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    ICTGMP / 선량한 남자 주인공을 타락시켰다
    NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/i-corrupted-the-good-male-protagonist/
    Novel Raws: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=52171569
    I possessed the friend of the male protagonist who suffers from an incurable disease.

    I just wanted to play a lot and enjoy my short life before I die, but the good male protagonist keeps interrupting me.

    It was sickening so I tried to coax him into the path of evil… Well, he suddenly turned into a villain. Is this my fault….?
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    This looks really good :blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone: the synopsis doesn't seem to give away much so I'd really like to know more.
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    The morning was loud like usual, today.

    “Ahhh! Miss, there’s blood again!”

    “Irina, aren’t you tired of being surprised every time?”

    I wiped the blood around my mouth and tried to get up, but my legs… I couldn’t put any strength on my legs, so I sat on the side on my bed instead.

    The white quilt was now filled with the blood that I vomited just now.

    ‘Ugh, I’m dizzy. My vision kept swirling.’

    “The blood cycle is getting shorter.”

    (t/n: this probably meant the interval between her blood vomiting.)

    Irina wiped my mouth with a towel soaked in warm water. I’m the one vomiting blood every 10 days but it looks like she might die before me for crying too much.

    I reassured Irina.

    “I’m fine.”

    “You’re not fine!”

    Irina suddenly screamed back really loudly.

    “Irina, don’t scream. My head is ringing.”

    Irina hurriedly apologized.

    “I-I’m sorry.”

    Irina cleaned my face skillfully, but my pajamas and hands were still bloody. I sighed.

    “I feel like I should take a bath.”

    “You should take your medicine first.”

    “It doesn’t work anyway.”

    I tried to sneak away from her, but Irina immediately got in my way.

    “But it helps reduce pain.”

    Irina put down the towel and brought the medicine and water in front of me. I glared reproachfully at the bitter medicine.

    I was destined to die anyway but I feel like I’m gonna die more early if I ate that damn powdered medicine until my stomach burst. I knew very well the future of my body.

    A month ago, I became Anastasia Sinclair, one of the characters in the novel that I enjoyed reading.

    Anastasia whose name literally means “resurrection” was a terminally ill person.

    Anastasia was already dead when the novel began, and she occasionally only appeared through the recollections of the male protagonist.

    Just remembering that name is making my head ache, but Anastasia and the male lead Adele were quite close.

    And on the day of Anastasia’s funeral, Adele meets the heroine for the first time.

    To connect the male and female lead through the death of someone… That’s just wrong in many ways.

    But Anastasia was a beauty that can make any person freeze on their spot or stare at her when they encountered her on the street.

    Soft eyes that resemble the moon, cherry-colored lips, a sweet voice like a flower and fluttering hair that looks like starlight.

    My first impression when I saw her (me), was that anyone who’ll see her would definitely get a nosebleed.

    Well, that’s if you put aside the fact that if I walk outside for more than an hour, I will fall down.

    Ever since I became Anastasia, I’ve been pretty narcissistic.

    Yeah, so what if I die soon! At least I can live with such beauty!

    No, this is more than just a simple beauty. When I grow up, I don’t think I’ll ever lose to anyone on this country.

    I’ve never been told pretty in my whole life.

    And….maybe my real body was a lot more wrecked than Anastasia, who was just dying because of lost of blood.

    Hmm, I’m pretty sure I’m dead.

    “Damn it! Enough with this thoughts!”

    I stopped thinking and poured the medicine in my mouth. It was really mandatory, but the medicine was damn bitter. Uueeg. I’d rather throw up than eat this!

    “M-miss? “

    “Chocolate…candy…anything, faster…”

    At the words that sounded like my last will, Irina quickly took out the chocolate and held it in her hand. The taste of the medicine was so nauseous. It’s even worst that when I was vomiting blood.

    While the other maids resolved the disaster in the bedroom, I nibbled the chocolate and went to the bathroom with Irina’s help.

    I told Anastasia’s parents that it would be better to change the bed covers and blankets to dark colors a couple times before but they never listened.

    It seemed that they thought that I might feel better if I was surrounded in bright colors.

    Even now, Anastasia’s family is still in a hurry to find a cure that did not exist. They only scold me whenever I said that all their efforts are in vain.

    I’ve never felt or received any familial love. So, of course I didn’t even know how to return it. But my family didn’t question me at all even though I was awkward.

    Originally, Anastasia already had a quiet and indifferent personality even before she got diagnoses with a terminal illness.

    I felt a bit sad hearing that because the Sinclair family really loved Anastasia.

    So, after accepting the reality, I started smiling at them and talking to them in a lively manner once more.

    I was hoping that, if I maybe express my feelings like this, at least Anastasia’s smile will remain in the memory of her family.

    The disease that Anastasia has was so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. So no matter what I did, I was destined to die before I turn 18.

    In front of Adele.

    “Miss, I’m done cleaning up the bedroom.”

    When I finished taking a bath and started drying my hair, Marine, the cleaning maid, came to me to report. I was about to tell her that she did a good job, but Marine added.

    “And now Lord Magnus is running at full speed on the way here.”


    I took a breath. Adele had the incredible ability to notice whenever I was vomiting blood. Is it magic? Is he using some kind of spell? I don’t need this kind of munchkin!*

    (t/n: munchkin is a korean slang that refers to a OP character/person)

    “Tell him I’m sleeping!”

    I jumped up and tried to go to the bedroom, as Irina hurried to catch up to me.

    “Miss, your hair is still wet!”

    “It doesn’t matter!”

    I shook Irina’s hand off and laid down in bed. I pretended to sleep with the newly changed soft blanket covering all over my head.

    I heard Irina reluctantly closing the door.

    I evened out my breathing, but my heart was pounding. I closed my eyes.

    Adele Magnus was a perfect nobleman. It’s as if he had attracted all the good this in the world.

    It’s a bit far from the future, but in the novel he was called an innocent knight, a hero born to lead people on the right path.

    He was good and sincere nobleman.

    Adele never insulted or despised his opponents, even if they were his enemy, he was still polite to them. He was never proud as well.

    He was the heir to the empire’s powerful Duke of Magnus, who showed gentleness and politeness even to the passing commoners. He was respectful to all people, regardless of his status.

    On the other hand, he grew up so well that he was so knowledgeable and inflexible that he often made his clothes burst.

    When I thought that I would rather fall asleep like this, I heard a clear voice over the blanket.

    “Excuse me. Are you asleep?”

    He’s here!

    The sound of the heart was so loud that I started getting worried if the it would reach Adele’s ear.

    Ever since I collapse on my room alone and got found late, Adele started coming in and checking my condition regularly even though he’s reluctant to use magic in front of others. This was already the third time.

    Well, there was no description in the novel that Adele enjoyed trespassing. I felt like I had lost faith in him.

    “You must have coughed blood again. There’s still a trace of it.”

    When I heard Adele’s fresh voice, my eardrums were ecstatic. It sounds as fresh as a lemon juice, red grapes, and citrus. Well, he’s obviously the male lead.

    “Anastasia, I’ll be rude for a moment.”

    I was grumbling inside when the blanket suddenly came off.


    When I opened my eyes, Adele looked at me without any sign of surprise. What is this? What’s with this crazy handsome face? There’s an overflowing glamorous face in front of me that I stared at him unintentionally.

    “Aren’t you sleep?”

    Being carried away by Adele’s beauty, I was a beat late in my anger.

    “A-a lady was lying down and you dare forced to lift the blanket!?”

    It was only for a moment that our eyes met but his calm eyes made me feel uncomfortable, so I turned my head stealthily.

    “You keep avoiding my eyes. Were you embarrassed to look at me because of yesterday?”

    Adele said, putting down the blanket.

    We met last night, too.

    My family would be away for a while to find a cure. The festival was in full swing outside, so I was planning to go to see the fireworks. But Adele suddenly came to stop me.

    I was very angry because Adele blocked my way, even though I told him not to worry since I’m going to be accompanied by the maids anyway.

    ‘I’m fine! Why are you interrupting when I say I’m fine? I’m going to die anyway, and that can’t be stopped by any means! If you understand, just let me do what I want until I die.’

    I don’t have much time to enjoy this world, and it was too much for me to stay in one room.

    “…You know I don’t have much time. I appreciate your concern, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my time in a small room.”

    “We might find a cure.”

    Adele calmly comforted me but I denied it immediately.

    “You wont find one even if you search the entire world.”

    “Why do you say so?”

    “Because I’m the only one with this disease. You know what, Adele? It’s very bearable for me, except for the vomiting of blood and the dizziness. So stop nagging me….”

    “Can you please have hope for me, and for the Count and the Countess?”

    Adele didn’t get tired and continued to instill hope and dreams into me. It’s only been a month since I became Anastasia, but I’m really sick of this conversation pattern.

    The overly prim and positive male character who had the power to turn any person next to him to have a change of heart.

    I shook my head hoping Adele would understand.

    “Yes, I can’t. I’m pretty sure I’ll die soon.”


    “Please don’t think that I’m just being pessimistic, I’m just looking straight at reality. Are we done talking now?”

    Now, go back. I’ll see you off. Your face relieves all my stress, but the nagging makes my blood pressure go crazy. One positive minus one negative is zero after all!

    Adele frowned as I jumped out of bed.

    “We’re not done yet.”

    Adele grabbed me by the wrist very carefully and sat me back in bed. Then, he raised his head.

    “Don’t try to go alone like that. It’s too dangerous for you to go outside.”

    I calmed my voice.

    “I’m not a kid, Adele. And you’re not my guardian.”

    “You can’t do that.”

    “Ugh shit you pighead! Why are you so stubborn!”

    I exploded but Adele didn’t blink.

    “It’s all because I’m worried about you.”

    “I don’t need it! Please! If a person speaks, just pretend to listen!”

    “Anastasia, you’ve become violent.”

    Adele replied in an extremely naive and composed tone. I really wanted to hit this guy.

    Who’s responsible for all this? Thanks to you, my blood pressure will go up and my life expectancy will be reduced to one month!

    MTL (๑¯◡¯๑)
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    So Male Lead, Adele Magnus, was known in the both the original timeline and the current one as the "perfect" person as he was so kind and righteous, enough that it was his flaw. The author managed to turn the "kind and nice" character as flaw in that most people saw him as a doormat and it came into head in the first few chapters when the MC and him went to a festival that everyone ignored him asking them to move away to get the MC back home as she was going to throw up blood soon and pass out. And when he declined the people blamed the MC as she was the reason why he declined helping them.

    His father the Duke, Friedrich Magnus, is worried as the ML was born as someone "perfect" as in he never really cried or expressed his needs or emotions enough that he and his wife, Penelope, tried their best to instill good morals in him to the point of brainwashing which he regrets as it basically left the ML defenseless in defending himself and the fact his current self of a "good and nice" noble is just a facade that will one day break and as he has seen other people like his son get into big accidents when they could longer be the "nice and kind" person.

    The Main Character transmigrated into the childhood friend of Adele, Anastasia Sinclair, who is going to to die in two years from her uncurable disease. Her parents and older brother are traveling to find a cure leaving Anastasia under the care of Duke Friedrich, who leaves her under Adele to kindle friendship between the two. The MC may seen like bitch in the beginning because it seems like she was being too harsh but she mainly does that because the ML was too overprotective with not letting her go outside and the fact she quickly notices how much of doormat he is. So she tries to teach him to be a bit more "evil" ie. know when to say "No" and not to take everything at face value because when she tricks him to thinking she blamed him for eating a slice of pie when both the MC and the chief were barely holding back their laughter in front of him. She is living a YOLO kind of him so she doesn't usually care what people think as long as those close to her may have good memories of her being happy in last moments when dies.

    The original Anastasia had a rocky relationship with the ML as she took his hopes of her getting better as mockery because she knew she wasn't getting better and that she was going to die, so she didn't take kindly to him trying to plant false hopes of her living. Original Anastasia was happier and kinder when she was younger until a year before Transmigrated-Anastasia came she just gave up and started fighting with the ML because she couldn't stand his "happiness" or hope of her getting better because his mother, Penelope's death gave her that realization that she won't get better and that she will die.

    Original Anastasia wasn't as bad as you might think as she mainly avoided him the beginning before escalating into arguing into the year before throwing a vase at him a week before Transmigrated-Anastasia came since she clearly expressed her feelings that she doesn't want to see him again.

    I feel like the story is less that the MC corrupted the ML but more like she helped him realized he wasn't happy being a "good and nice" person he makes himself be. The Duke is really nice since he realized his mistake in just raising the ML to a "good and nice" person fucked him over and one of the things he did was warn the MC early on about it since he realized the ML actually likes her.

    The main reason why the ML likes the MC is because she doesn't think him as the next Duke or the "perfect" person everyone claims he is, she is rude and back talks to him and he express his feelings clearly.

    Edit: Lol one of the complaints was the amount of skinship was too little, like the couple only went as far as forehead kisses.
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    Actually I prefer less skinship and more fluff:blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt:

    This novel is becoming my cup of tea:blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn:
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    I'm wondering how the MC's illness will be addressed in the end. Luckily it doesn't Have the tragedy Tag.
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    I fell back on my bed. When I first met Adele, he seemed to be acting all coy and shy, but that felt like a long time ago now.

    Ah, I’m going to die in two years anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Whatever. Adele doesn’t really care anyway…..

    Not to the extent that he didn’t care, but right now, he was sitting at a walnut tea table while reading without looking at me at all.

    Vocal theory what… ? Just reading the title of the book he’s reading makes me sleepy already.

    I can’t believe there was such a book on my shelf, I’ll throw it right away once Adele goes away.

    “I’m bored. I want to go out.”

    Adele’s voice interjected as soon as I muttered.

    “No. “

    “Who are you to decide that?!”
    “I’m Anastacia’s best friend.”
    I felt the urge to throw the pillow at Adele’s smug face.

    “We’re done”

    Only then did Adele lifted his head slightly.
    Adele’s hair was a bit messy, which is unsuitable for his usual bleak, ascetic lifestyle.

    It’s brilliant color reflecting the sunset that looked like a forest burning in gold, shook seductively.

    It’s probably like that because he ran his way to stop me from going out, but for some reason, my fingertips are tingling.

    I want to touch it…

    Whether or not he noticed my impulses, Adele spoke in a calm tone as I continued glaring at him with a pillow in my hand.

    “The Count asked me to take good care of you. I have to keep you safe until the count returns.”

    I didn’t hear anything. The white-skinned hands, that looks like white birches, covered the book with sensuality. His knuckles caught my eye.

    “You can protect me even if I go outside.”

    Adele smiled at my grumbling. It was a refreshing and pure smile and I reflected on myself for a while, because I thought he was sexy when I saw him like that.

    Get a hold of yourself! He’s already another person’s bread.*

    (* it means destiny or property)

    “Are you finally ready to go out with me? But I'll refuse today. Rest in your bed.”

    I bit my lips.

    “I’m sorry to have to speak coldly, but Anastasia, there’s no color on your face right now. I’m afraid that if we go out right now, you’ll definitely collapse.”

    I rubbed my cheek. I could definitely feel that I had less energy than before.

    I was hesitant to back down, but it was still impossible to let go of the lingering feelings. Every single day was so precious that I was going crazy.

    “Then tomorrow?”

    This time Adele took a step back.

    “If your condition got better, it would be okay to take a short walk.”

    Adele looked relieved when I agreed to it.
    “Thank you for understanding what I mean.”

    We’ll see.
    Adele went back after a few more hours. I vowed revenge, munching on candy.

    My condition continues to get worse as time went by, so it was still a great pity that I couldn’t see the fireworks yesterday.

    I was really okay yesterday! There’s a carriage, too. I could have gone with the maids!

    I’m sure to make up for this sorrow.

    I’m glad that my teeth are still strong though. Irina, who was tidying up the table, slowly approached me.

    “I’ll get rid of the garbage, Miss.”

    “No, leave it alone.”

    “Yes? “

    I smiled at Irina, who made a confused expression.

    “I’ll use it for something.”

    I regained my strength the night before the following day but my persistent maid made me take two nasty, bitter supplements that forced me to fell asleep deeply.

    Fortunately, I was able to regain my energy whether heaven recognized my burning vengeance.

    Adele came a little after lunch, and I greeted him with a bright face in front of the main gate.
    “Hi, Adele. As you can see, I’m totally alive.”

    “You look better than yesterday. I’m glad to hear that.”

    The face of Adele, who answered like that, shone.

    As usual, his delicate rose-colored twinkling eyes were full of good faith, and his lips continued to speak only noble and hopeful words.

    When I read about Adele through the novel, I thought he looked so perfect and cool to me, but now, I think he’s just super annoying. As expected, being too nice is a problem.

    “You remember what I said yesterday? I won’t be greedy. I just want to walk around.”

    “Of course, hold my hand.”

    Adele reached out his hand but I only glanced down.

    “I can walk alone.”

    “Do you still feel uncomfortable with me?”

    Adele suddenly muttered in a subdued voice. I thought of Anastasia in the original, which made Adele difficult as his condition worsened.

    Adele added before I said anything.

    “I made a slip of the tongue. Forget about what I said. I’m excited to just come out with Anastasia like this.”

    I don’t think Adele wants to talk anymore, so we just proceeded to walked side by side

    When we got some distance away from the Count’s Mansion, I stopped walking.

    I glanced at Adele.

    “Adele, I have a favor to ask.”

    “What is it. “

    Adele, who stopped walking, said readily. I tilted my head toward Adele to show my flowery face from a perfect angle.

    “Are you willing to listen?”

    “……Anything that doesn’t go against reason.”

    As expected of the main character, Adele had already set up an iron wall.

    The maids often fell for my charms when I use my face like this but Adele didn’t even reacted. How disappointing.

    Anyway, I need to lay the groundwork to coax Adele first.

    “You know, I probably won’t live long.”

    “And I’m saying again…..”

    “Listen til the end. “


    He’s obviously discontented, but Adele backed down unwillingly.

    I began to speak slowly and calmly so as not to look emotional.

    “I mean, I’ve always been sick of dying.But it’s such a waste of time just spending time in my room without doing anything.You might have interrupted me because you’re worried about me, but my only hope is that I would like to visit many places for a short time.You’re just blocking the world even if I say this.”

    “This is all for you.”

    I got close to Adele. We were already only a few steps apart, but now we were close enough to hug each other.

    I held onto the hem of Adele’s shirt so he could not retreat.

    “Then shouldn’t I ask you to do anything for me? If you have any conscience.”

    Adele’s face became slightly stiff but I didn’t stop.

    “You ignored my opinions and pushed me back. If you keep doing this, I’m not confident that I won’t blame you for dying.”

    It was only then that shadow fell on his face.

    “I’m sorry. I thought that it was for the best.”

    “Because you never give up hope. You think my parents can get the cure.”

    I know that Adele is just worried about me, but that’s not the problem at all.
    He was stubborn.
    The problem was, Adele did not respect me, who was the person involved. He did not listened to my wishes or what he’s doing is right or wrong.

    Adele’s eyes were stained with guilt when I reminded him of the fact.

    “Anastasia, say whatever you want. I will do you a favor with my life.”

    He said ‘whatever I want’!

    I pulled down the corners of my mouth that were desperately trying to go up.

    “Then would you come visit me whenever you have time starging today?”

    I asked in a rather amiable way. Adele blinked his eyes.

    “Are you….serious?”

    “Yes. I mean, you think about me that much right? Honestly, I was a little moved.”

    “Anastasia…. ”
    Adele looked at me with joy that almost shook my heart.

    His face is glowing….

    He confessed his feelings in an excited voice.

    “I thought you hated me. You didn’t even smile at me for a while. You said I’m dumb and you rather not say anything. But I still come to see you with all sorts of excuses and obstinacy. I knew you wouldn’t like it, but I couldn’t stop worrying, I was selfish.”

    The real Anastasia couldn’t handle his positive energy.

    It’s because when you advise a terminally ill and dying person to “have hope,” it sometimes sounds like nothing but a ridicule.

    Adele’s noble and good intentions cannot be denied, but it’s not so good for Anastasia, who was tired of being sick for a long time.
    “But these days… you seem to still hate me, but at least you don’t ignore me. I must have been excited without knowing. I didn’t know that my over-the-top worrying was hurting you so much…”

    “It’s all right, it can’t be helped. Then shall we hold hands as a sign of reconciliation?”

    I reached out to Adele.


    Adele took my hand.

    This is crazy. My heart is racing!

    N-no! He’s the male protagonist! Let’s calm down, no matter how perfect the knuckles of his fingers are or how his hand’s texture is incomparable to velvet or silk!
    I took a deep breath and managed to pull myself together.

    Now it was time to get a revenge from Adele.
    I put my empty hand in my pocket and took out the pre-prepared candy wrapper and flauntingly dropped on the floor.

    Sure enough, Adele reacted immediately.

    “Anastasia, the candy wrapper has fallen off. Hold on, I’ll pick it up.”

    “No, pretend you don’t see it.”

    “Yes? “

    Adelle asked embarrassedly. I’ve already pulled Adele’s half-down shoulder, straight up.

    “You said you’d do any favors I ask? Let it go.”

    Adele was confused.

    “But isn’t it wrong to dump trash by the roadside?”

    “That’s right, I did something wrong. And I’m not going to reflect, I’m not going to fix it.”

    His bright eyes shook.

    “Then I’ll…”

    “I told you to let it go.”

    What do you say, it’s hard, isn’t it? You’re going crazy, aren’t you? Your good boy’s instincts is tingling, right?

    “Why are you doing this?”

    Adele, who had never made a moral mistake, was visibly embarrassed.

    He was obviously anxious that someone passing by might find the candy wrapper that I dropped but he’s afraid that he’s going to lose our relationship.

    Adele’s surprised appearance, which was so tempting, made me feel delighted.

    It wouldn’t work if it were anyone else but this is Adele. Adele who was made of ethics, morality and integrity. Adele’s life was a teaching book and a law itself.

    And I was a very mean and grumpy person.

    “Because I’m a bad person.”
    Adele tried to deny it even though I admitted it mildly.

    “You’re not a bad person…”

    I ignored his remark.

    “And I’ll give you this.”

    I placed a little plastic bag in Adele’s hand. Adele stared at his palm, and then looked at me, and then lowered his gaze in his palm again.

    “It’s a candy wrapper.”
    Adele murmured lowly. Then I ordered Adele to do something.

    “Now, throw it on the ground, too.”

    Adele stiffened.
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    Hmmm... does that mean that ML will change to what he is now...?
    I heard that this was happy ending!
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    So he is a psychopath his parents were afraid that he will cause troubles or maybe become tyrannical in the future so they totally brainwashed him into being a nice and a good person , but he just took it to the extreme because he can't feel any emotions and was so confused
    I guess that's why he doesn't blush, gets flustered or have much reaction to the MC's otherworldly beauty or skinships
    Also he was just thaught to act a certain way , it's not his real nature and he doesn't feel anything out of the Goodwill's he commits , but thankfully the mc will correct him and teach him how to be his true self , maybe he is a Villain or a tyrant in nature , but these traits were hidden due to his programmed acts
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    Seems that way. Honestly, I think it's a great take on the supercalafragalasticextrashiningprince role that pops up in young love novels. Most of the time their strict goodness gets attributed to naiveite and dumbassness. Having trouble honestly feeling and understanding right from wrong and being pretty much brainwashed to the extreme out of fear he'd do wrong is a interesting reason to be so damn shining and perfect to a fault.

    It even gives good reason for him to latch onto MC real hard. She was diagnosed as terminally ill shortly after his mother died. She's really only person who hasn't shoved extreme expectation on him. Then after MC gets her past life memories. He starts getting treated more like a person and get contrast to his brain washing and gets to realize how misrable he is.
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  12. Pinkie Pie

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    I have finished book one and am half way through book two. There is a lot going on to much to write a full spolier. HOWEVER I love love love love the entire cast of characters. They are all refreshingly well written and the more time the reader spends with them the more complex and human they feel.

    Ash: Is an ass hat. However he is a full tsundere and secretly in love with Olga.

    Olga: A. HOT. MESS. She is use to men saving her from herself. But then Anastasia saves her and they become friends. Olga means well but she often says or does the wrong thing.

    Lynette: The more I read the more I am convinced she is queer coded. Full stop.
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    Marquess Cloud (Ash's dad) was eating with Anastasia and the rest of his family then he's like: "The Duke is not to be trusted. I bet Adele is not even his real son. I bet the Duke killed his real son and replaced him with Adele."
    And everyone rolled their eyes and was like dude need a tin foil hat. But im just like...
    :blobsleepless: hold up a sec
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    This is one of the novels I enjoy very much.. hopefully there'll be more spoilers:blobsad:

    It's been a week since I didn't meet Adele. It was time. Irina asked with a worried face.

    "Miss, you're in the bedroom today too?"

    I dug deeper into the quilt and looked at her.

    "Get out and do something."

    "Even if he doesn't come, you can go out with me. Would you like to eat parfait?"

    Irina suggested with a sweet voice. And I immediately refused.



    I stayed in the bed and hugged my body. I bit my lips feeling a bit sorry.

    'I can accept my death. What if you can't?'
    If I die, Irina will be sad, right?

    Don't you want to forget about me?

    "Irina, I've been doing many things in my life. I don't wish to let you know the pain of those who will die and be left behind."

    I'm sorry if it's not very accurate
  15. Wr3n

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    does adele ever confront ash over the shit he's doing, or did they just sweep it under the rug after anastacia's arm-wrestling and shitty drawing.
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    They get married in the end.

    The last paragraph, of the last page, of the last chapter of the main story.

    *sitting together overlooking a valley*
    “Can I kiss you?”
    “Please do it right now.” I blatantly responded. I heard Adele laughing. He released a hug and held me up. When I closed my eyes with a fluttering heart, a warm and soft thing overlapped my lips. Soon, Adele confessed, slightly dropping his lips.
    “Every moment you’re so lovely, how don't know I can endure. Even if I die, I don't want to part with you.” A sweet voice penetrated my ears. “There is infinite love for you. I swear.” Laughter came out without any help from the clear and firm words. It was Adele who wanted to live as Sinclair. Being there made me greedy, and I realized that this is my home. It would never have been here without Adele. I whispered in his arms.
    “Thank you, Adele. You know, I'm very much in with love you."
    “I love you, Anastasia. I will never miss you.”
    It was a dazzling winter. As long as there is Adele, I will never feel cold again.

    [Living as Sinclair is not a translation mistake it’s a whole other thing that is part of the plot. Don’t worry about it.]
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    WHOA SO HE TAKES ON ANASTASIA'S NAME??? MATRILOCAL MARRIAGE??? :blobparty::blobparty::blobparty::blob_pompom::blob_pompom::blob_pompom::aww:
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  18. Aquaa

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    spoilers on how mc got cured pls
  19. Assassin997

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    why are they eating together?
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    Thank you for all the lovely spoilers! I'm still laughing at the bit where
    she tells him to throw the candy wrapper on the ground

    ML's characterization is looking like a very unique twist on the typical prince charming trope and I'm living for it! Gonna camp out here for spoilers :sushi_hide::sushi_peak:
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