I didnt know that Saint Seiya had musicals

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    Not earning enough to support your self isn't a reason to quit that job and not work , if you can find a better one sure but to stay at home and do nothing is not a solution.

    No they should really stop creating useless jobs in offices. Other jobs , like what ?

    A living wage , what a joke. Does it seem that we live in a utopia ? Yes that would be ideal but that's not the case.

    Not everyone is voluntarily unemployed but there are indeed people that do not work just because the can especially here in Belgium. The taxes are sky high ( 2/3 of your yearly salary ) but you get benefits. That means about 8 months out of the year is just taxes ...

    Everything is relatively expensive but that's because the min salary is decent about 10/hour.

    To even get a job you need an address, shower , not look homeless. If you do not have a roof , you're not going to get there on your own.

    There are reduced taxes for a reason. If your sick you're bills will be mostly covered by the benefits, if you have a ton of children , single parent you have reductions.

    Some people are not qualified for most jobs , even simple ones because of the language barrier. Even if they want to work they'll take a few years learning to communicated. ( for those that do not speak english , french ,dutch )

    The demand for low skilled job might be high but there are more and more people that go to university and get a degree.