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    HTH or CSY I don't really care at this point, I just need to see han yigyeol be showered with love and kisses. he has two hands for a reason!!!!
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    Headcanon that the reason Cheon Sayeon always put up and approved Han Yigyeol's crazy plans of throwing his body is because he also know and experienced the desperation of losing people precious to him and he probably spent atleast one regression of him saving and preventing everyone's death by sacrificing his self even though he knows it's useless just so he can take a break from every regressions of eveyone dying.
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    I’m sorry guys but my chapter 315 expired so I only got this
    Episode 316

    This allowed all of the team members to get together safely without any injuries. It would be great if we could find the fox now.

    After exiting the dungeon and returning to the central hall of the mansion, we talked about finding out where the witch might be.

    “There's one suspicious place.”

    Ha Tae-hun, like me, was wearing the party suit he wore at the end of the Cinderella Fairy Tale. He has been in this mansion since he opened his eyes, similar to the time I woke up.

    Ha Tae-heon, who had been processing the dolls in the mansion and toured the mansion, met Kwon Jeong-han in the dungeon where he went down for the last time and kept him.

    “Where is that?”

    “When you go up the middle stairs, you come out of the hallway. There's a huge door at the end of it, which has never been opened.”

    He turned his attention to Kim Woo-jin at the explanation. As expected, Kim Woo-jin nodded with a look that showed where he was.

    “It's the most spacious room in the mansion. Mainly used when meeting.”

    “I've been to all the rooms inside the mansion. The only place I didn't check was there.”

    "All right. I need to go there.”

    We moved to where Ha Tae-hun informed us. As we climbed the stairs and entered the hallway, dozens of dolls crawled out of the darkness and blocked our path.

    Park Gun-ho, who saw the dense doll, said a word with his mouth, the sound of the wind.

    “I'm sure there's something beyond this.”

    "Everyone be careful.”

    Unlike the dolls I encountered in the dungeon, these dolls felt A-and S-class aura.

    The faces on the masks were strangely similar to those of the team. They were the same dolls I encountered when I first came to Rapunzel Tower. It will be faster and stronger than a doll that has no aura.

    "They're stronger than they were before. You two come behind me.”

    I sent Min Arin and Kwon Jeong-han behind me and raised their energy. Huung, the strong wind that arose from me bent over Angel Yeon, Ha Tae-heon, Park Gun-ho, and Kim Woo-jin, who stood in front of me.

    Giggle, giggle.

    Sensing the aura from us, the dolls bizarrely twisted their joints and lifted the weapon in their hands. In response, Angel Yeon and Ha Tae-heon, who pulled out their long swords, popped out at the same time.

    Kwazizik! Kwazik!

    The sound of dolls crumbling and crumbling filled the hallway. The two SS-class in the lead broke through the road and prevented the other team members from hitting the doll from the right and left.

    The dolls, filled with a limited space called the corridor, were melted down at a tremendous rate by Angel Yan's constantly blazing blood ability. For Angel Yeon, there was no situation as good as the gathering of many enemies in one space.

    Between the scattered black ashes and the crumbling doll corps, the huge door Ha Tae-hun spoke of was revealed. Min Arin, who was following me well without falling behind, exclaimed.

    "More baggage coming!”

    A new group of dolls came up the stairs we passed. The number, which looked more hungry than the group of dolls in the hallway, used its tongue and energy once more.

    "Now you can't come and back down. Break through the door quickly!”

    They were already positioned, so it was rather more dangerous if they changed their formation now. The team members who listened to me increased the speed of processing the doll.

    We barely reached the door, avoiding the dolls that were pushing us, and we opened the door straight away without delay. Angel-yeon and Ha-tae-heon entered first through the gap that opened the thick door.


    I was the last to enter after the wind prevented the doll's attack and sent Min Arin and Kwon Jung-han over the door. As soon as I entered the room, Ha Tae-hun, who was waiting, immediately closed the door.


    The static sat down at the end of the loud sound of the door closing. The dolls, who were chasing them up to their noses, did not break the door and enter.

    “Are you all right?”


    I saw Min Arin breathing a sigh of relief through the dark darkness that lay down in the room. Fortunately, the other team members were nowhere to be injured.

    “There were still so many numbers left.”

    “What do we do now? This is an empty room with nothing.”

    Park Gun-ho, frowning, looked around and said, " I'm not going to be able to do that."

    As A class A, I had nothing to look at in the dark other than the team members in front of me. Is Park Gun-ho, an S-class, the same thing? I had a strange premonition of something.

    "Mr. Ha Tae-hun, maybe.......”

    Ha Tae-heon and Angel-yeon, SS-class, were trying to see what they could see. Laughter came from somewhere.

    "Stupid bastards.”


    "It's naive to crawl here.”

    Abel's mocking voice quieted at the end of the sneer, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. A creepy creepiness passed through the backline.

    "Be careful! Abel.......”

    I looked up quickly and looked around, and I shut my lips, unable to reach the end of the speech.

    I was alone standing in the dark. I just had Min Arin and his teammates right in front of me.

    Everything was black, as if you were closing your eyes. When I lifted both hands and spread them in front of my eyes, I saw nothing, so fear came over me. A cold cold sweat flowed through his chin.


    My breath rang in my ears. I could not hold the spirit of being away from me.


    If you're doing this here, everyone is dangerous... No, wait, I'm, oh, here.......

    As in front of my eyes, everything in my head was erased and darkness entered.

    'What's here.......’

    The thought was lost. A familiar voice called my name.

    "Kwon Se-hyun.”

    He opened his closed eyes slowly at the call. As if dreaming, all the faint sensations were sharpened in an instant.

    The smell of whiskey on the tip of your nose. Cool glass in hand. Dalgrak, the sound of ice shaking. When I realized everything one by one, there was nothing that was not clear until the sensitive heat at the nape of my neck.

    "Ol' good. You can drink with me and doze off.”


    I just closed my eyes for a second, but what do you say to that?

    When I apologized, muttering profanity, I laughed with the expression that my opponent knew my thoughts.

    “Get your mind straight.”


    "You're drinking with me,Sehyun.”

    “My eyes were uncomfortable for a while. I'm not drunk.”

    "I know.”

    Yoo Si-hyuk put the cup he was holding down on the table. Unlike my glass, which contained a large ice, it was only a glass with alcohol.

    "Do you think I'm asking you because I don't know if you're drunk or not?”


    The silver eyes, staring at me accurately, shone like jewels under the lights. When I saw the red lips rise slightly, it became stuffy as if something had stuck in my throat.

    When I was nervous, I couldn't answer, and he folded his eyes, lowered his gaze and lifted his glass again.

    "Well, if you get drunk, you tee up right away.”

    "Is that so?”

    There were countless times when Yoo Si-hyuk drank alone. If you start from the year you just turned 20, you're called once every two or three months, and if you're a lot, you're called several times a month, so there's no sense in counting the numbers.

    So of course I drank enough to break the film. Especially when I was 20 and 21 years old when I first started drinking, I tried to drink at the speed of Yoo Si-hyuk and I fell down.

    I don't want to be in the middle of the night, but I want to be in the middle of the night.

    ‘I'll tell you to go to sleep today.’

    I took a sip of alcohol and checked the time with a watch on my wrist. It was time to go beyond midnight and towards 1 a.m.

    It was not a new thing. I've been in Yoo Si-hyuk's house so often that my room is separate. But why.......

    'You're so nervous, aren't you?’

    Drinking alone with Yoo Si-hyuk is a bit of a burden, but it was not a situation where I felt so nervous as I had done a lot. Even if I knew my head,my chest was tightening.

    "Let's continue with the story I was trying to tell you earlier.”


    "Recently, President Kim has been very interested in you.”

    Tick, tick. The sound of the second hand of the watch was strangely loud. He swallowed his dry spit and took a hard breath that was rough with anxiety.

    Why the hell can't you calm down like this? I touched my chest without knowing it, in a rumbling as if I were a body.

    “That's why she cares about you, but I wonder what you think.”


    "Kwon Se-hyun.”

    "...... Yes?”

    Huck, clenching his shoulders, looked up. I stopped missing Yoo Si-hyuk's words without knowing.

    Yoo Si-hyuk's face, sitting across from him and his chin, was already stiff. I'm screwed.......

    "No, that... ”

    When I opened my mouth, Yoo Si-hyuk raised one eyebrow as if to ask me to look at it once.

    "Sorry. Kim... I can't remember who the boss is.”

    It was an excuse to have nothing to say, even if he was caught and thrown to the floor right away.


    Contrary to my expectations, Yoo Si-hyuk, who heard the answer, unclasped his hard face without feeling bad.

    "Yeah. You're not interested enough to remember who President Kim is, are you?”

    "...... Yes.”

    "Then I can't help it.”

    I don't know what I can't do, but I'm glad that Yoo Si-hyuk's feeling is okay.

    He sighed secretly so that he did not know, and Yoo Si-hyuk rose from his seat.

    “Don't eat more?”

    "Do you want to keep watching what you're doing and sit down? Do you think I'm so free?”

    There was no rebuttal, so he touched the nape of his neck and raised himself after him. It was Yoo Si-hyuk who stopped me from trying to clean up.

    "Leave it as it is. Let people.”

    “I'll just move the glass to the kitchen.”

    "I don't listen to you dirty.”

    Yoo Si-hyuk asked for a cigarette in his mouth with a smile, unlike his bruising words. It was like permission.

    It was at that moment that Yoo Si-hyuk and I were about to head to the kitchen with the glass they used.

    “...... Erna.”


    Yoo Si-hyuk responded with a puzzled response as he looked back, answering reflectively in a faint voice.


    “I thought you just called me.”

    “I never called.”

    Did you hear anything wrong? But obviously.......

    "Kwon Se-hyun. Did I secretly take drugs?

    “I didn't.”

    Yoo Si-hyuk, frowning, approached me with a cigarette in his mouth. A bitter scent came from him as he stuck so closely that he could feel his breath.

    "...Wake up.”

    At the same time, voices came again.

    I moved my gaze in the direction where the voice came from. The lights were off and I saw a nondescript white light on the other side of the dark living room

    but here’s a very short spoiler on 315
    HYG finally met HTH!
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    Episode 317

    80. Along the light

    "Now you can't come and back down. Break through the door quickly!”

    Everyone ran through the huge door at the end of the corridor, pushing through the dolls with a cry of determination.

    At breathtaking timing, I could barely open the door and enter the room. Ha Tae-hun, who confirmed that no one had entered the room, closed the door straight away. A loud, loud sound echoed in the static room.

    “Are you all right?”


    “There were still so many numbers left.”

    “What do we do now? This is an empty room with nothing.”

    Park Gun-ho said, Angel-yeon and Ha Tae-heon immediately looked inside the room. But even the SS-class did not see what was in the darkened room.

    It was darkness that someone deliberately created. An ominous premonition came.

    "Mr. Ha Tae-hun, if you... ”

    "Han Yi-yeon?”

    As he was trying to ask himself something, Han's body suddenly shook sharply. Ha Tae-heon, who was next to Han Yi-yeol's body, hurriedly pulled it up.

    "Han Yi-yeol, Han Yi-yeol!”

    No matter how loudly he called and patted his cheek, his two tightly closed eyes did not open. As with Han's results, all team members except Angel Yeon and Ha Tae-heon collapsed on the floor in turn.

    "Ha Tae-hun.”

    Angel-yeon stopped in front of Ha Tae-heon, awakening Han Yi-yeon. The other team members who had fallen to the floor began to sob.

    It was a bizarre movement, as if his body was tied to a thread. The team members, standing up as if drawn to something with their eyes closed, lifted their weapons and exhaled an aura of liveliness.

    Angel Yeon, narrowing his eyes, swung his red sword blade heavily into the air. Then I saw a very pale smoke that was hard to notice, and it was disheveled. At the same time, it smelled faint, but blood. It was Kali's bloody smoke.

    "Oh, I caught it. But you're not very stupid, are you?”

    Abel's mockery came from somewhere beyond the reach of the location.

    "Even so, it's too late.”

    Park Gun-ho raised his hand. Ha Tae-heon, seeing that he had a metal ball in his hand, jumped from his seat with Han Yi-jeong in his hand.

    Kuu-woong, Kung! The unstoppable metal ball exploded in a row. Angel-yeon, who noticed that Park Gun-ho as well as other team members were gradually narrowing the distance, stopped using his abilities with his tongue. He could not use his blood power toward his team members.

    "Go to the corner.”

    Angel Yeon, who pushed Ha Tae-heon and Han Lee-jeong into the corner of the room, blocked them in front of him.

    “Hmm... That burrough is not subject to mental domination. It's a shame. He's got something, too.”

    Abel muttered as he found Han Lee in Ha Tae-hun's embrace.

    "Well, it doesn't matter. You can kill him in that state.”


    "Angel Yeon, who are you going to choose? The two behind you? Or your precious colleagues in front of you? If you want to protect one side, you have to kill the other.”

    Abel giggled and uttered a jubilant sneer.

    Angel-yeon, who showed no reaction to the provocation and calmly examined the situation, said to Ha Tae-heon.

    "I need to wake up Han Yi.”

    Kwon Se-hyun's ability to intervene was needed to stop the team members from acting with mental control abilities.

    "Ha Tae-hun, no matter what happens, don't fall by Han-yi-yeon.”

    The only thing he could do was deal with moderately without killing several of his level-level skills. Somehow, Han had to keep everyone until he woke up.

    Angel Yeon's black eyes shone coolly as he turned them into an S-class sword rather than an SS-class release sword.


    "Kwon Se-hyun.”

    As I laid my soul and stared at the white light, Yoo Si-hyuk grabbed my chin with his big hand. He frowned irritably, making him turn his head and look at himself.

    "Don't turn your eyes away, look straight at me.”


    “What are you doing? Don't mess with it, explain it properly.”


    The answer to that command was not easy.

    A cold sweat, a nervous heart, a voice that only sounded to me, and that white light at the end of the living room clamped my breath.

    Even I couldn't tell what happened. I felt as if I had left something important.

    I hesitated for a while and then tried to answer that it was nothing.

    "Wake up...me. It's like this.......”

    The voice, which seemed to be cut off in a moment, continued to speak hard.

    "Danger, harm... everyone will last longer.”

    The more I listened, the more confused I became.

    It's dangerous, who the hell? What do you mean you can't last long?

    "Kwon Se-hyun.”

    "Wake up.”

    "Focus on me.”

    "Wake up.......”

    The voice of Yoo Si-hyuk alternated with the voice of Yoo Si-hyuk. When I heard the two voices together,I somehow felt sad. I grabbed Yoo Si-hyuk's wrist, which caught my face.

    "Mr. Director, I am...... “”



    "Han Yi-yeol...!”

    A desperate cry from me shook my head.

    Unable to finish, he bit his lips and closed his eyes. Hot emotions came like waves, and it was hard to breathe.

    “I have to go.”

    This was not where I would be. I had new people to protect.

    This time, the precious relationships that I have vowed to protect myself.

    "Kwon Se-hyun.”

    "Now I know why... why you showed up.”

    Yoo Si-hyuk is the only one I can't refuse. That was true even now, when a precious relationship was created. Maybe it won't change in my lifetime.

    But nevertheless... I had to go. I could not be complacent about the dreams of the past.

    Yoo Si-hyuk's hands were cold and turned away. He shook his teeth and ran toward the light across. Then everything around him scattered like a mirage and turned into a new darkness.

    The warm air that had just been clearly felt on the skin disappeared. My body was imperceptibly back.

    I eagerly called the owner of the voice.


    “This way.”

    A point of white light arose between the indistinguishable darkness everywhere. As he walked there, Elaha, half of his body black and squalid, appeared.

    "Pretty, are you okay?”

    It was the price of my interference. As he approached, Elaha, who had poured black blood on him, opened his mouth pale and tired.

    "Go out and ... hold on for a little bit. I found a way to break space.”

    You found a way? I had a lot of questions, but I couldn't afford to ask anything. The white light that flew at me quickly began to erase the surrounding darkness and Elaha's appearance.

    "Wait a minute, Elaha!”

    "Never mind, get out quickly.”




    A white light flashed with Elaha's words.

    Reflexively, I heard someone fighting with both eyes. The spirit was forcibly pulled up.

    "Han Yi-yeon!”

    Ha Tae-hun called me. When I opened my eyes, I saw a black shield wrapped around me and Ha Tae-hun. Beyond that, Angel Yeon is fighting alone.

    The enemy that Angel Yeon was dealing with was our team members, not anyone else. Let's see that, and we could see what the situation was like now without having to listen to the explanation.

    "Uh ... Ha, ”

    "Han Yi-yeon, wake up.”

    Even if I tried to raise my body right away, I didn't move a finger. He didn't hold as if his whole body was paralyzed.

    Ha Tae-hun immediately realized that my condition was strange.

    'This is.......’

    Abel must have done something to us. The team members who are fighting Angel Yeon are simply moving with their eyes closed as if they were sleeping, unlike when they were under mental control.

    I calmly looked from the aura I felt in my heart. As with the body, the stiff, stiff aura could not be used as usual, no matter how hard it was. The same was true of Kwon Se-hyun's aura, hidden in the depths.

    In order to turn into Kwon Se-hyun and break the mental domination of his team members, he had to release the paralysis from his body. This kind of debuff attack has been encountered before.

    ‘One time when I entered the sphere of influence of the release as a body of determination, and the other time...............’

    Gulup was also dealing with boss monsters at the island gate.

    Both times I thought about how I got out of Debuff, and I stuttered with my mouth barely open that I couldn't move at will.

    "Ha, Mr. Taehun.”

    "Han Yi-yeon. Hold on a little. How to solve numbness.......”

    “To me, cheer up.......”


    "Aura... SS-class aura, please.”

    Ha Tae-hun's black eyes filled with embarrassment as he listened to me.

    In this situation, I suddenly asked for this, so I was embarrassed. But there was no other solution other than that method.

    "Angel Yeon ... Help me.”

    Even as I fought my whispers helplessly, Yongke heard Angel-yeon smile irritably.

    "Haa, if you get out of here, you have to listen to my wishes.”

    Angel-yeon, who grabbed Woo Seo-hyuk's idyll and threw it on the floor, took a rough breath. He opened his mouth, roughly wiping the blood from the wound on his cheek.

    "Ha Tae-hun. One handle.”

    Ha Tae-hun pondered for a moment at the hard explanation, and then held my hand trembling. A warm body temperature spread over his pale, chilled hands.

    “Pull up the energy and send it out with the tip of your palm. Put it slowly with the feeling of pushing it against the opponent.”

    The cool aura began to trickle out of Ha Tae-hun's body holding me. A creepy aura gushed out of my hands and tickled my palms.

    As Angel Yeon said, the energy flowed very slowly into my body. The aura that came through my palms began with my arms and gradually engulfed my body.

    “...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

    When Ha Tae-hun's aura, which felt so creepy, reached my heart, it quickly became as hot as a blazing fire. His upper body spread out and his toes killed the floor.

    "Oh, uh ... hhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    It was hot and I felt like I was going to die. To escape from the aura, Ha Tae-hun hugged my body instinctively, pushing the aura again with his hands.

    It is still hard enough to hold on, but Angel Yeon, hearing in his ears, coldly commanded.



    "Ugh, not... huh...!”

    "Put more.”

    "Huh, ugh... stop, stop.......”

    For the first time, Ha Tae-heon, who puts energy into others, also made a suppressed moan, twisting the middle of the road to see if it was not easy to control.

    My aura, wrapped in the aura Ha Tae-hun sent me, loosened little by little, as if the ice was melting. I tried to push Ha Tae-hun's chest with the other hand, which was numb.

    "Oh, huh... ”

    Ha Tae-hun, narrowing his eyes, held his opposite hand as he pushed himself away, and one last time he let out a loud cry of energy. Ha Tae-hun's energy came in full, and I wrapped my heart around it.

    HYG moaning to HTH’s energy is kinda fanfic material if I think about it I’m sorry
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    Lol the other members remember what they did when they were controlled by Abel.
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    This was spicy
    I missed like half of the whole novel but I just want more interactions for my boi HYG
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    4 chapters have been mtl!
    Episode 318

    Ten days have passed since the museum was covered in a nondescript tabernacle.

    The state, belatedly realizing the severity of the problem, stepped up and set up a base camp around the museum and sent relevant experts, but the situation was still poor.

    Choi Mi-jin and Lee Soo-jin from the Guild Management headquarters were filmed in a video of the tabernacle, but nothing changed. No one has figured out how to destroy the egg-shaped gem that can be seen as the cause of the tabernacle.


    Hong Xia approached Cha Soo-yeon, who was standing looking at the museum, which was steeped in tabernacle, with a drawn face.

    When Hong Xia wrapped her shoulders with a bad face, Cha Soo-yeon hugged her gently and asked in a cracking voice.

    "Everyone's safe, right?”

    "Of course. Let's wait a little longer. There's going to be some way to save people.”

    It was a comfort that Cha Soo-yeon was worried that the day would dry up differently, but Hong-si's heart was also very anxious, as was her.

    For ten days already, the tabernacle was still there, and the situation had not changed. Please, we'll have some good news tomorrow.

    The blue light of the dawn was as cold and gloomy as Cyril's bones. After hugging Cha Soo-yeon and throwing him on his back for a while, a familiar car entered the base camp.

    "Choi Mi-jin Center Director?”

    "You're awake. It's great.”

    It was Choi Mi-jin who went to the art museum a few days ago. Choi Mi-jin, who got out of the back seat, eyed Hong Xia and Cha Soo-yeon, and introduced them to follow.

    “This is a producer from the United States. As soon as I arrived in Korea, I came here straight away.”

    "Hello. It's Edward.”

    A small tall boy with blond hair introduced himself after Choi Mi-jin's description. Edward shook hands with Hongsia with a face of attrition.

    American creators came directly to Korea. Hongsia, immediately aware of Edward's purpose, asked.

    "Nice to see you, Edward. You came here as soon as you arrived in Korea... Do you know how to solve that curtain?”


    Edward, looking bitter, answered Hongsia's question.

    “I've read all the data that I've examined the tabernacle. Even as I've been around the world and seen many items, it's hard to be sure what the items that created the tabernacle are.”

    "So, too.”

    “But it's too early to give up.”

    When Edward tapped the jewel in the ring, something appeared in the thin air. It was an item made of a small, white bird.

    “This is.......”

    “It's an item made to remove that tabernacle.”

    The bird, rising above Edward's hand, blinked and raised its head. The plastic appearance and the creaking movement somewhere were quite crude, making it more like a children's toy than an item.

    "Can this... get rid of that tabernacle?”


    Cha Soo-yeon, who looked suspicious without knowing, was distracted by Hong-sia's call.

    "...... Sorry.”

    Edward smiled gently as he shook his head as if he were okay with Cha Soo-yeon, who bit his lip and apologized.

    "No. I understand. It's a lot of crap, right? I probably didn't have enough time to make it... In this situation, I didn't want to slack off with the ball outwardly.”

    “Even if it's loose, it's not enough to have the aura in it.”

    “You notice it right away, too.”

    A complex emotion rose in Edward's eyes as he stroked the bird.

    “This kid didn't make it by himself. I got help from someone else. The energy you feel is his.”

    That's why I made the bird white, which was originally intended to be black. The items you created were useless unless they were in the mood.

    - Everything has to be paid for as long as it's hard.

    I thought of a man who was giving himself energy. A strong-powered man who came to visit him when the one-time power man stayed in the Athena Guild.

    Chloé told me that he was a man with a white aura as much as a long white long hair. I said it was too clean and it was such an aura of instinctive reluctance.

    -I want to go in myself because I like it...............

    Instead of connecting the words to the end, the man shared my energy with Edward.

    He was as small as a grain of sand compared to his original strength, but it was a size that exceeded the energy of the S-class. Edward had to struggle for days and nights with the energy fully contained in the item.

    'Please succeed.’

    Edward, nervously looking down at the bird he had created, stretched out both arms. Then the bird spread its two wings.

    With everyone's eager wind on their backs, the bird flew towards the tabernacle.

    'Mr. Han Yi-yeol.’

    Please, your items should be able to break that tabernacle and save those trapped in the museum. If you know that there are people who want to help you...............

    The bird, who approached the tabernacle, wept high and entered it without hesitation. About 30 seconds after the bird had hidden its appearance, a white light flashed and an explosion occurred inside the tent.

    “That's it......?”

    "It's the light that will destroy the gem that created the tabernacle.”

    Fortunately, the bird moved as Edward designed it.

    When an item bursts from the center of the tabernacle, the aura of light contained in it will fill the tabernacle... and soon it will deal a strong blow to the gem.

    Fazik, Fazik!

    As soon as Edward's explanation was over, the curtain shook greatly and began to crack on the surface.


    As if to protect the weak A-class aura, the SS-class aura in the heart eliminated all debuffs. When I was released from paralysis, Ha Tae-hun touched my cheek.

    "Han Yi-yeol, are you okay?”


    He had no strength in his body, but his condition was much better than it had been before. I held Ha Tae-hun and pulled him up without stopping my aura of presence through the aura of Han Yi.

    "What, how did he wake up?”

    When I heard Abel's voice shouting in a puzzled tone, my energy swelled at a faster pace. Several times cooler and cooler than Ha Tae-hun's aura, which had just entered his body, flowed out of his heart.


    He endured the strange sensation and pain of changing his body.

    The clothes that were left in his arms gradually fit, and the size of the hand held by Ha Tae-hun quickly grew and the scar was engraved.

    When I returned to Kwon Se-hyun, I opened my eyes, which I had been closing all the time. Ha Tae-hun's face was clearly visible, looking down at me with a worried expression as he blinked his eyes and the blurred vision became clear.

    "Please get me up.”

    He was handed the energy of the SS class and immediately turned into Kwon Se-hyun, so he did not have the power to go all over his body. Ha Tae-hun, who heard my request, wiped away the tears that flowed in the play of the coffin and congratulated me.

    "Ha...Ha Ha, Ha Ha! Oh, that's crazy!”

    Abel, who found me covered in Ha Tae-hun's body, laughed frantically somewhere beyond the darkness.

    "Look at this aura! I thought you were A class A burge, but you turned out to be an out-of-grade person, didn't you?”


    “Is this the hidden card you were hiding? But, so you've got the courage to mess with us.”

    Yeah, laugh a lot. Raising my mouth, I turned my attention to Angel Yeon, who was dealing with my teammates.

    Angel Yeon, who had five capable men who could neither kill nor injure him at the same time, had wounds all over the place, and his clothes were soaked in blood to see if he had been injured near his side. On the contrary, the team members, who were forced to move out of their minds, suffered no injuries.

    I was so sorry to leave this terrible thing to Angel Yeon. I immediately used my ability to intervene with my aura.

    As with the engagement with the doctor, the thread of energy over the team members ' heads was clearly visible. However, the color of the thread was mottled with red as if it were blood-stained, unlike the previous time.

    'Is it Carly's blood.’

    It was proof that it was not simply mental domination that led to Samael's aura. Whipping my hands to break that thread, I beat my heart and groaned at the sharp pain that passed.


    It was a pain caused by the conflict between Kali's blood power and my ability to intervene. He shook his hands again, lifting a little more energy from his heart.

    Pinch! I was mistaken as if I heard the sound of a taut thread breaking. The thread of energy was broken and the team members, freed from mental domination, collapsed to the floor at the same time.

    "Hheung, is this your ability?”

    Abel, watching the sight, pattered in an annoyed tone.

    “The reason the doctor died is because of you, right? You're the rat who interrupted me at the gate of the D45 zone!”


    Taking a deep breath of pain, I answered with the utmost choleric attitude.

    "Come down, Abel. I'll kill you just like your colleague.”

    "Haha, you're confident.”

    Abel shouted, as if it were sincerely funny.

    "Do you think it's going to be over if you just cut off your mental domination? You're destined to scavenge in that space. With the bugs who came to the museum without knowing!”

    There was a wide murmur of laughter, with a deep malevolence in his heart. I listened to it, slowly closed my eyes and looked up.

    Unlike the aura of A-grade Han Yi, my aura still remained a lot. He caught Abel anyway, so he no longer had to hide his ability to intervene.

    The more I used the energy, the wider my vision, which was limited to the surroundings, was constantly widened. It was a created space, not a reality, so everything around it became an object to use intervention.

    Dozens of people who were spirit-dominated felt a thread of orange aura through the gap. The doll and the countless orange threads that followed were beyond space.

    ‘That thread of energy is.......’

    It was the source of Abel's ability to control dolls. When I found the goal, the energy flowing from my body became thicker than ever. Using the strong energy that he created, he cut off hundreds of Samael and Abel's threads.


    A deafening sound, similar to thunder, burst from the other side of the space, and Abel's jibe broke out in his head. I felt a cold sweat flowing through my chin, and I smiled with a happy heart.

    “It's a little quiet now.”

    Now that we have cut everything off, Abel can neither see us nor mock us. No matter how much we are in the space they have created

    “You have cut off all the energy of enemies connected to the space.”

    Ha Tae-heon frowned as he explained while swiping the black hair that obscured his view.

    “Is that okay?”

    “… I can’t help it.”

    It's not okay. Right now, I'm just saving my teammates and feeling refreshed, but since I showed Abel all my abilities, it's going to be even more difficult in the future.

    Still, considering the lives of the team members, this was the correct answer. Because I didn't want to give up on the safety of my teammates and hide it. It's not just me, it's probably the same for Cheon Cheon-yeon and Ha Tae-heon.

    "it's okay?"

    After examining the state of Cheon Yeon-yeon, who quietly exhaled tiredly, he answered as if nothing had happened.

    “That’s about it, of course.”

    It must not have been easy to handle the team members who rushed alone for a short period of time, but I felt sorry for Cheon Cheon-yeon who said no. Now that I see it, there are many wounds all over my body.

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who smiled as if she knew even without saying my thoughts, looked around the team members who were lying on the floor.

    “Everyone has been under mind control for a long time, so I don't know how things are going. It seems to be waking up slowly.”

    As soon as the angel kite finished speaking, he began to wake up with the sound of his teammates getting sick one by one.

    "eww… … .”

    "ah… what… … ?”

    Behind Park Geon-ho, who raised her upper body, Min-ah Lin also put her hand on her forehead and raised her head.

    Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Angel Yeon has really suffered.

    “Min Arin. Do you want to recognize me?”

    “Mr. Lee Gyeol?”

    Min Arin, who stood up holding my hand, looked around with a puzzled expression. Do you have any memories of what you experienced in space?

    “Here… … .”

    “It is in the space created by the Prous followers. The entire art gallery has been transformed. Are the others okay?”

    "Ugh… … !”

    Kim Woo-jin, who was next to me at my question, suddenly took a breath and was startled. Then he covered his mouth and dyed his face red. Why are you doing that?

    “Ugh… … .”

    "under… … .”

    "ah… … .”

    Following Kim Woo-jin, Min Ah-rin, Woo Seo-hyuk, and Park Geon-ho also buried their faces in their hands in turn and sighed.

    Cheon Cheon-yeon, who watched the scene, folded her arms and said something with a hint of fun.

    “I think I remember everything I went through during my mind control.”


    So that's why you're so shy.

    After seeing the embarrassed teammates with a new feeling, he approached Park Geon-ho and snooped around.

    “Are you shy, too?”

    “Can you not be ashamed of this? … .”

    At me, who was looking at me curiously, Park Geon-ho lifted his lips slightly and smiled as if he was in trouble.

    Park Geon-ho's cheeks, visible through his large hands, were slightly raised. This was the first time Park Geon-ho was so shy that his face was blushing.

    “Well, at that age, you are a hunter and a prince, so you should be ashamed if you have a conscience.”

    “Are you excited, Master?”

    "ha… … .”

    Seo-hyeok Woo let out a deep sigh behind Cheon-yeon, who clapped because he wanted to do this, and Geon-ho Park, who refused to lose.

    Woo Seo-hyuk looks shy too. Still, isn't Woo Seo-hyuk a little better?

    “I never imagined that an art museum would be used in this way. Even ordinary spectators are in a state of mind control, right?”

    In the meantime, there was only one person who was the same as usual without much reaction. I nodded my head tremblingly.

    "right… You are fine.”

    “I haven’t done anything to be ashamed of.”

    Kwon Jeong-han, who shrugged his shoulders skillfully, asked me rather.

    “More than that, my brother. Isn't your brother a big deal?"


    “You married Ha Tae-heon, the Boomaster. in front of everyone else. Did you kiss your mouth? What if the article is published later?”


    Bewildered at the first conversation, before I could answer, all the eyes of the team members were on me. As I reflexively staggered backwards, I felt a cold sweat running down my back.

    It was then that I remembered that I had married Ha Tae-heon. I'm sure Kwon Jeong-han will take care of that now. There were so many incidents that I completely forgot about it.

    “Well, there’s no other way… … .”

    When he came up with an excuse in a hurry, Ha Tae-heon, who had taken a step back and watched, proudly opened his mouth.

    “Whatever the reason, everyone knows that Han Yi-gyeol is married to me.”


    what is this sound. Park Geon-ho intervened with the startled me.

    “No, that’s a bit. Ha Tae-heon, vice-master, I didn't see you like that, but you're a bit brazen."

    "Right! Gyeol Lee said that he did it because there was no other way. The marriage is void.”

    “There is no need to worry about the article being published. Requiem will block them all.”

    Following Park Geon-ho, Min Ah-rin and Cheon-yeon also rushed in like Deuk-dal and began to refute Ha Tae-heon's remarks, saying it was nonsense.

    What kind of conversation is this? Fatigue rushed over and he pressed his strained eyes tightly. I felt the need to change the subject. Perhaps at any other time, there was no time for idle chatter now.

    “Everyone, stop. We haven't solved this space yet. No matter how much I use my abilities, I cannot destroy the space itself.”

    After hearing the intervention, Min Arin was the first to come to her senses and point out the most important point.

    "Come to think of it… Where is the witch who took over this mansion? A doll controlled by a woman named Abel.”

    "I do not know. Such dolls may not have existed in the first place.”

    As soon as we entered this room, Abel sprayed a smoke that reinforced her mind control. After that, everyone except me, Cheon Yeon-yeon, and Ha Tae-heon, whose mind control did not work, became completely in control.

    Did Abel dig her trap and wait to see us kill each other and eventually doom them? If it weren't for my ability to actually intervene... It must have been Abel's plan.

    “If there really were dolls, I wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore, since I cut off all the energy that was connected to this space. More importantly, we need to find a way to break the space itself.”

    After hearing my explanation, Angel Yan narrowed her eyes angrily.

    “Maybe we have to fulfill the conditions as if the Doctor destroyed the space he had created.”

    “Not necessarily.”

    I pondered for a while and then spoke.

    "a moment ago… I had a dream when I passed out.”

    - Kwon Se-hyun.

    Yoo Shi-hyuk's voice calling out my name passed like a whisper in my ear. The expression he had made when he shook off his hand came to mind as well.

    “It was Ella who woke me from that dream. If it wasn't for Ellaha, I'd never be alone... It was a dream that I would never end.”

    Perhaps other people also felt the bitter emotion that came from the words, and the surrounding air descended even more heavily.

    “I met Ellaha briefly just before waking up, and then she made it clear. I've found a way to break the space, so hold on a bit."

    “If Ellaha told it directly… Did you pay the price to get involved in this?”

    “It seems so. If it's true that we found a way, then this space is... … .”

    It was then. Suddenly, his eyes clouded and his whole body lost energy.

    Kim Woo-jin, who was standing next to me, who was shaking loudly without being able to finish my words, was startled and grabbed me.

    “Hey, Han Yi-gyeol?”

    "ah… What, uh... … .”

    A strong drowsiness rushed in like a wave, as if taking sleeping pills. Without even having time to explain what happened in an instant, he fell asleep helplessly while being hugged by Kim Woo-jin.

    He lowered his heavy eyelids and closed his eyes, and the scent of flowers wafted through the pitch black darkness. Soon after, the darkness disappeared, and a sky full of white puffy clouds and a meadow appeared.

    It was a place in my dreams that I came to whenever I met the Elohim. As expected, the Elohim approached from the opposite side with a pale complexion.



    This was the first time the Elohim had called me in this way. Noticing the bad mood she felt in him, she hurried over to him.

    "what's going on?"

    The condition of the Elohim seen up close was far worse than I had expected. He smiled bitterly and said in a very harsh voice.

    “As you may have heard from Ellaha, the space will be broken soon.”

    “… You two helped.”

    “Because you couldn’t come out on your own. I gave a little of my power to a boy named Edward. The item the child made will soon break the device that holds the space.”

    The hand that stroked my cheek was too cold. The elohim, with a face pale as her corpse, blinked tiredly in her eyes.

    “You don’t have to do anything more inside. If you just wait, the curtain will soon break and the museum will return to its former state. Ordinary humans caught up in it will also be safe.”

    “A fox? Where is the fox?”

    “Don’t worry, the kid is out of the room. More than that, Sehyun-ah, there is something you must know.”

    The Elohim's white hair gently fluttered in the wind from somewhere. With a bitter expression on his face, the Elohim opened his mouth.

    “This time, things got very bad as you turned into Se-hyeon Kwon in that space and used your intervention ability.”

    “… Yes. I think the Prausians will know all about my abilities. At least as much as Abel knows for sure.”

    “If you had a chance to kill that Abel, what would you choose?”

    “… … !”

    Can you kill Abel? As his shoulder shuddered at the unexpected suggestion, the Elohim shone brightly in his golden eyes.

    “Among the energy you cut off, there is a doll with a moving item that can go directly to the place where Abel resides. It takes about 10 minutes for the energy to come back again.”

    “You mean you can meet Abel in person if you use the movement item?”

    We've only met dolls controlled by Abel, and we've never actually met Abel.

    "yes. But we do not know exactly where Abel resides, or how dangerous it is. You can recognize it by paying the price, but after 10 minutes, the energy will come back... … .”

    “The doll will use the item to run away. You have to make a decision now.”

    The Elohim quietly nodded his head. I shut my eyes tightly.

    My mind was intricately tangled. Everyone on the team from entering this space

    “I thought so.”

    Hearing my decision, the Elohim smiled with a look of helplessness.

    “If I kill Abel, I can prevent a situation in which my powers leak out to other cults. Even if other members of the cult already found out, it would be less dangerous to kill Abel.”

    “You are right.”

    It was a very risky gamble, but we had no choice but to do so because our situation is not so good.

    If the Prausians didn't have a sense of my abilities at all, we wouldn't have to overdo it... Since everything has already been revealed, we have no choice but to do our best.

    “The doll with the movable item is at the far end of your room. If you walk forward with your back to the door, you will find an S-class doll sitting on a chair.”

    "all right."

    “Please be careful, Sehyun-ah.”

    The Elohim, holding my shoulder strongly, gave my last request.

    “Because where you are now is in the created space, it took 10 minutes to reconnect the energy you cut off, but if you go directly to the place where Abel is, you can earn within 5 minutes no matter how much you cut off your abilities. ”

    "if so… … .”

    “A lot of dolls will come pouring out to kill you. It means that even if you use your energy to block the control of the doll, you may not be able to handle that number. Move carefully.”

    The place where Abel was located meant, after all, the stronghold of Abel, a major figure in the cult of Fraus. Of course, the number of dolls Abel plays will also be different from before.

    Knowing this, I couldn't give up this timing to finally kill Abel. The Elohim, recognizing the determination in my eyes, let go of her shoulder.

    “After the fight with Abel is over, I will immediately open the way out of there. You just need to get out of there on time.”

    "Yes. Do not worry too much."

    Giving information to kill Abel and opening the passage later. Elohim and Elahah, who would have paid all the cost, were concerned, but could not afford to check their condition.

    After reading my thoughts, the Elohim smiled softly as if it was okay. All the scenery seen beyond it was immersed in pure white light. The dream comes to an end.

    “Go, Sehyun-ah.”

    “I will go.”

    A bright light flashed and swallowed everything in front of him. I meekly accepted the light.


    A familiar scent could be felt on the tip of her nose. When she quickly regained consciousness and opened her closed eyes, Kim Woo-jin's shoulder was visible. Below that, I could see my scarred hands.

    This is the first time I have fallen asleep in a changed state, but fortunately, the change did not go away and Sehyun Kwon remained the same. From now on, in order to face Abel head-on, I needed the ability to intervene, so I couldn't go back to Han Yi-gyeol.

    When I raised my head, Kim Woo-jin, who was sitting with my back on the wall, hugging me, asked.

    “Han Yi-gyeol, are you awake?”


    I got my upper body completely leaning on him.

    “How much time has passed since I fell asleep?”

    “Not long ago. I don't think it's even been five minutes."

    is it fortunate Exhaling a breath of relief, he made eye contact with Kim Woo-jin in front of him. Kim Woo-jin, who looked at me with gentle eyes, was the same as before, as if the awkward atmosphere had been a lie.

    Even in bad circumstances, he was not happy with it. As before, I was able to feel how important Kim Woo-jin was to me just by making eye contact and talking naturally.

    After the fight with Abel is over... At that time, no matter what happens, I will spend time alone with Kim Woo-jin. Woojin Kim and I also had so many things we wanted to say to each other.

    “Han Yi-gyeol.”

    The team members who were looking around the room noticed that I was awake and rushed in. Among them, Angel Yeon was the first to speak.

    “Have you met the Elohim?”


    I thought it would have been noticed if it was Angel Yeon. It was at that time when I was about to explain to the team members what I had heard from the Elohim.


    The sharp sound of electricity reverberated throughout the sky, and a strange energy filled the surroundings to the extent that a chilling goose was raised.

    “The space is breaking.”

    The walls and surrounding objects, which had been intact until now, started to crack and break into pixel shapes. Through the cracked wall, I could see the orange shroud swaying unsteadily.

    As the Elohim had warned, the space was collapsing. The space completely disappeared and Abel had to move before withdrawing her doll.

    “Everyone, please listen to what I have to say.”

    I forwarded the story I had heard to the Elohim in my dream to the team members who were gathering next to me.

    “If you stay still, the space will break and you can safely go out into the world. But then I'm going to miss Abel, and my ability to intervene will be known to the Prausians."

    "It's a bigger problem for your abilities to be known than to lose Abel."

    He pinpointed the important part of Ha Tae-heon.

    Losing Abel after all these hardships was a pain in the ass, but the latter was far more burdensome.

    "I… … .”

    Considering the safety of the future, even if it was too much, he had to make a decision with Abel. However, that was only the conclusion I reached on my own.

    If you think about the Elohim's advice, it won't be easy to enter Abel's stronghold and defeat him. It was an unreasonable request to start the fight again when everyone was exhausted. Your life may be in danger.

    How will my team members respond to what I am going to say? Without any certainty, I mustered up the courage to continue.

    “I am going to see Abel from now on.”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who was pensive in thought as she touched the corner of her mouth, looked at me.

    “I know everyone is in a difficult situation.”

    “… … .”

    “But an opportunity like this will never come again.”

    I forced myself to stand up with my trembling legs. And I slowly looked around the team members standing in front of me.

    Min Arin with a worried expression and Kwon Jeonghan looking at me as if observing. Although it must have been an embarrassing situation, Woo Seo-hyuk, who looks as calm as usual, and Park Gun-ho, who is rather interested. Cheon Cheon-yeon and Ha Tae-heon were not very surprised. Finally, Kim Woo-jin, who made the face that he would follow me wherever it goes.

    "So… I want you to come with me.”

    At the end of that request, a quiet silence subsided. But the silence did not last long.

    “Let’s go!”

    Minah Lin shouted in her energetic voice. Then Kim Woo-jin hurriedly grabbed my arm as if he would not lose.

    “I will go too. let me go.”

    “I think that asking for such an important task is a problem in itself.”

    Following Kim Woo-jin, Park Geon-ho said a word with a deep smile. For some reason, Seo-hyeok Woo nodded and agreed to Park Geon-ho's words.

    “Well, it’s not the first time hyung has asked me to do this. I got used to it.”

    "ha… … .”

    As Kwon Jeong-han mumbled as if lamenting, Ha Tae-heon sighed deeply. Embarrassed by the reaction of my teammates, I made excuses by swiping the nape of my neck.

    “Still, I believed everyone would come with me.”

    “You can’t believe it, Mr. Lee Gyeol. I've come all the way here, can you just send me Mr. Lee? I might die of worry.”

    Worried that I might die, is that enough? For some reason, I got scolded and looked at Min Ah-rin, and Cheon Cheon-yeon laughed.

    “If the leader goes, then go. I'll have to find the moving item that Abel's doll is holding."

    “Stop being the leader. The doll with the item is over here.”

    As I had been told by the Elohim in my dream, I walked to the deepest part of the room and a doll with yellow hair drooping while sitting on a chair appeared. I looked in the pocket of the robe the doll was wearing and found a black marble that the Prausians had used over and over again.

    As soon as I got my hands on the marble, the orange curtain around it shattered like glass. The walls of the mansion were transformed into the walls of an ordinary art gallery.

    It will return to the real world where it was originally. For a moment, he was happy with that fact, and the black marble pressed heavily on his palm. He said, holding back his trembling heart.

    “I’ll go right away.”

    Black marbles were dropped on the floor just like the Prausians did. The marbles that hit the floor instantly turned into liquid and spread across the floor.

    Soon after, my eyes shook violently, and my body felt like being swept away by the waves. I closed my eyes reflexively at the strange feeling of suffocation, and then opened them to reveal the inside of the building, which was clearly different from the museum.

    ‘Is this where Abel is?’

    There was a faint smell of disinfectant in the hallway with the pure white walls. The hallway, flickering with fluorescent lights, gave me a creepy feeling.

    “Um, what… It reminds me of a hospital.”

    Minah Lin, who stood next to me and shook her head, carefully opened her mouth. My thoughts were the same.

    She guessed it was going to be something like a grotesque house or basement full of dolls. It must be a place that resembles a hospital so much.

    It was a moment when I was momentarily dazed by the very different interior scenery, even though it was different from what I expected. Ha Tae-heon, noticing something, grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer.

    “Ugh… … !”

    The chilly air filled his cheeks narrowly passed. Ha Tae-heon, who held me in his arms and was attacked instead, ripped the clothes on his forearm and spattered with blood.

    “Where are these rat bastards coming in!”

    A voice that was harsh enough to be heard resounded strongly. It was only then that I found the doll that had run into me.

    A doll dressed in a blue nurse's outfit distorted his face like a yacht. The doll's outer skin, which could not keep up with the expression, was torn apart, making it look ugly. In both hands, he was holding huge scissors, just like the dolls he encountered in the space.

    It was moving so fast that I couldn't even notice it, and I felt a strong aura. It was an SS-class doll.

    rather good We weren't sure if this was Abel's hometown, so it wasn't a bad thing for us, as he personally came to meet the guests.

    Above all, thanks to Abel's attitude, which seemed the most sensitive and sharp of all appearances he had ever seen, he could see that this place was a weakness.

    “Get off now! Turn it off! Damn it, I will kill you!”

    When Abel shouted at her whale whale, the door opened to every room in her hallway, and her doll poured out.

    81. Abel

    Kill Abel. This proposition was very unfamiliar to Angel Yeon.

    Even the angelic relationship, which had been repeated over 200 times, had never seen the reality of Abel. There were many times when he completely blocked the movement by destroying all the high-grade dolls Abel controlled, but he could not kill Abel.

    So, it was the first time for Angel Yeon to come to this place. It wasn't that surprising. Han Yi-gyeol… No, because this time I met Kwon Se-hyun for the first time, I often encountered situations.

    ‘SS-class dolls, the rest are all B-class. Another SS-class is coming from afar.’

    All SS-class dolls were dealt with by themselves. So, he knew very well how to defeat the doll standing in front of him as well.

    Angel Yan calmly rolled his head. Even if Se-hyeon Kwon cuts off Abel's energy from controlling the doll with her intervention ability, he'll be reconnected in less than 5 minutes.

    Unless I searched this large building within 5 minutes and found Abel, it was useless to cut off the energy. Rather, if you forcefully enter the building, both the front and the back will be blocked.

    It was safer to proceed while handling the dolls that were blocking them as much as possible. As if thinking the same, Se-hyeon Kwon didn't bother to stop Cheon-yeon, who drew Lilith's sword. Ha Tae-heon also wielded an SS-class sword.

    “Hey, are you going to kill me?”

    Kwon Se-hyeon's expression did not change despite Abel's ridicule. The slow wind gently ruffled Kwon Se-hyeon's dark hair.

    “Laugh a lot. Because now will be the last time.”

    The wind that flowed from Kwon Se-hyeon's body soon spread widely and surrounded Cheon Cheon-yeon and Ha Tae-heon. At the same time, a second SS-class doll appeared from the back of the hallway.

    Cheon Cheon-yeon and Ha Tae-heon each rushed to the SS-class doll in front of them. The rest of the team blocked the B-class dolls who were aiming for Kwon Se-hyeon.

    “I’ll make you regret coming this far!”

    The puppet who shouted fiercely swung its gigantic scissors gently.

    With Han Yi-gyeol's wind wrapped around her, the sword of Cheon-yeon's sword, which easily evaded the attack, burned red with blood. Similar to Angel Yeon's ability, bright yellow lightning flashed on the scissors holding the doll.

    “Angry bastards!”

    It was the effect of the item possessed by the doll. Lightning flashed dangerously, as if it were about to be shot at Cheonyeon at any moment.

    Lilith's blade was drawn horizontally along with the flame. When the blade and the blade of the sword collided, fire and lightning collided with hot energy.

    "profit… … !”

    The doll's two feet, pushed by Cheon Yeon-yeon, scratched the floor.

    Quarreung! Lightning flashed right next to Angel Yeon. Angel Yan, who knew this clearly but did not avoid it, had a long scar on his face, and his blood flowed out.

    The cold, black eyes penetrated the doll's mind accurately. I'm nervous. The angel kite, who quickly noticed the doll's state of being unable to concentrate on the fight by licking his lips, gave strength to his arm and slashed it with a razor blade.


    The doll, whose scissors were pushed hard, lost its balance and stumbled greatly. The angel kite, who did not miss the gap, began to wield his sword at a tremendous speed.

    Amid the roar of lightning hitting the floor, the blade and the blade of the sword collided nonstop. The doll, who had managed to block the attack of Angel Yeon, could not stand it and was cut long by the sword.

    “Aaaah, damn it! Aaaaah!”

    The doll's waist and lower body melted in an instant with the left side of the sword stained with Angel Yeon's blood. Even with an unstable body, the doll, who had been attacking with scissors until the end, eventually lost both legs and fell to the floor.

    “Fuck, you bastard… … .”

    Chi Iik, and soon after, the whole doll melted as if immersed in bright red lava and disappeared without a shape. Changgrang, the scissors, whose owner had disappeared, fell alone.

    Cheon Cheon-yeon, who handled one doll, immediately turned her back and moved to help Ha Tae-heon, who was fighting the remaining SS-class dolls.

    Kwon Se-hyeon, who is supporting Cheon Cheon-yeon and Ha Tae-heon with wind at the same time, had already turned pale. There are still some dolls left inside, but can Se-hyeon Kwon be able to withstand it? At least now, the fight should have ended quickly.

    “Concentrate properly, Ha Tae-heon.”

    Ha Tae-heon also noticed Kwon Se-hyeon's condition, so he felt a sense of urgency at the tip of his sword. Cheon Yeon-yeon, who sharply pointed out Ha Tae-heon's problem, naturally intervened in the battle like flowing water.

    The doll that Abel's spirit was connected to was destroyed by Cheon Cheon-yeon, so the doll Ha Tae-heon was dealing with didn't say anything. As the doll swung a bloody axe, a bright red flame erupted from the ax blade.

    The angel Yan, who had clashed with Abel hundreds of times, knew her character very well. She is capricious, sensitive, stupid and careless. To the extent that her emotions are easily shaken and she blindly trusts her Carly, she trusts her abilities too much.

    “You idiot! No matter how hard you guys try, it's no use!"

    Every time Angel Yeon had killed Abel's doll for the past hour, I heard the words again. A small doll made of cotton crawled like an earthworm from the corner of the hallway. It was a cotton doll made solely to convey Abel's words.

    “Because he will delete all of this anyway!”

    It was a sound of ridicule for Angel Yeon, whose time was wasted by Carly.

    yes. That was correct. It was also the same reason Abel was dealing with them emotionally. It will be a time when all these things have not happened once with Kali's ability.

    Angel Yeon knew all that very well. He knew, but held on to the slightest hope and bled and worked hard. So I didn't care about such low-level mockery.

    “… … no."

    It was the moment when the ax blade was cut off and the doll's right arm was cut off. In place of the silently fighting angel Yeon, Se-hyeon Kwon raised his head with a tired face.

    “This time will never be erased.”

    Minah Rin held Kwon Se-hyun's hand while her lips were tightly closed. As a pure white light flowed from his clasped hands, the breathless wind regained strength and became clear.

    “This must be the last time you talk like that, Abel.”

    With Kwon Se-hyeon's last words, Ha Tae-heon cut the doll's neck cleanly. Ha Tae-heon's sword blade was pierced in the center of the cotton doll's chest, visible over the doll's head falling to the floor. The voice that had ridiculed Angel Yeon was cut off.

    All of a sudden, the dolls that filled the hallway were shattered and destroyed. Kwon Se-hyun, who was leaning against the hallway wall with one hand, opened his mouth with a cold sweat.

    “I saw where the energy that was passed on to dolls started.”

    The eyes that were revealed through the black hair that covered his forehead were clearer than ever.

    “I will go there.”


    "go away! Turn it off, turn it off!”

    The third doll burned with blood.

    “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you… … .”

    The fourth doll was also pierced in the chest by Ha Tae-heon's sword.

    "Do you know what's going to change with you guys?"

    “He will find you and kill you!”

    “Will it all be useless? Stupid and stupid rats!”

    “Die, die, die, die!”

    We continued to kill the dolls standing in our way and headed deep inside.

    I cut off Abel's energy by using Han Yi-gyeol's wind ability when a doll that had to be killed and my intervention ability when a doll that did not need to be killed appeared.

    The number of SS-class dolls killed in that way exceeded ten, and there were countless number of dolls below the S-class. All of us, who had been moving non-stop and fighting the dolls, were injured and exhausted.

    What was especially serious was me and Min Ah-rin, who continued to use their abilities alternately and tried to fill my energy. But there was no room for rest. As he chewed on the inside of his mouth, he forcibly awakened his mind that was constantly fading.

    Abel, who struggled to stop us with all the dolls she used, couldn't stop us in the end.

    The room was finally reached after passing one room across the long hallway, and then entering the hallway again through the wide hall. Beyond this door was Abel.

    Tick, tick.

    As I stood in front of the door, the fluorescent light illuminating the hallway flickered unsteadily. Swallowing dry saliva, I grabbed the handle and opened the door.

    Slowly, the door opened and the lights went out, revealing a dark and spacious room. The bookshelves in the room were filled with stuffed animals, not books.

    “Abel… It's over the bookshelf.”

    I could feel Abel's energy through the bookshelf filled with it. Since she couldn't feel any other energy, her strong doll was no longer there.

    As I stepped into the room, dozens of hysterical laughter echoed over and over again.

    "intruder! intruder! intruder! invasion… … .”

    “The worms have come all the way here! came in... … .”

    “You have to kill, you have to kill, you have to kill… … .”

    “Raise your sword! Stab it, stab it! stab... … .”

    “Off, off, off, off… … .”

    The deeper you went into the room, the more the number of dolls sitting on the bookshelf and chattering increased. It was so bizarre that it was hard to see the dolls with blue skin, facial features, and bodies chiming at the same time.

    He cut off those loud voices one by one, and without hesitation, he moved to the most remote place.

    Gee, googong!

    The smell of dust wafted out as the bookshelf, which looked like it had been sitting for a long time, was set aside. Scattering the hazy smoke with my hands, raising my gaze, I distorted my brow at the sight in front of me.

    “… … !”

    The team members who followed me made similar expressions. Ha Tae-heon narrowed his eyes and said.

    “Is that person Abel?”

    Skinny wrists exposed under the pure white fabric. Clothes that smell strongly of disinfectant. Oxygen respirator over the face.

    She had a girl lying on the bed who looked to be at most fifteen years old. Her tightly closed eyes did not open even with her popularity. The ECG machine, which was hidden in the noise of the dolls, made a beep, beep sound.

    Just in case I checked my energy with my ability again, I took a long, heavy breath. The girl you see in front of you is definitely... She was Abel.
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    Reading List:

    Minah Lin, who was staring at Abel with a complicated expression behind me, opened her mouth with a gloomy voice.

    “Even though we knew we were here… I can't wake up."

    I felt the cold air on my skin. Like me, all of the team members looked at Abel, who was lying motionless.

    Most of the dolls were cut off with their intervention ability, so I have to kill Abel before they can be reconnected... It was not easy to make a decision.

    This was a situation no one expected. She found it very difficult for Abel to speak to her, even though she knew what she had been up to and how she was dealing with the angel kite. She frowned and lowered her head.

    'still… … .'

    Should be. She couldn't back off. Even if Abel is such a young girl, and she's in a state of no rebellion... Considering the future, Abel had to end it here.

    “Han Yi-gyeol.”

    It was then that she bit her lip and took a step closer to Abel. Her cold hand gently grabbed my wrist.

    When I looked up, I saw the face of Cheon-yeon with a light smile.

    "it's okay."

    “Angel Yeon… … .”

    “Stay back.”


    An angel with a sword passed by me. He did not feel even the slightest hesitation from the angels walking towards Abel.

    Noticing what he was about to do, I stood in front of Abel and hurriedly grabbed her arm, which raised her sword.

    “Come on, wait. Wait a minute… … .”

    When he met his black eyes, his heart became so heavy that it hurts.

    I know I have to kill Abel. Also, the fact that only then can our situation get better. Above all else, considering the painful time that Cheon Yeon-yeon had to go through, this choice was the best.

    However… I didn't want to shoulder this burden on Cheon Yeon-yeon. She said that Abel was immobilizing her body and that she couldn't be killed because she was a girl much younger than us... That wasn't the problem.

    I knew instinctively. If we let Angel Kite kill Abel at this rate, he will have to live with one more painful and unforgettable memory of her. For Cheon Cheon-yeon, who was barely holding on because she had a lot of burdens on her shoulders, it was too terrifying.

    I didn't feel comfortable with Abel, that I had to let her take revenge because she had suffered so many things. He knew that dying and killing someone wasn't the answer, because I and Angel Yan knew all too well through the lives we've already lived.

    I contorted my eyes. Not knowing what conclusion he should come to, he opened his mouth to persuade Cheon Yeon-yeon, who was about to wield the sword against Abel at any moment.

    “Maybe there is another way.”

    “… … .”

    “You carry such a burden… No need to carry... … .”

    While I was talking with a desperate heart, I realized something. What I was just about to say, where did you hear it?

    - After killing? Do you think you can handle that weight, Han Yi-gyeol?

    The feeling of the hand holding the hard knife handle came to mind. The face of Kwon Se-hyeon, who was looking at me from the opposite side with a sad expression on her face.

    - You don't have to carry this kind of burden. So… … .

    The unfinished and scattered voice was surprisingly similar to the present me.

    "ah… … .”

    It was only then that I understood how Cheon Yeon-yeon held me. Cheon Yeon-yeon also smiled bitterly with a sign of noticing what I had noticed.

    In the space made of my past, Sehyun Kwon finally put a knife into my stomach and it ended. I couldn't expect that now.

    ‘If someone had to kill Abel… … .'

    It was better for me to kill him rather than the angel. For times like this, I saw a book about Angel Yeon's past and followed me all the way here.

    There was no one else to do it except me and the angel. There was no way he could have asked his teammates to kill a little girl.

    But I am different. My life wasn't clean enough to feel guilty about killing someone by now.

    “Angel, I… … .”

    “I do it.”

    The moment I opened my mouth after having struggled to organize my head, Ha Tae-heon stepped forward with a firm expression.

    The eyes of the team members were focused on Ha Tae-heon. Ha Tae-heon, who looked around at Cheon Yeon-yeon, who narrowed his eyes in turn, raised the sword he was holding.

    “Han Yi-gyeol. Do you remember the power of this sword you gave me?”

    “If it’s power… … .”

    “In America, a craftsman named Edward checked the sword at your request.”

    I nodded my head involuntarily at those words, then I remembered Edward's explanation passing through my head and opened my eyes wide.

    An SS-class sword obtained from inside the gate we went to with the Elohim. If the sword pierces the heart, the energy surrounding the heart is cut off and the ability disappears. You will become an ordinary person, not a capable person.

    “Are you trying to use the power of your sword?”

    "yes. Great for testing.”

    I thought about it for a while, then meekly gave the seat to Ha Tae-heon. For now, that was the best way. Angel Yeon also did not stop Ha Tae-heon, who strode towards Abel, perhaps of the same opinion.

    Ha Tae-heon, standing in front of Abel's bed, let out his energy, and his sword shone blue. At the same time, a harsh and sharp voice resounded to the point that it felt uncomfortable.

    "what? Are you going to stab me with that?”

    “Aren’t you scared, can’t you even see my poor face?”

    As soon as the energy was reconnected, the dolls lying on the floor started to spit on their feet one by one. The surrounding dolls criticized Ha Tae-heon for holding the sword.

    “You are trying to kill a child who can’t even resist!”

    “I will cut my throat with that knife and pour blood over it! A disgusting hypocrite!”

    “It's disgusting! It's disgusting!”

    “The whole world should see this!”

    “Do you think you guys can be saviors after this? Dirty worms!”

    Ha Tae-heon raised his blue sword, ignoring all the ridicule. The pointed tip of the sword rested just above Abel's heart.

    “Do you think killing me will end this time?”

    “Kill it! It's over when time goes back!"

    “No, no, no, no!”

    “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die… … .”

    “I’m scared, damn it, kill me! No, no, put it away now!”

    The voices shouting to kill him and the voices trembling in fear were chaotically intertwined. The dolls crawl at Ha Tae-heon's feet, pouring out their emotions with different emotions.

    “They are dolls that Abel made for her solely to express her own feelings.”

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who watched everything with an expressionless face, spoke softly.

    “Even if the words are contradictory, they must all be Abel’s sincerity.”

    “… … .”

    It was an unrealistic sight. A skinny little girl lying in bed, a man with a sword standing in front of him, and crying dolls crawling on the floor.

    Ha Tae-heon, who had been quietly listening to the screams that disturbed his ears, opened his mouth.


    Ha Tae-heon's black eyes shone blue due to the energy emanating from the sword. He twisted the corners of his lips and gave a cool laugh.

    “The disgusting hypocrite is you, not us, the victims.”

    Ha Tae-heon, who followed Cheon Cheon-yeon's words to Abel at the gate of the D45 area, put the sword into his heart without hesitation at all.

    Fit geek!

    “… … !”

    A blue light flashed with an unidentified noise.

    As I reflexively covered my face with my arms, I felt a cold energy bursting out with a strong wind, as if an explosion had occurred.

    Ha Tae-heon, who withstood the explosion of energy, was seen through the fluttering hair. Although the blue shining sword was clearly pierced into the opponent's chest, it was pulled out without leaving a single wound. The letter ‘Cain’ engraved on the blade shimmered particularly vividly.

    Ha Tae-heon lowered his sword and carefully looked at Abel. Silence settled in the room filled with the chatter of dolls. The doll no longer spoke or moved.

    "success… did you?”

    Taking a deep breath at Min Arin's worrying question, I answered instead of Ha Tae-heon.

    "Yeah. All the energy is gone.”

    Abel's energy was no longer felt anywhere. Even if she used her intervention ability to check, just in case, her thread made of Abel's energy did not appear.

    As a result, Abel was no longer a capable person, but an ordinary person.

    'no. Ordinary things... No.’

    Abel lay still with her eyes closed. A respirator placed over her face and an electrocardiogram attached to her body, her machine, only let her know she was still alive. Abel's life when she couldn't handle her doll with her powers... It was like it was over.

    Cheon Yeon-yeon, who was next to me, just looked at Abel without saying a word. How do you feel now as you watch the end of the enemy who has been fighting endlessly in the time that has been repeated over 200 times? It must be so complicated that I can't even imagine.

    “Now it’s over.”

    We wanted to wait for Angel Yan to win his heart, but we couldn't afford it yet.

    “El said she would open a passage for her to escape after the fight with Abel was over. Soon there will be a passage, so through that... … .”

    “Han Yi-gyeol.”

    Ha Tae-heon, who raised his eyebrows, grabbed my shoulder.

    “Remove the energy. Someone is coming.”

    “… … !”

    As soon as Ha Tae-heon finished speaking, I also sensed an unfamiliar energy. ten, no... more than twenty. It also had a strong energy.

    I had a bad feeling. Immediately after capturing Kwon Se-hyeon's energy, his body shrank at a rapid rate, and his field of vision lowered.

    “Huh, uh… … .”

    As the energy of Kwon Se-hyeon, who had helped him endure the spirit that had reached the limit, disappeared, his eyes suddenly became blurred. Park Geon-ho supported my shaky body.

    At the same time as I returned to Han Yi-gyeol, the door opened as the sound of sharp heels approached.

    “Oh my God, what is this?”

    The woman who brushed her pale purple hair that ran down her shoulder opened her mouth in a proud voice.

    “The rats have been hiding.”

    Behind Azazel, people in black masks rushed in. It was a fraus cult
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    tiny tiny spoiler
    KWJ pushed HYG to safety got captured by azazel? and got tortured
    Ellohim paid the price and they went to rescue him
    KWJ confessed his love to HYG and got rejected
    but got HYG to tongue kiss him and HYG took the lead
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    Hey can you tell me who's the other five? Just reading it now so I don't know.
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    So, I think my brain broke. I’m not sure I’m understanding this right.

    MC read CYS past books and CYS’s past self could hear him as he grow up? And then somehow CYS figured out this was MCs voice and French kissed him, fully in love basically?

    MC’s and CYS’s relationship confuses me so much, because they push and pull all the time and I guess I never really trusted CYSs feelings for MC.

    then after that, no bigger development (except CYS kissed MC again and KWJ saw)? And KWJ also kissed and confessed to MC, but got rejected? (MC didn’t reject CYS and HTH because neither confessed, just kissed and all?? Or just didn’t reject?)

    and then somehow they’ve got inside a gate where they’re fairytale characters? How did this happened?

    and MCs body turned into his real body when he used one of his abilities? Like when his eyes turned black before?

    sorry for asking so much, I’m not understanding the MTL from the chapters and the last thing I’ve got well was that everyone learned that MC is KSH because of that simulation (that I’ve got no idea where came from either or what happened after El and MC told them about MC not being HY).

    PS: not sure someone mentioned or analyzed before, but theres a LOT of bible / christianism references in this novel. So far, what I found (Please, note that I'm not an expert nor religious, I just know few things about this and that, but may be wrong).
    - Apple Tree: El told MC to not touch or eat the fruit from the apple tree and that the fruit is not an apple. There's a part too where we find out that Kali gave one of those fruits to one of the animals there and that animal turned into a bad monster or something like that (since it tried to kill the fox and MC). This tree sounds a lot like the tree from Adam and Eve's story. The snake enticed Eve to eat the fruit and she convinced Adam to do the same. Both were banished from Eden because of that. The snake was punished too if I'm not wrong. There may be much more references here, but I'll not delve into it.
    - HTH's SS sword and Abel: Caim if I'm not wrong. Well, after Adam's and Eve's banishment from Eden, they had two sons: Caim and Abel. Both made offerings to God, but only Abel's was accepted. Caim killed Abel out of jealousy.
    - CYS's sword: Lilith. The version I know is that Lilith was Adam's first wife and was made the same way Adam was made, they were equals. But since she refused to lay below (or obey?) Adam, she was banished from Eden and became something like a primordial demon.(For reference, Eve was made from Adam's rib and Adam was made from mud / clay).
    - Samael: his name means something like Poison of God and I'm actually not sure what to think about him as I heard too many versions. Some say is an archangel that brings death decreed by God, but is also know as prince of demons. He is an accuser and seducer and also picture as a fallen angel. Many says Samael was Lucifer's name before he fell, others says he is Satan. He is like both good and evil? Anyway, there's a version that says that Samael is a fallen angel that married Lilith and both gave birth to many demons like Asmodeus.
    Elohim / Elahah: both names means God / Gods. From Judaism if I’m not wrong.
    Kali: from Hinduism, goddess of time, doomsday, and death.
    Golden Apple: well, this one is present in many myths and stories. In Greek mythology there’s this myth about the Golden Apple of Discord…
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    Please do correct me if I'm wrong but didn't HYG already rejected HTH and said that he only sees him in admiration way bc he's the main character and all, if I'm not wrong this was in the part when HYG and HTH goes to visit Elohim for the first time together and then HTH confesses on like the last day of the deal of HYG and Elohim

    Also i totally agree on the part of where CSY character is so confusing, he acts like he like HYG but at the same time not, but i guess i can understand why he did that because he is a regressor which is why he doesn't want to have anything or anyone attached really close to him that is why he kept a proper distance and try to solve everything by himself
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    yees, HYG indeed rejected HTH, I totally forgot. Blame me for checking spoilers before the chapters and forgetting few things. It’s just, haha, HTH never took the rejection seriously?

    at a point, I must say, HTH and CYS both reminds me of Director in some aspects. Something about the way they push, demand and try to control things related to MCz And MC inability to completely shake if off (or realize what is happening), I get he have a very dark and heavy baggage on his shoulders, but it’s so sad. His feelings for himself…
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    If I'm not wrong HTH said to HYG that he will still try to win MC heart even though he got rejected and want to start again as friend lol, that is why he is still making advances to our HYG, I'm more to CSY team which is kinda frustrating since he rarely make any moves and only make moves once every like 100 chapter ...

    The director reminds me so much of CYS imo if we look at how old CYS behave he definitely fits the category, I am kinda glad that although HTH is quite pushy he is still reasonable, I do hope as well for HYG to start trust everyone more better like even after going this far in the spoiler he still doesn't really want to rely that much on other people not to mention he kept trying to sacrifice himself unintentionally...

    I'm waiting for the proper translation to be out so I can make more opinion and create theories on this though TT
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    From my perspective Ha Taehon is far from being the same as the Director, although Taehon put his self too close to Han Yig-yeol's zone, he never went far with his actions to accidentally hurting Han Yigyeol's feeling just to have him.

    I truly liked Han Taehon the best and cheered for him because of his direct confrontation towards his feelings, because Han Yig-yeol as Kwon Sehyun never experienced how to love romantically nor to be loved romantically properly (which is the Director's doing) so he it's understandable why he's confused and ignorant by everyone's actions.

    Han Taehon expressed his feeling in a way Yigyeol would understand, and not take it as a joke or maybe just a brotherly/friendly affection.

    I think Han Taehon will be the one to make Han Yigyeol learn what is love, and how love between men is possible which in turn might backfire because Han Yigyeol will slowly find out his true feelings towards Cheon Sayeon.

    Anyway, Han Taehon definitely screams second male lead energy so I'm preparing myself to see HYG and CSY's progress and then cry.
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    Tiny spoilers
    HYG wants to borrow CSY house to hold a party for everyone to relax
    CSY eating vinegar and kicking out WSH for alone time with HYG
    CSY gives HYG candy and HYG realise the chocos in the past were given to him by someone else he bought em for HYG
    CSY says he wants payment to lend the house but HYG is like ok i will go ask HTH and meet him in person HYG also thinks PGH house also good
    CSY barrel of vinegar kisses HYG tongue/cheek/name and HYG is like i didn't agree to pay the price for the house and CSY is like this is the wish you owe me. Agrees to lend the house in the end for free.
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    Well these are the ML's

    Cheon Sayeon
    Ha Taeheon
    Kim woojin
    Park Geonho
    Woo Seohyuk
    Kwon JongHan
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    What chapter did HYG kiss KWJ?