Spoiler I broke my marriage with the state / 나는 국가와 파혼했다

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    Estelle was married to the state all her life because she was a queen.
    But what she returned was the betrayal of the person she trusted the most.

    The moment she stopped breathing, Estelle made a promise.
    She said she would never be queen if she was reborn.

    And when she opens her eyes, she arrives in an unfamiliar world, an unfamiliar house.
    There was a strange man there.

    “There is only one thing you need to do, please remember me.”

    Will the princess who is reborn after 150 years be able to safely break up with the state?

    [From the text]

    “I… … .”

    The words came out of nowhere before I could even think about it.

    “I want to go back to where I was.”
    “It doesn’t work.”

    The man shook his head resolutely.

    “You may not know it, but decades have already passed since that day. It is impossible to go back to the same era.”

    It seems that so much time has passed while I lost my mind for a moment.
    Indeed, if decades had passed, the people I knew would have already died.
    If I can't go back, where do I go now?
    While I was silent, the man calmly gave me advice.

    “How about just being reborn?”

    * *
    * Male Protagonist: Clovis de Hautewien
    – A riddle that Estelle, who was betrayed and died, met before reincarnation is the youth. He lost the memories of his previous life for an unknown reason and spent a long time trapped between the here and the afterlife, and was reincarnated as an illegitimate son of the Marquis of Ramiens 150 years later with Estelle. As the illegitimate son of the Marquis, he even received the title of Baron Haute Bien, but he has no affection for his father as he has always been disrespected by his family, and he has special feelings for Estelle, who took him out of the prison between the here and the underworld.
    * Female protagonist: Estelle Elizabeth Marie Ellen
    – In her previous life, she was born as the eldest daughter of the king, but she was brought up with a low regard after her mother was ousted from her position as queen. She overcame all odds and succeeded in becoming the kingdom's first queen, but was killed at the hands of her most trusted friend, the Marquis of Ramien. After 150 years of her life, she reincarnated as Princess Estelle, the king's only daughter, and she refuses to become the king and begins her free life.
    * *
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