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    I’m not sure where the translations reached so I wrote everything I can remember.

    * English isn’t my first language so there might be some mistakes.

    * I didn’t reread what I wrote so there might be more mistakes.

    * I’m writing everything from my memory which is from more than 1 year ago so I might have made some mistakes or forgot to mention somethings.

    Enjoy :cookie:

    About Claudia(heroine)

    The heroine is actually very talented as a spiritualist(people who can summon spirits and form a contract with them).

    Unfortunately, a high level spirit of misfortune/depression noticed her talent before any other spirit.

    The evil spirit always prevented the heroine from contacting other spirits much less forming a contract with them.

    After failing to summon spirits many times, the heroine started feeling depressed.

    It didn’t help that other nobles took this chance to talk behind her back which made things worse for her.

    The evil spirit managed to use this and started to whisper abusive words to the heroine.

    After many years, she lost all he self confidence and closed her heart.

    She started to feign ignorance to her surroundings which proved to make things easier for her.


    ====in the novel====

    After the heroine’s brother(Felix) get possessed by a devil and kills all their family members, he barely gets himself back before killing her and asking her to kill him.

    (I’m not sure if I remember this correctly but her brother killed their family In front of her and died in front of her as well).

    The masterminds who were actually the novel’s 3 male leads, used this to take control of the heroine.

    With no family to protect her, they took turns to lock her up and thoroughly abused her.

    The heroine was finally helped by the crown prince’s younger brother to run away but the crown prince killed his brother right in front of her.

    At last, she tried to commit suicide but managed to hear the evil spirit’s voice.

    The heroine asked the evil spirit for help and made a contract with it.

    Due to the evil spirit’s influence, the heroine lost all motivation to have revenge or run away and only lived the rest of her life as a doll.



    With MC(Irene)’s intervention.

    After the heroine paid for MC’s family’s debts, MC wanted to pay her back but didn’t know how.

    Finally it downed on her, the heroine doesn’t know much and there is no one who is telling her about what is going on in society.

    MC decided to be the heroine’s friend who is like an informant.

    It took MC more than 1 year to have the heroine open her heart to her.

    In order to make her happy, MC wanted the heroine to end up with one of the 3 male lead since that way, those craze yanderes wouldn’t end up teaming together to destroy the heroine’s family.

    Unfortunately, on the promised day when the 3 male leads confessed to her, the heroine refused them all and confessed to MC instead(lol).

    MC tried to persuade the heroine to choose one but suddenly she was hit with reality, how can she let the innocent heroine choose one of these psychos? She immediately apologized to the heroine.

    That night, MC saw Felix in front of her house from the window.

    When she went down to see him, he told her that there were some assassins after her and that she was poisoned.

    MC was shocked and cursed Benjamin(one of the 3 male leads, the duke) in her heart.

    Felix brought her to his home where there was already a room for her and the heroine was happy.


    MC went to Felix and told him that she saw a prophetic dream and told him about the novel’s plot and how he and his family died.

    She also told him that this was the reason she told him to increase his resistance a year ago.

    Felix told MC that he believes her and told her that unfortunately, just increasing his resistance isn’t enough to survive the devil’s possession.

    They went to the heroine’s father and MC told him about the future.

    The father was so angry and cursed the 3 male leads.

    They started discussing what they should do to counter the 3 male leads.

    Felix asked what was the devil’s name since devils usually increase the desires related to them.

    When MC said that devil’s name, Felix stiffened.

    MC asked what was wrong but Felix said that devil was related to war(later it was revealed it was the devil of war AND pleasure)


    Benjamin sent an invitation to MC.

    MC went to meet him with Felix.

    Benjamin was shocked that MC wasn’t affected by his appearance.

    (Women usually fall in love with him quite easily).


    The crown prince intended to make MC marry someone from a foreign country.

    Benjamin told him that it was useless, the heroine loved MC and the heroine’s father loved his daughter, if the heroine said she wanted to marry MC, the father would let them travel to a country where same sex marriage is allowed and let them marry.

    The crown prince didn’t believe that.

    Benjamin then talked about MC having a very special talent that makes other love her and want to sacrifice anything for her, it was something that even he couldn’t do.


    MC talked with the crown prince’s fiancee.

    The fiancee was raised to become the empress and was controlled by her father.

    MC talked to her and pointed that her father wouldn’t be able to throw her away just because she no longer acted like his puppet.

    The fiancee was moved by MC’s words.

    The next day, the crown prince was shocked when he heard that he could no longer force MC to marry.

    In a ball, the fiancee talked with MC and asked her in a roundabout way if she would no longer need her if she didn’t have her status as a duke’s daughter.

    MC laughed and answered that she still wants her to be happy.

    The fiancee wanted to take MC home.

    The heroine interfered and the 2 started fighting for MC.


    The day came, the 3 male leads used an ancient devil bow that was sealed in the temple and put the devil inside Felix.

    Felix fell and was suffering in pain.

    After the 3 male leads left, Felix tried to stop the devil from controlling him and succeeded.

    Then, he took out a doll that looked exactly like him and burned everything including the building.

    Then he teleported back to his mansion in MC’s playroom.

    The moment he saw MC, the devil amplified Felix’s feelings of lust towards MC.

    Felix desperately asked MC to stay away and not touch him which hurt MC.


    On the day of Felix’s funeral, MC was pretending to cry and whispered to the heroine if she can act.

    The heroine told MC not worry and punched the crown prince(1 of the 3 male leads) and started cursing him and crying.

    Instead of being angry, the crown prince was elated that the heroine was focusing on him.

    MC used a chance and met the crown prince’s younger brother and persuaded him to cooperate and help them.


    MC took the heroine and Felix to an island to find a special type of spirits that can stay in the human world so that the heroine can contract that spirit.

    The heroine succeeded.

    What MC didn’t know was that in order to protect MC, Felix let the devil eat some of his soul which caused him to lose all his feelings except his love towards MC.

    (Note, because of the devil, Felix couldn’t use magic anymore).

    That love was no longer love, it was an obsession.

    He was afraid of what he might do if he stays so he decided to leave.

    He went to the sea with MC and carried her to a rock inside the water and left.

    MC stopped him.

    Felix forcibly kissed her and then asked her if she can really bear him.

    MC was frozen and started crying as Felix left.

    (What I didn’t mention was that the devil, affected by Felix’s feeling, started to fall in love with MC. When the devil eat some of Felix’s soul, he managed to temporary take control of his body in order to protect MC. He talked to MC and told her not to smile since his heart hurts when she smiles. When MC cried after realizing that he was the devil, he told MC not to cry since his heart hurts more when she does.)


    I think 2 years passed?

    During this time, MC practiced making potions and was unexpectedly very talented in this area.

    The crown prince became the emperor and he was war crazy.

    There was a war hero from a commoner background.

    When MC saw him first saw him, she recognized him as Felix even though he looked completely deferent from head to toe.

    After some threatening, she managed to drag him home and had her first time with him(she used a lot of healing potions and still had a few rips broken when she woke up).

    Because of the devil’s influence, Felix’s body became abnormally strong and his appearance and even hair color changed.

    Now, the devil swallowed 50% of Felix’s soul.

    They now switch control over his body every 12 hours.


    Felix became the emperor(who was the crown prince)’s guard.

    MC made a new plan.

    She started making music and novels she knew in her past life.

    A musician asked MC what name to use as the composer.

    MC: Beethoven.

    A novelist that was writing a novel asked MC what to write as the author’s name.

    MC: Shakespeare.

    MC felt guilty and apologized to the real authors in her heart every time.


    Because of MC’s scheme, The emperor started ignoring Benjamin.

    Benjamin started investigating the new artists and somehow figured out what MC was planning and only said “cute”.


    Benjamin went to see MC with a bag in his hand.

    MC stiffened because of the words written on the bag.

    It was Mozzarella(which is similar to “Mozart”, one of the name she used), he was indirectly telling her that he knew she was the author for all the new arts that came recently.

    MC felt weirded because Benjamin was acting and saying strange things.

    After he left, when MC talked with the heroine, the heroine said that Benjamin was looking at MC with eyes similar to how he used to look at her.

    MC didn’t immediately realize that Benjamin was in love with her because of the pure affection the heroine and Felix gave her.

    At the realization of Benjamin’s feelings, she felt goosebumps.


    At a national day, MC used a potion to turn herself into a man.

    She sneaked in a church after she drank an invisibility potion.

    Inside, she was shocked to see Benjamin with something black flying behind him.

    Benjamin seemed to have heard her and immediately moved his hands across the wall looking if there was someone there.

    As he was about to touch MC, the black thing said they are going to be late.

    Benjamin gave up and left.

    (Honestly, I don’t remember why she sneaked here or what her scheme was for).

    MC realized that Benjamin somehow summoned a devil.

    She quickly ran outside and continued to run.

    Suddenly, she realized that she was running in circles.

    In other words, Benjamin used the devil to make her run in circles.

    MC suddenly lost consciousness.


    When she woke up, she was inside a place like a prison cell.

    She was tied to bed with chains.

    Looking across the iron poles, she saw Benjamin sitting there, watching her.

    MC was terrified, she wanted to pretend to be Shakespeare but gave up when Benjamin said he had no reason to keep her alive if she wasn’t Irene Amber.

    He explained that he wasn’t the one who summoned the devil.

    He made the emperor’s younger brother take drugs and forced him to summon a dream devil, a strong devil that eats the summer’s dreams by making the summer sleep forever and the summoner must hand the right to order the devil to someone else.

    She asked what he wanted and he said he wanted MC to stay with him forever.

    MC called him crazy.

    After somehow angering him, he strode inside and was planning to rape her and even feed her some drugs that would make her unable to focus/stupid.

    MC said she is a man right now(remember, she took a potion to temporarily turn her into a man) but Benjamin said it doesn’t matter since the inside is still the same.

    MC thought he was really crazy.

    Suddenly, the devil reported the situation outside.

    The devil’s powers were corrupting the empire but the heroine killed the emperor and took command.

    On the other hand, the emperor’s guard used magic.

    (MC made a potion for Felix, the potion’s effect is to separate Felix and the devil’s souls. After Felix took it, he managed to use magic again but the portion is still working so he isn’t 100% separated from the devil yet).

    Benjamin suddenly realized.

    He had already had suspicions that MC can see the future.

    If she can see the future, how can she let Felix die.

    He suddenly thought, what would MC feel?

    She saved Felix but her “pure” Felix became a war hero(in other words, a monster who killed thousands of people).

    He started laughing like crazy.

    After calming down, he looked at MC but.... she was gone.

    He asked the devil what happened.

    The devil said that while he was laughing, the potion’s effect ran out and MC returned to being a woman.

    Since her real appearance was smaller and more petite, the chains became too big and she quickly escaped.

    Benjamin’s face became cold and his eyes looked crazy.


    MC was hiding when she heard Benjamin shouting, telling the guards to look for her and to guard the only exit.

    MC was frightened since Benjamin’s tone was rough and he sounded scary.

    The devil following Benjamin saw MC.

    MC was frightened but more surprised when the devil didn’t say anything.

    MC kept escaping until she found a sacrifice room.

    She made the people in the room help her escape.


    MC reunited with Felix but was disappointed that it was actually the devil and not Felix.

    (After a few hours, the devil would be completely separated from Felix. FYI, the devil was actually scared that his feeling for MC would disappear if his soul separated from Felix).

    The devil asked MC what happened.

    MC told him that Benjamin summoned the dream devil.

    The Devil felt that the dream devil was heading their way.

    He told MC to hurry up and run away.

    MC refused.

    He promised her to take good care of Felix’s body and told her he was actually planning to kidnap her.

    MC was angry but started running away while crying.

    The devil started fighting the dream devil and was surprised by how stronger he became from what he remembered.

    As the devil lost, the dream devil started talking.

    It turned out he was the origin of the devil, and also ate the dream devil.

    (The devil inside Felix isn’t really a devil, he is a piece of a devil and for him, the original is like his parent, a being he looks forward to).

    The devil was dumbfounded he didn’t even realize that he was the original.

    How can he make such a mistake?

    He realized it was because for him, MC’s words are “truth”.

    So since MC said Benjamin summoned the dream devil, the devil didn’t doubt that at all.

    The original separated the devil from Felix.


    MC kept running.

    She ran and ran as she cried.

    Suddenly, someone caught her.

    It was Benjamin.

    MC tried to resist but she was too weak.

    Benjamin carried her.

    MC saw something shining.

    She remembered how the dream demon indirectly helped her many times.

    She decided to bet.

    With what strength she has left, MC reached to that thing and was absorbed inside it.


    MC met the original.

    MC asked where they were.

    The original said that they were in an independent space.

    This space where he can do anything as though he was a god was given to him by god in exchange to helping MC.

    MC was shocked.

    She asked him why would god want to help her.

    (Long story short, the god is like the unconsciousness of the novel’s author. MC once wrote a comment that she could make the heroine happy instead of the 3 male leads. It was actually this very comment that made the god take MC inside the novel world.)

    (While talking with the original, MC realized that he really liked the devil inside Felix which was originally a piece of him even if he didn’t want to admit it).


    (The original now exists in 2 places, one in front of Felix’s body and another in that space, talking with MC).

    The original took the devil’s soul.

    Felix woke up and his body returned to how he was exactly before the devil possessed him.

    Suddenly, the remaining 2 male leads appeared.

    Felix beat them up then asked the original where he took MC.

    The original gave Felix MC’s coordinates but was sure that he would be able to teleport there since that place was inside his space.


    MC asked the original when he would return her.

    The original said that he wouldn’t.

    MC was dumbfounded and asked, didn’t he make an agreement with god to help her?

    The original shamelessly said that the him outside this space made the agreement, not him who is inside this space.

    MC was dumbfounded again and thought he was a devil after all.

    Suddenly, Felix teleported there and hugged MC before they teleported back home.

    The original just smiled and thought that god was really helping MC since Felix’s magic evolved into a dragon’s magic.

    (Apparently, god made it so as long as MC wants the heroine to be happy and works hard to achieve that, the people around her would constantly become stronger the more they struggled).


    The heroine eventually became the emperor.

    MC and Felix married.

    The 2 remaining male leads were executed.
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    @Sara0jan thank you very much!!:blobsmilehappyeyes::blobhug::blob_pompom::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:

    I know u wrote that u were reading the novel more than 1 year ago(?)
    But do u still remember some fluffy moments between MC x ML??:blobsmirk::blobxd:
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    What happened to the evil spirit ? And what happened To the crazy emperor younger brother in the end please ?
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    I think-
    That the evil spirit was taken care of by that powerful spirit from the island
    And i think that the brother of the emperor is probably alive, maybe he did end up with FL, since she became the emperor, the remaining nobles would cause a rucus if someone not of the royal blood would take the throne....
    He's definetly not dead, since when he was forced to summon the dream demon(original demon), it was said the only way to get away from it was to give it to someone else (he gave it to one of the trashes),, and it was not said that he will die from giving it to another

    Those are only my speculations,, i did not read this novel,, exept for the translation
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    thank u so much. i was craving for some spoiler. These mf 3 trashs are dead and i am happy with it.
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    A lil mistake about the emperor's bro:
    So the emperor bro is forever asleep,, and trash Benjamine can use the devil's power...

    Now I THINK,
    That the good bro will wake up after all the drama, since dream demon(original) doesn't have any reason to stay in their world,, and he rather not go to the MC bad side,, since the 'god' would be rlly angry....
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    Sorry.. I don’t remember much... though fragmented, this is what I remember

    When they met again after a few years, MC managed to recognize him immediately.

    from Felix POV, he was quite shocked and felt complicated that she recognized him. He was sure no one would recognize him because of how different he looked from before. Also, he was sad and angry because he would be able to stay away from her if she hadn’t recognized him. Her recognizing him gave him hope and made him want to go to her side.

    MC went to a terrace and took out a jewel(was it orb? I’m not sure what it was but Felix gave her something, the moment she breaks it would mean she is in danger and he would immediately come to her).

    as she thought, he came in the garden.

    MC started calling him and even called him Fel(nickname from Felix).

    he didn’t say anything which made her angry, she told him to either come up or she would jump down.

    In the end, MC jumped and Felix caught her.

    MC refused to let go of him no matter what and dragged him back home where she had her first time with him.


    In side chapters, after they married,

    MC helped a lady and that lady obviously fell for her.

    there was also a nobleman who approached her and was obviously in love with her.

    Finally, the heroine constantly called MC which made MC postpone many of her appointments with Felix.

    MC thought Felix was acting strange and asked him persistently about what was wrong.

    Finally, he asked her, what is this? And held her hand the same way the lady did.

    then asked her what was this again as he hugged her the same way the heroine did.

    long story short, Felix was jealous.

    (I feel bad for him, he had to look out for both men and women and even his own sister lol).

    After everything was over, MC and others gathered around the sleeping emperor’s brother.

    Someone suggested, maybe he would wake up if someone kissed him.

    The emperor’s fiancé and the heroine took their hands off immediately and even said things which would hurt the emperor’s brother if he heard them.

    MC felt sorry for him, getting rejected by many women and even she herself, took her hands off. (Lol).

    Suddenly the emperor’s brother woke up and said he didn’t want to be kissed either

    Honestly I don’t remember much but from what I remember, I think that spirits can interfere with humans who are already contracted with other spirits.

    The evil spirits desperately tried to stop the heroine and said the same abusive words which hurt her but the heroine remembered MC and what she said about there might be a bad spirit that is stopping her from forming a contract.

    the heroine speculated the voice that she thought her own delusions since she was a child might actually belong to that evil spirit.

    she remembered MC and her family that alway supported her and kept moving forward.

    after she formed a contract with the island spirit, there was no mention of the evil spirit

    you are welcome~
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    Can you please spoil us with Felix and Irene moments:aww:
    I would love hear how Felix speaking hot words:blobpeek: with Irene after he became devil.:oops:
    I really want to hear how tempted Irene :blobicecreamlove:with words and us l saw in one of spoiler
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    Spoil us more please of tempted movement between Felix and Irene :aww:
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    I mtl a blog post I found and I wanted to share this snippet from the novel (After they reunited from the 2 year time skip)*second hand source*
    [/“I couldn’t let Felix go because I couldn’t figure out what I want to do and how.
    I know my current behavior was not very good judgment and I did so even when there were no countermeasures at all.
    ‘Why don’t i listen?’
    Felix muttered low at the moment. As he swept up his tangled bangs in cold sweat, his fine hair scattered around his eyes
    It was clearly read that his patience gradually disappeared in his eyes that were hidden at first glance. It’s enchanting.
    It hurts, it hurts a lot. That’s probably why first love is hard to come true. I mean I never met anyone like this before. I can’t even talk to males, let alone date. I didn’t even know what Felix had in mind in the first place.
    I’m not your pet. You use to be so cute, I thought it was.
    While I’m at the bottom of my game, Felix is swearing at himself. I looked at him
    ‘May I ask you?’
    ‘Ask me what?’
    Is Felix desire to continue suffering with the urge to kiss me or have a physical relationship?
    There no way I can ask
    How the hell are you enduring a embarrassing situation like this?
    I imagine Felix being cold hearted and straightforward as soon as he heard the devils name.
    I would be so embarrassed that I would jump off a moving train, if it happens to me.
    I looked at him once again
    ‘Why don’t you take responsibility?’
    The fox said to the prince. You are responsible for Rose’s blooming. He’s responsible for what he has tamed.
    It was a fairy tale, a curse. But I met Felix and came to understand it deeply.
    ‘You tamed me take responsibility for it’
    I’ve been nice to you and you’ve been holding me accountable.
    Felix seemed speechless.
    Of course I’m not happy or grateful for the fact I’m going to be bitten to death or what will come after.
    I held his hand tightly.
    Felix stayed still, not even breathing. Whether he had lost the power to rebel against his desire or thought he could hurt me if I moved recklessly.
    Whenever our skins touch his body trembled nervously.
    I held his hand tightly and put it on my head. Maybe i was a pet. I wonder what kinda of stupid thing this was, but it was the best I could do at the moment.
    ‘Pat me please as always’
    ‘Just touching like this won’t break it’
    If you treat something with care it won’t break. I don’t know what to do more than this right now, but it’ll work somehow.
    It was awkward and unfamiliar that he was conscious of me in a different way than before, but I don’t hate it.
    ‘If you don’t want to see me crazy that’s enough.’
    At some point his patience with everything was almost gone. I thought I heard a sound.
    A shadow hung over his face as he bowed down his head, then putting his arm over my shoulder in the seat. At that moment there was a banging roar. It ranged
    Frighteningly surprised I open my mouth. I rolled my eyes over and saw a solid wall crumble next to me. So he was unbreakable, so much so he could break a wall.
    I stared disconcertingly at the wall, power and dust filled the air.
    ‘Every compartment is soundproof. The wall looks like this but no one is coming. No matter what I do, no one knows. Don’t you?’
    Felix is prowling. ]
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    Thank you so much!! :blobmelt:
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    Everything you just did wss for the glory of the kingdom
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    Please spoilers please
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    so the illustration where felix was kissing irene was the last time that they will see each other after two years? , btw thanks for the spoiler
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    No, that kiss was before Felix was gone for two year. He kissed her to show that he can does "terrible things" or smth of the kind. But Iren embraced his neck and showed no opposition. So he just set her on the rock and left.
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    What?!?!??! Felix is an ahole
    How can he?!??!?