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    On the way home from work as usual.

    As I was about to die in a sudden accident, then I heard someone's voice ringing in my head.

    [I'm Elcia Artize, save him, please, you could do it!]

    It was the last time I lost consciousness and the place where I was when I opened my eyes...

    It was in the novel I was reading right before the accident!

    I was also in possession of Elsia's body, an extra that dies in the beginning of the novel.

    There was only one thing I could do to survive.

    Doing Elsia's request and twisting the original story!

    First it was to save this Ixion, her unrequited love, who was assassinated and killed.

    "Prince, I'm here to warn you of the assassination that would take place today."

    I managed to succeed in saving him using the information from the original, I wanted to live a peaceful life unrelated to the original.

    Until I received a letter…

    "I owe you a lot of grace. I hope you come to the capital immediately because I want to repay you with marriage."

    Ixion's proposal, which I thought was the end of our relationship.

    "Hey... Prince, I didn't ask you to propose?"

    Would Elcia be able to safely refuse his proposal and return to her peaceful life?

    Raw: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=55093183

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    Interesting. I wonder if the OG would want her body back or she's just so thankful, she wishes MC happiness. Either way, spoilers?
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    Oh no.. Please more spoiler please... :cry:
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    Episode 2. Escape from the Imperial Palace (2)

    I had a habit of doing yoga every morning, but simple stretching was impossible with this body.

    Since Elcia has a habit of binge eating due to stress from the Kingdom of Artize, she has always been obese.

    It seemed to me that I needed to groom this body for health reasons, and do yoga again, which was my hobby and job in my previous life.

    But in order to do that, I'll have to deal with urgent matters first.

    "Sera, when was the 3rd Prince's Birthday Banquet?"

    "You're talking about the prince now?"

    Sera answered, tilting her head.


    If so, then the assassination would take place today.

    Prince Ixion was originally wandering around the battlefield and fighting monsters in subterranean lands, so he rarely stayed in the Imperial Palace, but he was forced to attend his birthday banquet.

    I, the princess of an enemy country who was locked up in the Imperial Palace, had no choice but to attend a banquet to meet Ixion.

    "Sera, did you get an invitation to the prince's birthday banquet a few days ago?"

    "Oh... yes."

    Sera had a surprised look. That would be the case, because Elcia had never attended a banquet since the victory banquet three years ago.

    The invitation was just for formality.

    She won't have anyone to talk to even if she's attends the banquet anyway

    It was natural for Elcia to eat her food in the small room in the Imperial Palace rather than being insulted in the banquet hall. Because she always had plenty of delicious food to eat at the Imperial Palace.

    "It was late, but I sent a reply to the invitation that I'm going to attend."


    I really didn't have time anymore.

    Even if I hadn't died, the plan for the assassination of the prince would remain the same and would take place.

    Because to Decan, I was 'the one to kill in case of an unexpected disturbance' anyway.

    "Wow, Princess... you're going to a banquet?"

    "Yes, I'm going."

    Sera's pupils shook greatly.

    "Oh my! we have only a few hours left. And I'll have to dress you up..."

    "Do as you please."

    I shrugged my shoulders.

    "But... still! Uh, are you sure you want to attend?"

    "Yes, I'm going. So let the banquet overseer know quickly that I'm going to attend."

    Sera stamped her feet and ran out immediately.

    And when she came back she was carrying something in her hands.

    "We don't have much time... but somehow..."

    Sera's hands were full of crude cosmetics, combs, hairpins and cheap perfumes.

    I admired Sera's innocent favor, but I wasn't expecting much for the outcome.

    Sadly when I opened the closet, there was only one dress I could wear. It was a pink dress with excessive frills and the fabric's color seemed to have faded.

    Since Elcia was trapped in the palace, she has gained more weight due to severe binge eating, so the dress would not fit properly, but she had no choice.

    'No matter how much I was imprisoned here, I was once a princess, but I don't know how I could look like a blooming flower unlike other young noble ladies.'

    No matter how much Sera tried to put on the hairpin on Elcia's head, her hair kept sticking out because it was poorly managed.

    In addition, Sera unfortunately, had no dexterous hands unlike other maids.

    "Princess, are you really… going to the banquet?"

    Sera cried and adjusted my clothes until the end.

    I had already suffered enough when I walked the hallway yesterday, so I didn't know what was going to happen.

    I'll have to hear a lot of people laughing at me, I would have to escort myself.

    There was no man or knight to escort me anyway.

    It was inevitable that it would be a good sense to bite off at a banquet.

    "I'll be back."



    In case I would get hurt, Sarah was stamping her feet.

    I smiled.

    "I have to lose some weight for my health in the future, but the value of a person could not be evaluated by their appearance or status."

    In my previous life, when I was at a yoga school, I always said this to members who were worried about their body shape

    "Why live each day like a gift while looking out for others? I could go on my own ways confidently. If I'm strong, I won't get hurt so don't worry."

    Elcia and I were both desperate. There were things that were far more important than the reputation or insults.

    In the original, Elcia described in a quite depth the time when she fell in love with Ixion.

    * * *

    Three years ago, Elcia had no qualms to participate in the victory banquet.

    Because it was the moment and place where it was announced that she came as a hostage.

    "Oh my! Hey, look at her dress popping behind her waist."

    "Did Artize didn't give their princess basic self care?"

    "I couldn't even see her face... I guess she didn't learn any manners or postures."

    The basic disregard for the imprisoned princess and the outright criticism of her appearance.

    Elcia shrank even more, bowed her head and endured all that time alone.

    She was not allowed to leave since the day she was declared as a hostage.

    "Who would the prince dance with his first dance?"

    "I know, he doesn't attend banquets very often..."

    "This time, it's the Prince's victory banquet, so he would surely come."

    The reason that the Kingdom of Artize was defeated was because of the Prince. He ended the war in an instant.

    Elcia also knew him well. A horrifyingly handsome war genius.

    "We won't be having trouble with Artize again, right?"

    "No way, he even brought a royal family as a hostage."

    "But looking at her condition..."

    "I don't think Artize would regret sending her at all."

    Elcia was holding on with a feeling of humiliation.

    I only stared at the pattern on the floor, and held back tears. It was what I expected from the time I was caught here.

    "Shall we make a bet? How many men would ask that princess for a dance?"

    "I'll bet there's no one there."

    "Me too."

    "It's the same for me."

    "Oh, then we won't be able to make a bet."

    Then, a large hand carefully stretched out into my blurred vision.

    "Princess Elcia Artize."

    It was a low, dull voice.

    "Could I ask for one song to dance?"

    Elcia looked up in disbelief.

    The calm blue eyes were looking at her.
    And she felt that all the attention on the banquet hall was drawn to her.

    "I understand your loss. I'm sorry for making your situation like this. But Eastheim was also a place where people live, so you would have good memories here. Don't be offended by the light talks of those who are lacking."

    In a way, it was the prince of the enemy country that caused the defeat. But Elcia felt her heart pound.

    Even as a result of sympathy and guilt, it was a respect and goodwill she had not felt even in her home country.

    So when Elcia was assassinated and dying, she noticed that Decan's real goal was Ixion, and she was more troubled by the dangers that would come to Ixion rather than her dying self.

    I haven't seen him in three years, but I haven't forgotten his favor...

    * * *

    Instead of living her life, I once again vowed to fulfill her wishes.

    'I have to save Ixion.'

    And I had to live too. If I stay still like this, Decan would try to kill me again.

    'I have to end this damn palace confinement. And I'm going to escape somehow.'

    On my way to the banquet hall, my mind was spinning with plans for the future.

    * * *

    Social society, Eastheim's best counselor and various sources at the banquet, Aiden Zibeth, was also having a happy time surrounded by young ladies at the 3rd Prince's Birthday banquet.

    Ixion, the main character of the banquet and the fantasy of all the young ladies, only sat still at a nearby table with an expression on his face that everything was boring

    "What are you thinking?"

    "Would it be possible that you have a lady in your mind?"

    Aiden laughed bitterly. Probably he knows Ixion was not interested in this banquet, and he was thinking of the next monster subjugation.

    The third prince, Ixion doesn't have a fiance yet.

    It was because he did not have any contact with aristocrats because he was kept in check by the Crown Prince.

    And his indifference towards women also played a part.

    "It's not like that."

    As if Aiden wasn't worried about it, he smiled gently at the young ladies around him.

    "Don't worry, he's very neat about women's issues."

    The problem was that he was so neat that there was nothing. Aiden grinned and raised a glass of wine.

    "By the way, what happened with the Marquis of Evgeny?"

    "Oh, let me explain! I heard it at tea time a few days ago."

    "There's a rumor going around."

    When Aiden, who turned the conversation into an interesting topic, wanted to let out his curiosity when the door to the banquet hall suddenly opened.

    "Princess Elcia Artize is entering."

    Everyone stopped talking at an unexpected name and turned their gazes at the door.

    Aiden let out a sigh unknowingly.

    A dress that doesn't fit the body and worn out, an anxious gait, a messy hair that's already sticking out...

    'Why did the hostage from the enemy country, whom everyone forgot, suddenly appear here?'

    Everyone's eyes were on her, and all at once started a new topic of conversation about her.

    "Oh my God, Princess Elcia?"

    "It's the first time I've seen her since three years…"

    "She seems to have gained more weight?"

    "Look at her hair. I wouldn't go around like that even in the streets."

    "Why did she come here?"

    "I wonder if the prince who has come to the banquet would dance like what he did years ago?"

    "Look at the dress... The frills are so tacky. The color was dull."

    "Look at her steps. There was no dignity at all. Why was it so fast?"

    Ixion was the only one who glanced at her and turned his head as if he was not interested.

    Because Aiden couldn't take his eyes off her either.

    Because her dress was tacky, because she doesn't suit a fancy banquet? Because she's such an unexpected person?

    It wasn't.

    Aiden, who has an extraordinarily good memory in this kind of matter, quickly found a crucial difference from the last Princess Elcia he saw three years ago.

    Even though she was in a mess, she raised her head confidently.

    It was a walk that did not fit the etiquette, but she was straightening her back.

    And her eyes, her red eyes, were shining. As if she had nothing to do with the people's gaze, and as if there was only one thing that matters to her.

    “Today, something really strange would happen.”

    Aiden muttered unknowingly. And that strange thing happened in an instant.

    Despite the gaze of others, Elcia stood in front of him without hesitation, and reached out her hand.

    "I would like to dance one song."

    Everyone was surprised enough to realize that their mouths were wide open.

    Episode 3. Escape the Imperial Palace (3).

    It was against the custom for a woman to ask a man to dance.

    That was why so many young ladies wanted to dance with Ixion, but couldn't dare speak to him. It's because they hated it to death to appear as an uneducated woman.

    But now I have no time to worry about such customs or reputations.

    To be honest, those things actually felt ridiculous.

    In the crowded banquet hall, I recognized Ixion at a glance.

    White skin that contrasts with his black hair, blue eyes like glass.

    With an indifferent, somewhat empty look on his face, he sat leaning back on his chair without giving me a glance.

    I first grabbed Ixion's hand, who had a slight frown on his forehead.

    Not only was all eyes focused, but also the sound of someone clicking their tongue and sighs were heard.

    But the way Ixion looked at me changed. It's because he felt a piece of note in his hand.

    He jumped to his feet and replied. As soon as he stood up, I felt overwhelmed.

    "I'm honored."

    He's speaking informally? Well, it's normal for a prince to speak informally to a princess. But three years ago, he spoke more politely than anyone else.

    I whispered quietly, taking his escort.

    "Well, I don't know how to dance."

    Elcia might have learned to dance before, but I've only just possessed this body.

    Ixion also whispered quietly.

    "Just relax your body. I'll take care of it."

    And I realized one thing.

    This man doesn't remember dancing with Elcia Artize three years ago. It was just that he danced impulsively out of simple sympathy.

    The use of honorifics must have been because she felt sorry for Elcia, who was being ignored.

    Otherwise, he wouldn't take my hand naturally when I said that I couldn't dance suddenly.

    The music began, and he put his hand on my waist and stuck his upper body.

    The dance he led was very simple, so I could follow and imitate it roughly.

    As I took a little breath and got used to the dance, his blue eyes flashed and shone as if asking me to tell him what was going on.

    I didn't mean to drag on either, so I whispered quietly.

    "Prince, I'm here to warn you of the assassination that would take place today."

    His cold expression remained unchanged, but his arms around my waist firmly tightened.

    "There must have been a lot of gifts to congratulate the Prince on his birth."

    I didn't have time to care about how my body was moving.

    "There must be a book from the Marquis of Evgeny among them."

    His brows slightly frowned.

    "It's a book about tactics, and the title is written on the note I gave you."

    I spoke in a small voice, but clearly.

    Hoping that this clever man doesn't listen to me in vain.

    "If you open the book, you'll die in an instant. Don't open it and dispose of it immediately."

    "...don't talk nonsense. Marquis Evgeny was a loyal family."

    "It was not a gift sent by the Marquis of Evgeny."

    The music was increasingly heading towards the climax.

    Ixion realized the seriousness of the situation and gradually moved to the corner.

    "At the end of the banquet, call the Marquis of Evgeny and show him the list of gifts. He'll probably say that he never sent a book as a gift."


    "The Marquis of Evgeny has three spies planted by the Kingdom of Artizé. Those three were inserted secretly."

    Ixion's eyes sank coldly.

    "My brother, Decan, plans to kill the prince like that... and plans to launch a full-scale attack again."

    "I haven't seen or heard the magic of killing an opponent using a book."

    "Of course. It's the secret of the Artize royal family. It's black magic, so it needs a big price."

    Anyway, Ixion has no choice but to listen to me, because there was no benefit at all if he ignored it.

    No matter how strong his heart was, there was no one who could let it slide when there was a risk of assassination.

    So I was able to remain calm and confident.

    "How can I trust you?"

    "The Prince said, Marquis Evgeny was a loyal family."

    I continued without any embarrassment.

    "Check the gift list with Marquis Evgeny, and find the source of the book. If you catch the three, you'll be able to find out who's behind it."

    Towards the expressionless Ixion, I smiled brightly.

    "For a cause, kill my brother Decan and destroy Artize. Otherwise, I, the whistleblower, would be in danger."

    Looking at Ixion's shocked face, I quickly added.

    What saved Ixion was also saving myself, and I had something I really wanted.

    "Then I don't need to be held as a hostage anymore. Then, give me freedom. That's all I need in return."

    In any case, Artize would eventually be destroyed even if Ixion dies like in the original.

    Decan was a traitor who had risen to the throne after killing my parents, killed both of his younger brothers, and was a tyrant who neglected internal affairs because of the war.

    Artize, who had stumbled in many ways without Ixion in the first place, would be destroyed. Ixion didn't say anything.

    His mind would be complicated about how to deal with the sudden situation.

    'I know you couldn't trust me easily because I'm meticulous and cautious. But there's no reason not to believe it.'

    "If you need any other advice, please find the book. Artize's terrain, tactics. I would do my best to help."

    Then, the music was over.

    I moved away from him and politely bowed my head. He also spoke in a voice that anyone could hear in preparation for my brother's assignation plan.

    "Thank you, Prince."

    The gaze that was close to contempt poured out from the surrounding aristocrats, but I didn't care about that anyway.

    It's because I thought they were people I would never see again anyway.

    Now I'll do everything in my power to escape this Imperial Palace somehow.

    "Because it was my desperate desire to dance with the prince once more."

    Ixion kissed the back of my hand without saying a word.

    The back of my hand felt hot, but the way he looked at me made me cringe more.

    He wasn't called a war hero for nothing, but the pressure from him was no joke.

    "Then I've fulfilled my lifelong wish, so I would be leaving."

    I turned around without regret, walked proudly out of the banquet hall, ignoring everyone else's absurd faces.

    * * *

    "Oh my! Take a look at the customs of the Artize kingdom."

    Aiden approached Ixion and said slyly.

    "It was the first time in my life to witness such an enterprising courtship."

    It was the most interesting thing that happened recently in society.

    Aiden didn't mean to miss this opportunity.

    "How about inviting her to the next monster subjugation? My ambition was as good as any other knights. I pledged to do more mental training with Princess Elcia in mind."

    There was no other person on the continent who could ask a little bit of Ixion's feelings about this event that would be talked about for days and days to come.

    However, Ixion said with an expression that he did not even listen to Aiden's words.

    "Aiden, strengthen the guard of the imperial palace right now. In particular, pay attention to the surrounding guards of Princess Elcia."

    "Where's a place safer than the Imperial Palace?"

    "And guide the Marquis of Evgeny to my room without being seen now."


    Aiden looked at Ixion with a bewildered expression.

    "Tell the Marquis that I couldn't accept the gifts because it's too much, and I'll give some back."

    "Your Highness, what are you talking about? How many heads of the monsters we subjugated in the Evgeny estate. It's a natural sign of sincerity."

    "Shut up and do as you're told. Both of you, right now."

    Aiden's eyes also changed momentarily in response to Ixion's resolute words.

    "Yes sir."

    You'll notice it's not a situation to laugh and talk carelessly.

    "I guess the wishes made by Princess Elcia are quite heavy."

    Aiden quickly bowed his head and disappeared into the crowd in search of Marquis Evgeny.

    * * *

    Everything was literally what Elcia said.

    The Marquis of Evgeny, Mela Evgeny, was a neat woman in her fifties. She was terrified and picked up exactly one book from her list of gifts.

    It was exactly the title of the book Elcia wrote on her note.

    It was the first edition of a famous tactical book. Even without opening any other gifts, he who enjoys reading the tactics must have opened the book.

    Ixion did not open the book and took it as it was, ordering the prisoner in the dungeon to read it.

    As soon as the prisoner opened the book, black smoke erupted, and he died without a chance to use his hand.

    Aiden and Mela's expressions, who were watching the whole scene, were hardened. After that, the black smoke disappeared, leaving no evidence.

    "Oh my God, something like this..."

    "What kind of method was used to kill someone with poison. I haven't heard of it."

    Perhaps if Elcia hadn't told me, I would have died instantly like that prisoner.

    Aiden panicked, sighing horribly just imagining it.

    Ixion unwittingly repeated what Elsia had said to Mela.

    "Please go back to your estate and track the background to see who's behind this. I've heard that there were three spies planted in the Marquis.

    "Whether or not. My eldest son was attending this banquet, so I'll ask him to put an acceleration spell on the horse."

    Mela bowed her head, trembling.

    "Last summer, after the Marquis collapsed, I brought a large number of caregivers to the castle. I guess they mixed in at that time. I'll quickly secure evidence and report it immediately. But…"

    Mela asked Lee Je-on, who was frighteningly calm.
    Mela carefully asked Ixion, who was frighteningly calm.

    "Do you have any idea who's behind it?"

    Ixion kept silent for a while, then answered.

    "Kingdom of Artize."


    Aiden was also surprised enough to stop breathing for a moment.

    Until now, Artize has lowered itself and sent tributes in a timely manner.

    In addition, Artizé's national power was declining, and it was a shortcut to war now.

    "Even after losing three years ago, their ambition wasn't broken at all."

    Aiden pondered for a moment, then opened his eyes round and asked.

    "You Highness, did Princess Elcia tell you about this?"

    "Wasn't Princess Elcia the only person who could tell you about the secrets of the Artize kingdom?"

    Mela also recalled Elcia's bizarre dance request and nodded slowly.
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    Episode 4. Escape from the Imperial Palace (4).

    Ixion frowned and spoke briefly.

    "That's right. The princess told me all this."

    "Ahh... I see."

    "But I don't know why she told me about it. That's why everything seems unclear and doubtful."

    Ixion still looked complicated.

    "If everything goes well, she asked for her freedom... If her brother wins, couldn't she just return to their kingdom? Why the hell betray her homeland and even destroy it? I'm the one who brought her here as a hostage."

    Aiden touched his forehead.

    "Your Highness... that's too obvious."

    Mela sighed carefully as if agreeing.

    As if asking them to explain, Ixion raised his eyebrows.

    "Three years ago, I know that Princess Elcia fell in love with the prince at first sight during the victory banquet."


    "Oh, I'm sorry. It wasn't that the Prince was a man of gold. I'll correct it. If it's not love at first sight then I don't know, but I'm sure."

    "To me... why?"

    Ixion asked suspiciously saying,
    "I don't understand."

    "She was taken as a hostage because of me. But why?"

    "Don't you remember? You asked her for the first dance. As if ignoring others gazes. Like comforting her to not be discouraged."

    "Oh... did I?"

    Come to think of it, I thought I remembered about it vaguely.

    I wasn't interested in the social world, so I quickly forgot the little things such as brief encounters with women.

    At that time... she, who was suffering from humiliation alone in another country, didn't fall down.

    I don't like the way people chatter around, and I don't like it when it gets loud depending on who I choose to be my first dance.

    Maybe that's why I asked her for a dance. Although I don't remember her perfectly.

    "It was a very famous story in the social world. At that time, Princess Elcia's eyes seemed to look at her savior. Until the banquet was over, she was staring only at the Prince."

    Mela helped.

    "Perhaps if I was Princess Elcia, but I would never have forgotten it. I believe that Princess Elcia came to today's banquet for you even with the risk of all these insults, sincerely."

    "Enough to tell me the secrets of her kingdom?"

    Aiden pounded his chest as if he was frustrated.

    "Of course, blood and motherland are useless in the face of desperate love."

    Ixion had a suspicious look.

    Aiden was surprisingly quick-witted in this respect. It wasn't for nothing that he was called a socialite.

    "She would have wanted to save the Prince at all costs. That's what love was."

    Aiden would be right to affirm this.

    Ixion had no interest in her reason at all so far, so he had no choice but to trust Aiden's advice in this regard. Besides, if the Marquis has the same opinion...

    But still wanting to abandon her motherland.

    I didn't understand that the great motive of the degree was 'love'.

    I thought I'd have to double-check this issue.

    "Anyway, she saved my life. I have to do everything as promised."

    He said, sweeping his black hair.

    "As soon as the Marquis has the evidence, I would appear before the court. I need to start preparing."

    "Yes, Lord."

    "End the war as soon as possible. If we drag it for a long time, they might doubt Elcia and hurt her for not dying for her kingdom, and…"

    Ixion added to his words with sharper eyes than ever before.

    "Let's not talk about it, the three spies might notice that Princess Elcia leaked their plans of Artize, it would be a pain in the neck."

    "Yes, I understand."

    "Yes, your highness."

    Aiden and Mela immediately replied, agreeing.

    * * *

    It seemed that my body was getting lighter. I thought while stretching satisfactorily.

    Maybe it's because I've been binge eating a lot, and after a week with proper diet control and plenty of exercise, my body has improved quite a bit.

    'Of course. It was my job to keep my body healthy and beautiful.'

    I stared at myself in the mirror.

    'If I look closely, the features of Elcia are pretty good.'

    Still, the body was a bit chubby, but if I continue to have a healthy lifestyle in this state, soon it would return to a normal shape.

    "Hello, Princess..."

    Sera came knocking in, and when she saw me exercising, she opened her mouth for a while as if she still wasn't used to it.

    "Yes why?"

    As I asked her with my arms straight forward, Sera was surprised and hurriedly said.

    "There's a message from the Third Princes Ixion. He asked if it would be okay to visit you for a while this afternoon..."

    I smiled happily.

    As expected, he accepted my advice and survived, and he seemed to be preparing to play.

    It was obvious to me that he came here to get tactical advice.

    "Yes, let him know it's okay."

    "Yes, my lady, then..."

    Sera's eyes glistened.

    "Would you like to dress up beautifully? Should I pick a flower for your hair?"

    I sighed. Perhaps Sera must have heard rumors circulating in the palace somewhere. I couldn't believe she was full of expectations.

    Rumor has it that I danced with Ixion, saying it was my lifelong wish, and that I had a crush on him for a long time.

    'Well, it's not very wrong.'

    I tried to say she didn't have to, but Sera's eyes were so shiny that I couldn't bear to say no and nodded.

    My opponent was a handsome war hero coveted by the whole empire, and he could not be entangled with me in any sense.

    If my prediction was right, he would quickly destroy Artize in this war and would continue to strengthen his every move.

    'If he marries a strong aristocrat and jumps into a scramble for the throne, he would be a force to be reckoned with, but did the ruined Princess join him as his partner?'

    Perhaps Sera was the only one in the world who would do anything for this union.

    I let Sera decorate me to the best of her ability.

    With flower decorations on my hair, I was forced to wear this only pink dress again, and I didn't even know where I got it.

    I put on cheap perfume.

    Sera's hands were busy moving, perhaps because she had more time to prepare than at the banquet.

    "Oh, my God! The dress seems a bit big. I'll have to redo it for another hour again."

    "Stop. I don't think I'll be long."


    I was told that decorating a beautiful master was a pleasure of the maid.

    Sera has served me half of her life, I, who has been imprisoned and only eats while wearing indoor clothes.

    Unable to stop Sera, who seemed excited after a long time, I just left my body to her touch.

    So when he came to my room, I had no choice but to greet him in a more colorful outfit than at the banquet.

    "I'm sorry to serve you in a shabby place."

    He smiled softly, staring at me.

    "I apologize because the maid must have been busy because I contacted you too urgently."

    "Oh, I wasn't trying to do that, but..."

    I smiled clumsily in embarrassment.

    "It seems like it's desperately decorated..."

    "I understand."

    'What? How does the prince understand the maid's desperate heart?'

    I stared at him with suspicious eyes, but Sera gave us refreshments, so I couldn't ask more.

    * * *

    "As you said, I picked up a book with the Marquis of Evgeny and checked the black magic on it."

    “Yes, I’m glad you’re safe.”

    "The Marquis quickly sent me evidence, and I'm going to war tomorrow, using the evidence as a justification."

    "I see."

    I glanced at his sculptural face and grinned.

    "I wish you victory."

    'That's just how I could also be free.'

    I wasn't too worried because he was famous as an undefeated war hero.

    If you lose in this situation, it would be an error in the setting of the original.

    Even without Ixion, the war that wins from the original could not be lost in this situation.

    "It's the first time I've heard that Artize's royalty uses black magic."

    "We never let outsiders know that because it would create a sense of discomfort. This was a fact that only the royal family who shared the blood knows. Because it was a blood vessel that uses black magic, no one would accept it as a leader."

    I started explaining calmly because I thought he was here for this information.

    Ixion has a personality that didn't go over anything. He checked the black magic with his eyes, so he would have come to confirm it with me.

    "And the price was enormous. It's the soul of the royal family. King Decan killed his brother in exchange for putting black magic in the book. So you don't have to worry about black magic being used in battle. Artize royal family has left the world right now. I am the only royalty left."


    "Of course, he'll use the opportunity later to kill me too."

    Ixion frowned.

    "I came to see you to ask if it's okay to kill your brother, but I don't even need to ask."


    It was an unexpected remark.

    'You're not here to ask for help in the battle, you're here to ask my opinion?'

    "I came here because I thought you might regret abandoning your country."


    I couldn't answer and say, 'It's a country that would fall anyway.'

    "Or maybe you would feel guilty about killing your brother."

    In fact, I've never seen him, and I couldn't answer,
    "He sent me poison first."

    In addition, Decan killed all his family members, including Elcia.

    There was no such thing as guilt.

    But later I shook my head very strongly in fear of keeping my brother alive or doing such a useless thing.

    "No. There was absolutely nothing to regret. Really, absolutely, not at all."


    "He tried to kill you in a despicable way. There's no way I could forgive him, right?"

    'So don't do anything useless. Don't mind me, kill him right away.'


    He sighed.

    "...you must be desperate."


    Of course, I desperately wished Ixion's victory. It was obvious that if Ixion was defeated by any chance, I would one day die at Deccan's hands.

    My biggest goal was to escape from this prison place called Imperial Palace, but I had to survive first to do that.

    Episode 5. Escape the Imperial Palace (5)

    "Yes, I'm desperate."

    I nodded and answered loudly, and Ixion stared at me with strange eyes.

    "Thank you for saving me. I haven't said that yet."


    Ixion shrugged his shoulders at my words.

    "Win and come back. And if you have any wishes..."

    I was cautiously speaking.

    "Then give me a safe freedom."

    "If you become free..."

    "Because it's hard to be trapped in the Imperial Palace like this. Could you free me and let me go?"

    Ixion seemed to think for a moment, then calmly replied whether his calculation was over quickly.

    "But the Imperial Palace was the safest place. You'd better stay here until all the dangers are gone."

    "I know. But if Decan dies after the war, I don't need to be locked up here."

    "Well, it wasn't easy being locked up in this small room for three years."

    I've been locked up strictly for a few days now, but I've been going crazy.

    It was so boring that I could understand why Elcia was so obsessed with eating.

    Although I have been exercising slowly and getting my body in shape for a lot of time.

    "It's not in anyone's interest and it would be difficult because it would not benefit anyone to release you. But even if you are trapped here, it's the same that no one benefits..."

    In the end, it meant that I was a being who would not benefit from anything.

    It was hard to tell and judged whether to be really happy or sad.

    "It's difficult with the current situation, but it won't be difficult if you create a good atmosphere after destroying Artize."

    Anyway, there was hope. I listened intently to the words that continued with my eyes twinkling.

    "The Emperor... I'll do something about it. But the aristocrats would come for you, but I'm not based there. And I have to go to war soon."

    Wasn't it right that the Imperial family could try anything somehow? I knew he wasn't particularly favored by the Emperor.

    "The nobles... Then I'll try to do whatever I could here."

    First of all, I threw words as soon as I could, in case there was a saying that it was difficult.

    Of course he didn't seem to show much faith in what I said either.

    "I would do my best to ensure your safe freedom. I promise."


    "I'm the one who brought you here from the victory three years ago, and I'm the one who starts this war again. Don't worry about that because there's a justification for that, but..."

    Ixion gave a strange look.

    "Even if we delay the disposition, it would be a little harder to be in the Imperial Palace when the war begins."

    "It's okay! As long as there's freedom at the end of the war."

    Finally, there was hope to escape from this terrible little room.

    It was what I expected, but in fact, laughter came out of my mouth.

    I guess I liked it so much, Ixion looked at me and added it.

    "You saved my life, and I could do more. It's too small of a reward to just be free."

    "Oh, you could think about that after you win."

    His glances staring at me for some reason were burdensome, so I hurriedly turned over my hair to hide from his gaze, and as the wind blew, the flowers that Sera had put as decorations fell.

    He said as he held out the pink flower that fell on the table.

    "You must like pink. I think you also wore a pink dress to the banquet."

    "Oh, no, not really."

    It's just a dress, the only dress I have. I shook my head and answered unintentionally.

    "I like blue the most."


    I was just telling the truth, but Ixion coughed as if he was embarrassed.

    What? What's wrong with him?

    He drank his tea slowly, blinking his blue eyes more than necessary.

    "There are few blue flowers. It would be hard to decorate it in blue."

    "It doesn't matter. Flowers don't exist for decoration."

    It's not the time to talk about my favorite color, but I couldn't figure out why the conversation was flowing like this.

    'There's not enough time to talk about the secrets of Artize or topography of the country.'

    I stuttered, trying to remember the contents of the book as much as I could.

    "Probably, Decan would go out to war himself. And... There are ten soldiers with blue armor. They are close aides to Decan, and if you take them out first, the rest would be easy."


    "As Decan's tyranny was so severe, the resistance of the people was unlikely. In fact, it was on the verge of collapse due to excessive preparations for war that do not fit the size of the country."

    Still, I began to ruminate as much as I could for his victory and talk about Artize's weaknesses and topography.

    "You'd better go to the Irite Mountains. Because Decan likes to ambush troops in the swamp."

    Ixion quietly listened to my story in a messy order.

    However, it did not seem to be considered very conclusive information.

    'Yes, you'll know that I'm right when you go to the field.'

    I didn't care and talked hard.

    His blue eyes were just staring at me.

    * * *

    After the conversation, he took my hand and kissed it again.

    Even though I knew it was just a polite gesture, I was not familiar with this culture, so I felt goosebumps all over my body.

    When his blue eyes looked directly at me, I felt like my body was prickly for some reason.

    "I didn't know you would purely hope for my victory."

    'Wasn't it obvious? If we fail now, we'll all die together.'

    I nodded and smiled awkwardly, and he spoke low.

    "In fact, I thought you might be another Artize trap. It's strange that a royal woman locked in a palace knows so much about her motherland's secrets in so much detail."

    "Decan... I've been in touch with him occasionally. We send tea leaves quarterly, and there was a signal there."

    I had to lie as plausible as I could with reasonable doubt.

    If I tell the truth, I would be treated as a patient with delusions.

    "Why did you tell me?"

    "Doesn't that mean we have to prepare ourselves somehow? Of course, I'm in danger when there's a war. He would need other dark magic ingredients later. The price of black magic was the soul of royal bloodline."

    I knew Ixion's meticulous personality, so I had made a plausible answer to all the questions I expected when he said he would come.

    Fortunately, the Kingdom of Artize itself was a mysterious and ominous country that was shrouded in various secrets in the original.

    It meant that the people of the Empire wouldn't know anything well anyway, so it was okay to make up my own story.

    Of course, I had to tell Ixion about the secret that the Artizee royalty used black magic, but I had no choice.

    I didn't feel very guilty because I didn't have any loyalty to the Artizé royal family.

    "But my brother's death was terrible... I don't like Decan's tyranny. I'm afraid I'll end up being used by Decan..."

    And I decided to put Elcia's sincerity a little on all of these reasons.

    Three years ago, he was a man who never remembered the favor he had done for Elcia.

    My relationship with him would end soon anyway, but I thought it would be good if he could get to know her heart a little.

    If she was desperate, would her first wish have been to save him?

    My heart shook unknowingly at the thought of her desperate voice.

    Elcia, three years ago, though Ixion don't remember now, I said with all my heart, hoping that somehow he would remember.

    "...most of all, I wanted to return the favor you gave me at the Victory Banquet three years ago. I couldn't forget what happened then."

    At that, Ixion nodded as if he had confirmed something.

    'What? Wasn't it that you don't remember? Did you remember lately? When we danced at the last banquet, he didn't seem to remember it at all.'

    "So that's exactly what it was."


    "I would make sure to win, and I would remove all those who have the potential to harm you."

    He looked convinced about everything.

    Anyway, the situation seemed to have ended well without much doubt.

    "Yes, thank you."

    "At the same time, your freedom and..."

    He looked straight at me and smiled slightly.

    It's a foul, smiling with that handsome face.

    Suddenly, I realized that I was sitting alone with Ixion, and my ears quickly heated up.

    "At the cost of my life, I would fully repay your heart. I would do anything for you."

    Pay with your life? Plus reward, instead of freedom?

    'Oh, you're talking about money as a reward.'

    When Artize was destroyed, I had no home country to return to, and I would become a commoner rather than a princess.

    I couldn't say it because I have a sense of shame, but I didn't expect that being free would give me a place to stay right away, so I expected that he would naturally pay the cost of settling down.

    He believed that I would not be expelled from the imperial palace for being broke.

    Anyway, since he was a prince, he would have a lot of money, so I thought it would be good to expect an amount of money to play and eat for a lifetime in a certain country.

    'Yes, everything was going according to my well-written script! If I do well, I'd be able to live as much as I want!'

    Even from my previous life, my goal was to save some money, move to a nature-friendly place, and live leisurely.

    I replied, unable to hide the tail of the mouth ascending to a smile..

    "Thank you so much. I look forward to it."

    * * *

    Aiden was able to meet Ixion late in the evening.

    "Didn't you say you'll see her this afternoon? Did you check everything you suspected? You don't have to care about the dark magic?"

    "Yes. I don't think I have to worry about black magic anymore. I was anxious because nothing was known about it."

    Ixion answered low, wiping his sword.

    "Other than that, there was no contradiction in answering. She doesn't seem to like Decan's tyranny as well."

    "King Deccan lost a lot of public sentiment in Artize. Besides, don't you remember?"


    "When princess Elcia was taken as hostage. No wonder they detest King Decan. A man who treats his sister like that."


    "I would have chosen you over a wicked brother."

    Aiden answered without hesitation, then changed his tone and asked with a smirk.

    "Did you hear her reason for saving the prince? I'm right?"

    "Well, it seemed like that."

    It was strangely embarrassing to answer, so Ixion couldn't look into Aiden's eyes.

    "She said she couldn't forget the victory banquet three years ago."

    "Look, I had a crush on the prince at that time. Everyone at the banquet knows. Marquis Evgeny also immediately admitted it."

    Aiden and Mela were right when they said she loved him that's why she saved him.

    "In the face of desperate love, blood, flesh, country, it's all useless."

    I kept doubting it, but when we met and talked, it seemed like their hypothesis was correct.
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    Meanwhile, here is what our fl is thinking all the time:
    While Ixion was on the battlefield (with his full plan marriage mind), Elsia gathers more noble supports. She plans to have more support so she can leave the palace easier. She calculates everything and reaches her target carefully. She finally made friends with 2 duke successors. One is a lady who is the empress's niece and a duke's daughter and another one is a young man who just became a duke at a young age. Both of them were saved by fl and they are close to her in no time. The young duke even falls in love with her (I root for lxion though, his marriage plan really impresses me). Fl even brings an atlas and discusses with her friends to plan the place she wants to stay. In fl perspective, it's always survival things and only one goal set herself free from the imperial palace.

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    After the prince won the war and killed Elsia's brother. He came back to the palace found that she was gone. He sent the marriage proposal to the Marquis house but he got the rejection. He thought that He owned her his live and he wanted to make her happy. So he hurried back to the Marquis house in the country. That was when he saw her with Niel. He asked FL why did she rejected him. So she told him that she changed her mind. He was shocked and thought that she liked Niel. He thought Niel would break her heart so he felt that he had to make sure that she would not fall for Niel. Instead of leaving the Marquis house, the prince camped out near the marquis land subjugating monsters. Elsia thought that being with the subjugating trip would help her with releasing the dark magic so she joined the trip.
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