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    AAAHHHHH Congratulations! It's so pretty too! :blobhighfive::blob_pompom:
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    Got my hands on chapter 290
    Anyway mtl might not be accurate ^^
    Episode 290


    "Don't you see this way too late?”

    Elaha, who looked the same as Elohim, had a big face and bruised me as always.

    "How is this ... uhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    When Elaha whipped his hands,the light that was shining through my body disappeared. Floating about 30 cm in the air, I fell over a fluffy sofa.

    Elaha picked up Cheon Sa-yeon's book instead, which fell to the floor in a recoil.

    “What's that light just?”

    "My power to stop your dwindling speed even a little bit.”

    Elaha, placing the book on the table next to him, held his arms. Sarak, a small sound of soft cloth was heard.

    “While your soul looks at the book, your body must also endure the blow that the soul has left, so that your energy is consumed. So with my power, I temporarily stopped my body's time.”

    Your body's time has stopped. So you happened to look at the book for a few days, but you didn't get stuck?

    “How long has it been since I saw the book?”

    "Eight days have passed. It's the eighth night, exactly.”

    I checked the tabletop clock. Well, now it's 9 o'clock this night.

    “I guessed it would be longer than four days... Eight days is too long.”

    “I can't help seeing how much time you immerse yourself in the records in the book.”

    He touched the nape of his neck and sighed.

    I explained that it was four days, but the time it took was twice... Everyone was worried. I felt sorry.

    Elaha, sitting next to him and still looking at me, smiled a strange smile.

    “I've been watching with my two eyes what you've been through while you're looking at the book, but it's a new feeling to face it like this.”


    "I've grown up.”

    Suddenly? Elaha spoke as she blinked, unable to understand the words.

    “You realize that there are people waiting for you and worrying about you.”


    It was only when Elaha had been in the temple that I remembered that he had cared about my nonchalant tendencies. Elaha rose from her seat as she smiled at the Little Prince's book.

    "Ask Elle behind this. It's somewhere in this house. I have to go back.”


    "I originally tried to go when you woke up.”

    He made an oval passage in an instant. Elaha, who turned to me just before entering the aisle, said goodbye.

    "Good finish.”


    At the end of the words, Ella went away without hesitation.

    I rose from my seat and looked at the red book on the table. In the dark room, I touched the outer cover of the book with my fingertips, the light of the yellow stand lights shining thin.

    'This was the last time.’

    Like the world at the end, the year was at its limit. If you fail this time, not only the world.......

    'Angel Smoke.’

    I kept thinking as I looked at the past written in the book. Can I fully understand you after seeing all this?

    From the moment we first met, we felt that it was worth seeing if we could sincerely face each other.

    But Cheon Sa-yeon's past, which I saw in person, was much darker and more pathetic than I expected. The lack of leisure that he had shown me so far was only the result of that painful time.

    Now I know why Cheon Sa-yeon never took the earrings he received from me. The reason you didn't open your mind so defensively and easily.

    'When I meet you.......’

    What do you have to say? It would be hard for any comfort to reach your heart.

    The pain passed through his chest. I was standing looking at the book with a frown.

    Following the sound of the moon, the door opened, the familiar man entered the room. The opponent who contemplated me opened his mouth first.

    "Elohim said he woke up, and he really was.”

    It was an angel of reality, not the past that the book shows. He walked forward of me dazed with no sense of reality.

    As I faced the black eyes that were staring at me exactly, many emotions were intricately intertwined. He opened his mouth, barely swallowing the many comforts that rose to the end of his neck.

    "... Cheon Sa-yeon.”

    Maybe he doesn't want comfort. Cheon Sa-yeon has walked that lonely and sick path alone,but he has never abandoned his beliefs.

    What I had to say was not comfort. I realized that naturally after facing Angel Yeon.

    I laughed hard. And Angel Yeon brought out the words that maybe he might want to hear the most now.

    “I've been there.”

    Cheon Sa-yeon's expression, which quietly listened to my story, soon became sorely distorted.

    “It took too long, didn't it?”

    We could see without having to explain that it was not just about the time that passed while looking at the book.

    Cheon Sa-yeon, who looked at me for a moment without answering, smiled softly.

    "It's okay.”


    "We finally met again.”

    Yeah, we eventually met again.

    It was a relationship that would not have been achieved if Cheon Sa-yeon had not been able to hold on or I had not crossed into this world.

    “...when I was a child, I heard a strange voice.”

    Cheon Sa-yeon's hand touched my ball lightly.

    “It was Christmas, and I was lying alone in my room with my injuries....”

    He whispered Jogon Jogon, as if he were telling a secret story.

    "I was definitely alone, but I felt like someone was around me. It was the first time I heard it since I was born. Cheer up.”

    - Come on, Cheon Sa-yeon.

    At the end of the day, I saw a little boy who was crouching with a pimp on his face. With the support I gave my child.

    "I've heard it sometimes since. The moment the mansion collapsed, or when I met Han Lee-jung at the hotel and returned.”

    “...I didn't think I'd hear it.”

    Cheon Sa-yeon, whom I met in the book, looked exactly in the direction I was in. It was because I heard a voice.

    Cheon Sa-yeon slightly folded her eyes with a pleasant look.

    “The first time I met you at the gate... I wondered if you were the same person as the owner of the voice that sometimes sounded to me. But the more you listen, the different. What I heard was a single voice, so it's different.”

    “When did you notice?”

    “The first time I thought it might be the same person was when I saw your past in this space. The conviction was the moment you made the decision to see my past after that.”

    “So you said that? I told you in the past that I was asking you to be good.”

    "I gave you my own hint.”

    "What a hint.......”

    Cheon Sa-yeon, who still looks good in my dissatisfied gaze, now sweeps my lips with his thumb.

    "Cheon Sa-yeon.”

    "Tell me.”

    "Do you remember the question I used to ask in my dream?”

    He had a touch of fiddling with his face, but Cheon Sa-yeon didn't do this for a day or two, so he ignored it and continued to talk.

    “You asked me if it was enough to use each other. Do you still have the same answer?”

    Cheon Sa-yeon, looking surprised, bowed his head without speaking easily. Then he closed his eyes.

    Many conflicts and emotions passed over Angel Yeon's face. I was worried about it, so I grabbed

    Cheon Sa-yeon's arm without knowing it.

    "...... No.”

    After a while, the answer was harsh, sterile, and more sincere than ever.

    "Not enough.”

    He laughed wryly, as if he could not help it.

    “I lost.”


    “I lost.......”

    Cheon Sa-yeon and I knew what it meant to lose because they were more like him than anyone else.

    Cheon Sa-yeon has always chosen the way he thinks is best. I think it was my own consideration not to draw me deep into the relationship that I had previously answered that it was enough.

    So this answer was even more pleasant. I felt like I was a colleague who could trust and leave my back, not an object to protect.

    I tilted my head slightly and leaned my face against Cheon Sa-yeon's hands.

    "That's enough.”

    I followed the comfort Cheon Sa-yeon gave me in my words, "I want to continue living with everyone", which I did in the Athena Guild hospital room.

    Your heart alone means that it is enough.

    Cheon Sa-yeon, who was staring at me with his soulful eyes somewhere, slowly bowed his head. At the same time, a soft texture was felt over the lips, and a sound echoed on the side.


    His shoulders trembled in a situation similar to Ha Tae-hun's last time. Unlike me, Cheon Sa-yeon, who glanced at me in front of me, smiled thickly.


    After a very brief tum, Cheon Sa-yeon bumped his lips again.

    Unlike the kiss of the children, his lips were deeply interlocked and his hot tongue was between them. His head was filled with consternation with a strange texture.

    ‘You madman...!’

    I tried to pull off the hand of Cheon Sa-yeon, who was holding my face, but it was insufficient.

    As he rushed back his upper body, Cheon Sa-yeon followed insistently. Rather, I bent my waist and pulled my lower body closely toward me.

    Even if you tried to use the wind ability, you were blocked by Cheon Sa-yeon s right hand ability. Rattling, the table that hit our bodies shook sharply.

    “Ugh, ugh.......”

    Cheon Sa-yeon's tongue, which crushed my hard tongue, swept through the palate. A tickling and creepy sensation came up the backline. There was blood in his face because of the squalor that came from his ears.

    Cheon Sa-yeon's shoulder, clinging to his breath, fell strongly with his fist. Then Cheon Sa-yeon bit my lip once and stepped back.

    "...what is this?”

    As he drew a rough breath, Cheon Sa-yeon, with his cheeks and ears on his feet, blinked with his long eyelashes.

    "I wanted to.”


    You want to shove your tongue in someone's mouth and make a sound? I was annoyed and annoyed, and I tried to revile it, but my throat was blocked by Cheon Sa-yeon's gaze at me.


    Do you look like that? Why is your face so red?

    Why are you looking at me and smiling happily?


    I have seen Cheon Sa-yeon through the book from her very childhood to her recent appearance. But at no time in the past had he had as much emotion in his eyes as he did now.

    My eyes look very similar to Ha Tae-hun, who said he loved me at a distance. A touch of carefully stroking my balls. From it all, emotions poured like waterfalls and came to me.

    Unable to face that naked emotion, he bowed his head as if he were running away. I felt my heart beating strongly between the full and confused emotions
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    URGHHHHHH I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN NEXT:blobcat_hyper::blobcat_hyper: did the others know?? What is their reaction.... I REALLY NEED TO KNOW:sweating_profusely::sweating_profusely: idk why i have a feeling that Han Yi gyeol will reject Cheon Sayeon just a feeling but please don't!! :blobfearful: and Han Yigyeol, you seriously asked him why his face was red?? People only kissed the person they like right?? Unless he's a playboy.... English is not my mother language.... Sorry if it doesn't make sense...
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    CSY will kiss him again on chapter 292 and Woojin will see him, HYG will follow him to explain the "misunderstanding" but Elohim who could see his thought and Min Ahrin who roughly guessed the situation told him to just come back later and let Woojin alone for now. And now from what I'm seeing on Twitter I guess Woojin kissed HYG on the latest chapter and fans were joking about this :
    HYG free touching area :
    Lips NEW
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    Here’s the chapter to this person’s explanation btw ^-^


    Park Geon-ho, who sat on the sofa and looked at me with his arms crossed, broke through the silence and opened his mouth.

    “Did anything happen with Han Yi-gyeol, Master?”

    "That… … .”

    "no! Isn't it?"

    I was afraid that Cheon Yeon-yeon would say something useless, so I quickly cut off the conversation.

    I hurriedly picked up the tablet PC that had fallen on the floor and handed it over to Cheon Yeon-yeon behind me. The lips that were pulled up forcibly trembled.

    “If you want to see a picture, tell me. Come on, take it and take a look.”


    What if you suddenly appear from behind without a measure of popularity? Please be careful next time.”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who smiled brightly, answered.

    “Don’t be mindful.”

    “Hmm, then… Let's continue the meeting.”

    As if nothing had happened, I was about to go back to the art museum, but Min Arin looked at me with a struggling expression.

    "no wonder… You haven't left the room for a while since waking up yesterday, so I did something... … .”

    “… We had some conversations. It's the past of the Master Cheonyeon, so I have something to talk about with the person in charge."

    While I was reading the Book of Angels, others had heard the Elohim to some extent explaining the situation of the Fraus Devotees, Kali, and Angels.

    I put my hand on Ha Tae-heon's shoulder, who was staring at me with suspicious eyes, and changed the topic of conversation once again.

    “It seems the best way to go to the auction house is me, Ha Tae-heon, and the three Master Cheon-yeon.”

    “You never know what will happen during the auction. Are you okay?”

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who recognized my efforts, asked a question with a small sigh. Cheon Cheon-yeon, who returned the tablet PC I received to Woo Seo-hyuk, said.

    “Then the three of us must go. If you have two SS-class and one non-class capable person, it will be that much safer.”

    Angel Yeon had the same opinion as me. The doll controlled by Abel could be hidden inside the auction house, and in the worst case, Samael could appear directly, so it was better for the three of us, safe from mind control, to go directly.

    “Do you agree with Tae-Heon Ha?”

    Ha Tae-heon, who was looking at me and Cheon-yeon with a dissatisfied look, nodded as if he had no choice but to answer my question.

    “Now that I have been invited, I have no intention of avoiding it. I think three people would be appropriate.”

    “Hmm, so can the rest of us wait upstairs?”

    "Yeah. If there's a problem with the auction house, I'll signal it right away. And Kim Woo-jin.”

    In response to Park Geon-ho's words, I shifted my gaze to Kim Woo-jin, who was standing blankly.


    “Can you move with your clone? We have to look inside and outside the building at the same time.”

    “It’s possible as long as you don’t fall too far.”

    “Then I will ask. If you look at the inside and outside at the same time, you will be able to check the movement of the congregation more clearly.”

    Seohyuk Woo, who was operating the tablet PC while listening to my explanation, opened his mouth.

    “We will gather as much information about the museum and auction as possible during the rest of the week. We also hire outsiders and send them to the museum as visitors.”


    The cult of Praus, who had been quiet since the Doctor's death, had finally begun to move.

    I don't know what the purpose is, but as long as I've sent an invitation in the first place, I can't ignore it.

    ‘There is a high possibility that Kali’s blood was used again this time.’

    He may have created something similar to the space the Doctor created in the United States. Like me, Angel Yeon must be prepared to some extent.

    So you have to be more careful. I hoped that useful information would be gathered for the rest of the week.


    The cool autumn night air touched my skin.

    Blood profit, pick!

    When I put on my slippers and went out to the garden, a fox followed me softly and wept happily.

    It has been more than ten days since I've been to Cheon Cheon-yeon's house, but this was my first time visiting the garden. A crescent moon floating in the center of the clear night sky without a single cloud caught my eye.

    A detached house with a garden in Seoul. It's great again.

    I remembered Cheon Cheon-yeon's childhood when she was living in a warehouse room in a large mansion. When I was sleeping alone in the old office that Chloe had saved me. Then, the present angel relationship, which has succeeded as much as this, became a little proud.

    'I'm proud of you, I'm not a father of any kind... … .'

    How ridiculous would it be if Angel Yeon heard it? I smiled and walked through the garden.

    profit! Pick!

    The fox, who had been sitting in the room all the time, was excited and flew around.

    Because of what happened before, people kept coming out to check out Cheon Yeon-yeon, so I felt cramped, so I came out to get some wind, I think a fox would like it this much. I'm going to take it with me.

    ‘But how long do I have to stay here?’

    I was comfortable with only close people, and the fox didn't need to hide, so it was good in many ways, but this was Angel Yeon's house to the end.

    In the first place, I only came here to stay while reading books, so it might be better to go back to the guild room tomorrow, even tomorrow.

    In fact, the room in the guild is just a place to stay for a while. I didn't even belong to Requiem, so I'm going to have to leave someday.

    When the problem of the Praus followers is solved, I will have to save money to get a single room. It was time to think about it.

    blood profit!

    The fox, who flew to the other side alone and played, ran quickly into my arms with a high-pitched cry. As soon as he reflexively hugged the fox, he heard a familiar voice from behind.

    “Aren’t your clothes too light?”

    Cheon Cheon-yeon approached and handed the cardigan she was wearing on her arm. Since I was only wearing a white T-shirt and pajama pants, I got it and put it on.

    “It’s been a while. I want to take a look.”

    “It’s not that big, so there wouldn’t be much to see.”

    “If you do this, it’s spacious. And it’s nice to have a garden in itself.”

    As the distance from Cheon Yeon-yeon got closer, the fox in her arms waved its tail in dissatisfaction. Then he buried his face in my arm.

    “What about the others?”

    “Some of you will be in the room… Elohim and Min Arin Healer in the kitchen.”

    Are you two together?

    Elohim and Min Ah-rin, who were talking with a smile on their good faces, immediately came to mind. It goes surprisingly well... … .

    Anyway, it was good. Even if it wasn't, I had something to ask Angel Yeon.

    “When am I going back?”


    “When will I go back to the guild? I've read all the books, so there's no need to be here."

    Of course, I asked about something that should be pointed out, but Cheon Cheon-yeon's expression on hearing the story was very complicated and subtle.

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who stood still for a moment, blinking her eyes, tilted her head slightly.

    “Why do I have to go back?”


    I don't know what kind of answer you want from me. Do you want me to kick you out?”

    Rather, I was embarrassed by the behavior of Angel Yeon who asked me back.

    “What are you talking about? I stopped here for a while for safety, and my original place of residence was on the 23rd floor of Requiem. therefore… … .”

    “So, if I tell you to leave, will you leave? If I tell you not to go, you won’t go?”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who cut off my words, smiled bitterly and came closer.

    Half of Cheon Yeon-yeon's face was brightly reflected in the light from the living room that flowed through the window on the terrace leading to the garden.

    “If you are simply asking for an opinion, of course I can answer it. Don't go, Han Yi-gyeol. I'm at home. continue."

    “… … .”

    “But you will refuse.”

    “… The room you prepared for me on the 23rd floor is enough.”


    I now understand what the angel's words mean. My back stiffened with tension and it was difficult to know how to react.

    Cheon Cheon-yeon, who looked down at me with an unknown gaze, opened her mouth again.

    “Didn’t you notice my feelings as yesterday?”

    “Why are you talking about that now?”

    “It’s only been a day, but I wonder if there’s already a difference.”

    I let out a sigh of relief at the clever reply.

    As the conversation between me and Cheon-yeon grew longer, the fox I was holding began to notice.

    “What else can I do other than kick you? You know that's not the case now."

    “Then is it okay to kiss me when I want to?”

    “Stop talking nonsense.”

    I've been fine so far, but it's like this again.

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who didn't care about her disgusted expression, gently stroked my cheek. The appearance of Cheon-yeon, whose skinship increased dramatically in one day, was very uncomfortable.

    “It’s too much. I’ve been working hard on it ever since.”

    "Do not."

    I want to.”


    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who doesn't listen to me even with her back, smiled softly from a distance so close that she could feel her breath.

    Seeing it, I had an ominous feeling. A smile full of playfulness was incredibly suspicious.

    “Let it go… … .”


    The moment I was about to shake off the hand of Cheon Yeon-yeon, who was holding my face, a tickling sensation on my lips and the sound of a kiss resounded.

    Cheon Cheon-yeon, this crazy bastard came to kiss me. Cheon Cheon-yeon, who gave me another kiss and gave me a kiss, finally released my face.

    blood profit! profit!

    The fox, who suddenly saw the scene where Cheon Yeon-yeon kissed me while she was holding me, made a sharp cry.

    “… Are you really crazy?”

    why? He told me not to kiss, so I kissed him instead.”

    “Stop joking around. Next time, I can't stand it any longer... … .”

    I bit my teeth and was about to say something serious, but I quickly turned my attention to the pretending of popularity I felt close by. Like me, Cheon Yeon-yeon turned her head and checked the living room.

    "Ah… … .”

    Kim Woo-jin, who was standing looking at us in the living room beyond the terrace window, made eye contact with me and stepped back with a contemplative face. Slowly, the cell phone in his hand fell to the floor.

    My heart sank as much as Kim Woo-jin.

    'no way… … .'

    I just saw Angel Yeon kissing me... did you see

    A chilling stillness fell between me, Cheon Yeon-yeon, and Kim Woo-jin. I had no idea what to do with this situation.

    I was restless for a while and couldn't stand it any longer and opened my mouth first, but Kim Woo-jin turned around and left.


    “… … .”

    The eyes of Kim Woo-jin, who met just before turning his back on me, were full of mixed emotions of surprise and bewilderment.

    ‘It’s a big deal… … .'

    Cheon Yeon-yeon lightly shrugged her shoulders leaving me, who had hardened as it was.

    “I heard you.”

    “… You motherfucker!”

    When I finally exploded and clenched my fists and slapped my shoulder, Cheon Cheon-yeon said in a pretentious voice, “Aww,” and made excuses.

    “I really didn’t know either.”

    “The SS-class didn’t know there were people on that street?”

    “I really didn’t know either.”

    “The SS-class didn’t know there were people on that street?”

    "Yes. To focus on you.”

    “Shut your mouth, please.”

    profit! profit!

    A headache came over from the actions of Kim Woo-jin, who must have been misunderstood, the fox who kept crying in shock, and the shameless Cheon Yeon-yeon. How do I solve this?
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    Could I ask how you got till chapter 292? Actually I’m currently at 181 and I don’t know how to keep reading as I don’t understand Korean T-T
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    I use ridibooks official website of course you have to wait 9 hour per chapter I got mine with coupons
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    Funny how they bet on him but he got them on a leash instead
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    Any chances they’ll turn this novel into a manhwa? I’d love to see it honestly:aww:
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    Waaaaahhhhhh I used all my coupons :blobconfounded::blobconfounded::blobconfounded:

    but here are some chapters I got from the remaining ones

    Anyway the next chapters are very :blobfearful:
    They had an


    77. Change

    Lee Joo-ha got out of the car and ran to Hong Shi-a.

    “Master Hongsia.”

    "I'm here?"

    Hong Si-ah, who was staring in front of her with her arms crossed, noticed her Lee Joo-ha and she smiled slightly. She had a cold and heavy atmosphere that was different from her usual.

    "What do you think? Is there something wrong?”

    "no. as it is.”

    In response to that, she raised her head and looked straight ahead.

    The Deus Museum of Art has been well-received for its stylish exterior, spacious interior, and various art works. Currently, the entire building and garden of the museum were encroached upon by an unidentified orange curtain.

    Even though it was quite a distance, I felt a stinging pain on my skin. It was because of the energy emanating from the tent. Even the S-class himself was like this, so other people couldn't even come close.

    “It’s just past 5 PM, so it’s already been four days since the curtain was built with this.”

    Hong Shi-ah, who checked her time by looking at her wrist watch, asked Lee Joo-ha with her worried look.

    “Who is Cha Soo-yeon? Are you okay?”

    “I felt very tired, so I forced him to rest for a while. I'll be back in less than five hours."

    The government and the media were stunned by the sudden curtain.

    Not surprisingly, many businessmen, politicians, and famous actors were among those who disappeared into the veil. They were the ones who attended the unofficial auction of the museum, which was revealed later.

    The problem was that there were many ordinary citizens besides those invited to the auction. On a weekend afternoon, she and her family came to visit the art museum and were eaten by the curtain. Cha Su-yeon's mother and her sister also disappeared.

    Despite the disappearance of many people, the search for a solution has been sluggish. The representative of the person who studied the tabernacle gave the answer, "It is difficult to make a definitive analysis because the tabernacle contains a substance that is currently unknown."

    Juha Lee, who was out in Japan for a guild job, heard the news and was about to run away. Frowning her brow, she peered through the orange veil and looked at the blurry-looking museum building.

    ‘Taehyung… … .'

    She had been receiving separate reports about the Praus followers from Ha Tae-heon, who was migrating, so she knew that Han, including him, were acting together, including him, Angel Yeon, and Requiem Guild members.

    Since we formed a team with very talented people, there was a high possibility that we would be safe... I couldn't help but worry. I hope everyone who was missing should be alive and safe.


    It was at that time when Lee Joo-ha sighed with a heavy heart. A black car stopped behind me, opened the door, and a familiar person stepped out.

    “Mijin Choi, head of the center.”

    “Everyone is here.”

    A cold impression with dark short hair and thick dark circles under the eyes. It was Choi Mi-jin, the head of the gate management center, who belonged to the management headquarters. After that, there was a woman with a face he had never seen before.

    “Who is that?”

    “He is the person who can check the inside of the veil.”

    At those words, Lee Joo-ha and Hong Shi-a's eyes turned to the woman. With her black hair tied up in a bundle, she opened her mouth with an annoyed expression.

    “My name is Sujin Lee.”

    After hearing the introduction, Shi-ah Hong opened her eyes wide and said.

    “Lee Soo-jin? Then you are the telekinesis that you were training at the Administrative Headquarters.”

    Soojin Lee. He is a B-class telekinesis person who was active in the Prauss cult.

    After managing the Gangnam club where her drug was concentrated, she moved to the management headquarters after meeting Han Yi-gyeol, who came to destroy the drug gang.

    For the past two months, Lee Su-jin, who has been formally trained at the management headquarters with the help of Choi Mi-jin, has grown stronger and her utility has also increased.

    Hong Shi-ah, who looked at Lee Soo-jin with her interest-filled eyes, said a word.

    “If it’s a telekinetic power, it would definitely be useful in the current situation.”

    “People can’t reach it, so we have to send the goods instead.”

    I handed the very small camera that Mi-jin Choi had brought to Su-jin Lee. With it, Sujin Lee walked to the front of the safety tape hung around the curtain, closed her eyes, and the camera in his hand came to mind.

    The miniature camera flew into the air and flew towards the curtain as quickly as a bee. At the moment when he broke through the veil, Sujin Lee's forehead was strongly wrinkled.

    "Are you okay?"

    “The heart… . It seems like two minutes is the limit if you do it for a long time.”

    Sujin Lee, who had a small camera and energy connected, complained of heart pain. Lee Soo-jin bit his lips with a pale complexion in an instant, and although he was sweating in a cold sweat, he did not stop his ability.

    After 2 minutes and 30 seconds passed, Lee Su-jin, who was enduring his pain and using his powers, grabbed his chest and shook his body violently. Choi Mi-jin, who quickly embraced Lee Su-jin, who was falling over, grabbed a small camera that slowly returned.

    Mijin Choi, who connected the camera to the tablet PC, played the video. Seeing the video of the inside of the curtain on the screen, Lee Joo-ha narrowed her eyes.

    “That… … .”

    A huge egg-shaped orange gem was embedded in the ground. In the center of it, a red liquid fluttered like a flame.

    The light emanating from the four jewels became a curtain and encircled the museum.

    “I couldn’t check inside the building. My energy is getting stronger.”

    Sujin Lee, who barely came to her senses, added an explanation while watching the video. Obviously, as we got closer to the building, the picture quality deteriorated sharply and it started to cut off.

    Hong Si-ah, who watched the phenomenon while touching her lips, said.

    “It seems that the electronic devices are messed up. It’s like entering the gate.”

    It meant that the only place that could be confirmed even with Lee Soo-jin's abilities was outside the museum, and it was impossible to go inside the building.

    “Wait, what is that?”

    It was then. Something pure white was found on the floor near the artwork installed outside. At the question of Lee Joo-ha, Choi Mi-jin stopped playing his and enlarged the part.

    “… cat? Is it a cat?”

    “It’s too small for a cat… weasel?"

    “Isn’t that a dog? He doesn't have a very long waist and has a lot of tail hair.”

    "I'm pretty sure it's not human. Did the wandering animal accidentally get caught up in it?”

    “Let’s take a closer look at that creature. It might have something to do with it.”

    After finishing the video, Choi Mi-jin moved her gaze back to the curtain.

    Thanks to Sujin Lee, I was able to find out an important fact. Four gems in the form of eggs. It must be the item that maintains that veil.

    “You worked hard, Lee Soo-jin. From now on, I'll have to figure out a way to break that gem."

    “We will do our best to help.”

    “You may need a producer.”

    “You don’t have to worry about that.”

    Choi Mi-jin, who handed the tablet PC to the headquarters staff, continued.

    “Because there are separate guilds and producers who have contacted me to help.”


    Right before the wedding, Woo Seo-hyeok approached me in a separate room to check my dress and put on white gloves.

    “From now on, you will have to go alone.”

    “That’s right, what?”

    “When the prince reaches the top of the stairs, the other person will enter and climb the stairs in the same way. Even if I can't go with you, I'll always be nearby, so if something happens, please let me know with a wink. The knights will also protect the prince.”


    Even if it was a fake wedding, I was a little nervous when I came all the way here.

    Maybe this will be my first and last wedding in my life. Thinking like that, I was a bit absurd and frustrated.

    “Prince, the time has come.”

    One of the attendants announced the start of the wedding. Leaving Woo Seo-hyuk behind, I left the room and walked down the hallway to the castle's central garden where the wedding was held.

    Under the bright midday sunlight, a garden decorated with pure white decorations and colorful flowers unfolded. When I appeared, dozens of bands started playing, and petals were scattered in front of me.

    Dozens of round party tables decorated with flowers were prepared on either side of the flower road, and the packed aristocrats applauded me. Among them were Cheon Cheon-yeon, Park Geon-ho, Kwon Jeong-han, and Min Arin.

    When I reached the podium by stepping on the high white stairs, Ha Tae-heon followed. Ha Tae-heon, who was dressed in a white suit just like me, wore a white veil over his head instead of a cloak.

    I whispered to Ha Tae-heon, who climbed the stairs with dignified steps and arrived safely next to me.

    “Did you have a bad day?”

    We haven't been able to see each other for three days as we've both been so busy preparing for the wedding since we last met in the living room. Ha Tae-heon, who heard my question, answered quietly with his head bowed.

    "Yes. How are you?”

    “Of course I was safe and well.”

    In front of the wedding host in front of me with a reverent voice, Ha Tae-heon whispered and chatted.

    “As soon as the wedding is over, the space can change. You have to be careful.”

    “Then the possibility of being able to reject it this time is also an enemy.”

    surely… In Hansel and Gretel, I lost my mind as well as Angel and I passed over to Cinderella.

    ‘I couldn’t find a fox either.’

    The fox was with Kim Woo-jin's clone. The clone must have disappeared naturally as Kim Woo-jin lost her mind, so she would have been left alone in the end.

    I sighed softly at the thought of the fox, and Ha Tae-heon slowly grabbed my hand.

    "it's okay. That white guy is small and has the ability to invisibility, so he'll be good at hiding."

    “Mr. Tae-Heon Ha… … .”

    I was moved to see Ha Tae-heon, who understands and comforts me without having to explain. Meanwhile, the end of the ceremony was approaching.

    “I sincerely congratulate you on the marriage of two noble people, stars of the kingdom. One last kiss with love.”


    what? what to do

    When I questioned in amazement, the officiant also widened his eyes and was bewildered.

    “Kiss, please.”

    He looked at the officiant who was making a fuss and asking again, and then he quickly turned his head to check his back.

    Min Ah-rin, Park Geon-ho, and Kwon Jeong-han watch the wedding with exciting expressions. And Cheon Yeon-yeon's face, with her arms crossed and smiling strangely, came into view one after another.

    “… … .”

    The smile of Cheon-yeon, who met my eyes, grew a little deeper. But her eyes were surprisingly cold. There was a creepy goosebumps.

    My whole body stiffened in the awkward situation that I suddenly had to kiss Ha Tae-heon in front of everyone.


    ‘… No, but why do I have to keep an eye on it? This is not something that can be avoided.’

    He reached out to Ha Tae-heon, who was standing quietly, holding his heart, and slowly raised the white veil covering his face.

    Unlike usual, Ha Tae-heon, who had all of his bangs down, raised his head in time for the veil to be raised. Ha Tae-heon, who I met at a close distance, had a more radiant face than usual, and had a soft scent.

    I've kissed Ha Tae-heon several times before, but it was so awkward because I was going to do it first.

    ‘If it’s something we have to do anyway, let’s get it done quickly without being too lazy.’

    As he swallowed his dry saliva and placed his hand on Ha Tae-heon's shoulder, he smiled softly and lowered his upper body slightly.

    With one hand holding his veil and the other on Ha Tae-Hun's shoulder, he tilted his head and kissed Ha Tae-Hun. In line with it, a cheerful fanfare resounded, and pale pink petals were scattered like snow.

    After about five seconds, he parted his lips as naturally as possible. Then the officiant applauded with a happy expression.

    “May you be filled with divine blessings!”

    As expected, even if it's not a real kiss, it'll pass. He received applause from the nobles and was truly relieved.

    Ha Tae-heon whispered in a low voice to me as I smiled and waved at the guests at the bottom of the stairs.

    “I told you to kiss me, not kiss me.”

    “… Can you please pass it on?”

    Just kissing in front of everyone was already a limit.

    The team members, including Cheon Yeon-yeon, as well as strangers they didn't know just saw the scene, so they were already tired just imagining what would happen after they left this space.

    “Certainly not a good place for a kiss.”

    “… … .”

    What? Does that mean you just want the place to be okay?

    Ha Tae-heon, who looks sad, and Cheon-yeon, who seems to be holding back his irritation.

    Taking turns looking at the two of them, I sighed deeply. Tired, really.


    After the wedding, a party was held to celebrate Ha Tae-heon and I.

    When Ha Tae-heon and I, who changed from white suits to party clothes, entered the party, the nobles sent various gifts and congratulations.

    “Congratulations on your marriage.”

    At the end of the celebration procession that had lasted for over an hour, the nobleman who came to visit was Angel Yeong. With all of his bangs raised to reveal his forehead, Angel Yan, in a black party suit with red embroidery, looked like a real nobility.

    If you think about it, even if he doesn't have to play a role, he was similar to an angel kite aristocrat. Considering the size and family of the mansion he lived in when he was young, it was the aristocratic family itself. There was a reason to fit.

    “Thank you.”

    When he answered awkwardly, Cheon Cheon-yeon, who smiled brightly, turned to Ha Tae-heon.

    “For the youngest member of our family to marry the one and only prince in the kingdom. Amazing.”

    Ha Tae-heon frowned slightly at the tone that seemed to be teasing somewhere.

    “Even though we’re not real brothers, it was really fun to spend time together, but it’s a pity. Isn't that right?"

    Ha Tae-heon looked around at the image of Cheon Cheon-yeon who asked shamelessly.

    Ha Tae-heon, who confirmed that there were many eyes from Woo Seo-hyeok, who was caught in mental control in a short distance, to the nobles, answered with a bright smile.

    “It’s a pity for me too, but I’m happier now because I’m married to the prince and not anyone else.”

    “Happy… … .”

    “If you were in the same situation as me, I think she would have accepted the marriage very readily. Isn't it?"

    Cheon Yeon-yeon's laughter deepened at the naked provocation. On the surface, it looked like they were having a friendly conversation, but the atmosphere between the two was very cold.

    ‘Why are you fighting in this situation?’

    Woo Seo-hyeok, who doesn't seem interested in Ha Tae-heon and Cheon Cheon-yeon's conversation, handed him a glass of fruit wine as a present.

    I took it and drank it and watched the two of them fight.

    “Well, of course it is. As my younger brother said, he is a prince and nobody else.”

    “The prince chose me.”

    “Because you are Cinderella.”

    “If I hadn’t been Cinderella, the result would have been the same.”

    "well. I don’t know.”

    Would you like to dry it slowly? Rather, the drink that Woo Seo-hyuk gave me was quite delicious.

    Feeling the stress relieved by the sweet and refreshing taste like fruit wine, I asked Seo-hyuk Woo.

    “What kind of fruit is this in?”

    “Analysis showed apples and some grapefruit, lemon, peach and soda. Would you like one more drink?”

    Did you just analyze it? After all, I'm a prince, so I'll test everything I get as a gift.

    "Yes. please."

    "all right."

    I got Woo Seo-hyuk out of his seat and turned his attention to Cheon Cheon-yeon and Ha Tae-heon, who are still arguing. I have to say something to stop at this point.

    “Whatever it is, it’s me who married the prince, not you.”

    "Yes. Yes… Before that, there is something I want to say to you, little brother.”

    Cheon Cheon-yeon, who smiled brighter than ever, put her hand on Ha Tae-heon's shoulder.

    “I’m so sorry to call you that way. We won't be able to see each other often from now on, but I hope you can call me hyung for the last time."



    Ha Tae-heon, who calls Cheon-yeon the older brother? I carefully folded my mind to stop, and looked at Ha Tae-heon with full of anticipation.

    “… … .”

    Confused at the unexpected request, Ha Tae-heon looked back at me.

    His expression, as if asking for help, was cute, but I wanted to hear Ha Tae-heon's hyung's voice, so I pretended not to know and ignored him.

    “Come on. Call me bro.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You mean it? Is it possible for the youngest to call him hyung hyung? And are you talking nonsense now?”

    As the conversation between the two grew longer, the number of eyes looking at them increased that much. Ha Tae-heon, who had been contemplating for a while with his lips closed, took a deep breath and said lowly.

    “… … brother."

    "what? I can’t hear you very well.”


    Ha Tae-heon heard the shrill sound of molars hitting each other.

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who suddenly spit on Ha Tae-heon and made me, took a step back with a look of satisfaction.

    “Congratulations on your marriage. I'll just go away.”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who bowed in a whirling and skillful bow, left the place. At the same time, I received a new cup from Woo Seo-hyuk, and I handed it to Ha Tae-heon.

    "eat it. it's delicious."

    Ha Tae-heon, who had been properly treated by Cheon Cheon-yeon, took a large sip of alcohol with a burning face. I quietly stared at it, and secretly approached Ha Tae-heon and asked.

    “Mr. Tae-Heon Ha.”


    “Even for me, just once… … .”

    “… … .”

    Ha Tae-heon looked at me with pathetic eyes.

    It had been a long time since he saw me with these eyes. In the past, whenever I had a chance, I would look at you like that.

    “Damn it, it’s a joke. More than that, the wedding is over, and nothing happens.”

    "Yes. If this continues without change, I will have to find another way.”

    other way… In a situation where there was no information or certainty, they thought that marriage was the only answer, but if not, the matter becomes more complicated.

    The only good thing is that everyone except the fox was gathered in one place? My chest felt queasy.

    "What should I do? If it wasn't for marriage, I would have to go outside the castle to get information, but it's not easy."

    As a prince, there were many restrictions to freely roaming outside the castle.

    Ha Tae-heon is now in the castle, so he must be in a similar situation to me. Then he had no choice but to lean a lot on the angel kite.

    “For now, let’s see how things turn out until tomorrow. If you act hastily, other problems may arise.”

    "all right."

    It's been quite some time since the party started.

    Woo Seo-hyeok, who had never left my side except when I brought him some alcohol, checked the time and spoke quietly.

    “It is late, Prince. Would you like to go up first?”

    I think it means you're going to rest. There doesn't seem to be anything more to do here at the party.

    When I looked at Ha Tae-heon, he nodded his head to signify that he was okay.

    "Yes. I will go up.”

    Following Woo Seo-hyuk, I left the party and headed to my room.

    As I was walking down the darkened hallway, the tiredness I had forgotten came flooding in. As Ha Tae-heon said, it would be better to take a break today and think about how to do it again tomorrow.



    Before opening the door, Woo Seo-hyuk turned to me and opened his mouth.

    “Enter the room, wait a little bit, and the attendants will arrive to help you prepare.”

    "preparation? What are you ready for?”

    We had a wedding and a party, but do you still have anything left? Woo Seo-hyuk hesitated for a moment as he looked at me with a puzzled expression.

    “These are the attendants to help prepare for the first night.”

    what? first night? what first night? Maybe the first night I think it is?

    Useo-hyuk continued to explain to me, who had stiffened with his mouth open.

    “Now that you are married, you have to go to the other person’s room and spend their first night there.”

    "uh… Wait a minute. Do you have to?”

    “It’s not stipulated by law, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it. If the prince doesn't want it, I won't let the servant go."

    Naturally, I was going to ask him to do that, but I stopped answering with a sudden thought.

    Even though we got married, it's a little bit not going to visit us on the first night... Isn't it?

    Rumors spread that Kim Woo-jin had been brought into the bedroom, but there was a high possibility that it would be the same without the first night. In the worst case, Ha Tae-heon might be ignored by others.

    ‘I would rather sleep for a day in Ha Tae-heon’s room.’

    Sleeping in the same bed with Ha Tae-heon was nothing new, as I had experienced it several times while staying at Elohim's house in the past.

    Having made up my mind, I asked Seo-hyuk Woo.

    "no. send it I'm still married, but I have to take care of the first night. Did I mention that Cinderella's room is right next door?"

    “… Yes. Yes."

    After hearing my answer, Woo Seo-hyuk nodded his head with a hint of disappointment.

    “Then I will send the servants up as I prepared in advance. Please rest.”

    After those words, Woo Seo-hyuk did not listen to my answer and turned around and left.

    I looked at Woo Seo-hyuk's back, which was getting farther away from me, feeling a bit uneasy, and I touched the nape of my neck.
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    No need I gotchu chapter 300


    Slowly, the black tea poured into the teacup from the teapot exuded a rich aroma.

    The servant prepared tea and various cookies on the table and left the room. I lifted a teacup of black tea while wearing a soft silk poet shirt.

    ‘I’m going to die of exhaustion.’

    By the time the ball was over, it was already past midnight, so I had no choice but to spend the night here.

    I had to be careful because I had to go to bed alone in the space created by the Praus followers. As a result, I ended up falling asleep.

    I was so tired that my head didn't turn at all. In that case, it might be better to get a good night's sleep and wake up in case something unexpected happens.

    “You have a bad complexion.”

    Woo Seo-hyeok, who came to the bedroom, handed a document and frowned. That's the first thing you hear when you see it. Does his face have a lot of blemishes?

    “I couldn’t sleep.”

    “Do you miss that man so much that you can’t even sleep?”

    “… … .”

    The answer, "Is it possible?" soared to the end of his throat, but he swallowed it and forced a laugh.

    “What… … .”

    I didn't want to repeat the unfamiliar sound like yesterday, so I just pretended and turned over the first page of the document.

    Seo-hyuk Woo, who looked down at me with a strange gaze, started explaining accordingly.

    “We divided the central city into four parts. We are going to start the search from Area A.”

    “It’s neat.”

    “And I would like to borrow an object from the prince for a more precise classification.”

    “Are you talking about gloves?”

    "Yes. The male may have been disguised, so I'm trying to measure the size of his hands with his gloves."

    I was reminded of the Cinderella fairy tale. Originally, they would have been glass shoes, but it seems that Ha Tae-heon is a man and has turned into leather gloves.

    "Then you're going to go through the central city with your gloves on?"

    “The other party was wearing clothes that the commoners could never get, so we plan to visit mainly noble families. It won't take long.”

    for a moment. If you're going to visit the whole central city, wouldn't it be beneficial to go with me?

    It was an opportunity to meet the team members who would be somewhere in this space. With that in mind, I closed the paperwork and said.

    “I will go too.”

    “You don't have to. If you wait at the castle, I will find the man and bring him back.”

    "no. I'll go with my gloves."

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who blinked for a moment as he expressed his opinion to somehow escape the castle, opened his mouth.

    “Do you want to meet that quickly?”


    What else are you misunderstanding? No, would it be misunderstood from Woo Seo-hyuk's point of view?

    Woo Seo-hyeok, who had left me speechless in embarrassment and gathered the documents again, responded politely.

    "all right. I will deliver the news that the prince is going out to the escorts.”

    "great. Let’s go right away.”

    As I got up from my seat eagerly thinking about looking for people, Woo Seo-hyuk blocked me with his body.

    “Wait, Prince.”

    Wooseo-hyuk looked at me puzzled and touched his collarbone and chest area, which were exposed because he didn't tie his laces.

    “You can’t go out in this outfit.”

    "Ah… … .”

    “I will call the attendant now, so change into your outdoor clothes. I will be waiting in the hallway.”

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who added softly, left the room with a nonchalant face. I, who had been standing there until then, scratched the back of my head at the creeping uneasiness.

    I feel something... … .

    ‘Is it because of the mood?’

    It's not anyone else, it's Woo Seo-hyuk. These days, following Ha Tae-heon and Angel Yeon, it seems like even me is getting weird.

    He sighed and, at least later, tightened his straps. Don't think in vain and find people quickly.


    “It’s the prince’s carriage!”


    “Prince, I love you!”

    "ha… … .”

    Even after closing the curtains on the carriage window, I exhaled a weary breath at the sound of a cry.

    Because his role is a prince in a fairy tale, he was very popular wherever he went. My plan to get out of the carriage and look around a bit failed because I couldn't stand the crowd that came as if I had met a celebrity.

    Those people must also be victims of mental domination after all. It is only now understood why the Fraus cult attracted people to the museum.

    Seo-hyeok Woo, who was sitting across from me, asked me with a worried expression.

    “Are you okay?”

    "it's okay."

    If you think about it, it was a refreshing experience. Where am I going to be welcomed by so many people? I'm a little tired though.

    “Be patient. The next area is the last.”

    We left early in the morning, but it was late afternoon. I looked around all the noble houses in the city, so as Woo Seo-hyuk said, there were not many places left.

    ‘I think I will arrive at Ha Tae-heon’s house soon enough.’

    If Ha Tae-heon was really Cinderella, he would be living in custody somewhere in an aristocratic house. I can't imagine Ha Tae-heon being bullied.

    According to the fairy tale, after being bullied by his stepmother and step-sisters, he meets a fairy and comes to the ballroom... Would you like to meet someone who played the role of stepmother and her sister?

    I wish Minah Lin would play one of the roles of her stepmother or her step-sister. Then you can meet not only Ha Tae-heon but also Min A-rin.

    But even if they meet, what if the space is different like Hansel and Gretel?

    ‘You have to be prepared.’

    If the space changes, it will scatter again. Before that happens, I need to figure out how to fix it.

    The wagon that moved steadily leaving me in trouble soon stopped in front of the red-roofed building.

    “This house is a baron. It's the family where the invitation to the prom was blown away, so it's a good idea to check it out. but… … .”

    After stopping the explanation and hesitating for a while, Seo-hyeok Woo continued.

    “There are a lot of tiring families here, so the Prince recommends not going out of the carriage.”

    Tired characters?

    After 7 hours of wasting time, I rolled up the curtains slightly and looked outside without much expectation. Dark hair was visible among the knights who were escorting the wagon.

    If it's dark hair, is it Ha Tae-heon? Even if I looked around, the other person's face was just covered, so I couldn't see it.

    Unable to overcome the frustration, he opened the curtains and windows and put his head out, and then Ha Tae-heon, who was talking with the knight commander with a sullen expression, was clearly seen.

    “Mr. Ha Tae-heon!”


    Finally found it! Ha Tae-heon, who had barely reunited after 6 hours, was so happy that he hurriedly opened the carriage door and ran out. Woo Seo-hyuk, who was bewildered from behind, called after me and followed me.

    “Han Yi-gyeol.”

    “We just met.”

    Ha Tae-heon wasn't surprised as he expected me to come. Like me, you noticed that I was Cinderella.

    “Did nothing happen?”

    "Yes. you?"

    “I was fine too. It was safer being with Woo Seo-hyuk.”

    Unlike in the ballroom, Ha Tae-heon, who was wearing old clothes, was fortunately not injured or inconvenient. I lowered my voice slightly, conscious of Woo Seo-hyuk and the knights standing behind me.

    “Have you ever met any other team members? People of Requiem.”

    Ha Tae-heon, who heard my question, made a strange expression that could not be explained.

    It looks awkward and complicated... What expression is this?


    "Yeah? Who is it? Where?”

    That was when Ha Tae-heon, who was hesitant looking at me, was just about to answer. The sound of footsteps rang out and the door of the house swung open at the same time.

    “The prince has come, is our youngest welcoming?”

    “The prince has come to such a shabby place and he is standing outside. It’s very frustrating.”

    “It’s a bit embarrassing because the area around the house is not cleaned at all.”

    “… … !”

    When I saw the three men who crossed the threshold over Ha Tae-heon's back and appeared proudly, I was shocked and instinctively took a step back.

    'This crazy... … .'

    Seeing him approaching me with a similar smile on his face gave me goosebumps. Not wanting to go near him, he reflexively grabbed Ha Tae-heon's arm, hid himself, and stuttered.

    “Ho, maybe those three are playing the role of step-sisters… ?”

    Ha Tae-heon quietly nodded his head without saying a word. Oh my gosh, it was really terrible.

    “If you hide like that as soon as our eyes meet, no matter how much I hurt you.”

    The angel Yeon, who saw me hiding in Ha Tae-heon's arms, raised the corners of his lips. After that, Park Geon-ho and Kwon Jeong-han also skillfully added one word at a time.

    “Do you think the youngest and the prince have a very special relationship?”

    “Last night, I didn’t work and secretly went anywhere, so it must have been a ball.”

    "ha… … .”

    Ha Tae-heon took a deep breath and touched his forehead. He looked particularly tired today.

    I sincerely apologized to Ha Tae-heon.

    “I’m sorry, Tae-Heon Ha. Had I known this would be the case, I would have found it sooner... … .”

    "It's my fault for not telling you beforehand, so there's no need to apologize."

    “I fell in love with the world of just the two of us.”

    Cheon Cheon-yeon, who was listening to our conversation, clicked her tongue.

    It was so unlucky that this time he ran to the angel Yan and grabbed his clothes by the collar with both hands. Then the knights who were watching us from behind gasped and breathed in.

    “Since when have you been here?”

    As I rushed in, the angel Yan, who gave me his clothes, opened his mouth.

    “Is this the second day? Just like last time, when I opened my eyes, I was here.”

    “Did you all wake up in this house together?”

    “It’s not yours.”

    “Aren’t you four? Maybe five?”


    “Who is the other one… … .”

    “A precious guest has arrived.”

    A bright and soft voice was heard. It was a very familiar and familiar voice.

    Tto-gak-tto-gak, the other person who leisurely walked out of the door wearing shoes and smiled brightly at me.

    “It is an honor to meet you like this, Prince.”

    “… … .”

    That greeting made me want to cry. The role of Min Arin could be guessed only by the gorgeous dress and elegant and noble behavior.

    ‘Min Arin is your stepmother… … .'

    Her stepmother Min Arin and her stepbrothers Angel Yeon, Park Geon-ho, and Kwon Jeong-han. And the youngest, Ha Tae-heon, is being bullied.

    I was at a loss as to how to deal with this situation.
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    sounds like horror movies,,,,,:blobpopcorn_cool::blobpopcorn_cool:
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    Jan 15, 2021
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    This is so funny omg, I can imagine CSY bullying HTH and Min arin ordering him around, and PGH a step brother is hell, also thank uuu !
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  18. Meena97

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    Who is the endgame with the MC ?
  19. kiara8

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    The novel is not even endgame yet
  20. Meena97

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    That's fine cuz I want the MC ending with CSY .

    But what about the wedding i read that MC and HTH get married?