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    It's a fake wedding so no we still have hope
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    Yep it’s only on the fairytale arc
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    I'm sorry I haven't gotten to this part yet but how did the bet happen?
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    What chapter?
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    The arc starts around 300 ch I'm not sure and i can't check it anymore
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    Omg I finally got 307 anyway continuation on my last post


    I went into the room and saw Kim Woo-jin, who was sitting on a chair, getting up, and I stiffened his shoulders.

    this. Come to think of it, if I want to sleep in Ha Tae-heon's room for a day, I have to leave Kim Woo-jin here alone.

    No matter how much I sleep with Ha Tae-heon, I can't take Kim Woo-jin with me since it's officially the first night.

    Kim Woo-jin first asked me because I couldn't get closer.

    “Have you been well?”

    “Oh, yes.”

    As soon as I answered without thinking, I became even more confused. have you been well You mean marriage, right?

    ‘No, wait a minute… Am I not thinking too far ahead?’

    I'm not even sure that Kim Woo-jin sees me differently like Ha Tae-heon or Cheon Cheon-yeon. Or what are you going to do?

    That's very rude. Later, Kim Woo-jin found out that I had this kind of heart and had nothing to say even if I cursed.

    He sighed inwardly and quickly captured the complex emotions. For now, let's do what we've been doing. If we had looked at Woojin Kim for nothing, it would have been obvious that we would only hurt each other's feelings.

    “Have you been resting well? What did you eat?”

    I couldn't eat properly because I went to a party after the wedding, but I was more worried about Kim Woo-jin, who had to wait in the room alone all day.

    “Before, other servants took care of me, so I ate it simply.”


    I've never seen him get along with other servants, and it's amazing.

    Looking back, Kim Woo-jin had a good relationship with the physics support team in real life too. It was really good because more and more people are starting to realize that Kim Woo-jin is a good and affectionate child.

    “I thought I was alone all day without eating, but I’m glad.”

    “Have you eaten, Prince?”

    “I haven’t eaten anything. I am not very hungry.”

    “Still, you should not sleep on an empty stomach. Shall I go and get some soup?”

    "no, that's fine."

    Other times, I would have been grateful for the soup that Kim Woo-jin would bring, but now I can't.

    How do I explain this? At that time, while Kim Woo-jin was choosing her words so as not to take her as strange, they knocked on her door and the attendants entered.

    “Prince, I have come to help you prepare for the first night.”

    “… … .”

    Kim Woo-jin opened her eyes wide and surprised at the story of the servant who was standing in front, bowing deeply.

    ‘The timing is really… … .'

    Kim Woo-jin, who was shocked, and the attendants who sent her eyes to start preparing immediately, were caught in tears.

    what to do with this First, I asked the servant.

    “Ready… Will it take long?”

    “After cleaning the prison body, you can apply perfume and put on clothes. It takes about an hour.”

    “We will help.”

    “… Just leave your clothes and go out. I will take care of the rest.”

    After hearing my order, the attendants hesitated for a moment, then put their clothes on the table and left the room.

    Kim Woo-jin and the man alone in the room A chilling stillness that I had never felt before touched my skin. With his head bowed slightly, he awkwardly opened his mouth toward Kim Woo-jin, who only blinked his eyes.

    “Um, that’s… I think I'll have to sleep in the next room today. sorry."

    At those words, Kim Woo-jin's gaze turned to me.

    Because the room was dark, Kim Woo-jin's eyes were darker and darker than usual. I remembered the night I had a conversation with Woojin Kim at Cheoncheonyeon's house.

    “Why are you apologizing to me?”

    “… … .”

    "all right. I will wait here.”

    Kim Woo-jin gently raised the corner of his lips and smiled. It was a smile I had seen before.

    Realizing that, he caught his breath. Just like back then, I couldn't quite figure out what kind of answer I was supposed to give in this situation.

    “… … Yes."

    After hesitating for a while, it was that brief word that he finally spit out. I was so pathetic myself, but I couldn't tell which answer was right and which was wrong.

    I turned my back on Kim Woo-jin and ran out of the room with the clothes the servant brought me. When I came out into the cool hallway with the sound of a thump, the door closed, I barely woke up.

    'driving me crazy.'

    The same problem as the last time was repeated in spite of the determination to make an effort not to make Kim Woo-jin smile like that again.

    Taking a long, lamentable breath, I moved to Ha Tae-heon's room. I have to change clothes there.

    The location of Ha Tae-heon's room, which was given to Woo Seo-hyuk in advance, was found after walking down the hallway for a long time. For convenience, it was expressed as an adjacent room, but the castle was very spacious and each room was large, so it was not a close distance.

    After today, Ha Tae-heon moves to another castle. That would make things more complicated... Let's talk about this part when we meet with Ha Tae-heon.

    “Mr. Tae-Heon Ha.”

    I knocked and entered the room and found Ha Tae-heon facing the attendants. What's wrong with this?

    Ha Tae-heon beckoned to me, who had not been able to enter the room and was standing still.

    “Come in.”

    "what's going on?"

    “I’m sorry, Prince.”

    A servant who was different from the servant who came to my room opened his mouth with a sign of regret.

    “I tried to help with the preparation, but you kept refusing… … .”

    “He said he was going to wash himself, but he crawled in and tried to come in.”

    Ha Tae-heon cut off the servant's words and spoke proudly.

    Ha Tae-heon doesn't seem to feel the sharp eyes of his servants who are secretly glaring at him. I also refused, so it's not that I don't know Ha Tae-heon's feelings.

    “It’s okay, just leave your clothes behind.”

    "all right."

    With the same order, he sent his servants out and handed the clothes he had left to Ha Tae-heon.

    "sorry. I didn’t even know Ha Tae-heon would come.”

    "Does not matter."

    Ha Tae-heon, who received the clothes from me, pondered for a moment and then asked me.

    “I’m more curious that you came here.”


    “Of course I thought you would say no.”

    Ah. It was then that I understood the meaning of Ha Tae-heon.

    In order to finish the fairy tale, he must have thought that there was no need to spend the first night as it was a marriage. I tried to do that too at first.

    “I didn’t even want to come… I thought that something complicated would happen if the rumors went wrong for nothing. If we consider the possibility that the fairy tale will continue, it is better that there are no unnecessary problems.”


    Ha Tae-heon, who looked at clothes that were too thin for ordinary pajamas, with a grim expression, answered.

    “Then you mean today is our first night?”

    “Yeah… Yes?"

    “I look forward to it. Change your clothes and come.”


    What does this mean now?

    When I asked a stupid question and didn't go to change, Ha Tae-heon reached out and grabbed my clothes.

    “If you’re going to change here, let me help you.”

    "Yes? Wait, wait!”

    Understanding what he was trying to do, I panicked and grabbed my clothes so they wouldn't be taken away.

    “I will just sleep.”

    “Who said what? First of all, change your clothes. I’ve done it once before anyway.”

    “It’s done. I will change clothes.”

    Shaking and not handing over the clothes, Ha Tae-heon kicked his tongue and let him go.

    “At times like this, you’re unnecessarily quick. Is it a survival instinct?”

    “I’m even more embarrassed… Ha Tae-heon, were you like this?”

    “I think this is very gentlemanly.”

    Ha Tae-heon, who raised his head with his arms crossed, spoke as if it was quite natural.

    “It’s even funnier to be embarrassed now after having had so much skinship with me. From my point of view, if it’s the first night, shouldn’t I have to look forward to it?”

    “It's not like we're really married. In the past, at El’s house, I slept well without any problems.”

    “The situation is different back then.”

    “It is, but… But why do you keep sticking around?”

    During the conversation, I noticed Ha Tae-heon slowly approaching, and I quickly took a step back. Then Ha Tae-heon immediately frowned.

    “Why are you falling?”

    “Just a little… I think so... … .”

    "Come on."

    “Say it there. I hear everything.”

    When Ha Tae-heon took two steps, I took two steps back. Ha Tae-heon, who was staring at the vaguely open street with his eyes narrowed, sighed deeply.

    "I get it. If you don’t like it that much, there’s nothing you can do about it.”


    “I didn’t mean to burden you. I guess I'm just too excited for myself. I'll come and change clothes in the bathroom, so you can change here."

    Ha Tae-heon, who meekly retreated, turned his back on me with a sad smile on his face. Seeing Ha Tae-heon, who looked like he was hurt, a piercing pain spread through his chest.

    “No, why are you so sad? It's not that I hate Ha Tae-heon at all... … .”

    As soon as I approached him and made excuses to clear up the misunderstanding, Ha Tae-heon, who was looking at me quietly, made a noise and kissed me on the lips.

    He was startled, and Ha Tae-heon smiled deeply at me. what?

    “Are you kidding me?”

    “Of course it’s a joke. Do I look so unscrupulous?”

    “… … .”

    “Your face is a little loose now. It hasn't been good until recently."

    I was so shocked that her head was giving me a headache. These days, Ha Tae-heon looks like an angel kite, but he keeps doing strange things.

    “Shut up. I will go back to that room.”

    “Are you going to leave the bride on the first night?”

    “Whether it’s rumors or not, I’m going to slap everything… … .”

    It was then when Ha Tae-heon, who stood in the way, was pushed back and went back to the room where Kim Woo-jin was waiting.

    Daeeng, dang. A very loud bell began to ring throughout the castle.

    "This… … .”

    The familiar bell sounded the same as the bell I heard while dancing at the ballroom with Ha Tae-heon a while ago. Ha Tae-heon, keenly aware of the sudden change of air and unfamiliar energy, looked around.

    “There seems to be something wrong.”

    “Never have the bells rang throughout the castle. Why now... … .”

    “Han Yi-gyeol!”

    Ha Tae-heon held me in his arms. He later realized that my body was blurring with a crackling noise. Not only me, but Ha Tae-heon's body and the walls of the building in front of me were the same.

    Everything began to distort at random, as if the picture quality was broken. An orange curtain appeared over the fragmented wall.

    Ha Tae-heon, a fairy tale writer... … !”

    Before I could even explain Ha Tae-heon, pitch black darkness completely covered my vision.

    Left alone in an unidentified space where I couldn't see an inch ahead, I heard a strong plosive sound and a hysterical female voice as if my ears were being ripped apart.

    “You were the cause!”


    As I reflexively raised my head, I saw the giant doll's eyes looking down at me through the darkness. A shiver ran down his back, and at the same time his body fell down with great speed.
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    Oh CSY bet that with HTH when CSY found out that HYG gave HTH an SS coat
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    Y’all… is it bad that I’m very much rooting for HTH? XD There’s that huge possibility that HYG would end up with CSY (and he’s about to start making more moves too) but I’ll still stand by HTH’s side til the bitter end… Mah man HTH is just becoming more and more casual with his kisses and HYG is starting not to mind it xD
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    Same bro
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    Next chapter



    The air was taught and falling without end, and soon he hit the floor on the floor.

    Rubbing his tingly back, he raised his upper body to see a hallway surrounded by a stone wall.

    ‘What fairy tale is this from?’

    Everything I had with Ha Tae-heon up until now was different.

    Contrary to Cinderella, who was adorned with gold and marble floors and splendid jewels, this place was filled with only a musty smell and stone walls covered with black vines.

    Above all, I was concerned about the doll's eyes and Abel's voice, which I had seen just before the surroundings changed.

    -You were the cause!

    I'm the cause, what does this mean? Did he even notice his ability to intervene?

    ‘If Abel had found out about her intervening powers… … .'

    I had to meet my teammates again as soon as possible. I can not expect the Frauns to show some responses.

    I got up from my seat and looked around the darkness. Unlike Hensel and Gretel, Cinderella fairy, I was alone.

    I'm upset. What is the fairy tale here, where it was difficult to make decisions. If there was a window, I would use my ability to go outside, but there is none.

    The corridor that followed by both sides was dark because it was dark. I don't know if I should go left or right.

    I was troubled for a long time, first, I was trying to move the step to the right.

    Kakak, Kak, Kakak.

    The sound of sharp things scratching the stone wall came from behind. I turned my head to a quick speed and frowned my eyes.


    Srying has been enriched by the power of the ability as the ominous noise. The feet stopped and the whole body was stripped.

    It was nothing after a while, and the tall man was a big man, and a large man was revealed with a huge scissors. Kagak, Gig, and sharp scissors dragged to the floor were the real source of the noise that had been heard before.

    But it was a face that I was in my eyes than that amorganic weapon. Half of his face was covered with a black mask, but it was enough to tell who his opponent was.

    “Park Gun-ho, team leader?”

    My calling hurt Park, Gun-ho, a huge scissors that I had blinked with his eyes slowly, and they swelled like a sword.

    “ね… … !”

    I raised the winds and raise the winds to fly, let's just broke the bottom that I was standing until I just got a roar. Puvader, the broken stone sculpture was scattered and the smoke has soared.

    "Wait a minute, Park Kun-ho's team leader!"

    The smoke and sharp scissors were wounded towards my side.

    I barely attacked the attack, but I have been attacked by a little response, but I have been attacked by a little response.

    Are you under mental control? No, is that person Park Gun-ho in the first place?

    He was not sure because of the black clothes he was wearing and the mask that was covering his face. There is a possibility that he really is Park Geon-ho, so I couldn't attack him at all.

    ‘What should I do?’

    Do you have to leave and run away that person who may not be Park Kun-ho? I do not know what to do in the place I do not know where I could easily give up a team member, I do not know what to do.


    My face beside my face and the scissors broke the stone wall. My body whose body was swept in the shock that came out at the same time was losing the center and bounced up.


    Cupo, I flew it as it is. My eyes trembled, and tinnitus filled my mind.

    I did not hear the body on the headache that climbs. Between them, Park, Gun-ho, who walked into the front, lifted the scissors with his thighs to force my thighs.

    “… … !”

    I watched the heart that I watched the heart and I saw the end of the scissors. Instead of the heart, the tip of the scissors that the shoulder was longer and the end of the shoulder was on the wall.

    I really wanted to die like this, so I pulled up the wind to push Park Geon-ho away. But before I wrote the ability of the ability, Park, who was hit by a stronger the side on something, and I fell down.

    A man in a pure white robe stood in front of me. The long black hair that fell between the hem of her softly disheveled clothes caught her eye.

    Park, Gun-ho, who was the bottom of the man's evangelizer, did not happen easily. The man who saw it lowered his sword without hesitation.

    “No, wait!”

    Park, Won-ho, who saw a swirling sword, I was crying, and I was cut off before I was blocked. Took, the head of Park Geon-ho, who fell down, caught his breath.

    “Huh… … .”

    “… Lee Gyeol, Han Yi Gyeol.”

    “Huh, uh… … .”

    He gasped for his breath, clutching his chest. Just as it falls into the water, it was only felt that all the sounds they heard around.

    The opponent who has been a shock that has seen his neck and separate Park Kun-ho's head to be a shock, and put his fingers forced his fingers in his mouth.

    "Breathe, breathe and look straight."

    I woke up with his two eyes that I had painted with pain in that word. The corpse of Park Gun-ho, which had fallen behind the man, was seen. No, not a corpse... … .


    The cross section of his neck that was neatly truncated was like a tree. There was no red blood to be shed as a human being.

    I laughed at his mouth while I was slowly reasonable.

    “Are you out of your mind now?”

    “… Angel.”

    Unlike usual, a man who had a long hair was surely angel. He said he was tired of the exhausted my state and the remaining wounds on the shoulder.

    “It’s Abel’s doll. It's a model made to resemble Park Gun-ho on purpose. It’s hard to tell the difference at a glance because all the unnatural parts are covered with clothes and masks.”

    “The energy… I thought it was Team Leader Park Geon-ho.”

    “I would have been aiming for that. Yeah, I can not check it properly to avoid attacking attacks. If I had known it was a fake, I would have never been deceived.”

    The angel Yan, who got up first, held out his hand. When I grabbed it, Cheon Yeon-yeon gently lifted me up.

    “What fairy tale is this?”

    “It is not a fairy tale. The Abel, who gave us us, is the way to change his mind by ending her Cinderella. "

    “Yes, that hair or clothes?”

    “I lost my mind and when I woke up again, I was wearing this outfit. His hair was much longer than this, but I am trimmed as I am urgent. "

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who grabbed her hair and released it with a sign of trouble, continued the explanation.

    “The fairy tales were mixed at random. I probably seem to be awakened by Rapunzel, but I do not know other team members will be related to Rapunzel fairy tale. "

    Fairy tales mixed? The voice of Abel, who had heard just before the come here, came back again.

    Abel created a space called fairy tales to kill us. But do you notice that her cause is not a country that flows differently from her own intentions? So she solved her murder doll instead of the original plan?

    There was only no evidence, but there was some possibility. Angel Yeon said to me, lost in thought.

    "I would like to be from treatment once."


    Following the angel, the staircase directed to the top of the corridor. At the end of it was a room with a bunch of clutter.

    “You really look like Rapunzel.”

    I realized that I was a high tower that I live outside with a room window. Outside the window, the stars were shining in the stars and the forests were spreading.

    "Come on."

    The angel I was going to go back to the faded Sani. There was a bandage and gauze, disinfectant on wherever you have found.

    He took off his shirt, soaked in blood, and sat down on a chair. When the angel was cleaned with a clean cloth, the wound reveals the wound sharp.

    "Hmm, it is not simply an injury to be solved that a bandage is wrapped."

    "I know."

    The flesh was properly vane, and it was almost noticeable because the blood was wrapped around.

    I felt once again how much strength Min Arin had given me. If Min Arin had been there, this injury would have healed quickly.

    “I’m going to disinfect and put gauze in the wound. Can you stand it?”

    “If I can’t stand it, will you pass me by?”

    “I can give you a hug.”

    "go away."

    When she refused to deceive, she sprinkled disinfection of the picking angel, like she knew she did. Soon after, a stinging pain, like dozens of needles poking through his shoulder, spread.

    "flaw… Ugh... … .”

    When the sterilization was finished and gauze was inserted through the cut, the pain that had been manageable became so terribly severe that I could moan.

    While I was biting my teeth hard and barely holding back my groan, I stopped the bleeding with skillful hand movements, and a bandage wrapped around my shoulder tied the end tightly.

    “I’ll have to find Min Arin Healer first.”

    I came to the hot cheek on the hot cheek right in her pain. The stomach rides worn out her shoulders and woke up in the spot.

    “Even if you find Arin Min, it’s no use because you can’t break her mind control. Do you have any clothes left here?”

    "If it's fine with me, it's okay."

    The angel kite, who opened her old wardrobe, pulled out one of the clothes and handed it to him.

    She was a white dress that resembles her outerwear with angel kite. Unlike Cheon Yeon-yeon, who wore a shirt inside, I, who was naked, fastened the front and tied a waistband.

    “Han Yi-gyeol. The clothes you were wearing are the party suits you wore in Cinderella fairy tales. Have you been awake recently?”

    "that's right. As soon as I got here, I was attacked by that doll.”

    Unintentionally, as soon as you answered, you know her strange part in the angel kite questions and immediately reattached.

    “Wait, so you came here before me?”

    "The moment I passed is the same. But I woke up two days ago. It seems to me that you are the last to wake up.”

    All the smiles on the angel's face disappeared. His face was half-hearted in the shadow made by the moonlight, the cold discomfort was peeked.

    "As soon as I wake up, I killed the doll of the role and turned around the top of the tower, Han Yi-gyeol, the one you met... People who resemble Park, Kun-ho have dozens of people on the tower. "

    “Dozens? So you still have a long time? "

    "There is also a doll that resembles not only Park, Gun-ho and other guild members and Ha Tae Hon. It could be not just in this tower, but in this entire space.”

    If other mind-controlled people encounter that doll... … .”

    "not good."

    The doll modeled after Park Geon-ho, whom I had just met, had some fighting skills, even though everything was fake. It was clear that the mind-controlled team members would not be able to defeat the doll easily.

    “I searched all over the tower for two days, but there was no one but me.”

    "I'll have to go outside the tower and look for it."

    He immediately understood the meaning of Angel Yeon and turned his gaze to the window.

    A window large enough for one person to pass through. As it was the tower that appeared in Rapunzel, it was very high, but it wasn't a problem because I had my wind ability.

    “Let’s go right away.”

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    Next chapter

    Episode 309

    78. Unpredictable

    Because of the injury to his shoulder, he had a lot to do with his shoulder as usual. In the end, he used his wind power while fully held in Angel Yeon's arms.

    Angel Yeon, who supported my back and knees and hugged me, stepped on the door frame of the wide-open window and climbed up. He lifted up the energy and bent the wind over Angel Yeon's body.

    As I walked out through the window, a wide forest spread down. Floating in the air, he relied on the moonlight to look around.

    “I don't know where to go.”

    “There's nothing you can see.”

    It was night, and I could only see the forest with the trees removed, and I could not see any other buildings or villages. It was a time when I hesitated, unable to make a decision on where to go.

    On the other side of the east side of the forest, the wolf's cry rang out loud. I and Angel-yeon were thinking of the same person at the same time and staring at them.


    “I don't have anywhere else to go anyway, so check it out there.”

    Nodded and moved the wind. The distance was not so far, so I wanted to fly for about 10 minutes and get there soon.

    Heading to the place where the wolf cries were heard, Angel told him what he had heard Abel's voice before he came here. Angel Yeon, who heard the explanation, narrowed his eyes in an annoyed tone.

    "Abel wouldn't have noticed your abilities. He's not that wise. But, Han, it seems certain that you ruined Abel's plan. Even if it wasn't intended.”

    “My existence alone can touch a fairy tale.”

    "Yeah. The Praus Congregation would not have dared to think that there would be an out-of-grade ability among us.”

    If Angel Yeon's speculation was true, I could see that my presence was the right joker, as Elohim told me.

    Then Abel's hysterical reaction, shouting that I was the cause, made a little sense. But.......

    “I never used that ability when I came in here. It didn't lift the aura. But how can I affect space?”

    “Your aura is strong enough to affect your surroundings without using it.”

    Elohim's party, who used to refrain from intervention as much as possible, overlapped over Angel Yeon's voice.

    I didn't use my abilities, but they affected my surroundings. This was not good.

    “Then it's going to be harder to hide in the future.”

    "Right now, the problem is big.”

    Angel Yeon's long black hair was gently scattered in the wind. His face, revealed under the moonlight, looked very complicated.

    "Abel has noticed that you have something else, so he's trying to figure out what it is in this space.”

    “Do you mean you're going to use dolls to attack them?”

    “It's not us, it's only you, it's us, it's us, it's us, it's us, it's us." You can attack them to kill them... or you can drag them away and take time to find out.”


    I looked up and looked at Angel Yeon's face holding me. I just felt worried about me in those words.

    Angel Yeon's feelings for me dawned. Angel Yeon with the same eyes as Ha Tae-heon, who confessed to loving me forever.

    I can't understand why he has such feelings for me, but I never doubted Angel Yeon's feelings. So I'm still serious.

    I relaxed and leaned my head on Angel Yeon's shoulder instead of answering that I would not worry about it or be careful not to let it happen. A short clenching Angel gave strength to the hand that held me.

    I arrived at the place where I heard the wolf cry imperceptibly. After a slow descent, the wind cleared away, and the moonlight did not reach the dark interior of the forest.

    I came out of Angel Yeon's arms and looked around the bushes.

    "I'm sure Mr. Woo Seo-hyuk is here......!”

    Before the words were over, Angel-yeon grabbed my shoulder and pulled it strongly. At the same time, a black object quickly grazed in front of me, creepy and creepy.

    It was clear living. Huck, holding his breath, turned his head aside.


    A huge wolf came out and looked at Angel Yeon, revealing his teeth. Golden eyes flashed menacingly in the darkness.

    "Ugh, wait a minute. Angel Smoking!”

    Krung! Angel Yeon, who again blocked my front from the wolf, who was running with his thick fangs, swung his legs without hesitation.

    The wolf, whose face was properly priced on Angel Yeon's long legs, flew into the air and hit the floor. I was appalled by the appearance of the wolf, who was making a sound of pain that was significant.

    "You're right, Mr. Woo Seo-hyuk. Why beat it?”

    “It's spirit-dominated anyway, so we need to subdue it.”

    When he shouted in amazement, Angel-yeon addressed him in a harsh tone. What the hell is that attitude when you blow a kick at your secretary?

    “I understand that, of course... you hit it too hard. Did you ever have anything bad with Mr. Woo Seo-hyuk?”

    “There's one corner I don't like.”

    There's one? What's that about losing without recognition like that?

    Even in the midst of my panic, I wondered what it was, and before I could ask, Woo Seo-hyuk, who had risen from his seat, rushed back without fatigue.

    Angel-yeon pushed me back and faced me in the face, as if he expected such a Woo Seo-hyuk.

    Growl! The cry of the wolf, which fell like thunder, echoed loudly. Angel-yeon laughed and dealt with Woo Seo-hyuk's attack, which was so fast compared to only a large chunk of house Chae.

    Angel-yeon, who aimed at my shoulder and easily avoided the incoming teeth, threw his fist into Woo Seo-hyuk's nose without hesitation. Woo Seo-hyuk, who was struck by his fist, which was small compared to his body, set his hair tight and shook. It hurts so much.

    'SS class and S class fight.......’

    I didn't want to support Woo Seo-hyuk in beating him, so I stood back and watched him.

    Even though Woo Seo-hyuk, who recognized us as an enemy, ran feebly, Angel-yeon was always relaxed. No, rather, it seemed to my eyes that Woo Seo-hyuk's skills were looking down for a while.

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who was excitedly beaten by Angel-yeon for nearly 30 minutes, eventually fell to the floor for the second time with his tail. When I saw him twitching pathetically, I was so side-by-side that I rushed to the front of Woo Seo-hyuk.

    "Stop it, this is all right.”

    Later, if Woo Seo-hyuk releases his abilities, he may get bruising marks all over his body. The Angel-yeon hit a lot.

    As I stepped in, Angel Yeon, who had released his fist, covered his mouth with his hand and looked at him. Because of the long hair that came down over her waist, she looked more hungry than usual.

    “I've kept you from a bad wolf, and I can't take the wolf side... I can't be so unkind...............”


    In this situation, a joke comes out.

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who was sticking his belly closely to the floor behind me, pushed the tip of his nose and began to smell it. The droopy tail was purring, and the golden eyes, full of hostility, were docile.

    ‘Do you recognize me?’

    There was a feeling of anticipation in the atmosphere that was fine. As he carefully reached out his hand, Woo Seo-hyuk gave his head gently.

    He took courage and stroked it between his pointed ears, his tail wagging vigorously. Angel-yeon, who was watching this sleep, snorted.

    "It's very varied.”

    “I think I didn't have to hit him.”

    I'm not sane, I'm sensitive, but we suddenly came down from the sky, so I was surprised and attacked.

    It would be nice if you could release mental domination. Woo Seo-hyuk, who blinked, raised his body as he stroked a little more with a sorry heart. Then he licked my balls with his big tongue and sniffed in earnest. I care about the smell of blood from me.

    Angel Yeon, raising one eyebrow, put his arms around him and spat out a word.

    “...that's why I said I didn't like it.”

    I don't know what it is, but I was glad that Woo Seo-hyuk was cool. I said to Angel-yeon, leaving Woo Seo-hyuk sniffing at me with a huge head.

    "What do you do now? I need to find others.”

    “You better get out of this forest. It's night, and the darkness covers the field of view.”

    "Will Mr. Woo Seo-hyuk come back as a person?”

    It was possible for me to fly in the sky while I was held by Angel-yeon, but it was too big and heavy to handle the transformed Woo Seo-hyuk, so it was hard to hold on as long as I did before. And I don't know how to accept that Woo Seo-hyuk, who has no memory, is floating in the air.


    I was troubled that I could not make a decision whether I thought the same thing. I opened my mouth first, touching my mouth and arranging the situation.

    "Let's walk to the end of the forest at least until morning? If you keep going east like this, I think something will come out.”

    “Right now, that's the only option.”

    “When the day dawns, I'll go up on my own and see what's there. Then re-set your destination... ”

    "Han Yi-yeon!”

    It was a hard moment to explain. Woo Seo-hyuk, who was licking me from the side and pushing my head, suddenly put my body in my mouth.

    As soon as his upper body was trapped in Woo Seo-hyuk's moist, hot mouth, Angel-yeon's sharp aura spread.

    “I'm fine.”

    If Angel-yeon is going to hit Woo Seo-hyuk again, he lifts his palm in advance and tells him that he is fine. I was a little embarrassed and surprised, but I didn't set my teeth, so it didn't hurt.

    Fortunately, Woo Seo-hyuk, who spat at me quickly, looked up and slurped his tail. What the hell did that just mean? If you get out of here, do you need to learn a wolf form of behavior?

    Angel Yeon held out his hand to see if there were any injuries.

    "Come here. Make it move.”

    It seemed to mean that he would move while holding me like he did earlier. I don't think you need to hold it again because you just have to walk. I shook my head.

    “My leg wasn't hurt... it's okay.”

    “If you're forced to do hemostasis, your fever can rise or your wound can get worse. Don't be stubborn.”

    Is that so? I was trying to turn away, but the pain from my shoulder was still severe. Like Angel Yeon's concern, if he rose in the heat and fell, it would be just a lump of luggage.

    When I folded my pride and tried to reach Angel-yeon, Woo Seo-hyuk, who was alternately looking at me and Angel-yeon, groaned and blocked me in front of him.


    Angel-yeon looked at Woo Seo-hyuk between us and smiled with annoyance.

    Or not, Woo Seo-hyuk was prone to pathetic cries from me. It seemed to climb on his back.

    Angel-yeon slowly clasped the hand that he held out to see if he noticed it. Don't you want to hit me again? I rushed to Woo Seo-hyuk's neck and exclaimed, " Oh, my god."

    "Calm down! You're under mental control.”

    "I think you're deceiving us.”

    “Is that possible? Anyway, I'll stick with Mr. Woo Seo-hyuk this time. If you hold me when something happens, it's more dangerous.”

    Angel Yeon, who heard my answer, frowned in a dissatisfied tone.

    I sighed weary, sandwiched between Angel Yeon, who was annoyed as he was, and Woo Seo-hyuk, who was killing his tail.
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    Episode 310

    He climbed on the wide back of Woo Seo-hyuk and moved east.

    However, in the Cinderella fairy tale, Kim Woo-jin instead of the whip, in a situation where he was not in good condition, his body was not in good condition, even though he was in good condition, adding to the injury of tearing his shoulder with the doll's scissors.

    Even if the gauze was shoved, the blood had to trickle out unless it was sutured. I went with a blood-soaked bandage, a new bandage that I had taken in advance, but the effects of the injury caused me to suffer from fever and chills.

    Angel-yeon, who saw me pale as I moved, resolutely offered to relax. In the end, let's walk until morning, and unlike the first plan, we had a short break at dawn.

    Fortunately, his condition was a little better when he woke up after sleeping for a while in the grip of Woo Seo-hyuk, a large wolf. In the meantime, Angel-yeon has been looking around by himself. I felt sorry for the situation, as I was worried, that it was a burden.

    “I wish I could meet Min Arin Hiller next time.”

    "That's it.”

    Angel-yeon laughed as if he didn't care if I felt sorry for him.

    "Woo Seo-hyuk has become a complete wolf, so it's better not to expect Min-Arin Healer to be fine.”

    My gaze turned to Woo Seo-hyuk, who was supporting his back on his own. Woo Seo-hyuk, who was lying down with his front paws collected, breathed a deep breath. It was a perfect disregard.

    I would never have done this against Angel Yeon. Woo Seo-hyuk seemed rather more comfortable now that he had forgotten Angel-yeon.

    “Once it's morning, I'll go up and see what's nearby.”

    “Are you okay?”

    "It's much better than before to sleep and wake up.”

    It was the only thing I could do, so I had to do it in bad condition. I can't wait to see if I'm going to be the only one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going to be the one who's going

    He lifted up the energy, wrapped himself in the wind, and flew through the air. As I removed the leaves that covered the sky and pulled out, I saw a forest stretching under my feet.

    Fortunately, at the east end, a stone-walled city was visible. In addition, one small house was located not far from the city.

    If you go this way, you're likely to encounter that house before you get to the city. If you have to go to the side of the city, it seemed good to check the identity of the house.

    Going down again, I explained what I saw to Angel Yeon and Woo Seo-hyuk.

    “If you hear from that house and nothing is found, let's go to the city.”

    Angel-yeon, struggling for a moment with his arms clasped, nodded at the proposal.

    "There's nothing bad about it. If it's an empty house, you can get something or food to use.”

    “I can't get into the city right now anyway.”

    At my word, Angel-yeon looked at Woo Seo-hyuk, who was closely attached to me. Woo Seo-hyuk seemed to forget how to unlock his abilities and return to man due to mental domination.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be the only one who is going to be able to do that. This is why it will be an uncomfortable burden in the position of Angel Yeon.

    But he grabbed my waist without a little unpleasant, flashed it and sat on Woo Seo-hyuk's back.

    "Not right away.”


    After walking about an hour to the east, the house I had found earlier appeared. When I saw it on the street, I wanted to walk about two hours from this house.

    Angel Yeon, walking ahead, felt something and stopped walking.

    "There's someone.”

    As I focused my senses, I felt the aura and popularity of the able man flowing from the house. It was definitely not an empty house.

    It was impossible to approach him blindly because he had not identified who the opponent was. I was trying to ask if I could watch rather than enter, because the other person might be out of the house.


    Noticing that something was flying at a high speed across, I hastily unfolded the wind curtain.

    It was a sharp arrow that was blocked by the wave, the wind. I narrowed my eyes as I saw an arrow falling from the hood with a broken center.

    'Who shot you?’

    As soon as he looked up to find the opponent who shot the arrow, Woo Seo-hyuk, with his ears erect, growled and jumped back.

    It was surprisingly a metal ball that was dug exactly where Woo Seo-hyuk stood until now.

    "I don't want to be a park gun... ohhhhhhhhh!”

    Before the words were over, the metal beads on the ground began to explode at the same time. Kuu-woong, the sound of a strong explosion that dazed his ears, and the hot air spread.

    Angel Yeon, whose skin was so hot that he could not escape the heat, ran straight into the tree right next to the house. I found Park Gun-ho, who was hiding behind a tree.

    Park Gun-ho, who was pulling the bow, took aim at Angel Yeon, who was narrowing the distance, and laid the arrow. While running, Angel Yeon, who twisted his head and avoided it accurately, grabbed the arrow with his hand.

    "Wait a minute, Angel Yeon!”

    As in the case of Woo Seo-hyuk, I tried to stop Angel Yeon, a pal Gi-sein, without looking at the matter, but Woo Seo-hyuk, who was carrying me, acted first.

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who was showing strong hostility towards Park Gun-ho, gave strength to his legs and flew away, passing Angel-yeon in a short breath and running into Park Gun-ho.

    Unable to sustain the rebound, he caught Woo Seo-hyuk's hair helplessly on his shaking body. Park Geon-ho laughed as he accurately avoided the attack of Woo Seo-hyuk, who ran over Park Geon-ho's shoulder with me on his back.

    ‘Why can't you fight him if you make eye contact with him?’

    Even if you're mentally dominated, don't you at least think about having a conversation? The team members who started the fight without that really didn't understand.


    While avoiding the attack, the skillfully thrown metal ball exploded in a breathtaking position.

    Park Gun-ho, a skill similar to his own, attacked without being caught, so Woo Seo-hyuk also saw Ho Seung-shim rise, and the action was much tougher than before.

    'We need to stop fighting and talk about it somehow.’

    He rolled his head in a hurry to see what to do while hanging from the back of Woo Seo-hyuk. Angel-yeon, standing back for a moment, was also aiming for a chance to hit Park Gun-ho, so it didn't help a little.


    It was at that moment that Park Gun-ho, who rolled to the ground with a blow-up body, made eye contact with him. Park Gun-ho, who saw me with a strange gaze, popped his finger and blew the metal ball toward me.

    Woo Seo-hyuk jumped into the air to protect me. But the metal ball burst a beat late to see if it was aimed at it from the beginning. With no injury, I slipped on Woo Seo-hyuk's back, unable to sustain the rebound of an explosion that burst in front of my nose.



    Surprised by the sense of falling, someone took my body before I wrote the wind ability. Park Gun-ho, who held my back and knees exactly as Angel-yeon did, whistled lightly.

    "Hello, Wolf master.”

    The morning sun shone brightly behind Park Gun-ho, who looked down at me and smiled brightly. A thunder-like cry rang out before I could answer, panicked.

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who twisted his face with the most harsh momentum he had ever seen, revealed only one fang of his adult forearm while his hair was closely set. Park Gun-ho pretended to be surprised by his incredibly sensitive appearance.

    “Was she a lover, not a master?”

    "What bullshit... calm down, Mr. Woo Seo-hyuk!”

    Woo Seo-hyuk, growling menacingly and slowly narrowing the distance, was really the wolf he saw in the documentary.

    As he shook his head hurriedly while hugging Park Gun-ho, he stopped in place to see if he understood it, and sallied out with his tail. Okay. Even if you're anxious, you can have a short conversation.

    “Why are you attacking us?”

    Park Gun-ho opened her mouth with a still smiling face.

    "That's because I'm a hunter?”

    "...a hunter?”

    "Yeah. And this is an important place, so we're sending unconditional warnings to those who approach it.”

    Park Gun-ho, who had let me go, carried a large bow on his back. Do you have that bow because you're a hunter? Now I was wearing a sword in my waist dance.

    Originally, Park Gun-ho used only metal beads without any other weapons. I think he just didn't use a weapon and couldn't handle it.

    Park Gun-ho pointed at Angel-yeon with his eyes.

    “If I had been an ordinary wolf,I would not have dealt with this hard. But what... do you need to explain more? If a wolf of that size appears, of course you have no choice but to attack and stop the approach. You and the man over there are suspicious.”

    “There's another person in that house.”

    Park Gun-ho shrugged his shoulders at the words of Angel-yeon, who was watching the situation with a deep expression.

    "Well. I can only offer you to go the way you want, not to be interested in me.”

    That's not the case. I can't leave Park Keon-ho here, so I only met him. Somehow I had to convince Park Kun-ho.

    "Wait. We're not really dangerous people.”

    “I want you to back that excuse so I can trust you.”

    Park Kun-ho's attitude was very sober. It reminded me of the first time I met Park Gun-ho.

    Park Gun-ho was not as easy a person as he was. I didn't have a sense of how I could solve this situation.

    ‘Even as soon as I encountered him, I fought Woo Seo-hyuk, so I only grew more vigilant......’

    I don't know why, but Woo Seo-hyuk, who was gentle to me, was so different in his attitude to Park Gun-ho. I'm really wondering if I should be forced to knock him down in Angel-yeon's way, but the door of the house opens and someone walks out.

    “It's all over there.”

    It was a familiar voice. As he turned his head, Min Arin, wearing a red cloak, came out with both hands clasped together and glanced at him.

    "But Mary.”

    Maria? Park Keon-ho narrowed his eyes to the name of Min Arin.

    "That's fine. They are not witches.”

    The atmosphere quickly heaved in the conversation between the two, followed by a moment of joy that they had gathered in one place, followed by Park Gun-ho and Min-Arin.

    A witch. Min Arin, smiling at the confused day, stepped out of the door.

    "Nice to meet you. Come in.”
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    “Okay, that’s it.”

    Minah Lin took her hand off my shoulder.

    The scar on her shoulder, which was deeply cut by the weapon wielded by Abel's doll, and the scar left by the whip, disappeared without a trace.

    "thank you."

    After all, Min Arin, like Woo Seo-hyeok and Park Geon-ho, freely used her powers even in a state of mind control.

    The reason why this story is different from the fairy tales that existed before... Was it because Abel, who created this space, touched something of her? Or does this also affect my ability to intervene?

    “Your complexion is much better.”


    Min Arin not only healed her wounds, but also lent her excess clothes. I didn't have any clothes, so I was able to change into a shirt thanks to the fact that I was wearing the coat that Cheon Yeon-yeon had thrown me.

    Hearing my answer, Minah Rin sat down opposite her with a soft expression on her face.

    “There aren’t many people roaming this forest,” she said. So we reacted a bit harshly.”

    "no. We were attacked as well. Besides, these wounds did not come from this fight.”

    “May I ask why you came here?”

    When she asked the question, she looked back at the angel kite. As I looked into the eyes of the angel Yan, who was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, it was immediately clear that she was thinking similarly to mine.

    For a moment, she cleared the situation in her head and answered as calmly as possible.

    “We are looking for colleagues. I found this house on my way to the city that goes east from here.”

    “A man?”

    "Yes. They are very important people. like family... It's people. I came here because I thought that if the house was empty, I might be able to rest for a while. Of course, if the owner was in the house, I tried to pass quietly.”

    Two of them are here. She sighed inwardly and looked at Arin Min and Gunho Park alternately. Hearing her explanation, Minah Lin carefully opened her mouth with her complicated look.

    “It’s fine here. It's safe for her because it's where my and her grandmother lived while she was alive. But I recommend not to go to the city.”

    “You told us earlier that we weren't under her witch's subordinate. Does it have anything to do with it?”

    "Yes, that is correct."

    “Can you tell me who the witch is?”

    Minah Lin, who was quietly looking at me, blinking her eyes, soon nodded her head and started her explanation.

    “I don’t really know the identity of her witch either.”

    She says Minah Lin says she has a special power to heal people, and people with such power are called 'chosen ones', she says. The city was inhabited by several people called the “chosen ones.”

    “But not long ago, someone called a witch attacked the city.”

    She drags the chosen ones into prison, keeps them in custody, and watches over the city's people, a witch and dozens of minions. Min Arin said she ran into me and she ran away from the witch's minions and she met Park Geon-ho.

    “Oddly enough, I tried to kill myself without any regrets while other people were locked up in prison. Maybe it's because of the healing power I have... If it hadn't been for the help of Mr. Hunter, whom I met by chance outside the forest, I would have died.”

    "I wouldn't have been able to heal her arm injury if it wasn't for Maria, so she doesn't need to be grateful."

    Park Gun-ho added a word in a light voice. If you're a hunter, would you call Park Geon-ho? Min Arin doesn't seem to know Park Geon-ho's name.

    “The hunter… He called you Maria. Is her name Maria?”


    Not only does she freely use her powers, but her name is different too. Then Woo Seo-hyuk, who followed us, may have a different real name. I asked Park Geon-ho for exact confirmation.

    “What is your name?”

    “Are you curious?”

    “I’m curious, so I’ll ask.”

    “What will you do if I tell you?”

    “… … .”

    In any case, that unlucky personality is still there even when it is controlled by the mind. Ignoring Park Geon-ho, who was smiling, he touched his lips.

    ‘I think we should go to that city.’

    The ‘chosen one’ Min Arin spoke of was clearly the team we were looking for. People in the city must be visitors to the art museum.

    Fortunately, Min Arin and Park Geon-ho were unharmed, and although the other team members were also imprisoned, it was fortunate that they were still alive.

    “How did you know we weren’t under the witches?”

    “It’s a dress. The witch's minions are all covered in black clothes and masks. And something… Movement is unnatural. I am different from you in many ways.”

    If it's black clothes and a mask, are the dolls you encountered in Rapunzel's Tower even in the city?

    "thank you for telling me. But the person we're looking for seems to be in that city, so we'll have to go see it."

    “It seems that the people you are looking for are the ‘chosen ones’.”


    The big frame of fairy tales is now meaningless. It is said that the witch who imprisoned the angel kite, which is Rapunzel, was a doll, so it was very likely that the witch who took over the city was also a doll.

    Even if there were no team members in the city, there were definitely traces of Abel, so I had to go there.

    ‘But to get into the city… … .'

    My head and Cheon Yeon-yeon's heads turned to Woo Seo-hyuk at the same time.

    Seo-hyeok Woo, who was lying on his face at my feet, was tired and opened his big mouth and lengthened his yawn. Thus he could not enter the city as a great wolf.

    There are some clothes left in this house, so if possible, I'd like to get rid of the transformation now. I asked Min Arin.

    “Can I rest here for a while before going to the city?”

    “Of course.”

    Let's solve Woo Seo-hyuk's problem first. We will have to think about how to get into the city and how to find and rescue the team members who are said to be in custody.


    I took Woo Seo-hyuk out of the house with Cheon-yeon. Then he sat down Seo-hyuk Woo and opened his mouth.

    “Mr. Seo-hyuk Woo.”

    “… … .”

    “Come back as a person. Woo Seo-hyuk can do it.”

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who blinked his eyes a couple of times, playfully asked my hand. Don't say anything strange, let's just play, it seemed like that.

    Not even a dog... While holding both of Woo Seo-hyuk's front paws, he made a serious request.

    “No, Seo-hyuk Woo. You have to come back as a person.”

    In the meantime, Seo-hyeok Woo's soles, held in his hands, were very soft to the touch. This is the first time I touched Woo Seo-hyuk's feet because he didn't change well. It's going to be so squishy.

    As if possessed by me, I pressed down on Woo Seo-hyuk’s front foot, and Cheon Cheon-yeon, who was watching from behind, bruised him.

    “If I go on like this, I’m going to die.”

    “Then do you have any good ideas?”

    “You will need to feel the need to become a person before you can transform.”

    It is the necessity of being human. When I think about it, Woo Seo-hyuk's wolf appearance helped me in many ways. However, now that the treatment has been completed, I hope that he will return as a human.

    I had no idea what to do. While fiddling around with Woo Seo-hyuk’s front feet, someone else suddenly intervened.

    “Isn’t it enough to appeal that people are better?”

    "It's a surprise."

    When I turned around, Park Geon-ho was sneaking around with excitement. Woo Seo-hyuk, who had been quiet with his front paws on me, growled immediately when Park Geon-ho appeared.

    “Werewolves have been rumored to exist, but I think he actually exists.”

    “Pay attention.”

    “It’s too sweet. I'm here to help."

    What can you do to help without giving your name? Unlike me, who tried to ignore it as it is, Cheon Yeon-yeon immediately agreed.

    “Maybe it's not a bad way. Han Yi-gyeol, come here.”

    “Do you have any plans?”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon was more reliable than insane Park Geon-ho.

    Cheon Yeon-yeon gave a deep smile as she let go of Woo Seo-hyuk's feet and approached her. Why are you doing this?

    “Eyes look there.”

    “… … ?”

    The angel Yeon, who turned me around to face Seo-hyuk Woo, wrapped around his waist and hugged him from behind. What is this really?

    As she frowned at the completely incomprehensible behavior, Cheon Yeon-yeon whispered in her ear.

    “You have to pretend to be happy. You have to show behavior that a wolf cannot do, so that you will change your mind.”

    “This crazy… … .”

    I was going to curse Cheon Cheon-yeon for being a madman, but I stopped when I found Woo Seo-hyuk staring at us with a shocked expression.

    this… does it work? Why is it working? He couldn't figure it out, but he was in a rush to unravel the transformation, so he awkwardly raised the corners of his mouth.

    "Wow. Ah. people are really It’s comfortable.”

    “Awkward… … .”

    Park Geon-ho, who was watching us do what we were doing, burst out laughing at my words and covered his mouth with his hand. After being ridiculed openly, he had no choice but to warm the nape of his neck.

    “Come on, I can hold your hand like this.”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon grabbed my hand and lifted it up as if to ask for it, regardless of whether Park Geon-ho laughed or not. His cold fingers and mine got tangled.

    I have to say that I am glad that Ha Tae-heon is not there. Mind control makes all the weird stuff happen.

    Woo Seo-hyuk, who had been restless since Cheon Cheon-yeon hugged me, finally began to whine like a dog whose tail was trampled on. He jumped up and even shoved his face in the face to separate me and the angel kite.

    ‘Isn’t that bad?’

    I like the clear effect more than ever, but Cheon Cheon-yeon suddenly bowed her head. Angel Yan's hair touched the nape of his neck exposed above the collar of his shirt, and he felt a tickling sensation.

    “Oh, wait a minute… … .”

    so far? Before drying, his lips touched just below his ear with a squeaking sound. It was then that I was terribly surprised by the creepy sensation.

    Useo-hyuk, who shed a harsh cry, quickly became smaller and his hair disappeared and his skin became pure white. Woo Seo-hyeok, who quickly unleashed his transformation and returned as a human, looked at me with his usual blunt face.


    He hurriedly dismissed Cheon Yeon-yeon and threw the clothes he had brought in advance to Woo Seo-hyuk. Woo Seo-hyeok, who had just transformed himself, was too burdensome to face because he was naked and not wearing anything.

    “It’s too much. Touching me with my love so coldly... … .”

    “Let’s go right away. We need to meet other people as soon as possible.”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who had been pushed to me, stopped complaining and pretending to be pitiful, and decided on the next plan. He didn't want to get any more aesthetic than this, as it became clear that the thing holding his teammates together was Abel's doll.

    Perhaps the same opinion as mine, Angel Yeon meekly nodded her head.

    “To do that, I have to convince the two of you here.

    Those two were, of course, Park Geon-ho and Min Arin. Min Arin has hopes that she will follow her if she speaks properly, but Park Geon-ho… … .

    I swallowed dry saliva and turned my gaze to Park Geon-ho, who was smiling all the time. Do you have to convince Park Geon-ho, who doesn't know what he's thinking? I sighed already.
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    67. With forget-me-nots in my arms

    Waiting for the burning fire to subside to some extent, we crossed the burnt corpses and headed to the Doctor.

    The doctor, who had his shoulder, stomach, and side pierced by the bone tentacles attached to Kang Seung-geon's back, seemed to stop breathing right after he pressed the explosion button.

    The sight of the Doctor who died without being able to remove the bones embedded in his body with his eyes wide open was terrifying. He was killed by the fusion he experimented with and died. He might be a fitting ending for him.

    “It came out of my arms.”

    Seo-hyeok Woo, who had undressed and put on his clothes, pulled something out of the doctor's pocket. He was the bead item I had seen before.

    “It’s broken.”

    “It looks like it was damaged by Kang Seung-geon’s attack.”

    So, unlike last time, I couldn't run away. Even if I ran away with this body, I wouldn't be able to live.

    “Han Yi-gyeol, look over there!”

    Edward, who was standing next to me, pulled his sleeve and pointed somewhere. As Edward turned his gaze in the direction he was pointing, the pitch black darkness gradually disappeared, revealing a large iron grate.

    “Those people… … .”

    There were probably dozens of people lying there, fainting. It seems that these people were also cut off when all of the spiritual control of the Shinto gang was cut off earlier.

    Finding the oldest among them, I immediately checked his face.

    “I’m the producer of Lee Way.”

    "really? this person?"

    "Yeah. So it's possible that everyone else is also a producer. Min Arin, please check the condition.”

    Min Arin approached the cage at my request and carefully examined Li Wei and the people.

    “At first glance, he is breathing properly and there are no injuries. You'll have to look closer to know the details."

    "That's fortunate. Then there is no iron fence...

    I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I tried to use my energy to open the cage with the wind. My legs lost strength and my vision was blurry in an instant.

    “Han Yi-gyeol!”

    Woojin Kim quickly grabbed my staggering body.

    A dizzying and strange sensation passed through his body dozens of times. I was trembling and not being able to come to my senses as I was hugged by Kim Woo-jin, and I realized that the cold energy that had filled my heart was disappearing.

    “Ah, ah… … .”

    The scar on the hand that held Kim Woo-jin's collar strongly became lighter and smaller. As before, she returned with clean Han Yi-gyeol's hands without any scars, and at the same time, Kwon Se-hyeon's energy disappeared.

    “Lee Gyeol, are you okay?”

    “… I'm back with Han Yi-gyeol's body."

    "Eww… … .”

    In that moment, a cold sweat broke out and the body itself became hot. Even though I returned to Han Yi-gyeol, the strength that had escaped did not return, so I could not stand alone.

    Cheon Cheon-yeon, who was staring at me with a strange expression on my droopy face, gave the order.

    “Let Kim Woo-jin continue to support Han Yi-gyeol. Eddie, can you find a way out of here?”

    “The space itself is already collapsing, so it will be connected to the outside in a little while.”

    “Good. We can get the producers out of the cage in the meantime. Team Leader Park Geon-ho, move.”

    “You give orders to the wounded. You’re so good, really.”

    While grumbling, Park Geon-ho opened the iron cage easily with one hand.

    Kim Woo-jin, who wrapped my arms around my neck, lifted me up and hugged me.

    “Han Yi-gyeol, just relax. I will keep holding you.”

    I hate this attitude. Besides, this child Kim Woo-jin... How come it's kinda crazy I glared at Kim Woo-jin, groaning from the rising heat.

    “Um, I think you’ve been through a lot and your fever is rising.”

    “Are you getting sick again?”

    “It doesn’t seem like that much, but… Gyeol Lee should also go to the hospital first.”

    As I listened to Kim Woo-jin and Min A-rin having a frantic conversation, I couldn't hold it any longer and rested my head on Kim Woo-jin's shoulder.

    It was definitely in a tired state, so it was quite comfortable even in a strangely hugged state, so the tension was relieved a bit.

    “Ah, look there! Space is disappearing!”

    “It’s a familiar scene. Is it inside the American red market?”

    The surrounding area, which had been filled with darkness, was filled with white light, and the American Red Market on the other side began to appear.

    It was the vacant lot where he found the last traces of Lee Wei's creator.

    “Oh my God, Eddie!”

    As we got out of the room, Chloe and Jake, who were waiting in the open space, ran to each other and hugged Edward. After that, the Athena Guild staff and the medical team were waiting.

    “All those who were missing are back!”

    “There is an injured person.”

    “Medical team, please come over here and check your condition.”

    I slowly closed my eyes as I watched Chloe weeping while holding Edward. The commotion that filled the surroundings was very pleasant.

    I had a feeling that I had come back late. After a terrible nightmare, we woke up.

    Amidst the blurred consciousness, Se-hyeon Kwon's smiling face passed by. Somehow it got a little sloppy.


    Se-hyeon Kwon, who was reading a book while lying on the sofa in the office, came into view. The warm midday sun shone through the window and the sound of birds chirping faintly spread.

    Feeling at ease, he approached Kwon Se-hyeon and sat down on the sofa across from him. Seeing that the cover of the book he was looking at was pitch black, I asked quietly.

    “Are you having fun?”

    “Of course it’s fun to watch.”

    “I’ve seen so many, is it still fun?”

    Kwon Se-hyeon, who looked away from the book at the continuing question, smiled.

    “You know everything, what else are you asking?”

    “How many books are there?”

    “Two volumes.”

    Se-hyeon Kwon closed the book and got up. Sitting in a position similar to mine, he opened his mouth first this time.

    “After that, there was something I wanted to say.”


    “It’s an angel play.”

    He frowned at the name he hadn't thought of. Se-hyeon Kwon, noticing that my heart has become a little uncomfortable, put the book on the table with his eyebrows slightly curved.

    “It was very different from the personality I had imagined.”

    "iced coffee… but. It must have been.”

    I nodded my head as I remembered the appearance of Angel Yeon in the Abyss one after another.

    What, it was nothing. Coughing for nothing, I leaned back on the sofa and answered.

    “He has been through a lot of trouble. It's not in the book."

    “You seem to care quite a bit.”

    “It’s a partnership. For now.”

    Kwon Se-hyeon, who was listening to me with a strange smile, gently swept the cover of the book with a scar-filled hand.

    “Ha Tae-heon… It was just what I expected.”


    “Is it because you’re the main character? good voice He has a nice face.”

    “I was also surprised when I first heard it. I wondered what kind of person could have such a good voice.”

    “I think so. Well, it doesn’t have to be the same.”

    “We are not strange. Anyone would think it would be good to hear Taeheon Ha’s voice.”

    "That too… That's right. Kim Woo-jin was surprisingly quite cute. Min Arin was much nicer than what I saw in her novels.”

    “Kim Woo-jin is a bit shy, but he knows a lot about what a child can do and has a good personality. Min Arin is surprisingly resolute. She is often scolded and quite scared.”

    “If you did something bad, you should be scolded. Aren't you running around too much?"

    “It’s true that accidents happen, but… I don't want to hear from you... … .”

    As he murmured, Kwon Se-hyeon lightly burst into laughter.

    “Just give up. We used to hear nagging from Yeon Seon-woo and Ko Dong-ju before.”

    “At that time, I thought you two were being sensitive. But it seems like our problem is right.”

    “I knew it when I met you too. We rotted inside the two of them a lot.”

    When I put their names on my lips, the tip of my tongue wrote.

    “Yeah, really… That it's not good to carry everything alone... I didn’t know.”

    “… … .”

    “If I had made a different choice then… Our future will be different.”

    I firmly believed that if I endured, everyone would be happy.

    The way I was in the past, when I was proud that I would be able to do something by myself, even after all the people around me were trying to help, it was just funny now. As a result, many relationships that could not be preserved have stabbed my heart.

    "it's okay."

    Sehyun Kwon said in a calm voice.

    “Because I already know.”

    “… … .”

    “You have to keep living.”

    At the last moment, looking at me, I remembered the troubled smile that Yeon Seon-woo made. The hand that held my arm tightly.

    “I will live. I have to keep my promise.”

    “There are a lot of people around.”

    “They are too much for me.”

    “You still like it, don’t you?”

    I raised my bowed head and met Kwon Se-hyeon, who was sitting in front of me.

    “If you like it, you should cherish it.”

    “… it's precious Above all else.”

    “I hope I can keep it this time.”

    The sunlight shining through the window gradually grew stronger.

    Like a miracle, he instinctively recognized that the given time was coming to an end. A white light fell on Kwon Se-hyun's side face.

    “Everything will be fine.”

    “Kwon Se-hyun.”

    “Goodbye, Han Yi-gyeol.”

    My eyes were filled with light. The image of Kwon Se-hyeon disappearing as if broken in the white light was painfully dazzling.

    Consciousness quickly cleared. When I opened my eyes through the white light, I saw a room that looked like a hospital room. Tears streamed down his face as he took a deep breath and struggled to get up.

    "Ah… … .”

    As I staggered out of bed, I found my cell phone on the bedside table. Did the person who took me to the hospital take care of me? When I lifted the phone with trembling hands, the screen turned on, showing the date and time.

    “… … .”

    Seeing that, a disappointing smile came out of my mouth. The clearly engraved numbers seemed to make fun of me.

    September 2nd. It's been two weeks since we entered the space... It was Kwon Se-hyun's birthday.

    I couldn't stand it any longer and collapsed while holding my phone. Tears fell on the screen that was written on September 2nd.
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    "like. I was just worried about the people who were being arrested.”

    As expected, Min Arin readily accepted the offer to join.

    “But will it be okay? The city must be full of witch minions.”

    “That’s fine.”

    I smiled brightly so Min Arin would not be anxious and grabbed Cheon Won Yeon's shoulder.

    “This child… No, this guy is incredibly strong compared to how he looks. We will take good care of it.”

    “Oh, right?”

    Min Arin looked at Cheon Yeon-yeon as if she was very surprised.

    She doesn't feel less like an angel kite seemingly strong. She even said that she now has long hair, which makes her more of a literate writer than a fight. Either she or she is a model.

    The angel kite, who raised the corner of her mouth slightly with her not particularly unpleasant expression, tilted her head.

    “I am confident that I will win no matter who comes, but I can’t openly enter the city. There will be hostages held, and there will be many civilians.”

    “I think the same.”

    It was a situation in which Abel's side would not know when and when to bring up hostages with mental control. She also cared about the spectators who might have been living as ordinary city civilians.

    “Is there any way to sneak in? It’s an area that people don’t often reach or something like that.”

    “It reminds me of one place. Do you want to go right away?”

    "Yeah. If possible, it would be better to go into the city before evening.”

    I couldn't confirm the exact time, but it was probably around 3pm now. If the sun started to set around 7 o'clock, there was only 4 hours left at most.

    It took about two hours to reach the city, so it was not easy to leave immediately. If I fly with my ability, I may be able to arrive a little earlier.

    ‘Where is Ha Tae-heon?’

    I had a strong feeling that there would be no Ha Tae-heon among the Chosen that Min Arin mentioned. Like me and Cheon-yeon, he is free from mental domination, and because of Ha Tae-heon's personality, he won't be able to get caught.

    If he meets other team members in the city, then Ha Tae-heon was the problem. It was not easy to find Ha Tae-heon in an unconfirmed space.

    “What are you going to do about it?”


    Park Geon-ho, who was watching our conversation from behind, touched my lips and said,

    “Then let me join you. I have to go through the city anyway.”

    “You must have a different destination.”

    "that's right."

    Do you have a different destination? Come to think of it, did I mention that I saved Min Arin running away from the city in the previous explanation? So, wasn't Park Gun-ho influenced by fairy tales?

    I'm glad that Park Geon-ho, who I was most concerned about, willingly agreed to go with me, but... I don't know if I can leave it like this without asking anything.

    ‘The fairy tales that space has shown so far… What does it mean?’

    Looking back on what had happened so far, it was a space with no roots.

    It seemed obvious that Abel was trying to get us to kill each other, but it was hard to see that it was all planned out like the space the Doctor had created.

    If we were really aiming to kill each other, we could just put them in any space with mind control on and it would be over. It was highly likely that there was a real purpose for creating such a complex space. Will the question be solved if I meet Abel?

    'I'll have to ask her later when I get a chance to see what Angel Kite thinks.'

    First of all, you have to go to the city. Whatever it is, you'll have to go into the city to get a better picture of the situation. After organizing my thoughts, I opened my mouth to everyone.

    “Let’s go right away.”


    As before, holding hands and flying high into the sky, we went straight to the direction of the city.

    Continuing eastward, a city surrounded by stone walls appeared. After descending into the forest nearby, I touched the stone wall that had grown thickly with vines.

    “With a wall like this, there seems to be room for at least one person to pass through somewhere.”

    “You are quick-witted.”

    Minah Lin bent her knees and looked at her floor. When the densely growing vines were cleared away, a hole large enough for one person to pass through was revealed.

    “Oh, doghole.”

    Park Geon-ho, who saw the hole next to me, whistled and said a word. It really was a hole in itself.

    “Beyond this is a corner alley, so even if you enter, you won’t be noticed by anyone.”

    "It's good."

    Help Min Arin clear her curtains of vines and tell her teammates.

    “I will go in first. Follow me slowly.”

    If I had the ability to wind, it was easy to escape no matter what happened. As I bowed my head and went into the hole, sand fell down with the smell of dirt.

    I quickly got out of the hole and looked around, wiping the dirt off my body. Because it was the alley behind the building that looked like a store, as Min Arin said, no one was in sight.

    Are you okay? It was then that I had just turned my back to remind the teammates waiting outside the wall to come in.


    “… … !”

    With a low voice, something cool touched the nape of his neck. When I looked down, I saw a sleek, silver-colored blade.

    “Just raise your hands and turn towards this side.”

    “… … .”

    I heard footsteps other than the one holding the sword at me. Were you expecting someone to come here from the beginning and waiting?

    I swallowed a burst of sighs. The other person's voice was too familiar to fight back or run away. I think this is a big deal.

    As he raised his hands as he wished and turned slowly, a man in a gray robe came out and met his eyes. Seeing the red hair and auburn eyes that were exposed under the robe hat, an awkward smile came out.

    Kim Woo-jin is sure to be here. Even the situation was not very good.

    “What were you doing here?”

    Kim Woo-jin asked me with an arrogant attitude. It felt so different from the last time we met.

    Part of his armor was revealed through the robes he was wearing. The shape and tone of the sword held at me... It seems that Kim Woo-jin, who was a slave last time, has become a nobleman this time.

    "I do not know. I am just an ordinary passerby.”

    As he smiled and made excuses to look as harmless as possible, the vigilance in Kim Woo-jin's eyes grew even deeper.

    I don't know why everyone is more suspicious of me when I laugh. I think I'm the type to laugh pretty well though.

    “Even a passing dog says it’s unbelievable.”

    As Kim Woo-jin frowned, another man shouted passionately.

    “What a suspicious person! We must arrest him and interrogate him, Shed.”

    It's Shed. Did Kim Woo-jin have a new name? Rather, the man who insisted on taking me away looked a little familiar. You're the knight commander who escorted me in the Cinderella fairy tale, right?

    Kim Woo-jin, who was staring at me with an expressionless face, ordered.

    “I don’t have any weapons, but this guy is also one of the chosen ones. Be careful and grab it.”


    “Those on the other side of the wall can hear my voice even there, so I must have understood the situation to some extent. If you show up now, I will spare your life.”

    I also noticed that there were team members. He must have sensed the energy beyond the wall, but he must have thought that a comrade would be there because a suspicious person would not enter the dog hole alone.

    While Cheon Cheon-yeon was the lead, Park Geon-ho, Woo Seo-hyuk, and Min A-rin crossed the wall while they were captured and arrested by the man who was the former knights commander. However, contrary to the expectation that all four would be tied like me, Kim Woo-jin found Min A-rin and said it as if it was surprising.


    “Um, hello. Shed.”

    “I heard you must have fled the city. How did you get here?”

    “I’m here to help. with them.”

    “With these suspicious people… You mean you're back?"

    "Yeah. These are not witches' minions. One was the one who saved me... If the other three were in the hands of a witch, they would have killed me sooner. Trust me.”

    At Min Ah-rin's calm explanation, Kim Woo-jin glanced at me without any resistance. He looked around us and pondered for a while, then turned around and said:


    Things are going weird. After staring at Cheon Cheon-yeon for a while, I decided that it would be better to follow Kim Woo-jin first. Anyway, I was lucky to meet Kim Woo-jin like this.

    Kim Woo-jin, who led us through dark alleyways to the depths of the city, soon entered an old building. There were several people who appeared to be soldiers gathered there.

    “Your Shed is the only son of the count who manages this city.”

    While we were being dragged away, Min Arin told us in a low voice. Countess Scion? You were really noble.

    She said, "I heard that she was imprisoned along with the other Chosen as the witch took over the Count, and she must have been rumored too."


    When Kim Woo-jin appeared, the soldiers who were looking at the city map started to report.

    “Sed, the witch’s minions are not moving.”

    “The numbers are increasing.”

    “That later. First of all, I have a question for you guys.”

    As I watched Kim Woo-jin naturally give orders to people, somehow a heartbreaking emotion came to my heart. Kim Woo-jin is so mature... … .

    Angel Yeon also had a happy expression on Kim Woo-jin, who thought the same thing as me.

    ‘Is it okay if I take on a team like Park Geon-ho later?’

    Even if he was in a state of mind control, it would have been difficult to show that level of charisma if his personality had not supported him.

    He had A-class skills and a good personality, so it was clear that he had the talent to lead people well in the future.

    “For what purpose did you come to the city… what."


    “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    Kim Woo-jin frowned and looked at me with displeasure. Oops. He smiled hastily and answered with a serious face.

    “We are here to find a colleague. The news that this city's witch has been caught... Come to Maria.”

    “Are you here to find a colleague? What's that colleague's name?"

    I couldn't answer easily and kept my mouth shut. Like Min Arin and Park Geon-ho, there is a high possibility that the names of the rest of the team members have changed, so the real name is changed.

    “I can’t answer. It’s also award-winning.”

    Kim Woo-jin, who narrowed his eyes, has been suspicious of me. When I saw it, I was moved once again.

    You don't push boundaries like this... Are you very wise? It was understandable that the soldiers followed Kim Woo-jin. As he smiled happily like before, Kim Woo-jin exclaimed in annoyance.

    “Then why are you laughing like that!”

    “Ah, stop without knowing it.”

    “… Lock these four people in the back room except for Maria! I will interrogate you again later.”


    Eventually, the soldiers grabbed our arms and dragged us into the building.
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    Episode 313

    79. Honey Trap

    As soon as he was locked in a room with a thick iron door, Park Gun-ho asked playfully.

    “Didn't you say you were incredibly strong? I couldn't resist it, and I got stuck.”

    "People here are not opponents to fight.”

    I turned my attention to Angel Yeon, who answered roughly, and asked him seriously.

    "Let Kim Woo-jin be the team leader later.”

    A funist like Park Gun-ho is also a good team leader, but there was nothing that could be called Kim Woo-jin. Angel-yeon, arm in arm, nodded.

    “If you want to, it's difficult right now, but if you kick a career later, it looks okay enough.”

    "It's a promotion, but you don't like it?”

    "Kim Woo-jin doesn't like doing a lot of work even now.”

    "That's what everyone does.”

    When he did not understand the words, Angel-yeon sighed a small sigh as if it were stuffy.

    "Kim Woo-jin thinks later and starts cleaning up. Kwon Jeong-han is probably in the Earl's mansion.”

    "Yeah. Mr. Ha Tae-hun is free of mental domination, so if you go somewhere else, there's nothing strange, but I think Kwon Jeong-han is definitely in the mansion.”

    "Kim Woo-jin is also targeting witches, so if you convince him, he can join us.”


    I remembered the sensitive look of Kim Woo-jin I had seen earlier. If you do this, you'll be persuaded and kicked out of the city.

    It was thanks to Min Arin that I was locked up here without being kicked out.

    “I can't explain it honestly, so there's nothing to make an excuse for, other than an offer to help recapture the mansion.”

    "Yeah. Persuasion would be better for you to do.”


    Even if Angel-yeon doesn't say it, it's the best thing I've ever done, but if you're doing it like this, there's definitely a different reason. Angel Yeon, flashing his eyes slowly, replied.

    “From what I've seen all the time, the emotions in reality are going through here, too.”

    "Emotions in reality?”

    “If you feel a crush on your opponent in real life, you are affected to a certain extent by the feelings of reality, even if you are subject to mental domination in this space.”

    “Is that possible?

    "Samael's ability is not his own, it's the effect of space itself, so there's a lot of possibilities. Above all, everyone has a high rating.”

    Angel-yeon looked at Woo Seo-hyuk standing behind me as he explained.

    'That's right.’

    It was definitely an illogical guess. The team members I've met so far have been friendly for the most part in any role.

    "I can't see it funny, though. It seems hard to win mental domination with tolerable emotions.”

    Angel Yeon stared at me with unknown eyes.

    “So Kim Woo-jin persuades Han-yi-yeol, you have to do it.”


    I realized right away what Angel Yeon was saying. I avoided my gaze, unable to deny or refute it.

    'Not only Ha Tae-hun, but also Angel Year.......’

    Even if you were expecting this situation to come, you could not help feeling uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Does Kim Woo-jin know that his teammates noticed his feelings?

    I didn't say stupid things about using Kim Woo-jin's feelings toward me. Ha Tae-heon and Kwon Jung-han's safety was not understood, so they had to do something right away.

    “ ... all right.”

    He swallowed a sigh and nodded.

    I don't know if I can convince Kim Woo-jin, a suspicious intruder who has become an aristocrat, to believe in only one emotion, but I have to try it.


    After about two hours, one of the soldiers who had been with Kim Woo-jin earlier came to the room.

    "Only one man come out.”

    As I told you in advance, I stepped out.

    Taking only one person was the most basic method of interrogation. If you lock the other three in a room and interrogate them, you can put a lot of psychological pressure on them.

    ‘You know all these details....’

    It's Kim Woo-jin's order, right? Again, a heartwarming smile came out of the temple.

    It's hard. In retrospect, Kim Woo-jin was only a young man, with a good head, a rational mind, and a deep thought. Besides, I'm not good at cooking. Now if you only have a pretty and good-natured girlfriend, it's just great.......

    'Wait a minute. This isn't it.’

    As usual, I naturally remembered my girlfriend, and I stopped imagining, freaking out, and shook my head.

    If Kim Woo-jin really considered me that way, it was a very big excuse to think about this now. I've asked myself how many times I didn't want to make a girlfriend, but I didn't know that. Now that I know a certain amount, it would be right to stop thinking about that.

    "Mr. Shed. I brought him.”

    "Come in.”

    Arriving in the room at the end of the opposite corridor, the soldier gave a light knock and glared at me to enter. He quickly erased his smile and carefully opened the door.

    In front of Kim Woo-jin, who sat with his back to the window, was a desk with papers spread to and fro. The room was red with the glow, and the smell of old paper smelled like it.


    In order to look as nice as possible, Kim Woo-jin raised one side of his eyebrow as he greeted him decorously.

    I can't wait to see if I'm going to be the only one who is going to be the one who is going to be the one who is going to be the one who is going to be the one who is going to be the one who is going to be He sat opposite Kim Woo-jin, lowering his hard-raised mouth.

    "Answer the question in good faith. If you don't, I can't guarantee what will happen to your colleague who locked you in the room.”

    Oh my god. I was appalled, covering my mouth with my hand. Kim Woo-jin threatened me. What does this look like?

    "Don't worry. I'm not in a position to spend more time here.”

    “That's imposing. Okay. The witch told you that your colleague was being held, but did you identify the location?”

    “I heard that the countess's mansion was taken away by a witch. I think he's probably stuck there. Our colleagues are also chosen.”

    "The fellow you're looking for is the chosen one?”

    Kim Woo-jin, who seemed to be surprised, contemplated for a moment with a serious look.

    “I said I didn't know my colleague's name. You really don't know, or you don't want to let me know?”

    “You can think of it as comfortable. It doesn't matter what your colleague's name is anyway.”

    “Why? I know all the faces of the chosen in this city. You'll need my help.”

    "Well. Kim... No, Shed doesn't need good people to cast the witch out? We seem to be able to help each other.”

    “I'm very confident in my skills.”

    “You've already noticed. That the rest of the people trapped in the room, including me,are all chosen. You'll feel the aura.”

    Kim Woo-jin frowned at my imposing attitude.

    “No matter how good your skills are, you can't move with suspicious people.”

    “That's when there's another way. Are you going to kick the luck that rolled the vine in a crisis so easily? Consider also civilians suffering from witches.”


    "Besides, did not Mary once prove our identity? That's why you don't throw them out of the city or kill them, and if you kick them with your feet, you lock them in a room where the door will fly.”

    The atmosphere completely crossed my side. Kim Woo-jin, pushed from the momentum, looked at me with a dissatisfied expression.

    This part is still weak. Sharp eyes are cute, but this is why it's hard to get information from me.

    “It would be better to accept our offer, not to waste time in vain. Anyway, the countess is taken away, and the witch's baggage is wandering around the city, so there's no place to back down.”

    He reached out to Kim Woo-jin, trying not to laugh even by mistake. Kim Woo-jin's throbbing eyes were full of hesitation as he looked down at my hand pushed in front of me.

    I waited patiently as if treating a vigilant cat.

    Kim Woo-jin blinked his eyes once and slowly raised his hands. It was just before my hand and Kim Woo-jin's hand struck.


    I found something flying at a high speed through the window that I saw behind Kim Woo-jin. Something that flew through the center of the red sky as the glow lost was exactly aiming at Kim Woo-jin's back.

    Instinct moved first before rational judgment. In order to shake hands, he grabbed Kim Woo-jin's idxal with his hands and pulled it strongly toward me.

    Rattling! Kim Woo-jin's body poured into me along with the desk. Kim Woo-jin fell into a chair with his arms in his arms.


    At the same time as I hit my back on the floor, a sharp thing grazed my face with a burst of chae-ang, glass-breaking sound.

    The identity of the sharp was an arrow. Even three in a row stuck Pavabak on the floor. While holding Kim Woo-jin, he raised his upper body to identify the opponent who shot the arrow.

    'That outfit is definitely.......’

    Three unidentified people, covered all over with black masks and robes, climbed onto the roof of the building opposite.

    No, it's not a person. That was Abel's doll. They were the same dolls I encountered in Rapunzel's Tower.

    "Angel Smoke!”

    I cried out loud as I saw three dolls with eyes on me turn and jump under the roof. Angel Yeon is SS-class, so you can hear my voice at this distance.

    As I guessed, Angel Yeon opened the door with a sound of wudang tang and appeared. Then I saw Park Geon-ho and Woo Seo-hyuk, who were chasing the soldiers who had gone out to stop Angel-yeon.

    I, Kim Woo-jin, and Angel-yeon, who looked at the state of the room in turn, grasped the situation at once without any explanation and walked to the window. His long hair was gently scattered in the wind as he entered through the tattered window pierced by an arrow.

    “You don't feel any relief. It's gone.”

    When Angel-yeon, who can feel the aura and aura of a greater distance than others, talks like that, the dolls flee as soon as they know that their attack has failed. "Yes," he said, kicking his tongue.

    "It's a shame I can't catch it. I'm not gonna come here this way.”

    “You have a certain sense of what Abel is aiming for.”

    Angel Yeon, who turned his gaze from the window to me, asked with his arms clasped.

    "So, how long will you be holding them?”


    It was only when he heard the question that he belatedly noticed Kim Woo-jin in his arms. Oh, my god, stop without knowing.

    "Sorry. I'm trying to protect you......”


    I apologize for refusing the offer I made earlier, but Kim Woo-jin's condition was a little strange. Kim Woo-jin, red-faced, bowed his head with his lips closed.

    Episode 314

    I didn't have a sense of how to react to Kim Woo-jin's strange reaction.

    "...I'm glad I didn't get hurt.”

    In the end, he awkwardly said a word and let Kim Woo-jin go. Angel-yeon kept looking at him, so there was no other way.

    “Are you all right?”

    "Mr. Shed!”

    Min Arin and the soldiers, who had run after hearing the uproar, also entered the room. At the end of the day, Min-Arin, who saw me causing a shudder, cried out in dismay.


    Face? I just realized that the blood was flowing through the ball. I thought I was grazed by an arrow earlier.

    As he lowered his head, his left shoulder, like the ball, was torn and bleeding.

    'My shoulder is injured exceptionally often in this space.’

    You look like you're changing your clothes again. Sighing, he explained to everyone.

    “The witch's Suha has been suddenly attacked. He shot an arrow at Shed from the roof across from him. Now they've all fled.”

    "Well, what? Shed, are you okay?”

    Kim Woo-jin, looking at me with complex eyes, answered the soldier's cry a beat slower.

    "...Uh. I'm fine.”

    “If you have an injury, immediately treat it.......”

    "No. No injuries. This man protected me.”

    At Kim Woo-jin's words, the soldiers who came into the room and Min-Arin's eyes all shot at me.

    This is not a sweet interest. Even more, it didn't matter that I saved Kim Woo-jin now.

    “The fact that the witches ' hands targeted this place means that the location is completely uncovered. Enemies may be attacking right now in the night.”

    From the opposite roof, Kim Woo-jin's back was exactly targeted and shot with a bow, so we must have figured out what this room was for, as well as what we were here for.

    “I don't have much time. We can't avoid all-out war now.”

    I said to Kim Woo-jin, who roughly wiped the blood droplets flowing through his chin and the back of his hand.

    "You still remember the suggestion I made, right? Don't you need one more person to fight the witches ' baggage?”


    “I can't afford to hesitate anymore. We have to go to the mansion before the opponent raids us first.”

    Kim Woo-jin opened his mouth with a lot of vigilance.

    "...yeah. I'm of the same opinion.”

    “But, Shed, you can't move with suspicious people.”

    “They are not suspicious. If I had been a witch, I wouldn't have had to save me.”

    Kim Woo-jin, who answered firmly to the soldier's flow, added, looking at my eyes as he drew a well.

    "But there's still something suspicious, so you stay with me.”

    "Yes? Me?”

    When he became stupid, Kim Woo-jin made an excuse with his cheeks on his toes.

    "Everything, not for any other reason... you don't know. Always next to you so that you can know immediately if you have suspicious behavior.”

    "Even if it's not next to Shed....”

    “If you have a problem with my... next door, you can figure it out right away. This is a safety and trust issue, so you can't make concessions.”


    No, you have to try that while blushing, it just sounds weird.

    The eyes of the team members and soldiers who were in the room came out and I felt like I was shot by Kim Woo-jin.

    'It's true that Kim Woo-jin was trying to relieve me of my vigilance.’

    It's so easy to succeed. I scratched my forehead and nodded helplessly.

    "All right. When will you depart?”

    "Tomorrow morning. I can't move at night, so I'd better leave a number of sentries and hold on today.”

    “So I'll be with my colleagues until then.”

    It was hard to keep Kim Woo-jin around because he had a story to tell apart from Angel-yeon. Kim Woo-jin's shoulders drooped slightly as he heard me.

    Everyone looked at me again with a complex look at the appearance of Kim Woo-jin, who was giving a quiet tee. Crazy, really.

    I was treated for my wounds by Min Arin while the soldiers cleaned up the mangled room instead. Park Geon-ho and Woo Seo-hyuk, followed by Angel-yeon, who came to the treatment room, told me without arang.

    “You flirt very well in that short.”

    “I didn't do anything.”

    He was chagrined and rebuffed straight away, but Angel-yeon's expression did not change.

    "Flirt with the aristocrat at once. That's amazing, right?”

    "Keep quiet.”

    Park Keon-ho stepped in and made fun of him. It worked out, though. I had a question to ask Park Keon-ho anyway.

    “You said the purpose was to get into the city in the first place, right? We were just forced to do it.”

    “I don't.”

    “The atmosphere is better than it was before, so if you explain it well, you may send it.”

    "Are you throwing me out now?”

    “Not that.......”

    Kim Woo-jin, who suspected us of being enemies and moved from the soldiers, was the problem, but Park Gun-ho, who did not even give us his name, was the problem.

    I said I'd only join the city, so I have to convince myself again.

    “We have to fight witches right away from tomorrow. You have good skills, so I would like to ask you to help me if possible.”


    Park Keon-ho smiled for a moment as he touched his mouth.

    "Not bad. If you give me one promise.”


    “When I find all my colleagues in the city, I want you to help me with my job. I covet your wind power. We're helping each other.”

    “You said you had a separate destination. Is that what you're saying now?”

    "I'm quick to understand.”

    He leaned back against the wall with his arms around him.

    "My name is Roeld. I came from a kingdom located at the end of the western sea. There is a forest beyond this city to save the princess who is asleep there.”

    "The princess who is asleep...?”

    "Oh, I know that.”

    Leaving me bewildered, Min-Arin said in a surprised tone.

    “You're talking about the witch's cursed forest, right? A long time ago, the cursed princess was asleep with the forest.”

    "That's right. If you save the princess, you will benefit from the exchange with this kingdom in the future.”

    I can't wait to see if Park Geon-ho is the prince in the Sleeping Beauty Fairy tale.

    'Isn't the reason too realistic than that?’

    If you hear the princess or the children, you'll weep. Well, if it's not for that reason, the prince of another country doesn't have to come here.

    “So it's a benefit for you to join this fight, isn't it? The witch who cursed the princess might be the same as the witch who took over this city.”

    "That's smart. This is why I didn't want to reveal myself, but... I can't help it. I didn't like being called you all the time.”

    He looked at the new bullshit Park Keon-ho pathetic and replied: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no."

    "Anyway, okay. We'll solve that problem from the city and rethink it. If you deal with the witches here, you can change the forest.”

    "I do.”

    This led to a total of three fairy tales.

    Angel-yeon is Rapunzel, Woo Seo-hyuk and Min-Arin, who are the main characters and wolves in the red hat when they have combined the evidence. Park Gun-ho is a sleeping beauty.

    ‘So what's Kim Woo-jin?’

    He's the heir to the countess who was cast out by the witch. I never heard or reported such a fairy tale.

    In retrospect, Kim Woo-jin was a slave who was not the main character in the Cinderella fairy tale. Woo Seo-hyuk was an ordinary counselor.

    'Ha Tae-heon and Kwon Jeong-han, who have not yet met, will be sure to see what role they play.’

    This space was all over the place, as if it had been created by a child, without any rules. But most of the speculation was useless, and it was as tricky and complicated as it was.

    "Angel Yeon. Kim Woo-jin's attitude seems to take the soldiers of the mansion, but is there a way to stop it?”

    "Well. That looks hard.”

    They were all ordinary art museum visitors, so they could not take them to the place where the battle with Abel's doll would take place. You might fight properly.

    Kim Woo-jin, who believes himself to be a soldier, and who gives orders to them, is also subject to mental domination, so he could not be told not to take him away.

    “I have to go in the direction of keeping as much as I can.”

    “So, too.......”

    I can't help it. But if my wind power and Angel Yeon came together, I could kill the doll right away, so I have to fight in the direction of protecting it as much as I can.

    ‘If the worst comes... I might have to use intervention, so I need to be prepared in advance.’

    It was our responsibility for ordinary people to enter this space. So if someone was on the brink of death, I was going to use the ability to intervene without hesitation.

    "Can you come with me if Maria is okay?”

    "Great. Actually, I was concerned.”

    If Minarin accompanies him, the risk of casualties is significantly reduced. I was also very relieved to have Min Arin.


    The next day, the soldiers, who heard Kim Woo-jin's orders, gathered to prepare for the battle. Fortunately, there were not many.

    I told Kim Woo-jin separately so as not to be heard around.

    “When you encounter the witch's baggage in the mansion, why don't you leave the soldiers in the rear and fight me and my colleagues in the lead?”


    Kim Woo-jin, who heard my proposal, responded to what he was talking about as expected. But I had to explain this.

    “We're all the chosen ones, and we have good skills, so we're not going to do any damage if we fight ahead.”

    “You and your colleagues will be in danger. Doesn't it matter?”

    "Yes. Rather, everyone will be happy. You can fight without worrying about your surroundings.”

    When Kim Woo-jin conciliated so hard to fall, Kim Woo-jin, who was listening to me in sleep, suddenly reddened his ears and opened his mouth in a sullen tone.

    “You worry about my soldiers this much.”


    “You seem so ... great, sweet.”

    "...... Yes?”

    "All right. I was worried about the soldiers. Let the soldiers be placed in the rear.”


    What? I think Kim Woo-jin just had a huge misunderstanding. But now that I had done what I wanted, I was vague about not coming.

    Kim Woo-jin, staring at me with a twinkle in his eyes expecting something, swallowed a dry spit and finally answered eagerly.

    "Also, Shed, you understand my heart.”

    Kim Woo-jin laughed shyly as he quickly praised her in an awkward tone. Oh, it's really hard.
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