Spoiler I Don’t Want To Be Duke’s Adopted Daughter-in-law/입양된 며느리는 파양을 준비합니다

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    She was possessed by the body of no. 1 villainess, who was terribly tormenting the man who entered the orphanage.

    ‘I thought I don’t need to be hooked up.’

    …….But it’s salty to keep being beaten by bad-quality students, so I took care of it a little.

    “That kid next to me. That kid is also adopted.”

    “Are you going to be a foster daughter?”

    “No. She’s going to be my daughter-in-law.”

    ……Then, I was adopted with Male Lead.

    I Can’t do this? There’s a separate heroine!


    Male Lead went to war with his new father as scheduled.

    When he return, he will be with the original heroine.

    I prepared for divorce and dismissal step by step.

    In the meantime, I have earned a lot of fortune in my share! I did……

    “Damian. Are you here alone? Anyone else here?”


    Damian’s eyes, who were always soft at my questions, quickly became sharp.

    “It’s in trouble, Ellie. You’re looking for a guy other than your husband.”


    “No way. I’m so jealous, so I might kill him.”

    I looked at my father-in-law to ask for help.

    “The same is true of my opinion, Ellie. The wind is not allowed.”

    “……. .”

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    I wonder how long we'll have the children arc? Or even the orphanage event(probable flashback) Cover wise, they're still kids. But the synopsis says ML will eventually go to war alongside adopted daddy duke (cute aesthetics on the eye color though: red, blue, and green)
    I also want to say kidML is too short but then again, he's malnourished
    Edit: Daddy Duke be looking like a fine snacc though (not to be mention the chest window *fans self*)
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    So I read till chapter 15

    MC’s mother was a famous thief she stole the emperor treasure and didn’t captured But they hang her over after they catch her stole the Count . The Director took her after he saw her near her mother body I think no one know the famous thief has a daughter .

    ML has lived in the forest and was a slave the Director took him to the orphanage after his losing in the Casino.

    about the Duke he have a strong and scary personality he was friend with ML’s father . The children will cry when they saw him. He always smokes if the MTL is correct he will be crazy without cigarette . He think that MC is maybe emperor bastard.

    anyway there is something that catch my intention in chapter 14 or 15 the Duke wife is dead and I think the duke loved her but when he stare at MC he thinks that she resembles that women “his wife” but I think there relationship is like contract .. there is line duke remember it when he met her she said to him
    ‘ if you want me to help you first marry me ‘

    so maybe I said maybe she is his daughter :blobpopcorn:
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    Chapter 13 is where the duke meets Damian at the orphanage.
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    By chapter 16 the duke has taken them away from the orphanage, and we learn that a lot of people are aiming for our ML’s title

    The gist of the story being that the ML’s father was the other key duke of this empire and the emperor wanted to kill him and his family but ML managed to survive and now all the lesser nobles who want the title and territories (which were left to his friend this duke in the picture) all want the pie and don’t want ML alive
    ^this is all stuff in the first 10 chapters

    would love some later spoilers too but glad the translation speed is great and it’s not dividing chapters into 2-3 parts like other groups to release once a week
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    My word! The ML grew up might foine~ His hair is especially beautiful!
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    Ikr one second she's poking at his cheeks the next he's all grown up *sniff *

    And remind me of dylan from I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away
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    (well i have free ticket for this novel so i'll try to give some spoilers lol)

    So, the ML is somewhere far away (Idk where bcs I didn't read from the beginning, sorry) and he lost contact with FL and he really had bad feeling ang worried about her.

    Sooo, FL had a dream where she met with ML (here's the rough translation)

    When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the bed.

    But I wasn't alone.

    The grown-up adult version of Damian, was on top of me.

    We haven't slept together since Damian turned 13.

    'So is this a dream?'

    While thinking so, I stroked Damian's head.

    Because his eyes were red as if he was about to cry.
    Fine black hair rubbed through my fingers.

    "Did you have a nightmare?"

    Damian nodded when I asked in my dream.

    "What kind of dream?"

    Damian said to my question.

    "The dream of you abandoning me."


    I blinked blankly at the following words.

    I'm abandoning Damian?

    What do you mean?

    Then Damian began to shed tears.

    "Don't abandon me, Ellie."

    Damian rubbed his cheeks in my hand.

    "I'll listen to you."

    A low, wet voice seemed to be caught my ears, and my back was stinging without my knowing.

    "So just love me."

    Then he turned his head and kissed my palm briefly.

    It was also the same that I could see the fangs of a beast beyond his lips at first glance.

    "Otherwise, I...."

    It was not long before he slightly open his lips and bit the bottom of my hand.


    I opened my eyes.

    This is from the latest chapter, so gotta wait until they meet again then
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    any spoilers please ?
    about original FL
    Ily's real father
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    Take this as a grain of salt. I read some comments on kakao. People think Ellie may be either the daughter of the duke or the daughter of the king. They also theorize that the "treasure" they accused Ellie's mother of stealing from the imperial family was Ellie herself. I think Ellie has some abilities talking to animals that support both theories, because if I'm not wrong, both the duke and the imperial family have the same power.
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    What is that white fox-like creature on the second cover? It's not the Duke in animal form, right? :blobsweat_2:
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    That’s what came to my mind when I saw the red eyes lol. But I was like...’Nah, can’t be.’ Because it’s fur is white, and the Duke’s hair is black. But imagine if it’s actually the Duke. Lmao.
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    “When the child wakes up, call me."
    "Yes?” Ellie just whispered at unexpected words.
    "The Duke left the room with Eli behind him." . Ante, who was assigned by the Duke, sighed at her unfamiliar title even when he heard it again.
    "It's just as you say. I'll be at the door, so if you need anything, please tell me."
    Itt was because she thought it was unsightly to ring a child like the lord. Even after the door was closed, Ellie blinked as she was blank.
    The teachers left the burinake job to bring the documents related to the adoption. It would be right to say that he ran away, but outside the orphanage was already filled with black lions, the elite knights of Gong. There will be no corner to run away.
    "Let's go in carefully..."
    Ante grumbled, glancing at Erhard, leaning in front. He was crossing his arms in a crooked position.
    "What?" Ante replied as if he was frustrated.
    "Did I not tell you. Children are more afraid of the Duke than ghosts." "Because you showed such a terrifying appearance, Confucius, too, follow me. You won't lose. If you don't think you're being taken to a haunted house, you're fortunate. "If you find a child, the lord intends to take it as both children. I stand alone in front of those who covet the family, because the child was too young. Because of that, I only gave a disgusting and evil impression.There was also a possibility that he would not follow. ·
    "The child next to him."
    Then Erhard opened his mouth in a thoughtful voice. "If the child next to you, you mean that girl? "
    "She seemed to know in advance that I was coming here."
    “Yes? Duke-sama?” Ante opened her eyes wide as if nonsense. "But. The Duke is the first to set foot in this estate, isn't it?"
    "Yes." That was correct, so it was the door to even more.
    "How would I have known." Of course I can overheard the story. One child that the director just hid. The coincidence that Iga is Kleider's son, and that the person the girl encountered was the one who was looking for the child.
    'A story that can't be.'
    Erhard recounted the possibilities one by one. When I reversed my thoughts, he was simple. 'The child already knew.
    "The fact that I'm coming here, that kleider's son is that kid.
    However, the question still remained unanswered. Even he is a child who has been searching for more than 10 years. How did that little girl notice the climber's child? Erhard's eyes narrowed, but whatever it might be, it was true that the first button was the wrong one on Kleider's son. The boy stood in front of the girl even while he was excited by the heat. 'Attitude that seems to be protecting.' Those with such a gaze could not easily win. He knew it better than anyone. I also had that kind of look. With his arms folded, he tapped my arm with his index finger.
    “What about this,” he muttered to himself.
    "You're not really trying to kill a child like that?"
    Oh no? "Ante, who became anxious, asked carefully, but there was no answer coming back. Ante's expression began to turn white.
    'No matter how the lord is a tragic person, you'll be so stupid." . Then, Erhard slowly raised his body, leaning against the wall.
    "I have to talk so I can make a judgment." "If it's a story...?" Erhard replied with an expressionless face to Ante's question, "Isn't I wrong or not."

    Whether he recovered his energy with the mana stone's mana, Damian's complexion improved noticeably. This is the power of mana, and I was surprised for a while. Another mountain was in front of Ellie. A man who resembles a huge mountain. It was the Duke of Erhard Schuetz, who would become Damian's adoptive father. 'Why are you staring at me like that?' Eli swallowed her dry saliva.
    "Is the child asleep?" Erhard's stillness like thin ice asked. "Yes. He just fell asleep",
    "I see." And still again.
    By this time, Ellie was a little embarrassed. Her eyes were bitter as she looked at herself. She was when Ellie shed her bones in her cold sweat.
    She said, "Is it true that I behaved like I know you looking for her child?"
    Ellie's face hardened when the question went straight to the main point. At the moment,'What is the reason for asking this?' I remembered the procedure of her original novel. The life of'Ellie' who had to live while traversing the street in return for harassing Damian When the thought of'You're trying to test me' reached there, the confused mind subsided. 'You have to answer well. "
    But I couldn't even tell the visible lie. 'Well, what I can say... 'Elie finally opened her mouth after thinking.
    "Yes, I knew."
    "How did know?"
    "Because the director said that. There is a child here with black hair and a wall, so I want to talk to the Duke of Shuets."
    Ohh. Ante nodded her head without my knowledge. She was a smart and responsive child. However, Erhard continued to question without wavering. "Then, it would be deliberately informed that there are five children." . “Ellie paused for a moment. She might have doubted me if she knew she approached it on purpose. Could, Flimsy lies lead to another lie. There was no way the Duke could not see. "Yes, that's right," he leaned loosely in a mild affirmation. "Why didn't you guide me directly to the place where the children are, even though I knew everything?" "For an instant, the peacock frowned.
    However, Ellie did not give in and spoke shyly. "You may have noticed, but the teachers don't take care of us. We do everything we do, and at night they leave the kids and go to casinos and enjoy gambling and entertainment." “I wanted the Duke to see the situation in this place directly,” said the child and biting her mouth. That everything to say is over. As if. Ante admired a little. She was a really smart kid. She was pretty good at her ability to get things to my advantage. It's great to talk straight ahead with the Duke... . 'In other words, it means that she used the Duke as her long-term language.' Ante closed her eyes tightly with an impatient expression and then opened it again. There is no way to stop the Duke.
    What is there? It was when he forced his head to roll. "Name." The peacock, who kept the silence, soon opened his mouth. "What's your name?" "This kid is." "Damian. It's Damian. " Yes. Erhard lightly nodded and looked at Ante.

    "Where is the ledger?"
    " Yes? Ah … … I know you are in the director's office with other teachers. "Call them". "Ante, who had been leaning for a while at the duke's order, went outside. The director's style was nonsense. Her older brother's hair and pale face were all telling me what he was going through." “Go, Duke, what happened to me.” she stuttered and looked ahead. I saw Damian lying in front of the peacock and Ellie sitting next to him. At a moment, the director's face turned blue because it wasn't white. 'I'm sure you didn't tell me everything, right? “I had already told my teachers that Damian was the son of the Duke of Kleider. If you said everything, I wouldn't let you go! 'It was when she grinds her teeth and stares at her Ellie.
    "I adopt a child," said the peacock in a subdued voice."
    "Erhard's finger pointed at Eli sitting next to Damian." That child next to him. I'm also adopting that child. "
    “What is that.” Ante asked quickly as the director stuttered at an incomprehensible word. "Are you going to foster a child?"
    "No. She is going to be my daughter-in-law."
    At that moment, everyone in the room opened their mouths. It was the same with Ellie. 'Daughter-in-law? The daughter-in-law?' The person who should be connected with Damian was separate. I couldn't take it away, but when I looked at the peacock's face, it already seemed firm. Ellie looked down at her gaze and looked at Damian, sleeping deeply. Four years from now, the fifteen-year-old Damian goes to war with the Duke of Schuetz. And there he meets the heroine Asha Bell. A perfect bitter gourd that can give you more rest than my little comfort. Ellie did not want to interfere with the two. All she wanted was for her Damian to be safely adopted by the Duke. 'However… 'Ellie moved his trembling gaze. Damian was holding her hand tight. Ellie couldn't take her eyes off her tightly held hands. Courageous, gentle and kind who opened my heart to me and needed me to the child. It's a short time, but it seemed like I had already been affectionate.
    "Ellie, you hate me?"
    “Don’t go, Ellie…” a crying voice kept hovering in my head. Ellie's eyes shook briefly.
    "No, Duke!" At that time, a sharp voice shuddered and intervened between the colorful atmosphere. The director shouted, staring at her Ellie with bloodshot eyes. "You shouldn't take that vulgar girl with you!"
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    "I can't believe you're adopting her as your daughter-in-law! Do you know what kind of girl that girl is?"

    The director's attitude was very desperate.
    It was such a thorn in the eye that I wanted to spend everywhere, but the story is different for Duke Schuetz.
    That clever bitch was going to expose everything I've done. Only that had to be prevented.

    "You know the story of a famous thief who tried to steal Count Rationell's things. "

    The director's poisonous eyes touched Ellie.

    "The thief is the mother of that girl. Blood ain't going nowhere, she got caught licking my stuff, too!"

    Ante opened her eyes wide as if surprised by the director's words.
    Ante knew the story of the thief who shook the empire.
    When the empire was in turmoil due to the war, it was said that a thief sneaked into the imperial palace through tight security and stole the emperor's treasure.
    The emperor searched extensively for the thief, but eventually failed to catch him.
    Afterwards, he was caught trying to steal Count Rationell's stuff.'
    And she was told that the count hanged her to death.
    I didn't hear she had a daughter.'
    I didn't know it was that kid.
    Ante's gaze touched Ellie. Ellie sat still without a hint of denial.
    Because it was all true without a single lie.
    The director realized that the momentum was leaning towards him. Now was the opportunity. The director pushed Ellie like a judge.

    "So, Duke, please speak with me. To have her as a daughter-in-law is to dishonor the Duke--"

    "It's noisy."

    The Duke murmured in a tone of no height.

    "How long do I have to listen to this bullshit?"

    "Dog, you mean bullshit? Don't you believe me?"

    "You know better that you are a person worse than a dog.

    The Duke's chilling remarks kept the director quiet.
    Whether, his gaze was on Ellie.
    So this was kind of a gamble for him.
    It's an impulsive decision and everyone will stick their tongue out.
    But Erhard did not change his decision. As he approached Ellie, he bent over one radish and looked at Ellie.

    "The choice is up to you."


    "Will you come with me?"

    Eli's green eyes shook wildly. She glanced at Damian, and she slowly lifted her lips.

    "One thing, there's a condition."

    The words that followed surprised everyone.
    It's too much to offer for an orphan. It's not enough to accept nap porridge.
    However, the duke only asked in a dry tone.

    "What is it?"

    "Please fire the teachers here. All of them."

    "You, you...! What are you talking about?

    I'm going!"

    The director fired in a hysterical voice. Even though her body seemed to shrink, Ellie said without changing her expression.

    "Even if I and Damien go to adoption, these children will still suffer. "


    "So I want you to get rid of them and make this a good orphanage. So that children can no longer be sold as products."

    The Duke's eyes deepened. Ellie met his eyes without avoiding it.

    "I'll do that."

    Come on, Duke, say yes. I got it

    "Progress the disqualification of teachers here immediately, Ante."


    Ante looked back at the teachers.

    "No way, Duke! To take the word of that wily girl, Duke--!"

    Beyond the door, the director's curse against Ellie rang out, but soon he calmed down.
    It was an instant.
    The Duke's words cleared up the whole situation.
    I asked you to do it.'
    I didn't expect it to happen so fast.
    Ellie stared at the empty room with a puzzled face.

    "In the future, it will be as you wish. So, let me ask you again."


    "Will you come with me?"

    The Duke looked at Ellie and said.
    What is the purpose of taking me?'
    I didn't know, but Ellie wasn't scared.
    Only until Damien met the real female lead.'
    Until then, let's stand by.
    Ellie nodded and held the Duke's hand.


    Wagons bearing the patterns of aristocratic families were lined up in front of the orphanage.
    This is because the director who pretended to be the owner and the nursery teachers who followed him disappeared.
    In the meantime, people hired by the Schuetz family decided to take care of the orphanage.

    "There will be a new director selected by the Duke. We're going to recruit more nursery teachers, so we don't run out."

    In other words, it also meant that children no longer had to work hard.

    "Thank you."

    Unlike the huge change, it was a short greeting, but the eyes glistening through the orphanage.
    She was a strange child. As suspected, if this child were the Emperor's snub, she would have accepted my offer without looking back. She was not afraid to put the conditions on me.
    Even the child was genuinely happy with the changed appearance of the orphanage.

    'That's not what I'm going to say.'

    I was the one who accepted the empty conditions.
    Is it because the appearance of her looked like her.

    "I can help you with the problem you're worried about."

    A voice that he thought had faded and had forgotten again lingered around Erhard's head.

    "There's one condition instead. Please marry me."

    Erhard used to take out the lilion.
    He was on the side of being strong enough to not even touch her hand if it were an ordinary person,
    Without this, he might have gone crazy.

    "Where are you going, sister?"

    Then, a little girl with a rabbit doll approached Ellie.

    "Yes. I'm going very far away."

    "Well, we'll never see each other again?"

    The child cried.

    "Why can't I see you? "

    "I'll see you again."

    "But... the other sisters didn't come back. "

    At the moment Ellie paused and shook her head again.

    "No, I'll be back."

    You might be out of here when you're already grown up. Ellie held out her little finger, hiding her back words.
    The child hung their pinkies together with a face that seemed about to burst into tears.

    "Sister, promise me. You have to come back?"

    "Sister, don't forget me."

    Starting with that promise, children began to gather around Ellie.
    Erhard, who frowned weakly, backed out of the children.
    No matter how much Ante called me a "personality wreck," I wasn't so crazy as to smoke a poisonous lilion in front of the children.
    At that moment, I could feel the hot stare. Erhard turned his head.



    He stared at me with a wary look, and Damian and I met eyes.

    "You can't kill a man if you stare at him like that. What if I'm holding a sword?"

    Damian shivered in a scathing tone.
    Damian, who bit his lips in anger, muttered in a low voice.

    "... I don't understand. Why are you taking Ellie and me? What are you going to do?"

    "If you go back to the estate, you'll have to learn speech skills first."

    "Answer me."

    With Damian's attitude of not backing down, Erhard regained the lilion he had taken out.

    "I thought you said that. I'm not taking you, I'm just going to bring you back."


    "You'll find out soon enough. What it was you were supposed to have."

    Saying so, he looked at Damian casually.

    "You are nothing but a wild beast."


    "But if you go back to where you were, at least you'd look different in the other way. Then at least you can protect whoever you want to protect."


    Damian bit his lip in anger.
    However, it was irrefutable. What that man said was all true.
    When Damian collapsed due to the absorption of Mana, Ellie might have been in danger if this man was of a similar kind to this people.
    In other words, I couldn't protect Ellie because I was weak.
    I didn't want to follow either.
    To him, adult men were scary and fearful. It was difficult. But...

    "I have to go, Damien. Where I belong."

    But Ellie told me this. I have to go back.

    "What about Ellie?"


    "Isn't Ellie coming with me?"

    At Damien's question, Ellie said this with a slightly sad looking face.

    "Of course I'm coming with you. I promised you I'd stay with you."

    The last word moved Damian's mind.
    So Damian put the conditions on Erhard.

    "Well, for Ellie, if it's like a job. Don't make her do it. Never."

    Don't make Ellie do anything that bothers her.
    He frowned as if he were talking about something.

    "What's wrong with such a small child? You don't have to worry about such useless things."

    Even in Erhard's answer, Damien seemed to be vigilant.

    "... I'll kill you if you pick on Ellie."

    Damian, who was looking at him with fierce eyes, turned around.
    Huh. Erhard burst into laughter.
    You're just like your father. In front of his wife, the fluffy tail, but he changed his attitude as if he hadn't done that before.' I didn't even need a mana stone.'
    Like that, he is expressing his whole body as a child of Clader.
    Erhard meant, looked at the tongue.

    I hope the MTL wasn't too confusing?:blobconfused:
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    Thank you it was nice to read, i wonder what will happen when they are in the dukes mansion
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    How long would it have been? I heard crows crying somewhere.
    I think I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes, I saw black hair in my sight.
    Damian was sleeping quietly, leaning on my shoulder.
    I looked around slowly, moving my gaze so as not to disturb Damian's sleep.
    Out of the window, crows were crying endlessly.

    I opened my eyes round.
    'It seems like there was a war going on.'
    The north was very barren. Black heights, scrawny trees, and crows that cry.
    'It's so dreary!'
    It seemed not to be a lie to say that there were plenty of monsters.

    I shook my head after shaking my body.

    "No, don't be frustrated already."

    I muttered as if I were determined. Then, a crow flew toward the carriage and cried, as if answering.


    I quietly took my gaze away from the window.
    Something tells me you understand me. I'm pretty sure we've got eye contact…
    It was then. The rattling carriage slowed down. Damien woke up feeling it, too.

    "We've arrived."

    Ante said, opening the carriage door. With her help, I got off the wagon with Damian.


    It was a magnificent castle.
    The crows I saw on the way were flying around the mansion.
    My body shrunk without my knowledge, but a warm body temperature touched my hand. It was Damian.
    I don't want to be more disheartened in front of Damien, I tried to smile.
    As the duke approached the entrance, the door opened as if it had waited.

    "Welcome, Duke."

    A man with grayish gray hair, who looked like a butler, greeted the Duke gladly.

    "I was told that you were here with the young master."


    I looked back at the butler as if I had suddenly remembered the duke who was inadvertently passing by.

    "By the way, you missed one of the messages."

    "What is it?"

    "I brought along a child who will be my daughter-in-law."

    "I see. And the daughter-in-law ..."

    The butler, who was nodding his head, blinked with a confused face.
    It's a little too much to say "humble."
    It's not that I don't understand the butler's confusion, so I'm still silent.
    The butler, who was barely surprised, looked at the Ante.
    Ante also shrugged her shoulders as if she wanted an answer from me.

    "That's what happened."

    "Even the driver..."

    The butler murmured with a desperate face.
    'I'm sure you won't be happy to see me.'
    Suddenly, I remembered when I was dismissed.

    "From now on, I'll call you Mom."

    She smiled kindly, and as soon as she found out I was the daughter of a thief, her attitude changed.

    "Why didn't you tell me?"

    "You're... very impudent."

    The look in his eyes at that time was still clear.
    I understand his feelings now, but I was younger than I was at that time, so I expected to meet a new family. Foolishly.
    But not anymore. All I wanted was to prepare for the future.
    I didn't want a warm family.
    Therefore, I was confident that I would let anything go without a hitch.
    When I was thinking so, the butler said in an awkward voice.

    "She doesn't deserve a maid to serve her. Why didn't you give me a message in advance?"

    Miss, a maid to serve?

    "I'm... good on my own."

    I didn't want to look like a bothersome kid who needed someone else.

    "I'll stay still. I don't need other people's help either. I can manage it by myself."

    Even in the orphanage, the place remained silent. What can't I do alone?
    But, contrary to my confident words, the butler's face became more blurred.

    "... Franz."

    At the low call of the duke, the butler nodded with a serious face.

    "Don't worry. I won't let the Duke bother you."

    It was time for the Duke to nod in silence.

    "Duke, the vassals and the assistants are waiting for you."

    Ante approached the Duke and whispered in a small voice.

    "Did the rumor leak out?"

    "Probably so."

    "There's a lot of ears, so there's no wonder there's a lot of talking."

    The duke looked at her tongue as if he was bothered.

    "I'll see you later. Take a rest for now. Franz, you're going to have to prepare the room for her."

    "I see."

    The duke moved away with Ante.
    I thought of the words I heard staring blankly at the back.
    Viscount Corbino.
    'They're all threatening Damian's future.'
    Although Duke Schuetz adopted Damien, it was a distant future for the two to build a bond in earnest.
    In other words, Damien's ordeal is not over yet.

    'I can't see that kind of thing again.'

    As if I was determined, I gave strength to my grip.


    Before the Duke and the children arrived at the Duke.
    The people gathered in one room were fighting with their voices raised.

    "That's ridiculous. What do you mean he found the kid? He can't be alive!"

    "But the Duke saw him with his own eyes."

    "It must be a lie. Honestly, it's kind of like mana stone, isn't it just a replacement? How do you know he's done a dirty job?"

    One of the vassals shouted angrily.

    It was the work of Corbino, who helped Duke Schuez for a long time.

    "Think about it. Ten years. No, exactly 11 years. It's not anyone, it's the successor of the Clyder. We've been running that big top. But does it make sense to go back to someone who doesn't even know where he's been?"


    Other nobles coughed in vain at his words. On the surface they were pretending to stop, but inwardly they were thinking the same thing.
    When Duke Clyde died, who contributed greatly to the empire's development, the Duke of Clyder's vassals and assistants were very pleased.
    Because he had the opportunity to have that honor and wealth.
    But Clyder left all his property to the Duke of Schuetz.
    It sounded like a bolt out of the blue to the barons and other nobles who were aiming for the wealth of Clyde.
    Even though it wasn't, Duke Shuetz was next to the mud fight.
    Therefore, the nobles who coveted the top of the clyde were bent on finding fault with the top management.
    However, the Duke led the Clyde top brilliantly.
    The Shuetz family members were delighted.
    Having the best top of the empire.
    It would have been nice if I could do it like this...
    The Duke managed to find Clyde's child.
    I'm going to lose everything in front of my eyes.
    So I had to deny it even by pouring it all in. Necessarily

    "This is something I've endured a lot. I can't stand it any longer. We need to find a way, too!"

    Viscount Corbino shouted as if he were strong.

    "We have similar thoughts to our own, but..."

    "Who can overcome the Duke? If I could disobey his will, I would have disobeyed him."

    The aristocrats said so, blurring their eyes.
    In that manner, Viscount Corbino bit his teeth.
    At that attitude, Viscount Corbino cried out.
    'Because they are like old friends who can't communicate.'
    Everything seems to be lost in vain, but that's what you say?

    "What's so much to say."


    As soon as the door opened, Erhard came in.

    "I was out there and my ears hurt."

    Erhard murmured with an emotionless face. The seething atmosphere subsided as if ice water had no talent.

    "... you are here, Duke."

    "Yeah, I thought you were going to say a word, so I personally visited."

    It was like a sharp knife.
    The aristocrats, who tried to silence the atmosphere with awkward smiles, shut up one by one.
    The room became cramped and quiet.
    Only then did Erhard open his mouth.

    "You don't have to drag it out, in other words. It's as you've heard."


    "I found the child. Clyde's son."

    The nobles laughed hard, swallowing their saliva.

    "What a... congratulation. What is the young master' name?"

    "He said he was Damien."

    The Duke replied lightly.

    "Yes, that is a very brave and wonderful name. So from now on, he'll be the one to lead the Clyde family."

    As if a nobleman had waited, he did not speak.
    Damian and Shuetz were saying the line, as if they couldn't get along.
    'I can't keep my eyes open.'
    Damian was the ones who would bite the boy if he were to succeed Clyde.
    Erhard opened his mouth as he looked at them, who were devouring hard.

    "I made a very clever friend. I brought her with me because I thought it would help the family."

    "What do you mean?"

    Erhard leaned deeply against the back of the chair and pulled up the corner of one mouth.

    "I'm going to give my two children a formal education for succession."

    "What? Duke, that means..."

    "It means that we will spare all our support so that the children can carry on the name of the Clyde."

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