I gave her a question with a badly twisted pronunciation.

    “Juliana. Let's talk a little more about that revelation earlier.”
    25. I don't want to meet a girl other than you

    Juliana tapped with her fingertips over her arms, crossing her arms.

    She seemed to be very worried about whether to confess or not.

    "That's…… I'll tell you after we get closer to each other.”

    "It's deadly. You're my maid and I'm your master. You have to obey me."

    “Oh, Lady Erica. . You're very drunk."

    "Yeah, I'm drunk. Hehehe."

    I think there are three Juliana now.

    I barely put the wine glass I was holding on the table, and then hung up on the sofa.

    My eyelids were too heavy because of the drunkenness.

    Oh, I shouldn't fall asleep now.

    I need to question Juliana a little bit more.

    But I closed my eyes completely without lifting my closing eyelids.

    Just before the snow closed, the last thing I saw was the scenery outside the window where dawn spread.


    When did I fall asleep?

    When I suddenly came to my senses, I and Juliana were tangled on the bed.

    I couldn't remember how I got to bed with her.

    I grabbed my greasy head and raised my half-opened eyelids completely.

    The surroundings were bright, but it still seemed to be dawn.

    I looked at the bluish dawn sky for a moment, then looked at Juliana, who was close to my body.

    Juliana was in a very deep sleep with her hand on my waist and one of her legs on my leg.

    There was no sign of waking up from her, spitting out her even breath.

    I pulled her half-cuddled body down and peered into her face.

    On the white face, the black eyelashes are really long. If you raise your pencil, it'll go up.

    Looking back, I thought it was really pretty.

    It was Juliana's hot breath that suddenly felt while admiring her long eyelashes.

    Every time her breath touched my cheek, the tip of my toes for no reason ran into force.

    Somehow, the heat of my whole body became more and I even felt the inside of my mouth dry.

    It's a bit odd to feel for the same woman.

    I thought I shouldn't be stuck like this anymore, so I decided to get out of her arms completely.

    Carefully remove her arms from my waist, and even her legs on my thighs.

    I put it out.

    Soon, when I tried to pull myself out completely, it caught my eye.

    A silver brooch symbolizing royal family.

    It was shining with it hanging near her chest.

    I reached out to the silver brooch without realizing it.

    The moment my fingertips touched the surface of the brooch, her eyes, thought to have been asleep, flashed.


    She looked at me with red eyes and grabbed my wrist that was touching the brooch.

    Then she uttered as if warning.

    Her voice was fierce and sharp.

    “Lady Erica, excuse me because I got drunk. Sorry."


    I replied, stuttering.

    "Then I'll go back now."

    After apologizing neatly, she raised her lying body halfway up.

    Juliana looked down at me, still lying down, with a slightly loose front.

    Then she smiled.

    I'm sure I have a silly face right now.

    It was then that Juliana's upper body leaned toward me.

    She whispered as she handed my hair down over her forehead behind my ear.

    "Erica, get some more sleep. It is still too early for the lady to wake up.”


    “Please, have a good dream.”

    Juliana's soft lips touched on my forehead in an instant and then took her lips.

    She turned back with a faint smile, straightening her bent waist.

    A wonderful smile that thrills everyone, regardless of gender.




    Am I pounding again?

    I took a deep breath, grabbing it near my heart.

    It's because I don't know the cool side of the female protagonist, I keep getting excited.

    It was a really strange excitement.

    Apart from feeling excited about her, I felt a little bit bitter.

    Even she makes my heart flutter, but I was wondering how much she will captivating Leo's heart.

    I sighed.

    The drunkenness went away, but the sigh I exhaled was still full of drunkenness.

    I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again.

    However, the stiffness of my heart did not disappear quickly for some reason, and the mysterious words that Juliana left behind lingered in my head.

    'I got a second life. Pay the price for the life I get again. If I don't follow, what I'll get...…’


    It was a little disappointing that I couldn't figure out one thing about the true meaning of the words.

    Maybe the revelation had something to do with the reason Juliana became my maid, not Leo's.

    I tried to recall the contents of the novel a little more, but I couldn't solve the mystery that Juliana left.

    Not a little bit


    The next day, the hangover was tremendous.

    I wasn't feeling nauseous, but I could hardly wake up.

    I haven't been able to get out of bed for hours. I fell asleep and woke up repeatedly.

    In the meantime, I think I heard the worried words from Juliana.

    It seems like she wiped my face.

    I'll have to drink moderately from next time.

    I took a nap for a while with my belated awakening.

    Even when I woke up from my sleep, my surroundings were still bright.

    My head, which had been stung by a hangover, seemed to have gotten a little better. It was a relief.

    The moment I was yawning for a long time, there was a fact that I suddenly realized.

    The back of my back is very hot. As if someone's warmth touched me.

    In addition, I felt the weight of someone leaning on my back.

    Did Juliana come back to my bed again?

    Thinking if that really happened, I turned to the other side.

    The weight I felt behind my back was someone's forehead.

    He came up to my bed t will and was crouching with his forehead on my back.

    The body in contact with him was quite close.


    I looked at his face without waking him with his eyes closed as if he had fallen asleep.

    His face, engulfed in the summer sun coming from the bedside window, looked so beautiful.

    His face looked cleaner than he had seen in the past, and his pale silvery eyelashes seem to be longer.

    And what? Why are his lips without anything applied so red?

    My gaze soon shifted to the single blemishes on his face.

    It was the faint scratch on his cheek.

    As I touched his cheek lightly with my fingertips, I saw his eyes shaking.

    Oh, you weren't asleep.

    I recited his name.

    “Zion Leppe. Why did you fall asleep on my bed?”

    Zion pretended to sleep with his pretense. I pinched his cheek a little.

    “I know you're not sleeping. Yoi just got caught.”


    There was a groan between Zion's red lips.

    He gently opened his closed eyes and smiled cutely.

    His golden eyes that reached me sparkled beautifully.

    "How did you get in here?"

    "On foot."

    “How did you come to my room?”

    “I also walk.”

    “Did no one stop you?”

    “Erica. I have a face that people like and have the power that everyone recognizes.”

    "Why are you bragging about yourself all of a sudden?"

    Zion did not mind my scolding and continued his word.

    “Who is going to stop such a Tower Master Zion Leppe? With a single smile, they said, 'Welcome, Sir Zion Leppe.’, Erica.”

    “They will guide me to your room right away.” He said.

    It was obvious that it was nonsense.

    But when he spoke so naturally, I wondered if that really happened.

    Oh My God.

    “I have to fire all of the Marquis’ servants. I can't believe they lead an outsider to my room.”

    Zion grumbled back.

    “Erica. Be patient with that. I have face too.”

    His face is cute, so he was quite popular.

    "Okay, I'll give you a break."

    "Would you like to not see it twice?"

    Zion looked at me with a bright smile.

    It was a smile that made me unable to say no.

    “I completely wrote in the heart. I'll let you go three times."

    As soon as my answer came out, Zion's face suddenly came close.

    He naturally tilted his face and kissed me briefly on the forehead.

    Kiss. The area where his lips touched was quite hot.

    The concentration was quite thick to call it the warmth of the lips that touched and fell briefly.

    "I feel like everything is going well today."

    What did he do to my heart, I followed him and smiled.

    "By the way, is something happened?"

    Only then did Zion wrinkle her eyebrows, as if recalling her purpose.

    It is not unfamiliar to see him belatedly recalling his own intentions.

    You used to be.

    “……Because of my stepmother. Despite our passionate presence, they eventually arranged a meeting with a young lover."

    "So what do you want me to do?"

    “My lover is watching, but I can’t meet another girl.”

    "That I'm your girlfriend... is it me?"

    Zion was giggling.


    A meeting with Zion and other woman. I imagined the situation in which he smiled beautifully at another woman.

    Zion has a wonderful smile that makes it impossible to say negative things.

    And another woman who is not me to look at that smile.

    Perhaps the woman was very ecstatic.

    When I imagined it there, I didn't feel very good.

    Is that because I am acting as Zion's girlfriend?

    Or is it an upset from a different mind?

    “So where is the meeting place?"

    “Not far from here.”

    Zion smoothed over the back of my defenseless hand.

    Then he began to seduce me with a voice full of temptation.

    “I want you to take care of it for sure. Whether the Lady I meet is pretty or not...”


    “Because I don't want to meet a girl other than you.”
    26. Jealousy is proof of good health

    I couldn't turn my gaze away.

    I glanced at his golden eye drawing a smooth curve.

    Strangely, his words felt truly sincere. He can't be sincere to me. Knowing that.

    In the novel, Zion basically liked women very much. He was a playboy for no reason.

    It was thought that the liking and interest he had for me came from that tendency.

    Because I'm Leo's ex-girlfriend, and I'm the kind of woman who gave him a cruel breakup, so it's probably the interest he gave me.

    It was a fact that I knew too well from my head.

    But when I realized, my lips were answering at will.

    “I'll be ready soon.”

    That would be the answer from instinct.

    He ask me with such a pretty smile, but I can't help it.

    I can not. No, I don't.


    It didn't take too long to get ready to go out. It was because I had many maids.

    I just sat still, but all of a sudden, a light makeup applied to my face.

    Soon I put on a pretty dress that wasn't excessive, and finally looked in the full-length mirror.


    Good. It's a beautiful figure that no one will ever grapple with.

    I even put on white gloves with delicate embroidery, and then I left the room.

    As soon as I left the room, I encountered an unexpected sight.

    There were two men and women on the corridor where the summer sun shattered through the window on the wall, giving off a friendly atmosphere.

    The man with soft silver hair had a charming smile, and the woman who stood in front of him also had a beautiful smile around her mouth.

    It was Zion and Juliana.

    The two were constantly smiling at what they were talking about.

    Juliana was looking straight into the eyes of Zion, as if she wasn't at all concerned about her status.

    Indeed, I thought it was a bright Juliana aspect.

    When white Zion's cheeks seemed a little reminiscent, anxiety suddenly hit me.

    Of course, it wasn't entirely that jealousy was the cause of the anxiety.

    I remembered what Zion said the other day.

    His answer to my question as to whether he fell in love with Juliana.

    He said, 'I didn't fall for her. If I had a crush on her, I wouldn't be able to stay still. I'm sure I went to her every day and begged her. I'm a person who is blind to blind to love.’

    At that time, he clearly said he was not in love with Juliana.

    But that's what I thought.

    What if he didn't fall in love with Juliana only when she came to the Tower?

    So, to put it straight, yes.

    Zion is destined to fall in love with Juliana, as defined in the novel.

    But when she came to the tower, he said he wasn't in love with Juliana, he said that because the time hasn't come.

    He can fall in love with her at any time.

    But not then.

    When the time comes, Zion will feel in love for Juliana.


    It was the voice of Zion that brought me out of my deep thoughts.


    I approached Zion without my knowledge and grabbed him by the wrist.

    Zion asked anxiously.

    "Erica, are you okay?"

    I replied, belatedly seeking calmness.

    "Two people. Except for me, are you talking about something interesting."

    She tried to pretend to be okay, but it was unclear whether it actually sounded like that.

    I slipped his wrist, which I had grabbed, and I swept away his hair.

    He raised his chin to look like me, but the reaction he returned was Zion's little giggle.

    ……I think my face will turn red for some reason.

    "It's been a while since I saw her and said hello. Erica, you know that. Juliana got a letter of recommendation from the Mage Tower."

    Zion made a nasty laughter, and he squeezed a couple of times over my cheek.

    "Erica, did you feel bad about talking to the two of us without you?"

    I pretended to be cool, but he really noticed what I care about.

    "Hmmm. No. Why would I?"

    I replied with a blunt voice, but this time even Juliana was involved.

    "There was nothing that Lady Erica could be concerned about."

    She was nodding her head as if she knew it.

    You look like you know everything.

    “……? My, what were I concerned about?”

    Zion held my hand and said,

    “Erica. Jealousy is not a bad thing. It's proof that you're healthy.”


    I am not jealous.

    I was worried that Zion would fall in love with Juliana.

    The words lingered in my mouth, but in the end the words I spoke were different.

    “If I was healthy one more time, I’ll catch someone.”

    I shook my head from side to side and surrendered.

    Yeah, let's say I was jealous.

    Honestly, I can't affirm that I wasn't jealous at all.

    Juliana was looking at me as if I was cute.

    “Lady Erica, health is still the most important thing. You only drank a few glasses of wine yesterday, and you don't know how worried I was to see you were struggling during the day.”

    Having said that, she raised her hand a little.

    Her hand stretched out as if it could reach somewhere, and soon stayed in the air.

    Juliana said, "Oops." As she made a sound of belated realization sound, then she scratched her cheek.

    Perhaps she was trying to stroke my head.

    It's not enough for Juliana to look at me as if she's cute, so did she try to mess with my hair?

    "haha. Maybe I should have stopped Erica yesterday……”

    She added a shrewd word. It was Zion who answered Juliana's words.

    “What, you two. Did you drink wine without me? Is that also at night?”

    Zion's voice was full of dissatisfaction. Juliana didn't care about his dissatisfaction, and she grumbled.

    "Why? Is Zion jealous this time?"


    “I drank very harshly. Lady Erica is my master, and I can't help it with the liquor she recommends."

    Zion stared at Juliana for a few seconds in silence.

    His eyes were quite fierce, unbelievably eyes that drew only soft curves.

    What, are you really worried?

    "Next time, call me too. It's absolutely forbidden to drink only two people."

    Zion's voice was quite firm.

    His voice seemed not to back down on anything.

    As I continued to chew on his words, I suddenly felt strange.

    It was just because he spoke late at night like I was drinking with a man.

    Juliana is a woman and she is my maid, is it wrong to drink wine with her?

    I was puzzled and tried to ask Zion, but his words took a step further.

    “Anyway, let's go now, Erica. The time is running out.”

    "……yes, I see."

    I felt uneasy, but I did as Zion led me.

    It must be an insignificant worry.

    "Have a safe trip, Lady Erica!"

    I heard Juliana's cheerful voice behind my back.

    At the same time as I heard her voice, I saw Zion's eyebrows lightly wrinkled.

    Maybe the two people. Surprisingly, I thought they might have a bad relationship.

    He even wrote her a letter of recommendation. I thought they'd get along really well...

    “Zion, you, aren't you getting along with Juliana?”

    When I asked so, Zion laughed at her.

    “It's a relationship that's neither good nor bad.”

    What kind of relationship is that?


    Zion opened the door of the carriage that had been stopped at Marquis house. Then he approached me one step closer and reached out his hand.

    There was no unnaturalness in the series of escorts.

    He only acted sequentially as if he had no meaning, that is, strongly imprinted in his head.

    Does it mean that he has been a playboy and has a lot of escorts?

    I slowly put my fingertips on Zion's open palm.

    "What are you thinking about?"

    I replied with a small smile.

    "Think of you."

    "It's an honor."

    What kind of face would you make if you know I thought about how many women you escorted?

    Soon we got into the carriage.

    Zion informed the coachman of our destination in advance, and the carriage ran without hesitation.

    I looked out of the window in the carriage and asked Zion.

    “Look at your opponent. What's their profile like.”

    Among the beautiful female nobles of the Liechten Kingdom, who was the Lady who accepted the meeting with Zion?

    Do I know her?

    It was said that if it was a groundbreaker, it was a world-class.

    It was clear that if you knew the other person, it would be advantageous to deal with that person.

    “Do you know Lady Haribo? She’s the second lady of the Marquis Goldberen. She's my match today."

    "Lady Haribo."

    If it was Lady Haribo, it was Lady, which I knew well.

    Lady Haribo is famous for her chewy and soft skin.

    I wasn't really close to her, and she was just a woman I've seen a few times at a banquet.

    She seemed to have heard rumors that she was a woman with an easygoing personality.

    Somehow I felt a tight fit in my shoulder.

    It was quite nerve-racking to deal with an unfriendly opponent. Of course, I am not the one who carries it either.

    I fully felt the lukewarm summer breeze coming through the open window, and I held myself together.

    I don't know why I'm passionate about it, but that's what I thought.

    We have to make Lady Haribo never wish to meet with Zion again.

    "I heard that Lady Haribo also doesn't seem to have a meeting with me. In short, this is a very formal meeting place arranged by family members. Normally, I wouldn't have gone out for this kind of event, but..."

    Zion continued with a giggle.

    “Because I have Erica acting as a lover. I want to see what if I partake this meeting with you.”

    I then stared at Zion's face.

    His golden eye toward me was shining brightly.

    It was a glance that seemed to have found something interesting.

    "You look like you're going to have a lot of fun?"

    "Does it shown?"


    Cough Cough. What do you think? Can you do well?"

    I answered with my tongue flicking over my lips.

    "It hurts my mouth to say it. Of course I'll solve it well."

    Trust me. I made a trustworthy smile.

    Then, through the summer breeze, the sound of Zion's laughter grew thicker.
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    27. The value of his existence

    It was in front of a cafe that the carriage that was running well stopped.

    I got off the carriage and looked at the exterior of the cafe.

    It was a rather impressive building with an ivory-colored antique exterior.

    Even if it was built solely for the meeting of the old man and the beuty, it would not be suspicious.

    Even after finishing the unconscious escort, Zion never let go of his hand against me.

    “Shall we go in?”

    He just opened the cafe's glass door, holding my hand tighter.

    We stepped into the cafe with a jingling, cheerful chime sound.

    The sound of a few people chattering quickly disappeared.

    At that moment, it was stillness and quiet that filled the cafe.

    It's a silent silence for a reason, something that I've been through before.

    All of the people's eyes turned to Zion.

    I recalled the people following him like a tail.

    Zion, a handsome man who gets people's attention.

    This also happened the day I first met him.

    He focused everyone's attention on him, and he enjoyed attention properly.

    It was no different today.

    Zion looked around nonchalantly, and even had a little hum.

    Aren't you being too relaxed?

    “Is Lady Haribo coming?”

    Then his gaze stopped somewhere. At the end of that gaze, there was a woman with red hair sitting on the terrace.

    She was the only woman who did not pay attention to Zion.

    “Oh. She was here in advance.”

    He gave a grin.

    I thought it was a smile filled with evil energy.

    “Erica. I'll look forward to your performance today.”

    "If I finish well, can I finish acting as your lover today?"


    Zion didn't answer my last question. He just led me to the terrace.

    "Well, then that’s why should I keep it longer?"


    I questioned his words, but there was no answer from Zion.

    Taking a few more steps, we reached the terrace where the red-haired woman was sitting.

    'Then why should we keep it longer.'

    It was a small voice, but I didn't hear it wrong.

    Does Zion hope that the meeting with me will continue?

    I recalled his eyes looking at me with vague eyes as if hoping for something or not.

    'I'll only want as much as you want.'

    Zion said he would only want as much as I wanted.

    How much are you hoping for now?

    "Lady Haribo, you came here first."

    Zion spoke to her thoughtfully, like a gentleman.

    It was a courtesy that did not match the reality of a man who brought another woman to the place where they met.

    It was at that moment that Lady Haribo's gaze, who was looking somewhere outside the cafe or on the street, reached us.

    Her brown eyes looked at the two of us alternately.

    Like the rumors that her personality is not easygoing, her face also looked bitter.

    The eyes with the corners raised looked colder than the icebergs in the middle of winter, and the thin tight lips also looked cold.

    She doesn't seem to know how to laugh.

    Her cynical eyes soon reached the hand we were holding.

    She couldn't take her eyes off there, and for the first time she opened her lips.

    “Zion. You already had a woman. You brought another woman to this place proudly."

    There was no escalation of emotion. She just calmly judged the situation.

    Zion tapped me on the back of my hand several times as if he wanted me to hurry up.

    All right. I'll come forward if you want.

    Somehow I felt more nervous than when dealing with his stepmother.

    "Yes, that's right. As you can see, there is already a woman in Zion who promised a future. Even if it was unpleasant, I can't help it. This is a meeting arranged by the family, and it was not the meeting that Zion wanted."


    “The Lady also doesn't want to meet someone who loves other women. Right?"

    It was very plausible even if I thought about it.

    There wasn't even a bit of distraction in my voice. In addition, there was no trembling in my eyes looking at her.

    How will she react?

    The other day, I was hit by Zion's stepmother, and I was wet by water.

    I wondered if this woman was also throwing water at me.

    I even saw a cup of coffee on the table.

    Coffee with a deep, beating color. It was bitter coffee that matched her cold impression.

    When I was staring at the cup of coffee, Lady Haribo's reaction came back belatedly.

    It was a very unexpected reaction.


    What a sound of laughter. It was a laugh that I couldn't understand.


    She smiled as she deliberately distorted her mouth, which seemed to have lost her laughter.

    She gave out a laughter that wasn't meaningful for a long time, and slowly pulled back her smile.

    Then she said to me.

    “5 gold.”

    Somewhat seriously, as if she wasn't kidding. She stretched out her palm and expressed her intentions precisely with her fingers. 5 gold.


    “Zion Leppe. The eldest son of the Duke of Leppe, and a man who is famous for being a terrible playboy, although he is the Tower Master.

    "Oh! Exactly."

    I accepted her words without realizing it. Then Zion called my name urgently.


    It seemed like a reaction to why you agreed with it.

    "Why? She’s right.”


    Zion exhaled a long sigh as if it were absurd.

    Meanwhile, Lady Haribo's words continued.

    “I hate a playboy. That man, I'll give you. So, you only hand 5 gold to me. Then I'll tell my dad well. It means that I will look into the reason why today's meeting was broken.”

    Oh, that's what you meant when you said five golds.

    I followed her and answered seriously.

    “Lady Haribo. Isn't it too much?”

    "Is there anything wrong with what I say?"

    Lady Haribo frowned at her forehead, and Zion earnestly called my name.


    He already seemed to be impressed by me. For example I,

    'How are you trying to solve human affairs with money? And Zion Leppe is only five golds! He's a man who can't be valued with money.'

    ……It seemed to be expected that he would say something like an apostle of justice.

    Unfortunately, the answer I wanted to give wasn't that kind of thing.

    “5 gold, it’s too expensive. You also avoid to be with a terrible playboy terrible either.”

    Zion, sorry.

    I expressed warmth.

    I'm taking on Zion with my face, but I'm also having a hard time. It feels like this.

    Then Lady Haribo further distorted her frowning impression.

    She didn't just distort her face, she rolled her lips inside. She seemed to endure something.

    Shortly after her, her answer was a chewy laughter.

    “Hff-, fuhaha.”

    Zion's voice calling my name out loud was a bonus.


    The cheeks of Zion, who glanced at me, were colored a little red.

    Are you shy now?

    The shyness that did not match him was melted into the face of Zion.

    Lady Haribo said, quietly sweeping her red hair that had flowed a little.

    Cough. I did set the price high.”

    “Then how about 3 gold?”

    "Good. It's not a business that's that low.”

    She accepted my words with pleasure.

    This girl. I thought it would be very tough, but it was my style, right?

    It seemed that I was not the only one who thought so.

    “A bad woman in the social world who changes men every three months… is Lady Erica right?”

    How- How far have my rumors spread? I thought I had a quiet relationship in my own way.

    Strangely, Zion’s stepmother and Lady Haribo knew me well.

    This idea. It may be a little strange, but I didn't feel bad about my fame.

    I followed her with smile and replied.

    "Yes, that's right. The introduction was late. I’m Erica Kernels.”

    "Of course. When I heard the rumor, I wondered if there was a woman like that."

    Lady Haribo reached out to me and said.

    "Actually, I like you pretty much. Let's say hello often from now on."

    I pulled out my hand against Zion, and grabbed her white hand that reached out to me.


    Bing's fifth year, Erica Kernels.

    I didn't have any girl friends, but I wanted to be a good friend with Lady Haribo for some reason.

    As we were shaking hands, there came a deep tumult from somewhere.

    “......Ha. Oh My God."

    Zion with his forehead was crumpled.


    “Erica. I am very sorry.”

    As soon as Zion got in the carriage, he poured out his luck from me.

    I pretended not to know and sat across from him.


    “How can you sell me like that.”

    “3 gold is handled for the Duke of Leppe, right?”


    Did I make fun of him too much?

    I giggled and slowly began to solve the situation.

    "I'm kidding. Zion Leppe. I thought there was only a clever corner, but it's not necessarily that way.”

    “……It's because I were sold for 3 gold for not to see me. Only those who have experienced it will know how to feel.”

    “Are you sad?”


    “You idiot, you're done perfectly anyway. I've successfully broken your meeting, and Madame Leppe will be angry with the news.


    “Oh, when will I be able to get the bag of money from Madame Leppe?”

    I remembered the gold bars Madame Leppe was preparing.

    I thought I could give some of those gold bars to Lady Haribo. I also have pretty good calculations.

    Zion exhaled his long sigh, sweeping his face like a dry wash.


    “Don’t sigh, you’ll get old.”

    Even with my mischievous words, Zion's hardened expression did not disappear.


    Was I too bad?

    In the novel of [Juliana], Zion Leppe was a character that wasn't very serious.

    In the novel, he always showed a playful and clumsy side.

    Of course, the same was true of Zion, whom I actually encountered.

    That's why I have thought he might will not be overwhelmed by such teasing.

    If I knew, he must have more wounds and tenderness than anyone else.

    “Zion, are you feeling a lot offended?”
    28. Judge by yourself

    I said it as if it were to soothe a 10-year-old child.

    Zion, who turned his head aside, as if tormented and angry, did not look at me.

    His intentional disregard somehow broke my heart a little.

    I got up and got close to him.

    Soon I sat down next to Zion, but his head didn't turn back.

    I grabbed Zion's hand neatly placed on his lap. It was a very familiar touch.

    "Look at me. What's wrong with you? So that I can't adapt."

    Zion replied in a low voice.

    “......You said you were okay with me. You said that I wasn't weird.”

    His unorganized words were full of sincerity.

    I could immediately see what Zion was talking about.

    'What do you think of me like that? Do you think it's wrong to meet others lightly?' (*it’s mean him being playboy)

    He asked so, and my answer remains the same.

    “Fool, I never said that you was weird. Why do you guess it by yourself?”

    Then Zion's head began to turn toward me.

    He slowly raised his bowed head and made eye contact with me.

    Golden eyes filled with a lot of troubles.

    I was curious about the anguish that Zion was having.

    "That's a relief. I thought you were serious about what you said to Lady Haribo. I thought you treated me like a piece of crap, like a playboy."

    I shrugged lightly.

    "I'm a terrible playboy too."

    “We are comrades in many ways.”

    “If I knew that now, it would be difficult.”

    You know, Zion, you and I are suffering from a very serious affection deficit—, do you know?

    The longer the time we spent together and the more we talked with him, the more I felt there was one thing.

    It is said that Zion has many similarities with me.

    What about our end of not loving someone sincerely?

    Of course, in the novel, Zion really loved Juliana.

    But could he love her for a long time, also with her other girls other than her?

    The unanswered question did not disappear from my mind.

    We didn't have another conversation until the carriage stopped.

    Zion was silent and stroked the back of my hand with his fingertips.

    He didn't look very well what he was thinking.

    I wanted to comfort him a little more. But I couldn't figure out what to say to comfort him.

    At that moment, all I could do was do one thing that I couldn't let go of his hand.

    When the carriage stopped before long, the lips of Zion, which had been firmly closed, opened small.

    “Erica. By the way, am I really only worth 3 golds?"

    He didn't seem to understand at all.

    Why is his existence so worth this much?

    It was a message in his eyes toward me.

    I got up on the carriage seat and gave him an answer.

    It would be a very realistic answer.

    "Hey, Zion, this is really honest talk. You're not that much as a marriage partner... No. I'll tell you this far."

    Zion crumpled his eyebrows lightly. Then it groaned a little.

    "Shit. I feel like I've heard it all the way through."

    "Then it can't be helped."

    I laughed cheerfully, and Zion had a frustrated face.

    We got off the carriage and started walking through the Marquis' Garden. Zion matched my stride and placed our shoulders side by side.

    The window of the mansion, which was glimpsed across the garden. I find a familiar person there.

    Juliana, who leaned out to a large window in the hallway, was the main character.

    Maybe Juliana also found me, and she waved her hand at me.

    I don't know if it's because she’s so happy to see me. She pulled herself out of the window a little more. If she do something wrong, she will fall.

    You don't know the danger, or you're happy to take the risk.

    "Lady E~ Rika~!"

    Juliana's voice, ringing like an echo, was quite loud.

    I couldn't take my eyes off her.

    It was because she kept calling my name, and it was because she had a beauty that stood out from afar.

    It is such a beauty that once you look at it, you cannot move your gaze to another place.

    I recalled her red lips that were uttering words that didn't match the beauty.

    "You've got a second life. You pay the price for the life you get again. If you don't follow it, you'll be given... death."

    I thought about it a few times and wondered if I memorized it, but I naturally recited the words.

    I'm sure Zion have heard my words who was walking side by side next to me.

    "Zion, do you happen to know what I just said?"

    “……Well. It's my first time hearing it.”

    He answered in an emotionless voice.

    Then I continued as if I wasn't finished.

    "By the way. There is a person whose life is at stake, and someone saves that person's life.”

    He looked down at me, saying all that.

    In my eyes, Zion's atmosphere changed rapidly.

    He showed a sad and weak appearance in the carriage.

    However, there was no air of weakness in the present Zion.

    He was showing an intense gaze that was as strong as Leo.

    His strong eyes matched his position as Tower Master.

    "You've been given a second life by someone. Then shouldn't we follow what someone says?"


    "And if it's a very strong being, you'll have to follow it more."

    I thought it made sense.

    If you were saved by a strong being, wouldn't you have to obey the words of that being?

    "What do you think of Erica?"

    Zion asked with a grin as if he had a high-handed face.

    With a single smile, the cold air circling around him quickly disappeared.

    I replied, wondering a little about it.

    "Whoever I am, I don't want to be hurt and killed."

    "I don't want to hurt anyone, either. I just hope that doesn't happen."

    He spoke with sincerity again.

    Like he doesn't want to be in a situation where he’s going to harm anyone.

    Our conversation was cut off by Juliana's appearance.

    I saw her leaping through the wide open front door.

    She didn't just jump, she called my name out loud again.

    As she strode toward me, she approached me and stopped walking.

    “Lady Erica! did you enjoy your outing?"

    Juliana's face was refreshing as she took a breath.

    Maybe it was annoying to run, Juliana was raising the hem of her dress to the fullest.

    That made me see her feet stained with the dirt.

    "You are barefoot. Juliana."

    “……! Oh my goodness. I'm so glad to see you."

    “How about putting on shoes first?”

    “Yeah, Lady Erica. I will do as directed.”

    Juliana turned around as soon as my order was issued.

    The appearance of her going back the way she came from seems so exciting.

    I think I will look at the world with very positive eyes.

    I asked Zion with a voice filled with suspicion.

    “......Zion, Juliana. Didn't Tower Master say that she do job very well?”

    “Ah, not like that.”

    But why don't you think it's? I scratched my cheek awkwardly.

    It wasn't that I didn't hate Juliana, who was running like a loose puppy.

    I was much better with someone like Juliana than those who acted pretensely while hiding their dark insides.

    I mean, I like people more who seem optimistic for some reason.

    However, Juliana's optimistic appearance also gave me an unfamiliar sense of disagreement.

    Because in the novels, she was overflowing heroine, but she wasn't a bubbling style.

    She was a woman who went to Duchy with her own blood to dig into the truth about her brother's death.

    Where did she go?

    He was also the one who ousted his father, a tyrant, from the throne after slandering Leo with wisdom and beauty.

    Pretty face and cool charisma.

    That was the aspect of Juliana, often mentioned in the novels.

    ......The gap is so severe with Juliana, who runs through the garden with her bare feet, lifting her dress up.

    “Even if it looks like that, she are very good at work. There's no way I could have written a letter of recommendation. I'm a very strict person when it comes to public things.”

    There was a pleasant smile on his face defending Juliana.

    Then it was me who became suspicious. I thought they waren't going to get along, but now it doesn't seem like that.



    "you……Isn't it true that you fell in love with Juliana? I like it, but my heart beats sometimes. I don't know."

    That was the last confirmation. I put a definite end in my heart.

    “I want you to answer honestly.”

    "Is it an important problem for you?"


    If you are sad, it will be sad for me too.

    I thought it was unavoidable for him to like another woman.

    But I was hoping he didn't like Juliana as much.

    As the person who acted as her girlfriend, wouldn't it be okay to wish this much?

    “Then judge yourself.”


    "I don't know why you keep asking me, but... if it bothers you a lot, you should judge it yourself."


    "Focus on me, and you decide whether I have a crush on her or not."

    I judge by myself.

    I tried to get the answer easily, but it seemed to be in vain.

    “And let me know of your judgment.”

    “That’s wicked. I said to see you up to three times.”

    “Erica. You know you can't bite what you say, right?”

    “Yes, yes. Mr. Zion. How would I overturn in front of the Tower Master?”

    As I stumbled, Zion again touched his forehead and said.

    "Oh, my gosh."
    29. I am most confident in doing it with my body

    Even the next day, no gold bars arrived from Zion's stepmother.

    Even if it wasn't gold bars, I knew Madame Leppe would come to the Marquis of Kernels right away.

    Come and see me right away.

    ‘You're a good-for-nothing girl! How dare you break my arranged meeting?’

    I knew how to throw a mythical line.

    Then Zion also followed,

    "Mother! You're coming all the way here. It's rude.'

    He'll be mad at me for that.

    But what? Even if it's quiet, it's too quiet.

    I yawned for a long time, feeling bored.

    Zion might not come today because he pointed at his forehead several times yesterday.

    His forehead will need rest, too. I blinked slowly.

    Juliana was moving busily in front of me.

    She took several dresses from the dress room attached to my room and was wondering which one to take.

    It was a serious attitude as if attending a low-cost banquet hall.

    I asked her, without raising my body lying on the sofa.

    “Juliana. Roughly. What did I say about clothes?”

    Juliana, who was holding a dress, replied at once.

    “The perfection of the clothes is the face. You said ......”

    "Right! You answered well.”

    Now, the perfection of fashion is the face.

    I had taught Juliana the truth of the world since morning, who was busy choosing my dress.

    Juliana, who works hard to choose the dress for the afternoon, is a little bit upset.

    It was Erica with a lovely appearance even to me. She would be beautiful to wear rags on her.

    The dresses in the dressing room were all pretty.

    “But it's an important banquet. It's also Lady Erica's banquet dress that I'm choosing for the first time.”

    Juliana sparkled her eyes and showed off her passion. Her red eyes were shining brightly.

    "In that sense……Would you like to try on this?”

    Juliana pushed the dress in her hand toward me. It was a pink dress with a little bit of lace.

    "What will you do if you put it on?"

    I talked playfully, and I also asked questions I was curious about.

    “Can you tell me about the revelation you told me before?”

    “Lady Erica. Did you still remember that?”

    “It should have been a little strange. I feel like I want to know for some reason.”


    Juliana bite her tight lips.

    She had a strong air that she didn't want to tell about 'revelation'.

    I was very curious, but I didn't want to pry into secrets that others didn't want to tell.

    And Juliana said she'd tell me more when she gets closer.

    How about asking again after we get closer?

    But Juliana, who didn't know what I was thinking, exhaled a long sigh.

    “Whew. I can't help it. I'll pick it out by guessing it.”

    She smoothed her dress with her fingertips and began to squirm in a small voice.

    “......I thought Lady Erica was a kind master, but there was a wicked corner...... But I don't hate Lady Erica. Wouldn't it be nice if Lady Erica could wear the dress I chose? Then I'm so happy that I might walk on the clouds.”

    I feel like I'm a very bad master for some reason?

    In the end, I was the one who lost.

    "......Okay. I'll wear it. Okay?”

    "Wow! Really?”

    "Uh. So stop being so lame."

    It's a sin to have a weak heart.

    I pretend to be cooler than anyone else in the world, but I was actually very weak-minded.

    Do I have to say that pretending to be strong is a shield that I put on to keep my weak heart from being discovered?

    "When did I ever goof off?"

    Juliana pretended not to be.

    However, she might be smiling at the same time.

    It's as if she’s happy that things went as she wished.

    ......why do I feel like I'm involved with her?

    I got up and started to quickly change my dress.

    A little odd, it was Juliana's behavior.

    Far from helping me, she couldn't see me changing my dress while standing far away.

    She just looked down with a restless face.

    It wasn't a good match for her, who showed her all-out appearance.

    It wasn't a very difficult dress to wear for her, so I didn't say anything to her, and I changed it myself.

    The dress was very pretty, but it felt rather long. Can I fix it a little and wear it?

    "Juliana. How am I?"

    She lifted her gaze from the floor and looked at me.

    Juliana put her thumb upright instead of her answer.

    "The best."

    Pretty. She gave me a light compliment without a fuss.

    It was a compliment that felt much more sincere than the exaggerated compliments of other women-in-law.

    "As expected, the completion of the clothes is a face."

    I nodded lightly and asked her.

    "Juliana, what are you best at?"

    It was Juliana, who said that she did well in Zion's official and Mage Tower.

    I don't think she’s good at dressing me up.

    "Me? I'm good at everything. As Lady Erica knows, I'm a person who even received a recommendation letter from the tower that it was difficult to be recognized.”

    Juliana puffed up to the fullest.

    I was cute and funny in the way it looked, and I accidentally stepped on the bottom of the dress.

    My feet, without shoes, slipped all the way.

    It really happened in an instant.


    I thought it was a bit long, but I didn't expect to step on it.

    I stumbled and lost my balance. The crisis that will soon fall. My hands were churning through the air.

    It was at that moment that Juliana came quickly.

    She reached out her hand to me with an invisible agile movement.

    Her hands embraced my swaying waist at once.

    Her grip, deeply wrapped around my waist, was tight.

    “Lady Erica. You have to be careful.”

    In addition, the distance between the faces was very close.

    I didn't think it was too strange to face a woman closely.

    But I couldn't see her red eyes properly. I don't know why.

    But I couldn't really look at her eyes. I don't know the exact reason.

    Is that really because Juliana has the cool side as female protagonist?

    “Tha- thank you.”

    I tried to detach myself from her, but Juliana's grip around my waist was quite strong.

    “I am confident in everything.”

    She stuck my body a little more and whispered low.

    “I am most confident in doing it with my body.”

    As she recited her secret, she squinted her right eye.

    I felt like I was getting a fever, even though she didn't say anything erotic.

    It's hot. It's definitely not the heat of summer.

    I swallowed dry saliva and asked.

    “If it’s something you do with your body… what specifically?"

    Juliana slowly swept over my lips with the rest of her hands without wrapping my waist.

    Whenever I touched her fingertips, I flinched my shoulder without reliazing it.

    Perhaps because of Juliana's lustful gestures and her eyes, my head began to be filled with strange imaginations.

    The sexiest thing you do with your body... the thing that connects you to each other completely.

    Oh, let's calm down. Good idea. Good thoughts. Good idea.

    Juliana's red eye, which was looking down at me, has faded.

    She murmured again with a sensual look.

    "If you know, you'll get hurt. My lady."


    Crazy. I feel like my face is getting too hot.

    I took a long, deep breath, feeling a flattered face.

    It was on her chest where I turned my eyes to avoid the sensual Juliana's gaze.

    Her white breasts were so naked that reflected through her slightly loose collars.

    I couldn't take my eyes off there.

    "Lady Erica, you just thought of something dirty, didn't you?”

    "I didn't!"

    I turned my eyes again and pushed her body away belatedly.

    Juliana finally released her hand, which she had wrapped deep around my waist.

    Then she cleared up her own collar, which had been distracted by her big moves.

    As if she had already noticed that I had peeped into her chest.

    “But why did your face turn red?”

    “Because you're talking weird!”


    Juliana, who had finished organizing her clothes, no longer added words.

    She just reorganized my things that had been tidying up a while ago.

    I wanted to end the conversation like that, but...

    "......did I?"

    After a few minutes, she ambushed the question again.

    My answer was the same.

    “No, I didn't! I really didn't think about it.”

    "Dear Erica, a strong denial is a strong positive."

    Was I too strongly denied it?

    Why would I be so embarrassed if I just talk with Juliana?

    She didn't push me any further. Instead, he only smiled brightly.

    For some reason, I felt like I was falsely caught thinking what I was thinking.

    “I’m done with my luggage, so I’ll just go back. I will come back to find the dress you are wearing a little later. I think I need a repair.”

    Juliana bowed her head deeply and began to leave my room.

    "Oh, and go to bed early today! I have to leave early tomorrow."

    It was like a will just before she left the room.

    That's why you have to choose a dress today, pack up, and get up early tomorrow.

    It was because tomorrow is the day I was invited by the Duke of Stein. Invitation for a masked ball.


    I breathed a dry breath.

    I'm sure I'll be okay if I go there, right?


    As soon as the next day came, I headed to the Duchy of Stein from early in the morning.

    The masked ball was tomorrow, but it was because I was invited a day earlier.

    I wouldn't know if I hadn't gone. As long as I already decided to go, I thought it was right to go on the day I was invited.

    I have something to check in advance.


    I was in the same carriage and stared at Juliana, sitting opposite me in her upright position.

    A silver brooch was shining on her chest, as always.

    Come to think of it, when I tried to touch her brooch before, Juliana turned fiercely.

    Of course, I knew very well what her silver brooch meant to her.

    A sign that can be used as proof of the king's restraint and at the same time asking for a request to the king.

    But I wondered ifsheI had to be so angry. I was about to reach for a minute.

    Is there any other reason I don't know about it?

    For example, the reason the story of the novel has changed...
    30. How do I look…?

    “Lady Erica. If you have anything to say, please do. If you look at me like that, my cheeks might get worn out."

    How did she know I was watching her again?


    I looked out the window, collecting my gaze at her.

    Then, three years ago, I saw a familiar road that I had been on constantly.

    It was on its way to the Duchy. The distance to the Duchy of Stein, located within the Kingdom of Liechten, was not too far.


    The lodging provided by the Duchy of Stein was one of several vacancies in the Castle of Stein.

    I got off the wagon and looked up at Stein Castle, which was quite a long time ago.

    This is still the same.

    Three years have passed, but nothing has changed.

    Still, if there is one thing that has changed from that time, it would be the relationship between me and Leo.

    What is Leo doing now?

    We entered the castle, guided by the maid of Stein Castle.

    Juliana followed me with the luggage bag.

    Soon when I came into the room where I was going to stay, I said seriously to Juliana.

    “Juliana. I have something to ask of you.”

    “Yes, I have to listen to anything Lady Erica says.”

    Juliana answered gladly.

    As I grabbed Juliana's shoulder, I recalled her Allio's appearance.

    "If you happen to encounter a man with a long golden hair and brown eyes, who is tall and quite large, with a curled tip... ...don't ask or question, turn around and run away.


    "Don't ask me why, do it. Can you do that for me?

    My eyes for her were supposed to be shining brightly.

    Her red, which had a mysterious light, soon bent gently.

    Juliana nodded lightly on her head.

    "Yes, I'll do that. I don't ask or questioning, and just run away.”


    When I heard the answer I wanted, I let go of her shoulder that was holding her tightly.

    So this was an unprecedented prevention.

    When Allio and Juliana meet, they are forced to stop their confrontation.

    I was worried that what had happened because of my greed would be negative for Allio.

    I……am I a little selfish?

    I didn't really want to deny being selfish.

    If he had made up his mind to live a good life, he wouldn't have kicked Leo in the first place.

    The life I live once, I just wanted to live this miracle so as not to cause serious harm to others.

    I spoke to her again with a short sigh.

    “Juliana, I'm going to go out by myself for a while, so you're taking a break. Don't worry, I'll be back soon.”

    “Yes, Lady Erica.”

    The fact that I had come to Stein Castle for some reason made me feel stuffy, so I was about to go outside.

    Stein Castle. I had so many memories with Leo standing here. To the extent that I can't turn away, but I have to turn away.

    I tapped a couple of times on my chest, which had become dull without knowing.

    I easily walked out of Stein Castle across the familiar hallway.

    On the way out, I was afraid that I would bump into Leo.

    But that didn't happen.

    Well, there's no way Leo, who became Grand Duke, would walk out of the castle in the morning. Wouldn't it be infinitely busy?

    I felt silly about myself, who was nervous for nothing. On the subject that came to be prepared to meet.

    The woman caught her eye when she was just passing by the gardens of Stein Castle.


    I was captivated by a woman as if by something of her.

    The walk stopped naturally, and her mouth was half open, and I could not take my eyes off her figure.

    The light summer breeze shook her dark hair.

    The color of her eyes was red in her eyelids, blinking slowly. It was like sunset.

    Black hair, red eyes.


    I called her name that I left in the room.

    It was at that moment that the woman walking through her garden slipped into Stein Castle.

    I kept my eyes to the castle where he had gone for a long time.

    I felt like my heart was pounding.

    “If it’s Juliana, I definitely left it in the room… Why is it in the garden?”

    I didn't think I was mistaken. But I can't believe it actually happened.

    Maybe there are two Juliana? I thought it was ridiculous.

    I belatedly ran to her front door to find her, but she had already disappeared completely.

    "......did I see something wrong.

    I stepped back again with an unsettled heart.

    I couldn't get rid of the unpleasant feeling easily.


    The Duchy of Stein really hasn't changed at all.

    Low-rise houses, well-organized streets, followed by a series of houses.

    It was neat and clean, resembling Leo, the head of the Duchy.

    As I walked a little more like that, I saw a group walking from the other side of me.

    They looked more like guests invited to the masquerade, rather than being from the Duchy of Stein.

    This was because the clothes were different from those of the Liechten Kingdom.

    Should I say it's a more colorful color?

    I stared at the man standing at the forefront of the group, wearing a white uniform.

    His tall, good physique, and his uniform fit was very good.

    If you pass by and see once, make sure to turn your head back and look again.

    And the guy with a great uniform fit was, surprisingly, a guy I know.

    “It's pasta.”

    I walked close to him, grinning for no reason.

    A smile sprung up on my lips.

    Why didn't you say you're happy to meet someone you know in other places?

    Allio was talking with a middle-aged man walking with him, and he couldn't find me as he got close.

    Allio's face, discussing something with a serious face, was a little unfamiliar.

    He was also unfamiliar with his well-dressed uniform.

    They say the clothes are wings, and it seems that I can only understand the meaning of those words.

    Because he looked much nicer than usual.

    The fact that Allio's identity was the second prince of the Kingdom of Orion was now a little real.

    Standing in front of Allio, I greeted him.

    "Prince Elliot. Hello."

    Probably a slightly different greeting than usual.

    “……! E-, Erica?”

    Only then the eyes of Allio, who found me, widened.

    He was parented for a few seconds, and then he told the crowd who followed him.

    “Let’s leave for a moment.”

    What? You speak pretty much like a prince. I giggled.

    Allio said to me in the shape of a mouth with a blunt cough.

    'Follow me.'

    I silently followed him.

    Allio's gait, who had been walking earlier, was croaking as if he had not been oiled.

    Somehow, he must have been nervous.

    As I looked back, I saw Allio's group constantly whispering looking at me.

    It won't be weird rumors.

    Allio stopped walking after his party walked out of sight.

    We stood facing each other on a sparse street.

    “Erica. When did you come? You came in the end.”

    Allio's appearance in super cool clothes was unfamiliar.

    One of the cute faces of his babbling lips was Allio I knew

    “I came a little while ago.”

    "……I see. Where is your accommodation?"

    “Stein’s Castle. Because you are a distinguished guest, are you staying at the castle too?”

    Allio nodded lightly on his head.

    "Allio, you look like a completely different person. I didn't really believe you were a prince, but seeing you in uniform definitely made me realize."



    "......then. Erica.”

    Then he put his face on the face that he wanted to ask something.

    Under the bright sunlight, I saw Allio's cheeks gradually turning red.

    “Allio. Is there anything you want to ask?"

    Allio began to clench his lips without even making eye contact with me.

    His shy look was a little cute. It makes me want to pinch his cheeks.

    "How do I look?"

    The question with complete hesitation was unexpected.

    'How do I look.'

    It was Allio, who usually wore baggy clothes and went to marquis.

    Did he ask that question because he was the first to show me in an angular uniform?

    There was no hesitation in my answer.

    I raised my thumb and even smiled.

    "The best, I think Vongole will fall in love at once."

    You are a little cool. I tapped on Allio's right shoulder several times.

    Then Allio lifted his relaxed gaze and made eye contact with me.

    "You too?"

    He again handed me a shy question.



    "Do you think I will fall in love with you too?"

    Allio nodded his head.


    How can you say no here.

    Allio needed to have more courage to confess to Vongole.

    In fact, if a nice guy like Allio dashes to me, I'll be stuck.

    "And Allio. You know, smiling is the most important thing. I said smiling looks the most handsome."

    As soon as I finished speaking, Allio smiled pretty. Then his cheeks were filled with fresh dimples as always.

    The dimple felt somehow deeper than when I saw it the other day.

    "Well done. ......Oh. Allio. If you ever come across my maid with black hair and red eyes in Stein Castle, don't ask or questioning, turn around right away without asking."

    "Why? Is there a reason?”

    “There is a complicated reason. It's a bit long to explain. Can you do that?"

    “If Erica wants it. You won't be doing it for no reason. I will do that.”

    “Oh, you listen well.”

    I disheveled his hair to the fullest.

    That's not going to happen in the Duchy of Stein where Allio and Juliana face each other, right?

    Allio, whose head was messed up, continued to laugh like a screwed man.

    Hey, did you eat something wrong?

    "Allio. Why do you keep laughing?"

    "Well. Yeah. I just keep laughing."

    “No way you……”


    As I blurted the end of my speech with a serious tone, Allio also smiled and looked nervous.

    He seemed afraid of the words coming from me.

    "Have you made any progress with Vongole?"

    He shook his head with a bitter smile.

    "......no, not yet."

    “It’s a shame.”

    "Erica. Does she like gifts?"

    "Of course. Who doesn't like gifts?"

    At that moment he grabbed my defenseless hand. Then, with his other hand, he lifted the inner pocket of his jacket.

    Soon he took something out, picked it up, and put it on my palm.

    I looked down and confirmed it's identity.